The manuscript of survival – part 382

You have perhaps already managed to tap into the new force that sits ready and waiting for you dear ones, the force that will bring you all the way across that threshold you seem to have been hovering before for such a long time now. You see, this is indeed an exciting time for you all, as you have all been readied for this final stage of this enormous salvage operation, if we may use such a word, but now, things will start to get into the swing as it were. You see, these times will not go unnoticed by anyone, as the heightened levels of energetic emissions that will hit your own personal atmosphere have never been higher, and as such, they will have a deep impact on you all. We are well aware that for most of you, the impact you have registered so far can perhaps not be described as entirely positive, if positive at all, for they can mainly be described as deep and throbbing pain within your physical tissues and as anxiety, unease and perhaps even anger on your mental level. But now, the veil will start to lift in a way that will help you all to see beyond this energetic unpleasantness and give you that first glimpse of the freedom that lies beyond this veil of forgetfulness, toil and travail that has been suspended between you and the world of your dreams.

We know these words may seem to be overly lofty to some, as you have perhaps already gotten ready to toss that word “dream” on the scrapheap, for to you, there seem to be nothing more to dream about, as what you have wanted for so long seem to have reverted further and further into the distance, while your physical body has been reduced more and more to a heap of listless, exhausted remains. But hear us out when we say that your dream has not been torn to tatters, it is simply your human residue that is still overpowering you with is need to state its displeasure with all of these changes. For remember, beneath this layer of utter exhaustion, pain and displeasure lies not only a totally renewed physical body, therein lies also the brand new you, the you that will soon be allowed to come out and shine its true light for the very first time.

We are aware that our words will be insufficient comfort to those of you carrying the heaviest burden of these symptoms, but we also know that none of you have lost the dream that you came here to realise. For that dream is still very much present within you, and not only as a mere figment of your imagination. No, it is there as a seed, ready to come in to full bloom at the earliest opportunity. For what you describe as your dream, is simply your part of the aforementioned blueprint that you all came carrying with you as you incarnated on this planet. And as such, it is not just a wild and improbable part of your imagination, it is simply an apt description of what you came here to manifest.

So as you face those last few hours of the year that you have designated as 2013, know that your dream is already starting to send out those first tender tendrils of its roots, and it is getting ready to germinate in a way that will take your breath away once you see the first little shoots emerge from that dormant seed of your dream. For it is not only you who have come here to blossom, it is that dream of yours, the dream that you share with millions of other enlightened beings present on this planet at this very time. And do not think that you are here by accident, and that what you have done so far has not bore any fruits. No, your labour has been fruitful in so many ways, as you have used the time well. For you have managed to make yourself start to blossom in a way that was not possible before, and as you all start to stretch to your full height towards the light, that dormant seed of your dream within each and every one of you is also starting to sprout. So as you look back on this industrious year, know that the year you see ahead, the year that is about to begin, will be known as the prosperous one, the fruitful one, the one that will make millions of seeds grow. And what they will grow into, can simply be described like this: the garden of Eden.

161 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 382

  1. tears of joy in my eyes again. thank you Aisha ♥

    Soul Feather Diamond says:
    December 28, 2013 at 15:49

    on christmas day i did see, a dear sweet bird, singing gleefully
    a heart of gold and voice so pure, i whistled (dear one), “please sing some more”
    he looked at me, then looked away, and sang his song to lift the day
    i piped up again, my heat was sure, i whistled (dear one), “please sing some more”
    again he espied me a critical eye, and sang his song, that angels fly
    my heart sank, i turned back to the door, and the little bird sang;
    (dear one) “please sing some more”

    -x- (with a little help from a feathered friend)

    still time to claim a free gift

    1. This has triggered a memory for me. It has been a while since I have spoken with the birds. I think they may be calling. Thank you for this poem. Lovely!

  2. Walking into 2014 Centered in Love and Grace
    FatherMotherGod Amon Ra’s picture
    Submitted by FatherMotherGod… on Sun, 12/29/2013 – 09:06
    Sandra Walter

    Blessings Beloveds ~
    “I have been asked to be on the mountain tonight, I expect this week to be very strong energetically. For clarity: this light, albeit omnipresent in nature, affects each individual in a unique way according to their process and progress. It depends upon your intention (what you desire) and your attention (focus).

    Monitor your progress by how your heart and energy fields feel – it is undeniably strong today (that’s pure, divine, blissy, expansive, NOW light). Adjust your intention/process/attention accordingly.

    Walk through this passage with grace. We cannot rely on anything habitual or belief-based. This includes spirituality itself.

