The manuscript of survival – part 370

As you have perhaps already ascertained, this quickening comes in many shapes and forms, and for some of you, it has been almost overpowering at times. Again, we hasten to remind you all that even if you at times may feel like you are down on your knees, unable to even think about getting up again, you are not being driven further down by these energetic shifts that keep battering you ceaselessly. No, you are simply being elevated further in vibration with every single blast of these energetic missiles, but still, it might not be as easy to remind yourself of this selfsame truth. For many will be struggling with themselves now, and so, it can be hard not to look into the seeming abyss in front of you and think that you are heading ever deeper into it. But this is not an abyss dear ones, no matter how deep you find yourself sinking as these energies keep swatting you around the ears. For what will seem as an endless quest for retaining your balance, is simply a sure sign of energetic upgrading, and as such, the elevator is indeed going up all the time, even when you feel the surge in your stomach that seems to signal you are in a free fall ever downward.

We say this in order to try to reassure all those amongst you feeling less than sure of themselves, as we know that these last barrages haves served to dislodge what may be construed as the last piece of solid ground beneath your feet. For you are merely being lifted out and up of what used to be the lower grounds, for that is not where you belong anymore. But as you have yet to feel any semblance of new ground under your feet, you will find yourself flailing around seeking for something solid to grasp on to. But remember, there is no such thing at the moment, for everything is in flux, not only within, but also without, and as such, the chaos we have talked about is what you are experiencing in all sorts of ways. Remember, when we spoke of chaos, you all got an image of what this chaos would be, for such is a human brain, it will always search for a known pattern, even in the unknown. And so, you had perhaps already started to prepare for your version of the chaos, but as you have already seen, this is not what you will be getting.

Again, we say expect the unexpected, for if what you get is what you expected, it would hardly be labeled as chaos. So this is what is causing some extra consternation amongst so many now, as you find yourself once again in unknown territory, and before you can start to get the slightest grasp of this new land, you will be whisked away again, to an even more uncharted part of your consciousness. For you are changing so rapidly now, there is no sense in trying to keep abreast in any way. You must simply let yourself surrender completely to this ever flowing river of chaotic change, forever tipping you this way and then that way, in a seemingly random manner. We say this in order to remind you that there is indeed a carefully laid plan behind all of this, so the outcome is indeed assured, but do not forget that the road that will take you there, is not one you will be shown in detail beforehand. For that is indeed the whole point of this process, as you need to be jolted out of the old patterns and ruts that you so vehemently try to follow, no matter how hard you are being pushed to get out of them. For the old human was reprogrammed in a way that would ensure them staying in the same old rut over and over again, never seeking to venture beyond the borders set up before them. And so, you are still very much prone to keep within those strict limits, even now, when all semblance of limitations have been lifted. So you are in many ways still like a prisoner in your mind, even long after the walls of your cell have been demolished.

Again this is in no way a form of reproach, it is simply a reminder that now you will be asked again and again to go against what has been your very nature for eons, and as such, you will be jostled and tumbled, stretched and compressed until you lose any hold of what used to be the old you, and what used to constitute the natural limits for a human being. So you will be subjected to these sudden immersions of energetic deluges, pulling you under when you least expect it, for you need all the help you can get to shake you loose from the old foundations. For even when you think you have set yourself completely free from them, there is still some little part of you trying to cling on with all that it has. And so, we will do what we can to help you to pry loose that last hold you have on the old illusion, for what you have defined as your reality will not serve you in any way. But as you have been so deeply programmed to stick to it no matter how surreal it seems, you will need a lot of shaking up in order to let you shake yourself free of these constraints once and for all.

So remember, even if you feel as shaken and torn as a rag doll in the arms of vigorous toddler, know that all you experience even if it does feel less than bearable, it is all done with one goal in mind: to set you free for real. Not just a semblance of freedom, where a small portion of you still cling tenaciously to the old. No, you must be as free as a bird, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For if you insist on maintaining even the minutest hold on the old, it will literally serve to drag you back down when the next huge wave of light arrives in order to lift you even higher up. For this time, surrender will truly be the only way to conquer it all.

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  1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome Amy, Aisha and Azeera and yes Amy, I’m also glad I took the plunge to be seen!
    This community posts very quickly, I will try to keep pace!!
    Anna Helen, your beautiful, beautiful message about twins was so heart warming and it feels exactly like what I understand about loving unconditonally. I saw JJ’s post about meeting his twin, I also have met mine but then our lives bounced us away from one another. Being apart from him has allowed me to really work through the false “love” where anger and attack can exist, and be in unconditional love and let him do all that he requires in this life. The first year apart was agonizing…
    Thanks all for the candor around this particular topic, it is a pull many of us feel so deeply but can often be beyond reach and it can be so difficult to manage and be at peace with Xoxo-J

      1. Lol, made it look pretty.. Thanks, between my general technology challenged -ness and an increased external interference lately, i am likely to miss many a post…:)

        1. I thank you for following Petals Unfolding. May you be blessed every time you come. One never knows what will come forth from me. I don’t even. LOL I just go and fly by the seat of my pants!!!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

          1. You are very welcome! I am always looking for more insights and I love a big random outburst, it is very refreshing! Xo -J.

    1. Thank you so much. I do understand completely about what you are saying regarding the time apart to work through false love and all that. The process unfolds as is necessary, doesn’t it? We all sure planned some amazing experiences for ourselves. I am so very glad you have stepped forth to be seen. Hope to see more of you. By the way, I can’t keep up with all the postings anymore, either. That’s ok. We expose ourselves to the things we need most and will come across them at the right time. Love and light to you! xoxoxo :)AH

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      1. Oh my gosh, AH, I saw the other post and how you and JJ found each other here! Wow, that is amazing, how wonderful for you both! I am sure now that you have found each other, all the time and experiences, (read: struggles), all make sense. What I am understanding about twin connections is that until every piece of each must be in alignment or else the connection can’t be sustained. It can be heartbreaking to know there is your perfect compliment out there somewhere and you literally can’t “make it happen” but it is heartening to hear of others who have gotten all the karmic, ancestral and personal stuff worked out enough to find their way back to each other, love to you both and your union for the collective good. Xoxo

        1. Well, we are still in the process of “making it happen” (not with each other but with 3D stuff), as he lives in Holland and I live in America. But this is for a reason, as is all else. Yes, we have both said that if this had happened earlier in our life experience, neither of us would have been prepared to BE in the intensity of it. It is amazing, amazing to FEEL another right there in your own consciousness. To be known and understood and accepted and appreciated and oh so LOVED for yourself, exactly as you already are. As I always say, I wish this for everyone…

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          1. I think it nothing short of awesome that you recognized each other, particularly with the physical distance between you both. I often wonder how many people cross paths with their twin and either don’t recognize one another or harm, (temporarily), their connection to each other. It is a big, (and joyful), responsibility to be in sacred union, blessings to you and JJ in yours. Xo

            1. We have often tought of officially sharing our story somehow. How it happened, what it feels like, etc. It is nearly inexpressable in mere words. Maybe not, maybe not … again, we’ll see where it leads.

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              1. I think if you could translate it into words, that you would be really helping others find their way to it themselves. It is really not a clear topic, a lot of doubt and sadness around it since people feel pretty lost in this regard. The isolation of life in addition to having the sense of a missing piece is a source of deep suffering for many. Your story may offer hope to those feeling that sort of despair

                1. Yes. The topic is not so clear until you are in it and of it. Then it is VERY clear. That’s part of it. It is nearly in-understandable (?) until it happens. I think also that how the two souls meet and what their “missions” are is very individualized. Yet there is much that the relationship in general has in common with all other twin soul reunions. The energies are the same. I will look into my heart on this. We’ll see…

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  2. Nice Areeza, that made ME smile too! And THAT is exactly the point actually — to return to the child-like (but no longer child-ISH) PASSION FOR LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, NO WORRIES, AND HAVING FUN DOING IT! Exploring, tasting, experimenting, with TOTAL freedom every second of our eternal existence, diving in with NO LIMITS OR CONCERNS FOR THE MORROW! The morrow brings the Light . . . . πŸ˜‰

    Based on today’s message, AND many others of the last few days, it looks like this next tsunami is going to drown a few more of our unawakened brethren, as so many are still clinging desperately to what they believe is ‘reality’ — instead of letting go of the Matrix Control Illusion, going with the blissful Flow, and surrendering to Who We Truly ARE. Even so many so-called Lightworkers, who are still captivated by the grand drama over the ‘prosperity funds’ and ‘cabal banksters’ and ‘free energy technology’, and especially the political theatrics, screaming so loudly for our attention (Energy) to keep our focus on THEM, instead of on our rapidly descending Higher Selves. Too bad. The dissolving 3D world’s tooth-and-nail fight for survival will definitely increase it’s ‘drama’ in the next days and weeks. I recommend NOT watching any more MSM news at all — unless it begins to broadcast and print what is REALLY happening (which is already happening actually, just not yet on the most ‘popular’ media like CNN and BBC). I also recommend to STOP WAITING TO BE SAVED — and just go ahead, bite the bullet, and be your OWN personal Jesus!

    I just hope too many in the ‘developed world’ don’t get sucked back into that abysmal vortex of perceptual encarceration. Here in the ‘less-developed’ world, however, most of the people are riding through this RATHER smoothly and easily, as their programming doesn’t go nearly as deep as those among the more ‘educated’ (controlled, trained and disciplined) and ‘spoiled’ and ‘sheltered’ members of humanity in Europe and North America. Fascinating how this is ‘playing out’. What a SHOW!!! Can’t wait to take it to other planets, armed with all this OUTRAGEOUS — and VERY utilitarian — direct experience. . . . πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, Waverider, I am in the deep here. North America. Believe me when I say it is deep. And heavy. Everyone trying to act a certain way. Contained. OH boy! Here it comes. KA-BOOM! I am SO glad I have made a world away from this world. Safe Haven. Safe Port.

