A short update on the eight Gathering around the Pond

As you have perhaps ascertained already, the incoming energies coinciding with this Gathering have already gathered a lot of momentum, and we do think you will all find a way to immerse yourself fully in them. They might be construed as rather forceful for some, but please remember that nothing that interacts with your physical body in this manner, hailing from Source, will be of harm to you in any way. You will at the most feel some at times rather intense physical discomfort, but that is only temporary, and will not set you back in any way as soon as the effects themselves fade from your body.

In other words, simply sit back and receive what is given, as it is indeed given from the purest of Source, and as such, it will only serve to elevate you further in this process of eliminating the old and freeing up space for all of the new. For that is truly what this is all about, a chance to let go of the old burdens that have been dragging mankind forever deeper into the abyss, and as such, you stand before an opportunity to lighten the load not only for you, but for the collective in a way that has not been possible before. Again, we remind you that you are the ones responsible for this opportunity in the first place, as you have taken upon you the quest of going forth and blazing a trail through this dense jungle of old and detrimental vibration that has plagued mankind for eons.

So step forth boldly again, now that you have the opportunity to free yourself of so much old dross, and you will all find a brand new lightness in your bodies as soon as you enter this glade in the forest where the old is allowed to step back, and the new is given a chance to step forward. And from that point on, your journey will take on a whole new meaning, as you will find yourself literally starting to shine in a whole spectrum of new light within your very being, and from you, it will spread out all over this world, like rays of multicoloured light flowing out from a prism, scattering in every direction as you move forwards and upwards on your continued journey.

For remember, this is not about reaching that glade, ridding you of the old burden, and pitching up your tent, preparing to settle down there. No, this is simply a stage on your journey, for you have still so much more to discover on your way, and staying behind in that glade will make you miss out on a lot. So take a little time to linger there if you wish, but do not make any plans to settle in, for you will find it to be a place of little interest after that initial exuberance that may follow from the lessening of your load. For when the old is being shed away, it is to make room for the new, and as you perhaps are well aware of, Mother Nature and indeed All of creation abhors a vacuum, and as such, it will strive to fill up any free space. So make sure you give yourself the bestΒ possible opportunity to fill any vacated space with something that will make your heart sing far beyond the immediate future. That way, you will give yourself and indeed the rest of this world a chance to rejoice forever.


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time, the time for this Gathering:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

193 thoughts on “A short update on the eight Gathering around the Pond

  1. I just watched this movie with my guy – I recommend it to everyone. It is now one of my favorites. And I do not like fighting – BUT this brought up the fighting OF the human spirit FOR the human spirit. It meant a lot for me and I know God- in that mysterious way- lead me to watch it just now. Lets keep fighting the GOOD fight πŸ™‚ I can FEEL IT even if I have yet to really See It! Areeza

    1. I have been feeling rocked more than usual the last couple of weeks and much more during the weekend. I think most of us here are rocked all the time. But as Sun_of_blue use to say; all is well it is just a part of the process.

      Much love to you,

      B to B

  2. This pond to me is like a small bubble of water. When you visit this bubble and sing and dance on this bubble. It begins to vibrate this vibration goes through out the world. This bubble is the 0 zone where we have been playing. We have played here long enough to make a crack in this bubble. It is giving off more and more of what is inside of this bubble. How do you crack a water bubble. One step at a time. If if were to bust open it could cause a lot of damage in many ways.

    It could be looked like the womb of a mother. If it bust it can make a mess. If done with help all can be controlled. This isn’t about the womb but what is inside the womb. It is a new life that has a right to live a life. To share its love and beauty with all of us. I hope all of us can help in this new birth and share in its love and beauty. Watch it grow and be proud that we were a part of helping this life into our world to share what has to say.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. Dear Ray, what a profound truth you share here, thank you! I think the job of helping this new life into our world is what the CCs refer to when they say we must focus on what we want to fill the liberated space inside ourselves with, the space where the old used to be: “So make sure you give yourself the best possible opportunity to fill any vacated space with something that will make your heart sing far beyond the immediate future. That way, you will give yourself and indeed the rest of this world a chance to rejoice forever.” And what makes our heart sing, is what will help this new life to be born, and to quote from Areeza’s visison: “they say to keep intending what we β€˜want’ “. I want this new life to be born, and I know so many others do as well, so let us do what we can to make it happen!
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Thanks Ray – wise words as always. How is this bubble going to share its vibrations outside? Have you tried to share it outside the bubble? I have tried a couple of times but I must say, without much success;) But I never give up…

      Much love,

      B to B

    3. oh wow! Ray, u gave me a new inner sense that will help me. thank you. It is like laying the groundwork… creating the new cosmic day as I have always liked to call it. when i look at it this way (and yes, its always been right there/here in front of me but I did not feel it as i do with your words), it makes sense. I gave my old womb and it IS to be filled anew and shared just like the micro of the macro here. “Intentional Humans”….It is difficult at times for it has never been done….It is difficult when you do not yet ‘see’ the fruit yet to ripen. We must keep our intention and yes, make it what we ‘want it to Be!’
      Blessings Ray,,, XO Areeza

  3. After so many missives I cannot remember the promise of this specific gathering. No white minotaur, no unicorns, whales, no anybody, as usual I hasten to add. More invisble cleansing, reprogramming, resurrection et cetera.
    It is wonderful that this little pond community dives into silent meditation once a month. But how about a little 3d sign of hope and inspiration, a little water in this corrupt, insane, industrial desert? Nope, niente, riens.
    Guess it was a sounding success as always,at least for whom?
    Where is the whole of Creation? Why canΒ΄t i feel brave,important,selected? Why canΒ΄t i see Higgs Boson in the breakfast eggs?
    Yes very many words that helped and supported.
    A bible 2.0 it seems. And now?

    1. As first wavers we chose a pretty hard road. I realize it too. I feel it like u do. Not all the time or it would be unbearable. My boyfriend says “you did not travel anywhere, u were right here on the couch – all u say happened was just in your imagination”. I said my consciousness travels all over the place. I mentioned a few things that he knows of – like a dream I had where I traveled and ‘saved’ my sister… I had many, many details. When I told it to her, she was completely startled for what I described happened to her almost exactly. At a theatre concert – she smoked something that did not good for her… on bathroom floor… could not call for help….felt like she was going to die… could not reach boyfriend on cell… he was managing the light show upstairs… I saw so much of this, I knew where she was in my dream! I went ahead in time for this… to save her…for we spoke of it after it happened. I told her my dream first. There is a lot more to it…but…see… i tell you and my guy this because what explains it? We are here for good reason and we have to keep reminding ourselves. I would be very lost right now if it were not for this pond. are we all weirdo imaginers here? Love you, Areeza hang in there with me!

