The manuscript of survival – part 365

As you have perhaps already seen, things have definitely picked up speed now, and as such, the days and weeks ahead will be more than eventful for you all. Again, you will be all set to expect a certain chain of events to take place, but please remember this plan is carefully planned, and even if you should have some prior knowledge of it, you do not have all the details, and as such, a human mind is not even capable of picturing it all in full and glorious detail. For you have been well groomed for this, but still there is much that is kept hidden from view, and so we caution you to expect the unexpected. For what you are about to witness will not be like anything you are expecting to observe and as such, we caution you to throw any previous knowledge to the wind and start afresh with a blank slate as it were when it comes to expectation.

Things will be set into motion now that will take many by surprise, and as usual, there is so much more to this than what will be visible on the surface. For remember, you have all been set up with a brand new way of SEEing things by now, and as such, what you will perceive from these upcoming events will vary much from what your next door neighbour will take out of it. For again we say expect the unexpected, and expect to become more than a little bit overwhelmed by what you sense will be happening beyond the scope of human perception. For what you SEE will be very different from what will take place in front of your eyes, and when we say this, it is indeed to remind you all to see beyond the obvious, and take in the reality that hides behind this veil of illusion that is currently being laid out before you all. For now, you are all more than capable of seeing past this illusion, and again, we refer to your abilities to connect with these currents that go far, far deeper than the mere illlusion on the surface of things. We know we speak in convoluted terms as usual, but it is indeed imperative that you all start to go beyond the words and the images that you are being presented as face value, and start to tap into that vast source of information that lies beyond that. For there is where the truth resides, and you are more than welcome to SEE this truth for yourself now. Indeed, you are all required to do so, as otherwise, you might get stuck in all of the machinations that the old illusion will engender in order to once again divert your intention from these deep layers of reality that is obscured by the hue and cry that will soon ensue from those old guardians of this selfsame illusion.

For remember, you have been taught to look the other way whenever a piece of information that will rip asunder this curtain of disillusion may come across the horizon. But this time, those of you who have managed to fully open your hearts to this truth will be more than ready to finally start to see these glimmers of truth for what they really are. For they are no longer able to be dismissed as mere folly, wishful thinking or even proofs of delusion. No, now these snippets of Source that will be made available to you will speak the truth to humanity for the very first time, and so we urge you to open yourselves and start to tune into this brand new channel of information that is about to be opened. And you are more than welcome to be the first ones to report exactly what it is that you can pick up from these new ”broadcasts” that will start to come your way. For remember, you are all more than capable of not only tuning into these brand new levels of vibrational information, you will also be asked to share just what it is you are picking up from them. For the information that will be sent through, is of such a magnitude and scope it takes more than one brave heart to take it all in, and so, you will once again discover the underlying factor that this is indeed for all intents and purposes a vast collective event, and this time, you are the ones that will be asked to not only participate, but also to give your voice to this choir and make it sing out loud and clear all across your world.

For you will hear and you will see and you will sense, and so we ask you not to keep any of it quiet, but please make sure that someone else will be brought in on this ”secret” in any way you can. For this is no longer to be a secret, this is all meant to become common knowledge, and as such, the first steps you need to take, is to let go of any inhibitions you might have as to what your role in all of this should be. For you are all here to OBSERVE, and through that you CREATE, but you are also here to REPORT what you observe, whether it will be through your ”human senses” or whether it will be through any of the more far-ranging ones. So again we say, sit up and take notice of all the things that will start to come into your sphere of influence these upcoming days and nights, and know that no detail is unimportant. So take notes, and take heed, and make sure that what you ”see” will not go unreported. And remember, this exchange of information can also be carried out in all sorts of ways, so we do not ask you to step up on a box on a street corner like a preacher and shout it out. No, you will all find a way to divulge these ”secrets” that are not to be secrets any more.

For this time, the cat will be well and truly let out of the bag – or perhaps we should say box – and now there is no way it can be enticed back in again. For the old illusion is about to come apart at the seams, and your willingness to be the witness, the observer, is what will make it all come about. For as you start to SEE the changes, you will also speed the whole process up, and as such, you are the ones that will make it all come about. So again we say on behalf of All of creation: thank you for all that you are and all that you do, and know that without you, there would be no change, at least, not for the better. But with you, nothing will ever be the same, and the one thing that can be assured, is that this time, the light is shining the way for you all to exit this small, claustrophobic, dark box that has been your only place of abode. But not anymore, as this time, not only the lid but every single wall will be removed in such a way no traces of it will be left. And so we say, go out and shine dear ones, and start to SEE these changes, and know that the more you look, the more you will find, and through that, even more change will be created at an even faster rate.

391 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 365

  1. Paul,

    I have never heard of Russel Brand. We do get the BBC here. I watched the interview. What I am “getting” is that he is doing a “tikkun olam.” This is the Hebrew expression for “changing or correcting the world.” This often happens with souls who do not originate from places of the Light. They did or had negative experiences in previous lives or this one which allows them to “awaken” and do something. I agree with what he says but am not sure his “style” is going to win over mainstream audience. He talks a lot about what he doesn’t like but needs to make easy positive suggestions. I would have said everyday simple things like: recycle your garbage, read the labels and check where your clothing is manufactured. Meatless Mondays, rooftop or garden planting. Showing kindness everyday to people who are often ignored – supermarket cashiers, office cleaners…..

    Humans who are descended from Lyra are amazingly energetic. They can go all day long like energizer bunnies and then crash when they need to sleep. I have never met one who didn’t need to eat (I call it taking fuel) every few hours. The Lyrans seeded some places in Northern Europe – especially Scotland. I had two Lyran guides for about 2 years and just adored them.

    Love, Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      When I’m going, energizer bunny might be close, though in more recent times I have certainly craved pause for recharging. I teach (volunteer) a couple of karate classes each week, as well as my own training and the last thing I tell my class as we finish each week is “Be kind to everyone you meet, be gentle with yourself”.

      1. Hahahaha! I couldn’t resist. I was looking for the original bunny commercial but I saw this and felt it was more appropriate.

        Hope U like, Leo. 🙂

  2. JJ –

    Every single time I talk to the teams or do a meditation to the Universe, I plead with them to hurry up for the sake of cancer patients like Vive. I KNOW they have the technology and knowledge to both prevent and cure many kinds of cancer. I have seen it with my own eyes. 2 cases of serious lung cancer cured. I don’t know about other countries, but the slogan in Israel is “fighting the war on cancer.” And this is exactly the problem. You can’t fight it. You have to HEAL it. I have been getting strong messages for a while about this. The first step is to change the lexicon.

    I can imagine that because the Netherlands is such an advanced country, it would offer complimentary medicine services to patients. Is there any way that Vive can be treated at the same time or after chemo with any kind of therapy such as Reiki, healing, homeopathy….

    I am WITH you as always,

    Love, Susan

    1. Excuse me again. I’ll give a brief answer here, as I know JJ is pretty wiped out right now. Yes, you are right about all the different healing methods being available in Holland. It’s my understanding that they’re taking a very broad, wholistic approach with Vive. JJ himself does Reiki with her all the time. They incorporate all they can with her.

      Thanks Susan! I know JJ eagerly accepts any help from the galactics.

    2. Yes Susan,
      I’m giving her all kinds of food supplements, even cannabis-oil, and I give her Reiki, Shambhala, Blue Energy, Twin Soul Energy, zeolite, mushrooms etc.
      During the chemo therapy she hardly eats at all and she won’t take any supplements.
      Oh well…
      I thank you for all your help. It’s probably all happening on some divine time plan. I don’t know. I just feel that time is running out.
      Maybe something big will happen soon….

      1. Dear JJ… Holding U all in White Light.
        You are prob so overburdened/tired right now & may not be interested in the endless treatment ideas well-wishers are bombarding U with–if this is case, pls don’t read further.
        U have prob tried everything under the sun… I don’t recall anyone mentioning diet & Vive prob could care less re food right now. Had a personal scare recently with positive results from eliminating any foods that turn to sugar in bloodstream (all grains especially & of course sugar–and fruits) as a rising belief in the States now is that fungus causes cancer/illnesses and fungus feeds off sugar in the body.
        Doug Kaufmann has a tv show in States called “Know The Cause”, which explains more re treatments. He also has excerpts of his books+ (“The Fungus Link”+diet) on his website. Far as I can tell, he’s genuinely concerned about his message/helping people and not getting rich.