      Fly High. Surf is UP! Lucky YOU for BEing where you are! Well, I did option this one and so I am where I am for good reason. And this too is GRAND!

      1. Yes, it IS all grand! All our free Soul choice, all blessed, all part of the Grand Theater of the Sublime Illusion we elected to play roles in — and all going as planned. All are waking up from the Dream of Duality and separation consciousness, whether they comprehend that perspective in their human consciousness or not. Now. So it’s all Go(o)d!

      2. Yes we are where we are for a reason Amy. And most probably no mistake I work in the banking industry. Small private owned. I still think I am ‘in it’ for a reason. Transcending is my thang ya know ?!

        1. thanks – will check it out – its interesting how my past poems are coming up and they have so much to do with what is unfolding for us Now. I wrote of what I wanted for not just my own life but for paradise to return for All. I had so much pain I wanted gone and so much Love I wanted to BE.

    2. Wow. What a brilliant message. And much needed (by me, at least). Thanks so much. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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  3. Breaking News: The Magnetic Pole Reversal Can be Measured Now!

    by Georgi Stankov, November 16, 2013

    “A huge surprise for me this morning. I have a compass on my desk since this summer to regularly gauge the magnetic pole reversal. As nothing happened for a long time, I stopped making these regular measurements for more than a month.
    Today my HS urged me very strongly to check the position of the magnetic North pole one more time and I got a huge surprise – I was almost speechless and could not believe my eyes at first.

    The magnetic pole has moved since my last assessment more than a month ago about 15-20Β° to the East. I knew exactly where the magnetic needle of the compass pointed in the past – exactly at the corner of my room and now it has moved far away to the east and points almost in the middle of the north-east wall of the room.

    This displacement fully coalesces with the well-known rapid movement of the magnetic pole in east-south direction towards Siberia with an annual displacement of more than 50 miles for the last several years. However this year the speed has accelerated and according to one reliable source, the magnetic pole has been displaced from the initial North pole position in direction Siberia by almost 160 miles in 2013.

    This information was given in June, so that the magnetic pole has moved in south-east direction almost a mile per day in the first half of 2013.

    I personally could not assess this steady displacement with my compass as it is not very sophisticated, it is only a small pocket compass which my wife uses when she rides with her horse in the Bavarian pampas to roughly determine her direction. But this compass has all the degrees of the circle and one can measure the angular displacement very precisely.

    It is important to mention that I always measure the magnetic North pole from the same position in the room as to have a reliable comparison, hence there is no way that I am mistaken. When the magnetic pole reaches the 40 degree on the globe, it will flip-flop all of a sudden, as this same source confirms and other experiments have shown.

    The guy in the above mentioned video is however wrong when he estimates that this will happen in about two years as he departs in his calculations from a linear system, while the magnetic pole reversal is a disequilibrium system that behaves in a highly NON-LINEAR fashion, as I have shown with my latest measurement.
    For months, there was no visible displacement to be observed with my compass and all of a sudden within a month or so, there is this huge shift of almost 20 degree on the compass as measured this morning, which shows that the magnetic pole has already reached Siberia and is heading towards the 40 degree, where it can reverse any moment from now on.”

    ~ Georgi Stankov

  4. Aisha,

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and I truly appreciate your posts and find much comfort in them. Needless to say, this process has been a tough one and now thinking back, had I realized then what was occurring, I might have been able to better handle what I was going through.

    It has been a long, painful, mystical, enlightening, terrifying, yet beautiful journey all at the same time. I have felt so alone and at times completely mentally unstable. I would venture to guess that my family and friends would agree. Those that I still spend time with, this is. : ( Your posts as well as others I have followed over the last few months have helped alleviate the pain that accompanies the ascension process. Just knowing that I am not alone . . .

    I do have a question in regards to the energetic/ascension symptoms. I will have moments when my heart will flutter and feel as if it is coming out of my chest. It happens out of the blue and when I’m feeling calm for the most part. I have been extensively researching symptoms online for months and there is quite a bit of repetition, as I’m sure you know. I am just wondering if you can recommend any sites that might cover other unusual symptoms that people have experienced? I do realize that each individual journey is unique. My symptoms are endless and it would be nice to have a good reference point or a place to discuss them with others. There are so many sites out there, but having some references would be great.

    Again, I truly appreciate your messages and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Looking forward to the next update.

    Love and Light ~ Marcie

    1. Dear Marcie, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! I think you will find much help and support from this family of light gathered here, and perhaps some of them also have some information on this topic that can be of help. As you say, there is quite a lot of information about these symptoms on the web, but I have to confess I am not updated enough to be able to give you any suggestions. But what I can say, is that you are not the only one with a fluttering heart! I have it from time to time, and when it happens, it feels like my heart does a full somersault. The rest of my body, including the breath, is always very relaxed, so it is a bit like having the hiccups, except it is happening in/around the heart. Sometimes it is just one single occurence, while at other times, the heartbeat is much more powerful than usual for quite some time. When this happens, my breathing still stays very slow and relaxed, so I do not feel stressed out in any way. I also have friends who experience much of the same, so you are in good company πŸ˜‰
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha,

        Thank you so much for getting back to me, I truly appreciate your genuine insight. The intense symptoms have been going on for several years now and they do come and go. It has been a hell of a ride, this is for sure.

        I have had some interesting symptoms( not web/textbook πŸ˜‰ ) and I’m just searching for commonality and people that I can relate to. I spend the majority of my time alone, as I’m not comfortable around a certain energy. I have been this way my whole life, but over the last several years, it has become much more intense.

        I guess one could say that I’m in search of a reliable and genuine source and a place to call home per say. : )

        Thank you!

        My Heart ~ Marcie

        1. Come on home, girl! Tell us your unusual symptoms that are not discussed elsewhere. You may be surprised to find that others here are/have been experiencing the same. There is such diversity and love here. I personally could not even list all the symptoms I have had that go along with this process, and yes, some are very odd. I won’t go into them all now, because it would take up too much space. Haha. If you are comfortable doing so, I would love to hear all that is going on with you, or just a few examples, if you like. No pressure, Marcie, just whatever you feel like. Love to you! :)AH

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          1. After the responses I have received and reading more of the comments here, I now doubt that I have experienced anything unusual. : ) It’s just that I haven’t read about some symptoms in relation to the process, so it does peak ones curiosity.

            I would not necessarily refer to them all as symptoms. I’m not sure? Everything from a little swirling hot spot on the bottom of my foot to telepathy. And, all those in between. ; )

            How about you? Oh, what a relief this is. ❀

            1. Oh this is too funny. I was wanting to put an example of my “strange” symptoms earlier but couldn’t decide which one. πŸ™‚ The one that stands out most recently has to do with my feet! I have been getting this weird thing where suddenly one or the other foot will cramp (not exactly that, but I have no better word). My foot feels like it is trying to curve inward or backward, like my toes are trying to touch my heel. Ouch! This is accompanied by a visual of my bones sort of rubberizing in order to accommodate this position. Eeek! Par for the course. πŸ™‚ And you are right, “symptoms” could maybe be replaced with simply “changes” or something, depending on what one is referring to. I think sometimes there are symptoms to do with energies, and then there are changes to do with the fact that we are transforming, and then all the psychic stuff is a return to our natural state. I dunno. I am certainly no expert. Just going along with it all as it happens. I will say that starting early 2010, I became very very ill with the stomach stuff people talk about. I could not keep any food in. I lost about 80 lbs in just a few months. Then I could not eat at all for the longest time. I simply had no appetite. I had to force myself to drink Ensure. Of course, everyone thought I had anorexia or something. I just ignored them, because I knew it wasn’t that. At some point I found I could transform light energy into “fuel” that my body needed (since my body is an energetic vibration anyway). I could not do this to the point where I could exist ONLY on that, but I knew it was keeping me going. Haha. Now who sounds crazy. Have I scared you away yet? There have been heart flutters and even moments when my heart has stopped. “Come on, old girl, we are supposed to stay here a while longer, get on up again.” Blah blah. As I said, I could give many examples. And now, as we seem to be on the verge of some big “event,” I am just coming back to enjoying being in a physical vessel. Just beginning to honor and cherish it. And I chastise myself inwardly, “Can you never be satisfied?! You dont like it when ya got it. Now you may not have it and ya want it.” Haha. Though I know that this Ascension is all about doing it IN BODY. I have to remind myself of that constantly. Good grief. Sorry for rambling on like that. Someone told me yesterday that they thought I was crazy when they first came to this site. I think I understand…. I do hope you stay with us… BIG (((HUG))) πŸ™‚ AH

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              1. Hahaha – think it is time for the “old crocodiles” to bring up the old symptoms to the surface and then let go to some dusty archive for researchers to dig in in the future ;)))

                Love you so much!

                B in joy

                1. You got that right, sister! πŸ˜‰

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              2. Crazy? A big resounding NO, you are not crazy! Maybe that’s part of it as well. A test of sorts to see if we can handle it all without being committed? : )

                I’m familiar with the foot thing as well . . . just how you describe it. The stomach stuff too. It’s interesting, as the symptoms seem to be similar in nature, yet different in duration, intensity, etc.

                I’m not going anywhere, as I feel a sense of peace and comfort knowing that A. I’m not crazy and B. I’m not alone. : )

                Do you have a twin?

                1. Oh, I really like A and B. You are correct, you are neither of those things. πŸ™‚ And once again, I am glad you stepped forward to speak.

                  I am not sure precisely what you mean on the twin question, so I will cover all bases. If you mean as in a birth sibling, no. If you mean a twin soul, yes. (Well, as you know, every single person has a twin soul, it is simply that they are not always incarnated at the same time.) JJ here at the pond and I are twin souls. We have both been very grateful that we decided to incarnate and meet in this lifetime. It is quite the blessed gift. He is not nearly as vocal as I am (well, not in posting here, he isn’t … oh the smile on my face and the warmth in my heart and the honor I feel just to speak of him!).

