The manuscript of survival – part 369

These last few days have been intense indeed as you have all been traveling through a corridor of light that has opened so many new connections within. And now that you have exited this corridor, you will have some time to readjust to all of these changes, and then, you will start to notice what this last sojourn in the heightened frequencies has brought about. For as we told you earlier, through this process, so many new connections were secured and opened, and now, the light will have a much easier time reaching the targets, and so, it will be able to deliver much larger quantities of information directly into you all in ways that will enable you to fulfill your quotas much faster.

Let us explain. As we have touched upon in detail before, you are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet, and each and every one of you will serve in one specific area, where you will be asked to perform according to your abilities and previously agreed upon plan. And now, as this last download was so successful, we will crank up the tempo of it all once again. So you see, those endless questions of “when” will soon be asked again, but again, the same answer will be “when the time is right”. And now, you will all have even shorter to wait for all of this, as you have enabled yourselves and indeed the rest of Creation to amp up the speed of this process even further. So kudos to you all for having accomplished this, as it was by no means a mean feat. But again, there is much more work to do, and now, you will all find yourselves branching out in so many ways, as the real reason for your sojourn to this planet will start to seep into you.

For now, you will all find the connection between you and not only the rest of the people you are connected with through this journey, but also those of us still hovering on the other side of the so-celled veil to be heightened is such a way, it will make this next period far more interesting than you have perhaps envisaged. For you will be called upon to take yourself to task. In other words, your tasks will start to solidify within your consciousness, and you will see how bits and pieces of seemingly random information, accidental meetings and personal connections will start to emerge. And bit by bit, piece by piece, they will start to coalesce into a pattern that will enable you all to start to get a firmer grip on just who you are and why you are here in the first place. And remember, even if each and every one of you play a unique and very individual part in this whole process, you are all closely linked to so many others as well, so it bears to remember to share whatever information you may accrue along the way. For this is indeed a very collective process in all sorts of ways, and the better you are at linking together the separate pieces you will find, the faster this whole process will be completed. For remember, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and even if we have repeated this adage many times already, it is one we will remind you of again and again. For you are the ones setting the pace in all of this, and as such, you are the only ones who can fully answer the question of “when”. For that is up to each and every one of you, and now, you have all taken a mighty leap closer to that line in the sand that says “now the time is here”. For you have managed to open such an impressive succession of doors only during this last week, the tempo will speed up significantly.

So once again we say stay awake and start to notice things that will start to show up in your sphere of consciousness. Some of it may appear out on the fringes, but that does not mean it is of little importance, far from it. So sit up and take notice, and indeed, take notes, and most of all, compare notes. For you will each be given pieces that will fit perfectly with another’s part of the puzzle, and as such, nothing is of no importance even if it does not seem to fit in anywhere in your part of this large scenario. So stay connected in every sense of the word, and know that you are picking up speed daily as you go about this important work of deconstructing the information and reassembling it again with the aid of each other.


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    1. Hmm, this is interesting! I googled LN, and this is what I found on wikipedia: “Natural logarithm: The natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e, where e is an irrational and transcendental constant approximately equal to 2.718281828. The natural logarithm is generally written as ln x, loge x or sometimes, if the base of e is implicit, as simply log x.[1] Parentheses are sometimes added for clarity, giving ln(x), loge(x) or log(x). This is done in particular when the argument to the logarithm is not a single symbol, in order to prevent ambiguity.

      The natural logarithm of a number x is the power to which e would have to be raised to equal x. For example, ln(7.389…) is 2, because e2=7.389…. The natural log of e itself, ln(e), is 1 because e1 = e, while the natural logarithm of 1, ln(1), is 0, since e0 = 1.”

      So perhaps it is ln?
      Love, Aisha

  1. Perhaps I should explain something. When I was in Florida, I had it out with the old man in a really epic way. That relationship is most likely over with the exception that I gave birth to his grandchild and he is interested in that only because she is his blood. I also had it out with my mother via email (and some verbally in Florida) once I returned. I have already had it out with my husband in a very final way, yet I still have to live here, yes, for the sake of my child. The tension is killing me.

    So this one is for every single person in my life who has ever tried (and succeeded for a time, I must say) to control me and turn me into what THEY wanted. I am done with it. And yes, Otmn. I do apologize for taking part of this out on you. You for some reason always bring up my daddy issues. Probably something to do with the military upbringing. I sighted you at a thousand yards as having been through this before you ever mentioned it. Sorry, man.

    I no longer bow to fools, either.

    Thanks as always for the nudge.

  2. or what am I supposed to know.
    Spirit told me to hush m mouth to give others a chance,
    but then I just can’t stop trying to help.
    oh well, i’m just a fool.

