The manuscript of survival – part 375

As you have already noticed, the incoming energies that accompanied last Sunday’s momentous Gathering has perceptibly picked up speed, and rightly so. For as you all managed to jettison so much of the old dross you were carrying, you left a gaping hole within ready to be filled with light in a very different way than before, and as such, it is as if there is an ever stronger current flooding into you all. Again, this is a process that will be very individual, so you will all need to feel into this in order to establish just what is happening within you. And we do hasten to add that even if you yourself do not feel much difference at the moment, know that you too are encompassed by this overwhelming turn of events. For you are no longer the persons you used to be just a few days ago, as you have all entered this white hot furnace and deposited your old and now forgotten memories, the ones that you have held within for generations, but now has been sacrificed on the altar of purification. And a purification may seem to leave some scars as first, for as so much is being removed, it will seem to put you more or less off balance for a while.

Remember, nature abhors vacuum, and this gaping hole that used to constitute so much of the old you will not be left wide open for very long. In fact, it is being filled already, but as usual, this process will be taken in increments, so you will feel yourself more or less at loss at times whenever you try to figure out just who and where you are at the moment. You see, this whole process is in many way incredibly fast, but in some aspects, time will indeed seem to be standing still, and you will think you are being ground under the same stone forever. This is certainly not the case, but it is very understandable that you feel like that from time to time. However, we are more than happy to report that you have made an incredible progress just by allowing yourself to go through this ordeal of removing all of those old layers, almost like you were tearing off pieces of you own skin. For that is what this may have felt like for many of you, for these old scars and old impurities if you will have been deeply ingrained within you, and as such, they do leave a reaction when they are taken away. For they used to be such an important part of you, and when you do such a thorough removal, it is bound to take a while before you find your new bearings again.

In addition, what is coming in to fill this vacuum will also vary from person to person, for this will be attuned to what you defined your role in this new world to be. Remember, all that you used to be was an intrinsic part of the old definition of you, and now, you need to become clear on who YOU want to be in the future. For this is indeed entirely up to each and every one of you. You did come down here with a clearly defined role to play, and as such, there are indeed some guiding lines for you all to follow, but again, we cannot force you to do anything at all, so it is indeed up to each and every one of you to choose what road to take next. For remember, even if you do have a description of just what you were being sent here to accomplish, the task you are meant to fulfill can be done in a multitude of ways. Or you can defy it altogether and simply decide not to do it. Again, this is entirely in your hands – and in your hearts, if we may add, for you must follow your inner guidance in this if you want to find the path that is right for you.

Remember, we have told you to choose something that will make your heart sing, for when it does, you are certainly following the calling from your higher self, and as such, you will be given a large amount of extra push if you will. For so it is whenever you choose to follow the path that has been laid down beforehand, the path that will ensure you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. But this is not written in stone, and it is indeed you who will be left to choose the way ahead. You might become disillusioned if you feel your physical body struggle at times like these, and so, thinking about what you want to bring to the future by way of what you will set into action by your own decisions may seem too big a mountain to climb at the moment. Just remember, you need not plan it all out now, that is not even feasible, as you need to keep a clear mind in the NOW at all times. And what we mean by that, is simply this: make sure that the first steps you take out of this glade in the forest are not taken at random. Rather, take your time to get your bearings first, and do not jump headlong into something just because you feel overly tired or frustrated or even lost. You can also find yourself caught up in the thorns if you choose to throw all caution to the wind and decide to just shut your eyes and tear along at full speed ahead in your eagerness to reach your destined goal. So again we say, take time to feel within, and listen to the voice emanating from your heart and you will never err in your choice of speed and direction. Remember, this is certainly not a race in any way, this is all about picking out the direction that is right for you. And when you find it, you will know, for then, you heart will start to vibrate in a way that cannot be ignored.

