The manuscript of survival – part 364

Let us begin this missive by saying that much has been set into motion these last few days, and much of this will in turn engender even further influxes that again will engender even more changes. So in some ways, we can say that these energetic emissions line up, nose to tail, in a never ending cycle of information that will take you all by storm. This will perhaps not be news to any of you, as you have already felt these waves slamming into you, but in a rather interesting manner, we hasten to add. For what you are experiencing now is happening at a very different level than before, and as such, you have been given a whole lot of new toys to play around with. We use this word, even if it may be construed as a rather flippant one, but trust is when we say that we are very serious about this, but we do it in order to remind you that the more you try to let go of the notion of seriousness and toil, the more you will be able to go with the flow and have fun with what you are about to step into.

For this is all about creating, but it is also about doing so from the right kind of setting if you will, and the more you get that serious look and a frown upon your face, the bigger the chances will be that you will be effectively stalling your own efforts. For this can be likened to child’s play in so many ways, and we do not use that word by accident. For you are to be like children again, pure and unaltered by any cynical sense of achievement, rather, you must try to let go of any notion of such, for then, you will start to set up a measure for yourself that will make it hard for you not only to live up to, but also for you to be able to do anything at all. For just like a child enters this world, innocent and free from any set notions as to how to go about things, so too must you. So you must let your heart guide you, and even if that sounds easy, we venture to guess you will all have a hard time doing it this way anyhow. Because you will all at some point hear that voice emanating from your mind, the one that keeps saying ”I must get this right, and what is the right way anyway? And what if I do not succeed, and what if I do something wrong?”

Well, let us just say you cannot DO anything wrong, for the moment your mind gets in your way of creating, it all stops all by itself, and you will have no option but to try again. For you cannot create anything that is of a negative nature not by design, nor by accident, for the level of energetic vibration that is leading the way now, does not allow for any of that to happen. For you cannot construct or design or manifest anything that does not comply with the harmonics that has been set into place now, and as such, you can let go of any notion of disasters waiting to become. For they cannot, they simply have no way of being formed by any of you, and as such, you must try to once again let your mind take a vacation, and let that inner child, the curious one, the playful one, the living one, have its day in full. For that is where your fountain of youth comes into play, where you all must immerse yourselves in this vibrant source of unaged spirit you all have within, the one that is untainted by anything that you have been taught to do, or rather, programmed to do in your recent lives. For this is not about creating copies of something that has been in existence from before, this is all about creating from scratch, making as if from nothing, and as such, you will not have any other guidance than to let go of what you know, and start to tap into all that you have yet to SEE. And then, you will be able to start to create the wonders of a child that will make this whole place a haven for you all.

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  1. This is what I create with my child’s heart.
    I prefer the Natalie Cole version, but this one has an extra verse that is SO appropriate to today’s message.

    1. Oh boy. Memories. When my husband and I first started dating in 1993 it was around Christmastime. He very sweetly went out and bought this David Foster Christmas cd (has the Natalie Cole version), cuz he knew it was my favorite. But when he heard the song, he looked at me and very sarcastically said, “Jeez. You don’t want much, do ya?” ……..

  2. when I read this beautiful message i was immediately reminded of the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory when the doors open and he sees the wonderland of the candy forest for the first time. The look of awe and childish innocent wonder within him simply shines through. That is how the new feels to me. All walls dropped, being 100% our shining magical selves, being the angels on earth that we are, full of love and gratitude for every single moment. This is the new…and this is such a blessing and I am so glad we are all sharing in this! Much love to all of you wonderful angels of the light! Alex

  3. oh my goodness i am feeling so loved,thank you for all the words of encouragement. i am go tomorrow to have an accessment to see if they will help ne with my addition to pain killers, i have no medical insurance and am unable to selfpay. so please keep me in your prayers that they will accept me into the program,

    1. I want to say , i read your story above again and again it brings me to tears. It is very powerful and touches me deeply for some reason. I have not had a drug addiction. my body has not let me become addicted i have said. …but perhaps addiction of another kind and i msg in here for me…and we are all seeking release. whatever we had chosen to hide out doing so not to face the shit in life – and to make that step to consciously face it and move past it… it really moves me girl. thank you and many blessings to come your way. I feel a real power from u. thanks again,,,,much Love, Areeza

    2. you ARE loved

      now this is the third time i have posted this song here. allow me to share a story about it so you know you’re not the only “crazy” one…

      when i first heard this song, i was so moved that i ran down to my best friend’s house. i knocked on her bedroom window and woke her up. scared her half to death. i dragged her back to my house and played it while i turned around in circles in my living room with my arms spread out. i think i even tried to make her dance with me. now dont laugh, ok, but she thought i was coming on to her or something… 😉 … anyway i also typed up the words and put them in her mailbox with a note saying that no one on earth could love like this. only god. i dont think she was ready to hear it. (can you blame her? …)

      as you go to your assessment today, take this with you. i can see you’re feeling the power and connecton happening in your life. don’t give up even if this doesn’t seem to work out today. all you need will come to you in sacred divine timing.

      i applaud you again. i myself went thru rehab at age 21. one of the absolute best things i ever did for myself…

      love and light and blessings and prayers to you, angel

      🙂 lori

      1. And by the way, I am finding out that when two people come together bound by god … love like this DOES exist on earth ..

    1. Ava Tree and the Wishes THREE
      by THIRD graders
      video is 3:03 mins long

      This is just precious, luv. Thank you! 😉

  4. greetings from the road

    We can be Gypsies, just for one day

    28 degrees in Narbonne sunshine and endless fields of red vine.
    Tomorrow a la plage.

