The manuscript of survival – part 382

You have perhaps already managed to tap into the new force that sits ready and waiting for you dear ones, the force that will bring you all the way across that threshold you seem to have been hovering before for such a long time now. You see, this is indeed an exciting time for you all, as you have all been readied for this final stage of this enormous salvage operation, if we may use such a word, but now, things will start to get into the swing as it were. You see, these times will not go unnoticed by anyone, as the heightened levels of energetic emissions that will hit your own personal atmosphere have never been higher, and as such, they will have a deep impact on you all. We are well aware that for most of you, the impact you have registered so far can perhaps not be described as entirely positive, if positive at all, for they can mainly be described as deep and throbbing pain within your physical tissues and as anxiety, unease and perhaps even anger on your mental level. But now, the veil will start to lift in a way that will help you all to see beyond this energetic unpleasantness and give you that first glimpse of the freedom that lies beyond this veil of forgetfulness, toil and travail that has been suspended between you and the world of your dreams.

We know these words may seem to be overly lofty to some, as you have perhaps already gotten ready to toss that word “dream” on the scrapheap, for to you, there seem to be nothing more to dream about, as what you have wanted for so long seem to have reverted further and further into the distance, while your physical body has been reduced more and more to a heap of listless, exhausted remains. But hear us out when we say that your dream has not been torn to tatters, it is simply your human residue that is still overpowering you with is need to state its displeasure with all of these changes. For remember, beneath this layer of utter exhaustion, pain and displeasure lies not only a totally renewed physical body, therein lies also the brand new you, the you that will soon be allowed to come out and shine its true light for the very first time.

We are aware that our words will be insufficient comfort to those of you carrying the heaviest burden of these symptoms, but we also know that none of you have lost the dream that you came here to realise. For that dream is still very much present within you, and not only as a mere figment of your imagination. No, it is there as a seed, ready to come in to full bloom at the earliest opportunity. For what you describe as your dream, is simply your part of the aforementioned blueprint that you all came carrying with you as you incarnated on this planet. And as such, it is not just a wild and improbable part of your imagination, it is simply an apt description of what you came here to manifest.

So as you face those last few hours of the year that you have designated as 2013, know that your dream is already starting to send out those first tender tendrils of its roots, and it is getting ready to germinate in a way that will take your breath away once you see the first little shoots emerge from that dormant seed of your dream. For it is not only you who have come here to blossom, it is that dream of yours, the dream that you share with millions of other enlightened beings present on this planet at this very time. And do not think that you are here by accident, and that what you have done so far has not bore any fruits. No, your labour has been fruitful in so many ways, as you have used the time well. For you have managed to make yourself start to blossom in a way that was not possible before, and as you all start to stretch to your full height towards the light, that dormant seed of your dream within each and every one of you is also starting to sprout. So as you look back on this industrious year, know that the year you see ahead, the year that is about to begin, will be known as the prosperous one, the fruitful one, the one that will make millions of seeds grow. And what they will grow into, can simply be described like this: the garden of Eden.

161 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 382

  1. New Year’s Eve, a day to take stock of the old year and make changes for a new year.

    People across the world tonight will be linking arms at the stroke of midnight and singing “we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne,” from the Scottish folk song popularized by Robert Burns (books by this author). In Scotland, New Year’s Eve marks the first day of Hogmanay, a name derived from an Old French word for a gift given at the New Year. There’s a tradition at Hogmanay known as “first-footing”: If the first person to cross your threshold after midnight is a dark-haired man, you will have good luck in the coming year. Other customs vary by region within Scotland, but most involve singing and whiskey.

    English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote: “Ring out the old, ring in the new / Ring, happy bells, across the snow / The year is going, let him go / Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

    Love that last part! Ring in the True!! XO~A~

    from Writers Almanac for today 🙂

  2. We have a north and south pole in life. These are cone shaped. To ascend in life they both fill up to maintain balance on the other side. This is the same with all creation. Without this all is chaos.

