The manuscript of survival – part 381

As you have already noticed, the floodgates have been opened now, and a continuous stream of light is flooding into you all. This may manifest itself in so many ways, but first, it will as usually make itself heard in your physical body. Again we hear groans of frustration, so please trust us when we say that this is an unavoidable part of this whole process. Remember, this is not in any way done in order to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible, even if that may seem to be the case in more ways than one. But now, these heightened energies will also bring with them other, less unpleasant side-effects, if we may use such a word, and we think you will all find that these intensified physical responses will start to taper off soon, and then, these other effects will start to become more noticeable.

This will be of little consolation to those still suffering in the throes of some rather intense physical eruptions of different kinds this time, especially since many of you have important days ahead, days you will be spending with your near ones, days that you will feel less inclined than usual to suffer from these physical setbacks. Well, we think that many of you will indeed feel a lessening of these symptoms during those festive days, and even if you will still have a hard time finding your balance again in the aftermath of this intensely charged weekend, we still think you will all find ample time to sit back in peace and quiet and savour this feeling of accomplishment.

For again we want to remind you all that you have accomplished so much these last few months, and as this can easily be lost under the blur of physical and mental convulsions that you have all suffered, it bears to be repeated again. For this year, you have all gone above and beyond the limits you held yourself strictly to just a few months back, and we know that this will become evident to you all if you manage to really go within and take stock of just who you are today. For then, you will find a very new landscape, one that has slowly emerged during these last few months. And, as we have told you so many times already, this virgin territory is so vast, you have not even seen more than the first little segments of it yet. For you have started to unfold this huge, blank canvas within you, one that is untainted by the old and sad scratchings from the one you used to be. And now, you will be given all the colors you can think of in order to start to create the image you want to be.

For you have finished your own cleansing to such a degree, there is no need to hold back on creating the new you, and as such, we want you all to give yourself the biggest gift this Holiday season. For you certainly deserve it in all the ways that one can describe. For you have worked so hard to get to where you are today, standing on the threshold of not only a new year, but a brand new beginning. So let us remind you that this is indeed the perfect time to do as we ask you to do, to sit down and take stock, and please, remember to be generous to yourself as you do this. Do not look for any failings you might consider to still be a part of your life. No, search for the victories, for they are indeed plentiful, and that goes for each and every one of you.

For you are no longer the same person you were when this year started. For in your wake, lies lifetimes of accumulated dross, dross that will no longer serve to hold you back in any way. So this time, we do urge you to take a look over your shoulder, the better to see all of the old baggage you have left behind on this stage of the journey. And then, we urge you to sit down and look ahead, at that wide open, inviting space beckoning you to come to it. And remember, this will not be merely a short visit. No, this brand new space is yours for the remainder of your sojourn within this current physical manifestation. So make sure you do not miss out on any of the wonders that are yours for the taking during this time. They are up for grabs, ready and waiting for your arrival. So get into the Holiday spirit by giving yourself the gift of acknowledging all of the hard work you have accomplished, and most of all, acknowledging all of the changes in your very own persona you have accomplished too. They are certainly no mean feat, and we do applaud you all for your valiant efforts. They have not been wasted in any way, and even if your physical body may feel like it is starting to lag more than a little bit behind in all of these whirlwinds of change, know that the only reason it feels like this, is that it is changing rapidly also, alongside those more mental aspects that you have worked so hard to release from your baggage this year.

So therefore, know that even if this year seems to have taken its toll on you all, this year has in fact made you all just that more resilient and strengthened, so out of this paradox emerges the new human, the human that has made null and void of so many of those old rules that used to govern you. Both the self-imposed limitations, but also those superimposed, external ones that have hampered you so much. So here you stand, free of so much that used to be an intrinsic part of you a mere 12 months back, but is no more. So as you have become less of what you used to be, you have also become more of what you will be. But there is more to come, dear ones, and as you shall see as the new year dawns just a few short days away, you have many gifts waiting for you that will far surpass anything you might find under any Christmas tree this year. For even if the gifts you have already bestowed upon yourself this year are more than impressive, they are nothing compared to what you still have in store. So again we say, take some time to congratulate yourself on a job very well done, and take some time to sit down in anticipation for what is yet to come. For this journey is by no means over yet, and the best is yet to come, as they say. And this time, no words could ring more true than these.

318 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 381

    1. now that’s a post i can resonate with. not sure if i should share what i am about to write. however, as always, i am sure something will occur to stop me if all is not well.

      “At this time you have difficulty in imagining or remembering your higher states of being, but soon you will be on the path to full recognition. It will happen by stages and first you will gain full consciousness. Of necessity you have lived out many lives in the lower vibrations with a limited consciousness. Your challenge has been to find your way back to God through your own experience, which is why each soul travels at its own speed and are on different paths. Remember also that for specific incarnations you are connected to certain energies that will enhance your opportunities to succeed.”

      it’s going to be hard to describe my experience of this but i will try all the same. i have done this 4 times to my current knowledge, including once to myself* (kind of). but instead of “loosing” (the experience was very much akin to shooting a bow or bolt) a soul into an abyss of possibilty to grow back to God. i “loosed” them striaght to God for them to come back in time to “here” this was something that all involved very much wanted to do*
      . the aspect of each one that went and came back is grounded in two elemental forces, between us we covered all 4. as i sent each one they left behind a pillar of energy on their way to God and as they came back they drew a line a “string”. so yeah, i have created a purely elemental bow for myself. i have a light arrow for every truth or inspiration needed. i have been playing with it on occasion over these past weeks. it is very hard bring into effect at the moment tho.

      * i remember the effect of this occuring well before i actually sent myself (cause). it was kind of irritating at the time. it was at the begining of my awakening, my first night of insomnia. i litterally spent the whole night lying in bed feeling very energetic and warm. i could read and i could think clearly i was for all intent and purposes myself. my consciousness on the other hand (or rather the bulk of it) was talking God, and it was talking non stop. it was definately me, it was my voice not anothers in my head. what i was saying was perfectly descriptive, deeply facinating, very nourishing, and instantaneously forgotten. but most of the time i just lied there listening and thinking please stfu i want to go to sleep 🙂 -x-

  1. DEAR DOVE !!!

    I hope you see this. I have been replying to you in my mind and heart ever since our exchange many days ago. I do not know why it has taken me so long to use actual words again to communicate with you. You mentioned procrastination in your last reply to me, so I guess you can see that I do the same thing. I can tell you that your comment that moved me so very much came at the perfect time. If you had posted it directly after the Gathering, it most likely would not have had the same impact. Maybe this is also true of my comment here.

