A short update on the energies – part 2

Today will be an a important day as it will bring much clarity to so many of you. We speak not of the trivial things that may still confound you in your everyday life, no we speak of grander things, things that will help you all to see this world of yours in a brand new light. For you are about to enter a corridor of light that will accelerate every thought you have, and with it, the speed in which you will see it start to come into manifestation. And no, this is not as in from rags to riches, this is something far more profound, something that will help you all to reach ever deeper within you and find the key you have been searching for all along.

For you humans tend to complicate everything you interact with, but as we have told you already, simplicity is the key here. And just as children will lay aside any former ideas in their quest for the brand new that they find so enticing, so too must you learn to forego any ready made conclusions and let down your guard so you can better be able to create what needs to be created. For you do not create by staring intently at what has been made before, you create by giving your power to the power of the chaos. In other words, you create what needs to be created when you let go of any clear cut expectations as to how and when and why the things will come about. Then, and only then will you function as the true gods you are. So sit back and let go of the resistance and start to literally soak up the light that will be arriving, ready and eager to blow away the cobwebs and free your spirit so it can do what it has been programmed to do: create the NEW, not just a pale imitation of the old. So let loose and start to fly dear ones, your wings are itching to go, ready to be used in full now.

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  1. “With friends, on an earth without maps. ”
    wow that would be perfect
    every where and anywhere is just “here”
    all is one
    let’s be happy in what we see coming over the horizon.
    we are here and remembering who we are
    it can’t not happen
    like a downhill slope
    we are so used to pushing ourselves through uphill battles,
    struggling, but also gaining experience after experience
    I guess I wouldn’t be where I’m at without living through all that shit.
    thanks dad, I’m in a good place. He wanted to toughen me up to be a decorated soldier. He would have been proud of the medals displayed over my burial flag. Instead he raised a Universal Warrior.

    I went back and found this.
    ‘trying to hard, slows you down’


    I’ve been trying as hard as my strength would let me since before most of you were born.

    gentleness is the way
    that is what I saw in town yesterday

    1. Yeah, Otmn, it is so easy. When we struggle we block ourselves. When we let go and become like children again…….wow!!!! The uphills are over. The downhills here we are! NOW!

    2. Dear brother, you are so right, it can’t not happen. Not with people like you on board, as you have sailed the roughest of seas and emerged victorious in every way. I love you, sweet shining soul! Aisha

  2. TRANSLATION 🙂 1st Nayon then Cyr
    Cyr thank you for the link. But I hope miss Clermont errs in writing that the change does not happen until several ‘ decades ‘: ” At the same time , the world in which we operate will continue to live on transitions to the new realities multid so pretty confusing and chaotic , and for a few decades . ”

    Well, ” nothing ” Nayon !
    It is true that we are all in a hurry for that famous “Event” took shape in our everyday 3D … And in my case, that it is obvious to everyone . I believe , however , and sadly , that it will happen by ” waves ” but close . Entrust everything is for the best , and as “time” does not exist, it is already in ” the thick of it ” …
    What I like about the ballot Danielle Clermont, is that ” dissects ” very large concepts of time and made ​​a very beautiful work of disclosure to the four winds …;)
    Since the volcano Popocatepetl …
    ” Abrazos “

    1. Thank you Nancee for translating. I should have written in english, but I some times feel it is a sign of appreciation when able to reply in the mother tong. But you gave me the idea to answer in both languages next time. I still think ‘a few decades’ is a somewhat pessimistic view of ascension, and if the ‘multiple timelines’ they teach us is true, my intentions are with the scenario that will bring a quick end to the steady flow of the blood and tears.

    2. Hahah. I love it. Thanks, Nancee! 🙂 😀 😉

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    1. Merci Cyr pour ce lien. J’espère cependant que mademoiselle Clermont se trompe lorsqu’elle écrit que le changement n’arrivera pas avant plusieurs ‘décennies’ : ”En parallèle, le monde dans lequel nous évoluons va continuer de vivre les passages vers les nouvelles réalités MultiD de façon passablement déconcertante et chaotique, et ce, pour encore quelques décennies.”

      1. Et bien “de rien” Nayon!
        C’est vrai que nous sommes tous pressés pour que ce fameux “Event” prenne corps dans notre 3D quotidienne…Et dans mon cas, que celui-ci soit une évidence pour tous. Je crois néanmoins -et tristement- que cela va se produire par “vagues” mais rapprochées. Confions que tout est pour le mieux et, comme le “temps” n’existe pas, on est déjà en “plein dedans”…
        Ce que j’aime bien dans les bulletins de Danielle Clermont , c’est qu’elle “décortique ” bien les gros concepts du moment et fait une très belle labeur de divulgation aux quatre vents… ; )

        Depuis le volcan Popocatepelt …


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  3. Watching one of my favorite movies this afternoon: The English Patient – …”every evening I cut out my heart but in the morning Its full again “

    1. English Patient: Katherine writes at the end: “We die rich with lovers and tribes, tastes we have swallowed, bodies we’ve entered and swum up like rivers. Fears we’ve hidden in – like this wretched cave. I want all this marked on my body. Where the real countries are. Not boundaries drawn on maps with the names of powerful men. I know you’ll come carry me out to the Palace of Winds. That’s what I’ve wanted: to walk in such a place with you. With friends, on an earth without maps. The lamp has gone out and I’m writing in the darkness.” >Now, Loves, we light up the new world – Areeza

    2. God lord. I was just talking about this movie the other day…

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  4. Dear Otmn… you are mighty Powerful. Walked thru Fire successfully.

    I recently realized something for myself that MAY pertain:
    My mom has played a fabulous villain in my Life towards me (I look like her, too). Last year she told me something over the phone that almost put me under ground b/c I was totally vulnerable/exposed (my Beloved Dad was dying)–took months of dedicated work on myself to rebuild (and IAM not joking here). Now, here’s the thing:

    I discovered 8 months later that b/c of her horrid words that all my Life I was relating to her as a child to her mother; she, in turn, was relating to me as female to female (I was always a threat to her, her relationship with my dad–he favored me–etc.).
    I got it! All the hurt left, almost instantaneously. I understood. I gained.

    Our 3D Life–before the Ascension–was to learn/experience. I guess I chose to experience A LOT on my last time ’round. I guess YOU did, too!

    Now, I giggle when I think of my mom–not AT her, with her. She taught me so much. In Truth, it is hard for me to want to be around her now in the physical b/c she is just not a warm person, still ornery in some ways. But sometimes she’s just like a sweet little girl (oncoming dementia).

    IAM sooo glad you’re here, Otmn. It was prob more difficult for you as a male than for any of us females… b/c we could always consult/share with our girlfriends openly all the hurts, doubts, etc. MALES HAD TO SUCK IT UP AND BE TOUGH. Even little boys. YOU. That pinches my Heart.

    Now, on this side of the river, years later, I receive all the benefits of that little boy inside who walked thru fire. YOU’RE QUITE A MAN.

    xo, Lin

    1. Gotta love assistance from the soul family. Ain’t nothin like it. 😉

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    2. what can I say?
      you are too kind.
      I’m still trying to get used to the way I am received here.
      Would you Marry me? I have the feeling that all of us here are soul mates.
      I’m sure throughout all my lives, somewhere along the line I played the villain, we didn’t make it all the way to the end by missing any experience.
      now it all comes together.

      1. Ahem. Otmn, I have a serious question for you. You once issued an invitation for ponders to come see you. JJ and I are discussing doing that. Please be honest. Would you welcome that? We would never want to impose ourselves. But we would both like to meet you, and we both FEEL “Oregon.” Whatcha think, my man?

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        1. sure, no worries.
          now isn’t such a good time, though.
          The weather has turned, the leaves are falling, the rainy season is around the corner.
          The best time is in April when the new growth of Spring and the flowers have begun to bloom. Or you could come the 3rd week of August. In Oregon we call that week “Summer”
          It’s going to be wet and grey for a long time now.
          I could show you things regular tourists never see.
          sounds like a good thing to me.

          1. Otmn, you bring such deLIGHT to my SOUL seeing how happy and carefree you are now. Oh, Buddy! How you deserve this and SO much more!

            IAM she who touches you, as the Winds caress your face.

            BIG (((HUGS))), Lady Pinkrose

          2. Ha! One week of Summer. Well ok. We just might do it! Would love to see it and you. Thanks, man.

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      2. Get used to it, my Friend. You ARE received.
        Yes… we are all Soul Mates, and Yes, I, too, KNOW, I’ve most prob played a dedicated villain, just for the experience. Thank Go-odness all karma has been erased.
        I just yesterday for first time was able to send pure Love LIGHT to some of the (ex) politicians in DC/elsewhere–and genuinely mean it. Will continue to do so. It can only do Go-od for our Mother and All that/who exist here.
        IAM thrilled with what is happening. The Light is gently and Lovingly exploding into and onto our world/inhabitants.
        Be well, O. Laugh it up many times a day. 🙂
        Hugs and giggles. Lin

  5. Strange question…

    Can anyone see this comment?

    I am having some trouble knowing where I am at the moment.

