The manuscript of survival – part 378

We think you will all feel a sort of quickening in the air now, like a slight shift in the pressure or the temperature, and we gather many of your animal friends will exhibit symptoms of noticing the same. For there is something approaching indeed, and you are just about to pick up on the first signals coming in from this rainstorm of light that we have referred to so many times in earlier missives. For it is indeed approaching you, and now you will all feel these faint stirrings coming in, just like those magnificent beasts, the elephants, can pick up signals through the soles of their feet.

For there is indeed a brand new vibration coming in, and anyone with their ears close to the ground energetically speaking, you will already have picked up on these still rather faint signals. But now, these signals will indeed amplify, so that more and more of you will start to sit up and prick up your ears in anticipation. For you will feel the oncoming of something so magnificent, it can almost seem to be too much, and along with the anticipation, you might also feel the stirring of anxiety setting in. Let us just assure you that this is only to be expected, for what you are feeling into, is a change so fundamental, it will indeed wipe the slate clean in so many ways, you will not be the same after you have been under this deluge of energetic purification.

And remember, you are still very much identifying with the old you, the one you used to be, but are not any longer. Still, the memories have not been wiped completely from your very being, and as such, you will still have a hard time envisioning yourself as you are to become. And so the old instinct of shunning change will automatically be triggered in so many of you, and even if you do not have a conscious image of what you have in store, your inner being knows all too well what a major transformation this will be, and so it will be a mixture of longing and fearfulness. For deep down, you all know there is no going back now, you have indeed committed yourself to become as new again, but when your mind tries to grapple with this fact, all it can think of, is death. For this has in many ways been a procession of deaths, as you have all one by one shed those old layers of you, and alongside with this process of resurrection, goes a process of death. For the old you must leave in order for the new to take its place, and even if you have all been deeply immersed in this cycle of death and rebirth for so long on this journey, this time the results will be so deeply transformative they are apt to trigger what is left of that old defense mechanism of staying within those old confines and definitions of who you think you are.

But all of those old walls have been torn down now, and even if you have yet to grasp the full extent of this, you are already flexing your wings and testing out what this death of the old really means. But now, as those powerful winds of change are building up on the horizon, the realization that the old you is indeed already a thing of the past will start to seep in, and it is apt to cause more than a little frisson here and there. So do not be surprised if you find that old and familiar feeling of anxiety cluttering up your stomach, but know that this is simply a sign of what you are about to become. For as these storm-force winds start to sweep across this planet in the very near future, all of the old and outdated ramshackle parts that used to be you, will be blown away forever. So you might feel naked and vulnerable, even more so than before as you start to face this truth, for in this as in all things that entails deep and irreversible change, it takes time to find that equilibrium again.

So again we say, know that all is well even if you yourself might feel less at ease than usual, and know that any knots within your stomach are simply a sign of an approaching event that will take you literally by storm and lift you out of the old, and firmly set you feet first into the brand new you. And from that, your brand new world will be born. So give yourself the assurance you need in order not go into fear as these energetic stormtroopers approach. As we have told you before, they will not come to break you down, they will come to set you free once and for all from that old prison of limitations. For there are no limits, but as yet, you have not been able to literally see that for yourself, and so you continue to see walls and barriers where there no longer are any. And that is why this lightstorm is so sorely needed. For you need help to set your mind free from it all, and that help is getting closer and closer even as we speak.

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  1. “an approaching event that will take you literally by storm and lift you out of the old” …. is the use of the word ‘literally’ appropriate? If so we better batten down the hatches if we are in for a physical storm. I can relate to the change in energies and moving out of the old. Thanks Aisha

    1. Dear Kade! This will be a “storm” that will affect us internally, so I think it is better to open up to the doors to let it in rather than “batten down the hatches” and try to keep it out 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Dear Kiera,

    I do not have all the details of how this Event will play out or exactly how our DNA will be activated. It is quite complex. What I do know is that the ground work – the wiring if you will – has been done. They update the wiring systems as they deem necessary. Then there will be some sort of “revealing.” I am getting now a picture of a Christmas tree being lit up.

