The manuscript of survival – part 369

These last few days have been intense indeed as you have all been traveling through a corridor of light that has opened so many new connections within. And now that you have exited this corridor, you will have some time to readjust to all of these changes, and then, you will start to notice what this last sojourn in the heightened frequencies has brought about. For as we told you earlier, through this process, so many new connections were secured and opened, and now, the light will have a much easier time reaching the targets, and so, it will be able to deliver much larger quantities of information directly into you all in ways that will enable you to fulfill your quotas much faster.

Let us explain. As we have touched upon in detail before, you are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet, and each and every one of you will serve in one specific area, where you will be asked to perform according to your abilities and previously agreed upon plan. And now, as this last download was so successful, we will crank up the tempo of it all once again. So you see, those endless questions of “when” will soon be asked again, but again, the same answer will be “when the time is right”. And now, you will all have even shorter to wait for all of this, as you have enabled yourselves and indeed the rest of Creation to amp up the speed of this process even further. So kudos to you all for having accomplished this, as it was by no means a mean feat. But again, there is much more work to do, and now, you will all find yourselves branching out in so many ways, as the real reason for your sojourn to this planet will start to seep into you.

For now, you will all find the connection between you and not only the rest of the people you are connected with through this journey, but also those of us still hovering on the other side of the so-celled veil to be heightened is such a way, it will make this next period far more interesting than you have perhaps envisaged. For you will be called upon to take yourself to task. In other words, your tasks will start to solidify within your consciousness, and you will see how bits and pieces of seemingly random information, accidental meetings and personal connections will start to emerge. And bit by bit, piece by piece, they will start to coalesce into a pattern that will enable you all to start to get a firmer grip on just who you are and why you are here in the first place. And remember, even if each and every one of you play a unique and very individual part in this whole process, you are all closely linked to so many others as well, so it bears to remember to share whatever information you may accrue along the way. For this is indeed a very collective process in all sorts of ways, and the better you are at linking together the separate pieces you will find, the faster this whole process will be completed. For remember, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and even if we have repeated this adage many times already, it is one we will remind you of again and again. For you are the ones setting the pace in all of this, and as such, you are the only ones who can fully answer the question of “when”. For that is up to each and every one of you, and now, you have all taken a mighty leap closer to that line in the sand that says “now the time is here”. For you have managed to open such an impressive succession of doors only during this last week, the tempo will speed up significantly.

So once again we say stay awake and start to notice things that will start to show up in your sphere of consciousness. Some of it may appear out on the fringes, but that does not mean it is of little importance, far from it. So sit up and take notice, and indeed, take notes, and most of all, compare notes. For you will each be given pieces that will fit perfectly with another’s part of the puzzle, and as such, nothing is of no importance even if it does not seem to fit in anywhere in your part of this large scenario. So stay connected in every sense of the word, and know that you are picking up speed daily as you go about this important work of deconstructing the information and reassembling it again with the aid of each other.


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      1. You are welcome, Philip. It helped me understand …….OK, what IS going on here???? Not easy stuff. At least for the type of lightworker assignments I signed up for……:)

        Love, Amy

        1. ha, ha, giggling here… 🙂 what came to mind was that it was probably one of those moments when you felt like it was good idea at the time… whatever time is and whenever that was… if you get my drift…

          Much love Philip 🙂

          1. Philip, I have been having serious “talks” with HS as to changing some aspects of my “assignment”. (sigh) At times, me in the human form, feels as though me in the spiritual form, knew not what it is like here, and so “bit off more then I could chew.” Yiveh!

            I know that you KNOW what I am talking about here, Philip. Good grief, Charlie Brown. When is the EASY LIFE coming in?

            I keep creating it in my Mind’s Eye. I will not deter. I will not give up.. I see it. I feel it. I live as though I have it. And all else fades away and this that I do SEE comes to BE. Amen.

            Love, Amy

  1. Ahhhh….breathe in…..know we are one…breathe out…know we are one….breathe in…know that we share the horizon together…breathe out…know that many are on the watch tower….breathe in…know that all will unfold divinely as it should…breathe out…know that with focus it will unfold into our reality with ease.

    One day, a very long time ago as a child, my father was influenced by other captains in our sailing fleet to set out on the leg of a journey at night. We were traveling in a group for 2 weeks up and down the coast of new england and we were a few days behind due to fog and weather. At the end of a foggy day, the horizon lifted and a full moon set high in the sky. We were only traveling across the Long Island Sound, which at its widest is 8 miles.

    As the captains discussed leaving my father said, let’s wait (he’s an intuitive friends) but they would not and so he chose to remain with the group. We set out in the dark-well past 9pm as the sun was fully set. Within 15 minutes of leaving port, the fog was set dense around us again and everyone was lost at sea. Everyone became frightened not only because they could not see their way but large frieght vessels traveled down the central channel of the sound at night so us kids were put at the front of the boat, in the dark fog with a horn to signal our progression. No lights could be seen ahead and even using compass because of the situation, many were going in circles.

    At that point, my father had an idea. He pulled out the map of long island sound and saw that the depths of the water were indicated on the chart. He drew a line using the compass and our last set longitude and latitude and using a depths sounder-set a course to follow–using the smallest amount of information that was TRUE, we found a haven by a small island in the middle of the sound where it was shallow enough for everyone to anchor that night and wait it out. Some boats had gotten very close to rocks and obstructions but all were saved.