    And has anyone heard from JJ. I am feeling a brick wall there. Nothing. No connection.

    1. Hang on, YOU. ALL is well. B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Focused breathing. ALL is well. YOU are Loved, appreciated, treasured, cherished. I hear YOU; I see YOU. Only Brightness reflects back at/to me.
      YOU are Loved, ALee, AnnaHelen, Lori, YOU.
      P.S. Your complete and total vulnerability (like when you were a little girl) right this minute is a gift; ride it out. Ask “her” what her message is to you. “She” is trying so mightily to get your attention. Receive this gift. Don’t let it go.
      Always, I Love you, ALee. Lin

    2. Lin and Amy replied beautifully. I am heading to my garden to talk to the baby plants then pull weeds. I will lovingly pull “weeds” for you if that makes sense. Your messages are here… both the one to Breeze and your following ones. Check out the Oracle Report for today… very peaceful: Balsamic phase (today) is the time when we release whatever we don’t want to carry with us into the next lunar cycle. It’s a time to chill. It’s a time to be creative. It’s a time to connect with your inner fire. It’s a time to take care of yourself. Focus on letting this beautiful energetic with the Galactic Center linger through the day. http://www.oraclereport.com has it all… picture there is of two swans floating on a pond 🙂 You’re loved, you’re held, your childhood is passing away… here the little girl’s (your) message in her leaving. She has learned what she needed to learn… now she needs you to move on from ‘her’ experience to your adult fullness… to the fullness of what you were shown last night. You’re already there, you don’t need to protect ‘her’ any more. All is well… alas… that word… trust ❤ ~Nancee

  6. The New World Peeking Through — oh Yes OTMN. And thank you for recognizing me – when one sees you it makes the sparks keep on sparkin!
    I just awoke not long ago from this dream I wish to share. Powerful.
    It started with me on the road in my courier vehicle. I see these two cars (one a mustang with a woman in it) they are teasing each other for a ‘race’. It seems to never get off the ground and I am waiting because I am stuck behind them. The woman pulls ahead finally and hesitates – the man in his car does not seem serious. He pulls slightly to one side and I am like “geeez” are u gonna do this or not ?! I have to get by, get going”. I start to drivfe my him and all of a sudden he pulls out a tall net. He catches a bird flying in the sky. We are then in a large room with cathedral ceilings. After he let the bird go I see it up toward the ceiling… I wonder how it will escape. It comes down and turns into my Cat, Tribby. Now waking life yesterday morning I am sobbing about Tribby for she is the one I had to put down 4 months ago. I had all the anguish and yelled out loud “please no , no, no, God I dont want to feel this pain anymore for this or anything anymore , please!?” The loss, the sorrow,,, you all know it well here. I asked to have a visitation dream with Tribby so I could see she is ok and Be with her again. Well, here she is in the dream and I am now with her and my other cats… and even my Ex in my old victorian apartment (my cats were never in this apt – I lived there in my early 20s). Tribby looks beautiful and healthy. I search for the flame mark on the top of her head. It is not there… she is more ‘white’ in color (she was multi part Maine Coon – fluffy in life). It is her for sure though. She even says “Hello” like she used to. I am overjoyed!! When my husband comes in and go to him and say “remember how you always said you could manifest anything you want? – Well look, here is Tribby!” (he never knew Tribby – he has been in nursing home for many yrs and we split way before I moved to current home where Tribby already was). OK…. in dream he knew her but he seems neutral about it. Then,, I see blood coming out of Tribby’s ears… and then my other two cats also !! Horror ~! Anguish~! I just fed them all… I take the ‘treat’ food away and just have water and dry food. THey dont seem in pain and they just keep eating, drinking. Lost of blood. I am frantic… hubs says call the vet…. I do and dream ends with my being frantic trying to ‘get help’. Ok… now I wake up and am like WTF. I go to bathroom — trying to release the awful feeling — walk it off — whatever I can. I ask for help with his dream. I get the following: I get maybe I am never satisfied with ‘what I already have’, ‘I want more all the time – or I want things different all the time’. I think of the lady next door and the bushes she had killed. I hear a male voice say “Why do people kill beauty – answer this”. hmmm. I am still thinking on this. Ig-nor-ance? Why did I have abortions? I killed beauty did i not and why? I was not ignorant but I wanted to ig-nor what was going on around the issue. I tell my boyfriend this dream – I rarely share this type of stuff with him especially first thing in morning before he goes to work. He has not input. We talk about the neighbor some more. and the other one also who’s tree hit our home. He says he has no regard for either of them when I say I have a strong urge to talk to them – human to human or even soul to soul. I say how very, very important it is to break this vicious cycle of hate/enemy/war. He ask him to please try. He goes to work. I had to get this all out – I know its lengthy. Any input you all have would be great. Why do people kill beauty ? It keeps coming to me. Thanks… Love 2 U all, Areeza… or and more came as I lay back down reciting the Lords prayer and really ‘feeling all it contained’. will think more on that too. God/All That Is was telling me to ‘Be the Gentle Breeze that I Am’. Gentle… not raving, having trantrums… I have been a tormented soul too long!

    1. Dearest Breeze, let the chaos loose… it’s ok. Don’t try to control it right now, I see you stirring up the ground for new planting. aww a little bird is hopping on the rail outside my sliding doors as I type this. In 6 weeks I have never seen it do that. It’s a wee wren… a happy little bird. I think ‘she’ was agreeing with me :)?
      My first ‘thoughts’ on why people kill beauty are: They can’t handle it reflecting their own beauty inside just waiting to come out. It is a scream for help that even they don’t realize. (Did you see what I posted on page 1 about your neighbour… the 2nd comment I left, not the first?)
      You reminded me at your close of something I’ve always loved since my teens. An opportunity to stand out in a ‘strong’ wind (not tornado level!) and let it blow through me and whip my hair wildly out behind me. I like a gentle breeze… but sometimes I long for that other wind to blow. I so identify with it. Ooops now I have tears rising up within me… time to go ponder on why that stirs me so! SEE… you’ve brought me something special this morning… watch for me at the pond… I’ve been asking what I could have you help me let go of. Perhaps I have too much control in my own life to make my favorite winds visit more. Raving might even be good 🙂 Love to you Breeze. You’ve entered into chaos through your dreams… be excited on what new balance is coming for you!! ~Nancee

      1. That ‘other wind’ sometimes touches us deeper… I got tears at the same time u did. I will Be the Strong, Gentle Breeze 🙂 Oh Yes! I meant to comment on your comment about my neighbor and tell u how much we think alike. That very thought came to me too after I settled down – that those bushes gave their lives so this would happen and she would perhaps open up more (and Me Too!) in seeing how distraught I was by their beauty being taken away. >What other beauty do ‘I’ need to See? We have to trust how the Uni-verse works – not easy at times but when the dust settles, dont we all “See” better ? I will See you at the pond and I know my gift here on Earth oh so much more in just one day!! It is not just a thought any longer… It is a passion. thank you ! thank you all! I am excited very much X O

    2. breeze. whoosh. i am putting this as a reply to you because, well, i think it may be connected to your dream in some strange way, and honestly, i was not sure i was going to share it at all until i read your post. now i issue a warning. there is some really harsh sounding stuff in here that i am aware some people may not like. i would say sorry, but i’m not. i can only share what actually happened. so…

      …the open doorway…

      last night was the longest, lonliest, most unbearable night i have EVER experienced. EVER. i came to a point where i was so disconnected from EVERYTHING that i felt i did not exist. here is just the last part of how it came about.

      i had had maybe 2 hours of sleep since 9pm thursday night. sometime in the wee hours saturday morning, i finally felt i might be able to get some more. the light i always keep on in my room had gone out. pitch black in there. i decided i would try to sleep with my bedroom door open. i can not recall ever being able to sleep with my bedroom door open. this is a “thing” with me because of my childhood, of course. the sound of the bedroom doorknob turning is a trigger to the nightmare. my poor daughter has never understood why, when she comes into my room while i am sleeping, i sometimes sit bolt upright in the bed screaming.

      so anyway. the idea of an open door. both for allowing access out and access in. whoosh. fuck. trust, right? so i am lying there in a state of ultimate fear (the opposing force of love), completely and utterly disconnected from anything and everything. i can’t begin to describe how this felt physically, mentally and emotionally. i am at the point where i can not even ask for help. it just wasn’t in me. i try to force it. i think the word “help” and expect it to come out as a little mouse squeak. instead this primal scream (oh my god) rips and rages from my soul. i get a sense of this primordial ooze just … seeping and writhing … within me. suddenly i hear this very very very strong powerful masculine voice command, “COME.”

      this is something i could not have resisted even if i had tried. there was no choice in the matter. and i am there. wherever. whatever. whenever. whoever. this is beyond “home,” beyond another dimension, beyond my galatic self, beyond my resonance in the angelic realm, beyond even my beingness with/as the divine mother. it is the great I AM. the great nothing. the great all. it is not really even the i am.

      it is most very simply, the I.