    I want to tell you that your desire to be a blessing is truly being fulfilled, at least with me. (I am really struggling here to find the words to express what is going on with this…) Well, I will just say that I know that at least from my end, my consciousness connected with yours in a profound way. Enough that I half jokingly and half seriously keep wanting to ask you “Are you sure you are another actual person?” Blah! This is not making sense. I feel like the more I try to put it into words, the more my mind wants to to try to “explain it away” and make it small, containable and understandable in regular human terms. So I am just going to stop!

    Just please know that you are loved, appreciated and FELT. And that I am with you all the time.

    Big big hug to you…

    🙂 AH

  2. I learned as a child that what I believe can not be forced on another. All this does is send them running to get away from you. Everyone has to come to what they believe in their own way. Its nice to answers questions when asked something from another. Any information is best given this way. Most of the time when information is given when not asked for. It falls on death ears that has no ideal what you are talking about and is taken in the only way they can perceive what is said. Some questions asked here is learned through a lifetime of trial and errors. Something like this is very hard to answer without writing a book about it. Some things just have to be lived to have answers for. And only then they may have a answer for it if they lived it in a certain way and outlook on life. If you live in hate and fear you never get the right answers for a lot of life. When one gets into his or her higher self it only works to advance you if it is done with love. Fear, hate, beliefs, ego and what you have learned in our one way schools and what they teach. Determines what kind of answer you get about anything. Everyone has a different kind of thought process from all these things. Ask about everything and take nothing for the truth until well studied and thought about. The heart leads you in the right direction but what feels good can be bad even the heart can be fooled.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. “Gaia is a very special and extremely honored Being. She now graces this solar system and by so doing enables this system to receive an exceptional makeover. Gaia wishes for her stepsisters to be returned to their former pristine state. She asks the Elohim and their various brethren to assist in this sacred task.”
      I like this part because it gives me this overwhelming feeling for Mother Earth and all she is and how powerful! That we chose to be upon her at this time! At the same time, I still only hear words and I long to see it manifest as foretold. I can read this as others here and say ‘well of course, yes, this is how it is to be’. If I showed this to anyone here at work or in many places, they would say what in the hell are you about?! So, I still can not imagine just how this is going to play out. There is only a hand full of us ready for it. XO ~A~

      1. i have always loved mother nature in every aspect of her natural self. i know my life is completely in her hands. it is my honor to be here to serve her.
        “There is only a hand full of us ready for it.” i’m not so sure. many still sleep for sure, but as the group information in the higher consciousness grows and becomes more clear, the ones that join at later times will have access to a much deeper and easier understanding than was available to us. something that us pioneers had to work at for some time to attain is now there just waiting to be discovered for others. just the other night, a night of drunken revelry, i happened to remark to another younger one “ready to change the world?” and i immeditealy saw for an instant, understanding on my level in his eyes. we are all ready to “step up to the plate” so to speak, and we are all going to get there in time -x-

      1. His face alone lights me up 🙂 I got a little sad thinking of how two Gurus on two separate occasoins asked me to come and be taught by them and I did not go. I did not know how to just leave my life and my life makes no sense – so i guess i should have went. Thank you for introducing this one to me.

  3. Well, I had this dream last night.

    In it I saw people drawing lines. They didn’t understand what they were doing. They only saw what they were doing, they only saw their own piece of it. They didn’t realize they were dreaming different pieces of a giant puzzle.
    The whole ascencion it seems to me is a giant puzzle and each one of us is making a part of it, a very important part.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share it with you.

    Love, JJ

    1. thanks for sharing as always dear JJ – I wish this puzzle would get finished already. I am doing much better – Hope U and ALee are too! Had a great talk with my Kelly. He shared his fears finally and he even came by my side Christmas Eve (before I said anything – I was just wishing) and he said “can we just be in love again and have fun?” I know, brings tears. So, we have had a good couple of days – much needed. I will keep u posted on his test results… he should know more by tomorrow if he needs surgery, etc. ….oh and for xmas, we were not going to exchange gifts but he got me three simple pads of paper and pens. He sees me writing when we have the pond gathering and I told him I should write more like i used to. That was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift! He does see and hear me ! 🙂 Love you , ~~A~~

      1. So glad to hear you and K are better! It sounds so nice!
        Yes, we’re better too, working our way through things, and getting to know each other more and more.
        Love to you always,

    1. Hi, SFD. I commented on your site and received word back from you to use my same account as at the pond or to reply here. I don’t know how it shows up at your end, but I did use the same account. You will have to excuse me, because I don’t know how all of this works. Hope I didn’t mess anything up or cause confusion.

      Anyway, I just wanted to thank you!!

      🙂 AH

      1. scroll up on this page untill you see posts from “anna helen foster” who has no or a black gravatar. i have been here at the pond for a little while now, seen lots of posts from “her” only just started getting them form “you”. anyone care to explain? -x-

        1. Hahaha, I know! It is the same me. I don’t know why my gravatar sometimes changes. This started happening off and on a while back. I know the same thing happened to sun_of_blue. His went from blue to red at some point. Anyway, both the “void” gravatar and the turquoise one are me.

          😉 AH

          1. nupe. it’s another account “anna helen foster” and “annahelenfoster” if it was just your gravar that changed it would also change for every post you have made. i thank you for the wool you are trying to pull over my eyes, i will use it to keep me warm. but untill i know the truth, no pressies for you -x-

            1. Maybe at one time she signed up to WordPress twice, using all the same info? And when she signs in it goes to one or the other. I can see how this would happen, just guessing here

            2. Ok. You may believe whatever you like. I still thank you for the kind gesture, pressie or no. 🙂

              1. one explanation is you have logged using facebook or another social media log in, that would explain it. it will say in the reply box below. for me it sais
                Soul Feather Diamond: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )

                1. I understand. I know you are only protecting the pond and your site. It’s no problem. It says here in my reply box that I am using my wordpress account. However, this message does not usually show beneath my reply box at all. I use a Kindle Fire, not a PC, to read and post. I will try choosing the “log out” option. I usually don’t have to log in or out at all using my Kindle.

                2. Ah ha! That worked! I chose “log out,” I exited the pond and rebooted my Kindle. When I reloaded Aisha’s site, my usual reply box came up. I don’t know how it happens, but I now know how to get back to “me” on purpose when it does.

                  🙂 AH

        2. Her gravitar seems to be switching back and forth lately. I am amused. Nancy noticed it awhile back. I have no answer for it, but she’s one and the same gal 😉

          1. I know for mine – which I only created one – when I go to reply, it autofills with a name it ‘gave me’ (mindshift2013) when I filled in more personal info later….and I have to put in “Breeze” if i want it to show that way… i dont know if it would give me a diff. gravatar. will play with it some time.
            Our Anna is pure as the driven snowy white fleece!!! lol

    2. Hi Soul Feather Diamond… I have been trying to send my name/email to your site for hours today but it just sits on my computer! I will try one more time but I thought I’d let you know. Also AH does flit in and out of her name all the time. WordPress does strange things… It posts my addie to my blog HERE and doesn’t do that with Amy’s… first it didn’t… then it did… then it didn’t… now it does… MOST confusing 🙂 You can add me to your list of presses if it’s not too late… I can’t find the post I’d replied to earlier today saying 5 days (or 3?) left and have been looking for almost an hour now!!

