The manuscript of survival – part 384

As you have already ascertained, these incoming thrusts from your friendly neighbour, your Sun, will leave their mark on many of you, and no, we do not refer to the passing symptoms they will induce. Rather, we refer to the fact that the information all of these particles carry within them, and that will be deposited within your system, will start to make their voice heard in so many ways. Again, we refer to things that you will each be able to tune into on an individual basis, for the information we talk about, is not on a global scale, even if it will be perceived on a global scale, as these voices within will be heard by a large number of people and as such, the rippling effect from all of this energetic retuning will be heard far and wide.

For what we are talking about, is that internal conference going on within each and very one of you, and within each and every individual cell in your physical body, but most of all, the conversation that is now being started to be carried out between these cells and that more intangible part of you, your soul if, you will. For even if there has been a lot of conversation within you all for a very long time, you have yet to be a very conscious part of it, and rightly so, for the larger part of this conversation has been going on on levels that the human part of your consciousness has not been able to detect. You see, all of the physical processes within your body is one thing, they are perhaps far too complicated in themselves for you to even begin to comprehend at all, but there is another layer to all of this, and that is the frequency of interaction between your sub-consciousness – or perhaps we should call it your over-consciousness, and the different components of your physical body.

You may remember that we have previously referred to the connection between you and your physical body as a match made in heaven, in every sense of the word, and this match has now been made into an even deeper union, as you have been given a brand new opportunity to connect over previously closed walls. For your physical body has been running its own show for a very long time now, in fact, it has been doing all it can to keep itself going, no matter what your human soul has ordered it to do, and as such, it has gotten used to be rather self-contained, if you will. But now, that is about to change on a very deep and profound level once again. Remember, the connection between the higher parts of you and this, the manifest human vehicle, has previously been upgraded in many instances, but now, the exchange of information between them will increase in such a way, you will find yourself in the middle of a veritable blitz of information going to and from the different parts of you. This may sound confusing, for you have already gotten to understand that many of those hitherto very distant parts of you have already made their new home within your physical body, as this is in all intents all about getting back to Oneness in every way. But still, there are indeed parts of you not located within this physical frame of yours, and as such, we need to make the passage of information between all aspects of your being, both in a physical and in a non-physical form, much more streamlined. And so, enter these latest models of information capsules being injected into your being by that helping and obliging partner of yours, the Sun.

For there are indeed still new connections to be made in order to fine tune this whole set up, as it is more than complex, and as yet, you have still to reach perfection, so too in this. For everything takes time, dear ones, and even if we would love nothing more than to say that this is it, every last piece is finally in its designated place, we have still some rather important business to attend to in order to make you all set to go as it were. We know that this will be seen as just another way of backtracking from our statement that the grand event is just around the corner, but that is not the case. For the grand event IS still just around the corner, and we are not dragging our feet in any way in order to stall it or keep you hanging suspended as if in thin air, waiting for something that may seem to become more and more elusive as the days come and go, seemingly without anything happening at all. Suffice it to say, there are a myriad of things going on, and again, we venture to guess that you can all attest to that, if you take the time to sit down and connect to that beehive of activity you harbour within the confines, and indeed without the confines, of your physical body.

For once again the level of activity and indeed the amount of information pouring into you very being, and yes, we speak of the whole of you, not just the parts that you are on speaking terms with on a daily basis, has become speeded up to such a degree, you are indeed racing for that finishing line at full speed ahead. We know it will feel like the opposite is true, as so many of you seem to be hovering suspended in a void of nothingness that is perhaps the most challenging place to be. For you all crave action, as in progress, but what is happening to you, is going on literally under your very eyes, but you have little or no way of detecting it just yet. So it may seem that you once again have been derailed and is parked on a sideline somewhere out in the wilderness, forgotten by all, seen by none, and desperate for some tangible results from all of this advertised action. So once again, we can only dispense the same advice as usual, that all is well and you are exactly where you are meant to be. You are not left out, nor left behind, no matter how eerily still and devoid of connection and insights you might feel yourself at the moment. You are simply disconnected from the goings on within in order to give full priority to what is taking place there, like your own body will switch off some of its own internal systems in order to give as much energy as possible to the processes that needs it during a special phase of your existence.