        Organic wheatgrass Juice is excellent and a pure form of chlorophyll/70%
        (nectar of the Gods/pure liquid sunshine–great purifier of the blood, immunity builder). this site is an advertisement, but gives a long list of benefits. This juice isn’t the tastiest (sweet), but even my husband is taking it daily now–It’s best NOT to drink mixed with fruit juices (sugary) for taste.

        Ann Wigmore is well known for treating cancer successfully with this juice: At one time long ago I was so ill with flu that I consumed 8oz of wheatgrass in one sitting. My husband commented that I “glowed” about an hour later–he had purchased it for me, but wasn’t aware I had consumed it all. He used to get flu every year; no longer. No more colds for either of us. He now eats very little of “bloodstream sugar” foods.

        Forgive me if I’ve overstepped. Along with all Ponders, I want to read soon that Vive is in remission and doing well. My Heart so desires this news. God Bless you all. From & with Love, Lin

        1. I am feeling led to express this on my JJ’s behalf (good lord BE HALF)…

          A big stumbling block he has encountered in this from the beginning is that the “regular” people in his life think this candida/cancer relationship is total b.s. He struggles with following his heart and trying to honor Vive’s mother’s wishes for the traditional chemo/radiation route. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to say to people who don’t really get that modern medicine is not the be all end all. I know he must do whatever FEELS right, but there is such opposition going on in this situation. I dunno. I just felt the ponders have probably encountered others in their lives who thought they were crazy health nuts or something and have had these conversations themselves.

          I strongly feel that part of Vive’s mission is to be an example of this, if that makes any sense.

          Excuse me again for butting in.

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          1. IMO, I FEEL the chemo is hurting Vive more now then ever. I just wrote a Heart message to JJ. I will not force my opinion on anyone, and I will not tell anyone what to do. There are alternatives to treating cancer. Yet, all involved must be in agreement.

            1. Yeah. He and I had a big heart to heart about this very thing last night. He’s all about the quality. Like you lovingly expressed in your message to him.

              1. I too am all about quality. And let me tell you, it is usually ME who cannot bear to see the suffering to push me to walk the Path of Compassion. This type of situation is THE hardest to make. I totally get where the “mother’s Heart” comes in, I totally get it. BUT, there does come a time when our selfish needs (and yes it is selfish to want to BE with ONE we Love regardless) are called to attention, thereby giving that One a chance to know Unconditional Love.

                (tears in eyes)

                I pray Hellen’s Heart speaks to her. I pray as IAM with my Roses.

                Love, Amy

                JJ, you are a Magnificent Loving Father. I LOVE YOU for allowing and to BE willing to FREE your daughter. You truly know LOVE.

          2. Difficult circumstances, difficult decisions. Fighting with someone over alternative treatments for a beloved daughter could very well (prob) reverse any good that could/would come from administering the treatments thereby making Life even harder on Vive. The silent, angry Energy alone would be felt/absorbed by her.
            Re the opposition involved, then JJ (and Vive) doesn’t/don’t need further input (from me) to further pull him this way and that. I respectfully bow out and will continue to embrace Vive,JJ&family in Light and Love. Lin

            1. Yes, I hear you, my friend. The silent angry energy is already there and she is already absorbing it. Which is what I was attempting to help reSOLve. But yes… let go, release, surrender. Love and light to the highest good of ALL.

              Thank you both Lin and Rose.


          3. This is such a strange and humbling experience for me. Well, both of us. My 3D persona is screaming “Butt out! This is none of your business.” Yet my soul knows. I AM HE. There is such a deep and powerful connection there. Not only with him, but by extension his entire family (yes even his wife – talk about bizarre! 🙂 ) So I FEEL it all. Whooosh. AHHHHH…

            And the same goes the other way. I mean, it was no co-incidence that my husband chose to put up a “guardian angel sheltering a child” yesterday. JJ even felt this light and love touching my husband.

            We both just love them all, these soul family members who are all in this together…

            Words really can not describe it.

            And I remember to breathe…

              1. ditto… Be well, our dear Bright Lights. All is One; separation is disappearing. AnnaHelen, your inclusive Love is lovely to behold.
                And your infectious Go-od HU-mor ENERGY is sooo very a part of it. [Lucy and Ethyl, Ethyl and Lucy raise my vibes every single day to by absolute Dee-Light 🙂 ]
                And, Dear AH, you just might be the healing Force (for you are a mighty Force) that all involved need. You didn’t call in the energies of dear JJ, Vive and Hellen all by yourself; it’s a two-way street–for
                ALL involved.
                It’s only about Love.
                If we learn how to give only Love unconditionally to all who cross our paths (I’m still learning–sometimes my intents are clumsy), then we will have done well. All other Blessings will come from that.
                IAM praying and visualizing that only Go-od and Love come to this (extended) Family of Light. Then you will Bless us All. WE are One.
                With Love and Honor to you, your husband+ children, JJ, Hellen and VIVE+! Lin

                1. Thank you, Lin. We have read that the reunion of twin souls (Bright Lights 🙂 ) is all about the expression of unconditional love. Not only for the one reunited soul, but for ALL. We both really feel this strongly. BEyond anything my 3D self could ever have imagine or hoped for or longed for. But my soul recognized it as HOME.

                  And Ethyl. Ha!!! I love it! I love you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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                  1. wow. Just googled info on twin souls. I always described hubby as my soulmate (“saw” him in dream 2 wks before we met; “saw” house we’d buy & live in/”saw” neighbors, etc.). Maybe he’s my twin! First year lovely/intense, thereafter his family (which I “saw” in another dream) relocated to area, then became just intense as they tried to break us up. They failed, but during which made me fiercely strong/powerful (don’t mess with me powerful–didn’t have that before), but now I’m strong enough to give unconditional Love to people which takes strength, minus ego sometimes. Many things we’re so alike; some things we’re mirrors of one another. Many like patterns in our individual this-life-time histories. Been thru A LOT together–laugh A LOT which wasn’t always so until deep-seated baggage issues were reconciled.
                    After first marriage, I waited ten years before meeting him & getting remarried–after only 9 months. People nagged me about being too choosy. Always told people I’d meet the right guy… his first name is “Guy”.
                    Might be my Twin… huh?!
                    (Doesn’t matter. Deep bond with this Man. He’s a keeper) TMI… lol silly me. 🙂

                    1. No such thing as TMI. hahaha. Sounds like you two have a great relationship!!! Blessings to you both…

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                    2. oh lordy… wasn’t bragging here. more like seeking info. But I’ll accept the Blessings with kind Gratitude. Have a good night!
                      🙂 Lin

                    3. All I can say info wise is that we just KNOW. It just IS. There is no question. This is speaking for US only, as I would imagine others may have different experiences. It may depend on how you “planned” for the reunion to occur. Otmn knows his twin soul, though they are not a “couple” in the traditional sense, and Philip is married to his. I think it also depends on what your personal mission is as yourSelf and then as a united front. It can become very confusing when you try to label it. Like some people use divine counterpart/twin flame/soul mate interchangeably. There are all kinds of “definitions” out there. So I say just be joyful in your love with your Guy. It does sound familiar, though. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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                    4. Thanks Lin for your wonderful story 🙂 After following Anna Helen´s and JayJay´s twin experiences I too realize that it was a twin soul I met a couple of years ago. We were ONE, almost knew what the other thought and I never laughed so much in my life during the months we spent together.

                      Yes – I have also learned that sometimes a twin have things to do, that isn´t unfinished. But it was the most awesome experience I ever had, and I so grateful for it.

                      Thanks Lin for the remembrance and for your pure, bright love 🙂


                    5. Dearest Birgitta… Thank you for sharing. I will genuinely miss you while you’re away–but Ponders are never far away… as long as you circle back. Hope it’s a FUN, FUN, FUN! visit with you family. With Much Love to YOU, Lin

                    6. Thanks Lin!

                      Yes – you never get rid of me 😉 I´ll hover around you all the time ;))

                      I´m so satisfied with this day, though immensely tired. My boot recovery with the computer went well and also got a lovely little chat with a man, possibly homeless, in the bus shelter. The little moment with conversation and laughter gave me so much amazing. It fills the whole of me 🙂

                      So glad to be able to be in contact with you a couple of days before I leave.