  3. I should have said, don’t start me up if you don’t have the balls. or the clit for it.
    bowing to fools is not something I am willing to do again.
    tell the truth or get out.
    my wrath is loved, by one who knows

  4. I spent this afternoon with my tf
    all I can say is you guys
    are grasping at straws!?
    true love does not need any excuse
    I have no time for anyone who would abandon a crippled child.
    don’t start me up

    1. Well, you have nudged me once again. And my balls are just as big as yours and I have not only earned them, but I grew them myself, since I was not born with them hanging beneath some big dick. IF (and no doubt you will say I am projecting here…) IF you are referring to JJ’s earlier post about concerns over “leaving everything,” please allow me to inform you and everyone else that there has been a bit of a misunderstanding. He IS NOT talking about leaving his children. Either one of them. The crippled one and the healthy one. Both need him equally as much. He is simply talking about moving to an apartment that is less than 10 minutes away. He is struggling with the fact that here he has spent a lifetime building a nice home for himself, and all the work and effort that has taken, and now he might be moving into some dark little place that is just as expensive as what he lives in now. And this BECAUSE he is attempting to find some place close enough TO HIS KIDS so that he CAN STILL BE THERE FOR THEM. And I personally do not understand how staying in a marriage out of obligation is of any help to any child. I felt that with my parents. I did that in my own marriage for over 10 years. Believe me, the children feel it. How many adult children of “broken” marriages have you heard of who have said “I wish you had divorced earlier.”

      I do not give one flying fuck what anyone thinks about me. But I will not stand idly by while someone attacks someone else over something about which they do not have the full story. I understand you are defending the child in this situation (as is Amy), and I truly honor and respect you both for that part of it. But please, don’t make assumptions on partial information.

      Now, should it be the case that you weren’t even referring to this situation, then I apologize. So be it.

        1. Oh, B. I thank you. Now what was that you were saying about this new balanced woman I have become? …

          I had not replied to that comment you made because I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I certainly don’t feel the way you described. Obviously. I feel like I am on a see saw and the other person has jumped off and allowed me to slam to the ground. And yes, I have all the physical things you mentioned.

          As I said to Breeze, I feel like an empty vessel for the light. Sometimes that light is gentle and peaceful, and sometimes it is harsh and full of wrath (to borrow our Otmn’s word). We are only all speaking our truths here. We are all speaking out of love and concern, helping each other along. I know that. I do believe there is a time for “tough love.” I have received it and been grateful for it many times.

          I think I will follow Otmn’s wise example and shut up now.

          Love to you, B 2 B.

          1. So I guess I had one more thing to express. Sorry if you can’t get to this from your i-phone. That’s ok. It’s really just for me anyway…


    found this while looking at more Sun Dog info – and wow! wow! wow!
    Msg below from what are called “The First People” – this is just part (see link for all) And,,, this so fits my vision of the rainbow spectrum in the sky shown to me by what appeared to be American Indians. I had this many years ago. It was a vision of heralding in the new cosmic day as I call it. It also had cats in it – hmm. The cats, Indians and I were in a space craft.

    The First People began . . . the Sun Dog in the sky is evidence that it is starting. It is starting in us, because our hearts are open to this. Our hearts are open to bringing harmony and paradise back to Earth. So it is starting in us, and it will be our job to bring this rainbow, the rainbow heart energy back to the world that we return to when we are finished with this journey. But for now, we want you to just allow the rainbow into your heart, (readers can do this by meditating on the photo of this Sun Dog above) and know that all colors are represented in the rainbow even though you may not be able to see them with your eyes. It is all present, and is all ONE beautiful harmonious circle over our heads. The colors represent the diversity in humanity and the circle represents the harmony and a coming together of this diversity.

    They continue…. there are other places on the Earth right now, in other sacred places, where Sun Dogs are appearing. Ask your family in other places around the world if they saw Sun Dogs around the Equinox this year. Also, share this story with others so that they will renew their hope and faith that harmony is returning. The evidence is being written in the sky. It is being written in the sky, and written in Spirit right now. This is the first step to manifest harmony into the physical world and our physical reality. This is the beginning to bring back the harmony that we have all been searching for so long.

    This energy is coming from the source that all that is. But also there is a considerable amount of Pleiadian energy in the Sun Dog today. We appreciate that you recognize the blessing in this . . . most people walking in this site won’t even notice. But you did, and because you did, your hearts are open to letting it flood your hearts with this rainbow energy that is very magnetic, very energetic, and is transmitted at an extremely high frequency.

  6. Sun_Of_Glue πŸ™‚ I hope all that the cat glue brought up helps u break on through to the other side! It birthed a great discussion. We truly are all in this together.

