The manuscript of survival – part 367

As you all know well by now, the age of creativity has begun, and with it, a whole new set of tasks will be made available to you all. We know that this will sound daunting for many of you, but again we remind you that you have much previous knowledge in these areas. And as such, you will not err on the next step on your journey. For you have all been well trained dear ones, and remember, you have been hand picked to perform these tasks that now lie before you, and as such, we have perhaps more confidence in you than you yourselves have at the moment. And that is indeed easy to understand, as the forgetfulness that was drawn like a heavy blanket over you all as you descended down to this earthly abode a long time ago has not been easy to penetrate. But now, it is as if someone has taken hold of one of the corners and started to ease it slowly and gently off you, and so, you can all see how the light is coming in and hitting your very soul for the very first time in this incarnation. For now, the old forgetfulness will serve you no more, and you will be asked to rub your eyes, sit up, and start to take stock of the situation.

For as this new light starts to seep in, it will reveal that you are in fact surrounded by miracles waiting to become on all sides, and all you have to do, is to acknowledge them. In other words, there is no need to get all stressed out by contemplating all that needs to be done, all you have to do, is simply to think of what is already there, waiting to become just by you being aware of it. In other words, this is not a process where you will be asked to toil and sweat, bearing heavy burdens uphill, forever straining against the current. No, this is simply a process of ALLOWING, of becoming wide open, so that your curiosity will start to seek out all of the possibilities already forming in a fertile state. In other words, all that you will ever need to do in order to transform your abode to heaven on Earth is already there, waiting at your fingertips. So try not to get bogged down by trying to take in the immensity of it all. Simply allow yourself to BE, and the flow of creativity that awaits within you will start to flow in an ever increasing amount, and so, by doing that, you will be doing all that you need to do.

In other words, this is all about allowing, not about straining and pushing and grinding your teeth, preparing for the enormous challenge you seem to expect. No, this is all about diving into that huge sea of possibilities and starting to frolic, and we do use that word very deliberately. For this is what we need you to do, we need to you to stop trying so hard and simply have fun. For you are to be like children reveling in the magic that surrounds you on all sides, but the more you try to be “well behaved” and “orderly” and ”good”, the more you will ensure that this process starts to go slower and slower. Remember, you cannot control this is any way, or rather, if you try to control it, you will simply put the whole process to sleep. For you must let go of any restraints and simply dive in and start to explore these brand new avenues that have been opened before you to indulge yourself in. Remember, out of chaos rises Creation, and you must allow yourself to lose your way in all of these labyrinthine avenues that seem to be criss crossing in front of you. For you are meant to lose your way, in the sense of giving up any idea of keeping control over this, and you will be invited to explore in any direction you care to, as long as it is one that makes your heart sing.

For this is not to be drudgery, this is all about creating from a sense of wonder, awe and joy, and that is what we want you to take to heart today. For you are not about to sit down, ruler in hand and draw up the correct lines that will make all of this fall neatly into place. No, you are to do as children would do, toss all of the building blocks in a huge heap, sit down in the middle of it and start to throw things around, trying out different combinations, not thinking about what should go where. For remember, there is a carefully laid out plan behind it, one that you have been well versed in beforehand, but that is not what you must keep in mind now. For you must set your mind completely free, and know that then, and only then, will everything fall into its right place. For if you try to push it there by your ideas that this must go before that and this will fit better over here, then you will only create stumbling blocks for yourself and for others as well. So simply let go and have fun, and see where your fancy will take you. Enjoy the ride dear ones, and let go of the reins, lest they should start to choke you and hold you back when all you need to do, is to give yourself free reins. And so we say, start to let your inhibitions fall away, and see what will rise as if out from the sea in front of you if you do.

222 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 367

  1. I just wanted to share that I sort of got to play in the “sandbox” today. I went dashing down to the greenhouse when I heard the rain start as I wanted to cover up my little ones that are only an inch high. Then I realized the rain wasn’t too bad and maybe I’d mix up the dirt in one of the raised ‘boxes’ and remove the rocks that had been put in the bottom. I did get wet but it was fun. I was getting dirty and started mixing in some sand I had down there when I suddenly realized I was stirring in SAND into the garden box!! I started running my hands, up to elbows in it. It was glorious. I ended up splitting it in half (2 1/2′ per side) so that I could pat down the sides like a castle. All this when this morning I didn’t want to get out of bed!! After lunch I definitely didn’t plan on working any more and I was playing in the dirt for almost 3 hours!! A silly post perhaps but it was so connected to playing in a sandbox I decided to share. ~Nancee

