The manuscript of survival – part 366

As we have already stated, much is about to speed up now, as these incoming fluxes of transformational energy will blast through any barriers still intact after this long period of ceaseless hammering. In other words, the light will once again come in a big wave, all set to smother any resistance that might still be apparent here and there. This might sound a bit on the heavy side, but again, let us just remind you all that this will be light, and as such, the force that it carries within is simply the force of change. And change for the better, we may add. So even if some of you might feel this as a veritable onslaught, and indeed, all those still set on maintaining status quo will feel it as more than that, then what all this will do, is to liberate you from any set notion of what has been and change your sight onto what will be. We speak in parables as usual, but please believe us when we say that any so-called ”negative impact” from all of this will only serve to remove any hindrances for the light. In other words, remember what we have told you recently, that the concept of chaos, no matter how hard ingrained it is in you that this should have a negative connotation, this time, we advise you all to embrace any chaos that may ensue with open arms.

For this is all about creating the NEW, and in order to do just that, everything old needs to be completely dismantled. So even if you find your own personal life seemingly falling apart at the seams, know that this is not in order to make YOU fall apart, this is simply in order to enable you to reconnect yourself in way that will sustain not only you, but this whole world. And that goes for all, no matter who or where, big or small, macro or micro. Chaos is not what is has been labelled as by your so-called world leaders. They will equate it to a complete dismissal of everything that has held them aloft for ages, and rightly so. For this time any chaos will indeed serve to undermine the rotten foundation which they have build their whole existence upon. But you will know that this will also signal the resurrection of the NEW, the rebuilding of that old paradise that used to be YOU, and that used to be this planet. For this is only to remove the hindrances to this renewal, and even if this will equal total annihilation of ideas that many of your brethren have held for sacred, you will know that what they will get instead, is more sacred than anything they could ever have made up with their old and inhibited minds.

For this time, chaos will serve to set you free, not imprison you, as so many of your leaders seems to think. So again we say, stay tuned to the channels that will serve to broadcast the good news that will abound, and stay away from those that will try to engender fear and negativity. For they will indeed be many, make no mistake, but the more you are able to tune into the channel of truth you all can hear within, the more you will be able to weather out any storm that may come and threaten to toss your existence into seemingly chaos too. For remember, whatever may come, comes at the behest of the light, and it is here to serve the light, and through that, serve you and this amazing, resilient planet you all live on. For something must fall in order for truth to rise, so do not become frightened if you find yourself on your knees from time to time. For you will not be brought down, dear ones, no matter how hard the wind will blow around your ears, you will simply be asked to release the hold on the old and step up and into the new, but for a short period of time, this might make you more than a little bit wobbly. So fear not, as you are all well protected, and indeed, looked after in every way, and if you do find yourself faltering, simply remember to ask for help in keeping your balance.

For we will be there at your side at all times, and even if you find yourself as if trapped within a dark corridor, there are a multitude of doors waiting to be thrown open at any time, leading you all into freedom. Again we speak in parables, but let us just end this missive by saying that you will all be closely guided through this next phase, and if you at any time feel alone or out of balance, simply ask for help, and help will arrive in a multitude of ways even before you have finished wording your pleas. So again we say know that all is well, and you are exactly where you are meant to be. And if a sudden urge to relocate may arise, as always, follow your inner guidance and know that the voice you hear within is far, far more reliable than any cry of panic that might reach your ears from any outside source.

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    1. What a perfect song!
      All so good, but this was
      my favorite line “you made me forget myself…”
      Thanks Otmn
      thanks Lou

      Did you notice the date it was recorded?
      AION Opening comes in the 22/23 this year
      11 years later to the perfect day

  1. thought you ‘All’ may BE interested that a X2 class solar flare was just released from the sun…( & also very interesting, just below this an article – information obtained from the recent weather balloon that was sent into earth’s atmosphere….note the LCD reading of radiation…. 3.7 ! ‘ever so interesting’ !…..LOve, Bev~

  2. X-FLARE! Earth orbiting satellites have just detected another strong solar flare, this one from departing sunspot AR1875. The blast, which peaked on Oct. 29th at approximately 2148 UT (02:48 PDT), measured X2 on the Richter Scale of Solar Flares.

    Fusillade… 🙂

  3. oops I didn’t realize I posted a whole series of videos
    every time one ends another begins
    I didn’t sit through all of them either


    Samain or Samuin was the name of the feis or festival marking the beginning of winter in Gaelic Ireland. It is attested in some of the earliest Old Irish literature, from the 10th century onward. It was one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals: Samhain (~1 November), Imbolc (~1 February), Beltane (~1 May) and Lughnasadh (~1 August). Samhain and Beltane, at the witherward side of the year from each other, are thought to have been the most important. Sir James George Frazer wrote in The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion that 1 May and 1 November are of little importance to European crop-growers, but of great importance to herdsmen. It is at the beginning of summer that cattle is driven to the upland summer pastures and the beginning of winter that they are led back. Thus, Frazer suggests that halving the year at 1 May and 1 November dates from a time when the Celts were mainly a pastoral people, dependent on their herds.[12] In medieval Ireland the festival marked the end of the season for trade and warfare and was an ideal date for tribal gatherings. These gatherings are a popular setting for early Irish tales.[13]

    This and m class solar flares.

    Solar Eclipse on the 3rd

    the end of daylight saving time [which i think is a dumb idea]
    the gathering

    hold on tight, honey!
    or just let go completely

    1. Did you do that on purpose?
      “This video does not exist.”
      Guess this honey let go completely…
      I highly recommend it.
      thanks man

        1. More than I know, I can tell you that…

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  5. Marko,

    I watched the video. It seems very real and not at all bogus. I do not have any medical teams at the moment to confer with as explained in the above posting to Breeze.