  5. In the last couple of days I can really feel things starting to happen. Today a girl in a family bookstore wore a button that said Can I pray for you? I told her yes. She asked what for and I spoke the word addiction aloud to a stranger for the first time. She took my hand and prayed for me right then and there. I also heard this song for the first time.

    1. I place a soft kiss upon your forehead and I embrace you !! Much Love/Peace/Joy – I see entering your very soul of souls sweet angel !! Amen to the gift you received this day! x o Areeza

    2. Dear Angel – what an amazing shining soul you are – your wings are lifting me up as well 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Ah !….there it is again….”it’s never too late”…..Don’t be afraid & let your ‘Wings’ unfold & take you where you desire ! Taking 1st steps is always the hardest….sending you Motivational Strength & Shining Light my friend !……Bev~ (Thank You for sharing your Heart story) !~

  6. this was actually the poem Birgitta’s made me think of.. cant believe i sorted thru my old emails and actually found it :


    I wish that there were some wonderful place
    Called the Land of Beginning Again
    Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches
    And all of our selfish grief
    Could be dropped like a shabby old coat by the door
    And never be put on again.

    I wish we could come on it all unaware
    Like the hunter who finds a lost trail
    And I wish that the one whom our blindness has done
    The greatest injustice of all
    Could be at the gates like an old friend that waits
    For the comrade he’s gladdest to hail.

    We would find all the things we intended to do
    But forgot, and remembered too late;
    Little praises unspoken, little promises broken
    And all of the thousand and one
    Little duties neglected that might have perfected
    The day for one less fortunate.

    It wouldn’t be possible not to be kind
    In the Land of Beginning Again
    And the ones we misjudged and the ones whom we grudged
    Their moments of victory then
    Would find in the grasp of our loving handclasp
    More than penitent lips could explain.

    For what had been hardest we’d know had been best
    And what had seemed loss would be gain

    For there isn’t a sting that will not take a wing
    When we’ve faced it and laughed it away,

    And I think that the laughter is most what we’re after

    In the Land of Beginning Again.

    So I wish that there were some wondered place

    Called the Land of Beginning Again

    Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches

    And all of our selfish grief

    Could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door

    And never be put on again.

    by Louise Fletcher

    1. such a beautiful & inspirational poem !….I can certainly ‘See’ why you LOve it !…..& I do too !…..have a glorious & healing day sweet ‘BEE’….oh & I meant to say crocs instead of clogs…but crocs are pretty much like plastic clogs aren’t they ???…..LOve, Bev~

      1. same difference yes 🙂 I love shoes i can just slip off. i have a hasack under my desk… put my tootsies up. time to get some slippers too. comfy is In

    2. Wooooow!! And there IS. And we are (T)HERE.

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      1. land of beginning again…like tomorrowland …. i like to keep it in the now so maybe InTheNowLand – trying to come up with something. WowInTheNow 🙂

  7. Thank you Aisha,
    Definitely have feeling of expectancy! It’s been so very strong! Also have been getting a moving intense pain/pressure/buzz all around the back of my head and above my ears. It isn’t pleasant and won’t go away with ibprofin so I’m chalking it up to energy moving. It mainly happens at night when I’m relaxing and getting sleepy. Also the occasional breathlessness. Otherwise the calm is amazing, with bursts of pure peace and joy.

    1. Dear Veronica! My head has been feeling much the same as yours, aches and pains moving around the skull/jaw/cheekbones/teeth. Sometimes it feels as if the right side of my brain is boiling hot, or twice as big as the left side. But like you, I also have these amazing periods of joy and peace, and they make all the pains and aches so small and insignificant 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. So you are getting it lately on the RIGHT brain side, too…(see my comment above, to Areeza)
        I also get the skull/jaw/teeth moving aches — plus an initial right-side skin inflammation with this type of download.

        1. yrs ago, i used to get what was like a very sharp poker being inserted into the top of my head. i would be at work and say.. ‘please, can u work on me later ! – got to work here – please wait until i get home’… and ‘they’ would. i felt i was being made more psychic. and that was confirmed later on. i was tested as to how well it was working 🙂 and, i have had shooting pains up the right side of my neck for a few yrs now. thought it was from whiplash. it would radiate up right side of head and into right eye. that, thank God has not happened in awhile. went away approx the same time the heart stuff did. i also started extreme ‘stretching’ of my body at night. i have wanted to mention this to see if anyone else has this stretching thing ? i have to consciously do a ‘slow release’ or it will hurt in that area the next day. it has been in my ovary area lately so that is interesting. ok… had to take a v to come down and sleep it is taking affect. nighty night all… and life is….. life is good when there are stars shinning as brightly above as you kindred souls shine within my heart.

  8. To slapped ass from flat ass (no meat left there…any I have is in all the wrong places now!)

    You are turning inside out … why not upside down, too? That’s all a smile is … frown turned upside down.

    I SEE your smile is already there!! 😀 :():

  9. Re: # 364 -” For you cannot create anything that is of a negative nature not by design, nor by accident, for the level of energetic vibration that is leading the way now, does not allow for any of that to happen.” I wish for this message (#364) to be the case and intend for it to be so however, one must consider the physical we have to work with…Meaning the low wages, over taxation, an overt police state growing day by day, cancer viruses in the vaccines, an overbearing eugenics based-technocratic take-over of not just the U.S. but the world, being forced into a chute and onto the reservation, GMO’s, chem-trails, toxic municipal water, drone use, N.D.A.A. 1867.
    This is just a few of the negative designs that were very intentionally created and now exist not only in my world but to one extent or another all of ours. How does one dance grinning though the mine field ?
    Thank you for all you share Aisha.

