A short update on the energies

Dear friends!

The energies have been extremely intense lately, and it is not about to quieten down either… As many of you know already, the Sun is very much a part of this, and this upcoming Sunday, we even have an eclipse coming up (Thank you for sharing this, Otmn!) And yes, we also have a Gathering on Sunday, and it seems like the timing could not have been more perfect 😉 This is what the CCs have to say about it:

”As many of you have already ascertained, the heightened activity is very closely linked to that celestial partner you refer to as your Sun. She is already well on her way to add another important message to this Gathering of yours, and it will arrive on time to assist you all as you sit down to connect later this week. However, what she has already made available to you through her constant emissions these last few days is nothing short of miraculous, as she has been spewing out a steady stream of energetic particles that speaks loudly and in volume. You see, none of you have been left untouched by her caresses these last few days, and her signs of endearments are not about to dry up either. So keep a close watch above, as this once again reflects the old and wise words of ”as above, so below” and we gather you will all find a way to acknowledge the effects these at times rather intense signs of affection will have on you all.

For remember, even if your body might balk a little from all of this, know that deep down, the embrace your whole being is giving it will count for so much in the times ahead. For these energetic particles interact with your physical vehicle in a way that will show some astonishing effects in the time ahead, so any temporary physical or indeed mental discomfort that may accompany them is indeed a small price to pay. Still, it behooves you all to pay close attention to the signals your body is giving you these days, and please remember to stay tuned and respond if you feel anything should be out of balance.

This is not said in order to bring up any fear in any of you, simply to remind you that your body is already well versed in handling these kinds of emissions, but still, it might need some extra care and comfort in the upcoming days. So rest as much as you are guided to rest, and move as much as you are guided to do the same. Eat, drink and be merry, as the saying goes, and know that your body will tell you what it needs in order to better be able to digest it all. And when we say digest, we refer of course to the large helping of energetic information you will be receiving in the next few days. So again we say stay balanced and safe in the knowledge that all is well, and you are far, far more robust than it may seem from time to time. So you are not coming apart, you are simply being amped up once again in order to make that light of yours even more brilliant.”


To quote Otmn: ” hold on tight, honey! or just let go completely”

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

196 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Feeling like I am walking through pudding today and yesterday! But my heart is filled with trust and knowing that all is as it should be. Spent the better part of today interacting with my beloved daughter and my 10 month old great nephew–to be with him and feel is immense presence gives me complete knowing that the future we hold in our hearts will be here very soon! What a wonderful upgraded operating system he has! The world that comes is a gift to these future beings coming in full well knowing who they are! Awesome!!! Much love to you all! Alex

    1. Hello Axel, and welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and to the upcoming Gathering! All you have to do to participate in this group meditation, is to connect with these energies in a way that feels good for you. The time we have chosen to do so, is at 21:00 Oslo time on Sunday November 3, but you do not need to connect at this exact time. The only thing you need to do to be a part of this, is to choose to focus your intention on this Gathering. As for the duration of this, I would suggest you sit for as long as feels right for you. Personally, I usually sit between 20 minutes and an hour, but as always, I will just follow my inner guidance. You can read more about these Gatherings here, you can also find your local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time here. I know we will get more channeled information on this Gathering from the CCs as Sunday approaches, so stay tuned, as they like to say 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Just intend to “be there” and you are.

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  2. Brigitta, I don’t know what I did to deserve a “great job” today. Waiting all by oneself for hours and hours, with no one to talk to, no one to be with and then witness a meltdown by my husband after all those hours of waiting alone………guys, truly sorry. Not able to smile right now. I need a hug, I need a shoulder, I need someone to take care of ME for right now.

    There was one point my husband got the entire staff on that floor upset. Can you imagine what I go through every day to keep this man calm? I really am wiped.

    Thank you for caring enough to respond. I love you!!! You too, AH! The Pond was with me all day, until I crashed and fell asleep on a couch in a waiting room, waiting of course. Then it was as though the weight of the world came crashing down on me as well. And then the scene.

    Holy shit. Just holy F******* shit. Please just excuse me right now.

    1. I kicked myself out of shit mode, and have put aside my fatigue and blahs. Helping hubs as he knelt in front of a toilet, got him dressed warmly and put him in bed. Am on my way to pick up his pain meds, and then come home and feed me.

      When it comes, the Purpose for today will be revealed.


    2. Amy, you did a great job because you made it through; because sitting alone through ‘waiting’ is one of the toughest challenges of all… because you held the space given to you to ‘hold’ today and because you brought your love into that hospital despite the awkward scene (to put it gently I’m sure) that your hubby created. I’m glad you’re out of shit mode and hope you made your self something tasty to eat. Lots of love, ~Nancee

      1. Girl, you just described the “state of the ascension” …

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  3. It is 4:45 pm. I just walked in the door. Hubs surgery went perfect. It was the recovery that was not so perfect. None of the pain meds worked. For hours I heard him say he was in terrible pain. The nurse finally called the doctor and he was given something IV which finally worked. He had the entire floor in a frenzy. I’m tired, hungry, near tears. His brother is at the hospital right now with him, and is due to bring him home.

    This man is not a compliant, quiet patient. Why the pain meds did not work I don’t know. I know how strong a medication he was given. His panic and his OCD kicked in, and he was yelling and oh it was not pretty.

    I am home. That is all I can do this day.

    Thank you for all your Love and Support. Huge catalyst event at the hospital with hubs right in the center.

    I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


  4. One more and I have to go visit Mom. We are so used to having an ‘enemy’. Pain is the enemy in our thinking. We need to abolish all enemy/war like thinking. Very important. ok… have a great night/day all… Love U, Areeza

  5. Geeez… more,,, sorry – the pain is tired of being yelled at. We yell at it and what does that do? I see it crying in the corner just wanting to be Loved. We have our glory times… our super highs… we Love them. Then, pain again and we are like oh Lord why!!?? Why – because it is still here on Earth and we cant just wish it away or refuse to see it. What is it really? Hasn’t It served us too? When I was not perfect and acting out and causing pain even though I did not perhaps mean it – what did I really want ? What was I really not looking at? There is more to be done – by Us here on Earth re forgiveness and unconditional Love. anyone resonate with this ?

  6. I am crying inside right now. The pain is speaking and I am listening. This cycle of pain IS nearing the end so to speak… and even the pain is waking up – and all it emcompasses. We are feeling it! All wants to be Loved. I just want to cry about it all and release it … and embrace it!