                      Karen Bishop wrote this yesterday (27 Oct) about meeting your biological family now:

                      “There is also a scenario unfolding for many now that involves making contact and physically connecting with biological family members before we move on more fully. After these connections are made, a release then occurrs because a new connection is now complete. Many times these family members with whom we do not have much in common, are connecting to us because they will now occupy the energetic space that we are now abandoning. So as we move on, others will hold up the grid from rungs below us. This did not occur in times past with ascension and thus, the process became more lengthy than we could ever have imagine”

                      Coincidences? No! 😉



                    7. Oh my god. I am crying. Whoosh. Thank you for this B. I must say, I almost have the sense that this is the last time I will ever see my parents in this lifetime.

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                    8. Love love love you. Thank you, my sweet sweet friend. ❤

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


                    9. Dear Birgitta… Posting above where I wanted to answer you re your Karen Bishop post. So interesting. Thank you so very much; very applicable to my life right now. HOpe you get this message. I’m not the most tech savvy person around. 🙂
                      Two more days before you leave, I think–Thursday. Have a good evening. Love you much. Lin

  3. Dear Anna Helen,

    I had the exact same experience yesterday with my husband who is totally 3D. We dismantled the 20 year old wooden shed and got rid of all the junk! I have been on him for 2 years to do this and he has always procrastinated.
    Why yesterday?

    I have never heard of the word “aion.” The Hebrew word “olam” mentioned means “world.”

    So wish I could take you to Jerusalem with me today!

    Love, Susan

    1. Ha! So we are seeing the effects everywhere if we notice them. 🙂 And you are right. Interesting that it was yesterday (as I post this). I have observed my husband “taking measure” of things for a week or so. (I never ask him to do anything, because frankly I don’t care if this house falls down around our ears. Says a lot about my attitude… haha) Then yesterday, it was like lightning struck. He also cleaned out a rain gutter.

      Oohhh… thanks for that on the word “olam.”

      And Jerusalem. Me too! You just made me remember something (love it!). Wasn’t Jerusalem built at Mt. Moriah? There was a road where I spent a lot of time growing up named Mt. Moriah. I always loved the name and wondered where it came from … what it meant. You just helped me realize why I was always drawn to it. Thank you. I am also hearing Clint Eastwood singing “They Call the Wind Moriah” (dont recall the name of hte film this was in). The foundation is/was there and it spread/spreads on the wind…

      And of course, now I am wondering about all the specifications God gave for the building of the temple. That whole thing has got to be just chock full of symbolism (the building of the Ark, too). I feel some reading coming on…

      Thanks Susan!

    2. Trying one more time to post my first reply to you:

      Dear Susan, found your questions and happy to answer…

      What I’ve observed about the Georgi Stankov group is that many of them have unresolved negative energy blockages, Georgi being the prime example.
      When high frequency light goes through Georgi, he feels it as both a tortuous external skin & internal body “burning”. He feels massive internal burning pain & heat, caused by negative resistance that he will not release.

      Some of the others in the group always experience nausea with heavy downloads, and I didn’t know the reason why. (I can recall feeling nauseous only 1 or 2 times in the past 3 years.) Aha — electrical?
      But Georgi & Carla claim to be Dual Souls, and she always experiences vomiting with the energies. If she IS strongly linked to Georgi, then perhaps this is her physical manifestation of unresolved negative resistance.

      It’s so very interesting what you say about the “Electric” energy symptoms….and it makes perfect sense that Negative blockages in a person’s energy field would be tied to electric energy.

      Re: Timelines — their timeline theory is I suspect very limited, as they are only looking at 12 levels, per dimensional level.
      It could be true, but they ignore the fact that there are billions of Timelines….which even Cosmic Awareness was discussing in its latest channelings.

      Unlike Timelines, Parallel Realities are nearly infinite, in number.
      In order to create the illusion of linear Time, you must seamlessly shift through billions of parallel realities per second. We do this automatically without knowing it.
      I can “see” this happening when I unfocus — I can see the different realities tweening/merging into each other.

      Each reality is a still frame of “reality animation”. Each still frame is slightly different to create the illusion of movement.
      When you stop time, you are experiencing one single motionless parallel reality frame.

      Here are some of the best sources for understanding how linear time operates in this reality:

      All parallel realities exist simultaneously… Bashar is one of the easiest to understand, always beautifully simplifies the concepts —
      BASHAR – Shifting from Moment to Moment:

  4. Hey hey beautiful people–as my dear hippy friend Billie boy ballard is known for saying! This message lines up with many other messages as of late, but the most important is how my heart feels about it…

    Looking at the sun today, I knew we were ready….Let’s go! Hugs all and just remember to breathe, know you are loved, know you are protected and know you are ALL powerful!!!! Alex

  5. Aisha, rereading the post, I recalled a wonderful time, a connection that was presented, almost a month ago.

    Gaia, the planetary being, showed me the essence of this planetary manifestation, constantly showing me that everything that manifests on this planet is Gaia.

    And since then, this has been my most nutritious nutrient / o /

    Well, going back more calmly to tell you about this new vision. (It began to be implemented on 9/29/2013)

    Kisses of peace and love, s2 love of my heart to your heart s2

  6. ********** LOVE REQUEST **********

    dearest pond family,

    JJ’s daughter is having a really really rough time with side effects of the chemotherapy right now. And of course his whole family as well.

    Please join us in mind, heart and soul in sending her love and light. Please hold them all in your loving arms. Be the angels you are and gather around them now.

    I humbly thank you.

    1. JJ, my Brave Brother, I send you my Light and my Love to Vive and your precious family. Your little girl has gone through so much. Poor baby! GOD GOD GOD HELP!!!!!!

      I embrace you, and I hold you tight. I wipe away all tears, pain and sorrow, and command the SUN to shine your way again!

      Rocking you, gently, ever so gently. Hang on to my hand, JJ, just hang on!

      With all my Love, Lady Love PInkrose

    2. Sending healing love and light to dearest Vive. I first thought I was late sending this on, but now I see we at the pond have you covered 24/7 around the world with constant loving healing light. May you bathe in its comfort as long as you need JJ, Vive and family.

  7. year_of_blue…

    My daughter just helped me post something. Like you, she pointed out the 365 number of the missive. I recall you wondering about this at missive 360. She said “And leap year was last year, so we can jump that 1/4 this time.”

    Then she said, “3+5=5 then 5+5=10. Mom didn’t you say this number means something? Like it’s all done, or the next level, or beginnings and endings or something?”

    My word. Wow. iloveit
    PS god this is fun

    Thanks o wise one!
    😀 Ah

    1. Oh my!!! Haha! I got that math all wrong! She was talking about the 1/4 (or .25) of the year and full circles and quickly blurted out the “3+2=5 then 5+5=10.” She said it so fast that I could barely keep up. I just went and asked her to explain it again. She said “What?!” She doesn’t even remember saying it!!

      Have mercy.

      It is 1:10 on my clock … watched it turn to 1:11

      too much

      1. I was covered in goosebumps and had tears in my eyes for the beauty I BEheld. And I LOVE your honesty! Too cool!

        XXOO, LL hmmmmmm……how and when dd you pick up another L? Lady Lori Love? Ya had to do one better, didn’t you? Hehehehehehe

        1. I thought you were “full of love and light” so you already gave YOURself another L. So here I go. I am LOVELY LADY LORIEN LEE OF LOVE AND LIGHT AND LAUGHTER, LEWDNESS, LUNACY AND (apparently) LAZINESS… count em – ten !! Ha! Go on widya bad self.

          LLLLLLLLLL hehehehehe 0-13-333-1111-∞-and beyond hehehehehe

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. OMG! TEN???? Scratching head. Now I just have to “think” of L’s and you know I will. Heheeehehehehehehehe

            Right-O! ∞∞7-555-1113 OR ∞7∞–5∞5–1311 hehehehehehehehe

            She who just made hubs roll his eyes cause oh my, I’m laughing! Hehehehehehehe oops… be bringing the little elf to the surface………the wiseass troublemaker………

            Hmmmm…….TEN L’s. TinkTank……..(wink)

            1. Oh no! Alright then. All it even. Actually, allow me to add ludacris to yours. You win. Again.

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              1. No, we both WIN. I throw out lucacrous. Negative connotative to me…….IAM cutting all ludacrous cords that were programmed in me. IAM returning to Self in Mother. And there I breathe and BE.

                Honker down, BE safe, stay warm, and BE Love.

                Loving you, Amy

                ALL is OK, LL. ALL is OK. LL, ALL is OK. BIG (((HUGS)))

    1. Felt like I should just bring this on in here. But I also love the worded intro at the link you posted.

      A must read. Short and oh so simple.

      😉 leap frog

      1. Let’s make a pact. We will join hands and go everywhere and experience everything the woman in this video did. Agreed?