  4. Hi Everyone !

    For me, nothing happened… Nothing I could be conscious of… Just perhaps the sensation of an heavy weight on my back, an heaviness without sadness. Apparently my wings have a difficult time to pop out…

    I am happy for you all.

    Have a good day !


    1. Nothing to worry about Pierre. I didnΒ΄t have wings either – as far as I know – I was just helping others to become butterflies πŸ˜‰

      Much love,

      B to B

  5. So great to read all cmnts! What a joyful and rewarding gathering!!! I do not have as clear memory as some of you. Heres some of what I remember. Remember having my heartgem taken out and cleansed/polishes from old stuff. We all gathered around a fireplace/sunlike object in possibly a cave. It was pure joy and dancing. Our wings glowed in the light. Met many of you, but I dont have name for your lovely energies yet. My wings are grey/silver, golden and sparkling white, maybe alittle apricot as well:) hugs and love to you all. Cant wait to see you again:) Anna

    1. Lovely! I saw emerald color for you so I was way off! maybe the emerald gem has meaning for u. I realized my own silvery/pink wings were a heart shape in total with the heaviest pink color at the top rounded part. Love too that many of us saw the cave and fire we were gathered around. Blessings, Areeza

  6. Dear sun_of_blue, you are the wise one, and you are exactly where you are meant to be for exactly so long as you are meant to be there. Thank you for BEing!
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. It’s just before midnight here. I’m sure it is tomorrow morning for a lot of you.
    We had a steady rain all day.
    for our date, I just lay on my bed and focused on my breath and stopped thinking. I was very curious about understanding what these new feelings would be when they came into focus.
    At first I felt a heat in my chest, and a sparkle in my belly.
    Next I felt a hammer inside my head, chipping away at something.
    Then I felt my pulse moving up and down my arms and legs, around and around. The blood from one beat doesn’t make it all the way before the next and the next. So it felt like a wave flowing through me.
    I shivered and felt my bones readjusting at a detailed micro level.
    All my Chakras lit up. I felt energies entering through one and passing out another. There were several different combinations.
    I felt my heart Chakra breathing my twin flames counterpart.
    Any of you other twins, ever breath each other’s Chakra’s?
    Things started to swirl, I saw a vortex forming with myself in the eye as it spun faster. soon it was like looking through a pipe as it went on a saw at the end what looked like a round shiny ball, first I thought it was a xmas trinket, but now as it cleared I saw to guys looking back at me through some sort of lens. They grinned and sent some energy and love my way.
    It didn’t last long, at some time I realized that they were both me.

    there next comes a part that is inappropriate,
    but not for fear of criticism,
    but rather that the time has not yet come.
    only because at this point it doesn’t make sense to me,
    so there is no way to tell you.
    I saw something like a small whale swim right by me in a hurry to be someplace else. shrug
    Until I read about Alex’ battle. hmm

    there were a few other’s swimming in deep water, minding there own business.

    And then a disturbing montage of images flying by, images from other times.
    Spirit suggested that they never be mentioned or remembered

    I came out of it when my little dog came to get me. you know what the little dance, whine and whimper means, right. So I had to get up and open the door.

    or something like that

    1. Thank you for mentioning that you felt your heart chakra breathing your twin flame’s counterpart. At one point, I heard and felt a second heart beat other than my own with my heart chakra. It’s rhythm was so similar to mine, and yet distinct. I almost ignored this, but have come to realize it was my twin. My first concious encounter with my twin! Thanks for this wonderful gift of clarity!


  8. Hi Everyone,

    I was not feeling very well for the past few days because of the intense energy. But since the gathering I am feeling much better. Here is what I saw:

    I was deep within the forest and my backpack was light. I walked gingerly with a light heart but as I traveled further on my path my baggage grew heavier beginning to feel like a burden. My steps became labored and I grew weary stopping often to rest. I was barely crawling when I saw a light emanating from deep within the forest. I made my way to the light through sheer strength of will. As I knelt before the being in the light he pulled me up to be on equal standing. He handed me gifts, an alabaster jar which made me think of Mary Magdalene, an English looking teapot made of gray granite with white specks, a crystal ball filled with radiating light and a slender ruby pillar about 10” tall.

    Turning around, my arms overflowing with gifts, I noticed there were people all around sitting on blankets with gifts and food. The thick forest had been replaced by beautiful, loving light. There I saw my jester Minotaur, dressed in white, dancing, and singing while playing his fiddle. There was much merrymaking, a most joyous occasion. Then I felt there was one more gift for me. Turning I saw Mother Mary standing in the light beckoning me to her. She held a book made of gold which she bestowed upon me. As I turned the golden pages I noticed they were blank. She then handed me a scribe’s golden, quill pen and I knew that I was to fill these pages wherever my pen would lead me. I thanked her and then I blended into her within the light.

    The gold book is pretty self explanatory but not sure what the other gifts symbolized. I was told that I am working with the Marion energies and perhaps that is is what Mary Magdalene’s alabaster jar and Mother Mary represented. I would be happy to hear what others think.


    1. Thank you Ellen for your beautiful story:) In your heart you know what all gifts represent πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for sharing!

      Much love,

      B to B

    2. Hey B – The ruby pillar stuck out to me so I found this: ‘As a stone of spiritual Light, it can be used by Light workers and healers to integrate high-frequency energy into the body, and assists one in recognizing the true abundance of life. …. It actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement…..
      Ruby initiates the sensual pleasures of life. It stirs the blood and stimulates the heart, encouraging one to enjoy being in the physical world. It increases desire and sexual energy, and may be used to activate the kundalini.
      ….Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. It symbolizes the sun, and its glowing hue suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone that legends claim would shine through even the thickest clothing and could not be hidden; if Ruby were cast into water it would cause it to boil, and if carved and pressed into wax, it would melt the wax. It was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence, warned its wearer of impending danger, kept the body safe, and banished sadness and foolish thoughts. It was reputed to bring its owner peace, drive away frightful dreams, restrain lust, and to help resolve disputes. Burmese legend declares inserting a Ruby into the flesh would make one completely invulnerable.’
      taken from : http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/ruby

  9. So we went to the Fathering (haha, Gathering), holding hands.
    It was in a cave.
    Actually, when I started the meditation, I sort of fell into a web that was there over the Pond. I fell in there, totally open and exposed. I surrendered I guess.
    Then Lori and I went into the cave. Many were gathered there, more likely all were. I/we felt a kind of awe there, a respect for all, all that has been laid bare. I saw B there, in a blue robe.

