The manuscript of survival – part 365

As you have perhaps already seen, things have definitely picked up speed now, and as such, the days and weeks ahead will be more than eventful for you all. Again, you will be all set to expect a certain chain of events to take place, but please remember this plan is carefully planned, and even if you should have some prior knowledge of it, you do not have all the details, and as such, a human mind is not even capable of picturing it all in full and glorious detail. For you have been well groomed for this, but still there is much that is kept hidden from view, and so we caution you to expect the unexpected. For what you are about to witness will not be like anything you are expecting to observe and as such, we caution you to throw any previous knowledge to the wind and start afresh with a blank slate as it were when it comes to expectation.

Things will be set into motion now that will take many by surprise, and as usual, there is so much more to this than what will be visible on the surface. For remember, you have all been set up with a brand new way of SEEing things by now, and as such, what you will perceive from these upcoming events will vary much from what your next door neighbour will take out of it. For again we say expect the unexpected, and expect to become more than a little bit overwhelmed by what you sense will be happening beyond the scope of human perception. For what you SEE will be very different from what will take place in front of your eyes, and when we say this, it is indeed to remind you all to see beyond the obvious, and take in the reality that hides behind this veil of illusion that is currently being laid out before you all. For now, you are all more than capable of seeing past this illusion, and again, we refer to your abilities to connect with these currents that go far, far deeper than the mere illlusion on the surface of things. We know we speak in convoluted terms as usual, but it is indeed imperative that you all start to go beyond the words and the images that you are being presented as face value, and start to tap into that vast source of information that lies beyond that. For there is where the truth resides, and you are more than welcome to SEE this truth for yourself now. Indeed, you are all required to do so, as otherwise, you might get stuck in all of the machinations that the old illusion will engender in order to once again divert your intention from these deep layers of reality that is obscured by the hue and cry that will soon ensue from those old guardians of this selfsame illusion.

For remember, you have been taught to look the other way whenever a piece of information that will rip asunder this curtain of disillusion may come across the horizon. But this time, those of you who have managed to fully open your hearts to this truth will be more than ready to finally start to see these glimmers of truth for what they really are. For they are no longer able to be dismissed as mere folly, wishful thinking or even proofs of delusion. No, now these snippets of Source that will be made available to you will speak the truth to humanity for the very first time, and so we urge you to open yourselves and start to tune into this brand new channel of information that is about to be opened. And you are more than welcome to be the first ones to report exactly what it is that you can pick up from these new ”broadcasts” that will start to come your way. For remember, you are all more than capable of not only tuning into these brand new levels of vibrational information, you will also be asked to share just what it is you are picking up from them. For the information that will be sent through, is of such a magnitude and scope it takes more than one brave heart to take it all in, and so, you will once again discover the underlying factor that this is indeed for all intents and purposes a vast collective event, and this time, you are the ones that will be asked to not only participate, but also to give your voice to this choir and make it sing out loud and clear all across your world.

For you will hear and you will see and you will sense, and so we ask you not to keep any of it quiet, but please make sure that someone else will be brought in on this ”secret” in any way you can. For this is no longer to be a secret, this is all meant to become common knowledge, and as such, the first steps you need to take, is to let go of any inhibitions you might have as to what your role in all of this should be. For you are all here to OBSERVE, and through that you CREATE, but you are also here to REPORT what you observe, whether it will be through your ”human senses” or whether it will be through any of the more far-ranging ones. So again we say, sit up and take notice of all the things that will start to come into your sphere of influence these upcoming days and nights, and know that no detail is unimportant. So take notes, and take heed, and make sure that what you ”see” will not go unreported. And remember, this exchange of information can also be carried out in all sorts of ways, so we do not ask you to step up on a box on a street corner like a preacher and shout it out. No, you will all find a way to divulge these ”secrets” that are not to be secrets any more.

For this time, the cat will be well and truly let out of the bag – or perhaps we should say box – and now there is no way it can be enticed back in again. For the old illusion is about to come apart at the seams, and your willingness to be the witness, the observer, is what will make it all come about. For as you start to SEE the changes, you will also speed the whole process up, and as such, you are the ones that will make it all come about. So again we say on behalf of All of creation: thank you for all that you are and all that you do, and know that without you, there would be no change, at least, not for the better. But with you, nothing will ever be the same, and the one thing that can be assured, is that this time, the light is shining the way for you all to exit this small, claustrophobic, dark box that has been your only place of abode. But not anymore, as this time, not only the lid but every single wall will be removed in such a way no traces of it will be left. And so we say, go out and shine dear ones, and start to SEE these changes, and know that the more you look, the more you will find, and through that, even more change will be created at an even faster rate.

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  1. Thank you Aisha for always being so supportive 🙂

    I have tough days now when I feel myself weak and fragile though I never doubt that everything really is OK – as usual;) I’m the type of person who does not know for sure what happens until after a few days I start to think what is really going on, why I feel myself so heavy, sorry, headache etc. Probably I shed skins, moving into my new “I”, but still – it’s tough.

