A short update on the energies

As many of you have noticed already, the very air that you breathe seems to have become slightly altered already, and more is to come, as that friendly neighbour of yours, the Sun, has once again let off a barrage of explosions that will fill your atmosphere with some rather interesting messages in the days and nights ahead. You see, these explosions or heavenly fireworks do you all a world of good, in every sense of the word, as the energy that is released during these spectacular shows are doing more than what they look like on the surface. As you are perhaps aware of already, all of these explosions come Β laden with a whole lot of energetic debris if you will, that is being torn away from the very surface of that heavenly body and hurled out into space.

Sometimes, these volleys seem to be aimed straight towards your Earth, and when they do arrive, they bring along a whole host of interesting companions, companions that are not easily detected by any of the instruments calibrated by your scientist, but still, they are very much present, and they do have a great impact on everything and anyone they might encounter as they enter Mother Earth’s very core. You see, these energetic particles or messengers have such an impact, they can penetrate even the deepest of layers in your planet, and as such, nothing can stop them. In fact, some of them even pass right through the very core of your Mother and continue straight out on the other side again. But not without delivering its payload in the way. For these little messengers all come laden with a whole host of information, and this information will be delivered no matter where the recipient may be positioned.

And so we say, look to the sky, and give a friendly wave to this wondrous, beaming benefactress that hovers above you, and know that this time, she will be unusually generous with her gifts. And do not think they are something to be avoided, far from it, for what she disperses so generously is meant to aid you all in attaining your crowning glory as it were, and as such, you should look upon them as the true gifts from heaven that they really are. Again, for some, these heavenly explosions may be rather wearisome to the physical body, but this will only last a short while, but the benefits they do bring, will last forever.

315 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Hello everybody! What a wonderful experience you had last night, Aisha, dear. I’m relatively a newbie to this site, and the Gathering on December 5 was the first for me to participate in. I hope this energetic surge touched me as well during the night, because today I felt kind of jumpy; moreover, during the meditations I performed today I felt strong surges/currents of energy at the heart level. I guess this night’s events are the cause of this happenings.
    . In the light of the information CCs repeat every now and then for the past 2 months, I want to ask you a very personal question, Aisha, a question that is on the minds of so many a lightworker. You see, dear sister, I’ve worked really hard over the past 13 years, purging, releasing and transmuting tons of old energies. It was a quest of a desperate and ailing man, who hoped (still hopes) from the bottom of his heart that one day he would enjoy an absolute health. My question is this: Is there any probability that in the near future lightworkers will see their physical bodies getting healed, perhaps, with the help of this huge forthcoming transformational/purging wave? I’m not a naive person, and I understand that the healing process is a very individual one. Yet, the flame of hope is still burning hot within my heart, and I wonder whether CCs could/would shed some light on this topic. Thank you very much!
    . P.S.: Dear Aisha, believe me, this is not a cheap compliment, but I must tell you I’ve got a feeling as if I’ve known you for ages! Best wishes and truckloads of love.

    1. Dear Marcel, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! We are all family here, vibrating to the same frequencies, so I am not surprised that you feel like you have known me for ages πŸ˜‰ Regarding your question, I must say that personally, I do not think that there are any limitations as to the degree of healing that we can all accomplish during this process. But I also think it is something we ourselves play an important part in, so to me, it will be on a very individual basis. Not as in “earning the right to be healed” or being “lucky enough”, but as to what we on a higher level have chosen for ourselves in this incarnation. Interestingly enough, the CCs also talks about this in part 385 of The manuscript that I posted today, so it is perhaps not a coincidence that you have asked this question just now πŸ˜‰
      Much love from me, Aisha

  2. Anna Helen
    I have been sending you love for many weeks now. Dear sister I hold you up in love. Please seek out help for your safety. You are so very precious to more then you know.


  3. The birds are flying all around in different patters… criss crossing the sky, in trees, on the roof… back and forth…they are reacting to the energies.
    This latest solar gift really has people in an uproar – thinking of Anna’s husband, my neighbors were outside fighting last night in the street. Hold on tight folks… its all signs of the changes we are entering deeply now. It will be for the good as we all feel and know. My kindred co-worker here is feeling good like me πŸ™‚ We usually feel the same with energies each day. She has been looking to me for confirmation and explaination of things. She even did her happy dance to start off a meeting she was leading this morning! love it!