  7. Hello Aisha, CCs and Ponders 🙂

    Wanted to say hi, and thank you, and share a couple of videos and quotes. Thanks Aisha for always sharing a beautiful picture of Nature, I’ve saved it and re-shared as a way of spreading those calming subtle energy-frequencies-vibrations in form of images also… I can almost hear the ducks quack 😀

    “Natural remembrance” , a feeling that surged while watching the video you shared about the dreamers, poets and doers. I loved it by the way.

    “Adopt a position of divine nonchalance.” from Seth/Jane Roberts

    Sending feelings of hugs to everyone. See you at the Gathering. Lots of Love 🙂

    1. rivv, dear one, these are fabulOUs. These were something I watched that helped me come to a place of peace (for like the 5th time just today).

      I thank you so much for these.

      “The universe is inside you.”

      “The only proof is yourself.”

      “It’s an endless quest.”

      “The meaning of life is what YOU want your life to be. You are the only one who has control over it.”

      “It may be pre-destined but you can change the destiny.”

      “I may be wrong… it’s up to you to decide.”


    2. And the NASA… after viewing that, I noticed the stair step of the highlighted words in Aisha’s missive. SUN ECLIPSE GATHERING.

      Seg (ue) we are making a segue into the NEW/NOW.

      Thanks again.


      1. Thank you Anna Helen for picking up those quotes… I haven’t done that, so I’m coping all and also saving them to have them at hand. 🙂

        1. Ha! You know, I wanted to just copy and paste everything he said. Make a transcript. Those were just the general things that stood out to me. What a wonder!!! Thanks again…

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  8. Phil,

    Thank you for your message. I agree with you. I KNOW this will be worth it.

    The word KNOWING keeps popping up again and again….


    Thank you also for your kind words and support.


    I honestly have no idea of the place or situation you are referring to. I would be very happy to take this line further in a day or two when my brain settles down.


    I try SO hard to help others. I am so passionate; so dedicated…. I don’t mind putting in the hours. What I definitely need help with is WHAT to do when I have my “I can’t take it anymore days?” Most days I can work it through but on the really tough days, I sometimes feel like I lose it. The WHAT IFs start. What if this is never going to end? What if? What if? My husband says it is the pain that is talking. If I didn’t feel it, I wouldn’t care what is going on out there – I’d just let them do what they need to do.

    Would be grateful for any help out there…..

    With my tail between my legs tonight…..


    1. I wish I had a great answer for and for me and any of us that feel like this sometimes. I was just eating lunch thinking, maybe I will not wake up from the anesthesia and this will all be over with…and i did not seem to care that I was thinking this way! But I know I do care and I want an answer too. If I am just a first waver here and I am to die soon, well that would suck. I want the goodies too! We are still human so we are going to feel, well, human feelings/pains/sorrows/anguishes. We judge the so called ‘bad stuff’ so harshly like we have to be so damned perfect all the time?! We will figure this out Susan,, we will. When we get more on it , we will share. Sorry I can not bee of more help. I Love U as U are right now… all the crappy-ness and all! And I Love Me too! Maybe thats it… the Crap needs to be Loved into Love and that is all it really is about. Unconditional Love – the good, bad, ugly. I take ‘unconditional’ Joy and Delight in participating in the Creator’s Creation!! (that, I just recalled again, is from my dear ex) Areeza

      1. The pain and all of it is energy… and non of it wants to be left out… that just came to me too….so, yes your husband speaks truth – it is the pain talking. we have to listen to all of it and we have to Love All Of It.

    2. Dearest Susan… IAM in Guided “quiet mode” (quoting Amy), but felt compelled to add my 2cents worth. You are Mighty and Powerful–comes across in your posts, more than you prob know [and you know A LOT :). Although being quiet, IAM off and on reading and intently holding you and ALL those (by individual name) who are having quite a time of it today and recently in White Light & Love, as much as I can feel it and clearly see it. My focus is intense, but done from gentleness.

      We’re almost to and across the finish line, dear ones. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. No, I don’t have anymore info than you, but I Trust my Heart and Believe.

      As a brilliant therapist once told me, the cleansing/healing energies come in waves and the waves don’t last forever, even if they seem to do so. They will pass. Keep breathing thru the waves, and with focused mind as much as possible, gently, deeply, fully exhale while visualizing–allowing the old, stale (painful–physical/emotional) energies and niggling negative thoughts to exit your body. (Concerned, I had asked him how he could handle doing all the EMDR treatments with me and other clients and not become ill–I had noticed him turning his head away from me and audibly yet quietly exhaling after an intense bout. In a funnier mode, maybe kinda like the large, gentle prisoner in “The Green Mile” film… only be sure to do it gently if you try it and don’t pass out!!!) 🙂

      We are ALL so very much Loved. We must keep going. Aisha&CCs and ALL at the Pond have Blessed me abundantly–every single day. And what’s more, IT’S FUN! When I leave to take care of business, etc., I ALWAYS leave with a smile. ALWAYS. And JOY. (btw, anyone heard from Lucy [Amy] re hubs’ surgery and Ethyl [AnnaHelen–and lovely JJ] re Vive–she’s so adorable?)

      With Much Love, Lin

      1. P.S. TO BIRGITTA… Have a safe trip tomorrow–AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN! Will be thinking of you. 🙂 Love you, Lin

        1. Thanks Lin! Yes I will have a funny, lovely, creating and joyful time with my family. It feels like it could be an exciting week – I mean – it started in an almost indescribably way today. I enjoy it though I am totally exhausted tonight 😉

          Much love Lin and take good care of the Pond in the meantime:)


    3. Firstly, my regret for not honoring, in word (I have held this effort energetically in high regard for quite some time) Aisha’s service and grace. Many thanks!!. I have had periods of taking down such info and it is a big demand on many levels. This forum is a gift to so many, and is clearly a labor of love. Many thanks to you all.

      I’m usually a cheerleader, but sad to say I’m more debbie downer here on this forum (never shared anywhere else, but clearly now is the time). I’m sorry to say, after years of spiritual practices, working with guides, diet and support upgrades, body and energy work of every type imaginable, ceremony, and a deep longing to serve the divine and humanity in this life, I am out of answers and about out of gas.