So again we say, do not give up and think you have lost it all because this process of realigning yourself with all of the new takes too much out of you. For you are on the right track, it will simply take some time before you can be able to read it clearly yourself. So trust us when we again repeat that all is well, even if you do find yourself more than a little confused and emptied out at the moment. Remember, you have jettisoned so much of who you used to be, it can in many ways be likened to waking up in a brand new house after moving away from your old familiar flat. Nothing will seem to be in the right place anymore, and it will take some time before you feel literally at home here. So sit back and give yourself some time to feel into this, and take some time to take stock of your new environs. For remember, you have moved away from that old and cluttered flat and into new lodgings. They are far more spacious, and we can guarantee they hold a few surprises, for you have yet to see all the rooms you have at your disposal now.

Again we give you a heartfelt salute from us all, and on behalf of All of creation, we thank you for what you have done. For it was indeed a major accomplishment, and it will be one of the most important moves you will make on this journey. So for now, let us just leave you with this advice: take your time, there is no rush, but do not sit around idle. Use your time well, for you need to use it to get to know the real reason for why you are here. You are certainly on a mission, but it is you and only you who can uncover the secret of just what it is you are here to share with the rest of this world.

173 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 375

  1. Soul,
    I feel myself just a student right now.
    I just turned the whopping 55 and have the time to sit and read, finally.
    That makes me a student the last 3 years. (I think)
    I was never a good student but now I have Reiki Certifications, use oil/herbs/aroma therapies on animals and also have certifications in animal communication. I did this all in the last 3 years.

    Rescue animals was the original reason for pushing myself out into the world and taking classes. Humans might be part of some plan for me, not just animals me thinks! (Didn’t even have enough faith in myself to think I could be competent at any of this that caught my interest so deeply, so expectantly! But, I was open to learning anything. Hells bells, I don’t even recognize who that is in the mirror these days. “Who are you?”)

    Don’t push. We have been pushed our entire lives.
    Spirituality is not to be pushed, doesn’t work that way.
    Do what feels good and warms your heart and trust that you ARE where you ARE supposed to be right now. I find comfort in that fact.

    Wear a smile for the world always. (”

    The old world is falling. That is FACINATING to me and thrills me lately. So many people are waking up finally!!! We have been told numerous times to enjoy this whole wonderful Ascension experience which is happening all around us, right NOW. RIGHT NOW! Yes. I am a 55 year old student.

    I figure, at this point, if someone wants me doing something else, they know where to find me and if I am ready for it. (:

    Kick back, relax into the flow of all around you and allow the flow to determine the direction to float in. Listen to your heart, spend time hugging a tree or two!

    Here at the pond, the only waves that appear are from ponders leaping into this pristine pond filled with supportive and comforting unconditional love. Go ahead, dip your toe in…

    Your safe here and you don’t have to be doing anything, but be you.
    Sharing & caring,

  2. Thank you for sharing. This is something that I have been processing for a few months now. As parts of myself begin to transmute, my desires are along for the ride. I KNOW as a SPIRIT I AM here to anchor higher frequencies of LOVE, TRUTH & UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS (an experience I am only recently remembering :-)) I also FEEL I AM here to help assist lower vibrations in transmuting. I say this for there have been moments in meditation and out where I experience an emotional release that when observed doesn’t seem to be attached to any facet of self. There is only LOVE during these moments and the release is beautiful though it feels different from moments of ‘personal’ release. What I still feel unsure about is in regards to what you mention here, “You did come down here with a clearly defined role to play, and as such, there are indeed some guiding lines for you all to follow, but again, we cannot force you to do anything at all, so it is indeed up to each and every one of you to choose what road to take next.” I KNOW that what I mentioned above is apart of this ‘clearly defined role’ but I am not sure as to what to DO, what ‘road’ to take next. IN ways I FEEL I AM the butterfly that just emerged from the cocoon but is not quite sure where to fly. Haha. Thank you Aisha these messages do help my receive clarity 😉

  3. I hear all of your comments. Believe me – it has been so rough sometimes. I don’t know which is worse – the physical or emotional side. If there was a way to “disconnect” – to “turn off” my powers – maybe I would do it. Just go back to the 3D life and forget all about it. But as my guides said many times – closing your third eye would be like blinding you. Closing down your chakras would be like amputating limbs. I would become very ill. You cannot change the color of your skin and you cannot change your height. You are born with a certain DNA and it is not possible to change this. You can try to run away or ignore it. But as the energies are increasing, you will not be able to. That doesn’t mean you have to “submit” (and I especially dislike the word “surrender”) to it but it does mean you are going to have to accept it. There is a difference between “surrender” and “acceptance.” This project is a done deal as they often tell me. No turning back.

