The manuscript of survival – part 383

Now, you have all passed over that threshold where tomorrow has become today, and as such, you start over with a brand new set of coordinates with which to navigate. And do not worry, even if our words at times may sound overly confusing to you, you are more than capable of navigating these uncharted waters. For now, you all possess all the skills you will ever need to tap into in order to make what you have dreamed of for so long a reality. And never doubt dear ones, they are indeed there, deep within you all, and even if you have yet to make their acquaintance in full, never the less, they are there, ready and waiting for you to find them. And find them you will, when the time is right, and you are ready to utilize them in full.

We know that this seemingly eternal waiting to do just that will make many a heart groan in exasperation, but again, we will repeat our old mantra of everything will happen just when the time is right for it to do so, and in this, it is simply the case of settling in and starting to see what will transpire. For much will happen in the weeks ahead, and even if the sequence of events will not be laid out before you beforehand, you will all find these new stair steps more than within your reach. For this time, you have what it takes, and then some, no matter what happens in your life, and no matter what happens in the world around you. For now, you are ready, ready to explode into all the colours of the universe, like a veritable fireworks of energetic discharges. For this time, it is more about what you will send out than what you will receive, and we do mean that in every kind of way. For now, you have become veritable fountains of energy, as you are so deeply plugged into Source, you can transmit vast amounts of this matter out into the atmosphere around you.

This may sound strange to many of you, as you have all been so enclosed within your own personal development, and rightly so, as that has been the task you all were given to complete during the past period. But now, you will be going one large step further, for you have simply outgrown those old and worn out shoes of yesteryear, and you have slipped your feet into the brand new ones. Or rather, the shoes that you used to wear, when you were the one you have become once again, that multi-dimensional, multi-talented being, the Creator, the maker of miracles, and not just that humble human, too bogged down by all of the self-imposed and super-imposed limiting baggage you used to cart around. But as the fireworks marked the passage of the old year and into the new, so too it marked the passage from the old you and into the new.

For this year is all about new beginnings, about venturing forth on a pristine road, one that has not been put onto any chart yet. For it is you and only you who will decide the direction and the incline of this road, as now, you are indeed given carte blanche as to how you must manage the new you. For you are all veritable hot spots of energy now dear ones, and you can use that energy in a multitude of ways, and none of them are negative. For the energy you carry with you, is there for one purpose only, to serve the light, and to help enhance the light in every single living being around you. And how do you do that? Well, that is entirely up to you, dear ones. For the contract you signed on to before you came into being in this physical body only stipulated that you needed to go through the process of liberating yourself from the old and limited life of being a human, a singular entity, seemingly hell bent on living a life of desperation and suffering. And when you agreed to do just that, that was all you did agree to, for afterwards, we all agreed that it would be up to you to manage the gift of liberty you would give yourself. And remember, there is no way you can misuse this gift of liberty, for it cannot be used in order to ensnare and imprison others, not in any way. For if you try to do just that, you will simply end up in your own prison again, trapped within the old walls of self-imposed limitation.

So again we say, salute yourselves for the work you have accomplished, for you have managed to fulfill that first and only point on you personal agenda, of setting yourself free from the old you. And know that as in all things human, it will take some time before you truly understand just how free you are now. For those prison walls will still linger in the mind of so many of you, like echoes of times bygone. And as a human has been programmed long ago to stick to the old and avoid changing into something brand new, you may still find yourself trying to stick to the old and well-worn path of yesteryear in the way that you react and indeed act on the impulses that come from the outside. Please remember not to give yourself any hard time over it, for it is simply a natural part of this process. Rather, give yourself understanding and most of all love, for self love is what has been lacking in all of you for such a long time, and as such, it will take some time for that inner, all-pervading love of self to come all the way out to the surface.

So we salute you, dear ones, and we do hope you will take the time to do so yourself, for it is not more than what you deserve. You have thrown off the old shackles, and even if you think you feel them still restricting your every move, they are simply the ghost of how you used to be, but are no longer. And as the light within slowly but surely starts to get up to your new normal level of incredibly bright, it will help to dissipate all of the old shadows and all of the old ghosts, and then you will see yourself bright and pure and new in your own eyes, not just in ours. For we see your splendor, even if you have yet to see but a small glimpse of it, and nothing will give us more joy than to look into your eyes on the day when you finally see it fully yourself.

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  1. Dear brother! You really “took your own very special piece with you from this Gathering”, just like the CCs said. Thank you for once again choosing YOUR path, and what a gift you gave yourself of not holding anything back this time! And thank you for sharing your vision of Arlyuna, what a powerful confirmation of how deeply connected we are through this Pond 🙂
    LOVE from me, Aisha

  2. Nancee, I used to read Matthew Ward every month. So it was nice to get this link.
    Amy – I am sending energy and warm light to the barn next door to keep the cats warm and comfortable.
    Anna Helen – I am sending you energy and strength to help you figure out your next step on your path to joy and abundance. For you shall have joy and abundance and manifest it. Never doubt for one minute that you are worthy and deserving of the very best, and don’t berate yourself for choices you made or allow yourself to feel guilty. You have so much courage and will power. We are all praying for you here, and rooting for your success.

    I’m so grateful for these channels from the CCs and for everyone’s comments. I learn so much from all of you on how to be Masters, and I read each post and comment daily like a catholic would read the scriptures. For this website is full of living scriptures – all of us humans spreading our wings and becoming Grand in every way – there is so much knowledge and wisdom here that keeps me going on this upward path each day. Even though I don’t comment a lot, the faith, hope, motivation, and tenacity exhibited here by all of you keeps me uplifted and positive, and moving forward on this journey we are all on.
    So Happy New Year to all of you. This year will be amazing.

