A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps already ascertained, the aftermath of these sojourns into that collective field of energy will at times be rather burdensome as you may feel less than enthusiastic whenever this connection is severed. For as you sit down to connect to this grid in such a huge effort as was carried out yesterday, you all get a huge boost from the energies that accompanies this simultaneous journey into this vast field of energetic particles. And so, whenever you have become so deeply embedded within this grid that so many of you did during that collective event, it might become slightly difficult whenever you come out of this again.

Let us explain. As you have already noticed, these collective connections going under the name of the Gatherings around the Pond will serve to bring a huge influx of energy and information into anyone connected to this grid, and as such, it will be like the storm surge washing up and over any old embankments you all have within. And so, when this storm surge recede, it might feel a little bit barren in the fields that these energies inundated earlier. And so, many of you will feel slightly off balance after such a huge surge of energy coursing through your being. For these storms always throw up so much in their wake, it can feel a little bit difficult to navigate through it all during the first few days afterwards. So remember this, that even if you do feel slightly out of sorts these days, there is nothing amiss, you are simply in the midst of adjusting to these new levels of vibration that came embedded within these energetic particles that showered you all so generously only a few hours ago.

So stay focused, and stay safe in the knowledge that these somewhat confusing waves of mental and physical imbalance will soon recede, and you will find your new center of being as it has been constructed anew in so many of you during this energetic storm. And again we say to you all, know that you are so loved and so admired by us all for the way that you manage to stay afloat even in the middle of these huge storms, and we applaud you all for your valiant efforts in enlightening not only yourselves further by admitting these surges, but also for the way that you assist your fellow men in doing the same by acting as conductors or mirrors if you will in order to spread these energetic messengers far and wide. So thank you all, you are truly indispensable to this huge undertaking, and without you, no progress could be made at all. So give yourself a round of applause, and know that we are all doing the same for you, and it is certainly well deserved as you have once again more than surpassed any expectations set up beforehand. For there is no stopping you now dear ones, and your eagerness to press through any limits that may have been set up is impressive to say the least. So let us leave you all to savour these words of praise and hopefully it will help to ease those of you still feeling as if in a slump in the aftermath of all of this wonderful work.

281 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

    some demand it
    some think you earn it
    or have to deserve it
    i say be it
    for yourself and others
    they will see it
    and know it
    for themselves
    And for all…

  2. Pfew! Took me a whole month to do my invoices. Normally this only takes two days… What’s going on here???

    1. Your secretary is straddling – i mean – reminds you that you are straddling worlds…

  3. Areeza, Hope you get this. You have been in my awareness tonight and I am feeling called to offer you a remote witnessed experience with Spheres Of Light… as a gift from the universe shall we say! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I know you have an op coming up and nothing (no thing) can be guaranteed except that it will work for your highest good! If this feels right you can contact me at: philip.wade@gatewaylocation.org

    If not that is fine… no worries either way.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Is the gateway open now, my friend??!!! So excited and thrilled for you!!! Gonna check it out. Congratulations and honor to you!

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Hi Anna Helen, the Gateway is Open for that is my joy work I am constantly reminded though the Gateway Location Website will be ready by the end of the year or early next… I am ALLOWING that part to unfold at its natural pace… trust that makes sense…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Philip, from my understanding, there are several gateways. These are an “access” point, a “check point”. If your DNA has been properly updated, and if you are in every sense ready Mind/Body/Spirit to enter, you will. And also from what I understand, these gateways appear when you are ready to step through them.

          Is this your understanding as welll? Or am I speaking of something different here?

          Love, Amy

        2. Yes of course it makes sense… 🙂 😀 😉

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  4. and i quote;

    A human being is a part of a whole, called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest … a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

    Albert Einstein

      1. Nancee,
        you received a blessing from the hummingbird. The few times I have held one in my hand I was amazed at how much they don’t weigh. I would guess about the same as a sheet of paper.

        1. Big blessings in the tiniest most beautifully wrapped packages…

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


  5. Arctourist you’re like a breath of energized air blowing through the pond. I came back to see if anyone had posted… it was like virgin soil was calling to me on this new page. Phewww you did the first furrow!! I have intense dreams every night but they flit away out of my grasp like a bird teasing as you reach out to touch it. I did have one impressive dream experience with the Faery though one night… won’t forget that one! They certainly aren’t all shy! I haven’t managed contact with them like that since but they pack a wallop when they do engage! Thanks for sharing. ~Nancee

  6. hey everyone! have any good dreams lately? sometimes i can’t remember jack! other times,yeah–but it all goes away so quick,,some dreams you never forget—one time i actually time-travelled-in the dream….and visited a place in the past,before i had ever been there,talked to people that i had known,explained how i had come from precisely 14 yrs in the future….it was so cool,i felt so cool,to have done such a cool thing–and it was a definite world,that is,it seemed to have a history,a present,and a future..i felt attached to the house i would later live in..and it was so much better in the dream -in the past-============anyway,i guess it can always be revisited,or sometime be revisited–all the great places’n’people’n’things…
    and there’s infinitely more yet to be dreamed of,most likely! this world is a good one,no matter what it looks like,by gosh-because we wouldn’t even be here otherwise,that’s how! hey,so when’s the next entry into the manuscript gonnabe dropped–and hey aisha,thanks again!

