A history of Creation – part 3

As you know, the actions of the atoms are not random, as they have all been preprogrammed to display different characteristics from the outset, and as such, they all behave in their own distinctive manner. Preprogrammed from the outset, so that they can enact the roles they have been given. For this is indeed theContinue reading “A history of Creation – part 3”

A history of Creation – part 2

So let us delve further into this mysterious world behind the veil, for we gather you are starting to get more than a little courious about some of those tantalizing details. The last time, we showed you that the essence of it all is in creating, or the energy that has been given the taskContinue reading “A history of Creation – part 2”

A history of Creation – part 1

Dear friends! Last week, I started to receive what the CCs refer to as “double helpings”, extra messages in addition to The manuscript. These messages differ from the usual ones, and the first one that I was guided to post, was the “update” to the sixth Gathering. I was told that the rest of thisContinue reading “A history of Creation – part 1”

An update on the sixth Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends! As you know, tonight at 21:00 Oslo time we are having our sixth Gathering around the Pond. The CCs wanted me to share this additional information about it with you, so here it is: “As you have already noticed, these words do come accompanied by some rather intense energetic emissions, and rightly so,Continue reading “An update on the sixth Gathering around the Pond”

Welcome to the sixth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 6

Dear friends! Once more a month seems to have gone by in a flash, and tomorrow at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up. So much has happened in these last few weeks, and I think many will agree that even if it has been extremely exhausting at times, it has also beenContinue reading “Welcome to the sixth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 6”

The manuscript of survival – part 362

As you have already noticed, the roller coaster is indeed picking up speed, and for many, it will feel like they are being tossed to and from on this unpredictable ride. It may seem very chaotic, but please believe us when we say that even if it might not seem like it to you, everythingContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 362”

The manuscript of survival – part 361

By now, most of you have gotten used to being knocked about by these interrupting rounds of energetic upheavals, and hopefully, you have even gotten to understand the benevolent nature of this barrage. We know fully well that to many of you, the barrages themselves are nothing to be pleased about, as they seem toContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 361”