  7. Oh – I wanted to tell you all that I saw a second rainbow sun again today – to the left of our sun again. It is called a Sun Dog or Parhelion I found out on youtube. Supposedly has to do with ice crystals high in the atmosphere and the sun reflecting. I have gotten a sense however that this ‘second sun’ thing has more meaning. And I have only seen this 3 times in my life. why is this appearing more lately? looks like what I saw

    1. OMG, Breeze. Thanks so much for the Sun Dog info and example. I saw this in the early evening of 11-10. I thought it was just some meteorological occurrence that happened regularly, and I had just never noticed it before. I even stopped a couple on the beach and asked them if they saw the rainbows, too. The rainbows formed like parentheses on either side, with the one on the right being a bit larger (longer) and more distinct. I had the impression that it must form an entire circle around the sun but assumed cloud cover both interfered and helped create it (if that makes any sense).

      Thanks so much!!

      1. I am sorry I can’t view the video about the sun dog – would love to.

        Today I am so filled with possibilities and in meditation I asked my friends on the other side, among them my parents and son, to give me a possibility to give people I meet love and light in an easy way by just looking at them when we meet (though I know I already do;) They gave me the most beatiful rainbow vortex with a big eye at the top to give to their heart or to the third eye. The top/eye is always in connection to the light. That was a very profound and Divine gift and it was so easy and natural to get it.

        Love, respect and gratefulness to all that is


    2. I’ve seen these a few times as well Areeza most notably a couple of years ago walking the dogs and just felt it was amazing… thanks for the other information… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    3. Beautiful Breezie baby–I see these all the time and they make my heart jump…rainbows have always played with me–the first time I really thought about how indigenous culture MUST have seen God in nature was a day when I looked up and saw a completely circular rainbow with 4 nodes towards the four directions where it was brighter and intersected by 4 outward facing arcs at each node (one arc at each node)…this was before phone cameras my friend and as I stood their looking I realized I was the only one seeing this…because I was the only one looking up at the sky!

      I can’t find a picture that represents this but it was sooo freaking cool! Hugs! Alex

  8. If you look at the 2d 3d 4d 5d and so on. We can look at these only in the way we see things now. But what has to happen for us to see the whole picture of these different dimensions.

  9. Dear Amy, Aisha, everyone,
    My routine is about to be cast off like a rocket booster no longer necessary. It’s empty and has served it’s purpose, but it’s scary to let go of it. Real scary, like scared shitless. I feel like I’m the only one in the universe right now..feels like Major Tom…

    Love, where are you love?

    1. Aww JayJay, sending you a big hug. I’m scared shitless too. My reasons are different, but I sure understand the feeling. Much love to you!!


      1. Leslie, and JJ, I understand. Totally. I am resolved to get on the couch and not do much more this day. Not even able to write.

        BIG GROUP HUG.

        Why does NEW always scare us? This is part of what I will writing about next. Not today. God help me. Me doesn’t even exist.

        Love, Amy

        1. Follow me to The Pond! Join me in the Love & Light and show me how you play with the molecules. We just laugh and giggle and I can teach you a gospel called “Holy” that I played all the day. Just be and see what happens:)

          Big hug Amy!

          B to B

            1. OK Amy! I know the symptoms – I have been there the whole week and am not quite sure it is over yet. Tonight my body feels more comfortable though.

              Take care of yourself, do nice things, rest a lot and don’t be afraid – it’s just a part of the process as Sun says.

              Much love my sister!


              1. Philip, this entire week has been brutal. Today…….FAITH. BREATHE. TRUST.

                How many more of these are there?

                Bless you, Philip!

                All my Love through bleary eyes, Amy

        2. The ‘old’ scared me horribly. The new feels like home πŸ™‚ B to B … yes! u got it! Its like the CC’s say – to Play, play, play – Be, be, be. Otherwise it is much too heavy because the trying and doing was of the old and it is just so dense for our lightness now. I’m in on that Group Hug Amy! Feeling it!

        3. NEW, never scares me.

          It is my optimal state of Being — to constantly look forward to, with the greatest joy & utmost anticipation, experiencing The New Unknown.

          It is a highly interesting situation to be in, this one is….explaining what the state of total Fearlessness is like, to a population who will not let go of their Fear.
          Who have not yet felt….what you are feeling.

    2. I don’t know if are calling out for God’s Love, love in general, or me. For us, they are all the same, are they not? I am here at ground control, my love. Holding on to you, as always. And I am also floating there with you far above the moon. Like Sandra Bullock’s consciousness in Gravity. You are not lost. You are not alone, though I know it feels like it. Be still in this moment, and simply pray. Ask for help. It is (t)here.