    The point of retelling this story is 3 fold. First, always listen to your heart and absolutely go your own way IF what a group is telling you does not feel right. Had my father followed his initial response, we would have been a day behind but avoided danger–of course, had HE not gone, others would possibly have come to peril, so sometimes we do things because we are supposed to be there.

    Second, when in fear we have a tendency to action. If we sit quiet and using our hearts and the information incoming to our mind we usually get the answer–and even if the answer sounds strange or primitive, we must have the faith to follow its inspiration.

    Third, when we have an idea of the way, or information that can support others when they are in need we have a responsibility to share it–sometimes something as simple as a line on a chart and the depth of the ocean can open up the way to safety…

    We my friends are a team. We have all made agreements in the non-physical to come to the earthly planes at this time to support the expansion of Sophia-Gaia, all her kingdoms, devas and elementals and all beings within and upon her. Each of us brings knowledge and skills to the table, many of which we are not even yet aware of–but we will be soon–and so, we join hands, we share information, love, processes and support and we learn from each other–this big happy wonderful group of light beings each one vastly important…I was telling my daughter the other day about just how important every single being is–think of the space shuttle and imagine one single screw falling out…under the pressure of launch what could that single support have been worth? EACH is valued beyond words!

    Huge hugs sisters and brothers and thanks for the pieces to this puzzle that you put on the table…cause eventually, with enough pieces and enough patience and enough love–the new picture of this world will emerge! 🙂 Alex

    1. Beautiful story Alex,
      There is not a heart only, experience and knowledge playing their role too. Of course: the heart plays the biggest one.

    2. As ever, Thanx again, Alex. Much Wisdom/Truth from your Life shared in a kindly manner. Ripples of your father’s Wisdom reach out to us thru you.
      With Love, Lin

    3. This is beautiful, Alex. A very powerful message as usual. I have used a similar example with my daughter and some of her young friends when trying to help them understand their own importance as well as that of everyone. That everyone is equal. “Look at this bicycle and tell me, what do you think is the most necessary part?” Frowns. The wheels! The handlebars! The chain! “And what about this little screw right here? If I took that out, the whole system becomes unstable.” And then the light dawns. Ohhhh. All the parts are needed to make it work right. Big smiles. So I really like how you have expressed it here. I will use your example next time, because they will forget as they get caught up in the daily drama of middle school life. (Kinda like I get caught up in my own little daily dramas and need reminders from all you wise folks.)


      And the story about your dad. Wow. I have long thought about if I had listened to my heart earlier or more often in life, would I be in the same place now. Would I be better off or worse. I truly believe that, like in your story, following your heart is the best way. But yes, there are times when other things come into play and we must step out in a different direction. Maybe for our own good, maybe for someone else’s. (Which is ultimately all the same.) We usually don’t know at the time it is occurring. But always, always, it seems that we end up in the “right” place, no matter what path we take. And we learn and grow in some way whether the road is rough or easy. This is what I call faith. And grace. And Love. We were not promised life without pain. We were promised experience.


      And this brings me to the question of free will, choice and decision making. Is any choice or decision “wrong” or a mistake?” I say, absolutely not. Must we deal with the consequences? Of course. That is the whole point, is it not? As we examine how and why we make/made the choices we do/did, and what those choices created in our lives, we move ever closer to our deepest core. Our gut instinct, our connection with inner (or higher) guidance. I distinctly remember being outraged when I first read the stories of Jesus in the New Testament. “Of course he was not tempted. He is the son of god and can perform miracles! Did Satan not realize that offering Jesus the world was like offering Donald Trump a penny? 40 days in the desert? How is that a challenge when you can turn water into wine, a few loaves of bread into a feast for the multitudes? And the personal “sacrifice” of his own death on the cross. He knew from the moment of his birth that this very thing was his mission. His purpose. He also knew exactly what would happen during his crucifixion (no physical pain, as I am positively certain that he could leave his physical vessel anytime he chose), and he knew. KNEW. That he would rise again and ascend.” My point is that he did not go through the veil of forgetfulness like most of us did. He held that constant connection, understanding and power of source throughout. Yet we are given him as an example of “what to live up to.” Impossible without that constant connection. Then I began to learn about ascension. “Ahhh. I see now. He is not an example of “living up to.” He is an example of what we can become. What we really are when we re-member, re-cognize, and re-establish that eternal connection to source. Then all the temptations, all the indecision, all the fears lose their power. This is what I call faith. And grace. And Love. We were not promised a life without pain. We were promised experience and the opportunity of finding our god selves.



      1. Thanks Anna Helen!

        I think we read the same book though walked at different side roads along the high way 😉 I also like what you say about faith.

        Hope to get my lap top back today to be more free to write. Miss google translate.

        Love you my sister. There is a big change with you last weeks 😉 Comments?

        All my love,


        1. I assume by the 😉 you mean this is a good change? I am not sure what you are talking about. It may simply be that I was so busy just before going to Florida and while I was there that I seem unusually quiet or something. I would be out all day and come home at night to find an average of 70 email comments from the pond. I would read through them all and say out loud, yes yes yes ditto ditto ditto and thanks thanks thanks. Not so easy to respond as I would have liked to. And of course, one can not “empty youtube” 🙂 using email. I have been going through all the same stuff as everyone, I just haven’t been able to throw it all out here like normal. A good thing, I guess. It helped to further open other channels for me, like the CCs said. Everything has its purpose.

