The manuscript of survival – part 364

Let us begin this missive by saying that much has been set into motion these last few days, and much of this will in turn engender even further influxes that again will engender even more changes. So in some ways, we can say that these energetic emissions line up, nose to tail, in a never ending cycle of information that will take you all by storm. This will perhaps not be news to any of you, as you have already felt these waves slamming into you, but in a rather interesting manner, we hasten to add. For what you are experiencing now is happening at a very different level than before, and as such, you have been given a whole lot of new toys to play around with. We use this word, even if it may be construed as a rather flippant one, but trust is when we say that we are very serious about this, but we do it in order to remind you that the more you try to let go of the notion of seriousness and toil, the more you will be able to go with the flow and have fun with what you are about to step into.

For this is all about creating, but it is also about doing so from the right kind of setting if you will, and the more you get that serious look and a frown upon your face, the bigger the chances will be that you will be effectively stalling your own efforts. For this can be likened to child’s play in so many ways, and we do not use that word by accident. For you are to be like children again, pure and unaltered by any cynical sense of achievement, rather, you must try to let go of any notion of such, for then, you will start to set up a measure for yourself that will make it hard for you not only to live up to, but also for you to be able to do anything at all. For just like a child enters this world, innocent and free from any set notions as to how to go about things, so too must you. So you must let your heart guide you, and even if that sounds easy, we venture to guess you will all have a hard time doing it this way anyhow. Because you will all at some point hear that voice emanating from your mind, the one that keeps saying ”I must get this right, and what is the right way anyway? And what if I do not succeed, and what if I do something wrong?”

Well, let us just say you cannot DO anything wrong, for the moment your mind gets in your way of creating, it all stops all by itself, and you will have no option but to try again. For you cannot create anything that is of a negative nature not by design, nor by accident, for the level of energetic vibration that is leading the way now, does not allow for any of that to happen. For you cannot construct or design or manifest anything that does not comply with the harmonics that has been set into place now, and as such, you can let go of any notion of disasters waiting to become. For they cannot, they simply have no way of being formed by any of you, and as such, you must try to once again let your mind take a vacation, and let that inner child, the curious one, the playful one, the living one, have its day in full. For that is where your fountain of youth comes into play, where you all must immerse yourselves in this vibrant source of unaged spirit you all have within, the one that is untainted by anything that you have been taught to do, or rather, programmed to do in your recent lives. For this is not about creating copies of something that has been in existence from before, this is all about creating from scratch, making as if from nothing, and as such, you will not have any other guidance than to let go of what you know, and start to tap into all that you have yet to SEE. And then, you will be able to start to create the wonders of a child that will make this whole place a haven for you all.

362 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 364

  1. here my sunday service
    Listen to

    Hey nightshift, yeah relief takes patience. Me don´t have. Saw lots of animals today. Turtles,Elephants and little monkeys. Madonna what a parade of wildlife. Lots of mosquitos this morning. Outdoor is a world. No fireshow tonight. Bought red vine and Baguette. Love these sunday evenings. I ponder the significance of you know the box is as important to the existance as to the cat, or what= the cat is in the box. If one hand could do clapp, no. Can´t. Amazing. Vibration induces matter to move, while friction sets fire to thy ass.
    Encore, pas de problem.
    Schrödinger openened the box. Cat jumped out. Box felt empty again.
    However first shower in nine days.
    Smelled like sea turtles. Beards are a la mode encore. Vintage, berlin stays just Berlin. / good boys go to heaven . bad boys go to Berlin. Sand under your feet and in your consciousness. Which in return constructs and creates all the rest. I ignored the jokes from the mec with the numerology table at the market.
    I stay with Hadron and Bohr and Higgs. Erp, sorry. Einstein Rosen Podolski has pardoned you.

    To make things short,

    bravest of the brave
    good night

    and now lions on the street. Spagetti, Vitamins, Candles.

    fresh mountain weed with peppermint.

    1. Oh how perfect. Amazing. This vid is blocked in my country due to copyright laws. But I happen to be VERY familiar with it already. 😉

      Thank you, luv. This is for ALL…

  2. I had a dream last night during the full moon.

    At one point there were these little red/crimson birds on the ground and I could tell they wanted something to eat. One of them came to my hand and started feeding on the ….blood from my hand. I was so surprised by this!
    Later on in the dream I heard/knew that this bird required a specific type of blood matching it’s own.

