The manuscript of survival – part 368

The quickening has begun in earnest, and as of today, many of you will feel as if you are being hurled forward at an ever increasing rate. As usual, this  change in tempo may bring with it its challenges, and it can be more than difficult to keep the focus as everything around you seem to become more and more blurred. And there is a good reason for this blurring, as it will indeed signal a shift in perception for many of you. For what once was in focus, will seem to become out of focus, and another layer, seemingly suspended between you, the observer, and what you so far have perceived as reality, will begin to emerge. And with it, so much of the old will fall away and loose the power it once had over you, and other, more insubstantial ones will step in to take its place.

For now, what has been will no longer be what will be, for what will be, will be the new, the emergence of so much that hitherto has been hidden from view. But now, so many of you will start to see what has not been seen, and you will be able to take in a far larger proportion of what is than earlier. For you will start to see beyond the realms you have seen as the one and only, and you will see as if round the corner and behind closed doors. For now, those doors are no longer closed, and you will be allowed to enter at will, when you yourself feel ready for it. For remember, your eyes will fall upon many a thing that will be perceived as foreign, indeed, it can be categorized as frightening if you go by the old imprints you have been served by other, less benign visitors. And as such, what has long been recorded as alien in all the negative connotations of the word, will soon turn out to be more familiar than you could ever dream of. For remember, we are you, and you are us, and even if we come in all shapes and sizes and then some, remember that what you see cannot be labeled as negative in any way, even if parts of your brain may cry out in alarm at encountering something that will feel almost too foreign to even define. But again we say, fear not, for you will not be taken too far out of your comfort zone, and as always, you will all be closely guided, and things will be set up according to your personal level. For this is, as in all things, something that will come about when the time is right for you, and indeed, we are willing to wait a little bit longer if necessary for all those who still feel a little bit uncertain about peeking behind the veil. For what you will see, will certainly make more than your head spin, as then, you will have to reevaluate so much of what you up until now have taken for granted. For when the curtain falls, so much will fall away with it, things that have been a cornerstone for many a young soul ensconced within a human body, and as such, this will go off according to personal abilities to withstand the pressure that this will entail.

So again know that all is well, and there is no reason to compare your journey to that of your neighbour in this, for this is not a competition in any way. Take this simply as a warning to be prepared for some rather unusual encounters in the time ahead, and know that if you feel you are failing if nothing unusual happens to you, know that this is not the case. You are simply being taken along a route that will help you to manage to go all the way, at a pace that suits you perfectly in every way. And again we remind you not to expect anything alien-looking turning up in the nine o’clock news. For we refer not to any kind of “mass sightings” akin to those described with aplomb in all of those blockbuster movies, depicting masses of people running screaming to the hills. No, what we refer to are encounters of a very different kind, encounters that will take place in the realms of your private sphere, and we do mean that very literally. For what you will “see”, you will see within the confines of your perception, and even if this takes place while others are in the same physical space as you, they will not be able to detect the same things. For this is simply about becoming adjusted to see between the layers, as you will start to see what has been hidden in front of your eyes for all times.

For you will start to see what is hidden in the dimensional fields that literally occupy the same space as you, but on a different layer, or membrane if you will. And as humans up until now have been confined to only detect the one, gossamer thin layer of Creation that they occupy, they have been totally unawares that they are in fact literally swimming in a soup of other realities, realities that are intertwined with yours in an extremely complex, but at the same time exceedingly simple way. It can be likened to the strings of the guitar, vibrating side by side, but never touching. So too it is with this, as you have up until now only been able to perceive one single string. But now, you will one by one be invited to play other strings, and through that, you will be able to take in even more of the heavenly music that up until now has been one dimensional. You have so much to look forward dear ones, and so even if some of you still have some time to wait before this orchestra will become apparent to you, we think you will all say it was worth the wait as soon as you lay your eyes upon the very first sign of these parallel words or strings if you will.

239 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 368

  1. Been looking out “chaos magick”, sounds weirdo teen stuff, but there’s cool things in the webs how you can trigger and override psychic barriers. Einsteen ftw!

    1. Hello Nancee! How are you today? How was your weekend? Mine; fine, with a bithday to celebrate, mine! ; )
      It is rather tough to track the follow up on this blog! So, excuse me if I lost a post (or many?)..: ( I sinceraly do not know how Aisha can manage all this? Extra help from the CCs I guess!
      So, yes today is a good day to meditate all together! S. U!

      Cyr from MX

  2. I’ve been waiting for this for several hundreds of years, and now that it is here, everything changes
    Now all of a sudden I have no idea
    like children discovering
    no need to fear, we are heading into the great beyond, beyond!