  4. Breeze,
    Prayers and support are coming your way. Surrounding Kelly with loving energy. Seems many older folks are leaving us these days. Hugging you and give Kelly a hug from me, too.
    XXXOOO, Caroline

    1. Dear A… I was already holding you and your mom in Golden White Light in my Heart, now I’ll add Kevin and his mom, especially throughout the coming weekend.
      I’m riding the incoming Waves of Light and taking you all with me (initially I had to work hard to remain in Love and not to sink). I guess what’s going on with all the news here and elsewhere is realignment/positioning of energies?? I believe someone else first said that recently here, and I’ve forgotten who.

      You are in my Heart… Lin

    2. I will give my guy an xtra big hug when i get home today from u! thanks so much. I Love his mom very much also – she and I became very close.
      Lots of shifting and changing on the horizon. Even here at work… changing of the guards is occuring on many levels.

  5. Something I just read as I turned the page on my Zen calendar:
    “….let the flower of our life force bloom.”

  6. I had the most astounding energy experience last night and I’ve had some biggies as I’ve shared here before. It was at least as powerful as several I shared here last March and April when the vibrations were off the scale…

    This was like that and more if that is possible… every cell was vibrating at an astounding rate and it felt like my whole body was being spun at a huge speed in a horizontal plane.

    It’s very hard to put the profoundness into words but something was really being shaken free… another big step into the light. A tiny bit of fear crept in at one point and the spin slowed. I recognised it and observed it and I speeded up again and the process continued. I was given a personal message… something was ejected from my mouth and later shown a sign that this had been releasing or moving on from something I had created when I was about 16… the imagery was beautiful and connected to SOL.

    This felt like a really important step for me because if you’d have asked – I’d have said that thing which had in essence had created a lot of my ‘old life’ had gone… long gone. This was the final piece and an important one…

    My body was absolutely buzzing and I still feel the after effects now. I share this for me/for you and also trusting that if anyone else has such strong energy experiences to say you will are safe if it’s coming from the light and this light … nothing is holding it back now… Philip πŸ™‚

    1. What a fantastic experience! So fascinating to read how you – and even Sun_of_blue and others – physically experience these energies because I donΒ΄t. I get mostly migraine and feel sick when it’s strong energies going on, and the body becomes too shaky long afterwards and today I have a little headache, which I hope is not going to develop anymore.

      I hope you get a needed recovery!

      Thank you for sharing!

      Much love,


      1. Dear Birgitta,
        I’m pretty darn sure that some profound experiences are heading your way. They are unique to all of us. My head/neck pain is easing up, too. Smile! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and love to you! Caroline

        1. Thank you! I know I had my deepest experiences many years ago during my long run. As you say – we all have our unique way to react.

          Love you too πŸ™‚


      2. Actually, I feel perfectly fine. All these years of working with energies helps me to move through and integrate these experiences quickly… though thank you very much for the wish.

        Everyone experiences things differently and I don’t feel there is a right and a wrong way. This was just the one that was right for me in that moment. The energies are still working with you Birgitta… just allow them to flow…

        Philip πŸ™‚

        1. Tonight it is over for mee too and I am grateful that my headache were not transferred to migraine πŸ™‚

          I have had a lengthy process over many years and I have always known that there is a purpose in everything that happens. Our experiences are all unique.

          Glad you are doing well. Thanks for your concern.


    2. Congratulations Philip! what a powerful experience πŸ™‚
      I feel great today… yesterday was a lot of pressure feelings in my neck and especially base of my skull. I slept a long time. I feel ‘different’ today. Each time, I feel more refined and glorious energies make a home in me more and more! Love it All…. ~A~

      1. Ahhhhh…. the time I posted that “14”. Can u all feel the 1-14-14 energy arrival upon us! we are geering up for more magic!

    3. Wow Philip! Wonderful experience. I just read this and I have to tell you I have been dizzy for some time now. I have been waking up in the night again and just two nights ago as I sat up I felt as though someone threw me down on the bed. I laid there and felt as though I was spinning. I have been walking around bumping into door jams since the weekend. Just sitting here the energy is so intense I can feel the spinning. Body is tingling too.

      Love and light to Philip!