    1. Not silly, my friend. Lovely. Brilliant. Gleeful. Thank you for sharing this story. Frolic. 🙂 😀 😉

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  2. Sun I really enjoyed your post! Such wisdom in it all. I did smile that you’re applying the job that has more chaos associated with it. YES!! As the others I look forward to hearing what happens with it or where it leads. I realize that today I had a bit of that happen (on a much smaller scale)… so cool. I will post below. I see LOTS of people replied to you and I haven’t read them all. If I stop to do that first I never get back here to reply! ~Nancee

  3. Realizing that when I get into a meditation and many wonderful things happen, I then have a hard time ‘coming back’ and doing life things I have to do. If I were to let go like I would Love to, I think someone would have to take care of me (my body here) for I would be gone baby gone. That is why I keep wondering if i will check out during surgery. I am a bit frightened because this coming up was not something I feel was supposed to. Hence the panic attacks that started up. Like I can get out if I want to and I am on the fence. Its pretty tough. All that happened this year was far too challenging and draining for me. House almost gone, Dad gone, now Mom gone (still alive), my lovely flowers gone, car and camper gone (well car rebuilt amazingly by my guy but it taxed him much), His mothers heart functioning 25% found out yesterday so she will be gone too, my twin soul same diagnosis as my 2nd Mom, I am still here… but why? I am so tired. maybe i need to go.

    1. Dearest Breeze… I say this with the totality of my Heart. YOU are needed here. YOU are wanted here. YOU are Loved here. YOU have work/Energy to contribute here for the Ascension that no one else can.

      I dearly hope you use your INTENTION words now… and just before you receive anesthesia that you INTEND to return to us, WHOLE. A uterus does not make a woman whole… and I know what that female “label” means (womb-an). The body is a vessel, loaned to our Spirit for various human experiences. This MAY be one of yours; to experience perceived/expected “loss” and then find out it isn’t/wasn’t that at all!!

      Someone told me just before the same surgery to remember my ethereal Self still has a uterus!! Sounds funny, and I giggled, but it helped me greatly. I had a huge lesson/gift to receive by releasing that part of my physicality. I believe you will, too, whatever yours may be. We both fought a warrior’s battle–OVER AND OVER–to retain that organ. I don’t miss the physical pain and all the horrid up/down “stuff” that accompanied it. Neither does my hubby. 😉

      Your tiredness (only you knows) may be just the fight of it all. May be you’ll feel differently and even feel reNEWed afterwards. I had gobs of glorious energy afterwards, still do (except for Ascension symptoms).

      Be well, Breeze. You have sooo many here who will be holding you in Light and Love and all in the op. room on the 18th. 🙂
      From Love, With Love, xo, Lin

      1. Breeze, I do not “know” what is going on, but from Lin’s words, I “feel” your struggles again. Hold on to my hand, Luv. Come on, you can do this. There is truly a Higher Purpose in all this, and do not doubt it. I LOVE YOU. I want you in my life for a LONG time. Got that?

        Go see what I just posted at Petals which I hope will get you laughing your butt off for the craziness of my life! And my thoughts. Hehehehehehehe Ya gotta be honest. And boy am I ever!

        MUAH! Amy

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        1. Gotta jump in here only because I cant get to Breeze’s original comment. Just read also where Denise said she thought all the “stuff” was over and she was into the building process now. Kids, I think this IS the building process. Consider. How many times does a kid build with blocks, is dissatisfied with or even just tired of what he built, so he knocks it all down and starts over. It is all part of the play. He also has to experiment a little to see how those blocks work together. Trial and error. I personally am really in the moment where I see I am creating experiences in my life that are absolutely forcing me to relinquish control. Forcing me to realign to that higher guidance. I am so hard headed and stubborn about having to do it, fix it, make it all by myself, that I have had to put myself in this position of absolute helplessness. And Breeze. I am feeling so much the same. Tired. Done. But there is this spark in there. This ember. I keep hearing Him say, “Just be a vessel for me to come through. That is all. Nothing else matters. Feel me and I will lead you.” We are not always led along a lovely carefree path. There are things in play that our human minds just can’t see yet. Things we are a part of that we don’t know about in our focus conscious awareness. Of course you are having missions in 3D, and these are for your benefit as well as for the collective. Kinda sucks sometimes, but that’s why we are here. I will say something no one else will. Go. Go if you choose. Go home. Feel him. Rest in source for a moment. You will return with a reignited sense of purpose. Let him fan that ember into a blazing inferno. You will come back an instant later if you decide to. I think you will. You are an amazingly strong and beautiful soul. I am not saying that my journey has gotten easier. At times it has. At times it has gotten worse. Yet, I really do FEEL my purpose for the first time. And that is a magnificent comfort as the shit hits the fan. For it is ALWAYS in me now. No matter what is going on in my life. “Be my vessel. Just allow me to come through you. That is all.” And I know that my being and my “future” is taken care of.

