The manuscript of survival – part 383

Now, you have all passed over that threshold where tomorrow has become today, and as such, you start over with a brand new set of coordinates with which to navigate. And do not worry, even if our words at times may sound overly confusing to you, you are more than capable of navigating these uncharted waters. For now, you all possess all the skills you will ever need to tap into in order to make what you have dreamed of for so long a reality. And never doubt dear ones, they are indeed there, deep within you all, and even if you have yet to make their acquaintance in full, never the less, they are there, ready and waiting for you to find them. And find them you will, when the time is right, and you are ready to utilize them in full.

We know that this seemingly eternal waiting to do just that will make many a heart groan in exasperation, but again, we will repeat our old mantra of everything will happen just when the time is right for it to do so, and in this, it is simply the case of settling in and starting to see what will transpire. For much will happen in the weeks ahead, and even if the sequence of events will not be laid out before you beforehand, you will all find these new stair steps more than within your reach. For this time, you have what it takes, and then some, no matter what happens in your life, and no matter what happens in the world around you. For now, you are ready, ready to explode into all the colours of the universe, like a veritable fireworks of energetic discharges. For this time, it is more about what you will send out than what you will receive, and we do mean that in every kind of way. For now, you have become veritable fountains of energy, as you are so deeply plugged into Source, you can transmit vast amounts of this matter out into the atmosphere around you.

This may sound strange to many of you, as you have all been so enclosed within your own personal development, and rightly so, as that has been the task you all were given to complete during the past period. But now, you will be going one large step further, for you have simply outgrown those old and worn out shoes of yesteryear, and you have slipped your feet into the brand new ones. Or rather, the shoes that you used to wear, when you were the one you have become once again, that multi-dimensional, multi-talented being, the Creator, the maker of miracles, and not just that humble human, too bogged down by all of the self-imposed and super-imposed limiting baggage you used to cart around. But as the fireworks marked the passage of the old year and into the new, so too it marked the passage from the old you and into the new.

For this year is all about new beginnings, about venturing forth on a pristine road, one that has not been put onto any chart yet. For it is you and only you who will decide the direction and the incline of this road, as now, you are indeed given carte blanche as to how you must manage the new you. For you are all veritable hot spots of energy now dear ones, and you can use that energy in a multitude of ways, and none of them are negative. For the energy you carry with you, is there for one purpose only, to serve the light, and to help enhance the light in every single living being around you. And how do you do that? Well, that is entirely up to you, dear ones. For the contract you signed on to before you came into being in this physical body only stipulated that you needed to go through the process of liberating yourself from the old and limited life of being a human, a singular entity, seemingly hell bent on living a life of desperation and suffering. And when you agreed to do just that, that was all you did agree to, for afterwards, we all agreed that it would be up to you to manage the gift of liberty you would give yourself. And remember, there is no way you can misuse this gift of liberty, for it cannot be used in order to ensnare and imprison others, not in any way. For if you try to do just that, you will simply end up in your own prison again, trapped within the old walls of self-imposed limitation.

So again we say, salute yourselves for the work you have accomplished, for you have managed to fulfill that first and only point on you personal agenda, of setting yourself free from the old you. And know that as in all things human, it will take some time before you truly understand just how free you are now. For those prison walls will still linger in the mind of so many of you, like echoes of times bygone. And as a human has been programmed long ago to stick to the old and avoid changing into something brand new, you may still find yourself trying to stick to the old and well-worn path of yesteryear in the way that you react and indeed act on the impulses that come from the outside. Please remember not to give yourself any hard time over it, for it is simply a natural part of this process. Rather, give yourself understanding and most of all love, for self love is what has been lacking in all of you for such a long time, and as such, it will take some time for that inner, all-pervading love of self to come all the way out to the surface.

So we salute you, dear ones, and we do hope you will take the time to do so yourself, for it is not more than what you deserve. You have thrown off the old shackles, and even if you think you feel them still restricting your every move, they are simply the ghost of how you used to be, but are no longer. And as the light within slowly but surely starts to get up to your new normal level of incredibly bright, it will help to dissipate all of the old shadows and all of the old ghosts, and then you will see yourself bright and pure and new in your own eyes, not just in ours. For we see your splendor, even if you have yet to see but a small glimpse of it, and nothing will give us more joy than to look into your eyes on the day when you finally see it fully yourself.

209 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 383

  1. I watched the video Alex recommended on the first page of The Divine Plan – Matt Kahn. Thank you Lin for drawing my attention to it. I was expecting a health video and found so much more. It definitely targeted what I was going through in CR in so many ways. I had many relationships there with myself, critters, people… but got stuck on the only ‘not so good one’ upon my return. Time to heal that with love. In the process may my body find the courage to return to health! Come on body, you can do it!! I love you. ~Nancee 🙂

    1. Thanks Lin!

      I can´t help but send a link of what is happening up here in a few weeks. Pray that the ice strengthened so that everything can proceed as planned.