  3. Hi all,

    I was guided to this the other day. It made me cry tears of joy for the power of the feminine that is rising in this world.


    1. Oh, Paul, to be young again and to be involved in this movement. God, I am crying. How my spirit longs to be young again. To be doing what these girls are doing. I know I helped to pave the way. I know this. For without the forerunners what is unfolding would not have been possible. I have gone through more hells then I care to remember. And to see this video, they have all been worth it. Dear Lord, the tears are just coming…….

  4. I found my reaction to this message very interesting….I overwelled with tears of gratitude and joy as this scribe described accepting all of ourselves…I have often felt that as we release cellular debris and process our energy wounds many feel they are releasing their darker nature–and I have long known this is not the case. The darker “powers” have simply been a mutated energy of the divine masculine harnessed for power…and now we must simply use our divine feminine side to calm, gentle and love those divine masculine energies into something co-creatively useable…

    I know I have extreme warrior abilities within and to throw those away leaves me as something LESS than whole…i wish to be whole…

    It is also a silly thing but the energy of this reading felt familiar to me though I had never read the channel before–and at the end they call themselves our constant companions! Maybe they are of similar vibration to our dear friends here!

    loving youall! alex

  5. Spirit is showing me things at a very rapid pace. One of them, I believe with everything IAM, has everything to do with what is coming. I was shown how we are to SEE ourselves, simply as energy. Yet, what I was shown, this “energy” does have form. This form made perfect sense so I in turn shared.

    I hope this truly blesses your life, and helps you SEE you from a different perspective. I LOVE YOU!


  6. Something lovely happened to me early this a.m. Had experienced some of what has been mentioned here–previously and presently, and few months ago began to experience HUGE movement and LOUD sounds inside skull at night… became so frightened that I demanded it all stop (due to molestation memories as a baby, anything unexpected in a darkened room brought total, paralyzing TERROR–Heart racing.) The Guides stopped it all immediately.

    Then I asked Guides to help me–and so slowly, so gently, since that time, I began to be less and less fearful of the nighttime. This morn I
    “A-L-L-O-W-E-D” (fearful control removed)–the feeling was palpable and Loving, for my Heart to open and expand, NO BOUNDARIES!, to include whatever is called for–anything–in my personal path now. There is no fear whatsoever (gone!)–it was still dark out when this happened and in the bedroom as well (hubby out/town).

    I’m in a state of complete serenity right now. I don’t know what experiences are ahead, but I’m absolutely looking forward to them… I KNOW/feel Loving protection/Guidance. Btw, there is no hanging-on anger/victimhood/etc., from molestation–since therapy, have seen it as only one part of my chosen path/agreements for this lifetime, and I’m grateful. Smiling here: I guess ridding the mind of unknowable negative energies takes a little longer than I had expected/hoped for. I had “managed” this fear for so long, it had just become familiar and a part of Life–no longer acknowledged/seen… similar to looking thru a chain-link fence, the fence is still a physical blockade, but after awhile while looking thru the links/fence, the eyes no longer see the fence because the mind magically adapts and tricks the eyeballs into dissolving the steel as though there is no fence.

    I wouldn’t have been able to traverse this particular speed bump if not for all the sharing here. In deep Gratitude to you all, xo

    1. Ah, Lin the Master speaks. Knowing that you have kept hanging onto this pattern and willingly letting it go, seeing it truly is no longer IS and that it no longer serves a purpose in your life, that is huge. Congrats! IAM very happy for you! Keep it up, Girl! WE are heading for Green Pastures together!

      Love, Amy

    2. p.s. I don’t think it was actually called for for me to literally/consciously walk myself thru this release, however, since I had blocked the general energies releasing, maybe this is why I experienced this particular experience fully (and painfully)–and slowly.

    3. Spectacularly beautiful Lin!!!! Absolutely the way to go and I am so glad you took that slow circular path down the mountain! Years ago I had a spontaneous spiritual experience where I began to leave my body to astral travel. I had never really tried it before but I literally started to whoosh out and then I “remembered” leaving in spirit when bad things, abusive things would happen to me and I got SO scared I slammed back down into my body with a thud and never ever tried again…but I realized at that point that there is no living in a tidy body with stuff and fear like that hidden and so I started as you did on the path to gentle release and now that fear that control is gone as well, so I completely understand what you went through, how very valuable it is for you, how proud I am of you and how wonderful it is! Hugs! alex