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          1. Prime example. As I have been switching around WIFI networks the last few days, my email got blocked. Just got back to Tampa from Orlando and have been scrambling around frustrated trying to get my outgoing messages unblocked. For like an hour. I finally just said, “I have got to step back and let this go.” I did. Now they are unlocked and posted here. I have no idea how. I know I didn’t do it…. crazy wonderful…

              1. I always loved Barrel of Monkeys, too. The way they linked arms and made a chain with each other…

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          2. Love you, ALee. just do. You express your Sparkling Honesty and pov in a most loving, beautiful, direct, articulate manner. No pulled punches, only stripped-down, nitty gritty Truth. You, my dear Friend, are a true gift to this Pond.
            You make me laugh most of the time, Ethyl… you al-ways make me T-H-I-N-K.
            Spit-fire. Quick-silver. Plus. 🙂

            Keep going, kiddo… for all our sakes.
            ❤ Lin

    2. Breeze…..breath dear. We love you! I understand how everything is passing away. It is on going in my life too. I thought my life was past this point and on the way to rebuilding. Not so here either. I thought about all the people years ago that came to America and then many moving west in wagon trains. They gave up everything or had to leave it along the way to their new life. Many lost there family members and arrived all alone in a world unknown to them. I tell myself that my life seems to be no different right now. Those people picked up what was left and kept on going. They persevered or we would not be here today. We persevere here in the now so to make a better place….sooner then we think. 😉 one breath at a time.
      Much love! And Hugs!

      1. Wow. What an excellent comparison…

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    3. Breeze I just want you to know that you are one of the people I often find myself chatting with throughout the day. I watch for that cool icon you use. Do you have a list of things that went well for you this year (even little special moments) that you can offer your busy mind to view? It has gotten stuck on the major things that “were challenging.” (Minds love to keep count of such things… or at least mine does and starts looking to add more to get a bigger ‘number of things.’ I add my loving request that you intend to wake up on this side of the veil after your operation!! Much Love, Nancee

    4. Ah, there you are. There is a reason for every season. When this too shall pass away, NEW LIFE shall spring up, and you shall be amazed.

      Honey, SO much of my life has been torn from me especially this past year, to the point I too get panic attacks. Then as time goes on, I SEE why. And I KNOW that without what happened, what I am experiencing now would not be.


      This is ONLY your fatigue “talking”. I “hear” you and you choose LIFE.


      Love, Amy…..go read about the craziness of my life. Perhaps you won’t feel so bad and laugh! Yep, I’ve got some life all right! Hehehehehehehe……..

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      1. Gotta jump in here too. Haha. Piggy back, Rose. What the heck is wrong with having a panic attack??!! Again, it is not fun, but it is a release. This stuff comes up for a reason. And it is not always just about us. Freaking out can sometimes help others. Things come up that would not normally be said if we avert or stuff it. It may be a profound change in a relationship. It may be something as simple as Rose says here. Just fatigue and fed-up-edness. But how do you know what is really causing it until you go through it? You can not simply ignore that darkness within and hope it will go away. It will continue to scream out for attention. It will scream louder and louder. It will cause things to happen until notice it. The darkness is not bad. All is love. The darkness wants to be loved, too. By being embraced and understood that it is simply the “separated” part of US wanting to remerge and come home.

        Oh my god. I made some sound just now and my mom asked me what I was doing. I just summed it up as “talking to a friend who is about to have surgery.” (Didnt even say what kind) She says, “I was so relieved after I had my hysterectomy. I struggled with all those female problems since right after you were born (1968). I wish I had done it so much sooner. Tell her for me that surgery is (oh god get this) …. a BREEZE.”