      and really, i can not describe how that felt, either. no words. no symbols, no light language, no telepathic/empathic anything can express it. i can only say i was “sent back” with this message. i have no clue how i got back into this body, but i will say it was with no effort whatsoever. no lingering sense of being too big or too “out there” like i have expereinced in the past. no “pop.” no slammimg back in there. just very lovingly and gently “replaced.” and renewed.

      so, here is the message i have in me now. i don’t even know what to do with it but let it BE, and just “go with it” wherever that may lead:

      Take me there in your vessel. What you do, say, see, feel, experience while in your current vessel matters not from this moment on. You are ME. You carry ME as a direct emanation. Your only reason for BEing in the space your vessel occupies is to be an open door for ME. What happens does not matter. What you do does matter. What you feel does not matter. No THING matters in the space your vessel occupies. Your vessel is in a space that is dead. These are the last dying gasps before its transformation. Its collapse and return to me. The death of this space must occur. All you perceive on your planet at this moment is not real. It does not matter. The war, death, destruction, violence, decay, nuclear waste, (a long list of things that I need not repeat followed) is not real. The planet you perceive in the space where your vessel is could be blown to kingdom come, and it does not matter. All life upon it may perish, and it does not matter. For none of it is REAL. None of it is actually happening. It is already done. Simply stay there in your open vessel and allow ME to come through it until completion. Feel me, and I will lead you.

      and so now i sit with this. allowing myself to be led.

      at this moment, i am led to this:

      John 19:30 NIV “When he had received the drink, Jesus said,”It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

      1. Dear One… ALee… I first want to say I am so thankful you opened the door!! Blessings, and more blessings… I just got to the part where u say ‘…is to be an open door for ME’…. and I am saying out loud here on my couch “YES” “YES”. ok… i have to read more… (pause). Thank you – thank you. I have been thinking of leaving on the operating table… YET… I have gotten same msg… stay here and finish the job….Be the anchor of Love that U R! We are doing this folks. All of Us. Before all of u, I had no idea how it was to unfold… now, I feel I knew it all along! I see you ALee as I read — I see a space of nothingness and u floating in the middle with all your beauty – in a gown of glory – Light shinning all around from your Spirit. You came thru Love,,, You have Come Through.

        1. Dear Breeze…

          Thank you for sharing about your leaving us/world on OR table–very vulnerable to share that. IAM delighted you rec’d the same message from All There Is as ALee and choose to remain.

          Your Being-ness IS important to the Whole–on this side of the Ascension. YOU, your Spirit/your Soul, offer so much. Losing a vital part of your physical self THRU CHOICE is searingly difficult. Another way to think of it is the same choice as if a man were to knowingly go in for an operation to have his (excuse me here, folks) balls cut off in order to feel human again–BE functional, be able to Live. No MAN would EVER do that. Difficult decision, but then again, it isn’t. A uterus does not make the woman. You’re more than a physical part. It might (prob) be written into your 3D script to be the final loss you EXPERIENCE before you Ascend. So that you can discover your Brightness even without the darn, beautiful, darn “thing”. YOU’re sooo much more.

          Your hormones are all whacked out, up/down/everywhichway. IAM sure you know YOU’re Loved, but just in case,

          xo, Lin

      2. omg. goosebumps everywhere. even goosebumps on top of goosebumps. THANK YOU for sharing this–as always soooo articulately. YES! YOU’ve (we’ve) made it. I LOVE YOU. Lin

          1. Hehehe. I love you again.

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        1. Love you, too. More than words can say.

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      3. Interresting experience sister. It sounds paradoxal to me. I never had the priviledge of having an OBE, especially one with a connexion to source like the one you had, and yet, you describe it as unbearable? Maybe I understood you wrong. Since we are in the dream sharing topic, i had a very nice one this morning.

        I was in a house with other people, and looking out the window, I realised the whole reality had changed, there was now a river and mountains wher before I could only see buildings. We went out to check if it was just a dream, but everything felt very real, and I said to the other we had change dimension. I approached a child and questionned him about where we were, what country, what planet. There were UFOs flying in the sky, and then we saw what seemed to be 2 meteorites streak by and they were glowing with pink light. I tried to convince everyone the shift had happened and then I woke up.

        Maybe I’m the one who have your sleeping hours. I usually wake up around 7, but for the last 2 days, I am completly beaten until 10:30-11. Stankov wrote those 3 days could be a doosy, maybe it has something to do with it. I sure would like to have a working cristal ball right now.

        1. Not undersirable. I did not want to leave there AT ALL. Though yes, I see I used the same words twice. Uh. That was an attempt at explaining my own inadequacy of descriptive prowess. Your dream sounds so AWEsome. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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      4. oh oh oh… AnnaHelen… there it is! There’s the turquoise gravatar you spoke of earlier vs your all black gravatar. (turquoise = healing) AND LOOK WHERE IT PRESENTED ITSELF!!!!!! oh,wow. oh,wow.
        I Love You, Lady. xo, Lin

        1. Oh my. Hmm. Makes sense. Good lord. Thanks for pointing that out!!!! I’m flabbergasted.

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    3. Breeze, I posted a reply to you, but I guess it is flying around cyberspace.

      Shit. I quit.

      No I dont.



      I will find a song to lift me back up.

      Excuse me.

      1. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh. Now my sound is not working and I can not even hear the song I want to hear.

        Guess I am listening to the wrong “voice.”


        1. Your “voice” wants to BE heard, AH. You are being pointed to go within, to Quiet, to the Stillness Place. No distractions. No songs. No-thing outside of yourSELF. Your Heart is calling you. Do you hear it?

          Love, Amy

              1. … god laughs at himself …

                This resolution to the heart cry did not take long at all. I think I have short circuited!! 🙂

                No sooner did I sign off with you than Kevin comes out the door. He speaks to me in an old familiar way. Like nothing has changed. He even comes up close to me and looks me in the eyes. Leans toward me like he is going to touch me somehow. I recoil. What on earth? He didn’t even notice. He just went on. I go out to my glider to sit in the sun. The whole vibe and sense of deja vu hits home.

                After the experience I posted to Breeze (which I now see has posted, which makes perfect sense), God replaced me in my vessel of 2012. Not 2013. WTF. I was beyond furious. Oh no you did not! I scream at him. You asshole! (Yes I called God an asshole…) If you think I am going through all this again, you are out of your ever loving mind. I rant and I rave at him. Find somebody else. Cuz I swear to you, if you leave me here, I WILL take myself out of the game. No joke. I will kill myself first. Come down here yourself and do it.

                The only thing I could think of was to go get in the shower and try to calm down. As soon as the hot water hit me, I start to relax. I hear gentle laughter. What are YOU laughing at?! I yell. Please. FEEL me he says. Like I told you. TRUST ME. Of course this makes me crumple to the floor of the bathtub sobbing. And I let him in.

                Do you SEE now? He asks. This entire “year of 2013” has been the “3 days of darkness” about which Cosmic Awareness has been speaking. Who do you think that Awareness is? You have been like Jesus during the 3 days in which he rose again. The period in which he “went into hell” and overcame the darkness. The life review. The rebirth. The “space” in which your rebirth is occurring is truly a hologram. A different type of matrix than that upon which you are used to resting. Are you ready now?

                So I ask, why the heck did you just not say that instead of putting me through what you just did? He laughs again. My child, YOU did that. You created that experience to give yourself proof. So what do you mean, God? My vessel is still in 2012 but my consciousness is in 2013? (At this point, I am feeling like Blossom Goodchild talking with the GFOL.) He says, your vessel is wherever you choose for it to be. (grrr) Your consciousness has been at the stillpoint of creation. Do you not yet see that WE are regrowing OURSELF? (Here I have a vision of mother earth. Underneath her is a root system. Growing up through her axis is a stem. Atop her, a lotus comes to full bloom before my very eyes.) Ooookkkaaaayy. I DO SEE NOW.

                But 3 more questions, God…
                1) How did I hear Amy when I could connect with nothing and no one else? Laughter again. Who do you think Amy is, my child?

                2) If this entire 2013 is all a hologram, then, well what about JJ? Did I actually meet him? Is he still there? Because I can not feel him at all, and it’s killing me. Have I lost him again??!! More laughter, kinder this time. Child, dry your tears. You ARE he. That can not be lost. Let it be. Momentarily you will create proof of that as well.

                3) And would you PLEASE stop laughing at me!!! Child, you are laughing at yourself.

                So I have to go pass out after this. I wake up at 11:11 am. There is an email from JJ. He is ok.

                Have mercy.