      This is all so strange for me. I feel I am coming at this from a different position than some others. I usually feel so “out there” with visions and voices and experiences. The strong message I am getting from all of this, just for me, is simply…


      1. Yes, thank you love. I was calling out to all.
        Feeling better now, after getting in touch with my higher self in med. I need med like I need you. Can’t live without it. So yeah, live!
        Love to live you!
        Your TS,

      2. AhhLee, I feel like u and I are on the same leveling out level πŸ™‚ We seem to be more quietly hanging back and allowing simple and subtle in. do you feel this way lately?
        JJ…Glad u r feeling better! Love u both

        1. Yes. That’s one way of describing it. I am avoiding my usual tendency to label and examine it. I could easily fall into great confusion if I were to do so. I could fall into comparision with others’ journeys. I am just riding the wind and following where it takes me. Come what may… just being a vessel for the light.

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  10. Try to put this in a dream or thought and come up with a different answer. There are many other answers one could come up with. I have looked at many of them.

  11. Every door that can be opened is in each and everyone of us. It came with the package that makes us what we are. Its is like I am being compressed down to smaller and smaller particles on my way back home to creation itself. Where everything began. How many times will this take to get back home. I don’t know. I only know that I feel like I am being pulled in a vortex that once through this opens up into a different place. Smaller yet the same size as this place we are in now once their. It is like I thought as a child looking at the air bubbles in a marble. I would say that is a place like earth only smaller once their its the same size. What we can’t see now can be seen when we get there. We will be smaller in a different place and can see smaller things. Some things we see now would be millions of times bigger than this smaller earth because of its cell structure. Things would be more refined with a smaller cell structure of different smaller particles. All this is very hard to see now we can’t see that small. When we are there things won’t seem to be smaller just different. This will take a little time to get use to. Might I be wrong about all this. I may well be wrong. But this is what I see happening.

    1. When you say ‘how many times will this take to get back home’ I want to say we Are home. we are here And there or we are neither here Nor there. I find it uncomfortable thinking in linear time. Being in the Now space of everything is most comfortable. With my consciousness, I can Be anything and anywhere. It is all through intent. Thinking with my mind gets me very tired. Being from what I Am Feeling has me floating in a air pocket of Love.

  12. Exception confirms the rule. Love and light doesn’t mean anything if deep down you’re rotten. One can play games on face of others, but it gets you no knowledge in the first hand. All written and learned goes bye bye when you look within. By looking into darkness I’ve learned more than books could teach. It’s like an inbuilt get real thing, slow but sure going. Different layers are coming together, mental, emotional what ever I used to teach these things out from the book, but more I learn, more I forget them, and not either interested. What matters to me is to get it done and be me. Being what ever it is, when it is. I just have to go deep other side, references are things on this side of the veil, not so much there. On the other side not much talking here, how I play there is trough feelings. That’s what I clean on this side in the first place, me. Gets deep in. Like playing with mirrors, when you look at yourself out-of-body-state, it’s the feeling in that moment which thrusts you into the “dimensions”. Looking at the heart/chest-area seems to be the most interesting. Most dark and claustraphobic, but also most bright and endless. I’m interested at both. Coolest stuff is when I’m in the darkness and alone and there comes this music turning it all bright and free. It’s funny when I get deep I just tell the voices to stfu. I like the music there, it really helps you forget about being just a human.

    1. Hey, I get it. I totally get you. I have found that dancing with my inner darkness is key for me. My darkness within is what makes me perceive darkness without. And that music, I hear it too. For me it is the sweet sound of amazing grace. The nothingness becomes the allness. And strangely, yours is the only comment my electronics will let me reply to at the moment. So I suppose I am being called to return within for a few more waltzes around the empty silent space. See you when the music starts to play.

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      1. ALee, picking up from that line “a few more waltzes around the empty silent space”….a nice poem could come from that. Something u could play with πŸ™‚ Love Areeza

        1. Good idea. I do need to play more. I used to write poetry, too. Used to play in many ways. Somewhere in there, I quit all that. This is the perfect NOW moment to “start again.” (I am failing miserably at avoiding linear time talk, here πŸ˜‰ …) thanks, areeza

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  13. Exception confirms the rule. Love and light doesn’t mean anything if deep down you’re rotten. One can play games on face of others, but it gets you no knowledge in the first hand. All written and learned goes bye bye when you look within. By looking into darkness I’ve learned more than books could teach. It’s like an inbuilt get real thing, slow but sure going. Different layers are coming together, mental, emotional what ever I used to teach these things out from the book, but more I learn, more I forget them, and not either inuerested. What matters to me is to get it done and be me. Being what ever it is, when it is. I just have to go deep other side, references are things on this side of the veil, not so much there. On the other side not much talking here, how I play there is trough feelings. That’s what clean in this side in the first place.