      I will report that I am aware, (and have longtime dowsers and other team members who are seeing the same thing) that in my town, Eugene. Or, the cell tower activity at night has been amped up for the last few months. Took me a while to realize what was up. My nervous system fires an alarm at 2-3 every morning and I wake with a jolt… Mind is totally amped, hear more energy, constant buzz with an electric bent, feel cooked inside, dehydrated, feel huge surges through body, can’t sleep, nauseaus, huge heart pains and flutters, headaches, sharp pains and heat In head, dizziness, lack of appetite, hair loss, and more. The mental, emotional pain is off the chart. My dear dog is off food, while normally on the minute reminding of meal time, eating grass each morning to puke and cleanse and sleeping all the time. Over the years I’ve had times of the wake up to work and for downloads – and have experienced the gamut of ascension symptoms… this is not what is happening. Many a sturdy elder in my community is maxed with what is happening. Clean up has been occurring, but there are still many a human stuck in the old programming doing naughty business. I wish I could say I felt clean up was very far along, that is not my knowing. This is what I have to report and hope it will prove useful to someone.

      I believe we must let go of the war as well. It is hard to forgive when feeling the bombardment. Nonetheless, this must be the task at hand. When every atrocity we see has truly been forgiven, then we shall be free of them. So, if this information registers as accurate, then please forgive those who are participating in any and all activities geared towards harming others. Somewhere we have all donned the villains cape, now we must face that truth and know somewhere in form – yes I too have been or done that. To any of you, who through our greater souls connections, I have ever harmed, please forgive me. Certainly required via our oneness. May we forgive this mad dream NOW.

      I pray for ease and grace and comfort for every single one of us and all of us.

    4. Susan,
      sending strength and love to you. I know I`m not alone in taking great value from all of your postings – indeeed, I seek them out after I have read whatever the CC`s have to say.
      So I hope you can take strength and support from knowing how many Ponders get a great deal of nourishment from your tireless efforts.
      Gracious bow to you. Phil

    5. Breathe. (I say to myself.)

      Susan. I just typed a message to you maybe an hour ago that got stuck in my outgoing mail. It is now lost somewhere in cyberspace or something. In it I very vehemently suggested that you ride the chaos of your anger. I only speak for me when I say that it’s the only thing thats works when I am in your situation. I myself became very angry over an entirely different matter, and strangely worked through it while I was blocked in my first attempt to reply to you. I will say again, and this is a direct quote from the Divine Mother, that when you are in the place of shaking your fists at the heavens in anger, you are actually creating. You are saying “I deserve! I derserve!” Then I was going to post an angry song. Again, I was blocked. Good. This all happened so I could ride the chaos of my own anger.

      So then!!! I was sitting here on the other side of my anger, and behind me a bag of anchor screws fell over. 1 actually came out of the bag. This is one of those gadgets used to hang pictures with. A screw you put into the wall and it extends on the other side to provide a more stable hold. I heard the line from the above song “I’ve been feeling so much older, frame me and hang me on the wall.”

      I considered this gadget that had very blatantly come to my attention. It really resembles an anchor. We are at home port. Safely at achor, stable, ready for whatever may “hit” us.

      Also, it resembles a mason’s compass. Take measure and keep your heading to true north.

      Then!!! Another screw fell out of the bag. This one landed in the opposite direction as the first. You know the “wing” part of the anchor can move up and down on the screw in a spiral movement. On the second one, the wings were higher up the spiral. They are lying there now, side by side like little metal yin yangs. They also resemble MerKaBa’s.

      To me, all of this means, just go thru whatever comes up. Get pissed off, it’s ok. The light of Love is shining on those feelings for a reason. We are there. We are safe. The anchors are balanced and starting to be raised. Something strong is here. A love so strong it could carry us away.

      If we ride the wave and let it.

      Love love love
      Light light light
      to each and every ONE

  9. Dear Susan,
    your posts are very important and I always feel very comforted reading them. But today you need support and I just wonder if you’ve read Karen Bishop’s latest, Oct. 27,( Gama Books). Maybe it will make you feel better,
    Kindest regards,

    1. oh man,, Karen Bishop! Another I trust. I see u post about her and I keep forgetting to look her up again. thanks again !

  10. Thank you again busy Aisha,
    A hybrid eclipse on the gathering – don`t get many of those!
    Although I still get very tired at times and need headache pills ( like today ) I am definitely getting the feeling that internal building blocks are being put in place exactly as the CC`s state that however you may feel, this is definitely worth it and stands us all in good stead for the future.
    Love, Love, Love to everyone. Phil.

      1. Yeah, rebounding love – it`s making me dizzy.
        Will it be worth it? I know it,You know it,We all know it will !

  11. Cara Aisha,
    “Lei”, il Sole, è la nostra fonte di vita.
    “Lei” è la Madre che alimenta e sostiene la vita su Gaia.
    E’ molto amorevole che i C.C. la chiamino al femminile! … 🙂 …
    “For these energetic particles interact with your physical vehicle in a way that will show some astonishing effects in the time ahead, so any temporary physical or indeed mental discomfort that may accompany them is indeed a small price to pay.”
    Questo è un passaggio fondamentale per stare tranquilli e i C.C. ce lo hanno ripetuto mille e mille volte.
    Non devono esserci dubbi! … 🙂 …
    Un abbraccio amorevole e riconoscente.

  12. a poem for today:
    These Few Precepts by Joyce Sutphen

    (For Marna)

    I said to her, don’t leave your life
    scattered in boxes across the country,

    don’t slip away without tying down
    the hatch, don’t walk a mile out of

    your way to avoid a crack, don’t
    worry about breaking your mother’s

    back. I’m sorry, I said, that I was
    stupid when I married; I’m sorry I

    chose for right instead of love, for
    truth instead of beauty. They aren’t

    always the same thing you know,
    despite what Keats said. Don’t try

    to do it all alone, and if you fail,
    think of how well you’ve failed

    and how all you really need is a good
    view of the sky or a bit of something

    —a flower petal or speckled stone—
    Held close enough for the eye to

    drink it in, and remember, I said,
    I’ll always love you, no matter what.

    “These Few Precepts” by Joyce Sutphen, from First Words. © Red Dragonfly Press, 2010. Reprinted with permission.

  13. Cyr,

    I am very deflated tonight but I can give you a quickie answer.
    Many of us have souls which originate from planets of the Light – Sirius, Lyra, Andromeda etc. Some of us have been reincarnating as humans for many cycles and some of us for only a few.


    1. Me: very, very old soul… beyond old… ancient Areeza… tired and weary. Pleiadian home seems so far far away. Earth is so special to me – I will stay.