    So we knelt down, and off it came…
    The clutter of years, eons of cluttered dust slid off and fell down with a clunck.
    Underneath was revealed our true, shining selves.
    Lori, it showed your Golden Self, I pictured myself as Silver or White Gold.
    We had wings, and as we lovingly embraced they were beating in unison.

    1. Like our hearts beat in unison…

      As I read this, a bright white light flashed before my eyes.
      There were symbols there.
      I will let them sink in.
      see them
      know them
      and I will share that with you
      like everything else…

      All of me.
      All the time.

      1. Unison, that word looks a lot like Unicorn.
        Uni corn means one horn, one spiraled horn. Like a union, 2 merged into one.
        The Unicorn could only be tamed by a virgin maiden. Virgin as in pure, reborn, left the old burdens behind.
        Reborn as pure white, joined in union as one, symbolized by the spiraled horn.

      2. just want to tell u guys jokingly to get a room… hahaha…. ahhh….so tired… off to bed I go myself. Enjoy! Hey, I saw babyface (thats my nickname for Kelly) on youtube! He was reminiscing about 86 Farm Aid concert at Rich Stadium… Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Dillon, etc. well, there he was center stage area in crowd Dead Heading with his long hair and self made tie die shirt πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He was 20 yrs old

        1. Hahaha! We wondered when someone would say that! πŸ˜‰

          So where is this video? I wanna see Special K.

          1. its so hard to pick him out. only short segment. i looked at a few. will see if i can find same one tomorrow. he saw his friend first. and when Tom Petty was saying they were gonna be live on MTV, at that moment he was doing a line with that friend and camera was right on them. lol… the days. He said they laid low and almost crawled to a new space to pop up later. lol. ‘that part’ is not something i found on video however.

    2. J… lots of that matches my own vision if u read it above. the wings beating in unison, the cave,,, the dust removal,,,so cool. And some of Alex’s and mine linked up as well πŸ™‚

    3. Dear JayJay, you brought so many gifts to this Gathering, and I know you were given so many in return πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this with all of us!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha,

        I saw you there too. You were shining so bright, you looked pure white to me.

        Love is all around,

    4. Thanks for your lovely story/vision – and thank you for seeing me;) I’ve started to like blue on the past year;)

      Much love,

      B to B

      1. It was actually the same color as your Gravatar. I just noticed that. πŸ™‚

        I saw Forest Joy as well. Her colors were yellow with orange and red.
        All were there, but a few stood out for me.


  10. I have come to the conclusion that all of our higher selves and guides and spirit, etc etc etc love a good practical joke as much as the next guy. I might expain later. Right now, it’s just a bit too much.

    AnyWAY! So I go driving around alone, just me and the singing of the wind through the open window of my car. Needing to sort of sit with some things, you know. Now usually, I have the car stereo on. This time I just didn’t want that. So many people have their Christmas lights out, and it is just lovely. I finally get in a good space, almost peaceful. And I decide to turn on some music. My husband and daughter have left the radio tuned to a 24 hour Christmas music station. This song begins just as I turn it on. While listening to this song, I finally finally realize that I do believe. Belief is not my problem, and it hasn’t been for a good while. My problem is stepping into what that belief may mean to me, my life, and the lives of those I love.

    I shared with Nancee not long ago one of my favorite scenes from the Bible, where Jesus turns the water into wine at the Cana wedding. He does this at his mother’s request. Before he does, he says “Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.” (John 2:4 NIV) And this is exactly how I have been feeling.

    I will share one quite humorous visual from my gathering experience. I am running back and forth as fast I can across that damn Rainbow Bridge. My “station” is at the other side of it, but I keep running back “here” and making many many stops along my way to and fro. Makes a lot of sense to me now. These stops are not only for my own “experience” but to assist others in all the different “places.” Hope that makes sense.

    The rest of my experience was deeply deeply personal, and I will share it as appropriate. And I laugh again at myself! Good lord, when have I ever worried about “appropriate” with you guys??!! LOL. LMAO.

    Hope everyone got what they needed. Or gave what they needed.

    Love to each of you,

    πŸ™‚ me

    1. Thanks ALee! I get you. And I always look forward to everything u share. u r correct, there really is not inappropriate here. thats what makes it extra special. Even after my wonderful gathering experience I was still thinking suicide. I mean really… I was making dinner and I am saying what the f is wrong with me? I am sick and tired of cooking and pretty much everything in ‘normal life’. I was thinking like u about belief and trusing, etc. I was thinking some of us have been at this longer than others perhaps so we are just so totally over it. But even with some great movement now…how can I still be this way ? well, there is not much visibly different — yeah, yeah i know many beg to differ and think how can i say that. From mind to creative reality – how much can my patience be tested? In two weeks I will have to return to work. I can not even imagine this and how I could be there one more day – I mean I am depressed 1/2 the time even now. Thats just the truth of it. I sometimes wonder if it really all is BS and there is nothing really happening and its all made up in my wishful mind. yup. thats my debby downer side. But I feel what I feel like the rest of u. Some seem almost always positive. Some down more often. I find middle ground but I am tired of doing that too. Just being honest. Love you all, and a big xtra hug to you ALee- my friend who I Be with in whatever it is you are doing when you share πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, Areeza.
        I so feel what you feel. I’ve been where you have been, only the day before yesterday.
        I so understand.
        You have my loving support, I’m holding your hand, so is ALee.

        All my/our love,

        1. Thanks J and A. It just goes back and forth. up and down. there is no constant. or no match of higher state to what I have to still live in. Still a slave upon Earth as long as I have to work and deal with pain, etc. Like the last (my first gathering)…and an awful lot like when i went on Buddhist retreat yrs ago… ‘coming back’ is so hard sometimes. That’s really all it is. Love you guys

              1. Ok, I am going to say that you, too, are becoming more and more aware of the vibrational changes of the different frequencies you are jumping in and out of. We are both running back and forth across the Rainbow Bridge. The “gateway.” When we have been elsewhere and bring our focus consciousness back to this reality, we notice the difference more strongly. I know you have said you are already certain you have been doing “3D missions.” I feel we are kind of in training/practice mode, learning/remembering how to do this without “losing ourselves” again. For example, you recognize the signs that something doesn’t feel quite right here (or that nothing feels right!!). Maybe you are here for Kelly. Maybe you are here as a mission for me, so I have the opportunity to help myself by talking this out with you. And of course, always for the collective. But to do this mission, you must match your vibration to it, live it. Yet you are more and more aware of your higher self and bring more of that with you each time so that each time you can practice raising your vibration back up. Does that make any sense?