    Loving it all,

    1. You are blood donors? 😉

      Remember what Jesus said “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

      Matteus 6:26

      1. Drink of this and remember me…

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          1. Oh B!!!! Oh my goodness. I am in tears here. You have no idea what you have just done for me, my friend. I have never seen this version of “My Heart Will Go On.” Soooo very beautiful. And that gigantic moon…. thank you thank you thank you…

            Funny this came across my inbox just NOW when I needed it so. I did not see this when you first posted it.

            Word of god from you yet again…

      1. Have you been there? I went there in the neighbourhood with my husband when we newly met. Wonderful nature – and terrible mosquitoes;)


        1. Ha, no I’ve been in Sweden 2 times, canoeing, but not this far north. I’ve been in Ivalo, Finland though. This was at the end of april a few years ago. LOt’s of snow and ice! Loved it, loved the canoeing too!
          Hug, JJ

  3. I be trippin. Just rode in the blood moon. I could see Mother Earth below and All our many colored lights shooting out across the omniverse. Like that universal studios opening image … !!!

    Kaleidoscope Eyes here. Loving it. Living it. 😀

  4. Last night during the Harvest/Blood/Shedding Moon something happened and we wanted to share this with you, this is my recall to LL:

    Oh my god. Just went into TwinFlame med. I saw one Trinity forming between you and me and the Divine Mother. And I saw another one forming between us and Source/Father. One Trinity was pointing downward and the other was pointing upward. Just like the twin triangle tattoos in the Avicii song!!!!
    And then, just like that, we were in the centre of these double triangles, the two of us together in a bubble of Light. We were sitting, crosslegged and facing eachother, revolving with(in) our bubble. We were transparent like like glass/energy/light. It was so neat!

    So I was enjoying all of this for a while and I sort of got lost in this vision, when all of the sudden, WHAM/BAM, I slammed back into my own body. I came back with a bang, snapping out of the med, reeling, calling out, wow!!


      1. Birgitta! LL told me you saw those 3 swans! 3 trinities (she had yo explain it to me)!
        I myself saw 2 white swans the other day when I was with Vive in the car coming back from the hospital. They flew RIGHT OVER US!
        Love yah!

        1. Wonderful JJ! I had miraculous experiences with my spirit animal swan during my first shaman course. I got strength to overcome my sons death ten days later. So – the swan is very important to me.

          They are magnificent, strong and lovely birds 🙂

        1. Whoa…. you guys!!! Awesome. I always FELT RIGHT about the story of the ugly duckling. We are now swans. Graceful and pure. Mate for life. Two necks forming open heart of love…

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    1. I so love how you often choose songs that start with one voice then a whole choir of voices rises to meet it.


    1. Oh lord more laughter. I used to sing this to the docs and my coworkers when the day got too rough. One late night one of the anesthesiologists broke out the “gas” (helium/nitrous oxide mix), sucked some up and sang it back. This from a really straight laced serious dude. Hilarious!!! 😉

      1. Laughter joy gratitude. Realizing it was my dad and his mother who gave me expression thru music. Both strong silent types, their words were spare but powerful. Always had music on tho. Can feel myself as a little girl curled up behind my grandmas chair as this song played often. She is the “anna” part of my name.

        Can feel her with me right now … big smile…

  5. SUGGESTION FOR ANXIETY & DEPRESSION RELIEF. sorry to yell, but I’ve simply had amazing results with these Chinese herbs.

    jia wei Xiao yao wan under plum flower brand they are called: Free and Easy Wanderer Plus. I need to make sure I get the ‘plus’ kind (guess that’s the yao wan part?). herbalist just told me today those 2 extra herbs in the ‘plus’ calm too much fire.