    Symptomatic I get viruses on my computer too 😉 Just wanted to say I love you and need you before I’m now doing a physical boot recovery of my computer (and myself;)) Keep your thumbs! Then I go in a few days to my children / grandchildren in just over a week and will be accurately monitor your messages via the iPhone but do not make any posts. Just so you know;)

    Much love and respect to you all,


    1. Love you, B!! Your words will be missed but your presence always felt. You will be with your family the same time Ripley and I will be with my parents. And my friend Mary Jo will be at a big conference with her church family. I dunno. Just noticing the interesting “movement.”


        1. Ditto to Aisha’s comments. Birgitta I will miss your comments!! May you both have great visits. AH who will keep the momentum going at the Pond with you away? Since you can take your Kindle with you will you still be posting? ~Nancee

            1. Girl, you know my parents have internet!! 🙂 Though yes, we will be there to spend time with THEM, not on the web. And besides, you all keep my momentum up, not the other way around. Hugs and kisses… I will say hello to Mickey and Minnie for you. Oh!!! Thanks for this memory… I just envisioned my little niece at Disneyworld when she was a little girl. My sister-in-law made her a little Minnie Mouse dress to wear… so sweet… they grow up so fast…

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              1. I just don´t understand your first two sentences…..Of course I´ll BE with my family physically…..not via the web.’

                Oh – there are lots of things I don´t understand, but you know I use to say “I will get/hear/know what is meant for me “. And that´s totally fine with me 😉



                1. So sorry B!! I meant to reply to Lin. I noticed as I sent this from my email that I was on the wrong one. Please forgive the confusion.. 🙂

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      1. Ethyl… Ethyl will be away from us?! I don’t think so. Being selfish here, LL, I do hope you take your Kindle and check in at least a few times. Where else would I get my “fix” of Ethyl’s HU-mor and quicksilver Mind?
        I love Otmn’s posts/rants, but not the same. Feminine Power!! 🙂
        Pls, too, keep us updated, if you will, on Vive’s healing progression and JJ’s wellbeing. Means so much.
        I Love You, Ethyl. Lin 🙂

        1. Of course, my friend!!! 🙂 😀 😉

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    2. Have a lovely visit, B. Looking forward to welcoming you at your return!
      I Love You. Lin 🙂 Holding your hand in the meantime.

        1. Always, kiddo. Btw, you return on the 11th when our friend Mercury goes direct again… maybe a lessening of all these “growing pains” energies???? 🙂 Lin

          Hi, OTMN, as you scroll by… 😉

          1. Yes Lin – I read about that 😉
            Thanks for reminding me. Anyway – it is really good to meet up with family and especially the wonderful grand children to fill up your heart with their love.



  2. ANOTHER X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites detected an X1-class solar flare from sunspot AR1875 on Oct. 28th at 0203 UT. This is the 3rd X-flare since Oct. 25th.

  3. Dear Lin,

    Before I sign off here, I do want to share a couple of other things. There is an extreme, intense spiritual aspect to our reunion that is again, difficult to describe. We had each, separately, sought and established and deveopled our connection with source. It did not take long (a day or two of speaking to each other) that there was a sense of God saying “You are bound. You are one.” I mean, it was like a thunderbolt had struck. It was not a matter of falling in love in the 3D sense, though all that is there, too, in a much more pronounced way than “normal.”

    Also, there are all these understandings, epiphanies, and comprehensions that keep pouring in about how we have always been “present” in each others consciousness. Not just having things in common or similar life experiences like you might find in a regular romantic relationship. We have set it up so that our journeys in life (and past lives… our entire existence) have resulted in us being literally tailor made for each other (and of course, because we are literally one soul in two bodies). I mean perfect puzzle pieces. Hard to explain. And then there is also this dawning knowing that we are the human example of “Nature” itself. The male/female aspects of the very earth and how the cycle of life operates. Oh so hard to explain…

    Maybe I can come up with a better description when this body is not so tired.

    Wishing you love,
    🙂 LLJJ

    1. Oh, so beautiful, LLJJ. Thank you for this post as I know you must be tired with all that is going on. I don’t know that my Guy and I are twins… perhaps not, although I KNOW we are deeply connected/BOUND together. We support one another and yet still challenge one another to grow, and I love that!
      Only IF you feel like posting more, then do so; it may/prob serve others here as this site is read internationally. Please know, Dear One, IAM happy with what you’ve written here. You are indeed a kind Soul.
      IAM praying throughout the days for YOU ALL in your new family as well as those in your present one… and during meditation. I feel lovely Vive and JJ… and Hellen–I already know your Light. I keep it simple with the Love Light Presence only/no requests–as deeply and brightly as I can feel it–embracing/surrounding/holding you all–then merged with the Healing Energy of all the Ponders’ Light directed to/around you all , then surrender with Trust.
      With my Love to each of you beautiful Souls, Lin 🙂

      1. Thank you so much Lin. Yes I will share more. 🙂 And always, always, I keep it simple too. “May it be to their highest good and the highest good of All There Is…” Because I certainly do not know what is best for another’s soul journey. Love to you, dearest heart!!!