  8. Hi all, I dont have time to read the newest post so i will read it later. I want to relay part of two dreams I had this morning (slept 11 hrs!) before i forget. One was a school days dream… boy, used to have them all the time… and they were always so annoying. lol… what grade am i in? where is my locker? how do i get my schedule? cant believe i have not graduated yet? and so on. So, this new one was I was frantic, getting ready, what to wear? I am late….the usual …. then, I realize I did graduate! I was free! I felt so relieved. Finally! The other was a snake dream… used to have them all the time too… snakes biting me but i did not get hurt, etc. powerful dreams these snake ones are. This new on there was a snake shedding its skin. I saw the head like it was ‘developing’ though… in its ‘old shedded skin’. It was the ‘second shredding’…. ahhhh… woke up with thought ‘second coming’…. the Christ within. ok… have to run… love u all… see u all later, Areeza

    1. Yes!!!!
      🙂 333

      I had a recurring dream that I fell deep into a bottomless mud pit. Yet when I calmed, I found I could still breathe. I literally sucked the mud into my respiratory system but was absolutely fine. My body adapted to the forces of my environment.

      Last night I dreamed we were all checking into this big gorgeous old hotel. As I write this, I realize the architectural style was VICTORIAN.


      Thanks for this, Breeze!

        1. It had the feel of the hotel in this film, Somewhere In Time. (hope it shows in this clip … i am once again throwing it out there without watching!) This is the Grand Hotel on Makinac (sp?) Island here in the US. Though it is specifically the victorian Queen Anne style … what I saw was just as grand but a bit more quaint and homey. More turret-y and gingerbread-y with several balconies, etc. Was surrounded by more trees. But the same “intimate resort” feel. Like a cross between this and the Catskills resort in Dirty Dancing!! Yeah!!!

          I am just relieved it wasn’t the hotel from The Shining!!! Hahaha. We’ve already checked out of that one!!

          Love from me.

          1. Ok. It doesn’t show the outside of the hotel in this, which only confrims to me that it is the “inner space” that is more important.

            And! Ditto to what she says in the beginning … my goodness!

            And! He uses a coin from “her” time to get to her. Coin – as in Ghost, as in the 2Euro I now carry in my pocket.

            And! The photograph he first sees of her on the wall was taken at the exact moment she was looking at him “in the past.” Her eyes drew him in … sound familiar?

            And! My friend Beverly has actually been to this hotel. And my friend Susan walked down the aisle at her wedding to this music.

            Oh… I could go on…

            1. Oh here I go on a roll…

              In the film inner space, he actually does go inside her. He also “sees” her through the eyes of another man. And doesn’t he get SNEEZED out at the end?

            2. A blasted coin was also his undoing — pulled out a modern coin at the end, his consciousness interacted with the energy of the future timeline contained in the coin, & pulled his ass (conscious focus) right back to the present…

              Even as a little kid, I just knew these were reality truths in this movie…mouth kept dropping open, mind kept imagining the fascinating possiblity.

              This movie, and The 2 Worlds of Jennie Logan were my supreme ‘soul activating’ favourites….hauntingly exquisite romance + triggering that knowing deep inside of what was possible.


          2. Yeah, loved Rose Red.

            Also adored the eery gorgeous theme song (by Ivy) that King used for his “Kingdom Hospital” series (think I enjoyed the song, way more than the episodes 🙂 :

        2. Hahaha! Could be… could be… 😉

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Or the hotel in that book, “The Talisman” by Stephen King. Can’t remember the name of that hotel…

            1. Ha! Yep. King has a weird thing going on with both of these hotels. They are both gateways to the unseen. I wonder what he named the hotel in The Shining. Oh! It was The Overlook Hotel! In The Talisman (great book!) I am for some reason seeing seagulls along with the hotel and I can’t recall the name, either. I do remember it was on the east coast. I’ll go look it up.

              1. The Alhambra “red fortress” more fire and… oh dont get me started.

                King also did “Rose Red” (i think that’s the name) mini-series about another weird hotel.

                More petals unfolding … more red …

                Breathe, Lori. God! I just accidently type “Loriel …”

                1. Oh my goodness!!!! There is some freakin hilarious stuff out there! I would say I’ll show this to Ripley, but she has probably already seen it. As soon as she goes to school, I’m going to snag her computer. I keep getting frozen at the pond (using my Kindle) and have to reload by pressing “Home” over and over. Gee, I wonder what that means…. 🙂

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


  9. I hope ana doesn’t mind me re-posting her most awesome profound song from a few days ago.

    For anyone straddling or still standing in the river. Let’s step up together on the other side.

    To the waiting shore.

    Love to all! Thanks again, ana!!

  10. Oh, Aisha and Amy, thank you for letting me know I am not alone with this experience, pressure, wondering, nothing familiar anymore.

    Thank you for these words Aisha:”We have left all familiar territory behind, and if we stop to take a breath and try to get our bearings, it will only confuse us even more. So now more than ever it is so important to just BE in the fast forward flow and KNOW that all is well.” Holding your hand with the KNOW that all is well.”

    Bless you all, I love you so. Jean

    1. You are defInItely not alone. Someone previously (?) pointed out :

      Alone ≈ All one

      Luv 2 U jean

      1. HUgs&Kisses right back at you! 😉
        Feels like Christmas morning running to look under the tree.
        YIPPEE YAAAAAAAAY… here we all go!!!
        yep yep yep xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    1. Oh WOW. This little blog of mine is called Lighthouse of Love and Joy. And I just realized that the link comes out as “beacons of love” … which is an expression we all use more and more every day, I see Philip used it earlier.
      Synchronicity at it’s best, we are ALL to be beacons of Love, each in our particular way, and ALL united in the Lightwork.

      Weaving more and more Light into this blue Gaia.
      Love it, Love you, Love US !

        1. Hi Anna Helen 🙂 Thanks you so much, and yes it’s been my gravatar since I started here. It’s the door to the inner sanctuary at Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. A most powerful place, and beautiful.

          Many Bubbles of Joy to you 🙂

          1. Ahhhhh… sanctuary!
            Guess it was just the right time for me to SEE IT.

            Floating with the bubbles,
            😉 AH

            1. Oh YES, a sanctuary, of course.
              Radiant, warm and soothing 🙂

              It will always amaze me how we DO need each other to tie the knots, or the dots. Thank you for this ! With much, much Love 🙂


      Otis Q. Sellers

      Every word has a history, and in the case of Biblical words there is much truth to be gained by searching it out. We have already considered in earlier studies that the word aion was the word selected by the Holy Spirit to be used as the exact equivalent of the Hebrew word olam, and to carryon the truth being revealed by this word. And we have seen that “the thread that runs so true” through every occurrence of olam is the idea of ever-flowing.

      The student may at first feel it is impossible to relate in any way some occurrences of olam to the idea of out-flowing or ever-flowing, but this is usually due to having taken a quick glance at the passage. I do not hesitate to say that there is no occurrence of olam that cannot in an honest manner be related to this basic idea.

      As an example of the thread of truth that runs through a family of words let us consider the word purse, indicating the bag which my lady carries. Does this have any relationship to the bursa in my shoulder that at one time flared up into bursitis? And is it also related to pursing the lips, or to the famous Bourse, the French stock exchange? At first glance one might say no, but the fact is that they are all closely related, and the thread that runs through all of them is the idea of hide, that is, a stripped-off skin.

      It seems that it all started with the Greek word bursa, and the equivalent Latin word, both of which mean leather. This filtered into the French as bourse, which means purse, a leather sack in which money is placed, and became the name of the French stock exchange. And since we have little sacks in our shoulders, these are called bursas. Furthermore, when we contract our lips into folds and wrinkles, it resembles a money bag when the strings are pulled and this is called pursing the lips. So, as different as some of these words seem to be from one another, there is an essential thread that runs through all of them.

      Since aion was selected by divine inspiration to express the word olam in New Testament quotations of passages containing this word, it is then normal to expect that the same basic idea of flowing should be found in every occurrence. However, let it be understood that I am not suggesting that aion be translated flow, flower, or flowing in any occurrence. In translating I will always use the anglicized forms eon and eonian to render noun and adjective, but I will know from long and careful study what these words mean. In Eph. 2:2 where the KJV reads “the course of this world,” I will translate it “the eon of this world” but will know that it means “the flow of this world.”