    1. I know my friend….& I hear ‘You’ !!! may I just keep it simple & to the point… Don’t give in or give up…that’s what they want & expect from you….’Push Back’ !….but not necessarily in a physical sense…we All do not understand the power that is contained in our Heart intentions….Stay Firm & Focused on your Intentions….& not so much on what you see & what you don’t want, but visualizing what you do want pertaining to Divine Creation !…..I send you strength & conviction dear Ajax !……..LOve & Light, Bev~

      1. Yeah, you know what you don’t want. Leave it be and create from yourself, create something new instead of trying to change the old. Try something new and wonderful. A whole new world! A joyful world!

    2. Bev says it well. I was thinking at first how nice – this safety net of not being able to create anything of negative nature… then I hear what u are saying here too. It is the like attracts like perhaps. And we have become ‘immune’ perhaps to the negativity and it can not hurt us any longer. Still today, i feel hurt and battered pretty bad. emotionally too. I keep saying that an illusion and I do not know why I am experiencing it… and I know it will pass. It is hard to straddle worlds my friend. Maybe I need let go of any thought of safety nets and free fall.

    3. To dance through the mine-field one must be unafraid, but respectful and cautious. We seldom if ever talk about combat. One thing I will say. The guys who worried about getting it, got it. What you think about, you create.
      The guys who won the medals never gave a thought to their death. They refused to picture the possibility of failure and so, they succeeded.
      hush now

      1. I thought i had one battle one. not. of all this yrs challenges i thought this body thing i finally had a handle on it…. and would not be at the hands of Drs again. i have been a worry wart most my life i admit that….but truly i did believe i would not need surgery and could be successful on my own. how to have faith now? to put trust in the body now? in the drs ? Must place myself back in Gods hands where Mom kept me before birth.

        1. you are so much more than a body.
          Mine is 63 with multiple health issues. I am looking forward to getting a new body; young, strong, and uninjured
          In the mean time, wow, we are co-creators this time
          maybe we will get it right
          let us all get it right
          here we are, this is it

  10. Between these missives and my “surreal experiences” I KNOW something is happening. I still have yet to put into words the interchange between a surgeon and myself yesterday, the LSD trip afterwards without LSD, the headache, and download of all Mother Downloads, that actually started with the surgeon. Am I Alice? Where am I exactly? I don’t know. I really don’t. And at times it gets down right scary, for there is nothing anymore that I can even compare with, to what is happening right now. No-thing to hang on to that represents “normalcy”.

    As a child plays………the Age of Innocence has returned. The more we live as a child, Free and Innocent, the more this NEW will be evident. I am being wow’ed over!

    Down the Rabbit Hole again!

    Love and Smooches Galore!

    1. ah…tis a bold new world on the horizon…when overwhelmed it’s sometimes best to sit & enjoy the sun rising…then when our strength is renewed we can take on the rest of the day….& ‘Wow’ is always a good feeling….Enjoy dear Amy !
      LOve & Light, Bev~

    2. I felt down the rabbit hole last night. Out to dinner with my guy at our favorite “Crossroads” diner. Its a cool looking old time diner. i felt dizzy and like the whole place was transfiguring itself into something else. and the people seemed odd and nothing made sense. I had to really focus to sit there and eat. going thru a lot today… back and forth and all around trying to keep the Love/Joy focus going. x o Areeza

      1. There is a weird and physically horrible download coming in today, Breeze. You and I are both very sensitive to this one.

        Background: These high energies all through the night haven’t allowed me to sleep for a good 3 months now. Some sleep during daylight hours, but mostly chronic insomnia.
        I also suffer constant torturous inflammation of entire body skin rashes because of the downloads.

        Last night I was able to pass out after midnight for the first time in months, and had a very rare 13 hours of deep sleep (was in the higher dimensions working with tons of people all night)…

        …but today I woke up still feeling like shit. Tired to death, with an Energy Headache beginning. The rashes on the right side of the face were inflamed and active.
        The headache is constant with a right-side / right brain download, and the right side of my face is inflamed from it.

        Assessment: Tired to death, in spite of first good sleep in 3 months — and instead of the usual LEFT side energy download, this baby is coming in on the RIGHT side.

        Wish somebody had some detailed info on what is coming in right now.
        As far as Love/Joy focus, when you are going through this kind of crap download it’s wisest to let all that go and simply flow with it. Forcing yourself to feel love and joy when you are at the bottom of the wave will create resistance…..the wave itself will lift you up again.
        Remember we are still in duality, and it’s part of this process to naturally go up and down as we ride the Sine Waves to higher levels.

        1. Thank you sista!! My motto (for me) is “Gotta go thru it to get to it.”

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        2. Thanks Kiera… this is important info for me. It did not feel right trying to make myself feel happy and ok today. Just a couple hrs ago I got news from my Dr that I have to have surgery to remove the huge fibroids. i am freaked out like u can not imagine — oh yes u can though. There is not just one – now three and I just feel like i can not even describe. this yr has been so hard already. I thought the large one had shrunk and it is now the size of a melon. I dont know how i will muster up what i need to to now deal with this and make a good decision. have them removed or whole uterus. its all so gross and dense and i feel the sinking instead of the floating higher. what a time to be going thru this now. I dont know what else to say about it. I wish u all the best in dealing with what u have to as well. we want to think its all a rose garden from this point on. I dont know what is real and its almost calming that i dont care that much right now. the free fall is all i can feel is the good thing to do. so , i will go with that and put myself back in Gods hands as my mother did before i was born.