    When emotions present, observe and feel it, but don’t embody the drama. Drama is illusion; it reflects the breaking apart of old collective agreements. The Source-Point of the Heart center is not concerned with drama, habits, beliefs, the illusion. The pinpoint of pure Source light within your Heart Center will provide comfort, calm and companionship through this challenging passage. It is your genesis; your true nature.

    We have SO much love available to us right now. Engage Universal Law and send gratitude, love and support to all of Creation. You will receive it back a thousandfold. Vibration = Vibration”

    >>Long ago, a healer took my hand and told me (while in higher conscious state) that I would enter the New Golden Age ‘in Grace’. She also informed me I was starseed and had the ‘mark of the dove’ << Glad to recall this now.
    anyone know what the mark of the dove is?
    Love, ~A~

  3. Love is wanted everywhere. Love is needed everywhere. If I Am Love, I Am to Love everything everywhere. Why would I be unhappy to be right here, right now if I AM Love. Is All around me not Love? If it is not, it is wanting to be.

  4. This damn life is so trippy you know, first years of garbage down the throat and mind then undo it by these cleansweeps. It’s like driving a fucking Titanic into all the damn icebergs. How many veils does this shit i nclude?? In theaters theres usually just one but this feels like some f innish-engineered 176-time safety standard one.

  5. Thank you Aisha, big hug to you and everyone else who needs it.
    In feeling very vulnarable myself.

  6. You make me laugh. I always see u as a young dude. The other night, in a dream I was given a key to room 519. Those numbers mean nothing to me – but the number was ‘in my face’ so to speak. A road I drive often is Route 519 or maybe the date May 19th. I Feel Jan 14 is of significance. I tell u Sun, try Oil of Black Seed. This stuff is good for the body. Much Love 2 U – young or old – you’re a cool dude! ~A~

      1. 14 is temperance in the major arcana: moderation. self-restraint. blending.

        -x- with love to the one i call bat girl who guided me to this information when i was in manchester so many years ago

  7. Feeling all of this in my being. Expanding in ways and truly feeling the walking between worlds. Dreamt of ascending and being a guide (lovely hostess role) reading folks’ heartlights and then assigning them to their lovepod by the color/frequency of their heartlight. Such joy as each found their family and pod! The sound of harmony so present as each lovepod vibrated to its own note. I know this is to come. And yes, my body feels less and less of a shell as more and more disintegrates. Ready to leap in my lightbody! Thank you Aisha and all here. with love

    1. wonderful~!! I dreamt of something like this of the future me last night as well. I do not recall too much – I was a type of guide as well. I felt free, satisfied and relieved in it and awoke so glad to have a good dream for a change…but then I had disturbing dreams – more releasing apparently. Thanks for sharing Linda. Love ~A~

          1. Dear Linda, reading through your post has left me filled with so much love and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us!
            Love and light from me, Aisha

          2. So Love this that you write: “My being blessing all the elements, as they flow through, with liquidlovelight. We are one with the earth. All beings upon her will soon feel this in a cellular way. Whether we flow under or around or within, we are one stream. There is no death, no endings. Only this fluid expansion of light and sound. We are one ribbon of light, offering our color to the grand weaving of the warp and woof of this new earth. What a privilege! What joy! Co-creators, one and all, as we surrender to the one light, the one tone, the one shout of joy, the Creator of us all. Blessed be.”
            very, very special…. U R ! and how u recognized the ‘impermanance’ of everything – its reform – its renewal – regeneration – and how it was all so OK. I Love living the experiences you had! Love you! ~A~

  8. I have several blog posts I am attempting to publish today. I thought I’d post them individually as they’re done. Thank you all for your patience with me doing so. This one is a bit on the personal side and I acknowledge that I am still working through the issue somewhat:
    Feel free to browse through old ones or at least view the pics 🙂

  9. Aisha, please don’t get angry at my comment but I am really fed up reading the same expressions over and over again since last one year. They would always say that this is final attempt, this is final push, you are at the finishing line……. Please tell them who give you the messages that please don’t play with our emotions.

    1. Hello Chetan,

      I feel the same as you: always the same stuff with downloads of energy and then promises that come off to nothing tangible…
      We will be there in December 2014 and they will say “2015 will be the Year”!

      OK I said enough don’t take it bad I love you all on this blog you are all fantastic people – I know I can’t help playing the “badie” on this blog and spreading my doubts/sarcasms and negative thoughts!…
      And please anyone don’t tell me I’m scared of the changes bla-bli-bla…

      I wish you all a Happy New Year (this is genuine this time! :))!