      The history of the word aion is utterly fascinating, and it is why this word was selected to express and represent the word o/am. Thayer says that The Etymologicum Magnum (a book giving the derivations of all Greek words) states that aion is so connected with aemi (to breathe) that it denotes properly that which causes life, vital force. Thus, the earliest history of this word shows its use in relationship to that great out-flowing of life which constantly comes from God, apart from which nothing can live. It is even as Paul declared the universal truth: “In Him we live, and move, and have our existence” (Acts 17:28).

      However, this word was not originally spelled aion, but ainon, which in the course of time became shortened to aWn. In the New Testament this spelling persists in a place name that is given as Aenon in our versions. In John 3:23 we read: “And John was baptizing in Aenon near to Salim, because there was much water there.” As already noted the Greek spelling of this name is Ainon, which all lexicons agree means a spring, that is, a free-flowing fountain of water. This is a positive proof that the original word had in it the meaning of ever-flowing.

      The word aion is found in the Latin as aevum, which, according to Thayer, “is aion with the Aeolic digamma” (aiFon). (The digamma was a letter of the original Greek alphabet representing a sound that approximated the English w, which early fell into disuse. It was called “digamma” because of its resemblance to two capital gammas placed on top of each other.) Thus when aion was carried into the Latin it became aevum, and was used to denote a cycle of time. It is from this we get our word age which we use to designate a period of time dominated by some central figure or clearly marked feature. It is evident that when the Latin made use of aevum to denote cycles of time, he did so because he viewed time as flowing onward in cycle after cycle.

      In today’s world there are numerous geographical names that come

      from aion. The name A von is given to several rivers in Great Britain, the most famous of these being the one on which Shakespeare’s town of Stratford is located. The Encyclopedia Britannica declares that this name is of Celtic origin, appearing in Welsh (very frequently) as afon, in Manx as aon, and in Gaelic as abhuinn (pronounced avain). It appears more or less disguised in a vast number of river names all over the Celtic area of Europe. In the British Islands it appears in such forms as Evan, Aune, Anne, Ive, Cuney, Inney: in France as Aff, Aven, Avon, Aune; in Italy as Avenza and Avens; in Portugal as Avia; in Spain as Avono. These are all names of rivers, that is, of flowing waters, and they all trace back to a common ancestor, the Greek word aion. This is most fitting since the original word meant a flow-er. I have hyphenated the word in this occurrence so that it will not be confused with foliage or blossoms.

      The elements of the word aion bear out this definition, but of this we cannot be sure, due to disputes over its origin. Etymologists think that the ai portion is actually aei, an adverb which means always, and is used in Scripture in the sense of perpetually or incessantly. The on portion is the Ionic and Doric spelling of Dun, which is another adverb. Liddell and Scott declare this is used to continue a narrative, and Thayer says it is often used as a conjunction indicating that something follows from another necessarily. All writers will recognize the importance of keeping the composition flowing, and how simple it would be to attach the sense of flow to this word. Thus in the word aion we have the sense of always-flowing, just as we also have the sense of something flowing in our word then. For example: “He walked through the door, then turned.”

      Classical Greek writers used the word aion in what seems to be strange ways, yet all of these become quite clear when we know that the idea of flow or flowing is basic in this word. They used it as a descriptive name for the spinal cord. This has always been quite puzzling, but now it is clear and also forms an excellent illustration.

      Since the brain is ever-flowing, from the moment of conception to the moment of death, it is the most important eon in our bodies. Its messages pour into the brain stem (another eon) and from it to the spinal cord (another eon) which also flows out in nervous impulses to other nerves (also eons) which continue to other nerves until they have reached their extremity. Thus, it can be seen that such terms as “the eon,” “the eon of the eon,” “the eon of the eons,” and “the eons of the eons” could all be applied to the system that operates in the human body. This should certainly help us to understand these terms in connection with that marvelous system that will be in existence when God governs the world.

      One of the most important uses of olam and its companion word aion in the Bible is as a name or descriptive title for that condition of things which will be manifest upon this earth when God’s government, the kingdom of God, becomes a reality. In many places in the New Testament this entire period of time is simply called the eon. This is not at all strange since that condition of things upon the earth is produced by God in Christ flowing out and flowing down in many streams, each one producing its beneficent effect upon the earth and those upon it.

      Many passages in Scripture will speak clearer than ever before when we realize that in many places “the eon” is another name for “the kingdom of God.” If God’s government should come today, bringing in this glorious eon, there are many who would perish in relationship to it. There is no place in the coming eon for such as those described in 1 Cor. 6:9-10. God will determine (judge) who among the living will be allowed to continue to live in that time of the outflow of His blessings (2 Tim. 4:1).

      Jesus Christ said: “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he may be dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall by no means be dying in respect to the eon” (John 11:25,26). The words “he that believeth” and “whosoever believeth” are all-inclusive. I do not hesitate to put myself into this passage. If I should be dead when God assumes sovereignty, then I will be raised, and this because I have believed in Him. If I am living, then I am in no danger of being eliminated from that eon to come, and this too will be because I have believed in Him. Believers have the guarantee of life in the coming eon. This is the promise of eonian life.

      There is much more to be considered, yes, that needs to be considered From experience I know that some will actually resent the fact that I did not do all the work for them. To these I say, “Get your pick and shovel and go to work. There is a lot of digging to do and much rubbish and rubble to be removed.”

        1. I am drawing a big heart, too! 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. So funny. When I saw how long this looked on the screen, I thought “Nobody is gonna read this.” So glad you guys did!!

          Yep, Lin. Another wow. 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. AH, I would be so honored if you copied what you wrote here and put it in a comment on the reblog on Petals Unfolding. You are a born educator!

        Thank you and BLESS you!!! Love, Amy

        1. Love to, my dear friend!!! 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. I will say again that I am a word nerd, and so glad of it. I have also said that I believe “words hold the secrets of the universe.” Of course they do, I mean, after all, “The Word.”

        And this is at least the 5th time in two days that I have discovered more about my soul name(s) by simply seeking out the definition of a word that “rang in me” somehow.

        So I want to thank and honor my father, who, anytime I asked him any question at all said, “Look it up yourself.”

        Another one he often handed off to me was …

        “Consider the source.” Boy did that turn out to have a big bang embedded meaning.

        Have mercy.

        1. Great Dad/mentor. You brighten and Bless–on many levels–our world due to his loving direction. Honor to you both. xo

      3. Well. In 3D, physical beingness is held in the left side. Consciousness lives in the the right. We are merging these two to become whole. This is my understanding and personal experience, as well.

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        1. Good thought. Very good thought. I am left handed and therefore “use” the right side of my brain more. The saying goes “Left handers are in their right mind.” So yes, I can see that what you are saying here would be true. It is all spiralling together anyway. The two sides are twisting into one whole. It may very well be different for men/women, but I feel it is more particular to the individual regardless of gender. I know JJ is right handed, and for example, he has better vision in his left eye. And again, I am left handed and my right eye is dominant. There is a big cross over of energy in the human body. Fascinating. Thanks for bringing all of this up. 🙂

          The wonder_of_blue. And I notice your gravatar is red. Soon you will become purple. The color of royalty.

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Mixing blue and red does make purple, my friend. Maybe you would be “SUN” instead of “sun of…..” You know, capital. Like you are a master. 😉

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


          2. AH: Our router got fried by an overhead lightning strike so I’ve been offline and just trying to catch up. I am about to phone you as the rains are holding off! THIS post of yours soooo excites me as I was thinking today I wanted to look up about left handed vs right as far as what part of the brain is activated. I may write my next post about why I was wondering this lol. It excites me that I intuitively figured exactly what you just wrote!! Such quick confirmation!! Yippee!!! Love, Nancee
            Everyone else posting yesterday and today, thank you… most enjoyable catch up with all of you… though news of Vive is rather emotional. That’s how I found page 1 to this new post as I went looking for all of JJ’s posts to find out what was going on with Vive!

            1. Wow. I love it! I was outside with earbuds in, so if you called I did not hear phone. Funny, my friend Bev was trying to reach me, too! I’m off in my own world…. 🙂

              Yeah. What a cool confirmation!!! Lefty’s are AWEsome. Did they try to make you use your right hand in school, too? Very confusing to a little kid. Just one more “there’s something wrong with you.” Although it did promote some ambidexterity. So it’s all good in the end. 🙂

              Luv ya!!

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    3. I was just talking with JJ about how one of the meanings of 333 is that it is an activation code to return to our original blueprints. As I completed this thought, another popped into my head regarding this date, November 23.

      It looked like this:

      (math symbol meaning “sum”) 11232013=13

      Then I heard “be at the thirteenth octave.”