    2. Dear Susan,
      Sorry to know that you are deflated and thank you for your answer.
      I only “met” my Soul once consciously, this last January the 13 Th… It was a Sun (???) and this was completaly unexpected for me. Prior that experience, out of the blue, I thought souls were something like a light ghost or something! ; )
      My soul “told” me that there is 11 more “me” plus “me” here in Mexico, this linear date. That day I could experiment for real the irreleventness of “time” and to be in two places at once. The other place was in some sort of forest with black “trees” around what I “knew ” was an ancient lake, a prairie then, full of balls shape white “flowers” under an astonisching Green (Acqua shade) sky.
      By any chance, do you know the address of such a place? ; )
      I still wonder what I ate that particular day? Certainly not “burritos”! ; )
      I hope you will feel much better tomorrow! Excuse my spelling! ; )

  14. I know it is the pain speaking…. I KNOW in my heart that everything will be o.k. but I am tired of playing these games. I am tired of the “hype” – you are almost there – the event is around the corner – this is the final cleansing…..
    and then it is another week and another month….

    We have never gotten a proper answer WHY this is taking so long?

    We are now starting November. How much more? How many more days will I need Neurophen?

    I so NEED something tonight. Some message – some REAL, TRUE, GENUINE message.

    I so apologize but I NEED support tonight…..

    1. HOw I agree with you. I want to say about the Sun that I have had affects from it – even worse heart stuff than this latest. That is how i realized it connected somehow to the sun… i instinctively researched the suns’s activity and started following it. Gave me some relief knowing the connection.. and once again, my gread sensitivity (double edged sword). Hang in there ~! keep holding our hands and hearts Susan… submerge in the Pond of Love and Light and climb in any one of our boats for respite ! Our Souls are always on deck and our souls are always perfect. Love you, Areeza

      1. man,, cant type here either… ‘great sensitivity’ not gread and suns’es ess es… lol… want to hibernate with ya.

  15. Deep gratitude once again Aisha and the CC’s for the ongoing messages.

    Just taking things fairly easy for a few days and also moving forward on the new Gateway Location site… this seems to be unfolding nicely and steadily!

    Looking forward to the gathering already!

    I was delighted last night to see on the BBC TV here in the UK a wildlife programme called Autumn Watch… only one guess required for one of the main features…

    Yes you got it: STAR lings in murmuration… synchronous or what!!!

    Sending beams of Joy to all…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip! Love the STARlings 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with you on Sunday, and looking forward to see the finished Gateway Location site 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Ha! I had a dream last night in which a flock of starlings flew by my window. They changed from all black to the colors of the rainbow and started forming the shapes of all the continents of earth. In great detail.

      In joy,

      1. rainbow: the spectrum, the color of the Chakras… see, the balance, the unison! Everything is balancing out! from black to brilliant!

      2. an interesting paralell, too. the last continent formed (in my dream) was Africa. i even said out loud “Africa.” i noticed in Otmn’s post about the eclipse, Africa was mentioned several times. isn’t this continent also known as “the cradle of life” ???

        i dunno. just sayin.

        also, there were 77 comments as i opened this reply
        (7 days to create the world)
        and i typed the name of the continent 3 times
        just sayin

        😀 AH

        and now i lay me down to sleep
        oh i need a nap

        1. oh. my. god.

          i got curious as usual and traced the “path” of the eclipse visibilities that were listed in otmn’s post. the 5 places listed, in order, are Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia. the first 4 are all within decimal points of 1 lattitude, then the last is at 5 latitiude. so we have …

          1111 5

          bev!!! anybody! please put this into better words than i can …

  16. Breeze,

    I am with you. On Neurophen today and it’s barely doing anything. To make matters worse, I cannot get any Federation on the line today. Only negatives and they are in rare form. They seem like ducks in water on days like this. I just hang up. The Sirians told me yesterday that the clean up is over and that they are in custody. I know from experience that they do deportations in batches. It reminds me of an airport. This is why some hours you feel it and other hours are quiet. This is worldwide.

    I am not frightened but I am beyond fed-up and all I can think about is trying to live a single day without pain. I try my best to keep going – rarely give into it. Do all the usual stuff – walking, baths, focus on love, be with friends…. most of the time it helps. Today, all I want to do is hibernate.

    There is no doubt in my mind that SOME of what we are feeling is from the solar storms but there has been solar activity in the past and I don’t ever remember suffering nor have I from eclipses. Solar storms can play havoc with communication systems but I don’t think they can cause these kind of physical symptoms. How can solar storms be related to information or of benefit to the project? Once again – there are too many inconsistencies. We have been having these waves for well over 2 1/2 years and they have been intensive since last January. Its always blamed on something. One day it’s because of – solar storms, upgrading, Light coming into earth, “storms” and the next day it’s something else. ENOUGH! I’ve heard every excuse in the book and I don’t buy it. From now on, I am sticking to my gut.

    About the uterine fibroids – they shrunk them in humans. They, of course do not have the same type of organs. I was being pressed for a hysterectomy 2 years ago and was able to avoid it. It took 4 months. The doctors were shocked when they looked at the ultrasound. Completely disappeared. These treatments were done before the clean up operation took place – luckily. I have seen this is in other patients as well.

    The GFOL pulled back almost all of their personnel close to a year ago. I was told the reason was it was necessary for their safety and to allow the security teams to do the clean-up. I could not access ANY guides for months and went through a horrible period where not only was I feeling sick, I felt angry and abandoned. Since then, I have gradually learned and accepted that although sometimes I “feel” that way, I am never alone. The teams go back and forth and I know they are taking care of business for our benefit. Unfortunately that means putting us on ice. Unfortunately that means that we have to suffer the fall-out of these operations. Their main priority is getting the world cleaned up and ready.

    There are a few things I keep telling myself over and over and over….
    1. There is no way a big planetary organization would come so far and with so much personnel for nothing.
    2. The guides would not let us go through all of this if it wasn’t essential for the project.
    3. The guides would not let us go through this just to see chaos, anarchy or destruction as the result.
    4. We are them. They are us. We are all part of the ONE. Many of us are directly seeded/related to them.
    5. The reason we have survived for all these years is that we have a KNOWING. We feel every human emotion possible – most of them during times of incredible pain – but there’s something there – some SPARK that says – GO ON. YOU CAN DO IT. HANG ON JUST A LITTLE LONGER.

    And we do. As individuals. With friends. With our families. We band together, cry together, dry our tears and GO ON.