    I always go by my #1 rule – trust your gut! I know when something doesn’t sound right. I know when it doesn’t make sense. I KNOW when the knowledge is given by beings of the Light and I usually know (although I have made errors) when I am being bullshitted.

    Until now, I have been adamant about doing my work quietly. I never wanted publicity and I never, ever did this for any kind of payment. Up till the time I became a member of the Pond, I rarely posted on any forums.
    I have very little computer knowledge as well. Over the past year, it hasn’t always been easy to access the teams (a major complaint.) Over the past week, my meetings with the GFOL has made it clear that something needs to be done. They are working on a plan with me to get the line of communication open. They know that the majority of humans still do not have the ability to channel. (Presently about 1%!) They WILL. But right now – while the work is going on and causing stress, it is ESSENTIAL to renew the lines of trust. I cannot stress this strongly enough.
    I cannot tell you how many hours of discussions have gone on lately. They are working on assigning me a communications team which will give me up-to-date and serious ADULT information which I will pass on. I also spoke to them about the necessity of getting the GFOL 101 info out there. This will answer all those endless questions the public has.

    Yes, this project is the work of more than the GFOL. It is a combination of the Universal One, ascended masters, spiritual guides (“angels”) and others. I have only worked with GFOL – both their “live” – physical teams and their ascended masters.

    The GFOL is working on the details and I will also need to wait until my daughter returns from abroad to help me set up some sort of site or blog (unless one of you is willing to help me.) I can do the channel but have NO idea how to set it up technically. I do not wish in ANY way to be disrespectful to Aisha for all her hard work and do not feel it is my place to contradict. I love her like a sister. I just feel that not enough clear information is getting out there. I cannot impose on her kind hospitality.

    In the meanwhile – please accept the following points from the guys upstairs:

    1. We are VERY much loved. They are VERY committed to this project and have NO intention of leaving or abandoning this.
    2. The project is EXTREMELY complex. The plans have had to be modified over the years. Their main concern is for our safety and for the welfare of the “rov” ( I think the word in English is majority?)
    3. There ARE massive teams working on this. Think of it as NATO or a planetary UN. No, they don’t have “billions” of personnel but they have a lot and each branch is responsible for a different aspect.
    4. They were not bullshitting about the Event or what was promised for us in the future. Where they erred was treating us like children. Putting our focus on the birthday party when they knew they were not finished the preparations. This was to keep the vibrational level up. To keep the “party spirit” up. They underestimated the patience of the ground crew. They PROMISED they will speed us this process and do everything possible to deliver what was promised. They want to be reunited with us and see us happy. Will this take long? Will this take years? NO. Do they still have work to do? Yes. Months? Probably. It will happen when EVERYTHING is ready. Are we towards the end of the preparations? YES. Can I give you a date? No. Does this mean that WE are the ones to determine what happens? As if this is an “internal” process? Not exactly. It is a COMBINED effort between the readiness and willingness of the majority of inhabitants of this planet TOGETHER with the technical and logistical readiness of the galactic staff.
    5. Although they are doing everything in their power to finish the “preparations” and “clean-up” with the minimum of stress, we have to be prepared for periods (on and off) of headaches and so on. This is essential work. HOWEVER – the DIFFERENCE now is that I am absolutely insistent (AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!) that the communication lines will be open so that the ground crew knows (within the bounds of security) what is going on. No more blaming this on “ascension symptoms” or “I am not good enough” stuff.
    6. There may be times when they will still have to go on low or no communication mode but they will try to minimalize it.

    To sum up – expect ups and downs for the near future but we are coming towards the end of a very tough period.