      1. Dear Alex & Breeze, Thank you sincerely for your words and warm support. Means so much… got a boost of Energy and celebrated the letting go!
        And thank you, Alex, for further crystalizing my experience by sharing yours. Amazes me every time, how far down is down when I look up. “Allowing” for generalized overall cleansing now is looking pretty good. 😉

    4. Lin, you have my gratitude for sharing this. You know I understand. This is so wonderful, and I hope you continue to feel FREE. The chain-link fence metaphor is great. I see perfectly what you mean. So eloquent. Love to you… ;)AH

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  7. You don’t add subtract of multiply by 0. O is only active after the 9 power is active for the 10th power. 0 adds the 10th power to any number when used in a 10th power number system like we use. Two 0’s equal 10 times 10 or 100 and so on. 50 is 5 to the 10th power it had to be 49 before it hit 50. This is why I say 9 is a power number> it is the last value before change happens and goes to next level. 9 is the number that shows change is coming for any number. 0 shows it has already changed. 9 becomes a past tense until reached again.

    1. Wow, Ray. I’ve studied numerology and “nine” means ending. That’s it. No more. And you are bringing “nine” from a mathematical point of view. I love it when things connect. And SEE that connection. Nine being a power number. Hmmmm…..I have to think about that one. My Life number is 9.

      Thank you for giving me something to dig my teeth in to while I drink my smoothie. 🙂

  8. Dear friends! The speed and intensity is continuing to increase, and I am guided to step back and focus on what is unfolding in my “sphere” now. I will of course continue to share all the information I am given that can be of help, but other than that I will be a little bit “absent”. I send my love and my gratitude to you all, and I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to this shining Pond. Tomorrow is 11.11, and I have a feeling we will all get an extra large helping of energy then 😉 No doubt the CCs will keep us all updated!
    With love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. it’s 11/11 eve. i’ve felt both physically and mentally GOOD for 2.5 days now!! it’s sooooo wonderful to have the energy and focus to do… well, anything! at least i got a breather. i still can feel some spaceyness but other than that i feel normal and the last time if felt normal that i can remember was for 1 day on 10/1.

      i wish i could just stay this way. there is so much i want to do. but, better brace for some more stuck in bed time i guess. oh, well. what are you going to do? a month ago i was adamant that i was going to jump back into life and START LIVING. in reality, we really can’t order these energies around and saying ‘no, stop’ just does not work 😉 ana

  9. A even number of odd numbers always equal a even number. A odd number of odd numbers always equal a odd number. You can look at the sum of the numbers to get a basic meaning of them. Each number has a meaning but the sum of all of them gives a basic meaning.

    1. You know what I “saw” the other day? Any number multiplied by itself, no matter how many times, when brought to a single digit, always equals that same number. Example……3 multiplied by 3, four times is 12. Add 1+2 and that equals 3. 🙂

      1. All numbers have a pattern that repeat themselves when used. 3, 6, and 9 work together and are closely related to each other. Every number has a relationship to other numbers. 9 interacts and has a relationship that is a little more complex than the others. 7 is fun to work with to. 9 times any number equals 9 when the sum is added together. 3*3=9 3*6=18 6*6=36 you can keep going and these repeat the sum of 9,6, or 3.

  10. I love numbers and how they interact with each another. I have always used number 9 to mark every thing I have. I used the IX symbol. Most people mark things to show ownership of something. I never liked this way of doing things. I don’t think anyone owns anything. They just have a gardianship of something while they are here. Nobody can own the energy of creation. You can just use it in different ways. On just the number 9 I could write several books on this number. It would be very boring to any who don’t understand the nature of numbers. Numbers bacisally represent the facts on any creation. Down to the smallest particals. H20 is a number of particals that work together to make water. Everythig can be repsented by numbers. The number of thoughts it would take to change the world to a better place. I started to write about what I know about numbers but saw it is way to much to write on a webpage like this on just one number. When man can see the smallest of particals he will understand the full nature of numbers and how they work together to form the unknown elements that are yet to be discovered by mankind.

    Numbers go as deep as one can think and then much deeper. I don’t see a end of this. Much is still left to be discovered.The power of 0 is now. As we sit on the power of 9 waiting for the power of 1 to the 10th power to be discovered.

    Blessing to all

    1. It is definitely interesting. I am inundated with double and triple numbers, or seeing the same number over and over throughout the day. I take it in, but have no real concept of their meaning which I am fine with- I will know if I need to know. The number changes though- one day 5’s the next 3’s an such.