            1. thanks sweetie. im trying but i am afraid of tomorrow morning…. waking up. thats the hardest time for me. i wake up nervous. always have. sucks. iv been trying not to think about needing surgery and calming myself down mornings. now, knowing i need surgery. well,,, dont know how i can cope. i will keep seeing us free falling together. I know u all are here and that helps. a lot. i have not woken up well from surgery before. i will keep u all posted about it. man, i just hate this. i needed and ahhhhh…. not a yikes again.

              1. Please understand I am not minimizing your concern in any way, ok? I am saying this only as reassurance. I ran (the business side) of an outpatient surgery center. My husband is a nurse whose specialty is recovering and caring for patients as they wake up from anesthesia. I have witnessed thousands of patients …. so I really am there holding your hand in this. I literally have experience and strength to offer in this regard.

                I myself am nervous and anxious upon wakening – it means facing another day in this “heavy” body. Maybe disappointed mght even be a better word. I have “been under” for surgery a couple of times. It may sound harsh or unnatural to some, but honey, its a hell of a lot easier to wake up medicated!!! 🙂

                I love you…

                1. Forgive me… just noticed the “before” in your comment about waking from surgery. I knew you had extensive history… I just wasnt thinking… My friend Susan… the one with the same problem? She used have surgery on at least an annual basis. For years. Since her last one, think it was ’97, she has NEVER had to do it again.

              2. Dearest Breeze,
                I’m not sure if you’ll find this and I think from the time stamp that you faced morning many hours ago. I was late at reading the posts today. I stubbornly held out against a kidney stone a year ago but finally gave in and had it removed surgically. I was so surprised that I came through the anaesthetic without any sense of feeling sick. When younger I always was sick afterwards. I think that you have stood very valiantly but is it time to give these fibroids a date that they most leave by? (One that coincides with a surgery date perhaps?) Some times the ‘side effects of illness’ is far harder on you than the modern medicine to remove it. We are all standing with you in this and may peace be your gift in the days ahead! Sending love and wisdom, Nancee

          1. Dear, lovely Breeze!

            Can you deny your feelings? Can you pretend they do not exist? Can you pretend that the huge fibroids does not exist? Yes, probably, but not in the long run. You know – I have a vascular anomaly on the right side of the face. It has been growing slowly since the early 80s and eventually become very large . I always thought that it is a result of the life I lived , the way I have lived and been untrue to myself. I have healed and healed and healed but it has constantly grown even more.

            A year ago I took the problem and have now made two interventions and waiting to be called to the third. I would never ever have hesitated the whole battery of interventions regarding breast cancer – because it was good for me – and I’m worth getting to have it good 🙂 CCs recently said something like “Do not expect that you will have a new limb” (or something like that). Why not allow you to get the best of both worlds ? 😉

            That´s the way I think – but I am a down to earth person ;)))

            Whatever decision you make I am with you and hope that everything works out for the best for you 🙂

            Much love and respect,


    3. Areeza, Amy – things ARE getting “curiouser and curiouser”. Everyday things feel weird, just going to the shop is like a trip to a parallell world, familiar places look and feel very different. “Normal” is disappearing from my vocabulary, and to me this is all about letting go of ALL the old limitations and perceptions. It’s like the Universe is telling me “we have turned off the auto pilot, time to try those wings for real now!”
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, I know I have never been normal.. lol… and now it is like the world in its newness has caught up with me. Thats ok and good but yes, dealing with the old way as we still have to – thats rough at times. I am so so tired today… like someone drugged me. I hear the people around me but I do not feel a part of any of it. Thanks to you with Love, Areeza

        1. Free fall. SKY DIVE. I am holding your hand as we learn to fly together. Rabbit hole GALORE. Whoami. Whatami. Wherewhenami. Eat this. Drink this. Grow big. Grow small. I feel like Johnny Depp in the recent version of this movie when he looks Alice in the eyes and says “There are too many voices in here.” (something like that)

          Areeza. All this means is things are coming together for us now. I see things that others dont. Hear them. Smell them. I go “elsewhere” and return without my focus awareness knowing it’s gonna happen. This has been very intense since this past Sunday. Slowly learning this new groove. The physical crap unfortunately (at least for me) seems to go with it. I mean, my god, can returning to our original blueprint be painless? Maybe for some. (and of course they have other issues to deal with that are just as difficult) Maybe I could just say NO. But for you and me … ones who dislike being in a physical vessel to begin with … pretty tough, right?! And just maybe … we chose this on purpose. If our bodies “felt” the good vibes that our consciousness is accessing, zoom! We’re outta here. Dont know about you, but I would actually LIKE to for ONCE in this lifetime to feel GREAT in body. And I know if I can just stay in it for a while longer, I will have that.

          Love you sister! We’re out of the plane … in the sky … lets make a formation. Too bad we dont have a video camera. What an awesome ride we could record. At some point we’ll figure out to pull the chute or we’ll guide ourselves to land. Your very own Breeze is supporting your flight.