    1. Beautifully put Sunny! You just gave me one good reason to be awake from coughing once again in the wee hours of my night. More and more I marvel at the ‘power’ of unity amongst those of us who meet here in this way. I might be getting knocked about by this bout but I still smile… I managed to vibrate above it for quite a few days to start with!! I just need to learn how not to be distracted from sustaining that. 🙂 I could use some more help though, if I didn’t know better I’d say a fresh cold virus is hitting anew tonight! On Wednesday I hope to book my ticket to Australia… time for these bugs to leave! Love, Nancee

      1. Seems you have got my kind of flu/virus/cold or whatever it is. I am so tired of it after all restarts.

        Wish you all the best and a speedy recovery!



      2. Dear Nancee and B… I watched Alex’s link to the Matt Kahn vid (on the “Older Comments” page of this missive) and found it very POWERFUL, simply revealing and greatly helpful. There may be something there for each of you…. however, it is one hour long. Perhaps you’ve heard of him previously; I hadn’t. IF you have time and decide to partake, he speaks quietly and slowly with many pauses. Be patient, as it’s well worth it to sink in to deeper levels.

        I AM Loving you both…. and each one on these pages+ and everything spoken of. I DO KNOW Love&JOY… that’s my offering, my service.

        I know you both only thru these pages, but I KNOW you.
        With my Love, Lin (I am Linda [not the beautiful one who posts here by that name]… but my Friends call me Lin)

        1. Thank you Linda 🙂

          How kind of you. I have also previously tried to listen to Matti Kahn but failed to hear / understand what he says. I would need subtitles. It is difficult for me to understand the spoken language than the written. Thanks anyway for your concern.

          Much love,


          PS. I think I KNOW you too 😉 DS.

          1. oops. sorry. I forgot about the language barrier, dear B. I can summarize it for you in an email, but will have to watch the ending as it’s powerful (for me, anyway) — OR — perhaps it’s not even meant for YOU. Everything that is meant for each of us to know finds it way effortlessly, usually.

            I will get back to you. Love, Lin

      3. Dear Nancee,
        Got a flu here myself.
        Sending you love and healing, and I wish you get your ticket to Australia!
        We are going try to get some money (longterm-saving) in order to give Vive (and Lara, and ourselves) a long wished-for holiday to South Africa. Vive and Lara have always wanted to go on safari, but money is lacking big-time. It would be so great to be able to give that to them.
        I myself have been on safari with my mother in Kenia a long time ago. I loved it! I love the feel of Africa.

        Love always,

        1. Hi JJ, I wish you wellness and your tickets for the family. Edgar Jones from Edmonton area, Alberta took his whole family there to film when I was in High School. He turned mostly to birds (and I banned birds one summer with him) but that trip was about the big lions. I remember viewing the reel to reel movie at a local church and will never forget it. He became well known in Canada. Who knows, maybe if I ever find a travel partner I’ll get to Africa too… but only for a safari experience.

          Watch out with this bug, I thought it was on the way OUT last night and it’s worse than ever today. Love, Nancee

    2. Dear Sunny, thank you for this wonderful description of this Pond 🙂 Connecting to this group of shining souls gathered here is almost overwhelming at times, and the words of wisdom that pours into this place every day is such an amazing testament to the power of the light that we all carry within 🙂 Thank you so much for being a part of this, and for shining YOUR light here, dear sister!
      LOVE, Aisha

  3. Thank you to everyone posting about the gathering. I’ve enjoyed reading but after 7 nights of little sleep due to coughing I’m feeling a little ‘low’ energy. Breeze I do smile at your plants growing and Amy I am “praying” for your barn cats. I join with all of you lovingly holding AH.
    I just found this an interesting read from “Matthew.” You have to read down a bit but he shares the real truth of his notes about Jesus, now printed as a gospel. For those interested: ~Nancee

        1. Bless you, Janis. I am bracing myself at this moment to get dressed and trek through very deep snow, climb over a mountain of snow my neighbor created by plowing his driveway, all to get to the barn to bring warm food. I’ll do it!

            1. I am. I wrote about it on my blog this morning. It wasn’t as bad as anticipated. The winds are blowing the snow in drifts so that I could walk quite easily. All is OK here!! Honest!!! xxoo, Amy

  4. I brought in hyacinth bulbs – they are blooming! It smells of Spring so strong in right now. aaahhhh … nice contrast to the Arctic blast outside. They said they wanted to bloom so I did not plant them as it was late in the Fall. They are white – 3 of them.

  5. Iv never even liked to use the word ‘Power’. I still struggle with it due to thinking about ego connotations. The ego will make u have feelings like hurt, judging, jealousy, superiority to others – it involves others and your feelings about that which is outside of you and how u think it affects ‘you’. True Power used to create things of beauty and Love is way different. I keep telling myself this so I can accept the powerful Being I Am. Using “I”, “my self”, “me” indicates one who is separate….eeeaashhh. What to call this Being then? As this I is having trouble with that too. CC’s said we would have trouble describing the new way.