                  There are a few others here who are either in relationships with their twin souls or have met them but not entered into relationships, etc. I feel I should let them speak for themselves if they choose.

                  And you?

                  1. Yes, twin soul/flame is what I was referring to. : ) I have met mine as well, but not in the flesh . . . yet. This is where the telepathy comes in. I know, it sounds crazy, huh? It was difficult to wrap my head around at first, as I’m sure you can understand. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Magical, to say the least. : )

                    1. Yes! Early this year I had an experience in which we began to merge in consciousness. It was amazing. At the time, I felt he was not incarnated. I had resigned myself to not meeting him in this lifetime. Lo and behold, there he was. So perfect. My wish is that everyone know this union.

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            2. This is something my twin soul, JJ, shares with me when I am feeling a bit lost and alone. Not only do I feel comforted and surrounded by his love when I hear it, but I feel held in the arms of the Father. We are rebirthing here, and newborns need to feel that they are safe and sound and loved loved loved.

              Thought I would pass it on…

              1. oh my. The Love, the Kindness, the Warmth, the Oneness, the quiet Joy, the CONNECTION shared in this vid–between you two–is very special indeed. Thank you, ALee (and JJ) for sharing.
                A most beautiful invisible shared feeling of Love made almost visible for the rest of us. It’s existence cannot be captured–if it could, it wouldn’t exist. God Bless You Both.
                In Gratitude and Love, xo Lin

                1. Lin, you just have such a way about you. Indescribable. It makes my heart take flight…

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            3. Dear friend!

              For me it has been easier not classifying all symptoms coming du ring the years. That would have driven me crazy πŸ˜‰

              Every time I went to a doctor everything has been just fine even if almost feeling “half-dying”. So, what can I say but ask yourself what is on and believe you are protected in this holy process.

              Love and respect, being with you,


    2. Hello, Marcie!! Thanks for sharing! No, you are not alone. So glad you are here. I love your gravatar! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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    3. Hi Marcie. I have had the heart flutters for a long, long time on and off. When it is not happening I think ‘how could it have been so bad and now be so fine!’. I have noted mine were triggered by solar activity. And they would come when I was calm too like u and Aisha. The more I get out of fear and into Love, the more stable I feel. We are being assisted so much these days too – by our guides always but now with the added upgraded energy. It will be OK Marcie! Love 2 U from one who used to be a wreck! Areeza

      1. It’s nice to be able to communicate with those that understand. The vast majority would most likely want to commit me. : )

        Thank you sooo much.

        Ya know, I did notice that I remained calm and my response wasn’t fear, but curiosity. I had wondered if the flutters had something to do with the full moon this weekend. I have suffered from insomnia for years, but over the last several years it is more intense around the full moon.

        Again, thank you for sharing. I have definitely been working on moving away from fear and into love. : )

        Love to you from one who is working on not being a wreck.

        1. The full moon has affected me too. Once, so much so I thought I would die. I was at the beach – in the ocean – looking up at the moon. It was full and u could see it in the daylight. Well, I was really ‘getting into it’ – the feel of the moon. And, my heart went into freak mode. I felt Christ helped me get onto my beach towel. I thought of crawling to a life guard! I blacked out partially and thought this was it. Heart started to finally beat in normal rhythm again and I tried to tell my family what happened. I think it is because we are such ‘sensitives’ here we are so in tune with energies. Things have calmed for me thank goodness. I hope they do for u as well. We are strong – we are taken care of and u just have to listen to what your High Self wants u to pay attention to. all the best! Love, Areeza

          1. Wow. It’s interesting how your story resonates. We are all experiencing very different things, yet there is some sort of symbolism that forms a connection. Something familiar. If this makes sense? : )

            I have always been a moon person. Imagine a child that sees the moon (a full moon) for the first time ever. Tis’ me, with my mouth gaping. : ) Also, it fascinates me when you can see it really well during daylight hours.

            I’m glad you made it through that experience. If I may ask, how did your family respond to this?

  5. Baloney
    by Louis Jenkins

    There’s a young couple in the parking lot, kissing.
    Not just kissing, they look as though they might eat
    each other up, kissing, nibbling, biting, mouths wide
    open, play fighting like young dogs, wrapped around
    each other like snakes. I remember that, sort of, that
    hunger, that passionate intensity. And I get a kind of
    nostalgic craving for it, in the way that I get a craving,
    occasionally, for the food of my childhood. Baloney
    on white bread, for instance: one slice of white bread
    with mustard or Miracle Whip or ketchup-not
    ketchup, one has to draw the line somewhere-and
    one slice of baloney. It had a nice symmetry to it, the
    circle of baloney on the rectangle of bread. Then you
    folded the bread and baloney in the middle and took
    a bite out of the very center of the folded side. When
    you unfolded the sandwich you had a hole, a circle in
    the center of the bread and baloney frame, a window,
    a porthole from which you could get a new view of
    the world.

    this made me smile – Areeza

  6. Greetings Love Beings, BOOM, Full Moon Energies Began Pouring In this Morning, preparing us for another round of intensity! The Sun Also Is Filled with Sunspots which will continue to give us Blasts of Light and Our Solar wind Speed is Above Normal, We are Flying through SPACE! No where to run and hide in these energies we are continuing to get a direct HIT from all of this Intensity! You can Join Live today for a Galactic Love party and celebration in the 5d Room All day at this link:

      1. I’m feeling better and better as this day comes to a close. I have not been too nervous about the surgery. Only in the middle of the night when I wake up. Got my comfort foods and only a bit of preparation left for tomorrow. Have to be at the hospital by 6AM. Glad I am first.

        1. OH Luv, you know I will be there with you, holding your hand all the way. I promise. I will make a point of being in an altered state as much as I can. I recently helped my brother who was critically ill. I will know immediately if I am needed to assist you in any way. I AM here for you, Areeza. IAM the Beat of your Heart. IAM your breath.

          Holding you tight, and not letting go. I LOVE YOU. You will be SO relieved to have this done and over with. Hubs was a wreck before his surgery, and now a little over 2 weeks later, he was out raking leaves today.

          I “feel” a very uplifting powerful pure surge of energy in connection with you. All is Perfect. Trust. BE. NOW.

          Love, Amy

          1. I feel it too! Love this ‘pure, powerful energy’! Thanks so much – I Love u back – if i get nervous, I will be sure to think of you and the others here. I Am in good hands and hearts πŸ™‚ And… glad your hubby is doing well!

        2. Hi Breeze,
          I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you during your surgery.
          I see you coming through with flying colors. Literally!
          When it’s all over and you open your eyes…. You will smile….
          Peace and comfort beyond all understanding to you,
          p.s. the clouds will make a big smiley face for you in the sky. πŸ™‚

          1. Got a chill on the top of my head and third eye… it is still going on…reading what you say….. thank you for this blessing!!! truly XO

            1. Dear Areeza! I will be by your side tomorrow, adding my light to that shining circle of love that is already surrounding you on all sides.
              Much love and a soft embrace from me, Aisha

  7. Dear sun_of_blue, your light is steady even when your body is shaky. And not to worry, your body will help you all the way. After all, as the CCs say, you and your body is a match made in heaven.
    Much love from me, Aisha

  8. I thought the process was going to kill this physical body this week. I really thought this. Yesterday was the worst. I couldn’t walk, talk, barely breathing. Today this all lifted and I feel that “freedom’s bell”. I feel it, Sun. I just wanted to encourage you today.

    Love, Amy

    1. Hi Amy
      see how different we are. I’m o.k. with a few exceptions: I’m
      not sleeping as much as before.I’d like to…but after four hours I’m awaken, not tired, ready for…whatever I have to do. Not that I don’t like it just -not me (as I know me) anymore.

  9. If any of you are interested and missed it – I posted yesterday on Part 369 about the Sun Dog phenomenon (the second rainbow sun I have been seeing). Paradise is Written in the Sky – Part One of the Sun Dog Messages @ (Read about the 13 Codes @ ) >>We are at the key stage of unlocking and anchoring the 13th code now; ‘It is a rebirth into a higher plane of existence while in a physical form. This is what we feel is missing and continue to search for. This is a time that the Ancient Maya foresaw and recorded with the grand calendar cycles. This is why you and I are here . . . to reclaim that code!’

      1. yes,,, I was so amazed but not really πŸ™‚ I knew something was up with this rainbow sun i was seeing. Glad i investigated and found what i did. It goes with my long ago vision in the space craft with the American Indians – showing me the spectrum in the sky and what great significance it had for my future. and the 13 codes opened up my memory banks further. Glad u enjoyed it — have a great night Lady!

    1. The very words “13th code” resonate very deeply to me! Not only that, but I was born on the 13th, all my sports jerseys have always been #13, it is my “lucky” number, and this is the 13th year since I “heard” what I refer to as my wake up call. And I haven’t even read this yet, not really sure what 13th code is. This may not be directly related (then again isn’t everything…), but I just wanted to bring back to the forefront about when we were talking about the AION openinging on 11-23- 2013 (sum=13). I got a message about this that said “Be at the 13th octave.” I dunno. Just sayin… thanks for this breeze! I will be sure to read it. xoxoxo

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  10. I thought of u this morning Sun – I could have ‘gotten into’ the movie show last night. I kept passing them by and I as well aware of it. After surgery, I will ‘pick one’ and see what happens. For many nights now, I have been hearing ‘one liners’ – they are all impressive statements. Hope u feel better, Rest Sun – XO Areeza

  11. The past two weekends were mostly dizziness, and I am grateful that is not my experience this weekend. What I am having as challenges are the physical manifestations in form of money to pay bills before things are shut off, and, a car which is barely running. And I need it to get to work.