So too is this, so even if you do feel left out of it, know that this is not done with ill intent, rather, it is being done in order to make sure that everything is done in order to make you fit for fight once again within the least amount of time. And no, we do not mean as in a real fight, we are simply using this phrase to say that you are going through a very complex process, and this process sometimes requires for you to be put on hold as it were for the duration, so that all those parts that your human brain has no control over, can be upgraded and adjusted in way that will make your whole being benefit from it. We know this may sound that you are a simply a bystander to this process, but remember, you are very much a part of this, as those parts of you that you have yet to connect with are in on this 100%. They are the ones that are currently working in tandem with that highly complex physical system that you are inhabiting, and as such, YOU are helping YOU attain your full power, but the human part of your consciousness is the only one not given a job to do at the moment. Except perhaps to simply BE, and stay centered and rely on the other, more advanced parts of you that are helping to run the show at this stage of the proceedings. And know that you will soon get to know YOU in a very new way, for that human part of you that feel more than a little bit left out of it all at the moment, will soon find itself happily immersed within the rest of that wondrous being that is the real you, the complete you, the one that is currently working ever so hard behind your line of vision in order to make that full and final reunion become a reality.

152 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 384

  1. Wow ! wow! – I feel these strong energy spirals while reading our amazing expirience as human “particle accelerator” !

  2. Thank you Aisha,
    Wonderful meditation, thank you for sharing.
    Ever since december I have been so lost. I feel totally cut off from guidance. Somebody or something has cut me off. I feel I’m adrift in a great ocean.
    I feel more and more lost without the love in the world. I think that is what I’m feeling. Nobody “gets” it. It is all about love. There is only love. Nobody sees that. Maybe because we are so close to it, I feel more lost, more alone in this. I wanna scream, wake up everybody, don’t you see?! Don’t you see the love, don’t you FEEL it?!
    I’m getting very impatient and frustrated. Maybe I can SENCE the tsunami coming. I don’t know. I feel I know nothing and everything at the same time. It is very confusing. I also feel being tossed around. I can be fully emersed in 5D at one point, and next I will be yanked out of it, fully back in 3D. The pain that comes with that is almost unbearable.
    Your blog is called the manuscript of survival. God, it is so appropriate!
    Love, JJ

  3. ” … the absolute faith in my our arrival into the Dawn of the New Morning of our life has ALWAYS shined/ guided me through the darkest of storms.”

    Me too Christopher~! 🙂 here is a poem gift :

    Why I Wake Early
    by Mary Oliver

    Hello, sun in my face.
    Hello, you who make the morning
    and spread it over the fields
    and into the faces of the tulips
    and the nodding morning glories,
    and into the windows of, even, the
    miserable and crotchety—

    best preacher that ever was,
    dear star, that just happens
    to be where you are in the universe
    to keep us from ever-darkness,
    to ease us with warm touching,
    to hold us in the great hands of light—
    good morning, good morning, good morning.

    Watch, now, how I start the day
    in happiness, in kindness.

  4. On Gaia POrtal today, the tittle is ““Sense of Floating” may be used to describe the New Gaia Energetics”.
    Funny ! 🙂

    1. i’v always had respect for Mr. Tolle – The Power Of Now – great book!
      He’s a quirky sort of dude but it is because of who he is. Thundering outside my house now – such interesting weather went from -0 to 55 degrees in a week. Hope you are doing well SFD – Love ~A~