    I can feel relief in about 3 hrs… maybe that’s when it hits my blood. it’s almost like a very mild xanx!! i use it for PMS and there’ve been stretches where I take it everyday of the month. and I’ve dabbled in the harder stuff–used to make myself a cautious cocktail of Xanax & ambien & wash it down w/a shot of vodka. whatever was happening (nothing In my 3D life to seem to account for it) was just too much! so I went to those extremes…but at least for ME, this other stuff works like a miracle. just thought i’d share incase it might help someone else. ana

    1. Hehehehehe. “Cautious Cocktail” i love it

      Thanks for info … it seems I may have been convinced to try some healthy remedies myself. I’ve not gone that route before. Time to be kind to these old bones…

      🙂 Anna

  6. Here it is Friday night in Utah and I spent the day doing as Susan suggested – resting, letting my cats nurture me, feeling a bit of peace and respite from the up and down energies and a feeling that All Is Well.

    Susan — thank you for sharing about the current energies. It is good to know that things are still in flux state, so we know what to expect. I hope also that the galactics finalize things soon.

    Anna Helen, thank you for your support. I had to laugh when you said we don’t need f……… Permission from the guides. But you understood the gist of it. The low dose of Zoloft is actually bringing me some relief and the ability to keep up with life and 3d tasks I had gotten behind on.

    Breeze – thank you for your support and sharing what meds you use to help you. I did write on a piece of paper last nite and put it under my pillow that I wanted to receive help from the galactics, Masters, Guides, whoever, to help me be strong and wake up with the desire to keep fighting through this and understand the higher purpose and lesson for me to learn. I had a vivid dream where I was in a very modernized building with many people. There was much food and celebrating, like a party. I felt I knew the people and the interaction with them was positive and mutually helpful. I never remember my dreams so this was a confirmation of something. I think it meant to just keep on keeping on, because at the end, there will be a big celebration for us all. I did wake up with more ability and drive to keep fighting through this, but also to surrender and allow, and the way will be shown. To not resist because that makes it harder to be in the flow. So I did receive some help from Higher Sources. I think you need to be gentle with yourself now, and know that your struggle is normal in light of just receiving the news about the tumors from the doctor, and also conflicting information from the man who said the tumors had shrunk. It is a lot to take in. I am sending you energy, strength, and comfort to help you now.

    Everyone — I do believe it is easier to stay in the positive if we try harder to be child-like and have the faith that children do. I’m going to at least try that method.

    1. As I was reading this, I saw spirals of soft white light. At your last sentence they changed to rainbows…. 😉

    2. Thanks Sunny!

      Yes – I am so with you about the last sentences. What worries are really needed? Is there some?

      I know what it is about to be depressed and the word Zoloft reminded me about tough times, though I don´t remember if/how it worked. CRS as Amy said ;))

      I so want you to be free Sunny! You´re worth it!

      Love and respect,


            1. Oh my. This is too much. Not enough. Just right. Luv you. 😀

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  7. One day, someone asked me what he had to do to… wake up / ascend / be enlightened / etc. He had read tons of books, theories about ET’s / archangels / angels / gods / etc.

    I replied “peel potatoes” 🙂

    Alan Watts talks about potatoes too. I didn’t know :

    “Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.” – Alan Watts

    “A priest once quoted to me the Roman saying that a religion is dead when the priests laugh at each other across the altar. I always laugh at the altar, be it Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist, because real religion is the transformation of anxiety into laughter.” – Alan Watts

    I found them by using the magic searching device :

    1. Potaotes are “pommes de terre” (apples of the earth) … peel away the skin to get to the juicy fruit … just adding some symbolism to the zenism … 😉

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  8. Hey, Breeze… I’m echoing Amy in saying I’m exiting quiet mode for a moment, and I am reiterating Amy’s tough Love stance re your looming LIFE choice. Truth is, if you CONSCIOUSLY choose to exit the scene now, you’re about to miss the Party of all Parties that is scheduled to begin “soon” (said w/smile/giggles). Re-read the poem you posted only just recently, “The Land of Beginning Again”. (hint–drop your old shabby coat THINKING; IT’S TIME!)

    Breeze, if your birth family has never honored you, birthdays or otherwise, then maybe they’re NOT your real family. All of us here at Aisha’s site are prob closer to being your real family; most of us have prob been called “weird/odd/peculiar/black sheep” at one time or another. So what. Most of us here prob have horror stories from our OLD 3D histories at least a mile long (or feels like it); I know I do/DID. So what. We agreed to that OLD s**t for the opportunities to grow. You sound like this may be your (ex-) history, too. It’s no longer a part of your/our existence.