      Get it? G O O D.

      Love to all..

      I feel like I am invited to the party.

      🙂 😀 😉


    1. Diana, IAM more then ready! I have waited my entire life for this!!!! I FEEL it coming! It’s just about making my head explode.

      Birgitta, my “sympathies” about the pressure. IAM about to use the Netty Pot with sea salt in an attempt to breathe easier! Good grief, Charlie Brown! I have stuffing where brains should be.

      Love, Amy

      1. AMY!!!! I kid you not, I have been thinking about the Peanuts Gang all this morning!!

        Look at us go!

        🙂 LLL

      2. “I have stuffing where brains Should be.” – Thanks Amy! Maybe this stuffing is causing pressure as well as anger 😉 But nothing is new únder the moon as they say, so it’s just about waiting, as usual. I think some Soul & Body fusion may be needed now;)

        Much love,


  11. Dear sun_of_blue! Your heart is already wide open my friend, and what you share here is a wonderful example of this. Thank you again, your reports always shine the light a little further for us all! I can definitely agree with the powerful sense of movement these energies have in my physical body, it is rattling like an airplane picking up speed on the runway.
    Much love from me, Aisha

  12. Thank you so much Aisha!!
    Also thank you for sharing about bladder stuff under the last post, you can add me to the list of people with this experience ;). Another surprising thing is the anger I have felt this past week that’s all bound up in my back. It comes and goes and every time it comes back I am surprised, it feels old and foreign and also familiar like its been there all the while. Annoying yes, interesting yes, and I look forward to its passing. Oh when the anger arises it ends up in my bladder causing pain, until it passes thru and is gone again.

    Thank you to everyone and there posts, I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with you

  13. I missed my keyboard, and in getting my new one, wrote several articles last evening. For your reading and viewing pleasure, I present in great humbleness, again, my work.

    I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

    In Great JOY and Absolute Certainty All is Perfect As It IS,

  14. Love this one Aisha much gratitude as always…

    A line from a song that came to me out of the blue this morning (lots of my messages come in song lines):

    “Back to life, back to reality…” which had a very positive feel to it… in the sense of the reality as opposed to illusion…

    and then quickly another:

    “Whenever you want me, whenever you need me”… a message from the higher sources we are ALL connected too. It is there for me/us Always/All Ways… 🙂

    May our enhanced and newly awakened (?) senses be diviner’s of truth and our beingness be a beacon of love and joy to share with the world 🙂

    Much Joy and Love to all.

    Philip 🙂

    1. You had to know I would “seek and find” this, my friend.

      The name of the group is SOUL II SOUL.

      Joyfully II

      1. Ok!!!! My exuberance is most obviously interfering with my flow…

        HERE is the version with the line you heard!!

        I think I need to go take a nap now.


      2. Ha thank you dear friend… it’s normally the first thing I do when I get lines like that (google them) but since Sue was demonstrating her art today I did not have chance before we went out…

        What’s interesting is that I notice the message I got changed the words slightly… it has a habit of doing that if it wants to convey a specific message… and it’s just even more amazing the group is called Soul II Soul for this I did not know! How appropriate and amazing is that 🙂

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Yep. 😉 and now that you mention it, SS and ll were part of that light code I just saw the other day. And 55… didnt you just point out an email we did at exactly 15:51… hahaha iloveit

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


  15. Oh, Aisha, all I can say is a resounding YES! I have been feeling a “windup”, a rapid increase of velocity, as though pushing all of us forward, and All That Is for what? That again I do not know, yet I have been feeling something of great magnitude coming, and so have my cats.

    No-thing feels familiar. For weeks now, I don’t seem able to get my bearings, as I have multiple times, attempted to connect to something that feels like it used to. Again, nothing.

    There is this “pressure cooker” syndrome that I have been experiencing, which in my opinion, is ready to blow its lid off.

    Bless you, Aisha, for continuously “feeding” us what the CC’s are giving you. IAM so grateful to you!


    1. Dear Amy! I feel like all the doors behind us have been thrown open, and the wind is blowing hard in our backs, pushing us faster and faster UP and OUT. We have left all familiar territory behind, and if we stop to take a breath and try to get our bearings, it will only confuse us even more. So now more than ever it is so important to just BE in the fast forward flow and KNOW that all is well.
      Much love from me, Aisha

        1. i’ve been hopeful for so long and put so much effort into improving my personal situation. i have fear that comes up too, amy. it’s very specific: am i going to have an even harder time providing for my basic needs? i KNOW i’m a creator and have learned through these missives that energy + consciousness = creation. but still things continue to be quite tight money-wise. and since i’m a creator, that just doesn’t add up. i’m frustrated and confused sometimes.

          but that’s (lack) just old programming. since our parts have been replaced i constantly remind myself that i’m NEW and those old cords of lack cannot connect to the new me. ana

          1. Hi, Ana! I have been consiously cutting cords lately to old programming. And when fear does raise its head, I focus on breath and go within to ask what this fear is associated with. It ususally has everything to do with survival…….first chakra. With all this “movement” and all this “new” and with all this “nothing seems to be working as it used to” our “fear factor tends to kick in. OH! I Just saw a purple/blue light! Was that you, Ana??? I bet it was! How awesome!

            I know something I just said will “ring a bell” with you. (smile)

            Love you, Amy

            1. yeah, focusing on breathing has gotten me through a lot. thanks, amy. when in close my eyes purple/blue splotches are the colors i usually see. whatever that means… ana

  16. Report :

    I just came across my huband (who has been about as 3D as they come up to this point) changing the dingy old nightlight we had plugged in on our bathroom wall. He put up one that has a guardian angel sheltering a child on it. I asked him why he did this. He looked at me with a rather confused, glazed expression. “I don’t know. I just felt like I should.”


    1. OMG!!! Now he has come home with a Rinse-O-Vac for the carpets. I say, “You’re energetic today.” He replies, “I am sick and tired of all this filth and disrepair. Time we cleaned this place up. This has gone on entirely too long.”


        1. Haha! Yep. I wait for the moment he finally asks me, “What do you do all day?” I will start with, “Oh you have no idea, but if you are ready to hear it…” 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Mine does not even ask me what I do. I could be panting, soaking wet, groaning with fatigue, splayed out on the couch, and still no re-action. I won’t come down too hard on the man……he is having hernia repair surgery on Weds, so his OCD is kicking in. In other words, that is all he is focused on.

            Smooches! Amy

            1. You and Anna Helen are too, too much. You both set me off giggling in fits. I’m very visual, so I guess I actually “see” what you lay out on the page. Sooo funny, Amy!… all except your hubby’s surgery; hope it goes well for him. 🙂

              1. Lin, laughter is SO good for us. We all are SO hard on ourselves and take ourselves way too serioulsy as well. IAM really learning to BE more an observer in my life and to laugh more. I was singing my silly little songs tonight as I cleaned the kitchen up. It was either that or drop. The singing actually gave me more energy and then I realized I had an audience.

                Cats. On the floor laying in their own unique “patterns”, looking up at me and grinning. Oh, Lin, I was laughing SO hard at the expressions on their precious faces I doubled over, holding my stomach. Hehehehehehehe They LOVE when I sing. One actually waits until I take a breath, or I stop for a moment or two, and he chimes in as well. Hysterical.

                I have a video player on my iPad. One of these days I will record what happens when I sing. You will be peeing in your pants!!

                Love, Amy who says thank you for the “hope all goes well” for hubby. I’m about ready to ship him to a hotel room. He “believes and acts and says” that he is sick. I reply, no, you are not sick. You only have a hernia that needs repair. I also say it is his thinking and his words of death, that are making him “feel” sick, but uh uh, he does not want to hear that “truth”. ALL IS OK. (smile) Yep!

                1. well, bring it on!! Let’s hear them kitties sing their duets; I look forward to a change of clothing! 🙂 Btw, IAM going to have to try singing when I think IAM experiencing lack of energy–even though I prob sound like popeye (out of tune).
                  Still laughing at your first post along with the last paragraph of this one. This is good stand-up material! In fact, you and Anna Helen could be a duo. xo, Lin

                  1. Just stepped out of the shower and I sang lustily. OH! It felt SO good and in so doing, I loosened the cement in my sinuses and I feel so much energy! I moved energy within me and now NOW wow! I feel wonderful! With all this focus on hubs getting him to stop shooting himself in the foot with the negative stinkin’thinkin’ and words…….oops, I stopped singing. Well, I’ve gone back to it as of today!

