The manuscript of survival – part 370

As you have perhaps already ascertained, this quickening comes in many shapes and forms, and for some of you, it has been almost overpowering at times. Again, we hasten to remind you all that even if you at times may feel like you are down on your knees, unable to even think about getting up again, you are not being driven further down by these energetic shifts that keep battering you ceaselessly. No, you are simply being elevated further in vibration with every single blast of these energetic missiles, but still, it might not be as easy to remind yourself of this selfsame truth. For many will be struggling with themselves now, and so, it can be hard not to look into the seeming abyss in front of you and think that you are heading ever deeper into it. But this is not an abyss dear ones, no matter how deep you find yourself sinking as these energies keep swatting you around the ears. For what will seem as an endless quest for retaining your balance, is simply a sure sign of energetic upgrading, and as such, the elevator is indeed going up all the time, even when you feel the surge in your stomach that seems to signal you are in a free fall ever downward.

We say this in order to try to reassure all those amongst you feeling less than sure of themselves, as we know that these last barrages haves served to dislodge what may be construed as the last piece of solid ground beneath your feet. For you are merely being lifted out and up of what used to be the lower grounds, for that is not where you belong anymore. But as you have yet to feel any semblance of new ground under your feet, you will find yourself flailing around seeking for something solid to grasp on to. But remember, there is no such thing at the moment, for everything is in flux, not only within, but also without, and as such, the chaos we have talked about is what you are experiencing in all sorts of ways. Remember, when we spoke of chaos, you all got an image of what this chaos would be, for such is a human brain, it will always search for a known pattern, even in the unknown. And so, you had perhaps already started to prepare for your version of the chaos, but as you have already seen, this is not what you will be getting.

Again, we say expect the unexpected, for if what you get is what you expected, it would hardly be labeled as chaos. So this is what is causing some extra consternation amongst so many now, as you find yourself once again in unknown territory, and before you can start to get the slightest grasp of this new land, you will be whisked away again, to an even more uncharted part of your consciousness. For you are changing so rapidly now, there is no sense in trying to keep abreast in any way. You must simply let yourself surrender completely to this ever flowing river of chaotic change, forever tipping you this way and then that way, in a seemingly random manner. We say this in order to remind you that there is indeed a carefully laid plan behind all of this, so the outcome is indeed assured, but do not forget that the road that will take you there, is not one you will be shown in detail beforehand. For that is indeed the whole point of this process, as you need to be jolted out of the old patterns and ruts that you so vehemently try to follow, no matter how hard you are being pushed to get out of them. For the old human was reprogrammed in a way that would ensure them staying in the same old rut over and over again, never seeking to venture beyond the borders set up before them. And so, you are still very much prone to keep within those strict limits, even now, when all semblance of limitations have been lifted. So you are in many ways still like a prisoner in your mind, even long after the walls of your cell have been demolished.

Again this is in no way a form of reproach, it is simply a reminder that now you will be asked again and again to go against what has been your very nature for eons, and as such, you will be jostled and tumbled, stretched and compressed until you lose any hold of what used to be the old you, and what used to constitute the natural limits for a human being. So you will be subjected to these sudden immersions of energetic deluges, pulling you under when you least expect it, for you need all the help you can get to shake you loose from the old foundations. For even when you think you have set yourself completely free from them, there is still some little part of you trying to cling on with all that it has. And so, we will do what we can to help you to pry loose that last hold you have on the old illusion, for what you have defined as your reality will not serve you in any way. But as you have been so deeply programmed to stick to it no matter how surreal it seems, you will need a lot of shaking up in order to let you shake yourself free of these constraints once and for all.

So remember, even if you feel as shaken and torn as a rag doll in the arms of vigorous toddler, know that all you experience even if it does feel less than bearable, it is all done with one goal in mind: to set you free for real. Not just a semblance of freedom, where a small portion of you still cling tenaciously to the old. No, you must be as free as a bird, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For if you insist on maintaining even the minutest hold on the old, it will literally serve to drag you back down when the next huge wave of light arrives in order to lift you even higher up. For this time, surrender will truly be the only way to conquer it all.

381 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 370

  1. The Central Sun
    channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 15, 2013


    Message From the Central Sun

    In the middle of the greatest bustle of the people the BIG BANG will happen. The developments to bring the ascension to the level of its manifestation continue. On all time- and space-lines the conditions are created, so that the people we expect can return to the light.