    We’ve been told Karma is no more–it’s a C-L-E-A-N slate. I CHOOSE to believe that’s true. If nothing else, my willingness to believe that will make it True for me. I understand too well if one is experiencing excruciating physical pain that it’s mighty difficult to get up swinging. That said, we here can support/embrace you with deep LIFE-AFFIRMING Love, but we cannot do the work for you (we cannot make you choose life-affirming language; we cannot make you giggle vs cry; we cannot make you change your mind; we cannot make you stay away from toxic family/people, etc.). You have to be the one at least WILLING to reach for the brass ring… then call LOUDLY (repeatedly if necessary) upon your HS and/or Spirit/Ascension Guides for HELP… THEN PHYSICALLY GET UP AND MOVE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO CRAWL!!!

    Recently, thru an 8-month+ crisis re my birth “family”, I played Christmas carols all the time–still am. Whatever your feel-good soft-spot is, do it, no matter how silly it feels or might look to others! Who cares; so what. 🙂
    Love you… BIG TIME.

    1. I’m sure no one has noticed, but I gotta use the music, too… 😉

      And laughter. Good lord without that … like at this moment I am holding in a terrible case of the explsosive runs just so I can finish typing this and I am laughing so much about it there will most likely be an accident… cuz I’m thinking of getting diapers this happens so often. 😀

      AND AN UPDATE!!! GOT WORD THAT ANGELWINGSATLAST GOT INTO A TREATMENT PROGRAM!! YEAY! with no insurance. in america. in a private hospital, not a halfway house. 2 cool.

      oh! My daughter just came to me and said “Daddy is having a midlife crisis. He’s looking at motorcycles!” This is something he used to do when he was … a kid!!

      🙂 love to all !!!

      AMY!!!!! Clear the way to the “throne.”

      1. Lin!! Thanks for the segue, this song is perfect! Hadnt heard it in a very long time.

        Breeze!!! The all SEEing I is even in it … 😉

  9. The thing I find most challenging right now is how to stay in my child’s heart when all the “grown ups” are screaming at me: “you’re doing it all wrong!”
    I wish I could shut them all out, but they keep coming back in great numbers from the most unexpected corners. (I know I can do it though).
    I’ve been a kid before, only now I’ve become The New Kid in Town, I kid You Not. New Kid, 5.0
    Ha, ain’t no stopping it…
    Love you all,

    1. Like Amy, exiting “quiet mode” for a moment.
      When you’re being True to your own heart, it’s time to stay away from the “grown ups”. We’re being called to release from our lives (even though painful) those who don’t/won’t support our own Heart’s Wisdom. Sometimes they walk away, and sometimes we have to choose to walk away… b/c it’s right.
      You’ve already done so, I think; so just keep going w/chin up and a smile…

        1. B. I just posted song taht has the line “break my heart so my hands and feet can move…” AND JJ and I have a swan thing too. Wow. 😀

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    2. Dont kids put their hands over their ears and sing “la la la la i cant hear you…” Seems I used to do that. 😉

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  10. I saw three swans flying in V-formation today, two more joined from behind. They shouted goodbye to me :))) The Swan was my first conscious Spirit Animal at the beginning of my journey.

    Now is the time for “dreamland” for me. Take care of yourselves!

    I´m so glad I met you all. Didn´t even know you existed 🙂

    Much love,


  11. I told about this stuff some time ago. I see so many struggling with behaviors and depressions which seem out of control. I suspect toxicity is the problem.
    detoxify yourself if you can’t seem to hear the spiritual guidance. If you have chronic symptoms of just “something strange”
    I’m not selling anything. I’m just saying this stuff worked for me.

    Sacred Clay is a pyrophyllite clay. The clay shimmers with electric energy. The crystalline lattice structure of clay allows it to store energy and then re-emit it in a useful form as needed. Pyrophyllite clay is a powerful alchemical agent promoting the transformation and transmission of electromagnetic energy.

