The manuscript of survival – part 372

Let us delve a little bit further into the nature of change, for that is what this process is all about. Change is a part of the natural cycle of All there is, for as you know well by now, there are no constants, as everything is in a constant flux, from one state of being and into another. The variables are many of course, as this process from becoming to being to destruction and back into becoming again comes in all shapes and forms, so what you are going through now, is simply a brand new variation of change, one that mankind is a newcomer to. For the cycle of mankind has been the same literally for eons, and the only variable has been more or less the defined cycle of a lifespan, and the interchange between the different states of consciousness that can be attained. And as you all know well by now, there have been strict limits on both. But now, the limits have been taken away, and the cycle of change is about to become something very, very different indeed. And you know this, because you are the forerunners of this change, the ones that have elected to go through this process as the first ones, the pioneers, and as such, you are literally breaking new ground for all of mankind so that they can follow in your footsteps.

As we said, change is inevitable in Creation, but what you are doing, is literally to change your whole cycle of change into a brand new one, where not only the physical parameters, but also the less tangible ones will become as if new. For you are breaking out of the old mould, and you are all set to createΒ a brand new one. And it is in all aspects a brand new one, for you are creating something that has not been created before. For you are taking the old concept of being human and turning it into a brand new one, and in this, it is in fact up to each and every one of you what the brand new mould for mankind will be. And will it be a simple one that will serve as the template for all, as in the old days, or will it in fact be a multiple one, where there are several different options, in fact, where there are limitless options to choose from?

We phrase this as a question, but we think you have already defined an answer to this. For remember, this is a process where you are in the driver’s seat, and as such, it is you who have the power to decide the speed and the direction that this quest for the new will take you. And based upon the decisions you have already taken so far, we can easily conclude that the multiple option has definitely been chosen. For the notion of a singular set of parameters to define a human being has certainly been cast aside by you already, and as such, the field is wide open by now, and we are all more than eager to see just where this quest will take you. For remember, when we say that there are no limits now, that is the truth, but it is up to each and every one of you when you will take your foot off the pedal, stop your vehicle and say “this is it, I have arrived”. For this is very much a solitary journey, where it is up to each and every one of you to decide just how far you will go. But remember, this is also very much a collective process, and so it will be the combined efforts of each and every one of you that will decide the end result. So there will be no “winners” and no “losers” as in who will make it the furthest, and who will not get very far at all. For it is in fact the combined effect of all of your energetic endeavors that is important, and as such, we will once again remind you that each and every one of you play an inestimable part of this whole process.

For remember, it is not given that you must all follow the same track, far from it, and as you have already decide to pursue different directions in order to carve out several different options of creating the new human, you will find yourself taking off in a very different direction from that of your neighbour. And that is how it is meant to be. Remember, out of chaos is where the new will emerge, and in order to make sure that what you end up with will encompass as many opportunities as possible to continue evolving, you need to take yourselves in every direction of the spectrum. And yes, we do use that word with intent, as you are all set to follow one certain set of energetic signature that will bring you out on a different trajectory than the ones following another frequency if you will. For this is about fanning out in every direction that can be pursued, and as such, you will carve out an infinite number of paths that the others who choose to follow can choose between. For you will not lay out one simple straight path that will take humanity into the future, for you are to become the rainbow tribe, the peoples that shimmer in every colour you can think of and then some. And when we say colour, we are not alluding to any superficial traits such as the colour of your skin. No, we are simply referring to that energetic signature that will constitute the ground note in each and every one of you. And in order for mankind to finally prosper, it has become necessary to change from that single digit, that singular tone that used to be the one and only calling card if you will for each and every one of you. But now, you have broken away from that, and you have already given yourselves so many new tones or voices, it is a veritable choir of heavenly voices that has started to sing out in unison.

For as we have touched upon earlier, you will each have your own individual voice or signature, but when it is combined, it will engender such a vast field of vibration, it in turn will serve to bring mankind and indeed this whole planet into a completely new state of being. For you are literally singing yourself and your whole planet into existence again, by refusing to be silenced under that old dictatorial pledge whereas you were stuck in that one and limiting vibrational frequency. But as you have managed to break free from that, you have already set so much literally into motion by your new frequencies, this in turn has set off a whole subset of harmonies. For remember, one single note or one single voice does not equate creation. Creation needs plurality in order to create further, and plurality is what you have already created, and now, you will find your voices becoming more and more distinct, and you will start to see how it will in turn interact with others. For your vibration will ring out, like ripples on the surface of a pond when something is being tossed into it, and when those ripples interact with other ripples, they will start to form new patterns again, and so on in and endless process of cross-pollination if you will.

So again we say look for patterns where there formerly where none, for remember your brain is very good at this, but this time, look for patterns in a way that will not limit you. For a pattern can also be a pattern of chaos, it does not need to be a repeating pattern, far from it. This will sound very confusing indeed, but we say this in order to make you better prepared for the fact that these changes are truly an ongoing process now, and as more and more of you start to send out your new frequency over a much larger area, you will start to interact in a much more profound way also. And so, you will touch the lives of people you did not even know existed, and you will do so in very new ways, and the patterns that this engender will in turn influence the patterns of other people that are previously unconnected to you. In other words, this choir of yours is steadily evolving into something infinitely more complex, and through that, it is also having a larger and larger impact on the rest of Creation. Yes, we do mean that, as this combined effect of yours is literally rippling through the vastness of All of creation. So when you start to sing ever louder, we can hear it further and further afield by way of the frequential effect it has on us all. So keep on singing, even on the days that your voice seems feeble, off key or even non existent, for it is always there, and it is always beautiful, and it is always very effective. For you are touching hearts in so many ways by your song, and these hearts are spread far and wide, not just on your planet, but beyond.

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  1. What’s up pussycats…..meow, meow..meowwowow. I Love that Susan! Made me smile. I feel pretty good today. It was difficult feeling sick from the meds. and xtra added gas/fluid build up from my guts to my ears. Painful even to breath. it was even ‘squishy’ when i pressed on it! yuk. all that gone now. some pain in abdomen. I was going to write u all yesterday but I got a call in the morning that my boyfriend, Kelly, was in the emergency room. We have been laughing as a matter of fact all day because what actually happened was he got run over by a fat guy. true. sorry to offend anyone of large size out there but it is unreal the stuff that has happened with us over this yr. So, a 320 lb man lost his balance at a lumber place and came flying at Kelly… like a line backer…full bore. They had to roll the man off of Kelly. Kelly was pinned against a truck too. They thought his hip (his bad one too) was broken. it is not… muscles were torn and his groin area too. as much as it hurt to laugh, its all we did most of this morning. yesterday diff. story. all i should not have been doing i did: walking a lot, in car, carrying stuff, getting upset (had to yell at drs/ nurses that were not paying attention when my man had to throw up and he fell on the floor in pain when they made him ‘walk out of the hospital!”…. I can not stand this hospital… many i know have horror stories of it). he finally got a cane and we got him out and home. we were a pair… both moaning all night. he is much better today and me too. I will type more later. and read to catch up. XO energy wise i do not feel anything out of the ordinary

    1. Welcome back Breeze !
      so good you’re laughing. πŸ˜€ I am too, had the exact same absurd thing happen a few years back πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Pinned to the floor by a … very large man. Fell atop of me during a party πŸ˜€ Stone floor. 2 cracked ribs πŸ˜€

      Nurture yourself, be soothing, be happy ! Laugh (even if it hurts).
      My feel is the energies left you alone because you need to recover ! They are very intense these days, and the last thing you needed ! Hint : besides being intense, they seem to make some of us very giggly πŸ˜‰
      So, today’s happening … get my drift πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love your way, with many soothing and giggly Bubbles of Joy !

    2. soooo ‘Happy’ to have you back & glad you are beginning your recovery now, without All the nastys & negatives of fear before the surgery…bet you are so relieved to now put it All behind you !….Sorry about Kelly (crazy accident) & that now you both are in a sense ‘hurtin’ units’ recovering from bodily pain….moan & groan & heal together ! Lots a-happenin’ here at the pond these past few days…I hear so many people use the expression ‘these are exciting times’ & in the past it just didn’t sound right, & in a way kinda bothered me underneath…but lately I’m feeling it…the excitement really feels to BE there & building !…..Healing LOve to You !

    3. Breeze. I am wiped out, but I wanted to say quickly that I love you, I am so glad you’re back, and thanks to sis for keeping us updated. Missed u.

  2. If we could see it. The gas trail behind Ison could be seen on both sides of the sun like a halo wrapping around the sun. I hope some that can take pictures of this will be shown for us to see. Beautiful thoughts bev. It will make it way around the sun on December 26th And can be seen with the eyes of us all.

  3. I know most people have no ideal what I am like to be around in person. I am and always will be just a old fashion country boy. When ask why we pour concrete all over the place I might say Well it looks to hard to plow. Then a thought process comes to mind and can answer most anything about concrete and why it is used all the way back to where it was first used and how it has changed through time. Just a friendly peek into me.

    Blessings and love to all.

  4. Dear sun_of_blue! When you mention green, you reminded me of reading this about the comet ISON on “Taken by hundreds of people around the world, the pictures of Comet ISON we receive every day vary widely in quality, context and camera settings. However, they all seem to have one thing in common: the comet looks green. The spectrum of Comet ISON is dominated by a green spectral line from diatomic carbon (C2). This substance is common in the atmospheres of comets, and it glows green when illuminated by sunlight in the near-vacuum of space. ”
    Love and (green) light from me, Aisha πŸ™‚

  5. I thought I’d pop by for a few moments on a hectic day & add this wonderful channeling that I just read from Anna Merkaba (who I also resonate with, & she was the one who gave me my concrete confirmation on ’37’ !)….anyways Kiera (THANK YOU for your comment !) & a few others were curious about the arrival of comet ISON….so this should help add to the mix of information regarding her…..& this I ‘Absolutely’ resonate with, my highlights were on….”Eternal Waters”…”Absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA”…. “Every cell of your being”…..& naturally for me this ALL is about to bring transformational change to All Life at a micro-biological level…& that of course will BE in ‘Water’ !….H30….All Life is sustained by Water..!~
    Eternal Blessings to You All !!….LOve, Bev~
    AA Metatron & The 33rd Dimension – Channeled by – Anna Merkaba

    β€œAs she soars through the skies of the second merger
    She brings with her the wisdom of the ages to have come
    As she merges with the Sun’s rays at the noon of the eternal waters
    She brings forth the understanding of all that has gone by and has arrived
    For she brings with her the eternal truth of The Source,
    The eternal truth of the understanding of the key of life,
    For she swirls within her very passion
    In order to bring forth the mightiness of ONE.”

