A short update on the energies

As the days start to almost imperceptibly lengthen at your end of the globe, you will also feel a slight shift in the atmosphere as the energies start to prepare you all for the end of this year and the beginning of the new. As always, you will have a short breather here and there, and we think you will all find some time to sit back and slowly start to ease yourself into the brand new waters that beckon you already. For even if your calendar still shows the number 2013, the energies themselves have already start to shift into the new, and as such, you will all be able to take a small sip of them if you manage to still yourself sufficiently to try.

We know that this may seem to be difficult for many, as you have already been surrounded by quite a lot of noise, both externally but also internally. And even if this is indeed a Holiday season for many, this is also a time for much internal goings on for many of you. And in some cases, this has been what can only be described as a double load for many, while for others, a time of peace and quiet has been at hand. So we do hope that you have all managed to do what we asked you to do, namely to find some time to look back and peruse that long road you have traveled since the last time your calendars showed the same date as today. For even if time will seem to have speed up perceptibly, you will also see that you have managed to squeeze in even more into what may be perceived as a shorter time span than what you have done any time earlier on in this life journey of yours. And rightly so, as these last twelve months constitute perhaps the most important part of your own evolution.

So again we say, do not forget to give yourself a big hand of applause, and know that we are all celebrating your accomplishments already. And even if this year is petering out, your accomplishments will only continue to surpass what anyone could have hoped for as this year began. For your own process is not about to slow down any time soon, for now, you are all well and truly in the fast lane, dear ones, so do not expect a leisurely start to the new year. So sit back and breathe whenever you get a chance to do so, and know that you will have more than enough on your hands as this new year announces its arrival with a veritable flourish of energetic festivities, and know that even if this may sound to be a rather exhausting way to start the new, it will be nothing of the sort. Rather, we think you will all find reason to celebrate the coming of the new, as you will find yourself bathing in energies that will bring a smile to your face in more ways than one.

65 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Thank You Aisha!

    Looking back, it seems I have accomplished much, but also it seems I’m back where I started, only with different cards, so to speak.
    It all seems very unreal. It feels like I’m in an airplane going to a destination I have longed for all along.
    Ha,ha, time to relax and enjoy the view, the music, the vids and the company.
    I know I/we’ll get there!


  2. Want to see if this will work…on christmas eve a beautiful dense white orb hovered over my heart in a picture with my two sisters…wanted to share this with you! AAGABRIELLE says the angels and archangels use orbic energy to move about–so cool!

    1. Beautiful, Alex. Thanx.
      Thanx, too, for your expanded pov regarding your 3 laws.
      You never fail to add even more Light to the dazzling Light already here.
      With JOY&Love, Lin

  3. Ethyl is having a nice time at the moment. JJ has gone on a cleaning frenzy, and I am sitting here on the couch watching him. “You missed a spot. There. And there.” I told him I am going to get him a French Maid outfit complete with fishnet stockings and heels. Let us not forget the feather duster. Hehehe.

    Hope everyone is having a good day!

    🙂 😀 😉


    1. my stomach or in that area and to the left was vibrating and ‘twittering’ last night for a couple hrs. When that happens, I always wonder what it is going on. Sometimes, before this occurs in diff. places in my body, my base chakra will vibrate ever so slightly. That happened this time as well.

  4. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for your frequent updates, they always bring much clarity 🙂 My body is speaking of deep, deep changes as well these days – and nights. It feels like the incoming frequencies are endlessly escalating, the sound and the “feel” of them seem to be new every day now. It is true what the CCs say, at least for me, for I can “feel it in my very bones” that we are changing faster and deeper than before.
    Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you, Sun of Blue, for your continued postings. You have given me the “gift” of validation for my own journey over the past 22 years, particularly with your descriptions of your physical “symptoms”. And like you, I have aged so much in the past year. Gained wisdom, but the body has seen better days! Your courage, vulnerability and honesty provide hope for me and everyone here to keep on going…………and going…………..and going. Keep shining that beautiful Light of yours!
      Much love to you,

  5. “If there are promises to be made, they are yours, beloved. Each of you made a commitment to save this world and you are doing so. Have faith in your capacity to bring change to the environment in which you live.”