          My dear B, I did miss you so much while we were both “away.” And this day, as always, I hold your hand and dance and sing and cry like a child right there beside you.

          So much love to you,
          😀 AH

          1. Dearest Anna Helen!

            What I mean is that I can see a calm and well balanced woman now – and I really love it. In my eyes you have grown tremendously in a short time. I admire your skills and capacity to solve whatever comes in your brain (remember mine is made of teflon;)

            I am with you and JJ these days and know everything will be to the best of all.

            By the way – do your body too feel like being hard working at the gym for a week or so? 😉 Feels like soul & body are crying these days…

            Love you my star sister!


      2. You absolutely SHINE, Lori/ALee/AnnaHelen. B’s Heart Wisdom got it right.

        YOU are Loved/Treasured/Cherished–all of you. I Love You.

        Can Ethyl come out and play with us all now? Today I’ll be at the jungle gym or catching frogs with Otmn (I miss him!). Bring JJ; let’s go PLAY! For the JOY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Lin! I love you so much my sweet girl :))) I play music and dance this morning – yes crying like a child too – of love, gratitude for you all my wonderful team setting the sails now, loving, pushing, embracing. You just wait – in a day or two I will blow the sails again:)



          1. So glad, my B! Take your time; just rest… and play quietly [enlivens the Heart, but then you already know that 🙂 ]
            Am saving you a place with Ethyl/JJ on the playground when you’re ready. Gotta gooooooooo… I feel the JOY coming on.
            We have lift off! wheeeeeeeeeeee
            Love you, xo Lin

  2. Thank you Birgitta, Thank you Lin,
    I guess I think too much, letting my mind take over.
    I don’t know. I think I’ll sleep, try to escape that horrible feeling.

      1. There once was a woman who kicked her husband out of the house. She found out he was doing crack cocaine. She agreed to set him up to put him in jail. She did this. The man got out on bail, yet not able to come home. This woman from the pain in her heart, wanted to destroy this man. And she could have. Because…….

        The “voice” got louder and louder until she could not NOT hear. Let him come home. Do not put him in jail. LOVE him.

        And so this woman did do just that. Years went by, hard with unforgiveness at large. Bitterness. Troubled as to IF this woman heard right, years went by without her knowing IF she heard right.

        This very same woman is now seeing that she did hear right, and when her heart told to LOVE instead of hate, her heart was not wrong. For this very same man, instead of living from fear, has begun to live from Love.

        The End.

        1. I know the woman to whom you refer. I love and admire and respect her so much. Not only has she shown LOVE to her husband, but every other living thing she has encountered. The very molecules, even. Seeing her love herSelf is one of the most inspiring things I have ever witnessed.

          The Beginning.

          1. This period of time spoken of here was many years ago. Here again, time truly has no meaning. For the fruit of the decision, took “time” to manifest. Not always will we see manifestation of what our Hearts guide us to do. That is where Faith comes in. Many times over the course of those years, this woman questioned her Heart. Did she really hear right?

            Oh yes, too, this woman could have ignored the heeding of her Heart and actually had an easier life. Perhaps. This is not a given, for that life was not chosen. Yet if it had, and the life chosen was easier, there would always been with the Heart, a knowing that an opportunity to “grow” Love, had been missed.

            Yes, the Beginning. With every day, a New Beginning is Birthed.

            1. My dearest friend/mother/sister, I doubt this is your kind of music (though maybe there is a head-banger in there, too…). But this song holds a message that I love. And it expresses to at least some degree what I feel from you. You have taught me and shown me show much. You still do, with every share here and on your blog. You are a conduit for letting heaven shine its light down. And your personal light and love makes it all the brighter.

              Love you! Smooch and Hug

              1. AH, you would be surprised at the collection of music I have. From hard rock, to blues, to “new age”, to classical, to soft rock, to nature sounds………..Love Pink Floyd for example.

                The time has come for my Heart to pour forth. This life, this walk of mine, has been so hard, always being different, always showing others what Love is, and what Love is not. That is not appreciated much, oh believe me. To be feared, to be ridiculed. To be misunderstood. To be actually hated. Once not too long ago, a man, sitting at our kitchen table, discussing the windows we are going to replace, physically flinched when I very gently touched his arm as I was speaking to him. He jumped as though burned.

                Two days ago, I was laughing with my Vet and I could feel me just radiate. Mind you I was with my husband. Mind you, I am in my mid 50s’. Again, I saw a man gawk at me, mouth open, just hungrily staring at me. NO!!!!!! This is NOT what my Light is all about! It is NOT about sex!!!

                Today, I am faced with round two, life two, with Tigger returned. Again he posing big problems with my other cats. Again. He is showing possessiveness of me, guarding me at the door (he has returned as a feral cat), and my other guys are scared to go out. Rusty, for example, is now in my house, terrified to go outside due to this cat.

                My Heart began to speak to me. I am the Creator. And I will not just sit idle while all this happens. I was told, “You create what YOU desire this situation to be.” And that followed with, “The time has come for you to step into your Full Power, to create a life that YOU yourself desire, leaving all the “rejection” behind.”

                OK. So how do I do this? The Light Molecules are a key. I know they are. I am spending time communing with them, for I feel so lost right now. So I ASK for help.