    The ISON, the magnificent, and the magical and the all powerful and all encompassing comet, as she is known to your earthling selves, dwelling on GAIA at this very momentous splinter of time. Have you no clue as to the prowess that is about to unfold before your eyes?

    We the ascended masters of the 33rd parallel, the 33rd decree and the 33rd dimension are here to quench the inquisitive minds of your human selves, for we look upon you with delight, for we look upon you with understanding and unconditional, unyielding and eternal love. For you all, are the children of the creation of the minds, that have come and gone before you, for you who dwell upon GAIA bring forth such awe within us, that we shall share the mightiness of the informational decree that is about to unfold on your GAIA.

    And so, let us begin the venture of explaining to your minds the true history and the idea, and the informational powers, and the codices hidden within the one that you call ISON.

    No, dearly beloveds, there shall be no fear amongst your hearts, for the fear that dwells therein, shall be removed once and for all, for the fear that has been generated for you by those that you understand to be in the power of your own bodies, and your own souls, bears no rulership over your souls, bears not rulership over your hearts, for the ones that you believe to be in power of your souls, are mere mortals, walking along the side of your very beings. Those who shall benevolently accept the assistance from the above decrees shall bear witness to the bridge of the ISON that shall open wide before their very eyes.

    For what we are referring to, is the evolution that is about to unfold within your very beings, a change unseen and unheard and misunderstood and unattainable to your naked eye. For only through your hearts, shall you know the real meaning of the ISIONIC energies that are about to engulf and spread throughout your GAIA.

    And so, the collective energies that are lifted from your earthly selves, desire to know that which you shall expect to occur on the physical planes of your existence, shall any calamities to be expected? And we say to you that there shall occur such a state, for when there is change, there shall be great change.
    The upheaval of the earth shall bring forth the hidden knowledge, the hidden knowledge that most of you are in dire need of , for within your human incarnations, you still are seeking from the outside that which you shall and must find within, and so to help you rediscover who you truly are, the upheaval of the earth energies, the earth grounds and dust and core, shall bring forth the hidden treasures therein, the hidden treasures that have been hidden for your generation eons prior, by those how have come before you, by those who have returned, indeed returned onto your planet GAIA, to assist you in your incredible, astounding, phenomenal, mind boggling, and all encompassing growth. Growth that is affecting not only your own psyche, but the psyche of ALL who dwell in this magnificent universe of yours.

    And so, upon the close encounter with your sun, the ISON shall pass through the outer ridge of the suns’ holographic self, and shall recode the sun’s energies and the suns codexes in the sequence of the directional womb, and redirect such energies in the sequence all too familiar to your earthly selves, the sequence of the fabionachi codexes, and once such sequences of the binary codexes enters your psyche, and is absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA, you shall incorporate these energies into your very being yet again.

    But this time, dearly beloveds you shall fully reawaken to your true selves, no more shall the masks be worn upon your faces; no more shall you hide beneath the masks that you have placed upon yourself in this incarnation. For you will have unclothed it all, in order to leave that which no longer positively serves you behind, and to move forward in your destination to the new planetary alignment of GAIA.

    Many revolutionary discoveries are to be brought forth into your world., many technological advancements, but more importantly and what you are all seeking first and foremost PEACE, peace within every cell of your being, peace and harmony within every single cell of your understanding, and those around you. And this is just the beginning, for more and more of the awakened ones shall bridge the gap and create a circle of light of such magnitude that it shall encompass the whole globe and shift the energies in the direction of true peace, true understanding, from heart to heart and not from mind to mind, the peace and harmony on earth that you have been dreaming about, and have been holding onto for a very long time shall finally spread throughout your GAIA, step by step brining you to your final closure of liberation, freedom and understanding.

      1. Dear Bev, reading this again brings up a short message I got from the CCs a few days ago. They told me to share it “at an opportune moment” and I felt your energy was very much connected to it, so I think this is an opportune moment πŸ˜‰
        “The upturn of events will now start to increase, as the energetic fluctuations will continue. You see, even when you do not feel much is happening, it is all going ahead at full speed. For what you see and feel, is simply the tip of the iceberg, and a very small tip at that. But now, the rest of this submerged giant will become more and more noticeable, as the waters themselves will start to recede and reveal what it has been hiding. When we talk of waters, we use it both in a metaphorical sense, but also in a very direct one, as the waters on your planet have been hiding many a secret from mankind. Not only by covering them up, but also by carrying them literally within their singular molecules.

        This will not be news to many of you, but now, this hidden information is becoming more and more noticeable, and it will serve you all in ways you may not even know about. For remember, water is everywhere on this beautiful blue globe you call home, and nothing that is carried within the water can be kept secret for long. So water will be on your lips and on your minds more frequently in the time ahead, as you will all start to connect with this substance in all sorts of ways. Remember, your own faculties have been sharpened, and we have asked you to start to pay close attention to what is going on around you, as much of this will be events too small to be noticed by the general public. For there are messages for you discover on all sides, and we do mean that in a a very literal sense, and now, we urge you all to start to look at the waters in a very new way. Or perhaps we can say start to LISTEN to the waters around you, for we think you will all find that they do have something important to share with you.”
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. like a baptismal “Blessing” ….(with this Water I thee Bless) !! & I know exactly what they mean !!!….Thank You for this My Loving Sister !!!!
          All that has been hidden is BEcoming revealed !….LOve to You!…..Bev~

        2. Wonderful, and yes, timely. Water …
          Thank you Aisha. Things are accelerating in a new, and a bit different way now (feels like this to me).
          I LOVE how the Pond is literally “boiling” now πŸ™‚

          Love with many many Bubbles πŸ™‚

        3. i do not know what made me scroll up just now the tiniest bit. i was about to close out and the word water caught my eye. i knew already that i had an experience of taking in healing waters during meditation that really blasted my “growth.” in florida i heard the water sing and say “relinquish.” and my most recent communications with father/mother have almost always partially been done in the shower. all day i have heard chatter chatter chatter in whispers like i did when i was first labeled crazy. i thought, here we go again, can i handle it this time? and it has been RAINING all day … that is where it is coming from. I am NOT CRAZY!!! i know this message is not only about actual sound, because i can feel the presence in the water. It is alive.

          Thank you! Thank you! Aisha and CC’s and Bev


          πŸ™‚ one tired puppy

    1. OOOOOOhhhhhh My God !!! I said the same thing to Aisha above !!!
      ‘373’….it is a powerful number !….a joining of master energies with the physical realm ! & actually is a Holder of ‘Several’ meanings but for me, the ’37’ is my soul signature & when I see it, which is ‘Often’…it is the masters within the spiritual realm telling me I am on my path & they are very pleased with me & what am doing !….but the adding of the other ‘3’ means even more ! I interpret it like the photo I recently posted on my site flickr….Seeing is Believing – Believing is Seeing / As above – So below….like truth & it’s reflection & “”The 2 shall BEcome 1″”….so In a nutshell, the basic explanation – it’s like a completed spiritual sandwich…they are the bread & we are the filling in between made ‘Real’ & Ready to Go !! (if this helps you)
      LOve to You Sun !….Bev~

  6. Where is our resident engineer? PAUL! Please get into Gaiaportal. What the H are they talking about?

    The next time I am recruited to this job, I am going to tell the Federation I want a physics course! I am lost!



    1. Thank You as “ALWAYS” dear Susan for All you contribute to US !…I can understand that many of us are BEing put in an almost sort of delusional state these days…swirling up & down, back & forth, pushed & pulled…inside & out…& can BE quite traumatic on the emotional mind !….I’ve added some new information regarding comet ISON (as below) that you may BE interested in, & may answer, at least a few questions !….LOve to You…Bev~

      PS…GaiaPortal works at her own unique frequency & is not always easy for many to understand….but personally…I LOve her & understand her very well !!

    2. LOL Susan, the message is about the matrix computer system that projects the hologram being taken down. The new operating system is integrated into Gaia sophia in two parts–the hardware and the software and the versions are slowly being upgraded. I feel the omicron is the hardware system and the markup is the operating software, but words dont really mean anything…it simply means the old system–the matrix has been removed, the earth rebooted and the new system is coming online!

      How do I know this? Well, its all intuitive–but it feels right! I am with Bev on this the people at Eireport speak gaia speak and share it with us–and we are the ones who interpret it as best we can…


      1. Thanks soooo much Alex !…I Agree with you too !….& I believe the numbers refer to a scale of ’10’…so Mother’s harmony is past the 1/2 way marker & full system re-boot is getting mighty close ! LOve You ! Bev~ (H30)

  7. Dear Kiera,

    To answer your question – unlike Aisha who is much, much better in channeling scientific data, I have difficulty doing so with subjects that I am not familiar – especially quantum physics. I asked an engineer friend to explain some things and it was hard for me to understand “live” so channeling this kind of data is out of my league. When I speak to my guides, I generally don’t go into meditation. I simply concentrate and speak in dialogue form. I ask questions and they answer. Once in a while, I will ask for a “line” to HQ and plead an issue – as if I was a lawyer representing the ground crew. I don’t generally get “missives.” Sometimes I use a rose quartz as a conductor. When there is a lot going on and interference from solar storms, it is more difficult for me to concentrate. The same goes if I am in pain (like this afternoon.)

    I will try to get into this more deeply this weekend if I can get a clear line. In the meanwhile, what I can emphasize from my conversation 2 days ago is that they said that there will NOT be a “rapture” (that is the word they called it – I do NOT know what it means – would be grateful if someone could explain this….) No Armegeddon, No end of the world scenario….Multiple disasters are not going to happen. I suppose they are getting wind of these rumors…. The are aware of certain possible/temporary electrical disturbances. They told me there ARE changes in the magnetism and poles in the earth but they are not going to “reverse” dramatically. There ARE a lot of magnetic and “electric” happenings – some coming from the inside of the earth (something about “activation”?) and most coming from the sun. It is not what “they” are doing to the sun – the sun’s axis is causing solar storms. Once again today, we had a temporary electric outage when it was in full swing. They told me the comet will not crash into earth. It is too far away. We are expected to get particles/space dust from it. They mentioned something about the comet carrying Light or a message? Again – am not clear on that. They did hint (and I am afraid to open my mouth) if all goes well, we should be seeing some good stuff the end of this month. They sounded very excited. I told them is there anyway the particular conversation could have been hacked or for me to be “tricked” into believing something false? The answer was a clear NO.
    I did not ask them about time lines. It is way, way over my head. Perhaps someone else would like to channel that…..

