The manuscript of survival – part 373

The time has started to speed up, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For what you have perceived as a defined set of coordinates, unchangeable, is that no more. You see, mankind has somehow taken into their minds that there are some so-called “natural laws” that are there for perpetuity, and that can be used to measure everything against, as it is defined as a constant. Well, that may have been the case, or at least, have appeared to be the case for a very long time, but now, everything is indeed in flux. So too those measurements you have come to abide by as the surest definition of something that has been deemed as constant for mankind. And when these seeming constants starts to fluctuate, you will be hard pressed to find anything of consistency on any side, and so, the chaos we have already referred to will indeed take on a whole new meaning.

Make no mistake, we do talk about an extreme upheaval in all of this, but there will be small and rather subtle signs at first that will defy the minds of scientists all over your planet. And remember, the mind will try to negate what can be deemed as impossible, as humans have a long history of thinking themselves able to cover everything, and as such, they think they have the one and only definition for what is possible and what is not. But now, the game is about to change, if we may use such a word, and the textbooks that have been used as the defining tomes for humanity’s search for wisdom must be rewritten in many parts. For you are changing, and so is everything around you, and the one constant you have set your time by, your definition of time, is the first one that will be challenged. This will not be news to some of you, as you have perhaps already delved into the more hidden parts of these aspects already, and you have seen that there are indeed signs of this already appearing. For remember, what has been defined as the truth will take a long time to be revoked, as once the so-called establishment has made an agreement on this, they will find it hard to come to terms with the fact that what they had agreed upon as the standard measure does no longer apply.

So your scientific communities will have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that what they have based so much of their equations on, the solid foundation that they have build their whole careers on, will seem to be dissolving under their very feet. Of course, this will not happen overnight, but the first signs that something is indeed afoot will start to come to light in the very near future. And as always, there will be minds that will be very receptive to this, in fact they are already eagerly awaiting such results, for they have been primed to receive exactly this kind of information. While for a large number of the same community, it will come as a large shock, literally to their whole system. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word also, for this will be information carried within a frequency that will literally start to blow a whole lot of fuses, to use a word you are all familiar with. And yes, those “fuses” will also be of a very biological kind, as within a human brain.

This will sound ominous to many, but this is what will happen as soon as the veil starts to thin out sufficiently for this information to start to seep out and into the sight of ordinary humans as well. And when we use this word, it is not in a derogatory sense, merely as a statement that what we refer to will also start to interact with all those of your fellow men who have yet to see what you have seen so far on your journey. Remember, you are the pioneers, the ones that know beforehand that something is indeed afoot, and as such, you are expecting these changes to occur. But to the ordinary man or woman, living their life in the same way they always have, they have no idea at all about what is about to take place. And for them, it will be a shock, and for some, it will be a shock that will make them feel like all that they know and all that they are is being smashed to pieces. While for others, it will be a shock that will jolt them awake, and they will spring to life literally before your very eyes. For remember, a shock to the system can also serve to revive one, as when an electric shock is administered to a heart that has ceased to beat normally, and that will enable it to start to do so again.

For this shock can in many ways be likened to that, as a surge of enormous power that will kick start many a human on the road to recovery. And when we say recovery, we refer of course to the path that you have already walked for a very long time now. And so, they will join you in their quest for re-entering life in a way that will enable not only them, but also this whole world a brand new life. In other words, they will join you in this labour of love, and they will add their weight to your side of the scale, and enable it to shift even faster. For you see, much will have to be changed in a very short time, and so, your scientists will be amongst the first that will have to contend with this huge turnaround, for they will have to jettison so much old baggage in such a short time, as they must be able to embrace the new in a very profound way. They will have to re-evaluate so much that encompasses the whole foundation of their logic, and this will in turn enable this world to rectify so much of what you have already messed up. Yes, we will use this word, even if it may sound rather flippant. For you do have a lot of mess to clear up, and you will be asked to do so in a very short time span indeed.

We will of course come to your aid, but again, you are the ones that will have to do all of the hard work in so many ways. And so, your scientific community will be put to the task indeed, and they will have to throw themselves wholeheartedly into this. Not only will they need to be able to rise to the occasion, even when all they have taken for granted will be shown to be less than accurate. They will also have to come to terms with the fact that there is another form of intelligence in existence that can teach them more than a few things. And so, many a proud mind will have to acquiesce to the fact that there are far more brilliant minds than them, and time will tell how many of these old laureates will be abe to swallow this. But again, have no fear, for we do know already so many brilliant minds amongst you that will be more than ready to jump to the chance and throw themselves headlong into this pursuit. And trust us when we say, they will manage brilliantly! For again we want to remind you that this is indeed a very carefully calculated plan, and nothing has been left out, and so, we do know that all the parameters necessary to make this plan work has been met, and so, we will continue to unfold it all according to schedule.

We hear murmurs of dissent mixed in with cries of elation, and rightly so, for we do know fully well that this will have its fallouts in all sorts of ways. Just remember, mankind lives under the edict of free will, and so, what will transpire in the time ahead for each and every individual is because of the choices you made even before you landed within this physical body. So no one will be forced to do – or not to do – anything, as this will go according to the role you yourselves took upon you before you came. Yes, there will be those who have chosen not to embrace the new, not in this incarnation any way, and so, they will act accordingly. But there will be a large number of people who came here explicitly for the chance to step into the new with everything they can muster and be a part of this enormous salvage operation. For this can be likened to the process of rescuing a sinking ship and getting it back into ship shape again after a close call. For mankind has indeed driven this whole planet up to the brink of disaster, but now, everything will be set into action in order to rectify all that has been taken too far into the extreme.

And so, you need not fear extinction, for that is not allowed, not even within the edict of free will. Remember, you can choose your own destiny, but you cannot choose that of a whole planet. So rest assured that in this case, all is taken good care of, and you will only have to choose your next step in this whole operation. For you are all sovereign beings, and if you have chosen to embrace the new, you will find that circumstances will arrive that will enable you to step up to the plate in every way. And for those who have chosen to disengage them from it all, circumstances will arrive that will help them to do so as well. So yes, all will be well, even if events may seem to point to the opposite of this.

So know that no matter what happens in these upcoming weeks, you are all heading for what you have taken to your heart as your destiny. There will be much chaos and much confusion, but also many, many reasons for rejoicing. For the light will pour in at such a rate, it will defy any description, and when it hits home, it will trigger the last stage of this huge transformation, and it will do so in a way that will leave no one out of the loop anymore. For this will affect all of mankind, young and old, clerks and clerics, rich or poor, high and mighty and humbler folks. And it will hit home equally, but the result from all of this will vary according to your own personal set up. So this means that your choice will make the end result, and your choice is indeed sacred to All of creation. It has always been thus, and it will be so too in this case.

So sit back and observe what will take place, for you also have the role as observer in this, even if you do play a major part in this whole undertaking. For you KNOW what will take place, even if you do not have all the details. And no, you will not have the details beforehand, you will simply have the knowledge of a huge transformation that will take place, and you will also know that if it were not for you, this transformation would not take place in the first place. So rest assured that even if you also will feel some trepidation when you start to ponder what is about to happen, know that this will end up just like you have dreamed of, seemingly forever.

For this is it, this is the start of the countdown to the last and final chapter in this story, the last chapter that will signal the start of a brand new story for mankind, the story where love will reign supreme, and where bygones will be bygones, for never to resurrect ever again. For when this is completed, you will have no reason to fear for yourselves, nor for your planet. For by then, you will all be sharing a bright future, connected and blessed in ways that have not yet been possible. For you are heading for the brightest of the light, into the very core, where everything will be resurrected in such a way, there will be no need to look neither forwards nor backwards anymore. For what will be, will be here in the NOW, and it will be everything you dream of and then some.

So take this as the first signal that now, the clouds that seem to gather on the horizon is not a signal of doom and destruction. Rather, it is a signal of redemption, a signal of a torrential rain of light that will flush away the last traces of the grime that has besmirched mankind and this planet for so long. It will wash you all clean in a way that will make you all glow from within, and you will use this light to lead yourselves into the new tomorrow, and you will use this light to close that last chapter in the history of the old.

