The manuscript of survival – part 366

As we have already stated, much is about to speed up now, as these incoming fluxes of transformational energy will blast through any barriers still intact after this long period of ceaseless hammering. In other words, the light will once again come in a big wave, all set to smother any resistance that might still be apparent here and there. This might sound a bit on the heavy side, but again, let us just remind you all that this will be light, and as such, the force that it carries within is simply the force of change. And change for the better, we may add. So even if some of you might feel this as a veritable onslaught, and indeed, all those still set on maintaining status quo will feel it as more than that, then what all this will do, is to liberate you from any set notion of what has been and change your sight onto what will be. We speak in parables as usual, but please believe us when we say that any so-called ”negative impact” from all of this will only serve to remove any hindrances for the light. In other words, remember what we have told you recently, that the concept of chaos, no matter how hard ingrained it is in you that this should have a negative connotation, this time, we advise you all to embrace any chaos that may ensue with open arms.

For this is all about creating the NEW, and in order to do just that, everything old needs to be completely dismantled. So even if you find your own personal life seemingly falling apart at the seams, know that this is not in order to make YOU fall apart, this is simply in order to enable you to reconnect yourself in way that will sustain not only you, but this whole world. And that goes for all, no matter who or where, big or small, macro or micro. Chaos is not what is has been labelled as by your so-called world leaders. They will equate it to a complete dismissal of everything that has held them aloft for ages, and rightly so. For this time any chaos will indeed serve to undermine the rotten foundation which they have build their whole existence upon. But you will know that this will also signal the resurrection of the NEW, the rebuilding of that old paradise that used to be YOU, and that used to be this planet. For this is only to remove the hindrances to this renewal, and even if this will equal total annihilation of ideas that many of your brethren have held for sacred, you will know that what they will get instead, is more sacred than anything they could ever have made up with their old and inhibited minds.

For this time, chaos will serve to set you free, not imprison you, as so many of your leaders seems to think. So again we say, stay tuned to the channels that will serve to broadcast the good news that will abound, and stay away from those that will try to engender fear and negativity. For they will indeed be many, make no mistake, but the more you are able to tune into the channel of truth you all can hear within, the more you will be able to weather out any storm that may come and threaten to toss your existence into seemingly chaos too. For remember, whatever may come, comes at the behest of the light, and it is here to serve the light, and through that, serve you and this amazing, resilient planet you all live on. For something must fall in order for truth to rise, so do not become frightened if you find yourself on your knees from time to time. For you will not be brought down, dear ones, no matter how hard the wind will blow around your ears, you will simply be asked to release the hold on the old and step up and into the new, but for a short period of time, this might make you more than a little bit wobbly. So fear not, as you are all well protected, and indeed, looked after in every way, and if you do find yourself faltering, simply remember to ask for help in keeping your balance.

For we will be there at your side at all times, and even if you find yourself as if trapped within a dark corridor, there are a multitude of doors waiting to be thrown open at any time, leading you all into freedom. Again we speak in parables, but let us just end this missive by saying that you will all be closely guided through this next phase, and if you at any time feel alone or out of balance, simply ask for help, and help will arrive in a multitude of ways even before you have finished wording your pleas. So again we say know that all is well, and you are exactly where you are meant to be. And if a sudden urge to relocate may arise, as always, follow your inner guidance and know that the voice you hear within is far, far more reliable than any cry of panic that might reach your ears from any outside source.

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  1. Storms are necessary to cleanse, water, and redistribute the energies of the earth.

    No fear … all natural.

    God is watching us.

      1. Giggle. Me too. What a wonder he is…

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  2. To switch gears:

    A little history lesson before I am off for the night.

    Last week, we were discussing the Elohim. I asked the origin of this word as in Hebrew, it means God. It is confusing because “im” (yud-mem) is a plural suffix and should be translated: gods.

    I went to the Biblical Museum in Jerusalem yesterday and my friend who is a professor of philosophy and history gave me the answer which was confirmed later in a mediation:

    “El” signifies the noun “God” in all Semitic languages. The Arabic Allah comes from this. El was worshipped by the ancients as the creator of earth, humans and the 70 creator gods of the heavenly counsel. So there is a Creator and 70 “sub” creator gods. Thus the plural. It was forgotten knowledge that there were other “creators.”


    About the origins of the kings….to my surprise, what I was told was verified by the museum’s archeological artifacts.

    “In all periods, the king could be called the son of a god or deity. During Egyptian times, for humans – the pharaohs were gods represented on earth. For the gods, the pharaohs were the representatives of the mortals.”
    The pharaoh presented the work of the humans to the gods – GOLD, fruit and wine. ”

    Meaning – the Annunaki gave the kings and pharaohs certain powers to rule. They thought of themselves as the “sons of gods” and were treated as such. This is the beginning of the long line of power which exists until today and will come to an end….


    I saw samples of Babylonian pictures on clay depicting discs in the sky with wings. The Egyptian relics often had pictures of gods with elongated egg shaped heads. They were influenced by both the Annunaki and counter-influenced by the Sirians (who have long, egg shaped skulls.)


    1. Thanx again. Love your posts, Susan. Lin

      P.S. I’m one of the Believers in Light, but I also have my Shields up and eyes/ears open… in 3D+ Learned the hard way. 🙂

      Enjoy sweet dreams. Seriously.

  3. Dears – I had a good, long shower and cooled off.
    Thank you so much for your kind words and loving support. Each one of us brings different things to this Pond. The blend of information, spirituality, love and support is what makes us unique. I am truly grateful. I just want to make sure that in no way it should be taken that I am I criticizing Aisha’s amazing work. The opposite. I respect that there are many paths and opinions. My red line is when I feel people are being hurt or are blaming themselves for something that is external. I also want to reconfirm my trust in the GFOL.

