The manuscript of survival – part 373

The time has started to speed up, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For what you have perceived as a defined set of coordinates, unchangeable, is that no more. You see, mankind has somehow taken into their minds that there are some so-called “natural laws” that are there for perpetuity, and that can be used to measure everything against, as it is defined as a constant. Well, that may have been the case, or at least, have appeared to be the case for a very long time, but now, everything is indeed in flux. So too those measurements you have come to abide by as the surest definition of something that has been deemed as constant for mankind. And when these seeming constants starts to fluctuate, you will be hard pressed to find anything of consistency on any side, and so, the chaos we have already referred to will indeed take on a whole new meaning.

Make no mistake, we do talk about an extreme upheaval in all of this, but there will be small and rather subtle signs at first that will defy the minds of scientists all over your planet. And remember, the mind will try to negate what can be deemed as impossible, as humans have a long history of thinking themselves able to cover everything, and as such, they think they have the one and only definition for what is possible and what is not. But now, the game is about to change, if we may use such a word, and the textbooks that have been used as the defining tomes for humanity’s search for wisdom must be rewritten in many parts. For you are changing, and so is everything around you, and the one constant you have set your time by, your definition of time, is the first one that will be challenged. This will not be news to some of you, as you have perhaps already delved into the more hidden parts of these aspects already, and you have seen that there are indeed signs of this already appearing. For remember, what has been defined as the truth will take a long time to be revoked, as once the so-called establishment has made an agreement on this, they will find it hard to come to terms with the fact that what they had agreed upon as the standard measure does no longer apply.

So your scientific communities will have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that what they have based so much of their equations on, the solid foundation that they have build their whole careers on, will seem to be dissolving under their very feet. Of course, this will not happen overnight, but the first signs that something is indeed afoot will start to come to light in the very near future. And as always, there will be minds that will be very receptive to this, in fact they are already eagerly awaiting such results, for they have been primed to receive exactly this kind of information. While for a large number of the same community, it will come as a large shock, literally to their whole system. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word also, for this will be information carried within a frequency that will literally start to blow a whole lot of fuses, to use a word you are all familiar with. And yes, those “fuses” will also be of a very biological kind, as within a human brain.

This will sound ominous to many, but this is what will happen as soon as the veil starts to thin out sufficiently for this information to start to seep out and into the sight of ordinary humans as well. And when we use this word, it is not in a derogatory sense, merely as a statement that what we refer to will also start to interact with all those of your fellow men who have yet to see what you have seen so far on your journey. Remember, you are the pioneers, the ones that know beforehand that something is indeed afoot, and as such, you are expecting these changes to occur. But to the ordinary man or woman, living their life in the same way they always have, they have no idea at all about what is about to take place. And for them, it will be a shock, and for some, it will be a shock that will make them feel like all that they know and all that they are is being smashed to pieces. While for others, it will be a shock that will jolt them awake, and they will spring to life literally before your very eyes. For remember, a shock to the system can also serve to revive one, as when an electric shock is administered to a heart that has ceased to beat normally, and that will enable it to start to do so again.

For this shock can in many ways be likened to that, as a surge of enormous power that will kick start many a human on the road to recovery. And when we say recovery, we refer of course to the path that you have already walked for a very long time now. And so, they will join you in their quest for re-entering life in a way that will enable not only them, but also this whole world a brand new life. In other words, they will join you in this labour of love, and they will add their weight to your side of the scale, and enable it to shift even faster. For you see, much will have to be changed in a very short time, and so, your scientists will be amongst the first that will have to contend with this huge turnaround, for they will have to jettison so much old baggage in such a short time, as they must be able to embrace the new in a very profound way. They will have to re-evaluate so much that encompasses the whole foundation of their logic, and this will in turn enable this world to rectify so much of what you have already messed up. Yes, we will use this word, even if it may sound rather flippant. For you do have a lot of mess to clear up, and you will be asked to do so in a very short time span indeed.

We will of course come to your aid, but again, you are the ones that will have to do all of the hard work in so many ways. And so, your scientific community will be put to the task indeed, and they will have to throw themselves wholeheartedly into this. Not only will they need to be able to rise to the occasion, even when all they have taken for granted will be shown to be less than accurate. They will also have to come to terms with the fact that there is another form of intelligence in existence that can teach them more than a few things. And so, many a proud mind will have to acquiesce to the fact that there are far more brilliant minds than them, and time will tell how many of these old laureates will be abe to swallow this. But again, have no fear, for we do know already so many brilliant minds amongst you that will be more than ready to jump to the chance and throw themselves headlong into this pursuit. And trust us when we say, they will manage brilliantly! For again we want to remind you that this is indeed a very carefully calculated plan, and nothing has been left out, and so, we do know that all the parameters necessary to make this plan work has been met, and so, we will continue to unfold it all according to schedule.

We hear murmurs of dissent mixed in with cries of elation, and rightly so, for we do know fully well that this will have its fallouts in all sorts of ways. Just remember, mankind lives under the edict of free will, and so, what will transpire in the time ahead for each and every individual is because of the choices you made even before you landed within this physical body. So no one will be forced to do – or not to do – anything, as this will go according to the role you yourselves took upon you before you came. Yes, there will be those who have chosen not to embrace the new, not in this incarnation any way, and so, they will act accordingly. But there will be a large number of people who came here explicitly for the chance to step into the new with everything they can muster and be a part of this enormous salvage operation. For this can be likened to the process of rescuing a sinking ship and getting it back into ship shape again after a close call. For mankind has indeed driven this whole planet up to the brink of disaster, but now, everything will be set into action in order to rectify all that has been taken too far into the extreme.

And so, you need not fear extinction, for that is not allowed, not even within the edict of free will. Remember, you can choose your own destiny, but you cannot choose that of a whole planet. So rest assured that in this case, all is taken good care of, and you will only have to choose your next step in this whole operation. For you are all sovereign beings, and if you have chosen to embrace the new, you will find that circumstances will arrive that will enable you to step up to the plate in every way. And for those who have chosen to disengage them from it all, circumstances will arrive that will help them to do so as well. So yes, all will be well, even if events may seem to point to the opposite of this.

So know that no matter what happens in these upcoming weeks, you are all heading for what you have taken to your heart as your destiny. There will be much chaos and much confusion, but also many, many reasons for rejoicing. For the light will pour in at such a rate, it will defy any description, and when it hits home, it will trigger the last stage of this huge transformation, and it will do so in a way that will leave no one out of the loop anymore. For this will affect all of mankind, young and old, clerks and clerics, rich or poor, high and mighty and humbler folks. And it will hit home equally, but the result from all of this will vary according to your own personal set up. So this means that your choice will make the end result, and your choice is indeed sacred to All of creation. It has always been thus, and it will be so too in this case.

So sit back and observe what will take place, for you also have the role as observer in this, even if you do play a major part in this whole undertaking. For you KNOW what will take place, even if you do not have all the details. And no, you will not have the details beforehand, you will simply have the knowledge of a huge transformation that will take place, and you will also know that if it were not for you, this transformation would not take place in the first place. So rest assured that even if you also will feel some trepidation when you start to ponder what is about to happen, know that this will end up just like you have dreamed of, seemingly forever.

For this is it, this is the start of the countdown to the last and final chapter in this story, the last chapter that will signal the start of a brand new story for mankind, the story where love will reign supreme, and where bygones will be bygones, for never to resurrect ever again. For when this is completed, you will have no reason to fear for yourselves, nor for your planet. For by then, you will all be sharing a bright future, connected and blessed in ways that have not yet been possible. For you are heading for the brightest of the light, into the very core, where everything will be resurrected in such a way, there will be no need to look neither forwards nor backwards anymore. For what will be, will be here in the NOW, and it will be everything you dream of and then some.

So take this as the first signal that now, the clouds that seem to gather on the horizon is not a signal of doom and destruction. Rather, it is a signal of redemption, a signal of a torrential rain of light that will flush away the last traces of the grime that has besmirched mankind and this planet for so long. It will wash you all clean in a way that will make you all glow from within, and you will use this light to lead yourselves into the new tomorrow, and you will use this light to close that last chapter in the history of the old.

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  1. God I needed to read this. I actually told a soul sister of mine that is staying with my family that I am starting to “close my heart to her boyfriend!” If you knew me you would know that this kinda energy, statement,intent is really not possible for me and yet I did say it and yes I did feel it and mean it. What is wrong with me. I have always said b/c I”ve always felt that once you are in my heart you are ALWAYS in my heart. It’s like I’ve don’t have patience anymore. I know this isn’t true, but it is the way I feel. I know this is a permanent situation – it is infact very temporary, but for me it is unthinkable so reading this channel (each time I do read these) connects me with the vision I have always held within my heart going back (this lifetime) to when I was a child and I could envision everyone being as loving back to me as I was to them. Even when I was in my 30’s I had this vision in my heart. It is still there now and yet I am not being as consistently loving as I had first intended. It’s just so intense, but I’m doing my best. Truly I’m am not intending to judge myself just to share my heart with a group who I feel can really connect with it – me. Suppose I could just use some hugs and some loving energy wrapped around me/through me.

    Thank you Aisha for creating this space where we can really reveal the truth as we are being revealed it and for the loving energy of this space.

