A short update on the energies

As these energies keep burrowing deeper and deeper into your very being, you may feel yourself at a loss to explain what is going on, but you will literally feel it in your very bones that something deeply transformative is indeed going down now. For you are changing dear ones, beyond recognition, for as you open yourself fully up to this influx of light, you will be as newborn again when this whole process is over and done with. Yes, there is indeed an end to this transformation process, and even if that end may seem far, far off at the moment, know that there will come a day in the not too distant future when you will draw a deep breath and just know that “this is it, now I am the one I came here to be”. And then, you will finally be able to look back over your shoulder and contemplate the whole arduous journey you have taken to get you to that final and full version of you.

We know that you will perhaps have a hard time even thinking about such a moment now, as we do know that many of you are still very much deep in the final throes of your own emergence, and so, this may seem no more than a distant dream. And rightly so, as these last and final gruelling contractions may seem to be more than you can bear. But you are made of strong stuff dear ones, and as we have told you again and again, nothing that happens now is happening because it is meant to break you down to just a heap of dust and bitter fragments. Everything that happens, does so for a reason, and that reason is simply this: to set you free from everything that has held you captive. And even if some of these events may seem to be nothing less than catastrophic to some of you, know that they have been set before you as a tool to aid you in this work of liberating yourself. Again, we can only stand by your side and give you all the tools and all the encouragement we have in order to aid you in this process, but all the rest is done by you and you alone, and you are more than capable of fulfilling this great feat of liberation. And by doing what you do, you are bringing the light not only within yourself, but on this whole planet and beyond, far above and beyond the old and crippling dense layer that has been poisoning mankind for such a long time.

In fact, you have already accomplished so much, the air is literally clean enough for you all to start to thrive just by taking a deep, deep breath of it. And now you have but a small but rather intense ways to go before not only the air, but your very being will feel as pure and light as driven snow. So again we say, know that all is well, and please do not forget to reach out to each other for support. Never be too shy to ask for assistance, and remember assistance cannot be given unless you ask for it yourself. So remember, you are surrounded  by so many, both in a human form and others, all standing ready and eager to come to your support, day and night, 24/7. So stay alert to any signs that you are closing yourself off from this help, for it is indeed imperative that you do not go off into the underbrush like a wounded animal to hide if you feel that this last stage of this liberation process is simply too much. The more you are able to open up and admit that you are struggling, the more light will be allowed to come to your aid. We are here, and so are so many of your brothers and sisters on both side of the veils, and we want nothing more than to give you all the help we can on this, the final stretch of your long, long journey home to YOU.

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  1. i finally made it to the bottom of the page.
    the honest truth is that was the nicest thing anyone has ever told me.
    not at all embarrassing. i don’t follow how it could be.
    The way you opened up a long and beautiful discussion and carried it forward far beyond my small contribution touched my heart.
    when i see that what i do spreads by what you do, which spreads out again and again from one to another and another, and sometimes it comes back to me.

    1. Dear Otmn, Thank You! sincerely for being so understanding. The long-term sometimes daily after-effects of a dark, traumatic babyhood experience, I think, have plagued me more than the initial event(s)+, almost.

      Now that I’ve been given the eyes to view it all from the I AM (thru your words)–knowing that I chose to have this experience–has freed me from self-judgment, shame and guilt opening to JOY&Love and delightful Freedom. I KNOW my experience in time will be used to help others in some way–I will gladly provide whatever I AM called upon to share.

      Thank you again, Dear, Dear Friend, for understanding and accepting a complex situation. Usually no one who has not been thru this experience can really see into the human emotional intricacies introduced at a too-early age–an age where I hadn’t yet developed the capacities for critical thinking, speech or even crawling/running away. (Maybe your Viet Nam war experience opened your Heart/understanding more so than others’) It’s been an extremely puzzling and yet fascinating ride… and I AM grateful.

      You are a most honorable and kind Man just as my husband is. I wouldn’t hurt either of you for the world. I continue to hold you&yours and your twin flame in my daily prayers.