    1. Dear Susan! Sending a huge hug and lots of love your way! Hope it can help to lift you a little bit! And yes, that SPARK is always there, and we WILL make it!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Hello Susan! Cyr from MX.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      I was interpeled when you whrote “We are them. They are us”.
      Recently I was leaded to the same conclusion. I was wondering if “some how” some of “them” are, as “we”, simply another “avatar” ( multi D?) of our own soul. More informed of course of what is going on. Lucky them! And what if, we are about of some kind of merging? For what ever purpose. ; ) So intricated!
      Could you please elaborate your point of view on that matter?

      1. The simplest answer to your question is — YES.

        You the physical human, come from Earth. All of our lives exist at once. In the Now.

        Understanding the simultaneity of existence, means to understand that all your other concurrent lives exist simultaneously along with THIS one.
        You need only ask yourself….’To what other lives am I creating a present connection…that then allows me to download information that serves me HERE?’ — even as those other concurrent lives are also downloading information from *you*.

        In the truer reality, you are constantly making connections to your other lives in all other realities.

        Instead of thinking in terms of where you “come from”, when you begin thinking like you are doing now, in multidimensional terms, you think of it instead as the Energy you can now bring down to Earth & into THIS reality, from that other coexisting life.

        After you connect to that life (lives).. then you expand yourself accordingly, by becoming your version on Earth, of what you believe that other life to represent.

        1. “Buenos días” Kiera!
          Sorry not having responding earlier…
          I am with my “Super Sacred” morning coffee; without it, I can’t find the “ON button”…
          Thank you for your comment. A lot to meditate on that; I am totally agree with you. It is fun and natural and we do live in a propicious “time” to do so. The challenge still is how to fortify those bridges with the others aspects, facets of one self!?
          ; )

    3. Lots of love to as well Susan 💙.
      I hear you! Been feeling rather fed up myself these past few days. I am working the program so to speak. Being outdoors, baths, acupuncture, craniosacral, resonance repatterning (a true gift to me), rest, breathing, etc. they clear it/me out for the moment, but it seems that almost immediately my head is filled again with strangeness. And then it moves around the body doing all sorts of strange things. It’s driving me absolutely bonkers. After sharing with the pond this morning and receiving the love the pond brings I felt much better. But I swear (!) it just keeps happening over and over.

    4. I feel and hear you Susan – many thanks. I dont think if u said this yesterday I could have taken it in. It explains why I did feel the fibroids were shrinking a few yrs ago and then.. bamm! back and now surgery forthcoming. I get that they have to leave for safety and the bigger efforts. I do feel abandoned. I also have the gut feeling that the nickle in my tubes has to come out and it will now. I so wanted to have that experience like u did with the drs…in amazement at my clean/clear uterus. oh well. I just hope I feel ok not having one. There seems no other alternative for me in all the choices the Dr presented. All horrible – worse than hysterectomy and more chance of infections, still having fibroids anyway, etc. so, this pain must go and I hang on to that ‘Free Falling’ song that come on the car radio as i left the Dr last week. I find that when i ‘intentionally’ relax my head and neck (where i seem to hold most tension), it helps greatly. I try not to think of much of anything in times like these. Keep it Simple and as Aisha and others do, Keep With Nature. The rocks helped me today 🙂 along with the sweet faces of cattle on my ride.

  17. so i am running around trying to get my child to school on time. again. i dash out to the car. i almost trip over some twigs [3 of them] that have been stuck in the ground. grrr. i then see they have been put there for a purpose. they are sheilding me from stepping in a big pile of dog poop. the huge black rotweiler next door always uses my yard for a potty. i choose to see this as him providing fertilizer. poop avoided. 😉

    on the way to school, i fall into anxiety and worry over a long list of things. i make the decision to breathe. be in the now. the above song comes on the radio. it ends as we pull up to the school. “dont you worry, dont you worry child, see heaven’s got a plan for you.” it does. 🙂

    i ask my daughter who performs this song. “dont talk to me,” she growls. “we are going to be late, and the door will be locked.” i breathe and let her be in her own state. i look forward and i have just pulled up behind a silver van whose model name catches my attention. “redezvous.” i have just pulled up to the rendezvous. 😀

    we glide up to the school as the songs ends. no one is anywhere to be seen. you can hear the announcements being made, echoing throughout the empty parking lot. rip looks at me and smirks. i shrug, ”just try it and see … go on to the door and see what happens.” the door is unlocked and she walks right through. 😉

    on the way home, i pass this sweet little old woman driving really slowly, not all in her own lane. she is so tiny she can not possibly see over the dashboard. i think, “eeek. i hate to say it, but that is dangerous for both her and all the other drivers. should i do something?” i was less than a block away when i look in my rearview mirror. a policeman has pulled her over. all safe and sound. 🙂

    then of course as always, i am thinking of my JJ. sigh. when will i have contact with him again? immediately the Lumineers “hey! ho! i belong with you, you belong with me in my sweet heart…” comes on. awww. he is there. but this can be very bittersweet. to feel his energy but not have him (t)here in physicality. the agony and the ecstasy. i get home and check my emails. “skype at 10:00?” is his message. YES!!!

    contact 😀

    i feel so connected to All There Is

    thank you god

    love and light to all,

    ha! it is now one minute to 10:00
    perfect timing


      1. I know I just saw an email where you requested I send this song again. It was in response to where you told me “live each day like it’s the last…”

        Luv you, B. 🙂

        1. Thanks Anna Helen!

          I think you have a song for every topic 😉 Liked it 🙂

          As to my experiences today there is no time for dying 😉

          Much love,


  18. Thanks Aisha and CCs for yet another wonderful message.

    Yes Otmn “hold on tight, honey! or just let go completely” and I would suggest you just go completely to be able to enjoy this journey in full 😉

    Things happen so fast right now and me and my friend gave each other healig today – and I just say “Holly Molly – isn´t this a journey?” I had a release of a very deep blocking and a huge release, and my friend transformed MY NEIGHBOUR´S energies in the most unexpected way and afterwards we were so dazed that we had to go to the forest to get balanced. A premonition of my trip to the children / grandchildren?

    Aisha – thank you for that wonderful picture! You know – I had to look at my own picture in my camera to be convinced you hadn´t taken mine 😉

    Gratitude and love to you all!