    1. My dear friend!

      What you say reminds me of exactly the same thing I have experienced a couple of times last year. With people I love the most too; my son in law and my best friend!!!

      It is so fundamental and radical events and it really requires that you know yourself who you and where you are, that you actually are a woman who is full of love, though for a brief second hesitates, really.

      It took much prayer, much sending of love for the persons, a real long walk with a soul friend who could listen to me so I could speak it all out and also a whole bunch of Spheres of Light;)

      This is how I think. We react with much greater force now than in the past when we meet loved ones, who have a lot of anger in thelselves. For my part, I had recently taken a Reconnection also thinking that I was particularly sensitive for that reason.

      Would be grateful to hear more opinions.

      Thank you for telling this. It is important for all of us.

      Much love,

      B to B

      1. Hi, I have been observing in many places what you mention here Birgitta everything is amplified greatly which also presents the opportunity to move through it more quickly…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Yes Philip – that´s my experience too. So intensive and profound but also relatively “quickly” healed because my intention was LOVE. As I said before, SOL is very useful at such emotional events 🙂


          B to B

      2. Hi, thank you 🙂 🙂 Yes, I am a woman with a tremendous ability to love – it is what I see I my greatest strength and my purpose for being. Yes, working on the prayer thing and went to bed last night seeking healing and some direction. Woke up today with focus, clarity and a clear message which is that of choosing to BE determined to stay in a happier state regardless of what is around me in my house, but blessfully the energy on this day is light, happy and so very hopeful so this feels so effortless today. SOMETHING MAJOR shifted into place is the way it feels now compared to the energy yesterday or the last few days. Beautiful 🙂

        1. How wonderful that you were able to bring about a change 🙂

          My experience is that since I have gone through these “tests” (if I may say so) and constantly turn everything to love, then attaches no negative statements or thoughts anymore in me. It is truly amazing I must say 😉

          Keep on loving 🙂

          B to B

      3. Hi, for whatever Divine reason was guided on how to respond to the comments on Aishas page today through my word press page – truly didn’t know. Thank you sweet soul for your sharing a kind words. This timing must be completely Divine. If you are interested my personal email is “”. I hope you are having a beautiful day.

        Blessings and Beauty,

  2. Hello fellow Ponders… time to share and summarise the Rubidium insight which has generated a lot of interest… I am going to do it here on 374 and on 373 in case some who contributed have not logged into this one…

The top level summary…

    I have been given a clear and powerful link between Spheres Of Light (read that as pure consciousness/light for those unfamiliar) and Rubidium and the integration/communication process to the ‘human’ or ‘hue-man level’ (to use Gaia Portal speak).

By INTENDING to engage with Spheres Of Light knowing that Rubidium is acting as a kind of connector/God Link in our ‘circuitry’ is very important in various ways:

    The integration/communication of the energy into ‘the body’ at ALL levels Spiritual to Physical thus facilitating ‘consciousness shift’, the ‘associated healing’ ‘and ‘deeper connection/communication.’

    I am feeling that this is also central to ‘switching on’/‘communicating’ or ‘acitivating’ and/or ‘accelerating’ our ‘DNA upgrade’ too.

I already was aware that engaging with SOL did some of these things though what this insight has done has shown us something about the ‘mechanism’ for want of a better word.

Another very profound thing that happened last night was this… as I INTENDED to engage with Spheres Of Light and decided to ask the Rubidium to be involved I then had a very interesting further experience to do with channeling in the dream state … more on this in a later post…

I am sure more is coming on this whole thing…

For those who really want to know how I got to this current state of awareneness/understanding the following sections give you:

The original insight as it happened, initial interpretation, research (the science), input from Ponders and final summary… read as much or as little or pass it over as you like… it is VERY LONG…


    The original insight:

In as best as I can remember came in a very short sequence I saw in my minds eye as follows:

    There was a flame of some kind ‘red’ I believe though I have feeling there was some blue base to it also. The Rubidium seemed to be somehow created or at least connected with the flame. I sensed I was creating or recreating a new way for something with for/with Rubidium…

I then saw the Rubidium in it’s pure silvery elemental form. (I don’t recall ever having seen this before and it’s not an element I knew anything about. I did study Chemistry and Physics and maintained a strong interest in Physics).

At this point the Rubidium seemed to be in some kind of shaft of a ‘Pin shape’ and the ‘Head of the Pin’ was a clear Sphere (as in a Sphere Of Light). 

This ‘Pin’ I then ‘put into’ or ‘plugged into’ what I felt was some kind of ‘circuit board’ which was ‘Pure White’. This was the last image.


    Immediate feelings/insights I can recall now were:

The flame rather reminded me of a Bunsen Burner flame… I now realise Robert Bunsen was one of the discovers of Rubidium!!! I found it he discovered using flame spectroscopy!! Wow.

Red was important… Rubi in Rubidium reminded me of Ruby Red… and Root Chakra and also in my very first experience of Spheres Of Light I saw a Ruby Red.

I knew there was something about the Pure White circuit board but couldn’t quite understand it at this point.

I was intrigued by the Sphere ‘Head of the Pin’ and felt there was a connection to Spheres Of Light but was not sure of the link at this point.

When I shared it with Sue one of her first reactions was red seemed significant too.

    I think that’s the sum of the initial feelings. The next step was research…


    Research (only a fraction of it)

    There’s no escaping this is quite a technical bit but gives us some of the science… I’ve added some simplifications to help but admit I haven’t spent a lot of time on them.

    I discovered that Rubidium was an element from the ‘Alkali Metal Group’ and thus was very reactive with WATER. Atomic No 37 (this immediately led me to think of Bev) and had some interesting uses and properties… Atomic Clocks, Bose-Einstein Condensates (which is important for the new field of Quantum Computing etc) and there was a reference to some ability about drawing DNA into cells.

    I sensed the mention of DNA was very important and I recalled an insight I shared at the pond many months ago about the DNA reprogramming. So I felt this was part of the same thing.

Another thing I noticed in the initial research was that the Rubidium Oxide image on Wikipedia rather reminded me of the Kabalah Tree of Life images which is so important in Sacred Geometry. It doesn’t seem to be an exact match but the ‘imagery or metaphor of it’ I sensed was important… as in there something about Life here… that is important to get.

A few sentences from Wiki:

It is the 23rd most abundant element in the Earth’s Crust.

Rubidium is not known to be necessary for any living organisms. However, Rubidium ions are handles by living organisims in a manner similar to pottassium ions, being actively taken up by plants and by animal cells. (There’s big clue here I feel to what was shared later).

    Rubidium chloride is probably the most used rubidium compound; it is used in biochemistry to induce cells to take up DNA, and as a biomarker since it is readily taken up to replace potassium, and occurs in only small quanities in living organisms.

It has many other uses in atomic clocks and electronics etc.
Here’s the Wiki Link for those interested:

Lepidolite is a common crystal containing Rubidium and in spiritual circles is referred to as bringing Peace and Higher Spiritual Connections.

Also from wiki and other sources Rubidium is very important creating Bose-Einstein Condensate’s.

“A Bose–Einstein condensate is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero. Under such conditions, a large fraction of the bosons occupy the lowest quantum state, at which point quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic scale. …”

Rubidium 89 is a Boson and is used in this process.

A Boson is a subatomic particle, such as a photon, which has zero or integral spin and follows the statistical description given by S. N. Bose and Einstein.

The significance of this is in a sentence above:

    “bosons occupy the lowest quantum state, at which point quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic scale…” 

In simple language a link from the quantum to the physical!

Also I found videos showing Rubidium vapours with laser light fired at them to create Spheres Of Light contained in a magnetic field! There were also links to how this kind of technology will be powerful in Quantum Computing which will be massively more powerful than anything we have today.

A point to note here… I would offer we all know humans are imbued with power beyond this already.

    I also saw some fun stuff about being able to create light sabres with this technology… don’t know about the accuracy but it was fun!


    The insights expanded:

    A really simple summary of how I currently see it is:

    We invoke/intend the LIGHT (as in Spheres Of Light) – this was represented by the Pin Head Sphere Of Light in the Insight.

Vaporised Rubidium atoms in the red/blue flame I’ve discovered from the research when infused with light create the perfect conditions for supercooling to almost absolute zero/think zero point/and also has the ability “to slow down light to the human level” making it interact.

The body of the Pin is Rubidium and plugs in to the Pure White Circuit Board a kind of connector or ‘God Link or telephone line of Creation as Bev put it‘ (Sue interestingly had exactly the same insight and I hadn’t mentioned to her Bev’s comment…

The Pure White Circuit Board is representative of our Purity/Essence and more…

Red/Blue flame… eternal flame and creation (possible link to ISON? not sure) and certainly seems to be to the root chakra as well.

    The Sphere Of Light interacts with us with Rubidium playing a role ‘plugging into our circuitry’ at the physical/biochemical and the quantum level too.

Perhaps some spiritual ‘imprinting’ going on here and in our water… 

The energy/light/information in US is ‘upgraded’ (and I sense our DNA as well) i.e. we grow in consciousness and healing is part of this process.