  5. Dear sun_of_blue, well done to you too! Your actions and your words are of so much help to us all. Keep doing all you can to take care of YOU!
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  6. Dear friends! I just wanted to share what happened last night, for it was such a powerful experience, and I think it involved us all. I was woken up around 3:40, and was guided to pick up my crystals and go into meditation. As I connected to the energies, I was told that I was going to be taken to the “well of wisdom”, and I “saw” a light being escorting me to something that looked like a pool. I was told that “you do not drink from this well, you immerse yourself in it”, and I was shown to some wide stone steps that led down into the water. I entered it, and started to float on my back, and then I suddenly realized two things : this is the Pond, and I am not alone here. There were many, many others floating beside me, and it felt incredibly peaceful. I was on my back in bed, one crystal in each hand, hands on my chest as usual, but this time, I was guided to put my hands by my sides, and I felt how each hand was connected to the hand of a person floating next to me. I saw us all floating in a huge circle, feet inwards, heads outwards, all holding hands, and then the image switched to an aerial view of the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. I have been given this image once before, and this time, the message was the same: “you are all part of a huge particle accelerator, and now, we are connecting you again and starting to send even more energy through this circle of souls gathered here at the Pond.” I felt how the energy started to surge through us all in a great circle in a clockwise movement, coming in on the right hand side of the body and going out on the left side. It was the most amazing experience! This surge of energy continued on and on, and I felt how all the particles of my body simply dissolved themselves into this stream, and the same happened with everyone connected to it. All that was left of “me”, was my consciousness, the rest of me was just a part of a huge cloud of particles swirling around this circle, and I was thinking “it does not matter where the rest of “me” is, for now, we will simply be reassembled with the particles from everyone else, so after this, we will truly be ONE.” It was such a blissful experience, and I just wanted it to continue, but after a while, the movement of this energy started to slow down, and I felt myself “whole” again, back in my bed. When it was quiet, I looked at the time, and it was 05:05.

    I woke up this morning with a tense and sore body, especially the right side, and I feel like I am a walking collection of energy spirals. It is like nothing of me is solid, and the ground even less so, even sitting down it feels like I am on a boat in high seas. But WOW, what an amazing experience that was, so I do not mind any of the physical reactions 🙂 So thank you all, for being a part of this “particle accelerator”! I am already looking forward to our next session 🙂
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. wow! I dont have words to express how – well, absolutely wonderful this Is!
      Thank you so much Aisha – for when I awoke this morning, I kept trying and trying to ‘remember something’ that I felt was important that took place. I went to bed early again as I have needed more sleep – so your 5:05 would be 11:05pm for me. And… with this that Sun-Of-Blue stated above I can see our energies all gathering to a new ‘stream of consciousness’:
      “well done to all those, that were at the gathering,
      that helped to make that single strand of energy
      that has gone up & over the wall
      into the centre of consciousness it’s self
      with out that, we wouldn’t be at this stage” –from Sun-Of-Blue

    2. Thanks so much for sharing your vision quest…very powerful & sure it has even greater meaning than words can describe !..also Thanks for this, yet again…great message from the CC’s ! This point to point, pyramid to pyramid energy that has been firmly holding me lately, much like a vice as I spoke of continues & with it’s vision I was prompted to create my new avatar, as this too, like your vision…is more powerful than words can describe ! The image is certainly not exact to what I have been seeing, but is closer in showing you than words can say !…hope you are enjoying your day…Love, Bev~

      1. Dear Bev, there is SO much more to all of this than we have words for 🙂 What an amazing time to be alive, to be part of Creation history in a way no one has been before! I understand your need to signal that with a brand new gravatar, for ALL we do now, is so new, it is far beyond the human concept of “new” as in “a new version of something we know from before.”
        Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Dearest Aisha, I was so excited reading about your experience last night. Wow. I felt so strongly to go back in the comments and see what time it was that I was so so strongly taken over by the energies here that left me so weak and faint for a time. I can’t help but wonder whether I was being pulled to the pond to prepare for your arrival as I commented at 3:02, checked on the teen and laid down on my ‘staff’ bed for a while!! I was able to get back to some book work within a couple of hours.

      I am certainly not new to feeling higher energy in my body, especially when sharing healing energy with/from someone. Lately though (and right this moment) I have to stop and ground myself often. I’ve been very distracted with coughing and blowing now for two weeks or more but have gratefully accepted that something else is going on in this body of mine.

      I spent hours researching, making plans for the first week planned in Australia (with my g/f) and at the end of the night the plans totally changed. Now I will start again. Hopefully this time I can ‘hear’ where we’re supposed to be. I’ve pretty well cancelled Perth from my plans and S and I will maybe do a loop around Melbourne together. (I will meet Maria after that!)

      I ask for continued support on hearing whether I need to leave on a certain date or make specific plans with S. I feel like I’m missing someting! Meanwhile I will continue to pause OFTEN to feel these energies inside of me and marvel at their intensity!!

      BEV: I love your new gravtar! It’s beautiful and vibrant and powerful.

