The manuscript of survival – part 379

As you have perhaps already ascertained, these incoming waves of energetic flux can be rather bothersome at times. That is, your physical body may have a hard time keeping up with all of these fluctuations, but again, we implore you to remember that they are all in fact doing you a world of good. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For these waves are pushing you further and further ahead, as the changes they bring within you are preparing you more and more for that upcoming energetic implosion, if we can use such a word. For this will in many ways be likened to an implosion, where the pressure from the outside will create an impressive effect on the inside. And then, you will all start to unfold yourself and go up in bloom. For the seed that was implanted within you from the very beginning, and that has been lying dormant for eons, has been carefully watered and nurtured these last few years. And as such, it is now more than ready to take that decisive leap and burst forth in all of its glory.

For by your willingness to search for that seed within, you gave it the chance to germinate after this long, long sleep, and now, as in the journey of all seeds, comes that all important phase when that first little sapling that broke free of the shell stands poised to start to grow and unfold in earnest. For you have only seen that very first little green sprout, but as with everything in nature, that first little growth gives little away of the beauty and magnificence it has in store. For will this little sapling turn into a giant oak tree? Or perhaps a resplendent shrub, covered in a multi-colored display of finery? Only time will tell, for even if you all carry similar looking seeds within, they are all programmed to become a variety of different species once they start to grow and unfold in earnest, so by looking around you now, you cannot know what any of you will turn into once this growth spurt picks up speed.

So when this huge shower of energetic rain hits you, it will indeed signal the start of this final unfoldment, and you will all cast off those old remnants of the little seed that once contained you, and start to grow into the one that you truly are. But until then, we will do all we can to prepare you for this important stage of your own rebirth, and as such, you will continue to feel the incoming energetic booster rockets push and pull at you in so many ways. For what we are doing, is simply to make sure that you are well prepared for this last and final show of strength that will enable you to come forth as the ONE, the one you are here to be, the one that contains it ALL, the one that will do what it takes to make this whole planet become as if new again. For as you each step into your true one, the roles that are already programmed within you in those seeds you carry within your every cell, you will find that truth you have been searching for for all of your lives. Yes, lives as in plural, for that whisper from your very core, your DNA, has been carried with you all the way from your beginning, as the ghost in the machine if you will, and even if you at no stage may have been able to consciously connect with this dormant core within, it has still been there and helped you to evolve towards this, your final destination if you will.

For this is it, this is the life that will change every single life you have ever had, and through that, change the life of every single person on this planet. For as you awaken, and step into the wholeness that is the true YOU, the effects from your personal unfoldment will reach out, like those proverbial ripples on the surface of the water. For as you change gears and start to vibrate at the frequency that has been there waiting for you for so long to tune into, you will send it out far and wide, and through that, touch the very soul of every living being on this planet. So you will touch the hearts and the minds of your fellow men, but you will also make the rest of this living planet sing out in joy alongside you. For everything will know it, in the same instance that you yourself make this monumental discovery of the real you, and as such, your personal journey will instantly become a global one, in every sense of the word.

So take whatever may come in the form of some rather intense energetic transmissions for what they are, a much needed extra support in order to prepare you to go forth and become the real you, the final blossoming of that long dormant seed, the final unfoldment into the magnificent being that has been lying within you, waiting to come out and show itself in all of its glory. The road you have traveled, and indeed the few short steps that you still have to take to get you to that final blossoming may not be described as easy and uncomplicated, but we know you will all come to the stage when you will shout out in unison, “it was all worth it in the end, for now, I see ME, and I rejoice with all that I am, for what I have made myself become, and for allowing myself to become it”. For you are the ones doing it. We can only support you in any way we can, but it is you, and only you, who will have turned that dormant seed into the most magnificent of creations. We cannot wait to see you all in the fullest of bloom!

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      1. Dear Forest – that was my gut when folks mentioned the unprecidented snow in strange parts of the world. 🙂 And that dream I had of ‘self baptism’ last week was it? or week before. In a river and it was powerful body movements with it. God Bless us all

        1. Dear Breeze,
          Yes, your mention connecting Comet ISON and the holy land snow helped bring it to my attention. Thank you for that. Also, there were some dessert areas which received snow which had not received precipitation in like decades. I ask though why frozen water instead of Liquid?
          If u r back at work hope all is well for u.
          Forest Joy

          1. Bev keeps mentioning drinking slush……putting water into the freezer because it changes its properties. WE here recently have gotten a LOT of snow and more is coming. Cold water? Frozen water? And what does it mean?

            Love, Amy

            1. Dear Amy,
              Thank you for reminding me of Bev’s drinking even if it’s only water. So glad u are doing better. My thoughts and prayers had been going your way as I sensed something with you. Also, we’ve (some of my patients and I) have again been helping transmute other human pain from past and present. It was nasty stuff. I think u also were doing so. We are also much better especially me as of today.
              Love to you
              Forest Joy

              1. Honey, if I go through what I just went through. NO! I will NOT do this anymore! The horror and terror are gone now, but now I am putting up with a man who is quitting smoking. When the hell does it end? Am I creating this garbage? Not to my knowledge.