  4. Hi son of blue, thanks for responding. The voices sound like talking to a person, there a quite a few of them. There is a very, very high pitched sound, all the time, (unless I get into no time, no space). We sometimes have a laugh and discuss worldly things. There are not bad, (not any more). They will not go away though, and they are not guiding me. I don’t mind that, just really want to stop the noise now and again, and stop the pressure in ears and brains. It tires me out, talking at me all the time.

  5. “This may manifest itself in so many ways, but first, it will as usually make itself heard in your physical body.”
    “even if your physical body may feel like it is starting to lag more than a little bit behind in all of these whirlwinds of change, know that the only reason it feels like this, is that it is changing rapidly also…”

    What would you say are normal physical symptoms? The last few months my body has been feeling different to me. It seems like I’ve suddenly been hit with health problems, like regular chest pain and lately my hands (and sometimes feet) just go numb (that pins & needles feeling). Is it possible this is caused by the changing energetics, or is it more likely these are personal problems and I should see a doctor about my health? I’ve been waiting it out, but nothing seems to be improving.

    1. Hi K,
      There’s the rub as they say. I personally have found it hard to know what is “physical” and what is energetic when it comes to body symptoms. I’ve been having numbness too, and I’ve noticed a few others mention it, but in the end I never know and have been to dr for host of ailments over the time- some with no diagnosis (possibly energetic?) and some physical. I’ve noticed that the advice around the pond is to go get it checked out if your unsure. Maybe others will share there thoughts, I know many have stepped back for the holidays, but I wanted to let you know your question had been heard. (Even if I can’t answer it)!

    2. I think sooner or later we are getting A lot of pondarians seem to be babyboomers. So if ahf and jj s baby retires it will be in the year 2075. mmh. What kind of pain your body will have? If i do not start to van Gogherize and Pollock my canvas now then when?” On the other hand i am glad when i awake without any pain in my current manifestation… I am not sure if i have changed that much in 2013 although it has been said not to look at the failures. It was a cery fast year filled with events meetings projects shows new technology to be handled…landscapes

      rojects shows new landscapes

    3. K – I have noticed changes re numbness/pins and needles over the last 8 yrs or so. I used to be able to cross my legs for example – now, I get the pins & needles if i do. I sometimes think its because i take a beta blocker but not sure. They can direct blood flow away from extremeties. Night time, I have to sleep a certain way to avoid problem. Who know. I am 49 – so yes, we do have a lot of baby boomers here. Funny, my guy is in a different generation than me! he is 48 in March.

    4. i’m no doctor, and i’m no expert on ascension flu, what you are describing sounds to me like problems with your circulatory system. which you should see your doctor for. it could be nothing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry -x-

      1. I do have the feeling that everything isn’t circulating properly. I’m in my early 20s so this shouldn’t be happening.. If it gets worse I’ll see a doctor, but for now it’s too expensive and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be of any help.

        1. your symptoms can be caused by stress and anxiety so don’t get worked up by the text below. it is likely most of it wont apply to you, i’m just being thorough.
          a quick look on google uncovered a few things that cropped up again and again. stop or drastically decrease the amount of alcohol you drink, increase your intake of B vitamins (eat more) if your diet is lacking in the following: whole grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, tempeh, beans, nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast, and molasses (i would advise against taking suppliments).
          take more aerobic exercise, don’t sit or lie in the same position for long periods of time, be more active.
          if you get any dark areas on your hands or feet see your doctor immediately, if your symptons get any worse after the dietry changes i suggested, stop and see your doctor. if you lose all sensation in the same area for a prolonged period of time (days) see your doctor. my experience of ascension “sickness” has been that the effects will lessen after a day or so or “change” in nature. ascension is different for everyone, it is very much a personal journey -x-

  6. The noise is always there. You just ask the voices what they want and ask what their intention is. If the intention is not what you want you tell them to go away. The ones that keep brothering you tell them there voice has no place in you. Then you ask that no Ill intension in allowed to stay with you and just tell it to go away. You can talk to these voices and see what they have to say you will know by what they say what there intention is. Just have no fear of them and speak to them as if you speak to a friend with understanding. They can’t stay if you give them love and ask them to leave. Tell them thanks for sharing what they have but you don’t need it if what they have is not what you want. If what they offer is what you want. ask them how you may talk to them again. They will let you know. Hope this may help a little. Merry and loving holidays to all. Have no fear just give your love and all will be understood. for what it is.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. If you want to know what is of importance they are saying, ask and intend for a ‘filter’ to come in to make it more clear. Write it down to get it out of your head. If you just want it all to go away, Intend for that and replace it with soothing thoughts – making a mantra of something repetitive. If things clutter my brain too much (happens at night for me), I will say something like: “I breath in God’s Love, I breath out any discontent”. Or simply “Love In, Love out”. Paying attention to your breath and adding soothing words is a way to ‘slow’ it down. All the best to you… with Love, ~A~

  7. I tried to read all the messages from yesterday and today but after falling asleep over and over have stopped for now. I am back working with two teens (48 hr shift) and it’s time to sleep. Went 14 hrs with no down time today! The girls are great and we hit it off and I must say it’s a good way to go into Christmas. Thank you to all who have sent love and support during my transition time. It is so strongly felt!!

    To all of your celebrating Christmas may it be a joyful day for you… a celebration of your own birth. I will be with with my sister’s family.

    Must love as we slowly shut down 2013. I am the same yet I am totally changed. I am tired yet quickened within some how. I love you all and miss my time here. I also enjoy connecting to the life around me right now. I take you with me in my experiences.

    AH and JJ I saw your last post and know that though I am too sleepy to write (and have to get up early to leave work) I will be writing you a wonderful love letter in my heart as I drift off to sleep. This day is whatever you want to make it. It does not really consist of what you don’t have but its secret lies in where you place your “blocks of chaos” this day. Feel the flow within… pick them up one at a time and truly amaze yourselves. Much love to you.
    Love, Nancee

    1. Love you Nancee, you sure have grown (into yourself).
      Thank you for all your support!
      It’s so great that my/our Light family always supports us, no matter what!
      That is unconditional love, don’t you know it! Hallelujah!

  8. To all of my dear Pond Friends,

    My warmest wishes to you and your families for a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

    With love from Susan and the Team!