                I know I have said this to JJ, maybe I have not said it here. There will be a time when we appear to others in this reality to be like Jesus. Like we are performing miracles and living in a state of peace and connection with Source. They will take notice of us as examples of how it can be, and want this for themselves. We are already doing this in other realities. We are also changing frequencies within THIS reality, again remembering how to control it. We go “up” to a higher frequency then (yes, sorry, by choice) slam “down” to a lower one. The focus consciousness of Lori is like “WTF! What happened??!!” while the soul of ALee gently says, “Pay attention. Take notice of how different this feels. Is there anything within your power to raise your vibration back up? Notice the difference in how you feel as you do so. How what you see around you changes. Takes on color again. The smiles on others’ faces. Your level of gratitude…” and so on. One HUGE HUGE indicator to me is always the music I hear. What kind of music am I attracting to myself. It may seem like, “Well, whatever is on the radio, stupid.” Not so. Not so at all. I can not prove this, of course, but two people can be listening to the same radio station at the same time and hear two different things. Because they are at two different vibrations. Like I was saying yesterday, there are actually people out there who cannot even access Aisha’s messages, even though they are “right here on the internet.” Blah… I feel like I need to jump into “Mother Mode” to explain it better.

                Anyway, hope this helps. It helped me, so thank you!



                1. Thanks for writing it out – it is in my head – in my daily life and I think about just about everything u said and more all the time. I needed a break bad and even that I was worried would not be enough for me to keep going. Then, 3 days after surgery, Kelly gets slammed and I am care taker and no one taking care of me like I so needed and hoped for. Now, once back and work I will be coming home to take care of him. I could hardly stand just the work part. So, I hear each day in myself to just keep the vibration up and be the ‘way show-er’. I hear it, I know it,,, but I just dont feel it. I am tired. If I could get a good break, i could go on for sure. Just going to the food store put me in bed for 12 hrs two days ago. Just doing laundry put me on the couch the rest of the day. How in Gods name am I to keep doing this? I take lunch alone at work because the energies are so different than mine. I have tried what u say…. I have brought my true self with me and let it show. I will keep doing this to the best of my ability. Thanks ALee for just talking to me… Love u for it! I do feel like u – running back and forth and up and down. Just want to stand still in a place that will comfort and renew me for a bit. OK… Kellys lawyer is here…. pray for us for good outcome. cant keep this house without him getting assistance. X O

    2. Anna Helen
      I’ve got what I needed (a good sleep) and when I wake up… no many people are here. I did not see anything like others are telling they saw. No miraculous visions but I’m happy to begin another day. Quietly, peacefully no frustration or anything similar…Looking to my cat and can’t stop smiling. I just love her. A big pine tree make me a company outside the house and my cat is seating on the low brunch hiding herself from the heat (something over 30*C).

      So to all who are reading this: I wish you a journey as painless as possible until New Year…What will happen after? I’m curious as a child to see what it will be. HAPPY 29 remaining days.

      1. Dear Maria,

        You posted this on 12/2 at 2:11.
        12 2 2 11 that’s 3 ones and 3 two’s.
        Anyway, I love your joyful curiosity. It’s just wonderful to see.


        1. JJ,
          thank you. I think we all are curious, this is the reason we all are so hungry for information.
          Take care

      2. Sounds like you found did find Christmas after all…

        Good company.
        A smile on your face.
        The curiosity of a child.

        Love you,

        πŸ™‚ AH

        1. Dear Anna
          It was for you to read. And trust me, I’m curious as never before.
          (At least for 55 years). At the time I couldn’t sleep because I was
          thinking about the events I could miss. My work trained me to be patient so I am but, GOD, I’m curious… Everybody say a thing
          and nobody knows what INDEED will happen. Isn’t this funny?
          Big hug to you, darling.

          1. Oh, yeah. It’s pretty funny, alright!!!!

            I thank you for the hug and the endearment. I needed that. πŸ™‚

            I also am grateful for what you pointed out to Kiera yesterday (the quote from the link Aisha posted). That was a very loving, gentle and kind way to do so. I, myself, took your comment to her deeply to heart, and it expanded my comprehension.

            You are the best, my friend!


      3. Thanks Maria!

        Much appreciated. If it was not for the powerful effects in my body now so one would think that nothing happens.

        Much love,

        B to B

        1. Dear Birgitta
          it happens just now. If you look at “Irish Bank Revolution” you will see what is it.
          I wish you happy days ahead.

          1. Thanks Maria!

            Today is a better day and thanks for that video that got me to look up a little. I needed that πŸ™‚

            I protested in the small against my bank and called the manager and asked why they have a nifty TV that shows every little movement in stock prices while an ordinary bank customer is at the mercy of a queuing system that can not understand;)

            Thanks for your good wishes – wish you the same!

            Much love,

            B to B

    3. Thank you, Anna, for reminding me of the gift and promise of Christmas.
      Sometimes it feels as if nothing ever happens, the good will never come (yeah, soon it will).
      This song reminded me that it will happen, that day will come. The New Day, for All of Humanity (tears).