    Currently, a “hologram alignment” takes place.
    That is, the ascending ones receive the 5D hologram structure. The energetic and electromagnetic alignments are in full sway and the preconditions are in place that ascension can be completed at the technical level.
    All the people who go into the light, will now be supplied and outfitted with the special 5D energy structures.

    This means great exertions on the human bodies. Fatigue and pain may occur, completely atypical and new to most people who have so far been largely spared from physical impediments.

    The visual, auditory, and sensory inner channels are not being opened. That is to say, the dreams and visions receive a manifestation of power on an unprecedented scale.
    Additionally, the following comes clearly to the fore: the ascending humans raise from the other beings, by becoming completely insensitive (refractory) to their attacks or their expressions of love. This occurs at a different level and is thus “distanced ” and perceived only from afar.

    This world cannot harm you from now on. Even before you will be actually raptured, you will be severed from this world and your environment. A wonderful new life feeling shall arise, since you truly are “Untouchable”; above all, the dim light and the dark shadows of now sinking worlds will not touch and reach you any longer.
    Your energy field and your new electromagnetic structure preclude this.

    Nothing remains as it was, all is heading towards the light or is repelled by the light – it is the time of truth. This is what now happens on this earth and you are receiving now from the CENTRAL SUN the all-changing light pulses that effect your transfiguration into the light.

    Relieved, raptured, removed from this plane of existence – without much furor, and yet so impressive that nothing in the world will and can exceed this experience. God is the anchorage of the people. Life will be returned to you.
    The Light has won.

    It is announced to you, from –


  2. This is an incredible piece of work. I am so grateful to Karen Bishop for she is always focused on Love…..bringing everything to Love. What we are all experieincing right now, is a rapid disintegration of what does not line up with Love.

    And just like Karen said it is not exactly as how I “thought” it would be.

    I hope that this helps you to understand what is going on. All is Good. All is Very Good indeed!


    1. I am not sure why I am putting this here. Maybe because of Karen’s words about universal love and communities coming together. Mix that with the CC’s message about finding specific mssions, and here’s the thing. First let me say that one thing that has been on my heart in relation to my personal mission is that I might be of service in helping resolve and combine organized religion with spirituality and specifically ascension. You know I put myself in a position where I studied the Bible without tutelage, so I was able to see the messages there in a bit of a different way than is taught by mainstream religion. I know that when the “truth” comes out, there will be many devoutly religious people who feel lost and lied to. There will be a need for people like me who see the commonailty among all religions of the world and ascension and who can sort of explain in plain words how it all fits together. Just a thought.

      Anyway. This odd (is there such a thing?) experience happened to me yesterday. Bit of a set up needed. When I almost left my husband in 2009, I looked for a place close by so that Ripley could easily go back and forth. I came upon a duplex in my own neighborhood. I almost did not look at it because it was for sale, not rent. I was about to continue walking by when a woman (who I later found out was a patient at my same doctor’s office!) came out of a house across the street. She said “You interested in that house?” And she gave me the inside scoop on it. She said, “Go on up there and knock. He’s home. Nice Christian man.” (initials HP) So I did. I won’t go into all the detail, but there were many … hmm … symbolic things that made this place perfect. He was willing to rent. Suddenly I found myself blurting out to him, “I just have to tell you, I have been through the most profound spiritual experience recently.” His face lights up. “Me too!!” I show him mine and he shows me his. (Haha… you know what I mean, we just exchange stories.) His is regarding a recent divorce and big change of lifestyle, career and joining a church for the first time. He tells me about this church and invites me to visit. (Baptists are big on that 🙂 ). He gives me his business card. I later speak to him on the phone and we each say, “I really feel I met you for a reason.”

      Obviously, I ended up staying in my marriage. Cut to yesterday. Doorbell rings. Two men and two young boys are going around inviting people to their church. (It has been years since even a Jehovah’s Witness has left a Watchtower pamphlet on my door.) My heart melts at these two young boys, as I can see how nervous they are. So I listen to them speak. The first boy gives the talk while the other hands me a flyer with the church activities on it. Well, wouldn’t you know it. HP’s very church. Of which he is now a big leader. The mission director or something. Gah! Mission Director! So I say to these folks, “Oh I have met HP. I almost rented his duplex over here a few years ago. He probably wouldn’t remember me.” One man looks at me with a strange, penetrating frown like he is trying to figure me out. “Oh, I bet he does, ma’am.” Okaaay. “He has just returned from Israel. Goes there all the time. You should join him next time.” Okaaay…. what the heck?….