                I awoke with heaviness. I awoke feeling so tired. I awoke discouraged with all I still have in my life, all I have walked through, and just being so alone. To have people fear me is awful. To have animals love me is truly an honor, yet, I yearn to have people who Love me too, in my life.

                I just came back from attempting to carry Rusty outside to put him on the ground. He ran immediately back to the door to go back inside. I have much to do here. And why this is happening again, is beyond me. Life one with Tigger tore my heart out. Life two. I create!

            1. I know, my dear. We all do. Part of the journey. Falling is only standing in a different position…

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


  3. Thank You, This is indeed Lovely to know… Can see so many inter-connections happening and information coming my way. Must admit lots of misinformation too bit I am becomming more discerning there. Fairly new at this but grounded and ready for whatever the universe might bring…

  4. God, these last few days have been really something. Today is the worst though. Absulute killer. I’m about to make the desicion of moving out of my house tomorrow. The only place I can afford is a small house with only two rooms. Even that costs a lot of money. I feel terrible about making this decision. My whole body is screaming “don’t do it”!
    I don’t know wether to listen to that feeling or not. God I just don’t know anything anymore. Help me!


      1. The body never lies. When something is “right”, things just seem to fall effortlessly into place–like dominos. As Amy said: “WHISPERS on Wings… LISTEN…” Listen to your FEELINGS voice. Perhaps another/perfect house/apt is not due to come onto the rental market until next month or even after the holidays.

        There is a reason.

        Just LISTEN.

        xo, Lin

    1. I hear you JayJay and I am with you. I know the hell you are going through now – I have been there myself.

      Your heart made a decision to survive and now you are breaking through. You will survive and so will your family. It is hard to be on that edge but know – I/we will all surround you and your family. Be honest to yourself.

      All my love to you all!


      1. JJ, I am being led to say what I am about to say. I say it in Love.

        Sometimes we as adults have to sacrifice our own needs for those needs of our children.

        I am not telling you what to do with your life. I have come to know, in my own life, when I do not know what to do, I do NOTHING. Until I can see and hear clearly..

        I Love you. Amy

        And that is all I am saying. The rest is up to you.

        1. JJ – My heart goes out to you. I was thinking what Amy said but I did not really want to come out and say that because I am not sure – I am not you and its hard enough to know our own paths – our own karma, etc. I did not have children but I remained where I chose with my husband for 17 yrs before he became ill. Once he was mentally ill – he was no longer the same man and he chose the ‘hard way’ – he chose to go mad rather than get his life lesson. I know this to be true and I accepted and moved on. I actually had re-occuring dreams about what he was choosing for yrs and did not want them to be the outcome. I knew deep inside that I made a contract with him and I followed it to the best of my ability – with no regret. I am not you nor you me so its hard to say. Just sharing. Love you~!

          1. I want to add that when my current guy came along – I was still married. I did not expect this to happen. I thought I would be by myself for while. I was planning a divorce. I ‘went with it’ – and it has been 8 yrs now. I called Kelly my “soft landing” 🙂 – it was a hard life with my ex. I knew the universe was giving me a soft way out and I knew i deserved it – had a second guessed it, I am not sure what would have happened. I coudl have ended pu caring for a man with dementia and that would have been such Hell for me beyond what I could have handled. So, I just let it flow. Kellya and I are a not perfect couple mind u – but he gives me calm to be around and I do not think he is someone I have ever known before – and for me that works right now.

          2. Breeze, every day that I am with the one I live with, my husband, it is a challenge to assist him to stay in right mind. Every day. I have not been called to walk away, and I will not. As long as my Heart guides me to be here, this is where I am. Oh believe me, this is the most challenging work (besides the transmutation aspects of my life) that I have. On top of this, all the animals I take care of and work with in order for ALL to exist in Peace………much surrounds me.

            Yes, a “healthy calm” companion would be a JOY. But here again, I am being taught to rely on Me, for my sustenance and JOY. Not someone else. Not easy. For I still do walk the human walk, like anyone else here, no matter what my origins are.

            Love, Amy

            1. well… my current guy is not exactly healthy… has many health issues. brain is ok. 🙂 I take care of him and my own needs mostly so its not exactly a ‘help’ nor a burdon being with him. Financially it can be rough on me and if his back and knees, etc continue to deteriorate, i am not certain how we will survive. And we are currently helping his mother financially too – she had to borrow from the bank the other day for her medicine to keep her alive. I have to count on major changes happening world wide. too depressing to think of working a mundane job my entire life. i have a house and all that to keep but i can not afford to contribute to retirement. anyway all i truly have to rely on is me too 🙂 XO

  5. love to you all friends,im leaving a relationship now and thath hurts but let’s make this wheel turn more intensely possible.

    1. This does work. I have been doing this and another technique for many years. I different healer than the one i usually speak of showed this to me when I had Lymes. She would also say “make of yourself a mountain” – meaning sit in lotus position and ground into mother Earth and visualize much to the same that Kenyon mentions. She also taught me to stand with knees bent slightly – placing hands together – fingers pointing toward earth from your belly – imaging a lazer like sword (think of Star Wars) going into the earth – I go to the core. very grounding when u feel spacy. I have gone into bathrooms at work to do this when the energies get too chaotic for me and it almost works instantly… either method. thanks ! Areeza

  6. Thank you Aisha for today’s message and for bringing us all together for the reconstruction and awakening of consciousness. Love to us all. Jean

  7. Sun!

    Remember: Effortless.
    CCs know very well whay we can do and what we can not, and if there are important things we should know/do/see/feel – they will have to serve us. Mutual benefits;)

    Much love

    B to B

  8. Thank you Aisha for all of your posts and continued enlightenment! You are forever blessing us with your light!

    Much love to you and your beautiful light!