    When they talk about us being bombarded with energies, I don’t know anything but that dizziness, and I have yet to feel something coming in waves.

    Do the energies have anything to do with the material lack? I have a really good attitude, and know abundance and prosperity are in the works.

    Love and hugs to all here

    1. Shannon, these energies have everything to do with our evolving as a species. They know not about “money” or lack thereof. It also has a lot to do with the individual’s soul plan, as well as where that person is on the evolution scale. Ascension staircase.

      Count your blessings you only feel dizziness. You are very fortunate.

      Love, Amy

      1. Thank you, Amy, for clarifying these energies for me. It certainly would be helpful to know the reason for things as then it’s easier for me to stop wondering if there is something else or different I am to do.

        Thanks for the hint about how these are affecting others, much worse. I guess we don’t know why some are having a tougher time – I tend to think of myself as on the more newbie levels, and that those who are having the toughest time may be higher on the scale, but of course I don’t know.

        Thank you so much for replying to my question. I appreciate the support here so much.

        Love, Shannon

    2. Hi Shannon333, It feels to me that everything in the old physical material world is being ‘shut off’. Even me. i can not operate well in it — there is just that void – nothingness. Like if it were a puzzle and u tried to put it back together, all the old pieces would just be blank. I feel held back many times due to my job in the old world – it makes no sense to me that I am having to work 5 days a week, etc. After my operation Monday, I will have some time off to investigate the real me more on a daily basis. Keep the focus with the real you Shannon – there will be a fit for all of us and things will start to get better. I still believe in the redistribution of wealth coming. Nesara:
      Also interesting: The moneys stolen from us are supposed to be given back and taken away from the 13 families controlling it. St Germain is involved in this and has been for eons. I wish it would just take affect right now and we could all relax and not play the survival game anymore. I hear you and My heart is with you, Areeza

      1. Dear Areeza,
        I know what you mean. I also knew many years ago that I never wanted to work more than 20 hours per week! And at that time I felt so odd, and wondered why I could believe that when others didn’t and the culture taught a 40 hour work week, and that if you wanted more you just had to work more or harder. And now, upon coming into this Ascension community, I’ve been guided to a job which is nearly 45 hours per week, at the lowest pay I’ve had in 40 years!!!! Thanks for reminding me it’s all part of this old world we are leaving. I’m just so doing my best to live in the new world, and 3d just dragging me down! I agree with you about the new financial systems about to come into play, and all the money about to be released. I would also urge anyone in the usa to buy a small amount of dong or dinar asap at if they are still operating. It can be as little as $20, as the process is reportedly in the works for this weekend for the global currency reset to occur. YOu can use a credit card to place your order. Hope this is not out of line to say this here. Love, Shannon

      2. Wishing you well with the surgery, too Areeza. That is wonderful you will have that time for yourself following it. I like what you said about finding the real you in that time, and will keep that in mind.


        1. Thanks so much for the well wishes. It will be tough with only getting disability pay for that month but so worth the rest I need. This is also the season my guy has little work. He is a handyman. Well, he is really so much more and people realize it yet they keep him busy if he keeps his rates low. Thinking of my favorite job that was also the lowest paying one – at a flower shop my friend owned. oh,,, what silly fun we had! Whenever we get together, it is like no time has passed. we play like we used to πŸ™‚ He has lived in CA for yrs and actually did Ben Stiller’s wedding in Hawaii! He knows many stars but says it is all so phony – he likes his friends here best :). I would be happy if I just had a three day weekend. I used to own my own Temp business and it was so nice setting my own hours. I usually gave myself every Wed off as well as weekends. Hey – thanks also for the Dinar reminder. I had thought of this and no, not inappropriate at all to mention… here is a good read on it:

          Keep the faith!

          1. Breeze and Shannon talked here about purchasing Vietnamese and Iraqi currency that is supposed to be quite valuable when the global currency resets. Does anyone have any information on this in terms of the credibility of this prediction, or where we would purchase it at. Breeze listed a link above that describes the reset. I have been reading on the Golden Age of Gaia website for the last few months that ArchAngel Michael has advised Lightworkers to do this so we can be financially solvent and better prepared to create jobs we like in the New Earth and share and support humanity.

            Susan has advised us not to believe all of the channels as some are hacked.

            1. Dear Sunny and anyone else feeling called to participate in the RV (revaluation) anticipated of 3 currencies – 3 sites that I follow and am happy with have leaders who believe it is about to pop. I mean this weekend. And yes, I also came on board with it when GoldenAgeofGaia had the channeling from Archangel Michael. I am a subscriber to The Sedona Connection (thank you, Breeze, for telling people here) and I feel good about Dave Schmidt, who is also in agreement with the people I am following. Dave had a lot of life experiences which brought him in as a leader with this, including his studies of ACIM. He’s also a former Washington state senator, and, worked in the financial industries trading for many years. He is a bit of a lighthouse for many. I’ll repeat that you can right now purchase even small amounts at — that website Dave Schmidt told us about. It is easy, and the currency is certified. I had also bought some on ebay early on, when I thought there was urgency then, in September. I had the good fortune to deal with an honest seller. I can share more info here if anyone is interested. Here is a site which posts the most important updates: — go to the updates tab and just check it every so often. If you do think about buying, time just actually might be of the essence, though there have been many times it could have happened, but the process was aborted. It’s very complex. I believe in “Tony” — he is an amazing being leading us through this, and he has a tough hide. He needed it. There are many, many negative posters, but they are opinion and don’t seem to have facts to substantiate the criticisms they hurl at Tony and his team.

              1. Shannon, thanks. I will check it out and do some research. I did ask my guides in sept about buying it and they said no, but maybe the time was not right back then. The last few weeks I have been able to raise my frequency to abundance by doing affirmations and I have finally overcome the feeling and thought of lack, and other negative thoughts. It took forever, as I have been working on these affirmations and keeping my thoughts positive and elevated since August, and it has taken that long to break the cycle of negative thinking. I was one who was always bracing myself for fear the other shoe was going to drop. And i lived in that mindset off and on for years . Now to be free of it is to feel like a child again, trusting that the universe will always provide in the Now moment.
                hugs to you…

                1. Sunny, I lived the same way for decades – waiting for the other shoe to drop. I also have been working hard at changing that, and listening to Abraham Hicks for three years and then switching to Bashar for a few months did more good than anything else. I’m amazed that I’m far enough along with that change in thinking to find myself in the community exchanging dinar/dong. I believe it is happening — and soon (maybe this weekend). It’s hard – we have been so conditioned to that paradigm, and it is at last at its end. It is unsustainable now. Warm hugs to you, as this game ends. Shannon

                2. Hi, Sunny,
                  The community of what I feel are the highest minds are waiting for the announcement any time this weekend, so you’d better place your order. Even a couple of comments mentioned going into their banks and the bankers telling them they are expecting to begin the exchanges this week. Good luck and may your abundance and prosperity be here now!

            2. Oops! Thanks Shannon, too, for bringing this up. (I only mentioned Sunny and Breeze in my previous comment.) Sunny, you can purchase them from any bank. When I bought mine, there was a service fee, because I bought less than $100 worth. I honestly don’t know whether or not it is the “real deal” on this timeline. I have seen it come to fruition on another. My feeling is that spending $20 or so on a chance like this is worth it. But then again, money is/will not be an issue at some point, either. A perosnal, heart-led decision is best, I think. No matter what anyone else says, do YOU feel urged to do it?

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


          2. I have been meaning to tell you this. You know the recovery period for this surgery is 6-8 weeks. By law, your employer must continue paying you until your physician releases you to go back to work. This may not be something you are interested in, but just thought I’d throw it out there. And thanks to both you and Sunny for the reval reminder. I have purchased some dong (god, that sounds strange… hehehe). I have not yet actually received them. Need to check on that, supposed to come by Fed Ex or something. My friend Bev and I were outside the day before yesterday and a UPS truck came down the street. She said, “Lori! Maybe that is your dong.” We started laughing and I pictured myself running after the truck yelling, “Dude! Do you have my dong?” Oh lord. I needed this laugh right now. Thank you… ahhhh… and I remember to breathe…

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            1. Hi ALee – my employer does not pay for my sick leave. It is disability. 60 percent of my pay. But yes, i do need dr to OK my going back. Most I have spoken with that had it done say 3 weeks they were back at work. One said 1.5 weeks. I am taking the 4 weeks and see from there… and I have to check in with my employer each week… they better not give me a hard time. They have been cruel already to me and others in their uncaring/misguided ways. Dont need that worry on me. I am doing so good!~feeling great and calm πŸ™‚

              1. Glad to hear it!! I can see and feel it from you, too. πŸ˜‰

                Sent from my Kindle Fire


          3. yes breeze, i’m on dave’s mailing list. he’s putting out good stuff, isn’t he? hope all is going well with you. we are expecting the RV to be announced this weekend, so hope everyone who was meant to participate followed their intuition and bought some of the currencies, even if only a small amount.

    3. Shannon, we will each experience something different — we are all built to be unique perspectives.

      In observing patterns over the years, I’ve seen that there are certain groups of people who experience similar symptoms, and this usually indicates what level their base Frequency is at.
      And it doesn’t matter how new you are at experiencing the ascension.

      I have observed that the ones who experience mainly “dizziness”….which can be non-stop….are those who naturally vibrate at a VERY HIGH Frequency.
      You are constantly tuning into the highest of the Energy frequencies coming into the planet. You are naturally very high, and therefore you are a match to them. They will be attracted to flow through YOU.

      Others at lower frequencies, will usually not feel continually high or dizzy, and most likely experience the Highs & Lows of wave-like motion.