                Anyways……I thank you tremendously for helping me. I don’t know how I am breathing today.

                Love, Amy

                  1. Very cool with the graphics. LOVE IT. You made me smile.

                    Still a bit raw around the edges and it shows. I just want gently flowing waters. That’s it. No more pabooms.

                    Well, all the photos I shot with my new camera, I took with a setting my “old” computer program cannot open. So, I have to return tomorrow to retake what I took tonight. (sigh) At least I spoke to a nice dog, and helped out a really nice young woman with her vehicle.

                    Could be that is the only reason I was sent there. Hmmmm…..Oh well. Tomorrow is another day! On to more adventures.

                    As for the Mister……I am avoiding the bear. Not a word from me is noted. Nothing new there. (shrug) I’m only an RN, no biggie. My advice is not warranted. So I do the avoidance dance. 🙂

                1. Amy, I know that horror and terror. I lived it several years day after day night after night through my patients. Little did we know at that time the extent of clearing we were doing on behalf of others. My soul itself was not terrorized but wore down with sadness and grief. While my patients would have glimpses I saw and felt it all, perhaps several times per day. But now this chick has had it. I hope to God there is no more. But I know that no matter what I think the Almighty may have other plans. Grrrr.

                  1. Dearest Luv, this chick has had it too. I don’t even care about what the Almighty wants anymore. I’ve so been through it, and I just say no. I say no. I the Divine Being I AM, I say no more. If Higher Authorities want more cleansing done, they can come down, first kiss my ass and bow to me, then do the rest. So be it.

                    1. I think you might be delving a little too deep. Just breath, relax, disconnect for a while. Your path will still be there when you are ready to take another step, you don’t have to do it all at once.

                    2. Amy, I so hear you! But hey I just jumped in the pond with my light shining looking for the far reaching parts of me as the CCs mentioned in the next missive. Guess what? So far I have found new strength and wisdom and a wee bit of an imp. I ain’t done yet! I am going back for more. And I ain’t going back to that before no more no more. Join me! I know you have so very much wonder to find. Bring your light cause there is everything it will find. I do love you.
                      Splash! Splash!
                      Forest Joy

            1. Yes, Ison H3O is from the primordial far reaches of the solar system. It could be it needs to stay frozen crystals until it reaches terra firma keeping its essence thereby enabling the metabolic changes to occur.

  1. so what if this guy can sing a lot better than I can.
    it’s still true what he says about the madness around us

  2. A stirring to say that if what we are telling happened to us this time around was something we ourselves did one way or another – to others in other life times I am talking …. Karma. This can be viewed as a very ugly statement I know. This is the last life for many so it had to be the toughest Karma wise…to clear it all out. This is instant Karmic clearing time for all of it – for once and for All. I am one who does not believe in victims for if I was to be one, I would be powerless through that belief. It could happen again and again because I took in that belief and made it part of me. If u believe accidents can happen to you anytime,,,same thing,,,u take that in to your mix and therefore it is now possibility for you. And I also believe that we can ‘hold’ people in energies that are past….for perhaps some of these bad energy folks in our lives have changed (or want to) yet we hold them in an ugly space because of the past deed. I am also one who feels a great deal for anyone suffering or hurt. I am a natural born empath and I only share what pushes in me to come out because I care so much. I hope this is taken in that way. Love, Areeza Blessings and good night/day

    1. Yeah, I agree with most of what you write here.
      I can’t say I’ve given much thought to karma or past or future lives…. I guess I believe I’m everything I ever will be right now, but on several different timelines.. dimensions.. parallel worlds?? Not sure what to label it. But I do believe I am an awful person somewhere… can’t really fathom this, but if I’m real about what I think Creation is, then I Am Everything… capable of doing anything.
      I also understand that I DO hold people in past energies… am working on that as we speak.
      Anyway. I thank you soooo much, Breeze, for sharing your thoughts on this subject. You have been beyond helpful to me. I’m very confidant now that I can get past my feeling of being a victim and past the emotion of hatred I hold for my mom and dad and move on to living in my Power and Loving All.
      I love how concise you are…. quite a struggle for me to find words and phrases to explain my thoughts.
      I’m learning quite a lot from you, Aisha, the CC’s, and the rest of the Ponderers, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
      Thank you for caring and sharing.
      A massive, colossal hug for you! 🙂
      With All My Heart,

