A short update on the energies

Yesterday was a resounding success in so many ways, and even if some of you will look upon it as a day rather more dismal than usual, here in the heavenly realms it was indeed a day of rejoicing. For what transpired was nothing short of magical, as we have once again been able to reconnect old and disconnected strands, and so, the connection between your planet and all of Creation has finally shifted into a new gear. You see, these portals as we all like to refer to them as, serve as a sort of information highway, an extra passage if you will that allows information to be exchanged between large areas of Creation, and as such, they will be utilized when something extra needs to be accomplished. As was the case yesterday, for through utilizing this portal, and when we say this, we not only refer to our side of the veil, but yours also, we managed to hook up an extra large number of connectors in a way that will enable an increased amount of energy and information to be transferred between us all. So as you sat down and took part in this, you also accepted the invitation to become an even more intrinsic part of this whole operation, and through that, you allowed everyone else to literary follow in your wake.

For this process has benefits for all, not just those that took part in the actual reopening process by actively focusing in on this event and adding their consciousness to it. No, this served for the common good of all, as only a certain number of active parties were needed in order to establish full working order if you will of this magnificent new operation system as we like to call it. You see, this was all about putting into place a connection that will stay, and that will ensure an even faster delivery of the much needed energetic building blocks that you are all hard at work creating, and as such, yesterday was indeed a pivotal point in this whole operation. For now, the efforts will only multiply on all sides of the veil, and the exchange of information between us all will step up considerably. So once again we say thank you to you all, and on behalf of All of creation we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. For you are all playing an important part in this, no matter what you see yourself as doing. For you are not idle, nor are you wasting your time, and even if you yourself might feel like it from time to time, from our vantage point, we see something very different indeed. So thank you all, you are accomplishing miracles daily now, and this wonderful output will only magnify as these added energies that will come through now will serve to enhance all of your efforts in every way.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I was a animal laying on the side of a road starving to death. Then one day a being came along and saw me laying there. They took the time to stop pick me up and take me home with them. They gave me food and the love I needed to survive and regain my health. I have learned a lot about them and the way they comunicate with one another and understand a lot of what they say. Yet I can’t speak and understand some things the way they do. I know I am loved by them and return the love back to them all I can. Will I ever be like them and learn to help others the way they helped me. I can only try and do all I can. I know love and the desire to to take the time to help others is a beginning. I will always do what I can to help all I come in touch with. I will try to explain what they have taught me and share with others. Its kinda hard to teach a old dog like me new tricks. I will learn all I can and share it always.

    Blessings to all

    1. All of us here at the Pond have a desire/intention to help All we can – to lighten the burdens and go the step further and uplift to the highest heights possible. We answered the call Ray – We answered the call πŸ™‚ Honored to walk beside you and everyone here, Areeza

    2. Today I. feel like that animal laying along the road needing to be taken care for.

      I always pray for people I will meet, in the metro, aeroplane, on the bus etc and I always get love back. For more than a week ago something started to happen. I lost interest to communicate on this blog , and my virus infected computor “helped” me. I have met my family and had a great time, getting so much love back from them. I just don’t know what has happened to me. Feeling like I don’t care about this ascension any more.

      Do you think that’s a “normal” reaction to an old animal laying along the road these days?;)



      1. I felt that way too for awhile remember? I was fearful and sometimes I would read here and just not relate. I got jealous of how others were doing so well here, etc. After that heavy disconnect, I got my second wind and so will you. There is a reason for being in that space you are in. I can not say what it is for you. I learned something about myself thru my own experience. There was a larger release followed by an even larger embrace for me. Love and Hugs to help u carry on our dear Birgitta!

        1. Thanks dear Breeze!
          I realize that there is a meaning for me to experience this void. I am a no-thing, a no-one at the moment and it has nothing to do with missing my family, that I have been visiting. Yesterday I spit out my full anger to a phone seller who called via undetected number. My body is vibrating of wornoutness (?) and it feels like ten years ago when I had newly crashed.

          Thank you for reaching out to me Breeze!



          1. Dear Birgitta! The void is a difficult place to be, and even if we know so well that it is simply a “pause between the steps”, it feels like we will be stuck there. But we never are, we are simply being prepared for moving forward once again. So I send you so much love, dear sister, and I give you a warm embrace, and I hope it will make this “pause” a litte bit easier to BE in. For soon, you will feel how the light will fill you to overflowing once again.
            Kram, Aisha

            1. Γ„lskade vΓ€n!
              Tack fΓΆr din omtanke och dina ord. Jag behΓΆver det nu fΓΆr det kΓ€nns vΓ€ldigt ensamt, tomt och meningslΓΆst fΓΆr tillfΓ€llet.