    Thank you for this entire message, Alex. I must say it makes a lovely follow up to the “reclamation” you made over the holidays regarding your experience with the Church. Beautiful.


    🙂 AH

  6. http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/12/cosmic-awareness-via-will-berlinghof-comet-ison-approaching-earth/



    Posted by Stephen Cook:


    Stephen: For those of us (like me) fascinated by Comet ISON, this is a particularly interesting extract from a recent session by Will Berlinghof, channeller/interpreter for the entity known as Cosmic Awareness, with facilitator Joan Mills, Cosmic Awareness Questioner and Energizer. In light of recent comments by the Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild – that Comet ISON is a “comet/ship” – and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle – that this comet is a Galactic “ship” – this message adds further details as to ISON’s possible ‘composition’ and mission.

    Cosmic Awareness: Ison Approching Earth, as channeled by Will Berlinhof, December 4, 2013 – http://rainbow-phoenix.com/Blog/blog.html

    Q Did (Comet) ISON really break up into many small pieces when it got close to the Sun as many are saying? If so, what happened to the Galactic Federation craft that were with it? How does this affect its mission regarding the planet Earth? Was the breakup known and planned for or was this the result of an attack from the Orion/Reptilian forces?” Your thoughts please?

    Cosmic Awareness: Things are not always what they seem. Also, do not always believe the reports of ones who seem to be there to tell you what happened, but who have in actuality a hidden agenda. In this case there are those who would wish those who have been following ISON to believe that it has broken up and thus is destroyed, is no longer a comet of any significance but rather simply a scattering of particles and pieces. However, as this Awareness has said, things are not always what they seem.

    That there are certain vessels that are still there, that are still part of the comet that was known as ISON. That this Awareness upon looking at this situation sees the situation before the breakup of that which was the central mass, that which was considered to be the comet ISON. That this central mass was also surrounded by that which was known as the coma of the comet and that a solar flare hit the coma and seemingly blew it away, exposing the central core which was immense in nature. That this central core kept diving towards the Sun and at that point of perihelion suddenly broke up and disintegrated.

    Certain ones, even ones well respected in the UFO circles came forward and announced that ISON was no more, that it was only a clustering of particles and pieces, that it had been destroyed by solar activity and proximity to the Sun. It was also convenient that many of the satellites that were trained on the object ceased to be operational to the public exactly at the time of perihelion and indeed for several hours, days afterwards.

    What was eventually shown after perihelion was reached and the comet started its back-swing towards Earth and outwards again was the cluster of pieces and particles that are now being shown. But they are still not being shown accurately. That this Awareness has for many weeks maintained that there were vessels in the coma and in that comet itself. That which was seemingly the hard mass in the middle, the comet/asteroid that was left after the coma was blown away was again not what it seemed to be.

    That the forces that were using the comet have the technology to bring around them a mass that can disguise and hide what lies within. That there were within the hollow core of the comet, the mass at the core, several ships within the core itself. There were also ships outside of the core, some of which were clearly identified when photos of ISON were filtered on previous occasions. These ships are still there, although they are cloaked. The ships that were within the comet’s core are still there, they too are cloaked. What did occur was a release of the mass that is interpreted as the comet’s core into the clusters that are now being photographed and being claimed to be the destroyed comet core.

    That in effect the mass of the pieces is still that which has an energy to it, but more importantly the vessels that were in and around the comet core and hidden in the coma are also still available and have swung around and are heading for this planet, this planet Earth at this time. Furthermore the debris field that trailed the comet is immense in its size and span and that the Earth will be going through this tail field of debris on and around the 26th, 27th, 28th of December, and that there are still many things to be played out. This story is by far not over or ended.
    That the major purpose of the disinformers upon announcing the destruction of ISON was to shut down conjecture that this comet had any significance or importance. It has been the illusionists’ trick all along of allowing certain things to be seen and other things to be hidden. This illusionist trick has been played on both sides, both those of the Galactic Federation, who for their own reasons chose not to be obvious in the approach of these craft as well as the Powers That Be who do not wish humanity to be aware that there is a flotilla approaching the Earth, that had connections to comet ISON that were sending out rays and beams of frequency, that are sending these rays now towards Earth to affect the electromagnetic fields that will bring Earth through a debris field, to plant on the planet certain minerals and jewels and objects.

