Welcome to the eight Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 1

Dear friends!

We are approaching the final month in 2013, and all I can say is that never has time seemed to pass as quickly as it does now. How can it be almost a year since we were all eagerly awaiting 12.21.12, that fabled date in that fabled year, when we expected everything to change? Looking back, I do see so much that has changed, but as the CCs remind us again and again, nothing happens in the way and at the time you expect it to. A friend told me the other day that this year has been far more transformational in every way than 2012 was, and I have to agree with him. And you do not have to look further than to this Pond to see that. For this is the year that this Pond truly came into its own, when each and every one of you started to pour more and more light into this space, and when each and every one of you reached deeper and deeper into the light within yourself. And now we stand here, poised to enter the month that will take us all the way to the new year. We are all very different people from the ones we were only a few months ago, but I know we are going to find ourselves growing and evolving even more in the time ahead. Many of you are celebrating your Holidays this weekend, but I think it is a perfect time for thanksgiving for us all. And so I want to thank YOU for all that YOU are and for all that YOU bring to this Pond, and to this world. YOU are making a difference, WE are making a difference with every breath we take, to quote the CCs, and that is so true. And on Sunday during our Gathering around the Pond, we have a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to ourselves and to each other by sitting down and connecting through that grid of light that we have created here. And when we do so, we will also make a huge impact on the rest of this world.

This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“As you have already noticed, the incoming energies are making themselves heard in all kinds of ways, and we gather that for many of you, a new voice, the voice of stillness, has also made itself heard these late few days and nights. We know that this voice can be easily overlooked in all of this hubbub, but even so, it is there. And remember, when we say stillness, it is not as in nothing, it simply refers to the point of balance, the part of time and space that can be described as the still point, the womb if you will, of everything. And so, we invite you all to venture into this womb of the light, and to do so at the aforementioned Gathering, when you are all invited to sit down and reconnect yourself even deeper to this shimmering and vibrant grid you have already created. For this is indeed a construction that you have made possible by your willingness to go not only far within, but also by your willingness to venture further afield than ever before, and as such, it is indeed such a vast encompassing garment of light that you have all woven together. And now, we will invite you to enter the inner sanctum of this grid, the point where time itself stands still, and where you will find such a vast repository of light, it will ignite a spark in every single particle of your being.

And when you enter, you will be received as the true heroes you are. For you do not come there empty handed, you come there carrying all that you are, and that is above and beyond what any human being previously can claim. For you are only the last in a long line of energetic imprints walking this Earth, and as such, you bring within you the message that has been accumulating for eons, as each successive incarnation has added his or her legacy to this string of information. And so you come to stand before us, carrying a shimmering garland of energetic information that now will be received by All, and it will be utilized to bring mankind into the future in a way that will ensure there is no going back to the old. For what you carry with you is in many ways a heavy burden. It is a burden of sadness, anger and pain, but also one of joy, love and understanding. But the former carry so much more weight than the latter, and now all of that old baggage will be received with open arms.

For as we have told you earlier, nothing is of no value to All of creation, as all is indeed energy. And once it has completed its cycle, it will return to that sea of possibility, from where it will be utilized again and again in creating the new. And so, what you bring before us will be received as the heavenly gifts they truly are. For from this, will rise the new Earth, the Earth that will be created from the old, but will be created from the purest of energetic matter, and through you and through your love it will rise as a phoenix from the ashes of the old. So we salute you all, for it has taken mankind such a long time to get to this point, where you are truly ready to surrender the old and surrender yourselves fully to the process of creating the new. And you are the ones that have made it all possible. So now we invite you all to take that final step into this womb of creation, and to do so with all that you are. And do not think you are not worthy to stand before this light, for remember, the more you carry with you, the more you will feed this fire of resurrection. So we thank you again on behalf of All of creation, for what you bring are gifts beyond comparison, and what you will be given in return, is the chance to remake it all in the image of love.”



Earlier this week, I was guided to go for a walk in the frost-covered forest, and I knew it was because I was to take a picture for this message about the Gathering. For this is how I saw the energies connected to it: white, pristine, and as a blank, pure canvas waiting for us to add colours and life to it. I am so looking forward to see the vibrant world we will create together! And I am so looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday πŸ™‚

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

214 thoughts on “Welcome to the eight Gathering around the Pond, Sunday December 1

  1. Aisha, love,

    I will be there of course, and I shall bring with me many gifts. You will recognize me as the one carrying the weight of the world.
    In great sadness, I salute you (all).
    Namaste (to all).
    I know I’m not alone in carrying a heavy burden, it’s just that it keeps piling on, and on, and on…
    I don’t think I can take much more.