          😀 ALee

          1. awww.. thank u so much for this! Yes,,, I love that we can relate so. and yes, i have said maybe the body issues i have had grounded me. I too want to enjoy it like u do ! and so be it ! I have only had fits and spirts of enjoying it without ‘issues’. I go from thinking like u do to thinking the old way and saying ‘yikes ! Im in trouble ~!’ I am focusing with just going with what feels good – keeping it that simple. Loving and caring for myself and all that. and for others. My family has gotten me a bit upset lately too and i know i have to let that go. It seems we have to walk a real straight narrow path now for sure ! how much feces do i want in my chocolate milk ? remember ? lol. none ! xo

            1. Yeah well a little shit never hurt anybody either. C’est au naturale and it fertilizes growth. As Forrest Gump said “It happens.” Dont really know why I even said any of that but I’ll leave it. Probably cuz I resist some hi falutin man being right!!! Ha! Zooooob.


          2. and LOL to the wherewhenami ! i just love that – put a big smile on my face – gonna remember that next time i zoooob out.

          3. “..But for you and me … ones who dislike being in a physical vessel to begin with …”

            Add me to that list, too, sweet thing!

            “… Dont know about you, but I would actually LIKE to for ONCE in this lifetime to feel GREAT in body.”

            You mean, such a thing is actually possible? Is that why most humans are so happy here?

            I, like an *idiot*, chose on purpose to experience every skin-related problem/rash/blood vessel inflammation known to mankind…..which, according to my contract, kicked in when I was 3 years old.

            When I started waking up and first realized I had done this to myself, I started asking my HS, “WHY did I choose this??? WTF?”

            Why was I insane enough to saddle myself with this extra physical torture during a lifetime of experimental & debilitating Physical Ascension?

            My answer came a few years ago — that I had chosen to suffer in my skin since I was a baby, because I so did NOT want to be trapped in a physical vessel…. and this constant awareness & focus on my completely messed up Body Suit (skin & eyes) is what keeps me grounded in the physical.
            Constant attention on the body.

            I STILL kick myself for choosing this physical grounding method. Doesn’t seem to be any way of getting out of these clauses in the soul contract, either.

            1. I hear ya ! mine was heart stuff. racing, then skipping…lymes… now ok with those… but now other issues – stomach and abdomen areas. does keep us in here i guess. but , at the same time makes me want to leave again. seems many are getting ‘fixed’ though around me… heart surgeries, etc… so maybe it is happening to get us ready… get the bodies more ready. have to look at it in some positive way to keep my sanity. x o

        2. Dear Areeza! I also have experienced periods of feeling totally numb, disconnected from everything and everyone lately. We are straddling the divide between two worlds, and it can feel like we are being torn to pieces now, but I agree with Anna Helen, it is all a part of us “coming together”. Painful? YES! Bewildering, exhausting, frustrating? Yes, yes and yes! Would I NOT do this? No way! I love free falling, so I’m grabbing onto the both of yuo, ready to do the most amazing formations in the air 🙂
          Much love from me, Aisha

          1. There are so many times a day now that i catch myself silently saying “wait, whoa, where am i ?” cracks me up usually.

          2. the free falling together keeps bringing a smile to my face… and i see light weight Anna keeps flying up and away and we have to keep reeling her back in ! 🙂

          3. I’m joining in the free fall formation with you! Having some crazy moments myself these days in this foreign land away from every thing familiar!! I sure am feeling those energies more and more that so many of you are talking about!! Wow I think I’ll ask one of those big vultures that love to circle overhead to give me a lift up. They make it look so easy. 🙂 ~Nancee

      1. Thru the tree….

        And the Mad Hatter awaited you…

        You know hatters went mad cuz they used mercury in their craft. I can dinstinctly remember my mom letting me play barehanded with the little balls of mercury once when the thermometer broke. I probably even ate some, knowing me. Little monkey.

        (Yeah I know…explains a lot.)

        I am so grateful to her!!! Crazy cackle. 🙂

          1. Hell no health nut. I’m keeping it. It’s part of whoiam. 😉

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            1. Gah! You got me again. That was fire… here is wind…
              Yes, my love, if only because you say so. I know you will prepare and serve it to me… 😉 You have our best interest at heart…

                  1. Dr. Feelgood and his healing hands…

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                    1. 😉

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  11. Dear Sun+adjectives, just remember that even a slapped ass is made up of God particles of Light. YOU RADIATE JOY TO US, EVEN IF UNKNOWINGLY!! You are Loved, Appreciated and Treasured. xox

    1. Dear Paul! Welcome to this Pond, to this circle of light and love! If you click on the “Follow” button in the lower right hand corner of this blog and enter your e-mail adress there, you will get all messages posted to your e-mail. Then you will see them as black text on white background. I hope this will be of help to you!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Oh Gene oh Gene. How I love him!!! Now this gentle voice moves me!

      Thanks again Dom!!! Je t’aime!

      1. Love you too, AH.

        “The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.”

        ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

  12. Sun!

    Such frown upon one´s face use to disappear when your body as well as mind and soul can feel unconditional love, honour and respect.

    Much love,


  13. Making fun of yourself sounds like a good first step!
    Just let it all go…. What the h… We got nothing to lose, everything to WIN!
    Start from scratch!
    Love ya,
    (I got this frown too!)

