The manuscript of survival – part 380

As you have noticed, the frequencies that are buffeting you now are indeed a far cry from the ones you have been bathing in for quite a long time now, and rightly so, as these last few days a whole new set of energetic encodings have transformed the very atmosphere around you. And, as usual, with these new encodings comes a whole host of energetic reactions, both on the physical but also on the mental levels. And for many of you, these new currents have literally dislodged the very deepest residue that your cellular memory has kept hidden from you, forever it seems. And now, you may be struggling to cope with all of this flotsam that is suddenly paraded in front of you, and you may find yourself seemingly slipping under the surface, unable to even breathe. So let us take this opportunity to remind you all that this whole process is not about breaking you down, rather, it is all about breaking away any and all of the old incrustations that have kept your soul trapped within for such a long time, and even if this breaking apart of this hard shell or carapace that has been constricting your very soul may feel almost unbearably painful, it is indeed imperative that you go through this process. And please trust us when we say that the very reason so many of you are experiencing this at this very moment, is because you are finally ready to do so. Remember, what we refer to is a pain that goes so deep, your own body has done all it can to hide it from you, so that you could literally survive this far in the first place. For there are limits to what a fragile human can endure, and so your trusted companion, your physical body, has taken upon itself to protect that fragile inner child in any way it can.

For it has acted as your custodian in this process, and so, it has removed the most painful of memories in a way that has made them tolerable to most of you, and as such, you have been able to come this far. But now, you have all grown so much in stature if you will, that you are finally able to take it all on, and so your body is, perhaps somewhat reluctantly at first, letting go of all of these hard begotten shards of information that it has done its best to encapsulate deep within your very tissue. And so, they can suddenly appear before you in extreme detail, and for many, this will come as a shock to their whole system. For you may have forgotten so much of it, or perhaps you thought you had processed it all already, but there are still some remnants, and in some cases, large swathes of “forbidden territory” that suddenly open up before you. For your own bodies have restricted your access to these places before, and rightly so, for if you had ventured too far within these darkened rooms earlier on, you wold have stood a great chance of getting lost here. But not any more. For now, you have the light by your side, and as such, there is not one single darkened room within any of you that can trap you in its grip. For you all carry so much light now, it will light up even the deepest recesses of your very being, and so, nothing can hold you back from finally entering those parts of you that you have not been able to reach before.

This may sound like an unbearable ordeal, for if there is one thing that is uppermost in anyone’s mind, it is to lessen the impact of anything that is painful. But trust us when we say, that even if this process may feel unbearably painful at the onset, it will very quickly turn into such a haven of release and relief, it will leave you all literally refreshed and reborn. For this is what this is all about, finding that courage within that will allow you to open that final door, the one that has been marked with a huge warning sign, and so, has been carefully avoided forever. But now, nothing can stop you from entering this room, for the deeper this cavern is, and the more horrendous memories it contains, the greater the power you will unleash within yourself. For this is a veritable powerhouse dear ones, and the deeper your wounds go, the stronger the current of healing light will be. And as you take a deep breath and dare yourself to finally wrestle open that door and step across the threshold, the wind in your back will increase as a veritable storm of light follows you into that chamber and literally blows all of those dark memories out into the open. And when they become exposed to the light, they finally lose any capacity they ever had of holding you down. For then, they become as if weightless, and you are finally released of that burden you have carried with you – in this life, and in all of the lives that came before this.

Remember, your physical body is capable of carrying memories implanted within your cellular structure from way back, long before this current physical body ever came into existence, and as such, you can all carry so much baggage with you that now will come up to be released. But as you have already opened yourself to the light, the light will help you to finally face whatever it is you have to face in order to become free at last. And even if the light within you is more than powerful enough to wash away any and all traces of dirt and grime that has accumulated in this, your very own chamber of horrors, it is also important not to close the door to any light that will offer to assist you from the outside. For All of creation stand poised to offer their assistance in this last and oh so crucial process of removing any old shackles on your soul. And so we ask you all to ask for assistance, and it will indeed come in all shapes and forms, from your fellow men, from your animal companions, from Mother Earth herself, and indeed from so many not in a physical body. We are all here for you, and we stand ready to embrace you in our loving arms and help you to find your balance again. For removing what in some instances can be large chunks of dark matter, will take its toll on you all, and so, it is important to remember that even if you are the only one who can decide whether or not to open that inner chamber and expose it to the light, you have so many standing by your side, ready to add their light to yours in order to get this painful process over and done with in the shortest of time spans.