      1. Thanks for that colossal hug! Sally, really need it right about now. i only have 1/2 hr left and I go home to rest. my first day back to work. i tell u, everyone has been so xtra nice and caring. That is the great part! I got my 10 yr gold pen today too – and it was our xmas party here… did not know of these things. so, this was cool. just so sleepy now. All in all , I did good 🙂
        I am happy – way more than happy – touched to the depth of my soul when I can help anyone on this journey !! so thank you so much for saying so! I struggle for words sometimes or even if I should share some things. I can type and then re-type… makes my guy give me the eye… like what all are you typing over there? lol… and in the end it turns out to be a short paragraph! I love to hone things in though and have been told by many that they call or email me when they want things summed up in their lives or just good feedback. Glad this is a gift I can use. Loving you, Areezzzzzz ahhhh

        1. Lol.. Just seeing the way you signed your name sez it all! Ha.
          I’m so happy you had a good day at work. I was wondering about you and how you were doing today. Seems you picked the perfect day to go back…. with the Christmas party and all going on. Congrats on the 10 year pen… too much!
          Well, I, selfishly, want to encourage you to share anything and everything….. I’m working hard on getting over my shyness, and for some reason, your posts have been nudging me to reply….so I’m making myself do just that. Then I’ll take my new found confidence out in to the ’world’ and ‘sock it to’ the masses! Ha. Well, we’ll see. 🙂
          Thank you for sharing who you are.

          1. That is the nicest complement!! thanks so much – re nudging and sharing 🙂 I am not sure if it is my imagination, but since I entered this Pond, I keep thinking I have seen more open-ness and more folks coming forth. I know I entered at THE perfect time for me! And I am now suspecting for others too. I am not good at complimenting myself so this feels really awkward if that is what I am doing. lol. I just thought i noticed and I was told that I could ‘reach people’ easily.. that it was a gift – my communication -I had and to use it. Time for us all to shine – strut our stuff – minus ego – just the ‘Significant Us’. I always felt so insignificant on the outside knowing all along who I was on the inside. Love you and glad we are friends Sally~!

            1. I am not sure who said it, but an affirmative on the anger. Yep, two days of peace. And now anger…..when…….time for a hot shower…….and screaming into a towel……

              Jeff, don’t kick the dog. Kick the furniture. Swing at the air. Pound the bed some more. That is where I will be.

              Life. Not quite how I imagined. Yep, something is comin’. I can feel it. The pressure is rising.

            2. It seems to me you have a ‘soft touch’ when communicating. You’re not judgemental or harsh. You’re able to ‘ease’ yourself into any conversation. It IS a gift and I’m very happy you’re sharing it here.
              I feel there’s a lot of us here at the Pond that are wanting to claim and own who we really are but feel a little timid saying it out loud. It does feel awkward, but with enough practice we won’t think twice about speaking our Truth. I believe we’ve let other people tell us who we are and what we need to do for too long… but we are getting stronger and more confident, and like you said, not only on the inside, but on the outside….
              It IS time for us to strut and shine….
              ….with significance! ha.
              I’m very glad to have met you, Breeze.

            3. That´s why we are all needed here Breeze – to make a wonderful mix of all our different talents. You and I are quite different when speaking. I am the one who compresses what I say in as few words as possible and do not go into any further discussions, largely depending on the language but mostly because I am a person who does not have the need to talk so much.

              Moreover, it is so that when I have been away from the blog a day so there are so many messages to read so I can simply not respond to the extent I would like sometimes. You need to find balance in life;)

              It makes me happy when I see that you got a good re-start on the job – you were really worth it.

              Much love,

              B to B

  3. here it is
    took a bit of looking and lots of seeing

    hold a hug for at least 20 seconds and endorphines will be released, blood preasure goes down, a sense of wellness goes up

    1. Otmn I missed playing in the dirt with you last night but you were with me in the greenhouse yesterday when I was, probably for the last time here, playing in the dirt. I hand stirred in some fresh dirt into the garden boxes. I think I will always think of you now when I’m doing the hands on in the dirt thing!
      On another note… I sure enjoy dancing to THIS song. It just picks up the feet and energy and takes me to that place of fun and little risk attitude. I used it lots to make the transition from pentecostal to living outside that box! “If you’re scared don’t show it,” “Face that fire and walk right through it.” I took up country 2 steppin’ in those days and I had BIG energy to songs like this 🙂
      Thank you… played it through a couple of times now off to live my day. I’m going to a special place today and managed to attract a ride from a guide and another canadian woman. (
      Thank you Max and Lily for prompting me to take you for a walk at that exact time yesterday! Love, Nancee

  4. I probably will not ever forgive.
    I can understand that it has come down through several generations.
    dear ol’ dad once told me “you should be glad, I don’t beat you near as much, as my dad beat me”
    probably true, but as an excuse/explanation for why he went berserk and beat me up/down
    hmm, not good enough,
    for me rather than forgiveness, I am looking for when it just does not matter, anymore.
    learn the lesson, move on, OMG
    don’t stop there, keep moving, it can’t get worse===
    no, stop, don’t say it can’t get worse.
    \everytime I did that,
    oh buddy oh wow
    they showed me a thing or two
    oh wait, I need to go look something up
    but if i don’t post it they won’t know the difference.