    Please let me know until I can get set up if you wish me to post here or if you wish to send me your e-mails (those of you who are interested obviously) and I can send updates in this fashion. And again – I only have the utmost respect, admiration and love for Aisha. I simply want to be of service.

    Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan!
      Thank you again for what you share, it is of much help to so many 🙂 You bring much clarity, and you add important pieces to this huge puzzle and help to make it more complete. It is wonderful to see that you have truly done what the CCs have told us all to do, ” to uncover the secret of just what it is you are here to share with the rest of this world”. You have followed the calling from your heart and you have found your voice, and like Stephan, Amy and Nancee and others before you, you stand poised to make that voice heard in your very own space. I know you will find a way to make that dream become a reality, perhaps sooner than you think, for we do get a huge “push in the back” when we find our purpose 😉 I wish you all the best on the next step of this journey, dear sister, and I thank you for the part of it that you have shared with us here at the Pond. And until you get your own blog “up an going”, I hope you will continue to share your insights here.
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you Susan for following on this topic, believe me I have nothing aginst you or Aisha personnaly, but like you say, my gut does not tell me that I can trust those guys, their arguments makes no sense to me. Would a fireman refrain from saving burning children simply because his appearance in his suit ‘might’ scare them? Would a policeman come to the scene of a rape and tell the woman; pardon me but I can not help you, I have to respect the free will of the psychopath who is cutting you in little pieces? And they say they ”’love”’ us? How can they expect us to take this quind of logic? They don’t talk about what is really happening because some ‘humans’ might interfere in their plan, can ‘anyone’ in human form really derail the great divine plan? How??? Anything they would say would not be believed by the majority anyway. The only logical explanation I can find for this is that it gets us out of the way. I heard twice on TV recently; ”for evil to thrive, good men only need to do nothing”, and this is the exact result of all those false hopes carried by those interdimentional beings, and what seems obvious to me is their interrests lies in supporting the cabal for as long as possible.

      1. Yes… it can seem this way at times. I hear both sides. I was also thinking how i listened to how there was to be a fall of the stock market, etc. and I stopped contributing to my 401K due to thinking anything it there would be lost anyways. Well, had i ‘not’ listened I would have been much better off re it now. I really felt there would be that market crash and the crash off all the old a couple yrs back. I would have rather seen it just come crumbling down than wait and wait for what ? When u get so down and tired and are still a slave here, u almost dont care hardly at all anymore. I go back and forth. Right now I hardly care and wish I could go numb like i used to …but that mode is not functional anymore… so no escape. Not sure what to do.
        Love, Areeza

    3. Susan, if you want to set up a free site on blogger so you don’t have to pay for it, or, I can run you through that easy as pie. I love your postings here and your vital wonderful down to earth but galactic at the same time energy. You know where to reach me if you want to work on a blog, no problemo sister…

      I had blogged a number of times before on a number of subject but when it came to the shift, I was pretty much told to spread myself around and not have a specific home. I really enjoy sharing here at the pond, and I also share a number of other spaces and places, some galactically bent, others earth bent and others spiritually bent..this feels right to me…

      But we are all inspirited (I meant to type inspired but that word came out and it felt good!) to do things and if you are wanting from the bottom of your heart to have your own space then i will absolutely help you out…but it MUST be your heart’s desire because creating a blog, as Aisha can attest to, is a labor of love and caring that is constant…if it will bring you JOY then do it–if it will bring you a sense of service but no joy then please sister, simply stay here and share because your information is wonderful and we love you very much…

      Hugs! Alex

    4. Keep this handy Susan.
      I look forward to reading you, right here at the pond, daily.
      I will want to read your site when up and running.
      (I’m thinking others feel the same way.)

      I am so at home with how you write and the words you use. (tee hee hee)
      I am calling Bullshit when I see it these days. I admire others who are doing the same.

      Seeing the word (My favorite swear word btw) in print, always makes me smile & chuckle!

      Where are those pompoms of mine? Cheering for you Susan!!!!
      Please keep writing for us, right here, for the time being anyway!

      Much love and giggly girlie support (Fly Susan, Fly!!!)