    1. Dear Birgitta! Wow – what a powerful experience you had, thank you for sharing it! I had to ask Mother Nature for help in balancing these energies today also, for I was feeling nauseous and had to hold on to a tree. But when I remembered to ask for help, it was as if my whole body got lighter and I felt so much stronger I kept walking for another two hours 🙂
      How interesting that we have taken almost identical pictures, we are truly ONE 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  19. Hello Aisha! How are you today?
    I just want to thank you for those wonderful texts you are puting on line.
    I wonder if I will be abble someday to whrite in English as well as you do! ; )
    Also a question, I understand the “concept” behind the “CCs” word but; what does those initials means? I am curious…
    Cordially, from a place close to the Popocatepelt Volcano in Morelos State, Mexico…
    Cyr ; )

    1. Dear Cyr, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! It is a beautiful cool but sunny day here in Oslo, and I have just come back from a long walk in the forest. It helps to be out in Mother Nature when the energies are so intense as they are now 😉 The CCs is short for “Constant Companions”, that is the name of the group I channel, and they prefer to use this “collective name” for themselves. Sending much love and light to you and to that powerful place where you live!

      1. Hello Aisha again!
        Well thank you so much to answer me so quicky…Now I know about the CCs. It is indeed a proper name!
        Same as you, I am in urgent need for Mother Nature and silence which is more dificult to find in Mexico City! ; )
        It is still the morning here, 9:21 AM, right now. Blu sky and our potent Sun above, flowers, insects ( cigals?) and cascades are singing around. A little headaque rising among other things in the spine; so typical! But it is O.K of course! Interesting “times” we are all living in, with great expectations!
        “Saludos” from MX; have a nice afternoon!
        Best Regards.


        1. Saludos to you too, Cyr! Wishing you a wonderful day in the Sun 🙂 And I agree, these are interesting times, and I also have great expectations!
          Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Hello, Cyr. From beautiful Memphis, Tennessee (the River City), USA!!! 🙂 😀 😉

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Hello Anna!
        Just yesterday ( synchronisity?) I was looking on the net where exactly was located your interesting State of Tennessee, prior that I just knew it was “somewhere” in the “middle”…Now I know more correctly! ; )
        This, because I like to read the texts from Gilian MacBeth-Louthan who lives in Dandridge. We certainly learn something new every day! Goody!

        Right now, I am gardening and “Karchering” what ever I can around (except my dog!) after the diluvian rains we had in Mexico this season. But everything is fine and colourfull! ; )
        Have a good day!

        1. Well how about that??!! Very interesting. Tennesse is a beautiful state. Everything is full of color and life here, too. All the yellows and oranges and reds with a backdrop of deep green. Autumn breezes are fresh and cleansing. And more wildlife coming out than I have ever seen!!! I am so grateful. I used to enjoy gardening so very much but fell away from it. Your comment here just helped me realize why. My beloved cat companion (another CC 😉 ) passed away in 2007. I buried him next to a poplar tree I had planted as a sapling. Over his grave, I planted a red climbing rose bush that I had envisioned growing up and “mingling” with the tree. The rose bush got some kind of bugs on it. My husband told me to use 7 Dust on it (poison!). I didn’t know any better at the time and followed his instructions. It killed both the rose bush and the tree. Something kind of broke in me when that happened. I think it’s time to start again. Thank you, Cyr. Adios!!! 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


  20. Thank you Aisha and CCs for the message. I have always thought of the Sun as “he” and Gaia the “she” but regardless I am glad our focus has been turned strongly to the sun. A girl friend of mine, who understands little about things going on these days was taking pictures of nature yesterday. At least 5 of her pictures that were “sky” shots or sun shots were loaded with beautiful pink, fuchsia large orbs. She was upset that they messed up her pictures and I was writing asking her for copies!! I am excited about these Samhain days of the thinning veil AND the aid of the sun…

    ALee your post above (further above as I forgot to log in to wordpress and couldn’t post earlier) was wonderful. I couldn’t quite pick out the words but was moved by its inspiration. I went looking for the words and found this video of the same song with the words written. They are powerful and thought I’d share it for those who need to see the words rather than just hear them (like me). If you can post so the pic shows up that would be nice… I don’t know how to!

    Amy I’m holding up “prayers” for hubby and you today. Love, ~Nancee

    1. Dear Nancee! For some reason, the CCs always refer to the Sun as “she”, and I always keep it like that even when I know that there will always be a reaction to it 😉 The picture above was also taken yesterday, and I was guided to include it because it shows some of the colors I see when I look at the Sun, especially the rainbow coloured rays and the purple in the lower right hand corner.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks Aisha… I may have to reconsider my cool visualizing of the sun romancing Earth, male/female energies working together to create or some day maybe the CCs will explain. I did notice the beautiful spectrum of colours in your picture and the “large” purple shape in the corner!! Yesterday I forgot to take my camera with me outdoor! Today I did stop to stare up at the sun with eyes closed and had quite a lovely video run for me of colours and trees (that don’t exist here in CR) behind my eyes. It was quite lovely. ~Nancee

        1. He/She is Duality. Humans are conditioned to think in these terms. Defining & perceiving something through the lens of duality & polarity serves to limit and restrict what that something truly is, or could be, in its entirety.

          As soon as you (a human) define/label something — you LIMIT it. It’s part of the 3D programming to perceive, by limiting.
          So you end up putting it in a human box. Your personal box of perception.

          From higher dimensional perspectives, God/Source/All-That-Is, is not a “he”.
          Gaia is not only a “she”. The Sun is neither simply “she” nor “he”.

          There is some of this “s/he” separation still going on in the 5th Dimensional level. But I do not know if it is still carried on as an experience in the more evolved 6th Dimension of Being.

          Higher than the 6th dimension, duality separation disappears and you now have Androgynous Beings……eg. Angels?

          1. Hello little songbird who sings with words as well as music…

            I loved the Ivy song from previous post (still can’t get in there to comment), and thank you for reminding me of The Lovely Bones. My goodness, what a novel that was. Merging the book and the film was something that helped me release my snobbery about books being better than film. They are simply different mediums of expression. It was quite a realization. Just telling the story using different aspects of creation. Like ALL of us!!

            And I have not forgotten Jenny Logan. I will see that at whatever the perfect time turns out to be.