      I “see” you completely void of all physical/emotional pain and taller than you’ve ever been before!! EnJOY!! 😉

      Sincerely with my deep Appreciation and Love, xo Lin

      1. Dear Lin – my brave, loving and boldly struggling sister. Thanks for letting me take part of your story and meeting with Otmn. My heart rejoices in the joy of what is happening to you both and the healing that occurs across all borders.

        I bow in gratefulness and bliss!

        Love and respect,

        B to B

        1. Love & Respect right back to you, Dear B. Work on getting well and ejecting that flu bug that’s been bothering you.
          xo Lin 🙂

          1. I note that you repeat this a couple of times, I suppose of thoughtfulness;) but I also am curious what you mean. Have you any concrete advice on how I could do? I really do not know what I can do other than to generally take care of me, drinking a lot, sleep, walk in nature to affirm that the it releases and deep breathing. Today it seems that it begins again … No antibiotics are given for this. This is actually a problem I’ve had all my life and I want to leave now.


            B to B

            1. Oh, I didn’t know this was an ongoing life problem–off and on–for you, B. I won’t encourage you anymore about this flu bug or even ask you about it; I’ll just continue to hold you in Golden White Light and wait for you to tell us when you’re completely well again.

              And, no, I wasn’t repeating my message out of thoughtfulness; I was actually very concerned about you. Probably because of what my husband and I have been experiencing. I’ve NEVER had any flu/cold bug this powerful or this long-lasting before… and really became quite concerned/frightened a couple of days before we received antibiotics. I (not my husband) was really, REALLY totally “out of it,” and it’s been testing me in all sorts of ways. Perhaps mine is Ascension flu; I don’t know. But it’s the first time I’ve taken Western medicine since I had surgery over 25 years ago. I know probiotics/yoghurt/etc. will need to follow to heal our gut flora after we’re thru with antibiotics. I listened to my Intuition on antibiotics.

              EnJOY your Christmas with your family/grandchildren–singing and all sorts of FUN. Will be thinking of you with Love, xo Lin

              1. I admit I was a bit annoyed Lin, but it was probably mostly because I understood your reminders, or concern, as if there was something I should understand – and did not. Apologies!

                Sometimes wonder if it was the severe Asian flu in my youth that have caused my flu problem through life. Who knows?

                Here the doctors are very restrictive regarding antibiotics and with my symptoms, it is usually virus, I have learned.

                Lin – I want you to know that I am very grateful for feeling your Golden White Light around me – I really need that! I send you my light too my dear friend.

                Thanks for your good wishes. I wish you and your husband a nice Christmas too – though I do not leave the blog until Monday afternoon;)

                Big hug and lots of love!

                B to B

                1. P.S. B: I always like the direct approach–complete Honesty. Thank you, B, for that–now and in the future. Keeps the air clean and pure. 🙂 xo

    1. Oh, God, Breeze. There you go again! First, let me say that airbnb has very special meaning to me. (I am laughing hysterically right now, because I opened this link, and I was like, WTF is this???!!) And then I saw that I was to experience this wonderful video, which is, as you labeled it, a “gift.” I am so grateful.

      And you use the word trust in your comment here. After I watched the O Come, Emmanuel video, I went back outside to “be” with the feeling I was having. I suddenly yelled at myself. “What in blue blazes do you think you are doing roaming the night in a foreign country, you idiot?!” And I realized that I often put myself thoughtlessly into potentially dangerous situations like that. BUT this was quickly followed by the revelation that not once have I ever been harmed during such a moment. Never. The harm has always come when I am in what should have been a safe environment with someone I should have been able to trust. And this is the core of the very issue I was calling out to you for help with! So thanks once more.

      I just love how this works…

      May the energies you (and others) are experiencing be to your highest good.

      I keep reading Philip’s closing “in stillness” instead of his usual “joyfully” and I am hoping this is a good thing for him. I have no idea why I am even putting that in this comment, other than I find that reading everyone’s comments is making me feel a bit like I need to label what my particular state of being is at the moment. Like Caroline said, we are each experiencing this in our individual ways (thank you, Caroline and Terri for the exchange), and as you said here, I am just going to trust that whatever is going on with me is as it should be.