  6. I just read the entire page.
    all I can add is that once you arrive at the portal of ascension you can’t take your ego trip along.
    nope all those feelings about how important you are and or how unworthy yyou may be, must be left behind.
    Of all the billions of people in the world you are just another one
    no big deal one way or the other.
    just love everyone and everything and then what you seek will sneak up and grab you.
    or sorta like I can never catch my dogs by chasing them
    but i can catch when needed, but not by trying to catch them.
    I can do it because i love them
    your anxiety issues slow down your progress.
    go play in the dirt.
    seriously contact the mother goddess by touching soil
    it works


    1. Dear Otmn, once again your words puts it all into perspective. Thank you brother, for your clarity and your ability to clear away the debris of complication!
      Much love and gartitude from me, Aisha

        1. BIG smooch back to you, dear brother! I saw you at the Gathering, you helped me to open up that doorway at the bottom of the Pond 🙂 Thank you!
          LOVE and smooches from me, Aisha

  7. I come here asking you all to pray, send Light and Love to this part of the world (Western New York) and all involved in this terrible snow storm we are having right now. I am especially concerned about the barn cats next door. Never have the temperatures plummeted this low. I really need your help.

    Thank you SO much. I thank GOD we have electricity and food. Just listening to the winds right now is scary. And this storm has only begun. Total we are expected to get 2 feet of snow but with high winds the drifts will be massive. And the temperatures below zero with wind chills of -30 below…..this is what has me concerned about the cats. I am doing all I can to help them.

    This is the only place I know of where the Love is truly here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This storm is being called the North Pole Vortex.


    1. Rosie, big warm hugs to you. We are on the southern receiving end of this dip–we had the snow and then we had rain and now the temperature is dropping and I am encircling my space of love with golden crystaline liquid light and some of that star fire that Azeera spoke about. Blessings on all your beautiful creatures and your warm hearth–allow this to pass quickly and the warming to begin in earnest….we had 3 feet of snow in one go last year and we dug out and so will you! Imagine all safe, all warm, all nurtured and all in ultimate perfection! Blessed be! Alex

      1. Dear Amy, I echo Alex’s powerful sentiments/prayer and hold you all in Golden White Light throughout.
        With my Love, xo, Lin

    2. Praying. the cold is coming here too. NW Jersey. If there is electric in the barn, u could put an electric radiator heater. they work great and dont cost much to use. Cats are resilient as u know – though it is very cold this time.
      Love, Areeza

      1. Honey, this is not my barn and I really have “no rights” to do much of anything over there. I am there because the owners don’t know how to care for animals thinking cats can fend for themselves. There is one house cat in that barn that just got kicked out of the house……I am doing all I can to keep these cats alive. I wish I could put a heater in there. The owner is worried about fires.

        You stay warm too, Areeza. This is really bad. I can barely see outside and the winds are ferocious. Never have we had arctic air come down this far. Hang in there!!!

        Love, Amy

        PS Thank you, Alex. We will be doing our best to keep the “hearth of warmth” going for these animals.

        1. Ok,,, i see. thanks for clarification. I dread going out for the courier run tomorrow…. burrrrr. keep warm and cozy yourself dear friend!

    3. Dear Amy! I send a big, warm hug and so much love to you and to everyone else who are feeling the blast of this powerful storm! May you all be safe! Mother Nature must be working hard to rebalance herself now. In my part of the world, we are having a record-breaking mild, wet and windy winter.
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

      1. Cara Amy,
        dopo il precedente uragano i C.C. ci dissero che quella zona Usa (N.Y. etc etc) avevano bisogno di grandi interventi naturali di purificazione.
        In Usa da 2 secoli si è concentrato il maggior potere economico e finanziario della Terra ed è stato usato per scatenare guerre, povertà, debito e schiavitù del 99% degli Essere Umani del Popolo Unico di Gaia.
        Con l’aiuto dei nostri Fratelli del Creato, e con l’aiuto di tutte le Anime Incarnate consapevoli, stiamo curando Gaia e tutti gli Esseri Incarnati ancora inconsapevoli e costruendo la Nuova Madre Terra, con Lei, insieme a Lei! … 🙂 …
        Noi Ponders abbiamo il privilegio, acquisito per merito e volontà, di essere consapevoli di fare parte di questo immenso progetto di rinascita e di rinnovamento.
        Un amorevole, fraterno, caldo e sorridente abbraccio a te, ai gatti che stai aiutando, a tutti gli Essere Incarnati che con voi sono nella tempesta da parte del mio cuore e da parte dei miei 4 gatti: Timothy-Angela-Flavia-Minnie. … 🙂 …

  8. I have an announcement, please.

    I want you all to know how very much I love you. I have just been kicked out of my house. I have no idea what to do. It will be a long time before I have internet access again, I am sure. I want you to know how much you all mean to me. I will be sending you so much love and light and the very very best wishes on your journeys. I will miss you all terribly. I am utterly broken in every single way. What a fucking day. Oh god. I can’t leave it like that. I must be positive. All is well all the time. Surely surely there is a reason for all of this.

    In fellowship,

    🙂 AH

    1. I feel for you – I wish I could take all the sorrowful feeling you have away. I intend it to be away from you and Joy and Love to Be with you always. XOA

    2. Tremendous love for you Anna. Encircling you with love and leading the charge from this pond to send you love and strength and light for your soul journey. Often times what seems like being broken is really creating an opening for love to flow in and what is no longer needed to flow out. In this now moment remain and know you are fully supported in each subsequent now moment with the ability to receive love and to give it. Be well and we all look forward to your imminent return, stronger, fuller and more powerful than before. Love Alex

    3. Beloved sister! I feel your pain and your desperation, but I also feel your power. It is huge, so huge it has made you step away from it when it has made its presence known to you earlier. But now, it is ready to emerge, because you are ready to embrace it. And just like in your vision, the old Anna Helen is being ripped apart so the new you, the true you, can emerge. This process is dramatic and it is frightening, but it is happening because now, the time is right for it to happen. I know you feel very, very alone, and that you cannot even come here for support, but we are with you, every step of the way. You must find your own way through the rubble of your old life, but know that this whole Pond is supporting you through it, and we will reach out with a steadying hand whenever you lose your balance. For you may stumble, but you will not fall, and no matter how long this journey may take you, I know you will emerge from it, shining incredibly bright. I love you with all my heart – always, forever, and I walk by your side, even if you cannot see me through the fog.