  14. Thank you Aisha and CC for inviting me into your joy so I may feel it with you as I long to do. I love you, Jean

  15. Dear Aisha and CC’s,
    Thank you for this clear missive at a for me very appropriate time.
    Yes it has been made very clear to me that to go about creating anything, takes a fearless trusting innocent childlike joyfull heart.
    I have seen examples of this in action. I have also seen the instances where it just wouldn’t work when expectations or questions such as “what is the right way?” get in the way. Hahaha these were very funny incidents…..
    Love to you Aisha, thank you again for making all of this possible!
    I am very grateful,

    1. Much love back to you, dear JayJay! We will all need time to “learn to unlearn” the old ways of DOing things, so I guess we will all continue get in our own way from time to time 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. Again, this morning, I wrote two more articleson Petals Unfolding, regarding my observations. I post the links here so that I may share them with you. These two are mysteries, to make you think. At least what I am seeing and experiencing is seriously resulting in me asking some BIG questions.

    As always, I Adore you, I Love you, I Honor you. Thank you for taking the time to read my “research”. Hopefully, together, we can jumpstart our “brains and Hearts” to solve the “mysteries” I am seeing.

    I welcome comments, questions, inqueries. Without each other, we have no-thing. With each other, we have ALL-thing! 🙂


  17. Beloved friends!

    I want to share a wonderful poem I got from a FB-friend today:

    In the land in between
    where no rules are
    where hearts reconnects
    and our cells remember.
    Let us be there today
    Together you and I!

    // Withlovelisa

    Love and respect to you all,


    1. oh,,, i Love that poem! I came upon it a few months ago and shared it with many. Thanks for reminding me of it 🙂

      1. Oh – how/where/from whom did you come upon this poem? The writer is not a wellknown woman – as far as I know 😉 Interesting! I´m sure she would like to know 🙂

        Much love and relief,


  18. Dear Aisha…how I LOve these new messages from you & the CC’s…so again I send my deepest Appreciation ! & approaching like Child’s Play, in Awe & Wonder, All Creative & Fun possibilities is surely the way !….not so much having new toys but grown up Masters & Magic…’What shall be build today?’ The simplicity of it is not focusing too much on the words but the meaning within the words. As I’ve said before, this knowledge is best approached as a Great ‘Seer’, ‘Observer’ & ‘Listener’ via the Heart, & not the mind….as The ‘Heart Seeks’ Purity & Truth while the mind obsesses with disection, analysis & explaination then bickers with other minds as to their rights or wrongs, realing out more questions, arguements & disagreements….I always find this most puzzling, as something given in logic & straight forth understanding, can set off a cascade of unrelated thoughts & misconceptions…oh the tangled webs we weave ! This most glorious information was always meant to lift us up in utter ‘Joy’ & Amazement in a smoothing motion, it was never meant to be complicated, it is we that make it complicated & indeed many think it is new, but yet it is not, & has been the Truth in Life, of Life Forever…in fact much of soul spirit, of visions, of magic & miracles is mythical until proven factual, & ‘Yes’ All this is very much a real aspect of science, & I believe it is part of the world we live in now if only one chooses to open their eyes & ‘See’ with their Heart ! We put so much pressure & disection on words…for instance, ‘LOve’….to be LOve, see LOve, give LOve….spread LOve….Oh the intensity we put on the word LOve, & it can be so many things, so many interpretations… but LOve is purely a state of BEing fulfilled, & All Life seeks fulfillment….that’s it !…& All other related words, meanings, & feelings extend out from this….& LOve is not exclusive to only sentient BEings, humanity has not come to a realization of this…LOve extends to All Life forms….even a simple flower….it is deeply embedded in the code of Life that ‘All Seeks’ to be fulfilled….if we only can focus more on the meaning within words, we shall ‘See’ that this is the divine plan of creation all along & the ‘Seeking’ of this fulfillment is the essence of the search back to connection with God. (I always LOved the story of when the Buddha stood before his followers holding a single lotus flower & said nothing !)

    If you truly believe you are a living particle of God, then you will understand that this is the essence of the journey of Ascension ! So lets take this a step further….if you now believe that creation embodys the living particles of God, then Mother-Earth & All her Life forms in nature & All her BELOved creatures are creation, living particles of God !…so lets take it a step further…if we are growing & evolving to become Co-Creators of/with God….then we must at some point imagine what it would be like to be like God….can you imagine that ?….the Giver & Creator of Life….complete unwavering unconditional fulfillment of LOve to All Life to extend, to grow & expand Divine creation…..Imagine that !….Can you also ‘See’ the magnitude of patience, the scope of understanding, the ultimate respect & perfection in disipline that would be required….then for a moment, look down down upon the Earth from above…can you ‘See’ the state of humanity…the destruction upon Mother-Earth…the suffering & death of hundreds of thousands of BELOved creatures, living gifts of God ! By opening our eyes to the Truth & to God, the complete picture is not All painted with glory & miracles….this is what I ‘See’ Now…creation exists now…the mark & signature of ‘YHVH’ (pronounced ‘Ya Way’ from the book ‘The God Code’ by Gregg Braden) is in Life now….when we fully Awaken we can ‘See Now’ ! & Yes ‘Alex’…some wonderful points you made & indeed the ‘Heart’ holds the seed of our soul…each unique with a signature vibration…the living particle of God to expand & grow if we choose it ! Have you ever really thought about the creation dynamics of a ‘Seed’….such a tiny thing that holds All the genetic information to grow that individual form of Life in it’s entirety…See as a Child, this Amazing part of Creation !…so why would we not believe that the birth & expansion of the Universe would be any different ? Can you now ‘See’ why I am so concerned & horrified at the radiation links at the Fukushima nuclear plants !