      1. Trusting things settle down for you too. I had an image of you like a pinball bouncing around the house… could be painful. Take care. Philip πŸ™‚

        1. It has stopped thank heavens. Like Aisha said it was like being on a ship. I liked the pinball thought. Ha! When I was sitting it felt like spinning energy. I kind of feel it in my center now so maybe I have found an equilibrium. I awoke to the tune “I will survive”! πŸ™‚

          Good day to you Philip !

  7. Ok. I am putting this out there now, because I know that come morning I will have somehow convinced myself otherwise. This is no longer a safe environment for my child. There has been a storm building here and a little while ago it became physical. It did not come to actual blows (there I go minimizing, doesn’t that always happen in abusive situations?), but my back and elbow have been wrenched. We’ll see tomorrow if my arm is bruised. I am tired of defending this man. I MUST call my parents and beg them for help. To get us out of here. Please send love and light for the highest good of us all. Thank you.

    1. you can come stay with me
      I’m about 30 miles SW from Portland, OR pdx
      i guess you would have to help me scoot over and make room,
      it’s alright
      hmm, I don’t see blackness, it looks like Navajo turquoise to me

      1. Well, I did once volunteer to come be your soulmate. πŸ™‚

        You have brought me to tears. My own mother’s suggestion was to document everything and call legal aid.

        Be careful what you offer, even in jest, or you might hear of a crazy lady and her kid wandering your area inquiring after some man who cares for his mother on a big farm and describes himself as resembling a sea urchin. Think I would find you? If I thought for even a moment you were serious, trouble would be heading your way, man. I have already said I want to meet you.

        Don’t tease me. πŸ˜‰

        But you did inspire me to look up the color turquoise. I like it. I like it a very great deal. Thank you so much as always.

        Smooch and huuuuggggg,

        πŸ™‚ AH

        1. I’m not teasing.
          I’m the world’s worst liar, every time i tried it i got caught.
          you absolutely need to be considered insane in 3d
          to have any chance of knowing me.
          I only had to stay 10 days in the psych ward in 2001
          After the first day of getting settled, on the morning of the 2nd day the resident psychiatrist came in my room.
          He walked around my bed, came close, sat on the window sill.
          Then he asked, “Do you hear voices?”
          I was surprised at the question, but I was sort of in jail.
          no chance, I could open the door.
          So, I responded, honestly,
          I said “yes”
          Then he asked, “Can you tell them apart?”
          say what,
          yes there are good voices and bad ones.
          We must learn to tell them apart.

    2. Sending you and your family love and light. AH, it is time to leave your husband. Yes call for help.
      All my love,

    3. Anna to let you know I’ve been regularly intending SOL for you as you probably guessed/felt anyway. I wasn’t sure about an insight I had the other day which I felt sure was connected with you and wondered about it. Having read what you have said above I share in the spirit of sharing and take what works and leave it if means nothing. Here’s the context I’d read a post of yours about your increasingly difficult situation and had set a SOL Intention for you again. I went off to do something else and out of now where (now here) pops the word Desdemona. I knew she was a Shakesperian heroine but no more than that. I googled it and felt it had some relevance but was not sure. Now… I feel it probably has… I will leave it at that for the rest may be too speculative… Shared with loving energy. Do take care of yourself. Philip πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, my. Philip, my own daughter sat there last night and told me she wanted to say something but was afraid if she did it would somehow come true. She said “I am scared that he is going to go crazy and kill you. I am not even sure where that fear comes from, but it’s there.” Jeez. Deep breath. Ok, I have really got to do something. Sort of shaking in my boots here, in many ways.

        Thank you and everyone else for all the love and support.

        Love you, Light Man.

        πŸ™‚ AH

        1. You are very welcome and I see it clearly says something important… so keep on taking care and caution and we’ll keep holding you in love. Philip πŸ™‚

              1. that’s the wrong one. I not that good at this stuff, you know, when that tv is wired up to the flat typowriter i’m to old or something

                try again

                cross my fingers and hope

                1. wtf?
                  this is still the wrong one
                  oops sorry, by now this makes no sense at all,
                  I messed up, anyone want to come out and play?
                  mistakes are fun.

      1. B, right now I am imaginging you holding me in your arms, wiping my tears and telling me that everything is going to be ok. I would love to have that from my own mother, but it is not to be. It is enough to feel YOUR love and comfort from afar. I thank you for this and everything else more than I can say.