              2. Dearest Amy… 10-Q for the link to Blog/By Designs. It resonates. Reminds me of you/your work. With Much Love, Lin

    4. Why do people kill beauty ?
      Breeze, I uspect it has to do with the male domination.
      somewhere in the bible it tells them to take dominion over the earth, so they thought they should exploit the earth for their own gains.
      They should have just taken stewardship to take care of our dearest mother.
      It doesn’t matter. It’s all about gaining experience

    1. hahahaha! Like dear papa, huh? 😉
      You have opened a whole can of worms by bringing in the MP’s…
      My absolute favorite is “Every Sperm Is Sacred”
      I refrained
      start your morning on the bright side


    2. Otmn, wow… your shares touched deep emotions in me and before long I was wiping tears. You just ‘gotta’ post a pic of your unshaved whiskers though!! I’ll be obsessing 🙂 (The big thing I missed on a 3 month trip to Europe (an experimental ‘college’ trip) at age 40 was men with beards.) Your description of the trip to town was so encouraging. I feel like I also got to know you better and you took the risk of trusting “us” here at the Pond more.
      Since my arrival at the Pond this has been my observation of those who more openly post. Their vulnerability to sharing their “earthly, human” experiences opened wider doors to sharing more of their other experiences as days flew by. (I do cringe calling them spiritual experiences as it’s all spiritual really.) I marvelled in how I have felt that.

      I did laugh at the MP video… it was rather wise of you to bring in the laughter after stirring the emotions 🙂 I couldn’t help but wonder if you were letting we females here at the Pond know you understand our verbose sharing 🙂 Much love to you Otmn… I so agree with AH… your father failed in wiping out your love… we see it… the frogs sing about it… all over the lands… ~Nancee
      p.s. Please come to us here at the Pond on that day that you find your ‘ancient Mom’ passes on, or soon after. I didn’t in May… it would have helped me at a level I didn’t realize I was experiencing at the time.

      1. Otmn, I INTEND you find this comment under Nancee’s post. Your sharing of what your dad did to you, jumped out at me, and in so doing, I saw me as a kid, forever getting slapped on the side of the head and asking the same question, “Mom, what was that for?” And I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle if the answer was not the very same. “Because I didn’t like the look on your face.” Wow. Just wow.

        All through this day, I will have those images in my head, and as I do, I will see you, Otmnn, as a little boy, with tape on your glasses, and we shall hold hands as dearly BeLoved Best Friends. WE cry and hold one another and then just like kids do, we forget and begin to play. Running around, chasing one another, playing good guy/bad guy, laughing, and screaming when we get caught. I see myself crouched behind a bush, heart pounding, holding my breath, wishing to become invisible, as I see you approach with a crooked grin on your face. GOTCHA! You yell! And off I go running, laughing and screaming until you catch up and tumble me down to the ground.

        Kids. Again. BEFORE our Innocence was taken from us. Running and playing. Forever.

        Smooches, Amy

        1. whaaa???
          I’m not the only one?
          I’ve felt so alone for so long and then AH dreams it
          It’s never been so. It’s part of the illusion
          I sometimes feel like spirit is laughing at me.
          Was that me laughing all along?
          get out
          get over it
          let’s go out and play

          1. WE did go out and play and still are. GRIN Hate to tell you this, but I stepped on your glasses…..oops. But best of all, I put my hands on your eyes and made them all better. Now you can see without glasses on. giggle……..Come on, catch me if you can! I run like the Winds and fly like the Eagle!

            Smooches, Amy

      2. you know that old saying
        If all the kids jumped off a bridge? would you jump too?
        I was one of the handful who were racing each other to be the one to go first. I didn’t care one way or the other about living or dying. If I lived I would just end up going home. so what difference does it make?
        thank you for you support.
        It occurred to me that when I feel alone, maybe I’m just the point man, going first again, with nothing but chaos in front of me.
        hugs Nancee.
        I heard a frog talking for the first time in months. They had dispersed into the world. My neighbor told me one was living on his porch. you see, as they compete for food, they keep spreading out away from my pond, not enough to eat if they all stay together.
        Around the end of February the cacophony of frog calls will begin.
        They sing constantly for 6 weeks,
        mostly they say
        hey mama check me out, do you wanna do it with me?
        ooh baby, come on and shake it.
        and the new generation begins

  7. Navajo / Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

    “There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.

    The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever.”


        1. Just my silly/goofy way to try brevity vs my overwhelming tendency towards verbosity. Say it out loud, fast. 10-Q. = Thank you.
          hugs to you, too, O.
          … and Thank You for the Thank You. Coming from you, that means a lot. 😉 xo, Lin

  8. It stuck to me when Anna Helen said Janis was looking within.
    I didn’t understand why
    I had a lot more reading to do.
    When Breeze said she was here to help with Release
    I realized just how wonderful that she is, then it occured to me there is much wonder in all of you,, omg, that means me too.
    I didn’t know
    but then a bubble of old pain and horror popped up to the surface
    brb i need chocolate
    okay, you asked for it
    When I was in puberty 12/13 or so.
    I was sitting on the coach in the living room No tv on, at that time of day there was nothing on all 4 stations that I wanted,
    no radio,
    I was alone sitting still, being quiet, they call it daydreaming.
    My dad walked into the house, went to the bathroom, came out, then without saying a word, he walked over, and slapped the side of my head, I had my glasses on, they broke, I ended being the kid in school with tape wrapped around the frame.
    brb need chocolate
    I cried out “What did I do?”
    he answered “I didn’t like the look on your face”
    With your help for the first time ever in 50 years have I ever told that story.
    it oocurs to me that my soul light was on, he was always trying to put it out.
    One thing I heard often was “I’ll break you of sucking eggs”

    I better stop hear
    I know you will respond and then this is going to get way longer than it is already long

      1. Bravo ALee – perfect. and Otmn my boyfriend’s Dad sounds like yours – he got it from his Dad and his older brother…and then a kid they ‘adopted’ that they gave Kelly’s room to… My Kelly was moved to the attic… but he made it a really cool space and his Dad was jealous i believe of Kelly’s tenaciousness and of his Light too. Kelly was not one he could ‘control’ – he paddled his own canoe. Love you!

        1. This is exactly the reason I chose not to have any children.
          Dad used to say I should be glad because he didn’t beat me near as much as his dad beat him.
          grrr, not good enough.
          The abuse comes own through the generations.
          I stopped it in my family the only way I could.

    1. Yes He couldn’t handle the light. I am sorry Otmn , and Anna is correct it didnt work, it is something others try when their own light has trouble shining for whatever reason. Call it jealousy? Usually brings up anger in the one unable to share their light. It makes reflecting on childhood moments of adult anger very interesting indeed. (At least this is what I SEE in my own surrounding experiences)

  9. thank you for the ever widening view into your world
    and into your heart
    we is me, me is we
    Hope you can feel my smile from there…

    😀 AH

  10. whew!
    I’ve finally caught up. my goodness, what a bunch of chatterboxes we have become.
    I had to skip the links and a lot of the songs, I would have never gotten here

    As most of you know I live on a farm with my aged mother. Chances are I’ll be the one who discovers her body. I’ve sent her away in an ambulance 6 times in 2.5 years.
    When I told her I was going to town, she said wait a minute and gave me a shopping list. As always when we go to town we do all the “in town” things at once. to much distance to do otherwise
    I ended up in six different stores
    I’m a farmer. I don’t dress up, I don’t cut hair. I haven’t shaved since 1994
    I think shaving sucks
    The world has changed, all but one person were treating each other more openly, friendly, and kindly. I got into several short conversations with all different types people. I saw people say let me help you with that. At one point I couldn’t find the right cough drops she wanted. I mistook someone for an employee and asked for directions. She said I don’t work here and spent the next 5 minutes helping me look. I dare not describe several other examples. these comments are getting longer and deeper.
    I have noticed a change of tone here. A while back we were talking about getting rid of old fear things, but now I hear confidence people saying I am doing it, we are, “we is me, me is we” (spirit just jumped in with that last one) not bad, but I told him to hush up, I’m busy.
    she/he/it laughed

    But there was this one guy who was perplexed at what he saw people doing. A look of disdain for kindness among folks. He gave me a long hard look. I guess he saw my light. Let’s hope he can find his own.
    His look was threatening, like that time you were gripping your pepper spray in your fist, trying to decide if you were going to pull it out of your pocket or not.
    I also saw confusion, fears; losing power over others; what to do to keep his world in place; fear of himself; fear of his fears.
    We did not speak, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t communicate. I wonder what he saw in my eyes, I know he got something from me, because I got some energy from him. I’ll have it all transformed by the time I wake up tomorrow. So far it just tastes sour, so this will be easy.
    oh you guys
    I know you’re curious about the tractor, oh well, me too. Doing all the shopping made me tired, it was getting late in the day, about the time I got the car unlaoded, it started to rain, I was getting hungry, the rain stopped, it got dark outside.
    oh what a glorious, beautiful day
    (i have no idea how those cute little hearts get posted, so this is what I’ve got)

    I saw the change in all those places I went to.
    but wait there’s more
    While driving,
    people where making space for others
    rather than trying to crowd them out

    The new world is peeking through. I saw it all over.
    oh what a beautiful day

  11. I refreshed the Pond page 3x over the course of the day and it only ever showed the chats ending at Otmn’s and our talk last night about Janis… I finally thought, “This is CRAZY! There’s no way the Pond has been silent ALL day/evening.” So I closed and came back. I guess I need to learn that a new page might have opened!! So now I have run out of time and can’t catch up til bed time. Though I am playing, “Special Lady.” Thanks AH I’m borrowing it even if I don’t have anyone sitting on top of the world over me except ALL you wonderful Pond friends!! Love, Nancee

  12. I absolutely adore it, when these things happen — Georgi Stankov following and quoting Aisha….he is also picking up on the advancing quality of Aisha’s messages.