    1. Otmn, I’m working towards when it no longer makes a difference. Having a real tough time with this forgiveness thing as well. Just said to hubs the other day, it doesn’t compute, what was done to me. I don’t understand how human beings can do those things to a little girl.

      I’m letting go, just letting go. I screamed until my throat was raw. I’ve immersed myself in poetry and all kinds of good inspiration. As for the rest, I just want the dragon to be still, to stop clawing me to shreds. I just want the terror to leave. And I want the memories to fade.

      Love you, Otmn. I’ve been to hell and back a few times over. Getting freer every day. Today was a good day in fact. I dreamed I got my yuck and dirt sucked away by a super vacuum cleaner. The first good dream I have had in weeks. It’s been nothing but fear and terror both day and night. Today, peace arrived. At long last, today for this day, peace did arrive. And panic was stilled this day as well. I was given a Great Gift. Called Peace.

      (((HUGS))), Amy

    2. Otmn

      People say one needs to forgive and forget.That’s wrong – don’t believe it.

      If your father was beaten, than that is all he knows, which is why it was projected onto you. Do you forgive? Yes! Do you forget? No!

      Ask him as he ages if he remembers beating you? Does he regret it? When he asks why you ask, tell him that you forgive him. He’ll probably tell you that he doesn’t need your forgiveness. That’s when you tell him that he does, because if you were to beat a dog, he would tell you that it is wrong. Do you love your son more than you love a dog? Checkmate!

      People change. Their beliefs change. Give him a chance to say he is
      sorry. It might heal you, and him, that’s how love is communicated.



      1. I tried as you suggest many times
        He replied with a fist in my jaw
        to late anyway, he died
        here’s the deal
        dad had two bothers
        those 3 combined had 9 children
        I am the only 1 male of the 9.
        in a way i had control, they wanted me to carry on the family name.
        the name of generational child abusers,
        not me, i’m not doing that.
        And so I have been very careful to avoid procreation.
        If it is up to me, [which it is (giggle)],
        I have extincted them. The family tree dies out with me.
        take that
        you cruel and mean ancestors of mine.

        stick out my tongue

  5. Without this Precious Pond in my Life, I do not think I would have been able to climb as high as I did this day. Something within me that has been frozen for so long, let go, and in the releasing, I am free.

    Without you in my Life, I would not have been able to do this. Yes, I had to go it alone for many a week, but when my Heart guided me to, I came back here, and I poured out my Heart. In so doing, little Amy was validated, and now right now, the merging is taking place. What was withheld for so so long, is now taking its rightful place. Within. In my Heart. In my Soul.

    I LOVE YOU ALL! If I did not speak personally to you, it was not my intention to ignore you. I really DO Love you, and the role you played, in helping me regain my sanity once again.

    Jeff, still with me on the Forgiveness Road? Areeza? Are you? I’m here. Work in progress………with YOU.


    1. Dear, dear Amy

      I wanted to die today. Maybe a part of me did. When I read how you feel, I realized – I would gladly die if it would make you feel even a little bit better. I love you so much. Are these the new energies? I’m tired and don’t want to do this anymore, even though I know I’ll never quit. Your soul is speaking to all of us Amy. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. But also the pain. I feel it too in my life. No more joy, just sadness. Love for all who we are close to and sadness too. Will anything ever happen or will it just keep getting worse. I hope that none of us ever forget where we are right now emotionally. It’s the brightest that our humanity has ever shown. It’s the best we have ever been, so vulnerable, yet so alive even if just barely. God bless you sweetheart – and know – that you are not alone.

      Love more than you will ever know, and many future hugs.


      1. Dearest Jeff, I have had a NDE and I do believe, I have had multiple experiences where I actually did die in this process, yet, I did not “pop out”. The only way I know of to get through this passage, is to surround myself with poetry and my photographs, and involving myself in taking photos as well. I must. This is the only way I know of to hang on to my sanity.

        I was so sure a few years ago there would truly be a “new world”. Now, it seems all that sureness, all that knowing, has been evaporated. Dissolved. And all there is, is this Moment. No more. No less.

        For two days now, the dragon within has been quiet. Is this permanent? Have I released all that needed to be released? I don’t know. For someone who used to “think” she knew, I will honestly tell you, I don’t anymore. I just accept what IS, and focus on NOW. Beyond that, I am not able to do.

        You are Loved so much. I am so glad you are still her within this Family. So many have come and gone. I know you are one of the very few who started here right from the very beginning.

        I really don’t know where any of us are heading. I don’t know if I can even lean on my dreams any more of this new world, or if it was just a fantasy. I don’t know.