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  4. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this very uplifting message. I especially loved this phrase: you are the ones that will be asked to not only participate, but also to give your voice to this choir and make it sing out loud and clear all across your world.

    For me this has a special meaning. Last week I finally got to seriously working on my plan B, and I am working non stop at building a 22 songs repertoire titled ‘The avenue of Love’, 2 sets of 11 songs, chosen among the most popular Love songs of my generation, and I plan to be ready for public appearances for next summer, or earlier if all goes well. What I hope to do, if it is still relevant, is to promote a public discussion around the theme of universal Love whenever possible after the shows. I plan to be equipped with battery powered amps to be able to play in parks. My only regret is not having started this earlier, but I am opened to the idea that I’ve just been perfectly following my script. If any of you have song suggestion, you’re welcome. My selection is made but I am still vocally challenged by a few ones, I might get up there…or not. (grin)

    On a side note I have had powerfull dreams over the last 3 days, and many numerical synchronisies. Last night I was buisy kicking out the last psychopaths fom this realm, and I was moving very fast. My particular number is 41 and according to my research, it make sense.

    There also seems to be a simliar feeling of impending developpment in many different spheres. If you don’t mind, I would like to post a channeling by someone from a more ‘christian’ point of view, which carry a similar uplifting than this present CC’s message. Enjoy it.

    My Beloved Bride, my Husbands of Israel,

    You yourselves have been my faithful vessels, giving me a home and presence among the world through you. Now is the time for your ‘dynamis’. Do you not know our coming union is the rising of the Phoenix? What and who among you can hide OUR light from the face of Earth when it is I who surrounds you and I who moves forward scattering the seeds of my spirit along the paths you walk. Until this day you have been separated, alone, children of a mighty kingdom (chosen amongst a lineage of kings) who have forgotten all your birthrights through the sleep of men.

    Arise now, Arise to your crown, to your vesture, to your place beneath our hupo. For your lonely hearts I present now the gift of all parts of totality residing within my chosen. Instead of being rejected, lame, and broken, instead of being OUTSIDE looking in on the world, you will be INSIDE my kingdom looking out at the world.

    Your invitation was a calling, the opening of it was a kiss, and the contents of it WAS a key. If a certain sheep was the key for a shepherd to return to glory, who would best shepherd that sheep towards the kingdom door? The Shepard destined to be king, or the Shepard blind to glory? Choose now whom you follow, as that Shepard will take you according to the direction of his eyes. Have I myself not seen the heavenly kingdom and have therefore created even all that lies within? Truly I say to you, there is but one shepherd who can lead you to the door. Salvation is our covenant, you dwell within my promise and I within your temple.

    Come, run along side your Shepard now. kneel at my feet, profess that I am your chosen shepherd. Know my voice, be still. It grows louder day-by-day, it rings as a bell to my flock, but to the world it strikes as fiery darts.

    Be not found in fear my small ones, for fear is not in my pastures, but in the lamenting valleys of the Earth. Now you awaken and arise to our union, the sleep of gravity is now dust in your eyes. Wipe it away with tears of joy, for I carry you over the threshold…it is the glory of our union you will see when you first come awake in my arms.


    Lord Yeshuah

    1. Here is one I rediscovered recently. So powerful. When I heard it again after so many years (I was a preteen at a live Barry concert and the entire auditorium sang along with this one), I actually thought of the wedding of the Bride/Bridegroom from the bible!!! Plus, I have heard your voice and know you can easily do it justice. Best wishes to you, my friend. I look forward to seeing you perform. Excellent idea about discussion afterwards. And yes, no regrets, it’s your own perfect script!!

      Love to you,

    2. Dear Nayon! So wonderful, you are finding your voice at the exact right time 🙂 Thank you for brinigng your light here and to this world 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you both for your support, it is very much appreciated. I feel very much alone here and the only one of my kind. Thank you AH for the link, I Love Barry, but to match my concept, I was looking more into songs with accoustic guitar. What I am doing is recording every instruments exept acc guitar and main voice which I’ll be doing live. I stll strugle with very high notes, I have a natural more deeper voice and I still have problems with ‘Lady in red’ by Chris DeBurg and ‘Some folks’ by Kim Mitchel. No problem with Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Secret garden’.