    I can tell you about my experience working with Sirian and Andromedan medical teams:

    First of all – contrary to what people think – they cannot cure everything. What they excel at is finding disease – when it is in its very early stage. They have little portable machines which are similar to our CTs only without the radiation. They can pick up cancer when it is still in the cellular stage. They surround the cells or tumor with some sort of energy and cut off its food source. They did the same thing with uterine fibroids. Over 4 months, they shrunk them. No surgery. No needles. No chemicals. If the cancer has spread throughout the body to the lymphatic system or to the organs, it is not always possible to cure the patient. They are very against chemotherapy which they say poisons the body. They are also against radiation of any kind. In addition, they can treat the body energetically to balance the vital force. They can get read outs from our blood and urine without any invasive tests. They can get read outs on bones and tissue with their scanners. Kind of like Star Trek. They must see the patient. They cannot examine him or her from far away. The only thing they can do is some healing to strengthen the chi – similar to Reiki.

    The Andromedans brought homeopathy to earth and use it frequently in helping to cure illnesses. I was taught a slightly different system using 24C potencies. They are not against some human allopathic medicines such as antibiotics, insulin or anti-venoms. They are not for many long term meds which suppress symptoms.

    There are clinics in Israel which use ET energetic technology to cure addictions – sugar, smoking and gluten. 80% success rate.

    During ET treatments, no conventional anesthesia is used. They use healing “waves” which make you feel totally relaxed and pain free. You are “awake” (like in the video) but are kind of out of it. You do NOT want to come down afterwards!

    Right now, we are still on stand-by. I was given their word that the teams will come back to work. That’s pretty much all I have right now.


    1. Im so confused… so the ET’s shrunk ‘human fibroids’ or are u saying they do this for themselves ? I am thinking they dont get fibroids. lol. anways… above u said: “Since last December, there have only been security and communication crews around. The other teams were moved back and up until the clean up is completed. Before that, they were working primarily as observers in hospitals – getting to know humans better.” sorry… just not clear to me. Either way, not it time to help me before surgery and I have been asking for help for 10 yrs with this issue and heart and thyroid too. I dont like taking meds daily.. tried a few times to be without them… did not go well. Being who I Am, this planet’s harsh energies have taken a toll on a sensitive such as myself – this I learned to live with being I am still human – but just dont know for how much longer. My Light Body – yes infallible! Thanks, With Love, Areeza

  6. Breeze,
    The Galactic Federation of Light is a massive planetary organization. Within this body, there are many different departments. So, not all the guides have medical knowledge just like not all humans are doctors.
    Not all the planets have human-doctors either. Don’t forget that human medicine is a specialty just like veterinary medicine or pediatrics is for us. Each planet’s inhabitants have their own anatomy and physiology. Andromedans are different from Sirians.

    Since last December, there have only been security and communication crews around. The other teams were moved back and up until the clean up is completed. Before that, they were working primarily as observers in hospitals – getting to know humans better. I don’t know about other countries. In Israel, humans began to work in coordination with them in clinical settings from the 1990’s.


    1. Thanks Susan. I thought u had said ‘they’ could clear up Fibroids, etc… guess not yet. I know they are busy, etc. But we on the ground forces need relief/restoration as they know. It has become quite a chore at times to keep up with our commitments here with the human physical/mental/emotional issues to deal with. Committed as I am, I know I wont go too many more yrs in this body unless it gets some real modification to my benefit 🙂 and that will be my choice of course. I feel about 2 yrs overdue as I write this. Love, Areeza

  7. Dear Aisha,
    How bright your light is shining. Your intensive labour bring so much to us all. My heart goes out to you in gratitude. My thoughts and prayers often go out to your father as well. How is he faring? I so hope his recovery is going smoothly?
    Love, Joy

      1. Dear Joy and Bev! Thank you both for your beautiful words and your prayers 🙂 My father is still waiting for the fracture in his hip to heal completely so they can replace his old hip replacement. Fortunately, he is well enough to be at home and he can move around a bit using crutches, so he is doing OK all things considered. He has an appointment with his orthopedist next week, and we are hoping for some good news then.
        Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

        1. Dear sisters! I just spoke to my father this morning, and he was profoundly touched by your love, and I send SO much love in return from my whole family 🙂
          With gratitude, Aisha

  8. Ha. It was 1:11 just as I opened this reply box.

    I need to express/share something I just experienced. I need to expel it and it is a excellent example of the light shining on any old “stuff” that needs to be shed.

    I am getting dressed to go to the bank. I am in a kind of daze, letting my mind wander. Suddenly I sort of “snap to” and see myself in the mirror. I gasp. WTF. My hair is all done in a big, sexy “do.” I have on lipstick!!!! I am in the process of creating that “smoky eye” look. I have painted myself up. Now, I do not think there is anything wrong with make-up. It can be very empowering. But it is no longer ME.

    I review the thoughts that had been swarming in my head. “Wear push up bra. Tight shirt. Tight jeans. Boots with heels. Be sure you look really good for this man. (Of course I imagine the bank manager as male, not female. Gah!) Be prepared to be really “nice” for this man. Do you what you gotta do to save your house.” And then this thought, dear dear god, was the one that made me “snap to.”

    “You may have to even offer yourself to this man to get what you need.”

    Have mercy. I was dumbfounded. This is something I wouldn’t do, but the thought was there, nonetheless. My daughter even asked me why I looked like a hooker.

    So I wipe off the make-up. Put my hair up in my regular utilitarian pony tail. Throw on my “Luck in a Pint” Lifeblood t-shirt, which is loose and grey and so comfortable. I slip on my favorite clogs.

    And I head out the door to see what happens when the real ME approaches the situation with honesty, trust and love.

    Chaos brings reflection and creates truth.

    Love to all,

    1. Make us Proud sweet ALee !….Shine your True Light !!! We All LOve & support the Real You !…….wishing you a wonderful & positive meeting !
      LOve, Bev~

    2. Oh, AH, so much “deep repressed stuff” we didn’t even know was there, is coming up to the Light. So much old programming, and even if it doesn’t feel like yours, you are feeling the cosmic consciousness. Letting go and releasing all this old stuff is what we ALL are doing.

      I have chosen to stop coloring my hair, even with the henna. I am allowing my greys to be seen. Me. No more coverups!!!! And this too is GOOD!

