Welcome to the seventh Gathering around the Pond, Sunday November 3

Dear friends!

Tomorrow we have another Gathering at 21:00 Oslo time. It has been an intense period for many of us, and I think we are all looking forward to this chance to sit down and BE together, united with the magnificent energies that surround this Pond. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

“As you all know, tomorrow will be an important day in so many ways. The celestial signs will be more than ready to tell you so, and you will all in some way be touched by this magnificent display in the heavens. However, there are other things we would like to focus on now, and that is your role in the about-turn of this precious planet that you all call home, and tomorrow, this will be highlighted for you all. For as you sit down to connect with this human grid of light you call the Pond, you will all be called upon to give your contribution to this display of love and light that will start to rain down on you all. For you are an intrinsic part of this process, and as you have already seen, you all function as hubs in a wheel. For from each and every one of you there radiate out so much power in the form of enlightened energy, and tomorrow, the force of this power will multiply manyfold.

So as you sit down and open yourself to the powers you carry within, they will be joined by those heavenly messengers shooting out from your benevolent neighbour the Sun, and together, you will once again make magic happen. For you will touch deep, deep within your fellow men in a way you have not been able to do before, and as you do so, a light will go on within them, a light that has been waiting for just this last little push to pull the switch to ON. So again we say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you, as you are not only radiant lights yourself, more than equal to your Sun, you are also mirrors that will reflect this light into the very deepest chasms of despair in your fellow men. And when the light touches ground there, it will put down deep roots that will keep it there forever and beyond.

For you will ignite a slow burning fire in so many by your willingness to act as conduits for this empowering light that comes from Source, and like yourself, others will become as if born again as they too will discover this burning flame within themselves that will help them to find their way out of the cul de sac they have been trapped in for such a long time. So sit down and open up to the most wonderful spectacle of them all, a display of loving energy that will be enough to take the breath away from you. And while you do so, remember to give yourself a huge helping of this same loving light that you so selflessly bring out to others. For you must not forget that without you, they would not be at the receiving end of all of this love, and without you, the light would have a very hard time reaching out and into all of these beating hearts still unsure of their own capacity to love not only themselves but also the rest of the world. For you also deserve all of the accolades and all of the love that will be pouring into each and every one of you, so do not forget to open yourself completely to this shower of love coming your way tomorrow.”

As I received this message today, it reminded me of Rjukan, a small Norwegian town situated in a deep valley. From September to March each year, they do not see the Sun because the mountains block it out. But this week, the winter Sun shone on Rjukan for the very first time ever. They have constructed a mirror that reflects the Sun’s rays down on to the town square, and it was magical to see the joy on people’s faces when the light touched them.  (You can read about it and see some photos here.)

We are like these mirrors, dear family, and we are here to send this “heavenly light” in all directions, touching hearts and souls all over this planet. Thank you so much for being a part of this magical task!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha




Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time.

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Daylight saving time ends in many areas this weekend, so to avoid any confusion I have not included the whole list this time. You can  find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

381 thoughts on “Welcome to the seventh Gathering around the Pond, Sunday November 3

  1. Dear Friends!

    It isn’t easy to follow all the comments here, but as I told you before – I am with you all the time (Anna-Helen!!! 😉 I also appreciate to be longed for – that brings tears to my eyes and love to my heart 🙂 There is
    is a lot of growing at the Pond and I loved to read about your experiences at the Pond.

    Let me tell you about a nice moment with my grandson, 8 years old. He always makes drawings with fighters – the good ones against the bad ones. Very black. When I asked him what it all was about I also said “What if that is happening right now in the Universe? And the bad ones are removed to another planet so they can not hurt us (thanks Susan ;)” “Yes – I know – and there is going to be a big party too” he answered. Then he drawed with frenezy sparkling lights in rainbow colours and glasses with uplightening drinks. “And the little dark one who is coming up – who is that?” I asked . “Oh – I’ll just give him a drink, then he can stay with us too” :)))

    Is that what Star Wars is about? I never watched Star Wars…

    Much love to you all,


    1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I love it! And a party too! Amazing!!! Smooches, Birgitta and grandson. 🙂

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  2. Hello my dear friends!

    Yes Lin – I have a great time with my family. Thanks for the wawings 🙂 I even enjoyed the halloween games with my grandchildren, though I have been suspicious to that import from the US 😉 I also found that it is not only my lap top that have problems. Now I have switched location to my son and found an iPad to use.

    Here is my late report from the Gathering.

    When walking to my daughter’s horses I stopped for a while to look at an huge, old oak with many scars and a rough “skin” that was about to unfold. The inner body was soft, without skin. I took some pics and you had to be 3 grown ups to be able to embrace it. Then I knew/felt that Otmn would sit next to me during the gathering. Nancee was sitting on his other side. No protests 😉

    The sunshine was immense in the beginning and the energy waves intensive all the time – I had to take deep breaths. In the middle of the Pond was Vive and her light was sparkling. I felt you all around and Lin was shining bright here, there and everywhere 🙂

    Then I started to think that we would heal Mother Earth and we held our hands towards a boat in the middle of the Pond. It was a kind of rescue boat and it was put down to the Pond – with Vive so bright and sparkling in it.

    Hope to be able to connect now and then. I haven’t got one new comment to my iPhone in 24 hrs….. ??? Now it is time to take a walk to pick up my grandchildren at school. See you!

    All my love to you all,


        1. Sun!

          We really need each other – don’t we? I always thought I could make everything by myself. Now I know better.

          I am really amazed about your growing Sun! It brings sun to my heart 🙂 Great job at the gathering!

          Love & respect,


    1. We are One/the IAM. that said, I have missed your comments, Dear One.
      When I saw your name, I thought, “B is back!!! YAAAAAAAAAY, Birgitta! Then the IAM reminded, B’s Energy was al – ways present.
      Thank you for sharing your Pond Gathering experience. Love filled all Hearts. And Vive IS sparkling–and her Light ain’t little–IT’S HUGE!!!! Her megawatt Smile reflects that Truth. Yes, Thank you, God.
      So much Love to/for you. xo, Lin

      –your “other” family gets to enjoy you, too. 🙂

      1. Thanks Lin – my lovely sunshine 🙂 I love to see your love hovering around the Pond.

        You are all shining to me my friends. I am sorry if I cannot cath up all comments.

        Sally – you are going to have a lovely journey with us all – welcome!