    The biggest misconception about the Ascension project is that we will turn into angels or something and fly off. No. Its simply a higher plane of existence. In other words, if you think of how you are when you are in a really relaxed meditative state. Instead of this being a experience that is for an hour or so – it will be like that all the time.

    The infrastructure is there but we are waiting for the activation. I do not know when it will be but I am constantly told “soon.” I was also told last night not to believe everything you read over the internet. The date has and will not be published so anyone who says otherwise is leading readers to disappointment.

    Love, Susan

    1. Thank you Susan for your message, which certainly reduces the many anxious speculation and soothes many hearts.

      Heard a few minutes ago the news on the radio announcing that Israel has the worst snowstorm since 1879! Wish we could get some snow here in the north too – the one we had rained away. It is a bit upside down world – isn´t it?;)

      After an almost “normal” week I woke with headache today. Dislike!

      Hold on to your hats, Susan!

      Much love and appreciation for all your messages,

      B to B

    2. Dear Susan! Wow, you see exactly what the CCs told me very early on in my process “we love to watch you during these energetic upgrades, for then, you become lit up as a Christmas tree” 😀 Ascension is as you say, and inner change, literally on a cellular level. That is the “inner treasure” the CCs have told us to look for again and again, and that is why our physical body is all important.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  3. My first trip to a Costa Rican Beach: The ocean was magnificent today. The waves were such fun to play in, the foam that swept around my feet was one of the most delightful things I’ve experienced.
    For personal reasons I hoped that one of the 4 other adults going might wake up sick for this trip. It was after all “my” trip to see the ocean before I return to Canada. Imagine my shock when he didn’t come due to some body discomforts. I am reminded to be responsible for what I wish. So many little things have been happening almost instantly for me lately. I must say though, I don’t feel guilty about today. It was a wonderful day and I appreciate that after 3 months of helping on this property and barely leaving it 🙂
    As for pets: Of course ‘my’ dear Bandit decided to go to spirit form this week. The dogs here have been off their feed several times. Lily, bless her, has been playful like a puppy. I do ask those dog people amongst you to please send Max and Lily extra support when I leave to help them transition back to life without me. Their daily walks outside the gate will most likely stop as will the type of interaction I have with them. You’re welcome to include me in that support… my heart aches terribly thinking of leaving them. I did make them both thick dog beds as a parting gift!
    It’s taken me most of the evening to catch up on all the interesting posts!!
    Love, Nancee

    1. Thanks Nancee for your post!

      I almost feel the sadness in your heart to have to leave your friends and how you slowly say goodbye to the amazing time you had in CR.

      I sent you my love & light !

      B to B

    2. Yes love and support being sent to you and your animals. I have experienced similar stories with wishing someone wouldn’t be there, oops.

  4. Hey Denise!
    Have a great weekend and cheers to no pain!!!
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts. The Hubby? I get all that!
    Thank you for sharing about your animals! Way appreciated.
    Tummy issues that come and go mysteriously. Yes, check check, me & dogs. Lovely to hear from you!
    Love and light,