      Love you! Amy

    3. Wonder of wonders!!! It all came together.

      The woman (!) who helped me was named Lin(da). As soon as I said my name, she asked, “Did you call me about this yesterday? You seem awfully familiar.” Hehehe. She went to put my account in the computer and it didn’t work for some reason. Hehehe. She said, “Let’s try your social security number.” Then a frown. “Did your last name used to be Hampson? (yes) I swear I know you from somewhere.” Hehehe. “I show here an old savings account that is marked ‘E’. This means they are just about to close the account. This has been here for years. I can’t believe they haven’t closed it yet. How strange.” Hehehe. “Hm. Well there is several hundred dollars in here. It appears WE owe YOU some money. What a godsend!” Everybody now, hehehe.

      THEN she removes some service charges that had been applied due to overdrafts in the last week. “Hold on, angel (!), I’ll go check with my manager and see if we can do anything else for you. Though it’s doubtful.” A few minutes later… “Well Joy (!) must be in a good mood today. She approved the forgiveness (!) of some of your other fees here.” Hehehe.

      “We all set now, angel? You come back anytime. I am here to help.”

      thank you god
      Life is…

      And I remembered to breathe…

      Love to all ❤ ❤ ❤
      thanks for your love and light…

      1. ALee what a wonderful account of the trip to the bank… starting at your look in the mirror. Wow!!! This is so encouraging. (Though I’m not sure what the actual outcome was about your house?) The rest sounded firmly rooted in CREATING from chaos to me!! ~Nancee

        1. Oh. Well this means I have enough money to pay at least one month’s mortgage, so they will not put the house in foreclosure. Next month? Well, we’ll let that take care of itself…. 🙂 😀 😉

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      2. That´s incredible Anna Helen!!!!! How utmost amazing!!!! The stuff works (as I think you would say 😉

        So glad and my love runneth over :)))))


        1. It is really true! When you let go of control, peace is returned. Love you, B. 🙂 😀 😉

          And U 2, Bev!!! I love how all of our special numbers are really showing their meaning even more now. 🙂

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        1. Thanks! I feel like it was a nice play of the ALL. 🙂

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  9. St. Germain – Wake Up Call – through Nancy Tate
    28th October 2013

    I am here today to instill within you a thought that may or may not be of value to you. It is the thought that you are worth more than you feel you are, no matter what you feel about that now. It is a matter of being in the space that tells you that you are profound and capable of so much more than you can imagine. You are only now opening up to the boundlessness that you possess.

    It is a knowledge within the egos of humanity that you are capable of doing so much, and yet your ego also carries the boundaries that keep you confined within the walls that are in place from the energies of those who seek to bring dominance into their lives. There is one thing that they count on and that is that they are more capable than anyone else to attain and bring about untold wealth and power. That, my dear family, is what speaks of the ego within them, the inward ideas that they could do more if only they knew how.

    That is what keeps them at the rim of bringing trouble into their lives and keeps them from letting go of needing to be better and more wealthy, more powerful and on top of it all. That, my dears as you know, is what can lead to their downfall, in their eyes. For they feel that if they do not succeed then they are not better and more worthy.

    This is where the truth of Love comes in. This is where when you send them Love it is more powerful than any amount of control they think they have over you, or the situation. When you send them Love and consideration of their ego, then they have no ground upon which to fight back, because there is no fight on your part. When you stand in your love, you stand in the power that does not push, or resist. It is free flowing and allows the movement of that which is loved, while at the same time it does not draw the resistance that ego brings forth. Love is an energy that is totally free and open and there is nothing within it that anything can hold onto. It is a continual movement of energy that invites no criticism and no boundaries. It is a voice of existence that is complete within itself, and that creates existence.

    Do you see what it is that brings about the boundaries and resistance that some send forth and create? It is their lack of the purity of Love that could set them free. With the Love that they are created in they could have untold wealth. They would never experience the fear-based idea that they must push against anyone in order to be above, or better than the others. With Love there can be continual freedom and creativity to manifest anything that is desired and intended. It is the most powerful energy, for it is the beginning of creation that was born in the energy of Love.

    I bring this reminder to you today for I feel that this is a gift of Love that I bring to you in conversation so that we can feel a more resonant existence with all of humanity. As we do this and walk in the power of Love, we will know the truth of the Creator. That is what is in the totality of the All and since you/we are all part of the All, we are the Oneness of each other in our individual expression. So as the issues surface on earth and all of the ideas of the ones who are ‘less than’ and’ more than’ come into manifestation see the power that is behind each issue and how it is brought forward to be released and given the freedom to be what it desires and intends in the original energy of its existence.

    I am St. Germain here with you through this one again, and I do so much enjoy being here with all of you. It is indeed a joy for me to dance amoung the sisters and brothers that you all are. Shall we give this all a welcome celebration as it comes to the openness that is destined for the All?! I am on the dance floor with open arms and heart, encouraging you all to be my dance partners through the coming steps of joy, peace and Love.

    Thank you dear St. Germain,
    Love, Nancy Tate

    1. LOve it !!!……..Thank You as ‘One’ sharing this with us as ‘Oneness’ I LOve All our uniqueness & when we can come Together Sharing so beautifully in Unison….it is so Grand !!!……..LOve, Bev~

      1. Yes,,,DITTO,,,and how this msg fits! Was happy to share. I’m in a bit of an odd space today – neither here nor there – but just hovering on air 🙂 Its All good – well some difficulty in just finding out that my mother will be leaving this Saturday for Niagara Falls – my family has not been keeping me in the loop for some reason (last i heard it was after Thanksgiving she would be going) so i have to yet adjust to another thing that could throw me for a loop. Mom will be taken care of (dementia is worse – she needs daily care – going to live with nephew and family). This one will take a bit on my end. I had offered to live with my parents a few yrs ago and no one liked the idea – at that time they were not in too bad of health but I saw into the future. My nephew got them to buy him and his wife a house in Niagara. I did not realize this – thought he only got closing costs, etc. My sister, his mother is the executrix and POA for Mom. Has caused ‘issues’ that I am working thru. She has caused me much grief for even borrowing a little money. Anyways, I would have loved to take care of Mom – keep her here – but no one bought me a house so i have to work daily. Sister seems to want Mom ‘away’ so she does not have to deal with it. It will Be Ok. Thanks for listening to my latest. Life Is…..XO