    There most definitely IS a GFOL and they are most DEFINITELY of the Light. There are also beautiful and loving ascended masters – both formally human and ET. Until last December when they were moved “back,” I worked with teams – Lyran, Pleidien, Bionian, Brytonian, Sirian and Andromedan. They were my teachers, my mentors, my family and on many occasions, my comforters. The medical teams healed me, my family and together with my partner, cured conditions which conventional doctors said were fatal. I started off slowly – first learning the ropes with a skilled and experienced Light worker guide and then on my own. When I was with my guides, I felt tremendously high. The communication was always in dialogue form. I did not receive missives. It was like talking to a friend. In the beginning, I was nervous and looked up to them like I would to a president. Over time, I learned that I am ONE of them and my communication became more informal. I learned the vibrational levels of my guides and over time could differentiate between them. I ALWAYS knew whom I was talking to. I wouldn’t phone up someone randomly in a telephone book and I certainly wouldn’t channel someone I didn’t know by name or planet. Since my regular guides have been temporarily transferred, I am cautious. If I am confident I have Federation or Light Beings, I’ll go for it. Many times, I hang up suspecting hackers.

    Like humans, there are also what I call “negative” ones. They come from different planets – some in the Orion constellation., Arcturians, Moronians, Zeta Greys, Archons…..

    Like most Lightworkers, I was a target for negative energies. A few years back, there was a large wave when they did some major (mostly psychological) damage to many around the earth. This was the reason that the Federation decided to stop its hands off policy and get the situation under control. A group of us here in Israel banded together and petitioned the Federation to DO something. They did. I would imagine they would have eventually done it anyway but we were able to get it started sooner.

    I asked many times why the Federation doesn’t come right out and say what’s going on. Until a few months ago, the CC’s didn’t even admit there was an “operation” on. My guides said the reasons for the above were:
    1. To prevent panic. They said that humans associate “aliens” with what they see in the movies and if they admitted their were some unsavory creatures, it would cause fear.
    2. They wanted to keep the vibrational level high.
    3. They had to keep many details of the Event secret because they did not want the negatives – both human and ET – to sabotage as they did a few times in the past.
    4. They want to protect us – both from over-worrying and from negative humans (who have been known in certain countries to threaten Light workers.)

    They said that “whomever wants to know more will know how.”

    When I would ask my guides certain details, they would answer:
    “We think it is better for you not to know for your protection.”
    “We are cleaning up nuclear waste and that’s the reason you feel….”
    “Yes, the headaches you are feeling are from….”

    E. – You are correct. The majority of what’s out there is not on the up and up. The only card the negatives (both human and non) have is bullshit. They can’t hurt, abduct or experiment with us anymore. But they can lie and do. They know that many Lightworkers are such loving creatures that they will swallow anything and do. They claim to be religious figures, “God” or bogus science fiction characters. There are all kinds of “prosperity funds,” “ascension chambers” and I can’t even remember all what else….They send Lightworkers on wild goose chases.

    You have to differentiate between Federation channels which sugar coat to protect us (such as Aisha’s) and those who are hacked (which are the majority I don’t want to name on a public forum.)

    My point is – there has to be balance. To write off this project saying it is all nonsense is counterproductive. To accept everything blindly even though it doesn’t make sense is also counterproductive. What I would like to see is CLEAR and honest information to get us off this emotional roller coaster.

    My job is to provide the information I can (and am allowed to say)
    in a clear and honest fashion.

    With great love, gratitude and respect,


    1. Thank You Susan…with LOve & Respect back to You !…Your honesty is a shining jewel & I agree that there certainly is much diversification here in the pond…& so it should be…as in life, All would be pretty boring if we All were the same…but I truly believe it’s not our uniqueness that’s a’s our coming together in a common unison, working & solving together that makes much of this journey so difficult !……..
      Blessings & Strength to You…..LOve, Bev~

      1. Love what you said here, Bev. I love diversity and I see all of us as all unique ingredients that go into the collective soup. I read your words many times. You really have a deep, wondering, and beautiful mind. Thank you for all the sharing you do here for us.

        Love, Amy

          1. YOu are sO welcOme, BEv! (smile) Time……..Many days I have Lady Luck sitting On my shOulder which gives me OppOrtunity to actually read the cOmments and cOmment myself. Other days, sO much cOmes my way in “real time” (whatever that is to yOu) and sO I dO my best tO at least read tO keep up. Then the days IAM fOrtunate just to have Only “time” to absOrb the missives. (smile) Yeppers! My Life is exciting and diverse and cOmplex……just like me! NOt fOrgetting thOse days I dO not read the missives and am nOt on the cOmputer at all. LOL Then I dO what I call catch up. Or at least attempt tO.

            FOr the mOst part, my Heart always guides me tO thOse cOmments that my eyes are to read. IntentiOn. And fly by the seat Of my pants…….

            LOve to yOu as well, dearest One, Sister Of Waters, Amy

  4. Dear Amy,,,,,,,,sending all my heart love to comfort you and your husband through what you are experiencing now. I love you both. Jean

    1. Oh wow… and JJ, please take note of Aurora’s name. Thank you, my VOID companion for stepping up to speak your heart…

      Much love :)ALee

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  5. New to commenting here… Susan, I address this to your feedback. Have had a few too many years of awareness of the shenanigans (44+, and millions of lifetimes)) on this planet and elsewhere. I affirm your perspective that there are still (my take =very) active efforts to disrupt and deter evolution – and take us out. I marvel that so many here are unaware (Maybe it is just different job descriptions? Wishful thinking? Denial?)… I envy those feeling the “love and light” even if it reads often as an inserted program. This is not fear mongering, nor is it is an opportunity to solicit new age thinking of “be careful of what one focuses on”, but rather awareness of what is going on in most of this reality structure. My perspective has been this last year, after many years of holding that the weird symptoms were from upgrades, is that they are from interference. I can share more with you one on one if comparing notes resonates for you. I too have received much guidance about this process, and have come to the perspective that it is mostly, if not all, disinformation. I check in here to take the temperature, so to speak. It is crucial there be sharing of this perspective as it is a real part of the liberation process… even if it makes us uncomfortable. Many who will read this site and others have awareness we require, even if it is hard to swallow… what do some of you know that you are not sharing because you fear you won’t be received???… Susan I honor your willingness to speak your truth. Discernment is a hard won lesson. Bless us all… this is a doozie of a journey.
    I came in 44 years ago, aware of and feeling the distortion, and it has been excruciating. I have been a cheerleader for the Divine for sooo long, but am about out of steam. To those of you feeling the love… TRULY I honor you and support you. May we all realize our true God selves now. Blessings for our collective freedom and sovereignty!!!