        Just hang on that is all I can say. Try to find things in your life that do bring JOY to you. Anything, Jeff. Focus on those things even if you feel like screaming. Or jumping out of your skin. You are not alone in this. You really are not.

        With all my Love,

        1. Amy

          My eyes opened up this morning and my first thought was – Oh shit, not this again.

          Much thanks to you, and Aisha, and the CC’s.

          It’s actually strange that we can recognize what’s happening and FEEL that it’s not the same as before. I think it’s a sign that we truly are living from our hearts now. We’re making progress and becoming something that we have never been. The CC’s acknowledge this and encourage us like loving parents.

          The Manuscript of Survival

          What an apt name. I just had to type it out and look at it. I guess this is why we have to go through this, to help them when the time comes, to reach so many others.

          I definitley wish this process could be accelerated.


          1. Jeff, I couldn’t even read this missive. I am just too vulnerable and raw. When the missives are of extreme high vibration, it knocks me right for a loop. Self preservation for the time being. I am being “told” not to read it, so I stay nestled in my poetry and pretty pictures. Speaking of, I posted something with you in mind over at Petals Unfolding, titled, Gloom versus JOY. Go read it. It is for you!

            Love, Amy

  6. Wow, seeing the comments here really brings up the awful memories.
    I, too have been abused when I was like in kindergarten/elementary school (I’m not sure) and I still can’t forgive them. It makes me hard to get really close to someone because I think it always brings up fear in my subconscious. I just asked God that I want to erase this memories because it really disgust me, it’s sickening. I hope it will eventually go away and I’m healed.

      1. Thank you for sharing Annie! Denial is over and we need courage to surrender ourselves to receive the love and support needed for healing. For many, maybe all, it is associated with guilt and shame, and to be able to release this we need support of others who understand what it’s about.

        The first step to healing is to tell. We are many here who have been abused and you should know that you are surrounded by light and love here. I’m with you and send my light to you.

        Love and respect,

        B to B

        1. Annie,,, I just want to ditto what B to B said. I just want u to know I am crying for you and everyone here who has come forward re this terrible abuse – for everyone on the Planet who has ever experienced evil horrors such as this. I feel so fortunate that I did not. I do know a few friends who have. My heart goes out to all of you and there are no magic words that can take this pain away. There Is Love and our Love -Individually and together- is growing stronger by the second!!! Because of these stories, I want to keep my Love Light as strong as possible for All who need it! Please allow it to embrace you – it is so much more powerful than the low vibration that took u away from it for whatever period of time it happened. Remember this! Do not give it any more of your precious Love Space. Amen~! xxxx oooo OOOO’s Areeza

    1. Philip this is the same way particles communicate with each other to. Even the smallest particles connect like this. They form families and strings that connect everything together all across our universe.

  7. Child abuse and breaking the circle of abuse.

    Sex between 2 consenting beings is a beautiful thing. Full of creative energy, love, intimacy, pleasure and very, VERY powerful. It isn’t that surprising that in our darktimes so many of us have gotten it wrong or recieved it in a negative way.
    The circle of abuse is very real. Most (all?) abusers were themselves abused. we reap what we sow. Child abuse was very prolific in the time recently past. My estimation is that if it has not touched you personally then you will know someone (probably several people) whom it has. The key thing to remember is that if you are part of the circle then you can break it. I am proud to admit that in my adolescence, going through my sexual awakening I realised that what my elder brother had done to me when I was a child and what I was doing to my younger brother wasn’t love or sex it was abuse disguised as such. And I broke the circle and stopped the abuse FULL STOP*

    I am being directed to share a certain piece of information at this point. where I am unsure of the detail I will leave a ? there may be other innacuracies.

    Long ago in some Galic? communities the oldest immature female virgin was revered and respected as the most powerful member of the community. The girl would be clothed in a simple twine/wicker? dress alone which did not conceal her nakedness below completely. Indeed she would walk resplendent with her innocence and beauty. (I belive this was also to be able to see when she has menarche) No one would stop her in her path and her voice would be heard in matters of the whole community infact she may have been able to order the council into action. She carried a knife as symbol of her ability to take a life without karmic loss, as she was virginal and pure. Tho this was purely symbolic.

    If we used to empower our children this way is it any wonder that a selfish being that wanted control over all would drive us to degrade and abuse our own children?

    *Many years after later The lord then saw fit to send temptation my way, and I was tempted. It was the purest sweetest most gentle love I have felt to date. And when she became sexually aware things started getting difficult to control. Still I knew where the line was and I would not cross it. And when the day came that she offered herself to me, beautiful, naked and fearless without provocation, I shed a tiny tear inside, as I turned my back and walked away. For while I knew she loved me, and I knew that she knew that I loved her it still would have been abuse.

    1. Soul Feather, your words move me. I am the eldest, and not only that, I am the eldest female. I still to this day see the chains of dysfunction and abuse in my 7 siblings, and thus, have made it clear, I will not be a part of it in any form. I as a child, “saw”, and made a “promise” to myself, I would not further the familiar patterns I observed. To this day, I have kept that promise.