        Now – more lessons to learn with my near and dear 😉



        1. I can’t catch up either. Oh well! I let go of it. Good to see you, my B. 🙂 😀 😉 DS

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    1. You are welcome and Loved here, Willis. I AM glad the Light is shining in you and on you now to help you heal from your deep-seated wounds. The 3Dimensional life ain’t for sissies, that’s for sure.
      Be well, Dear One. Be gentle with yourself.
      You are Loved and Welcomed here with open arms.
      xo, Lin

      1. Deep seated. Deep seeded. I dunno. Just sayin…

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  3. Dear, lovely friends, It’ s all so beautifull what’ s happening here. I can read your messages! It is as if you are already living inside of me. I recognize every word deep down inside. We are really touched and in peace. This interaction now seems to be everywhere. It’ s the greatest gift. Thank you so much.
    I never was able to do something with spirituality, because was hurt too much as a child in this. But things have fallen into place.
    I met a lightworker this Saturday, first time someone explained me more, she was a complete stranger but she immediately saw what had happened: I have been freed from my ancestors, and am in direct contact with the Source. Each day another angel. I am an angel she said.
    When I was young I experienced and saw the horror of what people can do. I never got a real chance to get out of that situation of threats, buried and covered up deep in our society. Now, it seems to be a miracle I survived. Things are being brought to the light in several ways. For the first time I feel protected. For the first time, I have a home.
    I am crying in your arms now. I feel love all around me and completely in me.

    1. Welcome Willis! Yes – we heal each other with love here among amazing friends 🙂 I am glad to see you here 🙂

      Love and respect,


    2. Oh my goodness. How wonderful. Welcome Willis (back again, you said…). I like your “home is both within and without.” Love to you. :)AH

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  4. Oh Sun! You pulled the blocking energies aSUNder and put them right again!!!

    Do you feel any different about “off world beings” now? Just curious. Like they are here to help, not take over?

    And the purple light. Of course my friend. We all knew this about YOU. So powerful, you are.

    I love the vision of all the abundance and health. I love you.


      1. me thinks “courage” is one of your many middle names ;)…. and prominently so.

        Wisdom is already yours. It radiates from you. That’s why, when you DO speak, we listen. You have earned it somehow in your 3D life(s).

        You don’t need me to tell you any of this–you dwell in the Light.
        My Friend…

        Lin, in Gratitude

    1. Tears, love. Let me serve you your coffee.

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      1. Oh Anna, as I read your last reply to sun_of_blue, my heart felt as if it was being stabbed and I couldn’t understand why…. So I scrolled up a bit and started reading the replies over again…. and I see now why my heart was hurting… I had blatantly and ignorantly cut in front of you. Please accept me for the ass I am.
        I was so mesmerized by sun’s words that I completely missed the fact that this post was addressed to you. I’m truly sorry for butting in and cutting in front of you. Please forgive me.
        I will be eating crow.

        1. Saaly, Luv, you are BEing too hard on yourself. All of us here are mesmermized by Sun’s words, believe me, and sometimes enthusiasm just leads us to act “without thinking”. It is OK. Honestly. AH truly understands, for I know her Heart. She would not want you to come down so hard on yourself.

          BE kind to you, Sally. BE gentle. And know you are LOVE.

          Time to throw away that “child” who believes she deserves to be punished. You are PERFECT as YOU ARE.

          And AH, HONEY, you are not the only one free falling. I have NO idea what is happening, just doing my best to go with it. I have no idea where IAM right now, and the physical/mental symptoms I have had this day……from A-Z. If I allowed FEAR to get the best of me, I would be very afraid.

          A LOT is happening right now. When the dust settles, you will SEE and Understand.

          SALLY!!!!! Eat chocolate cake and celebrate the exquisitness of YOU! MUAH!

          Love, Amy

            1. OMG!……. having a good laugh now. I was so stuck, that I was stuck on the word stuck! It took me forever to hit ‘post comment’ ‘cause the word stuck didn’t look like a word! For god‘s sake….

            2. Oh, Sally. I do know how you feel. The thing that seemed to help me the most was to invite the Divine Mother to help me with these kinds of issues. That timid little girl inside me needed to be held and reassured that she was loved and absolutely perfect the way she is. Then, she slowly found her voice and began to speak and come out from her corner. I had to let her just say whatever the heck she needed to. And she continues to do so right here at the pond all the time. No one judges her here. There is only acceptance and love with the occasional much needed nudge in the right direction. I wish Birgitta were here. She has always sent me the best “motherly love” songs on these occastions.

              You are loved, Sally. Unconditionally … maybe not by the people you’ve known in your life experience, but HERE you are.

              A big hug and smooch to you!

              1. Yes, I am still hiding in the corner. I am waiting for the people that put me here to come get me. They won’t. They are used to seeing me here and laugh at my timidness. I must be used to the abuse ‘cause I say nothing and do nothing, hoping the next word or next act will be one of love….. I know better.
                BUT, I also know that being back at the Pond is the best place for me. I know I can exercise my vocal chords here and get a voice….. and learn… learn sooo much.
                Oh my. I really wanna’ break down here and say a bunch of mushy stuff to you, but for some reason I won’t……… Yes I will…. I love you AH and I won’t ever be able to thank you with words. Just know that I am forever grateful for you and Aisha and the whole Pond. I have had more nice things said to me in these past couple’a days than I have in my 58 years…. and another thing… sun must be one lucky guy to have us rushing to give him cake! Ha.
                I think I feel loved.
                Wanting to hug you in person,

                1. Hi, dear Sally. (I remember that literal and psychological dark corner well)
                  IAM delighted you are here now where the Light shines brightly and hugs, kisses and FUN times (and even Sun’s cake and coffee) are given freely. The wounded warriors of 3D are transforming into the 5D Light Workers/Wayshowers for others. And, I think like Sun said–think it was Sun–that we wouldn’t be able to relate to/lead others if we hadn’t gone thru wounding experiences first. And they can/did bring us to our timid knees.
                  Keep reaching out your hand and your Heart to us; we will reach back with ours and our Love.
                  It seems in this year those who are not of our Energy are dropping out of our lives or we are walking away from them. I believe Amy said this on her blog–and I know it happened for me, too. It’s not fun; and it’s painful, but truthfully, sometimes absolutely necessary.
                  The Light will lead each of us in these matters/issues… whatever the right way is at any given time.
                  You are Loved. xo, Lin

                  1. I like in the Rose Waters song Breeze posted. The line is “ADORNED by the years…”

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                2. Oh, luv. I feel that hug. And I hold that little girls’s hand in mine.(and the woman’s, because I know this behavior gets repeated throughout life) She did nothing wrong. Did not deserve the treatment she got. We’ll bring her out together, ok? I love you, Sally. I send the Divine Mother to wrap you in her brilliant blue robe and rock you gently…

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                3. Dear Lin,
                  I hope you see this, I am not able to post it under your reply!
                  Wow, it feels good to have so many people relate. The corner I am in IS both psychological and literal.
                  And yes, I understand it is for the best to let these people go and walk away with who I know I am in God. I feel confident in who I was created to be when I’m alone, then when I’m around others I don’t express that person, I express, well, I express no thing and no body. No wonder they treat me as no thing, I act that way! I’m very shy and quiet for fear of rocking somebody’s boat….. But I am captain of my own ship now and…. I wanna’ rock!!! Ha!
                  I do have faith that I will be shown how to take that first step outta’ here, meaning I still don’t have a clue what to do next! But your sincere concern touches me deeply. I have a feeling I have already taken that first step, and I’m sure that heading toward the love here will lead me back to Me.
                  ALL ABOARD!! Lets’ get this party started!
                  Amazing how powerful a touch of understanding can be. Thank you.. I now see I will have to give understanding also. Oops! I think I stumbled on another clue on how to get outta’ here. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

                4. Dearest Sally… I DID see your post to me… and thank you for your kind words.
                  I do relate. Extreme shyness is excruciating. It does take baby-baby-baby steps at first to address it, but all is ok–we are ALL holding your hand(s). We won’t allow you to fall. You will succeed in your efforts; your IAM will shine brightly and hugely in your own mind; we already do see your IAM.