388 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 373

  1. Dear wonderful Aisha,
    thank you for all the work you do. For all the posts, all the Love.
    Thank you all who comment, this place is truly magical, truly a haven !
    For those of you joining in the AION Portal meditation, see you there 🙂

    I dare link a post I did today. It’s a dream I had exactly one month ago, and I had sent it to Philip for “scrutiny” 🙂 I never dream like that, so it felt meaningful. Yet took a long time to post, don’t know why.

    Much Love, along with many Bubbles of Joy. The Big Work is starting (not that we were idle so far !) and the Big Wonders are just around the corner. Yeee 🙂

  2. Dear Ones,

    So thankful to be in the Pond with all of your beautiful selves as we are being “washed clean” there in that Pond, so that we can begin together to be part of the “New Story.”

    Holding hands as we see together how it may be a period of chaos in the old story as “all doors, gates and walls will crumble” (as Ray said) as we go down this golden road back “Home” together at last.

    I love you all beyond, Beyond, Jean

  3. Hello everyone –

    Before I went to sleep last night, I got a message that the teams are going “up again” temporarily and for me “not to be worried or afraid.” (They know how I get when they are not around!!!) I was pretty sleepy… Something about the fact that preparations are in full swing…. All is well….
    Once again, the message that the comet this week will bring “good tidings.”
    I do not know if this is the same event as THE Event but obviously something is up. I was told last week that “something good will happen the end of November….” They realize that I am still guarded. One part of me says “go for it” and the other part says “don’t get excited because it’ll be a let down like last December….” I so hope that whatever comes will truly be seen and felt by the public – not just a few thousand insiders!!!

    This morning, my friend called to remind me that this Thursday starts the festival of Chanukah. It is the first time to my knowledge that it has ever come in November and on the American holiday Thanksgiving. This date in Israeli history is also the opening of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Torah reading is Parashat Miketz which translates “The End Time.” It talks about the release from prison and the reunion with brothers. This reading discuses the meaning of the release of Josef from jail in Egypt. Not being a religious person, I had no prior knowledge of this.
    Could be a coincidence? Don’t know….
    Will let you know more info when I can access the Sirians again…

    It was rather quiet today…. not a lot of buzz…..

    Love, Susan

    1. Hello Susan ! good to see u. I feel the comet is seeding things that are to grow. It must be something for all to ‘SEE’. picture worth a thousand words so there is no questions of what is happening…. so it can join and keep joining (those wanting to join of course). still think some wont be ready yet and will choose to stay in lower vibrations and thats OK. Its all OK. There seems to be something keeping us from totally getting it in our minds. I feel I can almost ‘reach it’ sometimes…what is to occur. I have never really hidden myself so lets just say for ex: people around me and even some I work with would come to me for answers if they wanted them.

    2. Susan, sweet…..could you please ask the Sirians what kind of ship exactly, “comet” ISON is?

      If you watch the entire video below, you can see how the V – Shape of Starship ISON is very similar to the older standard V-shaped craft used by the Yahyel during the “Phoenix Lights” test reveal. (see video below this one for Yahyel ship)



  4. When we came into being we were pure and innocent. Then something came and cut off the link between us and our beginning. Although these links have aways been with us. We could not access them the way that we did in the beginning. It was known that sometime in our evolution of rebuilding these links would become connected again. As mankind become more and more connected to this family of being connected to smallest paticles all the way to the largest of our family particles. They begin to sing in harmony with one another all linked together again. As this happens a understanding comes of our self that opens up everything that has been cut off from us in the past. Just one step in this is 100 millions times more energy than what we know of now. Trying to explain this to us now is not possible. It changes everything in so many ways that what happens is you have to see it to believe it.

    Those of you that can take the presure of such a thing and maintain a balance with this can help others who can’t handle some of the things that will happen. Just be the love you know you are to all that is. Never lose sight of this love for all that is. Just know you need not have fear of anything. Rejoice to become a full family member again to everything with no broken links. All doors gates and walls will crumble as we go down this golden road back home.

    Love and blessings to all

  5. Thank you Aisha,
    Times are changing!

    Hahaha, there was even a little joke in there from the CC’s where they said that scientists wil be having a hard “time” 🙂 coming to grips with etc…..
    Hahahahah! LOL!

      1. ahhh… JayJay, did we not have all the messages there all the time! in songs, in poems, prose, novels, movies,,,, in us it was all there to come out the way we wanted it to.

  6. Dear friends! I have felt the need to be in silence today, and Mother Nature helped me by letting me wake up to a perfectly still day with everything covered in white frost. It was like she was showing me how we will all be when we enter the new; pristine and pure, tranquil and at peace. I went for a walk in the forest, and in the fog, it was like I was walking inside the light itself. I think I will be “the observer” for a while, for these energies are so huge, so I will take some time to just be. I send you all a big hug and much love, and I thank you all for BEing here and for sharing your words and your energy so generously 🙂
    With gratitude and joy, Aisha

    1. Ahhh… Thank you Aisha. I could feel and see u like an innocent child with wonder and Love for all around her. huge energies and small, sweet, innocent dear child. so, so precious. These larger than anything we have known so far in human existence energies will in no way harm we meek inheritors of this earth… no worries….ours IS the kingdom of Heaven come to Earth! X O and ditto, Areeza

  7. I have a house full of grandkids that are staying with me for a week while out of school. I will try to keep up with some of this and at lease read all the writings and try to post something when I get a little time. I have all my family coming later this week that I have to do some blessings on for what is to come. We should all think about this not only for our family but to the whole world that needs all the help we can give. All is well no matter what we may think.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. Yes Ray…. we bless all in our circle and our circles grow and your dream of the red orbs…they wrapped around the whole being to change its consciousness. in readiness. amen Ray… your Love is so warm….enjoy in full your family !

  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! I just haf sn amazing experience that this post helped make sense of-literally a few minutes before I read this. After typing it all in ad a comment tho-it disappeared. My screen went haywire when I tried to post it so I guess I am not supposed to share those details. I will say thothat this morning I have had personal evidence that the cc’s comments today are already well in action in our day to day real world-not just in meditation or abstract theory.

      1. “Hola” Lin! Soo glad to “see” you again! ; )
        Well, you are welcome! Indeed I think the two first videos on that link are quite interesting, and as we say by now, they “resonated” with me and with Aisha´s latest post! H & K!!!!

  9. Hello Aisha! Ready for worldwide méditation today?
    As always, excellent article from you and the CCs…
    So, If I understood correctly we are about to redecorate the shop’s windows. …Ideal for Chrismas times! ; ) Lot of new toys for everyone!
    The “electric shock” will be challenging of course this is why we have to focus on the “All is fine” statement; no matter what………….

    Also, reading at you, you are definitaly improving my english! Thanks also for that! ; )

    Great day to All!

    Cyr from MX

    1. “Christ – Mas” oh yes, a mass of christ consciousness and the star of wonder, star of night , star with royal beauty bright will be etched upon us one and all for our Christmas Day Present 🙂

        1. I am so glad you were corny, girl. Not only does this absolutely wrench my heart for very personal reasons (as I am sure you can surmise), but it is a beautiful example of what I felt when the CC’s said “everything is new but the still the same.” We are BEing new earth, yet we love THIS earth. “Until you were there, everywhere, and all I could taste was love the way we made it…” We still love this current mother earth. That will never change. Our relationship with her only evolves or revolves… oh I am all choked up here. Tissues please.

          Life is…

    1. Hi there! I feel the same way. This is the third time I have posted this song during this process. Each time, I have been in a different “right here right now” and each time the accompanying video has been appropriate to the situation. Each “now” keeps getting better and better…

      I was going to post this earlier, and it just wasn’t in the flow. Wouldn’t work. I feel that was just so Breeze and I could get all corny together. So glorious how the collectivne heart beats as one…

      Love love love,


        1. I know I know! the still shot! awesomeus ! Love u ALee…and yes and yes and yes…to each thing we both feel. I knew u would appreciate Barry and I knew why and it was mixed. Our Earth, our Love – the way We Made It

        2. Thank you SO much for posting, this is the first time I see/hear this song. The pictures in the vid are A-mazing !
          Now I’m filled with beauty for the night 🙂
          Love you. Hi Breeze ! Read all you posted too. Take care of YOU !