      And my heart takes a little leap. Israel? Are you kidding me? (Hey I could meet our Susan!) I have always wanted to do something like this. (Though I guess it also depends on their reason for going there … if it is to convert, no thank you … but if it is to heal and comfort and serve without the fire and brimstone preaching, hey maybe…) So I suddenly see these choices opening up before me. Mother’s Message. A possible Twin Soul blog. Trying to publish my children’s stories (oh Amy … I just realized I have 5 of them, like the rose buds in your photo!). Gah! I thought we were supposed to find the ONE specific reson we are here. Could I do all of these? (yeah, of course I could, if I so desired) But could I do them all justice? Jeez. Seems nearly … chaotic…

      Blah… just needed to get that out … scroll on by…

      1. Beautiful, ALee. If anyone could do them all, you can. Maybe they’re all connected, just different “aspects”, and Mother will Guide you. (?) Your Heart is Pure… and that is what is needed.
        xo, Lin

        Thanx for this post, for sharing, btw. I look forward to the next one. 🙂

  3. Hello dear friends!

    A week of merging and completion has passed and it feels like I would need some more time yet. Have spent the day with friends walking along the lake and once again got an amazing video sequence showing water and ice waving like a crocodile skin on the surface. The yesterday storm splitted the ice into amazing creations. What a wonderful scenery!!!

    I am awaiting the outcome of this merging process. Some renewed memory cells would be most grately appreciated 😉

    Love you all,

    B gazing full moon

    1. I love you, B. Sounds like an awesome video. Would love to see it!

      I went out to gaze at the moon last night, but there was too much cloud cover. I sang and celebrated anyway, because I know that just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there! It was still a glorious night, and as I walked back inside a wonderful fresh floral scent followed me. This happened once before when I could not see the moon. JJ said it must be “moondust.” I love it!

      Hope your celebration was just as nice…


      1. Yes – my celebration was very special and profound – all the evening. Parts of it/you is still left. Think I have to meditate to get some answers 😉

        Could it have been the full moon in May that was the “3 star night” ? Just wondering if this full moon is the result of what started then?

        Love you star sister,


        1. You two dancing Moondusters… so much FUN!!! more more more.
          Share share share. We all want to see the/a video, B.
          xo, Lin

          1. Dear Breeze, I’m also joining hands with the Ring of Light Healers around you tomorrow morn. And know this, in the ethereal plane, the surgery/healing has already successfully taken place. As you are already aware, the 3D is always the last to catch up. So the process has been completed successfully. No more “awful-ness” to face/live thru daily–holding your Energy, your Sanity, your Attention, your Life, your Dreams, your JOY hostage. And so it is. Amen.
            xo, Lin

            1. Thank you always for your Light and Joy, Lin. Beautiful…

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


                1. Yes! You are sooo right. As always, B. Our B.
                  My Self-Love, Our Selves-Love, joins your Self-Love.
                  wow. The power of that Light!… to transmute all that is unlike Love.
                  Much Love, xox Lin

                  1. Lin! When I read your answer I, for a nanosecond, felt the mighty of our love together. Wow! Now we are on our way to liberty for all and one. Take my hand sister – we are the queens of LOVE :)))

                    B in mighty Love!!!

        2. Hm. Could be! 6 months ago… sounds about right. 🙂 A very interesting cycle, to say the least… I hope you share some of your answers. (((Hugs))) DS

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Hi, Birgitta…I haven’t read many of these comments today but I just wanted to add that, like you, I am still dealing with symptoms…I have so much pressure in parts of my body and I am hoping that it is part of this recent download. It’s so hard for me to tell if I need to get help for these symptoms but I do remember that I had similar symptoms before but these are just more intense. I’m planning to read more comments but are many commenting on still dealing with this download?

      1. Janis, thank GOD you posted. I have SO much pressure in my sinuses and head it isn’t funny. It comes and goes. Yesterday I was fine. I could breathe just fine and felt wonderful. Now again today, I feel as though I have cement in my nasal passages. Pressure on my chest as well.

        I too have had symptoms like these, but like you extremely intense.

        I know I am not ill. No temp. And one day feeling well, and then the next feeling like crap? From one to another, I hold my hand out to you, and hang on tight. We are going to make it through this. OK?


        1. I am beginning to notice a correlation between the day after chemtrails are noted, the pressure in my sinus cavity is awful. Also, when storms are brewing, which one is here, (extreme hazardous weather coming in) there too, the pressure becomes unbearable. Several of my cats are experiencing “head and sinus” symptoms too, poor babies!