    I was interested in receiving information about my former team members and some other personal matters….

    So the bottom line is – again – to my understanding – there are a lot of astronomical happenings and hefty solar flares. The teams are in last minute preparations. All is well. The comet is expected to bring “good tidings” and will not cause damage to earth. I do not get the feeling that they are covering up anything. I am getting hints that something – but I do not know exactly what – will move this month. They keep emphasizing having back-up in case the electricity goes down.

    The energy of their talks with me is similar to Blossom. Less technical. Quite clear and very reassuring.

    Perhaps Aisha could answer more of the scientific data?

    I will keep you updated later on…. really, really strong waves all afternoon…..

    Love, Susan

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Susan! the original mention of the rapture comes from the book of Revelations which is the final book of the new testament which is about the end times where god in his wrath comes down and separates the wheat from the chaff. Of course those going to heaven would feel enraptured…the whole story is very surreal and some parts of course are channeled descriptions, much edited and expunged I am sure…of what seems to be galactic and angelic beings coming into our realm of consciousness…

      So the mental construct your team portrays is that there will be no “end times” no armageddon in the actual sense of the word and I do feel this to be true. What I also feel is that many will have a difficult time bending their minds around anything different than the status quo and like you shared previously–we need to be supportive and focus first of all on their immediate needs–reassure–speak about energy-flares etc…and calm them with our energy…

      I had to giggle at your statement about no body calling you crazy because its also been years since that has happened to me…now I speak about energy to everyone daily–sure they are used to it by now–and especially the young people want to know whats going on and cant wait to get me sitting down and talking about stuff! LOL

      Big hugs! Feel better girl! alex

      1. That’s what I was going to say, Alex! The enraptured ones, are the ones who will experience the shift to the higher dimensions — 5th dimension and higher.

        The rest won’t experience “rapture”. They aren’t ready for it.

        And this will be the splitting of the Timelines.

        There will be some parallel Earths that will experience catastrophe / armageddon…..but that is for the low frequency population who have chosen those experiences for the lessons they will learn from it.

        But no one in this group (The Pond?) will experience any amageddon, so that information is not coming through to anyone here…..that frequency is invisible to this group.

        1. I can not tell you how long I have waited for the perfect moment to say this. Thank you ladies. I love how we play off each other. As you said, Kiera, every little bit shared…

          There is another layer to the “sepaaration of wheat and chaff.” The chaff is the dry outer husk that covers and protects the wheat as it grows. When the wheat is threshed, the chaff is shaken off and the ripe plump grain beneath is revealed. This is also the “harvest” of our real selves.

          I must reiterate that there are infinite scenarios in the NOW. Infinite possibilities. Infinite creations by the soul. Not only at the level of Source self (and splitting “down” further through each “level”) but at the soul spark level. We can experience any scenario we choose to focus on and match our vibration with. We can choose an “end times” scenario, we can choose a doomsday scenario, we can choose the “rapture.” We are remembering how to do this. This is how translocation, bilocation, sliding timelines, parallel realities, “linear” time travel, dimensional travel etc. works. Focusing the consciousness on/matching it to a certain vibration is what “allows” you to experience it.

          This is what the Mother meant when she said “You are the Kingdom of Heaven. You are the Mansion of Many Rooms.” Each “room” is a different vibration/frequency. This is what she meant when she said she would speak more about what ascension really is. It is all entirely within us. We are legion. (Yes. I know that is a quote from Satan. There is a reason why this has been considered “evil” by the church. It is about our true beings, our true power. We are all legion. We are all everything. All the time.)

          We had a good talk about this in the shower. πŸ™‚ She used the stream of water as an example. I am putting this in my own words. The water is a certain temperature. We put our hand in to test it. Too hot? Too cold? Adjust it using the knobs (we use our inner knobs to adjust our own vibration to the one we choose, not adjust the frenquency itself to match us, though there is a bit of that, too, as we are also creating the very frequency …). Is that the temperature we want? Yes, ok step in. At first we sense a big change, because our bodies are at one temp, the water at another. As we stand there, our bodies become more resonant with the temp of the water. We feel less of a difference. When we step out of the shower, we are cold. A big jump in frequency there. Blah… I am suddenly feeling again like my words are not enough.

          All I know is creation’s water heater is a heck of a lot bigger than the one at my house.

          I’ll shut up now. (Mother, I tried … I’ll get there …)

          Thank you all for indulging me.

          πŸ™‚ ALee (or whoever)

          1. ALee I REALLY enjoyed what you wrote. I avoided showers for many years as I loved my bath. I’d sit in it as the water filled so that my body adjusted easier πŸ™‚ The shower, that shock of changing as I stepped into it (and later out) kept me from the shower. I have no choice here in CR as they have no bathtubs. (One big swimming pool though.) I’m not exactly sure yet what all this message tells me… I do know it is also explaining my own “awakening” and why I don’t have a specific memory of it happening as some… I chose the bath tub method instead of the shower method maybe? Been sitting in it my entire adult life slowly letting it fill as I tweaked my frequencies. Many will miss this special post of yours with the new one up… which I haven’t read yet. But know it plays an interesting place in my understanding of a lot of things!! Much love, Nancee

    2. Aha! That’s what I was after — their “hint” that the comet is carrying Light, or a message.

      THIS is the info we want. More of. πŸ™‚
      Thx for that much….

      And please, please, PLEASE……I don’t know why you are focusing on this “crashing into Earth” “damage to the Earth” theme.

      No one mentioned that. This idea is coming from YOU. This is an entirely FEAR-based idea.
      There is no way any of the Higher Dimensionals from either the Association of Worlds, or Galactic Federation, and however many other millions of ET’s involved on Earth right now would ever allow such a disruption of the ascension process by allowing any unplanned disasters.

      That never even occurred to me, but now that you keep mentioning it….even if something DID crash into Earth…..Who Cares????

      Living entirely *without fear* means you not only don’t focus on such things — you also remain completely detached from them.

  8. Thank you Sun for all your work in the intersection!

    Sunday you say – hmmmm I am cleaning my apartment today and hope there wonΒ΄t be too dusty and mucky things to come πŸ˜‰

    Much love,

    B to B

        1. Thanks Aisha!

          Have you heard the tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? I feel like the emperor now.

          This is the strangest situation I’ve ever been involved in. Luckily I have an incredible sense of self so that I dare move on;)

          Thanks for reaching out to me.

          Much love,

          B to B

          1. Dear B to B! Not to worry, you already KNOW everything, you just don’t remember it now. And the reason for this is a simple one: it is to stop us from “letting our minds get in our way” as the CCs say. So whatever you are here to do, you will do it perfectly πŸ™‚ That I am very sure of!
            Stor kram! Aisha

            1. Thanks for your support Aisha!

              Admittedly, I’m just a simple country girl from the country. But on the other hand, I have also learned to roll up your sleeves, grab at what needs to be done and always felt that I can do it ;)))

              Kram till dej Aisha!

              B in joy

  9. I received a few emails from Europe about 23/11/2013.It made me cry silently how big it is what is going on. They all knew tomorrow we
    have to stand as one to add our energy to the whole…I’m so happy…

      1. HI Marko
        I prefer to give the way for others to talk. They are aware of
        AION activation. I just received emails from several countries not to forget to join them tomorrow 10.11pm Central European Time.That’s all. I have to find out what will be the time in my place and stretch my hands to the other side of the world. Isn’t that amazing?

  10. Hey darling friends….

    As i read this message a number of things popped into my head, one of which being the mythological explanation of the seasons and how Persephone goes down to Hades to be with her husband in the winter and then pops forth in the spring to rebirth the planet with blossoms and love and renewed light..I am reminded of the song from my friends Blue Oyster Cult…seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the wind and the sun and the rain..we can be like they are…

    Cycles, seasons, the birthing the growing the reaping–its all about flowing from creation through chaos and birth and death and recreation…nature knows this flow and is not afraid of it–we need to allow this flow, knowing it is for our own good, for the good of all…creation.

    I was also guided this week through a very painful process that made me realize a couple of things. We are not only releasing the old mold of our individual beings but we are also releasing the old mold of DNA and part of that DNA is genetic Karma and descendent soul contracts. I was guided to contact my own ancestors and thank them in deep gratitude for the DNA template that is me that they bestowed upon me (the old mold) and then I asked them to allow me to release all soul contracts and karma from my DNA and allow for a complete restructuring in alignment with the new DNA templates which are manifold. After doing this clearing the painful issues I have had are starting to clear and I feel so much better–I did previous clearings related to my own life–but didn’t even think to clear energy from my ancestor collective….

    DNA is a 2 strand double helix and some say we are moving forward towards 12 and more strands activating…the more that is expressed in diversity the stronger the overall template of humanity becomes…and so we now look for variation, difference, unique expression as the norm and not the deviation…so cool!

    Big hugs folks and keep on rocking this great symphony we are creating!

    1. Alex, thank you for mentioning clearing about the ancestors. My Grandfather has been on my mind this week, but I did not stop to think WHY? Now that I have read what you shared with us, I go now to release ancestral “stuff”. You really gave me a clue as what to do next. Thank you!!! Love, Rosie

    2. You know Alex funny you mention the DNA thing for I had something that said that to me this week as well. Not for the first time but I sensed it was another step… Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

      1. I have definitely been feeling the ancestral thing too. A big one to release, and when it does it will be magnificent. Soooo, any clues how to do this? I have intent, craniosacral and meditation with my guides on hand, but nothing so far. It’s attached very strongly.

          1. I’m with Philip here. I did this today in fact. I FELT it. I KNEW it. I also asked Archangel Michael to use his mighty sword in severing all chords.