    1. When I used to experience heightened states of awareness, I would write poetry. And that one line keeps coming to me again; ‘reference points are no more than dust particles disappearing with the wind’. thanks Tonik for what you share.


    Ok. Possibly a wild leap here, but!! I tried possible spellings of words sounding like “cat.” Up pops this article about a hallucinogenic plant called khat. The title is “Is it more like coffee or cocaine?” Coffee! That says “Sun” to me.

    I dunno. Just sayin. Thought I’d throw it out there. You never know…

    1. Well, the word glue in english is synonymous with “paste.” This leaf is chewed up into a paste for it to work. I have no idea if I found this because you are supposed to use it yourself (does not sound like you need it, my friend πŸ˜‰ ) or if it will somehow be part of your mission (or someone else’s) to help people who are addicted to it get off of it. Apparently it is becoming epidemic. Or maybe Khat glue/paste has some healing property that has been forgotten. Did you not say you were helping sick people? Again, I dunno. It came across my radar through you for some reason. I am just sharing it like the CCs recommended.

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      1. You know, I have been told that I should be an interpreter or translator… hmmm… maybe something there. I will be very interested to hear what happens with you tonight. You get the information, then we will all fly with it together. πŸ™‚

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  15. Dear friends! I feel like I am a passenger on a galactic express, approaching warp speed. I see pieces of myself melting from the heat, but I let them all fall away with sighs of relief. It is as if I am becoming new with every passing hour, like all the cells in my body are being exchanged faster and faster, and with them, old memories are removed. I know something will come in to replace it all, but not what and when, I only know it will not be long before we all know it all. The CCs put it this way: “For what is to come, resembles so much what you have seen already, but when it does come, it will resemble nothing you have ever experienced before.” We are all riding this rocket, and even if the noise and the vibrations and the speed can be a little bit overwhelming, remember we are going to a place we love more than anything. And we are going there together πŸ™‚
    With love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Wow Aisha! Yes, yes, yes – my heart fills with joy and love. I feel in my whole body that every single cell is replaced. What a ride!!! I am so looking forward to next step πŸ™‚

      Much love,


    2. All semblance of me is gone. I am in a place I am reassembling but in a new way. What is presently in my life is in preparation of what is to come.

      “Strapped to my rocket, hanging on with all my might, breaking all records of flight.”

      Love, Amy

    3. I’m hoping when I am put under on Monday that I will travel far and wide and come back all refreshed and renewed and re-celled. πŸ™‚

        1. See… i set this intention and so it is already πŸ™‚ I envision putting my new intentions inside a lotus and they unfold right before me-with me- as me. The Lotus grows from the muck and blossoms into a beautiful flower upon the water. I once wrote “I want to be as something lovely arising from the depths”…. many of my past poems are coming up to the forefront again in my conscious heart as if they were blue prints of what Is arising now. I wrote and wrote like crazy – then stopped for years.

  16. The older version is a man holding the weight of the earth on his shoulder and another man holding each sun and planet through out the galaxy.

  17. A well-known scientist once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: “What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.” The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, “What is the tortoise standing on?” “You’re very clever, young man, very clever,” said the old lady. “But it’s tortoises all the way down!”

    1. ;p
      …..In one of the talks Baba Ram Dass was giving, he noticed a woman nodding and smiling thru-out. He acknowledged her being so in tune with what he was saying about enlightenment – so he asked her what it was she did each day and if she meditated, etc. The woman anwered ‘I crochet’.

  18. Sun_of_Blue, “cat-glue” is for me. I understand. And because YOU heard this, you are meant to help me create. Let me explain.

    I had a cat by the name of Tigger. He was severely abused for 9 months before he came into my life. As a result, his mind was broken. The 9 years I had him, he bullied my other boys, and he was extremely possessive of me. He wanted me to himself.

    I did my best to keep things under control. At the end, his mind totally broke. And I had to put him down.

    This cat, I have told others, was the “glue to my heart” cat. Glue-cat.

    Tigger has returned recently as a feral cat. He has disrupted the smooth routine here, which everyone, inclusive of me, depends on for sanity’s sake. He again is displaying possessiveness towards me, to the point of sitting on my back steps, in a position of guarding me.

    My other cats are afraid of him. He is aggressive. He is being a bully all over again. I have several cats that are not going outside because of him.

    Our entire existence has been turned upside down.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this feral cat is Tigger returned. None.

    As of today, I fell on my knees, asking for HELP. I do not know what to do at this point. I was told I was to create the situation I desire to see manifest. So I have begun doing this, and continue with the teaching outside, encouraging ALL cats to get along and for fear to dissipate. ONLY LOVE exists.