    1. Thank you Ray… I copied this. You put words to what I’ve been stumbling around staring at without perceiving clearly. I’m glad I came back to this page to discover your wise words. I know that my friend told me that until I understood darkness I would not fully understand ‘light.’ So simple… so profound. Thank you for clarifying that evil has no direct relationship to darkness 🙂 Happy New Year to you also, Nancee

  3. Most of humans have been about 50% darkness and 50% light for many ages. We all start off as a blank page when we are born. Some darkness and light are gained while still in the womb. From mother and father. We start off by having most parents about 50 – 50 dark and light teaching us. There can be no darkness without light. There can be to light without darkness. This is why we say we have a choice in which way we go. Darkness is nothing more than a learning place for the light. When the light comes from within us that shows us a better way to live for all that is we no longer need the darkness that we learn from. From just living in darkness we get the chance to learn from it to see the good and bad of not knowing a better way to live. Most anyone will pick light over darkness. We study darkness to learn. That is all it is. Darkness is not evil it is just a learning cycle. Evil is a way a person may want to live it is not darkness. Evil is a term used to harm yourself or others. It has nothing to do with darkness. Darkness is just not knowing more about the light and teaches us to see light. Evil is all of its own choice made by a being. Who doesn’t care about others or what they feel . Evil only cares about being evil. One has to live the first part of life in a unknowing way with darkness and light. Your heart tells you what is evil and what is good. Darkness is not evil. It is only a lack of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    Our schools only teach us what they want us to learn. You can have the most educated people in the world that learned all they can from schools to gain knowledge. Wisdom comes from what you learn. Understanding comes from within from your higher self. This is your light that tells you when you have learned from the darkness and no longer need it. A being can still be evil even with all this knowledge if they want to be. When love for all that is. Is added to this all darkness and evil goes away that is not needed any longer. It is just what you want out of life for yourself and if you want evil, darkness, or light. Even evil has love it only loves evil. Darkness is nothing but a lack of understanding that comes from your higher self of the wisdom you have learned from the knowledge you have gained in life. Darkness learns from the light and the light learns from the darkness. Both learn from your higher self that give you a understanding on how to use what you learn in life.

    Love and blessings to all

    Happy New Year

    1. But to me, evil is a choice made by a person to live (backwards spelling of evil) – to live backwards which is within darkness – outside of or away from light. Darkness can be evil in this way. Can light be evil? as you say, if you learn and live in light, u no longer need darkness. Darkness to can simply be seen as ‘ig-norance’ of light. Dark matter – I suppose that is a different thing if we are talking about the void – the space yet to be filled. Interesting to discuss. I am most interested in what this next, new level will encompass and what is to be left that is no longer useful.
      Have a great New Year Ray! Love to you and All, XO~A~

  4. To my dear friends here at the Pond. I wanted to thank all those that were supporting me with my four hour drive today. Would you believe the expected snow didn’t fall at 8 a.m. ? 🙂 The roads were clear… a little bit of fog and a few gravelly spots. I even picked up an eccentric hitch hiker that needed a ride. My car just stopped almost without me thinking about it. (I did used to pick up hitch hikers but haven’t for a long while.) I felt lifted up all the way… didn’t get tired at all (a HUGE success for me who used to fall asleep after 20 mins driving) and was thanking you all as I drove. The mountains were gorgeous and in spots the snow on the sides was beautiful. I must say it was a very uplifting trip 🙂 Much love to you all and a Happy New year. OHHH and I woke up and the sore throat had stopped, the nose was running less and hardly any coughing!!! GOOD body, thank you. (I asked it to be better by 7:30 a.m. At 3:30 a.m. I reminded it that it had 4 more hours!) 🙂 Love Nancee

  5. Thank you Alex, you keep on dreaming those visions! They are perfect!
    I’m having an extremely difficult 3D-day, my ego is throwing up a fit like you wouldn’t believe.
    To top it up, my youngest daughter, Lara just called me up, because she was afraid that Vive might die. I told her I didn’t think so, but she asked me if I would ask the people of the Pond…


    1. Dear JJ I’m lifting you and “your ego” up as I read your note. Lately I’ve been reminded (within) that egos are just protecting something within and need permission to stop doing so if it’s no longer needed. I’m not sure if that helps any but I’ve heard the ‘message’ several times when I’m “pondering.” As for Vive… no life dies of course. But I don’t have that insight so I will lift Vive up too, to follow the path she came here to walk, with the freedom to complete whatever that might be!! Lots of love, thanks for your support today! Love, Nancee