                  Every once in awhile the shyness comes back for only a brief moment–usually catches me unawares or when I accept a new experience (like joining Aisha’s wonderful blog at first). Only a memory. I speak to it gently reminding it of the IAM within–and the memory quickly fades. We all have our moments still, dear one.

                  Usually, those aspects of ourselves that make us feel/”appear” weak, are God’s arranged tools (when we set about addressing/healing them) to bring out a Powerful part of ourselves we wouldn’t have otherwise.

                  Shirley McClaine had weak ankles as a child; her mother enrolled her in dance classes. She became a wonderful, SO POWERFUL dancer (and actress). That’s why I love biographies/auto-biographies, we learn we’re not alone, that no one comes into this Life perfect, and we all have our own aspects to develop to then add to the beauty of the WHOLE. Your destiny may be that of a powerful orator or writer… etc. Isn’t that a FUN thought?! One thing about shyness, it makes one an excellent listener. You will pick up on communications other people will not; strengthens your other senses, too.

                  Keep your chin and eyes lifted upwards. Thoughts/self-thoughts are very powerful–FOCUS LIKE A LASER BEAM on only those results you want for yourself. You are wonderful.
                  I Love You, xo, Lin

                  p.s. Always ask for help from the CCs, your Spirit Guides. When I need it, I always ask for “IMMEDIATE HELP, PLEASE”, and immediately–and gratefully–I receive. Has NEVER failed.

                  p.p.s. you may want to begin by just smiling and saying hello to people as you go about your daily errands/business. If they want to engage in conversation, and you’re not ready, you can either just listen to them (which people adore) or you can excuse yourself politely and say you have an appointment (which you do: to finish your errands). NO ONE, BUT YOU, OWNS YOUR TIME; YOU GET TO SAY “ENOUGH” (politely) and walk away wordlessly if you so choose.

                  You can always share and ask for help here, too. There’s a wealth of info/help here. You ARE Loved.

                  Verbosity yet again. Sorry, Ponders.

                5. Sally, an afterthought. You can also use bing.com and/or google to research how others tackled their shyness/borrow some ideas/methods that you feel SAFE trying. Some will work for you; some will not. YOU get to choose. YOU get to decide if something is working. YOU get to set your own personal boundaries now (including and most importantly with family members who have overstepped) whatever they may be–whatever allows YOU to feel SAFE in YOUR PERSONAL SPACE BUBBLE. The “thought” of choosing to become visible is scary vs remaining invisible (in deep, horrible pain). I know you can do this, dear Friend.

                6. Lin!
                  I am blown away by some of the points you posted in your reply.
                  For one, I can’t believe you brought up Shirley Mcclaine…. I loved watching her dance. She was one of my favorites. Had no idea she had a weakness in her ankles. So inspiring. And as a young adult I used to devour biographies. I probably lived vicariously through them….. AND at the age of 8,(when I was much more wise) I proudly announced to everyone I saw I was gonna’ write a book. There was no doubt about it. I loved to write. And the age of 18 I started writing about anything and everything. I eventually had some poems published in a few non-descript magazines… oh… altho’ some were published in ‘Sedona’ magazine in the early ‘90’s. Shortly after that I lost all inspiration and quit writing completely. I’m in awe that you brought all that up. You are most enlightened. So happy you have chosen to share with me.
                  Last night I thought I would make myself, literally, hold my head up, the next time I ran my errands…. So this morning I tried it! It was different. I was looking at dvd’s and I was surprised when somebody started talking to me. At first I kind’a panicked…I just watched his lips move…. but in no time I calmed down and focused and actually had a few words to say back. Yes, I am working on feeling safe ‘in my personal space’. so important.
                  Ha. Your ‘verbosity’ is saving me from disappearing completely from the face of this beautiful earth…. A place I love and where I wanna’ stay. I stand in great awe of you and your ‘loquaciousness’?!! ha.
                  I have read your reply a couple’a times and each time I get something ‘new’.
                  I am overwhelmed with gratitude with your suggestions and sharings.
                  So thankful,

                7. My Dearest Sally, wow You’re already a published author–the wheres or who-s or publications, etc., don’t matter a smidge!!! You already have your blueprint in hand–and you’ve already begun by getting published. You’re (to be) the author of a book! If I were you
                  (and you prob already do this), I’d be keeping a daily journal. You most prob will include some of the wonderful experiences you will enter upon while you’re addressing the shyness. You see?! The shyness is a gift, a doorway to your dream(s), your FIRST dream, anyway. Just think of how many other people you will help. Even if you don’t include these experiences in your books (PLURAL), there will be biographies written about you where your experiences will help others who don’t know how to even begin that walk.

                  Sally, I hope you will continue to post here as you step out/walk/run/FLY down this path. My Heart is touched and is delightfully expanded by your words and your brave willingness to grow. I look forward to purchasing your first book.

                  That said, please know, dear sister, we already stand on level ground. An acting coach once told me: “The floor is a great leveler.” You are no better or less than I and vice versa. I would consider it a privilege if ever you need or want to post to me again–and I can be of service. (yet something tells me you don’t have far to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY serious here.) Keep your MIND’S FOCUS on the end result and not on the “how to” of the journey… yet, DO ENJOY the journey. Learn to laugh at/with yourself and also with others. Most extroverts cannot relate to shyness–and that’s ok. No right or wrong here. Just keep planting your feet forward one step at a time in the Light. It’s a lovely path ahead.

                  I Love You, Sally. xo, Lin

        2. You must be kidding. Second time I am posting this. Short this time. Sally, time to tell the child you no longer deserve to be punished. You are Love. You are Perfect.

          AH, you are not alone, Honey. IAM right there with you, not knowing where IAM. Hang on to my hand. We will get through this together!!