    And then you write what you did. My “gut feeling” is that you somehow are going to help me create a New Reality. I “see” all cats here, co-existing in Peace and Harmony, even more so then I saw before now. When Tigger was put down, I finally saw the toll it took on my other cats to have him around. I “see” Tigger (or TT the name I call this cat now) letting go of all fear of loosing me, (again), and accepting the Love I am sending him.

    Life One with this cat just about broke me. Putting him down did break me. Now, that he is back, Life Two, I will not just sit by and allow OLD patterns to continue.

    Will you help me? I must get a routine back that runs smoothly. I must attain a state in which all cats get along. The option of putting TT down again, is out of the question, for this “cat-glue” cat, will only end up returning again. I just know it.

    This is all about me walking into my Power and creating a Reality as I SEE it. Believe me when I say, I feel very overwhelmed, and really really unsure of myself. This I must let go of in order for me to step into my Power and STAY THERE.

    Whenever I gain New Knowledge, as I did regarding the Light Molecules, a “teaching situation” always arises in my life. This is that occasion. And as with anything New, I’m not quite sure of how to do this.

    I bow to you, Sun_of_Blue. Thank you. Could you please reply to this comment to let me know of what you “feel” regarding what I just told you?


    1. Hey. “Roy” derives from “king.” Not such a wrong word…

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    2. Amy…

      Your glue cat represents quite a few things. For starters It is reflecting back to you, the idea of Chaos, Resistance, Acceptance, Flexibilty, and Paradox.

      See our pond discussion in the previous channeling, re: how Chaos is a POSITIVE thing.
      When you are experiencing Chaos, ideally you should be jumping and down and rejoicing, because it means you are going through a change to a much higher positive state of being.

      Glue cat is trying to tell you, to stop resisting Chaos.
      The more you see it as a negative disruption of your life of preferred harmony — then the *more* negative destruction you will attract, because your belief is self-reinforcing.
      All beliefs are self-reinforcing. That’s how they preserve themselves as “beliefs”.

      Also, you are adamantly rejecting a huge aspect of Creation itself — dis-Harmony. By rejecting and not accepting ALL the processes of Creation, you are creating negative resistance in your life.

      Your fear of disharmony, has led you to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum…of trying to maintain Harmony at all cost.
      This has caused you to become a “Bully” — in attempting to impose Harmony on everyone and everything around you.

      Your Glue Cat is the mirror reflection of YOU. It is being a “bully” by trying to impose disharmony. And you are being a “bully” by doing the exact opposite.

      To reach a true harmonic state in this reality, you must sit yourself smack in the middle of all dualistic extremes — this is always the Point of Power.
      In order to do this, you must NOT REJECT *ANYTHING*!!!!

      All of this reality must be accepted, embraced, loved unconditionally, and understood fully. Reject any aspect of it, and your are rejecting *yourself*.

      One Paradox — glue cat is appearing to contradict its very name by actively separating elements within your reality that you think you need to hold onto with a death grip to preserve your “sanity”.
      But by doing this to you, it is ultimately serving as the “glue” that will create for you a new, higher state reality.

      Once you understand the lesson, and you decide to accept both states of harmony & disharmony as being equally VALID….and you become completely flexible and stop imposing control over things based on fear of loss of control (and peace)…

      ….this is when you literally shift yourself effortlessly / automatically to a higher frequency Reality that actually does represent your preferred state of Harmony & Unconditional Love.

      In this new parallel reality, your cat will appear to have miraculously changed its behaviour….but it is YOU who will have changed, and the cat again will simply reflect back to you, your brand new state of acceptance, flexibility and harmony. And fearlessness.

      The Paradox, is that in order to experience the truest state of Harmony — you must learn to love disharmony as much as you currently love harmony.

      Things you might want to look closer at:

      1. substituting “total acceptance” and “flexibility” for CONTROL.

      2. deciding to believe instead that Chaos, Insanity, and “existence has been turned upside down”….are POSITIVE, not to be negatively feared.

      3. instead of constantly using the words “break” or “broke” — realize that nothing ever “breaks” when you are in the state of utter Flexibility.

      Bend like the tree in the wind. The winds of Chaos, and beautiful Change.