        1. Anna Helen, yes do not minimize any abuse or blame yourself for it. I don’t know what the police are like in your city, but you have the right to be in your home since you are legally married. He really can’t force you out legally. The police will enforce that. I have been through two divorces and the last one was traumatic for me also because at the end he started drinking more and became abusive. In addition to calling your parents to ask for help, can you go to your local police station today and report what happened and ask their advice – and also go to a local women’s shelter and talk to a social worker and get their advice. He has no right to take your car away. That is considered economic abuse. The shelter will give you much information and discuss options with you. They can also refer you to legal agencies which will advise you on your rights. Any abuse of a person which is done in front of a child is deemed critical by authorities and seen as child abuse. If your daughter witnessed it, that will help your case and also alert the police as to the lethality of the situation and the danger you face. Before you leave town or make any immediate plans, talk to the police and a shelter worker to find out your options and what you need to do to ensure the safety of you and your daughter. Here is my email if you want to write me. laydeenelson@hotmail.com.
          I think you are amazing and I have learned so much from you. Do not blame yourself for any of this, and know that all of us here are praying for you.

          1. Anna… Sunny makes good points here. I want to add that in my own situation, my husband ‘had’ to leave the house. He pushed me into the car and caused bruising at the time I was telling him I wanted divorce. I went to court and got a restraining order,…. you MUST do this. I then had it made ‘perminent’ due to the pictures of my bruises and how he acted in court – no problem. Document your injuries…was your daughter a witness? You and Ripley should be able to stay in the house and he would have to leave. Now… you did leave and go to Holland so this can be an issue. You have to be smart on this part. Think of what to say about it and stick to it. Saying u did not have parents or friends in US to go to will be tough one I think….. why go so far away, etc. to stay with a ‘friend’. And get rid of any proof of your communication with JJ. This is my advice. I pray for your safety and peace of mind (I know your heart is all right as it beats in rythme with this Pond). Love you! ~A~

            1. Yes, she does make very good points. I will most certainly take advantage of her wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, yes Ripley witnessed it. As far as the whole thing with JJ is concerned, I will not hide it. For many reasons. The main one being that doing so smacks of absolute dishonesty. (No offense to you for suggesting it, I completely understand why you did … for my protection and best interest.) When I get my own attorney, I will reveal everything. If Kevin wants to try to use it against me, he may do so and let the chips fall where they may. I also have “ammunition” against him should I choose to use it. Trying not to go there, but it may be necessary. Thank you so much for your words here and what “came through” below. I do feel help surrounding me and within me.

              So much love to you and Kelly and his mother.

              Big hugs, sister!!

              πŸ™‚ AH

              1. I understand about the being totally truthful. When it is of the old, crappy enerigies that are leaving… and u still have to deal with the old, crappy system (illusion): to me that is still the old game and I play it out for the best of all involved. >Always keeping the best intention in my mind. Thats just my take and you can ‘word things’ any way you wish that will still be of the truth. I just dont want u to loose Ripley if abondonement comes up – Kevin sounds like he could be very vicious. Not sure how old she is but then there is child support, etc. You have to look out for you and Ripley.
                It will work out and Love will always see you through! Please, be safe and smart with this though. The old illusory system still partially in place does not care about feelings. The court system that makes the decisions does not operate as we do in other words… send those who will have a part in the outcome Love energy … yes, always. XOA

          2. Thank you so much, Sunny. I will be emailing you. Right now, I am of course overwhelmed, but I can’t let that paralyze me, can I?

            I want to tell you how much I have learned from you, too. (And I am ready to learn more, LOL.) It meant so much to me the other day when you replied that my experience with asking for and allowing help gave you hope. That right there is the very reason I share so openly here. We are all going through the same stuff, and by sharing it we help inspire each other and keep each other going. Your comment made me feel like it is all so worth it. Though I have been hesitant many times just throwing it all out there, I am always glad that I do. It helps me first, then hopefully someone else.

            Thank you so much again. I will be talking to you soon.