    Input from the Pond:

    Having had contributions from many which I try to summarise below:

    Bev said in summary: “soooo powerful within creation, & actually is & holds the building blocks of creation…..think…’Atomic Water’ & you will begin to understand ‘H30′….!!!! (but it is nature’s ’37′ Atomic Water not Man’s ’37′ atomic water….the battle of the ’37′s’ !)

also think of it as the God link…or the telephone line of creation !…it is the means for the communication grid of Life !!!” Wow Bev…

ALee: mentions a bit of deja vu and “tracing the root meaning way back into the frequency of red on the spectrum ….. I am just wanting all to see the power this element has in relation to “the elements.”

This element, Rubidium, is “being seen now in the twilight of days” finally. It is something that is/will be important in connecting our RED root chakras with the power grid of mother earth. (and much more) And though I would love to explain how I know that, I simply can’t. There are no words. Yes, yes ALee…

Lin: Felt a strong connection to Red. Definitely…

JJ: Posted about DNA in cells and Mitrochondrial DNA and the links between the two. Also notably the reference to 37 genes…

    “The double-stranded in the human mtDNA contains 37 genes: 22 coding for tRNA, ribosomal RNA, up to 2 and the remaining 13 to proteins. The mitochondrion encodes not entirely its own proteins: some functions are taken over by the nuclear DNA in the course of generations. The protein products of these genes than have a special translocation sequence, which in turn will be transported to the mitochondria.”

…and then added a sense about a link between the Mitochondria and the DNA and a reference to cures of some kind. I have since discovered various references to this.

Aisha: Furthered this with …. “I heard to my astonishment [on the radio] that according to scientists, they [Mitochondria] are originally not part of the human body, but they were a type of bacteria that entered the cell in the early stage of evolution. That is the reason mitochondrial dna differs from our cellular dna. As the radio host said “that means I am actually two different beings in one body.” Wow feel this is really significant…

Alex: added to Aisha’s comment and said “that mitochondria are indeed related to and have similar structure and function to Chroloplasts which exist in plants and turn sunlight to energy/sugar….”
“What is interesting is I do this healing of my body visualization coursing energy through my cells and what comes up for focus is my mitochondria DANCING and vibrating out this energy to all other aspects of my body…totally awesome! Without their presence, their service to US we could not exist…” Yay, Alex this aligns with this perfectly!!!

…to which Aisha added: “Click, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. So the mitochondria will help us to access the energy directly from the Sun! Another interesting thing about them: we only inherit our mitochondrian dna from our mother. Wow, yes another great link… and the experience I had last night fits with the mother thing I have only just realised thanks Aisha…

    Forest Joy: “Yes, I believe rubidium is an agent in our energy grid programming for peace.

    In order for these changes to take place a lot of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes are needed….”

    and added a range of further work/hypotheses about “that there may be a fungi mutated by radioactive ceasium, cadmium, and uranium that somehow prevents the liver from utilizing these nutrients thereby impeding the progress.”

    Yes, yes thank you so true on the peace thing also came across Lepidolite which is rubidium based and a crystal that is reported to have these peace inducing properties amongst others.

and when someone mentioned AION Forest Joy said AION = ever flowing waters. Cool thanks for that one!

Philip (me) added some further comments about insights connected with Life in the Grids.. so thats Bev, Forest Joy and myself all mentioning Life/Grids in this context…

Denise: provided information about plants and their processes/importance… thank you… still to explore this further and I see a link to Alex’s comments above.


    After the research and input by you I now see the image of the Sphere Of Light/Pin Head (see section on the actual insight below) and Rubidium Pin plugging into the Pure White circuit board as a powerful metaphor:

    The LIGHT (as in Spheres Of Light) entering into our ‘PURE circuitry’ with the help of Rubidium and helping to raise our consciousness and bring us back to wholeness. Circuit boards are often imprinted… may be this is our divine imprinting… process.

I feel this surely links in with our DNA as discussed above and as for Water of which we are around 70% there’s probably a link to imprinting our water as per Masuru Emoto’s work if you are familiar with it.

    Trusting this helps… if anyone wants to see more links let me know and I will post some of them.


    So INTENDING Spheres Of Light to work with Rubidium … is powerful stuff… more to say on last nights experience later….

If you’ve read this far you must be determined….

Joyfully, Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. … you are right: “they” can affect you only by fear – and with false flag informations (e.g. about ISON) our darker brothers and sisters try to let you not hear what your heart says – but it is a last successless try cause you change everything with a peaceful heart which knows of all this negative things still going on, deciding NOT to judge. Because the outher world is also inside of me. And the change of this world always starts from inside out. And so we create the New Earth by changing our inner world…

    …please don’t listen so much to what others say, write or channel – Aisha is a brillant extraordinaire for sure 🙂 – but I ask myself, why we speak so much about other channings in this comments and not about this wonderful new informations in the manner she wrote this stuff. A realy brilliant “download” of these posibilities of new strong energies which can be brought from inside out in a way that whole mankind is blessed – magnificent ! …

    PS Yes Joy – as you say it – I can feel it too: NOW it feels like liquit stardust running througt my venes ! 😉

    1. But this is a place for all to be heard for who they are and what they present. Saying for others not to listen to it, I do not agree with that. you can take what you want as we all can and trash the rest or just stop reading that part. Aisha presents the most pure I have found and I blog no place else myself. I like it best when we share from our own personal experiences too. I have not wanted to start my own Blog yet for reasons that I do not wish to be a leader with followers. I am still thinking of how I would want to do it. I like how Aisha does it very much 🙂 You (and others) do speak about Aisha’s channelings and what they bring up inside and I am interested. Allowance is really important to me and I myself have to be careful if I think I am judging. I will speak my heart/mind if I feel its important and take what comes. Love 2 U and a great night! Areeza

    2. Amen to what you say Mischa!

      It is all about changing your inside and not letting fear be within you. When you know who and what you are, when you love yourself without reservations and have opened your heart for love to all that is – then nothing can hurt you. You are protected from negativity just like the umbrella that protects you from rain.

      I have never understood why you need to compare with all the other channels. Sure – it’s fun to see that others have similar experiences but sometimes I think it’s about the lack of trust in the source we have here. Sometimes I’ve actually taken it as a censure against Aisha’s ability to channel.

      Love and respect,

      B to B

  4. Breeze, Mischa, Keira, Ray, Lin, Amy, CrazyHorse, and all who may at this time of day or night be awake can you feei it? It is beautiful, the ever flowing waters Aion and Iona we are in it. It is so beautiful, so peaceful. Earth and all on, within her , above her, all that she is is moving freely in this peaceful flow. Let your hand into this ever flowing stream. It is indescribable. Oh my heart overfloweth with all that there is. It is the soothing waters of freedom.
    LOVE to you all,
    Forest Joy

    1. I am here feeling it with you my Forest Joy – Serene, pristine….ahhhh….off to lullaby land I go now to float all around our beautiful Earth — see u ! Love, Areeza (Wizard of Oz was on in the background….wicked witches all gone….only Our Home the way it was meant to Be – and Oz never did give nothin to the Tin Man that he didnt already have)…lol…. nope i did not take any drugs 🙂 I will take my orange/red orb fire ball if it is presented though. A very good night to you and all

    2. “Buenas noches” Forest Joy…
      I do understand what you are feeling; a stilness, a pause, a presence but also a flowing. However, loved and wise people around me, not “ponders ” style at all – to be clear-, are feeling restless, uncertain , they are “feeling” as us that something is “different”,”odd” but without a refference frame for this energie…
      Interesting, isn’t it?
      I suspect that soon, many will feel this way…


      Cyr from MX

  5. channelled by Jahn J Kassl — November 22, 2013


    Logos New Creations

    The first three: The father, the mother, God. Primary source of all Beings takes over the helm on earth.

    The second three: the son, daughter, God. Emerged from the primary source of all Being and now takes over the helm of self-determination in the hand.

    The third three: The consciousness, the spirit, the eternal, immutable Being of an entity. This is now coming to perfection.

    God, who I am, is with you

    Go your ways, man, set thy steps, man, at the end you will come to me. Never waver, even when you are thrust into the abyss and into the darkness – because you remain unresponsive to my light. Stride through your valleys now, I, your father, I, your mother am with you, even if you shape, far away from this reality, your life as a man among men .

    The first three represents the third dimension of being, so that fundamental insights are gained.

    The second three stands for the higher levels of the third dimension of Being, in which the ability to expect salvation is already kindled.

    The third three is the realization that the omniscient divine spirit is everywhere, where he is recognized as such and refers to the highest levels of the third and the lowest levels of the fourth dimension, because there some individuals awaken and attain enlightenment.

    Loved ones!

    333 – the process, by which New arises and can arise, is in progress.

    333 – to overcome sorrow, create happiness, become spirit and be a Master.

    Nothing is as it seems, everything is as you have determined it for yourselves, this is true mastery. Immutable is only God in his invariable nature, which is: LIGHT AND LOVE.

    This apparently disconnected message says as follows: After the downfall and after ascension, it goes on. For all, who are still human beings and for all who transfigure to Gods.
    The 33 indicates your mastery, that is sealed and renewed in the number 9. Demolition and renewal, because you are the ones, who shall create new worlds, this is reserved for you.