          1. Hang on tight, my Dear Janis. I truly thought my ascension symptoms were way behind me. Just hang on. I have no idea what this is. But I got ya! I promise!!!

            Love you, Janis! Amy

          2. Janis, this may sound gross but here goes. I have been putting Vix up my nostrils with a q-tip. This does help alleviate some of the pressure. Also, Vix on chest too. And then hot baths help some. Not much.

            If this continues I just might end up at at an Immediate Care Center. I don’t think antibiotics will do a thing (no temp and feeling fine on some days) but not to be able to breathe is horrible.

            I Love you, Janis. WE must have faith that this too shall pass!!

            Love, Amy

      2. Thank you janis for reaching out to me 🙂

        Yes – last week was one of the most trying weeks for many, many years – and I have been througt a lot of them, I can say. It feels better today but it is not at all over. Uncovered in soul and body, crying – but not for sorrow – just feeling like every single cell in your body is washed through. A deep Thankfulness for all that is and for Oslo Gospel Choir that suppurted me througr their song “Holy” , among other of their wonderful gospels.

        Weird janis? That’s just the first name. I think our reality won’t be like before and I can assure that your 3D doctor hasen’t the faintest idea what it is all about 😉

        Hugs and a lot of love to you janis!


    1. Oh hahaha!!!! Blue, no pink! Ahhhhh! And the swallows come into play yet again…. it must be good to be the king. 🙂

      Thanks, Dom. Love all this clever but comic relief…

  4. Breeze I have read your writings on the 7 rays of light. And what some call the Dog Sun Some see the same in a rainbow. These have been written about all the way back to the begining of man. Most religeons make reference to this one way or another in their own way and beliefs. The seven archangels came from this. Each represents a cycle of our solar system or color of a rainbow or sun dog.
    Where all this started is from those who knew what this is and through the ages has been placed into many different religeons and beliefs.
    It is the seven cycles that our solar system goes through on its way around the center of our galaxy. A color of this sun dog or rainbow Represents a cycle or a vibration that comes from each cycle that shows itself in a color that is reflected from the ice crystals in our atmosphere when your eyesight is in line with seeing the sun through these crystals. The brotherhood of the seven represent the masters of the seven cycles.

    Many of the beliefs about this has been guarded through out our written history and handed down from generation to generation. This has branched off into many different beliefs.

    Each cycle gives off a vibration that awakens the elements of that vibration. The cycle we are going into now is awakening the elements of a new creation for all of us. This can be looked at like the sperm of a man entering they egg of a womam. It starts a chain reaction of creation that is truly amazing. Mother nature reflects her creation all around us. All we have to do is look for them. They are everywhere.

    I could write many books about this. I’m only trying to give a understanding of what it is about. I love the work you do on these kind of things. Try to look inside yourself instead of through the eyes and beliefs of others for a answer to these kind of things. We have all gone through this before and was put to sleep from a different cycle. This time around many will remain awake as we go into another cycle. The purpose of life is to master all seven cycles. Some master have chosen to stay or return to different cycles to help those that pass their way.

    Blessings to all

    1. Thanks Nancee – I knew there was something more to it than just ice crystals so I googled and researched. The main colors I saw in both Sun Dogs over the past two weeks is yellow/orange. anymore info on the colors would be great if u have it. I will research more too. Its very interesting that when u mention the archangels I think of how I have rejected the idea that I myself am one. I was told this twice in my life and I just would not allow that to really be possible. Maybe I will allow for that possibility now and see what it does. When I looked at the Sun Dogs, I felt there was a special message for me. Love you and I will be away maybe from the laptop for a day or so – but maybe not 🙂 Have to see how I feel.

      1. Hi Breeze, it’s nice to get thanks but I Ray is the one who responded with the sundog info 🙂 I’ve never thought of friends I know as archangels being here amongst us via human birth. What a fascinating thing to ponder on. Maybe you’ll raise some discussion.

        Found this: A Sun ‘ghost’ is actually the color of the bright points of light created by the sun that was deflected by the crystals in high clouds.

        Also a simple site on the meaning of colours:
        I did read that red sun dogs are closest to the sun so you can add that to the info.
        Love, Nancee

        1. Oh… geez thanks Ray ! and Nancee for pointing me in right direction. Feeling odd the last couple hrs. Re archangel – I was going to a healer – really great one when I had Lymes. She told me she had only seen one other – a little boy she treated. He was like me energy wise she said. who knows. she said archangels do not incarnate very often as it is very hard for them to be here in dense energy.