    2. Excellent again, Ray. Thank you.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. Bless you sister Nancee for inspiring me to find this song. I can’t express how much I needed it. I even look like this woman miYah. Good lord. And take a gander at the closing credits. YAHoo. I so adore these kinds of messages. YAHoo. Always calling out, searching, on the web of love and oneness. Love is the ultimate search engine.

  11. I think I understand, my friend. And even though I hate the taste of coffee, I think I’ll have some with you. Going to have some of Otmn’s chocolate, too. These numbers actually do carry energy. Just the one “symbolic representation” that a number IS can be packed with meaning, activation, and power to help us expand. That’s my experience at least. And your thing about going right up to the veil and not the other side. And having that feeling that others need to “bring their numbers.” I read somewhere that the COLLECTIVE vibration of a physical frequency or plane is what determines what is possible to be perceived there. Like for example, one could walk on water only if the collective vibration allowed it. So maybe this is what you were feeling. I don’t know. It’s just a thought. And I must say again that there are exceptions and differences with everyone. I believe anyone can do/perceive anything at anytime anywhere. Because even as you are perceiving or focusing on or vibrating at a certain frequency in order to experience it, you still carry your OWN frequency of what you ARE and can bring that with you and “access” it. Which is why walking on water “appeared” to be a miracle….

    Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. Anna, you are absolutely correct here. WE bring in our own vibratory world within our merkaba and heart torus. That is our vibrational world with its own set of agreements and perceptions. This is absolutely why Yeshua could walk on water and do other things in the presence of others with much lower vibrations…we create literally our own world around us!!!! Whoot whoot!

  12. Dear sun_of_blue. I was brought up to the edge as well last night. I saw the “energy freeway” Paul described, it looked like a fast flowing river of molten lava. When you step in, the old “you” will melt completely away and you will merge with All and then literally rise as a phoenix again. Three new frequencies came in, one on the left side, one on the right, and the last one, the deepest one, in the middle. They are still very much present as sounds and vibrations in my head. We are definitely in the last stage of preparation to make us ready to jump into this “maelstrom of energies” as the CCs call it, because we will not be allowed to enter before we can withstand the process of “rebirthing” that will happen during our merging with this forcefield. But we are close, so very very close!
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Beautiful, Aisha. Thank you so much! :)AH

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Dear sun_of_blue! Once again you add another interesting piece to the puzzle, and here is one more: my sister told me she dreamed last night that she and I was in labour, ready to give birth at the same time. I have also been given the number 12, shown by the number of beings in the group that I belong to. They are 11, I am number 12, and today, I saw 11 whooping swans flying in perfect formation over me. 12 is also connected to music and sacred geometry. 12 is also 1+2, so they do melt together. Tomorrow is 11.11.

      It IS easy, it IS loving, but the intensity can be scary, so again the CCs reminded me that all we have to remember, is to BREATHE.

      I think I will follow your example for tonight 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Very cool stuff Blue boy and Aisha…one thing I would mention is that all will happen AS IT SHOULD in divine timing–all you need to do is accept and allow–forcing or trying really is more of the work that the CC asked us to stop doing–to stop trying so hard–we need to play with it all, be in a state of child like wonder and receptivity knowing it will happen for us as it should, when it should in perfect divine timing….big hugs!

      2. Also Aisha, it might be fun for you to look up your birth day on the mayan calendar as they carry weight…I am a 13 CIMI(death) all about rebirth and release…my actual birth day is a 14. I haven’t ever done numerology before, but as with all the ancient arts, like astrology, palmistry, frenology, there is tons of truth and energy in the application as a tool….using it to assist in decisions but never making the decisions for you because if you do that, you relinquish your free will choice and we are all strong enough and wise enough to listen to our hearts to make these decisions all by ourselves! Hugs!

  13. First veil of illusion goes busted, then fog of fear aka I goes busted. Void aka Sunyata is emptiness where taking quote from wikipedia “bhikku goes into trancelike contemplation / meditative dwelling where perception and feelings cease”. It was a surprise to me that nothingness do exist! Keep it coming whoever is pulling my strings!

    1. “I goes busted…” I love it!! 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  14. Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh. Slipping into MORE b.s. up for release. My god. How much more can there be??!!! A good bit, apparently. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?!!!

    This too shall be chaos then creation. I know this. But it sure sucks.