  9. Thank You dear Aisha !…interesting that you said ‘bit by bit’, as I just used those very words this morning ! The energies are coming in fast & furious & have begun to overload my thoughts as well, so I had to spend some ‘Quiet Time’ in nature to sift through it All while still trying to keep myself stable in the juggling of 3D home & work life !….I’m not sure if this is the appropriate time to reveal this, or how much others will see it as Truth, but this is what I am being told & able to understand & conclude for the moment ! (so here it is…this is my sharing piece of the puzzle….As always, whatever resonates with You)….~

    I think we ‘All’ are feeling a bit lost & in a state of void at the moment, now at the brink of completely letting go & stepping into the abyss ! Daunting & Challenging, but never the less it is what we ‘All’ have been working/climbing towards…it’s what we wanted ! As I’ve said earlier, I firmly have received that Mother-Earth has begun ascending & within this her core energy is building & transforming, tensioning from the inside out !…there is NO Stopping Now ! When she reaches breaking point she will take her ‘Wings’ once again & BE All that She IS & FREE to BE ! I have been wading thru this turmoil & bubbling energy these past several days, & having the strangest dreams & visions which basically point to & sum up of the final letting go of the logical & mechanical 3D mind set & without any doubt, totally embrace the Oneness of Nature’s Supreme Biological Ascension in Harmony & Rhythm ! This is a Biological Ascension & a 1st One ! I have dreamed of hurrying to tie up by sneakers to catch up & join my friends in the run, only to look down again & again to find my bare feet….am I supposed to run like this I ask….’Yes’ !….I’ve had disturbing thoughts of people with biological bodies, but detachable mechanical heads with blood replaced by clear jelly like fluid…(“Detach yourself from logic & Allow your blood to flow in unison with nature’s newly evolving form & movement”)….All these visions & more rather unsettling for me, as this is surely not the norm in how I think & Believe…but the One vision that struck me like a brick wall was that Mother’s Soul Spirit is leaving the Earth & I cannot, we cannot go with her !!!….Shocked…Stunned…Why ??? My Heart fills with grief as I say these words….I always had such strength in LOve for her, & always thought I was steadily learning – moving towards BEing the Greater ‘One’ with her…I always thought this was part of the plan….but she regretfully tells me this is not to BE so…this plan in this Ascension was & has been seeded within our souls to Awaken to the point that when we were able to fly…we must fly ‘Solo’ without her…as fledgling Creators we are also to BEcome Mothers like her too ! We will BEcome the New ‘Joined-Unified’ Guardians, Light-Workers to BEcome Light-Keepers of Mother’s creation ‘Earth’, currently BEing transformed & made whole again….Our unified LOve (our Mother’s LOve) will re-fill her core & the union will BE complete & will BE successful ! We will BE the New Captains of the Ship ! Mother will always LOve us, & watch over us, but we must Now begin creating the New upon Earth on our own…the elements at our Command !…In the movie Avatar, there is a scene of body/spirit transfer under the Tree of Life…an intricate living veining appears & grows encompassing both, this is actually very significant as in our real world ‘Water’ performs this very process ! Every 26,000 years the earth has gone thru an ice age on purification where she is put into a deep freeze, a process of healing where ‘Water’ transforms to crystal ice, a vast web of veining ‘Wings’ that seek out to remove & eliminate All impurities, sealing & healing Mother-Earth, but not this time… & it is for the 1st time! We were seeded with the knowledge & the ability of work of what to do when the time of ‘Ground Zero’ is activated ! The unknown will BE made known ! The building energies entering, filling & surrounding the earth will create a Super conductor of electromagnetics, & this will BE challenging for ‘All’ until we adjust to it…things of an unnatural form, like metals, electronics will BEcome so charged we won’t even be able to touch them….(interesting how this will affect warring nations)… but this energy will also create a super highway for Mother’s spirit to easily depart & return to Source. The Moon in many ways is a mirror of Mother’s Earth Spirit & when she finally departs to unite back with the point of Creation, we will See her departure reflected in a fiery ring around the fullness of the Moon…~
    Light & Life to All Becoming ‘Light-Keepers’…..Shine-Shine-Shine…Bev~

      1. Dear Bev… Your Gift. So lovely how you captured each.
        I could feel your feelings of great FUN and JOY in naming each one to completion. You have an exquisite eye for beauty and color… and a playful side… a 1-2 punch!!
        Thank you for bringing Mother’s creations up front and personal.
        There’s so much more I want to say, but there are no words for the feelings.