          1. Take my hand. You are, you are. I can’t say which one (don’t know). I am also feeling from the Mother “my seraphim.” Don’t know if that means anything to you…

            1. Anna you are so blessed by your seraphim. There is no greater love than this. The more love you receive from one the more knowledge that is gained. Your seraphim gains knowledge through his love that he sends out.
              Bless you

                1. Ha! True again. Almost like love grows knowledge to something a little more like comprehension and perhaps even wisdom on occasion. 🙂

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


              1. Yes, I do notice that the exchange of love is also an exchange of understanding. I really like how you put that, Ray. I like how you put everything!!! Love to you, :)AH … And I feel showered by blessings in so many ways. In truth, I know I have always been showered by blessings, I simply did not or could not always recognize it.

                Sent from my Kindle Fire


            2. Oh Anna my dear friend and sister. I started getting panicky and I opened up to this that you write for me. I hear you. I feel Mother. Seraphs are angels who worship God continually and I go back to my youth when I sang sweet, made up songs to God. No one but God and I were around when I sang them. I have so Loved and Worshiped All That Is… my Father/Mother God. This is something that now lays here before me to accept for myself and I am beyond proper words. I feel nothing but the sweetness of that precious little girl – I AM her still! Tears of joy my dear sweet kindred ones here~! Love you all so much for holding me in readiness to fully embrace my true I AM presence. I go between old me with some panic for tomorrow… and this new beauty of grace that makes me want to take flight again with my wings and go right to God and say “let me stay here – I dont want to experience pain in the body parts – I am afraid” – yes, fear is still within me. I want to speed time up and have it be a week from now. yes, I am still afraid. and I AM Still Love.

              1. Sweet angel, you know I would ease your fear if I could. I feel your joy and your love and your panic. We will all be there gathered around you. The only thing I can say at this moment is that I hear very strongly,

                “Find your rest in me.”

      2. I didn’t mean to sound like I was trying to set anyone strait I meant to only give a different point of view from my thoughts. You do have to be in the right place with the right conditions to see what you saw. rainbows are lower and reflect the colors from water vapor and water droplets. I just tried to express what a sun dog means to me. And how mother earth has many things like this for us to see.

        1. You all have me really curious now…. the Sun Dog(s) I saw on either side of the sun were the full spectrum rainbow. 3D me is calling out “What does it mean?! Tell me tell me. Gotta know.” And my higher self is saying, “You already know what it means.” For the time being, I will simply appreciate the things mother earth has to offer.

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


  5. This full moon brought me gifts today! I joined a small group gathering at full moon time (through a “project” hosted here at Eden) and apparently made it there in mediation. (I felt connected but lacked vision of it.) This was the one gal’s comments on my part: Nancee u were very clear. U went from earth stomp in dust to mud. I helped cover u in this moist dirt. There was a spider in ur hair at first we looked at,each other to see if we should be afraid we giggled n it disappeared.
    The ‘cool’ thing was, I stopped to say hello to the large golden orb spider as I sat down outside my room to meditate! Of course I’ve also been playing in the mud in the sandbox lately 🙂

    The second gift is that my daughter surprised me with a short Skype time. I’ve been here 8 weeks and it is my first Skype with her and my two grandkids. I’m beaming 🙂 The connection was crystal clear.

    So I’m sitting in my room today overcoming a stomach bug I seemed to get in Nicaragua and being gifted by Mama Luna 🙂 Thank you. (I sat outside late last night in her light… though she was hidden from my view.) Tonight I may go down after lights out here and float in the pool if the clouds stay away! I am slowly learning that to create I simply be… and don’t try or expect. Except… during mediation… OMG I forgot… I just kept whispering… “I expect the unexpected.” (taken from the CCs) NOW it all makes sense 🙂 Much love to all on this beautiful full moon energy. ~Nancee

    1. Wow!! That all sounds so great! (except for the tummy … nice gift! 🙂 ) Go float and be free, luv. :)AH

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  6. Dear friends! Sending you all full moon blessings from me 🙂 It has been a peaceful day for me, and I wish the same for each and every one of you. Now I will “unplug” and just BE with the moon and with myself 🙂
    LOVE and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Love to you, dear sister…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. Dear sisters A and A, thank you both for spreading your light by bringing forth these words and sharing them with the world 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Ha! We are AAA (don’t know if they have that elsewhere besides America … it is a roadside assistance/rescue type thing, and also the little battery that could … both perfect!). And we are also A1. Oh gosh, I’ll stop now. giggle. grin.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Oh that’s perfect!!! And there are four of them…

            Please, may I be the crazy pilot who flies on a wing and prayer??!!