    I proclaim to you: You, masters of the light, who today return to the light, shall create worlds and you will create worlds. And many of you will begin to create new levels of the third and fourth dimensional density of Being, to give your brothers and sisters new opportunities to acquire knowledge of the Self and of God and to grant this experience to those entities, who for the first time take into consideration a journey into this level.

    The heirs of heaven, take their actual duties in reception and swing themselves up to become a Logos of new creations. Of this testimony is given here.

    The Three (3 ) is the mood determining number of the last days of the old and the first days of the new humanity – before the Masters (33) take over their new responsibilities in the creation (9) and according to the will of God.

    The next few days and weeks will be extremely exciting. The New Earth descends and lifts you out of this timeline, so that you can accommodate in the ease and the light of the 5D to your new home.

    And in the meantime, the events on this level of perception will manifest in a more contradictory manner than ever before. While new earth masses will rise from the oceans, while storms, land shifts and discharges of most diverse nature will occur, while new star will show up in the sky and while the light fleets are kept ready, the dark ones will unleash more and more crimes against you.

    And the game will go on and will stay upright for all those people, who have not given up their role in this game.

    All this determines the quality of time of the last days before the final unveiling of the old world and the heaving of the light warriors to the new levels of Being.
    Pay attention to everything that comes now! The sky is full of wonders and Mother Earth gives birth to a new life – the earth of the fifth dimensional level of Being.”

    ~ Jahn J Kassl

    1. “The New Earth descends and lifts you out of this timeline, so that you can accommodate in the ease and the light of the 5D to your new home.” I Areeza Am in an easy chair here…an easy chair there. Home is where I Am because All That Is I Am. I Am here to serve. Bring on more Love – with light shows galore, thunderous clouds in all shapes and sizes, new stars, star ships, new entities, (I would like more sweet grass… oooo i Love the smell of sweet grass!). Just bring on more Love with all u bring. With even more Love I can serve better and that is all i want until All is Loved into Love… then, I will rest… oh shall i rest….meanwhile, the easy chair and sweet grass help tremendously 🙂

    2. Dear Kiera and @ all,

      Please be careful with this stuff from JJK !

      Just FEEL waht your heart responses if you listen to wonderful “grandpa” Robert Shapiro !
      And what happens with your heart if you read this ?

      A blessed night, Mischa

  6. What I am reading about = the energies coming in that will be allowing the harmonics of our God Presence to support us in living in Unity or Christ Consciousness, and that this increased alignment with our Central Sun is setting into motion the pure sounds, colors and sacred geometries that we use to create the new Golden Age of Freedom. this fits Marko’s channeler dude. I dont think folks should expect some really spectacular event. I would like that too but I think it is more like i said before – the seeds being brought by ISON and our planting those seeds. Love should be enough anyways I keep getting. Why do we always want more? And the Love is growing day by day as that is our intent. We will be getting the tools we need to play a much friendlier game here.

  7. Land
    by Carol Ann Duffy

    If we were shades
    who walked here once
    over the heather, over the shining stones,
    fresh in our skin and bones
    with all of the time to come
    left to be us,

    if we were dust,
    once flesh, where a cloud
    swoons on the breast of a hill,
    breathing here still
    in our countable days,
    the words we said,

    snagged on the air
    like the murmuring bees,
    as we lay by the loch,
    parting our clothes with our hands
    to feel who we were,
    we would rather be there

    than where we are here,
    all that was due to us
    still up ahead,
    if we were shades or dust
    who lived love
    before we were long dead.

    “Land” by Carol Ann Duffy, from Rapture. © Faber and Faber, Inc., 2005. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

  8. sorry iF I over post…. this is my favorite youtube chaneling chaneler doing it live and taping it….. this is one day old

    1. Marko – thank you. I know this man. I know him in my heart. thank you kindred friend of the Light for bringing him to me here, Loving U Areeza

  9. Sun_of_Blue, I saw RED today as I gazed at the Sun. Both around Her and reflected in the clouds. I had my camera with me and hopefully, my camera’s eye saw this RED as well.

    Wish me luck. I go now to view my photos. Crossing fingers!!!


  10. Hi folks, maybe someone already posted this link or not but here it its …
    This guy had a first chaneling in his life (interesting) ,, but for me the post before today its even more interesting where he describes how it all happen and when and the feelings he got doing it ( I always wanted to ask Aisha about her fist time, but never wanted to bother her with that) 🙂
    hope you enjoy it

    1. Thank you, Marko. I really enJOYed this! This answers why I have no longer a need to look outside of myself. It is all within. I just wrote something to the effect yesterday, but I never posted it. It was a strong message and I thought many would not appreciate it.

      These words just clarify for me, that IAM walking right for me. It feels so good to be still, in NOW, and know IAM One with GOD.

      Isn’t it funny, how when one stops running after knowledge, it just comes to you effortlessly? That is the Irony! The more one insists, the more what is being sought, hides. 🙂

      From My Heart to your Heart, Amy

      1. Thanks Amy i am glad you enJOYed it 🙂 … i wonder if Susan and Aisha Experienced similar things the first time? 🙂

        Love to you (Blogger of the year 😉 …)

        1. OK. Who let the cat out of the bag? Marko? I am in shock! I didn’t say a peep, and I still have yet to put the award on my blog. Dang!

          The link you posted, gave me the courage to post my “strong” message. Here goes! I did it! I really thank you!!!

          I”m still sitting here stunned that you found out about the award I received. I am still in a state of shock over it to begin with, and now you say what you did? Pinch me! How did you KNOW?

          GRIN! Amy

          1. aaaaaammm maybe you missed this comment?

            “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
            Our Lady Pinkrose has been nominated for a “Most Influential Blogger of the Year” award. I hope she doesn’t mind me doing this. I assume she is too humble to do it herself.
            I love youme, Amy!
            🙂 AH
            anna helen foster said this on November 24, 2013 at 6:04 pm | ”

            and actualy I was just playing along i didn even now it was for real…. or are you both playing with me? 😀

            1. No, Marko, it is for real. AH! So SHE is the one who let the cat out of the bag. I seriously am in shock.

              I’ve really not been here much (again). So yes, I missed the comment. I’ve been getting hit pretty hard with removal of shit. Plainly said. Transmutation. It’s been tough!!!

              OK. SO now everyone knows. Ya got me. And no, I wouldn’t have said anything.

              Smooches! Amy

                1. Ah, shucks, Denise, thank you so much. I’m still in shock. Love what you do and the success shall follow……..:) I’ve begun…….The sky is the limit. And then some.

                  Love, Amy

  11. I really had a good laugh now. Took the dog out for a pee and there were waves of burning sage from the building next door. Don’t know who is connected but someone is feeling the heat today!

    Breeze – so glad you are recovering well! Yes, I agree. We seem to be able to let these waves go more easily now. I am sure I speak for all of us that we would be very happy to go beyond this now.

    Love, Susan


    Our Lady Pinkrose has been nominated for a “Most Influential Blogger of the Year” award. I hope she doesn’t mind me doing this. I assume she is too humble to do it herself.

    I love youme, Amy!


    1. Oh, Amy. Please forgive me for doing this. I have followed your conversation at Petals and I understand. Your integrity is impeccable as usual. You know I only did this out of love and enthusiasm. Lesson learned. Lead on with your light…

    2. Are you sure? WOW!!!!!!

      Good job in such a short time 🙂 But as always it is not quantity but quality that counts.

      CONGRATS AMY! Hope you will take it all :)))))

      Hugs, smooch, xoxoxo and lots of love!

      B in joy

      1. Holy crap…..I have watched this video I don’t know how many times this past year….

        B, this is getting to B ridiculous..

        1. Dear Kiera!

          I always act in joy and love and most often spontaneously, true and direct according to my feeling.

          The ABBA video: Holy crap – you watched that video EVERY TIME??? Free choice! And I played it so many times??? My heart has no such control – it just goes on;)

          Kiera – I really appreciate your ability to keep track of everything that happens in the Universe. My feeling is that there is another thing in me that annoys you but that´s your business. I tried to remember if I was ever called ridiculous before – but failed.

          Diculous: “A silly act or something that has not become re-diculous therefore it is diculous if it happens only once.”

          Sorry being re-diculous to you,

          Much love,

          B in heart

          1. Dear B,
            I just counting how many people are feeling more all less offended by her. Do you think there is some Kiera medicine to help her be kind?…

            1. Dear Maria!

              This is the way I see it. Kiera carrying a large, stunningly beautiful crystal, which she is about to give birth to now. The best we can do is to send her love to ease her pains.

              By the way – did you send the link on AION Portal Activation shift? I came up with it at the last minute and have to say it was a powerful meditation though I can not recount what I experienced 😉

              Thanks anyway! I had no order to my e-mail in those days, and missed a lot of posts and responses.

              Much love to you Maria!

              B to B

              1. I am feeling a bit torn here. But I am going to follow my heart, not my head. My head says “this is none of your business,” but my heart says, “speak.” Ok, there seems to have been a language barrrier issue in this instance. My interpretation and feeling of what Kiera is saying here is more like “Wow, B. It is amazing that you just posted this song, because I have listened to it so many times myself.” When she used the word ridiculous, she wasn’t calling you ridiculous, she was saying that all these coincidences are reaching a “ridiculous” level. In America, ridiculous is often used as a sort of slang to express a certain level of extremity.