            Within minutes of doing this, I did the “royal flush”. The end result usually of letting go or transmuting is done on the “throne”.

            Thank you, Phillip! Agreed!

            Love, Amy

          2. Thanx Philip! I did hit the wrong arrow, but I meant the question for everyone/anyone as I can always learn about more tools in the toolbox. You have a good point, when I read you comment on intention, I Think I’m intending but that made me aware that I’m holding on a bit because I don’t want to dissrespect my ancestors. Interesting….will process that part :))

        1. Many beliefs use geneology to go back and find out about the ones that came before them. They use the names they find to pray for them that they might be blessed and in no pain and their souls be in full light. I have done this in the past to pray for all the ones that came before me. This seems to bring you closer to your roots and gives you a feeling of all is ok now and in the past and all is forgiven. It is giving a blessing of the old masters that they might have not received in their life span. Some do this where only masters are allowed to keep what they are doing as pure as they can.

      2. Hey all, I was certain that many of you would be drawn to doing something similar as we all tend to have similar energy signatures within a wide variety of colors (like a bunch of chords all in tune)….

        veronica, I did not feel on any “specific” need to clear any events that I related to the karma, I only know that it exists-i have been feeling that as we walk this path, first we have the intent to clear ourselves, then as the layers get deeper all of a sudden we are clearing for the collective, or our soul group etc. and well, in conversation with someone as my pain levels rose related to a VERY old injury that started hurting for no reason I had HAD ENOUGH LOL and so we had a vent session and it came up to me strongly that this was ancestral.

        I have cleared a number of deep energy wounds where, with the help of my divine self and also my inner child (ego) who is the keeper of all body records and goes with you to tend the body in each incarnation, i was able to pinpoint the wound…a beheading, a hanging, racking and rape in this lifetime and past, as well as terrible abuse to my root chakra which was so powerful (breaking tailbone 3 separate times) I developed a huge lump of tissue on it that had to be removed…it was not until Craniosacral therapy (!) that the energy wound behind that lifted and my siatica started to release…

        but with dna karma, you can search if you wish to to find the wound, but generally you will not find it–you will only see it manifesting if you have enough access to your family history–for me, I have 3 generations on one side but only 1 generation on the other…but for the 3 the basic pattern was back and neck degeneration, severe arthritis or rheumatism and also losing babies and cancer…of my mothers 7 siblings four are already dead and they died before my grandmother did. She had spinal issues, my mother has had 2 spinal fusions and I have had serious back and neck issues…generational karma…and so this led me to investigate with my team the idea of doing this clearing…

        As I was on the phone talking to a dear friend about it–I said the words…and my front door, which was closed–BLEW OPEN at the same time as I got immense chills (spirit bumps)…yes, the answer was YES…

        So, first I invoke my divine sovereign inner self and invoke that I only accept the highest unconditional love and light in my field…I clear my energy of anything that is not mine and envelop the space with golden crystalline liquid light–phillips friends the spheres of light are always with me so they were present and thanked at the end of the ritual…i invoked AAmicheals divine shield and then invoked my ancestors…did a deep personal gratitude prayer–asked them all to commune and explained that our world has changed, that our dimension is shifting, that duality is falling away, that karma has been wiped clean on a personal life level and for them to get together with their own higher dimensional levels and work to release these DNA karmic bonds, mutations, damage and generational soul contracts. I asked my own higher being to commune with them and clear the karma…

        I then invoked my three brothers. AA Micheal, AA Raphael and St. Germaine in that order…micheal to shine the truth and cut the chords….raphael to shine his emerald ray of healing and then germaine to use is violet flame to burn away and transmute any residue and fill the void spaces full of love and light…

        I then affirmed that I accept the divine mother’s plan for our unfoldment and accept any DNA repair and upgrades that are in alignment with our highest good and the good of all that IS…

        I thanked everyone and then I rested. I would also state that as I cut the cords I asked for release of all that no longer serves the highest good of my own personal unfoldement and the unfoldment of all beings–but I did gratefully thank them for all matter that created us genetically that would remain with us in the future that DID serve our highest good…

        we are not fully replacing the genome–we are simply releasing the parts that no longer serve us and healing the parts that DO and then transfiguring it all into a higher expression of the eternal structure of DNA…

        Hope that helps anyone interested in doing a process…Hugs to you all! p.s. feeling EVEN better today!!!!

        1. THANK YOU ALEX!!!

          I read and try to learn and see if I can make it all.

          I have a pain in the sacrum that has occurred mostly during the last couple of years and I just know it is about something in my earlier lives. My friends have tried to heal it away, for a while succeeded but it is not totally removed. During 11/11 portal week it was really blowing up though today I can live with it.

          I thought I needed help from others to do this removal but when I read your words IΒ΄ll give it a try myself.

          Thank you my dear friend. My love is with you!

          B to B

        2. Thanks Alex and all the post of others that share here at the pond. I love reading about how people are doing here and the thoughts they bring here. It makes my day just to read through all the post.

  11. Thank you Aisha for your words of wisdom.
    As we advance into different thinking people and try to adavnce as high as we can go. We will come to a gate that goes from one level to another. When you open this new gate of understanding so to speak. It will cause chaos within the mind of us all. When the laws of this chaos kicks in. It starts a creation of order that brings a balance back to chaos. All chaos has laws like this. You can see them in all different types of chaos. Mother nature shows us this by her laws of chaos. Our solor system and the whole galaxy shows us the laws of chaos and how they work.

    Its the laws chaos that humans don’t know of yet that will have to be understood before you can enter the next level of advancement. The masters of old talked about this in many ways to try and let people know how they can get through this. One master said this to the people. Take my burden and let me have yours. Mine is [light] and easy to carry. This is placing your life into the hands of the light that is in all of us to get you through troubled times. If this light is given all the love we have with love for all that is. A knowledge is given with wisdom and the understanding of what will become. This will have a peak of chaos and a slowing down or resting time. For you to think about and get the full meaning of what has happened. Then everything comes into balance for you to keep going if you want.

    It has been said that one many go thorough life and never complete One level in a life span. It is also said that all levels can be finished in a life span. It is up to each of us to go as far as we want. So let the light in us lead the way with no fear love for all that is and we will be recieved the same way where ever we may go. The light in us knows all the gates and roads no matter where we go. Let the light in you grow and learn to look through the lights eyes instead of the light looking though our eyes.

    Blessing to all

    1. Thank You dear Ray !….your wise & inquisitive mind & reaching out, caring heart adds so much to Aisha’s site & surely inspires & benefits so many who read your comments !….LOve, Bev~
      (your last paragraph was extra special for me…& sure Agree with you on that)

  12. Bev thanks for sharing your insights and the Babaji chanelling too. I was drawn to the paradoxes referred to therein and instantly reminded of the unpacking of those paradoxes which I feel called to share below:

    Just a reminder of the paradoxes which are really both different expressions of the same thing:

    β€œNothing remains as it was and yet everything remains the same. A paradox! Whoever solves it has arrived.”

    β€œIt is the misconception that the ascension is caused from the outside and is not manifested from the inner realm of man. You are the life, you are the ascension, the death or the transience – depending on what you chose. Who can solve this riddle, he has arrived. Where? In God. Have faith.”

    The riddle(s) unpacked:

    We are one.

    Unpacking further…

    We are one. One as in Unity Consciousness. Unity expressing itself in infinite ways. ALL in this moment of NOW.

An infinite number of expressions occurring ALL at once. NO TIME. ALL NOW.


    Everything remains the same in the ABSOLUTE that it is expressing in infinite ways at ONCE. So it is the same.

    It is also different. Because you/we are the ONE experiencing itself and you/we change in an infinite number of ways instantly.

So you/we are the same and different all at ONCE.

    May be hard for the head to get round but the heart/soul knows and as we continue in this expression we come to an awareness and consciousness that we already have in another of the infinite expressions.

    So I/we/you can see in the second paradox. I/we/you/one/all is choosing that is the awareness we are awakening to the experience of.

    This is unpacked in a different way in the conversations with God Books and also I’ve discovered more recently in the Bashar Channellings under the heading of The Prime Radiant or the one Particle Analogy or Metaphor.

You can see it here:

    I share this as much for my own experience and exploration of this truth as for all of us at the Pond. We are all One.

    So in Joy and In Love. Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I agree with what he is saying and that this unseen particle is a part of everything. I just want to know life as we know it with the size of particles we see. All the way back one particle size at a time to the beginning of the smallest. I know we are always home, but I don’t want to miss the sights from one place to the other. The interaction of each phase of this process has a life of its on. I want to see it up close and personal.

        1. I’m working on the thoughts of this for a few years now. What I have learned about this is such a long story and has so many different ways of looking at it. It can’t be shown here. Maybe some day I will show what I come up with. Or give it to someone that will show it

        2. The main thing I learned is the knowledge that comes from these particles is as infinite as the particle can be. I see you have looked at this for a long time to.

          Blessings to you

            1. The particles that start this causes a vacuum that grows from the infinite speed it uses to create. I think you may know what that can become.

              1. That is so cool… this is speaking space to me… if I follow your drift… don’t think I’d looked at that way before… mmm brilliant… thanks!

                1. God — how I love MEN, and the male energy is loaded with such incredible brilliance and genius at these high frequencies….

              2. Vacuum == good ol’ Zero Point…..the point at which the infinite speed of the particle disrupts Gravity & Magnetism, bringing them to ZERO.
                Freeing you from their effect.

                Speaking of that , look at the secrets revealed in just this one video.

                And at 6:53, Bashar reveals how the higher dimensionals Teleport themselves & their ships…..they first use the Zero Point Energy Field to do it.
                Bashar says, “We isolate our ship, in an ElectroMagnetic Gravitational Bubble — UNLOCK it from any particular “reality”….”

                Zero Point is the unlocking key — get yourself into the vacuum and you can do anything.


                1. This is cool Kiera, had not seen this one! I remember as a young boy having an insight about gravity and it’s nature – did not write it down and forgot it… ha, ha… Love this video as it brings so many facets including sacred geometry etc… Philip πŸ™‚

                  1. This fun to look at but what he says is just a basic view.
                    He does no say anything about how you get the ball to the other end of the table the first time to get it frequency. A lot of trial and error in this process. even if you take care many lives to do this will be lost in testing.
                    Then you not only have to send the body but copy all his memory and put it back once he is their. When one goes through this veil and back it would belike being reborn and give that person a very high focus in thoughts. He would be like a child born with knowing all he knows in a pure form. If you get the frequencies down and the memory process it would be easy to do this. You also have to think about the equipment needed on both ends of this process. This has been know of for a long time and studied sense the 1940’s.