            🙂 😀 😉

          2. Dear Areeza, there is no such thing as too many A’s on this team! Nor Bs or Cs or all the way to Å – the last letter in the Norwegian alphabet 😉 So you are most welcome to join 🙂
            Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Breeze, I programmed a crystal for you that will send you energy 24-7 to help with your surgery Monday. It is a green aventurine crystal and aventurine helps with healing and pain. It has the energy of Archangel Raphael and He is the archangel who helps accelerate all kinds of healing.
    All will be well for you.

      1. Thanks so much Sunny!! That fits perfectly as I am using Raphaels green healing energy 🙂 Love u much! I feel great. And I love to use crystals and energy rocks/stones. I slept with one last night. Nancee – I am 6 hrs behind these posts if that helps. Surgery should be at around 7:30am they told me. I might have to put myself with Amy and play with her cats to stay put while I am knocked out! I might want to take off 😉

        1. Sweetheart, it would be a pleasure for you to be here. I am keeping my cats indoors today, and they are restless, so a playing companion would be welcome.

          Barometer is dropping rapidly, bringing in extreme high winds, severe thunderstorms, and a chance of tornados. Huge RELEASE and CLEANSING going on.

          I “see” you being a Brave Example. You are demonstrating how to rise above fear, step into Faith, and the KNOWING all is Perfect.

          I surround you with my Pink Light, my Areeza Sister. I am positive my Karma, who is my Main Healer Cat, shall also be with you. Nancee has even seen him, and this confirms that he does “travel”. He has been unusually quiet, and contemplative. I know he “sees” you.

          Love, BIG (((HUGS))), and Peace, Amy

          1. Yes! thanks Lady. I see and feel this rising above so strongly. It would amaze the old me!!! 🙂 I feel so perfect right now. I still feel I must go thru it though I know not with absolute certainty why. seems odd to have an organ removed just to concur your fears and prove u can rise above ? That is part of it – things could have gotten worse down the road even after menopause so i hear – fibroids dont always disappear after. …. and… LOL… get this, I just now got a call from a friend who I hardly hear from. She said just that! she had it done yrs ago and knew a lady who was elderly and had to have it done due to fibroids. Get the gunk out – and with it – any remnants of old gunk ! be gone! I had a traveling kitties once too – thanks to Karma too ! with a treat and big hug for him!

            1. Hi Breeza I am glad you are looking at it from a different perspective and the willingness to overcome the problem has prevail. Will be thinking of you tomorrow……

              lots of healing love for you.

          2. Tanget, sort of. You guys reminded me that my neighbor said that her cat (who is fixed) has recently been “nesting.” She goes around the house gathering small soft items and carries them to her little safe place to lie atop them. My neighbor actually said “It is like she is a chicken hatching eggs.” The behavior of our animal friends always reveals the truth…

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Interesting – my one cat is staring at me again today. she is also lying on my shoes a lot. Maybe they feel a bit unsure with the new energies and want to comfort themselves is all. I reassure mine all the time….. talk to them… they may not understand the actual words but they sense what the meaning of them is.

  8. when you ask me what i feel, you build a bridge to my heart.
    this way i feel seen, alive and connected with you.
    your bridge is my intimate way of passage.

      1. Beautiful, both of you… thank you…

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  9. I am reminded of those lovely little bugs that walk on water….they place their feet wide apart and distribute their weight in such a way that they use the surface tension of the water to support them…

    but here is the thing…they do not walk on the water–they simply STAND still and with their little wings outstretched the wind blows them too and fro….they have not figured out a way to control their situation and quite possibly because of this they know they simply MUST let go and float…

    I saw a HUGE (size of my hand with legs outstretched) spider walk on water this summer. I was visiting my parents house and I thought there was a frong swimming in the pool, no it was a spider who had fallen in and instead of drowning, it has spread out its legs and very tenderly was walking across the water one step at a time…

    For some reason this behavior which seems so natural for the water beetles and so unnatural for the spider reminds me of this message–we are in chaos but if we reach inside for our natural/spiritual ability to see things through or see new ways of doing things, we will literally be able to walk on water–ABOVE the currrents of the chaos below…

    Huge hugs folks! 🙂 Alex

    1. oh my. ALWAYS something akin to Magic from you, dear Alex. I love your knowledgeable posts… and experiences. The shares here from everyone at Aisha’s are varied and appreciated. Always Light-filled.
      Happy full moon. 🙂
      xo, Lin

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