  5. Hello everyone, two of my animals a cat and a dog each were spitting up a few days ago. I felt like I was going to heave as well later that night. Not the norm for any of us three. For a while my pets were devouring their food like crazy then this past week not eating much. I finally awoke two days ago without pain….thank heavens. It had been weeks of pain from the top to the bottom of my spine as well as muscle, tendon and joints. My one cat finally had a normal blood glucose reading yesterday. So yesterday was a good day all around! Today not as good. When energy is out of sorts the animals tend to find a quiet place and sleep it off. I would like to do the same. Several people in my life husband included here still don’t get any of this energy business. I am tired of trying to educate them. On one level they have a knowing and on another level they don’t. It does make my life very difficult when they are so discombobulated. It gets me off kilter just having a conversation with them. Constantly having to rebalance my own energy. I agree with you Susan about enlightened partners being matched with those that are not enlightened in order to help enlighten more people. I got that info about ten years ago with myself and my husband. I was here to get him through this and it wouldn’t happen for him if I left. I had this vision of him when I was sitting across the table one night. It was the saddest thing to see a soul without the light in it. I couldn’t leave him like that nor leave any soul in that state behind but someone I have loved no way. A glutton for punishment as my grandmother would say. Always two ways of looking at something….the higher and the lower. Is this duality? I would like to ask if any of you here have felt the unusual energy from the universe that seems to have come from nothingness? It seems like new and unformed or unfinished form of energy. It felt like it could be formed into anything because it was like little droplets of voids. Don’t really have words to explain this. I wanted to use the word disembodied, but don’t like that word for a description as it has negative connotations. It did concern me as it seemed like such immature energy could be used to form anything good or bad. Any thoughts here would be appreciated. Hoping for a pain free weekend and healing light for all of us being knocked silly. A big thank you to you B to B from an earlier post. I am not usually one to speak up so when I do get on here it tends to all come out at once. I haven’t been able to be online much but I do try to keep up… much to read when you all have been busy on here. A lot of exciting things! Love to all here! Denise

  6. Hi Aisha,
    Regarding your previous posting with the BBC Movie, I had a very ‘real’ dream the night before you posted. A ship came down and opened onto our house. My husband and I boarded, completely overwhelmed and excited (disclosure finally!!). I met beings on board that were angelic looking and one told me he was 6000 years old. He also said that the only thing holding me back, was me. He then told me to watch a movie that would help me to understand it all better. Then you posted that BBC movie. I am blown away. All I can say is miracles have been happening, (instant incredible abundance manifestations) but only when I am fully relaxed, at peace, connected, happy and grateful. I try every day to focus to bring about peace, abundance and well being to the world (as well as for myself) but I find if I am anxious, or stressed in even the tiniest way, my personal requests don’t materialism. I am also extemely grateful to the CC’s, this pond and you Aisha as your messages have given me such hope and empowerment. I have 2 small children, my own demanding business in which we struggle to make a profit and I recently found myself pregnant (I’m 44). Shock and panic set in and when looking at our 3D ‘reality’ a third child would push us over the edge. Much anguishing deliberation went on regarding whether to have it or not. However I’ve decided to be done with this false reality of struggle and have realized this baby is going to make me focus more clearly than ever before to be the powerful creator I know I am. This baby is a blessing and a gift. I am grateful beyond words to this pond as without even knowing it, you all helped me come to this decision.
    Much love

    1. Dear Shelley, welcome to this Pond! How can I find words to reply to the ones you have shared here? Your story touches me so deeply, and I cannot thank you enough for bringing your light to this Pond and to this world. YOU are truly a blessing and a gift!
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Congratulations Shelley!!
      Thank you so much for sharing. So many gifts, and you are so right, these little ones always bring with them an abundance more.
      Much love,

    3. Thank you Shelley for your nice and honest story that gives me tears in my eyes! I really support your conscious and loving choices that also makes you a role model for others. You prides yourself on creating the perfect fit for your life ;)))

      Much love and respect,

      B to B

    4. I also enJOYed your story, Shelley. So Lovely. Blessings to you&your existing family and your new little one…. and to your business.
      With Love, Lin

  7. Breeze,

    Yes, Federation craft are cloaked. The stuff with NASA is complicated. I generally don’t get into the monkey business because it isn’t an area I (or my guides) want me dealing with. But let’s just say that there are a lot of things being covered up which will eventually come out.


  8. Dear Terri,

    Just like humans, animals are quite individualistic when it comes to feeling energies. I personally believe that those who live with humans who are sensitive are more aware. Perhaps it is like children – they are given the “permission” to feel…. My dog is my barometer. When there are tough days, he simply goes off to his nest and shuts down. When the “guys” from the Federation are around, he shrugs it off. My other dog was also used to it and even was happy to receive energetic treatments. When they are frightened, household pets do very well with Bach remedies such as rescue. When there is too much electricity in the air or “sparks”, I give homeopathic phosphor. in 30C. I don’t know too much about cats. Amy is the expert in that field.