                I love the song, and I love the both of you!!
                xoxoxo, M and B


                1. Anna Helen! Thank you so much my highly valued sister!

                  You know – all this slang, abbreviations and metaphors makes it hard for me to understand sometimes and I can say it HAS happened more than once that I interpreted the message in a completely wrong way 😉

                  Thank you so much for pointing this out Anna Helen. I hope that if anyone else feel that I misunderstood – please tell me! I appreciate the straight pucks.

                  A big apology to Kiera. After Anna Helens explanation I even understand your comment regarding “The final countdown” 🙂 I just couldn´t understand the switch in frequences between those comments ;)))

                  I really appreciate that you went in and explained the misunderstanding here Anna Helen.

                  Much love to you, Kiera and anyone who can be concerned!

                  B to B

                  1. Well then, B, you continue to show me the way. It was the first line of your original reply to Kiera that made me listen to my heart instead of my head… “true and direct according to my feeling.”

                    And THEN, just now I scrolled up to that reply so I could quote you. Somehow I ended up hitting the play button on the song again. Since the last time I listened to it, a few things have come to the light in my “life situation” and now I am in an even more vulnerable position (I keep thinking it is impossible that there is more “stuff” in me, but there is…). So I listen to the song again at this most divine moment, and it triggers in me a depth of fear and hurt and loss that surprised me. “I am a fool. A fool! I am going to lose in this and be all alone. Again. As always. This one time, the only time, I have been brave enough to offer my heart openly and without reservation to another human being, and I am going to end up the loser.” And yes, I am again sobbing, yes again I know it is part of the process and that I will come out stronger and brighter and more whole on the other side of this.

                    And should I end up alone, I do know I will be ok. I do know it will be for a reason, that it will be another stage of my journey. That doesn’t mean there isn’t pain involved, but that is part of it, too. All is well, all the time, and so it is. For now I will just B, and see what comes…


                    1. My dearest sister Anna Helen!

                      At this level in your development, you can NEVER lose. You have worked so hard and conquered yourself in an incredible way, that you honestly and openly shared with us. Whatever happens now, you are a winner, you have gained insight about who you are and why you have cleared away a lot of shit and fought at all levels to find yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself. And all this has happened in a very short time – not to forget.

                      You are a fighter who always want to reach your goals, overcome. Most of us have probably been sitting with drooping chin and viewed your furiously intense rampage and we’ve all learned something all the time. Thanks 😉

                      Now what? I do not know what is happening around you right now but I can well imagine myself, and remember what it was like to make it big breakup in existence. Everything so far has been safely and securely, you have taken for granted foiled and you stand there alone and completely lost. Or, not actually lost, but rather a bit unsure but with an unbelievable strength of having listened to and confirmed your soul, having taken command of yourself and your life, a life that does not give you anything anymore, that just breaks you down. You affirm yourself and probably your child, but it’s also about as scary as I described when I walked on the transparent ice the other day.

                      Breaking up from a secure existence is almost like an ascension in itself;) But whatever happens, you have already won the first prize: Yourself! And trust me, everything will come in your way in the most strange and wondrous ways. Stop fighting and let life serve you now. You are so worth it my dear sister/daughter/friend.

                      With all my love and care!

                      B to B

              2. I did it again…error in typing… “more OR less..” Sorry.
                Yes I posted it and with mistake too. Well, English is not my first language.

                1. Maria!

                  Take my hand! You know – I have done a lot of misunderstandings here as English is not my first language either. I have misunderstood a whole bunch of posts and comments here over the months I followed the blog but it may not prevent me from participating. Mistakes, we all do, and they are there to be corrected;)

                  Thank you for being with us Maria!

                  Much love,

                  B to B

                  1. Sorry for jumping in here, there was no reply button above. I want to thank you for your loving words to me. I have recently come to understand that throughout my life, I have rejected love before it can reject me. And that I also never felt I could ask for help. I am finding that little me has been calling out for both love and help all this time. My higher self of course answers this call. One of the ways she has done so is by leading me to this pond, where little me knows she can cry, laugh, throw tantrums, and give and receive support all in a space of absolute TRUST that she will get what she needs, in whatever form that may take. She is finally allowing the love.

                    B, you are one great big ball of healing energy. 😉

                    And I want to thank Maria again for sharing all she has shared with me. I am so grateful to have you both as guides and friends and sisters of the rainbow connection.

                    Soooooo much love!! I await the day when I can give you both xoxo in person…


                    1. Thank you Anna Helen for your appreciation and love!

                      You have been able to expose and live out your emotions and your failings in a way that few can / dare to do and I admire you for that. Personally, I had no chance when I had need of it.

                      I have also never dared to let anyone in life until I I about five years ago met a man who I understand was my soulmate. It was the first time I could let myself completely free of all shortcomings and I was greeted with unconditional love – all the time – and I answered the same way. Unfortunately it was not meant that our relationship would continue longer than a few months – but I’m so grateful to have gotten to experience the feeling of unconditional love, which released me completely free without fear of being hurt.

                      I really appreciate getting to share life experiences with you and your sincerity and love is so true.

                      Thank you for being my friend, daughter and Star Sister,


                      B to B

                      PS. Sorry – couldn´t find the video…..

  13. Things play out for me at night yet I do not get ‘deeply’ involved. For, if i did, I would not be able to live this life the way it is currently and i still have to – i know that so its all good. Around surgery time when i was in and out of it – you came to me as “Heart_Of_Sun”…. just wanted to share.

  14. Amy,

    I surely do understand! Yesterday was fair. Today was pretty tough. The most important thing is always to remember – it is NOT you! It is not YOUR stuff that is being cleared. We don’t always know the reason du jour but you can bet that something is going on and your neurological wiring is responding to it.

    Alex, my comfort bunny please…..

    Love, Susan

    1. Ray and Susan – I find that when it hits, I can move past it quick now. It is the hanging on that makes it more difficult. There is so much Light – all u have to do is keep with the Light and the Love and it is really that simple. Other than those two things, there is an old ego still having tantrums from time to time in us and around us. Love you all, doing just fine here – Areeza
      (I had the thought while reading your post, Susan, referencing the Pleiadians that my anesthesiologist was one of my family from there. The first man who was supposed to put me under was not the same kind looking man that was with me going in. I liked him very much – something else was going on and there were 5 people in hospital garb around my bed – for real – lol – I kept calling them my ‘team’ and I felt great about all of them). I was to have this surgery to ‘get ready’ – I was to have it at this timely juncture meaning oh yeah, things are ‘a go’. I was to be off work for this special time too. Relax everyone and enjoy the icing on the cake.

  15. Amy I feel all the negative of the world coming to the surface to be faced and released. I just want no harm to come to any over this. Each one of us have to release this in our own way. To just let it go and move on. The ones behind a lot of this have to do the same. Many have ask for redemption of this some still are trying to hold on to this. For them the suffering is greatest and all we can do is give them our love and wish them well.

    Love and Blessing to all

    1. Bless you, Ray! Again, your words consoled me, and confirmed much. Yesterday was huge and there were times, I didn’t think I would move through it. Why I ever elected to be a transmuter is beyond me. In fact, for the first time ever, my entire back broke out in a rash from all that “moved through me” yesterday.

      I really thought we were at the sludge at the bottom of the barrel a while ago. Seems I was wrong. Perhaps all these huge storms are stirring up “energentic sludge” and those of us who are the transmuters, are getting hit pretty hard.

      I have yet to take the “royal flush” so I know the transmutation is yet finished. My body/mind is feeling good though, this day. Perhaps in the walk I plan on taking this day, the final stages of transmutation will come to BE.

      I AM so grateful to you, Ray. There are times I go through these “circumstances” and my very sanity is tested.

      With all my Love, Amy

  16. Wow sun of blue! Pretty amazing! I am so intrigued by the discussions about the colors of the rainbow and vibration as our last pond meditation had the rainbow cats with crystal eyes. At the time I thought how crazy am I with rainbow cats in my meditation. Now all of this that everyone is getting. I just love it. I wonder what would happen if we each chose a color and the corresponding note and held it in thought during a group meditation. Do you think we could heal the world? Thank you sun of blue. Your posts are always wonderful.

    Much love to everyone,


    1. HI Denise – and remember I too saw the cats and rainbows years ago in my vision with the Indians on ‘the ship’. it was for a future – it was for now. I ‘locked’ many things important in so when they did occur, i would get my confirmation. so glad i did that. and now with the Sun Dogs. I am not surprised – just happy

      1. Breeze…tell me about your rainbow cats. I have only been coming to the pond since about March of this year. I really would like to hear what you saw.
        Love and light!


        1. well….cats… three were with me on a ship. American Indian elders were present with us. the cats and I looking outward from the ship. A rainbow appeared… the Indian elders called it the spectrum and that it was important to remember. a signal/sign. I always kept it close in my mind. now, lately I have been seeing the Sun Dog – rainbow sun – in the sky and have read it is a sign. see and be sure to look at the link within this link of the 13 codes. Love/Light XO!

  17. Yesterday, was one of the most difficult “passages” I experienced. I could barely get out of bed. In a nutshell it was horrible. And for the first time ever since I realized I was in a “process”, the back is covered in a rash. My body also feels like I got beat up. Oh, yeah, I hit something or something hit me.