So again we say, do not fear dear ones, for even if you are in the middle of these painful throes of remembrance, they have come up because you have allowed your own strength to carry you through this ordeal. But you need not face it alone, in fact, we advice you not to face it alone, for the light is here, in full force, ready to lend a hand and steady your heart as you finally step across and into that inner sanctum. And when you come back out from that inner chamber again, you do so as the victorious one, the one that has finally conquered the very last bit of embattled territory within. And then, you will go in peace, for then, the light will give you all the peace and inner strength you need to embark upon that final unfolding of the true you.

180 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 380

  1. wll some one pppplllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese eeeeeeeeeese seeeeeeeeee

    ch chc ch chc hhcc ch chc hc cchh cchchc ch ch

    opps ooooo

    thow me the ball rrrrrrrr

    pant pant pant

    1. Are you ready? Here it comes … catch!!!

      You are “most valuable player,” and don’t ever think otherwise. 🙂

  2. Was away up in northern Romania, for a human rights situation.
    It’s painful to see how these battles are still very much tried here. This makes all the chaos we read about in various places very real. I just came back from one such incredible chaos.
    Feeling calm now, and yes, anticipation. The days ahead feel very busy energy wise 🙂
    So, take it from one that actually has to “fluctuate” between amazing inner knowing and calm to crazy outer circumstances and seeming chaos.
    We are changing so much, so fast now ! And underneath apparent crud is so much beauty. From what I just witnessed, all this hardship in some areas is really helping people come together in solidarity.
    and Love ! I witnessed a lot of LOVE there, I felt it.

    Much much Love to all, and a bunch of Bubbles of Joy 🙂

    1. wow. Thank You! for sharing this information, Brianna. I cannot imagine what your eyeballs saw and your body experienced energetically. In Truth, I don’t want to–I would not be good in any kind of violence, physical or otherwise; I refuse to even watch it on tv or at the movies. However, with my back pushed against a wall for Loved ones/myself, little ones or the underdog, I would be a fierce fighter–even to the death–without fear. I KNOW this.

      That said, knowing of this heartache, I will focus even more Love&Light and your kinds of Bubbles of JOY to all of Mother and Her inhabitants, including animals, plants, etc.

      God Bless You&Yours, Bri. Much Love to You, xo Lin

      1. Thank you Lin.
        Yes there is a lot of violence there. I did not want to bring up that aspect. And, sometimes I have a hard time to remain “detached”.

        But it is so much what we hear about. Did you see Tom Kenyon’s latest on chaotic nodes. Phew.

        Lovely blessing. In the past months I took to ask for blessings for all habitants of Gaia, Human, Animal, Plants, Minerals, Air and Water.
        Every night, before sleep 🙂
        Lots of Love and, of course Bubbles of Joy 🙂

  3. Dedicated to everyone here, everyone else, everybody, all the beings we cannot perceive with our senses, the wildlife, the ocean life, the entire Nature realm with all her inhabitants… Gaia… Sun… I hope we all get healed soon… Love and hugs

    “Beside you”