    Dolphins are our “cousins” and were imported from Sirius A. They are very connected.

    As the energies rise, the animals will respond accordingly. This will not bring fear. They instinctively know it is love. There is still an interim period where some cleaning is going on. This can make them edgy.

    The animals will have it far better than they do now in the future…


  9. Aisha Dear – more than half a meter of snow so far in Jerusalem. Nazareth, the Galilee and even parts of the Negev! They are closing down the main highway in Tel Aviv as the river is overflowing. You can tell the CC’s that they went a wee bit too far with their raindrops of Light!


    1. Ah, instead of water washing Jesus’s feet – it is water to wash his home land – cleansing/bathing/healing – cool! I am leaving shortly to go to Vespers celebration at my childhood church (across from house I grew up in). If I hear my favorite Christmas song , oh how wonderful that would be ~~~
      O Come, O Come Emmanuel:
      O come, O come, Thou Lord of might,
      Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai’s height,
      In ancient times did’st give the Law,
      In cloud, and majesty and awe.
      Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
      Shall come to thee, O Israel.

  10. It is good to have a pond of people who know what is going on.
    Where one can open up in case of trouble. Or share knowledge, wisdom, harmony and fun. I love not to be indulged by evil advertising. This coming wave of light holds lots of promises. Clearing, changes, understanding.
    The old chinese curse comes to my mind. May you live in interesting times.
    Aren´t we a bunch of sometimes strange strangers on earth.

  11. There is also a theory about us being in a body. We are body parts in this theory. 90% of all theories are proven incomplete or wrong through time. I have a theory of my own I will write about soon.

  12. Good Afternoon All!

    This is your galactic reporter here with an update:

    First of all – I must say that it has been an exciting 4 days in Israel. A winter storm flew in (hmmm, hmmmm CC’s) bringing rare cold temperatures, wind and rain to the country. Jerusalem shut down yesterday and today with snow. This is the first time that the capitol has ever had snow in mid-December. Now I know all of you in Oslo are sitting there having a good laugh about this one – an entire city shutting down over a few cms of the white stuff…. but it would be like you having a heat wave in December! I personally take this as a sign that all of these freak storms so early in the season are a way for the earth to cleanse before E-day. An immersion so to speak….. A white Christmas in Bethlehem…. hmmmm…….

    Next – Your question how to know if a site/channeling is accurate. This is a hard one and I have discussed this in depth with the Sirians. The “official” answer is that “you know.” You can “feel the vibration” and tell if its true or not. However, they (the Federation) has woken up to the fact that the overwhelming amount of humans – even Light workers still can NOT tell the difference. They have until now had a rather lax attitude but are stepping in to stop as much as they can due to the “unfortunate incidents” of late. Meaning that some very well meaning Light workers have gotten into (mostly psychological) trouble as a result of receiving information from an “unclean source.” They are trying to screen this. There has been a drastic reduction in space spam over the past few months and a further reduction over the past weeks. This will stop altogether when they complete the deportation process of the negatives – soon. In the meanwhile, you are going to have to trust your gut. As I’ve said before – use caution with anything coming from: Ashtar or Ashtar Command; Saint this or Saint that; any site that talks about prosperity funds….
    You can trust Blossom who is certified as a spokeswoman. I was told Gaiaportal is accurate if you can understand it!

    Onwards – The energies you are feeling currently are a combination of deportations (the uneasy feelings, headaches, aches…) in addition to high energies coming in advance of E-day. Plus large craft overhead. Those of you who are sensitive may be able to pick up a lot of chatter from the craft above. And as I’ve said – I believe the earth is being cleansed now as well. When your space families are in the area you will feel a familiar heart warming sense. An excitement like when you are near one you really love. Let’s put it this way – it is THE natural state. During the year when they were away a lot, I got horribly depressed and felt home-sick!