          1. Cara sorella Anna Helen,
            il mio Cuore è con te e resterà fino a quando potrai mandare ai Ponders le tue buone notizie future. … 🙂 …
            Un abbraccio amorevole e sorridente.

    4. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH as Amy said!!! Have you not had enough of life’s horrors yet?

      I suppose you do not own half the house so he has to pay you out with money – at least. Money isn´t all – we know – but we also know that we still need some to survive in this world.

      What can I do for you more than hold you tight to my heart and pray for your very best my dear, dear sister/daughter/friend.

      I have tears in my eyes not only because my heart aches for you but also of inability to be able to help you in practical.

      If you need money – please let us know – we can quickly start a collection.

      Always with you Anna Helen!



  9. 14.1.5 Gathering Report from Areeza (and friend)
    The Pond is cartoonish – blue/silver/metallic/gooey stuff. Its malleable. Playable 🙂
    Today, I was trying to think of what the texture reminded me of. Mercury. I thought of Eddie Mercury being on my TV in the back ground when I sat for the gathering. Aisha mentioned Queens “We Will Rock You”…. (still something about Mercury that will come about later – keep it in the back of our minds.)
    Ok…. so I see u guys as shapes u are making as you play in the metallic pond version. One or two were star shapes…one was like a friendly ghost. U were all emerging from beneath in fun shapes. I hear ‘you can mold with it whatever you want’.
    I then hear “star fire”. “build star fire”. I am not sure which or if both. It made me think of our star sisters and brothers – wanting to come play with us – Be with us – we need to build up our frequency for this meeting I am thinking.
    I feel and see a woman at the pond leading us in a ‘sync dance’. Like the electric slide they do at weddings. It starts to change to a type of hula dance for some. There is a party starting for sure. 🙂
    I see ships/craft hovering over the pond. I hear: “We will place gifts upon the earth for you – ‘intend’ to find them.” Could be a special stone, etc.
    “Tell us what u need, we will deliver it to you – we want only for your happiness – you have on earth called ‘the happy brigade’ – think of us this way.” (I know of a group called the happy brigade that follows the band Railroad Earth).
    “Keep your spirits high and in doing so more frequently you will find yourselves melding with a resonance that is truly more fitting for you”.
    “There is a place for you at our table – your joining has sent out a large spark”. “I Am Star Fire – I came to you today with my message. You can call upon me – I am one of many in the cheering squad as you might also call it”. “Tell your friends they may each have one like me assigned to them – you will know when I am around and you can ask me for pleasurable feelings and inspirational sparks to lighten you up!”
    “This is a time to be nurtured – to play and to glow so everyone will see you!”
    “It is all so simple when your Love Light Shines.”
    “We like your plan (speaking direct to me on this) to nurture at least one Being every day – this will nurture you as well – this will spring into action more thoughts to keep lifting, lifting, lifting – Before you know it, there will be Lift Off~!” (laughter).
    “When you set this intent for nurturing into motion, those of us that are likened to this energy will assist – For you are never to feel alone ever again. The Earth and Sky Grids Of Oneness are in place – we travel together now – I have always been a part of you and I welcome you back – Can you feel the warm shower of Star Fire!!?” “Let it bath and soothe you and stir you to new heights~!” (I felt and now again feel very emotional about this part – it was said with such Love – I, wow).
    “The true reason for this Pond is to reflect all that you really are – once you accept this reflection as real, it becomes real! and the one that was once on the shore peering in the waters now emerges From The Waters – refreshed, clean, sparkling, brand new.”
    “There is no pushing off the shore edge, there is just Being the true you reflected in the waters. The seeker becomes the seer – the search ends as soon as the discovered emerges”.
    ~ Yes it is the year of nurturing and emerging ~
    The party was still going on all the while I believe 🙂
    Thank you to Star Fire – I do not believe I have every channeled before this. It remains a beautifully uplifting experience. Blessed Be Me and All that my Being touches – Areeza

    1. Areeza….simply beautiful! I saw this star fire of which you speak in my vision! I also remember a few gatherings ago seeing us all creating wonderful things out of the malleable clay that is the quanta energy of the new dimension…breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
      Love, Alex

    2. Dear Areeza, what a gift you give us all by sharing these words! Thank you so much, they really touch me deep within! “It is all so simple when your Love Light Shines.” So true, my shining sister of the light!
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  10. I am torn, torn to pieces.
    It’s all the same.
    There is only love,
    and the absence of love
    Withholding love is unbearable
    to me

    1. I would posit that there is no absence of love. Only a patent decision not to allow it in. It is there, has always been there and it is through free will choice that we allow it in. Many of our lessons are placed to wear us down from the belief that we are separate and the minute we get tired of standing alone, we become truly one….big hugs and know that all lessons are perfect, however hard they seem, for our individual paths. love alex.