                    1. Yes only very basic info… was given… One of the things that interests me about this area is the Translocation that I’ve read a bit about (not a lot though) that Indian Saints are reported to have the ability to do. Not witnessed it myself though! I wonder if anyone here has? Philip πŸ™‚

                    2. My dads mother was indian. She told me stories about this. I have never tried to look into this. But what I got from her is that it wasn’t the sanits that did this it was them learning to talk to the spirits and the spirits did the moving of them from one place to another.

      1. Ray, you may be aware of this already, but I’ll put it out there for others who don’t yet know —

        The infinite particle vacuum you describe, aka “Zero Point” or “Black Hole”…..exists at the center of a spinning TORUS, a Toroidal field.

        The spinning Merkaba, naturally generates 2 opposite spinning Toroidal fields. Each spinning pyramid of the Merkaba (sacred geometry), generates a Torus.

        The Merkaba supposedly surrounds every system in the Universe, which means that everything that exists contains the Vacuum, the Zero Point / Black Hole, the Heart Center that connects us all.



          1. It may fall apart as it circles behind the sun. It has about a 50 million mile gas and dust trail behind it now. It is losing a lot of its mass as it gets closer to the sun about 20 tons per sec. It just depends on if it is made of rocks and ice or if it has a solid core on what it will do. The closest it will come to earth is about 150 times the distance of the moon from earth. It is less than two miles long and about 1/3 as wide.

        1. Yes when I first learned about meditation . I read everything I could get my hands on about this for a lot of years. It is just a way of life now that takes up a lot of my everyday life. It is much easier than it was in the beginning. I can do it anywhere and nobody around knows I am doing any kind of meditation. It is just a focused way to think with intent and tune into what you want to interact with. I like the math about the flower of life. It shows a lot about the laws of chaos and different dimensions. This is a lot different than the copy and past from one dimension to another just like the one you were copied from. Its about the 3d 4d and so on dimensions.

        2. I always love this stuff about the Torus and Toroidal Field so much beauty here… Nassim Harramein’s work and the video Black Whole is worth exploring about the structure of space/zero point etc for those interested. Philip πŸ™‚

        3. Oh a few other things to share about the Torus/Toroidal field that I guess Kiera and Ray are aware of but may be useful to others… Firstly, think of the shape of an apple and you can understand the shape of the toroidal field…

          As the video Kiera posted mentions we have toroidal fields around our hearts and there are beautiful links between the Torus and the Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry. You see the flower of life in a number of ancient traditions.

          This toroidal field at it’s core (the core of the apple if you like) is the source/zero point/ and is in constant state of feedback & communication from source to field/field to source in NO TIME.

          Here, my fellow Ponders, is one powerful example of where science meets spirituality and they are ONE not separate. I should say here that this is not yet mainstream science but the work of a few daring people on the edges.

          We are ALL in constant contact OR constant communication with source and here’s another good reason why CC’s may have chosen the name Constant Companions!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!

          Quoting something from the CCs missive:

          “Change is a part of the natural cycle of All there is, for as you know well by now, there are no constants, as everything is in a constant flux, from one state of being and into another.”

          This constant communication/feedback/contact is continually informing the process of life/consciousness and we are deciding in each NOW moment what to experience next…

          Trust this helps!!!

          Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

          1. Sounds wonderful Philip πŸ™‚ Thanks!

            I am always so amazed to read your messages although I would not be able to retell them πŸ˜‰


            B to B

          2. Thanks Philip
            The toroidal field are all linked in a family. The vibration we see on this fields comes from the next smaller toroidal field that is inside the core of the one you are looking at that makes it vibrate and say I’m here come and look .They link together from the smallest to the largest. I have always thought about this and think it is because of these links between them that give humans the drive to always look for the unknown. It is in us to explore these type of things to understand all things. We know its their but don’t know what is their until we get their. One day we will see small enough to see all the things like this.

            1. That will be a great day Ray… to see the essence of it all.

              Yes I am sure they are all interlinked… didn’t want to get things too complex for others…

              It’s good to share these things here with you. Philip πŸ™‚

              1. Ahem. Excuse me, please. You may get as complex as you wish, sir. I must laughingly and lovingly say that I am a bit surprised that you of all people would underestimate both the interest and intelligence of others. Shall I join your conversation and see just how complex we can get? I mean really!

                Oh, Philip, I was trying to work up some fire there, and I couldn’t actually feel it. Only a little spark, because I feel your true intention here was to be kind and considerate. Don’t hold back ok? You never know who is reading. You never know when that one particular bit of info is the key to unlocking the door to an idea or understanding for someone else.

                And now I am going to say something completely in jest because I have simply always wanted to say it. I don’t mean it. I am only playing around and amusing myself. Here goes…

                You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!!

                HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ohhhhh. Thanks for letting me do that…

                I love ya! xoxoxo


              2. Howling laughter!!! No telling what the hell this dude was on while producing this home made video, but it is strangely a propos. Oh, thank you, Philip for helping to bring me back up!!!

          3. Hi Philip, there was no “reply” link above when you asked whether any one here has been in “2 places at the same time.” I haven’t that I know of but years back I met Arthur Blessitt (Christian man from the U.S. that travels the world with a big cross.) We became friends for a while and I used to correspond with him (or his first wife Sherry if he was out of town). I remember him sharing (and was in his book) how in one of the European towns he was seen in a different location than where he consciously was sharing from. I remember believing his story but never understood how it happened. He was very vibrant and real and changed my life in meeting him. At some point I left the church scene so I’m not sure if he kept that zeal or not! ~Nancee

    2. Thank You dear Philip for this….& I’m glad you’ve added your own personalized piece to the puzzle….I haven’t actually seen any of Bashar’s videos..but when I get some free time…I will !…..LOve to You…..Bev~

  13. I am going to quiety and meekly say this. I feel utterly stupid about feeling this way. I am really being stripped bare here. Down to the core. I know this is something I must go through and it is only part of the process, but right now, the only ME who is present is the tiniest little one crying in the corner, curled up in a little ball. “I will never be enough. Nobody wants me.”

    1. Blessings and Spheres Of Light to you ALee… for have not most if not ALL of us had this experience at some point…

      I love you/we all love you/we are you having this experience too… even if it does not feel like…

      SOL is with you… I am holding your hand.

      Much love, Philip πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you so much, my friend. You are always so helpful and supportive in every way. In the things you say directly to each of us, the things you share about yourself, the information you provide, and of course SOL. It is so very obvious that you share from a space of love and joy.


    2. Anna Helen…please read this latest lee carroll channeling of Kyron…
      The message is about synchronicity but it also delves very deeply into the fact that only a TINY portion of your consciousness is inside your body and so it would be obvious that we sometimes FEEL SMALL…

      but here is the thing–the veils are thinning and you are getting into closer and closer contact with your own divine self…I know you have contact with the blessed mother, but more and more we are being asked to be in contact with “ourselves” and solidify that relationship–many I know who have a “channeled” connection or a set of specific guides who have always depended on that connection are being asked to take those steps out into being self sufficient–not because the blessings of interconnection are being removed but because we are ALL glorious and capable and the only way for us to learn that is to push off from the shore and start to feel on that…

      Huge hugs–I would love to see you write your own love poem to yourself–your beloved and its fun to do it on the computer and then you can write whatever you want–and then go back and find the places where you felt “less than” or small and make a ritualized ceremony of cutting those words out and symbolically putting them in the DELETE file and releasing them because they are not true…

      YOU are a beloved child of the are powerful beyond measure and not only that, others KNEW you were powerful beyond measure and would assist in this change and so they made sure to place into you doubts…hurts…things that would hold you back–for you to be SELF monitoriing…excuse my french but FUCK THAt…release all this pre-programming and grab onto your greatness baby–we NEED you full and happy and whole cause you are gonna help us rock this bitch! πŸ™‚

      loving you! Alex

      1. Oystergirl99:
        In the words of David Cassidy,
        “I think I love you!!”
        Thank you for your precise choice of words!! ((:
        This was fantastic!!!
        B I N G O!!!
        In love & light, Terri

        1. And I too echo these very same sentiments, Oystergirl —
          (thanks Terri )

          You said, “In manuscript ’369β€² I left a message that I think was puzzling for most…but since then I’ve had confirmations in what I said & more of what I’ve been receiving now via β€˜GaiaPortal’ & Jahn Kassl…”

          I understood your messages, particularly loved the one about following the smallest amount of information that is TRUE.

          Because everyone’s Truth is different. Putting everything you know out there, allows everyone else (all the other puzzles pieces) to pick out & add to their own perspective of Truth from your experiences.

          Plus, the Universe operates from Simple —> Seeming Complexity.
          The smallest amount of info that you harmonize with represents the simplification of going back to fundamental building blocks, to Source, to the Point of Singularity. It will get you where you want to go, faster than attempting to swim around in all the apparent complexity.

          I conclude by saying that Jahn Kassl & GaiaPortal utterly ROCK! I have a lengthy appreciation of both sources…


      2. Oh wow! That was quite a message from Kryon… I can’t begin to say all I got from it. Thank you so much. This combined with the highheartlife link Aisha posted and your words really helped me see even further into this releasing process. What I mean is that I did not connect my feelings today with my experiences with the Divine Mother. I understood it as part of my personal process, you know, but not in relation to that in particular. I completely relate to what you said here about stepping into self-sufficiency. I am feeling called into my own “power” (we all are), and it absolutely terrified me. Then there was today’s missive, and I really freaked out. What?! Making a mold for the whole human race?! Are you kidding me? You might want to think again about my involvement in that little venture! I am unworthy…

        I was telling Amy yesterday that this little voice inside me is the one I have always trusted the most. She has been a life long partner. When I became so frightened, she jumped back up and said “Here I am. Your safe place. In here with me, you are numb and paralyzed, and therefore feel you can just give up and face nothing. In here with me, you are already so hurt that nothing can hurt you more.” And that’s where I retreated. At first I beat myself up about it, but then I realized that it was my own ego trying to protect me. So I honored her. I stayed in the smallness like Amy suggested. And I once again invited her to join with the higher me’s. “Sweetie, we don’t have to do it this way anymore. You are not alone. Come out of that corner and feel the love we have for you.”