    Thank you everyone for being there… it’s comforting to know there are beautiful, sensitive, empathic and caring people around the world that comprehend through heart, ‘cos this would be even more difficult without you, it’d be so lonely… sharing your feelings and wanting, seeking for better. Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for this Rivv ! it really touched me that you mentioned the entirety of nature & All Mother’s creatures, even the ones we cannot perceive !…Really ‘Beautiful’ !….just as this Sea Dragon…a perfect example of one of Mother’s precious treasures & I so LOve them !…See how wonderfully harmonious they fit into their natural surroundings !…This one is a male carrying eggs…did you See them ? & did you know that they are part of the Sea Horse family & One of their common features is that the eggs are brooded by the male. The female deposits her eggs in a special pouch or brood patch on the male’s body, and the male then fertilizes the eggs. The male broods the eggs to maturity and then releases them into the water whereupon they are completely independent of their parents….so you See their whole existence is based on ‘Harmony’ & non-dependent Freedom ! I always say we can learn so much from the true wonders that exist in nature & are often unseen, under-rated & under-valued….may nature’s harmony fill your heart today my friend !…..Love, Bev~

    2. did you see that the field of poppies in the video are opium poppies?
      I grow a few myself. As it turns out, my mother and grandmother were growing them for a long time before I was born, they just didn’t know what they are.
      crush the dry pods and make some tea, mild and soothing, in a tea.
      pain management has been my main focus for a long time. I see them for sale openly all over, under the name “Asian poppy”

  4. Nausia this morning was terrible. Sleep last night patchy at best. Hubby again shut me down while I was trying to gently talk with him about things he doesn’t believe in. We aren’t speaking this morning.

    Cancer dog MulDoone looks like he has aged 10 years overnight, something has shifted and he required me to hand feed him, then, half heartedly chewed a raw beef bone. Argument was not a home last night but silence between us, MulDoone would pick up on, all dogs trying to be as small as possible. (I quit trying to enlighten hubby last night, done, on his own). I feel so guilty and the dogs are upset.

    Employee no call no show auto tech for 3 weeks told us when he finally answered our phone calls, he is moving back to Chicago. Relief on our part and total disrespect shown towards us and other guys carrying the load. Tech held out until he got his $500.00 Bonus check. Good Riddins!

    Both 30 year old sons, 3 plus year relationships ended recently, ladies want to see other men so no marriages or grandkids in 2014. ): This appears to be my Christmas presents from them this year. At 55 years old another clock is ticking in my head for a whole other reason.

    Chemtrails above my head in beautiful Sedona Arizona for 3 days, night and day. I have little to no appetite the last 3 days.

    I am so tired of 3D crapola. Out to the hot tub to meditate and try to find some balance from the endless disappointments that have been shoved at me lately.

    I f I didn’t live in Arizona, I would want to crawl into a huge snow bank and wait until Spring to come back out and see the world. I feel fear and don’t want to feel fear and I don’t quite know where it is coming from, maybe from the all that is happening that I can’t see?

    This balancing stuff is no cake walk and the cake is getting darn stale!

    Blessings from above for all at this lovely pond.

    Aisha thank you so much for all you do for us. Your touch plus everyone’s comments, in my life, on a daily basis, is quite frankly, is how I stay sane many days now!

    Out to the hot tub and pretend I’m at the pond with you all ((:

    Love, Terri

    1. YOU are dearly Loved, Dearest Terri. Just hang on; we’re almost at the goal line. It seems we’re all quite tired now, deep down bone tired (nod to Dear Amy–but she has amazing Energy to spare, God Bless Her!). Plant a leg/foot and move; plant the other leg/foot and move; repeat. I see you, hubs, sons and pups–and Sedona business enveloped in Golden White Light. Feel EVERYTHING and just continue to plant each leg/foot and move.
      Much Love to You, Terri… xo, Lin

    2. 100 fold to you with what Lin said! I hear and feel you Terri! Snow is nice here but shoveling out – my and my wounded guy – ugggh! And he should not be doing it at all! I did my own car and was worn out. Then come to work and have to do courier vehicle too. Tired before the day starts really. Sometimes you want to lay down and stay down. I know. It is like we are literally picking up our own feet and planting them back down. We have such tenacity! we really do rock here ! Love with a big hug, A

    3. Chemtrails stopped working in the area I reside in, clear skies and natural clouds and occasional rain for several weeks now. once I opened my heart chakra and learn’t to co channel (co? i didn’t write that) pure love with my being. I visualise a toroid centered on my chakras, and enveloping my being. as i breath in i pull stagnant engergy from the bottem, as i breath out i release pure love in all directions, and feel and see the toroid rotate faster. now i pretty much do it constantly without even thinking of it. -x-

      1. and one day, u will notice no more stagnant energy from the bottom… all pure…all the way up from Earths Crystalline Core!