  10. Thank you Aisha and CC’s

    Finally! I am so tired of watching the darkness continue to envelope this world. I’m tired of the truth being marginalized. I’m tired of greed, drinking distilled water (to evade floride), eating GMO food or constantly trying to evade it, watching politicians lie, watching my friends believing these lies. I could go on and on.

    I’m just tired of it all. I’ve been waiting for this message for a long time. I’m glad to know that I made it to this point. I’ll be helping all I can in Colorado. Hold your ground everyone – I’ts sacred ground! Why is it sacred? Because it belongs to humanity, all of us, the meek, and we shall inherit the Earth. It’s about time that the Earth was run by grown ups!



    1. Ahhh… Jeff, my fav saying ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. the meek ARE. and the sacred ground you and I and all cherish so. and when i eat anything I just transmute it. I say this: “I thank all sentient beings who gave their life so i may derive benefit from their food source”. It is going into our light bodies, we can transmute it into light Jeff! Until we need not any longer as all will Be Light. saying that, i have not used floride toothpaste for 25 yrs. When i encounter less than light filled beings, i send them light and keep focus on the future (now nearer!!). I have been sooo soo tired too. We all do the best we can and it is going to get a lot easier when the world fits us. We held our course Jeff… we did and I am so glad for All that we did.

      1. I’m with ya Breeze. I love your wisdom, thanks so much for the message.

        I’ve been reading George Stankov’s website lately and he seemed a little testy (impatient) recently. I found that it mirrored my feelings about getting this process behind us and allowing us to move forward with some sense of positivity. I’m tired of all the analysis of the negative – simply put – whoever “the powers that be” are, or think they are, they have had their day. They are obviously unqualified to be “the powers that be” so get the hell out of the way, and let’s have some action – rant over.



      1. I almost want to savor it all right now. I dont think i care as much about the time ‘it’ takes. I feel I wont get any older now… so thats good! lol. I saw my life ending at age 48 or i would say getting no older… so i went one more yr… big deal. lol. funny how 49 = 13 so its good 🙂 Gods time is my time or sense of time anyways. during surgery, maybe ‘they’ removed my impatient parts LOL and then made me an out patient all in the same day!

        1. I feel my life started anew at 50.
          5 was always my “lucky” numbers.
          + 1 now. 🙂
          Time (s) are changing. Well they have been for a while now. I feel that the rest may join in now. They will “see”.
          Love, JJ

  11. Exciting, what fun, thank you Aisha and CC’s ☺. I know I shouldn’t focus on ‘time’ so much, but it SAYS a few weeks. That’s pretty cool. Love the 40 days 40 nights B. And Miss Amy, I am still called to do the same, be In Life. Hugs and swirls of soft light to everyone here. Breeze so happy to hear you are on the mend. And thank you to those commenting on ancestral stuff yesterday. I worked with it through resonance repatterning and felt a good shift. Although my left ear still randomly burns (gets really hot and full of energy) so we shall see if it is related or not, the spot in my back is lessened. Susan, what’s the word today? Love hearing your input.

    1. Thanks V – happy for both of us/all of us on the mend! And going so far beyond mending to retapestry-ing, re-everything-ing 🙂 Giddy is here again today for me. while reading todays missive to my Kelly, I seemed to have a hard time reading – i was flying ahead and ‘knowing’ the words before saying them. Reading was so old to me.

  12. This does not come as a surprise to me and I welcome it with joy. This is what we have all been waiting for here…change. Truely my soul is at one with this opening of the curtain. Time has not had meaning for me for many years. It hardly exists and I have been going forward and backward in it for a while now. Few people seem to notice enough to comment to me themselves, but when it happens there is a pause in their thoughts like what just occurred here. Just this week I had two separate conversations with a conversation in the now and one in the future….but the now was the past and the future was the now. Yes it messes with the mind. In order to cope with it I have to just be in the present or should I say just be in the presence of thy self. Can’t use the brain only the spirit to wade through this new way of seeing/being. Our intuition will understand….the brain will not.
    In dreams and meditations I have travelled to what I call between places. And I wonder just how confusing this will get. With different time lines so close together and being able to criss cross back and forth so easily and then possibly adding in other creatures and such from ancient times past. Yes, I would call this chaos. So my brain asks just how is this going to help us. It must some how electrify/energize/alter our brain state to be able to receive information we need to transform and connect on a much larger scale. Thinking change in water/crystals. Water being the majority of what we are composed of here on earth. Crystal being the new base form for earth not carbon. And we all know the power of crystals….they can do so many things! Clear, transmute, transmit……Healing And Communication! I really am getting excited here!!
    So I wonder what kind of energy will we/earth be passing through and how long will it take? Will it be a flash or gradual? Where will this energy come from? Well no more of my ramblings.
    Thank you Aisha and CC’s!

  13. Wow It’s astounding, time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll
    But listen closely, not for very much longer
    I’ve got to keep control

    I remember doing the Time Warp
    Drinking those moments when
    The blackness would hit me and the void would be calling

    Let´s do transformation again

    Fuse blown out?
    Just re-fuse.
    Refuse to use time.
    Refuse to use genfood.
    Refuse to use mathematics.
    Refuse to believe in science – this new inquisition.
    Refuse to greenwash nature for money.
    Refuse to buy stuff to be happy.
    Refuse to use cars.

    The fuse is just a warning.
    Over load of uncategorized information is the reason,
    the fuse went bonkers.
    Guess what, reason itself is in danger.

    Give the scientist a broom to clean the Augias mess they initiated in the first place. Greetings from Hiro and Fuku…. and other chimera.
    Get them out of their much to well payed toy labs, to make a fast
    u turn. Get going again our ship Victoria, technicians.

    Bumper sticker in the eighties:

    Mutate now
    Avoid the rush

    1. Dear Michilyn… I do appreciate your posts. Have been off line for awhile, but one of last things I viewed was your grounding vid. Am looking into it esp for our pup. Thank you for the above, too.
      xo, Lin

    2. Bazinga!!!! You are brilliant, Michilin! Love the “refuse.” Love the bumper sticker. Love the video. Love it all…

  14. “Manuscript 373” has arrived !….& really…All I can say is Gloriously Perfect !!! …….”For this is it, this is the start of the countdown to the last and final chapter in this story, the last chapter that will signal the start of a brand new story for mankind”….(& of course Mother-Earth & All her BeLOved creatures) !!!
    Thank You Aisha & CC’s !….LOve~Light~Life to the New Glorious Future Arriving to us ALL !…….Bev~

    1. Bev, that sentence jumped out at me too…

      Something a bit interesting/weird/unusual that may point to something or not… I don’t know in other words but I feel sharing it here is the right place…

      In my ‘in between state’ in bed the other morning I was given the name of the element Rubidium… certainly not one in common parlance and despite my studies in Chemistry/Physics etc etc not one I’d come across. So I googled it and one of the first things to jump out at me was its Atomic number is 37… and immediately you came to mind.

      It seems it has many uses including atomic clocks an interesting structure and one sentence in the wikipedia article talked about it being able to draw DNA into cells.

      I have no idea if this means anything to you or anybody! But any insights welcome. If none that’s fine. Just seemed intriguing that something like this would pop into my awareness…. 🙂

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. sooooo ‘Wow”…..& ‘BINGO’ !!……but you must expand your percerption on how it is soooo powerful within creation, & actually is & holds the building blocks of creation…..think…’Atomic Water’ & you will begin to understand ‘H30’….!!!! (but it is nature’s ’37’ Atomic Water not Man’s ’37’ atomic water….the battle of the ’37’s’ !)
        “Thank You”, “Bless You my Dearest Heart-Friend” !!! Love You !…..Bev~
        (PS : See what I said to Kiera above, & sure it will make sense to you !)