    Love, JJ

    1. Dear JayJay, the weight of the world is not for you to carry alone. That is why we are here, together, to share, to lighten the load and to lift each other. I know you are strong, dear brother, far, far stronger than what you feel now, and I know that you WILL make it through this. Take my hand, and let the healing waters in this Pond ease your burden and your sadness.
      I love you! Aisha

  2. OMG – what a profound thing just happened for me! I was reading again the CC’s msg and I got to laughing at first saying ‘can ya all come with a cosmic U-Haul and get my ‘stuff’ Please?” Too much accumulated to see how I was gonna carry it to the gathering. I was just joking really. Then…Oh my… what answer I received was “you already gave it in your womb u surrendered to us – and that is why you saw ‘us’ all gathered around u before your surgery – yes we were there and we received it from you – and we thank you”. u can not imagine the feeling I have at this moment; The freedom, The joy, The understanding, Thee ‘you are welcome’ and smiles I share with ‘thee/them’.

    1. Amazing Breeze! Just lovely πŸ™‚

      You know – there is something weird with era posts via e-mail. Some goes through – some does not. Have to read here on the web I suppose….



      P.S. You ruined my sleep last night…..;)

      1. Thanks Nancee — it was and is so amazing yet comfortably expected too πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing in my Joy! I slept for 12 hrs after this.

  3. Dear sun_of_blue! Thank you for adding your consciousness to this Gathering! You are light, and you shine so bright and beautiful πŸ™‚
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  4. November 29, 2013


    The Quantum Leap Ascension Process




    β€œHistory repeats itself over and over even on the largest cycles and we are seeing a repeat of the creation cycle and the fall of the highest angels at a higher octave.
    While this is a fall out of pride and of not wanting/rejecting the “Garden of Eden” that is being collectively created; it is also part of the divine plan.

    All those negative elements that have been purged from the new Gaia need somewhere to go and these “Warriors of Light” have chosen to continue doing battle with them rather than integrate them.
    In engaging and fighting them a sphere is created and a place for them to exist.

    Channels have called this place Planet B. (i.e. Cosmic Awareness, Georgi Stankov…)

    ***To engage the enemy is to give it power and strength.***

    Magnetic polarity is dual.

    The north pole magnetic polarity is expansive and remains pure while the south pole magnetic polarity is restrictive/manifesting and integrating of all things.
    Unity requires BOTH to form a rotating sphere or solar system or universe.

    North Pole/Spiritual and South Pole/Magickal.
    To speak of an MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) of molecular particles is to say that the spiritual planes and the magickal planes are going to reverse; that the highest will become lowest and the lowest will become highest.

    If there can be a planetary pole reversal, a solar pole reversal; then there can also be a galactic pole reversal and even a pole reversal of the entire universe and cosmos! I think this is what is in the process of happening.


    Suddenly I had a vision of cycles within cycles, infinite and unending. First pulses of light expanding outward to reach a final limit; then racing back to source as electrical surges.

    The next quantum leap: rotational magnetic vortexes; first expanding outward as magnetic waves, reaching a final limit; then racing back to source in an inward manifesting energy vortex.
    At the point of balance a quantum leap to a new level of existence is created. When the final magnetic waves go back to Source a quantum leap creates a rotating sphere, creates an atom.

    For the first time we see the cycle in clarity. Outward expansion; inward collapse; then a quantum leap to a new existence that includes the unity of both forces.
    After the creation of atomic is elements a final point is reached where molecules start to form. After molecules reach the final limit the return collapse causes planets and solar system to form. As planets and solar systems reach the final limit DNA strands and life comes into existence. As living cells come into existence the division into male and female occurs.

    Each of these quantum leaps represents a MPR (magnetic pole reversal of outward to inward polarity; from expansive to manifesting.) Mother earth/Gaia has reached a point of maximum compression/return to Source and is at the cusp of a quantum leap that integrates both outward expansion and inward manifestation just as north pole magnetic vortexes combine with south pole magnetic vortexes to create a rotating sphere of energy; create an atom.

    Yet in each case described the unification of the third stage only leads to expansion of the newly unified creation and at some point in the far future requires the inward movement once more.

    On the new Gaia there is now a UNITY OF MALE AND FEMALE ENERGIES that is in the process of manifesting.

    ***For the first time we see the male and the female that exists in each one of us regardless of the sex of our physical body.***

    This is a unification, but the separation of male and female still exists on the biological level.
    So the quantum leap for humanity is to become a place of equality for both sexes. But that still leaves the differences between humanity and other life forms. We will see humanity unite; but become more isolated from other life forms.