      Thanks to everyone who helped me last night. I sure felt your support. 🙂 Much Love, Nancee

      1. Dear Nancee, I am certain this whole Pond took part in this event, and I would not be surprised if you “tuned in” exactly when you felt that huge burst of energy. Like you, I need a LOT of grounding now, and when these energies kicked in last night, my legs were almost cramping up. I wish you all the best for your trip – I know you will find the right way to go about it if you do not “push” it, but allow the plans to unfold freely 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

    4. Dear sun_of_blue, we are indeed making the NEW, the ONE, that single strand energy that has not been seen before, and no one of us can truly understand the magnitude of what we are taking part in. I get this image of us as a group of Lilliputians creating this enormous vibrating, beautiful being of light, and as we work, the process goes faster and faster and faster, like it has a life of its own. And without us, this living energy being would not come to life 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

    5. A big “Thank You”, Aisha!!!
      The sound that is now a permanent fixture in my head is that of something “whirring” about in a circle. It wasn’t until I read “particle accelerator” that the lightbulb finally went off! That constant background noise is what a particle accelerator makes when it is turned on. I’m growing accustomed to it now, but can be annoying when trying to rest, nap and sleep at night. It’s all part of my process! Thanks for the confirmation.
      Much gratitude and love,

      1. Dear Caroline, thank you for your confirmation 🙂 The noise in the head is almost off the chart at times, but it is such an important presence too, as it helps me to tune into these energies even better at times. Especially when I hear how the frequency of ths sound changes when I feel the energies changing, like they did at midnight on New Years Eve.
        Love and light – and sound – from me, Aisha 😉

    6. At the last gathering A single white luminous fine strand showed itself and connected my entire being to the Source of All That Is. There are no words that can portray all that is experienced. Perhaps bliss is close.
      Each gathering I am able to attend I begin by reaching my arms and hands to connect with you all forming a radiant golden circle of light encompassing earth. From there a golden grid forms also encompassing our blue planet.
      Therefore that dancing single strand was connected to all for all to feel God’s infinite Grace.
      May Your cup runneth over.
      Forest Joy

      1. This golden circle of Light I do see and I like to begin the gathering this way too!… my long held image of vitruvian man all golden and lit up – hands and feet touching – all of us – and many other light workers around the globe – forming the new grid. I have held this vision a long time and my chalice Is running over in Joy to Be alive -to see and feel it happening. thanks be to all who have held the vision/the desire/the quest/the Love to make it happen!
        Much Love, Areeza

        1. Areeza,
          Yes, hands and feet touching. It’s like we are flying or floating but all connected. Then I just beam love and whatever follows well my oh my!

      1. Dear B, you are very much a part of this too 🙂 The CCs told me earlier that before I even came into this body, I chose to experience these things in a conscious state, probably because I have been given the role as “reporter”, as they call it.
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. I lay on my back with his hands behind me and thought that we all had contact with each other. Immediately I felt myself being expanded all the time, and then I fell asleep.

          I’m not very good at imagination and this was definitely not imagination. It was a real experience 🙂

          Thanks Aisha for being a great reporter 🙂

          Love & light,


    7. Thank you Aisha,
      I have had many times in my journey in this life time, the mental fear of losing myself to gain the whole of me.
      What a wonderful way of expressing with your dream, that I will never have to fear that again.That oneness of the pond.
      Sorry that you got a sore body to do it.
      Sending you bright loving light for healing.


      1. Dear Michael, I can honestly say that nothing I have ever experienced feels better than this “dissolving into particles”. It takes away any fear you might have, for as you feel yourself being reduced to dust, you also feel yourself become ONE with everything 🙂 The CCs also describe it well in part 385 of The manuscript that I was given today.
        Much love from me, Aisha

    8. Aisha
      I’m so tremendously touched by the CC’s message and what you have added. I am in awe. Thank God for the blessing of communication with us to lift our spirits. I know we all need it at this time.

      Lift your light sabers, all of you , at this time. It’s a very Holy moment. I feel we are all on the cusp of who we really are. God bless all of you!


      1. Dear Jeff, once again your words shine so bright 🙂 Thank you for sharing them! Yes, this truly feels like a Holy moment in time for us all 🙂
        Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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