          I LOVE YOU BOTH! Amy

          1. Oh, wow. Both replies did go through. Not according to my email.

            Time for me to get off of here. I have such mixed feelings right now. I miss being at the Pond like I used to. Yet, running my own blog is a lot of work, takes a lot of time, and I just have so much time to give.

            I want everyone to know I really do LOVE YOU! Sun, you are brilliant, by the way!


        3. Sweet sweet Sally!! That’s why these comments are public. Please do not worry. Everybody comments to stuff not addressed specifically to them. Besides! We are both serving the man his refreahments, so I think we may both speak to him at anytime we please. Hehehe.

          No problem whatsoever, ok?

          Much love to you,

          1. Oh AH! I will let you hold my hand and I will let you help me! Thank you. I am ready to receive help now. I thought I could do it all on my own…. But that hasn’t gotten me anywhere! I will let Divine Mother hold me and rock me…..
            ‘rock me gently, rock me slowly, take it easy don’t you know, that I have never been loved like this before’…. baby, baby…… (I think andy kim sang that) it’s true! i have never been loved like this before. ha. 🙂
            My heart is bustin’ out right now. It needs to be set free and sing its song. It won’t be long now.
            From my singing heart to your ‘be you tiful’ ….. well… everything!

            1. Sally, Sweetheart, IAM right now working on an article at Petals Unfolding that I really think you could benefit from. In fact, you are one of the reasons why this article is now being created. I was intending, at the bottom of the article, to say a thank you to you. Well, I am doing that very thing now. 🙂

              I am not finished with it yet. It’s called, “How Far do “Conditioned Patterns” Go?” It’s quite involved, so it is taking some time. And then some!

              I LOVE you! Amy

              1. Amy!
                Yes! ‘Conditioned Patterns’…. exactly!
                I was born curious and ‘hit the road’ learning all I could. I asked questions about EVERYTHING. Could… not… get … enough. Knowledge was my reason for living. From micro to macro I wanted to know it all. I asked anyone and anything about everything.
                But it seems I was ‘nipped in the bud’ so to speak. Before I got out of grade school I was told by my parents and teachers that I was asking the wrong questions. That my questions were too many and too annoying. So not only did that shut me up, it stopped me from experiencing what my Creator wanted to experience. I wasn’t allowed to blossom in to the flower God had Created me to be. So I wilted. I was only watered and fed enough to not die.
                Even my thoughts became others. When I had a thought I’d have to have it validated by others… well, since I had thoughts like no others around me, I accepted the fact that I was just plain wrong. So I took all my thoughts and covered them up with ‘busy’ness and other things.
                Okay…. Skip to now….. I’m stuck. Period. I know who I was created to be but I am not experiencing her. I have been conditioned not to!
                Whew Amy thank you! You are pure inspiration.
                I will head over to ‘Petals Unfolding’ now. Love those words… for that is what I will be doing thanks to you and this beautiful nourishing Pond.
                Unfolding and moulding (sp?) my own flower…..
                Forever and ever,

                1. Sally, FEEL me now! I KNOW you are at Petals right NOW. Take it slow and easy……this article is deep………..

                  I Love you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you, Sally. I cried for you and I cried for me today. Together we walk into Freedom!

                  Love, Amy

            2. Had to check in on you from the airport!!! On my way to Florida to visit my parents. I will be in and out of the pond for next 7 days. Want you to know I care. And so does everyone else. You sound good!!! Have a great day, Sweet Sally!

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  5. A grathering at the pond can be kinda like going into a room full of people and all are talking. You can’t make out what all are saying at the same time. You focus on one at a time if you want to hear what is said. If you look there is always one over seeing what is going on. He or she is always standing away a little from the rest. I always look for this person. If you talk to this person he or she can answer any and all questions you may have. You just have to learn to focus your thoughts on what you seek to learn or share. It can be like playing with a water hose. You can spray everything around you or focus with a small stream in one place. Sharing with others can be sprayed on all. Listening to one has to be a small stream focused on the speaker.

    I may look at things a little different than many do. Every partical has a face. This face is in the center of the partical with smaller particals moving in a circle around this face. Each partical has a pre determined shape and size. The face will stay the same only the particals around the face will change when this partical interacts with a different partical. The face of this partical never dies it lives forever. It may change form by interacting with other particals but the face remains the same and lives forever.

    The human body is built with particals of many shapes and sizes all with their own face. They have a interaction with each other that creates the body and holds it together. It is from a master design that lets us be what we are human. The life of this body with all these faces interact with each other to keep the body together and work the way it does. The human mind can be compared to a computer. This is where all these particals can be controlled with the current that flows through the body. This is the bios of the human. This bios has a creator that designed how it works. Learning how to update this bios is going to the creator of it for a update. Many like it the way it is and never try to update it. There are many that check daily, weekly or yearly for a update. Learning to comunicate with this creator is the key to advance and update the human bios.

    This pond is a beginning to learn this as a whole or on a bios to creator level. We all share parts of this bios with everything around us. We are all connected by this bios. We all have to go to the same place for a update. We have to go back to where we came from. If someone has a corrupt bios. The only way to fix it is to reinstall it. To do this if you know how is you may have to only rewrite one line of code to fix it. If you don’t know how to do this you place yourself at the mercy of the creator and redownload and install it. The human body is the most complex group of particals known to most people on earth. A person doesn’t have to know what works in the back ground of the human body. But all should try to learn to use it properly and maintain it to to work the way it was designed to work.

    This is just one way of trying to explain something as complex as the human body and mind in a simple way that may help someone think in a little different way.

    Blessings to all with all my love for the pond
    Thank you Aisha for hanging in there to help people the way you do. May your love for all that is be never ending.

    1. I love the way you have described all of this, Ray. I agree.

      While in the hospital in 2009, I drew a very detailed comparison of the human body to a computer. All parts of each related and labeled. I showed it to the wrong people, apparently. They diagnosed me as being in a major manic state and increased my medication.

      I really wonder how far we would have already come if some “crazy” people were heard.

      Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am really looking forward to the next explanation of what happened.
    When I sat down at the appointed time I sat there and hoped for a sign, but no sign came. Just that I personally had a date to keep.
    So I sat there and thought something like, do your duty, boy, like you did as a conscious starseed, the last 25 years. But hey, no eclipse in my area.
    Just the broken, heavy branches from the last storm. And I said to myself how long will this diaspora last? My people are wet and tired. What do you offer to soften our burning brains? More cryptic insinuations from the busy side of the veil?
    The last seven times I sat at the river, I sat on the mountain, I sat in the lake,
    I sat at home, I sat in other countries. I layed down and let the energy flow invisible and unfelt. Where was the love for ourselves this time around?

    There is a different, alternative life out there, but they fought for to be like this.
    Where is the cat now?