    There is really no question about Gaia and her inhabitants experiencing a quantum leap. The question is how huge is this MPR?
    Is it planetary, solar, galactic or embracing the cosmos and entire universe? Then we might ask when?”


    ~ Anarchistbanjo


    1. whatever is to happen… I definitely feel the done-ness. Big time. And at this moment I feel ready to move on from humanity and play with the other life forms. I want to get off the cycle … tired of peddling…. I will walk across the universe on foot, hitch a ride on one of my angel buddies, whatever… until my own wings are fully out and ready to soar. I can always come back as that invisible breeze and touch whatever I want.

      1. Somehow I feel like I’ve just been made love to. Seems to me he was brining his Inside Out. That was quite impressive. Oh how he made his instrument sing…

  5. As Oystergirl said: “we will easily embrace who we TRULY are…and that is great!” What a blessing that will be. Embracing who YOU truly are this moment with joy, now and always. Love, Jean

    1. Dear Guerric, I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Your energy is very much a part of this Pond and of this beautiful grid of light you have helped to create πŸ™‚
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Guerric

      A part of you has been at all the gatherings. We brought you with us. You have been very special to me (just the fact that you didn’t give up helped me).

      And I was kind of wondering what Aisha was smoking that day too.


  6. Ahhhh…..this message resonated so much for me! i have always tried to “explain” our incarnations to others as a long cord that is our soul with individual beads of life placed on the cord, lessons, experience, and yes pains and suffering–all karmically trying to come to balance and evolve…taking that cord, that beautiful garland and giving it to the inner sanctum resurrection fire! Very powerful!

    Because to release our wounds, to release the victim, to release our identification with past lives and any moniker than names us leaves only one choice–to be SELF totally–with no crutches and no identifying marks other than GOD or GODDESS….

    i have been doing this releasing work for a VERY long time and just recently releasing the DNA levels of the ancestors and this gathering feels as if I will be feeding all that into the fire…I do believe that eventually we will “forget” all the old pain and embrace our true history and all the old programming will be released and we will easily embrace who we TRULY are…and that is great!

    One question though–isn’t it day light savings time so we fell back an hour to 2:00pm EST? anyone? Bueller? LOL Loving you all! Alex

    1. Yes yes yes! I felt exactly what you have worded so wonderfully here when I thought last night about reconciling the iam with the IAM. Thank you, Alex!

      And I wondered about the time, too! Beuller is absent again. πŸ™‚

    2. Thank you so much for these words, my fellow goddess πŸ™‚ I think the times are accurate, at least according to http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ We had our “fall back” same as you, and all the times have been adjusted according to that. But we have been invited to visit the “still point, where time itself stands still” so I guess we’re good to go at any time, to quote Paul and sun πŸ˜‰
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    3. well, put it this way: if we were in our true, authentic self, God/Goddess State, would be be having to try and remember the old fall back pain?
      Thank you Alex – Love you! Areeza

    4. ah shuck oysters girl
      Check the link to “Blood Eagle”
      once a guy dies this way it gets harder to rememember
      no matter how many lifetimes lie between.
      it is all for the ultimate experience, not that we have to have fun all the time.
      by the way

      my thanksgiving relatives are a lot like concrete!
      they are all mixed up and set in their ways.
      my dogs gobbled up the raw green bean casserole that everyone thought was shit, but they were all to scared to say anything. So they packed it up and sent it home to me.
      shrug, i’ve been doing this for 60 years/
      this ??
      i don’t care
      They thought their uncle was daft for sitting in the corner, chuckling; quietly.

      1. I had the most peaceful holiday ever in my life. No family whatsoever. Not even my husband and daughter.

  7. Like Ray I was with a lot of family yesterday, I in the home of my Mother and Father with many siblings and our offspring and families. Many generations ages 90 to 9+1 were together. We gave thanks, reminisced, laughed and so enjoyed each other’s company. Phoenix Ison made an appearance from time to time as we watched its dive into the flames and resurrection there of on my shared cell phone.
    My 90 year old father and 89 year old mother were the most interested other than myself. I had shared with them my belief of Ison and PEACE. This old warrior, my father, who flew many a mission in World War II and thereafter soldiered in the field of Justice rejoiced in his quiet way as the beautiful and spunky Phoenix arose from the perceived ashes. My ever optimistic mother who has always looked for the good said to us all, “Yes, it must have been a comet like this seen when Jesus was born.”
    To those who are still waiting for “the event”, ask yourself how many more events do you need before you BELIEVE.

    1. Powerful message, Forest Joy. Thank you so much. I don’t often respond to you directly, because your sharings always blow me away. They always bring about a great stirring within me. I’m very grateful for that.