  9. are you really clever enough to taunt me with silence?
    oh you== sly dog\-.
    well if you are going through hell
    don’t stop here
    keep going

  10. Dearest friends,

    I’ve seen various talk about food and diets here recently, so it’s time I come clean.

    Well, it’s Christmas again, and I know more than a few of you are eating fine food, and enjoying time with your families, woo hoo!

    I also know that many of you will tell yourselves next week that 2014 is the year you are going to go on a diet and lose weight, get into shape, get healthy and really take control of your life.

    Hold it right there, I need to say something. This year, whatever other resolutions you make, I want you to promise me you are not going to go on a diet, it’s not worth it, seriously.

    Whoa, what’s he talking about?

    I want to talk about diets. Weird, huh, weren’t expecting that from me were you?

    As many of you know, back in 2010, I was very overweight. I also had dangerously high cholesterol, and with a family history of heart disease (My Dad died 14 years ago, last week, aged 59), my doctor was not impressed with where I was heading. But what the hell, hey, doctors have told us for years that we should eat more healthy food, exercise more, go easy on the smoking and alcohol, but we don’t, so what my doctor says isn’t likely to influence you any more than what your doctors says.

    As it happened, I don’t smoke, or drink, so I had that going for me, but if you look at the photo it didn’t make much difference.

    But it all changed, and what changed is nothing more than my perspective. I say that as if a change of perspective is nothing important, but although it happened in an instant (I know the instant it happened, I was fully aware at the time), and nothing external changed with it, at the same time, in that same instant EVERYTHING in my life changed.

    If you want the story of the unfolding of events that subsequently took place, it is elsewhere, and I want to say that it is far less important, because that was (and is) my journey, not yours. Your journey starts from where you are, right now.

    The change in that moment was a decision, that this is not going to be how the story continues. I was not going to start taking ineffective pharmaceuticals to “correct” a problem that was not caused by anything more or less than the ideas in my head. No, I was going to change the ideas in my head…

    This is how the story continues, and the part I wish to share today.

    The first thing I want to clarify is about “going on a diet”. Right there, my friends, in those innocent looking four little words is, I believe, the root of a multi-billion dollar industry to keep you fat, unhealthy, and unhappy with who you are. So I want to explain what is wrong with it, and how you fix it faster and cheaper than you ever thought was possible. Ready for some Christmas magic? Are you prepared for a miracle today?

    A diet is, to put it simply, what you eat. Well, duh! Good one Einstein, I hear you think, I knew that. What it is NOT, is an activity, like a cruise, that you “go on”, it is simply a selection of things you choose to put into your mouth. Think of it like your wardrobe, a selection of clothes you own, that you choose to wear. If you don’t feel like wearing red today, then don’t, wear the green shirt. It isn’t a hard choice, and you don’t feel deprived for not being able to wear the red shirt. Only rather than being what you wear every day, it is what you eat every day. Pretty simple huh? Now, think about “going on a wardrobe”. Doesn’t work, does it? But if you treat a “diet” as something special and different, like a holiday, then not only is it something you can “go on” starting from a certain departure date, and inevitably, ending, but you never see it as a normal way of existing in the world.

    Further, just a like your current wardrobe, you don’t tend to change it all at once, do you? You add a shirt, a pair of shoes, a nice scarf. As things don’t suit any longer, you give them away, or just store them in the part of your closet that never sees the light of day. It ought to be the same with your food. When you try to change evrtthing at once, you have nothing to ground you, and in order to find your stability you invariably go back to what you know, regardless of whether is is healthful. So, if your diet (remember, think wardrobe, not holiday) isn’t working for you, change something, one thing at a time, and see if the new menu item works. If not, move on, but keep moving.

    Lastly, I want to talk about labels. Ditch them!

    When I started, I had no intention of “going vegan”. So I didn’t. My diet is continuously evolving, like my wardrobe. I am not a “Vegan”. I do enjoy a diet entirely consistent with the priciples of vegan eating, but it is no more a part of my identity than the clothes I wear. It is what I eat, not who I am. No, I do not eat meat, eggs, dairy, fish, and any other animal products. Am I a vegan? No. Do I expect to begin eating any of those things? No. But does that make me a vegan? No. Do I occasionally describe myself as vegan? Yes, I do, sometimes it is just easier that way. But when it isn’t an elevator pitch, I prefer to avoid it.

    So, if this holiday season is the time to have a look at your wardrobe (er, diet) and see if it could use some freshening up, my incredibly smart and beautiful wife Nikki has a great place to start at and I am more than happy to answer questions from any of my friends about what I have learned over the last three years of eating vibrantly. I promise you I have not ever felt deprived of the foods I used to eat, and that now I eat and feel better than I have for my whole life.

    All my love,


    1. not going to pass up an opportunity to spam my own blog! please click on my name and have a look at “keeping the body the body pure with diet” it’s not the be all and end all of “dieting” but it has a few pointers. i tend to work on the absolute, so take what i write, and bring it to your own level. and please do comment if you have an opinion, i am always looking for ways to make “it” better -x-

    2. Paul, you have done a beautiful thing here. This advice is wonderful not only when approaching a lifeSTYLE change, but approaching life altogether.

      It saddens me a bit that this is something you felt you had to use the words “come clean” about. Among many other things, experiencing being overweight was part of my journey, as well. I venture to say that it is one of those things you can only truly understand if you’ve been there.

      Love to you, Leo, and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and perspective.

      🙂 AH

  11. I can’t quietly let this nonsense go by unchallenged. The Romans usurped the Saturnalia to promote their control over the minds of their “believers”
    It’s all about the separation of the Peon from the Peso!!
    here’s some history to help you understand.

    there isn’t much hope of getting beyond there arrogance.
    My great niece (7 yrs) asked me what I wanted for christmas. She was dumbstruck and astounded when i answered,
    “nothing, I have plenty enough stuff, I’ll take a hug.”
    already she has been sucked up into the corporate greed.
    bottom line your beloved priest doesn’t know more about you than you do.
    think for yourself. don’t take anybody’s word just because the old man wears a nice dress/ no er, I mean Alb.

  12. I wanted to come to visit you all today because I wanted to reclaim something. I am going to church tonight for the first time in a long time and I have decided to reintegrate the golden christed light and reclaim my divinity in my own heart and release all feeling of bondage to the church–I am free. I release any promises made on behalf of me by my god parents–I release myself from bondage to the church. I am a DIVINE SOVEREIGN being with a direct and unwavering eternal connection to mother and father god. I am loved and supported and completely whole and happy in the arms of source. I am a beloved child of the universe and I am loved simply because I am…

    As I take and change any ritual I command any implants or thought forms that remain in my body that were triggered by the mantra of church lore and doctrine…as I see the “body of christ” and say AMEN I reclaim the honor of that position because I AM the body of christ…the new body of the christed golden liquid light of the heart on fire for I see the blood of christ it is changed back from blood to the pure flowing water of life–the water the life blood of Gaia-sophia, the blood the life blood of all beings connected with the one body of GOD…

    I reclaim and hold my power as a member of the one–completely FREE–completely aligned with the will of my higher being and completely loved and supported by all that is…This TREMENDOUS light of mine—I’m gonna let it shine! And so it is!