  21. Been away for what seems like forever, but in linear time it’s been about 2 weeks and was lead to read this today. Thank you! Yes, have been feeling the void as you mentioned in your last update. Funny can’t even seem to spell correctly. Linear almost spelled as “Lineer” as I was hearing it and Feeling…well I almost wrote it as “Pheeling”. Guess ALOT of shifting is happening and the spelling not really that important. Funny too, had a new friend on FB message me and ask to know about me (a guy) I REALLY REALLY couldn’t connected to any of the ego stuff he obviously was asking. Only from the TEACHER within in me the rest just seemed so far way – and just not important or real anymore. Thank you Aisha, as always for creating this space and thank you EVERYONE else for continuing to lift it higher and HIGHER 🙂

    1. Newxonearth – thank you for being a part of this circle and for using your light to help us all fly a little bit higher 🙂 I am having the same problem with words as you, not just when I write, but also when I speak. Think the brain is a bit confused these days 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha. I know this is a year late , but the love is the same – if not MUCH stronger. I just was guided to your reply going this way through my word press page today 😉 Divine Timing 🙂

        1. Dear sister! The LOVE is growing stronger and stronger and stronger , the time does not matter much anymore 🙂 And you “jumping back in time” like this is a perfect example of how everything seems to be coming together in some very new and interesting ways now. Perhaps we are just experiencing the collapsing of the multiple timelines into ONE.
          Aisha ❤

          1. Ah yes…can feel this now. Have strong guidance to accomplish just a few things each day…but they are all (ok most) are inline with Spirit. Collasping into One. Yes, yes…Thank you for this powerful paradigm shift…I guess it was time.

            Blessings and Beauty,

    2. Hello! Good to have you back! Communication is definitely changing. I am reminded of Russell Brand saying “I shall speak in binary.” I find myself saying the wrong words, writing the wrong words, not remembering how to spell words, or even which words I want to use. Telepathy. Bring it on! 10 01 1111

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. 😉 Seems easier these days to just add emocion hearts everywhere ❤ – if I could just figure out how to access them away from FB.

        1. Guess we have to create our own! :3 my kid says that’s a cat face!

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. ≈:() i made that one … Mohawk Frog … love cats too 😀

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. Guided to this conversation today. Didn’t even know I could access this here. Just saying hi and sending love.

      3. Hi, Thank you! Pretty sure I replied to you today, but if I didn’t I just wanted to say that for whatever reason I was Divinely guided on how to access the comments from Aisha’s page on my word press page. I truly didn’t know. Thank you for your kind words and hope you are having a beautiful day.

  22. i am just going to brazenly copy this in here…
    it came across my radar a second time (i’ve learned not to ignore such things)…
    plus it has everything to do with the very metaphorical morning i just had (which i shall compose now and post momentarily)…

    Channeled on 10/29

    From: God

    Restoring your faith is not really building something new. It is restoring something very old. Before you were born you knew Me. In between your lives you always go with Me. We have always been together. We have always been as One.

    This is why I keep telling you to remember Me. Not discover Me; although it certainly seems that way to you now. Ascension in not really a process of discovery. You are not finding anything new. You are recovering that which you already have. Your knowledge is restored. That which you allowed yourself to forget is recovered.

    You fell; but, now you stand again.

    You lost your Way; but, now you find it.

    To find Me is to find your Way. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light.

    When you walk in the Light you walk with Me. When you seek Truth, you seek Me.

    And, in Truth, you don’t need to seek Me; because you already have Me. You don’t need to find Me, because I AM with you. You only need to recognize that which has always been there. You need to remember what you forgot.

    You don’t need to panic; I AM not far away. There is no away. There is only Me. There is only My Light. There is only My Ever-Present Light.

    My Light is here. My Love is now. My Love is yours; but, not for you alone. My Love is for all. My Light is for everything. My Love is for everyone, everywhere.

    You forgot Me and so you felt alone. Now you are beginning to remember Me and to recognize that alone never was. Alone is an illusion. Apart is an illusion.

    Oneness is Truth.

    My Love is Truth.

    You thought that you needed to find Me; but, you never really lost Me. I cannot be lost. But, you can forget what you have. Just as you can forget the watch on your wrist you can forget Me. Just as you can get so used to not listening to your heartbeat that it can catch you by surprise when you do hear it; so it is with Me and My Voice.

    My Voice has always been with you. I have always whispered My Words of Love to your heart. I have always been guiding you. I have always been leading you. But, you forgot. You got used to listening to the voices of the world. You listened to your parents. You listened to teachers at church and at school. You listened to your intellect and to the voice of doubt, which you imagined to be wisdom and reason; but, the voice of your intellect has always been limited. The powers of your intellect have always been finite.

    Your forgot to listen to the Infinite. You forgot that you had Me to listen to. You tried to be wise instead of listening to My Wisdom.

    And, it’s alright. Child, Do not take My Words as criticism, they are not. I do not criticize you. I understand. You sometimes read criticism into My Words, but that is just because you are so used to criticism. I speak Truth in order to free you from untruth. I point out where you have erred so that you may correct your course. But, I do not criticize you even as I point out your folly. My Children are prone to folly. It is OK. You are allowed to make mistakes. Children are allowed to be foolish. But, for your own sake, learn from the pain that folly brings and grow in wisdom. Do not cling to folly once it is revealed as such. For the sake of your own happiness let folly go.

    To cling to fear and doubt is to cling to folly. I will not hurt you, Child. I am not the voice of madness. You are not going insane. You know Me. You know who I AM. You know that My Love is real. Remember Me. Remember that I love you. Remember that you are My Child. Remember that you are more than just your body. You are Eternal Light. You are a Being of The Light. You are an Angel of Heaven. You are not only mortal.

    The mortal part of you is the least part of you. Your body is a beautiful gift, but you are not your body. You are My Child. You are My Beloved.

    You know Me. You have always known Me. Now, remember Me.

    Remember Me.

    Remember yourself.

    Remember My Love.

    Remember who and what you truly are.

    Let go of illusion.

    Let go of your hold on the physical.

    Let go of thinking that the world is the truth. The physical world is not the truth. I AM the Truth.

    I AM.


    Discuss this channeled message on the new Heart Song Meditation forums: http://heartsongmeditation.freeforums.org/channeled-on-10-29-t49.html

    Your thoughts and feelings matter! Please share.