    1. I’m big on dreams… have led me to most amazing of insights… including Spheres Of Light which you may have noticed me mention here before… love yours. Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Nope. Never heard of it… hehehe. Dreams big time mojo. 😉

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  7. As the cc’s have told us many times, there are new energies coming to us. Things that have never happened before. Things we are co-creators of. The cc’s can’t tell us when it will happen, because we are the ones doing it, being it. so how could they know.
    The awareness of these energies can come into your consciousness in many different ways; sights, sounds, voices, vibrations, pain, perhaps an encounter with an animal or bird or bug or flower or cloud or rainbow or everything which springs forth from our world, anything which gives you an ah-ha! now I understand moment.
    The tide comes in the boats rise, the tide goes out the boats fall.
    no point in cursing at the low times. it doesn’t matter.
    gain the knowledge of the experience, judging it with the old ways won’t help. something new is becoming.
    trying to hard slows us down

    1. Dear Otmn, you do it again! You’re like a prospector shifting out the shimmering words of wisdom, serving them up so that it all becomes crystal clear. Thank you for this important reminder! We are the ones defining the whole timing here by our actions, so it is vital not to get lost in all the “nitty gritty”. As the CCs say, don’t think about all the small parts that goes into it, focus on the completed project, “the picture on the box” instead.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Hmmmm…..The only way I know of to find out what all the hubbub is all about, is jumping into Life with both feet, ASKING how, and listening to our Hearts. Otmn, I love your simplicity. You are of my Heart. I like the way you tried to figure out how to fix your tractor in a new way. THAT is exactly what we are to BE doing. And when we jump in with both feet, circumstances just seem to come along where once what worked, no longer does.

        I found myself doing more cleaning up life. Whoa. Ya think you see, ya do see, then another veil is torn from off the eyes. And then what you see……..how did I NOT see???? Pretty intense stuff!!!

        Hugs, Amy

        1. unfortunately, my two hands aren’t enough to hold the wheel, the turning hub, the power cylinder, the rubber dirt guard, and the wrench all at the same time and then get everything lined up properly, so the tractor waits for help. I could pay someone, but N. will be here this weekend. we were going to do it last weekend, but it was raining. It’s safe where it is.

      2. thanks,
        a while back, as I sat on the edge of my bed, I heard a clear female voice, just like she was in the room.
        I heard her say out loud
        “Something just fell out of the window.”

        pass the popcorn, this is getting interesting.
        I read Cyr’s question earlier, it took awhile to wrap words around it.
        and no, I have no idea what that means.

        1. pass the popcorn, please. You don’t know it, but you’re a large part of the
          entertainment here, O (and, as always, the Wisdom). 😉
          IAM very visual, too, and I just saw your face as you heard that female voice tell you “Something just fell out of the window.”
          No harm intended, but I can’t stop laughing.
          [do you think it had something to do with the eyes to your Soul?
          eyes = the windows to the Soul]


          It might be helpful to you if you can recall what you were thinking of at the time just prior to hearing these words. I won’t ask as that is none of my business–it may be very personal.

          I don’t know if any of the above is helpful, but it was FUN. 🙂 YOU are such a Go-od Soul. Remember that, dear mighty Man.
          xo, Lin

          1. GET OUT! I just came back on here to say PASS THE POPCORN! Oh, this is too funny!

            Lin, hmmmm…….something just fell out of the window……your response……wow! Now let me think…….AH! The CAT just fell out of the window! Otmn, did you hear a MEOW???? Or did the cat get tangled in your beard and a MOUSE fell out of the window that the cat was chasing????? Peeing in pants laughing………

          2. Oops! I suppose that is obvious to you all but what does “PASS THE POPCORN” means? Is it a private joke? Dah! ; )


                  1. ; ) Amy, I was looking the “equivalent” in MX – as an exercice-; it would be something like “The ball is your field´s side now”; meaning you have to react and preferably to “score”…
                    It is fun to translate sometimes! It goes beyond words…

                    For you to know, corn GMO has been forbidden by justice, here in MX, mainly because this country is “THE” corn craddle and this kind of planting could endangered ( by pollination) native varieties that doesn´t exist anywhere else.

                    I don´t eat “Pop Corns” because they make me thirsty and make a strange noise in the mouth. ; )
                    They stay on the shelf!

                    Have “Sweet dreams”!


          3. Lin,
            that is so cool, the link i mean,
            I’m going try to remember this. It may help figure out who is what.
            My eyes looked like a sunflower, the little golden ring of petals around the edge of the seeds, I mean.