    Blessings to you all for a wonderful holiday, for an amazing and miraculous new year! I thank each and every one of you for being here, for loving here, for sharing here…there is no mistake in life that we are all here and part of this beautiful blue shining jewel of energy we created and called the pond…thanks to Aisha and the CC for placing those first drops of water into a puddle that has become our spiritual home! We are loved beyond measure–and the gift, I give to each of you is knowing you are ONE with GOD, you ARE GOD and that the most important place for you to be in any moment of life is in the center of your own loving heart–it matters NOT what is happening outside–it matters not what anyone thinks of you–your relation to your own heart and self love is absolutely the key that will open up all doors–when you find that focus, when you honor that focus all struggle falls away…we are mostly not there yet, but we are well on our way….and when we falter, being gentle and loving to ourselves makes us come back into alignment faster because our heart feels safe and loved…

    May the unlimited and eternal love of heaven be realized by you–because it was ALWAYS upon you…much love from me and my family in our circle of love here on Paumanok…Alex

    1. Oh my, Dear Alex, you are a beautiful Soul/Spirit. These words are truly Lovely and so genuine. I’m going to print this post out and repeat them for myself, each time Thanking and Blessing you. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

      Your Light, Wisdom and Knowledge always expressed so articulately, Lovingly and with such FUN&JOY!!! makes Life seem like it could be so easy. I am very much grateful that your Energy is a part of my Life now, if even only in a virtual sense. Your Family and Friends are very Blessed, as are we here, to have you present.

      Here with my Hugs are wishes for continued Blessings for you&yours in this Season of Love.

      With deep Gratitude, Love, Respect and Admiration,
      xo Lin

    2. i wrote a message earlier and was waitiing for a time to send it, i think this is it, your post resonates to my very core. i pour out love and light, creation and joy, as if i have no choice, like the bells ring after the peal is struck. i love you, i love you all, from the core of my being, with every chakra i have opened, and any left to open, my energy is yours, shape the world i beg you, i give you the power. i love you, i love you, words, symbols, signs, anything, nothing, infinity, cannot describe how much i love you, how much i love you all -x-


      here is the message i wrote earier:

      the amount of emotional connection i had with this blog from the start was staggering. by the first words i read here my intuition would not let me pass this up. this is the site where i chose my secret name, where i accepted my real identity.
      when i registered my username i was overjoyed at the sight of my autogenerated gravatar, i found it very fitting on some deep level. i knew i was on the right path.
      this is my home (one of many), where i can grow, i can learn, and i can teach on a spiritual level. in my 3d world there is noone like you lot near me (that i know of, or whom has the courage to identify). waking up my nearest and dearest is a long arduous task particulary when i have to rebuild some “bridges” on a 3d level first. but i know i am breaking the walls down slowly, i have piqued the curiousity of several of my friends if only slightly. if the mainstream media wasn’t so controlled, and reported real pertinant events i’ld be having an easier time of it. hours and hours i spend reading articles and watching videos on the net. most of the time my first thought is “why wasn’t i shown this when i was 5?”

      Merry Christ Mass to you all, and especially to Aisha, you made a safe little space for me:

      to shout and scream, and laugh and cry,
      curl up and dream, awake my eye.
      step through the doorway, climb out the pram
      take a deep breath; be who i am


      1. Love it soul feather , I feel quite similar about it. I am terrible at coming up with perfect words, always have been. But I have been enjoying everyone’s thank you’s to Aisha and the pond. And will just tag along and say ‘like it!’

  13. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to Aisha/CCs and all of you at the Pond as we edge towards completing 2013 and happily stepping into 2014. It’s been an energy-charged eventful, hardworking and life-changing year. We’ve accomplished so much in accepting our I AM-ness, our new eyes and ears, our new Energies, while allowing the old 3D selves to slip away. We’ve all had our own processes, our own paths towards doing so. Still do. 🙂

    With absolute Love, Gratitude, Light&JOY and many, many hugs, I’ve so enjoyed sharing this space with all of you and learning so much from each of you. Thank you for that Gift. xo, Lin

    Everyone drive safely.

    1. We love you, Lin!!!! Hugs to you. JJ just said, “tell her I love her to bits and she feels like my guardian angel.”

      🙂 😀 😉

      1. SHINE YOUR LIGHT, JJ… just as bright as your Beloved Lori is doing.

        It’s ALL been for the lovely, silly 3D **experience**. 🙂

        I absolutely Love you both so very much. EnJOY this first Christmas
        together… and then celebrating the beginning of the New Year, again, together. That alone is a very special Gift you’ve been given.

        I’ll be thinking of you with Love,
        xo, Lin

    1. You are so absurd!!!! I love it. I am laughing so hard at this! Now, I must tell you that is only 1:15pm here, or should I type 13:15, and I have had about half a bottle of wine. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I really miss Walmart. Hahahahahahaha. Oh god. I need help. I am so out of my element I don’t know what to do. But it is also an amazing adventure and has been quite a lot of fun. The locals in this area already recognize the stupid American in the red coat. I unfortunaely relate the Dutch language to German and keep saying German words. This is a BIG NO NO here, like a terrible insult or something. The other day, some man said something to me and I got so flustered that I blurted out “I don’t speak English!” And then I cackled practically in his face. WTF. At least I am laughing.

      Sorry, man. There is so much more, but that is enough for now…

      Enjoy your playtime. I know I am! 🙂 😀 😉


      1. reminds me of when i overherd two gentlemen speaking in a bar whom i assumed were speaking German. i waltzed over all smart and clever and said “entschuldigen sie bitte” (german for excuse me please). it quickly transpired that a) they were Dutch and b) speaking German to a Dutchman is probably the most offensive thing you can do. i have never apologised so quickly and so sincerely in my life -x-

        1. Danke, Soul Feather Diamond!!!! I am sharing your post with JJ, and he is laughing and nodding his head…

          1. The problem is that germans tend to forhet why they are still hated that much. Personal history might be forgiven. Real history is case sensitiv so to speak. Josef and mary christmas from the European Union.

    1. No one wants to play with me, either. Good thing I know how to play with myself. 🙂 😀 😉

      I love you, man. Sending you a huuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggg.