      1. Beautifully stated, Kiera. I think at least a little bit of what you wrote applies to all of us, if we’re honest. I know I’m taking a good, long, deep look at Self, beliefs, behaviors.
        Thank you for the Honest Clarity… and summary.
        xo Lin

      2. Kiera – I would say that is perfect. Especially since Amy attempted to be rid of Glue Cat #1 to create harmony and then it comes back and stirs up the same energy! Strong symbol and a gift. I myself wanted to be rid of certain trees to get a better view of my lake. ok… what happened? The beautiful flowering trees got cut down. my attention did go to my thoughts about what I perceived as ‘ugly’ trees at the end of their lives anyway, etc. Who was I to say they are bad and the view is better ? I can see the lake thru the trees πŸ™‚ We are to learn from our surroundings and our thoughts and actions about them. We must take responsibility to grow as we wish to. thanks

  19. Also after you enter this gate. It opens a lot of other things you can do. Any fear that comes to you after you go in can get you lost. This can stop the dream. Always have a love for all that is and wish no harm to anything. Some things you may see can be very scary. Always just talk your way through this in a calm manner with no fear with love for all no matter what you see.

    1. Ray, God, I love you!!! Your words shouted at me. I have stepped through a new gate. I have allowed fear to grab me. All is new, I am in unfamiliar land. I feel scared. Overwhelmed.

      My goal is to get back into Love, so that I can proceed forward.

      Every time, Ray, just about every time, I step through a new gate, the sense of being overwhelmed hits me like a ton of bricks.

      As with each gate I step through, the associated Life Lesson’s Difficulty Quotient goes higher. The Lesson for me that came to me, has pushed so many buttons.

      In order for me to succeed, I must pull back on the reigns. I must go to a quiet place, walk in Nature until the Place of Balance is once again attained, and from there, I create with Light Molecules a New Reality.

      I must learn when New is presented to me, to stop falling into fear. Fear adds to the “problem”. Love detracts from the problem, making room for the New to come in.

      Oh wow. Deep breath. I CAN do this.

      Thank you, Ray. Bless you!!!


      1. Amy, if you remember how the CCs told us to create in the History of Creation Parts 1 through 6 – they told us how to create using our consciousness. To send our conscious commands out to the field of energy that interacts with the collective – that our commands are electro- magnetic capsules that have information in them and we send them into the field of particles which includes potentials and probabilities. Our conscious commands will affect that field and form or create the specific outcome that we desire. Our electro-magnetic vibrational commands that we send out into this field of particles that consists of potentials and probabilities will create the outcome we command. There may be some steps in between in terms of formulating the specific nature of the commands you want to use that your guides and higher self will help you with. They will give you more understanding of this process and how to use it. Use this procedure to create the situation you desire to see manifest. This is what we all need to start doing now. We have been given these instructions by the CCs and just need to start practicing with them and trying them out.

        And maybe that hallucinogenic plant called Khat – maybe it is supposed to be sort of a tranquilizer or some kind of a calming element that you could put in Tigger’s food to help him reduce his fear and bully behavior. Or maybe the khat information was just to suggest to you the idea of asking the vet for an anti-anxiety or herbal med that will help relax him and reduce fear. I know sometimes the vets use Buspar and there is also an herbal formula they sell but I don’t recall the name. Pets Mart sells various forms of calming agents for pets also but they may not be strong enough.

        These trials by fire are hard on us, but they produce the most growth and lead us into new parts of ourselves we haven’t experienced or been aware of before.

        Tigger came back in this feral cat body to help you make this huge step in growth and to provide the opportunity for you to move up to the next level as a Creator Being and a Master. Remember in a few posts back how the CCs were telling us we have moved through this 11 11 portal and our abilities have been accelerated and the energy from the Sun is helping us create miracles? This is your opportunity to do this, stepping into your new-found Power.

        Sending you energy to create your desire of all cats living in Peace and Harmony.

        I have a feral cat, Selohim, who I feed on my back deck. He’s been coming for five years now. At first my female cat, Scamp, bullied him and wouldn’t let him in our garage by way of the cat door. She told him the garage was her territory. After about a year they seemed to make peace and hung out on the back deck together without conflict. But you don’t have a year as Tigger’s issues are much more severe and impact all your cats to a great degree.

        Love and Mastery to you as you step into this next phase of creation.

        1. Sunny, words are easy. DOing is the challenge.

          The challenge for me is rising above the storm of E-motions that have risen in me regarding Tigger. This was my number ONE special cat, requiring so much attention, so much Love, so much teaching and supervision. To have him back results in E-motions that put me on my ass. When I put this cat down, it about destroyed me. The 9 years of work I put into him, just about broke me. And now, to have this cat back in my life, yes GOD I love him, yet all the E-motions plus more were raging, and it is THESE that I must control in order to succeed.

          I have created with my WORDS for many years, understanding that what I do speak, what I do think, and what I do DO, all affect my reality that I create. Spirit told me a long time ago, in order to NOT have what I see in my life, to start feeling and acting as though I do. Many books as well have been published on this subject, which I have read, one of them being, “The Secret”.