    1. my current understanding about feeling like pure crap, etc is… sometimes it’s upgrades and other times it is due to attacks. and i can have a hard time telling the difference sometimes… yes, my first connection to lightworkers was with another group. but the channeler simply didn’t seem to be going through the same things i was. she was very love, light, joy–which is great. i must be on a different path…?? she also claimed to have access to all knowledge, a “God Card”. which i believe is possible for anyone… but why wasn’t she giving useful, helpful info?! and WHY would you charge $200/hr for a reading. especially when some people out there could really use help!?

      i digress…. i’m obviously a little miffed at this person. anyway, i’ve gotten much better at dialing into my inner system. i’ve been feeling new symptoms this month i’ve never felt before. at mid october i VERY STRONGLY felt i/we turn A HUGE CORNER. and these new symptoms…they are not horrible. yay!

      but yes, you bring up a great point: when to say ‘enough is enough’ all that.

    2. Hi E, I have def not always felt in the Love and Light mode. I thought of suicide more times than I like to admit too. Things would get to me more than the avg person. I did come into this life knowing things and asking when I was going to get my light body back, etc. etc. If it were not for this early knowing, I would not have made it this far. I trust what I came in with. I trust who I really AM dispite what non-sense goes on around me. I know what I signed up for…and lately I feel too that it was not for all this! I think it was a risk it could be though so here I am. Will it all be worth it? It has got to BE or none of this makes any sense and it is all for nothing. That would be sheer hell so I am going with the positive outcome and doing what I can to help it along. Thanks for coming here E – Find your peaceful center and vow to live from it if u so choose. Its all in what fire you want to feed – daily, minute by minute even. It does take strong commitment and trust.. I know! Love, Areeza – 49 yrs here – prob 1/2 in Love and 1/2 in distress.

    3. Blessings to you, E. Thank you so much for your long labor and for sharing your truth here. I must say that I absolutely acknowledge the disruptive powers in play. I have researched fairly throughly the ET and Illuminati and Cabal involvement in the imbalance and desruction of our reality. In fact, all that led me to the entire idea of ascension. Like you said, though, I do think we all have different missions and different focuses. Yet all have the same goal at heart. I honor and respect both you and Susan so much for being a more “active” part of the “operation” than I am. Just as I honor all the earth keepers who “take care” of the activism roles in renewing Mother Earth. Much love to you and thanks again. 🙂

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  6. Thank You as always, meaningful as always Dear Aisha ! I know there are many of us here at your site, & it often spills into a wide range of thoughts & ideas, so I think I’ll just keep it simple today, & kinda in reflection of what I watched on TV last night….
    (the sixth sense)

    & basically the message put together was…much of what you Seek to See, Seek to know is All around you now…simply strive to uncomplicate things & you WILL SEE the Truth…as it exists right before you…miracles are not flash & fireworks, miracles are ‘Life’…’All that IS’ upon Mother-Earth, the flow & sacred harmony of ‘All Life’ ! The Buddha was asked if he could say one thing important & meaningful to mankind, what would it BE…..he said…”I Woke Up'” !!!
    I also thought you All may be interested in Adam’s latest message, as he just referred to God as ‘Constant Companion’ !….oh how I LOve to SEE the links of the chain connecting !………..LOve & Life, Bev~

    1. Thank you Bev… and may i add what a Guru friend once said when asked how he maintained his wellbeing and if he ever felt the low energies much at all. He said ‘I do not get too high in the highs nor too low in the lows’. A simpler answer than what was expected 🙂 This man was a human and he did end up dieing from a heart attack – much frustration and sadness in seeing such lack of Peace we were told (he has an Ashram right up the road from me and he had one in India where he passed). Another tidbit: My dear Dharma teacher – Ruth Denison (Dhamma Dena, Joshua Tree, CA) – had us chant: “May I Maintain Wellbeing Within Myself”. Very helpful to do when things feel out of sorts.

      1. Thanks so much !….& interesting that you pointed out…most of the Masters usually strived to keep things to the point, & simple & I couldn’t agree more ! The spiritual journey was never meant to be complicated…& I think much of these ‘energy attack symptoms’ are a physical response in us experiencing different levels of letting go during the cleansing. Not saying that the heat, pain, dizziness, etc. aren’t real, & I know we All like to believe we are centered, connected & ready…but energy flow doesn’t lie…somewhere, somehow we still have resistance & there are parts some still are not letting go….& it’s not a right or wrong thing or being stronger & better…it’s simple math & the laws of movement within creation, like watching water move in a stream filled with outcrops of rocks, or one with none. That’s why when it is said…Let Go…we need to express this within ourselves in a most meaningful way !……..& I know many great Masters of the past chose to spend much of their lives in solitude, exactly because they had developed such acute heart sensitivities that being around the masses was physically killing them !………I spend as much time as I can in nature, & I LOve All trees, plants, lakes, streams & the wildlife…I actually prefer it than being with crowds…& I haven’t experienced any energy symptoms other than ears ringing & burning in my eyes !
        Bless You ~ LOve You….Bev~

        1. Yes, yes to your descriptions here! I agree very much and I keep thinking that there are no victims so if there are attacks going on, then any one being attacked in some way lets it in. I know for myself that just being in fear mode – even a little – can open myself up to ‘discarnate’ if u will. my healer friend, Ted, he always had to clear these out for me. He would say ‘well, first of all you are filled with discarnates again!” lol. darn discarnates ! He would help clear them out and I would get instant and i mean instant relief! heart would settle, etc. So, these fear feeding energies if u will are waiting to pounce – to suck off of u – sounds horrible. I would like to believe they are not real -I used to not believe my healer friend that I had so many so often – it disgusted me. I dont hate them – I feel bad for anything living in fear. Sometimes (not always) I feel so committed that I would lay down my life to save just one lowly soul from such dispair. Ok. Like attracts Like – this we know – and we are all connected so the collective consciousness has an affect too. We all just want the ‘aaaahhhh’ to come and stay – So Be IT!