    1. AH I’m sure what you were going through wasn’t a fun time yet as I read through this to the part about the tootsie roll pop I couldn’t help but laugh inside… especially when I got to the part “it sure sucks.” I could see ‘our’ lips frantically sucking away on a (chocolate of course) round tootsie pop trying to get to very centre… refusing to just BITE and chew… savouring every moment even though it be frustrating along the way. (Kind of Gross that I saw us sharing the same TP though :).) Your comments light up my heart AH. You and Lin have such a special energy for doing that! Much love, Nancee

      1. It means the world to me that you commented here, Nancee. One thing that is helping me through it is your words a while ago about “feeding the pain body.” I kept hearing those words as I was stuffing one tootsie roll pop after another down its throat. “Here! Have some more! Have all you want. Glutton. Glutton for punishment.” I was (kinda still am) stuck in the place of “It’s not fair! Wah! Whine. Why can’t I have/be everything I want right now? This instant??!!” I wanted to break every tooth in my mouth biting down to get to that tootsie roll! Got into a shouting match with my higher self. Cursed her all up and down and sideways. I did this out loud. Yep. And HS was all calm, cool and collected. The bitch. 🙂 Funny thing is, my daughter has been expressing these very things to me for the past few weeks. I have vacillated between compassion, frustration and outright anger with her. It has been deep and endless with her to the point that I have been frightened at times. Her pupils dilate so much that her eyes are almost completely black. I don’t know what to do for her. There is really nothing I can do but BE here. So then yesterday, when I fell into it myself, I thought, “Gah! Has she just been mirroring my own inner turmoil that I refused to admit to myself?” Maybe. Maybe I am just picking up on her stuff. Or the collective stuff. Doesn’t matter. Because it’s all the same thing ultimately. All me. So now as I am coming out of it I see your word “savoring” and I recognize once again that the journey, with all its seeming pitfalls and seeming sidetracks, is really a wondrous, amazing thing. And, my friend, I will share a tootsie pop with you any time!!!! So much love and gratitude to you. 😉

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Dearest ALee, I have had trouble really trusting female friends. I presume because it is “them” (collectively) that have hurt me the deepest. Since I started finding the courage to post here, at the pond, I have had this fear in my face constantly. I feel the tremendous shift taking place inside of me as the women here, you certainly in the forefront along with Amy, Lin, Areeza, Alex, Marie, Les, Brigitta, Aisha… my gosh it shocks me to see so many names :)… communicate with me with such love, kindness and encouragement. I did smile at your rant on the “pain body” uprising. I will be interested to know whether Ripley calms down as you do.
          Today it was your voice in my head that helped me shift an attitude. I snapped at one of the dogs and heard you telling me what a loving caring dog person I was :). The rest of our walk went really well!! I love you Anna Helen with your so many names that I don’t know what to call you when I finally get to phone you!! ~Nancee

          1. Hehehe. Call me Lori. And call me when I get home to Memphis later this week (if we are not already telepathic by then 🙂 …) We’ll get there on the phone when it’s right. It IS so great to be carrying around everyone’s loving words in our minds and hearts, isn’t it? What I did before the people of the pond, I can not even remember!! big hug and smooch…

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Oh god Alee….I said those very words last night! LMAO….remember, you are not simply releasing for this lifetime…or for your conscious fractal…you are reintegrating all aspects/fractals of your soul and they all have scrubbing and cleaning to do! More will occur until the energy completely shifts–all that is needed from each of us is the willingness to release and to completely accept in non-judgement that all things are valid….be loving, observe, release, breathe, repeat! 🙂 Hugs! alex

      1. Thank you Alex,
        it is joy to read your post. I feel that you are true to yourself and I can trust you. Knowing but modest – that is so valuable.

  15. The quickening starts in Earnest. Good for him, at least.
    For the rest of the Team Ponderosa the process will be individual
    and for each different. Aha. So if I see someone weird, I just start screaming
    a little scream. A vibration, the others won´t see. They think I am weird. So what. That´s what they think anyway. Mmh. Hope this isn´t just another
    promise, only good for Earnest himself. Well. As we say in Circus. Be silent. It is just a curtain, the audiance hears you. It is just a veil, a thin layer. The others perceive us probably for sure very clear. They can hear every word you think/talk. Surprise me, in a way I can adapt. Yo.

    Once I had such an experience after a acupuncture session. Was so grrat, but could not be told, battery low oh.

  16. GAIAPORTAL November 10, 2013:

    “Spiraling blue Higher Energetics appear around Gaia Globe, indicating full Gaia Ascension Portal activation.

    This point has been awaited for millenia, [ Damn straight! — Comment Me ]

    and (although minor adjustments may be indicated) is now complete.

    Subsequent required steps for hu-manity and Hue-manity Up-rising are now viable.”


    1. Now we just need the activation of the BLUE / White Flash….flashing through us and the entire Grid:

      eg. such as at 1:40 in this video —

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