    This is still to come, this is still to unfold, but this Awareness will say categorically that which was ISON, although may no longer be what it was, that which was the core no longer massed and intact, is still a recognizable object that is heading towards this planet and that this object is composed of various vessels as well as much debris that will have impact on the planet.

    That this is that which is seen in the weeks and months ahead but in particular, just after that occasion known as Christmas, December 25th. In particular, December 28th is when the planet is fully in the tail of the comet, the debris tail of that which is comet ISON even if it is not what many thought it was. It is of great significance, greater than any other event that has ever been reported, for it is proof that there is indeed an extraterrestrial force that is coming towards the planet.

    Whether it is ever fully and truly reported remains to be seen, and if the Powers That Be can have their way it will not be reported and they will try to shield humanity from this knowledge and this information.
    Look to the heavens, know that there are greater things in the heavens than most have ever dreamed about but these are about to be shown, thus bringing some great change to those who are ready to receive this information, this knowledge, this new reality. This completes this answer.


    1. Reading this brings up emotion in me. Especially reading about Tiamat – which was once Earth. In a vision about 20+ yrs ago, when I looked into my soul mates eyes, I saw the unfolding events of a planetary explosion. I felt as if I ‘was there’ and in an instant I ‘was here’. It was very emotional and I did not fully understand it all. It felt like one life instantly going into another (hmmm… is this what is going to happen here ?) I am getting now that I was shown this from my Pleiadian existence in readiness for my mission here perhaps. It was part of the ‘story’. I feel very strongly about so called asteroids and meteors and comets – they have always stirred up emotion for me. I think now that it is because these are parts of Tiamat and when they come to Earth’s atmosphere, it is like re-seeding – parts trying to come back to their home – its touching really. So comes ISON into the picture. What it very well may be IS a spacecraft inside it this time and the true story will all be told. We are being showered with its particles – what gifts do they bring?

  7. A Heads Up on the continuing saga of Starships “comet (yeah, right)” ISON —

    — just in case we actually DO get to experience SOMETHING in this lame-ass holographic reality…. that so far has yet to deliver an Ascension Experience that is in any way detectable in human terms:



    1. Fascinating. Thank you, Kiera. It was also very interesting to experience CA in this way, as opposed to reading the words.

  8. It was a rather stressfull Christmas this year. I am exhausted. So much happened and so many conflicts came to the surface. But now I hope to get some rest… to make myself ready when the next wave hits the shore.

    Blessings to you all,


  9. Certainly, for me, a lot has happened since this very date one year ago for this was the date the neighbors very large tree imploded my house! A start of a very long stream of events that, yes, make the year seem to have been filled with so much to sift thru – and yet it also seemd to have flown by quickly.
    2014 – hmmm. for one thing, I can not see 2015 being anything like it or before it – actually 2015 seems very odd and I would say 2016 seems like something incomprehendable in my feeling of it – but a very nice feeling 🙂
    Love and Peace to All, X~~A~~O

  10. Ahhhhh…….coming here for a visit, energetically going to the Pond at this time of frenetic activity in my family has been a blessing…a true gift that has helped me to stay centered in my heart…I am one of the ones with the double helping LOL not only of the energies but family as we have double the amount of people visiting this holiday! LOL my gift to me? staying centered in my heart!

    I also wanted to share this beautiful message with you all from Elizabeth Ayres..its magnificent!