      Love to you,


    2. Absolutely gorgeous analogy, Forest Joy….of Starship ISON illustrating the Phoenix from the ashes scenario.

      Yes BELIEVING is SEEING & I add another perspective to this, coming from the point of BELIEVING and believing and believing — and it is true….you do see more of higher dimensional reality being revealed.

      As this higher dimensional perception so far has been in TINY increments, such as finally seeing occasional Orbs, then a year later being able to see white pinpoint flashes of beings popping into our dimension……then perhaps 6 months to a year after that, you are then also able to see Indigo Blue flashes of beings popping in…

      Or finally seeing the Parallel Reality frames of this animated dream reality, merging and tweening into each other — which having seen this for over a year now, is no longer stimulating…..

      Or being able to see most of the constructs of this reality vibrating very fast at various speeds, or slowly undulating….seeing this for 2 years is no longer stimulating.

      Or seeing for over 8 months now the concentric energy vortex rings of the Stargate you & your higher self created over 1 1/2 years ago…..this is no longer stimulating.

      What we require in this slow-ass Ascension Process, is a *balancing* effect to all this slowness, this drag, this INERTIA of all of us advanced Old Souls being tied to / locked into the pace of the planet Earth & its resistant Human Collective.

      We simply need one event, only.
      We require a mass awakening “Event” of nanosecond speed to BALANCE and offset all this incremental slow shit we have agreed to undergo (at the soul level).

      We require an instantaneous Quantum Leap in our dimensional perception.

      1. I know it sounds negative… but if we dont get one heck of an Event, I Will be literally bored To Death. I d i t t o your words here Kiera. There is just so much any single one or even group of us can do here with what we have had to work with/around. imo. So, here’s to falling off the wire and letting go of the balancing ‘act’. what were we at? Act 214,904,499? I lost count.

      2. Jeezz Kiera

        “Incremental slow shit?”

        I like reading all the comments here, but I love it when I read someone talking like I do! Thanks, I needed that.

        Much Love


    3. So you think this process is too slow and not stimulating anymore. Come walk with me awhile. Maybe then you will see what is important. Could it be something like dedication to duty fueled by love.
      First let us stop at my mother and father”s house. These warriors for Peace are just Spring Chickens, they’ve only been at this business of creating a better world just 70 some years. Watch my father as he wrings his hands as each new war starts. “All those boys,” he says, “all those boys.” Listen to the hope in his voice. “Shush, I want to hear this on the chemical weapons negotiations with Syria.” An old old warrior with hope!
      Then maybe we head for my clinic. Let’s see if there is anything happening there of interest. Oh yes we have only been clearing ancestral Qi blockages back 200, 000 years. Yes, much longer than the last galactic cycle. What have we been clearing? DNA causing soul sickness for generation upon generation. You can hear and feel the physical and mental soul pain caused by war and abuse so horrid that at night you can sit with me in the dark listening to Susan Boyle or other pure voices because I am unable to do nothing else until my soul is nourished by beauty.
      And what about the faithful women and men who are going through these release treatments knowing nothing about “ascension” and having nothing but love in their hearts. It was only a year ago we stumbled upon the 3D to 5D possibility. You see their deep pain with your own eyes in their eyes. You hear me tell them that I believe we are all feeling other’s pain to lessen that person’s load. Perhaps it is a child who has been beaten, or a woman who has been beaten and raped but still has children to feed. Perhaps it is a collective pain of several that have been brutalized by violence and that this could be from the past or the future. You would see not one flinches. You would see me test them for this possibility and when the test is affirmative they have no doubt in their eyes. In fact each will say that if they know they are helping others their own pain is that much easier to bare. And after I have helped them to close their cosmic orbit and no more will they need suffer for others, still there will be some who will continue to help others in this manner only because of the love in their hearts. Their pain would be substantially reduced. And this goes on year after year after year.
      So forgive me I cannot join in your commiseration. For I feel like the General who,after a horrific battle, gazes over the battlefield seeing the dead and wounded as far as the eye can see, and hopes to God all this suffering is worth it. For that is the only way he can continue to go another day.
      As for “great event”, how many more super storms, giant tsunamis, cataclysmic floods, tornadoes,etc. do you need? How about a world wide catastrophe ending in an “aha moment”. Try World War II and two atom bombs. How many more sacrificial deaths are needed? How much more from the heavens do you need?
      Remember CCs say to look for the small patterns of progress. For yes they are everywhere. We, a collective we, have ascended. A solid foundation is in place. Now we begin to build the framework. Now please use all those tools you have mastered to move us all forward.