      1. well if they knew what was good
        they would come out and play.
        what else can i do?
        distance is our problem, but no,
        we are dispersed all over the world for a good reason.
        seems to me if we were in the same place at the same time,
        sparks would fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. LMAO! Lord, I so needed this today! If we were all in the same place together, there would be a “holy implosion” – we’d knock ourselves right out of this galaxy before we finished what we started. Sh*t, does that mean we would have to start all over again! I keep telling my “team” to remember to never, EVER, allow me to volunteer for another experiment in 3D again! LOL! (they just laugh at me when I say things like this.) Love, hugs and opium poppys…..

          1. I so copy that! And I can see us flying off the ‘game board’ and having to go back to start…. no no no. no way! Poppyyyys….. now they’ll sleep. 🙂 🙂

  14. and a hush fell over the crowd
    it won’t stop, it’s to late for that,
    just be grateful that you don’t have to put up with my crap
    24/7/365.24/63 yrs.
    If i had any choice, i wouldn’t either.


  15. quoted from the link–
    If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that.

    Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new. A few are important to know, some interpret and display data in a beautiful or creative way, and a few may even make you chuckle or shake your head.

    my present to you, yes you. If you are reading this then you ar not off somewhere in oblivion with the game whack a bird or whatever, no, angry moles?
    i don’t know and don’t need and/or want to.
    To me Christmas means cold weather.
    With just shy of a meter of Titanium holding my spine together, I cannot get cold. When all that metal gets cold, well, it will kill me dead.
    On the other hand, I can still walk (some [not to fast and not to far]) so I’m not complaining. I guess, what I’m trying to say is,
    there is nothing Merry about Winter for me.

    1. Otmn – you nor my guy either. He locks up when he goes out in the cold. Gets worried he wont be able to move and no one will be around. Must be aweful! feel for you both – my man hobbles around and he is only 47. Fast livin! But at least he went for it. Race cars and all that fun stuff. Well, I hope your Christmas is nice and Cozy Warm!! ~A~

    2. ahhh…. and my ex used to say ‘Illegitimi non carborundum’… and my current likes to give wet willy’s so this IS getting interesting.

  16. Christmas Light
    by May Sarton

    When everyone had gone
    I sat in the library
    With the small silent tree,
    She and I alone.
    How softly she shone!

    And for the first time then
    For the first time this year,
    I felt reborn again,
    I knew love’s presence near.

    Love distant, love detached
    And strangely without weight,
    Was with me in the night
    When everyone had gone
    And the garland of pure light
    Stayed on, stayed on.

  17. Several missives ago, the CC’s stated something will catch our fancy and we will know​,​ we will be inspired, drawn to a cause or issue to focus on. I am not sure this is my ca​use​ but I do feel I may have bumped into an issue I wish to consider.

    ​Sunday I listen​ed​ to a Drunvalo video… Starting at 36 minutes…

    Those of us on the west coast of the US, ​are aware of the impact of this Fukishima problem. My background is with water pollution. My husband and I are responsible for a reverse osmosis desalination water system for a small private island, ​150​ occupants, ​north of Seattle, San Juan islands. We are are 1 of 19 operations in the islands, ​1 ​out of 49 world wide. We both ​have ​spent our working lives in research and monitoring our local Puget Sound waters… The isotopes from Fukishima will be, if not already arriving off the coast of Alaska. No one truly knows when​,​ if or how they will arrive in our waters. Tuna caught off of California already show high signs of contamination​ already​.​ ​Getting true info​rmation​, facts and figures is very difficult. Everyone is quite tight lipped, think your nuts for inquiring, or flat out clueless of what is approaching.

    I know we have at minimum 5 of us Aisha followers on the west coast. Might I interest you in reviewing Drunvalo’s video and maybe WE can consciously help. I have NO clue ​how to do that. ​All day I’ve been pondering – what the Hec do I do… sit and mediate on pushing the contamination back, mentally dissolve it, shine light on it… or? ​ About the only thing functioning physically is my brain, so I hope I am not required to move much. I do believe this is a good place to start​. I also believe, with a big dash of hope…when we step up to our tasks, we will be guided. ​Hint, Hint CC’s!

    1. I am with you. Please keep us updated. I will view the video too. It is of deep concern for me and my boyfriend. He said the world will die in 10 yrs due to Fukushima. He says build a break wall around the whole area and pump all water out (steam it/burn it off) and fill it solid with concrete/hydralic cement. Lining it with lead casing before filling it is a must. This should have been started 2 yrs ago. This would have to be done immediately. Every country should be on this. Testing the levels of cesium in the water will indicate how bad it is – even any at all is a bad thing. Testing at the plant, every 1/2 mile out, etc – and on the other side of the world and see what the levels are. For 10,000 yrs Fukushima will emit radiation. My guy estimates its about 18,000 times worse than Chernobel – Russia (40yrs ago and still a problem). My intent and knowledge is of more spiritual level for solution – like what you are saying… and I count on help from our Star Families or yes, we are screwed. Not a nice Christmas focus – but, a necessary focus. Blessings for what you do here with your Love and Light to bring our planet to pristine beauty!!! She cant not die – that would make no sense so I keep the faith – I have to. XO~A~

    2. well i don’t want to appear flippant… actually that’s a blatant lie. i love being flippant. i love seeing a complex/difficult situation and breaking it down to simple absolutes, rearranging them, and solving the problem, while simultaneiously going “na-na na-na na!” -x-

      radioactivity works on a half life. in x (depends on the isotope) amount of time, half of the radioactive atoms will decay. time is relative. the act of observation changes that which is observed.

      i “see” a radioactive mass.
      i stop time for me and my beloved ones relative to the radioactive mass whom’s time is effectively accelerated, thus spending years of decay in its own time, outside of the time of the rest of us.



          1. Will ‘e’ u soon Nancee – been a hectic day
            We do make a difference in our offerings for this dear planet of ours.
            Hand in Hand ~~ 🙂 ~~ Heart to Heart

      1. actually stopping time is going too far. slowing time, creating a gradient between the relative flow of time, would be better. just like the wing of a plane causes the air to flow at different speeds above and below it; you have a field, an energy (it’s going to be a torus isn’t it?), that allows the passage of time relative to two entities to flow at different speeds from the viewpoint of one to the other -x-

    3. Kaleamo: I have now returned to the west coast, just north of you in the Vancouver area. (More like White Rock area.) I will try and watch the video when I’m back to work (72 hr shift with sleep times). I’d like to combine what you shared and what SFD shared about time, in prayers. You are welcome to email me ( if there is a group prayer that arises for us to collectively be part of. I hadn’t stopped to remember that I was returning to this concern. I had been following it a bit since it began. (My plans for Australia at the end of Feb are still in the works.) Thanks for posting and getting my attention. ~Nancee

    4. “All day I’ve been pondering – what the Hec do I do… sit and mediate on pushing the contamination back, mentally dissolve it, shine light on it… or?”

      in my experience all of the above work very well indeed.
      the question i would ask you is: what do You *feel* right now will help?

      i have discovered that not only do we have all the answers within, we also have all feelings within that light our way forward.