              Varm kram tillbaka – Γ€ven till din syster. Ni Γ€r fantastiska!


                  1. I am back in Memphis now. Seeing my parents was crazy and horrible and wonderful. Many confrontations. Many realizations. Many releases. Much confusion. Much frustration. I said goodbye to each of them separately. I hugged them, told them I loved them. Neither the affection not the words were returned. I left with an open heart and a renewed understanding that some people just don’t / can’t / won’t … and that’s ok.

                    It’s 11:11…

                    1. Yes – it is ok, though it hurts…it is a process as Sun use to say and I embrace you with my love. There are a lots of things happening in your life now – in a very short time. I am so happy that you left your family with love and an open heart. The greatest gift you could give them – and yourself!!! You are a brave and strong woman.

                      All my love !


                    2. All my love back, Birgitta. Too funny… I just received a LONG email from my mom telling me how upset she was about things that happened while I was there. This is probably the most “open hearted” way she has ever spoken to me. Like Otmn pointed out a while back, some people can only express themselves certain ways until some “connections” are made inside. I have certainly been though that myself. I completely understand the place she is in. So, some healing going on there with both of us. πŸ™‚

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            2. And the rebirth from the void becomes faster and faster and better and better and allows more and more expansion…

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          2. oh.. u made me remember part of what came to me today. Part had to do with you and maybe family ‘residue’ ? affecting u. the other had to do with all of us having to ‘re-write our contracts’. Like we did only sign up for less time doing the hard stuff than it has actually taken… so this came to me today. I feel like i re-wrote mine after my tantrum if u will. maybe this resonates with others here. off to bed… benedryl kicking in. night time allergies. see u all later. Sweet dreams.. waking or sleeping πŸ™‚

      2. Dear B… Like Breeze, I have no advice, but just simply wanted to tell you I missed your words. Glad you’re safely back home. I know what you need will come to you, dear sister. You are Loved, Treasured/Cherished here. Holding you&yours in the Light.
        I Love you sooo much, Birgitta. All is well and as it should be.
        xo Lin

      3. Brigitta, Luv, I am traveling a very familiar path here. I’m not sure what is happening. It’s as though all I knew to be me, is now gone. And in her place, is whom? Not too sure.

        Sending you Big (((HUGS))). Sounds like you could use them.

        Love, Amy

        1. Thanks Amy! Same with me. I am totally worn out and I am feeling lost. I was so sad today, cried and told the CCs I am fed up with their experiments and just giving some nice applauses back to us (yes – know I wasn’t quite fair πŸ˜‰ but I was so angry, sad and just want to quit. Even swore to them. No respect at all. What is this all about anyway? I need a rehabilitation center now!

          Thanks for your answer Amy!


          1. Birgitta, you would have laughed if you had seen me yesterday. In the pouring rain, trying to convince TT to go to the barn. This cat is soaked to the skin and refusing to leave me. It is freezing cold outside. I screamed up to the heavens, in the pouring rain, “Do YA think I can get a break here all ready! I can’t DO this anymore!!” Angry??? Ready to give up? Hubs had to hold me back as I whipped my coat and purse out to leave last night. Crying. Crying as I have never cried before. Yes. Enough. Applause??? PALEAZE! I want a vacation and someone waiting on me for a change. And I want to feel GOOD again!

            BIG (((HUGS))) with ALL my LOVE, Amy

            1. Dear Amy!

              I have to laugh :))) You are so very fair and cool in your comments – can almost see you πŸ™‚

              Do you think we are harbouring some kind of devil in us that want to come out – I mean before we fell out our wings and fly? ;)))

              Love you Amy! You really made me LOL:)


              1. man, i kept thinking when i was going thru my crap that i was first again. that has happened most my life… i would go thru crap and then others. i was so hoping not so and u guys would not go thru it! Now, you make me wonder. If so… U will be ok…. I Am ! Love you !