      My love is your love,

        1. I know you greatly dislike December for many reasons. I can help you, help us, feel the magic again, if you will allow me to. I feel the promise as well. Let us fulfill it…

  11. Gathering: before when i was just sitting here on my couch, I saw a cave filled with crystals. they seemed to fly off the walls and move to a fire pit we were gathered around. we threw in something of our own and it then all flew out like fireflies. There was then a group intention of ‘blissful’ crystalline energy. There was a pause in the snow filled pine forest. Then I went into meditation. I see us try out our wings flying in and landing around the pond. We take off and are flying above Earth – our wings touching – like a circle of parachuters. We move our wings in unison up and down created a powerful whirlwind. It is to clean and clear the Earth. It was so beautiful, the intent and togetherness pushing our wings up and down with what I would liken to a shamanic drum beat – and the feeling it created beneath. The dust clouds we stir up start to rise. We have much help from Gods/Goddesses/Angels above and they ‘said’ to us that all below would not even remember why they had started wars/been fighting/creating mess. Some in the Pond group who were tired were pulled out and replaced by other winged Beings. These others of us were ‘held’ and taken care of to watch. Smaller winged creatures joined in. I could sense all plants, animals, minerals, under ground and sea creatures assisting. Enthusiasm and Joy. Waters flowing to match our intent – a live, fast, accelerating process. Crystals all over Earth glowing – enhancing. The new already seeded here and more to join after complete cleaning of old i ‘hear’. I see Shamans/Healers/Hopi helping with ‘massive intent’. ( I keep feeling and hearing that). Some people/creatures not understanding cower in a ball below – protected by orbs placed around them during this cleanup. I see Dolphins and Whales dancing with Joy! Angelic Beings and other Galactics all around intently watching and holding the energy — some using certain hand gestures to ‘make more resonance’. I think of Fukushima and see a large, black crystal encompassing that area. They say it is left to harden and will be removed at a later time. I hear, ‘this energy will continue for 5 days’. Then we all – all mentioned above besides Earth elements, plants, animals, etc. gather in a structure ‘off Earth’. I think Halls of Jupiter. There is no talking – telepathy used by all – much gratitude being offered and accepted – they say to keep intending what we ‘want’ – all will be heard and recorded. More being done with hand movements – then a smoke enters the space. We ‘take it in’ – say it will help us – i hear ‘etheric resonance of the ancients’. Some in our group start to ‘float’ after inhaling this smokey ‘tonic’… they like that I use that word… they say because ‘tones are involved that will help to – in this stuff we inhaled’. I hear ‘we are forever part of the ?? etheric something?? now – we too use our hands and minds to mold into form whatever we want’. And not just we hue-mans, but everything uplifted is affected and can re-shape life. The end.. I mean, the beginning πŸ™‚

    1. Oops!! I posted a song in reply to B that I meant for you. B and BEE. Oh, well, it’s for her, too. For all of us. “Ready to Fly…”

    2. Areeza, absolutely beautiful! I love the synchronicities! What is interesting of course in visual is our own personal symbology and why things seem different when the same “energetic construct” is being accomplished…all personal and diverse and wonderful! i too felt the fairie and elemental realm acting with us and another thing that I forgot to mention…That AS we process, cleanse, release and forgive in this final act of clearing, so it can be for all beings…whatsoever you do to my brother…that you do unto me…does not always mean bad stuff…it can mean very very good stuff!!!

      hugs all!

      1. I meant to say, that IS powerful.
        Thank you for reminding me if the crystals in the cave. I saw them too, just awesome.


    3. Areeza, thank you so much for this! Thank you for being “a reporter” as the CCs call it, the one that SEES and RECORDS and SHARES so that all of us can get a better image of the powerful event we have been a part of.
      With much gratitude and love from me, Aisha

  12. So – I do not really know what happened. I had contact with some of you even before the gathering to support so I did not focus on what to see and meet you, I just felt the warmth and cohesion.

    I got to use my light to fight something hiding in The Pond, it was not any positive creatures – I got to use my distinct voice to reject them.

    We gathered in a sort of wigwam/Lappish hut with fire in the middle. We formed a ring round the mother earth by holding each other’s hands and sent light. It was powerful. Then we helped to make some Eskimo twists with mother earth to drain out all negative energies (just saying;)

    All heavy backpacks and ok we lifted down from our shoulders, and cast into the fire, even our clothes because we were supposed to be transformed into butterflies;) I was helping people to come forth.

    At the end I opened the door to an old barn and a huge amount of butterflies flew away out.

    Thank you all for this experience.

    Much love,

    B to B

    1. “I was helping people to come forth.” Dear one, I tell you now that you have been doing so for a very long time. And you have done so in love and joy, and you have brought love and joy to all you have touched. They are countless.

      I love you B, from one you helped come forth.

      πŸ˜‰ me

      P.S. I know you must have noticed, as I did, that the CC’s said that we are writing the new Bible. Sounds familiar, no? D.S.

      1. WasnΒ΄t it me who said about the new bible? πŸ˜‰ Never mind. I am so confused today.

        I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to touch you in the way you describe. I’m actually quite unaware of this, as I too am quite ignorant of what is going on with myself in this process. I can not put into words what is going on, give it a name. But I actually donΒ΄t care. I just AM, and let my heart lead me.

        There has been tough pucks lately – no talk about something else. I am still completely exhausted.

        Thank you for your love Anna Helen! I love you too star sister!

        B to B

        1. Yes, you absolutely were the one who said the thing about the Bible. I was trying to tell you that I noticed that. You said it and then the CC’s did. Sorry, I didn’t make that very clear. Sometimes “tone” gets lost in the printed word.

          Hope your exhaustion eases soon. I can completely relate.


          1. I am so privileged to have a wonderful friend and healer who lives 100m from me. Listening to the gong is also a good rehabilitation as well as to tune into chakras. If you are really lucky you can get the opportunity to do something “normal” also like to have coffee and chat with a neighbor a few hours;)

            Much love,

            B to B

        1. Ahhhh… I was hoping you would see this. I considered sending it directly to tour email, but something in me held back. “He will find it on his own when it’s the right time…”

  13. My beloved family of light! This has been the most transformative Gathering so far for me. It is difficult to describe it in words, all I can say is that I was reduced to less than I have ever been before, emptied out like a dry husk. But then, the light rushed in and filled me up to more than I thought was possible. Thank you, dear bothers and sisters of the light, for the gifts you all brought to this Gathering, and for the gifts you allowed yourself to receive.
    With all my love and gratitude, Aisha

  14. i notice that, while the soothing balm of endless compassion is sweeping the tumultuous hearts of many, the great fires of joy are burning deep inside and are rapidly rising to meet the surface of unaware eyes.

  15. As Aisha said, I felt the pull to of the energies far before the time of connecting. I had to smile and welcome the CC’s for they are much excited to be assisting us in this way. The energy waves have like the vibration that they are, dislodged many things for us and within our hearts the most important vibration to be released is that of self judgement and un-worthiness and acceptance that we can all be healed and release that which does not serve us.

    I approached the pond where many others were gathered and we each disrobed from our garments and stepped into the pond to receive the anointing of the waters. Stepping out onto the shore I was alone and the quiet that pervaded the air was as if God/Goddess had taken a deep inbreath and was still with anticipation.