        1. Ohhhhhhh. I love Secret Garden!!!!!

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  5. how far above sea level are you?
    I share something i don’t know
    “””the waters will slosh around; move uphill, please
    this sort of thing will happen all over the seashores

    I kept my rant short the other day, to much girl talk, which looked to me as redundant and repetitive. on the other hand where else can the female spread her wings so freely, so it’s ok, we all know it , huh? am i wrong?
    doesn’t everyone here know that they are loved and protected, respected and admired, by those who can see who are you?
    do you really need to post it over and again?
    I scroll and scroll and my fingers are getting cramped up again now
    i don’t understand what all this is
    but then that isn’t my job
    but i’m still curious

    1. Short and sweet, I love you.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Otmn, grrrr

      You’re the strong, silent type, I take it. Like John “The Duke” Wayne. Love his movies btw.
      Don’t want to speak for other female counterparts here, but I believe we’re simply “connecting” as all women do; we were brought up that way. Men were brought up being silent, sporty and tough.
      It’s been said that women are the stronger gender and live longer… perhaps. Maybe it’s due to our positive “venting”?!? (shrugging shoulders with smile)

      I’m grateful you’re able to scroll past us. 🙂

      I always look forward to your posts–even though sometimes crabby, they/you are kindly.

      grrrr Lin

  6. For those who may struggle reading the longer CC’s message in History Part 6 I just posted my condensed understanding of it in 500 words instead of 2100. (I’ll post this on the History page as well.) I really wanted to absorb that message from the CCs and that’s the easiest way for me so I thought I’d share. If Aisha gets another message first thing in the morning I’ll move this post to the new page 🙂 ~Nancee

    1. Oh yes!! It always help to talk or write it out… somehow attempting to put something into your own words aids understanding… thanks nancee!!!

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    2. Well, I declare. I can not comment on your blog, either. Again. So this most recent one about creation is most well done, Nancee!! I love the photo “golden orb spider in her little corner of the garden.” So perfect for this. And I really loved the line in your intro about our force dragging others into our wake. Interesting the double meaning in the way “wake” comes across here.

      Keep shining!!


  7. Msg for JJ: It is like 5 times now I keep wanting to tell you to get ‘rose quartz’ for Vive. maybe u already have a piece. I see a ‘raw’ piece….like 3 inches in size…does not have to be round. I Love to use raw rose quartz myself. I have fallen asleep with it in my grip… or i keep smaller stones in a cool drawstring bag i wear around my neck placed near my heart chakra. I have a special crystal I use regularly too – maybe there is something else she will pick out for herself too. I can see Vive having one and when I meditate with mine they are conjoined and activated for her healing. Let me know if u have one or if u can get one. thanks ! Areeza

  8. Aisha our router was knocked out due to lightning and I just got back online after almost 2 days. While OFF line I decided to rewrite the History Pt 6 to simplify it so that I could really get a better understanding since it had affected me through feeling. I was going to post this 500 word rewrite on my blog. (I don’t have many reading it yet mind you.) Do you mind as I directly took some of the sentences from the CC’s words? I have no way of sharing it with you first. I put the link to your original post at the start of the article asking people to read the longer version. Please let me know… Thanks 🙂 ~Nancee

    1. Dear Nancee, please feel free to use any quotes you want from these messages! These words are given freely, so that they can act as catalysts in different ways, and I am very much looking forward to reading about what this message has “ignited” in you. I am certain that your words will be of help to many others as well, so I hope you will post a link to your message here!
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Nancee and Aisha, for some reason, IAM just led to simply say…..How very much I Love you both, and how honored IAM to know two women with such high integrity and standards. And who share the same vision with me……..a New World whose foundation is Love. E-motion is surging up in me, as I yearn to hold you both in my arms in a huge embrace of Total Love.

        Love, Amy

        1. Dear Amy! We are ONE, and I am already holding you tight in a HUGE embrace. You, Nancee and all my brothers and sisters here at the Pond! The outpuring of love that is happening here today is so powerful, I find it hard to even put it into words. We are family, and we support, care and LOVE each other in a way that goes beyond anything I have experienced before. I think it was Birgitta who once said something like “I would not recognize you if I met you in the street, but I know your soul” and that is so true. The bond that has developed here between “strangers” from all across the globe is the best proof there is that this world is already changing in the most profound way. What a wonderful time to be alive, to have this opportunity to be a part of this, and to get to know YOU, my beloved brothers and sisters of the light!
          With eternal gratitude, joy and love from me, Aisha

          1. I think I have said this before, but the first lightworker I encountered was Jill Renee Feeler (beacon for lightorkers) and she kept saying “There is no place I’d rather be than right here, right now.” God I wanted that so bad. She just GLOWED with joy. I now feel this myself. Hallelujah. 🙂

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        2. Amy your post moved me big times just now… reaching out over the miles yet knowing we’re right “there” right now together holding each other. It is amazing how that feels. Aisha you’re probably in bed (5:55 right now my time as I type this!) so I’m going to find a picture and post that asap at Then I’m going to read your new posts at your site Amy. I actually just rewrote the History article hoping to later post how it is personally affecting me 🙂 ~Nancee

          1. When you look up at the sky, Nancee, FEEL the molecules that are there and KNOW IAM there with you. Close your eyes when you are in your house, and FEEL the molecules and know IAM there. With you. IAM now asking how to more at depth work with these molecules as in creating, and communication. So close…….and usually my info comes when I least expect it. Humility. And knowing there is a whole lot more to me then I realize.