    Loving you all Alex http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/elizabeth-ayres-escher-white-cloud-seeking-savior-within

    1. Powerful one Alex! this part makes me think of what 2014 calls us to do: “It is your acceptance of your capacity to receive guidance from within, to nurture that guidance until it becomes a creation and then to bring it forth through action… this is how the problems of your world will be solved. It will be through your acceptance and acknowledgement that you are co-creators with Source that all duality will be integrated and come back into a state of balance.” 2013, for me, was the sifting/weeding process to find the ‘authentic self’ — in this we have our true ‘seed’ and now we are to plant it firmly and nuture it. Amen – So Be It

      1. I also like the feeling of our galactic kindreds meeting us ‘half way’ as they say. We are building the bridge connecting Heaven to Earth by being who we really are. They are not to come save us but to help us bring our own sacred gift to the Masterhood level and beyond. bummer!…lol… i really am just so darn tired sometimes I want them to just come and whisk me away – just immerse me in Heaven – blast thru the gate! I do remember what I came here for – and they never let me forget.

    2. “Why should they be saved by another if they have the capacity within to save themselves?” lots of reasons: firstly and most importantly they simply don’t know or are otherwise unaware. secondly they have been and are being deliberately kept in the dark or misled or otherwise distracted. is that a good enough answer for you? -x-

    3. “Universal Law does not allow interference with a species that is in the process of development.” so domineering, enslaving, controling, manipulating, etc isn’t interference?


      “The dark ones who are still upon your planet’s surface are those who chose to play a dark role in this lifetime, as catalysts for your growth and awakening. Wouldn’t you agree that they have played their roles exceedingly well?” i suppose that’s not interfering either? -x-

      1. But we chose to be upon the enslaving, duality etc. planet – right ? Some of us to help lift it up out of the enslavement. what would be the purpose if it could just be ‘done for us’? who would grow and learn and benefit anything ? The Earth we live upon had to decide to evolve too. Also as example, as I said before, Pleiadians (of which I am one) came here at the time of Atlantis destruction and we wanted to ‘save’ things. We did more damage in ‘our intent’ as that instilled that one ‘needed to BE saved’ – instilled more fear, powerlessness, took away responsibility, etc. Our hearts wanted what we thought was best, but it was not in the long run. There is a plan for a reason. With Love, ~A~

      2. This is a very interesting discussion and a bone of contention that runs deep with many on the path to awareness. I state my three laws over and over to myself and I know I have stated them here before but they are really the only truths that exist.

        1. All beings from the most evolved to the most asleep from the most lighted to the most dark are DIVINE sovereign eternal beings who’s original soul source is pure. They can never be hurt at the soul level–certainly they continue to evolve lifetime after lifetime simply dropping body and getting a new one. these beings–every single one is supported by a spiritual team that assists them and the minute of their choosing by divine soul contract, all assistance is available to them should they CHOOSE to use it.

        2. All beings have free will choice. By decree, all LIGHTED beings have agreed that free will choice not be interfered with–but even in most dark situations all beings have the choice to participate or not–the choice points might be more severe–death or some bad shit, but hey, to Prime Creator ALL experience is valid…ALL…ALL…Duality has two points! One cannot have the full light in this realm without someone holding the dark!

        3. All unfolds divinely as it should–each is a divine being–each has a soul team–each has free will choice–each has a life contract that THEY designed with their soul team and divine inner being in accordance with their own personal unfoldment…There is NOT A SINGLE BEING on this planet who did not know what was basically going to happen to them before they incarnated…This is another sticking point–all came here joyfully from non-physical knowing that “difficult” stuff would help their soul expand the fastest…

        When we speak of beings as asleep or innocent or unaware or dark, or whatever–I hasten to note that these are all judgement calls on the part of the observer. Do we know their life plan? Do we know they are not ascended masters here to hold duality in place until the final moment of its release? Do we not know that to make them, force them, force feed them, goad and prod them to do be or learn anything WE set in front of them because we know its good could VERY easily, as Breeze described in Atlantis (LOL and I am Lemurian/Pleadian!) Take their soul lessons from them..

        what happens when you take a soul lesson from someone? Well, the universe waits and the lesson comes back stronger and harder than ever the next time…Let’s assist when we are blessedly asked to assist. let’s set the intention through free will choice for all beings to awaken during this window of opportunity, in alignment with THEIR soul path…Let’s embrace the fact that all beings choose and are eternal and all choices are VALID…and lets get comfortable in our own skin, knowing that the only “work” we have to do is focus on our own little piece of eden, that exists in our heart!