    2. Dear JJ, the old you is being torn to pieces so the new you can emerge, because there was not enough room for you in that old shell. Embrace this, dear brother, no matter how painful it may feel, for it is the only way to find that true love for yourself that you must have in order to become ONE with yourself and with All of creation.
      LOVE, Aisha

  11. I don’t feel free at all.
    I don’t feel I love me at all.
    All I do and did was wrong.
    All decisions I made were wrong.
    Everything turned sour.
    Now I am all alone.
    Inclined to go back to the old, the familiar.
    God how I hate myself.
    I want only to love.
    I want only to give love.
    I just want love.
    I just want to be love.
    Help me love, please let me love.

        1. oooo….. and thank you JJ….with posting Eddie Mercury, you just reminded me of what I was trying to think of before writing my report. thanks!! coolness

      1. I was feeling like u were gonna say this today. Truly, I felt it. You learned – so it was ‘not’ wrong. We are always learning and growing and we never stopped Loving!! That, my dear friend, is why we are all here… we never stopped believing in Love. We are different… ahead I dont like to say… but steps ahead we are and we do see the world in our ideal way so we can get confused – torn apart having to straddle worlds so to speak – until that ideal is met/created. We are with you always JJ and there IS LOVE within, without, all IS about Love. XOA

        1. God, thank you! My true sister you are. You are so great, A. You are the big A!
          I wish the learning would stop, but as some would say, it’s all part of the process. To find us, to truly find us. To be there, and to stay there, firmly anchored, in love.

    1. Remember, JJ, you are SPIRIT (Already Perfect–and already perfectly Loved, perfectly Loving) living a human EXPERIENCE your Spirit CHOSE with AH to journey together thru in this lifetime. Even your self-loathing is part of the EXPERIENCE… and that feeling doesn’t reduce your perfect Spirit in any way.

      As Alex said so eloquently earlier today: “GOD is an experience engine–if we all thought or felt the same way what would be the point?” It’s all part of the (EXPERIENCE) GAME AH/Mother spoke of previously.

      Some emotions are messy and may literally leave some of us writhing on the floor until we FEEL them fully, totally exposed in all their demanding, red-hot vengeance — then finally we open our eyes and find out we’re still alive, we didn’t die. And it still hurts like hell, but we’re STRONG. Our human self faced fear/the void, and won! The pain begins to dissipate with the Understanding that no judgment from yourself or others was ever called for… even IF judgment is still felt by others. Part of the GAME.

      Can you step aside your emotions and connect with your HS? Perhaps ask what His/Its point of view is.

      I absolutely Love you both with my new, expanded Love.

      Be well, my dear brother of Light. YOU are JOY, another word for LOVE.
      xo, Lin

  12. whats up in space?: Lots !!
    >INCOMING CME: A CME is heading toward Earth. The incoming cloud (movie) was hurled into space by an M4-class explosion from sunspot AR1944 on Jan. 4th and is expected to deliver a glancing blow to our planet’s magnetic field on Jan. 7th. Minor to moderate geomagnetic storms are possible when the CME arrives.
    >RADIATION STORM IN PROGRESS: Energetic solar protons are streaming past Earth today, triggering an S1-class solar radiation storm. They were propelled toward us by an explosion in the magnetic canopy of old sunspot AR1936. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the blast. Although this radiation storm is classified as S1, that is, minor, it is fairly rich in high energy particles that can temporarily “snow” (degrade the performance of) space-based cameras. NOAA forecasters expect the storm to continue for another day or so.
    >GIANT SUNSPOT TURNS TOWARD EARTH: One of the largest sunspots in years is turning toward Earth: AR1944 has a ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field that harbors energy for potent eruptions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of M-class flares and a 30% chance of X-flares on Jan. 6th. Any flares today will almost certainly be geoeffective.
    AR1944 contains dozens of dark cores, the largest of which is big enough to swallow three planet Earths. It’s so big, sky watchers are noticing it as a blemish on the solar disk at sunset:

    1. O´boy! Not only geoeffective I think it is humaneffective also 😉

      I have not been feeling well today, so fragile, sad and kind of lost in myself in a strange way. I don´t know what is going on. Perhaps something I have to finish before jumping into the new. I just remember my YES, YES, YES to Aisha a week ago 😉 Things really change very fast, but tomorrow is another day – sun is coming as my neighbour always says.

      I am so glad for your good feelings Breeze 🙂



      1. Thanks B – and u will be feeliln fine soon again too~! we cant all be in the same space at the same time (or can we…hmm…lol). I seem to get a treat from our Sun every day when I leave work. Today – after a day of rain and gloom – there it shines with beams shooting down to touch mother earth! so pretty and majestic.
        ok , i must type in my gathering report

        1. You are so right – and yes – sun hasn´t shown yet this year. I always go out to catch the sun beams when it comes through. I really miss them…

          Look forward to your gathering report 🙂

          Sleeping time – see you!



      2. Dear B… hope your body is enJOYing the new energies now. 😉
        If you would still like to send me pix of whatever, whenever, my email address is: After your first email, I can then add your email address to my file so that any future emails (IF you should decide to send) don’t go into my spam file.

        Sure appreciate it… and YOU.
        Love you much, Lin

  13. Dear brothers and sisters, I am more than thrilled to be a part of these Gatherings; it was my first time, and very pleasant an experience. I asked the Family of Light to connect me to the Pond and transmit its energy through my sutratma into the Earth’s core. I’ll tell you, folks, that was something!!! I’m very grateful to CCs and Aisha for these exquisite channelings and words of inspiration. Thank you all very much!