    1. Wow Bev… amazing… what comes to me is its rather like flying the nest the mother in this case allowing the children to fly and be all that they can be… and in this way we merge and create… if that makes sense… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Stewards of the new earth… Souls on deck! You also explain why the ‘metals’ put in my body (without my waking consent) have to be removed at this time. Thank you Bev! my healer friend said they had to come out a couple months ago but did not get any other information for me. Honestly – I am so glad to hear your wisdom – it sets me free even more for my surgery and why it is to be. My guides have told me it had to be done in readiness/preparation for something coming soon. And I saw this ‘fiery ring’ around the full moon in a strong vision yrs ago… I knew it was for a future happening. In my vision, the moon was like a space craft with moving red lights all around it. Also, the tree of life is an important symbol for me and always has been. I had a dream once of a special new fruit – very large fruit coming from the tree of knowledge. With Love and honor in my heart of hearts, Areeza

    3. Bev, the other night I went out to take some deep breaths of crisp night air. I looked up at the moon and to my amazement, I saw a “ring of fire” surrounding her. She was in hazy clouds, so the light was reflecting off the clouds. But this was a complete ring of orange. The words “ring of fire” came to Mind. I tried to get this on my camera, but I do not have a night lens and each and every photo, no matter how steady I held my hands, did not come out good. That, strange as this may sound, the color I saw with my eyes, did not come out on my photos.

  10. you are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet, and each and every one of you will serve in one specific area, where you will be asked to perform according to your abilities and previously agreed upon plan.

  11. As we have touched upon in detail before, you are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet, and each and every one of you will serve in one specific area, where you will be asked to perform according to your abilities and previously agreed upon plan.

  12. I have found the true intent of what is going on now and sense mankinds beginning. I still speak freely to this source and it speaks to me. This source is much of all I have known from our beginning. I have a lot of love for this source and consern for mankinds future mother earth our galaxy and the future of this source and how it will change for the advancement of our solar system and all within it and the affects this will have on our galaxy.

    There are some things coming in the future that this source can’t fix and needs the help of another source that has the knowledge to take care of what is to come. The help form this other source can help with things that will make the advancement of the human race come much faster than rebuilding and restarting our long known source, mother earth and mankind.

    This other source when I try to talk to them is like a insect trying to talk to a human. They understand me well and have not desided if they will come to our aid yet or not. They look at how humans might react to them if they walked among them. They are much different than some races of beings that walk among us now unnoticed. It could be compaired to a human living with a roach in his home. You wish it no harm but don’t like to live with it either. The roach being the human.

    They are a very kind race of beings that wihes all well. They are one of the oldest races in this galaxy. They come and go where they wish throughout our galaxy at will. They create what they wish just through thought. I learned of this race of people from a old friend long ago. This friend once walked on the face of earth. For his time he knew and learned much about our galaxy. He still remains in the hall of lights and can come and go as he wishes. He is waiting on all to become light before he wants to return. He took me on a journey to see them with his thoughts. His thoughts still remain in the source some use daily.

    He spoke to me about meeting this race of people and the time he spent with them learning about them. To his suprise he said they were once a very warlike race of people in the past much like humans. They know well what we as a race of people will go through to become like them. They know how to control the orbits of the planets around a sun and to create their own worlds and suns.

    Thinking about this has given me a new task in life. It has shown me the truth for the first time and the intent of all. Most of all it has shown me many secrets about humans. I have been a loyal pet to the powers that be and remain one. I know what I am and why. I only wish to help advance the human race to what it can be instead of what it is now. Without harm to anything. I wish only love for all that is and give thanks for all the love and help given to me from all life I live and know.

    Blessings to all

    1. Reading your words, Ray, I was barely breathing. And your last paragraph, put tears in these eyes of mine, for this is the very reason I too am here, present in this violent world. I do not blame this “race” not to interact with us on the whole, for the whole is still so much unaware, ignorant, and closed of heart. To be one who walks this earth with Love, is truly one of the most courageous things that any of us who walk this way, is noted.

      When I see the status of this world, the tempatation to weep and fall into despair is great. I must pull back, which I do, to continue to focus on the world of my own making, in order to continue to radiate out to All That Is, Peace, JOY, Harmony, and LOVE.

      Peace to you this day, Ray. Your words bring such Light into my Life. Thank you.

      Love, Amy

    2. so beautifully said dear Ray….words from your soul !….the Truth will come & reveal itself…with our faith, patience & belief….when the time is right ! & indeed…we have so much yet to learn, not only about ourselves, but about the depth & magic of All life including other life species !……LOve, Bev~

    3. Thank you again Ray. I always look forward to what else u will unfold in front of us! Love is the constant – the glue – the eternal truth and when we are ‘In Love’ we are all the Same.

  13. How often do we have to be reminded of the fact of our important
    presence in this process. I just wanted to rage a little bit about
    all of this unseen changes and even Higgs particles. BBBut.
    The Constants know how to take the wind out of the sails, so to speak.
    I silently await the new wind that brings all these information
    throught he open doors of perception in ever larger quantities now.
    May this blow our minds, but not the line in the sand…

    any day now, any day…

    1. Michy, I have resolved to become like a kid again. No matter who says what. My choice. I want to laugh and be silly and bring JOY into my life, creating FUN even in the mundane. I await this “blow our minds” just as you do…..When it comes, it comes. Simple.

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

      1. Yeah, and we put the puzzle together. Byte by byte.
        as the real reason for your sojourn to this planet will start to seep into you. ——————————————————-

        1. Goosebumps. I have several CD’s of monks chanting. Thank you for reminding me that I do have them. I am playing them today. OH, how this speaks to my SOUL. Oh for the Peace………

          Thank you, Michilyn!

  14. This message is yet another affirmation for me of the divine unfolding going on for me/for us all.

    I have felt for some time now a really strong inner sense of being prepared for something. I’ve already, as you all know well (ha, ha) embraced Spheres Of Light in what I call my ‘life mission’ yet this inner sense is telling me that something more is emerging…

    It feels like it is opening up in the coming months late 2013/early 2014… though the precise details aren’t yet crystal clear but I feel they will be!