    Quotes from Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2013 :

    “In order to underline that these actual energetic developments are not a fiction but the only true reality, I recommend you to read the last message of Aisha.
    While still sticking to its traditional lack of any factual information, this very cautious, iterative source tells us this time quite a lot about what we should expect in the coming days – the blossoming of our pristine ability of immediate creation:


    …And how will this “reality change” be achieved? In the latest Aisha’s report her source makes a key comment which is also a leitmotif in all my argumentation throughout the years:

    “For you humans tend to complicate everything you interact with, but as we have told you already, simplicity is the key here. ”

    “Make it simple” has always been my motto and that of my HS. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new Theory of Science. This is how I eliminated more than 100 distinct natural laws that current physics proudly

    declares to exist in Nature and have reduced them to one single Law of Nature.
    Further more, I eliminated the whole complexity of applied mathematics in physics that makes this science a total mess, so that nobody understands physics on this planet (except myself), by reducing all these equations to a single rule of

    three – the most simple equation in mathematics. And finally I eliminated all SI dimensions and corresponding units as flawed iterative ideas and reduced them to the two fundamental dimensions /constituents -space and time – building the unity

    of “space-time“.

    ….the human 3D illusion can be reduced to one quantity as time f is reciprocal space s and vice versa, so that we only have energy and frequency f which is (absolute) time f (reciprocal conventional time 1/ t = space 1/s).
    In other words,conventional time t and space s are one the same. This is the utmost form of simplification of reality, which the human mind can achieve in theoretical, scientific thinking. For ever! – make no mistake about this ultimate,

    irrevocable fact.

    Hence, immediate creation of space-time forms is not a complicated faculty, which one has to learn with the help of tedious mental and spiritual techniques, but a matter of remembering what we have always known and done as unlimited

    ascended masters and creator gods in the higher dimensions. And are constantly doing now from the fulcrum of our HS. Period.

    That is why I recently advised Carla not to bother too much about practising bilocation through tedious meditations as this ability will come to us “like Merry Virgin to his alleged son Jesus” – as an “immaculate conception” without the usual

    pains of defloration.
    I have nothing against the joys of sex, quite on the contrary, this is the only real joy on this toxic planet. But just as we shall very soon not need any sex to reproduce in 5D and above, but only project a light body, we shall also not need any

    meditation or other tedious practices to learn to create. We must only begin to remember how it has always been.

    The new portal that will open in the next three days will bring back this pristine state of Being.
    Not to all humans of course, but surely to the most evolved light warriors of the first hour as the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team), who have already gone through their transfiguration this summer and are now standing on the “last cliff“, one step

    away from ascension and full mastership. It is time to begin believing that this is possible – Now!”

    – Georgi Stankov


    1. Kiera, IAM sensing a preparation of stepping forward into something extremely powerful. There is a “lull”. There is this deep sense of Peace. The whirlwind and the actual high winds we had here, have both stopped. It is as though, all I have prepared for, all I have done, has now led me to this most important Moment. There is a deep excitement rumbling in my stomach. An expectation. A heralding.

      I seem to be just free falling effortlessly, yet Still. AM cocooned. There is no past, there is no future. There is only NOW. The NOW that takes me inward to Infinity. IAM merging with Self, and have been for a while. Now, there is a pause. A powerful reverence. An awe. A beauty. IAM coming HOME.

      Thank you for posting this. It confirms so much for me. Bless you, Kiera!

      Love, Amy

    2. I LOVE IT!!!! thank you Kiera.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  13. Lin, what timing. I just came here to update all of you. Hubs is still recovering, slowly. The hernia was larger then the doctor first thought, so hubs has a good 5 inch incision. His pain medications are not really covering the pain so I am doing my best to help him.

    He tends to want to just stay in bed, but I got him moving today and played Gin Rummy with him. I picked up all the stuff he normally does around the house, and taking care of all I do, I barely have time to breathe.

    I managed to write a very brief article about the cloud formation I saw while at the hospital. I don’t even know if I wrote it well enough to be published, but right now, I don’t even care. I really wanted you guys to see what I saw.

    I drew a pencil drawing of these clouds. And I explained briefly what they looked like to me. I don’t even think they were clouds, because they didn’t even move. And they were too perfect to be clouds. And they were square shaped.

    Too busy, to even be here, guys. This surgery put a real extra load on my shoulders. I’ll be back when I can.

    Lin, you MUST see the video I took of some of my cats. The main character is RUSTY! It is BEFORE the Cloud Formation article. I didn’t see you comment so I know you didn’t see it. It is a MUST see.




    1. Oh, sooo wrong, you are. I DID see your video, and loved it. I DID notice your congestion and was glad to hear that you had cleared it. I DO keep in touch–even if silently. Sometimes I don’t have time to comment, esp lately when I was Guided to BE quiet–needed to face some “stuff” that was itching to bubble up to my consciousness for release and felt horrid until accomplished/gone. Only old memories/wounds.
      I was amazed at how many “babies” you have and how well you manage their excellent care (from their individual physicalities, playfulness and relaxed demeanors) and all their PLAY toys, litter boxes :), etc.)… AND STILL HAVE TIME FOR YOUR BELOVED ROSES, your hubby, your blog, your knitted afghans, your household chores, etc. Pat on your back!!
      I’ll be by for a look see at your clouds. In meantime, be well, Dear Lady.
      Take good care of YOU, too. If you go down, so does your entire household. 😉 With much Love, Lin

      P.S. Lucy is missed! I’ve begun singing, but only softly. I’m am increasing volume gradually. I know I need to get used to my off-key voice as well as Dickens our pup and hubby. It does change the molecules, though–maybe they have earplugs…? 😉 Hubby is an ex-musician/drummer, so need to be careful there so I don’t overdo–still I can make him laugh it up in a split second with my goofiness.

      1. I love you, Lin. That’s it, Honey. This woman is beat. Tired. Hurting. Crying today. Yes, I do a lot every day. And to be here as well. I don’t know how I do it. I have split time.

        I have to wash up the kitchen, clean out litters, too tired for shower. I am headed for bed.

        Love, Ay

      2. Gerard Butler was trashed by the critics (and public alike) for his singing in the film. I have seen Michael Crawford perform this piece with his technical expertise twice. Beautiful of course. But this. This is REAL. This is pure raw emotion. I enjoyed Gerard’s performance so much more. Wish more people would just sing sing sing their hearts out.


        1. oh my………… yum! with all due respect to hubs.
          Also liked him in the romcom dramady film: “P.S. I Love You” with Hllary Swank/Harry Connick,Jr/Kathy Bates. Also about a woman finding/stumbling onto her passion after many years and pursuing it to success. (Ana?) 🙂

    2. WOW – Amy, I am so glad u mentioned the clouds. Yesterday on my drive to my Moms, I asked myself ‘what do these clouds remind me of’ – something is so different?’ Well, they looked more like a painting – beautiful one. dont want to say fake… but just so ‘perfect’ and ‘closer’ than usual (I have noticed that lately too). I saw a diff set of gray clouds earlier and one looked like a large disk-shaped ship. Lovely what we are noticing 🙂 hey… my guy had the triple hernia surgery and his tummy cant tolerate pain meds…. u can only imagine. We got thru it! U guys will ! hugs to u both, Areeza

      1. Areeza! I am still thinking of the “design” of these clouds and WHY they feel so familiar. This morning I heard “turtle” and that “felt” right so I looked up what turtle means. Turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth. I read that and I got the goosebumps. This design reminds me also of the shell of a turtle. Since I am a Taurus and very connected to Mother, this symbol has great meaning to me. My main purpose is to heal Mother, is to heal, period. I am understanding now that Turtle is one of my Totem Animals.

        Did you look at my drawing on my blog? I have the drawing on my kitchen table, and every time I see it, I stop and get “that feeling”. HOME. Stillness. Family.

        And as for hubby, he has a high tolerance for opiates so they are not helping much, and the NYSAID that he was taking, gave him an allergic reaction. He broke out in blisters/hives. This morning I will be helping him take a much needed shower.

        HUGS right back at you, Sister! Thank you for the encouragement. When I read the Oracle Report, I understood “why” I have been feeling so overwhelmed. Whew!

        Now to get back into Love Flow……..

        Love, Amy

        1. I can’t help sharing that I’m a Taurus and have a turtle guide/totem too ;)). Love to you miss Amy. The turtle carries its home/shelter with it at all times. I liked the sound of that when I learned of my turtle guide.
          Peace to you and your hubby

          1. Veronica, Bless you! I awoke this morning, feeling PEACE. It has been quite the whirlwind with this surgery saga, but today, at last, I again feel HOME. Oh for the Peace and the Centeredness. Knowing I carry safety on my back all the time…….feesl SO good!

            Thank you!!!

            BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        2. I Love turtles as well. I think like Veronica – how they carry their homes with them always. I love that reminder. U Taurus folks and I get along very well! My Twin Flame is Taurus. I am Libra. Amy – the clouds – it is so amazing u describe the home feeling for I too feel that. Many things lately remind me of how things felt in my childhood – that warm, safe, home feeling. the Sun is saying something and i have yet to put it into words. Well I guess warm, safe, Love sums it up really.

          1. Breeze, SO much is coming in crystal clear today. SO MUCH! I have to take little chunks at a time, for it is as though I just stepped through this powerful wind tunnel, into a State of Utter Calm and Stillness. All of Nature is calling me. It took me a while to understand what I was seeing in the hospital due to the whirlwind effect. And when you see something that is unusual, it takes a while for understanding to come in.

            I just saw today, for example, the connection between Aisha’s Update on the Energies Part 2, and what I am about to write today. I have such a excitement in my belly, for there are messages everywhere I focus my attention. I am in a state of WOW!

            Putting into words what we are now experiening is the challenging part. Oh, Breeze, something of Great Magnitude is happening right now! OH for the JOY!!!

            Love, Amy

  14. AMY? You ok? Hubby ok? All kitties ok? Miss you. 🙂

    A wave to Birgitta… know you’re having FUN! See you soon. xo, Lin

  15. What song, ALee??

    Thank you, God, Thank you, ALee, for your experience… and then sharing. Love your Wisdom and creating skills soooo much. xo, Lin

    gotta go, now.

  16. … soul reSOLution, answer to the heart cry …

    As I went outside to go pick up Rip from school, this experience was prepared for me, created by ME …

    Across the street at my little pond is my neighbor and her daughter. This child is now walking, yet I have not actually met her since she was born. Have never even seen her up close. I decide to walk over there and finally meet her. The mother’s name is Joy, btw. (!) So I say, “Hi, Joy. I can’t believe I haven’t really met your little girl yet. Madolyn, right? How old is she now? Oh. Two. Hm.” I squat down and this little girl turns around. This is the first time ever I have seen her face. I felt the earth move. She has brown hair and big blue eyes. She glows with freshness and innocence and seems completely untouched by anything but love. I am slammed. I am looking into the face of little me before she was lost. My eyes literally rolled back in my head when she smiled at me.

    So Madolyn proceeds to go investigate the pond. She scoots on her little diapered bum down the slope. I say to Joy, “She really wants to jump right in there, doesn’t she?” Joy says, “Yeah, she isn’t afraid of anything. Absolutely fearless. Nothing stops her.” I am at this point most likely drooling out of the side of my wide open mouth.

    Then, oh then, the little girl turns around and looks at Joy. “Mommy. Help.” She reaches up with her tiny perfect hand. Joy reaches down. The little hand takes an iron grip on the offered finger of her Mother.


    I was able to keep from bursting into tears of joy and gratitude until I got in the car. And this song came on just as the engine started. I could barely see to drive.

    thank you god
    thank you me

      1. Oh f*ck me … i just looked it up. The tattoo on the underside of Katy Perry’s right arm is Sanskrit. It reads english:


    1. OMG ALee… I was tearing up before I finished reading your story about Madolyn. I saw it coming at ‘Mommy help’… trust. I really felt this one with you. (Well after you since I’m running rather late getting to the end of the posts tonight!) Amazing tattoo message too. Then Breeze’s offer for the pond on Sunday… the river is flowing here at the Pond. Love, Nancee

  17. It’s the beginning of the month and I mostly just feel stress and confusion. My intention is to not wallow or be ‘oh, poor me’. But I thought it could to me some good to communicate & share these thoughts with my pond family. I’m feeling a bit today like God’s forgotten about me. It’s a new month. August through october I’ve had only blips of happiness despite my best efforts. Like lot of you, it’s been very wearing on me.

    I know I have amazing ‘karma.’ I know I’ve worked sooo hard on my inner AND outer self. I’ve gladly and enthusiastically sacrificed possessions and lifestyle in search of a more happy and fulfilling life. I could give you lists of the avenues I’ve tried and the risks I’ve taken. I’ve had some friends offer me odd jobs and I follow through on my end, but this summer, they’ve fizzle out on their end so do not come to pass. I’ve trusted **SO** much. And here I am again, dismayed that I can barely pay my rent, phone bill, etc.

    I’ve followed my heart, but now for all intents and purposes, I’m SO stuck. I don’t currently have the resources to relocate. Considering the intense brain fogs, voids, and extreme exhaustion, I feel leary about starting a new job. Geeze, how many times would I have had to call in sick during October!? Employers frown on that. I can’t even wait 2 weeks for a paycheck (would run out of gas money). I did have a stretch in September where I was like, ‘YES! Thank you!! SOME security’. Then my hours got cut. And now!? The place I work for may have to close its doors.

    if/since chaos is the fertile ground for all things new, then i’m there! but don’t know how much longer i have to ‘wait’ to see actual improvement.

    These messages mean so much to me. All I can say is, good things BETTER happen. **I simply don’t know what more I can do.** And I’m tired and don’t know which way to start trodding again. I HAVE followed my heart/inner guidance—and THIS is where I am!

    The tool that helps me most in times like these is: I do not choose to let my outward circumstances define who I REALLY am. Ok, I’m going to go back to re-read TMOS’s part 365 to current and soak in the good energies and try to bring myself out of this funk. ana

    1. Dearest Ana… in for a moment and then have to take care of some business. But I wanted to BE sure that you knew before I leave just how much you are valued and Loved here.

      omg. This post became way too long; some/all of you may wish to scroll past like Otmn… 🙂

      Also, Bev37 articulated her Wisdom above that truly resonated with me. Our Amy at http://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com has insights (and photos) that always uplift me and give me one more “how to” when I seem to be stuck. And it may be, dear one, you are simply tired of being an “adult” (of trying sooo hard that you’re inadvertently getting in your own way/of receiving your Blessings–something of which I know so well) time to turn loose for a day–or two or three–and be a child (of God) and play, skip, sing out loudly (like Amy) even if you can’t carry a tune like me, BE SILLY, DANCE, dress in plaids and stripes together and walk to the grocery store (I still remember when grown ups 😉 wouldn’t think of allowing me to do that) all while you’re asking for help from CCs. Like Lou Grant told the character, Mary in MTM Show, “You’ve got Spunk, Kid!”
      Toss your hat in the air!!

      EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. think of something happy that you’ve always wanted to do FOR YOU that doesn’t cost any money and the critical/etiquette part of yourself wouldn’t allow… then hop to it and do it with GUSTO and smiling all the way.

      I remember when I was Guided to take actual professional acting classes
      in Hollywood! with known actors (excruciating shyness)–I auditioned and got in somehow. It was humiliating; I didn’t die. I wasn’t the most popular; understandable, and I didn’t die. At the end of the 3 years, I was acknowledged by the Coach & class for having become good enough to be competitive (in Hollywood = highest compliment) on the professional level simply due to dogged persistence, determination, dedication, hard work and a willingness to be silly/made the fool. I had never acted before. Since I KNEW I was being Guided, I KNEW the acting road was for my own present and future good, and I was being protected. My ego sure took a HUGE hit 🙂 but the continual Blessings far out weigh any identity/emotional discomfort I underwent, especially for my Spiritual passion and for learning how to step out indoctrinated self and create.

      Time to step out of your self-image of always coming so close and then losing out. One thing I sometimes do is when showering, practice washing off an old, lingering self-image that no longer serves and watch it go down the drain or you can literally pretend in the 3D to step out of the old suit and step into the new one–then practice walking around the house as such. It’s amazing the many “act as if” things I learned in acting classes–that work if you become silly enough to believe like a child.

      Success mainly goes to those who simply insist on continuing to show up, no matter how trying (somebody said something like that far more eloquently) because the majority will simply give up and drop out–the odds are raised in your favor!

      You’re here, kiddo. You’re destined for greatness. Accept it. You’re an Aisha Ponder… that’s pretty great stuff. Be a kid. PLAY. No body could have been more laughed at than me in a totally cut-throat business, and I’ll hold your hand. Embrace YOUR uniqueness. You DESERVE it. (oh, gawd, verbose again. So what! People can scroll past like Otmn (said with much Respect and Love) :).

      With much Love, Lin

      1. Truth. Glorious divine truth. Thank you Lin.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. thanks, lin!! that helps. I love acting-did theater about 20 yrs ago. it’s always fun to hear a personal story. ana

        1. You go, Girrrrl! You CAN do this; you CAN!! Stir up your Creative Passions, get the creative juices flowing again; I bet they were almost beat out of you. COMMAND them back. BE a kid; BE a rebel… don’t fight, don’t claw, just nice and easy simply doing what you LOVE–like ALee said above. We’re all in the same game; we’re all on a level playing field: no one of us is better than or less than.
          We’re UNITED. If you reach out and DO what YOU LOVE, then all our Energies will, indeed, truly be there with you building you up, spurring you on LITERALLY. Same with me, ALee, JJ, Amy, etc., each of us.