      1. Thank you, Nancee.
        Om going to find out what it is that it’s protecting. The thing is, that I’m scared.
        Scared of letting everybody down. Scared of letting go, scared of not being good enough. I want things to be perfect, and they are not. I want everyone to be happy, yet they are not. I want people to understand, yet they don’t. They all turn away… All

        1. Dear JJ – this feeling u have, I venture to say many of us Ponders do to. I know I have always ‘expected’ so much of myself and felt ‘I let others down’. It is time to trust who we are… the True Love Beings that we are. I am challenged right along with you on this one!! >>We have put ourselves out on a long limb and it can be scary to trust it wont break!<< 😉 Love you! ~A~

        2. Dear JJ – Let me add in here the ‘expectation’ I had of others. My whole family is gone basically. All in one years time. Now, I am trying to look at it like they are just not choosing to be there for me so I will choose to be around people who are – People who are more in alignment with me. I wrote them a note saying I would always be there for them in whatever I have to offer of my true self. I set myself free and I told them they do not have to do anything for me. (though just leaving me alone would be nice – lol). I have one sister left I ‘sort of’ talk to. I still feel I have to ‘defend my life’ to her as well as the others and its just too tiring – not a good use of energy… you know this feeling ? I am sure you do. We just want what we put out to come back and this is what I am hearing from ‘normal’ people around me these days… I mean a lot of people have been opening up to me about this very thing lately. LIke ‘where is the Love?’ they are saying. Its very interesting. I realize I am to tellt hem to Be The Love they seek and as mentioned here ‘vibration matches vibration’. Keep up the good works my friend ! XO~A~

    2. Dear JJ… With all the Ascension and 3D demanding changes you’ve gone thru this entire year, if your shrinking/dissolving ego weren’t throwing fits then I’d be surprised! 🙂

      Do what you can to get/remain centered as much as possible while being gentle and Loving towards yourself as you journey thru your “new cards”. Everything is perfect. You are perfect. You are Loved very much. Change makes us all feel vulnerable. The unfamiliar NEW usually makes most of us feel unsettled and uncomfortable until our mental/emotional/physical bodies adapt.

      I’m still holding you all in Golden White Light (as I am for Dear B) as you negotiate your own way thru the New-ness.

      With Much Love, Dear Friend, xo Lin

      1. Haha, I just replied to Nancee that nothing is perfect.
        I try to keep everyone happy, but the opposite occurs.

        I love you, Lin,

        1. Dear JJ, I love you, my shining brother of the light! It is not your task to keep everyone happy my friend, it is your task to be YOU. And you are doing that with ALL that you are. Keep following your path, and let everyone else have the freedom to do the same. I send my light to you, to your daughters and to everyone else in your life, may you all find the strength you need to continue onwards on your journeys.
          With all my love, Aisha

          1. Thank you Aisha,
            I realize it’s my task to be Me.
            It’s just so hard to be Centered when everything I do is proclaimed wrong. By everyone. Maybe that’s how I’ll find myself again, when there is only me left.
            No one else to turn to but myself.

            I love you, thank you for your support,
            It is much needed and appreciated.

            1. maybe everything and everyone slips away so we are left with ouselves. no more outer proclaimation – just inner now. What will we pro-claim for ourselves?

  6. Darkness doesn’t mean it is not of the light or evil. It only means that what is dark is not shown until your light shines on it. Many things that we as humans can’t see or understand we call darkness only because it is unknown and unseen. Once seen and understood it is all good. We have called the fallen for many ages evil darkness. When all they did was want to give humans knowledge to take them out of slavery. To let us learn and know what we really are. So we can advance in knowledge, wisdom, understanding and love for all. Instead of hiding this from us. They were punished for trying to help us so religion tells us and labeled them demons. To me they have always only tried to help us. Those that are evil do so on their own . This includes all beings here or from somewhere else. Soul Feather don’t fear anything. Just give it love and understanding and it will do the same. If you encounter something that is pure evil just tell it has no place in you . Just tell it you seek only love for all that is and no evil is allowed to stay with you. It understands this.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank you, SFD and Ray, for your informative dialog. SFD, your “meeting” with a dark power was most intriguing in that you handled it with such aplomb–at this point in “time”, I believe I most probably would not have done so. Ray’s comments offered me more Light and Understanding so that the unsettled feeling faded enough that I could take another more enlightened look at SFD’s encounter and the beings of darkness.
      Once again, from Aisha’s blog, I will file this information within.