          1. I Agree…& Thanks for this ! I think just because we choose to plug ourselves into our True BEing, doesn’t necessarily mean the connection at 1st will be True & Perfect !….there is much resistance we’ve built up over our human experiences, & much to let go of ! Sometimes we simply have to tell ourselves it’s o.k. to relax & focus on All the small accomplishments & we are getting better, we are moving forwards, maybe not as strong & as fast as we’d like….but we are moving in the right direction & simply be satisfied with that….as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day ! & Frustration, impatience, anger & fear always leads to a dead end street !……..Be Strong & look at the Happiness that exists in your Life now….I’m sure it’s there ! & I (WE) All LOve & Support You here !!!…….LOve, Bev~

        2. wow, Bev. Interesting and extremely informative to one who is still learning. Ditto on the Nature thing–grew up in Nature, not city. Thanx HUGELY. xo, Lin

          1. Thank You Dear Lin…..I Appreciate your words & Truly any time spent in nature is a most beautiful & productive one…so much happens beneath the surface to us, when we are in nature, that most are not even aware of !…..LOve, Bev~

  7. I have always learned to trust my gut. I know damned well that despite all the stuff going around the internet, the Federation has still not finished with the cleaning. I tried to convince myself that it was solar storms or magnetic shifts, but my GUT told me otherwise. Throughout the past few weeks, I asked myself “Why can’t you just go along with what you are told?” The frequency was and is simply too electric. Some of these negatives have what is known as “radioactive” fields and this is the reason for the symptoms. Itching and temperature swings (hot flashes) are prime examples of this. I don’t know how much is left but enough… I have had the unfortunate experience of feeling low density energies on and off my whole life and recognize them. I was also trained to understand frequencies by the medical teams. I can tell from the behavior of my dog and the birds outside what’s going on energetically. What we have been feeling are the remnants of negative energy. I am so sorry for venting but after over two years of this, I am tired of all the bullshit. I know I am not going to be popular by telling the truth…. The Light doesn’t give you headaches, pain, muscle aches, vomiting or feel out of balance. You don’t feel anxious, depressed or get woken up in the middle of the night from love. It doesn’t cause zaps like you were hit by an electric current on the sides or back of your head. It doesn’t cause pain in the jaw. It doesn’t cause you to feel like you are going to fall on the street corner like what happened to me yesterday. It doesn’t cause a feeling of detachment or fogginess. Think how you feel when you fall in love! You feel good, secure, warm and you certainly don’t have physical or emotional pain! You don’t wake up in the morning and worry about how you are going to feel that day. You don’t worry that you may not be able to make it to work because you are nauseated. Now, I am sure that the Federation IS sending high frequency Light to solve the problem. The earth IS being flooded with Light. It is being healed and cured with Light.

    I can still see some black “snow” in the air and there are still hacked messages coming in – The Ashtars and the St. Germaines…..I’ve had to shut down my channeling many times during the past few weeks when they were hacked. I asked myself over and over how the Federation is going to proceed with the Event when they still haven’t finished. (But then I presumed they would deal with the rest of the garbage afterwards….)

    My thoughts on this are – ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The job has to be finished. Completely. We have been through VERY hard waves and together we WILL get through these as well. We are strong. We are prepared and I am positive we are protected. Do I think there will be a good outcome or all this. Yes. We are united. We are a family.

    As for the channels, its time to say “enough is enough” with the inconsistencies. One minute its “get ready for the Event” and the next minute we are once again on the emotional roller coaster expecting another blast. None of us need military details but we do have the right to clear, consistent information.

    Don’t worry – I will cool down…..

    With great love,


    1. I, for one, LOVE your honesty, Susan. I learn so much from you–don’t always agree, but we are all individuals, hey! You are a Bright, Authentic Light here. Love it, Love You!! xo, Lin

    2. Susan.. thanks so much as always. I got the ‘zapping’ in the back of the head last night (right side). have not felt that in a long time. I always say ‘oh, my brain is being tweeked again’ when i feel it. then i usually have strange dreams that night like i did last night. Sometimes feel i am ‘tested’ after the work done or something like that. If it gets too intense i say back off and they do. I think when there is heavy duty cleaning/clearing going on stuff will get stirred up that is not always anticipated by the ‘cleaners’perhaps? so, i will have patience again or still or whatever. Today def. feels like a more downer day. I hope your own symptoms subside dear one. Love, Areeza

      1. LOL… maybe my dream simply states: Hey! Even the Bionic Woman cant take this anymore !! (and there is nothing ‘I’ can do about it) My main thought upon going to sleep had to do with stopping the suffering – for Vive – for all. Observe and Send Love is what I ‘can’ do.

        1. & you certainly are doing a fine job dear ‘BEE’….& I said it before….’I appreciate ‘You’ !….& I hope you don’t mind me callin’ you BEE….it just comes out instinctively….& I do hope & pray that All these physical ailments will be fixed & made healthy again soon !!! LOve, Bev~

    3. Hi my sister ;),

      first of all, thank you for your comment and second don`t you ever again think you might not be popular with what you say because to me your comments are like Aisha˙s posts, I always get happy when i see your comments and Aisha`s posts. To me, you girls are like some sort of a balance like jing and jang in a positive way.
      And third i totally agree with you cz i have had or still have the same problems you were talking about ….
      but why we dont get the full info from above i dont know…. maybe we are not supposed to know jet, or maybe even they are not shore of the outcome yet.. so my sister keep posting whatever is on your mind…

      love & peace

    4. Dear friend, there is nothing wrong with venting or speaking your truth. I applaud you for doing so. It is noble and honorable and done from a place of love. Please don’t stop. I recall you always saying “I’m going to get court martialed.” I told you then and I tell you now, I would be right there beside you as a character witness. Love and support to you…

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    5. Yes, My tests are still showing radiation, human made radiation waves and not from the major world powers. Within them cadmium, caesium, uranium, strontium, thallium, uranium. There is some very toxic operations going on. The world needs are prayers.