            Nancee, I do LOVE you. You look like my biological sister (Hi, Mary, just in case you are reading here!) and this fact alone has a huge tug on my Heart.

            HUGS, Amy

            1. Amy how special to look like your sister. I took a few moments today to look up at the sky and then refocused right in front of me while doing so and sure enough… that’s where I see the molecules are moving around. They wiggle like tadpoles (or sperm) but are one width so far. I was walking both dogs together at the time so couldn’t be distracted for more than a few seconds. So I will indeed join you in molecule exploration in the coming days. Thank you for reminding me that I can see these. I wonder what else I’ve been seeing for years and just not really registering it was something “special!” Loving you here in little Eden Atenas, Costa Rica!! On my way now to read all your posts and to visit Rusty’s picture 🙂 ~Nancee

              1. Keep looking. There is an infinite number of them. Millions. Trillions. And they dance and make patterns and sparkle and shimmer and then flash instant burst! Keep looking. You will not be able to NOT see them once you do!!!

                Tomorrow I shall read what you wrote. Now on to my family and kitchen and stuff……

                Love, Amy

              2. Too tired to post under Otmn’s post, which I at the moment don’t know where it is. Woman have centuries worth of words to speak. WE have been forced to shut our mouths and be someone who we were not, so, the words pour forth like a waterfalls. This is good.

                Once we women start, there is not stopping us.

                WE are setting ourselves FREE. FREE of the chains and shackles that have imprisoned us. And this is good as well.

                1. you go girl! I will be playing with the molecules more too. I see them just as u describe here. exactly. never met anyone who knew what i meant when I described them. until u 🙂 Enjoy ! we shall share what we newly discover about them.

                  1. Hahaha! I just said you go girl, too. We speak with the same mouth.

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                  2. Two heads are better then one. When WE share and brainstorm, that is when the revelations come in. That, and life itself shows the answers….

                    Good night, dear Sister.

                    love, Amy

              3. Yes yes yes!!! I see them as ameobae and paramecium sometimes… LIFE!!! so cool…

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          2. OH, Nancee, I must read what you wrote about history. I just don’t have it to give right now…..I must close up. I published quite a lot today and I worked in my gardens today as well. Pooped. And still have the kitchen to clean and then on to sing my solo in the shower!

            Love, Amy

  9. huh, this is maybe the closest thing to a ‘prediction’ the CC’s have ever talked about….? exciting!

    1. a few messages back they said we’d start ‘seeing’ codes or something. in my dreams i’ve been seeing alphanumeric combinations. last night was 111 (it was $111 the cost of a hotel room in my dream). also. MNZ and another one i can’t remember. but it’s letters and numbers. …have no idea the significance though…

      1. Yeah!!! The two an(n)a’s again. Bev just gave me a lot of info on 111. I believe it’s on the first page of the last missive. Girl, you gotta check it out. 🙂

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        1. Look for the Alanna Myles video. It’s a few comments under that. I saw light codes, too. Lazy SS, lazy ll, and focused 55 morphing in cycles between the 3 of them. AND last night I dreamed of us all checking into a big hotel.


    2. True that! Hope you don’t mind I reeposted your Pucifier song…. no responses again. Guess that was just for the two an(n)a’s. 🙂 😀 😉

  10. Dear Aisha and Constant Companions, Thank you all so very much for all that you do. I am so appreciative. My blessings to all who read this message. Peace & Love to you all.

    1. Blessings, peace and love to you, Wilbur. There is the coolest gentleman ever, also named Wilbur, who lives across the street from me. We all call him “Mr. Wil.” He is the light of our neighborhood.

      I am feeling I have already told you this. Worth repeating if I have…


    2. Blessings back 2 U Wilbur! Our family of light is growing and growing. Again, I say how totally in awe I am that my star family are not all ‘out there’ but right here ! How blessed we are

      1. Yes, Breeze, how truly Blessed we are! And now with the molecules that BOTH of us see, KNOW that what you see is a part of US. All of us, here at the Pond and all on earth. How is that for a mind blower???? They told me this, Breeze! And I feel it deep within my bones that this is the Truth! We truly are connected and it is the time to learn (remember) how to communicate through this network of Light. And WE shall!!!

        Love, Amy

        1. Oh yes Lady.. I hear you ! and you gave me a better way of connecting with ‘Vive’ (I typed ‘Live’ first there u guys!)…. I will use these molecules. and remember my light serving balls ? Those I believe are a part of what Aisha and CC’s were speaking of. In mentioning how there is this energy ‘waiting for our instruction’ to be created into something! these balls that morning were telling me this! I knew I could use them for anything.. like they were there to do my bidding and joyful to do it ! This is getting more fun all the time. I am getting this Deja Vu going on tonight here. Its like I start thinking of what is happening now and something quickens within me and Deja Vu – I am feeling like we have done this before. I try to ‘grip onto’ the content and it has disappeared for some reason so i cant explain it in definite terms. But i know i will in the future. Tonight;s experience had to do with ALee also – something she and I did that we will do again.