      Blah… these words are so “fumbly” lately. I have nearly lost whatever powers of communication I used to have. Not necessarily a bad thing, I know. Can surely be frustrating in the transition times.

      Ok. Whatever. I am giggling at my own inability to even form a coherent sentence. So ciao for now.

      🙂 AH

      1. Dear Anna Helen!

        I just want to say that I am thinking of you and hope that everything is so good it can possibly bee after your giant step in life, both physically and spiritually / emotionally. Hope you can allow yourself to realize this and just allow everything to fall into place as you go. Have a feeling that you are very ambitious;) The energies of the country you come to are not the ones you’re used to – oh my God – is there anything at all that is usual? I mean – everything is very exceptional for all of us, and yet we will of course exist in this existence.

        Yes – this you know that all too well already – I just felt the need to say it, and that you are in my thoughts.

        Now I’ll go and pick up my new glasses. Next time it will be surgery of cataract, which accelerated last year. But I have set the intention that it will disappear with the veil that we will all get rid of ;)))

        Love to you as well as JJ!


        PS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9BtTrZdft8

        (don´t ask me why I choosed this one…) DS

    2. You are not alone Areeza,
      the some here. Waking up at night with a body so painful…At least it come to me too finally. So I can be sure I’m together with all others. I’m not hungry and sleeping just a little. However I’m not tired…Many people going through the same so I’m not scared. And yes – happy like you.
      Hugs to you take care

      1. xxoo !! I have so much to say – will look at new CC report and do my best to put into words my wonderful sleep/dream. wonderful one for a change!

    1. It is just after 3am here. I was just wandering around outside and thinking “Breeze, Breeze, help me, I need you.” I come back inside and find this. Thank you for bringing me back to my essence.

      1. I saw you watcing and listening my dear, dear sister/friend right after I posted it 🙂
        Hope at this moment u are feeling engulfed in sparkling light XOA

  2. Honestly, I have not felt incoming energy this strong since last January. Sun of Blue described it perfectly. A very intense – yet refined energy is moving through my crown, up from the earth through my feet and flowing through my heart space. The intensity has been picking up speed over the past few hours, and I sometimes have to catch my breath. Stay calm, surrender into the energy, drink lots of water and rest. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring………Godspeed everyone. Something special is beginning to take place. Enjoy the ride, if you can. It’s one heck of an experience. But that’s what we came here for, right? Riding the wave of love………
    As always, much love and respect,

    1. Yes, I am feeling the same thing and it was at peak intense level for me about 1/2 hr ago, now it is settling again but still very stimulating. It is moving all over though… not just stuck in my crown or heart chakra as in times past. I am in Joy that we are feeling this Caroline! total Joy! And I had my Sun Dog confirmation that kicked it into action – I actually clapped my hands in the car when I saw it like a little kid at Christmas over joyed with the most precious gift 🙂 Ah…. see what I said about ‘wave’ above. Big smiling Areeza

  3. singing and sleeping a lot here too Sun ! My plan is same for this weekend – its gonna be a great weekend too with these energies. I feel so much energy right now, I want to do something with it. My Mom is in the hospital I found out a short time ago. I am sending her all I can and wish we were close so I could be with her in person. I am so good at turning her frantic energy around. But, yes the flow of this energy is awesome! xxx ooo AAA

  4. o o o o ! I asked for a gift – in the sky – yesterday – to cheer me up – and to confirm that I was in fact accomplishing what I feel I Am – I specifically asked for a Sun Dog. Today…. I leave the Bank and what is in the sky ?! YES! This time to the ‘right’ of the Sun… last two were to the left. God Loves Me/US 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hello everyone!
    I have shaking going on inside me like a train moving from my feet right through the top of my head. Up and down the body all morning. Hands shaking , typing is hard, thinking is hard, spelling….yikes.

    What I am really noticing myself today is this ear ringing. Sensitive some days to outside sounds because this blasted ringing never stops. I was reading and all of a sudden BOTH ears began popping. It was so awesome! Usually left ear is buzzing at a high frequency all the time, occasionally gets very loud and begins pulsing on me at different times. This has been going on with me since last November.