      1. Forest Joy, I know not how you test these elements, yet this much I do know. Lately when I work in my gardens and have my hands in the soil, my fingers and hands become very chapped, as though exposed to something caustic. It goes the same for the leaves that have fallen that I am scooping up to mix with my manure. Same thing. No matter how much body butter or oil or hot wax I put on my hands, the skin on my fingers is very tough. I find that odd.

        By focusing on BEing Light as who we truly are, we do more good then anything else can. BEing in High, focusing my Light outward, is my Prayer everywhere I go.

        I also have had a very very challenging day due to feeling very low vibrations. I even said I just want to give up. Totally. What is the use? Really. On days like these, I really wonder if we are making any headway.

        (((HUGS))) to you, my Sister of Forest and JOY and Green! Amy

        1. Dearest Amy,
          Take heart for we are making a difference. But these yoyos (or other not so nice names ) are filled with such anger and lust for power that they will stop at nothing to get it. They cannot see nor do they care to see the terrible pain inflicted on the innocent.
          It is interesting you mention the skin problems on your hands as I have had others come for treatment with similar maladies. Yes, the testing revealed cadmium and caesium but not through waves but from in the air itself and on the plants. Some is perhaps from the Japanese accident and others perhaps from those who just wish to harm. These are no accident. There are many satellites orbiting above us not all from the major world powers. Some have threatened us with radioactive weapons in the past. There are many electromagnetic radiative weapons that most of us cannot not even comprehend.
          Those blankety blank yoyos will soon be put down. So say your prayers for peace and justice for they make such a difference in the total Han consciousness. Now I am off to say 2 rosaries to night as the angels and all those here to lend their might need all the help they can give them.
          As to your hands, I would love to give some suggestions but I must have had one as a patient before I can legally prescribe. However u are an able healer or there are those in your area. I hope this information will help at least in some way for you are too beautiful a soul to let those yoyos get the best of you,
          Love Joy

          1. Sweetheart, you just confirmed something I “knew”. This past summer, my roses would not grow, ONE of the reasons being the top leaves looked burned. And then no further growth and in fact, deformities formed again, prohibiting the bush from growing. My “thought” is was either from the chemtrails, or from radioactive emissions from satellites.

            And as for my hands, I am going to try Aloe tonight. I was shocked that my hot pariffin wax did not work. So, aloe and my body butter. Hmmm…..I also have some EO that must might help as well. Thank you for jump starting my brain!

            With all my Love, Amy

            1. Dear Sister,
              So glad to be a spark! My patients I mentioned in the above missive came a few months ago with severe rashes on their hands and arms after working in their gardens. They also had other symptoms of exposure to toxin including mouth sores, interstitial cystitis, intermittent nausea etc. Now this a rural area and I have known them for years as neighbors and friends. None had a history of allergies or sensitivities. However, they tested positive for a sensitivity alright. Cadmium and Caesium were the culprits. There were and continue to be many more with other varied symptoms also with these two and other radioactive elements involved.
              Treatment varied somewhat with each individual according to each’s pattern. However, toxic heat is always involved in these circumstances. It is treated both internally and topically. And yes they have all recovered. You may know various herbs and other remedies appropriate to your case. I can suggest some general foods I have had many here use as adjunct to my other therapies. They won’t cause harm to anyone unless one is allergic to them. Apple juice is great for encouraging the liver and kidneys to move out the toxins accumulating, like a cup 2-3 times per day for about 1 week. Cucumbers and melons help clear heat from the urinary bladder for cystitis problems. Just 1/2 cup a day can help.
              And don’t forget eggs. They tonify the blood to nourish that overworked liver?And they nourish essence to tonify kidney. Cheese encourages the intestinal enzymes to work correctly again. Whole or 2% Milk also is also helpful. And yes aloe is a great topical for burns even those from radiation.
              Much love to you and all who frequent this pond. I hope this will be helpful to relieve some of your distress and suffering.
              Love, Joy

              PS, the animals are also having symptoms.

              1. Dearest Sister, I have been writing and talking about how our animals are having symptoms as well. I cannot stress enough that they are in need of more water in their food and at times even given through an oral syringe. Stomach issues as well have been noted. I’ve been keeping an eye out on their paws and so far they look all right. No burns noted. I am concerned that walking in the grasses and on the ground itself will cause harm to them. They seem to have better adapted then we have.

                Getting back to the water……I am amazed at the difference in some of my cats. I found a product that I myself use that I give my cats to help both heal and to boost their immune system. The most important ingredient of all is LOVE and my Intention to Create a Safe Haven here for all who come.

                For years I saw coyotes come to our property that looked as though they had been exposed to radiation. It was horrible. They sought this sacred ground as their final resting place. Last year was the last I saw this phenomenon so I am hoping that whatever was killing these coyotes is now gone.

                Thank you for the apple cider tip. Yes, I have taken this for cleansing of liver and as usual for me, have gotten away from it. I just have so much in my “brain” and I tend to forget. I also use ginger for the “heat” qualities to help with inflammation.

                What a JOY to talk with you! Thank you for doing the work you are!

                Last night because of YOU, this morning the skin on my fingers are smooth once more. I used aloe, one EO and my body body. Today smooth once again. Another thank you for jump starting my brain. Yesterday this brain had a huge clamp on it. I am just so affected by the sun, and when She flares, I get hit pretty hard.

                I Love you, My Sister! I thank GOD for this means of communication for what WE all planned before we incarnated where we would do the majority of our work to anchor Light and to heal, I don’t think many of realized what “distance” was and so set ourselves up for a lonely journey. BIG HUGS!

                I received a message from wordpress this reply did not go through, so IF this is a double reply… know why. If not, then you have a reply from me.