          1. Yep yep yep… releasing time… sliding around in the NOW…

            And “Live.” Wonderful. You know her name actually means that.

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    1. As Rose is fond of saying “my cup overfilleth” and it overflows…

      Thank you, my friends, my family, my beloveds, my selves…

        1. Hahahaha!!! Too much. Just too much. I love it! 🙂 😀 😉

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  11. I need help! Im transforming into something new, viewing the world in another way, using more and more of my brain capacity. And I feel all alone in the world! I can’t take anymore. I am longing home to the source!

    1. Gry Anita, YOU are HOME. YOU are SOURCE. What you are feeling is probably “stuck energy” that needs to be “loosened”. I just went through a period of my life, weeks and weeks, where everything felt so out of control, scary, and nothing seemingly not working. Just yesterday I began to sing, something I used to do all the time, but haven’t for a while. In the singing, (movement) I unblocked my packed sinuses and got “old programs” to release. The RELIEF was incredible.

      If singing doesn’t “do it” for you, dance. Just dance and shake off these energy patterns that I “feel” are stuck within you. Thus, the panic. You free YOU. YOU are Master of YOU.

      I just wrote an article about my experience about the weeks of relentless high frequency energy that had me feeling like I was speeding. Horrible. In the singing, (not realizing this at the time), I moved OLD energy that was stuck. Today I feel like a NEW person, with normal amounts of energy, and the frenzy is all gone. I FEEL LIKE ME AGAIN, just BETTER. GRIN!

      If reading my article would help you, you can find it at You are NOT alone. Far from it. I also SEE molecules (another article I wrote) and I now know without doubt, that what IAM seeing are portions of ALL my Brothers and Sisters. So, I discovered right there, IAM never alone. This also was another “feeling” I used to have. No more though!!

      Hope I helped!!!

      Love, Amy

    2. Sweetie. We are all going through this. Holding your hand. You are not alone at all. Ever. ps my mother’s name is Anita 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Dear Gry!

      I am glad you joined us around the Pond of light and love. Welcome!

      Yes – this transformation process is sometimes hard to stand. It is challenging in many ways but also quite amazing and rewarding it is entirely as it should. I’m glad that you reach out to us because we all need
      support in this process as it can sometimes lead one to believe that you have become insane;) That’s why we need each other so well – and I am sure that you can cope with a bit more 🙂

      Glad to see you here 🙂

      Love and respect,


    4. Welcome, dear Sister Gry Anita!
      Holding your hand, too. A lot of hands to hold here, you know. 😉
      With Love, Lin Anita (after my Grandmother 🙂 ]

    5. Gry, welcome to the pond – u sure found your way to the right place. I certainly feel much less alone after discovering my family of light here. by the way, break the work alone down and it says All -One…. which we all are. Lady Pinkrose answered you well. I agree that energy could be stuck and u need to move it. We have all been in a space similar to what you are in. Talk to the energy u feel. Be With It. When it builds up too much, yes move it around. Maybe visualize placing it ‘around your body’. All Will Be Well… stick with us… Hugs from me, Areeza

    6. Dear Gry Anita! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! You are not alone dear sister, and as you can see, you have a whole family of light here ready to welcome you with open arms, open hearts and many words of wisdom. I hope we can all help you to feel at home here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Me finding this song is a prime example. JJ and I were trying to Skype, but it just wasn’t the right time. I heard a particular song in my head by LA that was appropriate. When I looked it up, this one was listed on the side. “Hello World” caught my attention. Never even heard of it.

      So instead of “forcing” the Skype thing, we all received this powerful message. Surrender to higher self force of creation, and it all comes together for the highest good. The starlings form the pattern together. The soul calls out and receives the answer…

      So beautiful.

      Life is…
      PS god this is fun


  12. Dear everyone,

    What all of you have been sending to Vive is working. For the first time in 3 days, she is downstairs, and she is eating a little too. She is not feeling sick at all. She is not well of course, but considering the circumstances, she is doing quite well!

    Thank you all for your loving support,

  13. AMY! I am suddenly wondering about our friend (emma maybe? – sorry – the one who calls you mamcita. Hello out there!! Wishing you well!

    I also want to say HI to mt friend MARIA. She hasn’t commented at the pond for a while, but I know she dips in now and again.

    *** Maria!! Thinking of you as always! xoxoxo ***


  14. “Greetings Love Beings, As Anticipated we are Seeing the energy continue to Build in the Energy field surrounding the Planet as we prepare for Our Second Eclipse. This is Putting increased pressure on the old paradigm or ego’s. The reports we are recieving is that many are experiencing this Pressure! This will continue to increase as we prepare for the Suns Magnetic Reversal! “
    Made me think of my snake dream: the ‘second shedding’ — the ‘second eclipse’. interesting.