    When I noticed the popping, it stopped. )):

    I am finally hungry at 2:30 in the afternoon again. Can’t think of one thing I want to eat but tummy says to do something.

    Dogs are comatose around here today, like all were out exploring all night last night. Snoring fills the air with flute music in the background. Contentment…..

    There is a calmness a quietness in the air today. I saw the most beautiful sunrise filled with peach pastels tones and blues. The moon was still out watching the sunrise with me.

    15 miles down the road in Sedona, my hubby shared that it is unusually and eerily quiet in town there today. He said, get this:

    “Felt like Sedona was on Hold.” (Socks just blew off my feet folks!)
    This tells me HE is feeling something!

    Darn if this the most exciting thing! Giddy Up! WHOO HOO!
    Nice to know that I have not completely lost my mind! Love you all!

    Love, Terri

    1. You haven’t lost your mind, Terri. You’ve just found your sanity! Embrace it, and Enjoy the ride…..Respectfully, Caroline

      1. Caroline, I was just thinking of u because u do ‘know’ these energies we are dancing with~! Wanted to share with everyone today that upon going to bed last night, I was instantly moving my body in a ‘wave’… on my back with my butt pressed down, then feet and head pressed down, back to middle, etc. making a wave motion. Felt wonderful and freeing. I thought of Dolphin Brain Repatterning: Dolphin Brain Repattering (DBR) was originally founded by Moshe Feldenkrais, and was greatly expanded by the Pleiadians. DBR refers to anything that has reference to neurological, muscular body, and the nervous system. The main focus is on the motor cortex of the brain. Our body systems are in constant communication with each other and this determines a person’s overall health. The main objective of DBR is to free the skeletal system of holding patterns that inhibit you from being spontaneous and free and moving without pain. Also this allows Cerebrospinal fluid that is made in the brain to flow throughout your nervious system and allow you to enhance the electrical stimuli of your brain. DBR is a hands-on healing practice which should only be attended by people who have done FSP1 and who have very strong touch sensitivity in their hands.
        from: http://www.amorahquanyin.com/trainings.html#DBRT
        >>I used this intuitively yrs ago when I had Lymes as well and for last night it was just perfect to complete my release.<<

        1. Trusting our intuition is KEY from this point forward. Although we will share similar experiences with the energy, our bodies are still wired differently depending on our genetic makeup, and what we planned to “do” here in this incarnation. In my case, the central nervous system gets highly overstimulated. I’ve found that lots of bodywork, including muscle release therapy to peel away the cell memory layers and patterns stuck in my physical structures and cranial sacral therapy have helped tremendously. My body “accepts” the energy smoothly now. Been doing this for years and years and years. IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) helped so much, too, to get rid of energetic fear patterns in my energetic signature. If any of you can find a good IET practitioner, I highly recommend utilizing this form of healing.

          Also, I’ve found that trying to stick to the “no sugar, no wheat, no alcohol and no caffeine” regimen that I’m sure most of us here adhere by doesn’t always work. My body knows when it needs something and tells me right away. Never wants the wheat or alcohol, but sugar and caffeine are sometimes necessary for me. Remember, we are all different and I’m not recommending any changes in diet – I’m saying “listen” to your own unique body needs. I’ve also put on a solid 10 pounds (not sure what that is in kilos) over the past year. Extra fat cells are not necessarily a bad thing during the physical transformation stages. There have been days where all I have craved is lactose-free milk. And then back to small amounts of chicken protein.

          And for anyone who finds the energy literally shoving them out of their physical bodies, make sure you are familiar with grounding techniques. It took me about two months to get back and anchored fully in my body last year. Was a not-so-nice experience. Don’t recommend it!

          That being said, I have some dark chocolate waiting for me!
          Good luck everyone – and again, try to enjoy the ride!

      1. Breeze,
        I jump out of bed every morning to look for The City of Light!!! (:
        I want to be the first to let you all know that it has arrived!
        No worries dear, I can’t wait and imagine all the time what it will look like and how it will feel. I wonder if I will have a new job when it has arrived! Far Out (tee hee hee)

        Hugs Breeze,

  6. Sun_of_blue!

    A big smile spread across my face and my heart gets warm when I read your message. Man – you’re the boss!