    About Ascension: This is a hard subject to understand. According to the Sirians – ascension is basically an awareness. A certain status. It does not mean we will leave the earth. It does not mean we will leave our bodies. It is an understanding. Many Light workers are already “mostly” ascended. Meaning – we have the ability to understand telepathically, channel, have certain knowledge about “what’s out there,” understand we are all part of the One, know “right from wrong,” have humanistic values…. What we need to complete the picture is for the master switch to be turned on. When it does, the amnesia will go away. We won’t need our guides to access the information for us because we will be able to do much of it on our own. Like waking up from a coma. Until now it has been slow and rough going. Most humans who are in the 3rd dimension will go up to the 4th. Those more “advanced” will go up to the 5th. The 5th gear is where most of us are when in meditation. Rarely – very rarely we can have a moment or two in the 6th. I asked about the visuals. I am way lagging behind Aisha in this area. They said that right now, some of us hear better. Some of us are ready for the visuals. Some of us feel…. They update according to what we are ready for. Everything will come in time….

    Aisha – I loved your comments about the computer. Doesn’t it make you laugh that NASA is still sending out “radio signals” to “outer space” to see if anything’s out there? It would be like 2 kindergarten children playing with 2 tin cans and a string. This is an ongoing joke with the galactics. The Andromedans are a serious bunch but you can play around nicely with the Lyrans and Pleidiens.

    Have a warm weekend and know that you are ALL very much loved. Our families up there are doing everything to speed up this process and they apologize for any physical discomfort. I really encourage all of you to start sending out little messages and make them feel welcomed. They love it! Even if you can’t channel, if you send a message and feel a tingling sensation – you got a hug back!

    Please let me know if there’s anything you want me to find out.
    I can be reached by e-mail as well:


    1. Thank you, Susan! We would be more than happy to have your snow here in Oslo, we’re still waiting to have enough of it so we can get our skis out 😉 What you say about ascension really resonates with me, and I LOVE the way you describe the “galactic hug” 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. NASA has something better than the Hubble Telescope – a better Telescope to see other universes. They pick up on Neutrino’s even – I’m just saying I think they use more than ‘radio signals’. They can detect light from a billion miles away in other words.

      Who knows what NASA has captured that they keep hidden. But knowing there are craft near us… and NASA can capture things near and far…. um… ? The craft are cloaking themselves not to be seen or heard too right? I am just saying that until an official here announces their presence out there, nothing will change no matter what the technology. Love, A

    3. Oh Susan, so good again!

      I would like to know about our pets, wildlife and the life in the oceans.

      I read today, that our animals will be picking up the new energies prior to the biggies coming down. Is there something we can do for our pets if they seem to be scared or aggressive?What type of behavior changes might we notice, lack of appetite, lack of energy, more sleeping or excitement, digestive issues, deaths?

      I have been following the mass deaths of our wildlife, bees, birds, whales, dolphins, seals you name it. I know humans have done great harm however, I also believe thankfully, from the bottom of my heart that all the kingdoms will have peace soon. (Not soon enough.)

      I would just L O V E to know more along this line of thought!!!

      Blessings, Terri ( 25 yrs. animal rescue)
      Our animals and wildlife need help now, right NOW!!!

      1. Thanks Terri for the work u do for our animal children. Blessings!
        my own cats are hungry all the time the past two weeks. The female seems to just want to stare at us or other items all the time. The male wants to play. So, good signs for my pets so far I would say. Both do seem a bit more needy so I reassure them they are doing great work here, that I understand about the energies and all is well 🙂 Neighborhood cats seem to want to hang out at my sliding glass door to look at my cats lately as well. Our animals/pets have such pure Love – A healer once told me they come from the Lambency Frequency – I think that means brilliant, radiant light – I pray also for them to have the atmosphere that they deserve to match who they are!