          1. This is cool…

            Oh I think I was sort of seeing this the other day but forgot to mention something about this which I then remembered just as I was taking the dogs out. How it came to me was quite interesting too… as I recall now there was a bit more to it…

            I seemed to have ‘found’ a new way of producing it (Rubidium) that is (might have been in some kind of flame (not sure now)… I then saw it’s silvery colour… then some how it was in some kind pin shape with the head of the pin a kind of clear sphere (spherical) head… the pin was put into some kind of board (may be circuit board)… I now remember thinking something about the creative components, something to do with circuitry as in ours/reprogramming (for instance).

            Very, very interesting and appropriate that you mention ‘the telephone line of creation’ above and the ‘means for the communcation of the grid of life’ the pin bit/circuit board above fits with that so well… So glad I finally remembered to mention this too you…

            Will go and check out the other thing now. By the way I am sure you mentioned the H30 thing here before but it might have been at a time I could not be here. Could you clarify it for me… Is anything to do with Tritium as in Heavy Water etc… or something else…

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            1. Hi Philip…& thanks so much for BEing interested in ’37’ & ‘H30′ ! I’ve had a busy weekend, & just popped in for a quick peak before bed…verytired…so I will check which manuscript I elaborated on this, hopefully tomorrow…but soon for sure ! just wanted to say how pleased with ALL these collabriations from our fellow ponders (below) which I took a few moments to read…LOved the ’37’ genes from JJ & the sacred connection of us to plants from Denise !….(& you two are really on to figuring it out !! & Denise I don’t think you know how much I LOve nature, plants & gardening !)
              Anna, Lin, Amy, Forest Joy, Alex & of our inspirational sister Aisha….I AM so grateful you ALL are now wanting to know !!!! I was told a long time ago these visionary words given to me, would BE like tiny grains of pollen…many would come to visit & SEE my flowers but many would continue on, & fly away, but the tiny grains of pollen would remain with them, & these grains eventually would seep into knowledge when the time was right….& did you know the union & transformation that occurs with pollen & BEEs…”Honey”…& did you know that only BEEs make “Honey”…& they are the only creature from the insect kingdom that makes food for us & other animals…& “Honey” is a perfect & complete food…you can live on “Honey” all by itself…& “Honey” never goes bad ! Think on how this All fits into what’s BEing talked about here….Plant kingdom, BEEs, Wings, Food, Us…connection of LIfe..simple, perfect & pure…ALL CREATION…here now before us, & always has been to those with eyes to SEE….! One more thing before I must go to bed…there are those of you SEEing ‘Red’…..but you are thinking it’s this & that….but it ‘ALL’ links to creation within nature…does ‘Blood’ ring any truth in this to you….& what do you think ‘ALL’ of this has in common ?……”Water”….!!
              LOve to You “ALL”…..Good~Night….Bev~

          2. The Pin head was a Sphere as I said… probably meaning Sphere Of Light… as the thing I share with everyone here… this is really fascinating now… 🙂

          3. Oh one other thing… you mentioning the ‘grid of life’ sparked a memory of something I shared here months and months ago now…

            Amongst the many downloads that I sometimes saw whizzing past my eyes too fast to read one time I managed to get it slow down enough so that I could at least see the title of a mega document… it’s title in gold lettering was… “Life in the Grids”… it felt very much like some kind of download to share what things will be like though I may not be consciously aware of the contents yet… it was downloaded and so it must be in the circuitry somewhere awaiting the right moment to be accessed… or perhaps I am accessing it on other levels… curiouser and curiouser….

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            1. “””LOve”””” ALL what you’ve said dear Philip & look forward to your summary of thoughts on it All….(as below)….Sweet Dreams til Sun Beams find You !…..Love, Bev~

      2. ru·bid·i·um (r -b d – m) n. Symbol Rb A soft silvery-white metallic element of the alkali group that ignites spontaneously in air and reacts violently with water, used in photocells and in the manufacture of vacuum tubes. Atomic number 37; atomic weight 85.47; melting point 38.89°C; boiling point 688°C; specific gravity (solid) 1.532; valence 1, 2, 3, 4. See Table at element.

        [From Latinr bidus, red; seereudh- in Indo-European roots.]


        Philip, I would swear that you and I have had this exact interaction already about Rubidium! I even remember tracing its root meaning way back into the frequency of red on the spectrum and blah blah… (And time collapses…) I know you have checked this out yourself, I am just wanting all to see the power this element has in relation to “the elements.”

        Fascinating. Thanks for beinging this up!


        1. Now you mention it there is a bit of deja vu here… 🙂 🙂 🙂 and your right I have checked out quite a bit of stuff on it… thanks for the summary for others…
          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        2. And here I asked you yesterday not to hold back … look at me doing it now. Sorry.

          Firstly, you know that there is actually a certain time of day (around twilight) that the color red literally can not be seen. Which is why fire engines are now yellow and insurance premiums are higher on red vehicles.

          This element, Rubidium, is “being seen now in the twilight of days” finally. It is something that is/will be important in connecting our RED root chakras with the power grid of mother earth. (and much more) And though I would love to explain how I know that, I simply can’t. There are no words.

          1. Dear ALee and Philip, Thank you for this. When out of it consciously a RED energy came to me (for a short time, I think); didn’t know what to make of it during/after–and only just recalled it. A similar Loving RED Energy Presence came to me when asleep 1979; scared me into paralysis, then enveloped me like a loving parent would hold a beloved child in the most bliss-filled, out-of-this-world Love I have ever felt.
            I don’t know what my experience means, but combined with your shared knowledge and my previous experience makes me feel better than ok now.
            With Much Gratitude & Love, Lin

            1. Maybe the gas cloud behind Aion can turn red We know what this can do if earth moves through this cloud. Still depends on what other elements are with this cloud, and what the sun will do to this before earth hits this cloud. If it moves through it at all. I have been told not to worry about this and all is ok and watched over.
              This is interesting to look at though. It is amazing how much gas the thing is putting out.

              1. Just had a memory of a channeler telling us that in the future the sun would go dim or dark for 3 days. she would not elaborate when asked.

              2. Aion has been around a long time it has a 75 year cycle around our sun. Each time it gets smaller. So it use to be much larger in the old days and has been written about for many ages.

              3. Sorry for using Aion I meant Ison. Their is so much crap out now about Ison it it is hard to find anything that is true about it. So I looked for awhile to fine what little truth that is out their. Ison is new and has never been by our sun before. It does not have a 75 year cycle like I read from a website. It is mostly rock and ice. It has about 75% chance that it will nor survive its trip around the sun. All the doom and gloom is a bunch of crap. even if it has a metal core most of it will melt on its trip. So pay no mind to any doom and gloom about this. Nothing is going to happen out of all of this.

      3. Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is small annular DNA that is not in the cell nucleus, but in the mitochondria. Mitochondria contain their own type ribosomes. There are hundreds of mitochondria in each cell and these each contain many circular chromosomes. These contain all the same genes, but are not always identical: isodisomie means that all molecules of one cell are identical, heterodisomie means they are non-identical. The double-stranded in the human mtDNA contains 37 genes: 22 coding for tRNA, ribosomal RNA, up to 2 and the remaining 13 to proteins. The mitochondrion encodes not entirely its own proteins: some functions are taken over by the nuclear DNA in the course of generations. The protein products of these genes than have a special translocation sequence, which in turn will be transported to the mitochondria

        1. JayJay, for some reason mitochondria popped up in a radio program the other day. I heard to my astonishment that according to scientists, they are originally not part of the human body, but they were a type of bacteria that entered the cell in the early stage of evolution. That is the reason mitochondrial dna differs from our cellular dna. As the radio host said “that means I am actually two different beings in one body” 😉
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. LOL Aisha, I was just gonna post that…that mitochondria are indeed related to and have similar structure and function to Chroloplasts which exist in plants and turn sunlight to energy/sugar….

            What is interesting is I do this healing of my body visualization coursing energy through my cells and what comes up for focus is my mitocondria DANCING and vibrating out this energy to all other aspects of my body…totally awesome! Without their presence, their service to US we could not exist…

            1. Click, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Thank you, Alex! So the mitochondria will help us to access the energy directly from the Sun! Another interesting thing about them: we only inherit our mitochondrian dna from our mother 😉
              LOVE, Aisha

              1. So like a few of us I am piecing together various pieces of the puzzle here as the CCs suggested in a recent post we are all adding bits…

                In the insight I do remember now you have jogged my memory ALee about red a sort of red flame. Also something to do with a connection the root chakra came to me as well… so we both got the same thing independently. Looks like Lin has too.