                    Aisha! There you go for an “observation”. Singing will induce increased vitality and energy! Even IF you sing off key! LOL Wow! The voice is truly a powerful TOOL we have! All this “silent” communication has SO many NOT using their voices!!! Come on!! SING! And BE amazed!


                    1. I can only agree with Amy – singing is liberating and has many good health aspects as well. Moreover, often a song about the thoughts / situation I’m in comes quite spontaneously to me. Think Philip mentioned it too. Wonderful!

                      Much love,


                      P.S. Thought you sang so lustily that the cement came loose in the shower;)))) D.S.

                    2. hehehehehehehe Yep! The cement came loose in the shower. Hot steam plus singing at the top of my lungs……..oops, hubs again wasn’t too happy with me. Later I came down after my shower, and I said to him, “There is a method to my madness. When I just sang in the shower, I was able to expel green gunk, so my singing enabled me to get rid of what was stuffing my nose!” He just looked at me, and said, “Oh”. Hehehehehehe

                      Smooches, Brigitta! Amy

                    1. wham! Is that what that was. 🙂
                      P.S. before I leave for the evening, hope you continue to post about “your” molecules experiences. Darn fascinating and brain-cell expanding. Now IAM going to go do some singing in the shower… and IAM sure my husband and pup will not like you very much for it.
                      Have FUN. See you tomorrow!

                    2. hehehehehehehe Too bad! (wink) You will thank yourself!

                      More to come on the molecules…….it’s a process. It unfolds in my daily life, as I get the understanding of what I “hear”. (smile) Thank you for the encouragement, Lin!

                      Love, Amy

                  2. Lucy and Ethel. I’m Ethel. 🙂

                    Sent from my Kindle Fire


                    1. AH, I have at times referred to myself as Lucy because I tend to do some really “odd” things which only gets me laughing at myself. I resemble Lucy sometimes and then my hub’s reaction, well, kind of like Ricardo’s. Hehehehehehehe

                2. Amy!

                  i can see you and your cats singing 🙂 I would love to join you and the cats in a silly serenade;) Perhaps we could publish it on YouTube to entertain people around the Pond – and others 😉 A true breakthrough to the accompaniment of your cats ;)))

                  Hugs and love to you Amy!


                  1. Just noticing the detail of your gravatar. Your “center” which is diamond shaped, is sending out blue energy to the four corners of the world. When these gravatars come with messages directly thru my email, I see them differently than how they show on the pond, because they are backed by white instead of black. Good grief. I love it!!!

                    Sent from my Kindle Fire


                  2. Brigitta, um, that is another “fear factor” I must overcome. To sing in my own kitchen is one thing, and then jump to YouTube……that is a big leapfrog jump. I’ll work on it. Hubs aint gonna like it, but IAM going to sing to practice, getting my voice in shape. Hubs doesn’t like my singing…….hubs doesn’t like happy. Oh well! Sing I AM!

                    Thanks, Birgitta!

  17. Kiera,

    I left a message today on the previous missive page. If you get a chance, could you please read it and send me a post. I have a question for you.
    Thanks in advance!


    Thanks so much for the update. Boy, do you have Lyran energy! I am also feeling something in the air. Am on “preparation mode” again today and have a very, very strong urge to be in Jerusalem this week…..


    If there is one thing I am hoping and praying for – it is an end to these present day cancer treatments. Every single time I meditate to the Universe, I send out an urgent SOS to get a move on so all the patients currently in treatment can be HEALED. I am with you every step of the way my brother.

    Aisha – our Pond Mother,

    What would we do without you? Infinite Love and Gratitude.


    1. Hi Susan,

      I had not heard about Lyra before I saw your post, but having now done so, I can say, yes that sounds exactly like me. My wife, who among her many skills is an astrologer, even calls me her “lion”, though I always assumed it was mostly because I was born under a Leo sun.



    2. Susan, I hope my first reply to you shows up…it’s still not showing & I might have double posted.

      But as for Timelines, they are made up of Parallel Realities that are creating the illusion of linear time.
      Timelines are all other possible realities that are generated whenever we choose to explore in one direction.

      This is what blows the limited human mind, trying to imagine that realities with different outcomes are automatically being generated with other versions of ourselves in them. That’s why it is possible to shift yourself (your focus & your frequency) to a different timeline.

      Tom Kenyon studies Timelines in depth:

      1. Thanks for this, Kiera. I am reminded of the film “Slding Doors.” A good example of that pivot point when a free-will decision or action creates an entirely different timeline. (Though they all exist simultaneously and eternally in the NOW 😉 …) In 2009, I experienced this as a total “reset and jump” to another timeline when I chose to remain with my husband out of obligation. First time I FELT that actual “movement.” Now I am enjoying flitting back and forth between timelines. Someone (maybe you – not sure?) recently reminded us that we feel the effects of these other timelines in whatever focus consciousness we happen to be “frequenting” at the moment. Good stuff. Too cool.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. A jumper! An actual Timeline Jumper! (“Jumping” up & down)

          You lucky thing….what does that movement feel like? Moving from one timeline to another???
          And how are you knowing you are in one timeline, versus the other one? What are the different feelings?

          Yes, when the timelines are very close to each other, and not spread out, I believe it’s been called a linear “Time Node”……then people are feeling overlapping timeline effects.
          Not sure if I said that or not — this oneness feeling is wild wonderful.

          1. Difficult to describe. That first “big” one in 2009, it felt like my entire being rebooted. Like I went entirely blank for a split second. I mean nothing! Gone! As if I (focus awareness) did not exist. Then I “popped” back. There was an actual sound and sense of a gentle pop. I knew at that moment, even thought these words, “my life has just changed course.”

            On and off this last year, I have traveled during meditation, of course, and that feels sort of just dream like.

            Then since my event experience on Oct. 13, it has happened a lot. I will feel a vibrating deep to my very core. Like my frequency is changing. Then I simply slip from this focus awareness to another. There is no sense of “pop” now. Just like sliding into it. When I am done at the other vibe, I slip back into this focus like a split second after I left … much less than a heartbeat. It appears to anyone around me as if nothing happened. At first it was beyond my control. I’d just “go” whether I wanted to or not. Now, I can feel it coming and there is the choice. “No not now. Or ok here I come.” I am slowly getting to the point where I can choose to go or be at certain intended vibrations. Like I visited a timeline where I am a famous country music singer and I petformed at a concert. Cool!!! But that’s the only one so far that I meant to do.

            Hope this makes sense…

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Cool stuff… it’s got me thinking about some experiences I’ve had for a while where I feel deep vibrations and I’m off somewhere not always sure where though!! 🙂

              1. Yes. Sometimes I retain perfect recall of what happened. Sometimes it is vague impressions. Sometimes it is blank but I know I have BEen “elsewhere.”

                Quite joyful! 🙂

            2. Fantastic description! You are so smooth at transitioning now, you’ve become a “slider”.
              Haaaa – halfway through reading I was going to ask you if you could control it now, and also if you had perfect recall of the timeline visit..

              …you answered both for me in mere seconds.

              1. Yeah. That’s how WE roll… 🙂

                Sent from my Kindle Fire


          2. Here is a good example of the assistance we can give ourselves. I smoke still, wanting to quit, but not so easy. I have contacted the ME who never lit up that first cigarette. Merging with that vibration. In my 3D life, suddenly everyone I know is urging me to quit in all kinds of ways. Some supportive, some angry, some confrontational, some suggesting alternatives, etc. And I feel this strong rising deSIRE to quit. Whereas before it was simply a thought “I should quit” or “I need to quit” yet it was unbacked by really wanting to do so.

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Anna! That is exactly how it works, and you’ve already figured this out. We’re down the same rabbit hole..

              Precisely — first you are contacting (imagining/feeling) that version of you in the other Timeline who NEVER STARTED smoking.
              Then you are matching the frequency of the non-smoking *you* until it becomes the dominant frequency and you lose all desire to smoke.

              What has actually happened is that you have now fully become that other person, that other *you*.
              You literally, are no longer the person who smoked. She’s still smoking in a different Timeline — but you are no longer focusing your Consciousness through her.

              I would guess that this constitutes a permanent Timeline Jump (Slide)….here again, Bashar explains further what is happening:

              1. Hey yeah. Thanks for these videos. I meant to say something before. 🙂

                So amazing, all of this. Just wonderful, wonderful…

                Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. Oh! Another great source on this is DL Zeta. I love the whole idea of drawing energy and information from our multi-dimensional and multi-chrono selves. Like somewhere I chose to continue studying French and can speak it fluently. I can draw that experience to “this focus awareness” to assist me in BEing that way “here.” C’est vrai …

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Thx, I’m checking it out right now. I also love (am obsessed with) attempting to access our multi-selves.