      I have devoted my Life to alchemy. The alchemy of changing darkness into Light, hatred into Love. As with all things on this Journey, the journey begins with self.

      I thank you for your words. I could “see” myself in that girl you described.

      Just to give you a tiny peek into my family’s patterns…….I am witnessing a third generation of a child, out of wedlock, having a baby. I am soon to be a Great Great Aunt. My sister became pregnant as a child, her child had a baby as a child, and now her child is having a baby. All around 17 years of age. No in fact, they ALL were 17 now that I think of it.

      These are the types of patterns I have devoted my Life to break. When I see the patterns continue, I do get discouraged. Yet, somehow I know all I have done, in my personal Life, does effect my biological family and all Sentient Beings.

      With Love,

      1. REminds me of peoples attitude of “what can one person do alone against it all?” Here we are, some perfect examples of one person making a stand, and stopping a bad situation from becoming a worse one.

        As I stand as sapling with a tide of pure evil flowing past me. I know to an observer they will see me part the wayves. Leaving a sanctuary at my stern, and a quantum reflection of the wave from my bow will be sent continually straight back to the source of the evil. First to let it know just that I am there, and if that is not sufficient, other things can be sent along as well.

        1. Thank you. I do not stand alone. It may “seem” I do. But I have all of Heaven standing with me. For I stand for Love and for Freedom. No matter what I “see”, I will not accept anything but Love.

          Your words are lovely indeed. I am so grateful to you for sharing your Wisdom here. Continually I send Love to the source of evil, and I will to my last breath. This is who I am.

        2. May you BE Blessed, Soul Feather, for all you bring to this Sacred Space. It is an honor to make your acquaintance. You are new on board here at the Pond, and I as your Sister, welcome you. I for one am very glad you are here.

          With all My Love,
          Amy aka Lady Pinkrose

    2. God Bless You, Soul Feather. Sexual abuse was a part of my childhood as well (I believe I chose it pre-incarnation). That said, I truly respect you for your revealing story above. Very difficult situation. Thank you for your enormous Strength to prevent another wrong doing against an innocent and your Honesty,

      We came here to experience, and that we have done… for the Grand Experiment (?) whatever. Thank God literally for the Ascension. I AM ready with a huge smile on my face and quiet JOY in my Heart even though my footsteps are a little slower with all that’s been going on recently.

      I’m glad you’re here at the Pond, SFD, and you, too, Dear Amy. We’re all doing the best that we can in the 3D. Life ain’t for sissies; Thank God we’re above it now. The I AM is here. The Shift is here. Hang on, just a few steps more. Sounds dramatic, but if I have to, I’ll bend down and pick up each leg/foot and move/plant it and then the other in order to cross the Finish Line. I’ve done the 3D work; it’s time.

      Much Love to you all, xo Lin

        1. Love the hugs, Amy. Thank you! Can never get too many hugs. 🙂

          Continue to let the little inner child’s tears fall fully; it’s time. Forgiveness of another’s aggressions is a gift you give to yourself. No more wasting sad/hurt energy on them. I don’t know the “why” of this crazy GAME of Life (nod to Anna Helen), but it seems we all signed on for some horrid stuff this last time around–maybe we thought we could handle it much more easily because it is the last time around the merry-go-’round. Who knows. It’s not really important.

          “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.”… per Oprah Winfrey (not important to be a fan of Oprah to receive this Wisdom).

          Dealing with the feelings of the after effects of the crimes/role playing is so very difficult. If it weren’t for the Love of our fellow Ponders and the help from our Guides and the CCs, I don’t know that we’d be able to clear all the c**p. Everyone has their own clearing process–some are more mental, some more emotional. Just keep opening your Hearts and your wounds here while also allowing your new I Ams to lead you to quiet Peace.

          I am as we all are are praying for us all. We gotta clean the gunk out, clean the house out one more time before the Shift. It’s just 3D dirt and dust that needs to be transmuted. All the little girls, little boys, and little babies who were hurt/wounded so deeply, it’s time to feel the feelings without Guilt and let the tears fall–they’ll cleanse us through and through.

          And then it’ll be time to Laugh It Up big time.

          I hope Alex steps in here soon… her high, FUN, intelligent Energy will make sense out of all this… (as she mentioned she herself was bitten by this same experience).

          I “see” all you little girls, little boys, little babies needing great Love. I honor your journeys. I Love You All. Wish I could give you more. xo, Lin

          1. And when we have cried it all out it is high time to raise our spirit and take back our power in full, to refuse these destructive emotions keep us imprisoned, to gain access to ourself with all our potential. That´s freedom!