        1. Life sure can throw us some bad apples….& why, hard to know or understand….& often we never do….but thru history many great women & men were built strong from adversity…I know this probably doesn’t help much now, but You have strength & determination & truly have gotten yourself thru to this point…I know….so much to let go of & move past…but know you aren’t alone in these struggles & in truth there are way more others out there with bigger struggles…try to keep this grander perspective…& faith with positive thinking is always your handiest & sharpest tool !….& my ears are here for you ! Did you know that ‘BEE’s are nature’s most valuable pollinator !…thru them nature keeps the necessary rhythm, flow & balance ! They work behind the scenes, & are often silent & unappreciated…but they keep on, no matter what, doing what needs to BE done, working hard everyday, staying devoted in their bond with Mother-Earth ! Although seemingly neglected, Mother knows ‘They are the True Shining Jewels of Nature’, & that’s why ‘BEE’ is a most fitting name for you ! Have a glorious evening……..LOve, Bev~

  10. Today we visited a place between Verdun and Sedan in Lothringen ( France ) Millions of soldiers died there in combats, one hundred years ago. Footsoldiers like us. We are exact were we have to be. I am in Belgium now. The winds blew hard the last days. Tomorrow Netherlands, visiting friends near Nijmegen. Next sunday is the seventh gathering. Then back in Germoney after six weeks in our old submarine bus. Thank god the cat is out.
    Give Chaos a chance!

  11. “Greetings Love Beings, We are 5 Days Away from Our Next Eclipse which will arrive with Intensity for us on top of our Intensity from the Sun! You Can Anticipate November is going to be exciting!
    If you’re feeling a little wired/exhausted/emotional/on edge, the Sun has released 3 X Class Solar Flares since Friday. October has been one of the most active Solar months in years with 22 M Class Solar Flares so far.”

    1. Thanks sweet BEE……I know, we are in for some interesting things to come our way……& the word ‘Way’ as in ‘Ya-Way’ will have significance for us All !
      LOve, Bev~

      1. Breeze, and Bev…….I know all about it. Interesting you should say, Bev, “Ya-Way”. I know of Whom you are referring to. The Way, The Life, and the Truth………

        I don’t know about you guys, IAM truly ready for some CALM. Today has been calm. I can breathe again. Ya never know what tomorrow shall bring, so I grab all the gusto I can, while I can! (smile)


        1. Prayers for your Hubby tomorrow Lady Love ! Let us know how he manages with the hernia surgery. Love 2 U both, Areeza

          1. Thank You Amy !…my sixth sense feels a change coming….~ &
            Yes !….sending Loving Healing Prayers for an uncomplicated & successful surgery for your hubby !……….LOve, Bev~

          2. Thank you so much! Both Forest And Breeze…..Bless you! There had been complete chaos and now today peace. Real Peace. I felt nervousness earlier today and had to speak to self, no! All is Perfectly Aligned with Love! And so IT IS!!!

            With so Much Love, Amy

            1. Amy!

              I understand that I have missed that your spouse will have surgery soon. I pray for you both that everything gets to the very best.

              Much love,


  12. Sun_of_Good/God (came to me that name for u), I ‘sense’ my consciousness coming and going from front to back in my mind lately. I have to keep bringing it forward to bring focus back to drive, etc. well actually i seem to be on auto pilot with ‘tasks’ but it can get a bit disconcerting when i realize i am someplace in the background. lol. Love 2 U

  13. daaaaanng. yesterday: atoms flying apart. today: a new type of void. i really feel like i’m not here. don’t know how i could/will function. SO glad work (job) is slow today and i don’t have to go in! think all i can do is lay in bed and breath. but at least i don’t feel bad in any way… just heavily void-ish! ana

    1. guess i’ll delay ‘jumping into life’ AGAIN 😉

      geeze, so weird to balance and distinguish exactly what you can create versus so many other times you just Need to go with the flow, like… ok, i guess i’m doing this now (resting)–not what i want to do. but you just have to accept it and hope tomorrow is better…. ana

      1. Take it as it come, Ana. Yesterday I was blown to kingdom come. Today I have real peace. And back in Flow. Some days I don’t know where I am or I have NO connection to anything. Today I feel such LOVE and connection to all, and this morning where I went, I laughed and talked a mile a minute and got people smiling and laughing as well. Cool.

        Easy does it, Sister. If you had spoken to me yesterday, you would have found me balling my eyes out, questioning my sanity, and asking if what I do even is worth anything. Blown wide open. And today put back together like new and Improved!!!

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Tide in, tide out… Pull and push of the moon… Nature’s cycle of life…

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    2. daaaaanng 2. I am noticing 5 a’s here. (not to mention 2 n’s) Which Bev just pointed out is the number of healing. There are 4 a’s in our combined names. Let’s allow the BIG A number ONE in to this creative void to strip away all remaining bullshit (excuse please) and we shall be free.

          1. You are welcome, EL! Anytime! Did you read my Lucy stunt from yesterday…..hehehehehehe OMG! Honestly, I heard “LUCY!” in my head. giggle………

            Off to make body butters. Have to figure out which FO I want to add this time! FUN!!!!!!!!!

            MUAH! LU

    3. Kindof what I just answered to Sun_of. that i felt my consciousness going from front to back in my mind. Not all there for sure – in front anyways. wants to sleep in the background. wish i could be home in bed. I feel Ok though. Story: Yesterday as I stopped to get gas – this Indian gentleman who served the gas asked me something at first it did not understand. I finally got that he was asking ‘school?’ ‘school?’ then ‘teacher?’. I said no – I am a banker – he said oh how nice – I said , well I am in the background – not front lines. Then as i pulled away, i realized “yes, I Am a teacher and he realized it!”

  14. After the chemo was done at the hospital, we went to the elevators in order to leave. The treatment area is on the 8th floor. We were waiting for the elevators, there are 4 of them, ( you can watch and see on which floor they are as they go up or down) when Vive goes “look daddy, the elevators: they are on 5”. And I looked, and they were ALL ON 5….
    It said: 5 5 5 5 !!!!
    I just couldn’t believe it. What a sign.