        1. Hey Easy Breezy!

          How are you feeling dear girl? Recuperated?
          I bet your so glad that so much stress is behind you finally!
          Your a kitty girl just like Amy! Well woof woof!!!

          My 4 dogs and a granddog, who is visiting are Velcro dogs. I do nothing alone without extreme guilt being directed toward me. The look on their faces are mealtimes tells me to just dump the entire bag onto the floor for a free for all, and they would still want more. Nice confirmation of behaviors in cats & dogs. Appetite. Clingyness. I am not completely sure but I think my dogs are feeling aches and pains not normally felt. Weird health issues like a hot spot on a dog who has never in 9 years had one and a cut pad on a paw that healed up extremely quickly without the need of a vet also.

          I will tell you something I find amazing. My vet is unable to understand how I still have my MulDoone who should be an angel who left here on the lymphoma cancer train months ago. He should not be here and look better than he ever has. I do supplements & ” unconventional” treatments when loving and caring for a sick animal so… I pull out all the stops, and anything goes. I am doing something right, wish I knew what it was. Or is it something/someone else…….(:

          Love chatting with you. I hope other people will talk about strange things they notice in their animals too. Talking furry friends always lightens my mood and spirit. A smile breaks my face, wrinkles deepen and oops, a chuckle usually follows!

          Much love Breeze, Terri

          1. Much Love back Terri! and thanks for asking how Im doin. i wish stress was behind me. I dont yet know who I will support myself and my guy until his case gets sorted out. Then, last night an incident with my only sister I felt close to. Guess I am done with all blood family now. So, I had a rough night – waking up crying – hurting bad. Even my surgery area hurts again today. I have to get back to work Monday too. Cats still staring… creeping me out. lol. Got a request to rub some Tiger Balm on my guy… gotta go for now. Love u all, A

    4. Wait, Susan I do have a question….can they tell us when the master switch will be thrown, for us being able to fully access our 12-strand DNA again?

      Few years ago I learned that the 12 strands will not physically manifest in our current “physical” bodies, but that we will be accessing all 12 by reconnecting to the higher dimensions.

      That is, we will reconnect to this higher dimensional DNA as it exists in the higher frequency template levels, in order to use it, down here.

      Will we be “helped” in accessing our Higher D dna, or do they expect that we can do this ourselves — fully activate our own switches?

  13. Seems that there are some “receptive brains” amongst our scientists after all 😉 This is from Huffington Post 12.12.12:
    “Physicists have devised a new experiment to test if the universe is a computer.

    A philosophical thought experiment has long held that it is more likely than not that we’re living inside a machine.

    The theory basically goes that any civilisation which could evolve to a ‘post-human’ stage would almost certainly learn to run simulations on the scale of a universe. And that given the size of reality – billions of worlds, around billions of suns – it is fairly likely that if this is possible, it has already happened.

    And if it has? Well, then the statistical likelihood is that we’re located somewhere in that chain of simulations within simulations. The alternative – that we’re the first civilisation, in the first universe – is virtually (no pun intended) absurd.

    And it’s not just theory. We previously reported that researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany had found evidence the Matrix was less than fiction. That story was by far our most popular of the year – indicating it’s something about which you lot have wondered too.

    Now another team have devised an actual test to see if this theory holds any hope of being proven.

    Professor Martin Savage at the University of Washington says while our own computer simulations can only model a universe on the scale of an atom’s nucleus, there are already “signatures of resource constraints” which could tell us if larger models are possible.

    This is where it gets complex.

    Essentially, Savage said that computers used to build simulations perform “lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations” – dividing space into a four-dimensional grid. Doing so allows researchers to examine the force which binds subatomic particles together into neutrons and protons – but it also allows things to happen in the simulation, including the development of complex physical “signatures”, that researchers don’t program directly into the computer. In looking for these signatures, such as limitations on the energy held by cosmic rays, they hope to find similarities within our own universe.