  7. Dear sun_of_blue! I knew you did more than just “sit & be” at the Gathering yesterday, for I saw you as one of those blue/white plasma balls floating over the Pond that I connected with for a while. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of it, it helps me to see it all so much better! I also saw something that looked like the magnetic field of the Earth, shaped like the torus field Philip mentioned. It was the same as around us, and this field generated the glowing plasma ball at the center that was us. I love the way you were shown the clean water and food we will have in the future, it is a wonderful conformation that all is going to go according to plan 🙂
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Amy, thank you so much for sharing this! It is such a wonderful description of creating magic by becoming like a child again, just like the CCs told us to do 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  8. Feeling like the lions and tigers and bears were all let out of their cages and they are not nice ones… they are roaming all around… creeping me out. LIke everyone here at work was affected by the last few days powerful energies and they are not aware of it… but i am…..and the released energies.. the naughty ones… are on the loose and dont know what to do. yikes. hope this passes soon and gets cleaned up fast. Go to my happy place – I know the Light is always here.

    1. IF anyone else feels these creepy energies today, I am finding it useful to see them going up in the whirlwind energy – to be released/recycled into the Universe. -Get them off the ground level-. Since I am aware.. they are aware of me too so they will come to what they know can feel/see them. I wish it was not so ‘still’ outside today. Got to work up my Breeze 🙂 move things around. Only saw one single bird flying in the clear blue sky so far.

    1. Wow. What a moving song!! I hear you…

      Love how he is perfectly backlit by the sun and occasionally he steps back, and zing!!! it hits you right in the eyes.

      And by they way, if your heart is still for sale, I’m buying.

      ALeeJJE – ance
      (to save you the trouble of looking that one up, my Dutchman…
      It’s allegiance.)

  9. It sounds like evrything went according to plan.
    Love the visions of the water, the food, and the Golden Rings of course.
    Thank You, from one sun to another,

    1. Reading your comment here and Sun’s about the rings being at the north/south pole, I hear Him say to me:

      “She is anointed. Crowned and seated on her throne.”

      1. Whoosh. Yep. So amazing, isn’t it? Me too. Same progression.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  10. I kept hearing this song in my head this morning.
    You, sun_of_blue, talking about: “a hood that hid the face, the face in the hood was not my face.” This triggered me to post this song now. It’s called Faceless Man, by Creed:


    1. I am noticing all the purple at the outer edges of the rainbow spirals in this. I am reminded of course that purple (violet) is the color of the crown chakra. It is the frquency on our “current” visible color spectrum that is closest to black, the absoprtion of all color.

      And yeah!!! Sun was the yogi floating around in my previous impromptu gathering meditation. All I could discern of his face was the long beard.

      This is all so awesome…

      Fabulous song, my love. Perfect and amazing.


    2. Gah! He speaks again…

      “This faceless man, the beast that must be overcome, is and forever was merely yourself. Your imagined separation from Me.”

  11. Just popping in here briefly fellow Ponders of Light as it’s my birthday (in more ways than one it seems, ha, ha :)… and Sue is taking me out for a bracing walk on the beach…

    Read Areeza’s beautiful experience… wow… will catch up on others later.

    It was very powerful and I got…

    “Best days of our lives”

    and Sue got

    “Moving on up”

    I also felt a bit of a party atmosphere and saw a Torus shaped fountain of water in the pond. Beautiful.

    Much love and Joy, Joyfully the new born Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Happy Birthday to Phue!!! Today is my daughter’s, too. Big 13.

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Oh. Oh my. I am laughing so hard that there are tears streaming down my face!!! Ok. I just came upon this comment from like 6 hours ago, and I see it. What the heck is “Phue” ??!! I was trying to give you and Sue some cute little twin soul moniker. But “phew.” I mean, really. What was I thinking??!! So sorry. Just ignore me.

            Cackling madwoman…

            1. 🙂 she did, thank you!

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Thank you Aisha… we went to Robin Hoods Bay – a lovely spot on the North East coast of England… we’d both indepently had ‘Robin Hood’ themes pop into our awareness today… so we tweaked the plans slightly 🙂

      1. Happy Birthday, Dearest Brother Philip! May this ONE be your best yet! May Mighty Abundance of your own making, shower all around you! May this year, you come to know Love in a New Way, one never experienced before!

        Sending you Love and JOY! Amy

        1. Wonderful dear Amy we had a fab day out though a bit tired now… and yes it feels to me like the love and joy deepens each day … so delighted to open to that new experience you speak of…

          More SOL sharing to engage in tonight … for people around the world…

          Catch more with everyone tomorrow I trust…

          Joyfully, ALL yours fellow light beings Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Blessings to you Areeza… I had time to read your experience before we left this morning as you gathered… it jumped off the page for me – just wonderful and what a blessing to meet there… a beautiful experience you had… thank you for sharing it…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. A much-belated Hap Birthday to you Philip. I hope your new birthday year is Light-filled to overflowing… but how can it not be, you will have Ascended (with Sue). Oh, Joy. xo, Lin

  12. Dear friends, I wrote to you before, from my other emailadrress, but I could not find the Pond. I have trouble with too much information. But I want to thank you.
    Your guidance since almost a year brought me so far I got to know my deep inner self for the first time.
    1 okt an old curse was broken and my new life started.
    I am a multiple, but my other parts have gathered in the light since yesterday, so we are in contact after more then 20 years. The children feel safe and warm in me.
    We are healing. I am from Holland. I love you.
    I am sorry if I cannot read everything. I do write down everything I am experiencing to friends and social workers who also guide me. Love and big hugs!

    1. Dear Willis! I love you too, and I thank you for bringing your light here to this Pond and for sharing your jourmey with us. I am so glad to hear that you are healing, and I send some extra light and a warm hug from me to hopefully assist you a little bit on your journey 🙂

  13. Ha ha ha ha, I had to print some contact sheets from this assignment I did a couple of weeks ago. I was able to print a lot of them, but the last batch of 3 pages just wouldn’t print. So finally today, I decided to print the pages one by one, instead of printing the whole batch of 3 pages at once…..and it worked! LOL!

    HA! I was looking up the right way to spell the word ‘finally’, and I came across this:

    Putting it right here on the Pond for You, my Infinity.

    1. You blow my mind.

      In case anyone wants an example of twin soul consciousness connection, here is a perfect one. As JJ was doing his thing with his paperwork, I am posting to Otmn, “I dont know where I am. Send in the FBI.” Then within 7 minutes, BOOM! He leaves me this message of I Finally Found You. Which he came across by “accident.”

      There is a ransom.

      thank you, my love
      i know you are
      always (t)here
      in me

      1. Oh my God, Lori!

        The singer’s first name is CC! I didn’t know her…

        You got me laughing and smiling and even dancing. God, how I would love to dance with you!
        Did you see the 2 circles in the vid? One bigger than the other, one yellow, one dark?

