The manuscript of survival – part 377

As you have perhaps already noticed, the speed with which things are happening now has increased exponentially, and many of you will find yourself holding your breath at times now, as the view from within will seem to be one of motion blur. Let us explain. As we told you, utilize that small breather youContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 377”

A short update on the energies

You have perhaps noticed a little lull in the proceedings, a small pause for breath if you will, a chance to sit back and really start see yourself in all of your glory? For again, this is what this is all about, a chance to step back from the hubbub of your everyday life andContinue reading “A short update on the energies”

The manuscript of survival – part 376

The times they are a-changin’ is a tune many of you will be familiar with, and this is indeed exactly what is going on now. You might not be fully able to literally tune into the full extent of what we are referring to at the moment, but as with everything, it will become clearerContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 376”

The manuscript of survival – part 375

As you have already noticed, the incoming energies that accompanied last Sunday’s momentous Gathering has perceptibly picked up speed, and rightly so. For as you all managed to jettison so much of the old dross you were carrying, you left a gaping hole within ready to be filled with light in a very different wayContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 375”

A short update on the eight Gathering around the Pond

As you have perhaps ascertained already, the incoming energies coinciding with this Gathering have already gathered a lot of momentum, and we do think you will all find a way to immerse yourself fully in them. They might be construed as rather forceful for some, but please remember that nothing that interacts with your physicalContinue reading “A short update on the eight Gathering around the Pond”