    3. Dear Ray… how beautifully and authentically you express yourself–each time. The Love from your Heart just simply flows into your words. No matter what you are called to do in this lifetime/Ascension, I feel that just your presence would be enough to Bless whomever/whatever is fortunate to be along side you. AND, since we are all One–no time or distance between any of us, including our Mother–you already are Blessing us all with your tremendous ability to feel/give Love. I DO feel this/YOU. [a little disjointed in messaging, but the best I can do right now πŸ™‚ ]
      Thank you sincerely, xo Lin

    4. Dear Ray!

      I am so sorry for using your message to expose my own suffering – without even commenting your lovely and profound thoughts. I feel very selfish about that and I just can say I don’t know who I am any longer…

      Love and respect,


  2. Thank you all for sharing with us today, Amy, Phillip, Ray, Aisha. et al…….as we are all the Light together, separate, but One. Love to us all. Jean

  3. Thanks for the help on this dream. I will see the true intent of this and the way it ends soon. I ask that the minds of all be opened as we join together as one mind in the wisdom and understanding of all that is.

    blessings to all

  4. Dear sun_of_blue! As you say, this is not about being taken into darkness, it is more about being in the “in between-space”, the void as someone call it. Like being in mid-step between two steps on the ladder, except you cannot see the next step yet. And so we must pause, and wait, and BE. My sister found a word for it yesterday, she said “this is not Monday, this is non-day”.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. Seven year old Edward Yudenich, conducting the Student Orchestra of the State Conservatory of Music, Paskent, Ubekistan. He became proficient in violin in one year and learned orchestral conducting in six months.This kid isn’t just waving his arms around while the orchestra plays. He is into every note. Don’t miss the part where he folds his arms and smiles during a gentle part.
    Old souls in new bodies… Love them/us!

    < http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=BNNFtlF9CDE

  6. Quoted from Kara about Today (The Galactic Free Press Newsletter)~ “(11/11) we have yet another powerful Gateway. We have been building up to it and as I have said before, each portal, gateway and eclipse is more intense than the one before. This Gateway is further empowered by incredible solar activity with another major flare occurring today. Remember that our sun receives communication (Light) from our Galactic Sun, so each time there is a flare from our own sun, we are receiving Soul Codes of Light from the Galactic Sun along with all higher dimensional energies.
    “Soul Codes of Light….” πŸ™‚

  7. I try to never let anger dictate what I do. I always search for the good in everything before I act on anything.

    1. Dear Ray, thank you for sharing this dream with us all, and thank you, Amy and Philip, for taking us all on a journey through it!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. I am relating to this sun of blue where you talk about ‘all there was was consciousness & now it was enough’… what you’ve said here takes one thing I saw/felt yesterday deeper… I’m am fine thankfully… though there is resonance here for me in what you’ve shared about facets of your experience… hard to explain… Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

      1. oooo, i like that Amy – like All That Is (and the part of it that we always have been) we will be observing our own creations as ‘intentional humans’.

  9. Hey Sun_Of…. I want to send u energy to help u just be in that in between space and to be ok with it. I have the feeling from your words that you may be trying too hard. Let go and trust keep coming to me when I read your words. Dont try and control this one…. free fall….breath….be slow…be still. Like yesterday at first, I thought I was ‘supposed’ to do or feel something. Than today I realized my role (see below) and its just perfect. I sensed it yesterday too… but i fought what i sensed. Love to you always, Areeza

  10. I didn’t see any change from semi transparent to a full body. What was being done to them was internal and didn’t show up by looking at them. The ones that were being held down did get back up and start walking around again. The orbs popping had no effect on the men in black. the leader did look me strain in the eyes once then went back to work helping the others. I felt no fear at all only concern for what was being done to the people and how it might affect them. I did feel a little anger when I first saw this. As I tried to see why it was being done my anger went away.

    1. I think that last point is crucial as Amy has offered… that may be the crux of it… seems like it’s pointing to a positive underlying intent… does that sound right Ray? It was your dream after all! Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Before I read anyone elses comments – I want to call this ‘my traveling consciousness’ – this morning while i was driving I looked at the sun and i was transported ‘up close’ and personal to it. I then recalled how i used to ‘see’ under things… like roots of trees, etc. had not played with this in awhile. so i did and wow! I was everywhere! my consciousness was on the tip of a pine needle, on the back of a flying bird (i could feel it breathing), with a bug in the bark of a tree, inside the clouds…. it was very, very nice. I only got a bit nervous in the beginning when it went fast and my palms got sweaty. I ‘knew’ i could control the speed and extent of the experience. This is very much fun – I know I could go on and on and that for now it was good as it was. As It Is…. Life IS…..

    1. …whatever i focused my attention on, i was there in an instant i want to add. it was ‘natural’. I realize my role yesterday was as a calm stabilizer while others were more active in guiding or moving energies. I am happy with this πŸ™‚ for me to be a calm, stable anything – man, u have no idea how awsome that really is for me !