    I just love you Sun!

    B to B

  7. Greetings Love Beings,WOW Exciting High Frequency Energies Incoming~ We are Already beginning to feel the Solstice Energies, Coming In Like Waves of Intensity! AS Intense Electrical Currents throughout the body!!! …. and they have only just begun, more arriving! An Incoming Wave of the Most Light this Planet has Ever Experienced is Arriving! The Astrological Chart for December 21st, the clear Message was EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Anything could Happen, TRULY! Love is Going to Explode Across Planet Earth=Heart! WOOHOO!
    Quoted from Caroline Aguiar ….” My sole intent for the words you read here are to encourage others as we move forwards together during this time of ascension, and wondrous occurrences everywhere.

    I feel urged to write about it because I’m so sure, without the slightest sliver of doubt what is transpiring within all of us, is coming to a boiling point, like a volcano waiting to explode. This friends, is a volcano of love, and indeed it’s ready to explode…… BREATHE”


    1. May I add that the word “expectation” has come to me so many times yesterday and today. It came up for a msg for someone here too. And now here… and for me it is for my own growth not to ‘expect’ things from others as that has caused me great harm in the past. Love with hugs to all!

  8. Holy crap,
    I think I need a ascension advisor (lol, and I’m serious). Not the first time I’ve said this, but I am just over over over it. Tired, angry at nothing, achey, food and sound sensitive. And now given ‘spiritual insight’ that just has me right down mad. What does this process require of us-me, cut off the arms and legs in trust that they will all grow back when needed. In the mean time thrash about and hope its going like it should.
    I just want to stew in my anger and eat lots of sugar (not at all good for my body, causes inflammation sometimes pain etc).
    I am listening to everyone, you are all such brave beautiful souls. And I think it’s time we get to live in pure joy every single moment of every single day.
    Grrrrrrrr, off to stamp about and pout
    (Lol, jeeeeeezzzz) mad mad mad
    111 my time

    1. go ahead and be mad! get it out! stomp around! Its OK!
      Do what u need to to release my dear sister friend. Pure Joy Every Single Minute – it IS your intent and mine along with you! double strength intent!! xxx ooo ooo

    2. Veronica –
      Personally, I resonate with the work of Inelia Benz and Lucia Rene. They are adepts in the ascension process and very dynamic women. You may want to check out some of their “free” material online. And keep reading here, for the best teachers are those that teach by experience and example from their own vulnerability.
      Love to you,

  9. On the run this morning…. I felt ‘sparks of light’ going in all directions off of me – they were going to anyplace on Earth that needed “a fireworks of light raining down!” how cool.

    1. Love that “sparkly” feeling, A, but it may (or not) get more intense for you as your body adjusts to holding more Light. There are times when it can feel like lightning – that’s when I look like the bride of Frankenstein! Sparkling back at you with love! 🙂

  10. Gosh! Is Garrison Keillor from the Writers Almanac tuned into us or what!? Even mentions “The Tree Of Life” – ref. Alex’s post link.
    here is todays Poem:

    The Meeting
    by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    After so long an absence
    At last we meet again:
    Does the meeting give us pleasure,
    Or does it give us pain?

    The tree of life has been shaken,
    And but few of us linger now,
    Like the Prophet’s two or three berries
    In the top of the uttermost bough.

    We cordially greet each other
    In the old, familiar tone;
    And we think, though we do not say it,
    How old and gray he is grown!

    We speak of a Merry Christmas
    And many a Happy New Year
    But each in his heart is thinking
    Of those that are not here.

    We speak of friends and their fortunes,
    And of what they did and said,
    Till the dead alone seem living,
    And the living alone seem dead.

    And at last we hardly distinguish
    Between the ghosts and the guests;
    And a mist and shadow of sadness
    Steals over our merriest jests.