      1. So often I tell myself, stop panicking about not ‘hearing words’ from ‘spirit.’ I hear, so often, via sensing or feeling. I sit here in the darkness of a new morning dawning, with tears in my eyes, knowing Forest Joy that I just heard deeply from my own soul. Your words are eloquent but bring so much more than words to this heart of mine. I have no words to describe it yet… just a knowing that I understand… that I nod my head in agreement. Thank you. ~Nancee

      2. My “Deepest” Appreciation to you & for you in sharing these words that touches my Heart as I sure feel they are coming straight as an arrow from yours !! I do understand with ‘All’ you’ve said ! & I totally respect your ‘soul speak’ !….I am abit pressed for time today, but your words….. ‘To those who are still waiting for β€œthe event”, ask yourself how many more events do you need before you BELIEVE.’…….are for me, the most pointed arrow, to the target, affirmation I’ve seen for quite sometime !!!!….All wrapped up in one complete tidy bundle !…so BIG THANKS for that & GRAND LOVE to You !….your soul strength, standing alone, your confidence in who you are really Shines !!! Have a most Glorious Day !!…..LOve, Bev~
        “Now please use all those tools you have mastered to move us all forward.”…..oh my word….& wow !…you are indeed a goddess !

        1. sorry… well wont really apologize for wanting an ‘event’ that ends all suffering. As long as there is suffering, the main event has not happened for me. God gave free will, then all this time maybe God says ‘oh shit…. I got myself unleashed in all this mess now how do i reel myself back ?!’ I want ‘that’ event. Have taken way to many moments more and more and more in suffering and there was never a good reason for any of it imo. there was never a good reason for any war – fighting for what? and to say fighting for Love makes no sense to me – they are opposites – fight encompassing fear. The Dark made us see the Light ? Cant see Light without dark? dark is fine, black is fine, evil (spell it backward) is simply backward living. Suffering, to me, never served a purpose but to remind us how not to. we never had to in the first place. so , back to the garden and saying there is no place like home. thats how i feel today or right now anyways πŸ™‚

  8. Hello Aisha,       I’ve asked before on the blog, and did not see a reply.        What do we DO to gather at noon Sunday (I’m in north California)?  Is this just a quiet prayer we do on our own, expressing gratitude at the specified time?  or is there technology involved? ….perhaps a webinar or phone conference call—-for your channeling?   Please Clarify.   ……and thanks for your wonderful messages!  This is one of my favorite channels!          Have the cc’s ever told you what star system or region of the galaxy they are from?   I would assume they are an advanced civilization from our galaxy who has some interest in helping us ascend.                 Many Blessings,    George

    1. Dear George! Thank you for adding your light to this upcoming Gathering! πŸ™‚ All you have to β€œdo” to be a part of this group meditation, is to find a way that resonates for you to connect with these energies. You do not need to connect at the exact time either, for these energies are already coming in, and so whenever you feel like connecting with them, you can just sit down with the intention to do so. As for the origin of the CCs, they have only shared that they represent different civilizations, all of them a sort of “specialist” in their field, and their task is to assist us in any way they can during this process.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  9. Thank you Aisha! So very very much, for BEing here and giving so much! See you now πŸ˜‰ and on Sunday!! I’ve seen many wings at the pond, i started seeing them after the second gathering. yours have been large and grand. Once you were wearing a crown (i loved that image) Mine have been mostly gray, also large and strong. Recently I’ve noticed a second set if smaller wings in myself. Interesting….At one gathering some took turns surrounding the earth with their wings all connected like a big hug of light. A lot of strength is felt in these wings, sometimes I know how to use it, sometimes not, what a wonderful gift! This is the first I’ve heard anyone else ‘see’ this, very cool. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lovely lovely lovely!!! I was going say that mine are all gold and sparkly with something that seems like “fairy dust.” They are delicate and filigreed like dragonfly wings (more than one set here, too), yet very large and shaped more like a butterfly’s. I have felt them spread gloriously behind me, and seen the sunlight reflect off of them and shine through them, creating a spectacular array of light. These wings of ours are a beautiful gift, and so are your visions of Aisha and the wings hugging the earth. Thank you, Veronica! And thank you Ray and Aisha…


    2. Dear Veronica, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful visions! I feel the power in those wings you describe, and I love the image of the wings hugging Mother Earth πŸ™‚
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. What a beautiful image Aisha! Speaking of stillness… Thank you and the CC’s again!
    Happy thanksgiving to you all πŸ™‚

  11. Sorry to rain on the parade but does anyone else feel a little like they’ve been hit by a bus? I went to bed three hours early last night and I’m waiting to feel that inner smile again and peace, hmmmm. Perhaps all I need is more rest. πŸ™‚

    1. You’re not the only one; I’ve been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully that bus is off the road now and we can get better quickly! Love,

      1. Dear A and Les! I am going back and forth between feeling under that bus and floating up in a balloon, so I am certainly being “tossed to and fro” as the CCs say… Hope you will get a ride on that balloon soon!
        Lots of love from me, Aisha

        1. Oh Aisha you just reminded me of one of my favorite songs from childhood – “Up, Up and Away” by…… (drumroll please)
          The 5th Dimension!! I hope the link works!