          If you were in acting, then I KNOW you are VERY creative… AND FUN! Get involved. It’s the JOY THAT ONE FEELS THAT ATTRACTS MORE JOYFUL ABUNDANCE. Stop the 3D game; it’s over. BE THE JOY. Dare to be silly; dare to be foolish.

          Here’s a link I read early, early this a.m. that almost yelled out to me–it really made a connection about what I believe we’re talking about and actually switched a gear deep inside me. I’ve been a little spacy lately, so think it will resonate with you: It’s Brenda Hoffman’s blog posting called,
          “Let’s Remove Global Inner-Power Fear” at: lifetapestrycreations.wordpress.com.

          I hope Aisha won’t mind my sharing that info here with you. If it’s a no-no, then I deeply apologize as I wouldn’t want to intrude on anyone’s boundaries, especially Aisha’s. (I’m recently new to the blog world)

          Sleep well tonight, Ana, then add JOY to your Life tomorrow in whatever creative, JOYFUL way YOU want. You are Loved and appreciated. See you at the Pond on Sunday. Much Love, Lin

      3. Dearest Lin, that was some mighty enjoyable “verbosity”. Thanks for sharing. I agree with what Amy said in response once to Otmn wondering why we women write so much here. We also want to KNOW those parts of ourselves that live in the other Ponders! We experience one another’s stories and a part of us weeps or jumps up and down and screams, “Goodie, Goodie!” Oh I just did the jumping thing AGAIN when I realized you’d written a Part 2 just above where this lil ol’ box opened. Aisha is most encouraging about us sharing from our hearts from my experience and sharing links that touch us. I learned that from apologizing just like you did :)!!
        Otmn I’d love to know if you read Lin’s posts… maybe just post us a little Jig if you did… ok now I’m being silly and it feels so good. I’ve been so serious for way too long again and I really like goofing around! ~Nancee

        1. Warning, Otmn. Keep scrolling……… 🙂

          thank you, Nancee, for your kindness. I enjoyed your blog recently for the very first time. Like I said in your comments (and I know this sounds corny, but) the reading experience really felt like I had a lovely chat with a good friend at her kitchen table over a cup of tea. You express yourself in a very warm fashion–AND I also so enjoyed the Nature pix… I was raised in Nature at the foot of the Sierra Mountains. My Heart misses living near mountains, in the country. You. Are. Blessed.

          Yes, please. More goofy. Goofy is good stuff. We’re all sisters in goofiness. I mean, if the men can be goofy, why can’t we?! Post some pix of Nature goofiness!!! Love it.

          (maybe that’s my calling, spread goofiness amongst women… with Lucy! and Ethyl! in the lead, of course)

          Sweet dreams, dear Lady. See you at the Pond on Sunday. xo, Lin

    2. Dearest Ana,,, maybe not much more u can ‘do’ as u said… you and we are to ‘Be’ and the doing is then effortless and in harmony. I know its not easy to trust this. I have moments like u still and more often than I want yet I feel them getting far and few between. Keep going and keep Being and on Sunday (and every day!), u will be held and only held in our Loving embraces if that is what is needed most! Love you much, Areeza

  18. thanks to all of you. I get more love and support here, than I’ve ever known.
    I wish I had more time to answer each of you individually, but now I need to go to the hardware to get a new nut to replace one lost when the tractor fell apart.
    I know the cc’s said we just have to ask for it to receive help, but I didn’t expect they would show me what I need to do to fix a tractor, but I woke up this morning with a plan. Now I have to go see if it really works.
    CU L8 R

    1. O, you deserve everything, everything Go-od. ALee couldn’t have said it better to you–with immeasurable Love and Insight–earlier this morn. If anyone missed her post, I highly recommend going back and picking it up… includes the vid of “Saigon Song”. (I hope I’m not embarrassing you, Otmn, by drawing even more attention to you. You’re a lovely gentle man who has walked thru fire… successfully.) IAM so enjoy your Presence and your Wisdom… and always your pithy HU-mor!!! grrr

      I celebrate YOU and my good fortune. IAM grateful to Aisha/CCs and every single one of you who visits–your Energy is felt. xo, Lin

    2. Otmn how did the tractor repair plan go?? I used to drive a tractor when I was living on a cattle/birthing ranch. I got to pull the hay on it (and was darn good at backing through the gate with the big long trailer) so I look forward to hearing yours is up and rumbling along again. (Yes I almost took out the side posts many times learning to back it through a gate :). )

      Just for the records I’m one of the ones who think of you every time I see a frog. We have might big cane toads hopping around here too 🙂 ~Nancee

    1. Terri! Your share here has had an expanded effect on me that maybe you did not intend when you posted it. Of course I was moved by the story in itself. Yes, tissue please. I had been meaning to look at this post as soon as it came into my email. This or that prevented me until the divine perfect moment. I just posted something and then popped in here to you. Part way through, I realize that this is what I am doing. The stronger me (higher self) is cutting through these waters, pulling the disabled me (3D little girl) behind me.

      And together we are victorious.

      I thank for sharing this story.


      1. Oh my…this time, tears from your thank you.
        Oh my Anna. Your so welcome.

        Your also welcome bev! I am so happy to share ((:

        Love, Terri

    2. Terri thank you also for this post. I just watched the video and the interview with Dad and Son… wow. Look at the way those two are changing the ‘world’ too… volunteers and families now making it possible for those who can’t run, swim, bike themselves to participate. Talk about togetherness and creating something beautiful!! ALee wow… what a cool way it’s affecting you. It may take me all night to get to the end of the posts if I stop to listen to every song and every link but they’re so worth it!! Love, Nancee

  19. Thank You Dear Aisha ! All Your Messages are All~Ways well received by me ! We All sure do gather a wealth of Knowledge & Song here at the pond, but I believe we must BE more than just any scholar, & allow ourselves to BE transformed by it !… As Newly able Co-Creators we must know exactly who we are, have unwavering faith & belief in what we are here to do ! I once said here a while ago ‘Knowledge brings Awareness, Awareness arises Communication, Communication inspires Action & Action catalyzes RE-Action !…We must All Seek & Capture a pure Spiritual layer & level of confidence & trust, & in our own Healing Powers so when the moment comes, Mother takes us to the edge of the cliff we will completely know the meaning of ‘Wings’ & what it means to fly ! The moment of ‘Disconnect’ is soon to arrive & as a large part of our awakening was a solitude one, flying solo with unwavering complete trust in ourselves, our ‘Wings’ will be the next huge leap into Co-Creation !…………LOve, Bev~

    I look fwd to seeing everyone at the pond….& I still remember ALEE’s vision, may it BE ever so this mirror of Splendor & Blissful Magic !…& me, BEing the Gemini twin, my Water~Spirit side ‘Healing’ Mother’s Water, & my Earth~Spirit side ‘Healing’ Mother’s living landscape…….there’s no sitting & meditating for me, so if you see me there, I’ll be the orb of Light, flickr’ing about, Healing, Sealing & Securing the sacred blueprint of Mother’s return to pristine form & SEE’ing / OB-Serving All her BELOved wild creatures returned to health & strength again !

    1. As Gillian MacBeth Louthan points out ~
      “This is a Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment. For we Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, every word every intention.”
      (this Biological Ascension is New & has never been accomplished before)

      1. Excellent, excellent, excellent…

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. The November 11’s still get me thinking it is the month of ascension – 11 being Gates/Doorways. Today, I felt a ‘slipping in’ of a diff version of me and It was most interesting. I was on the road, had to pull over… was so so so sleepy. Shut my eyes 1/2 way and I slipped out and another version in –like a disk change. The new version was more peaceful. I started thinking too much about and felt the old version come back. It was ok for I felt i was testing the waters so to speak. I liked version II better though. First one was filled with anguish this morning. Agree Bev with every thought, word, deed – in every moment we can choose to not be ‘at war’ or ‘have an enemy’ as “E” and I too and I believe others stated is ever so important at this stage. Those must pass away or slide out to be recycled in the Universe. Consciously let that go and what ‘automatically comes in’ is the new way of BEing.

        1. Instant Karmic Clearing is occuring and has been for awhile as well. So what comes up for us is to be dealt with by recognizing what it is (remember Rumpelstiltskin story? Once it was recognized and called by name it lost power !) acknowledge it for what it is, let it go With Love and Forgiveness and the rest will follow In Harmony.

          1. I have chills for as u say this has never been done before. My Dear God of Grace! How awesome this is… Life Is… “Glorious” – Bev, our hands are raised and clenched in a fist full of Love and Glory! I see that right now.