        I mothered her like Birgitta and Denise said. I tucked her in bed with her stuffed Snoopy dog. I held her and rocked her and comforted her. “Sweetie, this has been a long road we have traveled. Let us rest now. Let us heal together. Feel the love we have for you.”

        And I sort of raised her up slowly along to my teen age self, then my young adult self, to my now self …. up and up through each stage of life, I embraced each self and showered them with love. I had sort of done this before, only I had done it with each one separately, not progessively. (If that makes sense…)

        And I am feeling better. Not all the way, but better. It never occurred to me to call in any guides (?! I got in that state and felt I had to do it alone, as always), though I know they are there. I will continue the process by truly and intentionally inviting them in.

        Yet throughout this, I still felt like the observer. Part of me was “up there” kicked back in loving amusement. “Yeah girl, it’s all so absurd. But you gotta do it. Ain’t it a blast!!” This part of me particularly enjoyed your french and the idea of “Let’s rock this bitch!”

        Thanks so much!

        Love and hugs,
        πŸ™‚ ME

        1. Dear ALEE ….I am with You…& I LOve You !…Sorry I haven’t been current with you recent explorations within your Heart & mind….( I did have a few moments to read a few…very intense !) & I do know you have a unique ability to express & bare All !….so much of this is why I / We LOve you !….so glad you are grabbing the reins once again !
          Fire it Up !….LOve, Bev~

      3. Dear Alex, I am just catching up on the Pond from yesterday (almost 2 days by the time anyone sees this.) I woke up today feeling wretched and ended up reaching out to Lori for help. Amazing… I didn’t realize that she’d just gone through it. So thank you too for in supporting her you also supported me today. All is lifting here and I’m going to try that love poem! Love, Nancee

        1. Even when we are making our own path there are others right along side us. Glad there is the “lifting.” Can’t wait to read your poem. Hope you share it. I am feeling that I get too tangled up in the words when speaking of/to myself (been in my own head too much lately, and I know this is an exercise of the heart) so I will just live mine instead of writing it … for now.

          Love you, Nancee!

          πŸ˜‰ Lori

          1. Prime example!! I knew “along side” looked and felt wrong. Is that supposed to be one word? And I had to HAD TO go look it up just so I could KNOW. (and just so I could feel stupid for making the mistake πŸ˜‰ ) This is why I could never do a blog. It would frustrate the living stew out of me! I would be getting in my own way all the time. Then again, I can tell myself, “Nobody cares about that silly little space. Most people would not even notice. The ones who would might tsk tsk, but let ’em!!”

            Arrrrggghhhh. And hahahahaha. Blah…

    3. Anna, BE in this smallness, so out of it, you may enlarge, growing and growing and growing. A huge tree starts from but a tiny seed. You are being stripped to the core. You are not alone. I am with you holding your hand. In order to know who you are, you begin where it all began.

      In reading Denise LeFay’s latest article, that Aisha posted, it became very clear what is happening and why. Just breathe through this. Experience this for what it is…….a part of you. Yes, little me is a part of you, YET in the growth that is about to take place, that little me will no longer feel small.

      You are brave for being honest with yourself. Many keep pushing the “hard to be places” away, thereby denying their very own Sovereignty.

      You have no idea how my keyboard fought me to write this to you. HS does NOT want me here now. I am meant to BE in my smallness so that I can expand Purely to ME.

      Holding your hand, Amy

      1. Such wonderful advice as always, Rose. I did what you said here. And thanks for conquering your keyboard so you could help me and others today! You know I hold your hand in this, as in all things.


        1. Nurturing your hurt child, your teen self, your adult self, just like you did, is the perfect way to help you heal and feel worthy.
          So many of us on this path had abusive or neglectful childhoods so we could transmute our experiences and help others heal. I went to therapy at age 28 to heal, and it was life-altering. I learned to forgive my parents.
          I think it helps us all to return to that little child of wonder, faith, trust, and belief in miracles, because we lost that innocence through our trials of life. I have been coloring in coloring books lately, drawing, and nurturing my little child so I get that magic back. So get that snoopy dog out and whatever else you need and go for it.
          Love you.

    4. Anna Helen it is normal to feel the way you do right now. With what you are going through it takes all you have to give. We can feel drawn out and yet full of joy, tired and yet on top of the world, scared and yet wanting to shout to everyone what we have learned. We are humbled and in awe. Sleep is the best thing for you after your experience. You are MORE then enough and we ALL love you! You have given much of yourself. Now rest in love…love of the angels, love of the mother, love of the father, love of everyone here. Love is all there is so love yourself as well dear sister. Peace to you and thank you,
      Xoxoxo Denise

    5. Anna Helen and ALee!

      Let me hold my arms around you and warmth your tiny body.

      You girl has given the utmost of yourself. As always. Trust me when I say you are the bravest, most competent and most lovely little girl I ever met. Your heart will give so much to us all and we love you for that. But now we want you to have a little sleep as Denise says. Sleep is a good medicin for every pain.

      So – come into your bed. I want to be around you, stuff about you and protect you until you wake up. Do not be afraid, because you’re protected by the Universe and of your friends around The Pond. I light a fire, so it gets a little cozier.

      Thank you my dear Sister!


      1. Philip, Alex, Amy, Denise and our dear B, said it all, sweet ALee.
        What would we do without you?
        Just rest. You KNOW you are being protected.
        Sending you all my Love, xo Lin

        1. I felt your love, Lin, and I hope you always feel mine. What would I do without all of YOU?! I can’t and don’t want to imagine…

          πŸ˜‰ AH

      2. Thank you B and Denise for your loving words. I did as you both said. Rocked myself to sleep. I even postponed some things I had to get done to a later time in the day in order to care for myself. I am so grateful for the advice, support and encouragement from all of you…


    6. Dear Anna Helen, I have recently been through the same feeling and was given the image of a place on my face that a doctor was removing because it was rotten and the more the Dr. removed the deeper it went. I found this very disturbing, so woke up and realized it represented still not loving myself and I kept pulling and pulling the dead stuff out and it went very very deep. It went down into the moment of my creation and I had to love it as I love my own dear children with joy and light and I am still nurturing this place in me until I can give birth to this beautiful amazing light being that I know I am. So much love to you and all at the Pond. Lisa

      1. Lisa, I really thank you for sharing. That is quite an image, and it resonates with me. I really FEEL that about it going all the back to the moment of creation, not just this lifetime or past lives or other lives, and so forth. The first moment of separation is the ultimate “wound.” And giving it that unconditional love is surely the cure.

        So much love and gratitude,

      1. I’ve been really focusing on manifesting and I do manifest. When the deep down FEELING goes into KNOWING, my Intention yes does manifest.

        By sitting back and really placing myself in NOW, I am realizing so many other factors play into creation, due to the interconnectiveness of ALL There Is. The Collective Consciousness has a huge bearing on how we manifest and where. Our Inner Sacred Space shared with others has a huge bearing on our manifesting.

        One could sit all day and visualize to create rain in a desert, but due to the geological location and the vibration of that Living Desert, it will not rain. Many factors come into view, not just ours.

        Now if I could be separate from this world, and those who are in my Personal Space who do not align with Love, I could manifest a whole lot more. There is so much to take into consideration then just me manifesting. Since I AM connected to ALL, it takes practice and skill to manifest.

        One could visualize Peace in a war zone and it won’t happen, again due to the energy frequency that is anchored there, and the Mindset of the people.

        Until this world’s Mindset choosing LOVE gets to 51% (the majority), the majority that is already in existence, will win out.

        This is why it is SO crucial for us, who understand LOVE is the answer, to BE LOVE in our every day lives, radiating that vibration out to the world so that we can achieve that 51% majority. And when THAT happens, and it shall, we who understand how to manifest, will do so instantly! And with ease!

        I have seen a huge shift in the area I live in. HUGE. When I first moved here 25 years ago, it was like sludge. Now? No. The frequency has become immensely Lighter, still not where I desire it to be, but it is remarkable how much different it is.

        Partly for the change, it is due to me consistently with INTENT sending LOVE out to all here. I do this for the world as well.

        Yes, I do really understand the concepts of manifesting, and still have so much more to understand. It is not as easy as 1, 2, 3, Presto! It has also everything to do with our state of minds, and with the INTENSE energy that has bombarded us lately, it is so challenging to stay in High Heart.

        I mean no offense to anyone here. I really have been doing a lot of thinking about this subject. And so, my thoughts.

        HUGS everyone! Amy

      2. I REALLY LOve this message from Karen !…it sure is so much like we are on the same frequency !!…I have been getting these same thoughts these past couple of weeks…& it was the theme on my site, & my post to Aisha !….All in the ‘Reflection’….what do we See…what do we Believe ?….when we start to See & Believe equally in Truth like Truth & it’s Reflection are one, than we are on our soul-spirit path !….Thanks for All you DO & ADD here Alex….you are truly a wonderful person & a treasured jewel here !….LOve, Bev~

      3. Thank you for this too, Laex. (Crap, I am just going to leave that, don’t know why…) I keep meaning to tell you that the day I was in this, I had to go to the bank for some intense financial therapy. The woman who helped me had hair like yours, and I kid you not, at one point, she pumped both her fists up in the air and said “Whoot whoot!” I almost said to her, “Alex, is that you in there?” It was amazing. You were helping me all over the place.

    7. Dear sister, I see you. You are the radiant one, the wise one, the brave one. If you feel less than what you truly are today, it is simply because you are growing even more. I love you – always, forever. Aisha

    8. ║─────╔═─║─║────║
      β•‘β”€β•”β•—β•‘β•‘β• β•β”€β•šβ•¦β•β•”β•—β•‘β•‘β•‘

  14. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this wonderful message which contains so much hope for us to reach out to each and everyone. Awesome!

    Do you remember about a week ago when I wrote that I had asked for a tool to give love and light to other people in an easy way? I got a tool in the form of a vortex in rainbow colors with an eye on top that was always in contact with the light. I have tried and tested how to use it without much success and on my walk in the forest today I became aware that this tool was myself.