      Love you all,


  2. There are some new channels from Cosmic Awareness. Go to and click on BLOG in the top bar.

    There are four current ones from December and january — There is a channel on comet Ison, and the December 15 channel talks about how we can create our personal abundance, and both the January channels talk about the new year. I think you all will be inspired by them.

    It seems Susan may be correct about her statements that some channels give us incorrect information. Cosmic Awareness pretty much stated the same information.

    It seems the more we become awakened, the more we can detect truth in written material. I used to believe all channels that I read. I do think all the lightworkers who write them mean the very best and believe in what they channel, but maybe some are being used by the Dark Team. Anyway, I am becoming more discerning now.

  3. You are so lucky to have a Lord, here nobody goes to chuch anymore.
    Christmas a girl jumped on the altar of cologne dome on her naked breast the words i am god. While in China more christians are practising and reading the bible than in the european at odds with herself union alltogether.
    You can´t fight the tears that ain´t coming. Thanks for this song it means a lot to me.
    Here is what CC Yoda has to say for relief : And find them you will.

    “For the contract you signed on to before you came into being in this physical body only stipulated that you needed to go through the process of liberating yourself from the old and limited life of being a human, a singular entity, seemingly hell bent on living a life of desperation and suffering. And when you agreed to do just that, that was all you did agree to, for afterwards, we all agreed that it would be up to you to manage the gift of liberty you would give yourself. And remember, there is no way you can misuse this gift of liberty, for it cannot be used in order to ensnare and imprison others, not in any way.”

    MoS 383, verse 2.1

    Keep warm brothers and sisters.

    Greetings Love Beings, WOW Intensity Continue’s and We are Smack in the Middle of Huge Energetic Changes On the Planet. Also, The Sun is Very Active Again with an M7 Class Flare in the Past 24 Hours and an M4 Currently Hitting the Planet. This is adjusting, Everyone’s Energy fields Across the Planet as we prepare to GO HIGHER, and We Are Going Higher this is Inevitibale. Those still clinging to the old paradigm are going to experience extreme challenges as this occurs, just an FYI!

  5. Amazing how this works when you ask for help and guidance and allow the love. When you allow the power.

    I am at the house for the day because school was cancelled and there was no one else to take care of Ripley. Convenient, huh? Anyway, I am restlessly roaming the place not quite knowing what to do, all out of sorts, etc. I sit down and turn on the TV. The movie City of Angels is just starting. Oh god, this is for me, I know it. Thank you. I am watching it, and seeing all these angels guiding and nudging and comforting their humans, and I am overcome. “Oh please please please, I am so ready to do something like that. I just want to help people. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Yet I always seem to mess it up somehow.” I have been struggling so much with that whole idea of being “the destroyer” or as JJ so fondly puts it, “the wrecking ball.”

    And I am on my knees, weeping, praying, begging, pleading. “Please show me who I am and why I am here. I just don’t understand. I just want to KNOW finally. Why? Why? I know I am bringing in the light, but that just doesn’t seem like enough. I want to do MORE. I want to do something that matters. Oh god, please.” And I feel the Divine Mother kneel beside me. She wraps me in her arms and rocks me.

    ‘Child, child. Peace, dear one. Don’t you know? Do you really not know after all this time? See. See it.’ And then I am awash with memories of all the people I have known who have actually said to me, “You have changed my life. You have touched me in a way I will never forget.” This is followed by images of just how I have touched their lives and helped them. Then come all the images of people I didn’t even know I had touched. Then even strangers I had only smiled at or sat beside. You get the picture. Then she says, ‘You are familiar with the phrase, the Lord works in mysterious ways, are you not? The Lord is Love, and therefore Love works in mysterious ways. Remember your understanding of the Bible, dear one. What is the symbolism of the phrase, “to destroy completely” in the Old Testament?’ I reply, “It means “to set something on the right path, to return it to the Lord.” She smiles. ‘Yes. To return it to the Lord. Do you see? Do you see the good you’ve done? Do you see, my child, that you have done enough. That you do enough. That you ARE enough.”

    I now to continue to shake and quake and uncontrollably chatter my teeth and cry and wail in a strange combination of joy, sorrow and relief. But mostly gratitude. I feel like my body is about to break apart. Like it is too small and tight to contain me. I wish it would, yet I also know I agreed to have it ascend along with me. So I will just let whatever happens happen.