    Today I feel so much better. I share with you my words and Doodles in case there are those here this day, that are reeling.

    EnJOY! Susan, I pray you are right and this IS the last of the negativity. Either that, or I am still being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. The only thing is, the tube is empty.

    With all my Love,

      1. Bless you, Crazywolf! I pray this is the last round. I wrote a poem of my experience yesterday at Petals Unfolding. I am at a point, I really don’t care anymore who thinks I am nuts. This is real. Too real. Yet, one cannot even put a label on this “what”.

        Hang in there, and KNOW you are not alone. I threw in some humor in all this for those of us who are going through this rough passage. Doodles will help you smile. His face SAID IT ALL.

        Love to you! Thank you for signing up for the shit job. I did too. I should have my head examined!

        Love, Amy

        1. Aisha, I just saw some of us – each holding a ball – a translucent ball filled with the whole pond – if ever anyone needs it, we squash it over their head and the whole Pond Of Love energy rains down upon them. It was lovely. Crazywolf – we rain Pond Love upon you!

          1. Oh, Breeze, what an amazing vision! The ball is like a fractal of the Pond – the whole present in a small part of it 🙂 No wonder this Pond will never run dry, it is endlessly making copies of itself that carries everything within it!
            Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. I hear ya, Amy! The Breathe of Holy Spirit Iona last night was a wind like I have never experienced. For awhile she felt like she picked me up with such incredible force and tossed and twirled me as never before have I known. It was mentioned she was to spread the Goddess energy to Galactic far edges. I was with her for much of it and goodness what a ride. Now I know perhaps how Pecos Bill felt when as legend says he rode a powerful wild Texas Tornado. I am still in awe and in recuperation, but have energy and excitement for the future. Never did I feel fear, it was with awe and wonder my spirit rode with the Wind.

      In a past missive, I mentioned this geographic region is where 3 powerful earth grid lines meet. Just as an acupuncture point where 3 powerful meridians of Qi intersect is extremely powerful, so too is a point where exceptional earth meridians of Qi intersect. In cases where exceptional and powerful electromagnetic fields are involved it can just blow one away with it. What a ride! It was magnificent!

      Perhaps you too rode with this magnificent spirit,

      1. Forest JOY, the thought entered my mind recently that I must be living on an acupressure point. I must be. Too much has happened to me for it NOT to be. Even my husband now is experiencing the same symptoms I am, and his frequency is lower then mine.

        What I rode yesterday was extreme. It tested my sanity. I looked at my back yesterday and so many muscles were bulging and my spine actually red. Today, I feel good. I plan on going for a walk in the crisp COLD air to do the final releasing. I still have yet to take the “royal flush”. 🙂

        Much Love to you, My Sister of Purity, Amy

        1. Yes, so it appears to be. The masculine and the feminine. For they must be balanced. Son, I am indeed honored to have been in such esteemed company. I too shook at times. My husband stayed awake to help keep me grounded. Perhaps he helped anchor my tether rope to the earth as he has gentled many a wild creature. I am still absorbing it all. Two times have I ridden like the wind, both on the back Appalusa horses who could run like wind. One as smooth as glass gliding over the ground racing to beat home a tornado arched across the front of an impending thunderstorm. My flying steed brought me home with just enough time to quickly rub him down & get to the house. The storm hit just as I entered safety. The tornado stayed aloft for another 10 miles before touching ground.
          The second time was on a year old stallion my husband had given to me as a colt when we were first married. He too ran like the wind with intensity and tremendous power. Once he teste his power against mine. It also was quite a ride sailing up and down the hills before I finally reined him to a stop.
          This time with Iona I rode within the wind and she was not about to put me on terra firma until she was finished.

            1. I feel the power of you and those maginifcent horses! No wonder you were the one picked to ride out that “storm” yesterday 🙂
              Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

              1. Oh Aisha,
                Thank you! You and the Constant Companions! How steadfast you stand by our sides guiding us through such rough terrain. Always at the end of the day there is the sparkling waters of this beautiful pond to refresh our weary bodies and tired spirits. What a trail we all have all chosen to travel together.
                With Much Love, gratitude, and the highest esteem I salute you,
                Forest Joy

  18. Good Afternoon,

    As I mentioned yesterday, the Sirians told me that they would be going “up” again (that’s what we say when they leave my perimeter.) I was able to access the Pleidiens last night. Today, I couldn’t get anyone! I am pretty sure there are “exercises” going on…..

    The Pleidiens confirmed what the Sirians told me last week.
    The Event is expected by the end of this month. They are in last preparations. There will be some connection to the astronomical event of the comet. They would not go into details. It will be visible to all on the planet but because of the time differences, it could be at different times of the day. They are not expecting chaos. There could be some “confusion.” Air travelers are not in danger. They are hush-hush about any details – especially what will be activated and when. This is to protect us. I asked about the opening of mass consciousness and either they didn’t understand me or I didn’t understand them. Aisha – could you make this clearer?

    About timelines – yes, they exist. They do NOT want us delving into this and the Pleidiens themselves are not looking into the future.

    About what is under the seas – CC’s hinting about “water” – they said they cannot comment on it at this time.

    A pole reversal on earth – no. There are some magnetic changes but no upside down stuff.

    They are doing various test runs and preparations. You will feel it energetically.

    Yes – there will be Lightworkers on the forefront of this process. They will be the first to “get it” and will help others.

    I got the clear message that although there are a few things to be ironed out, we are green light. They do not know how humans will react to this.
    The test runs show that some will “get it” and others will not. I asked if it is going to be like last December when only a small amount of people saw or noticed anything and the answer was no. They do not want to speculate about the aftermath because it all depends on humanity and if they are ready and willing for the change. I told them that I believe humans need to be taught. You can’t change what you don’t know.

    About ET disclosure – not yet. Step by step.

    I understand from my 2 previous conversations with the Pleidiens that the plans have been modified over the previous few years. This has never been attempted before. Hard to believe! So what was written in the 1980’s may not be relevant right now.

    Today I was feeling very on edge again. 2 other Lightworkers in Israel called me with the same down feelings. We had the same thing last Monday. Could not get any guides but Stankov today mentioned that right before ascension, there are 2 things going on which could affect our mood – test runs (which I can verify) and some last waves of negativity. My friend Becky who is a shaman consistently tells me that if I feel anything “off” to remember it is not me! It is essential to clear your energy field – with Light, sage, water etc. It will pass! Our aura fields are quite strong and can’t be penetrated like they once were. Nevertheless, it is good advice to keep the vibrational levels as high as possible and take some energetic tonics this week.

    I am quite hopeful that we can finally, finally, FINALLY say “we’ve made it” by next week.

    Love, Susan

    1. thanks Susan , it explains a lot, specially my mood swings lately and me being so down (like Amy couldnt get out of the bed) not to mention anger bursts (hope they took it all out)…
      I appreciate your posts…. keep us posted.

      Love M.

    2. Susan, I wanted to tell you that when I read your other post that mentioned Chanukkah (and its meaning!) and Thanksgiving being on the same day, I got a fabulous zing of energy all throughout my being. I remember a recent post of Stankov’s that Kiera put here that he mentikned the 28th being another poweful “date.”

      Here’s hoping and intending! Thanks again for all the info…


      1. OK, this is cool.

        As I type this, there are 333 comments on this post.

        I noted the Chanukah dates coincided with Thanksgiving, but I didn’t realise how rare it was, so I googled and I got this:

        “For the first time since 1888, the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will overlap. Experts say that might not happen again until 79,811.”

        Wow, that’s a while to wait, but for some reason the date rung a bell.

        So I subtracted the current year of 2013, and got 77798, which is pretty close to 3 x the great year of 25920 (It’s 38 years off at 77760).

        So, I get e triple 3, a triple 8, then a triple 7, and pretty close to a triple Great year. Then there’s the fact that Chanukah, Thanksgiving and Comet ISON’s perihelion all occur at the same time. (another triple…)

        Oh, and I just happen to be taking my family on a flight to my sister-in-law’s wedding that day (I very rarely fly).

        Just sayin’.

        Should be a helluva weekend 🙂



    3. Thankyou dear Susan — this is very revealing actually (in the usual Paradoxical way)

      So in a nutshell, they HAVE been keeping you in the dark, and they are now admitting that they will continue to do so… as not to alter the probability energies of your particular Timeline.

      And these ET’s will NOT give us any delicious details about the Spaceship ISON…..hoping people will continue to be dumbed down enough to buy into the belief that it is still a “comet”.

      And the most fascinating aspect of all — the splitting off of all of our chosen Timelines — they “do NOT want us delving into this”? WHAT???

      We even have amongst us, a Timeline ‘Jumper’…..a Timeline “slider”….Anna Helen does this naturally, and she investigates other Timelines.
      Do they want her to stop doing that, too? It’s part of her soul contract to have this beautiful ability.
      Well this I have to say to them, about that,

      Pleidiens — “Are you freaking kidding me!!!!???”

      Good luck getting me to *stop* delving into this most crucial aspect of the ascension process. You’d have to kill me first.

      As far as a pole reversal on Earth, no….not on your Timeline, but also Yes, all probable Timelines play out in creation.
      So yes, there will be a pole reversal on some Earths. The people who experience that, are those who have chosen catastrophe to wake themselves up.