          With love,

          1. It worked – yay! Thank you Aisha for sparking this memory, and also for your graciousness and sharing throughout this whole journey.

            With much love,

        2. Thanks for the replies! Good to know I’m not the only one :). I gave myself a flower essence and essential oils treatment along with some yoga and meditation and I feel better. It was a matter of getting unstuck and letting it flow through me again – a kind of softening.

          1. I came up with this essential oilΒ blend yesterday and it helped so much:

            10drops clary sage
            4drops ylang ylang
            2 drops rosemary
            4 drops lavender
            7 drops frankincense

            I doubled the recipe and put it in my diffuser. Β I stood in front of it for several minutes while breathing deeply and wafting the essential oils over my body like sage smoke. Β If you don’t have a diffuser use your humidifier or just put a couple of drops on your hands and brush it down your body.

            I wanted to share what worked for me and maybe it can help you too πŸ™‚

      2. A and Leslie and Aisha,
        I hear ya. One moment I see the rose, next I feel a thorn, but luckliy the roses still appear beautiful with the thorns. My head clouded over a couple days ago after some really nice clear and peaceful times. Part from my own doing (coffee, dairy, sugar, gluten) but some from outside energetic and physical occurrences. I just know it will all clear again soon, even if thorns are still visible. Love to you! May the bus take a rest πŸ˜‰

        1. Thank you Veronica! When I was a kid I loved riding in the back of the bus b/c it was bumpier back there – and that was fun! Now, not so much πŸ™‚ . Are we there yet? Feel better soon!


          1. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

            Me too, you guys. I remember Sun once asking “Did anyone see who that bus driver was??!!”

            Up down high low over under flippity flop all I want to know is “When we will we get to my stop?”

            1. Oh my gosh, A, Leslie and AH, this had been a huge influxing in week!! I wish sleep would have been an option, but I got insomnia instead, every morning 2AM, wake up, time to, well, do something! Lol. My emotions have been running very high and events are transpiring very rapidly, I swear this is to keep me out of my head…;) I hope to actually be in the Pond for this Gathering, instead of phoning in remotely, so to speak… xoxo-Jessica

  12. I had a lot of family at my home yesterday. I stopped counting when it got to thirty people but a house full. It was so loving with all my family. Some that are out of state and in collage couldn’t come but called to say high to everyone. All my blessings of love and thanks were given to all my family. I feel so at peace knowing with what ever comes my way or my families way all is the way it should be. I love loving me as I love all of you. Such an amazing feeling.

    Love and blessing to all

  13. I will see you ALL at the Pond on Sunday… for now I am heading off to share Spheres Of Light with 20 more beautiful souls tomorrow… looking forward to that and to Sunday…

    Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

    1. Light man, I am overJOYed to hear that awareness of SOL is spreading so far and wide. You posted recently that you have sharings scheduled into next year. I wish you could have seen the smile on my face when I read that.

      Much love to you and Sue,


      1. Philip, I AM thrilled for you and Sue. I “know” the work behind the scenes, or at least a little from what I do over at Petals. I rejoice that SOL is flying. I rejoice and AM glad for you!

        Love and JOY, Amy

  14. Hello everyone… I’m finding difficult to express this self in words and languages, they drag me back to linear thinking process but still read with images-scenes interruptions lol and prefer silence. Just wanted to say hi, thank you, lots of love and hugs, and see you at the Gathering. Thanks Aisha for sharing that pic… already shared it-spreading those soothing fractals’ codes. πŸ™‚

    1. Whoa … what a song. “You lose your grip and then you slip into the masterpiece…” wow. Thank you, Michilin.

  15. I am starting to feel like one big post-it note. There are so many comments I have been wanting to reply to directly, but I can’t keep up. They go back like 3 missives ago, and I can’t find them all. Sorry for doing it this way. There is more than this, but let’s see….

    Nayon!!! I have not forgotten your music. My daughter and I keep getting into it over this for some reason. Crazy, I know. I guess this is coming up now as part of a “review” of our relationship or something. So thanks for nudging that πŸ™‚ as well as for sharing your music. It seems to also be showing me that any time I get really excited about something, I somehow block myself from access to it. Bet you didn’t know you would be opening such a can of worms when you shared your LOVE songs. Guess that’s how it works. At the moment, I consider them a gift that I will be opening at just the right moment.