    I am sorry for just jumping in here to express and not read anyone else’s comments or make replys. I don’t know how much internet time I have and there is a video Alex posted that I am certain holds a message for me, so I am going to be selfish 🙂 and watch that while I can.

    With all my moving around and the craziness, I keep creating small windows of opporunity to connect with you guys. I feel your love and support and send you mine.

    (Ok, well, gotta forego the Matt vid for now. Kevin just came home and found me on the internet through Rip’s computer. Oops. He is going to unplug the wifi completely now. Boy is he pissed off. I was previously advised by an attorney not to leave the house. I was given additonal advice today again in the same vein. To stay no matter what he does or says. Crazy!!! I still don’t know what will happen. Going back to my friend’s house for now…)

    🙂 AH

    1. Peace to you Anna! Do what the attorney says … your best interest is at stake re what you are entitled to. Take care! (keep notes of what he is doing with dates-important) Love you! will sprinkle fairy dust all over you! to lighten the load and keep lifting the spirits! — and I imagined this morning -on my drive -doing it for Kevin…hope that did not push him more over the edge! eeaaash !

    2. I absolutely echo Breeze… having successfully maneuvered thru a long lawsuit, I hope you follow your attorney’s advice.
      Please when you get the time, watch the Matt Kahn vid. I was going to summarize, but would be interference–more powerful for you to watch first hand. It has your name on it, Lori. I hold you in Love every. single. waking. second. I Love You. Lin

    3. Oh Anna, you are so amazing. I learn so much from your example. You reached out in despair and the Mother came through and helped you . She answered your question completely. It gives me faith to know that if I seek help, it is there, and I just have to reach out and ask the guides and Masters or connect to my Higher Self.

      Yes do what the attorney tells you to do. Stand up for yourself and your rights. He can’t force you to leave your home or leave your child. Believe you are deserving in the highest way . Don’t buy into guilt over anything you have done or berate yourself over any decision you have made. It is all good. All you have done is good.

      Know that you have the support of all of us here and we have your back. I see Breeze sprinkling the fairy dust all throughout your home to ease the situation.
      I am sending you the energy of Archangel Michael who is a warrior for the Light, and helped protect me when I was having problems with my ex and his bullying attitude and behavior. AA Michael kept me safe.

      The Mother will continue to guide and help you.

      1. Dear JJ, dear AH, you are both such a force of light, and yes, the two of you connecting like you did was meant to be on so many levels. Thank you both for being who you are and for doing what you do, your story has brought much light to us all, and I know it will continue to do so. May LOVE be your constant companion and may the light assist you both every step of the way!
        With all my love, Aisha

        1. AH replied this to me:

          I think that we as a team are “bringing in” energies from sort of opposite directions. I keep having this visual of you being the lower half of our joined merkaba, and me being the upper. I connected with the Gathering energies early (I think this was Friday) and I came swooping over the pond as a Phoenix on fire. I swirled downward pulling the energies with me. Although I could not see you in form, you came rising up from the pond swirling those energies with you. When we met in the middle, bright white light surged down from the sky and up from the pond and literally exploded together in a golden/silver burst that just spread out over all creation. I knew it was infinite. It was extremely powerful.

          I think one of the wonderful things that came out of us spending time together was to strengthen our energetic/consciousness connection. Maybe even to show us both that that connection is the more important one than anything we might have together in physical form right now.

          Love, JJ

          1. Dear brother, thank you so much for sharing this! As the CCs like to remind us, we must always try to look beyond the limitations of our human way of thinking, and the story that has been unfolding between you and AH is such a powerful example of that.
            Much love from me, Aisha

    4. Dear Lori, not sure if you’ve found the old emails but know I’m joining the others in believing only the best for you. I just listened to The Divine Plan – Matt Kahn twice over. Once I slept through parts so I relistened. It’s wonderful. I do smile… you’ll recognize what I strongly identified with.
      Follow your heart Lori, broken and battered its still talking to you. Perhaps a simple thing like asking the police to help you have access to your home would assist you with getting back in. I’m not sure how closely our Country laws are. Wrap the love of your family here at the Pond around you and keep telling yourself, “I love you.” love, Nancee

    5. Take all the time you need for you AH in the knowing that the love is pouring forth from this Pond to you. Replying to us individually is almost certainly not the highest priority. Your ability to surrender is a gift to witness and like Nancee says your heart will guide you… you are wrapped in a blanket of love. Philip 🙂

      1. So true Philip. Drop the blog now Anna Helen, we feel you as well as you feel us and all other realms are with you too 🙂

        Love & light,


  6. Similarity…

    CC #383
    “For now, you have become veritable fountains of energy”

    HILARION January 5-12, 2014
    “Each of you is a mighty powerhouse that can accomplish much good on the planet by your disciplined focus on the tasks that come before you. ”

    The CC and SaLuSa has prompted me to expose “Circle of Witchcraft” that should anyone did not know.