    The Blood Moon of October is soon to be upon us…& we should look more at the meaning than the word….We have surpassed the ’37’ marker & Mother has been fully engaged….what has been invisable will become visable, but the wants & expectations from us will not be visable All wrapped in Golden Light & Glory as much past harm & destruction must be healed 1st !…The precious gift of Creation is the opportunity we are given…our Heart Intentions to assist in weaving & Creating the New Living Tapestry of Life !
    I always remember the 1st time I saw Adele’s video ‘Rolling in the Deep’….it set off an alarm inside of me….my Heart felt sick & overwhelmed as I watched the ‘Vibrating glasses of Water’…such a Powerful Symbolic message…the Precious Elixir of Life…’Water’….so much more than most know, & so much more than a word !
    Blessings of ‘Fulfillment’ to You ‘All’ !!!

    1. ” We could of had it All…you had my Heart & Soul in your hands “….
      ” You will Reap just what you Sow “….(on Land & Water) ~

      There’s Always ‘Time to Heal’….never believe that it is too late !!!

      1. Baby, I have no story to be told,
        But I’ve heard one on you and I’m gonna make your head burn,
        Think of me in the depths of your despair,
        Making a home down there as mine sure won’t be shared… lol

        1. Hi San Andersons….I’m not sure if you have an under lying message here…but if it is to say that everything is in fine working order than your video wonderfully represents that ! & I do LOve animation….this has very cool effects…wonderful mechanics in flow, rhythm & balance ! I do like the visual concept of seen & unforeseen creating harmony, ‘We’ building the physical instrument & allow the unknown movement of ‘Spirit’ energy within the balls bring it to Life !…. interesting & Thank You !

          1. nah…just having fun on my side… pinching a cor’d maybe…hahaa… this is not about creating copies of something that has been in existence from before, this is all about creating from scratch, making as if from nothing, and as such, you will not have any other guidance than to let go of what you know, and start to tap into all that you have yet to SEE….

            ok…don’t acuse me of blowing your balls now, cuz ” You will Reap just what you Sow “….lmao

            maybe the problem is that you “LOve amimation”…so what’s the solution?… heheee

        2. Hey!! That is as cool as all get out!!! And you and Bev and Breeze and B today have made me wonder… I notice water, wind and earth here. Are you FIRE? The only other fire I “recognize” is Otmn “the catalyst.” And maybe Sun and Michylin….

          Anybody else feel they resonate a fire vibe?

          I dunno. Just sayin.


            1. Gah!! You know what?! I am actually a fire sign astrologically. But I have always resonated with wind. Ha!! I am now feeling the flame flare up within!!!!!!



    2. Dear Bev! Once again your words – and the meaning within your words – touch me deeply. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for that powerful video from Adele, it sends shivers down my spine every time.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Dear Bev,,, i was thinking of that link u posted a few days ago re Fukushima – would u please post it again? thanks much. For myself, today I feel numb. I dont think i will have much to contribute today. lol. Yesterday, pain back, heart acing and jumping around. i was very dizzy last night and a bit this morning. Hard to even walk today. A challenge for me to stay in the positive. I had two days off at least from pain but its just not enough. very tired. Love your views and everyone elses !

      1. I am so sorry that you are in pain….wish I could help ! I send a big healing hug & wish that you feel better soon !!! Take care of ‘You’ ! I always find a relaxing hot bath in sea salts very healing when I have muscle & joint pain…it has wonderful natural healing…& no chemicals! Gee I’ve looked at so many articles on Fukushima…I think this is the one I last posted here ~

        but if you really are interested in lots of great ‘Awareness’ articles I check out ‘Mayan Majix’ often…they have some great posted information there….here’s the link ~

        LOve to You !…..Bev~
        Oh & I LOve your clogs !…checked out your photos ~ so nice to see that you too enjoy comfortable shoes, & not stilts !~

        1. lol ruined my feet with stilts long ago. used to Love to dance in them… how, oh how i have no idea now! ( i discovered short is ok.) Those clogs in pic shrunk in the sun this yr ! Left them on my deck too long – they are actually rubber sketchers… hope i can find more. The pain will go i hope with healing methods i am doing… its the uterus thing again. Still have not called my doc for test results… i just dont like how drs think. still have hope i can heal it and my guy will be late getting home today he just called… ahhh…. so a nice long bath and nap coming my way. (will check out your links – thanx)

    4. Bev, you are incredible. Thank you for all you say here. I dont feel I have expressed enough how much your “water vibe” has helped me!!

      Gratitude and honor to you, 37 (3+7=10 hmmmm…)


  19. Deep Gratitude, Aisha&CCs… my “adult” self needed so much to hear this.
    Light (child) Blessings to all.

    1. Ah ha!! Que plus parfait!! Simple! 🙂 Et la meme chose que moi avec le “chalk drawing” …


    2. Chère Lysiane, “porquoi pas” – as you say. Indeed, why not? Everything is possible now, time to let ourselves play in our own way 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  20. My ab fab when they showed this on Captain Kangaroo. I knew it was real!!!!

    Thank you Aisha and CC’s.