            B to B

  8. Tears of deepest gratitude pool in my eyes. I have read all the comments and to feel such Love and Caring, is such salve for this heart of mine. I wish I could convey in words how I really feel. In collapsing and breaking, the Dragon was seen and when seen, the torrential anger and fear and hatred that came forth, I had to walk away from here. I had to face this alone.

    I truly thought the years of working through my issues, I had addressed all of this, and yes, even forgiveness was involved. Now I am back at the intersection once more, where the signs say, forgiveness this way, bitterness that way. Of course, many of you who have come to know me over the years, know which one I will choose. Yet, it is a process.

    I had my first encouraging sign since all this began weeks ago. I had a dream:

    A cleaning company came into my home (it looked nothing like my real home), and began to clean the walls that were very high, IN PLACES I NORMALLY DID NOT SEE OR LOOK. The FILTH and the GLOBS of dust and dirt were gross, and there was a lot. These people had a super vacuum, which shut itself off when it became too hot, and with this vacuum, cleaned all these huge amounts of dirt and globs of filth from off my walls.

    I remember feeling such elation that my walls, were getting cleaned. I also felt amazement that this dirt was even there, dirt that I did not even notice.

    I believe that in coming here, and in allowing my pain to be seen and heard, that the Love and the Light, broke through in order for now the cleanup to unfold. Yes, Sun, you are so right. There is a lot of pain involved in the seed cracking open. There is a quote on my wall that goes something like this: “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin.

    You guys have no idea how many years I have addressed this very subject, and to have it surface again in my life, took me by surprise. Weeks of terror in the middle of the night, bad dreams, anger, depression, feeling so broken to the point I’d rather be dead……as all these emotions came pouring forth. I didn’t even stop to put names upon them or memories attached to them. I knew where they were coming from. And that was enough.

    I am deep deeply moved by the outpouring of Love here. I know not how much further this journey will take me.

    And as for hiding…..Breeze. I would like to address this. These abused animals came to me over the years. I injured my back 20 years ago, taking my life as I knew it away. Every time I try to find a place in the world, it just doesn’t happen. I want to have a place in this world, yet every time I attempt to, it fails. I don’t see myself hiding. I see Spirit holding me here until I am fully healed. No matter what it takes. The tears that I have shed out of the loneliness I have experienced while in the circumstances I live, I cannot count. When the moment for me to step out of this place occurs, it shall. And not a moment before.

    I know. I really have tried to go against the grain. I have tried to change the circumstances. Spirit is a lot bigger then I, so I have come to acceptance. And when like I said, it is time for me to step out, it shall happen.

    I have also seen, how when I am in the world, I still am not seen nor heard. So, that right there tells me, I am in the right circumstances after all. Where I go, only my Heart knows. And I follow.

    I again thank each and every one of you. I cherish your words and your Love. Even if I am not here as I used to be, know that I carry your words with me in my Heart. I really don’t know where all this is taking me.

    I embrace each one of you. I bow to you, thanking you for touching me.

    With all my Love,

    1. Shining sister! Thank you for daring to open your heart to us and show us your pain. Your courage is helping so many others to do the same. I stand in awe of the light that is present here at this Pond, and your honesty has made that light even more visible than before. My gratitude and LOVE goes out to you Amy, and to each and every shining soul gathered here. To all those who share their pain, to all those who share their joy, and to all those who are still unable to do either – I LOVE YOU!

      1. I Love you, Aisha, more then you know. I know no other way then to be Honest. I do not see myself as courageous, not yet. Just getting through, and pushing through, what is within, that very thing that HS has deemed proper for me to change and to heal.


    2. Dear sister Amy, first off: I LOVE Anais Nin and that quote is my favorite!
      That dream and how the walls were cleaned first – like they have to come down. And remember when I went thru the ‘womb removal’ and all it brought up for me? Very painful stuff I thought “I” had dealt with too. We are doing the final cleaning and YOU are so worth it!! I was not asking that you should leave any ‘safe’ place, I was realizing it was what you created… not judging. Maybe hiding not a good word, it was what came to me. It was just my sense of you staying away from people in a safe haven. Even when I said I would like to come see you, the feedback was kinda mixed about it and gave me a feeling. I totally honor anything you need to do for your healing – honestly. Thank you for all you endured for All Amy. And you are brave to bring it to us – to follow up with it after that dream and all it brought up. Much Love with a huge hug, Areeza

      1. Areeza, I do not remember my response about you coming to see me. You are welcome here anytime with open arms. I mean that. I must have been starting to go through the hell I went through to say anything else.

        Come and see me over at Petals too, Areeza. I post so much to encourage and to lift up. It is helping me heal and deal what was done to me. And in so doing, I am sending out waves of Love to all who come, and to the world at large.

        Love, Amy

    3. Dear Rosie, this prayer–called the Invitation is written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and it always brings me comfort and so I gift it to you blessed sister…big hugs..

      The Invitation by Oriah
      It doesn’t interest me
      what you do for a living.
      I want to know
      what you ache for
      and if you dare to dream
      of meeting your heart’s longing.