  11. “no
not wrong at all, you are having an experience.
experiences are opportunities for learning and growth.
bless them
experiences is why we volunteered to wear one of these meat sacks,
for better or for worse, in the first place.
life was never meant to be a happy time all the time in our era 
nor any other before ours.

    only problems challenge us to adapt 
and you most absolutely need to touch the soil.
remember yourself

    Hey, Otmn… I don’t know what it is, but when you “speak,” I ABSOLUTELY GET IT! sometimes eventually, but always from you on any topic–along with others here. It happened with Kryon/Akashic Memory, etc. I’ve been saying it all along to myself, “We’re Spiritual BEings having a human experience.” I don’t know who to credit that little gem with, but I Bless them.

    That said, I could fill pages here with all the bad experiences I’ve had, the pretenses/masks I’ve displayed/worn, etc. What you said above earlier, opened me/my Heart up forever to ME, MY I AM. I’ve nothing more to hide or even reveal as it’s nothing now–I AM Pure&Clean, like a new babe.. they’re prized experiences now under my belt to carry into my I AMness after the Shift and into my personal role of the healing of Mother and the unawakened.

    Because of my history of incest beginning at 4 months old–with proof–I’ve always “played” naive and cutesy/pleasantly smiling while maneuvering myself physically away when men/bosses at work/etc. openly came onto me (I was pretty with a good figure), while cringing inside at the slimy-ness of the situation. I didn’t know how to stand up for myself openly and firmly. I usually had a boyfriend so outside of work, I mostly wasn’t bothered.

    I have to tell you (if you don’t mind)… and I am not flirting with you as I am married to a lovely Man, but if I were not married, I would fly up to Oregon with an agenda to meet you (even knowing you&your twin flame will be together soon)!! I had told you once innocently you’re quite a Man at a low point in your life here at Aisha’s–and I meant it. Then you responded playfully about the bridge and caught me unawares. I am letting the Light shine on this situation. I have my own set of Integrity rules, and I work hard to abide them. I must have known you from another lifetime, as the connection runs inexplicably deep–I FEEL it. I want ONLY THE VERY BEST for you&yours in this Now time, and I actively pray for that. When I respond to you now and in the future, it’s from that innocent, deeper place. I think it’s just… the pure JOY of knowing you, if only in virtual reality.

    I hope I haven’t embarrassed you, dear O–or anyone else here! 🙂 You’re such a kind Man with a huge, Golden Heart sheltered by a rough&tough exterior from all you’ve walked thru in this lifetime. You are Loved and Treasured by me, by us all. Thank you for you. xo, Lin

    Do I have the nerve to post this?… yep.

      1. Thanx, B. Thank you for your Love and Understanding.
        Both my husband and I have always said, “We’re married, but we’re not dead.” We simply choose to not act on our feelings (of appreciation!) towards others.

        Going thru almost 6 years of weekly sessions of EMDR taught me a lot, mostly about myself… and that traumas, addressed or not, usually from that date on, will provide thru our bodies/our cell memories, triggers of feelings. It’s our choice whether or not we act on them. I guess I feel so JOYFULLY free of all that now, as I am not one who can easily hide mine. My body might still have the triggers until the Shift occurs, but they’re simply human feelings from a human experience, not my I AM. Btw, I never acted on those feelings, out of sheer strength of Will and fear of the Catholic God, at that time. 🙂

        Having experienced sex at such an early age and continuing, my triggers of that nature are different, probably more sensitive (and confusing still) than those of one who experienced sex at the more common later teenage years. I know I’m saying all this badly, not eloquently at all… if there is even an eloquent way to say something such as this.

        Anyway, hubs and I are off to the doctor to get antibiotics for a bacterial infection… why this damn illness has lasted so long; a gift he brought back from Florida. I don’t usually EVER take western medicine, but there is a time and a place, and this is it!! 🙂

        Thank you, Dear O… for the avenue to FREEDOM. And, my Blessed B, just for being you.