      1. Maybe Susan and the CC’s can help us with this. What is it the Galactics do to clean the Earth ? I know they have had to assist Earth with cleansing of toxins for a long time now so we could be focusing on what it is they do. I just remembered in the last Pond Gathering, for a moment I was ‘interrupted’ from normal Earth cleansing we were taking part in to be shown a dark black crystal to harden Fukushima contamination and other difficult areas – ‘to be removed later’ I was told. I felt ‘they’ were doing this part. Re Black Crystals: I read that Black Tourmaline as well as Obsidian are powerful stones for protection against negative energy of all kinds. On a site regarding Shamanism and getting rid of negative-heavy-anger energies I read that one would imagine getting the unwanted energy swirling around them, then throw it into a black stone. They would then throw the stone into the sea. If anyone would pick up that stone, they would get angry without knowing why. That’s why it is thrown into the sea where the energy can be ‘recycled into something more useful’.
        So perhaps visualizing toxins on Earth being crystallized into ‘large’ black stones can help. At least if its contained and not able to be ingested by sea creatures – that is very good in itself.
        I know during the Gathering visualization, it seemed the right thing to do and I felt good about it. The swirling energy is interesting because that is what I felt and saw us doing in the normal cleanup … a whirl wind energy created with our wings and lifting up and away from Earth all that was to be removed. I have used the swirling energy often to remove what I do not want for myself. Ever make a whirlpool in a swimming pool? Why not do it with the ocean to remove all toxins and push them into a large black crystal? As I am writing this, I keep thinking of the ‘crystal skulls’. Not sure what that meaning is. They have always intrigued me though.

        1. Hello everyone… regarding Fukushima, the Hathors from Tom Kenyon in their last message mentioned this issue, and it was a good message about doing something to help over there, I know they are on Susan’s blacklist though so… to read this in under your criteria.

          Regarding time… for me perceiving myself in timelessness ease my movement through All that Is. It’s better and I feel freer when I don’t think in “time” and I’m out of it [if that makes some sense lol].

          I hope we here at the Pond can find a way to help, each in our own ways (even sharing info is important, so we prevent going into Pollyanna attitude… I suppose)… regarding the Fukushima issue (also)… and everything else, that’d be wonderful.

          Sending feelings of love and hugs to everyone including Gaia, all the beings that we can perceive an not with our senses, the wildlife and the ocean life. 🙂

          1. Thank you – that was very interesting. i like using sound. I keep going back to the black crystal. And what my boyfriend said above. it is too bad it was not contained better right away. the seepage into our oceanic world is really horrific and my heart crys for the wildlife/elementals/humans – and all of life – affected by this terrible event on land and in the sea.



    concerning Nesara, check this gentleman out. He has worked for years and has such experience in so many areas. I met him once in person and just loved his energy. He has knowledge of financial things happening behind the scenes, a bit over my head but, you may get information out of his information.

    Sorry this took so long for me to post for you. I had no choice but to go in public today. Standing in line at the post office today almost caused me to pass out. I felt like a wave hit me and it took me a few moments to settle into it and the intensity passed or lightened up. I could not wait to get done in the grocery store and I wasn’t it but for about 15 minutes and headed back home to the dogs.

    I personally think, money is the root of all evil issues and to be without it would be a drastic improvement over how things have always been. I try to keep an open mind and to just allow these days. I am worth no more than the next person and I’m so tired of that stinkin thinkin, that money decides your worth.

    Love, Terri

    1. I have been the same today Terri – re being in lines, around people. I am the great pretender – at work, etc. Everyone is their happy christmas whirlwind energies. I Love the real meaning – dont get me wrong. All of a sudden it seemed I had no choice a few moments ago and almost scream it all out. I have no idea what I just said to my guy but a lot got released from someplace deep that has just had enough of everything. Not him personally but this year I have had has kicked my ass too. I never got a chance to catch my breath. I stuffed so much just to keep on going. So much loss, with my Dad – Mom (mind and location) and the rest of my family too. I realized I have no idea how to process it so I just didnt. Now Kelly all depressed and looking to me for help – I am empty of providing anything for anyone at the moment. I have emptied out and nothing has come to fill me … I told him something like that. I just dont have anything to scrape off the bottom of whatever is left of the old me in ‘taking care of mode’. How tired I am. I agree with money. I cant stand it… having to work for it…barely surviving with or without it. Thanks for the info and listening as always, I will check it out when my brain returns. I am null and void at the moment. Love 2 U my kindred friend, A

      1. One night I dreamed a dream.
        As I was walking along the beach with my Lord.
        Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.
        For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,
        One belonging to me and one to my Lord.

        After the last scene of my life flashed before me,
        I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
        I noticed that at many times along the path of my life,
        especially at the very lowest and saddest times,
        there was only one set of footprints.

        This really troubled me, so I asked the Lord about it.
        “Lord, you said once I decided to follow you,
        You’d walk with me all the way.
        But I noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life,
        there was only one set of footprints.
        I don’t understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me.”

        He whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
        Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
        When you saw only one set of footprints,
        It was then that I carried you.”

          1. given our present situation and time it loses some of the magic it once had. i’m sure you know by now that “your lord” is you. the sentiment still rings true tho. no matter how hard it gets, know. there is a way out and you are on that path. know. we carry you and shoulder your burden as much we can -x-

        1. very helpful – more confirmation of what I have been feeling so i thank you much. I have always enjoyed Karyn Bishop but drifted away for some reason. ….and the greatest of these is Love. I heard that just before reading it when I turned the TV to “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Kelly changed channels… I knew he could not take that one. lol. Me either actually. Its the old story. So… It has been a good Christ Mass day for us 🙂 All of you too I pray. In Peace but with some head pain and much tiredness still – Areeza

  19. Dearest Aisha, CC’s and Beloved Pond Family

    As I awoke this morning, my body wracked with pain for no apparent reason, I found myself drawn to my computer, the CC’s gently nudging me to read this message. It was if they were speaking to me, lovingly urging me on not to give up, all is as it should be, and this, too, shall pass.

    I’m very aware that they beautifully and ever so gently do this for us all. What a gift we are blessed with. I honor us all for the warrior spirits we truly are, and am exceedingly grateful for this Pond Family.

    May your Holidays be filled with Love, Beauty and Grace,
    Michelle Hirsekorn
    Washington State, USA

    1. Honor to the wounded warriors – of all types! I am one today. Love is always my foundation. On top of it is a lot of deep sadness and all I could think over and over and over last night was ‘lift, lift, Lift!!!’
      May your Blessings be returned 100 fold Michelle in Washington State!! XO~A~

  20. Merry Christmas to you, Aisha, and to all ponders. Take it easy with the chocolates. (Psssttt… no, don’t ! :-)))))
    With love.