    And if such signatures do appear in both? Boot up, baby. We’re inside a computer. (Maybe).

    “If you make the simulations big enough, something like our universe should emerge,” Savage told the University of Washington news service.

    Zohreh Davoudi, one of Savage’s students, goes further:
    “The question is, ‘Can you communicate with those other universes if they are running on the same platform?,” she said.
    Now that would be a long-distance phone call.”


    1. Hello Aisha, hello everyone 🙂

      Thanks for your shares… although I haven’t watched the video ’cause I’m already sort of aware of it (have read the Seth/Jane Roberts material and “value fulfillment” of the awarized cell and atoms and everything popped out of my mind when I thought the title of the video).

      About this link… here are some others I’ve stumbled upon these past days… related

      Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

      Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram

      The Universe Without a Big Bang? –Intriguing New Equations Show a “Phased” Creation

      Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of theology?

      The Brain “Sees” Objects That You Don’t Perceive

      Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field

      Sorry for too many links lol a couple of last beautiful extra

      The thing is there must be a consensus reality regarding all these, ’cause most people relies on the current science to create their reality… or to delimit it, and there’s still a group of scientist that still function in the old constricted ways that are sort of holding the natural movement of All that Is expansiveness in perception (if this makes sense). I hope this happens soon, the consensus reality… it’d be wonderful if we all can speak and exchange information on those terms without all those obtuse beliefs that are huge obstacles among us and that people becomes scientist/philosophers themselves and not rely on others on this. And I hope that happens faster… so far, for me the current rhythm is so extremely slow and it seems it’s going on its own usual speed, specially where I am. Unless something major happens and we begin to talk-explore the inner-outer multiverse without having to deal with or going back to, all these submatrixes of the dragging old matrix.

      I wish that consensus reality more than anything. 🙂

      Love and hugs

      PS: sorry again for all those many links!! 😀

      1. Dear rlvv – thank you so much for sharing this! First of all, those photos of the microscopic texture of tears had me in tears! So beautiful – and such a powerful confirmation on how water is affected by emotions. I have heard that the chemical components in tears shed from sadness differs from those shed from joy, and these images really shows this. The article on the “Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics” really resonates with me because it seems to confirm what I have been told again and again: the fundamental structures making up our whole Universe are very simple, and nothing like those incredibly complex formulas scientists theorize about today. I was once shown a blackboard with just one short mathematical equation on it, and told that this was in fact the whole “recipe” for our universe. (And no, I have no idea what was written on that blackboard, I just “saw” this very short line of figures and symbols.) I also love the way the “recipe” they give in the article about the phased creation: “Their calculations show that there is indeed a critical temperature at which an empty, flat spacetime turns into an expanding universe with mass. “The empty spacetime starts to boil, little bubbles form, one of which expands and eventually takes up all of spacetime”, explains Grumiller. For this to be possible, the universe has to rotate – so the recipe for creating the universe is “apply heat and stir”. However, the required rotation can be arbitrarily small.”

        I think we will have consensus on many levels when the “master switch is turned on” to quote Susan. Now, we are all limited by our old beliefs, but when those barriers really fall, we will be able to tap into the Universal consciousness and “all the science books of mankind will have to be rewritten” as the CCs say 😉
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Aisha, I am very much in love watching your mind evolving at this very fast pace… are picking up speed at an incredible rate. I have to tell you this is fascinating to watch. Like a flower unfolding.

          This is your masculine intelligence booting up like mad now to balance out your overly-strong feminine aspects (emotions, aesthetics, drama, comfort, empathy….)

          Yes of course we are inside of a computer. Otherwise called a Hologram — same effect as the Holodeck on Star Trek.

          We can continue to tell everyone that this ‘reality’ is an illusion…..but they don’t get it fully, it really doesn’t sink in until you can physically ground this concept into their heads with a very familiar example — hence, Hey everybody! We are living inside a “computer”.
          A computer simulation.