  5. Dear Aisha,
    I’m holding you and everyone here in the Pond in my heart space, and will continue to do so until you have all reached the other side. Sending Love & Light to ALL here in the Pond. You are so very much loved and respected for the work you are all doing, for this is indeed the work of all of your lifetimes combined. Keep focusing on allowing the energy to clear your remaining baggage, and surrender to the light force that is coming. Keep hydrated, for the water helps the energy flow in your physical bodies. Remember to breathe deeply and focus on that breath. Focus on your FREEDOM – you have all earned it! I stand in awe of all of you, for I endured and survived what you are going through a short year ago. Transformation hurts like hell, but freedom from fear and peace are waiting for you, with many more gifts to come. Standing here with tearful eyes and wide open arms….I so wish I could do more for everyone.
    With the deepest of respect and love,

    1. Dear Caroline… just want to pop in here to thank you for your Love and your kindness towards us all and for your dedication to the Ascension process. Sincere Gratitude for your comforting words from your own Ascension experience only a short while ago.

      We are all Being Blessed.

      With Much Love, xo Lin

      1. Oh Lin!
        Thank you for your loving words. We’re all One and in this together until the end (which is simply another beginning)!
        Bright Blessings!

  6. Good Evening Ponders,

    First of all, “Salamat Belik and Lavon” from the Sirian crew. We have been working on the information to put on the blog once it gets technically functional. It will have a lot of basic background information as well as updates. I wasn’t used to transcribing so it was a little slow going in the beginning. I’m working with their tech to see what frequency is easiest for me. Yesterday, there was so much static, it felt like I was working in soup.

    Yesterday, the energy was a combination of two things: another cleaning/deportation of negative energies and the cleaning of both the collective and individual residue (their favorite new word.) This will be finished shortly.

    Everything is going well – quite smoothly. All efforts are being made to improve communication to the Light workers. My guide wanted me to make sure it is well known that their help and services are for all humanity and to the general public. Meaning, not just Light workers will benefit from this.

    Am a bit tired today – both from the heavy energies yesterday, 6 hours of transcribing and a VERY muddy hike with humans and dogs in the orange groves resulting in some major bath time for both. We were joined by the crew but they didn’t have to deal with the mud!

    Love, Susan

  7. Dear friends! These energies seem to make the words fade away from me, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am for the way that so many of you continue to be present here with your love, your encouragement and your support. I see the pain that so many of you have to face, and I see the way the love pours out to you from this Pond. Otmn, you say it so well when you say “who knew that getting unhurt would hurt”. So thank you to each and every one of you, for daring to go through what you have to in order to become “unhurt” again, and thank you for every loving word that is shared here. The healing waters of this Pond are becoming more and powerful because of your presence here, and beacause of YOU, this whole world is slowly starting to get “unhurt” too.
    From my heart to yours – always, forever – LOVE. Aisha

    1. I like that very much – thanks be to you and all . The uneasiness I feel is almost unbearable this morning. I will find a way to lift out of it.
      Love touch All with snow flaked crystals, Areeza

      1. Breeze,
        I woke this morning with same feeling. I haven’t woke with this nauseas, kinda empty like feeling in years! I have no idea what it means, but its yucky. Also had a dream about a door to a basement that not even the many locks I put on it would keep shut, and there were people just walking around down there! Seemed fitting to Aisha’s message and what many are experiencing
        Blessings to all

        1. V – I had the nausea too – last night and this morning. Not so bad right now but still there. I had very odd, disturbing dreams as well. Like in them, I was in very compromising situations and just wanted all eyes off of me – something like that – I did not want to do the things I had to do in front of otheres…hmmm. People were around that I did not know. >Snow is very pretty here. Gentle. <

          Caroline: I read below and see your beautiful comment recognizing the work of all our life times. I FEEL your own freedom and it seeps into me with your wish for it to BE with all of us!! It can be emotional when u really stop and think about 'us'. I allow all of u here to help me day by day , moment by moment! and u do! Sometimes one of u will just come to the forefront and I will talk with you – its such a comfort.