  21. Hopi Elders Statement:
    “You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
    Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour! There is a river flowing very fast.
    It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.
    They will hold on to the shore.
    They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
    Know that the river has its destination.
    The elders say that we must let go of the shore,
    push off into the middle of the river,
    keep our eyes open,
    and our heads above the water.
    See who is in there with you and celebrate.
    At this time we are to take nothing personally,
    least of all, ourselves.
    For the moment that we do,
    our spiritual growth comes to a halt.
    The time of the lone wolf is over.
    Gather yourselves!”

    1. while reading about this river, I remembered my baptism dream – in the River by the shore and when I looked beneath, I saw serpents but they were not there to bother anyone – it was a vision of power and self renewal.

    2. Thank you A!
      I guess that’s what I’m doing. Holding on to the shore…
      My mother and my sister let me know yesterday they don’t want to see me and AH for Christmas, or anytime soon. I got really mad over this, really mad and upset.
      Now I just read you’re message and I understand I have been taking it personally. No one wants us for Christmas. My own kids are even abroad. Fine.
      I realize I have to stay in the river. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this pArt of the Hopi elders statement.
      All my love,

      1. We keep holding each other above the water line my dear, dear friend! I blew up last night, just broke down. My boyfriend has no idea what is happening with me. Its ok. No, its not ok. I have always tried to be sure every one around me is Ok… Even now, I want to call him and say ‘dont worry, I will snap out if it, etc.’ But, why do I always feel so responsible for everyone elses feelings?? I feel my own have been neglected. I mean even when I was quietly weeping for my fathers death, did Kelly hold me? no. Ok…well its Christmas so I wont go on about it. Its just a very tough one and I miss my Dad. The ones on the ‘other side’ – oh, i wish i was with all of them! JayJay – You and Anna have a truly warm, cozy, happy Christmas together!! Love you both, ~~A~~

        1. I am afraid because I dont know how to gather myself and I dont know who it is I am gathering. If this is part of the process…woah. I do feel a call to let go and be something else. That the me here is a hologram with a soul in it and the soul wants to be in something else… someplace else. Since this has never been done before, we sure have to be brave to let go of that shore. Maybe I will get a little gift while on the road. Clear, crisp sunny day here.

          1. Please take this to heart, Breeze. My wish for you this coming new year is to fully love YOURSELF. You are DIVINE. So many of us have difficulty accepting our own divinity. It’s so normal to feel this way during this process. I remember very clearly feeling the hesitation in letting go of the “old” me, for what would I “be” without the old? That was very scary territory for me to venture into. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Now is not the time to “snap out” of anything – keep releasing, keep squeezing through those last vestiges of your old clothes. You’re almost there! Your number one priority is YOU right now, and that is NOT selfish. Maybe selfish is not allowing yourself to drop all of the “yuck” and not allowing your FULL light to shine forth for all to benefit from, including those you feel responsible for? Love you!

            1. thank you Caroline. I hear you. When I shine, those close by usually run – unless they are also light workers. Most seem to want to keep hiding out so as much as I dont want to retreat, I dont want to stir anymore up right now. Been trying at this for a long time. Now is different. I already feel elsewhere and I dont know how to do ‘this’ anymore. I want to be much more full in the Light but it would be nice to be full with others and not just by myself. I am so exhausted at the moment yet I cant fall asleep so I came on the pond to float around awhile. I really just want to be held. Cant remember the last time I was just held. By another human that is. Love you back, A

        2. Thank You, A.
          Love you so much, please Be Yourself, Be true to Yourself. Listen to your heart.
          I too often have a wish to “go home”, but I also alway feel it’s my duty to stay here for some higher purpose.

      2. Perhaps you were JJ (holding on to the shore that is) and perhaps you were also holding out an olive branch too to see how it may be received… OK so it was not accepted. It’s a choice that suggests they are holding on to a shore also.

        It’s OK to get mad, really mad. It allows the energy to flow and release. So allow release for yourself ask SOL to help.

        Holding back locks it into the system and makes it more painful.

        Holding onto the shore does that too. It stays that way until the pain or fear of letting go of the shore feels less than the pain or fear of holding on.

        Your mum and sister will be in that pain now too. Not caused by you as society in general may have it I would add but by wanting things to be as they were rather than as they are. That’s OK. Everyone is allowed a choice.

        Any judgement of another expressed in the matter is a judgement by the ‘judge'(r) of themselves. May seem strange that but meditate on it and it is so.

        Float freely JJ, follow your hearts you and AH and be open to miracles… in any form. They await you always. ALL ways.

        Blessings to you and AH and Spheres Of Light are with you and your wider families for anyone can embrace these energies.


        1. Hello, Light Man!! Thank you for this response and for all your previous loving words for me and JJ. He and I are here reading the comments together (right now, I am the typist 🙂 ), and your and A’s replies have really touched him/us.

          Much love to you and Sue

          And to A and Special K…


  22. Thank you for your loving thoughts and words! I am awake! I am emotional, confused, tired and excited! Bless you and your precious gifts.

  23. Aisha cara,
    qui sopra hai così commentato: “We all need different “triggers” that will help to push us just that little bit further along on this journey.”
    E’ vero così, vincendo la mia ritrosia, esprimo quello che ho vissuto in questi giorni di “solstizio d’inverno”: forza, energia vitale elevatissima, serenità. Tutto questo riesco a trasmetterlo perfettamente alle persone con cui lavoro o che incontro e posso parlare loro della forza che hanno nel cuore per combattere tutto quello che li fa soffrire e li stimolo a dire che cosa vogliono per sé, per i loro figli e nipoti, per i loro parenti e amici.
    Quando dico queste cose insegno loro a mettere la mano sul cuore, a dire ad alta voce:
    “Io non sono d’accordo con queste schifezze, con l’inquinamento, con le guerre, con la cattiveria, con l’egoismo … etc etc etc
    Io voglio amore, dolcezza, salute etc etc etc” e spiego loro che 1+1+1+1+1+1+ ….. è uguale a 7 miliardi di Esseri Umani che nel loro cuore allontanano ciò che non vogliono e dichiarano quello che vogliono …..
    Questo gesto semplice è in realtà molto potente poiché ci unisce davvero tutti nel ONE!
    E ci libera da tutte le fissazioni di interpretare ciò che altre persone dicono o canalizzano, in modo pulito o sporco.
    La grandezza delle missive dei C.C. sta proprio nello spingerci DENTRO-IN noi lasciando perdere, non guardando, quello che altre persone fanno e dicono FUORI-OUT di noi!
    Un grande abbraccio sorridente e riconoscente. …:-) …

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