      1. Thank you, Kiera, for that bit to help me understand and to observe from now on. I had felt “left out” of everything when I read others’ more dramatic experiences, so this was nice to hear. I am also finding it very helpful to be reminded by so many posts here to not read so much about what’s happening “out there.” I also am in north america, and yes, it is very deep at the present time. You all inspire me, and I feel protection and guidance here amongst you. Namaste, Shannon

    4. To answer this,

      “Do the energies have anything to do with the material lack? I have a really good attitude, and know abundance and prosperity are in the works.”

      Yes, the energies are magnifying everyone’s issues. Bringing them to the surface now. Forcing you to look at them.

      If you are still experiencing Lack, this is telling you that you truly do not FEEL abundant, in this Now moment. You must first believe (know) AND feel that you are abundant, right NOW — before you can match the Frequency of Abundance.

      Bottom Line — You will not be able to see/experience, what you are not already the frequency of.

      Must watchings:

      How to Manifest Your Desire:

    1. This is the Light behind that megawatt smile of hers… that she got from you! Be well, JJ. You’ve (all) come thru so much, the Light won’t allow you to stop now. Nothing can dim your Light(s) now.
      En-JOY. xo, Lin

    2. Wow wow wow. Wonderful!!!! I was telling one of our dear friends just the other day that my connection with Vive has changed. It is lighter now. Like she doesn’t NEED me the way she did before. I have not shared this with you yet. I will tell you privately what Vive said to me as I was speaking with this friend.

      Hugs to you and her. what a bright light she is
      You and Hellen have done so well with both her and Lara!
      And their own souls shine

    3. Dear JJ, thank you for sharing this joyful song with us. I am clapping my hands because I feel your’s and Vive’s happiness…and I applaud to all your family because you are true heroes. Big hug to each of you. Sonya

  12. Thank you Anna I read all of your writings to and love what you say in them. One dream I had about being taken through the veil of mother earth. I to had a vision of a beautiful lady with green eyes. As she spoke she would say look into my eyes when I say I love you. On one of these visits when I woke up I had vision in my eyes of mother earth. Its the way when you see and focus on something this vision remains in your eyes for a few minutes. The earth I saw was a beautiful light green color. Like her eyes. I was looking from a distance from above the earth. I noticed their was no oceans anymore. I saw rivers and streams with inland seas but no oceans The water was so clear you could see the bottom even of the inland seas.

    1. Yes yes yes!!! So beautiful!!! No separation anymore… even the earth merges itself…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  13. Wow…another wonderfully reaffirming missive, Aisha! I am so thankful for your Connection and your willingness to share it here! Everyday I get on the internet, seeing if there is a new post from you is my priority! Thank you!
    β™₯ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄β™₯ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄β™₯ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯
    β™₯ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄β™₯ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯
    β™₯ΒΈ.β€’*Β΄β™₯ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯
    β™₯ ΒΈ.β€’ β™₯
    / \ …spΡΓ­Ξ·ΠΊβ„“Ρ”βˆ‚ ωíth ℓღvΡ”…β™₯!

  14. I know the human body can’t make this journey. This is a journey for the human soul. When on the other side of the veil a new body will be created for the soul. So in a way it is for the body only with a new look and understanding. The body is the machine taking a rocket to its launch sight. I know of a lot of the old ways of doing things. The halls of light all the light chambers for the souls. The things done for a new life when the old one is no more. The way of dying and returning with the memories of the past. The things done for getting your wings and taking flight for the first time. The vibration one needs to shake free of all that binds one to a earth like life. I know of the new light chambers for this new process that is taking place. I haven’t taken flight in a while with wings as people like to think of the soul flying through space. I just think and I am where I want to go or be. I see a lot of the old in the new.

    I have been having a lot of visits from soul family lately. It has created a lot of things to think about in a much more focused way. These visits from soul family are every joyful when they happen. It is a friend or family member you can pour your heart out to . They in return respond back to you with their wisdom understanding and love. I even laugh and joke with them in a very loving way.

    One visit was in a father to son like manner. This visit knew me much better than I knew myself. As we talked about my life and were going through some of the things I had done. I could not help from laughing. I ask him after all this time you come to my young soul in this old body to give me a puberty talk. Then he laughed back at me. Then he said after all this time you have never lost this about you. You have always stood in your own power even when you didn’t know you had any power. Then he said you are one of the most powerful creations that has ever been created. I took this as the human race. He started talking about everything that has ever been created is in all of use. It has just been sleeping and now is becoming awake.
    Then he said with this comes new responsibilities. Then went into detail of what and how this has to be used and never misused. It was truly a joyous visit. This took a lot off my mind that had brother me and replaced it with other much more important things I needed to start focusing on. The way he came to me let me know I am always watched over and loved very deeply.

    Just another dream from a young but old man

    Blessing to all

    1. More tears of gratitude. Ray, I have not responded to many of your posts simply because I have sort of been working out my own stuff. My own soul visitations. I have read all of your posts, though, and been inspired and moved by each one. We have experienced many of the same things, my friend, though we use different words to describe them.

      I am so glad you are here sharing all of this. I wish you love.


    2. Dear Ray, you have such a brilliant ability to express feelings into words that I literally “drink” your words. And I admire on your vivid dreams, too. It is amazing how long and meaningful they are look like a little novel :)…Sometimes I also have vivid dreams, but they are more as a short movies like picturesque visions and usually happen before some big happenings that I expect. Although such are very rare, only few times a year, anyway they are very helpful. Just to know which direction to follow or what to expect. Thank you so much for sharing your uniqueness. And also I thank to all souls here present for sharing their light and warmth. My endless love to all and each of you. Sonya

  15. As you may recall, I have sort of a direct line with the Divine Mother. She speaks to me often. She whispers in my ear. She puts her hands on either side of my face and makes me look directly into her eyes. “Listen. Listen child. Hear me.” I feel her love directly in my heart and in my very soul. She showed me long ago to communicate. I thought she meant just my own stuff. She did not. She means for me to share what she tells me. I have been reluctant to do so out of fear and insecurity. I feel her strongly within me at this moment, wanting me to share this. Not only for myself, but for every single person who wants to know what love is.

    With a deep breath and a gigantic leap of faith, here goes…

    “Dear one. Look at me now and know this. Look into my eyes and feel this. Feel my arms wrapped around you in strength and comfort. I will hold you as you go forth and multiply. Multiply love.

    Your culture has taught you that love is giving away everything of yourself to others. This is not the truth. The truth is that one must love oneself first. One must be whole and full within before being able to express real love to another. How can one give something that they do not have? How can one express something that they do not know?

    This is the real power of the feminine energy that is growing in your earthly plane now. The power of self love. When each being knows love for itself in its own heart, then that love will overflow to all others. For we are all one. There is a wave, dear one, a wave of love that you have never known in your earthly existence. It is coming to you. This wave will drown you in its power. It is a baptism that will renew you in ways you can not imagine in your human brain.

    (Here it gets very personal, but I am led to include it anyway…)

    And you, my child. Hear this. The union of twin souls is the highest form of love knowable in your earthly plane. It is unconditional love personified. It is the human equivalent of Father/Mother’s love for the world. It is a union in which two evolved souls, who are one, merge and open a powerful portal for the love of Source to flow through. The union of twin souls is happening now for this very reason. You are to be an example of this. Spread this love by being in it. Show others what unconditional love really is. Humans have reached for this throughout their sojourn. Few have found it. They grasp at straws (!), for they have not found self love first. Go forth, my child, be fruitful in this.

    I am you. You are me. We go forth together.”

    And I remember to breathe…
    with love and humility,

    1. Welcome, Welcome to your Full Light, ALee. And, Thank You.
      I’m looking forward to more, dear, strong Heart-filled One.
      With Much Love, Lin

    2. Oh, my Sister. This is Truth. This is BEautiful. Thank you for sharing these Powerful Words with us. Thank you, AH. May the Mother Bless you for finding the courage to open up and share with the world, Her words.

      Deeply moved, Amy

      1. Thank you, Lin, Amy and B. I was shaking so much as I did this. So uncertain about whether or not to do it.

        And now I cry tears of gratitude that you have responded in such a way. On my knees again…

        With deepest love,

        1. Oh, Honey, when we first begin something “new” that really is not “new”, but is just something that is waiting to be expressed through us, the “fear” will come. This is the test. Will you overcome your own fear? And you did! This is also a way in which we stay humble. GOD, have I learned that one in spades.

          These Words truly touched my Soul. I felt “Mother”. I know Her, AH, in my communications with my flowers and trees. I welcome you with open arms to allow me the honor to bring these Holy Messages to Petals Unfolding. These messages need to be heard, AH. Or open your own blog.

          I encourage you to bring these message to a broader audience then the Pond allows. Think about it, AH. Please don’t let this Gift go, because of fear. Do you know how I was shaking when I first started writing at Petals? And about me page? To come out and say who and what I am? Big time fears. I was taught to remain quiet. Now, there is no stopping me or the words that also come through me.

          I LOVE YOU, AH!

          BIG (((HUGSS))) and congratulations! Lady Pinkrose welcoming Lady Lori

          1. Oh good grief, I can not see through the tears to type this. I have watched you blossom so beautifully on Petals Unfolding. It is an overwhelming thing to witness. You know I am always reading it, though it still refuses to let me comment!!! πŸ™‚ Guess I should respond here more when you post the links. I strangely feel that I should sort of refrain from commenting, though. I don’t know why. Anyway, you may of course share the Mother’s words wherever and however you like. I accept your love and encouragement with a glad heart. We will see where this leads…

            Love love love to youme, AM-ME!!! xoxoxo

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Anna, so is it OK to put Mother’s Words on Petals? And if it is, what Title do you want me to write for it? And also, by what NAME do you choose to go by??? If you don’t wish to say here, write me an email.

              I LOVE YOU. These Words really must be heard. I promise to do my utmost best to attach all tags and categories I can think of in order for it to “get out there”. Also, if you have any ideas what tags/categories to attach, let me know too. I want to do right by you, Lady Lori. These Words are Precious.