        2. Dear Breeze, I have experienced something similar in the last 12 hours. First, I woke up at 4:44 and went straight into meditation. I was immediately transported back to that wonderful new version of Earth, filled with so much love and joy. I was on my back in bed, and after a while, I suddenly felt as if everything shifted, and that my whole body – and the bed – was actually placed in a very different direction than before. It felt very strange, like I had left my room and gone into another where the bed was facing another way. Later today, I went down to Oslo with my sister, and we had a late lunch. The place filled up with people who had left work early, and I felt so strange, like I was suddenly living a very different life, a little bit like my old life, when I had a regular job. I had a powerful sense of being two different persons living two parallell lives in the same city, and I still have this weird feeling of not having a firm grasp on my identity. Seems like it is time to just let go and enjoy the show 😉
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. yeah… the more I tried to ‘figure it out’, the more I lost it and seemed to stop its progress. Thanks 🙂

    2. Glorious!!! I had a realization about myself this morning. My daughter was tickling me. You know that feeling you have when someone sort of teases you with their finger? Lets it hover there, just about to go in for the tickle? There is a sense of anticipation felt throughout the body, mind and heart. Like you welcome it yet are reluctant because you sort of know how it’s going to feel but not quite. There is a surging forward yet drawing back sensation. Then it happens. All happy giggles. This is how I am feeling regarding the transformation. So YES. just reeeelaaaaxxx. It IS easy and simple to let go and just let it happen…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Ahhh.. I see u r going to be assisting me Bev at the Gathering. I will be releasing (all that comes to me for clearing – and I feel a fight inside me that I just want to focus on beauty – yet a strong conviction that I must release, release, release with no attachment to what happens) and I see your beautiful Orb as a Happy, Busy Bee and as u say: sealing/healing any open wounds (this helps my own vision so much)… and securing – yes together – we shall secure the new blueprint.

      1. I mean to say our efforts will be conjoined so to speak in what I hear us both saying here today. Love U!

        1. YES !…work, but no work…satisfying & gratifying ! Making a difference for the Better ~ Together ! Somewhat a battle, but our tools are BE~stowed upon us from God, so the Win is assured as long as ‘We’ keep ‘Choosing’ Intently to fight the Good Fight !……
          (hope you are feelin’ right as rain today !)
          LOve, Bev~

          1. I’m ok. Going after work to say goodbye to my Mom. not sure when i will see her again. its for the best i guess. I feel in neutral space – neither up nor down. but ok. 🙂 thanks ! x o

    4. Dear Bev, I see your orb of Light, flickr’ing about already 🙂 Thank you for another beautiful message, dear sister! I am ready to jump off and SOAR 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks so much Aisha !…..SEE You Sunday ! maybe in this gathering We All will take flight together ‘Murmuring’….Oh Glory !
        (As the mist Rises…Awakening the New Day)……..LOve, Bev~

    1. I haven’t checked his latest ones yet, but I’m pleased that you are appreciating them !….I LOve that these messages are more of a guiding friendship kinda tone with God….have a heart song day ALee !…Love, Bev~

      1. I have been reading them all. Yes, like a friendship. Thank you again for bringing this to me. JJ likes them, too. 🙂 😀 😉

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  20. Hello Ponders, I am going to pretend that I am in a great mood. Really I am numb. Dont like it but dont feel up to doing anything about it. Comfortably numb – not. (that is mine and my guys song btw – only one he would dance with me! – most men cant dance, love it when i see one who can). Love reading OTMN and ALee’s back and forths ! Lin and “E” and Lady and Nancee, Kiera, Susan, J’s, P’s and B’s , All of U… I Love you – so glad for your presences. Know that I catch almost each and every word. OTMN: I’m a hippie chick at heart 🙂 With Heart. X O X O

    1. Ethyl is obviously feeling a little frisky this morning.
      I always thought it was only men who woke up randy.
      Kid you not, in searching for this song,
      I actually typed in “youlube.”


      hoping to make U 🙂

      1. don’t think that’s Ethyl (not the Lucy/Ethyl I am familiar with)… must be her cousin…

        … or somethin’ 😉

        1. Smooth waters run deep…

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. … and I keep growing …
              When I posted the “waters run deep reply” I could not think of that first word. Something with an “s” … it was not until I was in the shower, calm, cleansed that I recalled “Still” !!! The word is still.

              Oh my. Whoosh. I remember JJ once posted the U2 song “She’s Running to Stand Still” once when I had been through an all night void trip (before he and I were known to each other). It continues to stun me every time I realize that I remain in struggle with this. I admit, I am a bit frightened of the “being still, allowing, letting go” thing that is such a big part of all of this. My higher self KNOWS that all is ok. But little me is there with that iron grip on what little control she thinks she has. She looks at me with huge, huge eyes of blue. Trust? She cries. Are you kidding me??!! Look where trust got me at 3 yrs old. Take your hand? She cries. Look where that hand led me at 3 yrs old. I know I am safe in this stinking, rotten little corner. Maybe not happy. Maybe not whole. Maybe not anthing BUT safe. Safe is all she was able to keep for herself. Running around in circles in that little corner. Never at peace. Never still. But “thinking” she is safe, when she is really only dead.

              ALWAYS ALWAYS it comes back to trust for me. I was just going to type that it’s not that I don’t trust myself. It’s everybody else. But everybody else IS myself. Then the companion of “to trust” which I see as “to rely upon.”

              Can I re-lie myself down for this? The very act, the very thought of lying down unprotected is one of those triggers that throws me back into the nightmare. Whoosh. Breathe.

              And now Lin, I thank you once again. That little word “true” brought me to/through this. I didn’t even realize it was still there. And simply SEEing it is helping me release it.

              Love to you,

              1. Alee and Everyone: – u can come to me at the gathering. In the healing circle if u feel a draw to this. I know I can help remove any impeding ‘imprints’ and there will be release. I saw this today. I tell everyone here they can come to this circle and release and it will be so. I am ready for this as it is part of what I am here for – There will be release because it is ready to be. I see myself to the left if u are facing the pond in your minds eye. Sitting at the edge of the pond on a large lotus/lily pad. I saw Sun-Of coming to me today in this future vision for Sun/Eclipse/Gathering Day – he came and I dunked him! Like a baptism experience. When I saw this I had a stronger vision open up that involved anyone who wants assistance in release – of any thing. I can feel it already happening and It feels fantastic! Love you all, Areeza

                1. Thank you, Breeze… I, for one, can always use more release and healing. Thank you for your kind invite. It’s going to be a JOYFUL… AND POWERFUL… gathering. In deep Gratitude to Aisha/CCs, you and All, xo, Lin

                2. Tears of gratititude…

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


              2. Returned from errands.
                ALee,…..YOU. KNOW…… That 3yo’s “trust” is only a MEMORY–no longer applicable to your present NEW Wise self. It’s staring nose to nose at you with all its attached pain so that you can PERMANENTLY release it like a deflating balloon. It’s done its work; its value is gone now. In place of–and because of–that 3yo, she (YOU) has become a beautiful Lady with a loving JJ, Twin Flame, by her side readying to walk TOGETHER in Spirit AND Form into a new adventure–Ascension as Light Workers.
                IAM excited for you both… and for your Vive (and Lara), too, by your side… and what you two will bring to the Pond next.
                Love you (both), Lin

                1. Tears of gratitude. I am overwhelmed with love for all of you.

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


              3. Everybody else Is everybody else… Alee/Anna… I had a wonderful childhood. So much Love from my grandparents and parents. Then, when I was 15 and found out about Moms long affair and felt things were a lie.. the ‘good’ ? was it fake? a lie too? No – it was real and it helped me keep my true self intact (not always up front but it was always there and so it was/is for all of us here or we would not be here!). I can hardly imagine what yours and others childhoods felt like if they were so harsh. I embrace you and you embrace me and there is a balance of what we have all felt thru out lifetimes. We can heal this together. I Love you much, Areeza

    2. Aisha/CC’s ! did not mention u this morning – sincere apoligies ! And u Are always True North for me ! 🙂
      Gathering for me, in part at least, will be in the Forgiving – letting go from a heart of Love – of All that brought sorrow to this planet for so many eons. May be a tough one. And to Love All Into Love – my motto.

      1. Dear sister, no apologies needed! Sending you a big hug from me, and looking forward to connecting with you on Sunday 🙂 I will be right by your side, ready to give you some extra LOVE if you need it!
        Much love from me, Aisha

  21. wow. During meditation just now, I felt BIG New Energies arrive! Wheeeee. I hope I hope I hope others did/will, also. P-U-R-E,
    C-L-E-A-N, HEALING ENERGIES, not just for/thru my own vessel, but for Mother, All, All of Life. amen.

          1. Ha ha, I don’t have that infinity thingy in my iPhone (or I can’t find it).
            You sleep now my love.
            I hold you while you’re sleeping.
            I l o v e y o u,

              1. Yeah, I’m up there again as well.
                It left me with a headache, but I can live with that!
                Vive is back home, back among the living again!

                1. Sorry for the headache, but Vive back home is wonderful !
                  (wondered if you seen the comment I left you a while back on the ‘5’s)
                  I think it had great significance for you & Vive !….LOve, Bev~

  22. did you notice in Janis’ performance that she mostly kept her eyes closed?
    it’s hard to look at stage lights when your eyes are dilated
    oh well
    it takes one to know one or perhaps to no one

  23. shucks
    hey pinkrose, there was some Osley acid at Woodstock
    I took everything
    I am uncontrollably curious
    I didn’t take anyone’s acccount of anything
    i did it all
    Janis was so high, i don’t know how she kept it together through it all.
    oh yeah,
    she didn’t
    i still wonder

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