        Thank you for this…
        I can’t describe it either,
        I am loving us,

  14. hush,
    you know she/he/it/me/we will not stop.
    jump into the “human grid of light that you call the Pond”

    1. Dammit. This is where my f*d up self went when I read your comment. My eyes paused on the “it.” And I heard “It puts the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it’s told.” And through my mind runs the scene from Silence of the Lambs. Kidnapped MEMPHIS girl, who foolishly stopped to help the bed guy, down in the well. Depersonalized. Begging. Please mister, I just want to go home.

      I have been taken over. I dont know where I am. Send in the FBI.

      Is there a ransom?

      1. In the shower just now, a thought came to me, that in the movies or in some games, whenever there is a struggle, a fight…you may have fought off all the bad guys, and it was hard enough, but in the end there is always this HUGE, (seemingly) unbeatable monster to be slain. This monster is all powerful, and the only way to beat it…is…. to be….to be…without…to be… within…to be….you.

    1. Sigh. Calamity, alright. I would say “try being one.” But I would probably get in trouble.

  15. Lin: I just found a comment you made to/about me a couple of hours before today’s gathering (and on page 1). I taught myself years ago to simply say ‘thank you’ to a compliment. However this goes so much deeper and beyond. You touched something in me that is almost like a message to myself if I can relax and hear it. I’ve been known to beat myself up pretty good (a Virgo thing?) To hear some of the words of kindness I find here at the Pond, especially what you’ve written me, leaves me in an interesting confusion… I smile… maybe even chaos inside. Somehow I will weave these kindnesses into the tapestry on all our oneness. I am going to try and “blog” on this. (yes AH my list of things to blog on is growing!)
    Love and gratitude, Nancee

    1. You have a “gentle-ing” Energy about you, lovely Nancee. AND you also have an adventurous, live-ly Energy planted down deep, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked yourself up and moved to Costa Rica for the adventure of a Lifetime. Wonderful mixture. IAM sure others here see that about you (plus) without trying to put you into a labeled box. There are many aspects… and they’re all coming together.

      You must have needed to hear what I wrote earlier for some reason as it came to me during meditation like I said, which I thought was odd, as at the time, I was sending healing Energy to others. (I don’t feel you need to be healed of anything, so please excuse if my words are misinterpreted due to clumsy wordplay)

      You are appreciated and Loved, dear one. Thank you for your Light.
      xo, Lin

    2. Virgo? Haha now I understand why I see myself in your actions and behavior patterns.
      Takes one to know one… Lol!
      Gosh Nancee, you make me laugh and cry at the same time.
      Go girl go!

  16. OMG Amy I forgot one really important, crystal clear thing I saw… in fact it was so real I felt I could reach out and pick him up! A beautiful, big (or at least full coated) orange and white cat came walking sauntering from left to right taking up almost my entire vision! I remember thinking, I must remember this for Amy… he had quite a bit of white from the angle I was, slightly below him and was very comfortable with himself. He just came by because he could and wanted to say Hi I think. Everything else I saw was more dreamlike but I honestly felt that I could reach out and pick him up. I’ve been on your site just now and it looks like dear Benji (departed) and Karma fit the description.

    Of course maybe this was someone else’s beloved pet so I’ll have to leave this with you to enquire about?!
    Much love, Nancee

    1. My first thought, Nancee, that was Karma. Karma saunters when he walks. He is my MAIN Healer cat. NO doubt. You saw my Karma. He has the most powerful eyes, eyes that he insists on no showing me much. When he does allow me to see into his eyes, my breath catches in my throat. Wow.

      Benji bounced when he walked.

      And yes Karma has a huge white tuff on his neck, like that of the Lion King. I in fact, call him my King.

  17. My experience was pretty strange today. At first, I saw multitudes of people at the Pond. That was my thought…”wow there are sooo many of us”. And we were all joined hands and dancing, slowly, in geometric patterns. Somehow I was there but also observing from a distance. Next thing I know – I wake up and have been sound asleep for about 40 min. Then I kind of drift off again but start hearing things in my ears..like voices coming over a radio but the radio isn’t at the right frequency so I can’t understand what they’re saying, but it sounds like words, with some inflection but not a lot. This has happened to me before and it’s really hard to explain. Then there was some kind of jolt/frequency shift feeling, and it was over. I really don’t know what to make of it, but that’s par for the course these days…..

    Love to all,

    1. OH, Leslie, that is just moving. I “feel” what you experienced. How can that be? I don’t know. Yet when I read your words, and Breeze’s I FELT the words. And with Breeze, I experienced what she described, only I did so in a feeling state. Confusing? But that is what IS.

      I Love you! Amy

    2. Strange words… Just because I had exactly the same… Holding hands, dancing slowly just like reeds in the wind… And at about 40 minutes something broke my harmony… I opened my eyes and I was looking for the reason… The next 20 minutes I can’t remember… After the meditation I fall asleep, and I think some more has happened, because in the morning I felt stuffed with strange Energy… I mean strange because, was not the common morning feeling… as you said: “it’s really hard to explain.”

      Peace to all,

      1. Zen, I experienced the whole Gathering in Energy Form only. Really hard to describe. Yet when I saw what Breeze wrote, that is exactly, and I mean exactly, what I experienced only in “feeling form”. This is getting challenging to adjust as all that used to be solid, or so it seemed, is now becoming Pure Energy. No form. Just Energy.

        Love, Amy

      2. Wow, Zen, it always means so much to hear that someone had the same experience, thank you. And after the first 40 minutes, the second “part” of my experience was about 20 minutes, just like yours. Strange energy….yes…no words to really explain it. I think it will take a couple of days to integrate.


    3. Sun, I am totally in amazement how chatty you have become. Wow! I LOVE seeing this!!! My Heart just expanded! Did you feel it???

      And the growth……..in you……you are making my head spin……..LOL…….

      Love, Amy

      1. I understand completely how one must process things for a while for everything to be understood. Especially when we experience or see things that we have never have before. Then the quiet. Yes. That is so necessary to allow all to settle, and to begin the process of BEing in a state of Oneness with all you experienced, for all you did experience, has changed you forever.

        Love to you, Sun. My life has gotten so “busy” I am not here as much as I used to be. I do my best to BE present at this Pond as much as I can, for this too, is just as important for me. When we “speak among ourselves” we come to the A-HA moments, or things that previously were not seen, are now seen. Breeze comes to Mind. When she described her experience at the Gathering, it is exactly what I too experience, YET, I did not KNOW I experienced it (in feeling form) until I read her words. Does that make sense?