        Much Love from the new me, my I AM… xo Lin 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Hey Lin – I make my own Colloidal Silver (u can get it at health food stores). Take it daily for maintenance. when sick can take it three or more times per day. It will kick out virus/bacteria/etc. I even keep some in a jar @ my desk. I dont take antibiotics. Silver will keep your immune system strong and only ‘starves’ the nasties from getting oxygen so they die off and leave the good stuff.
          Hope u feel better soon ! XOA

          1. Dearest Breezie… I wish I had spoken up earlier here, but this darn illness got to the point where it scared me/wore me down so much to the point I’m now taking antibiotics! My hubby is more robust, so he’s done much better, however, we’re both on a round of these pills. After all done and also done with added probiotics to correct the gut flora, then I’ll start with the colloidal silver.

            Thank you sincerely, Breezie, for your kind help and your ever-ready depth of knowledge (plus link). Here I had/have access to this wonderful blog and a mine of information, and I truly didn’t even think to ask for help before. How darn silly is that?!

            With Much Love to You, A… xo, Lin

        2. Today I have no problem with what happened before in my life. I’ve processed, accepted and forgiven myself and others. Why I choose to tell my story is partly that others can recognize themselves and partly because I know that memories can also sit deep in the cell memory and I want to do everything I can to clear out the remaining remnants now.

          Speaking of infection – my flu is in its 8th week now – not so much sniffles now but still …

          Hope you get rid of your germs. Sometimes it can actually works with western medicine 🙂

          Much love,

          B to B

          1. Dearest B to B… Thank you for sharing your story (I’ve read each posting, and I’d probably lovingly “blame” you 🙂 for my message to Otmn). Was just going to accept my gift of Freedom, but then was inspired by you (if you can call a revelation such as that as inspired) to take my gift further. B, I FEEL so gorgeously FREE and CLEAN–truly so. And I feel like the I AM in a human body with good and so-called bad 3D experience knowledge with seemingly unending tagged-on after effects for each experience. I know there’s a use for all this painful info we’ve all accumulated… it’s not apparent yet.

            HI-HO to all of us. omg. I feel like flying. We’re truly Blessed.
            With all my Love, Dear B. xo, Lin

            DO WHATEVER YOU MUST DO TO CLEAR THE 8-WEEK FLU FROM YOUR SYSTEM. I want to be standing next to you at lift-off!!
            Continuing to hold you in Golden White Light. BE well, B.

            1. Thanks my dearest lovely, joyfully and FREED friend!

              As a matter of fact I don´t understand what made you spread out your wings and fly – and I really don´t care either 😉 I am so glad for your happiness. Hahahahaa – you know – I am so tired now – have baked cakes to my children – but I wound´t be surprised if you and Otmn came hovering above my head in the big-energy-wave-time that Breeze talked about.

              OMG – I don´t even understand english any longer….

              Fly in freedom my friend!

              Love you as always,

              B to B

              1. I AM FLYING, B to B. It’s absolutely lovely. I just hope my Freedom isn’t at the expense of embarrassing Otmn. Just to clarify, my expression of Freedom is from my point of view only and one-sided. Dear Otmn’s just a poor bystander who got in the way of one of my triggers associated with an experience. I have no control over any unbidden feeling triggers–just my behavior; I didn’t understand the triggers for so long that would just pop up now and again… now I do. They’re normal for someone/a human being who experienced what my 3D personality did. Period. 🙂

                I’ve been so fortunate to receive alternative healing over the years, even like what Caroline has expressed below. My central nervous system is super sensitive so that has made my healing path to the I AM a little different from most everybody else’s, I think.

                I AM so grateful, so Blessed. My Great God, it feels lovely to view the human experience from the other side, the I AM side, while flying
                free. I AM grateful to you, B. I, too, don’t know what detail in your story made me fly free, but I AM glad it was from you. Thanx for laughing with me–even at me–cause it just doesn’t matter any more. I completed what I came to do. wow. I pat my own back–with the wings! 😉

                Blessings to you all here and special thanx to Aisha&CCs… I was/am always asking for help from the CCs… always with Great Gratitude.

                Most sincerely, with Love, xo Lin

                1. Lin!!! I am so grateful that something in my story meant something for you. It warms my heart – really!!! You never know what you say that can touch another. I have also released blinders, shame and guilt regarding my choices and experiences in life because I realize that we are all one and by telling our stories so we open up to each other.