                Love, Amy

                1. Your welcome, Amy .Thank you for all the love and support you shine on this glistening pond and to all the other variant life forms receiving end of your light. So happy your hands are once again healthy for they are sorely needed.
                  I pray that all will be perfect tomorrow with your life mate’s surgery. I KNOW it will go smoothly and he will feel so much better. You both and his care team are in my prayers sending love your way.
                  Love, Joy

  8. *******LOVE REQUEST******

    My husband is having hernia repair surgery on this coming Weds. He has been refusing to eat properly and is loosing weight. He is acting like an old man, guarding his body, walking stooped…….For years he has a subconsciousness pattern to hurt himself. Well, he is doing a good job of it right now. Nothing I say to help him will he listen to.

    I request your Light your Love to strengthen my INTENTION that he gets through the surgery without complications AND his recovery is quick and effortless AND he learns to stop “wanting to die”.

    And yes, please send me your Love as well. It is with great focus that I do not fall into fear. I SEE him well. I SEE this surgery with Angels guiding all involved. I SEE my husband free of pain and willing to jump into Life.

    And so it IS. Amen.

    Bless all of you!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my Heart!


      1. DITTO, LOvely Lady. Have been praying for him all along. If you wouldn’t mind, it helps me if I know the person’s fave hobby/activity so that I can visualize them DOing that in the Now, already healed.

        JJ, IF you feel like sharing–so much on your plate, it would be helpful to know Vive’s fave activity so I can hold that pic throughout the day, too.

        Waves of Love Light (along with hugs&kisses) to you both… Lin

        1. Oh Lin, so nice of you!

          Vive likes to make her own jewelry. Bracelets, earrings…
          She has a whole box full of beads and all that comes with it. She likes to keep everything very organized.
          If you need anything else, a picture or whatever, let me know okay.

          Thank you!
          JJ and Vive

          1. Thank you, JJ (and Vive). Definitely most helpful!… and what else would a young Earth Angel do but make/add her own Light Sparkles to add to HU-man Light Bodies. 🙂
            A pix of Vive would be even more helpful, IF you don’t mind, when you have time (what do I need to do from my end?).
            You are very strong, JJ. Keep going… as so many have said here,
            we’re holding your hands and infilling you with Light for this Journey with sweet Vive.
            With Love, xo Lin

              1. Just created a new email address esp for you to send Vive’s pix, if that’s do-able?
                Address is:

                THIS ADDRESS WON’T BE OPERABLE UNTIL 30 MIN. FROM NOW–that will be 1pm USA west coast time, which I think will be 9pm your time?

                There will be a spam filter, so I’ll make sure to look for it.

                Be well, Dear One. With Healing Light Waves, Lin

                1. Oh – what an amazing emailaddress!!! So wonderful 🙂
                  You know – JayJay and his family live in Holland in the European time zone.

                  My heart is with you all in this process!


                    1. JJ!!! I said Vive is BEautiful, but she is also absolutely ADORABLE and HUGGABLE with Energy to match. omg. Your Heart is full!
                      Keep the eyes/chin/thoughts UP, UP, UP… xo, Lin

                    2. And his other daughter, Lara, is a little burst of sunshine!! 🙂

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


                2. Oh Lin. Reading this post just made me swirl with loving energy. Thank you soooo much. Love the email address. 🙂

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. welp, lost all i typed to you… but basically I was mentioning my own guys ‘triple hernia surgery’. was operated on for 7 hrs. his was extensive and he came out ok. Share this with your hubby. It is a common surgery and he will be ok. Purple balls and all! LOL (dont mentione that part). Again, if my guy can get thru what he did, your guy can! best outcome and Love to both of u

    2. Done. Sent. Always there. And so it is…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  9. Dear sun_of_blue, Paul, I’ll join you there 🙂 And sun, being the “bravest of the brave” as the CCs call us also means we are brave enough to ask for help if we need it 😉
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. sun_of_one

      I can relate to feeling like I have to go this alone. I know I am not alone, but I feel I must accomplish this thing by my own power. Because yes, that is what I was taught. That is probably the biggest lesson I have faced in all of this. The whole point is to NOT go it alone … to BE as one and use the merged force of love. I had a big ego release just this morning about this. Your comment here helped me realize what was happening with me. So I thank you once again for always sharing so honestly and openly. Love to you. I am with you always. 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  10. Thank you and bless you, dear Aisha, for your steady love for us through this storm in giving of the messages from CC and from your heart of loving care for others. “For those who love, nothing is too much trouble and nothng ever takes too much time.” I love you; I love us all. Jean

  11. Thank you, Aisha, for another spot on missive. I bow to you in deep gratitude.

    An onslaught came in last night, and today, I will remember to sing to release. I had one day of relief, and now today it is back to rocky. All is Good. All is Perfect. Breathe.

    IAM fully capable of DOing ALL things. IAM exactly where I need to BE.

    Robins are STILL here in Western New York.I hear them singing as I write this. Thank you, Robins, for singing for me, heralding Spring that is NOW here!

    Love, Amy

    1. Dear Amy! I’m still wondering how my body can still be hanging together after these intense blasts of energy, so I know how you must feel 😉 And you are not the only one feeling as if your brain is taking a vacation! I have found half finished projects all over the house today, where I have simply walked away in the middle of doing a chore.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha I found your comments (and your sharing in the first place Amy) so comforting. I have used the words, “I forgot” so much lately, usually associated with something started and not finished! Thankfully Jan cooks the meals here or I know I’d forget to eat. I even “lost” one day a week for the past couple. I never thought to chalk it up to all the incoming energies. I will stop having those little fearful thoughts that it’s due to age! 🙂 ~Nancee

  12. EL! I just did a LUCY! I changed my password to my iPad, and because I was half asleep when I did it, when I went to type the password in it did not work. Dang, if I didn’t go and forget what I put in as the password. So, I cannot get into my iPad, and once again, must rely on the Geek Squad over at Best Buy. I INTEND that this one particular young man who works there, will know what to do. OMG! I can just hear Ricky yelling, “LUCY!”

    I am typing this once again on my laptop. MUAH! to my laptop!