        Big (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Oh, Sun, you are wonderful to talk to. All my life I have gone with the flow and I have been so persecuted because of it. Made fun of. Ridiculed. Laughed at. BUT because I have been doing this all my life, I can now turn around and help those who are new to this way of BEing. It is exciting to not have a clue what I am really doing, and then see that what I am doing turns out beautifully. I have learned to trust, all the way. I drive my husband nuts because he is always asking…..BUT how do you KNOW what you are doing OR How do you KNOW without any proof? I just do. And then the more I flow in this, the more Spirit and the molecules and energy show me how to create.

          I know how to split time. I don’t know how I do this. I just do. I make up my Mind that this and that and this over here, is what I shall do, and I do it. And when I look back, even I am stunned…….How did I do all this?

          I know also how to live simutaneously in several dimensions. I’ve done this too all my life. Of late, it seems the separateness is disappearing and everything is merging. I used to feel different when I “read” someone’s energy. Now, no. It seems all the different levels of existence that I have come to know exist within me, are coming together in One.

          That is a A WOW!

          Thank you so much for this conversation. It meant a lot to me!!!

          Love, Amy

        2. The more I trust the knowing, the more I see. So true! Love it. Cream or sugar in that coffee? 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


  18. Hello all,
    Better be late than not coming.
    I love the story about the mirrors. If there wasn’t impression about how we all feeling ourselves – there is an idea how. Thank you Aisha.

    1. hmmm…..sometimes in life I miss things and at this moment I am not sure you are speaking to me or someone named Alee who I don’t know here just yet…so of course the only silly questions are those that go unasked…if you were speaking to me…yep, I am here and sending you a hug! If you were speaking to someone else, then I look forward to meeting them and i still send you a hug 🙂 Alex

      1. Hi, Alex!! I think Lin might be talking about me. :)AH (soul name ALee).

        I am very honored that it is almost the same as yours! I had not noticed that before. Most awesome. Maybe I should make it into my full soul name.

        ALee X.

        And honestly, that totally fits. Born with Dad’s last name. Have had two married last names. Not long ago my daughter’s friend called me Mrs. Green. I groaned inwardly and thought, “I don’t even have my own last name.” Was wondering what I will do when my divorce is final. Plus! One of my certain knowings about past life experience is that I have been a slave at some point. Either in Egypt or here in America. Probably both. Plus! (or maybe ×) I like the idea of X being “the unknown that is solved for” and X as in “mulitiplied” or empowered.

        So no coincidence that you responded here. I thank you!

        1. Glad, Alex, and you, ALee X, are both here and well.
          Confusion/chaos seems to work! 🙂 🙂 🙂
          xo, Lin

        2. Hey, I have to LAUGH out loud. After I felt compelled to post on that, I then started feeling on it and realized it must be Anna Helen cause that felt right. I have to also laugh that my soul name is ALI as far as I know that is the name my inner child gave me to call her…

          My cousin decided to have her name changed and simply made up a name that felt good to her so you can of course recreate yourself, rewrite your story–the interesting thing about time and space is that it moves in all directions and you can totally intend for a different story in the past–this is how we heal through forgiveness, we simply release the story and the wound is healed. Very cool.

          Big hugs Alee…from your big sister Alex 🙂 oh and Lin and breeze too…oh and everyone! 🙂

    2. Hi, Lin. I am here. Though where here is, I am uncertain. The divine is so … untouchable … you know? For years now, I have arranged my life to where I have had near perfect solitude at any given time. Something I required. Now there is this absolute frenzy of 3D activity going on. And since my Source experience fri/sat, I dont really know WHO this “Lori” is. The roller coaster of high/low emotion over this birthing period of 2013 is something I guess I became accustomed to. (well, high/low all my life really). I really feel like a “placeholder” only. Though no doubt that will change, as change is the only constant.

      So yesterday, after everything calmed down around here, I did make a few minutes for myself to go sit at my pond. It was twilight. The surface of the water was smooth/still 😉 as glass. I gazed at it. There I saw the reflection of two twin oaks. The last rays of the sun were shining upon their flame orange leaves. The one to the left had a great big circle (full open sun) shape at the top. The one on the right had a similar shape, though its center was shadowed. I realized I was seeing a representation of the unobstructed sun and the ring of fire eclipse. I wanted to be moved, but all I really felt was, sort of a “well, yes of course.”

      So I try to connect with the gathering. Nothing. Even sending intentions did not feel like my own choice to make (though I did do that earlier in the day). And I accept that this is as it should be for whatever reason. And I attempt to identify this strange emotion or lack thereof.

      Not joy, not sorrow
      Not happiness, not sadness
      Not excitement, not disappointment
      Not even love or fear
      what is this
      so unfamiliar
      could it be


        1. Whew. Good advice. For there is no label for th(is)…

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. There are so many layers to everything, so much meaning.
          I can not stop feeling this song lately.

          There is the regular love song.
          Then the twin soul love song.
          Then always, there is the LOVE song.

          I feel like I have fallen into the open arms of god.
          He even used the word “Come.”
          the wonder of all

          …and as you and I are one, you know he holds us both…

          What now?

          1. I am so wanting to express what complete remergence with Source feels like. Oh god. Even the feel and progrssion of this music is indicative of it. Its starts off slow and mysterious (the ONE) then it builds to this certain level (the separation) then the frenzy (the reunion) then it subsides into that final, more powerful bass note at the end (the ONE WHOLE again, yet “more”). Grr.

            I guess I mean that I was astonished to realize that God finds US to be a wonder as much as we do him. I always thought it only went the other way. He knows us as we are now, but as we remerge with Him, he is utterly fascinated by what we bring home to him.

            We not ony remerge. In so doing, we actually INCREASE him.

            Have mercy.

          2. To my knees, and then it stoped at 2:44 minutes. He won’t let me watch the rest of it….It stopped at this image of a red hot flowing river in this dark barren landscape…
            Oh, COME!

      1. Alee, maybe we were together yesterday afternoon. When i first sat outside to do the meditation, I was facing the sun. I looked to the left and the golden/orange leaves on a tall tree were radiant with the sun shining. That is when u came and rested your head on my lap. I felt a release from u and we both gazed upward. So who knows ? I hope u were there with me…. if even for a short time. Love you ! I feel very off this morning…like u described above. Nothingness fits best. Its like sitting alone after a party and wondering when the Joy will come & fill us again. hang in or better yet free fall with me! X O

        1. Yes. Yes. We had our “own” (always with everyone) little gathering that morning with our songs and messages. And in the last days his sons and daughters shall prophesy…

          Oh… and my head in your lap. Yes, I feel that. It would take a big surrender of trust for me to do so. So there is that release. 😉 Thank you for all of your love and support. I have saved your gathering descriptions. I came back to so much here!! I am still catching up. Sounds amazingly powerful, what all was victoriously accomplished. YOU GUYS ROCKED THE WORLD!!!

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. Love you sun_of_rainbow. You are most welcome!