    One more thing. In the car on the highway, we saw at the same place as a couple of days ago, what looked like the same 2 hawks in the sky, hovering side by side, in the same part of the sky!

    Love to you all,

      1. hey JJ….the ‘5’s got me curious so I went on a little internet search & if you care to do as well, you’ll see that repeating numbers can hold many different meanings, so you must connect to the one that speaks to you !! but in general most agree it is a number symbolizing change & you must stay close & connected to your spirit guides as they are by your side & will assist you thru it, but you must choose it ! For me it has always been a # of Healing & Harmony as the intended part of creation !……..but in my search, my curious mind found this statement, & thought it seemed to suit you & Vive…………..
        “Numerical value of the Hebrew letter He (the Not-Me) representing the passive principle by excellence. This letter represents, according to Charrot, “a solar ray pouring on the earth its beneficial rain of life” and it symbolizes the universal life, the breath of the man, the air, the spirit, the soul, all what is stimulating and vivifying.”

        Vivifying….how interesting !……….LOve, BEv~

  15. Dear all,
    This morning I had a vision when I sent Vive Blue-Energy just before she had to go for her final chemo-day.
    I started sending her Blue-Energy, but it also felt like Trinity-Energy, probably because ALee and I are so very connected. I feel more connected with her since yesterday evening, the TwinFlame connection became Very strong.
    Anyway, I started seeing Vive in a vision.
    She was lying in the middle of the Pond, curled up like a baby in the womb. The Pond was the womb. All of you were standing on the banks of the Pond, all around the Pond, and all of you formed Trinities with eachother on the other side. So many Trinities were there that a huge star-like shape could be seen (and formed). In the centre of this Star was Vive. Remember her name means Live or Life. For some reason ALee (LL) and I were hovering above the Pond again.
    So at one point, Vive starts to waken, and she rises, all healthy and well, 2 legs, and smiling. 2 sets of wings form at the back of her body, and she slowly rises Above the Pond. It was awesome…..

    1. Wondrous, my love. All gather around you now. All are in this together. What a loving and glorious thing to behold.

  16. Lovely message again Aisha gratitude to you.

    Much love to all the creators and co-creators in the Pond… so that’s all of us then! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Joyfully, Philip

  17. Dear friends!

    Once again, I draw parallels between us and our computers. To ensure that the saved backup is purified from viruses to function fully in a new version. It takes a lot of fixing, downloads and reboots before everything works and how can I be sure that it will all work when I start the boot recovery process that is “blowing” the whole computer? Well – the trust was completely this time too and my creating power seems to work;)

    Recalling me a story “A moonlight tale” I wrote at the beginning of my recent “boot recovery” for many years ago about the insanity of how we live, climbing the career ladders, poisoning ourselves and Mother Earth with nuclear power, can not be bothered with our fellow human beings who fall of the stick and run ourselves into the ground. There were computer recovery CDs also;)

    Thanks Alex for an amazing message that went straight to my heart. My answer is YES, YES, YES – it’s time NOW!

    Thanks also to Susan and Forest Joy for appreciated messages.

    All my love to you all,


    1. I like this parallel with the computer. I have the same sense of it all as my Kindle “malfunctions.”

      It always shows me when I am forcing or blocking something. 🙂

      And yes, it all comes down to trust.

      Thanks, B


  18. Lin – You are SO welcome. Believe me. I don’t do this for any other reason except I was put here on earth to DO. This isn’t rocket science. Just reporting the facts.

    With infinite love and gratitude,


  19. For you, may main man JayJay…

    The song is by my most treasure Evanescence, who played a major role in keeping me alive so I could meet you in this lifetime.


      1. Haha! There must be something about this version we are supposed to see that is not in the first one…

        In flow…
        riding the magnet…

        1. LOL!!!!!
          This one shows her smacking him upside the head when he doesn’t get “I See You” at first, and the other one does not.
          luv U

      2. My most favourite movie of All time !….there are so many spiritual messages revealing the secrets, the purity & magic of creation imbedded in this film….sooooo glorious !…….thanks for posting this snip….LOve, Bev~

    1. yep yep yep. ABSOLUTELY!!! Exclamation points into infinity. THANK YOU, SUSAN, FOR THIS LOVELY, LOVELY, UPLIFTING MESSAGE. 🙂

  20. I must say that I do not think that about the creation of life.

    I think WE can “interfere” with Creation’s plan if we don’t “get out of the way.” I have done that many times. It’s all a process. 🙂

    And I agree. We must BE ourselves and express that as we go through the process.

    Love you, sun…

    HEY! did you see my answer earlier that blue and red make purple?? 😉

    1. Full spectrum rainbow…. (in pastels for now) 😉

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  21. Good Morning to the Ponders:

    Important info:

    After a pretty bad night – a combination of bad mood, bad attitude – a.k.a. anger – and heavy energies, I decided to see if I could channel this morning. To my surprise, I got a clean line right away. It was the Sirian team. How can I make sure? I spoke to them in Sirian! Anybody who is not Federation wouldn’t have understood. I triple checked with three different teams at various hours.

    So what’s the situation?
    There WAS some intensive last minute house cleaning. The clean up is “officially” over. The negatives are in custody. Just like the last groups, its the same procedure. They are “arrested,” held and processed for deportation. We can still feel them – their low vibrations – even though they are in holding “containers.” The symptoms we feel are from their energy fields. Period. They are not “attacking.” (their words.) They are deporting them and currently awaiting the next “round.” The lulls you feel are breaks in between the departures. (Remember my analogy about living in an airport? Not too far off….) You feel the worst during “departure days.” (Think of prisoners ranting and raving as they are put on the plane…. ( Susan)

    The GFOL is on “low communication mode.” This means – keep it short and to business. They said that they are still having problems with hacking into lines and giving disinformation. They are aware of what’s happening but aren’t putting the emphasis on it right now because “it will soon be over anyway.”

    I asked how Lightworkers can tell in the meanwhile what is of the Light and what is not. They answered:
    “Ask yourselves how does it make you FEEL when you read/hear it? What emotions does it generate? Ignore anything that makes you feel anger, distrust or fear. Trust your inner self to be led to those of Love.”