    Sunny!!! You mentioned the codes and things from a previous missive and wondered if I could ask the Divine Mother about this. I have been, and she keeps giving me more questions that push me further and further within, which I suppose is the answer itself. And again, I am constantly getting the word/feeling from her “RELAX. Relax, child. You are already there.” (And I will firmly say she means this toward anyone who reads Aisha’s messages, because if we are even able to see Aisha’s words, we are vibrating at a certain frequency. Strange to think that there are people out there who literally can not access these messages, when to us it appears they are right there on the internet for the whole world to see.) And I always am moved by your comments, Sunny. So full of love and truth.

    Sally!!! Your comment to me under Otmn’s video about the light formation being me. Whoa. That got my attention. Thank you for sharing that. I of course was looking for some easy answer like, “It means so and so and symbolizes this or that.” Hahaha. Although “me” is probably the easiest, most simple, yet profound answer that could have been given. I am going to delve deeper into this whole thing, because not only was this exact video posted here at the pond, but it came across my radar from two other sources. Intriguing! I love some good intrigue. Then Jeff had posted the “Rainbow Warrior” video a while back that triggered something in me, and here Breeze posted it again yesterday. Something important there for me, I think. I keep feeling “I am the direction of the wind.” And to the friend who posted the link to the snow crop circles (please please forgive me, I can not recall your name, but I know you are someone who doesn’t comment often, and I thank you so much for coming forth), I did follow that link. Fascinating and beautiful, so thanks for sharing that!

    Thanks so much to the entire pond! To quote the CC’s (this was my favorite line in this missive), “And so, what you bring before us will be received as the heavenly gifts they truly are.”

    Love to all,

    πŸ™‚ AH

    1. Anna Helen, I went back over #374 today and took notes on it about how to go within and find the codes, so I will do some meditation tonite and see what comes through. I will report back on what I learned. Between all of us and the Mother we should be able to learn some things. The CCs talk in riddles but they still give us enough information to run with and expand on. I think this next step they are leading us into is going to be the biggest step towards creating our New Lives.

      Hope everyone in the States and whoever else celebrates Thanksgiving elsewhere had a wonderful day.

    2. AH!
      As soon as I laid eyes on that light form, my heart jumped up-n-down and said, β€˜that’s Her!’
      I wanted to elaborate….. but no more words came. (I soooo lack in ’spiritual lingo’)
      But that luminescence is you in all yoUr GLOry.
      If I may, I’d like to say, I feel as if you were actually there watching as the heavens were created. You were as an apprentice. You’ve seen the blueprint. You watched creation come forth into existence…. creation being created! ha….then creation upon creation upon creation.. whew…. too much.
      It’s as if the work is done. You built a Palace(with many pillars and a firm foundation), the rooms are ready and it’s open house.… wow, let’s hit the banquet hall!!

      All I can say now is… da-amn….

      You are more than I can imagine, thank you,

    3. Thanks AH for all you say & sure you know that you not only are growing & progressing forward, but along the way you are helping others too !…& it is true, indeed from the beginning & til even now…’You are already there’…just needs a bit more believing….LOve to You !….Bev~

      1. What a big smile you just brought to me! I know this song is very special to you, and I thank you for sharing it with me again. I do remember our little “Heart to Heart” from some time back.


        I have to laugh, because this “believing” business does seem to be taking a while for me. I am quite the stubborn one, you know. Not wanting to let go of my own foolishness! But yes, I am geting there, like the turtle, not the hare.

        Thank you, dear Bev. For this and everything else!

        πŸ˜‰ AH

        1. so I must tell You READ AISHA’s COMMENT TO ME on my posting next page…there is something there for you too from Aluna Joy & I’m sure you will understand when you read it….”You’re already there”….Love to You, Bev~

    1. I love each and every one of you…. You who post and you who don’t.
      I look forward to meeting all of you at the Gathering.
      Too much Love!

      1. Dear Sally! Too much of a good thing is simply divine, as they say πŸ˜‰
        Looking forward to see you and all the other beautiful Ponders on Sunday!
        Much love from me, Aisha

      2. Ditto!!!!

        Sending much love to you and your husband! Thanks for the great song, too. That one has great personal meaning for me.



    1. Dear Ray of the golden wings, I see you shimmering in all of your glory already πŸ™‚ I am the one with long and slender grey wings with specks of blue in them, they were shown to me last night πŸ™‚
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Wow! Wings????? Oh my gosh! I will be on the lookout for Wings. As if my per usual, I will probably BE shown them “out of the blue”. So in the meantime, I go about my Day with JOY in my Heart! Slender grew wings with specks of blue in them…….Yes, Aisha, I “feel” you in these Wings. How glorious!