          RIvv – I d i t t o U! thank you all, much Love, Areeza

    2. Aisha,

      I have been experiencing this enormous pain for the last 10 days. I felt the first week was to transmute the collective, and the last few days to transmute my own ancestral line, having processed my own stuff years ago, and having transmuted the collective for the last 3 years in a conscious state.

      This was related to the pain of coming to this planet and experiencing abandonment. For LWs it is the pain of finding oneself with an impossible mission on a very dense and emotionally polluted planet. For others, it is the pain of simple separation. For all of us, it is the ending of the 3d grid, and the 4d exploitation.

      I resonate with this post, and reposted it on my blog. For more information on how I felt this last shift, here is my article. Hopefully my experience will help others. Aisha, thank you for your posts, I admire and appreciate you.

      DAY FOUR
      I have been going through some massive clearing. Because it is so vague, I think it has to do with the collective. Days and days of this. I don’t know what to do. The pain is very emotional and intense, but spread out and vague, like a cancer over my whole system. I can’t seem to pin it down into a thought or a defined emotion so I can heal it or throw it away. I have been crying for four days and don’t know how to transmute it.

      It is now seven days of deep, dark feelings of amorphous fear. My friend Victor says: “there is nothing out there to get you, there is just love.” How did he get so smart?

      But his task is so different from mine, he clearly not of the souls who have been here transmuting energy for others. So he doesn’t really get it. I have a couple other women friends who really understand, having transmuted collective energy for years through their physical bodies.

      Although there may be some men who have chosen to transmute the collective energy physically, it seems to me that women took on that task. As for emotions, they are a bit “lighter” in density. I feel both, and my body is exhausted in a way that I cannot even define. Thoughts are even lighter, but all of these old thoughts and emotions are in the cells as dense matter. And some of us have been transmuting this energy through our bodies for a long time now. As it gets released, the Earth is lighter, and people who are not doing the work get a boost of the love-based energy.

      But for women/men like myself who took on this task, we now need to be released from it, because it will stop us from being happy, and from ascending ourselves.

      It can become a martyr complex, to be sure, but please don’t dare to tell us that we are imagining it or that we can stop it with our minds or our self-conscious, because we have tried. So many times, we have screamed at our HS or at the universe, “please stop this! I cannot do it anymore.”

      But we (some of us LWs) made an agreement long ago, and we had to fulfill it. Now, I think that we are in a bit of a crossover point because the old matrix is dropping away and the fear of the collective could overwhelm us if we are not careful.

      This is now a habit with us that needs to be broken.


      I keep seeing my aura as a self-contained torroidal field with a diamond at the center where my high heart is located. The energy flows up, down and around like a fountain, totally self-sustaining.

      I used to be afraid that if I sealed this new aura, I might accidentally seal unwanted emotions and thoughts of a lower vibration inside.

      So, as I lay on the beach a few days ago—trying to soak up the sun and feel better—I saw this field in my mind’s eye. It started to spin, and I realized that I didn’t have to do anything but visualize this field as many times as I could during the day. As it spins, it naturally throws off the old carbon-based matter, emotions, thoughts of a lower density. I saw it as centrifugal force but another good analogy is to think of how the body throws off a virus as a foreign body. In other words, the virus doesn’t belong ENERGETICALLY inside the new torroidal aura/light body, so naturally it is thrown off as the torroidal field spins faster and faster.

      The diamond at the center of the body is the pure self, the higher self, the energy body, the double, your angelic self, and it has always been there at the center, as the source of who you are. There is no other source but you, and you are a magical powerful being who decided to play a game of limitation, sorrow, and drama.