        1. Yes and thank you Philip for I know your SOL energy intent has helped me with this. in gratitude, XO Areeza

          1. You are welcome Areeza, I had a sense it had been helping you as you have been in my awareness and intention on and off over the last several days… it sounds like your awareness are wonderful by the way a great skill you have. Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

            1. Sometimes its as easy as having a friend hold your hand… I believe you and I are old friends Philip πŸ™‚

      1. Dear Areeza, thank you so much for sharing this! And thank you for BEing who you are, and for doing what you do! We are ONE, but we are also unique individuals who bring our very own colour to this tapestry of light πŸ™‚
        Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

        1. Aisha,,, I do not know if anyone has ever thanked me for being who I am. I am ever so touched by that!!! thank you and D i t t o ~! XO

  12. The people I saw were semi transparent and walking like they were unaware of what was going on. The men in black were not transparent at all and in full body form.

    1. This dream gets more intriguing by the minute… ‘semi-transparent and walking like they were unaware of what was going on’… think that is a big clue… Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. Amy I know the intent well of the world leaders . This seemed to be more about the collapse of religion as we know it.

    1. So, my thoughts were not too far fetched or too far off. Something of the past. And the realization now of how we have been controlled. And yes, “feeling” what you just said about collapse. Yes. Is this world finally ready to say NO! this is not truth as to what is being “branded” onto them?

      I just questioned myself. How did I miss out on the general brainwashing? Or didn’t I? And what I think as having been able to keep above it all, is in fact, just an illusion. And so the irony.

      Ya got me thinkin’ this morning, Ray. Thank you. I think. πŸ™‚

      1. i see this new re-instatement of free will extending to anything. like, i don’t WANT to be 30lbs overweight. ok, done! i don’t WANT to only have $200 or whatever dollars to my name. ok, done!

        yes, i know we should speak in the terms of what we DO want. i’ve been thinking of all the things i want.

        to come to terms with the extent to which we’ve been (allowed ourselves) to be thwarted….. mind boggling and at first even heartbreaking. don’t know about you but i think there’s a period of traumatic stress to deal with after the truth hits you. this is heavy stuff! ana

        1. Slow and easy, Ana. Keep visualizing your Dreams. Keep steady. Stay in High Heart. Stay calm. Breathe. Oh, yes, Luv, I too am doing all I wrote here. When we awake even further, it is quite the shock to see, truly see. I see so much as it is, too much, and see more, it really is a shock to my system. I just wrote a poem about my Eyes that See at Petals Unfolding. People do not understand the challenge of seeing, of staying neutral, and then sending Love.

          The whole purpose in seeing is to see Truth. This way change CAN be made. πŸ™‚ AND the Truth will set you free!

          Love, Amy

        2. traumatic cosmic stress syndrome. hmm… yup I can see having that.
          I have had to pull myself back i guess u would say… a few times today…. just to keep realizing I was driving or shopping or whatever my still here physical self was doing. Things come and go so fast can hardly grab it to examine it. I want to remember things that I experienced but I have no idea right now what they were. Its Ok… we will all be Ok. no worries ponders. At least we have each other for semi sanity and it is all ‘play’ and meant to be enjoyed. But really I had some cool stuff I wanted to pull back into this reality… darn, i just dont even know what it was.

    2. Ah Ray I see you have added another vital piece to the puzzle… “the collapse of religion as we know it”… I find there is always more depth and info in the dreams than we can first discern and when we dig as you have been doing we find there is more….

      So it’s possible the question I asked could be framed a bit more tightly possibly on suggestion is… were the ‘people asleep from the prior brainwashing’ or ‘were they awakening and being kept asleep?’

      So much to this dream Ray as you delve deeper…

      Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Philip, extremely insightful with your thoughts here. Oh, yes, we are “chewing”. I like to make things simple. These men in black knew Ray had kept his power and was not about to be “branded”. I think the way Ray described these people were they actually represented several types of consciousness, some being more aware and some seemingly not reacting at all. This could in turn, represent the status of people in general, awake versus asleep, and then from there, different levels of awake and asleep as a subgroup of existence.

        You too have really got my brain smoking this morning. Ray you are affording me an opportunity to examine my life from a different perspective.


        1. Religion is something that resides without – true spirituality/Christ Consciousness resides within. To me, religion can separate more than join.

  14. The people in black didn’t approach me at all. They knew I was there but moved around me to other people. I felt I had the power to do what ever I wanted to stop or help in what they were doing.

    1. Ah Ray thanks for the additional pieces of the puzzle a little more is emerging. The last piece about you feeling “you had the power to do what ever you wanted to stop or help in what they were doing” is quite insightful for me… since they also “did not approach you at all” even though they knew you were there. This suggests to me that you were ‘standing in your own personal power.’