    I saw the path leading deep into the forest of beautiful tall guardian trees and the path under my bare feet was cool and the stones smooth. Beautiful mosses and ferns grew in the cool damp air and low light of the forest, but pokes of light broke through in certain areas like beams of white and golden light lacing through the darkness.

    As I proceeded slowly but with intention I came upon a rather large opening in the forest. In the middle was a giant tree, which I took to be my own guardian tree and there was a fire blazing in front of it. The blessed mother was there and embraced me with her intimate and unconditional love and as she did that my soul team members all floated down from above. The main Being in this group, which I took to me my own divine inner self stepped forward and embraced me and held out its hand. Into its hand I placed the rocks and stones that i had been clutching to my heart and these stones there then cast tenderly into the fire…

    The fire blazed brightly and the other beings in turn reached into the fire and brought out a brilliant light which was so bright as to not be able to gaze upon it, but still they anointed every chakra that I had with this burning fire and set any dissonance or blockages alight.

    I was then led to connect with my guardian tree in the center of the space with my spine to the bark and I became as two circles interconnected in the center at my heart–the Vesca Pisces…but then, the circles opened as if two intersecting U’s of energy and a flow began…that which did not serve my physical body, made of the eternal elements of earth flowed back downwards into the blessed mother Sophia for recycling…that which did not serve my spirit, my etheric body, my aura, my divine beingness, my mind flowed upward being released to the etheric planes and beyond. Two directions, up and down as my heart center remained on fire…

    At this point I noticed that I was being bathed in deep purple light–I took this to be the transmuting light of our brother Germaine, burning out any last remnants needed to be released. Every void space was filled with this deep light of peace so that the spaces could not collapse in on each other and expansion continued.

    As the process completed, the circles closed and joined again my merkaba and my team reached into the fire and came out with a beautiful hand ful of precious gems and sparkling crystals. They placed these in my right hand and I took them and put them to my heart which absorbed them. They then bid me farewell and floated off into the ethers and I turned to walk away as the next being came forward to meet their soul team and the blessed mother.

    I returned to the pond and on the way I saw Aisha, smiling with a beaming of light through her of such joy…we simply smiled at each other and nodded our heads in full knowing that we are all one and we are free and cleansed and forgiven, not by the spirit realm because they know not of judgement, but by our own human selves….

    I then jumped back into the pond and swam around like a dolphin, frollicking in the love and light and shear and blessed relief that this process of complete clearing on all levels from the very smallest electron in our body to the very largest energy field that is our diviine inner being….I then returned home.

    I continue to feel a spreading out of matter within my field which I assume is continued expansion…many blessings my dear friends and thanks to the CC and all of you for participating in and creating this blessed dispensation that removes all that no longer serves us and creates room for all that does and will continue to serve us in the new earth! HUGS!!!! Alex

    1. Wow. This is all so powerful. I particularly resonate with the opening U shape of the Vesica Piscis while you were against your Guardian tree. And then the putting into your heart the precious gems and sparkling crystals.

      And “forgiven by our own human selves…” I am reminded of that man (gosh, why can I never remember his name? Matt something? I think you are the one who shares his words here) and his talk about reviewing his life, and at the end he says “I did nothing,” which is met by resounding applause.

      Many blessings to you, Alex. And thank you always from the bottom of my heart, of which there is no bottom. Grin.

      πŸ˜‰ AH

      1. Star Trek moment:


        Matt Khan! Now I will be Leonard Nimoy and go “In Search Of” that particular talk he gave!

        πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

        1. The search is over! And can you believe this is titled, “The Ultimate Surrender.” I am literally hysterical at this moment. Oh my god. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Yes, I am that horse. More like a mule or jackass. Hahahahaha. Thank you for bringing me to this again.

          If I am remembering incorrectly, and Alex is not the one who introduced me to Matt, please stand up so I may thank you!!!

          Love to all,


            1. Oh my god! I can’t believe you noticed that! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

              The video was published 8-13-2013 (sum of 18, trinity of 9’s)

              Hahaha! That’s great…

  16. Thank you for the TEDx talk. This really shows appreciation for the beautiful world of nature. Gratitude. Tonight I hope for some results of any kind. Burning in the fire of ressurection the dry wood of my ancestors.
    The vacuum shall be filled with a future worth living. Oneness,bliss and truth.
    After all we are doing better than we think.
    10 minutes to go.

  17. Tremendous love to you all…I am remembering two sections of two different dreams tonight-one is cleaning out a shared refridgerator at college and it was gross but each thing was cleaned and put back into the fridge…then I was walking along and started to find coins, first a few then tons and tons and gathered them all into my hands and they all fit no matter how many there were….so cleaning OUT and then being blessed by the abundance and joy being put back IN…

    I will be working not only on lightening the load of my present and past lives but also my genetic load…removing and releasing all blocks that hold us back as a species…imagining a giant magnet where all the impurities and dissonance is deep dark rusted iron and the energy of love pulls it all out and removes it–then filling all those spaces UP with new love and new light and new expansion!!!!

    See you all at the gathering! There is a beautiful little path by the edge of the water that leads deep into the forest…where you will find the glade! Its cool and beautiful there! Hugs! Alex

  18. Greatings Angels. Sometimes the shy ones like to observe rather than share. I’m always with you, with this pond. This pond is no longer that small space were I found comfort. No it has evolved, it is now the planet.

    Welcome Home Angels, well done.

    With Love, to the bravest of all creation.

    Your very humble brother.