    Aisha, still have yet to read this missive. It is one of those days. I received huge downloads last night, hence, not much sleep. OK. I can do this day!

    Love, Amy

      1. IAM asking what all this means. I swear I put in the exact numbers I changed the password to. I see this as an adventure, for someone at Best Buy is ready for my Light/Love. Or, perhaps, IAM about to meet someone who is ready to come into my Life. All is Good. All is Perfect.

        Instead of getting upset and fighting…..IAM learning…..I go with the flow. It IS.

        Love, Amy

        1. I just told JJ that my daughter said this morning that she and her friends came up with a new expression for “in flow.” They call it “riding the magnet.” I am picturing the starling flight patterns…

          G O O D work, Lucy. I love going on adventures. You never know what treasure you may find. 🙂 I shall add some fuel to your fire. With love and light from Ethyl. 🙂 😀 😉

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. I think many children have a keener insight to much of this in applying the straight forth simple approach…stay with that thought…riding the magnet…’murmuring’….cause it works !
            LOve, Bev~

          2. ah,… the Starlings! I was thinking just now how the unison works for them so beautifully because not any single one of them is thinking or saying “hey you guys this is BS, dont you want to cut loose from this pattern?!” “Arent u sick of this?1”, etc.
            They are so content and in tune and in Love and Joy – If there is discontent around them, ‘they’ are certainly not acting even aware of it! Love it. To dance with the wind currents and u know how i love the wind!

            1. beautiful !…& perfectly said ! All in unison ‘One’ with the living energy flow of nature…All instinctual letting go to BEingness ~ Togetherness in complete trust & acceptance…no guessing, no judging, no mapping the plan & analyzing the flight & process…interesting isn’t it ? We can learn so much from nature….on the tips of their ‘Wings’ they feel each other as ‘One’ !….Oh how I LOve & Admire their ‘Murmuring’ !……..LOve You Breeze !……..Bev~

              1. Thanks bev!

                “Togetherness in complete trust & acceptance…no guessing, no judging, no mapping the plan & analyzing the flight & process”

                You describe exctly what I experienced today in my meeting with that “well-worn” man 🙂

                Love you bev!


                1. Excuse me for posting this here. I can’t get into the last missive. Want you to know I feel your advice. Here is a little American “country gospel” that I always took to heart.

                  I love your story of the “well-worn” man. If we only stop and engage, we gain so much.

                  I love you!


                  1. Nice song. I don’t know if this was adressed for me but this one would fit nicely in my repertoire. I’m almost done with my first recording and I’m so excited about this project that I have problem going to sleep at night, too anxious to start another day of creation.

                    Thanks again.

                    1. Good for you, Nayon! That is how I have begun to feel as well! When early morning arrives I jump out of bed, ready oh so ready to continue what IAM creating! I Love your spirit and Love your Energy! This is SO exciting to really take the plunge and create! Ya never know until ya try. That is the message from my Bella that I posted at Petals Unfolding. Hehehehehehehe She just couldn’t wait until her afghan that IAM making her is finished. I took her picture and in standing there with heart in throat, I “heard” her. And so I wrote what she said.

                      I really am excited for you!!! Keep going! Follow your Heart and you just cannot go wrong!

                      Love, Amy

                    2. Oh! Great!!! So I did find one that will work for you! 🙂 I am so pleased. B sent me a song that is posted on the last missive that inspired me to put this one here. Leapfrog! So it is from both of us… love to you, brother!!! 😉

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Yes Amy – holy cats and sweed Jesus 😉 I certainly agree. This was a very special day in my life. A real boot recovery!!! And I made it by my own power – YES!!!



        2. Thanks Amy for the loving words. Jumping out of bed might not be as easy for me as it is for you, I don’t fall asleep until the wee hours, tossing and turning, pre-enjoying the songs waiting for me to tickle their notes and feelings. Well, there are worse problems than this.

          1. “Tickle their notes and feelings…” I am glad to hear (though I already knew) that youare so close with the music instead of just “playing” it.

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


  13. Wonderful message Aisha and CCs. Some times I can’t imagine more change in my already totally changed world here. I like the idea Aisha of adding our own force to the upcoming storm. Though I pictured that as meaning turning our “back” on the storm (not facing it so much) and allowing ourselves to become ONE with it?? Therefore in that position we become part of what it is doing and our own “old stuff” will automatically release. (hmmm maybe I will blog on this later though I have ideas flowing in fast these days and need a break from the gardens to write!)
    sun_of_blue I appreciated your words on your reality of hanging on to the old longer than necessary. I suspect I might be older than you as I am finally learning to ask for help, both from ‘human’ and others quickly these days! I whisper, “please help” before I have time to get stubborn!!
    Jay Jay thank you for your video post! I enjoyed that.
    IF anyone is interested I’m reposting my comment about rewriting History 6 in a simplified version on my blog. My post landed late last night on Aisha’s last manuscript. ( Thanks AH for your comment here that couldn’t post to my site for some reason. Love, Nancee

  14. See you there, old friend. If you get there before me, save me a seat in the front row. 🙂

  15. yikes… read the comments first as i dont have much time to read right now. wanted to post my dream. i had it over and over and over last night. Sounds silly to me but here goes: was Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) and her son and a few friends of theirs caught in an area underground and it becomes flooded. they all drown. each time it only had little variation. She, Lindsay, realizes too last she made a bad decision to go there to keep out of the ‘storm’ – the high, rushing waters. thats about it. It was a torturous night though. Will see in the future what this dream may mean to me. Love to All…see u all later.