      It doesn’t interest me
      how old you are.
      I want to know
      if you will risk
      looking like a fool
      for love
      for your dream
      for the adventure of being alive.

      It doesn’t interest me
      what planets are
      squaring your moon…
      I want to know
      if you have touched
      the centre of your own sorrow
      if you have been opened
      by life’s betrayals
      or have become shrivelled and closed
      from fear of further pain.

      I want to know
      if you can sit with pain
      mine or your own
      without moving to hide it
      or fade it
      or fix it.

      I want to know
      if you can be with joy
      mine or your own
      if you can dance with wildness
      and let the ecstasy fill you
      to the tips of your fingers and toes
      without cautioning us
      to be careful
      to be realistic
      to remember the limitations
      of being human.

      It doesn’t interest me
      if the story you are telling me
      is true.
      I want to know if you can
      disappoint another
      to be true to yourself.
      If you can bear
      the accusation of betrayal
      and not betray your own soul.
      If you can be faithless
      and therefore trustworthy.

      I want to know if you can see Beauty
      even when it is not pretty
      every day.
      And if you can source your own life
      from its presence.

      I want to know
      if you can live with failure
      yours and mine
      and still stand at the edge of the lake
      and shout to the silver of the full moon,

      It doesn’t interest me
      to know where you live
      or how much money you have.
      I want to know if you can get up
      after the night of grief and despair
      weary and bruised to the bone
      and do what needs to be done
      to feed the children.

      It doesn’t interest me
      who you know
      or how you came to be here.
      I want to know if you will stand
      in the centre of the fire
      with me
      and not shrink back.

      It doesn’t interest me
      where or what or with whom
      you have studied.
      I want to know
      what sustains you
      from the inside
      when all else falls away.

      I want to know
      if you can be alone
      with yourself
      and if you truly like
      the company you keep
      in the empty moments.

      1. Always, always, always we can count on you, Dear Sweet Alex. Your Gift to Amy says it all. I hope you don’t mind, your Gift filled my Heart as well.
        Pure Love, quiet JOY, Shining Truth and Acceptance.
        xo, Lin

        1. when we love on one, we love on all Linny and so glad that it filled your heart. It’s an amazing prayer…so many flee the dark spaces and when we can sit with them we learn so very much! Huge hugs! alex

      2. Alex gratitude for sharing this one which I have never seen before… just beautiful and resonant. It feels like one of those things one could have written oneself (if you see what I mean)… I’ve never resonated with the superficiality of many conversations. “What do you do?, How old are you?” etc brought to light in the poem…

        Will be sharing this one wider… thank you.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  9. Dear sun_of_blue! No one can say it like you do, and no one can see it like you do, so THANK YOU for sharing it. You are helping to crack open so much that has been closed up for such a long time.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  10. if you are looking for a”sign”
    the first snow in Cairo for over 100 years.

    Sunday, December 15, 2013
    Cairo Snow 2013: Snowstorm hits Egypt for the first time in 112 YEARS

    Heavy snowstorms have hit Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria, causing chaos across the region.The Egyptian capital Cairo has seen record snowfall. Cairo snow 2013 is the first time in 112 years.

    As reported by The Weather Channel, precipitation of any kind is a rarity in Cairo. The city averages less than an inch of rain each year. Cairo snow is extremely rare.

    Gaza is also experiencing its first snow in a decade leading evacuation of around 500 people.

    Similarly, storm Alexa is the worst storm to hit Jerusalem for 60 years.

    Heavy snow storm in Jerusalem, Israel has displaced around 1500 people. About 1,000 stranded travellers are having shelter at the Jerusalem International Conference Centre, AFP reported.

    Below are photos of Cairo snow 2013 (Twitter/Maha Salem).


  11. seems like child abuse is common among the pond
    me too
    oh well, we are here now, I’m not yet convinced that it is all really worth it.
    we will see
    there is no turning back now.
    That would be like dropping out of school the day before Senior Finals.
    i can’t think of anything else to do.
    oh yeah,
    go play in the dirt.
    i know it isn’t easy, mine is frozen as well.
    I wonder if walking barefoot in the snow would work?
    let me know

    1. Dear brother, I would love to walk barefoot in the snow with you! Perhaps we can make a snowman? Thank you for not turning back, I want to take that final step with you by my side.
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Dear Otmn!

      I light a fire to you out there in the snow so you can warm your hands and bare feet while your heart is melting down the tags.

      My love and respect,

      B to B

        1. A dear friend turned me on to this idea. Years ago, when I was in great distress and called him. He and his girl said go out in the new fallen snow and make an angel… but do it naked! we dare you! and, we want a picture of it! It was SO freeing…. the sensation of it…the playfulness…. and the butt imprint, cracked me up so much my blues were totally gone! 🙂 ENJOY!

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