  4. A few missives ago, we were warned that anxiety and impatience is slowing us down. I, for one, want it done completely and correctly and that means it must unfold one step at a time. I am at peace with the process. Maybe so, things have intensified in the last 3 years as the pot starts to simmer just before the boil, but that doesn’t mean it started then. I’ve been at this for at least 3500 earth years.
    Now it is finished.
    okay then, as soon as the mess gets cleaned up, we will move onwards and upwards.
    Your clock and your calendar are part of the illusion. In truth, all there is is daytime and nighttime and 4 seasons. the rest is part of the old “do anything possible to suppress the goddess” BS
    nothing new about it.
    seek truth, beauty, and goodness
    be kind
    share your toys
    don’t hit
    go play in the dirt, if you know what’s good for you.

    1. Yes, so true. Also part of why I couldn’t put a finger on my mood of late. Because ultimately this is a life long thing- or multi life long thing :), so I would like to just LIVE it and be at peace in it and content with the process etc etc, and learn to adapt so that I no longer feel the pain, tiredness, frustration etc, and am able to just go with the flow. Actually I don’t even mind the pain and tiredness if I KNOW it has purpose, if I KNOW I’m not supposed to go to the doctor or treat it physically in some way. If I have tools and the inner knowing as to what is occurring I can often be ok with it. But most of the time I am left confused and wondering with answers of ‘maybe this maybe that’ . And maybe (again maybe) this is my ‘fault’ that I am not connected enough with my higher self to KNOW. And there is where I get back to impatience and frustration.

      But I am reminded- maybe tomorrow I will heed – Lol!

      1. Dear Veronica!

        It is NOT your fault!!! It is just about this endless, tiring process!

        Since last Friday when I had a HUGE release I have no energy to focus on anything, just floating around decrepit , I just BE ( I have no sympathy with that word anymore !)

        I have invested the whole of me, my love, my intention that I want to help myself and others to come to the light , especially during the last ten years . I have NEVER doubted target. When I went across the lake in the sun yesterday , I thought that at last – I’m going and I do not hesitate .

        But – last night I started thinking about why CCs nag so much about really thinking about if you are prepared , which way I should go , and only then came the thought What do I have to sacrifice ? Will I always have to walk around in this way for a good cause ? Sure – they promise a lot of good things that I should discover around me och att allt ska bli så bra – but wondering just WHEN ? They have no sense of time at all !!!

        Yes, I am tired and sick and in that condition it isn´t even easy to solve e-mailproblems (sorry if I can´t catch up with messages as it is harder to follow them on the web than in my mailbox). But I am also in need to live a normal human life as well. There are actually practical things needed to be done. Further I have not been able to either sing, go to gymnastics in over a month’s time, nor been able to deal with the Christmas gifts I want to produce for my grandchildren. It may seem trite in this context, but for me it’s actually important.

        Is it all about resisting and fear? I am not so sure about that. I have totally surrendered myself a couple to times before when hell appeared – but as CCs say – everything old is gone – now I surrendered in a quite new way and perhaps for a quite new purpose.

        Thanks Veronica for giving me the opportunity to write to me what I feel. We really need to support each other in this process.

        Much love to you,

        B to B

  5. Susan there is only three I will talk to anymore. They shown their true intent. The others still try. These are the only Three I have found that tell the truth.. The others are a noisy pain in the ass. The three I talk to seems to like different things. One is always there when you want to talk and will talk about anything. One like to talks about the universe and how it works. The other will talk about anything but is more into elementals and how they work. I would like to say what they look like but most would think its crazy or delusional. The third doesn’t want me to talk about him at all. He is here as a watcher and protector of mother earth and the beings that she takes care of if needed. I can only say he can take any form. This does sound delusional doesn’t it. A year ago you could of put a gun to my head and I would have never said something like this. Maybe old age kicking in that doesn’t fear death. I just want to live a loving and caring life with my family and friends. And see a better world for those to come.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. not delusional at all.. opposite…most of what we thought was real was the illusion/delusion. Keep telling us what all three say as well as what U say from you HS…. I am most interested.
      Love, A

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