    1. Dear Marcel, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this Gathering 🙂 It is so wonderful to know that this family is growing and expanding more and more.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  14. I also felt ‘us’ more fully. As a very true family. I wanted to cry with tears of Joy for this wholesome, happy feeling! I was saying “Anna!, you are never without a home nor are any of us – we Are making this Pond a ‘real’ home!” Can u feel it ?! Like the cities of Light coming – we are building a little village of Light – nice and small – simple – sweet. >You know I have a tree house at the Pond – teeehee. It overlooks the pond in a nice big fir tree at the beginning of the forest….ahhh the aroma from it too! It is open for any to enjoy btw; there is a hammock to relax upon and gaze up at the branches and sky.
    I speak – and sometimes just Be – with each of you more and more. My Love is boundless for this kindred family of Light – Namaste – yours always, DebraJean/Areeza ~A~/Breeze

    1. Dear Breeze – I think some of us will be stopping by that treehouse and sharing our new lives and experiences and love with you very soon! You are so welcoming to those of us who did not start here with the Pond family from the beginning. Thank you! Much love and gratitude, Caroline

      1. I have only been here… hmmm… not that long… seems like forever though~ ! a few months. >Please let me know here if u sent me an email – I got one signed with your name but want to be certain – thanks! < Love, ~A~

    2. Your energy is infectious! I love it! I will join you in your treehouse. Sounds so very peaceful. Could use that right now…

      I am clapping because I believe in fairies. Love you, Tink!

      🙂 AH

  15. Given the new missive (“For now, you have become veritable fountains of energy, as you are so deeply plugged into Source, you can transmit vast amounts of this matter out into the atmosphere around you.”)
    I get why I had this undeniably enormous YES! YES! YEehSsss! coming from me this morning while I was driving. I felt it was so huge and powerful, it pushed away billions of tons of negative energy in all directions. (hope there really wasnt that much negative around still but if there was… well, it was scattering away fast!!)
    And, i had the image of being tinkerbell and sprinkling fairy dust on all the people i saw today 🙂
    This lightness and the joy it brings is truly Wonder-Full !! Enjoy all!!

  16. Beloveds….I wanted to share the latest Matt Kahn video with you all, its called the divine plan…

    If you have breath in your body and you follow the divine plan–the deepest desire in you is to use that breath to send love…priceless!!!

  17. In This Season of Waiting
    by Linda Pastan

    Under certain conditions,
    when the moon in the western sky
    seems frozen there, for instance

    even as the sun is rising in the east,
    so that soon two sides of the coin
    will be facing each other;

    or when the snow
    which is a stranger here
    fills our trees with its cold flowers;

    when the single
    bluejay at the feeder
    is so still

    it could be enameled there,
    then the earth becomes an emblem
    for whatever we believe.

  18. I need certain visitors here to either be a) banned outright, b) kept from my sight, or c) disposed of ENTIRELY. Their messages are not for me. I do not need them, I do not want them, they have no place within me.

    1. Dude, and here is the issue….whatever you resist persists…whatever is presented to you and causes emotions is there specifically because all beings MIRROR back to you that which you must work on…

      no one…is going to change so that you can be comfortable. YOU must get comfortable with yourself and understand that all experience is valid–all have a right to be FREE (your very words my friend as you said there is only one rule in this world….that we are free….so others are not free to express themselves if it interferes with your feeling comfortable?) and express what they want and if you do not like it–it simply gives you an opportunity to send love and light…the only way to the next level is to drop all this fighting against..and then you will cease to create a struggle within yourself.

      Sending love and light to a world where everyone understand that the views expressed by others need not be our views–they cannot be our views because the other is living a different life, with different beliefs on a different timeline and often in a different dimension–there is no one right way to think or be…there is all ways–GOD is an experience engine–if we all thought or felt the same way what would be the point?

        1. SFD,

          You don’t have to do it alone, but you alone, can do it. It is entirely your choice whether you do, however.

          Your loving brother (even if you don’t feel it),


    2. Dear Soul Feather Diamond! I find it very interesting that you think that this space should be altered so it fits in with your “needs”. Perhaps you should take some time to consider why you react so strongly to some of the views expressed here?
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. I am very sensitive to outside influences. as the internet is a virtual place my own natural frequency will not prevent negative energies from contacting me through it. They are a distraction, they stop me from spending my time more productively. I am literally powerless to do anything about this. They may however have use for other ones which is why I specifically stated an option for me to ignore them on your blog -x-

        1. There is nothing here that is out to get you or any of us. For you, it seems you experience a tagged on negative energy that you say renders you powerless. You may want to take a deeper look into what you invite around you – to clear this negativity. You are not powerless and always have a choice what to bring into your presence. Love and Peace to you, ~A~

    3. SFD,

      I echo what Alex says, she knows her stuff.

      As I ponder your message and feel into the energy of it, I am reminded of experiences along my own path that fit it (that’s how it works, you understand). I survived, I grew, I let go of that which weighed me down. I’m not done yet, I doubt I ever will be. I don’t expect anyone else here to ever be done, either. Many a time, some of the strongest souls here have declared for the world (at least our little part of it) that they are done with this crap, they can’t do it any more, but they do…

      The thing is, here at the Pond, we are a diverse bunch. None here are evil entities, they can’t be, the light is too strong here. Many here have been where you are (I know where you are, even if you don’t believe me), and I can tell you it does get better. On the way to getting better, however, it can look and feel like it is getting a bucket load worse.

      When that happens, and it will, remember to breathe. Sounds trite, I know, but do it anyway.