      The men in black whose overall intent is still unclear were probably aware of your power. As you say if you knew this intent greater clarity still would emerge.

      The “against their will” be does jump out as Amy says and the suggestion following that would seem to be a possibility. Also “wanting to make the people more like them and think they wanted to think” seems to point to their intent somewhat if that is what you were picking up? “Forcing’ or placing placing a force on people … initially suggests not all positive intent. A lack of free will perhaps.

      This leads me to a question which may help further? Could you discern whether the people were ‘asleep’ so to speak as in locked in some state of unawareness/fear… If there were a positive underlying intent there is a possibility that in a more awake state (if they were asleep or at some other level of their consciousness they may be consenting.) What I mean is that what our soul thinks is a good idea may be not be what our conscious mind thinks is a good idea. The soul seeing a bigger picture and the lesson we learn from an experience that might otherwise be judged as bad for instance. I guess most here have had that type of experience. If were possible to discern this from the dream i.e was the against their will at a mind level and all other levels or was there an inner conflict in them for instance – the soul thinking its a good idea the mind not. Another every day example a person whose drunk may really want to have another drink but have that drink taken away from them against their will… yet overall the intent of the person taking it away is a positive one.

      I realise this may seem far fetched but I’m looking at all possibilities. I do not know which it is as it’s not a dream I had but merely asking questions and suggesting possibilities to help you get to the meaning.

      I’d just reiterate in closing you having the power… sounds an important and central message to me.

      Trust that helps!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Philip, that reminds me. I had a “healing experience” on Saturday. One of the visions I beheld were Spheres of Light. I am meaning to write about this on my blog, and include a link to your blog, too. There was no color. And I kept wanting to see color and by doing so, the experience began to withdrawal from me. So, I stopped trying to see color and I just allowed what was happening to happen.

        If you knew the totality of all that has occurred with me lately, you would understand why I haven’t written the article yet.

        Love, Amy

        1. It sounds a pretty profound experience to me Amy and I’d delighted to read it in full when you feel ready to write…

          Yes, I’m not surprised that when you tried that it started to withdraw… trying of any form even just to see colour would have that effect in my experience of these profound energies…

          oh and very happy for you to link to the SOL site…

          Much love, Philip πŸ™‚

        2. Catch you all later now. Sharing SOL with some people at my house tonight and Sue wants me to go ahead but seems she is may be having a lag effect from yesterday in the last few hours…

          Philip πŸ™‚

        3. amy, i’ve some eventful, inner things happen this week too! about 1 week ago i had a dream that a man was doing some MAJOR energy work on me. it was not a vivid, real dream–just a regular dream but obviously symbolic.

          then on friday evening, out of nowhere (well, maybe 2 glasses of wine triggered it(?)) i was swimming in an amazing sea of serenity. it was, just, WOW. strong, and i had *never* felt that type of energy before. it was AMAZING. finally, weird-GOOD things are happening to me πŸ˜‰

          and also of course i’m now on day FIVE where i have been able to function all day normally!!! no dead exhaustion, no confusion with space time, no being weighed down by nebulous fear or anxiety.

          seriously, i had forgotten what it was like to function easily in everyday life!! ana

          1. Ana, I’m coming up behind you. Since Saturday I’ve had some real eventful things happen. I’m trying to get my head together to write about my Molecules of Light experience on Saturday. I think I am ready to do so. But I must wait until I can get my bearings. I felt the Pain of Women’s Hearts last night, released it, like the volcano, and today I am not too sure where I have landed.

            Nice and slow and easy does it. WE really are on New Land. I don’t feel anything like me, not yet.

            Love, Amy

            1. Amy – cant wait to read about your molecules of light experience πŸ™‚
              It is new, very fertile ground we have landed on (and im not sure I have landed yet either really)

              1. Luv, the prob comes in between staggering under all this new, and um, where am I???, and then trying to FIND the words to adequately describe what I experienced……….My head is still not on straight. I am publishing two small articles today, and hopefully by tomorrow, I can land the Big ONE! When my hand is ready to write………ewwwweeeeeeeeeeee……It goes!!!!

                Steady she goes. All this new and feeling not quite like me…….gulp…….did we really ask for this??? Just to give you a small preview, I am figuring out in the place of my connection to the other side, (persons), those persons are now in Energy Form in these Light Molecules I see. It is taking used to having things like this, and it is taking PRACTICE to keep connecting to the LM. All new. And when new, one must keep on practicing until that “habit” becomes the norm. As in effortless.