    Like Sun sad yesterday… CHILDS PLAY 😀

    1. It also occurs to me that a child wants what a child wants and only stops reaching for it when it is told “NO!”


      1. Yes yes yes!!!! I’m with you! Remember what happened at the airport my love, it was a-want, a-child’s-want, and it just happened!
        I have a-want, a wish, a-child’s wish…. Wishes do come true, and you don’t need a shooting star to wish upon, or blowing out candles, or rubbing a magic lamp. It is possible to wish for anything without these things. All we need is our heart’s intent, our child’s heart desire….
        Love, JJ

        1. JJ, I was thinking that yesterday – my b-day – first time i did not blow out candles and make a wish ! Then it occured to me as u have said… do not need the candles or cake. thank you, Love Areeza

          1. Ditto ! Happy Birthday !….really, cake & candles will be nothing compared to the fulfillment of your tomorrows ! You are a special gift All in itself….& I appreciate ‘You’ now & tomorrow !….Love, Bev~

          2. So I’m curious… did the family gather round after all? I know you previously felt sort of forgotten. Was hoping good things for you! 🙂

            1. no – still forgotten. they are all having dinner right now as a matter of fact – with that old family friend whos bday is today. i was the after thought and i did not go. Dr. called an hr ago. not good. i am… i dont know how i am.

        2. It was like we were kids in a candy 😉 store and we got to try it all. And everything and everyone kept giving us more and more. A magical time of grace. Each and EVERY moment.

          Guys!! The airport is a prime example. When JJ left Memphis, the lady at the check in counter OFFERED to let me go past security and be with JJ until his plane left. This is unheard of (at least in our international airport)!! We were gifted extra time together. The world smiled upon us. Miracles everywhere. We were not only “gah gah” for each other but for all that happened. THEN!! He was the last one to the gate. THEY HELD THE PLANE so we could have a few more precious moments together. When he left, I kinda broke down and the gate attendant cleared a place in the crowded room so I could be alone. The whole room witnessed my emotions as I waited to watch his plane take off. I could feel their love and support buffeting me from behind.

          We were cradled and kept the whole weekend. Divine. Perfect.

          AMAZING!! and we created this play time from the love in our hearts…

          BTW, luv, I hear US in your comment here…. baby ima want you 🙂

          1. And you add to it perfectly, like always.
            It’s all magic. Remember I said the whole weekend felt like being in a movie. Everything we share is like it’s magic like in a movie. You look at these movies and you think yeah, this doesn’t happen in real life…yet it does!!! I feel like I’m even watching this movie from outside of me. When we are together the world seems to centre around us somehow, I can’t really describe it.
            I just love us being together, to live our love.

          2. sooooo Blissfully Sweet…& I can feel the LOve wrapped around your words !…Again, I’m extremely Happy for you both….if I looked in the spirit of LOve dictionary under the meaning of ‘Fulfillment’….bet I would also find an embracing photo of you…All the Best to you both !…LOve, Bev~

            1. Could not have said it better!!! Thank you, Bev. ❤

              JJ took a picture of our hands cupped together. They looked like they belonged to the same body. I'm calling Webster.


  21. Dear friends!
    I think I am not the only one sensing ”something” approaching, it is like there is something in the air, a sense of quickening, of anticipation. It is not the first time any of us have felt this, but still, it feels so different from anything I have felt before. The energies keep slamming into my body, but with them comes a strong undercurrent of joy and wonder. I have a recurring vision of standing on a pristine beach, surrounded by a lush, vibrant forest, and when I open my hands, butterflies and birds emerge from them and soar into the sky. It is SO beautiful, and to me, it is the image of the new world we are already starting to create. There is a song that keeps popping up in my head, and I have to share it with you, for I think it describes what this ”something” is that we feel approaching us:

    With much love and joy from me, Aisha

    1. Aisha!!! I posted this very song not long ago!!! I almost did it again yesterday!

      Thanks for sharing your beauty-full vision!!!! 🙂

      Much love to you…

    2. Yes Aisha – I am so with you about your feelings and experiences and I especially love the CCs saying like “take it easy”. I am and I really feel like “nothing is impossible with God” like a gospel we like to sing 🙂

      Hope you are doing well these days and thanks for Sting – I really like him.

      Much joy and happiness!


      1. Anna Helen, Birgitta, Marja – dear sisters! Sending you all joyful blessings from me 🙂 It is time to BE in joy, that is the only way now, even if these energies make our bodies – and my computer – react in strange ways these days 😉
        LOVE, Aisha

    3. Thank You Dear Sister…yes there is a stirring & something approaching…think of it as the balancing of the ‘Wings’…have you ever really observed the ‘Wings’ of birds & butterflies…there are always 2 moving, flowing in unison…the sacred energies of Mother-Earth are like ‘Wings’ too !….& she has just begun to fly !……LOve, Bev~

    4. Aisha, thanks for saying this. Every bit helps because what you wrote is how I feel too, and I keep having visions along those lines too, well I have a few of them. One is, we are all going about our day, just as we all are right now, then suddenly there is this wave of energy, but it doesn’t slam into us, but instead it rises up from within us all, a bit like an old duke box that’s been plugged back in after being forgotten about for years and we all suddenly have this massive increase in consciouness and the joy just changes everything. All the mundane feelings are almost instantly forgotten everywhere and our lives as they are at the moment feel like a distant dream.
      We all become joy all at once and everything is never the same again


      Leigh Taylor

      1. Dear Leigh! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful vision, it really resonates with me! The CCs have referred to this as “the invisible tsunami”, the huge change that will come but it will be on the INSIDE, and it will be all about joy and love. To me, it will enable us all to move from a left-brain, ego-based way of life to a life where the right side of our brain will lead the way with compassion, love and peace 🙂 (If you have not seen Jill Bolte Taylor’s “STROKE of insight“, I highly recommend it!)
        Much love from me, Aisha

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