      I can tell from your many messages that you carry a lot of anger. Whatever you perceive is the cause of it, it is time to let it go, it is too heavy a burden to bear any longer. I feel you now denying that you do, and (unsurprisingly) getting angry at me that I should “accuse” you of doing so. It is not an accusation, it is an observation, presented with an opportunity to let it go. To “accuse” you, I must judge you, and I do not.

      If, as you read this, you feel anger towards me, know this; if I am able to evoke anger from you, that can only be the case if anger is already within you in some form, which takes me back to my original statement that you carry anger and it is time to let it go. It is the most natural thing to feel that “you have made me angry”, but those five words make no sense. No other can ever make you anything, you are a creator being, and you are creating your experience for the sole purpose of having that experience.

      And if you are not enjoying the experience, and have the capacity to realise that you are not enjoying the experience you have chosen, choose another, and try again. There is no end, no high stakes, nothing to prove, nothing to lose, just experience.

      I love you. Soon, you will find a way to love yourself enough to change the experience you choose for you.

      In humble and joyful service,


        1. Amen to that, Alex and Paul! For this whole Pond is truly a gathering of Masters, each and every one of us shining our light like only we can, in order to help everyone else see their light even better.
          With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  19. Ahhhh……wheeeee!!!!! LOL all my life…ALL my life I have known two things. From the wee little child I have known that I was, I wanted to be, I continued to move towards being a cup overflowing with God’s love….I also knew I was a freedom seeking being that even as I come into contract, into communion, into relationship with other beings I could only bond with beings who allowed me to be completely and totally FREE. the cool thing of course was having the ability to meet and know who these beings were and by offering ME freedom and Love I was able to return the favor…

    We are now ALL free….all the shackles of old have been cut through and dropped….and the only thing holding anyone in place is the inability to see they are cut–which occurs either through fear, habit, denial or lack of love…when we do not love ourselves we believe we do not DESERVE to be free…and so we remain bound.

    I know…I feel…I embody the belief that I deserve to be free and to be loved because I am a blessed child of this universe. I know my work is to flow out the love–simply by BEING me where I am I am in constant service to our mother Sophia-Gaia and the all that is–I do not have to do a single thing–I simply have to BE my true self, which is love–and my love is a melding of love and light from prime creator and our mother sophia which is routed through my heart chamber and through Alchemy creates this entire new dimension of love…and that I sprinkle out on all beings–simply by breathing, simply by my heart beating…simply by my being…

    I can also focus intent which makes it stronger and so now I focus my loving intent on all in this beautiful pond. We are one–we are beautiful colored jewels in the crown of all that is–not one is the same–each shines its own brilliance and brings its own gifts and each is an important part of the whole…BE the light that you are…BE the love that you are…for you are much loved eternally and much needed in all dimensions! Accept your self–accept your own love and flow into the future totally free, totally supported and totally loved! 🙂 Alex

    1. I feel the same, only i just wanted to see the flowers grow and love them with all my heart.

      A simple life with simple joys, mischievous girls with quick thinking boys.
      Astounding beauty, wonder; music and art
      Community and friendship; caring, compassion to start.
      Magic and laughter, goodwill t’ward men
      One’s hand in mine, not a case of when.

    2. Dear Alex, thank you for always shining your light so brightly here 🙂 You gave us the song for the completion of the Gathering yesterday: “We will rock you”.
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. LOL I love that song…I actually saw Queen play it live once with Freddy and another time with Paul Rodgers when my friend Danny was their bassist…it absolutely blows the house down! 🙂 Love, Alex

  20. Speaking of snakes, I would like to share my experience in my meditation with/in the pond.

    I imagined myself as a tree, growing taller and taller. My intention was to create a bird’s eye view to my best and biggest dream. Suddenly, my higher self took over and I transformed, instead, into a giant cobra, a nāga/nāgī. I reared my head, peering into time and space. Across its misty expanse, who should I see but the Great Buddha. (Buddha is my symbol for the Great Divine.) A thought arose in me. “Only the Buddha is worth seeing.” Yet I was struggling in my own illusions. I said, “The way is not to abandon the dream but to dream wide awake.” The dream illusion then lost its power. Thus it was that I fixed my gaze upon the buddha within and continued dreaming.

    After the meditation, I joined my mother in watching a cartoon. In it, a cobra made an appearance and one of the characters was depicted as Buddha. Hours later, this article by Robert Moss showed up. ( It is tremendously helpful in assisting me to understand better what I have dreamed.

    A few days later, just before entering sleep, I spontaneously returned to this meditation and witnessed a new development. The giant cobra shed its skin, splitting right down the middle and a naked woman emerged. She was huge and rose right up to the sky. I know that woman is myself.

    1. you are glimmering as that new woman!
      I read this today: “2,500 yrs ago, a man who would come to be known as the Buddha sat under a tree and, through sheer effort, became enlightened. Zen (“absorption” or “meditative state”) is how each of us can do the same. As long as you are ‘here’, you have everything you need. That’s the miracle.”
      >>only now, it is becoming ‘effort-less’ to BE that which we truly are. It is all coming so natural – making each day en-lightened —- Aahhhh

    2. Interesting! Yes, sun_of_blue, I did bow to the Buddha within. It was a truly sacred bow that my brain can’t quite wrap itself around so thank you for jolting that memory.

        1. Do you mind sharing the details of your meditation, sun_of_blue? My email address is portia.inn (at)

  21. The skin of the year of the snake has been peeled off. I am glad to be a love and light hot spot for every being around me. Although the body is stupid.
    It always falls back into the old habitual patterns. Hard to teach a dinosour a new trick. Things go well. Glad to have Phillip here. Thanks for all of you. Thank you soulfeatherdiamond and thanks to michilyn for diving the pond.
    Thanks to pond superattendant North.