            πŸ™‚ AH

            1. Anna, no you can’t let it paralyze you but I know the feeling because I was paralyzed off and on for two years before i even filed divorce papers. I didn’t have a very good lawyer so I did not feel totally protected. But Breeze is so correct about the court system not caring about feelings and soul mates, etc. So yes, tell your lawyer everything and then he can decide how to present it and use it so it works in your behalf, and doesn’t work against you. Sending energy and strength to you today to be able to take the steps you need to take. Just envision all of us by your side today cheering you on. Envision Divine Mother by your side also.
              You are not alone.

    4. Dear AH,
      In the spirit of sharing along with Philip, please know that the child I was holding during my Pond experience was you. We are all holding you up, supporting you, at your side. Much love, Caroline

      1. Yes, I already knew that, Caroline. Oh god…… deep deep breath. Must keep breathing. Thank you from the center of my being. I accept and allow all the love and support and send it right back to you. I hope you feel my gratitude. I am beyond words at this point.

      2. I have sung this song for many others. Today I sing it to myself. There was a quote beneath this version of the video.

        “When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” -Thomas Jefferson

        1. I tie a double knot for you Anna Helen πŸ˜‰ I then jump up on the rope and hold you as we swing a while along as you sing this wonderful song.

          Love you,


    5. Dearest ALee – if you need us to be your sister, your brother – We Are. You need us to Be your Mother, your father – We Are. We are always your truest friend and constant companions in this collective consciousness.
      This comes ‘through me’ – For You!
      Love, Love, Love and many hugs , Areeza with Star Fire

        1. Dearest Friend Lori… You’ve received great advice here.
          Kevin sounds very unstable/explosive, maybe even desperate… not good. My first husband was very cunning, dangerous and desperate… you cannot reason with someone like that. He eventually committed suicide after the divorce. That said, the house/property rights are important, but I’m inclined to be more concerned for the physical welfare of you&Rip right now beyond your receiving a restraining order.

          I continue to hold you&Rip (and Kevin also) in Golden White Light in my Heart knowing that Mother is Guiding/protecting you both (and Kevin from further harmful acts) through your amazing Power of Intuition. Please listen and walk It without hesitation, even if It doesn’t make 3D sense.

          1. I also forgot to say, if there is anything else that I can do for you&Rip, please just ask/email/whatever. I’m Here. ❀ Lin

  8. So nice to have a shower outside with water heated by the sun.

    here is the new cosmic love energy film by Alaje the Pleiadean

    loving heart energy

  9. Thank you all from me and MulDoone.
    Too many tears to write more right now.
    OMG, the love I feel right now is so intense.

    1. Terri – these Are intense times. I am glad and grateful you feel our Love!
      I have been keeping you and MulDoone in my thoughts and prayers.
      Love ~A~

      ps… say a prayer everyone that i can be strong this weekend. Kellys Mom has called for the family to come together as she does not think she will be with us much longer. She is my second Mom and Kelly is soooo close to her. When i left to come to work this morning, he was in tears.

    1. Lanza doesnΒ΄t feel right to me. If he compares Plato and Hawkings, me like
      put Sokrates and Robert Anton Wilson in one geodesic.

      “Yea, brethern and sistren, now abideth doubt, hope and charity; these three; and the greatest of these is doubt. For doubt puffeth not itself up into pomposity; doubt suffereth long, and is kind. With doubt all things are possible.” Wilson, R.A.

  10. by the way my parents are only 170 years old, combined.They were born without :
    Toothbrush (1938), Air Conditioning (1932) Anti-perspirant (1941)
    Supermarkets (1930) Sunglasses (1929) FM Radio (1933)
    Duct Tape (1942) Seat Belts (1952) Helicopters (1939) Microwaves (1945)
    Nylon (1938) Tupperware (1946) Commercial Jet (1949) Transistor (1947)
    Fiberglass (1938) A Building with more than 100 floors (1931)
    Wireless telephone (1965) First TV (1938) Automatic sliding doors (1954)
    Antibiotics (1928) First ice cube tray (1928) Corkscrew (1939)
    Organ Transplants (1950) Valium (1963) Plastic shopping bags (1982)
    Dish washers (7 B.C.) Phillips head screw driver (1936) Electron Microscope (1931) Frisbee (1948) Canned Beer (1935) Bubble Gum (1928)

    1. LOL great! without plumbing I cant even imagine when my mom talks of the ‘out house’. And not bathing every day. I always said when I passed over, the first hand I want to shake is that of the inventor of indoor plumbing! I can do without canned beer πŸ˜‰

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