                Must go. I “hear” a call that I must answer!!

                Love, Amy

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          2. Ana… I am indeed glad to hear your good news here. We ARE being Blessed. The Light is here to stay. Much Love, Lin

  15. Philip I just had a feeling that a group of people were doing something to another group against there will. If this was good for the people it was being done to Is what I don’t know. I could not see the intent of the people dressed in black. I saw that it wasn’t killing anyone or doing any harm that could be see. The people in black seemed to be wanting to instill a different way of people to think. It seemed that they were trying to remove what was making people think the way they think about some things. But me not seeing the intent behind this action and the end results of the effect it would have on people leaves me wondering if it is good or bad for the people. It was the way it was being done to people that bothered me. It was against their will. What was being done was without consent from the people. Just a force placed upon people that they wanted to make people more like them and think the way they wanted them to think. For me to see the intent of this would answer the question is this good or bad. Will it help people reach a new level of understanding of hinder them into remaining in a lower level of understanding.

    1. Ray, the “against their will” is what popped out at me. Could your dream actually represent what the Controlling Powers have done to mankind? Is this why it bothered you so much? And is this why you couldn’t see the “intent” because these Powers have concealed their methods of mind control for so long? Could this dream be an indication of what has been done to the people as the Collective is preparing to step into the new?

      Just a few of my thoughts on your dream.

    2. I keep thinkiing about ‘imprints’. and the removal of them and how important that is right now. It impedes people when they hang on and they may not even know they are hanging on to stuff from past lives…. terrible tramas can leave an imprint within the astral body and it gets carried forward to the next life cycles. These have to go once and for all now in order to move to the next level. Maybe the orbs had to cover the whole body to remove all imprints. Just what comes to me. And in the people’s subconscious, they really did want help.

      1. agh, blasted imprints! imprints from ‘past’ lives that you don’t know are there. i don’t know 100%, but it makes sense that this is the exact stuff that’s kept me in SUCH a rut!!

        i think “The Secret” people really leave out this possibility when teaching manifesting and it can lead to massive frustration.

        here’s to leaving all that BS behind! ana

        1. whooooooosh!!!! Its all gone πŸ™‚ and… once it is really gone, just try and find it in yourself again… bet ya cant πŸ™‚ There will just be a blur and u instantly move on to better thoughts and happenings.

        2. Then you add in the resonant vibrations from your multi-dimensional selves, as well. As we merge all of this, things can SEEM to be a real mess. But hey!!! You can also attract the strength, knowledge, and experience of all of your selves. Past present future here there everywhere. (Please remind me of this at some point when I need to hear it again myself… πŸ™‚ )

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      2. OOOH Breeze, I like your take on this!

        I am still out here, supporting your coming surgery too friend!

        I will be with you also on the 18th!

        Love, Terri

        1. Thanks Terri ! I am a bit nervous again at the moment. I go back and forth about it. I am so fortunate to have you all here. My goal is to bounce back in a few days and just enjoy a long deserved vacation – just relaxing here at home. πŸ™‚ My boyfriend put in the new faucet today (he figured it out – does not do plumbing). I am a true bargain shopper and found real quality chef sink and Danze faucet on Ebay. My kitchen looks so nice and a dishwasher too (I dont like doing dishes at all) was given to me. so, just in time. The tree disaster was tough to get thru but in the end its such a better house. Fits me better. Love, Areeza

    3. Hi Ray, I’m not sure whether you’ll get this. I’m in Nicaragua today and waiting for the other ladies to get up so taking time to visit the Pond. I’m enjoying all the comments on your dream but haven’t time to read all following comments so for what it’s ‘worth’ will interject my own first thoughts as the women are stirring.
      Lately I have noticed a bit of a struggle of my Higher self with my human/ego self. Ok this isn’t lately *smile, I have always seen this. IF the MIB are helping could it be “against the will of the human being/dying ego ways” that you picked up on. Could the people have asked for help (red orbs) from their higher self and the result you felt be the crying out of the ego self… I know that sometimes I feel two ‘wills’ within me and at some point have to consul my ‘ego self’ that it’s ok… it must change but I will give it another ‘job’ after the change. This is typed in haste and I will be pondering further on my own words in case I disagree with them after all πŸ™‚ Here is a simple chart on the meaning of orb colours… there’s at least 3 shades of red. Maybe it too is helpful: https://ssl4.westserver.net/oahughosttours.com/orb_colors.htm ~Nancee