    About the “Event” – no problems. All is well. They will not divulge any information besides that.*

    About the human negatives – they would not give me any information.

    About the Armegeddon type or fear based channels warning that everything is going to fall apart – IGNORE THEM. They are here with us and have not let us come this far to see disasters. There will be changes. We will be offered technology and solutions.

    *This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. To the point answers. If they can’t answer, they say so directly.

    About the medical teams – (JJ – this is for you) – they gave me their word that the medical teams as well as all the other guides WILL return and get back to work as soon as the operation ends. They assured me of this. There may be some shifting around and reassignments and we will know the details shortly.

    I told them very frankly that we are having melt-downs (I had to explain this word) and are not only physically sick but emotionally drained. I picked up my pendulum for the answer and it went “NO. Do NOT let yourselves be low now! This is the end of it. Do not let anyone tell you what to do and what not to do. Do what is best for your soul. Trust your intuition. We are here.”

    I asked of course how long this is expected to last and I dare not give you the dreaded word: “soon.” I couldn’t push too much after that because they wanted to keep it short….

    Hope this helps clear up the confusion. It certainly answered some of my questions.

    Salamat Kasi Da (in loving service)


    1. Hi Susan I have a job for you to do… (if possible)
      here it goes, I never wanted do bring this up (regarding JJ`s Viv..) however please watch this video I am abbout to post and if you could Susan ask your “friends” abbove if this is real and doable, in a way for us to help the girl.
      I apologise if this was posted before however i find it very interesting and i find it as I job for us to do… before the next gathering or at the tme of the gathering? (all of us… should perticipate)
      JJ i apologise if I went to far but i feel we need to try this if Susan gets a positive answer ( i dont want to raise falls hopes)
      here is the video and listen carefully what the “trick is” it starts 05:00 minutes but you can listen what is beeing sad before

      1. Okay, I actually had a vision about something like that.
        I will post below, seperately.
        Thank you Marko!

        1. JJ, I know this is a REAL long shot, BUT have you even considered the possibility of bringing Vive to the medicineless hospital in China? I have no idea what is involved or if she would be accepted, BUT, even though this may seem unsurmountable, you don’t know what is possible until you at least try. (Bella’s message) ……..

          Love, Amy

      2. Marko!!! No hope is false…

        Dear god, I am in tears here. On my knees again.

        No such thing as false hope.

        Thank you for this.

        gratitude and honor to you for posting this even though you were hesitant … you followed your heart and your soul’s urging …

        Love you,

    2. Thanks much Susan. What I dont understand is why there are not enough of them out there that they could continuously help here ? I know we are talking vasts amounts of Beings out there – up there – wherever they are. So why are these medical teams only able to assist here ‘sometimes’? With Love, Areeza

    3. It raises hope, and reconfirmes our desicion to stop the chemo’s now, and start giving Vive ONLY the good stuff she needs.
      Thank you Susan!

      1. I see Vive sitting in the middle of a bed of white rose petals – she looks angelic – I think your decision is fantastic! Good stuff feeds good stuff and so on. X O (dont know if u got my msg about getting her a piece of Rose Quartz – came to me the other night). I sleep with one sometimes myself 🙂 my ex had an ex that slept with rocks/crystals… he laughed when he saw i did too!

        1. Oh thank you Areeza! Yes, she has rise quartz beside her bed. It’s under her pillow as of now.
          Love JJ

          1. JJ, also I remembered what those clouds reminded me of, the ones you sent me. They reminded me of a rocket blasting off, loosing piece by piece as it is projected up. Much forward movement! Incredible Power! All moving FORWARD and UP!

            Love, Amy

    4. Thanx Susan,
      I was (am?) feeling oh so tired and weary and angry and frustrated, and plain fed up. Your message gave me some hope. I can tell u down to the minute when I started feeling this way, and I keep thinking that I will feel better soon but it has yet to come. And to make it all more annoying my entire household is feeling this way. We are all going to lose our minds if something doesn’t shift soon- ie now would be good.
      !! ?? !!

      1. I agree. NOW NOW NOW!! 🙂 😀 😉

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  22. Dearest Lightfamily,

    I asked the Angels for some help because I feel myself still cut off from Spirit and all That Is. The storm is hitting me hard, really hard. They sent me a song (text see below) which keeps popping up in my head and I have to listen to it all the times. I love it and feel much much better. If you feel the same I hope this song helps you, too. Isn’t it wonderful how the Angels work with us and always know how to make us feel better? They really put a smile on my face and this smile I past on to you, dearest familiy of the Light.
    With so much love,

    Mike Oldfield feat. Bonnie Tyler: “Islands”

    Islands, from the first time we saw,
    We could wait for this moment, like rocks on the shore.
    We can never be closer, somehow,
    For the moment that lasts, is this moment now.
    When the night’s on fire, will you keep the candlelight burning?
    Hold on to your heart’s desire. (When the night’s on fire)
    When you see one bird into the wind, another one’s turning,
    And the two can fly much higher.

    We are islands, but never too far,
    We are islands
    And I need your light tonight,
    And I need your light tonight.
    We are islands, but never too far,
    We are islands
    And I need your light tonight,
    And I need your light tonight.

    Islands, never been to before,
    And we climb so high tow here the wild birds soar.
    There’s a new path that we found just today,
    I was lost in the forest and you showed me the way.

    When the night’s on fire, will you keep the candlelight burning?
    Hold on to your heart’s desire. (When the night’s on fire)
    When you see one bird into the wind, another one’s turning,
    And the two can fly much higher.

    1. Oh Phillipp, this is a beautiful song and a very striking video. Thanks so much for sharing this. I too feel that my ways of communing with Source/spirit are changing. New ways coming into being and some previous ways seem to be fading away. This at first was very disconcerting, and for a while, there was a big sense of disconnection. I struggled with the whole “what am I doing wrong” thing. I could not even meditate in the same way for a long period. There was a feeling of mourning over this for me. It must be even more so for you, who is accustomed to an even more direct form of channelling. At some point, I opened up to other possibilities, I guess. And now my connection is stronger, clearer and broader than it was before. I wish the same for you, my friend.