    1. Hahaha!! I had two REALLY BIG ego things in release yesterday. I won’t explain what they were, because Gah!! They don’t matter do they??!!

      Thanks, luv.


  15. “…And what the dead had no speech for, when living,
    They can tell you, being dead: the communication
    Of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.”
    T.S. Eliot
    I Just saw this quote and was thinking of the All Hallows Eve approaching. Then I saw Lady Love’s post and thought I better not post this. I am for some reason though. Dearest JJ – I have seen those close to me loose a family member more so in the past couple of years. I keep thinking each time that the one who passes is sacrificing for lack of better way to put it. They set it up from the start of their life to help the family members in some way from a different platform. The suffering I do not know if I will ever come to terms with that part. I do not know if Vive will live or die but I know I detest suffering and I pray it ends for all. Whatever her and your choices are, they are done in the name of Love and you are doing the best you can at any given time. Be at Peace with that. May the eternally divine part of sweet Vive take over and ease her physical being at this time…into more healthy life or into her light body…whichever is to Be. Amen.

    1. JJ: Re MMS chlorine odor/taste. I had a real hard time getting past it myself. My healer friend said to try it with pineapple juice. Problem for me was if i used it in a drink i liked, i would then not be able to drink that particular drink again – the chlorine ruined it for me – just the memory of the taste. I am going to try the pineapple though. If she gets a bad reaction… u can always neutralize it with a citrus juice like orange to ease it. Then try lower dose and work your way up. I currently put it on my toothbrush and am douching with it as well as rubbing it on my belly. It has eased the pain in my uterine are greatly it would seem. And not to be gross, but ‘stuff’ came out that I believe was the cysts dissolving and/or candida releasing. Best of luck with it my friend.

      1. I am feeling chills and lots of emotion regarding Vive and JJ and their family. Many yrs ago, my sister told me about a coworker who was given an 80% chance to live (cancer). I did not ever meet the woman but when i heard she had three young children, I felt very compelled to do something… anything to help her heal. I sat in lotus position on my bed and i did what ‘came to me’. I saw her sitting in a chair before me and i started talking with her and asking her questions. She answered and these heart felt answers were ‘her truth’ coming out….there were hurts imprinted from the past – something to this affect. I later ended up calling this ‘place we were’ the “Healing Circle”. This woman lived ! she amazed her drs…. they had no explanation for her quick recovery. She is still alive and healthy as far as i know. I never met her accept in that healing circle. I have such chills all over my body as I recall this. I also participated in the same way for an ex-boyfriend’s sister-in-law whom i did meet. She had ovarian cancer and she ended up living way past what they said she would. I shall do this with Vive if it is to be. I can only set the intention and see what happens. What is her location please ? Her age? that helps me tune into her. thank you

        1. Holland. 13 yrs old. I have “met with her in consciousness” and JJ talked “to” her in meditation last night to discuss their soul contract, though he did not feel here there at the same time.Wonderful of you to do this. Thank you. If a photo would help, I am sure he would send you one.

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Dear Breeze,

              Right now it is 19:40, that is 7:40 pm.
              She’ll go to bed in about 3 hours.
              Anything else you would need to know?
              We live in Hoofddorp, a town near Amsterdam, near the airport.

              Thank you…

              1. thanks JJ. I will see what I can do to help. sometimes nothing happens, i never know if i can tune in or not…or if the other person will or not. I have not done it in awhile. Had so much of my own stuff going on but I am in a good space these days 🙂 worth a try absolutely. It is true all of us here are helping (Vive and each other daily) with our Intentional Love… same with me as I build the strongest Love connection I can in the healing circle. The person I intend to help may or may not choose to enter in. My gift seems to be in helping to remove ‘imprints’ that can cause dis-ease. Love and blessings, Areeza

                1. What a gift!!! Gratitude, sweet and powerful friend.

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


                2. Dear Areeza,
                  Thanking you now!
                  I know you can’t make any promises regarding the outcome.
                  Love and gratitude,

                  1. If I dont do the meditative healing tonight, i will tomorrow and whenever it feels like a good time. seem to have a bit of asthma going on after cleaning. allergic to dust… but who isnt really.

                    1. Whenever it feels right…

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  16. JJ, this message is for you.

    There comes a time, when one must truly honestly ask, is this existence quality or is it quantity? Have you asked your daughter what she wants, JJ?

    To walk in your shoes, is the most painful walk. I know. No, I do not have children, yet the Love I feel for my cats is the same, to ME. I have seen suffering, I have seen the “time” to decide, quantity or quality.

    I have tears in my eyes as I write this to you. I know you know what I write here. I think my Heart led me to write it to you so you could “hear” it as well.

    I Love you, my Brother. As IAM with my roses this day, I send the “spirit” of the Rose to Vive and to you and to your family. I carry Vive in my Heart.