  16. In my younger years there were times I had to stay awake for 3 days at a time. This would last about six weeks at a time. I would be at work over 115 hours a week. This can be done by eating about 8 to 10 times in 24 hours. But what you eat had to be in small amounts and good for you. I would lose 25 to 30 lbs. in a six week time doing this. This teaches you a lot about your self will to do something. Staying focused and not letting your mind wonder is the hardiest part of doing this. Those days are gone.
    I have never slept as much as most people. I have gone for years at a time and only gotten a average of 4 or 5 hours of sleep at a time. What caused me to do this was my mind wanted to keep working while my body would say go to sleep and my mind would win the battle. This is hard on the body and takes time to get use to it. When I do sleep my body temperature drops much lower than most people. This has freaked a few nurses out when they see my temperature is 92 degrees. It only goes to 94 most of the time. When I am active it is normal between 96 and 98 degrees. when I meditate it drops like a rock. So I use a cover to help stay warm when doing this. I don’t feel cold until it gets below 94 degrees.
    Blessings to all.

    1. for me – when i would astral travel – my body would get cold – i could so easily ‘leave the body’ and take off. was more difficult for me to stay. I have stayed now a long time and its actually nice. I have always needed 8-10 hrs sleep since birth. In the past yr, I can get by on 6 or 7 but def. no less. still thinking of your dream. not sure about it. I love to analyze dreams. Blessings back 2 U !

  17. I had a dream last night about some men running around dressed in black. They were gathering people together and placing what looked like 3 inch red orbs around every person. Then these orbs would pop. I heard the leader of these men in black say make sure they cover the whole body. Some people were fighting against these men in black and some were just standing there. This was confusing to me I didn’t know if I should help the people or the men in black. I did not know the intent of the men in black. It seemed that these orbs were purging something from the people. Some people seemed to be in a little pain some seemed to have no pain at all. I woke up and have been thinking about this and the full intent of this. It may take another dream for me to find the answers of this. Maybe one of you can see the answer to this dream. All the men in black were wearing Billy Jack type hats. I don’t know if this means something or not.

    1. Hi Ray, I follow my own dreams a lot and can often help others with theirs too though usually requires a bit more info as the vast majority of dreams are often so personal and drawn personal experiences and some more general archetypes.

      A key to a dream can often lie in how each situation made you feel. You touch on this above (mainly uncertainty it seems) and perhaps a sense of purging… were there any other feelings?

      This could be a combination of what I refer to as a Level II/Level III dream. Level II is from deeper in the subconscious and is personal. Level is from the collective consciousness if you will (a la Jung) as has wider meaning beyond you that is.

      From what I can see so far, The dream potentially points to both positive vibes and lower vibes though not sure which is the message here yet.

      When I read your words the ones that kept jumping out at me were :

      Men in black (MIB) – perhaps relating to the film of the same name? Though their hats were a different style according to Google! I didn’t know who/what Billy Jack was but now do again from Google.

      If it were connected with MIB film then that may point to the whole ‘disclosure’ or ‘cover up issue’ of ET intelligence as per the films as I understand it?

      Since the hats were different and the orbs were present it may have a more positive slant… it’s hard to be sure … if you could share more about the feelings and anything else that comes to you we may be able to get closer to the meaning.

      This may give you some pointers or at least questions to ask so don’t take anything here to literally it’s intended as a starter.

      Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚

    2. Well, all I can say is Billy Jack was for peace and against the “establishment,” right? Maybe a clue. Hard to tell, huh? Did you yourself feel resistance regarding the men in black? I like that you talk your dreams out. That always helps me, too.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing this, ana. I love background, behind the scenes stuff. Cool that you live there. Strangely, the thing that stood out the most to me is that this is all choreographed in such detail. Impressive!

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Hi Ray, your dream remember me the film “the adjustemen bureau” or the short story “adjustemen team”
      A very interesting romantic action thriller, that speak about the concepts of free will and predestination. In this film the MIB are not policemen, and no FBI or CIA agents, the MIB are angels that travel through doors whith hats
      Bless you

  18. With the help of my friend coffee, the exhaustion is lifting and I see a beautiful day. It snowed here last night for the very first time, and though I am not too excited about the snow, it is beautiful. Let’s see what Treasures await all of us today.

    Bless you, Aisha. You are ever-steady, a Light for all of us to gravitate to. You inspire me, you uplift me, you help me. I am so honored to be in your life, and I am so grateful that I am within this Family of Light here at this Pond.

    I Love you.