            1. So thrilled to learn Mexico refuses GMO corn!!! Hooray for our southern neighbors. (don’t eat corn either)

            2. Otmn, I was inspired the other day to check and see if you had a pciture linked to your gravatar. It said something like “user not existant, no profile. ” Oh, I laughed. Figured you’d find that description appropriate in your way.

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Otmn I must say your comment above just blew me away. I liked all of it but this particularly caught my attention: The tide comes in the boats rise, the tide goes out the boats fall.
      no point in cursing at the low times. it doesn’t matter.
      gain the knowledge of the experience, judging it with the old ways won’t help. something new is becoming.
      trying too hard slows us down

      Thank you… I needed that little boot to my butt 🙂 I had a motmot bird visit me today… sat right there about 11′ from me and just let me say hello for a few mins. Darned if he didn’t show up on a ‘non food’ tree a few doors down when I went for a walk with the dogs. No coincidence… much better to focus on THAT and the other birds that noticeably visited me today than the low tide emotions that rolled in tonight!! Thank you. ~Nancee

      1. wanna know a secret?!
        When I come to the Gathering, I come from the depths. Last time I never went ashore. I can’t understand why they don’t jump in.

            1. DRAT Otmn, I had my hopes up. Although a hair sea urchin is cute… the beard just isn’t quite the same thing.
              Glad I came back to this page tonight. I thought, “GOSH DARN… I’m going to have to just come right out and ask Otmn to comment to me cuz he just never does and I’m getting a complex.” Then I just saw above that I got a comment and a smooch. Smiling here, thank you. (I’m also working on my ‘lighter” side tonight… been missing it the last few months!) ~Nancee

          1. Very powerful and helpful. In my gathering a few weeks ago, Otmn opened up the bottom of the pond and sent me thru the “fire in the center of the earth.” I did jump in. Wow. Transformation and purification….

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


  8. My experience at the gathering Sunday:
    First off I had a difficult time getting into a meditation and finding some peace and quiet. I have been way to busy and dealing with chaotic family issues for to long. Ended up sitting in the car as the only place I could think of to be left alone in quiet. Layed there staring up at the sky for a while looking at the sun through the trees. The sun was not normal. It had morphing bubbles coming off of it. They looked like mercury and divided into more bubbles and grew and burst off and then more came, divided, grew and popped off etc.. I watched it for some time before I closed my eyes and looked for the pond. Light…..light from my eye lashes to the sun. Light from the sun to me. It was the golden sunbeams kind of light from my lashes and from the sun. Finally I am relaxed enough to find the pond. More light! The pond was so bright I could not see it! Bright, bright golden light. I looked towards the grassy bank and saw a man with brown hair hovering in lotus position. The light the light the light so bright! Cats in different colors of the rainbow are now sitting on the bank. They all have different color crystals for eyes. There is a blue cat with blue eyes and a green cat with green crystal eyes and a yellow one with yellow eyes, etc.. After being there a while and just being we all started holding hands and dancing. There was a woman with light colored long hair and in an ankle length skirt twirling in and out of the circle almost like a kind of belly dance.
    After this the light just took me over and warmed me from head to toe. Very filling, healing, saturating light that IS here to stay. It is not going anywhere. It is grounded in the here and now. The light is re-remembering, re-aligning, re-wiring, re-storing (DNA) etc.. There was one other thing. At some point I got the words candy mountain like the song big rock candy mountain. It just came from no where. I use to think of the rock candy multicolored crystals when I heard of this song. Well as strange as this was this is what I got. The light seems to be the main thing and multicolored crystals. This was a very playful childlike meditation.

    Hope everyone and their family members and friends that need healing find it this hour as well as much love and peace in the coming days.

    Heart to heart,


    1. Dear Denise, thank you so much for sharing this! I love the way you describe the light: “light that IS here to stay. It is not going anywhere. It is grounded in the here and now. The light is re-remembering, re-aligning, re-wiring, re-storing (DNA) etc.. ”
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you Denise, I loved the sharing of your whole description but burst into happy tears (bit emotional here tonight) at the mention of the dancer. Maybe there are many of us that fit that description but my heart leaps as you describe exactly what I felt I was doing and also intended to do at the gathering. I can’t officially belly dance (but have had a couple lessons!) but I have no doubt I could do something similar at the Gathering!! I was sitting here tonight so missing the dancing I did in B.C. (Canada) and now I am reminded that I was just dancing on Sunday!! YES… ~Nancee

    3. Thank you Denise! That part with the woman dancing is identical to my experience of who I thought of as Nancee – your description fit mine… yup, Nancee i would say that was you 🙂

        1. Thank you Breeze and Nancee for the confirmation. Thought it might be you Nancee so glad to hear it was you. 🙂 The connection we all have always amazes me. Much love to you!


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