              Love and with a Deep Bow of Respect, Lady Pinkrose

            2. OK. Through my tears I missed that you did say yes, I can post the Mother’s Words. That leaves by what name you wish to be known by. And then the tags and categories……..let me know.

              Love, Amy

              1. I guess use ALee. Just that. Just my soul name. And all that other stuff, I don’t really care about. These are not my words, and they don’t need protection or anything. As far as tags and categories, please don’t laugh (well, go ahead, because I am laughing, too) … but, girl, I don’t even know what that stuff means!

                Hahaha … this is why a blog would be too muchh for me at this point. Oh, well. I am a smart cookie. I can learn, right?


                1. Got it, ALee! I will title it, “The Mother’s Message”.

                  And as for learning, do ya think I knew anything about blogging? Natta. I just flew by the seat of my pants.

                  I will find beautiful rose pictures to attach. When I am finished, I will leave the link at the Pond. Maybe Petals will be kinder to you if you go in that way!

                  OH! This is SO exciting!!!!

                  Love, Amy

                  1. I am overcome. Truly. This is beautiful. The photo of the rose blossom with the buds is divinely guided…

                    I can not believe you did this! I thank you from

                    Oh!! Just had a visual: Mother stands beside you, Amy. Gently rubbing your back with her right hand. She smiles upon you and says, “Of course she did.”

                    Holy cats. I have got to go lie down…

                    Hope to see you at the full moon, sister star. Wonder what kind of ring will be around it tonight?

                    Love love love,

                    Haha it is 3:00

                    1. Yes, I’ll take that rub. I was just standing ouside stretching my shoulders, and saying, “Ouch!”

                      Love to you, ALee, Amy…..when I first went to post your channeling, the time was 3:33. SMILE

                2. Anna Helen, I’m so glad and happy that Amy will be posting your insights at Petals. Your channel is so full of promise and hope, and so true that we must love yourselves first and put ourselves first. It’s not selfish – but is part of Divine Self-Care. And even more true that as females we must honor our Divine Feminine, as sometimes we are the only ones left standing and rooting for ourselves. There is even a scripture in the Bible about the importance of loving Self first, but I don’t recall where exactly. Yes, our culture did a number on us women making us believe we had to sacrifice ourselves for others.

                  And I’m so proud of you for standing up and confronting your father when you were in Florida. That is such a big part of your healing – speaking your truth and declaring your rights. Now you are free of that part of your past and can really move forward into your True Self and True Divine Feminine Power now .

                  and it is true what you say about couples staying together out of duty and fear. It doesn’t set a good example for our children to stay in partnerships that don’t work, and refuse to grow and change together. We are teaching them not to be true to themselves, and not to honor the Self. I wish my mom and dad had divorced when my dad filed divorce papers on her at age 65. My dad was so unhappy and could have met someone who really loved him for who he was. But he allowed my mom to talk him out of it, and he died with colon cancer a few years later. We know that cancer is a form of emotionally giving up and a shutting down of joy. He gave up on life.

                  And I stayed with my second husband of 20 years the last few years for my adult daughter to provide stability and a family setting for her, because her real dad and I divorced when she was five, and she had found so much family security with my second husband and I. But we were going down separate paths, and were no longer in tune – he was materialistic and 3d and I’d started on a spiritual path so I divorced him last year. It was hard for my daughter who was 37 at the time we split up four years ago, but now she sees and accepts that it had to happen because of all the factors involved.

                  Follow your heart, don’t bend to others or try to please them, listen to your feelings and be true to yourself always. You have finally found yourself, and tapped into who you are and what you need, and there is sooooo much healing there for you now. You are on your way forward and there is no stopping you now !!

                    1. Thank you, Sunny! xoxoxo

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                  1. Sunny, I thank you so much for sharing all of this. I love it when people tell their stories so openly. It lets us know that we all go through similar things. I feel your love, understanding and encouragement, and I send it back to you!


          2. The next test, the next phase you will move into is the very careful monitoring of your own thoughts.

            You will stop yourself, before you toss a thought out there as a generalization —

            eg. “…when we first begin something β€œnew” … the β€œfear” will come.”

            Eventually (or immediately) you will come to realize that this a belief you have either bought into, or one you have created for yourself. You will finally realize that you are the one who makes up the rules of your own reality.

            Thus, the next test, is the deliberate rewiring of your thoughts.

            Reprogrammed statement:

            “There is absolutely NO FEAR involved, in trying anything “new” for the first time. It is nothing but exciting and fun.”

            1. Kiera, you misunderstand me. It is human nature to “feel” fear. This is the Greatness of being alive now. It is to overcome those programmed thoughts. In order to overcome our innate fear, you have to see it first. My goodness, all of us walking this planet have fear issues.

              I really don’t appreciate being judged when I was reaching out to AH, who was shaking with fear. She was honest to admit it and so was I. Are you able to read my mind as to who I am, and what thoughts are programmed in my mind? If you can, you would make my life a whole lot easier by saving me the digging I must do in order to find those sneaky low-down fears that love to hide.

              And if you don’t know what I am talking about, you must not be human after all.

              Finger pointing only leads one way. The one finger that is pointing, leaves 3-4 pointing back at you.

              1. But its like Rumpelstiltskin story – U ‘call it out’, call it by name. Fear I see you!! And ‘poof’ fear leaves when the Love intention takes over. Your awareness and intention brings it into the light were it dies and cant play its game with you anymore. Do not try to find fear again, let is slip away and die its natural death. Fear does not serve us anymore imo. Only Love does… and visa versa. Kiera is human. I am human…. well we are all spiritual Beings in human forms. It is a matter of what one intends and why.

                1. Ah, but yet, IF we do not even SEE fear, we do not have the opportunity to do our “magic” and change it into Love JOY and PEACE. And empower ourselves.

                  I do not seek fear. When one does arise within me, I find the source, seek guidance from HS as how to proceed, and take another step into Masterhood.

                  I AM FREE of fear. Just because I admit I still have fear surfacing, does not decrease this statement in any way. Just as with my precious sister ALee, who overcame her fear, she is freeing herself as am I.

                  Love, Amy

                  1. I am just pointing out that u still seem to find usefulness with fear. For myself I dont. It is not something of a high vibration so I dont see a use for it. If anything of fear comes up for me it is short now and soon will be no more. Before, words to calm did not seem to relieve it much – now the words/thoughts of Love overcome it very, very quickly. That 13th code of Oneness is set in place πŸ™‚ we are linked in!

            2. Ahhh yes~ ! Kiera u r speaking my language. Even more so that of my ex who developed “The Language of Healing”… he was soooo into what u r talking about – He would have talked your ears off~! It is why I say re fear: how much feces do u want in your chocolate milk? A favorite biblical passage for me is “perfect Love has no fear”. Fear is the opposite of Love – some say Evil is – well, fear is first. The so called powers that ‘were’ on this planet in control – what did they need us to feel to control us? u got it. Yes, we are now “Intentional Humans”… this is why fear and fear mongers are loosing their grip. Fear is not part of this new procession – this new garment we wear for this parade is garnished with Love and Love alone (All One).

        2. I am sitting here smiling with all my face, thinking of that Star Night when I met Anna Helen Foster. Tonight I met ALee and I am so glad, grateful and honoured and my heart overflows with love and my eyes runneth over with tears. If you knew how much I love you my daughter and sister!!!

          B rejoicing

          1. Be still my heart. I have told you before that to me, you are often the very voice of god. Do you realize your part in helping me find myself and to have the courage to really listen to the Mother? And to step out and speak her words? I can never express my love for you, B.

            For all of you…

            Big hugs all around!!

            Smooch and MUAH!

            “Anna Helen Foster!”

            πŸ˜‰ DS

              1. …and we sing together…

                I will also look for the 3 Sisters star formation.

                ❀ ❀ ❀

                1. I would like to invite all who are interested to join.

                  And also, to dear M, who just today told me I will find my joy and that it might be something literary. Thank you, you brilliant artist.

                  Love to all,

                    1. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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    3. Most excellent ALee! you emerge a beautiful, free butterfly ready to take that journey with your twin flame. I see the flames dancing together and spreading their warmth and Love to All.

      1. Thank you Areeza. You blow your refreshing breeze my way as usual. I am forever grateful. Love to you. I will be right there with you on the 18th. We can be re-called together…

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    4. I am just popping in here briefly as I am having ‘quiet time’ today. I spotted your post or was drawn to it and wanted to share my JOY in your sharing like this.

      Taking the step you have takes courage.

      When I took the leap of faith/trust/love/joy to share the insight of Spheres Of Light with the world. My world changed. It’s not always been an easy road but I would not change it for it has brought so much to me/to others and continues to do so.

      It is a Gift you have been given ALee and if I may share something I learned about Gifts when SOL came through…

      “The spirit of the Gift is kept alive by it’s constant donation.”

      ALee blessings are upon you for sharing this Gift and there are more to come, more than you know…

      With much love and deep inner JOY for this sharing…

      Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. As usual, my light man, you have brought me joy. I hear what you are saying, and I love the quote. I will continue sharing. I will be brave and bold and do it with an open heart.

        The encouragement from all of you is overwhelming.
        Love you all!

    5. Dear ALee, thank you for having the courage to open yourself up and receive, and thank you for having the courage to share!
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. JJ. We reunited here at the pond. Amazing. Perfect and amazing.

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    6. Anna Helen

      Thank you for sharing this. It is truly a special message, deep, yet with a softness like a mother would give. You did good sweetheart!

      (Leave the cage whenever you want. The door is open. Plenty of room outside. Just fly. You know how to do it.)