      With Gratitude and Respect to you both,
      xo Lin

    2. SFD and Ray I so appreciate your posts. A very wise friend opened the door to me understanding the dark more… but said very little. For two years it has been my own journey to understand the dark. I found that I could no longer label it evil. Recently someone I know labeled a couple fellows evil… I only saw their humanity/lies. Anyway both your comments add more awareness to my journey of understanding. Thank you. Lin your comment was also very encouraging. ~Nancee

  7. loving the absolute darkness as a being of absolute light:

    dear, dear ones. today a being of supreme dark power made themselves known to me. incarnate in 3d form as i am. whilst we could easily anhialate each other, it quickly became obvious that this would serve no purpose. nothing would change from it. as GOD wants more experience so we give unto GOD. it is interesting being a party in this, even tho we are complete polar opposits, there is common ground between us. goals we both want. it is a great pleasure and an honor to know my “enemy” truely. i do not need to know all the details of the dark path, i only need to kno that it is there. and as the light burns bright and fierce there is always a hidden corner where the darkness can dwell. safe and secure. it is the time when the light can burn the dark if both sides do wish. we love our dark brothers and sisters, and we can love you with light, as you feel dark love from our efforts. there is no “pain” (subjective depending on which side you view from), and the same there is no “suffering” on eother side. where doth the light shine if not in the dark? where doth the dark be if not found by the light?



    1. If dark mean evil, i dont want anymore of it. see no use for it in the new cosmic days. If it wants to come to the light, let it – but I dont want to keep anything dark nor see a need for it to be that way myself.

      1. For me, dark/light is part of duality – the old we are leaving. The new Unity Consciousness is of the Light which is of Source. If any fell from grace – from source/Light/ – they have a chance to go back into Light/Love. Many have helped us by showing us how not to be – in the dark way. We are to honor their service I agree and focus all back to the Light. This is my personal belief.

  8. Aisha, I have nominated you and your blog for the Inventive Blogger Award. It is your choice to accept or to decline. I nominated you because of all you have done for me, and for the Purpose you never falter from. This is my way of saying, “I do Love you”.

    Here is the link to my blog where the post is. Personally, I do not reciprocate with all the awards I get by nomiating others, but the last two awards I have taken the time to do so to show those I appreciate my gratitude.


    1. Dear Amy, thank you for honoring me and the work that I do 🙂 It has been such a gift to see your journey unfolding this year, and it gives me much joy to see your “Petals Unfolding” blossoming. Thank you for being YOU, and for sharing so much of it here at the Pond!
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  9. SUBSIDING PROTONS, MORE TO COME? Energetic protons are swarming past Earth in the aftermath of a magnetic explosion on the sun’s western limb on Dec. 28th: movie. At its peak, the radiation storm registered “S1” on NOAA storm scales, which is to say it was a minor event with minimal effects on Earth-orbiting satellites and aviation. The storm is subsiding now. Stronger radiation storms are possible in the days ahead, however, as potent sunspot AR1934 rotates toward the western limb–a place with a strong magnetic connection to Earth. Flares from AR1934 could send more protons in our direction.

  10. I wish everyone a happy new year. This new year will change a lot of our thoughts about everything. Our suns cycle will end it peak in July and start to cool down a little in the next few years. Our old cycle of our solar system will go all the way through next year and most of 2015 before the new age will be in full bloom. We are still in part of the older cycle and partly into the new cycle. I see how this is confusing to many in what is said and thought.