    With greatest respect and all love for you and all that is,

    B in gratefulness

  15. Synchrous message Aisha again… Sue and were discussing the nature of change this very morning…

    Gratitude and have a peaceful rest…

    Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

  16. 1st I’d again like to give my Complete Respect & Gratitude to Aisha for this site & her unwavering dedication in bringing us these enlightening messages from the CC’s & joined with her own Heart Light in Shining to help others ! & 2nd A Big After Surgery Hug to ‘Areeza’ who has ‘breezed’ thru the operation & now able to Rest & Heal ! Have Faith Dear Heart-Friend in the Healing of Time, & that you now can put it behind you & soon you will BE right as rain !
    There is so much occurring right now (some on the surface, but a lot still unseen & hidden) I still feel I am in need of ‘Quiet Time’…but I must tell you that many of my hopes & wishes are actually manifesting right before my eyes in these past few weeks & I am deeply in gratitude for this !!! but at the same time, I continue to experience an overwhelming sense of grief & turmoil from the changes affecting ‘Life’ as it swepts across Mother-Earth ! From tornado-hurricane-earthquake destruction to the spread of pollution & radiation toxins….& so so many of Mother’s BELOved creatures of the wild suffering & dying ! All quite unsettling for me & although I See & Feel the Good that’s Coming….some appearing before me even now, I still am having difficulty in locking into it ! Mother has been sending lots of messages of enlightenment & encouragement these past few days, but this one is the focal theme she wants me to BE & LIVE accordingly…’Seeing is Believing ~Believing (BE-Living) is Seeing’, but it is a Paradox of sorts like ‘as above ~ so below’ & in the reflection of the reflection, what we do not Believe, how can we possibly See ? We ‘Really Now’ must sharpen & tune this creative & powerful Light that is growing within !! Another feeling I sense is of separation, not so much separating light from dark, but more like oil & water…(again much of this change is occurring to Water at a micro level, but much still invisible to us) I am receiving ‘what does not hold harmony & consistency with the essence & elements of creation is BEing separated & surfacing to the top for exposure & removal’. I once said a few months ago of a message I received stating ‘2 will go, 2 will stay, & 2 will die’….& it is surfacing again with a more visual intent of the paradox of ‘222’…but I am getting that now isn’t the right time to elaborate on it…but never the less it is Quite a powerful visual & statement that I do not say lightly as this is of such magnitude that will change ‘Everything’ ! but not All in a pleasant & happy way…..’Dis-connect’ is also coming & it will affect All electronic Communication, so may I just say to ‘All’….Prepare yourselves but within ‘NO FEAR’..stay in the Unwavering Truth, Trust & LOve of Mother-Earth as she is commanding the show now…have Faith in her & always BE in Gratitude for what she has done, what she is doing & what she is going to do ! & BELIEVE (BE-LIFE) in Yourself ! In manuscript ‘369’ I left a message that I think was puzzling for most…but since then I’ve had confirmations in what I said & more of what I’ve been receiving now via ‘GaiaPortal’ & Jahn Kassl…whom I resonate with & believe they have a strong link to the Will of Creation…..I’ve attached Jahn’s message…..Note the time ‘1:37’….’What is the biggest obstacle to the Ascension ?… is You’ !
    (& I’m sure most know of Gaiaportal !)
    Fiery Strength as ‘We’ expand into the spectrum of LOve~Life~Light to You ‘ALL’…Bev~

    ‘Seeing is Believing ~ Believing is Seeing’
    'Seeing is Believing ~ Believing is Seeing'

    1. Babaji channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 18, 2013

      The Message

      In the number of 11. You are masters. Period! Needless to discuss it or imagine it! Be it, live it, and confess it to you. You, who know what I am talking about to you today.

      You are neither passengers on the ascension ship, nor belong you to the crew, you are the ship itself. Do you understand what is really going on here and now? It is all about the fact that you claim all your power and strength and that you are never less than what you are because of your divine origin.

      Now to the current events on this timeline.

      The magnetic pole reversal occurs now and reaches your level of perception.

      Nothing remains as it was and yet everything remains the same. A paradox! Whoever solves it has arrived.

      All those light warriors have arrived, who will enter the next ascension thrust into the light and be transformed into universal creator gods. From a human being to God, a leap to which the few selected people will now lift up. And nobody was chosen by God, but every man has determined this for himself. Do you know what is the biggest obstacle to the ascension?

      It is the misconception that the ascension is caused from the outside and is not manifested from the inner realm of man. You are the life, you are the ascension, the death or the transience – depending on what you chose. Who can solve this riddle, he has arrived. Where? In God. Have faith.

      Currently, completely new pulses are reaching you. The earth will turn, the birth of the New Earth is underway. Variable – up to the day on which the Event takes a visible form – until the exact moment when the final discharges of transformation and transfiguration of all life on and around the planet will occur. Why? Because the plan of creation bestows every living organism with the creative freedom of self-formation. Accordingly, now the Divine Mother Earth, Herself determines the ascension process, which is in progress and is already irreversible long time ago, in what dynamics, and with what consequences, and with what indications and signs she will announce her all-changing transformation to the people on the surface.

      Before some people are brought to the β€œtop” in the wake of light and before the others will fall in a shock-like jerk to the β€œbottom”, a foray of events will have manifested that will fulfil all the announcements regarding the ” Great Revolution ” and this unique transformation.

      Everything that you, who can assess these events in their roots – and there are only a few of you – have determined, observed and recognized is CORRECT. There is no guile. Is to be seen that everything is on the way and know, until the very last moment the truth is: You do not know the hour when the Lord will come … and He is coming and the hour is very close.

      In infinite love for all the people of this world in all eternity and Omnipresence,

      I am

      End of dictation 1:49 AM
      In the number of 14 = the quintessence = (It is fulfilled)

    2. Thank you, Bev. All you write I can relate to. I bow to you, Sister, on your Journey that reflects mine.

      I do not know if you saw the sky portal I photographed yesterday. There was huge activity in the sky above my house so I got the camera and took pics. I’m not sure what it all means, but this I DO know. When I viewed it all, the sense of awe and power were tantamount.

      Just this day I told my husband, if he is not able to fully accept all that I AM, I do not wish to have him in my life any longer. He “loves” me but not the “package” that comes with me. I will have conditioned love, and I will not have any in my immediate life who will not come to acceptance regarding Who IAM.

      As always, Bev, I send you my Love, Amy who is still in Quiet

      1. Thank You Amy !!! interesting how I woke up this morning to Helen Ready’s song ‘I am woman…hear me roar’….& I hear you now roaring !!! You must do what you feel you need to do….& I do understand dear ‘Heart’….& I’ll check out your link !….LOve bunches with roses to You….Bev~

        1. My “quiet roaring” shook hubs up. IF it comes to pass we go our separate ways, the price will be one very high, more then most people understand. Yet, I am no longer willing to live with one, who moans and groans at the life we do have. I drew the line in the sand. And yes, I have the means to back up what I say, as in legal personna. It is finished. Ya think the grass is greener on the others side of the fence? Then go!

          HUGS, Amy

          1. Amy, you are brave to draw the line.

            My husband and I of 20 years, began choosing different paths starting back in 2008. He was upset that I wasn’t working anymore as a teacher and social worker that I had been employed as before during most of our marriage. Around 2008, I was being sequestered from the work force by my higher self, none of which he could accept or understand. He made more than enough income so it was not necessary for me even to work. But it caused so many conflicts as he was very materialistic and 3d and I was on a spiritual path. I just stayed in the marriage and went with the flow of things until the universe and our higher selves split us up through a very traumatic event early in 2010. After which it would have been impossible for the marriage to continue, without some serious change. He was drinking a lot at that time and consumed with victim energy and was resentful of having to provide all the income. So we separated in jan of 2010. I was fearful of filing for divorce due to his instability, until 2012. We finally divorced last december after I had filed in May. It has been a rough go making it on my own all this time, in addition to worry about his unstable behavior, but I have been protected and cared for by my spirit guides and higher self. And I was true to myself and refused to go back to a relationship that was not right for me, and to compromise my spiritual path just for financial security from a man. I share my story with you because sometimes the universe takes things into its own hands and sets things up for us so that it becomes easier for us to make these hard choices, And thus we are shown the way to proceed so we have no doubts as to the right course of action. It sounds as if maybe you have arrived at that point and are sure.

            We all support you here in whatever you do.

  17. Hmmm, seems like the word processing center in my brain has taken a vacation. Or perhaps it is trying to tell me to be just an observer for a while by refusing me access to the words that must be in there somewhere. So I will be here, but I will be silent – until the brainfog goes away…
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. I so understand your brain’s request for ‘Quiet Time’ !….a refreshing walk in nature I think will BE just what you need !….I send you LOve & Mellow drifting along Mother ‘s side….Bev~

        1. Dear Bev, you always bring much light to this Pond πŸ™‚ Thank you! I will seek Mother Nature’s assistance today also, for the energy of part 373 is already here and it is taking its toll on me in more ways than one.
          Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  18. Good Evening and Shalom!

    A few things:

    If any of you want the latest update, please see my comments which got posted on the last missive page. Am not sure how today’s stuff got into yesterday’s mail but never mind.

    About the Native Americans: The Sirians told me that many of the native populations of South and Central America were “seeded” by the Annunaki. (I use that word in ” ” because galactics don’t have actual sperm.) They genetically mixed their DNA to upgrade the native species. The Annunaki are mentioned quite often in Middle Eastern mythology and writings as the their creator “gods.” They were active in what is today Iraq, Egypt and much of South America. This is the reason that there are similar pyramids during periods when primitive people would have had little chance of sharing information or migrating across large bodies of water/land. In any case, the Annunaki were not of the Light. They exploited humans. The Sirians took pity and counteracted this by influencing many native tribes in order to advance them towards the Light. Therefore, the education – protecting the earth, ecology, healing, planting of crops and so on – came from the “blue planet” which is Sirius. The Dogon tribe of Africa is genetically related to them. The other native tribes as I’ve mentioned such as the Hopi were “adopted.” Some native tribes were heavily influenced by the Annunaki. I believe there was an experiment to export the Mayan but they did not survive. I learned this a long time ago so can’t remember the details.