          Every entity/civilization that evolves far enough along, will always reach this point of realization, as they start to replicate the workings of the Universe by creating computers and computer programs.

          As above, so below…so below & above……the very same goes for the bubbling recipe.
          EVERYTHING starts out fundamentally *simple*, in the universe(s). It has to, or else it would not be able to support itself when it grows & expands into more & more complexity.
          If the fundamentals were NOT simple — the entire structure would collapse upon itself.

          What the human scientists have done, is completely backwards.

          Instead of seeing the whole picture and either breaking it down or building it up using the LEGO-simple fundamental parts, they only look at the unconnected parts first. Then they go nuts (and no doubt orgasmic) going off in various directions with highly overloaded complex models that only end up generating more confusion.

          And the only way they can understand and perceive the whole picture in the first place, is if they go WITHIN.

          1. Dear Kiera! Thank you for this! And yes, I agree, everything is moving ahead at full speed now, and I am very excited by the information pouring in. I have been waiting for this more “scientific” part of me to kick in again, and I am really looking forward to what will happen next. Lots of pieces are falling into place now, I can literally hear the “click click click” as the gears of this whole construction starts to move, like the synchronized wheels of a clock. What a great time to be here!!!
            Love and light from me, Aisha

  14. Hey BEV! Since breeze brought this forward I cant BELEIVE I missed this part! Oh LMAO….so I am falling asleep thinking of how breeze mentioned this specific part and as I am drifting off…my team says quite clearly–Silicon…DUH! Aren’t we all supposed to be moving from a carbon based body to a crystalline based body? Silicon is the replacement–and well, methyl like structures are easily set up with silicon instead of carbon and guess what? Silion reacts with hydronium cations quite well…

    So, I think we have to add in silicon to the equation-and so I found this article that supports and explains a lot of this stuff from the living cosmos…

    more goodies 🙂 hugs!

    1. Thank you ‘Dearly’ my Sweet & Valuable Sister !…Yes it is the Truth !…Thymine is the lock & ‘H3C’ is the key…it has been purposely created for the ‘Back Door’ of creation…always visible for All to SEE, but not to understand, until Now !…the joining ‘C’ carbon element is going to dissolve & temporarily will be replaced by ‘O’ oxygen (kinda like a safe guard step) & then ‘YES’ to Silicone !….Sorry I had to BE the coaxer ! but I knew you would figure it out & I so LOVE YOU for this ! As I have already begun this shift or change or event (whatever it is referred as) the process seems to create a presence of BEing invisible to others… much I’ve already said in previous missives has fallen on deaf ears…so my HS felt it necessary for another to come to our aid…& WE ALL THANK YOU with Great Affection !!!….You are very Special indeed !….LOve, Bev~

      1. Big hugs Bev and I think you are always seen but sometimes information comes to us before its “time” and that means we have to be patient and “wait” for the dimension to catch up! Hugs and you are much loved and blessed also! As for you breeeze beeeeee! you rock too and I had to giggle because I also felt compelled to do some online shopping last night because I absolutely need to get this family solstice/christmas thing nailed down as easily as possible…but I also took silica for a long time! Biosil actually and so I know the benefits of silica in the diet and I feel I have a bit of a clue as to how this will make us feel in a body…interesting and wonderful! Hugs all and happy friday! alex

    2. c o o l n e s s (I knew when I brought it forward, it was for a reason and I was thinking of our bodies becoming crystalline – wondering how it could all fit – glad I have the ‘intuition part’ cause I sure dont have the chemistry part!) NOW, for a really, really interesting spin: The last thing I did before going to bed last night was shop online for some vitamins/herbs… and I kept trying to remember what I used to take to strengthen my hair – it was Horsetail which has silica.
      more on silicon:

      1. Just a note on youd silica discussion: was taking biosil drops for awhile, and yes I have noticed a positive diiference. Recently switched to food grade Diametaceous Earth, also silica based. Wow, what a big difference. Read more about the positive effects of DE and other natural cures at

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