      Never too far,

    2. Thank you, Philipp. Beautiful. It seems if we just hang on, the “blockage” finally disappears. Thank you. Lin

    3. Thanks Philipp for a great song and video!

      It has sparked a lot for me too last week but yesterday I felt like I got a nudge over the threshold of a freer, easier reality. Now it feels like nothing can stop me anymore though today it feels like I was run over by a steamroller;)

      Much love,


      1. Nice ! Many here seem to have crossed a threshold yesterday! I Feel this is very important. Kudos to us! I too felt like f it! I am going to push on and on and on in the face of whatever wants to be dished out in front of me. I will Love it All Into Love!! Love, smiling Areeza

  23. i’m so glad to hear susan and some others venting anger and frustration. i KNOW i’m a creator and that i’m crazy powerful. and now know about the field that responds to our energy and consciousness (the ‘how’).

    i’ve done everything i can think of to get at least SOME stability and security in life. and like amy talked about a few messages ago, all my longing and actions revolve around jumping into and LIVING life instead of just getting through…. but i feel tired and depleted. but yet i have DECIDED i am going to LIVE! dammit! 😉

    i’ve never been so far away from any and all my dreams & wants. since i’m so tired and have the symptoms, i feel like i’m in waiting mode and i wouldn’t even know where to start if i did have a few months of feeling normal.

    the CC’s messages are so positive and hopeful. but the fear in me says, but what if it (improvement) never comes to pass?

    i just plain need help. i’ve been begging for help in the form of opportunities, gifts, or luck for some time now.

    frustrating to know we are creators, but do not see (yet) what we intend to create, materialize.

    i guess it’s just a matter of divine timing then? i stay positive for so long, and then it runs out and i have to kind of build it up again. over and over! –since fall of 2011 when i took a huge leap of faith and risk in order to create a happier life for myself.

    this frustration comes and goes. –can always be triggered by an exhausting day of me barely getting through work. the tool in my tool box i’ve pulled out and am using now is: just stay in the Now. Now, things are just fine and not so bad at all. hey! i get to use my computer to talk to all of you. well how do you like that!? thanks for listening. ana

    1. ana, I like your “Now” tool … it is so easy to forget that sometimes in the midst of the seeming “madness” of daily life …
      Thanks for the reminder!

    2. We’re listening, Ana, and holding your hand. You’re not alone. Sometimes it helps me to read at your local library (or you can google) biographies of “successful” people you want to emulate. The majority usually went thru dark times, and just when they felt like giving up (sometimes several times), they pushed just a little harder, hung on a little tighter, and did whatever it took (like your focusing in staying in the NOW)… and finally, the NEW Dawn broke, and they made it. And now they serve as examples.
      You are not alone. Continue doing what you’re doing… and asking for help, too. You CAN do this; you WILL make it. You ARE Powerful. YOUR DREAMS WERE PLANTED IN YOUR HEART BY “ALL THERE IS”–THEY ARE DO-ABLE. YOUR DREAMS WERE CREATED WHEN YOU WERE.
      With Love, Lin

    3. And sometimes our expectations really screw us up. I know how hard it is to stay the course. Keep the faith – Stay In Love – Be With Nature – Dont allow the ego to run rampant – and know All Is Well. Love you, Areeza

    4. Hi ana!

      It´s good that you let us know your anger and frustration. There are thousands like you, who want to hear you saying this. And by saying it you start to “solve the problem”.

      “…but what if it (improvement) never comes to pass? ”
      Yes – what if? What’s the alternative? Is there a place in hell for us then?Are we stuck in our suffering for ever then? I think it depends on our own convictions. For my part, I have been forced to let go of control and fear in life. “If it goes it goes” is my mantra 😉 I know it isn´t easy to have a job to do when letting go of control but in small portions it might work. I have also discovered that it is perfectly possible to work even though I do not know from one moment to the other what to do. It always works, but not always in the way I had imagined – but most of the time even better – if I allow myself to see it that way.

      I think it is an excellent tool that you work with, the “NOW” but it is always needed practice to achieve good results.

      Keep doing your very best ana and leave the rest to higher realms and know it will be OK 😉

      Big hug and lots of love,


    5. Another river song for the two an(n)a’s. I am BEing in the NOW with you (or trying not to get in my own way). Gotta go to the bank and beg them not to foreclose on my house. At this moment, I am feeling like whatever happens happens. Let them take it if that is part of the plan. Let an angel greet me there and provide an open door if that is part of the plan. I feel I am just hovering above observing this all happen. I don’t know if that is me retreating into my “comfortably numb” state or me letting my higher self take over. So I ask, does it feel of love or does it feel like denial? It feels like protection and detachment from the outcome of the 3D world. I choose to greet this a G O O D thing.

      Love to you, sweet one.

      1. Anna Helen, no it’s not denial but detachment from 3d outcomes, as you said. I admire you so much for being able to stand above it all, and observe it with detachment and belief that the higher plan will unfold . I haven’t been able to get to that point yet in my spiritual evolution, but have been working on it. I’m sending you energy and help that you will create with your higher self the best outcome.

        1. Sunny, I thank you for your kind words. I feel that I should make it very clear that I am not like this all the time or about everything!
          I still do the void trips, and then I am very much “beneath” it all. But I know now that these trips are there for the very purpose of bulding a stronger, firmer foundation, and that they always lead me back home. I end up wiser and better off for having made the journey. And I find that home is even greater and grander than I thought it to be prior to the “void vacation.”

          Love you, Sunny!!

  24. It has taken me all day to read this beautiful message because life has been busy for us. Three birthdays and a 26 anniversary in one week not to mention two parrot birthdays and a dog birthday. I look at my life and I know that it has been challenging but I also know that I am extremely blessed. Part of it is because I understand what in life is important and part of it is because I understand how life in 3D works and how to do the “work arounds” to avoid the pitfalls.

    We have all had challenges and we have also each wondrous skills and gifts that benefit our earthly family. We each bring a unique perspective and insight to the pond that when combined creates more than our individual voices ringing out in solo. We have created a symphony here that is dynamic and beautiful to hear and feal.