          I would never give a feral cat a tranquilizer. And I know my Vet would agree with me. A feral cat needs all his senses in tact in order to survive. No. That is not the answer in any way. I will put Rescue Remedy in his food. Or homeopathy in his food, which is exactly what I am doing now. But as for drugs? NO!

          I have full confidence in my VOICE and my PRESENCE to bring about the change I desire to see. I am already seeing a change. Yes, this means ACTIVE PARTICIPATION on my part, which means me being outside working hands on with these cats in order to bring about Peace and Harmony which I speak out.

          This is a Life Lesson, one in which I wrote about, that I know is directly related to the Gate that I just recently walked through. The difficulty quotient just got higher. And I know it. The key for me is to transfer me to ME and stay there (will explain that on my blog), finding the place of deep conviction that I KNOW this shall BE. No doubts. No fear. No contradictory thoughts.

          IN order to bring about change, there is more then just speaking words. That too I shall be writing about. When the time is right. This I will say. We tend to be our own worst enemy. It is in the PRACTICE of creating we gain confidence and we gain more memory of who we are……Masters of our Lives.

          Love, Amy

          1. Yes rescue remedy and homeopathy is good. I guess I didn’t think that ferals need all their senses intact to survive, and so drugs or tranquilizers would not be good for him. You went through so much with the first Tigger. No wonder the emotions that have come back are so overwhelming and brutally hard. Sending you energy and support to get through this. You have all the support of everyone at the Pond, as you have been such a light for us in our time of need.

            1. OH, Sunny, how I thank you. I have stepped into ME and not letting go of KNOWING that the words I speak out, shall come to pass. By staying in the NOW, and not going into PAST, this is the ONLY way I shall succeed.

              HS always gives me Life Lessons in those areas of my Life I am most vulnerable. In order for growth to appear, one truly must walk in unknown territory where one learns to master the E-motions AND to Create.

              Much Love to you, Sunny!!! Amy

        2. PS Let me put this into context with you. Imagine you having a special needs little boy. Who required much help but nothing that was done, made his condition improve. You witnessed his decline. You witnessed his death. You mourned till you thought you would die. Yet too there was relief for this huge pressure was now gone from your life.

          One day, a little boy shows up in your life. And you know it is the same boy. What would your E-motions be like? What questions would you be asking yourself? What did I miss the first time around? What am I to learn this time around? OH GOD, how can I do this???

          That is me.

    2. Ray, with you by my side, I shall arrive at that place within my being, that one that holds complete conviction that what I am creating comes to pass. I’ve done this before, I’ll do it again. It takes great strength of character and great concentration to one, get to this place, and two, not let go of this place.

      And so it IS!

  20. To enter this door you have to be pure of heart have a love for that is and defeat any and all fear you may have. You create the fear within yourself. What you see is what you create within yourself. So any fear will stop you from going through this door.

    1. Dearest Sun, my deepest appreciation for the part you played in what is happening in my life. As I told a dear friend, Tigger returning is a Great Blessing, for he is MY TEACHER. I have begun to create in a New Way. And I am already seeing a change. For the better.

      It is with great honor, I say thank you. As Ray said, and I think you too, I too find myself in a votex, being pulled yet at the same time have arrived on a shore. Not quite sure where yet. And I know too, this is just the beginning of what has begun to occur.

      With all my Love, Amy

    2. Glad to have been of some service even if I didn’t know!

      A word for tonight may be TRUST… you are doing fabulously

      Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

  21. When you open a book of knowledge. This book has a vibration of all that is written within it. What we see on the cover of this book is the vibration of knowledge within. What is inside of this can’t be seen until the book is opened. It opens a compressed version of itself that is unknow to you until opened. Some call this a unfolding of itself. It is a flolding in of itself. It is accepting something from outside of its vibration from a lower vibration to see a higher vibration. That comes from the smaller compressed book of knowledge within it. This never ends some say some it might end, and some say it has a ending. We will never know until the last book is opened. I have been told that this only opens a lot more books.

    I know this may sound very complicated. When you learn the truth of this each step into a higher vibration is step into a new deminsion with new elements that were uknown and unseen before. Everything is made in the vibration you are in with the elements that can be seen in that vibration. There are many vibrations in each book of knowledge but each book has a core that is the highest vibration in this book of knowledge that comes from the next higher vibration from the next book.

    To look into these different books of knowledge is truly a blessing to me. It lets you understand about how things work. What can and will happen as you enter a different book. I use the words of books of knowledge to try to make this a little easier to understand for some. I know there are some of you that will get a much deeper undestanding of what I amd trying to say. I know what is ahead of man in his advancement to these different books of knowledge. We don’t have to go anywhere to see these different books of knowledge. You create what is in each of them. When you do this just go with love for all that is and you will be recieved the same way.

    Blessings to all.

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