    Perhaps all those datastream downloads that we’ve talked about before are starting to come into play. I noticed another one running before my eyes at great speed the other day.

    I find mySelf (big Self) surprising myself with increasing regularity with the depth of insight on so many things… not that it wasn’t there before but it just often flows out unexpectedly…

    Seems to me we are all experiencing or touching on this in ways that are perfect for us. A good thing since diversity of expression is one of the beauties of life… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Much love to all, Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Philip, ditto ditto and ditto. Me too. All of what you said. I keep finding myself saying that the direction I am now headed in, that there is more to it. And yes, things coming together and wowing me. Still so much to write about as well. When I go for my walks, I seem more centered and the words just flow. Lately I have beeen having a terrible time with worpress witth type lag, and double letters, just like I am right here. I did not correct what I typed. This and the terrible lag is driving me bonkers.

      Love to you and Sue! Amy

      1. Ha felt it must be so for more and more of us…

        Fortunately I’m not experiencing the typing lag but have had that in the past…

        Sue is back to herself more of herSelf again after another mega shift… we constantly feel blessed to be able share this journey together…

        Much love Philip 🙂

    2. So True Philip !…Awakening does bring with it Opening Up to more of the sacred secrets of Life….surprising, amazing & at the same time often challenging to put it All straight into something we can understand ! & the flow is intensifying so again it’s very important in order to keep soul/spirit balance we need to stay grounded to receiving & projecting it All….& of course who can help us with this, more than any other or anything….Mother Nature !
      LOve to You…..Bev~

  15. “So once again we say stay awake and start to notice things that will start to show up in your sphere of consciousness.”

    Sphere Of Consciousness = Spheres Of Light, you are/we are all are Spheres Of Light, pure consciousness expressed and experienced in this form and so much more… we are only just beginning to perceive our truth and it is beautiful, powerful and full of grace beyond measure…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  16. No Separation.¸¸.•*´¨`*••☆ No Limitation.¸¸.•*´¨`*••♡ Love is Our Protection.

  17. I am thankful for and uplifted by the these and other channeled messages which advise us that something wonderful is in the works, but wonder if I am the only one who does not personally feel the massive swirling of energies, heightened frequencies and other profound changes so many of you report experiencing? Intellectually, I KNOW a shift is occurring – world events are a clear indicator – but I’m just not FEELING the profound energetics 😦

    1. Dear Dorothy, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I know it can be frustrating not to feel anything from these energies, and there are many who have it the same way as you. The CCs keep reminding us that we will all experience this in different ways but we will all benefit from these energies, no matter how much or how little they register in our physical body. As they say “no one is left behind, even if they feel like it”, so know that you are also very much a part of this change.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Welcome here Dorothy! I have always felt things more intuitively. I dont usually have visions or heavy energy experiences… well, some affects physicially from solar flares and such. At a very young age I realized my own consciousness and how important it was and I have kept it – and the world caught up to me! Things were always more subtle and i responded to what I inwardly ‘knew’ was going on. It also depends I think of what obligations we have in our individual lives. These are different for each of us so our way of experiencing change/shifts will differ. Love 2 U

  18. The second to last chapter vibrated a strong truth in me .

    Additionally, I need to include this here 🙂

    1. Beautiful song and video, bluetexts!!! Thanks for sharing it. Perfect expression of how I feel, too!!!

  19. “So once again we say stay awake and start to notice things that will start to show up in your sphere of consciousness.”

    I actually laughed out loud when I read this sentence because all I have begun to see or understand is wowing me over!

    Thank you, Aisha, for this delicious missive. Do you think you could talk to the CC’s and ask them to find another word for “work”? A couple missives back they were talking about playing and having fun. I find when my attitude towards “work” changes to see it as “fun”, it is fun.

    And when we have a Happy Heart, the world becomes a better place. 🙂


    1. Yeah, that “fulfill your quotas” phrase kind of threw me a bit. 🙂 But this is work of the heart and soul. Labor of Love. It is and will be as play. And if “quota” means counting each tiny bit we share to help just one soul open up to light and love, then I am all for it!!!!

      1. Yes, this is a Labor of Love. IAM learning, on the days I am not getting pulled under, that what IAM doing, by changing the “channel” I can actually get enJOYment out of my Labor of Love. Singing helps. And keeping in High Heart as well. The more I incorporate FUN and Laughter into my Life, the more LOVE I can radiate out to the world!!!

        I watched something with my husband last night. It was about these people in Costa Rica (HI, Nancee!) who are rehabilitating birds in order to release them back into the wild. I had tears in my eyes. For the passion that I saw in these people, is mine. Yes, what we do with our lives is all consuming, and much sacrifice is involved as well. Yet, when LOVE is the basis of all you do, man, the benefits are unlimited! No words to describe the feeling of knowing you have helped one who had been abused or traumatized and bringing quality of life to that one. No words.

        Love, Amy

        1. Amy!! Imagine my great big smile when I saw the words Costa Rica and your hello to me. We’ve just returned to our room while we wait for dancing a few blocks away and I’m trying to read through all the comments!! I return back to CR tomorrow (from Nicaragua) and hope to read your posts. Meanwhile I will start breathing in those molecules. I hope to write on my time here. It’s been good. As far as its deeper impact… not quite sure yet. Love, Nancee p.s. Welcome back to commenting here Birgitta!!