  19. Hi Aisha-Thank You for all the LOVE and Understanding you help bring into our lives.I devour every missive and have read “the history of creation” so often I almost know it by HEART.I am still finding very important tidbits of information in it. Many “aha” moments
    As usual I am looking forward to the “POND’ shortly and being in tune with such a LOVING group as we have here.
    I send all my LOVE to each and every ONE
    I LOVE you all =1

  20. I was planning on blogging my new direction rather than share here first. I love how my plans seem less and less important in such details of “controlling them.” On Wednesday I made a sudden decision… not sudden to my HS as I’ve been listening to the messages from the birds, lizards, gecko and the wind in the palms.
    Although I was leaning towards staying here in Costa Rica pass my return ticket of Dec 19th that has altered. I will fly back to B.C. Canada. The exciting news for me is that I’m going to treat myself to a trip that is my first conscious and probably only trip ever really desired. I am laying the groundwork to go to Australia!! I was 16 when this desire came. I will blog soon about what lead to it. By Thursday morning the fears filtered in and out. Australia is a large place and I’ve never gone ‘cold turkey’ anywhere outside of my province alone. Last night during the butterfly activation I felt the fears lifting. Is a trip wise during these times? I have no idea. Is honouring the one desire I am aware that I had in the “physical” realm for 45 years a loving choice. YES!!! A part of me weeps with joy.
    So this Gathering I bring my new adventure. Another huge step of ‘faith.’ I also bring the gathering grief of parting with all I hold dear here, Max and Lily (german shepherds), the brave vegetable plants that have been responding to my love and attention, the gardens I have spent so many hours helping out in, the birds, the lizards. I will blog about them also in gratitude to all they brought to my life.
    I know Maria lives in Australia. If there are any others from that continent I’d enjoy contact.
    See you at the Gathering… may I be granted the ease of getting there.
    Love, Nancee

    1. Nancee – you brave wonderful woman!!!

      I’m so happy about your decision that appears to be entirely in association with your heart. How wonderful! You have already begun to unfold the wings and I can only say: Good luck and always keep the heart and love lead you forward.

      See you tonight!

      B to B

    2. “… may I be granted the ease of getting there.” I love that. And I am happy to hear you feeling even more firm in your resolve to follow your heart, and the joy you have created in that. And now,

      “… may I be granted the ease of following your example.”

      Love you, Nancee!


    3. Nancee – I am happy for u. If u would let me know how u managed to create these traveling experiences. I would love to be able to as my life has me stuck and thats so not good. Love, Areeza

    4. I wish you God’s speed on your mission to Australia, Nancee.
      I went there once. I was I Sydney and visited the Blue Mountains.
      I was mesmerized by Australia, but I didn’t stay long enough.
      Enjoy yourself!


    5. I love love love how you are following your heart!!! You are a shining example to us all of Just DO it! πŸ™‚ Big hugs and I know there is a reason for you going to costa rica, a reason for you to go back to BC and another long standing reason for YOU to be in Australia! All will divinely unfold as it should when you completely follow your heart and what brings you joy! πŸ™‚ Whoot whoot!!! Alex

    6. Dear Nancee, what a shining example you are πŸ™‚ Thank you for following your heart, and for sharing your journey with us! Something magical is waiting for you in Australia πŸ™‚ I just read Karen Bishop’s latest update, and your name popped up, so I think this will resonate with you: http://www.gamabooks.com/11.30.2013.html
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  21. What do we do to see sound or objects. A radar sends out a tone that bounces back and gives a image of what it hit that made it bounce back. Humans when they see sound such as music looks like little strings of color. Each little string represents the different tones. You see this and feel the mood and color of the music. To see objects in human form you are the radar that sends out the tone or vibration. What you see is a little like standing on a hot desert floor and watching the heat waves rise up. Your whole body vibrates in its own tone. This tone extends out around you in all directions.

    Everything in your environment has a tone or vibration that it sends out. When your vibration hits another vibration they exchange information. To see this you have to have a hiper awareness of your environment. This is a part of the 0 state between different levels that is learned as new information is shared in the 0 zone. As more and more knowledge is given from the higher level this is learned as your awareness becomes more and more hiper to everything around you. As this is going on you can have many different feelings that can make you uneasy.

    There are 4 vortex in this process. Two of the old and two of the new. These are joined at the 0 point. You are trying to strip away all the old you can as you enter this new enviroment to fill the positive in the next level as much as you can. If the new positive is filled in this process you can go to the next level in this process. This is repeated until you can’t fill the next level. Their is where you will go if you choose. You can choose any level you have access to. Some stay to help others go through this. Some move on to continue their advancement. It doesn’t happen in the flash of the eye as many want it to happen. The body can’t be thrown into such a different environment. This takes a little time. Everyone is different and some carry more baggage than others. Those who carry no baggage are free to come and go as they wish.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. Thank you, beautiful Ray, for this simple – yet eloquent – observation of the process we are all moving through. I have been silent for quite some time, observing and surrounding the Ponders with loving Light and supportive energy – crying with them, laughing with them and always cheering them on. Your explanation of what you are “seeing” almost directly mirrors my experience and have been hoping and praying that someone else in this insane and magnificent experience of ours understood how I’ve been “feeling” through it all.

      Bless you, Ray, for your courage to voice your wisdom. You’ve made a huge impact on me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heart.

      And bless you, Aisha, and all of you Ponders. There truly exists more comfort and light at the end of each tunnel you choose to move through. I shall be consciously joining this gathering today for the first time, and am so looking forward to “being” with all of you.

      With tremendous respect and love,

      1. Dear Caroline! Welcome to this Pond, and welcome to this Gathering! Thank you so much for bringing your light here, it will be wonderful to see you shine alongside the rest of us later tonight!
        Much love from me, Aisha

  22. Two dreams early this morning: Both involve cars and being ‘locked out’. The first was my present car (vehicle). I was with my boyfriends mother asking her to please not smoke in my car. I said I had to stop and we were at a place that appeared ‘reborn’ from its ‘original’ right up the road. it was a farmers market. My car was at first one of the few there – parked right outside the door. when i went to leave – short time later – could not find it… I am disturbed hitting the unlock button several times to try and find it… even hitting the ‘alarm button’. nothing… lots of cars all of a sudden…never did find my ‘current vehicle’. Next dream I am in a city – I think it was Philadelphia (had dream of being there a week or so ago – interesting – founding fathers, etc)…. so, I am with two of my sisters. I have two cars… one in my past (little Ford EXP) and one of the future for I never saw this SUV before. In Dream the SUV was my current vehicle. My sisters came in a separate car… so I have no idea how I could have come in two cars. anyway,… we get out… on sister has to talk to a mechanic I think. I unlock the ‘new’ vehicle and start it up — ‘warming it up’. The vehicle from the past is in front of it. I say to one sister they must drive my new one as the old is a stick shift. Neither can drive that and they ‘dont want to even drive the new one’. Now… I cant find either of them! And we are lost on the street – again seems like first dream because we were right close by the whole time. So Again… with the clicking of the ‘unlock’ buttons frantically. I am thinking all the while how i left the new vehicle open and running and anyone could get in and take off. anyone want to comment ? I thought it was pretty interesting. Did not like my frantic energy thru it however so maybe I just need to relax more in the whole process. LOL – not that that is a new lesson for me.