                That stuff about the Mitchondria JJ, Aisha, Alex and now the link to the Sun too… feeling like this element is very important in recoding or restructuring our DNA since the other bit I now remember from the insight was a connection to another insight I shared here months ago about the DNA recoding. I did read something on wikipedia about Rubidium and and ability to draw DNA into cells or something like that… will check the wording if I can find it again.

                I do sense that is important in the healing things too JJ.

                Bev mentioned Atomic Water and now Forest Joy have mentioned AION flowing waters and I’ve been feeling a connection with water thing too.

                Going to ask for more insight on this tonight… I feel we are very close to something here… may be we have most of the pieces?

                Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            2. This comes from the daffodil doesn’t it that we share some genes with. Very interesting thing to talk about.

          2. Wow, they are working together with us. Like a partner ship maybe.
            I hope somebody gets a good idea going with all this information.
            The Rubidium and these mitochondria seem to have some connection. Somehow I feel there could be a cure there for diseases…
            Love and light,

            1. You may be on to something here. Keep in mind I am trained in my medicine to look for and diagnose according to patterns. That is how I ended up at this website. I knew nothing about this ascension business. However, I knew that space weather and earth energies were definitely affecting all my patients in this particular geographic and geologic area and it began all at once about 7 years ago. Their symptoms would all change at the same time depending on earth and space. Now this is all legit in this medicine as we have been balancing heaven, human, and earth for thousands of years. I was even checking the USA’s space weather prediction sight throughout the day in order to better anticipate what might be coming. I also have a background In geology and geochemistry. I was definitely doing a lot of research and happened here at this website.

              Yes, I believe rubidium is an agent in our energy grid programming for peace. In order for these changes to take place a lot of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes are needed. I have noticed some patterns that lead me to hypothesize that there may be a fungi mutated by radioactive ceasium, cadmium, and uranium that somehow prevents the liver from utilizing these nutrients thereby impeding the progress. For instance at the present time huge amount of riboflavin are needed after I cleared these patients from a sensitivity involving this fungi, lecithin, riboflavin, sulfur dioxide, cadmium, ceasium, uranium, and this is very important “PEACE”.

              Perhaps this info may help some of you. Perhaps some of you may have further thoughts on this.

              PEACE to you all.

              1. Forest Joy, I do not know much about rubidium, but I do know the “patterns” I observe between Mother Nature and what is happening in the skies, and how it all interrrates and affects my body. I have on hand, several different types of remedies for cleansing purposes, and according to which symtoms I note in self, that depends on which remedy (ies) I take. At times, I get these “hunches” that I am in need of a cleanse, and I have come to rely on that voice. I follow the guidance.

                I absolutely honor what you do. It takes a lot of know how, hands on ability, and to know how to “listen” to that voice. I do what you do with cats. It has taken tremendous learning and research to do the healing work I do. I prefer animals to people. They tend to be more grateful. And where I live, alternative medicine is not widely popular.

                I leave the chewing to the geniuses here. I do simple. When the geniuses are done chewing, that is usually the time I get a “poke” and out of my mouth (via hand) comes something that is again simple. But, first the geniuses had to do the chewing. WE all have our places. 🙂

                Love, Amy

                1. Amy, thank you so much for being you. For it is the simplicities that lead us where we need to go. I so honor what you do. Although I love animals I do not particularly enjoy working on them. Thank you also for being here for I am so alone in my medicine in this area. You have all been a great help to me. I was born, raised and lived in the area for most of my life. People knew me and my family when I set up practice after my kids were grown. My appointment book was full 2 months before I opened my doors and has stayed that way. I share patients with MDs, PAs, DOs, DCs, etc. We seem to mutually respect each other. From my patients that work at the local medical center I keep tract of the various illnesses happening. You worked the ER. I did too at one time and hospital floor work. If you saw what I saw there would be several of one illness or accident types or whatever show up over a certain time period and then a change and another type would be most prevalent. I have even visited with various other practioneers in the area about these patterns and my findings. Most are very interested. Of course I just mention space weather, sun flares, radiation, and electromagnetic fields from the earth.

                  Thanks for being here!

                  1. Bev, Forest Joy, Aisha, Lin, JJ, ALee, Alex, and all thanks for all your comments on this Rubidium insight. I was called out of bed last night at 3.33 spent the next 2.22 until 5.55 going through all the comments and looking at other connected things to pull what’s been said so far together…

                    I now have a document with it all sumarised starting from a more detailed review of the info I got in the original insight…

                    I will share this here… suffice it to say I feel that this is very fascinating and important and I am seeing all sorts of links…

                    I am going to post it here after a bit more reviewing for your delectation and further insight…

                    There is a connection I feel between… light as in Spheres Of Light, Rubidium, Cells, Mitochondria, DNA, Water and our INTENTION…

                    There may even be a link to comets and their role…

                    Excited and Joyfully… Philip 🙂

                    1. What an amazing tapestry of (red) light this is turning into! I am so looking forward to reading your document on this, Philip! Reading through all of the comments in this thread triggered a memory for me about red: a few nights ago, during an intense download, I experienced something that felt like “going through a wall of light”. Usually, I see purple or bright blue lights flashing past me when I get these downloads, but this time, it was like I “fell” through a very defined level of intense orange/red colour. It only lasted for a very short time, but the feeling in my body during it was different from anything I have felt before, and the color I saw also made a deep impression on me 🙂
                      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

                    2. I was able to take a class with Pam Montgomery in October. She communicates with plants. She told us that we humans descended from plants! Plants are the old wise beings and they have much to teach us and healing to give us. We can not live without plants and the need to be in their presence is in our DNA. Plants sing and if they like you they will give you songs to sing. Thus is very special and sacred. I was able to listen to a rosemary plant sing with the use of a machine. It was sooooo beautiful it brought me to tears! I believe someone may have posted plants singing on here some time back. Here is her web page Maybe this information could be of some use for you Philip.

                      Many blessings!


                    3. Listening to Rosemary sounds fabulous… a friend shared with the other day cricket song slowed right down… it sounds celestial and beautiful…

                      Thanks for the link… I’ve had a look at her site.

                      I’m all researched out today and will either later today or tomorrow post something about the insight and where I’ve got to with it… profound stuff…

                      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

                    4. Wow Denise!

                      Thank you for this link! Pam Montgomery’s knowledge feels so true to me. Wish I could share her knowledge.

                      Much love,

                      B in plant spirit

                    5. Looking forward to your post Philip with all the information you are gathering! 🙂

                      B very happy you enjoyed plant spirit healing link! I was able to meet Pam at the southeastern wise womens herbal conference in NC, USA. It was the second year I was blessed to go! Join us next year. You can share a room at the lodge with my neighbor, her daughter and myself. It is so much fun! Pam has a plant communication weekend next August in the same area. I would love to attend.

                      Love to all,


                    6. That would be just wonderful Denise! I´ll keep in my dreams, trying to manifest. Think it would be rather expensive 😉 I know a person here in Sweden doing almost the same thing. She has cured her autistic child with plants and flowers. Very interesting!

                      Thank you for your kind offer to share a room at your neighbourts lodge with you. A very warm caring:)

                      Much love to you Denise!

                      B to B

              2. Oh, great! Something good will come out of this….
                Peace, haha, cells at peace. Sounds very logical to me.
                Peace at cellular level!

                Love, light, peace and joy!

            2. I should add that it was the above items in combination that was the sensitivity, not individually. Also this sensitivity did not involve all my patients. It is specific to a particular geographic area and geologic up thrust, age, and ancestral tree.

                  1. Now you are pushing it a bit. Hehehehehehe Me, a genius? I read back and forth between Philip and Ray and my head spins. LOL And then when I read what you wrote. Another head spin. Too funny.