    1. Hi AH… over all I liked the above message but recognized its delivery style from my ol’ Pentecostal days. “My Child” was a common phrase when I ‘channeled’ back then. It’s having an interesting effect on me right now as a lot that I have “forgotten” was what I pushed aside in order to get from under the control of the religion I was in. People comment to me that I’m growing and inside that hits strangely. I am no where near in many ways the level of ‘spiritual knowing’ that I had back then. So this message calls to me in a bit of an interesting ways. How to open up that door I slammed closed when I left the church? Gotta run… maybe will blog on this too 🙂 ~Nancee

      1. Yes, my friend. Please do blog about it. I think you said when you first told us about your blog that you might include some of your feelings about your experiences in your church. Possibpy you did not slam the door or God, but on the way he was presented to you… Love you! 🙂

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Hi AH… just in case I communicated that I slammed the door on “God” please know I did no such thing. I guess it will take a blog entry of my own to explain what I mean. After 19 intense years of adult involvement it was a ‘scary’ step into the freedom of living outside my ‘box’ and I closed the door tightly on all that was familiar at the time to explore life (and guilt free dancing) outside. I left behind my focus on creating ‘miracles’ (stopping the rain, healing) etc to explore life. I learned to laugh!! I’m not complaining just thinking maybe I locked out some precious things too. I will try to blog 🙂 ~Nancee

          1. I look forward to it… I have no idea what that was like for you. I feel your strong shining spirit. Love to you…

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


  23. With you with much love and comfort, Amy and Breeze. Know you are always loved. Love and comfort to all of us through this beautiful connection.. Thank you Aisha for bringing us together so that we know we are One. Love, Jean

  24. This msg Aisha and everyone is what I was telling myself last night just to try and keep on keeping on. As the day wore on yesterday, I felt worse and worse. By the time I got home I had massive headache, pain in uterine area, nausea, diarrea, heart palpitations and my right arm was hurting really bad (I think its tendonitis or something – its been like this for a couple weeks now), & stuffy head & eye pain. It was horrible to say the least. I ate and went right to bed with a cold washcloth on my head. I prayed. My Dad came thru and there was his comfort as well as another comfort different from what I have felt in the past. I was glad it was there yet it was barely enough. I also tried to just Be in the Pond and let go of everything and chant ‘I Am Love, You Are Love’ over and over with in and out breaths and I think this is how i finally fell asleep. I am just getting by this morning. I also heard from my twin flame, Robert, and he was in the hospital (in Florida – Ormand Beach area). The Drs told him his lower heart area was dead/black area/totally damaged – that he must have had a pretty bad heart attack at some point and did not know of it. They said he may live approx 2 yrs before suffering a massive heart attack that will prob kill him. He and I are One so when one is down, the other feels it (been this way since our meeting 23 yrs ago). My ills could be related to this or the Sun or most likely both. I honestly did not think I would ever feel that bad again. Scary and not for the faint of heart. Building up from All I Truly Am once again,,, Areeza XO to all (and big Hugs to Amy and her Hubby today!)

    1. Love and light to you Breeze
      I am struggling too. Feeling frustrated about it since just a short time ago I was feeling amazing. All my usual tricks to reset and rebalance are very short lived :$. And I feel my intuition has left me not knowing how to proceed. The thought it will shift soon is no longer helping as every day I wake up- or wake in the night to the same energies.

      1. Ah ha! Veronica, too.

        B A B L V

        Be able in victory.

        (I swear this is not coming from just me…)

      2. (((♥))) huuuuuuuging you, Veronica (I just read the other day that “a twenty second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin, which is nature’s anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatment”) 🙂 😀 😉 (thank you, Anna Helen, for that cute little progression of emoticons!)

        1. Thank you Janis, beautiful butterfly! I feel the love and it is already easing the ache. Hugs back to you 🙂

      3. Veronica – so sorry we are in the same boat.. but glad too that we are here for each other!! I appreciate your Love and Light big time! – and so glad I am not alone for I know I could not handle this anymore on my own. Love and Peace All, Areeza

    2. My friend Bev walked down early this morning and played me this song. She has been listening to it every day for a little while and thought I wouls appreciate it. Yes!! I was going to show her how to post it on the pond, but it didn’t work out at the time. I said “No worries. Someone will need it sometime today and I throw it in there for you then.”

      🙂 😀 😉

      So from Bev to Anna and Breeze with Love. B A B L. What does that sound like?

      Be able.

      1. Thank you Aisha and everyone! I was nervous how i could even handle this morning’s mail run – 3 hrs on the road loading/unloading – but I am better right now and so grateful for it! I want to share that how I knew my Dad helped out last night was a song he used to sing when I was small. I had not thought of it in years. http://www.thebards.net/music/lyrics/An_Irish_Lullaby.shtml
        So sweet ! I feel closer to him now than when he was alive. We take what blessings we receive and go on from there. Love, Areeza

      1. Thank you Philip! This man and I are so connected. I am trying not to be totally devastated. This news follows news of my mothers leaving on Saturday. Also my boyfriends mom (my second mom) got similar news last month re her own heart condition. I want to tell you that Robert, my twin, helped carry me from room to room when we first met – I was so sick with Lymes. Finally someone came to my rescue! We realized instantly how much alike we were. We even had the same furniture!…and it was an odd pattern and his looked out of place in his LR. My house was all victorian and so was the furniture. So interesting. So many great memories we share and when he told me the news last night all i saw were continuous flashes of our times together. I had to hide it from my boyfriend – my true devastation – for he def. would not understand. He is my sweetie too and its hard to explain but it is better Robert and I did not get together as a couple. Both of us know it and we are never apart really. Love to U Philip this day, Areeza

  25. Believe it or not, I am not feeling a particular song from reading this missive. I sent this one to JJ the other day. He said he loved it and I should post it on the pond. Honestly, I have not even listened to it. So I am trusting it is somehow appropriate.

    I do get a very very good feeling from this message, Aisha. And I thank you once again for everything you do.

    Love to you and your family.


  26. Aisha, I do not have the opportunity to read this right now, because I must get all I have to get done prior to leaving for the hospital. I wrote an aritlce last night about an episode from my life, that clearly reveals, when we are AWARE of what is going on in our lives, we can work as the Creators we are, side by side with All There Is. Also, I clearly showed how it was a constant choice for me, fear or Love, the entire time I was being “tested”.

    May the events of my Life Bless all those that read my words, and may they serve the reader an opportunity to become more AWARE in their own lives. I also left a comment on the previous missive, not knowing this would be posted, if any of you would like to read what I wrote there. It should be one of the last ones. Time is crunching right now…..so I don’t have a link for that.


    I have to be out of this house in one hour. What I have to do in that time………I SHALL control Time. A deep breath…….a calm knowing, and here we go.

    Love is at the wheel in helm today. All is Well. And how I do so Love you. I shall be back after hub’s surgery to write how everything went.

    With All my Love and deepest Gratitude, Amy

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