    1. Breeze these are just my first “reaction” to your dreams (which always fascinate me). Maybe the key word is “drown?” I can’t help but wonder if the ego is the one panicking in your dream and dying? Water is so symbolic of emotional and creative healing for me. May your bionic parts that have been temporary patches for you ‘drown’ off and may the resulting change at the other side of the storm find you so excited with what arrises in you: A happy and cooperating ego willing to co-create with you! Or it could also tie in the letting go of your womb… our egos maybe have attachment to protecting our body parts. No matter what may you come through the storm anew from your drowning experience in the waters. Going underground reminds me of sinking into the dark where the seed germinates into new life! (I blogged on that) It is taking me “courage” to hit post comment on this as it means maybe sounding foolish! (My own ego is having a lesson on not resisting 🙂 ) Love ~Nancee

      1. Neither one of you sounds foolish. First of all, Breeze, I often associate this transformation with the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. “She’s breaking up! She’s breaking up… we can rebuild him. We have the technology … stronger, better” so on and so forth. I even posted that clip a few weeks ago. With the caption “I am the f-ing bionic woman…” (tho I spelled out the f word. 🙂 ) And the storm. I kinda feel like Nancee that we are supposed to ride it, not try to avoid it. But c’est moi. Love to you.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Thanks to both u and Nancee. Nancee – I did not even think about my ‘bionic parts’ ie the nickle plugs in my fallopian tubes that are coming out! very interesting. As I have been feeling so good lately i started second guessing the operation again. But.. both I and my sister had strong sense the nickle had to come out of my body. Also interesting i did not mention to the dr if he could take out tubes – HE said he was going to do this before I asked. He said they are finding that ovarian cancer seems to start in the tubes – so keeping ovaries s/b ok. I associate emotion with water too Nancee. There was a lot of emotion i felt in watching this scene in the dream unfold again and again and again. I was observing and trying to get the msg telepathically to Bionic Woman to see that the underground was not safe but it never ‘reached her’. I will ponder this dream some more and see what else unfolds from it. thanks again!! X O Areeza

  16. Thank you so much for sharing all the channelings Aisha! It helps me keep going in these chaotic times… Wish you all so much love and light. Everything is changing so fast at the moment! Trust your inner guidance! ❤

    1. Dear JayJay, dear Birgitta! I look into your eyes and I see your light shining stronger than ever. No storm can blow out that light, it will only make it stronger. And you are not alone in this storm, for I am by your side, and you are by mine. And no matter how long this storm may last, we will all be standing tall when the wind dies down. I love you – always, forever!

      1. Thanks Aisha!
        Yes! No matter the stormy weather (it’s windy in Sweden too JJ;) I’m in it, for it, and I will stand stronger than ever when it is over. Here we go again fellows :))) Thanks for all support – and I still have a free hand to anyone who needs 🙂

        Much love,


      2. I allowed an inner storm to hit me today. (yeah, I know…chaos, clearing the last blah blah … been here before … know it won’t last … creation potential … soooon … whatever) My rambling point is that I recalled in the missive it said to ask for help if you lose your balance. I did so. Suddenly the fall colors glowed in the fog and dreariness. The radio, which had been playing only sad songs (yes I know I was “on that frequency” and drawing them to me), went silent for a second like the station had gone off air. Then this song started to play…

        Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. You can bet I paid attention.

  17. You guys should watch this….
    Russell Brand vs Jeremy Paxman

    The global revolution is coming, are you prepped yet?

  18. I love it Aisha, thank you!
    My personal life is a chaos, there is a gale force storm blowing outside at this very moment, trees are snapping, branches falling, leaves are being scattered far and wide. …
    Ha ha ha, the Light holds me firm though! The Truth speaks in me!
    Love and Light to you and All,

  19. Thank you Aisha and CC’s. We have weathered storms before, though from the forecast, this sounds like a doozy. I keep reading that we have no idea of what is about to happen, so I will endeavor to simply remeber to breathe, as always.

  20. Dear friends! These are indeed “stormy days” in so many ways, and I think I am not the only one feeling the winds blowing hard now. As always, coming here to the Pond is like coming to a safe haven, filled with love and supporting light. Thank you to all my shining brothers and sisters for what you continue to pour into this space! I would also like to remind you all that this Sunday, November 3, we have another Gathering coming up. I think we will all find shelter from any “storm” then 🙂
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. hehe, typed that without ever seeing your comment about storms Aisha. I guess I see more than I realise.
      Love ,

        1. Thank you again Aisha, I am so pleased that there are others who can not only see but have the gift of writing with such clarity. I enjoyed David’s love letter to a brother very much.

          I know not what my role is to be in the coming times, but I hope only to find courage to walk my path with the strength and integrity I witness among so many in these beautiful waters.

          To all my brothers and sisters here, I love you all.


    2. Oh, a Gathering! So00oo nice and welcome!
      See you and all of you there!
      Love and Light,
      Ha, That would be LL, from
      JJ 🙂

    3. OH, Sister, I Intended to visit Hawaii last night with Bella in Dreamstate, but instead I got blown to kingdom come! Whew! And then this morning, my password is not working in my iPad. IAM going on an adventure today, tired as I look and feel, going back to Best Buy (again) to ask for help from the Geek Squad. I will breathe and focus on the molecules, telling them IAM open and receptive to energy to bring me back to Balance. And so it IS.

      Love you! Amy

      1. Geeks are the greatest…

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Janis, I know I saw your words of Light and support for my hubby on here. I just want to say here, thank you. Love you.

        And anyone else, everyone else, who is sending their Love and Light, I bow to you. I thank you. BLESS you!!

        Love, Amy

          1. Thank you, Aisha. This will be the only comment I get to make before leaving for the hospital this morning. All is Well. All is Calm.

            I had hoped you had posted another “History of Creation” because yesterday I wrote an article, that shows how it is a CHOICE to be a Creator of Love, and how when we create areas of our lives not from Love, we always, and I mean always, recieve a Do-Over. All throughout what I wrote I showed the reader how continuously I had to choose fear or Love, fear or Love. And also, when we are AWARE of WHY things are happening in our lives, we become Masters of our Lives to work side by side with All That Is to Create from a state of Love.

            This is a huge learning curve for everyone, and as I said before, we will make mistakes, we will experience trials and errors until we get it right. But, the whole BEing, is, we are changing our thought patterns, our actions, our words. All to line up with Love.

            I LOVE YOU. My Intent that ALL who read my words are Blessed by them, allowing them the opportunity to become more AWARE in their own lives!


            With all My Love and with Every Confidence Love is in Control this Day, Amy

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