    1. should revise to say dreams did not involve being ‘locked out’ but being lost and bewildered and frustrated. Not finding the past, present or future is interesting theme.

      1. …oh and I did not worry about the past (vehicle) being ‘stolen’ only the present and future ones. That was my main concern that caused the distress.

    2. Of course you know Philadelphia is the “City of Brotherly Love” and was also named after an ancient city (just google it, quite interesting). The American city was founded by Quakers (google that if interested, they have a very nice way of connecting with spirit during Meeting, as I seem to recall them labeling their “worship service.”)

      I personally recognize my own fears and distress in your dream. Will I be able to surrender myself fully? Is that new “vehicle” really there? I keep trying to unlock the doors, which are really already unlocked.

      The sisters and the old car “blocking the way” feel to me to be symbolic of 3D experiences being released. Where do they go? Where are they in relation to me?

      The stillpoint definitely carries with it a sense of being lost, so that we can create the new way we want to go. Kind of scary, I know. The Aluna Joy link says we can turn this from a sense of fear to a sense of delighted, excited adventure. I have felt this several times and then dropped away again, as I know you have. Can I allow myself that final ultimate surrender? We shall see, we shall see…

      Love you, Breeze. Thanks for sharing yourself.


  23. A cup of ayahuasca to everybody in the vibrational jungle. Don’t mind if I do! Doing this all yoga nidra style I might be a night or two late, or early from the gathering. Don’t mind me there.

    1. Don’t mind if I do either! Thanks! πŸ™‚

      You are one person about whom I have great curiosty, so I do “mind you,” and I hope to connect with you whenever, wherever.


  24. Affirmative. Changes from “high” to normal and vice versa seems to have less and less effect to body and mind. As gamers say “achievement unlocked”.

  25. I also dipped myself already a little bit in the energies of the Pond. I came along the following mantra/affirmation, and took it as my intention for this gathering: “For my Highest Good, for the Highest Good for All concerned.” The sphinx is rising from it’s ashes. Be in Joy ❀

    1. Thank you ❀ I have been writing down visions already. They seem to contain ancient energies mixed with new – I see crytal pyramids and the phoenix rising energy is there for sure. I know it will just keep building thru the day and I will keep writing. I like your affirmation. Love 2 U, Areeza

  26. Thanks for your affirmation and encouragement!

    I’m sitting here completely stripped down for the past days and nights of events that ended up with a terrible headache, chills and nausea last night. Now I feel myself like a butterfly that is in the zero point, vibrating.

    The snow lit up this morning, even the sun is out and the Christmas tree lights will at last be put in place on my Christmas tree outdoors. See you tonight πŸ™‚

    Much love and respect,

    B to B

    1. Dear B to B
      I cannot feel Christmas coming …very difficult to think about it when
      outside is 30*C. I can only look at the Christmas cards which are as
      they are everywhere else – showing a lot of snow.

      1. Hello Maria!

        I can certainly understand that. Here is the now -4.5C but it can quickly vary. We may be on different sides of Mother Earth but our ability to visualize has been trained a lot the last few years – right;)

        See you tonight πŸ™‚

        Much love,

        B to B

    2. Oh, I am so with you your description of the last couple of days (stripped down to the bone!), and how I feel today.


    3. Dear B to B, much love and respect in return to you! I am looking forward to see your beautiful butterfly wings tonight πŸ™‚
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    4. Sun!

      It sounds as if you read the wrong weather forecast. In addition – I was immunized by the sun’s best antivirus software the other day so I know I can handle.

      Do not forget to make coffee to The Gathering just in case anyone needs a bracer.

      See you!

      B to B

    1. This message brought many many things together for me. I thank you for posting it. Twice. πŸ™‚ thank you thank you.

    2. Dear Aisha I am touched by the gratitude video and hope to be more aware during my daily living.
      Last night I sat up late reading and interacting with the butterfly activation video. The pictures wouldn’t open on my computer for some reason but when I took time to stare at a visualized stairwell all I can say is, “Wow.” Wave upon wave washed into me.
      Thank you to the original posters and to you Aisha for re-posting. ~Nancee

      1. Is there a butterfly activation video? I have not had luck finding through search. Thank you for all that is shared here. As a newcomer it is comforting to experience such great assistance on the path. love to all. Bill

  27. Dear friends! This Gathering is still a few hours away, but I have already gotten the first taste of these powerful energies, and to quote sun_of_blue: ” remember people, all that is waiting for you all on Sunday, is love.” It is love, and it is gratitude – to myself, and to each and every person who has chosen to take on the challenge of changing this world by changing themselves. So thank YOU for being here and for adding your light to this Gathering and to this world. I want to share this with you, it is a video Bev posted yesterday, and for me, it is the perfect reminder why I am here and why I chosen to walk this path:

    Looking forward to connecting with you all later today!
    With much love and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Wow, thank you Aisha, thank you CC’s, thank you Bev, and thank you Lori Lee, for all the gifts I have received today. I am very grateful, as I am grateful for everyone here at the Pond. Thank you all for your presence here, for your guidance, your love, and your support.

      Namaste to all,

            1. Love this, B. Love what he says as he introduces the song. I recently heard a clip of him at some awards ceremony (he had just been through some troubled times, apparently). He said something like, “I am just rying to find my way like everyone else. You think I don’t deserve this award because I am so young. I may only be 19 years old, but I have something to offer.” I pumped my fist in the air and shouted, “Yeah! You tell ’em, boy!”

              You’ve gotta respect all these people who live their lives in the public eye. They provide us with cautionary tales and tales of glory and victory. More power to them, I say.

              Luv U B. Thanks so much for this!


              1. Thanks Anna Helen!

                Thanks Anna Helen!

                I didnΒ΄t know he had troubled times – I just felt something sympathetic about him πŸ™‚

                See you in a couple of hours:)

                B to B

              1. Thank you, my love, for our own personal gathering. I want to say publicly what an amazing, beautiful, precious person you are. And to tell you again how very proud I am of you.


                1. Well, I don’t feel like that, however I will say exactly the same about you.

                  I love Thee, Lori Lee,
                  11 11

                  1. My beloved, ourself has inspired ourself to express our love for us.

                    I live you.
                    Just as you are.
                    Right now.
                    Every now.

                    1. God I love you
                      I love Thee
                      In every way
                      Up and down
                      Inside out
                      I am you are me
                      We are

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