    We are a fractal if you will of the collective. Some people are looking at one thing and working on that thing and others are looking at other things and working on them and because we all have our backs, we make it work.

    Well folks. I think we all must heed the CC’s advice right now and put down our individual work and unite as one, fully accepting our power. I can’t stress enough that we need to take our own divine sovereign power and use it for our own individual families, for the pond and for the collective.

    Over the past few weeks the CC and Aisha have been sharing deep knowledge with us on CREATION…no folks, no on how the earth was created but on the history of creation–of how WE create. We have been gifted with the “rememberance” of the tools we have in our POWER to create.

    When we remember our true magnificence. When we remember our true co-creative potential, we can look upon ANYTHING that is happening and, using our own skills, we can change it.

    We are at the moment in time folks where we have to step up to bat and nail that ball out of here. No excuses, no more learning, no more observations of what others are doing or what is going on around us…it matters not. What are WE going to do to focus our intent to create a world that we want? when we focus our intent, with true belief that we can effect change, nothing can stop us. Nothing. Jesus knew this–he applied it–so have other ascended masters–folks, WE are here specificially because All of creation knew we would BE able to create and effect the changes necessary. WE are true warriors of change.

    I know this in my heart that we can accomplish this. I know that there are plenty of things going on behind the scenes but I do not need to know who is doing them. I do not need to know the score of the game or how many outs we have left or who is pitching in the bottom of the ninth to LOOK into my heart, find what is true, know what the divine mother and father’s plan is for us and focus my heart centered intention on THAT and that alone.

    To look at anything outside ourselves in this moment is to knowingly and willingly give our power away. It is the moment to say the tough stuff folks. And I will say it because I love you all WAY too much not to. Even if you do it as an experiment. Simply read here and go about your daily business, setting the intention to be of service in the shift and to assist all beings expand into the new world, or whatever intention you choose to set. Imagine yourself accepting the divine plan. Imagine yourself trusting the divine plan. Imagine yourself being a pillar and with your heart building up the love and the energy necessary to invoke the divine plan. When you find yourself “thinking or worrying” about anything outside your family sphere (and I know many are struggling within their spheres and through love they must focus there and much love and light is sent to those in need at this time)..realize clearly that you are giving your power away, and recenter yourself in your heart and focus only on what you wish to manifest in the 5D reality.

    If something comes up in your mind about any issue and it starts to worry you….immediately imagine the solution to that issue and send it love and light–this way you are USING your power in a creative and constructive way instead of simply wasting it on worry or worse, the worry and fear is feeding the situation.

    I cannot stress enough that we are magnificent creators. At this moment we must take responsibility for that power and use it to create what we want–in union with the divine plan for the highest good of all creation.

    Join me…join the heavens, join the galactics, join our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia, All the kingdoms, devas and elementals, in creating the world of our highest good by actively focusing your intent on that which is beneficial for all–and starve to death by removing your focus from that which is not. THIS is the way…the truth…and the light.

    much hugs and love to you all–Alex

    1. Thank you, Alex, for reminding us to keep our eye on the goal, a beautiful peaceful world filled with justice, respect, truth, trust, and all other qualities to bring out the best in and for all. Aaahh, I have seen the promised land and she is radiant!
      Creatively envisioning,

    2. Bless you Alex, for this important message! To quote the CCs: “the only one standing in your way now, is yourself”, and that is what I remind myself every time my light is fading because I start to give my power away. For we ARE Creator Gods, every one of us, but only if we choose to BE one.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Bravo Alex! You Wise Soul You! Thank you for putting this Truth so clearly for all of us. I have been thinking this way myself and believe every word of it! Your Pond Companion and Co-Creator In Love, Areeza

    4. Thank you, Alex! What you say is SO true! What you focus on, what you think upon, what you put your energies into, so that is your reality.

      Bless you for these words of Truth. Bless you, Alex! We are truly in powerful times, and yes, it is easy to get pulled into the chaos that is all around us, but, that again, is a choice. Every day it is a choice. Do I choose to keep creating the “world” as I SEE it, or do I choose to get pulled into the insanity that is roaring all around me?

      The other day, I was outside gardening, and as loud as loud can be, I was singing in my “heart language” not caring a fig who heard me. Do you know that my neighbor who came over to talk to hubs, when he heard me singing, this man who is normally quiet, was talkative and actually laughed and acted “young and like a child”? And it was because I stepped out of fear (oh no! People will think I am nuts!…..then again how do they know it really isn’t a “language of earth” that I am singing in?) and I sang with gusto and with JOY! I could feel the PEACE radiate out all around me.

      And not only that, my songs touched the Heart of others!

      This is just one example of what I do during my days. I live in my own world, one that is based on Love, and Peace and JOY, and I create all the time, with my thoughts, with my actions, with my words……..and I have done so for years!!!

      You have a Great Day, Sister Ali! Sending Much Love to you and your BeLoved Family!


  25. I just want to thank you all my friends for your support this very special day. I really felt the warmth of your love during the day. That´s a really good feeling 🙂


    1. Oh wholy goodness, Aisha.
      i thank you from the depths and heights of my heart for this!!
      “Civilized people” really resonated with me. What an excellent example.

  26. I just had two cousins die. One fell and broke his head, the other had the cancer.
    I just got to hold my new grand niece, it’s my nephews baby.
    I’ve had surgery on my hand twice and have come to understand the wonder and complexity of the mechanism of the opposable thumb and all the rest. And then the baby gets a grip on my finger, I notice her hand is only as wide as one digit on one of my fingers, and yet I realize that her tiny hand is just as complicated as mine.
    Welcome Elsa
    bye bye Scott and Darrel

    1. Wow Otmn!

      Elsa blew your heart – didn´t she? And made you start to understand women´s construction too…;)))

      Love you Otmn 🙂


    2. thank you all for not saying
      “sorry for your loss”
      I didn’t lose anything
      Scott was the last living member of the career military officers in my family.
      He worked his entire career making fukishma sure that my country can blow your country into little = pieces.
      Darrel has slowly faded away. everyone is relieved that he is out of his misery.
      Mostly i think that all 8 day old babies look alike, but there is no denying that Elsa is pretty already.

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