                  I never laugh AT YOU (will never ever do that my dear friend!!!) but WITH you. You elicited a laugh attack with me that I really needed :)))

                  Now I will remember to breath DEEPLY for a while so my lungs will recover from my flu.

                  Blessings to you and every other souls here!


                  B to B

                  1. Always glad to be of service in the laugh-attack department, my dear Friend! 😉

                    Do take care of that flu bug now. Make it go away quickly. Hubby&I are feeling so much better already on the round of antibiotics–we’re laughing it up and playing again. Didn’t want to take them, but now glad.

                    Bundle up, rest, drink hot beverages, etc. Thinking of you with Love,
                    xo, Lin

                    P.S… like Anna Helen, I AM being called to be quiet for awhile and enJOY taking in all the lovely Energies of rebirth. Do get well soon, Dear B!

  12. Dear brothers and sisters! I sit here overwhelmed after reading through all of your latest comments. What a powerful experience this is, to be able to witness as you one by one bring your trolls out into the light. And just like those mythical Trolls from the Norse sagas, these seemingly invincible, dark creatures that have held you captive simply implode and lose their power over you as soon as you expose them to the light. For no matter how many of those trolls you have carried inside, no matter how much pain and trauma they represent, they are not YOU. They are simply an experience, and even if this experience has left you deeply scarred, the very fact that you expose it to the light will give you a chance to heal completely.

    My sister once said “how can something I am hiding inside of me be bigger than me?”, and that is so true. For no matter how big your troll is, it is nothing compared to YOU. And now, I watch in awe as one by one, you are all starting to step into the real you, that incredible, shining, powerful, sovereign being you really are. Thank you for giving me the gift of witnessing your emergence, it is such a magnificent gift you are giving, not only to yourself, but to All of creation.

    With eternal gratitude and love, Aisha

    1. Thank you my sister in Light and Love for Being My Witness!! It is like old stories we dont need anymore – we told them one last time to bring them ‘to light’. And you made me see a visualization of it being written on paper and then simply tossed to the light to burn up. Powerful and Freeing. Love you much ~Enjoy these even fuller breaths of freedom! Areeza

    2. i just saw a video (from the ‘love police’) with a comment that researchers have found that a virus is not really alive… this, to me, made some bells ring 🙂
      indeed, i notice that true aliveness is not expressed by a virus, but rather the opposite; the expression of resistance, or a pointer to that which is resisting aliveness.

      it’s like, when one chooses to resist, in some way, what is already present, a vacuum is created… which is like a portal to or of “darkness”… and through this portal, expressions such as a virus (or trolls as you name it here) can come forward, merely to point out to the consciousness that the vacuum is there.

  13. I am about to loose my patience, if I ever had some.
    Asking for help? I could have needed help then
    in the dark, dirty 90 ties, when I prayed to the forces
    of light to show me a sign. These days, right before consumerism
    christmas turns over into holiday with the family of rapers,
    I have to become what I once was. Whatever that is.
    All I get is words and promises of all is well with the rain forest.
    all is well in Fukushima, all is well in Aleppo.


    1. giggle
      christmas and santa are all about corporate greed.
      I try my best to ignore it. I know, no chance, but I got my dog a little stuffed animal only a little santa.
      She chewed it up and spread it’s stuffing all over the place.
      That was so fun, I guess, I’ll go back to the dollar store and get a few more.

  14. i told you before, already it will not stop
    somebody better come out and play with me soon
    or i’ll beat you up, as soon as i can stand up out of this wheelchair

    1. thank u so much Alex!! I feel the ‘corterization’ of the end of many of my storylines this morning. That would sum it up – as I was trying to understand it. The gunk I released yesterday, I would not be able to reference inside myself today. If I were to go back and read anything I said yesterday, it would be like ‘a’ story and that is all. When we would die (in the past) we would have a life review. We are doing this now while alive and doing so much more than just the review. The word ‘dissonance’ really stood out for me in what you sent here — and how what does not match our new blueprint is going bye bye — only what matches our true authentic Beings will have ‘Resonance/Residence’ now.
      Glory Be To All, A

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