    CC #383
    “you will all find these new stair steps more than within your reach.”

    Perhaps this is the one of the steps…

    1. Thank you, oriharu359, for your time/energy. When I have more time I’ll be back to read (or re-read) those I haven’t read.

  7. Aisha – I must thank you tremendously this morning! Last night I received a gift from you. It is a beatiful and powerful ‘wand’. It was handed to me and at first I thought it was from Star Fire – then I kept seeing you and hearing your name and absolutely knew it was from you! It is approx 15 inches in length. It looks like a clear quartz crystal base (looks like a large icicle) – with a cobalt blue ball on top and the center of the ball glows like a sun 🙂 I already used it to help me out this morning. Woke feeling almost an overload of good energy – I was trying different things to hone it in and be more comfortable with it. I then recalled the wand and I knew what to do. I stood very still and straight, eyes closed and held it in front of me – about 4 inches from my body – left hand on bottom and rigth on top. I have been great ever since! this will come in handy for a lot of things i suspect 😉 I wish cherish it always.
    In gratitude with ooodles of Love, ~A~

    1. ….’will cherish it always’…. but ahhh… a message there in ‘wish’ – it will help make my wishes come true !

    2. Dear sister A! WOW, thank you so much for sharing this! I see you like Tinkerbell, with that beautiful wand in your hand 🙂 Ever since before the Winter Solstice, I have been guided to anchor and merge the energies from Mother Earth and Father Sky, from the Sun and from the crystal I released into the lake, and send it all out into the Pond grid and into the heart of every single person connected to this grid to assist you all on this part of the journey. Perhaps the wand you received is a manifestation of this energy, perfectly tailored for you 🙂 Remember what you channeled after the Gathering: “We will place gifts upon the earth for you – ‘intend’ to find them.” Could be a special stone, etc.” You have found your gift, I hope we will all remember to search for ours 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Yes! I remembered that which I wrote this morning on my ride. I think you are certainly correct – thank you – I think it was my intent to have something physical I could see and hold onto to help me and being joined here & all having similar intents magic does happen!
        May we all find our special gifts to assist on this precious journey, Much Love ~A~ (dusting u with my new wand 😉 )

  8. Sun!

    Now I understand that it was Arlyuna we both saw as you sat on my left side and we both saw the red haired, silent and beautiful woman rising out from the forest. So cool!


  9. Right. Right. Right.
    Yesterday I saw while waking somebody with a document in the hands and heard the words: „Here, it is for you“ ~joy ~ – thanks.
    Since the day before yesterday I feel waves of energy rising within me and no matter what happens outside – I believe in MYSELF.

    Heart greetings
    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. Dear Bixie, thank you for sharing this! And do not worry about your English, your vibrant energy comes through no matter what language you use 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you for sharing, Bixie… BEAUTIFUL. Your name alone makes me smile… it seems to be filled with JOY.
      With Love, Lin

    3. Thank you so much for your loveful words Aisha, Lin and B.
      Yes, I call myself ‘Joy’ as my ‘pet name’.

      In this few days 2014 I understand sooooo much more and I love it.
      I whish I could write better English to say all what is in my heart.
      So I only can write a little bit with my poor vocabulary.

      Heart greetings
      I AM BIXIE 😀

    4. I write it in German because perhaps you have a better translater (person?) than I can translate it.

      Liegende Menschen: Seltsamer Traum heute Morgen. Menschen die Ich gut kannte aus meiner Vergangenheit lagen im Eingangsbereich meiner Haustüre. Sie bewegten sich, sie sprachen, sie wirkten gesund und munter, aber für mich wirkten sie zweidimensonal. Hat 5–D einen anderen ‚Lebens–Winkel’ im Universum als 3–D?

      Liebe zum Ausdruck bringen: Liebe zum Ausdruck bringen ist nicht nur anderen etwas Gutes tun in Form von Nächstenliebe.
      Es ist auch gelebte Partnerschaft in Form von göttlicher Ekstase.
      Weibliche und männliche Energie verschmelzen miteinander und mit Gott.


      Recumbently humans: Bizarre dream this morning. People I knew well from my past were at the entrance of my door. They moved, they spoke, they seemed alive and well, but for me they seemed two-dimensonal. Has 5-D another ‘life-angle’ in the universe as 3-D?

      Expressed love: To express love is not only to do something good to the others in form of charity.
      It is also true partnership in form of divine ecstasy.
      Female and male energy merge with each other and with God.

      Heart greetings
      I AM BIXIE 😀

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