    The Sirians once again told me that there are astronomical events all the time. We just didn’t pay that much attention to them. This one will not crash into the earth. We may get some space dust but that’s about all that is likely. Anything buzzing by can effect our satellites and electrical grids. They said there is a lot going on astronomically this month. No kidding….
    As if we didn’t feel it….

    Blossom’s channel came in this evening. I have radar and her channels definitely resonate with me. The GFOL told me many times that she is “certified” to channel them. The posts are almost identical in style and content to what I get. The only difference is that she channels the big wigs and I mostly get the medical and communication crews. She’s also the only one besides me who has the guts to challenge HQ.

    I absolutely feel a difference in the energy the past 2 days. Totally out of the blue, I started singing at the top of my voice “What’s New Pussycat?” to Tom Jones. I NEVER sing – lucky for humanity. The dog thought I was a lunatic.

    Love, Susan

    1. Oh Susan so good to hear from you! Thank you for your post. I will look back for the other you refer to and will check out Blossom too. I have been trying to opt out of my electronics for awhile and stay in present moment time, but I just can’t help but sneak on here to Aisha’s blog and check things out occasionally . My mind feels like its exploding, leaving me breathless at times.

      1. Dearest Veronica,

        I too have been staying in NOW. Quiet time. Usually I am on here a lot. Lately, no. I just wanted to reach out and tell you, I AM with you in NOW. So much to process and so much to settle.

        Thank you for BEing you! Love, Amy (still having a tough time with keyboard……see? Not to BE here. πŸ™‚ )

    2. Susan, I have heard no information about anything “crashing into the earth”.

      What we have here is a comet that is heading towards the Sun’s atmosphere.
      The most interesting question is how is this going to affect the Sun (which is affecting us).
      It doesn’t seem your Galactics are revealing too much to us….they never did tell us what they were working on with the Sun.

      For instance, the Sun itself is due any day for a Magnetic Pole Reversal. Instead of laughing that off, can they explain to us how that’s going to factor into the effects on Earth as well.

      And what exactly WILL happen, when the Earth’s magnetic North reaches the 40 degree mark, which it is right now heading towards faster & faster?
      Experiments all indicate that a magnetic flip occurs at this point.

      Something is not right here, with the lack of information we are getting. This could be the result of the particular Timeline they are steering you towards, or trying to maintain with you by deliberately focusing on certain things — and diffusing the focus on other events.
      They are not deviating from that one Timeline.

      Which is another thing — why haven’t they addressed the issue of the multiple Timelines involved here?

    1. Aisha, thanks so much for this!! Some crazy stuff we go through, huh? This is such a wonderful synchronicity. JJ sent me this song earlier. He also sent me the same highheartlife linkthat you have here a bit later. I read the link first, then watched the video. Wow, how they fit together. “Little person” in the presence of “giants” who is shy at first, then finds her voice and boldy steps forth…

      I am so grateful for you and this pond!

      πŸ˜€ AH

      1. Dear AH, I love to see how your new-found voice is already sending out magnificent ripples – not just across this Pond but further and further out πŸ™‚ Thank you for YOU πŸ™‚ And thank you for this song!
        LOVE – always, forever πŸ™‚ Aisha

    1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜™πŸ˜—πŸ˜šπŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡ life is sweet, when you are a bicycle seat! 🚲

  19. what MOLD? πŸ˜€ No new mold for “me”…free of all molds and yet the MOLD.

    Just the word pattern implies a “pattern” that is “predisposed” to repeating. i laugh at the flaws of the human language and it is obvious “why” telepathy is more and more present in the linear concept. And if EVERYTHING is one of a kind, “pattern” concept is merely an illusion — AWE, is the point? ( example: looking at my table cloth with a design and the intellect accepts the design is IDENTICAL over and over, so the word pattern has taken on a false meaning of ” identical” repeating ( no change ) or perhaps just “my” intellect….AHHA! )

    Only the ABSOLUTE is changeless “so they say”, but did the ABSOLUTE change in “order” to experience it SELF?

    Also, if there is only here and only NOW, how can there be anything new? Perhaps “new” to the “individual” in linear concept, but not new to the ABSOLUTE — ALL that IS.?

    and “now” i laugh at what I typed as this is all imagined is it not? LOL
    we all have IMAGINARY friends….LOL

  20. Yeeeeee, and here is yet another perfect synchronicity πŸ™‚

    First I’ve been having fits of giggles for a day (hehehe Sister of mighty Pinkiness), then a form of “download” yesterday (major pressure on crown chakra, with some dizziness). Then last night I had a dream of suddenly being in a black place, a VOID of total stillness.
    No fear at all. No thoughts either. Just WAS.
    Then it came as it’s a “Zero Point” place. And from there we start co-creating everything anew ! Painting a new canvas with all the joy involved.
    Now today’s post resonates deeply, and came mere hours after my dream.

    May I say WOW again πŸ™‚ ?

    Love and Bubbles of gratitude Aisha πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Bri,

      I have been to that void place too. I don’t know if I ever shared about it here, but if not, now seems like a good time. It happened several years ago during a time I thought I might die. There was no time, thoughts, or feelings in the void. All I remember is seeing line after line of white on black, steadily growing, it was somehow a rebuilding of myself, but I wasn’t consciously trying to do it. I didn’t know the term “sacred geometry” for years after that – but that’s what it was. When I came out everything had changed and I obviously didn’t die. I perceived it as a miracle at the time. When I came out of the void, I felt love and bliss pouring out of me for about 2 weeks. Maybe it was a taste of what’s possible…would be great to be able to be in conscious control of it…I don’t feel anywhere near that now. Hopefully I’m closer than I think.

      Love to all and much gratitude to you Aisha,

      1. Wow Les, amazing.

        I had a “bout” of crud a while ago (about 2 weeks ago), and it was… more annoying than ever. Aside from feeling “bad”, it felt out of line, cannot find a better word.
        Sending LOTS of Bubbly hugs your way, may you feel safe and cocooned until you’re back in full well !
        Love ya !

      2. When I had lymes, the healer i went to said many a wounded light worker/healer had to go thru near death type experiences. Mine was like what u explained Les somewhat and there was like a radio being turned down and then back up… things fading out and back in – i had not words until u put them to it.. t u ! we also had ‘exit points’ where we could have check out if we wanted and things were too much here and a ‘walk in’ could step in. we are brave souls – on deck for staying the course thru it all. I feel our honorship here more and more

  21. Part 2 (The Purifier) — Is ISON the Blue Kachina, Continued…


    The RED Kachina:



    “There is evidence to suggest (Comet) Ison is affecting the Sun. Even from its current distance, out near Mars — causing large filament eruptions and solar flares.
    If this is the case, as Ison makes its way towards the Sun, solar activity could increase dramatically. Average “C”, “M”, and “X”- Class flares can cause all of the messages the Hopi Prophecy speaks of.

    If Ison causes the Sun to really go nuts, and pump out massive flares, we could witness these usual reactions like auroras, earthquakes, volcanic activity, heightened human emotion & physical symptoms on a much larger, grand scale.

    Paul LaViolette is theorizing that dust and gas caused by a galactic super wave, causes this “T Tauri” on stars…resulting in massive and continuous flaring that affects the star’s size and colour.

    With the Electric Universe Model in mind, could a highly Magnetic-Electric object like Ison — which seems to fit the Blue Kachina profile — have a similar effect on the Sun, causing massive flaring and a change in colour, to RED?

    This could explain the part of the prophecy stating a “small red star” will sit in the heavens watching over us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings. This massive flare activity could produce very low latitude Red auroras — the red dawn… with the sky, the colour of blood.”



  22. I’m still very immersed in my own private process. Without embracing all aspects of the “aftermath” of the actual letting go, full healing is not possible.

    I awoke this morning to two “signs”. One, at 3am, my Molly was howling. This normally a quiet cat. And two, I plugged into the energy and my hair raised up. Fast, furious, and extremely high. Then later at my normal wakeup time, I see the sunrise, and deep peace has settled in.

    It’s a good thing I was taught to drive on a manual VW bus, for there has been many very tricky maneuvers on my Journey where my training came in handy. You can do a lot more with a “vehicle” when you manual drive.

    Love, Amy (for those of you who are letting go of dysfunction, yet surprised that grief has knocked at your door).


  23. Holy shit! I had to stop reading this missive part way through because I was laughing and crying hysterically. We are setting the parameters! In the drivers seat??!! My god, do you know how many wrecks I have had??!! Ok, seriously… this is all too AWESOME. I will calm down and read the rest in a bit.

    Thank you, sister Aisha and CC’s as always..

    And I remember to breathe.
    Have mercy.

    Love to all!
    πŸ™‚ i don’t know who i am right now

          1. VERY nicely stated, M’Lady! I truly hope that as many as possible ‘get’ your simple, profound insight before . . . well, you know. The ‘divergence’ of ‘energetic pathways’ shall very, very soon begin in earnest πŸ™‚

            1. Has it not begun? It sure feels like it. Hubs, who is lower in frequency, is now feeling what I am. Superior fatigue, yet a “zinging” inward as if legs just want to run and body go go go. I told him, super human effort……override exhaustion feeling and get moving!!

              And thank you, sir, for the compliment. Simplicity is my motto. πŸ™‚

              So many um “lightworkers” profess they have “done the work” blah blah……. If you are not truthful with self, that “lightworker” is in for big “upset the apple cart” surprise.

              Me? Hehehehehehe Not knowing too much these days as what is up what is down, in or out. LOL And between the fits of giggles then tears…….I’ve lost it. And ya know what, I’m glad!! πŸ™‚

              HUGS, Amy PS….You really made my day. My words tend to fall on so many deaf ears. Not too many want to hear the truth, ’cause then their castle in the air would come tumbling down. OH, cripes, you have got me in stitches I am laughing so hard!

        1. woah…and something else …. how some of our guys/sig others had to go thru there own shit and it brought them closer to the pond! My guy now ! slowly, but surely. woah. thats good πŸ™‚

    1. Dearest lunatic friend,
      I would hazard a guess, however, that you are pretty clear about who you are not. Not a bad place to start, in my experience.
      I too, remember to breathe.
      Leo (for now)

      1. Oh, boy!! That does seem an excellent starting point. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for letting me snag your line! “I remember to breathe” has become a mantra for me.

        I can’t wait to see who Leo becomes…

        πŸ˜€ AH

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