    Aisha does all she can to lead us in a direction to become awaken and free thinking. No body can just awaken us with what they say. To become awaken it is all up to us on a personal level. The world is full of people asleep all the way to fully awaken. This is like a lock with seven billion different numbers to open the lock. There is no easy way to do this. To awaken the masses and heal mother earth. The way this is being done is to do it slow to not destroy parts of mother earth and the masses of beings that live here. In the past the masses and most life were destoryed to heal and make a new earth. For the beings and life to live and start over. No body wants this to happen again the way it did in the past.

    People have to look within themselves to make this happen. People can lead you in this direction but it is up to you to make this happen. No one else can do this for you. This is your job and only your job. This is no easy task for any of us. We have to become aware of everything in our environment and what effects our environment. This includes the people in charge of our environment. The place our solar system is in on its cycle around the galaxy. The sun moon and most of all mother earth and what she is having to do to maintain her life giving force for all that live on her. The people as a whole are the only thing that can change all this for the better. Only this will determine when and what will happen. So all we can do is share what we learn with each other and to the world to make this happen in a peaceful way.

    As this goes on people will awaken to a point that they may seem to have a power that some may look at as miracles. This is only part of our true form that has become unlocked through learning and understanding our true gifts that are given when becoming fully awaken and will never misuse these gifts. So look within and open your heart and minds with love for all that is and learn what your true self is. Never depend on another to do this for you. It won’t happen. Only you can do this solo with your higher self that is always with you or with the help of someone leading you to this path that helps you look within.

    Thank you Aisha for your help in leading us in the right direction.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank you, dear brother, for this important message! Your words and your presence here are helping so many to find a way to unlock their true self.
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  11. big hugs everyone. As I drove home in the pouring rain and fog from new england to my blessed paumanok, I spent time sharing with the passing trees and giving gratitude to them for holding the light and all of a sudden I was overcome with a sense of all the changes to come. I visited in vision and got an understanding of the giant, sentient dematerializers that will be able to “eat” all the non-living matter to be cleaned from Sophia-Gaia–all the things no longer needed or loved on–the dematerializers will also be able to observe their loads and weed out any living beings within their payload and like giant pets will work for LOVE and the desire to be of service and clean the mother completely. I spoke with my husband playfully of a future where teleportation was the norm and none of us would ever have to sleep anywhere but our own bed, even if we were visiting someone in say, Norway! LOL…of course you could sleep over, but why not simply pop back in the morning!

    I imagined all the places I would want to visit–the people I would see, the dimensions and timelines I could dip into–I imaged a transitory arena where any hologram could be projected that was as real as the current matrix where beings could share our REAL history and see it with their own eyes…instead of reading it or seeing it on a television–they could viscerally experience anything they chose and learn to do things in a safe environment…after a transition period, anyone will be able to pass through into any other time or space in a read only capacity and finally after we have gained our full knowledge and full knowing of who we are, we will visit other times and serve as angels and assist in creating the new timelines…

    I imagined beings who were healers not only of the physical body but of the spirit body as well–assisting with a mere touch to help someone to SEE their true inner beauty and worth and with that single touch the being in question could heal themselves and transform their own body…I even imagined a school or spa where there were no mirrors and daily everyone would tell each other how beautiful and wonderful each being was and at the end of the stay, all would be perfectly healthy, balanced and completely transformed…

    All this driving along in the rain…I have many dreams for the new year–for the new earth–for the new US…but many of them are not really dreams–they are knowings that all this and more can we achieve, if we simply BELIEVE….

    Hugs all! Alex

    1. Dear Alex, you make dreams come alive with your words – and by being YOU! Thank you sister, for shining your light and for helping to create the New 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Ohhhhh….sooooo….awesome! I can “see” the sentient dematerializers eating all of the suffocating concrete off the surface of Gaia’s body. She’ll be able to fully “breathe” again. Magnificent! I’ve always wished I could just remove it all with the wave my hand. Thank you for sharing this vision. Brings such joy to me!
      Big hugs to you,

    3. I do the same thing with trees when I drive or walk by – thanking them for standing strong and still and holding onto mother earth, loving her – for reminding us to do the same. Also think the same about concrete and breathing!! I think/do these things all the time. It is so wonderful, I was thinking on my drive this morning, how much we Ponders contemplate (ponder ;o ) our lives and what they are truly about ‘every day’. How wonderful we are. Love you all, ~~A~~

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