            1. Oh!!! I can not wait to watch this. It is one of my most cherished fantasies to communicate with one of these powerful felines. I have had several experiences at zoos where I stand at the big cat cages (so sad) and am mezmerized by them. They usually stop their pacing, look back at me and sit comfortably. Like they relax in recognizing a kindred spirit. This has only happened when I am the only one standing there, though. So magnificent! Rmember that beautiful video, Amy, of the woman in all the different places on Gaia, with all the different cats? I love it. This makes me wonder if I have feline ancestry among others. (Shout out to Paul, my Lyran Leo man! πŸ™‚ ) Anyway, thank you so much, Jeff!!! I look forward to it! Love to all… :)AH

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      1. Jeff, the absolutely critical “NO FEAR” message seems to be bouncing right off people’s mental walls, right now.

        Instead of penetrating. And sinking in.

        However, the current energetic state HAS lifted people’s fears to the surface, as it is constantly being mentioned now —
        “I’m scared of this, I’m afraid of that, I’m shaking in my boots, I’m shivering in me timbers…”…on and on and on. All over the Internet.

        Wonder how long this state will go on for the Collective — before the fears are released for good.

        1. I have a problem with just “releasing.” I understand the concept and wish I could do it (yes, I know I could if I would release the idea that I can’t … hahaha … so twisted, I know). I simply find that, for me in this particular focus consciousness, I have to get to it, go through it, and then it is released. I am slowly merging with other selves who handle it differently (or have already merged and am in the process of bringing that IN … again, can sound complicated, but it really isn’t). All I can say is, what a blast!!! πŸ™‚

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          1. ALee – I get it – what u r talking about. And I awoke speaking with you and JJ about this. I was telling U my story of when I met my ex, Dave. He and I ‘asked that very day’ to meet our mate. It turned out, he lived right next door! I thought he was married – saw two boys. I was unloading my car from Thanksgiving trip (with my florist friend I mentioned in another post – I thought I was in love with him though I knew he was Gay). Anyway…Dave came up to me from behind – startled me a bit cause I was so intent on meeting my next Love – my husband and at days end here I had lost hope. He asked if i need help. I thanked and dismissed him – lol. Then, moments later, I realized I may have blown something. Saw him again a few minutes later bringing a bag up my sidewalk – it was left behind my rear tire (lol – had kahlua and vodka in it)….ok…so he says he did not want me to back over it. There….it started and he admitted he too was searching that very day. (For me as it turns out and I him) . He said later he had to hold on to my porch post to not reach out and pull me in his arms. Well, it was paradise at first for we had a beautiful flow starting – Love was taking us to such a place… ahhh. Then, he started to want to control it – he had ‘fears’. From what he went thru before. I could have also… but I chose not to. I was very, very saddened to see and feel what he was doing. I felt something beautiful dying. I tell u we were together 17 yrs but only that first month was perfect and so right. Had he released those past fears – well paradise would have been ours still. Mind u, I tried to help and I was not perfect. I was more willing to release and trust Love than he was though. U can release ALee and you can release for good! You can Trust Love and U will when you are ready. Let Love rule! XO

            1. It seems a most appropriate moment to put Aisha’s song from a few missives ago back in here, for many reasons. I had never read the lyrics to this, only listened. “You’re the queen of all you survey” is one line I never got, because I couldn’t make out what Sting was saying. So I am still letting me, little me, run the show, huh? Let love rule. There have been several times in my life where I have realized that “my way” wasn’t working. Something would always happen that would make me finally relinquinsh control. This moment, I choose to let go. I choose to let LOVE rule…

              Thanks for this thread about fear. And just look at the “13” on the posting time…

        2. Kiera

          The NO FEAR message “jumping off peoples minds”.

          Let it – as long as it doesn’t jump off “your mind”. I wouldn’t have posted this comment just anywhere. Only where I feel the people are advanced enough “to get it”.

          You wouldn’t be here Kiera if you weren’t special. Please, just don’t forget that.

          A quote from Rabindranath Tagore – “Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.”

          NO FEAR



          1. My rather strong comment to you yesterday, Kiera, is all about me walking away from others who criticize me. Who have ostercized me all my Life, just for who I am, and how I think and live. We all have a right to approach Life in our own unique way. Having said that, I AM walking away from the words that sting, the words that want to tear down. I work now with the Light Molecules to change that which has followed me all my life to a new pattern, one of acceptance, one of respect, one of Love.

            And so it is.

            Thank you for being a part of my Journey. Peace.

            Love, Amy

            1. When something really bothers us it is always worth investigating why. Something pushes your buttons, there is a reason for it. Its all good because we want to grow and advance until our energies are truly refined and perfect In Love. XO

              1. I also happen to live Life with gusto, Breeze, and that means embracing ALL emotions. Just not the goody two shoes ones. I grew up in an environment that taught me I was a nothing, stupid, ugly, crazy, and no-thing I did was ever good enough. Out of that, I was given opportunity to find ME, and to devolop a strong personality that enabled me to walk away from the doormat syndrome. And the victim mode that environment naturally placed me in. As a kid, that kid didn’t know better. As an adult, after many years sojourn, that adult learned to say goodbye to the victim.

                I also know, that telling someone that they are “wrong” is inappropriate, for none of us know, really know what is right or wrong (no such thing) for that person. All this led me to seek something within today, letting go some more of the past that still has clung to me. Unknowingly yes. But now that it is seen, it can no longer hide.

                I believe there are lessons to go around for everyone. Not just me. I am honest enough to embrace ME and come forward to speak of that which l let go.

                But then, that is me. You are you. Acceptance of ALL is so important, not easy at times, but so important, nontheless. How boring this world would be if we all thought the same. And even if I could have worded what I did to ALee, differently, it was meant for me to write what I did, for again, it afforded me the opportunity to dig and let go.

                I’ve learned a long time ago not to be afraid of fear. If I had, I would not be breathing. And that is the honest Truth.

                Love, Amy

                1. All is Love. Fear may be “the opposite” of Love, but I prefer to think of it simply as the opposing SIDE of love. Something to be embraced and “loved back in.”

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                  1. A very good friend of mine used to remind me that a coin has two sides. One is Love the other is fear. On ONE coin. It all depends on which frame of mind you see with and that which you Live in.

                    1. Yep!!! πŸ™‚

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              2. Good lord, don’t I know it, Otmn. Oops! I mean Breeze. Hahaha. Yes, these nudges are part of our soul family assisting us!! I always love it when Otmn pushes my buttons. I love you, man. Amy nudges me, too, but in a really kind and gentle way. And honestly, so does Kiera. But for some reason, she does it in the way I am used to. Maybe the way my grandmother did (like Michilin), just real no-nonsense statement of the other person’s point of view. No sugar coating. Sort of an “I’m saying this and you can take it or leave it.” It seems to always be in the way I need, depending on the circumstances. As I have said, I am always hearing you guys in my mind. I’ll do or think or feel something & I will hear Kiera say “You are not in your mastery.” Or Otmn, “You are projecting. Hush now.” Or Amy, “You must stop and go within. Just BE.” I do not know what I would do without you all! Everyone here at the pond speaks in my heart at all times. I could give an example for each of you. Gratitude and honor to you all… πŸ™‚ love hugs and smooches, :)AH

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          2. Great quote, Jeff. I missed Kiera’s post, but from my experience it is about moving past fear versus denying it exists, this quote captures that beautifully. Xo

              1. I agree completely Amy. It is a fine line to walk certainly, to see our fear, but to be able to keep it in check enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm us or dictate our behavior in self – defeating ways and then to get to the root of the issue, wherever it is buried and then release it, this is huge work!! Not for the faint of heart, I tell ya.. xo

      2. Oh, Jeff. You touch my heart. Just fly…. I will. I am. So free. Thank you so much. :)AH

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    7. wow, awesome channeling – if u’d have a blog with more of those, i’d follow every message with great joy and anticipation!
      to be honest, i didn’t notice the part about twin flames was very personal for you, but i did notice that it was very personal for me!

        1. thank you, Amy πŸ™‚

          apart from me feeling your great inspiration, dedication and great efforts in your creations, i feel the remarkable passion that you infuse everything with.

          1. Teasy, you do not know how much this Heart of mine yearned for encouragement this day. For in stepping forth as I have done, has brought loss as well as gain to me.

            Life without passion would not be worth living. Now would it?

            I really thank you with all my Heart. I am glad that our paths have once again entwined.

            Love, Amy

      1. My goodness. I am now regretting not doing this sooner. The Divine Mother has shared so much with me. I thought it was just personal talks. Wish I had written them all down. No worries, though. All happens as it should. I am so very glad her words spoke to you in such a personal way. Love to you, Teasy, and thanks so much for this comment! :)AH

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          1. ALee, remember the day I wrote about loosing all my notes in my notebook online? One day, all my thoughts, all my insights, all my everything vanished. Whoosh! I felt like I lost my brain, my potential. I felt so sad. Then I pulled away and I heard, “Now, you must start anew”. And look, Sister, I have. All those notes vanished, but in their place something even BETTER came to fruitition. That,, my friend, is what is about to happen to you.

            Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

            1. Ooooohhh… nice… ok. Bring it on!!! πŸ™‚

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          2. Gah! You are right! Thank you. Yes, they are out there in the web of consciousness and in here in me as well (all the same thing). I will just relax and let the words come through (again) if the message is meant to be written down and shared. Everyone really has access to all of this anyway, right? A perfect SOLution…

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        1. Dear ALee, nothing is lost πŸ™‚ As the CCs say, everything happens when the time is right, and NOW was the time for you to step into this with all that you are. I hope you will continue to share these beautiful words here!
          Much love and big hugs from me, Aisha

          1. Thank you, Aisha… (((hugs))) back. πŸ˜‰

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


        2. no worries here, either, Anna.. πŸ™‚
          i used to (try to) write down everything amazing that popped up in my mind… but after a while i noticed that the number of amazing things got more and more, until i could no longer keep up in the vast waterfall of amazing thoughts!
          now it’s like it’s no longer (that) important for me to record everything, just sharing that which feels right in this moment, as truely nothing is ever lost, or so i have found πŸ™‚

          1. Yes… excellent. I thank you and all here who have said similar things. All is well. I have be sitting with this for a bit and I have realized that there is a sort of a different feel to it when she really urges me to share. Yesterday I was literally saying to her “Ok! Ok! Quit pushing me! I’ll do it.” I could feel an actual pressure on my back like she was right there nudging me on. Guess she was. Oh my, all of this ascension stuff is so awesome!