      As I visualize and live within this amazing diamond self, I find peace and surcease. When I was feeling the depths of my depression, I could simply call this image to myself and discover an oasis of non-thought and non-emotions inside.

      I write this for anyone who may be inside this space; those who have been longtime peace warriors, and have been holding the gates of personal enlightenment open, and transmuting energy through their bodies, minds, and emotions for years. This is a time when we are switching over from a lifetime of service to a realization of our innate internal strength and detachment. As we step into our own power, we can now observe with true compassion, and hold ourselves as beacons of light to others without going back into the drama, into the old emotions and into the old matrix (which would help no one).

      It is time to realize our strength, and find our compatriots, who having similar experiences, are on the same level. We need to help each other get through this last (?) gate, by surpassing and ending our old agreements of service to others by being on their level, and taking on their pain and suffering: this is now a misuse of empathy.

      So I am learning to detach, and to be sovereign inside my own energy field. This means that I can start sourcing myself, and stop being attached to the energy in the old, dying matrix. As I bathe in my own fountain of energy, I can cut the cords of dependance, step into my high heart, into the diamond or merkaba of my own power, and leave the battlefield of separation and sorrow behind.

      ~ Thetawave

      1. I know this video was posted a few days ago, but reading this post inspired me to meditate and watch it through, (which i neglected to do the first time i came across it). So i’m leaving it here again incase anyone else missed it.


      2. Such Truth Thetawave! Such truth! I took on this same MO like u and so many others. Thank you so so much for sharing! I cant thank u enough – I will use what u offer here. It made me realize how often in this life I did not allow myself to get ‘clear’ – or let go or however I can label it – because I was worried I would shut down my ‘job’. That I would not take on what I signed up for! Amazing realization. Time to cut that cord entirely – you have it right! We did the job and now on to the next! Blessings to you! Big hug! Areeza

      3. Hi Thetawave, I’ve definitely been transmuting energies for the collective… had a message about it some time ago… I suspect and feel many are now…

        In stillness, Philip 🙂

  8. Thank you Aisha and CCs.

    After reading this message I sit out on the porch with a cup of coffee and see the morning sun shine red / yellow / orange through the trees, and I feel a great peace and wonder of this amazing journey that I have done and which is almost over now. My heart embraces you with love and gratitude for what you all are, every single one.

    I am because of you.

    Love and respect,

    B to B

  9. say a little prayer for me and Kelly. not feeling well. With Kelly hurting and the bad news he got and my sister sent email that just upset me more. I just feel sick inside and wish i could throw it all up. run away from it… anything. feel too awful to even cry. I can thank the family for the challenges they presented that helped me grow…..but God, where is some kindness and understanding!!!??? Back to forgiveness. Kelly got up to play guitar to make himself (and me?) feel better. my heart…. oh my heart… still no tears.

    1. Dearest Breeze,
      Let it go for your family is just that your old family. And you are you! Beautiful, full of radiant light. There are parts of you that shine courage and strength and all the glories of creation. They cannot hurt anymore. I see you. You are so very very much! And my goodness Spirit has even blessed you with a troubadour.
      I salute you! For I see all your finery.
      Forest Joy

        1. …and the Troubadour — that came in with me too! The things I came in with – no one can take that away – ever – and it was all there from that beginning – All I ever needed. Full circle everyone! Let the archs connect – oh… and make those naked snow angels! man, it came to me again looking outside at the ‘God Given/Crystal Christed Snow’….it ‘IS’ (ISON) a very special crystalline snow. Take it in! connect the archs.. Be the Arch Angels !! good stuff! 🙂 🙂

          1. Dear Breeze,
            Perhaps Kelly is a continuation of that first troubadour. After all he plays guitar to bring some cheer to his fair lady. How fortunate you are!
            Forest Joy

            1. wow… and goes with my vision long before I met Kelly of a beautiful man across from a fire I was sitting at – playing guitar. and Kelly took up music after I met him.

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