        Big hugs all! 🙂 Alex

        1. Thank you, Alex, for the vitally important post. I tell myself daily that, “we’re not here to save – we are here to serve”. Not an easy motto to live by, especially when one has an elderly parent who will not be awakening in this incarnation. Watching those we love struggle with fears and health issues is difficult, to say the least, particularly the fear of “death”. My 81-yr-old mother has an abject fear of dying, which is taking away much of the quality of her life. She has been teaching me that difficult lesson of quiet support and loving detachment. Also, I work part-time with a geriatric population, and there is a definite increase in non-age-related physical symptoms, such as vertigo and nervous system irregularities. Every night I ask my team for support with my work, for the elderly are particularly vulnerable with their physical bodies “opening” up to the new energies. All I can do is provide gentle reassuring words and surround them and their families with supportive and loving energy. But every now and then, I come across a family member who “gets it”, and that provides hope and encouragement for me to continue on. Thanks again!
          Many blessings to you,

        2. you add much clarity and information and i thank you for that, however:

          a choice between two options isn’t a choice, it is control. free will isn’t a rigid choice, free will is the right to have the option to create a better option to choose if the available options are not wanted or suitable. free will by definition can not trespass against the free will of another. the facets of being are infinite, if i have made a contract to experience certain aspects of existence, and these head into an explicitly undefined but still related part that i do not wish to experience personally, free will is the right to change my path so that i do not have to experience that extreme or persue it further with my being ever. especially if the experience has been lived through before by another being. i have lived parts of other peoples lives in my dreams, people i have met in this incarnation have literaly come up to me and given an account of their life that i already experienced first hand from the viewpoint of another being.

          the only law is this: you are free

          from this single law you need to realise that so is every other being. if two beings life choices do not correlate then they cannot interact. if one forces their life on another they will know the error of their ways in a manner apropriate to their tresspass. the collision of inappropriate energies will otherwise casue problems for others in the vicinity -x-

        3. I dont know if we signed up for a ‘sure thing’/this ascension. I would like to think so. There have been so many ‘kinks’ in the plan. Adjustments made – perhaps to get as many on board as possible. I do know I am real tired and real bored though I focus daily on bringing Heaven to Earth. I know what it is I want to occur. I know I would like something to keep me going that I have not yet been able to give to myself. Many times I feel deserted and/or trapped in something I can not get out of. I know we bravely answered a call. There are helpers all about, yes, and do you think they would trade places with us. lol…. I venture to say no way! I pray there is a tid bit coming to help us along. soon. The thing with Light needing dark – I never felt that. I dont think of darkness in Heaven so if we are to bring it here… it is all light to me. ok…have to go make supper….Love u all very much, ~A~

    4. Dear Alex, thank you so much for sharing this link – this message from Elizabeth Ayres truly IS magnificent!!! To use my favorite quote from the CCs “This is not done FOR you, but BY you” and the message you shared puts it into context in such an excellent way.
      LOVE, Aisha

    5. Dear Alex I just read the Elizabeth Ayres message. Tears ran down my cheeks over and over. I can’t begin to quote all the spots that touched my heart within. I heard, loud and clear, my little 3 yr old voice saying to my parents when my hand was bandaged from a bad burn I got putting a bobby pin in a wall socket then trying to remove it… “I can do it myself.” (They were trying to feed me.) Of course I needed assistance but even at 3 I knew that to handle the spoon with my left hand out of necessity would help me be stronger than just letting them feed me.