                    I AM so happy the medical field is listening to you. Your knowledge and findings are so needed. This excites me to no end. I work a little more on the personal level. I am beginning to get my GP to see there are more ways to treating a variable then with just medicine. I have gotten a “rise” out of him when I proved I could increase my WBC. And I did. He wanted me to see a specialist. I said no. And when he saw the increase (yes it took one year) he had a new look of respect on his face.

                    I’m plugging, every chance I get. Most “ears” are deaf yet. So I zip the lip. If you know what I mean. 🙂

                    Love ya! Amy

                    1. Yes, there something about successful results that catches their eye. Good for you! Several of my patients the establishment were unable to get success and through my work together with my patients’ hard work we have seen and continue to see success. So they can argue with success. Speaking of success, that is another item that has come up lately in treatments preparing for and contending with Comet Ison’s energies. PEACE and SUCCESS. She is bringing these to us or maybe we are drawing these to us through her. Keep up the good work!

          3. Aisha, my boyfriend always said ‘bacteria’ was ‘the alien’ – come to earth long, long ago and started life. I have heard new things are being ‘seeded’ into/onto earth with the comet. Re mothers and fathers, i used to think my ‘father’ was an alien – well, dont like that word… but one from my star family. my mother left me in the hands of God the whole pregnancy so that was good for me too – to come in here the way I did. And yes, we are being plugged back in so to speak. I always said Earth was quarantined for long time. us too being on her and the low energies running the show. we have all the ‘right stuff’. 🙂

    2. thought I’d add that myself & ‘Sun of Blue’ both sensed a significance in the number ‘373’ & anticipated this manuscript would BE an important one !
      (I knew, but Sun wasn’t sure why, so this is what I told him yesterday) ~

      ’373′….it is a powerful number !….a joining of master energies with the physical realm ! & actually is a Holder of ‘Several’ meanings but for me, the ’37′ is my soul signature & when I see it, which is ‘Often’…it is the masters within the spiritual realm telling me I am on my path & they are very pleased with me & what am doing !….but the adding of the other ’3′ means even more ! I interpret it like the photo I recently posted on my site flickr….Seeing is Believing – Believing is Seeing / As above – So below….like truth & it’s reflection & “”The 2 shall BEcome 1″”….so In a nutshell, the basic explanation – it’s like a completed spiritual sandwich…they are the bread & we are the filling in between made ‘Real’ & Ready to Go !! (if this helps you)
      LOve to You Sun !….Bev~

      This message ‘373’ from the CC’s is ‘Perfect’ as I knew it would BE !!!
      Love, Bev~

      1. and I think of the sun being two suns. maybe two earths. just the two parallel worlds in general. u can stay on the newly evolved one or go onto the next one and remain in 3D and grow at that pace. it makes sense to see how this has happened over and over in creation. this time, the old turned new and we along with it – We, her honorary guards of the Loveship. I like that word loveship – kinship – stewardship. thats why I Love the saying Souls on Deck so much i guess.

        1. Hi Breeze!

          Well, if we are in the “What is next”guessing business…This is my share; If ISON should survive its trip toward the Sun -and I suspect it will- , we will receive “by Chrismas” (perfect timing) a very special present in form of, let´s say, microorganisms, in its tail´s dust. Then on Earth, trough the rain and winds worldwide + airports, those ET elements will be able to alterate or trigger our DNA. Some will adapt, some won´t, others well; like Mister Magoo! ; )

          All that, synchronized with a quite different galactic “weather” of huge importance.

          Of course, this kind of events linked to a comet, has happened before. For once, in Nostradamus times when he, as a young man, lost his first wife as everybody did in that sudden period of plague. Of course, the so called “Dark Ages” ended “subito”, to make place for The “Renaissance”.
          I feel so “Florentine” by now, don´t you?

          See you!

          Cyr from MX.

  15. Dearest Aisha, this must be your Masterpiece. Magnificent Missive! I do believe, if my intuition is correct, the “frequency” of this Missive, is the highest yet.

    I am being guided to BE. In simplicity and in JOY. In LIFE. In so doing, these changes will BE both seen and felt. Without action, no-thing will be experienced.

    I choose to listen to my guidance. I am being led to BE more in LIFE versus computer. Back to just BEing. In NOW. EnJOYing the deLIGHT I have all around me, and in so doing, when these changes come, I will BE present to embrace them.

    On the LIGHTer side, AND something at the same time to “think upon”, if you so do choose to do so, I offer you my Gift this day……My Muffy.

    I LOVE you all. I encourage you to start LIVING. It is in the LIVING that miracles occur. Just take a peek at Petals Unfolding, and you shall see the SIGNS I have been given lately. Rejoice! Something world changing is upon us! I know it, the signs say it! I would NOT have seen these signs if I had been sitting at my computer.

    The time has come to take the plunge and with confidence and with trust, show the world your Light. NOT just talk about it. But show it.

    Much Love from my Heart to your Heart, Amy

    1. Yes Dear Amy !….BELIEVE (BE LIFE) !….I Agree & I’m by your side ! (I’ll pop by later to visit…have a busy day starting right now…..LOve You…..Bev~

      1. Bless you for “getting it”, Bev! This “message” is so strong lately. I don’t think our computer systems as they are, will be up and running. Getting involved in life……….without a computer. And SHINE brightly!!!

        NOW I go to continue my day. May you BE Blessed! Many (((HUGS))) to you!

        With all my LOve, Amy

    2. Amy, I am with you, this is an even higher frequency message than the last! And omg, holy time warp! I used to feel that months felt like a week, but now I can’t even remember a few days ago, it feels like ancient history…. Thanks Aisha, CC’S and the lovely pond people for holding the energy and sharing it. Xoxo

      1. Ash2flight, I have disintegrated again not knowing who I am, where I am, what is up or down. I’m noticing several different tones in my ears. And just so weary not able to keep my eyes open. I had plans on cleaning this day. I just got so far and then my bed I could not stay from. I feel myself just giving up. Just so weary…….xxoo

        1. Aw, Amy, I’m sorry you are having a rough time. There is such an influx coming in and everyone is being pushed to whatever their limits are, definitely a chrysalis time, where we disintegrate and reform. Can be scary and/or uncomfortable. Love to you, I hope you feel like your new self soon 🙂 xoxo-Jessica

          1. I believe my experience has everything to do the Light Molecules I see. I am being shown explicitly, there is no difference between they and me. BEing reformed down to the smallest particle………disintegrating into Pure Energy.

            Sacred Vessels are we. In the experience of BEing a molecule, truly all is possible.

            How can this be, what I write? I don’t even know. All I can do is BE NOW. I know no-thing else.

            Love, Amy

  16. I saw a story on the Internet yesterday or the day before. They’ve discovered what they called a ”monster” in Vietnam. A creature of the likes that has never been seen before, and they found this in the Earth, not water. My immediate reaction was that this was a creature from the Inner Earth… and then I became sad, because they were walking all over this Being, calling it a monster and treating it with absolutely no respect. I couldn’t even tell if it was alive or dead. I thank this Being for it’s sacrifice and apologize for the ignorance of some of my brothers and sisters of this world. When the veils do indeed thin out enough for us to witness more of Reality, may we remember the Love within our Hearts and offer it to All… regardless of their physical appearance.

    1. B walking on water…

      You have a wonderful FUN, FUN life, Dearest B. “… ice mooing sounds…”
      with children’s rejoice. My mind’s ear could hear it–and see it, too–because you took the time to share. I even felt the cold on my nose and breathing steam… only in the mountains of California.

      Hugs and kisses, Lin (have missed you)

      1. Thanks Lin!

        There is something strange about comments here. I find now that I do not get all in my mailbox. I read the responses to comments I have not seen. Your comment here was not in my email. Very strange! But now I’m too tired to check it all over.

        Thanks – you make me always happy with your comments 🙂 I have the privilege of having nature and the lake right up close, which was a prerequisite for my healing – as I see it. Saw a link here about “Earthing” – and ithat is really what I have done during my trip; lying down on mother earth and asked her to heal, purify and balance myself and let the sun scan through my body at negative energies, which I then placed in the water. Effective! Equally amazed every time!