          1. Thanks Nancee!

            I thought about you yesterday when Swedish TV sent from nature in Costa Rica. What a lovely place you live in 🙂 My heart smiles with you :)))



      2. Dear sisters, labour of love it is, and as the CCs say, we are working 24/7 and we are not wasting any time any of us 😉 They also keep reminding me that even if I have much yet to accomplish, it will be the kind of work that will make my heart sing, and I know they speak the truth for that is what I am doing already 🙂
        LOVE to you both, my fellow workers!

        1. I Love the lightwork. I have had a hard time understanding why I am consumed for 10+ hrs at the other job – so much of my days I feel imprisioned when I want to be outside, playing, etc. I know I affect people wherever I am however. And this morning, a co-worker (another light worker for sure) told me how much I help her understand what is going on – on a regular basis. She said I communicate things in such a clear way – summing things up and it helps her a lot with all the energy shifts. that was nice to hear 🙂

      1. You are welcome, Philip. This “work” is all about the combined efforts of those whose Hearts and Minds are focused on bringing Love into this world.

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

    2. All in just a word….’work’….it’s the meaning behind the word that’s most important ! & Thanks Alee !!! I think you did a fabulous job at getting into it’s meaning !….& Aisha…it is what makes our heart sing as we are devoted to the Light & we will continue shining & working the Light…Always ! & Thanks for your ‘JOy’ work too Philip & your ‘Energy’ work BEE !
      LOve, Bev~

  20. Thank you Aisha and CCs!
    Still tired in my body after all those door openings but I am still in 😉 Feel like gettin on my feet for the very first time, a little weird and have booked off all singing this weekend. Would need a smooth massage…

    Muck love,


    1. Big hugs to you, dear sister! Glad to know you are getting back on your feet, I hope you will be able to manifest a nice massage for yourself 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear B… I hadn’t known this was your third time around the cleansing cycle. Thank you so much for that… you must be one of the strong Energy anchors that gifts the rest of us.
      And, wow. A singer to boot. You must really be able to belt those notes out there if you can withstand 3X around the Merry Go ‘Round. Got any cd’s of your vocals?
      Be well, our dear B. With Love, Lin

      1. Lin!

        I entered the cleansing cycle 30 years ago so there has been some dances 😉 and therefore I never expected this latest (!?) one to be so tough though…

        I sing in a gospel choir among others. Didn’t you see our excellent performance? ;))) Hope you are being well.



        1. You silly girl you.
          I am well, just being kept busy… learning to PLAY thru/during it all [have an excellent teacher, my hubby–I WAS the responsible one 🙂 ]. I catch up on the read thru when I can. Glad you’re back [visibly].
          Much Love, Lin

    1. Dear Amy, this is another wonderful confirmation for me! What you write about breathing in the molecules, the life force, resonates very much with what I have experienced. No wonder the CCs keep reminding us how important the breath is! Thank you for sharing this 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Can you imagine the possibilities? One of my guides is Jesus, so every time I (practice) focused breath, I INTEND that I am breathing His Essence into me. Powerful stuff here! Just powerful! And where else will this lead? Wow!

        Love, Amy

        1. To calm myself when needed, I have said “Jesus The Christ” on my inbreaths 🙂 I read that phrase is very empowering. On outbreaths I release what i need to.

          1. i JUST found this song by utter complete “accident” at a moment that i needed it quite badly…

            then I opwn my emails, and this comment of yours is the first one there…

            thought i should share…

    2. Thanks as always dear Amy in All you share & shine with us All !…just came from your site….your words shine from your Loving soul !….Love to You….Bev~

    3. Dear Amy, Thank you so much for that information! I also see light particles that swirl around me, but I have never known what to “do” with them. I have been consciously breathing them since I read your blog and I can feel the energy very strongly. Love, Lisa

    1. Dear Portia, thank you for sharing this! It is good to know that what others think is weird is for us becoming more and more “normal” 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Ha thanks for this Chyau… it gives another take on some things I’ve noticed where I seem to have disappeared off somewhere in a meditation then come back into the space I was meditating in and it feels very different like I am still somewhere else and then it clears… if that all makes sense… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Philip

  21. Thank you, dear Aisha!
    “As we have touched upon in detail before, you are all here to fulfill a previously agreed task of assisting in this whole process of literally re-constructing your whole planet”…. We are the first responders… An encouraging message from the Angels… inline and supporting Aisha’s latest, as always, very beautiful and helpful message:



    1. Much thanks for this link Philipp. It released me into tears with much emotion. I have always felt angels around me except for recently. I know they are still here, but I think life has been going by so fast that I haven’t been able to just be. This first responder thing is something I could see myself signing up to do. Ha! A friend of mine and I use to joke about what we must of signed on for and I see it in so many many people.

      Smiles to you Philipp:) 🙂

    2. Thank you Philipp,
      I haven’t felt much like a Lightworker lately. I doubted the reason for my very existance. This helped me back on the path again. I’ve never joined the 3D military, but I know in my heart that I signed up for this great event. Leave no soul behind! That’s me, the last man standing, holding open the gate for the last ones to come through. I think I’ve even gone back into the burning house these last few days to pick up any stragglers. Almost didn’t make it back…

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