      1. On the other hand. Do you like to hear bad news? Back into the garden is a nice one. If you really want to hear the news, then listen inside. It is also much more complex than selfish expections that rely on others promises. Smells like “anger on the mental level”. It is good to be remembered that the work here brings results, is fruitful. All this light that comes out of my heart since the late eighties. On my last mission the planet had at that time already evolved into paradise. Some 3d worlds need a little longer. So what. So many go vegan at the moment. Now the prefab sprout will blossom, as sure as the price of gold will rise. om

        1. What was your last mission Michilyn? I’m sorry I don’t understand all your message. Probably too complex for me!…


      2. Dear Chetan, dear Guerric! Thank you both for your honesty! We all have our moments of feeling like a woman after several hours in labour, sick and tired of hearing “you are doing fine, just one more push now!” and just wanting to scream “that’s it, I’ve had enough, I’m getting out of here!” But we are still here, even if this “birth” is a long, painful and at times scary process. And why is that? For me, it is because I just KNOW deep inside of me that it will all be worth it in the end, no matter how long it takes, no matter how challenging it is at times. I simply know that this is why I came here in the first place, to fulfill this process of becoming the real me, of unleashing my full potential, and through that, be a part of the rebirth of this whole world. Will 2014 be the last and final stage of this process? I do not know, but I do know that all the hard work we have done in 2013 has brought us all much, much closer to manifesting the world of our dreams. So thank you both for being a part of this 🙂
        With much love from me, Aisha

    2. well… I dont recall last year having many utopia-like promises myself. It was the year of work – of letting go of baggage – getting the ground/foundation ready for this seed we are planting. We had to get our ‘true’ selves in alignment and ready. That;s my take. We always have a choice. For me, I will make the best of it. Gotta keep going for the Gold. Time is an illusion anyways. I did a lot of work in 2013 and it was VERY challenging. All I really know is: It Is Now And I Am Here… focusing on allowing my true self to step forward….planting the seed of this true self (from source) and lets see what I can grow into next. I will do this the best I can with what we have to deal with and I still believe help is here and will be seen more and more to Be Here…I long too for that joint effort to move on up. We have to meet ‘them’ 1/2 way….next step: Build the bridge now that we are setting the foundation.

      1. …and let me just add what spirit wants me to: If we did the ’tilling’ process in 2013, why would we give up now? I always liked the ‘planting’ part in the garden. After this is watering and watching the ‘growth’. We are To Nurture and Be Nurtured – this is what spirit is saying to me.

    3. Has anyone ever seen a bottle of soda water? It is pressurized with carbon dioxide and the pressure is so strong that it puts the normally gaseous carbon dioxide back into liquid form and it stays stable on the shelf…that is 3D…that is where we WERE about 5 years ago–well actually around 1987 something started to “unseal” the cap on the bottle and begin to let off the pressure…(harmonic convergence)…over the last year, since probably 11/11/12 the cap to the bottle has been fully OFF and the tiny bubbles, each nudged at their own pace have risen to the surface…

      IF all the bubbles in the bottle or all the pressure ON the bottle were released at the same time the bottle would EXPLODE…and nothing of the system would remain except for destruction of the bottle and possibly some flat and lifeless water…

      We are spirit living in a physical system. Things are changing incrementally. It cannot be any other way–folks, spirit has NEVER done this before–all other ascensions involved dropping body and then rebodying at the next higher dimensional level…taking it SLOW and steady is the only way–so much IS happening if we only look inside and also outside…oh how many gaze at the sun to see that it is brilliant white hot and no longer a yellow ball in the sky? Things at the perepheral vision are dancing…pings and tones in the ear? Animals acting different–weather different, people standing up for their rights? Countries avoiding wars and churches crying out for the poor in more ways than one? The light has infiltrated–the dimension is shifting, our bodies are coming into alignment and all is unfolding as it should, when it should….this whole process was laid out, in theory, and now we nudge our way through it–taking a step-testing the waters–taking a step…certainly I would rather it this way than all of a sudden in a big meeting room in the sky (joking here) us all appearing and saying–well, I guess that LAST one was a doozie…we went too far, just like with Atlantis and Lemuria–we went too far–gotta start again! LOL

      Slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race….hugs! alex

          1. oh… and I did a little ‘bubbly’ dance to this song for my sisters 14th birthday party. can u imagine a skinny little 8 yr old w/ long light blonde hair dancing silly for a bunch of young teens. haha

            1. Memories – at the end of my dance, I held my nose, raised my other arm and wiggled down wavy like – like I was submerging in water! LOL — thank for making me think of this ~!