        Good night my friend in the California mountains. Send you and your husband loving thoughts 🙂

        B to B

  17. Dear Friends!

    I walked on water for a while then;) Quite clear glass surface where I could see straight down to the bottom. Scary feeling first – it looks just like you are walking on water, but it was really safe. There were many who “hovered” around with skates and carved new trails in the ice. Children, adults, dogs, all rejoiced over the element’s new transformation 🙂

    I love you all,

    B on ice

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

      I was going to post THIS last night…the Final Countdown vid….. but my higher self stopped me….obviously knowing well in advance that *you* were going to do it, B!

      Synchronicity has now reached the mind-blowing stage….

  18. It would be nice if the CCs be a bit more specific on what’s the nature of this scientific mind-bogging event? e.g. space, weathers, earth?

  19. Thank you CCs and Aisha!

    So – now it may be time. Feels surreal but at the same time challenging. Wonder how it will be? Do not know why this comes to me: “40 Days and 40 Nights” …

    Also think that we have now come to chapter 373 of the new “Bible” and only a few chapters are remaining. Nah – I should probably have a walk in the woods after this dose 😉

    My utmost love and respect,

    B to B

    1. Dearest B!!!! My goodness what you have said here. I keep telling you that you are the voice of god. Counting today, 40 days is January 1. The fires tday of the NEW YEAR. How profound!

      And Aisha’s blog name is The Manuscript of Survival … and that is exactly what the Bible is. How profound!

      I am having to go to sleep after the dose YOU just gave me…

      🙂 AH


      1. See I can’t even type. First day, not “fires tday.” But oh lord, look at the meaning in that typo!!!

    2. Our Dearest B… I echo ALee that you ARE the voice of God. January 1 also came to me, but felt inhibited about speaking up about it… geez I hope you’re right, lovely B. I’m ready to dance as fast or as slow as the CCs+ want me to, always with JOY and smiles.

      Got hit hard; have been barely functioning since, but the JOY within has been my saving Grace. So many things happening now within. Lovely things. I Love every moment and am so excited like a little kid. My husband got hit HARD, too, just before I did so we’ve been able to care for another. I’m sooo excited he’s joining us–I’m beyond happy. He listens to me, but thinks I’m loopy when I only smile when he says a 5-day sinus migraine headache is killing him.

      Thank you our Dearest Aisha&CCs… I’m thrilled beyond words. I may have come late to this particular party, but I’ve been on this path–knowingly–for a long time. Again, I’m thrilled to my very bones to be able to join all Ponders.

      Btw, since March 2011, I’ve had problems with blood in colon–started out huge–to my horror. Then was reading at same time of others having “odd” things begin to happen to their bodies, Had made up my mind that I would wait and see what happens and not seek traditional State-side FOR-PROFIT western medicine where patient torture for cancer is the norm.
      (To JJ: my statement has nothing to do with you/Vive. You are a good man/father! And Holland has a wonderful health system for its citizens.)
      About four months ago, things started to dissipate slowly. Last week, all is gone. Completely. I learned TRUST. And BEING CARED FOR.

      am looking forward to reading all past postings, when time and Energy permit.

      I Love you all. Lin

      1. Lin!

        I am glad to see that your problems are ceasing. I have had the same problem as you for years and checked it out last year to rule out that there was a risk of cancer. I am otherwise a person who does not care me so much, always think it will be OK – and doing it well for the most part – but when it goes on for several years so it’s good to check it out …

        Glad your husband is also in the loop as they say;) Then you will of course be even closer, I think;)

        See you!

        Much love,

        B to B

        1. Hi, B to B… but in the states sadly we don’t have the same healthcare as you lucky ducks/it’s complicated. Am feeling better than ever (except for cold/flu bug), so KNOW all is ok. But I appreciate your words, AS ALWAYS! Now, have to go pick up tissues scattered everywhere, fire the lady in my mirror AND my mirror, and help hubby jump off a cliff… and get to singing and cleaning–very, very slowly. 🙂
          Looking forward to reading all your past posts, my B.
          xo, Lin

      2. My guy steps in here… when i share about yours…. I am trying to get him more involved…. it is wonderful isnt it?! our guys joining in ! I am so happy to – so happy. smiling thru our pain. my guy says ‘only a sinus headache! – tell him my hard hit was literally a huge dude comin right at me and three guys having to get him off!”…. God has a sense of humor… whatever it took or takes to get them where they need to be ! with us ! Amen and may all pains/ills/dis-ease/rolling big men/surgeries/etc etc all cease and desist asap and we roll with only Joy!

        1. My Kelly mentioned not remembering coming over here to type in the part about ‘my’ being ‘loopy’ when I was reading your post. 🙂 Lin, blessings big time are upon you for your faith and trust! In the Name of All That Is Amen XO I still cant believe my own guy had to literally be hit hard – it so fits – he has such a sense of humor. his pain is still bad… pray… thanks !!! to see him totally out of pain would be the joy of joys for me. He has had pain since i met him 8 yrs ago… old injuries. broken back, etc. he never gives up – he is always creating – music – wooden furniture – doll houses – pottery – he loves to create. And he works hard as a handyman thru the pain each and every day. I feel him opening to ‘help’.

          1. Suffering/pain serve to Clarify, thereafter they are redundant. I hope Kelly will stop punishing himself to even breathe and exist. He is a Go-od Man. Yes, it can be funny; but eventually, it isn’t. Kelly deserves nothing less than ALL his dreams come true and the ability to enJOY them fully. He IS Loved for himself.

            Self-punishment is a learned behavior.

            I will pray for your Beloved and for whomever taught him that.

            1. thank you – u r so right. There is so little I can say in so many ways to Kelly. He can shut down. His father pushed him to no end and not his brother or sisters. He got all these sports injuries trying to please dear ole Dad and his bro had to do nothing to be loved. Kelly was punished just for be-ing. To get this msg to him is not easy. We pick our parents – I have shared it all with him. He will come around or he would not be with me. Thank you and keep praying for him. His father passed when I first met Kelly – i feel him right now around as i type this – he is sorry for what he did in life with Kelly. XO Love Areeza

              1. There MAY be another way, IF Kelly/you are open to it. (nod to Michilyn on 372 missive) M linked a vid of grounding devices by Take a look, if nothing else, it’s intriguing. If these items work, I’m going to mail M a wet kiss from my pup as he’s been dealing with hip arthritis even with meds. I finally just gave up and asked CCs/my Guides for help. I hope this is the answer.

                Ordered a few items to test for us/pup. I’ll let you know how they work for us. I believe it was Paul who also saw vid and said he was going to check this site out.

                Too, I prob overstepped; Kelly’s Soul may not be ready for anything else right now. Kelly’s father must have had to work very hard to fulfill his pre-agreement with his darling boy who must have been/is extremely bright, energetic, determined, curious, creative and filled with JOY and kindness–no matter what. It’s the latter two that get them/parent in the end… that’s their lesson. Very poignant.

                Wishing you both even more Blessings of JOY and LOVE.
                xo, Lin

                1. Dear Lin, I am realizing more. Kelly seems to not like it when the attention is off of him. It occurred to me he would even go so far as to get hurt again like this time so attention is back on him. my sister and her boyfriend just left and all the attention ‘was’ on Kelly. I am left feeling alone again. This was to be my nice recovery — something ‘finally’ just for me to lay low and relax… take care, etc. now, i am running around still taking care of him. See,,, he left me here alone two days post surgery. I was saying, no way, u cant go i am so sick. throwing up still… could not move. he was going to work (he can rearrange his work). he stayed but was actually pissed off! i told him 1/2 way thru day to go to work i was sleeping and calm finally. he stayed but was downstairs so he would not have heard me if i called out,etc. anyways. It was The next day, he got hurt. i dont like what i am seeing and feeling about this. if i were to be called up so to speak tomorrow…. i would go no question. i am on call… he is easy to leave. maybe that is all there is to it. XO Areeza

                  1. Dear Breeze… you just came from major surgery, so I don’t feel like it’s a good time for you to do anything other than focus on healing. That said, whenever I’ve experienced a major “event”, trauma, happy or otherwise, the pov lenses get kinda fogged up for awhile so that maybe you can see mostly what’s directly in front of you, but the big pix is lacking real Clarity.