          I remember one person tried a technique of imagining closed doors down a long hallway.
          Every version of ourselves is behind a closed door. When we open one door, we imagine meeting our other self, & having a conversation with her, to get the feel….”What’s it like to be you?”

          1. I have a similar thing that came to me during meditation with the Divine Mother. She showed me a spiral staircase with all myselves, each on a step. Then they started climbing and descending and passing each other. THEN little bridges grew across the central column in a spoke like pattern and I could cross over. THEN the spoke “inifinitized” into a starburst pattern and I could access ALL selves ALL the time. Again, this is very similar to the Da Vinci man infinite perspective gyroscope thing I have talked about. Just so magnificent!!

            I guess that’s a bit of what I FEEL when attempting to control this. I feel myself in that central column, which is of cource the connection of Source through me, then I sort of intend what I want to experience. Here’s a little secret. I have also been using this to try and “translate” JJ and me into the same physical location. Like faxing. I knwo very well that we can “send” ourselves like the transporter in Star Trek to wherever we want to be (at least on Gaia, probably anywhere, since its all the same thing). That’s part of the reason we have been “building this web” all along. Not just as a pool of consciousness. We actually travel through it. And I am getting closer and closer to this. I have been in his room in Holland, though he could not really see me. I saw his face begin to materialze before me just the other night. Not all the way there with all this just yet.

            Jeez there is so much more I could tell you, but I am typing with one finger and holding my Kindle charger in with the other. 🙂 Thanks again for your encouragement to just go for it!! I’ll admit it was a bit scary to really let go into this. I kept seeing Icarus flying too close to the sun. You helped me feel like “Who cares if I crash and burn … it’s not like I can’t get back up again.” And besides, his wings were held together with wax. Mine are real. A part of ME. I soar. There is a song I posted the other day that I am going to attach to this. Listen or not … up to you, but I want more than a piece of sky.

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. From Yentyl … (anchoring feminine energy!!!)

              Babs sings “Piece of Sky”

              enJOY and with love and gratitude for helping me find my wings

              1. Sisters! I quit! I have had enough for one day! AH, I don’t know how you do it sometimes. Well, I did publish a number of articles today and was in my gardens… yeah, I did a LOT today. The floor is yours EL! I LOVE you!

                Tomorrow I will put the links on at the Pond what I worked on today. Enough for one day! HOLY CATS!

                Love, Amy

                1. I am about to dance of to bed myself. No doubt I will be up again soon, riding the night with the moon…

                  Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. Dear Susan,
      Vive is getting chemo as I speak right now. Then 2 more chemo days to follow. The doktors are going to discuss how to treat her further.
      I strongly feel that we should stop all chemo treatments for Vive.
      The chemo is killing her, I can see that. She looks terrible, in fact she looks like Sméagol from the Lord of the Rings. She is very thin and her hair is dead-looking, just some thin strands of hair left clinging to her skull.
      She even had some out of body experiences….
      She’s giving up you know.
      Look, i’d even be fine with it if she died, but if she is to live, something good better happen fast, real fast.
      I know you can’t speed things up, I’m just saying. Wishing, praying….
      Thanks for all you do,

      1. Beloved JayJay! I join you in wishing and praying for Vive! My love goes out to you and your whole family. From my heart to yours, always, forever. Aisha

      2. Love sent JJ…..asking our blessed brother Raphael to encircle her in his emerald ray! Do you have any access to local raw honey? Simple spoonfuls of this can assist tremendously….hugs! alex

      3. JJ, my healer friend always recommends MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) – u can google this and find much into. Basically developed by Jim Humble to ‘cure’ Malaria at first ( There are measurements that differ for each dis-ease. Cancer cures happen with this solution though. My heart goes out to u and your family – and I know all our energies here are gathered around Vive for assistance in her relief – in whatever form that may take. From my heart to yours in Love, Areeza >Note to all: candida which is an overgrowth of yeast in the body must be present to cause cancer – its like runaway candida. The MMS rids the body of candida – parasites, viruses, etc. You have to be careful when first starting it – i had to start out slower – after vomiting, etc. due to toxins releasing too soon. I am just getting back into taking this stuff more regularly myself. I am finding I can tolerate foods better these days (used to suffer w/ bloating – not at all lately) – good because i am awful at watching what i consume sometimes.

        1. Yes I have looked in on that too.
          I bought CDS for her, which is a milder form as I believe.
          We haven’t started her on this though, since she is still on the chemo.
          MMS is probably better then CDS.
          I just hope the chlorine smell won’t deter her from taking it.

    1. Perfect! Love it. Love the song, love her voice, love her worn out used up raggedy “I dont give flip anymore” look! (Sorry, luv! 😉 ) rough and tough but heart of gold.

      I also notice this was filmed exactly 3 years ago on my birthday.

      The change is now here.

  18. Hi Aisha,

    Since you ask, I’ve been getting the message for the last few hours that “The fuse is lit”. And shortly after I got that message I was made aware that I would soon be asked to share it, and here you are 🙂



    1. And, in part at least, that it was “lit” by that Russell Brand interview I shared. At the time I shared it, it had been viewed 868,000 times. As I write this, it has just passed 5 million views. I shall be very interested in “seeing” what happens next.


      1. Yeah, loved that interview!
        In fact i go share it on Facebook now.
        Russel Brand. The word “brand” in Dutch means “fire”.


        1. RussEL … russ means “red haired” … hey! “fire headed” … and as we already discussed, EL is “of god.”

          He’s the fire angel/messenger. Think we should tell him?! Haha 🙂

          1. No, I suspect that not so deep down, he already knows.
            When I see the first three seconds of it, I get the strong message that he has just gone into channel. Then, right at the end, he comes out of it. That’s what I “see”.

            1. Yeah i was just joking. Of course he knows!!! 😉

              I was saying yesterday how I love that he speaks so fluidly without pause for thought. You’re right that it feels like “channelling.”


            2. Ohhh, yes…channeling…I have so admired his ability to express himself. I have seen several new Russell Brand videos in the past couple of days so I’m wondering if I saw the one you’re talking about, Paul. Would you mind posting the link again? Anyone? Thank you!

                  1. Holy CRAP!

                    I’m just going to quote Anna Helen on this one:
                    “He is like a overflowing font. It’s all there in him and it just comes out so brilliantly.”

                    I thought he was immediately magical when I saw him for the first time ever, co-hosting with Kelly on the old Regis & Kelly show…he was so intellectually quick on the draw that Kelly couldn’t keep up with him.

                    But THIS!
                    I had no idea he can also channel Source Power so fast & fluently that he can instantly verbally demolish any PTB rep foolish enough to cross him with their typical old ploy of ridicule & discreditation.

                    Holy shit. The man is pure magic.

                    1. This was Rosie’s first show on OWN. I rememder that she publicly announced that he would be her first guest without even asking him or having her “people” start setting it up. 🙂

                    2. This has been called a “legendary moment” on the Ellen DeGeneres show. 😉

                    1. Janis, this is a good one!!! I will speak in binary! Give the illuminati a massage…

                      Somewhere out there, there has got to be cartoon of him in a robe with a shepherd’s hook. Underneath, the caption “The Irreverent Reverend” or something…

      2. 2 cool. As each one “seeks and finds” more and more, the collective vibration will reach threshold. We are at that “potential” moment even NOW. I feel it soooo strongly, too.

      3. Paul, I thank you SO much for posting the Russel Brand Interview. IAM this day going to really think about what all was said, and I shall write an article about the subject of “change” and include the link to the interview. The WHOLE world needs to hear this young man. Wow!!

        Bless you, Paul!

      4. I really have to view that Russell Brand interview. Since he came into my brain so heavily on Thursday and I have no idea what was going on with him! woah

    2. Dear Paul! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for posting the interview with Russel Brand! You are so right, this man has helped to light a fire that no one can put out again. He is such a brilliant, shining light, and he has so much to offer us all. He is a wonderful example of “gong beyond what is represented as face value” as the CCs say.

      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Hahaha! Dude is amazed! Did you hear that at the end? The interviewer says “Jeepers Creepers.”

        Russell, you go boy!!!

        😉 thanks Aisha

  19. Thank you Aisha and The CC’s.
    I will observe and take notes ( I must because I always forget everything 🙂 )
    Can’t wait to “see” what’s about to happen…

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