  22. This meeting was spical for me in many ways. As I went to this pond I have created in my mind when we had the first meeting. I still go to this same place each time. I also go there by myself. I have always seen two things there. A person in a human 3d form and a spirt form sitting on a throne. This throne is south of the pond up some steps behind two large columns. The seat is made of stone. This time was much different. I was in abserver form. I walked up to the human form as ask who is this because he has never talked to me. The spirit form told me that is you. Then I ask who are you to the spirit form.

    He said I am your higher self that has always been with you. Then I ask what am I to do here to complete my life. He said the time has come for your body to merge with the spirit form and become one. Then I became the human form and walked to the spirit form and sit in his form to merge with him. As I did this I stood up and made a bubble around me. Then I made a bubble around the earth. Then a bubble around our solar system. Then a bubble around the center of our galaxy. Then a bubble around the whole galaxy. I have no ideal why I did this. I just felt I needed to do this. Then a feeling of the whole earth came over me and all the ones that have came before me and lived on earth. Then another feeling came over me that sent out a charge that went all through the earth and collected all the souls that have been lost from our beginning so they could be reborn again. Then I did the same thing through out our galaxy.

    This was like looking at a fire works display going off. Only the lights stayed on as they exploded and encircled around the galaxy. In my younger life I have had a feeling of a spirit body walking into my body several different times. This aways came at a changing point in my life. This time was much different. I walked into a spirit form that totally over took me. It was a rush I have only felt one other time when I was in my 20’s.

    There is a lot more to this that I may talk about at a later time.

    Love and blessings to all

  23. Well Sun was right, missive 383 is a whopper!! 🙂

    Thank you so much, Aisha, CC’s and my pond family of love and light.

    😀 AH

  24. Cara Aisha, caro Philipp,
    anch’io ho visto aspetti angelici intorno al mio corpo di luce (aureola, come nelle rappresentazioni sacre) e quasi temevo di non esserne degna … 🙂 …
    Quindi grazie Philipp di averci narrato la tua visione che mi ha reso più partecipe a quello che ho visto … 🙂 …
    Luce e amore da me per tutti i Ponders!

    1. Bella, cara Adele! Grazie per aver condiviso le vostre visioni angeliche 🙂
      Amore e luce da me, Aisha
      Beautiful, dear Adele! Thank you for sharing your angelic visions 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  25. Gratitude to all who have shared their experiences – it’s wonderful to read/feel them.

    The actual event for me was fairly quiet as I know other things have been unfolding however, when I got to bed not that much later the energy wave was intense and lasted for hours.

    Some things cleared during the night and I was given the words … ‘the boy from New York City’ as in the song of the same name though the meaning was more like … I am New and York (England) is a well known and also spiritual City not far from where I live and was given a ‘spiritual mission’ to go there unexpectedly one day some years ago and, as a result of completing that mission, was given a white feather out of the skies without a bird in sight! I was reminded of this.

    Other visions and things have been unfolding in the last few days in the build up to this… the major ones I remember now ‘some kind of lifting of an invisibility cloak/veil (similar to the one in the Harry Potter films if you have seen them), a visual of an energy expanding around the UK and signs that Spheres Of Light is really taking off… I am running the next free workshop this coming Saturday with approaching 30 people… more is coming but I’ll leave it at that for now.

    Blessings to ALL.


  26. Dear Aisha,

    This was the comment I posted in your Gathering post:

    It was a very special gathering indeed. I felt being on a stage and shinging my light like never before. My light was a mix of white and golden light. It was simply breathtaking. And then, suddenly, there were huge white angel wings on my back. First, they were like folded. When I started to shine, the wings opened up and were huge and shinging. I felt like an angel, wow!
    I could see all the happy faces and can remember how I hugged everybody. I could see how you welcomed me with a beautiful smile on your face. Wow, dearest sister, thank you!
    After about fifteen minutes I felt suddenly asleep. Maybe this was the part where I entered the “pure white illuminated hall”. i don’t know.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for this wonderful experience!

    Now I am back in my daily routine and I dearly miss the feeling I had during the Gathering. I hope that one day soon, this feeling I had in the Gathering will be my normal, every day status!



    1. Dear Philipp, I knew you would get your wings back 🙂 Thank you for shining your white golden light at the Gathering! I am certain that what you felt yesterday will become our new “every day” feeling in the not too distant future!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  27. Beloved family of light!
    I woke up with a sense of peace and completion this morning after yesterday’s Gathering. That in itself is unusual, for I have experienced quite the opposite other times. Then, it has been like waking too abruptly from a nice dream, crashing down from an energetic high and into a brutal low, but not this time. So something new is indeed here already, and I “feel it in my very bones” as the CCs like to say, that we have entered a very different energy. It is an energy of lightness, of creativity, of joy, and even if I can feel my body still grumbling a bit, I know that it too will start to lighten up soon 🙂

    Reading through what you have shared about your experiences of this Gathering has brought me much joy, and I hope you will all take some time to read it here. Remember, if you do not have any clear memories of what you experienced during your meditation, it does not mean you missed out on anything. As the CCs say, some have been given the roles as “reporters” so that they can share their vision of it in order to make us all see what we took part in. So thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this Pond and of this Gathering! We have truly build a vast and powerful grid of light, and now, that grid will start to have an even larger impact on the world around us.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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