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      1. I did, my dearest, and I have replied. I do hope you received it. My out box gets locked sometimes (hahaha), so I will check and make sure it was released. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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          1. Is that not the most perfect photo to go with that message?! I am amazed. To me, the five buds symbolize these threes things. The budding and spreading of love, the growth of love from oneself, and being held in the “hand” of love. She nailed it! She always does! What a lady our Rose is…

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  16. I too have gone through an incredible change in just the last few months. My guides have given me a kick in the butt to get going with my healing work and that is what I have done. So at this time I feel my purpose is to send out as much Healing Reiki Love as I can. This morning I just finished my 2nd distant group Reiki session. The energy was powerful. This is my way to help other souls get through the transition. Thank you so much for this message.

    1. Welcome, Linda! I encourage you to stay with the Reiki and keep healing. Heal Heal Heal. Heal All. I too Heal, in a different form, yet this is part of my Path. It is with great honor to acknowledge ONE who comes forth to manifest Her Heart’s Desire!

      With all My Love, Lady Pinkrose (Amy)

  17. Look what Virgil found when he “fell” into The Abyss…

    thank you once again
    and pond family

    1. Hahaha. Chaos reigns. That was the “wrong” clip. Though it is pretty cool, too. Must have happened for a reason…

    2. Much love back to you, dear AH! I love the first clip, it reminds me of an “out of body” experience I had. I felt exactly like that water being πŸ™‚
      Big hug, Aisha

      1. Ain’t he something? And yes, this movie is awesome…

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  18. Dear Aisha and Pond Folk :), I’ve been visiting here for a long while and figured it was time to actually extend my hand in greeting. It amazes me how often the CC’S insights, as well as the community’s just- plain-human experiences, (as well as the not-quite-plain- human experiences!), correlate with my day to day. It is very comforting.
    Thank you Aisha for being a conduit for these messages and for your commitment to making a oasis for the weary ascendant…

      1. Hugs my dear ,
        we will be free at last, through it all
        shimmers light
        through us it becomes true.

        1. Michilyn, that was downright beautiful. I am feeling poetic myself today. I just may write a poem.

          You just about made me fall off my chair.:)

          I do believe that is the first time you hugged me.

          My goodness!

          Your words are soul moving…….thank you. I take them with me this day!

          Love, Amy

  19. Aisha and CC
    Thank you. It made me smile for it reminded me about something I saw long ago… My friend’s cat always crawled the gate to go out.
    Once her father took off the old fence to replace it and left the gate in place only. What do you think the cat did? Yes, crawled the gate to go out…Obviously we are not the only one to act in old patterns…
    Like this message.

    1. HI, Maria. You are SO right. We truly do not know how deep old patterns run. Once, we had to turn the hot water off completely in order for some plumbing to be done. Do you know how many times I went to turn the hot water knob on? The MOMENT I turned it, I ‘remembered” there was no hot water. OH, yes, patterns are so sly and they really do stick.

      WE just have to find them to change them.

      Love, Amy

  20. First Bev speaks about the “ring of fire” around the moon. I saw it. I tried to photograph it and failed. The light I saw with my eyes would not allow me to photograph it. It was bright orange and it reminded me of a glowing fire.

    Then, it was either that very night, or the next night, again I was outside after sunset and as I looked up at the moon, it felt so close, enough so that I could reach up and hold it between my thumb and first finger. I actually did reach up to hold it. It just felt that “real”.

    Perhaps I should not have done this. In hindsight…….

    For the next afternoon and into the night (yesterday), I could barely see, walk, talk, breathe. It felt as though an elephant was sitting on me. In fact, during a time I laid on the couch just focusing on getting another breath, I saw behind closed eyes, an orb sitting on the earth’s surface. The “moon” came to Mind. What was the Moon doing sitting on the earth’s surface?

    I don’t know, but I will tell you this. It sure felt like it. Even my husband, by 8pm last night gave up. He couldn’t stay awake or stand up any more, and for him this is highly unusual. We both were in bed by 8-8:30. I never remembered hitting the pillow. Oh yes I do! I remember petting Bella and telling her how gorgeous she is, and then nothing. Out.

    I awoke to the sunrise as is my usual custom these days. I drank in the beautiful colors and I stated, “This day is Peace and Calm”.

    For the first time since I have known hubs, over 30 years, he laughed when he woke up. He wakes up with the “bear syndrome” (grumpy!) and believe me, I have come to avoid him. In 1985, I made a cross-stitch pattern that says SMILE. It is hanging to this day in the bathroom that he frequents as one of the first things he does after he awakes. I looked at that the other day, and I said to myself, “When will this man ever even SEE this and SMILE?”

    He did this morning. HA! If what I went through was to see this man smile in the mornings, then I say I AM glad!!!!


    1. OMG! If I had false teeth, they would have just fallen out. The photos that I took the other night, of the Moon, I THOUGHT the orange did NOT come through. I just pushed the “edit” button and OMG, the “ring of fire” came through!

      I am posting this on my blog. OMG! This is incredible!


    2. Big πŸ˜€ from me to you, dear Amy! Glad to hear that the elephant and the grumpy bear have stayed away today πŸ˜‰ A beautiful moon is hanging outside my window as I write this, and I am looking forward to see your photos of it.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  21. Shout out to Anna and JJ. Just on my mind and I want to say that you should not have to defend your lives. non of us should. I am so done with that myself. Sucks energy. JJ – I know you are moving close to your kids – of course I knew that. Doing what is best for you is doing what is best for them. My parents stayed together – only one loving the other. You keep the communication going with the kids – they are so smart. U Be In Your Love and they know it and respect it and it Is the example they want to see. Anna, you are doing/being just fine. Love, Areeza

    1. God Areeza, it is so hard to stay focused when the world is screaming at you that what we’re doing is wrong! And now I read in this missive that there is chaos, and I need to let go. Oh God, I want to let go, but I’m scared. Scared of doing the wrong thing. Scared that everything will fall apart. I even want to completly let go, to just quit and go Home. But that would not be right, I feel that. Having met my Twin here on earth is the greatest thing that happened in my existance. There is such a strong pull towards eachother!
      And it’s all good, how can it not be? Ha, I heard that both my grandparents met “someone else” in their lives, but they didn’t pursue it. They went back to their marriage. Am I to follow them? No. Am I to follow the same old ruts of life? No!
      So this missive of today, tells me that I should pursue. I find encouragement, if only a little, in it. Anna and I have made this desicion and we should stick by it. Somehow it will work.
      And yes, I keep an open communication with my children. Vive even said to not to stop with what I’m doing. God, I love her so!

      1. JJ, I send you and AH and your family my Light and my Love. You must follow your Heart. If you do not, you will live to regret it.

        I am one who the world has shouted at her entire life, that I am wrong, I am crazy. I have shut those voices out and only listen to ONE. MySelf.

        Love, HUGS, and may the Source BE with YOU! AM-ME

          1. (Practice) Stay in High Heart, JJ. Block out all voices that wish to tell you what to do. YOU are Master of your Life. And only you know the Truth of your Life.

            NOW. BE. PRESENT. NOW.

            Love, Amy

              1. But I thought you were JayJay…

                (rolling on the floor in stitches of hilarity)

                “You are another Me”:

                The Mayan greeting β€œIn Lak’ech Ala K’in”, which means I am you, and you are me (or β€œYou are another Me”), its an honoring for each other, just like Namaste in India, Wiracocha for the Inca, and Mitakuye Oyasin for the Lakota.


      2. Dear JayJay! You have so much light in you, and I know it will show you YOUR way. All my love to you, to Anna Helen and to your families. Always, forever. Aisha

        1. Dear Aisha, your sensitiveness is amazing…your missives are always so accurate that sometimes I fell like I am writing them. They completely express what I feel πŸ™‚ Thank you and CCs so much. Love, enormous love to you. Sonya

  22. “So you are in many ways still like a prisoner in your mind, even long after the walls of your cell have been demolished.”

    Yes – very well described. And the seams of the body have loosened too;) Here se go my friends! I am glad I was able to fill my refrigerator today before next round;)

    Thanks Aisha – are you still with us?;)))

    Much love,

    B in wonderland

    1. Dear Birgitta! I am still with you, but perhaps it is a brand new version of me? At least, that is what it feels like when I wake up every morning, and even a couple of times during the day πŸ˜‰ It is like I am just a cloud of particles, ever changing and shifting, like those starlings constantly moving into different formations. But like you, I do feel like I am in wonderland πŸ™‚
      Much love and big hugs back to you!

  23. OMG. What a day. I spent the afternoon in the kitchen and felt wave after wave of energy wash over me, every 30-60 seconds at its peak. Mostly I wanted to cry, as if I was grieving at some terrible loss, but then I would breathe through it and settle back down again. It was almost like the contractions during labour – regular and relentless, like clockwork.

    In fact it’s been this intense now for almost three days, but this afternoon was the strongest. Normally I start the day OK, and get overwhelmed by the energies in the evening, but for the last few days it’s been constant. I go to sleep with it and I wake up with it.

    And with each wave, I just keep reminding myself to breathe, that it’s not my “stuff” (i.e. it’s not something I need to “deal” with), and that each one I manage to breathe through is more light added to the world. But gosh it’s hard work. Looking forward to the other side of this, but I understand it’s going to get more intense before it gets easier. Goody.

    Just keep breathing, just keep breathing. Breathe, breathe, breathe πŸ˜‰

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