  10. Thanks Aisha, Hugs back!

    I was staying ahead of the cold virus that pounced almost the moment I landed back in Canada but it caught up. I have a 4 hr plus drive through the mountains tomorrow so I am concentrating on keeping up my energies and calling forth the white blood cells and all those lovely workers in my cells that were on the video you shared a while back. One of the teens in care (at work) has been up with the flu 4 times in the last 4 hours. Life is getting challenging as the aches and pains arrive with this bug and 4 hours sleep! The interesting thing as I write this is that the #4 showed up 4 times!! Other than this I’ve been feeling good… I get along great with the two teens I am now working with and if I want this ‘job’ when I return from Australia it’s mine. My eyes are on making it safely to Kelowna and to the New Year’s ballroom dance my daughter bought us tickets for! Any support on driving tomorrow is appreciated. Love to all of you, Nancee

    1. lots of healing energies for you and your kin. if you can get it, a little quality colloidal silver will help as well. take care with it tho, it is powerfull stuff. you can’t take it every day without risking killing all the beneficial ones (bacteria) that live inside you.

      1. I usually take colloidal silver every other day – Tablespoon. unless unhealthy which is rare – then i would say take it 3x per day. I make my own – been using it for over 20 yrs. It does not seem to harm the healthy bacteria if u take it in small doses – just ‘strangles’ the unhealthy gunk from getting oxygen, therefore it dies off. I have not had cold or flu in I dont even recall when. Great stuff in deed ~!

        1. Thank you SFD and Breeze. I use colloidal silver for my eyes when it does this strange RED eye thing every now and then. (Allergy or sinus thing?) I’m not sure if I have enough to use on the cold but I might pick more up! I do have a couple tinctures that I made that I’ve been using which is helping. I don’t have any “arsenic” homeopathic ‘pills’ but they also work well. I will try and get the Silver though. This bug likes to head for the jaw and teeth I see! NOT cool. ~Nancee

    2. Dear Nancee, sending you healing hugs and wishing you a safe journey! Say hello to BC from me, I have visited that part of Canada several times and I feel very much at home there 🙂 As I write this comment, the time is 14:44…
      LOVE, Aisha

  11. Claim
    by Kasey Jueds

    Once during that year
    when all I wanted
    was to be anything other
    than what I was,
    the dog took my wrist
    in her jaws. Not to hurt
    or startle, but the way
    a wolf might, closing her mouth
    over the leg of another
    from her pack. Claiming me
    like anything else: the round luck
    of her supper dish or the bliss
    of rabbits, their infinite
    grassy cities. Her lips
    and teeth circled
    and pressed, tireless
    pressure of the world
    that pushes against you
    to see if you’re there,
    and I could feel myself
    inside myself again, muscle
    to bone to the slippery
    core where I knew
    next to nothing
    about love. She wrapped
    my arm as a woman might wrap
    her hand through the loop
    of a leash—as if she
    were the one holding me
    at the edge of a busy street,
    instructing me to stay.

    1. This touches me on a very personal level, with a very real dog that is my designated canine angel and mentor. She has “saved” me on many occasions over the past few years. Thank you for posting this, Breeze. Big hugs and love to you!

      1. I ‘felt’ it touching someone here… Glad u came forth to let me know! I was not going to post it at first…then I knew I was supposed to. thanks so much. Heart to Heart ~~A~~

        1. and light to light……please say a prayer for my old girlie – she’s having a tumor removed from her paw next week. Much love, Caroline

    2. Dear sister A, thank you so much for sharing this! It gave me so much comfort yesterday and helped me to “feel myself inside myself again”.
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  12. Thank you so much Aisha for your always so on spot and uplifting (the veil) messages… Here’s what I’m experiencing now…

    Walking in between worlds

    The final stage of our inner journey has begun. No more waiting, just being in the process of going from one world to the other (or at least doing my best). On the outside nothing has changed, except from some light flashes, double digits and other miraculous synchronicities. When I walk I have to take care if I set one foot before the other. Sometimes wondering if I’m in the body or just walking energy. The process is frightening and exciting at the same time. Hope you all feel we’re walking on the same road to freedom. Be safe and have faith in the final outcome.