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          1. Oh my. I needed that one. Thank you lovely Lin. xoxoxo

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  4. Words of Wisdom. And disciplined adherence to your Wisdom’s Guidance.
    Always. I feel this “system” is just a simple fact of life for you. It’s just the way it is. You don’t waver, you don’t judge. You listen Intently and follow or BE or both. I’m working on this. I’m watching.
    I look forward to hearing about your job application. I’ll hold you in the Light/JOY for the perfect outcome.
    Thank you, Sun of. (again)
    In JOY, xo, Lin

    1. Absolutely, Sun. I release/Free you of my words in perfect JOY.
      In fact, well said. I truly appreciate your complete Honesty and your Integrity… WITHOUT placing you anywhere near a pedestal ! 😉
      I hope you’ll keep us informed about your job application(s).
      I Love You, Sun. I Love Your (My–One and the same) Light!! 🙂
      Thank you for taking the time for your gentle, but spot-on words.
      Namaste, my Friend.

    2. Sun, this is absolutely beautiful, and so True. The more I thought I knew, the more I realized I knew nothing.

      I allow Wisdom to bubble up in me. I do not control it. I just allow it.

      I am who I am as well. I’ve been pretty much in neutral, with all those “Wise Words” and all that “knowledge” pretty much gone.

      Or have I been gone?

      Good question.

      Platterpus. Did I just read that somewhere, did you say this, or did I just hear this?

      And what does it mean?


      Hmmm……….No idea.

      I kind of like that. Not knowing, and when things do bubble up it is always a surprise.

      I like that. And I like surprises.

      Life is like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what ya got until you take a bite of one that you pull out of the box called life.

      Love ya! Amy

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    3. Ok. Those ARE wise words, Sun. Sorry but they are. If anyone follows it, that is their choice. Not your responsibility. As of course you already know. And yes, to assume we know something can be a trap. A wise person is not a “know it all.” They are a “know nothing at all.” There may always come that moment when we are dramatically shown we were either wrong or not fully comprehending. It is the wise person who recognizes this and then allows his perspective to change. As you do. I think you may be uncomfortable with this mantle, but people will put it on you anyway. Like me. I think I am wise to see your wisdom.

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  5. Best of luck Sun getting that job u want ! I am having a hard time trusting anything at the moment. Anything of the old me does not work. I had an experience last night that I could best describe as if a technician ‘takes over’ (remotes in I think u call it) your computer…and u see the cursor moving and he or she is doing what they need to ‘fix’ something. And it was so very interesting to feel this in my body or my mind… not sure where it was actually.

      1. Jeez, sun. That one is a real gem. I was just going to say that I am letting my “train(ing)” wreck itself. The thing is, I was a good student and this training is deeply ingrained. It is reflex. An entire existence’s worth of automatic response to the world around me and learning what it took to survive in it. To stay “on track.” So I am now speeding down that track, and up ahead the bridge is out! Just let it happen, I say. Let it all crash and burn! (Can you sense my anger yet again?) Maybe for me that’s the only way to replace this old, worn out steering mechanism with a new magnetic guidance system. But I must say that being lost to be found sounds much more gentle and wiser. Thank you, my friend. Love you! ;)AH

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        1. You may discover as in Spielberg’s film, “ET”, that at the last minute (on his bicycle with moon in background) you can fly.
          Infinite possibilites, especially now.

          1. Across the moon… I am there… 🙂

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        2. The heart is bucking the training. 🙂

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          1. Well then, love speaks more loudly in you than it does it me, my friend!!! 🙂 My mom has a magnet on her refrigerator here that I have been laughing at. “Lord, please give me patience. And hurry it up.”

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    1. I can relate to your way very much though i never put it in terms u do. thank you. Today on my route I got a msg again that I sometimes have to return to 3D for ‘reasons’ that assist the teams involved here with this movement. I was not happy to hear this. i thought I was done with this part. I feel like a sewer cleaning for lack of better way to say it. If I can get an understanding of it, it may help – for me. Had to avert three panic attacks today. At least I did ! thats a big thing.

      1. Tell me about it, Breeze!!! This morning I was down here by the hotel pool again. But this time I was balling my eyes out! Do you know how much it embarrasses other people when you do something like that??!! 😉 Mothers were sheilding their children’s eyes from the sight of me. I heard this lady tell her little girl, “I dont know. Sometimes life just gets to be too much and people have to let it out.” Maybe I was an example to this kid that she doesn’t have to always be some stressed out pillar of strength all the time. Or maybe she thought I was ridiculous & crazy. Either way, she witnessed something “out of the norm.” Whatever….

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