        Love, Amy

      2. I was envisioning my own wings tonight and I came upon your post. Mine appear silvery grey tinged with pink at the tips πŸ™‚ I see all of us around the pond with our lovely wings and each holding a precious gem stone. I have a rose quartz – always my favorite – a stone of the heart, crystal of unconditional Love. I see we have our sets of all white wings also – It comes to me as the ‘original wings’ and then the ones we individuated for ourselves. The Gathering both soothes and empowers my soul already πŸ™‚ And I hope everyone realizes that with the ever growing Light from our hue-man spirits and now our powerful wings, we are not again to be bothered by any darkness.

        1. My wings are clear like dragon fly wings but shaped like butterfly wings and I was wearing thick white cotton clothes

  16. I’ll be their in full color at the gathering. With golden colored wings at the bottom of my wings will be all the colors of the rainbow. On the inside will be a circle with a small black circle in the center then all the colors of the dog sun with white as the outside color. If you see these wings you will know it is me.

    Love and Blessings to all.

    1. You are one beautiful being, Ray. I always get so much from your comments. Thank you for YOU.



    2. Dearest Brother,

      I for One will be looking for your Wings with Great Anticipation. I know not what I shall BE, for it seems ME is no longer, just BE. So if BE can have a form, we’ll see. (smile) If you do see form, I do know this. Pink will be in this form somewhere.

      And as for your Wings, my Elder Brother, what a Gift to have. What an Honor. I would love to sit under your Wings to gaze upon the colors. Perhaps I will see your Wings upon my walk this day, or when I close my eyes this Day, to just BE.

      With all my Love, Amy

    1. Dear Portia! Group hug it is! I see us all milling about in the white light, our breath is visible as white puffs of fog because of the cold, our cheeks are glowing and our eyes are sparkling with delight as we prepare our giant paintbrushes, dipping them in all the colours of the rainbow πŸ™‚
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. I so Love that your description of the gathering matches my own vision of it that came into view a couple days ago! awesome! I was thinking at the time that perhaps I saw all white because ‘we’ would be filling it in with color. This is something I look forward to immensely and Joyfully πŸ™‚ Painting the new cosmic day canvas together. Love Areeza

  17. hoping that it’s time. I’ll be there …. and maybe after the last experience, my father also rejoin the pond πŸ™‚
    A big big hugh of love

    1. Dear Cristina! I am looking forward to connect with you and your father on Sunday! For he is already very much a part of this Pond πŸ˜‰
      Much love from me, Aisha

  18. Aisha! What a lovely canvas waiting to be painted with our rainbow colours. It will be a joyful work to do πŸ™‚ Thank you very much! Thank you also to CCs for this final countdown πŸ˜‰

    With all my love and gratitude!

    B to B

    1. B, I read every word of every post you’ve made though I haven’t often commented to you directly lately. Woman, you shine, you sparkle, you glow, you emanate burning love. And I notice below that Sally is playing our song. D.S.

      Hugs and kisses to you and I hope your flu flees.


      1. Thank you Anna Helen!

        It was like a bomb exploding yesterday and today I am still off line so to say, nausea, headache, my flu is in its element as they say;) and both halves of the brain have difficulty working together. Understand that I need to change the email settings to receive all messages, but the energy does not actually deal with it now. For quite a long time I believed that Thanksgiving beat out all of you on that side of the world because it was so quiet;)

        I apologize to you and others that I have been here – but that’s it. It’s like it’s meant to be is my slogan. Hope for recovery on all fronts.

        Much love,

        B to B

  19. Beautiful Pristine Words…..Beautiful Pristine Picture. Thank you, Aisha, for your Blessed Presence and of the CC’s. These Words stilled my Heart and Breath just like the snow covered trees I see here, glistening in the sun. So Peaceful, so Quiet. And so ready for this New Earth that has been birthed.

    My Gift this Day goes right along with this Missive. Please EnJOY and my these words speak to your Heart this Day!

    I Love you!


    1. Amy, I haven’t spoken with you in a few days, but strangely I feel closer to you than ever. I do love you so, and I am giving you a giant, mama bear sized hug! I read your recent post about “love what you do.” I can see that so clearly in your blog that you are not only loving what you do but what you are. And it is glorious to behold.



      1. Strange this, for I too, know our “paths” have not crosed, yet I too, feel closer to you. Merging together in the Great Stillness Within and Without.

        I Love you, Lori. Amy

      1. Dear Donna, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light and exuberance here πŸ™‚ You are absolutely right, 2013 has still much to offer us!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

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