      I released judgment on the person in CR that had triggered me over and over. I called to myself to unstop my ears, open my eyes, release my voice to speak in love… I felt the tingle and vibrations within increase as I read. I understood more clearly the message of Mr. Lizard (will post on my blog when I get a chance this weekend) and wept with joy about connecting with the messages of the life around me in the creatures, the thunder, lightening, moon etc.

      I quickly read your (SFD’s) comments. I thought the messages comments about the ‘dark ones’ that have done a good job referred to HUMANS who incarnated for that role were being talked about so “no interference” in that aspect. As for the other comments I don’t think for a moment we are being discouraged to lend a helping hand in the lives of others. (I work with teenagers for a living!) For me, I am reminded to find the creative ways within myself to ‘remind them’ of their Higher Self NOT clear their paths for them. Through example, through encouragement. I too like to teach and get tripped up sometimes with imparting HOW to do something. More and more I listen to what they’re doing, how others think and perhaps throwing a question now and then that gives them the choice to follow love’s path instead of hatred’s. Thankfully I often see that anger can actually lead back to love if not judged in a negative way.

      Mainly though when I see a message such as this one that you Alex posted I read it, not to edit it for the perfect use of words… it is after all being received via humanity’s interpretation… I read it to FEEL… what feeling, that raises my own vibrational level is there to awaken me just a little more to understanding me. That is what is important to me. I often listen to thunder or watch lightening streak across the sky and just feel and invite their message. I don’t consciously understand but I trust I receive. I do the same with the animals and the trees and plants. At some point (minutes, days, months?) later my mind will be used possibly to share back in words what I heard.
      I have not written much here at the Pond lately but I couldn’t resist taking time this morning. I close my eyes during this closing and I see the moon sparkling on the surface of a slightly ruffled pond. Just enough ruffled waters to know that the wind is moving across its surface and whispers to me, “BE alive (my daughter), indeed this is not the time to totally rest, you ARE the one you’ve been waiting for. Run, skip, shuffle, dance; it doesn’t so much matter the pace. Just smile and know and feel what lies within. Do not fear. If you do fear, smile and face that fear. Quietly acknowledge its message and choose to step towards it. Remember that on the other side of the clouds are the blue sky, the sun, moon or stars. Place another block upon the creation you are taking part in building.”

      Of course in closing I know that you all have your blocks to place also. Thank you for being such a huge part of my own growth in 2013.
      Love, Nancee
      p.s. I need to drive through the (possibly snowy) mountains (4 hr trip or so) to my daughter’s on the morning of the 30th Pacific time and return the afternoon of the 4th. I’d really appreciate your prayers for a safe trip. I will post this again that morning before I leave work. Thanks 🙂

    1. Great song, my love.

      We’ll be back in the high life again
      All the doors I closed one time will open up again
      We’ll be back in the high life again
      All the eyes that watched us once will smile and take us in
      And we’ll drink and dance with one hand free
      And have the world so easily
      And oh we’ll be a sight to see
      Back in the high life again

      I live you/us,

  11. Un abbraccio sorridente a te Aisha cara, ai fedeli C.C. che ci assistono ed a tutti i Ponders! … 🙂 …

    1. Dear Soul Feather Diamond, thank you so much for your beautiful words! What a wonderful description you have of the Pond as a place
      “to shout and scream, and laugh and cry,
      curl up and dream, awake my eye.
      step through the doorway, climb out the pram
      take a deep breath; be who i am”
      LOVE, Aisha

  12. Dear friends! I am starting to settle in to my “normal routines” again after some wonderful days of celebrating Christmas with my whole family. I have not had the time to go through all of your comments yet, but I hope you have all had some quiet time and a chance to immerse yourself in all the love that is so abundant, both here at the Pond and with your loved ones. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your kind wishes to me and my family, and an extra big hug and thank you to all that have kept this Pond vibrant and shining while so many of us have been “absent”.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you Aisha and everyone… and happy holidays (also… happy and tranquil timelessness 😀 ) and hugs to everybody 🙂

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