    Love and a group hug, San LeoSol

    1. Dear San Leosol, Thank you for that description. It is so much how I feel at the moment. A completely open and shifting mass of energy and emotion which is being compressed and expanded in each moment/encounter. Scary and exciting! Love, Lisa

    2. Dear San LeoSol, what a perfect description! I feel the same, like I am walking “on the road to freedom” on wobbly feet ;-). At times, it is like my feet do not touch the ground and I am a balloon suspended above my head, and then it changes, and I feel the gravity pulling me into a compact sphere where every molecule is compressed into almost nothing. Always changing, always evolving 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. Oh, dearest Aisha, exactly to the word the same for me, in what you just said, and for today’s message…………Thank you and love you for letting me , letting us, know I am not alone with the intense “blasting” on all levels. I feel your hug and I know you feel mine….Holding you, holding all of us tightly in my heart. Jean

  14. Group hug, anyone? I’m practically on my knees today, these energies are blasting me so hard so I can really relate to feeling like my “physical body has been reduced more and more to a heap of listless, exhausted remains.” These last few days have been so intense, and I have to say that my usually cheerful self has decided to take a bit of vacation too… Still, like you say Timmy, I do not see this as “bad”, and yes I agree, it does “suck” 😉 So here’s a BIG hug from me to each and every one of my brave, untiring sisters and brothers of the Pond. We ROCK, as Alex say, even when we are being slammed so hard by these incoming energies.
    I LOVE YOU! Aisha

      1. Returned AH ! Glad to know I am not faltering – was starting to get real worried. Many thanks Aisha and CC’s for this sharing and confirmation…It greatly helps me go on.
        Much Love and a big, warm hug to All! Areeza

    1. Now it is me who can give you a big hug. And here it is 🙂
      Still exhausted and on my knees… It sucks, indeed.

    2. This entire message rang true for me. Today the energies are wrapping up and turning the past year into the best new year of our lives. My dream seed is so ready to skyrocket into reality. Have fun, everyone!

    3. Blessings Aisha,
      Sending warm soft pillowy soothing light, as soft as a new lambs wool.
      Thank you for your courage to absorb the high energy light.

    4. WE do Rock! LOL Aisha…just returned from visiting Pete’s side of the family and oh the effort to remain heart centered and then not being able to sleep in the crap bed they loaned us and the HUGE incoming energies, I too am slammed and almost feel for the first time in AGES (i am ALWAYS WELL) like a head cold coming on…doing all the herbal support stuff and just about to submerge in Hot salted water filled with all my big crystals for some sweating therapy…the body knows what it needs…big hugs to you all and hope everyone feels better! Alex

    5. Dear friends! Thank you for all the hugs, the comforting words and the loving energy! Today, I feel like I am floating blissfully in the Pond, my body and my soul held in a loving embrace by the healing waters here, and I see so many brothers and sisters around me. I hope YOU are having a peaceful pause as well today!
      LOVE, Aisha

  15. This new missive really touches me. I have been feeling very down and depressed more so than not. As I was falling asleep as well as when I awoke this morning, I was talking to Mother Earth and God. I was apologizing for not staying more positive…feeling like I have not done my job well…all that. At the same time, I was saying how I still have and hold my dream for Earth…still have my vision and I thanked her so much for the opportunity to serve her and All That Is. I always see this planet as a magical garden filled with Love Beings – So Be It. ~~A~~ (the stardust is coming)

  16. Greetings beautiful one. I hope your rising this morning was as beautiful as one of that guys pictures. Lol. Cause its raining here. The plants at the shop needed it. Percent timing. OMG! ! ! As usual, right on the money. But i don’t really see it as “bad”. Just part of the deal, even though it FUCKING SUCKS. I could do a world worse left to my own devices. So what I’m trying to say is Timmy is happy.

  17. Initial Meteor Sighting Report-

    28DEC2013 Wayne Edmondson Manistee, MI, USA 17:15 EST 20-30 seconds Looking southwest, it appeared to go straight down over the far southwest sky. White tail, fireball, red backlit sky Bright as a star at night. Very big fireball Yes, split into 2 or more pieces and made the fireball flicker My son and I watched thinking it was a jet stream, but the front kept getting brighter like a fireball. That’s when we realized it was a meteor, and watched it until it broke up and burned out. It seems like it lasted a while, about 20-30 seconds, maybe more. Hard to compare to a split second shooting star.
    -Confirmed by telephone- Thank you Wayne!

    All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

    1. Breezie baby, on friday night my daughter and her friends were at the beach and they witnessed a sky event as well. a black center, surrounded by white–round with fire all around it traveling across the sky slower than a shooting star and faster than an airplane–it lasted for almost a minute and then it simply evaporated. Not sure, because it did not have a true tail she said it looked more like the scene from apollo 13 when the space module hits the atmosphere…but anyway it opened up an amazing discussion with her friends about the portents of things to come and they are all very interested! Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of her “event” Hugs! alex

  18. Obrigada Aisha, é exatamente assim que me sinto, já não estou tão só…Amor e Luz para todos.

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