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  19. Dear family of light! I am still trying to “land” after the most powerful Gathering yet. For me, it lasted until 22:21, and my body is still humming with the energies that came blasting through me. It was so intense, I saw myself as a bluish white ball of plasma, and for a while, there were several of us hovering above the Pond in a circle, connected by tendrils of energy like lightning. Both my sister and I saw the same thing and we got the same words “tesla coil”. We also had the same feeling of being completely rewired/reconnected, and the message I got was “we need to remove the last traces of the former occupant” as in out with all of the “old me” before they started to fill me up with even more energy.

    Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this powerful Gathering, and thank you for sharing your experience here!
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Ahhh….. I described seeing you with white and light blue> >coolness! It was powerful. I am exhausted here. all worth it ! thank you Love, Areeza

  20. A gathering experience by Areeza part 3:
    I am now with a woman – arms outstretched, hands clasped – going round and round. I hear “and God rested on the seventh day” (the 7th pond gathering I think to myself). I see the sun shining down upon us – all is simple, happy, peaceful. Life enjoying Life. This is the world God sees – we are held in existence by Gods Love for us. Then.. someone shouts “But what of the sorrows!? Answer: ‘A dark cloud has Sun above it. As above so beneath – Heaven On Earth – Separation is but a stone; pick it up and you see what Is beneath it.’ I now see us picking up stones/rocks – some place tears of joy, some sorrow on them. We toss them into the pond. The pond is now seen to me as the heart of God/All That Is – it takes it all – Loves it all – it can not do anything other than Love for All That Is IS Love and Love is all there Is. The rocks/stones turn into eggs – as they lay beneath the waters/in the heart. New life springs forth. long pause… anything can happen from here….. again I hear Aisha’s words: “You are your own womb – your own birthing place”. ahhh… and I had meditation music playing and it ends in unison here ! Full circle.

    1. Areeza, you make me weep. Just weep. For your words are what I too experienced, only in “feeling”. I heard myself say this morning…..IAM the lighted wick upon the candlestick. IAM the Light in the Dark. IAM she who heals ALL. I AM ALL”.

      Dear GOD, Luv, the tears are dripping. Jesus, Sweet Jesus. What a day!

      I Love you!

      1. Amy – u will Love it that on the screen for the meditation i used was a single lit candle — and — the name of this youtube meditation is:
        ‘1 hour meditation candle’. I was drawn to it immediately – did not have to search (had to come inside – small house and my man was watching the game so i needed to quick think of something and use headphones). I am so tired now. I remember why I stopped meditating. Visions, voices, etc come to me almost instantly. Then, my boring life seems at odds with it all. Love you !! sleep well, rest.

        1. Beautiful Breeze!! Tears here….just beautiful. I will have to post tomorrow. Hopefully will have time. Missing you all. Sending love as always…on Doves eh. 😉

        2. Same reason why I stopped taking baths. Visions, voices, etc……and it became very confusing to try to mesh both this and my mundane” life.

          Wow. We have SO much in common. Breeze, you are seriously blowing me away here! It is not coincidence that we see molecules.

          Love you so much, said the flame to the wick.

    2. Thank you Areeza, I loved the rocks…thank you for that and all you shared.
      Thank you!
      JJELL (can’t help but to blend my Twin in here)

    3. Areeza you didn’t even know if you’d make it to the Pond at Gathering time and here you are with 3 beautiful Parts to share. I don’t know if that was me dancing with you or not. The dress you described (reply to my post) wasn’t what I’m wearing today… but certainly could be something I’d wear. I have an old favourite long dress that sort os fits that description.
      This Part reminded me of another part in my own experience. I felt the pond was filled with all the tears wept over time, both in sorrow and joy.

      I am so excited here in a quiet sort of way… and soooo encouraged by today. Not only did I stay awake I actually had tiny bits that fit into what some of your are sharing. Maybe the blue heart energies I saw were even Aisha calling me in.

      Amy we’ll be watching for updates about your brother.

      ALee we miss you.
      Love, Nancee
      p.s. Looking forward to other shares about this tomorrow!

  21. A gathering experience by Areeza Part 2:
    I hear: “The candle lit from the one lights the many”. Angelic Beings come – one to each of us – greeting us, welcoming us home. Then.. oh then, we step right into them! They are our true selves (HS). We did not have to step out of the old – the new absorbed the old (ooo…like my snake shedding dream a bit ago). The HS consumed it – no need to banish anything – nothing can weigh us down. Our Angelic selves come together – meld – turn into many doves. Flying up I hear “we are the one, we are the many” – “The caged bird sang because the cage was an illusion”. I? Fall deeper and deeper into the eye of a dove. The thought in that black, calm, still void says “I Am – ‘All That Is’ realizes ‘It Is’ – It begins and It ends all at the same ‘time’ – ‘thought’ ‘realization’ ‘consciousness’ can not be stopped just as awake can not go to sleep – I Live therefore I Create – I Create therefore I Live.” I then feel every bit of life that lives at the pond; frog, rock, leaves on water, the water itself, air, blades of grass, all of us, the Ray that lights it all up, the whispers that happen between all of these things.

  22. A gathering experience by Areeza Part 1:
    at 2:50pm my time, I felt a pull – tug from Aisha to come. Calm, sleepiness and an expansion started within. Went outside – hoped to have experience there – wind kicked up at 3:11pm. I stayed awhile but yard equipment running was too disruptive. While outside I did feel male energies embracing female – Philip I felt first and others followed in what he was feeling. Then Aisha placed her hand on my womb area and said “you are inside your own womb”. Since I was near the blossoming bushes that got destroyed, they spoke and said “do not weep for us – u loved us and we gather now to carry you to the pond.” I felt lifted up and placed gently down my purple blossoms. Whirlpool/Wind tunnels of light – taking imprints away immediately. ALee rests her head on my lap – quick release – we both look up as hers release and swirl upwards – we smile as they become flickering lights in the whirlpool/wind tunnel and off they go. We all have doves we release for Amy’s brother. They fly carrying our msgs to him. Holy of Holys is with us. We SEE each other. Nothing spoken – All Is Known. We look up. One of us is flying around the pond in circles. “She” wears white and light blue – Aisha – yes she says U know that is me and smiles. We join hands, our feet in the waters. Looking up at Aisha as she comes down in the middle with a Ray from the Sun. We are all aglow. We are like lights shimmering across the waters. We rise up as droplets – racing all around the planet – all we contain falls to touch all of Earth. We focus then on our individual families placing our Ray-filled droplets upon them – purifying/blessing.

  23. Wanted to share this with you: a 9 year old girl from Holland singing opera at a talent show. She has never had singing lessons.


    1. oh my. Pure Talent. Pure Heart. Pure Sweetness. Pure.
      Thank you! dear JJ&E

      (your Vive is right up there in Purity)

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