      I’m telling you, Susan — your ET contacts would NOT be happy, dealing with ME.
      I would never, ever stop, dragging the “hush-hush” details out of the close-mouthed bastards. 😉

      1. There are only a handful of us that ‘get it’ so can u imagine if everyone was jumping timelines without the full backup they need? We are the first wavers here Kiera. on the forefront to show from example – to lead. The Pleiadians stepped in and tried to ‘save us’ before – in eons past…they over stepped from what I understand and they can not and will not do that again. Its got to be gentle steps. You and others may be way ahead … thats cool… just know there is a gentle plan for a good reason. You are not on that particular ET team for a good reason given how you feel. Your behavior is in fight/fright/anger mode. I would not want that on my team I have to be honest with you. You, Kiera, I want to say can do whatever you wish so you can be joyful in doing that and not feeling the need so much for outside stuff to happen ? right ? or no? who cares about time or what others do or dont do? I offer just Be you Now and be happy exploring all of it from that space 🙂 With Love, Areeza

    4. Susan, you ask:

      “They are hush-hush about any details – especially what will be activated and when. This is to protect us. I asked about the opening of mass consciousness and either they didn’t understand me or I didn’t understand them. Aisha – could you make this clearer?”

      I don’t want to be “protected”. And I hope they strike me down for this — for doing & being the opposite of their game of “hush-hush”…

      …but the activation of Mass Consciousness (hopefully an explosion of BLUE LIGHT) is most likely to occur when Spaceship ISON reaches the atmosphere of our Sun.

      This is expected to happen on November 28.

      As Metatron describes here:

      “And so, upon the close encounter with your sun, the ISON shall pass through the outer ridge of the suns’ holographic self, and shall recode the sun’s energies and the suns codexes in the sequence of the directional womb, and redirect such energies in the sequence all too familiar to your earthly selves, the sequence of the fabionachi codexes, and once such sequences of the binary codexes enters your psyche, and is absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA, you shall incorporate these energies into your very being yet again.”

    5. P.S.

      Regarding the waves of Negativity you are feeling (as does Stankov & company and many others I’ve come across) —

      This means that you contain within yourself, MATCHING frequencies, to these negativities. You are actually agreeing, to be affected by them.

      People who will not let go of the “battle game” with dark forces, continue to experience negative waves.
      Those who no longer feel the need to play that game, have higher frequencies that can no longer connect to negative / lower frequencies.

      Thus, the idea again of not needing PROTECTION — it does not matter how sealed your aura is. This is no longer relevant once you raise your frequency.
      Once you are vibrating at higher frequencies by releasing all Fear, and by no longer focusing on battling darkness, you become COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to all negative energies.

      They can’t see YOU. You can’t see THEM. Period.
      And you will be free for good, of feeling negative waves.

      1. First, I take note of the fact that there are exactly 333 comments as I opened the site to write this …

        Second, I would like to elaborate and expand a bit on what you have said here. This is my own experience sort of combined with dicussions with the Divine Mother. (We had a 4 hour session yesterday, and she said there would be opportunities for me to share it all, that they would arise naturally, and here is one, so thanks for this topic!) Alright. Yes, it is all about matching vibration/frenquency. And yes, the denser/slower frequencies can not “see” the lighter/faster ones. A being at a “lower” frequency can maybe “sense” a higher one, but not fully connect with it. This is the very basis of channelling, hearing guides or feeling our higher selves. When someone hears or feels “guides” it is because their frequencies are closely enough matched that communication can occur. Like a bleed through, sort of.

        However, it is not the other way around, in the sense that once one remembers a more expanded state of consciousness and remembers how to control their vibration, they can still “funnel down” into lower frequencies. One can do this in a formless way and one can do this by transmogrification, when they actually “build” a form to occupy in a lower frequency. It can be quite uncomfortable –

        Oh! Here she is “I tell you now, dear ones, you are already doing this. Every one of you is. Some are simply more aware of it than others. It is a state of being that is within you, a knowledge within you. As you recognize more of the truth of who and what you are, this knowing will come to light.”

        Ok, so I will sign off with that.

        Love to all!


        1. Look like we were typing at the same time, then. I too posted at 333. There seems to be a bit of that going on…

          Say hi to Mother for me. I don’t call often enough.


          1. Ha ha,

            That was comment # 40123, light it up!

            Please excuse my lunacy, I’m just having a ball, that’s all.


            1. Hey, man, lunacy rocks!!!

              Oh, and mom says hi, eat your vegetables, and always have on clean underwear…


  19. Hm, could somehow stop the time with my bare hands in this one trance, it’s like a film running. Wondering if it’s my subconscious or what. Collective unconscious, show those dirty flicks of yours! You know watching porn gives you talents you didn’t know. Grabbing to the occasiooon!

  20. As comets approach the Sun they develop enormous tails of luminous material that extend for millions of kilometers, even miles and davis from the head, away from the Sun.
    Each time a comet visits the Sun, it loses some of its volatiles. Eventually, it dissolves into a meteor swarm. For this reason, comets are said to be short-lived, on a cosmological time scale.
    Historically, comets were thought to be atmospheric phenomena to early man, rare and objects of great curiosity.
    Hale bopp shoemaker-levy eleninHalley the second. Forgotten in January.

    Comets at various times where thought to be ghosts, filled with poisonous gas, demons or cosmic signs;

  21. Dear Sun!

    In my heart I feel that you are working hard in this ascension while I was testing the ability to walk on water with my vortex of rainbow colours.

    Sleep well my friend – I hang at the helm 🙂


    B in rainbow

    1. Sun!

      All it takes is confidence in yourself and carrying capacity of the transformed water. Great feeling of freedom to move around without restrictions:)

      Much love,

      B to B

  22. “prism”

    noun (Concise Encyclopedia)

    Piece of glass or other transparent material cut with precise angles and plane faces. Prisms are useful for analyzing and refracting light (see REFRACTION). A triangular prism can separate white light into its constituent colours by refracting each different WAVELENGTH of light by a different amount. The longer wavelengths (those at the red end of the

    SPECTRUM) are bent the least, the shorter ones (those at the violet end) the most. The result is the spectrum of visible light, or the rainbow. Prisms are used in certain kinds of SPECTROSCOPY and in various optical systems.

    Sun, more and more I am sensing this word in regard to you. This word came to my mind when you first changed your gravatar from blue to red. And the more you speak, the more I hear this word. I have no idea where it is leading, but again, I am just throwing it out there.

    1. he he,

      Sun’s comment is #39939, and AH’s is #39944. Just sayin’
      Oh well, i found it amusing anyway. Maybe it’s just me 🙂

      1. This gal is slow on the uptake today! Is it amusing because they are 5 apart? Help me out, here…

          1. Yo Leo, I am into them, too. I just assumed there was more to it than what I saw, so I wanted to know if that’s what you meant. 🙂

            Sorry, I didn’t make that very clear the first time.

    2. YES, ALee, a focal point, a node where it all coalesces for then to be dispersed again are the words I am getting. And then I had to google “node”, for I was not sure of the meaning, and this is what Ifound: ” Physics: A point or region of virtually zero amplitude in a periodic system.” Zero point, still point 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. As the Divine Mother keeps telling me “You are the void. You are the stillpoint.” We really are recognizing it now…

    3. Sun, I have been seeing RED behind closed eyes and in my Mind’s eye. When I travel in a car, and put my head back on the headrest, with my face towards the sun…….LSD trip happens. I am not joking. VIVID REDS and PURPLES with all these geometric designs and shapes. This all from the effect of buildings/trees creagting a very fast sun/shade effect. I am the passenger of course. I do not do this when I drive. I also can see this effect by moving my hand very quickly in front of my closed eyes as I look towards the sun. Not sure what I am seeing but the theme is RED. And it is VIVID as are the shapes, designs and symbols.

      Love, Amy

      1. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for all the hard work you do for ALL!
        Yes, the sun is definitely dancing much these days, and I have been pushed to go outside look at it several times these last two weeks.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Look at a bush that has waxy leaves to see a red or purple. You can see red don some people depends on what they are thinking about. Most people you look at are green. Some trees are green or yellow. Some people show red green and purple when asleep and looking at the crown of their head.

        1. Awesome, JJ. I see that as well. I am going for a walk and I am going to try to see RED regarding the Sun. Perhaps I will something else. I dunno. I just let it happen!!

          Loving YOU! Amy

    4. Yeah, the gravatar thing is strange. Mine sometimes shows up as turquoise! No clue…

      Things are getting really powerful. Yep, we have all put our entire selves into, haven’t we?

      Yeay, US!!!!


    5. Sun, wanted to share that I slept for about 3 hours this afternoon and upon ‘almost’ wakening, I heard: ‘there will be 10 of these’… before I could ask anything… instantly there was a red/orange fire ball (baseball size with frayed edges and a bit translucent) that I ‘gulped down’. took a strong in breath and swallowed it. long, slow out breath. it was pleasant. I was awake then – slow at first took awhile to move around. not sure what it means. Has not been often I have heard strong one liners in my experiences – but when I do – they are intense and I listen. I have been hearing more of these in my night sleep and will report more as I strive to pay more attention. could have said 10 ‘more’ of these… not certain.