  19. The birds outside my office window are swarming this lovely morning! oooo so beautiful ! and a co-worker just now mentioned seeing Robins still πŸ™‚ change in the air. Nice and calm here. Yesterday just a regular day for me. I usually feel the before and after energies more. good day/night to all , Love Areeza

    1. Much love back to you, dear sister! We woke up to the Sun burning away the last remnants of fog and rain from yesterday, and to an energy that feels much lighter πŸ™‚
      Love, Aisha

  20. Last night, I saw the vast devastation in the Philippines as I wept. Oh, these poor people! So many are suffering right now. Please, keep sending your Light and your Love to this part of the world. Pray that they get the help that is so needed.


  21. A way was shown to me how simply we can find answers in what is already in our lives. In this case, the answers came via numbers that are prominent in my life. I was stunned at the simplicity of it all. What wasn’t simple was writing this article, for I was having a horrible time typing, getting type lag, then to a point my keyboard was doubling. I had to switch to my iPad keyboard, to type, turn my other keyboard on to get to the cursor, turn that back off, and continue on my iPad keypad. I made mistakes. I couldn’t concentrate right. I did my best though, to share with you the astonishing answers I was looking for all my life, that had been in front of my all along.

    Funny how things like that happen.


    As I look at the link that I gave you, even that is incorrect. It works. But I really do apologize for the mistakes that I made in trying to push through a situation where I was actually pulling my hair out.

    Geeze, I hope the effort was worth it. I really hope you get something out of it.


  22. Instead of going to work, I went to bed.
    I cooked for the others and meditated.
    Mayhaps you compagnions can replace
    the missing sum at the end of the month.
    and gratitude

    1. Dear Michilyn, not to worry! “It will all be worth it in the end” as the CCs say, so I think you will find there are no missing sums at all when we get there πŸ˜‰
      Much love to you! Aisha

    2. May we all be reimbursed. πŸ™‚

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Michilin, boy howdy. i hear you! to add up all the days of earning i’ve missed because of this journey…. would be hundreds of dollars! but money is just another form of energy and i very strongly intend to keep receiving it–just not in the old paradigm ways of pushpush-pushing yourself. ana

  23. Have an even bigger smile on my face than usual … I looked up to see you post Aisha and clicked on it realising it was exactly 11.11 as I started reading… how cool is that! πŸ™‚

    This resonated for me at so many levels some of which I will endeavour to put into words now. Having been guided to stay away from the computer for a day and be/do other things… it seemed a bit of a strange and was quite grey here weather wise. I did wonder if much was going on as the CCs referred to. I ended up watching somethings on the TV that had profound messages resonating with where I am/we are.

    One was very much about ‘blowing away the past/recreating oneself anew’ another was about merging with the creator at a new level.

    I had a couple of long meditations and in the night had two really powerful personal messages about embracing more of one’s innate spiritual capacity/power and my mission with Spheres Of Light (SOL). In one “Champion the Wonder Horse” came to me (remember that one!) and in another I was told to continue ‘run’ with the process and more.

    I felt lovely energies particularly during my Monday worldwide SOL share which I as always was intended for anyone open to receiving.

    Today the skies are clear the energy is lighter and there feels like a lot to ‘run’ with.

    Much love to all here. Joyfully, Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Philip, thank you for sharing your joyful light again! And thank you for sharing your experience of yesterday, another important reminder that we must all follow our inner guidance as to how we want to engage with these energies.
      Love and light from me, Aisha πŸ™‚

    2. Run, run, run with the Light, my friend. Love to you! πŸ™‚

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  24. Dear Aisha, thank you once again for your extraordinary work helping us to confirm to ourselves that we are really connected and that it isn’t an illusion, as I previously tended to believe. It seems that ONE(ness) is gathering It’s parts&pieces once again. It is such a pleasure to be in such a company (as ONE) with dear souls as all of you are (Anna Hellen, Otmn, Breeze,Birgita,Alex, Amy, JJ, Ray, Susan, Philip, Marko, Guerric, Nencee and many others). Love you all deeply. Sonja

    1. Much love back to you, dear sister! It is all coming together, even when we feel like we are “falling apart at the seams”, as the CCs keep reminding us πŸ˜‰
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Love to you Sonja!!! xoxoxo

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Thanks Sonja I’m surprised you put my name on this list really!!!

      Lots of love and have a good day!


  25. As I lay on the beach yesterday, I felt so much a part of ALL. The enormity of what we are IN here really struck me in a more profound way than it ever has to this date. I would give/do/be anything, anything in the process of bringing this higher love into our world and into all creation.

    thanks as always

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