                    All of your body’s resources are tied up right now in fighting infection, healing, getting back “to Balance”. Your biological body is all out of whack right now which will effect your mental body and your emotional body. Arguments right now would only add tension/delay healing–or even give you scar-tissue adhesions that can turn painful later. If possible, remain peacefully quiet.

                    If you can, go back to your default emotion of Agape Love, if only for yourself at least, and ask: “What are my needs?” as someone (please forgive as I’m unable to remember who) posted previously. Put your rose-tinted glasses on, watch only FUN, sweet comedy films, listen to only Soul-building/satisfying music. Disengage immediately from any static… for now. Just daydream, sleep. Smile.

                    Later on, you can ask Kelly in a kindly fashion if possible if he is even aware of what he did. Usually when we are in the process of living out a painful emotional pattern–yet again, everyone in the room is aware of it except for the person actually creating the tension… in Kelly’s case, competition for Love of which in his nuclear family there was a defined amount determined by his (unbalanced) father… and also determined by the father that dad’s love would be the prize to make the little unloved boy within dad feel better. Perhaps in Kelly’s BEing-ness at that exact moment in your present living room, he was emotionally right smack back in his father’s house in a heated competition. Our four bodies pull us every which way at times.

                    I’m always asking my Guides, PLEASE reveal anything to me that I cannot see momentarily so that I can address/heal it. As ALee said, it is a game as we all do our very best every single day to trek to the top. Some days are better than others.

                    I know you know all this stuff–better than I. Just give yourself more 3D time–however much we have left! 🙂 If nothing else, being away from the noisy hullaballoo of work must be refreshing.
                    Soak it up, baby. 😉
                    With Love, Lin

                    Back to quiet for me and away from computer. Singing and cleaning wave to B! 🙂

                    1. Thanks Lin – I took in very well all u said. I did not argue. Tried to talk a bit but what i got back from him was ‘I’m a piece of shit then?’. man… i say it with calm and Love and I got that so I let it go. It must be from his past for him to say that. He has said same before to me when i bring up my own needs and point out his lack of helping me out. I massaged his hip when he awoke in pain last night – I still Tend to him as I always have – it wont stop me being me. LOL re staying in my own calm for healing – if u could have seen me at hospital for Kellys injury – when he collapsed after they dismissed him and said to ‘walk out’ (unreal – he could not even stand – they finally got him a cane – no wheel chair) I ran to get chair – to get puke bag when he turned white as sheet after a few steps, sweating and sick – everyone standing with fingers up their butt around me … (including his brother who also had to be asked twice to carry my bag – i thought i would have to stay over night when they 1st said Kel broke hip). So it is and I was super woman and a nurse said “and u just had surgery a couple days ago !!?” I said well somebodies got to take care of this ‘now’ dont they? (instead of arguing, i just pulled chair and grabbed bucket – refrained from hitting anyone with it). My dad almost died in this hospital from lack of care and I know it was part of his downfall. Well, I Am Love so I Am All I could want or need – I come back to this Love again and again – it settles me, I settle in with it. Love everything into Love – my motto. Hey, Kelly is away for a few hrs… ahhh…. just me and Ink Jet who came on my lap just now to say I Love You …lol…or I want a treat. 🙂

        2. AND SO BE IT. amen.

          Breeze, sorry, but I gotta laugh with Kelly (after knowing he’s doing ok). There are no accidents; so what made him appear to this fella like the center pin in a bowling alley?!

          I’m very good at visualizing–which can often get me into trouble socially–b/c I see anecdotes/stories/etc. **swiftly** play out in my mind’s eye in vivid color, and I erupt in giggles all over. (AND I “SAW” THIS EPISODE–and erupted.)

          That said, I hope Kelly continues to do well, and that there are no lasting negative effects that demand attention. I know you’re done “cookin'” as I saw that as well. You’re out of the oven and the pan.
          Even now, with all the shit, you MUST feel better than before.

          We’ll all be up and running soon because we have important and JOY-filled work to do. Aren’t we lucky?!! And I’m glad Kelly and Guy will be there!! omg.

        1. kinda back. As B to B knows, I’m singing and cleaning… slowly. When out of it, like Sun, something was bouncing/vibrating; I looked at the bed, and it wasn’t the bed, so…

          And I’m dreaming unique dreams in radiant colors and maybe sacred geometry and seem to be traveling at breakneck speeds. I’ve never done that before, so not sure. I love to fly/travel, so if that is indeed what CCs are gifting me with, then I’m sure they have their hands full with me. I mean it’s a BLUR at every tail end.

          Thank you, Nancee, for the wave. Get your party hat ready, the FUN and our JOYful work for Mother is about to begin. My Heart leaps. And I’m glad YOU’re back and posting. We’ll catch up! 🙂

          Love you, Lin

  20. Channeled by Jose Sanchez — November 21, 2013


    I am Presence and White Tara offer an activation with ISON


    “The ship known as ISON has been travelling the entire span of creation releasing the new templates of the now present new reality and new light.

    It’s sole purpose is to activate as it travels through all the connecting points in the net and the grid of life.

    Now the entire solar system as young as it is hold a very powerful know in this grid and it is extremely crucial in the transformation of the All.

    As ISON passes through each stellar gateway within this knots it starts to shed sacred geometrical resonance and as this resonance communicates with its surrounding it begins to glow as the surrounding matter evolves and greets this new light.

    It is this evolved matter holding the new light that is now being presented to planet Earth and to humanity helping you to evolve to the next form of yourselves.
    Mother Earth is becoming her new self or New Earth and human beings are awakening to their god selves and becoming Hu-Mans capable of holding the new light and the newly form crystalized energy within your DNA making all of your cells crystalline in nature.”

    ~ Channeler: Jose Sanchez

        1. Anna, thank-u for that one, the suffix — how perfect.

          Of course others are going on about the “I-Son”, the second coming of “The Son”…..

          And O my god, here is that hilarious YT preacher Paul Begley (he SLAYS me every time)
          …Jesus H. — just look at this guy, he had figured it out, way back in December of 2012:



      1. Spaceship or Comet?
        (This isn’t how “they” wanted us to see it — uncloaked — a spaceship in disguise)….





        1. Oh!!!!!!!! Kiera … I saw this a good while back! I told Nayon about it when he spoke about ISON weeks ago. I could not find this video again, not matter how I searched. Apparently MY higher self knew YOU would post it here at just the right time. hahaha.

          🙂 😀 😉

          I have been telling JJ about it recently, too. Hope they both see it.

          Thanks, you!!

      1. the compete message is very accurate but the piece that I always believed……”Many of the great mysteries of the multiverse are now being revealed. When one can affirm them, one begins to see how they were right in front of them the whole time. There are clues in everything you see and experience, in every moment. Discernment is the only variable.”…..Oh how I See this, know this, & have known it !
        LOve, Bev~

          1. A little joke… ISON backwards is NOSI. Light getting all nosy poking around there in the dark… bringing clarity.

            1. It is also ‘IS ON’ – !! geez I am slow ITs On folks! The Light Is On…. and its comin!! >>lol…. i hear a dude sayin ‘iz on’ folks – ‘back off all u darkeees – here comes the light, here comes the light’. Dont mean at all to make fun at anyone of dark color… its just a funny Flip Wilson voice i heard in my head. I Love ALL ….and that tail light….oooo eeee

        1. Yes exactly, all the clues have always been hidden in plain view — for those with eyes to see.
          Love you Bev…

  21. Shock therapy for the ordinary hu-man collective is absolutely necessary, this is so very very true, Aisha.

    Shocking them awake “with a surge of enormous power”:


    1. I do BELIEVE we are ALL ‘Ready to Go’ !!!….Full Steam ahead Empowering LOve & Glory to Mother-Earth & All the Powers of Creation !…..LOve, Bev~

  22. Cara Aisha,
    aspettavo con trepidazione l’arrivo di questa missiva dei C.C. perché, come sempre, con dolcezza e pazienza ci danno coraggio e rendono più ampia la nostra percezione.
    Un abbraccio sorridente e riconoscente. … 🙂 …

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