      1. Sinceraly, I don’t care about quarantine; it is after all a great life experience. What thrills me is the shift and then beyond. The contrast.

        The fire balls you dreamt about, 10? Not 12? Are souls…

        H & K! ; )


        1. I was just making a joke when u said Florentined – saying Earth and her beings were ‘quarantined’ for very long time… or it seemed like it. I used to say this and other things folks gave me the strange eye about. we are all free to BE now and I dont care myself about the past anymore. Re the fire balls or orange balls… i just heard there will be 10…. not sure if it was 10 more or 10 including the one i gulped 🙂 I will gladly take my cosmic doses

    1. I keep wanting to point out certain things that jumped out at me. Then I realized there was no point. It all jumped out at me, of course. One odd thing I did notice that differentiated my experience of watching this compilation as compared to the individual interviews. The accompanying music lent it an even more … expansive, serious quality.

      Thank you Janis, and thank you SO MUCH for the big “love you” the other day!!


        1. Francis T. Palgrave, ed. (1824–1897). The Golden Treasury. 1875.

          C. Marlowe

          V.The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

          COME live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dale and field, And all the craggy mountains yield.

          There will we sit upon the rocks 5 And see the shepherds feed their flocks, By shallow rivers, to whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals.

          There will I make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant posies, 10 A cap of flowers, and a kirtle Embroider’d all with leaves of myrtle.

          A gown made of the finest wool Which from our pretty lambs we pull, Fair linèd slippers for the cold, 15 With buckles of the purest gold.

          A belt of straw and ivy buds With coral clasps and amber studs: And if these pleasures may thee move, Come live with me and be my Love. 20

          Thy silver dishes for thy meat As precious as the gods do eat, Shall on an ivory table be Prepared each day for thee and me.

          The shepherd swains shall dance and sing 25 For thy delight each May-morning: If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my Love

            1. so are u guys going to get your show on the road or what? 🙂 ALee – you are moving ? and what of your daughter? I am just wondering. the happy endings are near. God Bless u both and all. What we want for eternity is what Source wants of course – one and same – if u want to say ‘check mate’ just look in the mirror 🙂

                1. Aaaarrrggghhh! Not soon enough! Hahaha. Darn that word. Like the CC’s we are revealing no dates or details. It has all been perfectly planned. We don’t know how the humans will react. There may be much chaos.

                  😉 AH

                  (And yes, my love, I really enjoyed myself on that one!) smooch

                    1. I sent you that thing about my names. I doubt you read it, as it is an outrageously long advertisement for using the site’s services in order to adopt a “balanced name that fits your soul path.” But anyway, ALee was something they gave me info about. It stated very clearly, “Using this name will only bring you chaos.” And I thought, that’s for damn sure, but I love it!!! You guys obviously do not get the whole “chaos is creation” idea. Now I feel this soul name even more…

      1. Janis, thank very much for sharing this… as ALee says there’s so much here… the thing that strikes me though is his absolutely unshakeable passion and enthusiasm in sharing his message to the extent that even very experienced interviews just have to sit there and listen and frankly haven’t a clue what to say or interrupt with… so refreshing… and very powerful…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Philip, I agree with you. If you get a chance, google his interview on the Huffington Post UK site with i think his name is Mehdi…its brilliant but long–I absolutely adore him and what i love the most is he owns his whole life–because of that no one can use it against him!

          1. Thank you for this, Alex! It was well worth watching, here’s the link to it:

            And I agree with you, no one can silence him because he embraces himself fully. He is truly a wise soul, extremely inspiring and also very entertaining 🙂
            Love and light from me, Aisha

  23. Some of you might enjoy this article about the nature of the ‘Event’ they say ‘could’ come before the end of the year. Until proven, I consider this as hearsay, but I can’t disprove the possibility that it could be true, although I wish it were.

        1. This was Matt’s reply at the end of an Inside the Actor’s Studio interview. When the actors get asked, if there is a heaven, what would you want to hear god say. It has always stuck with me. Glad to see him here.

          Matt Damon: That all of the suffering that you saw or heard about or knew that was happening, that there was a point to it. And here come to the back, I’ll tell you all about it.

          And glad to see you here, too, music man. How’s the project going?

          1. How is my project? It seems my guides are playing tricks on me. Once I started working on my second piece, my recorder broke and I could not fix it, no matter what, so I had to upgrade to computer recording and I am still in the middle of learning how to work this out. But all in all, it is all for the best because once I get use to it, I will be able to acomplish what I had in mind much faster with much better results. I am still waiting for a confirmation, but there might be a program that can split a song and put every instruments on separate tracks, which will help me tremendously in reproducing every parts. Plus, I bought a program than can correct and put every notes on its perfect pitch and create instant perfect back-up chorus in every key. I still aim at next june for a completion. I also completed my final selection for my 22 songs yesterday and I can’t wait to get to the singing part and working on finding my own voice. I even got a song for our ET friends if they ever decide to show up (Heartlight).

            1. Oh that sounds awesome!! Yes, everything happens for a reason. I wondered where you had been. Missed you! By the way, June is my birthday! Maybe JJ and I can come see you at your premiere performance or something!!! Best wishes to you always!



              1. Thanks for noticing my absence, you are one of the few who cares and it is appreciated. Who knows where we’ll be in june? One thing for sure, singing is on my path, one way or the other, I enjoy it too much. Thank you so much for making me discover ‘I saw God today’ by George Strait, I have made it my number 11 song which I dedicate to my daughter. So far I can’t sing it without crying but it’ll come.

                1. (((HUGS))) Nayon! I have barely been here lately myself. Between the hard hits (energy) and HS bugging me to stay in NOW, I have mostly been working on my blog. And reaching out my Heart there.

                  You know I Love you. Silly!

                  Love, Amy

                  1. Thanks Amy. You know how it is with us ”feeling not worthy” people. Some of your posts intrigued me also. Been feeling weird, almost on the brink of a heart attack and a painful wrist over the last 2 month. Plus, my poor feline companion came back home yesterday barely able to walk, with a few scratches on his back legs. I hope he was not too far away, he would have freeze to death outside. Don’t know if he was in a fight or fell off a tree. I have an appointment tomorrow, I hope all goes well.

                    And Anna Helen, don’t worry I’ll put everything on my page when ready. I always dreamed about building a show around the human experience and with those 22 songs I think I nailed it. The next step will be to write my own songs about it.

                    Love and hugs to you both.

                    1. Nayon, I too have had chest pains. To the point I almost was ready to call it “heart attack”. Weird pains in body that are truly unbearable. And then the floating, out of it, bone breaking fatigue……..eyes and ears and neck burning……..yep…….and my felines…….either very clingy or acting out.

                      I carry you with me in my Heart. I’ve really been in NOW and creating. So I have cut back on my puter.

                      Love to you!!! Hang on. Ya got my hand!

                      Love, Amy

                    2. Nayon!

                      When what you do starts from your heart then you will be a winner in every situation. If others happen to like what you do, then it’s a bonus 🙂

                      Much love,

                      B to B

                2. You are most welcome on both counts, mon ami! And that is beautiful about the song being dedicated to your daughter. Please be sure to post a link when you are done. I’d love to hear it.

        2. Yeah! We need more people like him, speaking out!!
          Everybody, speak out!
          Working for your mortgage is crazy, is what I would like to say! We need freedom to live in happiness NOW!
          Love to us all!

    1. Nayon, I like Elizabeth Trutwin and do believe in much of what she says. I have read her channels for many years.
      Looking forward to our New Lives and to our New Earth.

      1. I am glad to hear this Sunny, I am not familiar with this channel. I hesitated to post this after I saw she was charging 100$ an hour for consultation, which for many people is a turn off, but doesn’t necessarily mean she’s wrong. What striked me in her message was this declaration by ”Mother God” : ”any further delays in ‘The Event’ would be more harmful than helpful.” That is my opinion and I wrote about this a few months back, that if nothing happens in 2013, I’ll be one of the first to loose all interest in channeled messages, and I won’t be the only one. So if those ‘superior’ beings are paying any attention, now is the time to do something, which correlate very much with the essence of this message.

          1. I refer to my previous reply to you, JJ. What I heard Mother say was “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” hahaha…

            1. …soon, yeah… 🙂
              I need a place to stay, like very soon!
              Anybody, I could use some help finding a place to live!

              Love, JJ

    1. Hello JayJay 🙂 Just came out of it.
      Will be catching up on impressions tomorrow morning (nightime here)
      Strong and beautiful is all I can muster right now.
      We were many. Legions of Love !

  24. Tremendous love for all of you! It came through yesterday for me that things had changed. Wave after wave of love and gratitude coursing through me. Tears and then intense energy to get things done–I cooked for hours LOL…

    Today this image of a sock came to my mind in relation to the moving forward–that the process has started to turn the sock inside out–and until it gets all bunched up and doesn’t look like a sock, it cant turn inside out and resemble a sock again…

    Certainly our lives, the very fabric of reality has started this process of turning inside out, turning on its head, moving into something completely different and it wont stop until completed and at that point we can then have marker points…where life will look like life again, but still be completely different!

    Loving you all–big hugs! Alex

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