    1. Dear Amy,
      So funny (it’s ok to laugh, right?), because AH pointed out the same thing this morning…..
      I have been discussing this with both Vive and with Hellen.
      For me it’s clear: the chemo’s must stop. Thank you for your gift of the Roses, Amy.
      Amy you are so dear to me.

      I also came across this on Heart Song Meditation and Philosophy:
      (It helps me a lot since I ALWAYS try to fix things).

      October 26, 2013
      Channeled on 10/26

      From: God

      In the physical world you cannot always change things to suit you. Whether your desires are good is irrelevant. You cannot control other peoples’ actions. You cannot control the environment. You cannot always keep that which you love safe.

      I bring this up not to discourage you; but because you need to see that there is no shame in this.

      It is not your fault that your ability to transform reality is limited. It is part of being human. It is not your fault that your options are limited. There is no one to blame.

      You haven’t really made your peace with this aspect of reality. You like to feel powerful. You like to feel in control. That’s OK everyone does. But, there is nothing wrong with being out of control. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

      You cannot fix it when a loved one dies.

      You cannot stop the randomness of the world.

      You cannot keep others from doing harm.

      Accept it. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting against the truth. You are not to blame. There is nothing wrong with you, you are only human.

      I know you hate that phrase, that you like to feel powerful. I know you would rather believe that there are no limits. I know you would rather believe that in time all limitations can be overcome. And there is some truth to that – there is no reason to believe that humanity will never conquer death. You are capable of amazing things.

      But, we’re talking about today.

      We’re talking about right here, right now.

      You are powerful and you are strong. You can do many amazing things; but, you can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you think you need.

      This is not meant to be dis-empowering. This is about freedom and peace. This is recognition of what is already true, not taking something away from you.

      Even if you were to win the lottery today there would still be things that you could not buy. Power in the mortal world is always limited. It’s just how things are.

      With a strong will, with focus and with dedication you can do amazing things. But, you cannot do everything.

      Try and believe that this is OK. Believe that you are OK. Believe that even if that which you love appears to be gone away that life is still good. Sometimes you get angry at yourself, at life, at the universe because you cannot always protect those that you love. Let that go. It does not serve you well.

      Power in the physical is limited; but, life is still beautiful. Life is still full of blessings. Life is still miraculous and wonderful.

      Your limitations do not change that. And your limitations are not really faults. You are not broken because you are limited. There is nothing wrong with you.

      Let your sadness go. Let you grief and feelings of depression go. Let go of your fear and your worries. Let go. Be at peace. Let yourself relax. Release all your attachments. Release all of your desires and be at peace.

      Even if its only for a moment that’s a start. Be still. Just breathe. Just relax. Let it all go. Let go of your anguish and your heartache. Let go of your tension. Let go of your pain. Your pain does not serve you. Worry does not serve you. Relaxation serves you. Inner peace serves you.

      Be at peace.

      1. JJ, on my blog I shall post the pics of the Rose Harvest. There are not many, but may they BLESS all who view them.

        I communicated with the molecules, calling Vive’s name. I saw “starbursts” and lots of flashes of Bright Light. There was no message. IAM passing on to you what I saw. I also felt a deep quiet.

        I too agree the chemo must stop. I feel this is the Highest Decision. Vive is too weak to tolerate any more.

        Thank you for the beautiful message. BLESS you, my Brother. BLESS you.

        I Love you! Amy

      2. Dear JayJay, thank you so much for sharing this. Your light is strong dear brother, and we are so many standing by your side, sending out our light and our love to your family. I hope and pray it will help to bring comfort to you all.
        LOVE, Aisha

    1. Teasy… I don’t know what your gravatar is/represents, but I absolutely Love it. Jumped out to/at me. delightful. Thank you. Lin

    1. Lucy … you got some splainin to do …

      I will not take it in a negative way that I have trouble commenting on your site. I will take this once again as an indication that I am to experience it more than interact with it.
      But know I am always reading it.
      BTW i knew i was ethel!!!
      just L
      make that EL
      Oh iloveit!

    1. And check it out about :)AH

      Ohhhhhhh i love it!!!

      Heart Song Meditation

      Heart Song Meditation is very simple. All you need to do is sing quietly to yourself using an “AH” sound. The “AH” sound is strongly linked to feelings of pleasure. A sigh of contentment and a moan of ecstasy both frequently come as an “AH” sound. The ability of music to effect mood and shift consciousness is widely recognized. I recommend just improvising your tune instead of using a song you already know, just let the tune wander and enjoy seeing what you can create. If you’re not comfortable improvising, feel free to use a song you know. By combining these two you gain a powerful tool to shift your consciousness and sink into profound pleasure and relaxation.

      I have found that after a while the mind will start to wander, and that it’s best not to fight this. Allow your mind to wander, because this is when realization comes. Your mind will bring up all the old, flawed ideas so that you can let them go. Every realization and insight deepens your overall level of relaxation. Once you hit a certain level of relaxation, then dream images and visions start to come.

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