    Pyrophyllite clay is a natural product, uncontaminated by man or his environment. Although there are many different types and classes of clays throughout the world, all of which provide great benefit to the health, there are a few characteristics about pyrophyllite that are different and may explain the exceptional results experienced when using the Sacred Clay in baths, poultices, body wraps and internally. The power of this clay to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the body are truly remarkable.

    1. Very cool. I remember this. Thanks for the reminder. Timely.

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    1. quiet mode. i like it. I am on the fence between the choosing. wondering why the huge tree that hit my house did not get me. it would have, had my friend not called and i hopped out of bed. i would not have to deal with my Dad wasting away… and my mom now too…. and so on. Woke up at 3am and just started balling and throwing up. the day has been up and down. I never saw myself living past 48. just turned 49 and i am thinking i can renew the contract or not. thanks for your insights – as always ! Love you

      1. Breeze, I step out of quiet mode to speak to you. I am now 56, and I am right now, just now, re-creating my Life. I feel alive for the first time in my Life, and IAM creating and focusing on my Dreams. IAM determined that all the years of Inner Scrutiny will not go for naught. I say with full conviction, I LOVE ME, something I was not able to say ever before. I fought like the Jaguar IAM to bring back to self those fragments of my Soul that had been taken from me.

        Even if I expire this day, I have NO regrets for IAM truly living Life fully. I look upon the beauty in my gardens and tears come to my eyes, as I see the Roses sing JOYously “We LOVE you, our Human Rose, and we show you WHO YOU ARE to us!” I almost got to a point this past summer of getting the shovel and removing all my roses because for over 2 years they did not bloom. Have YOU seen the Roses I have on my blog? Have YOU seen the miracles? IF you have, then KNOW your TIME is here to recreate yourself as well!

        It is your choice. Life or Death. I LOVE you either way!

        Love, Amy

        1. Yes… the roses are so lovely and it is a miracle of life in bloom ! for me, i just dont know right now. I sunk and lifted, sunk and lifted too. I am not getting what I need to be here for now. I like helping people yes. For myself – to give to myself – i just dont know. dont know why to stay or go. not up for more this yr is all i know so how can it work out? lots of losses – I took them all and still managed to smile in the end of each. I have a hard time dealing with a physical body and esp in pain. cant imagine waking up from surgery – in pain – makes me feel sick to my stomach. maybe will be ok ? I dont know – depends on what they have to remove and how bad it is. If i knew the point to it all ? A solid plan ? so up in the air and seems we have more to go thru in this process here. I feel i signed up for shit but not this long without more relief. Their relief effort team sucks. lol. I know – u got your roses and relief and renewal… I hear you. I am trying to look at what I have to hold on to. just not sure i am up for it is all i can say about it right now. thats ok.

          1. Breeze, I am going to say it like it is. IF you are waiting for someone to “save” you and our planet, you are going to have a L O N G wait. WE are they who the world has been waiting for! You must make a decision to do what you must, and at the same time, step into your Power. Since I have stopped looking for someone or something to come along to pull me out of the mud of my own making, I am walking strong, and self-empowered, and I am making the decisions in my life, no one else!

            WE have been promised a whole lot of “fairy stories”. Start seeing YOU as the MASTER you are! This is what is holding back so many who are on the ascension path. There is no-ONE but you who is going to save you.

            I took the cold water in the face approach, Breeze, because you need to wake up. Walk away from the lies that keep saying something other then you is going to pull you out.


            My Heart will stay silent no longer. When you step into your own Power and step out of victimhood, your whole world will change.

            Breeze, if I came on strong, I have a reason. Come on, Girl, shake out of the dream and step into Masterhood!!!

            Love, Lady Pinkrose

              1. Oh I love it!! I used the “less than/greater than” signs to make our “tattoos” … it shows here as a dash …

                Open ended as we create what comes next …


              2. Now I am not bold. Hehehehehehehe I have NO idea how I just wrote in bold. I was trying to FIND the infinity sign. And I did! 🙂 And more! 🙂

                Smooches!!!! ∞∞7-555-1113

                    1. 😉 fire to fire

                      I love him so. So cool in his med description. He splashed us with water and was surprised when our fires still burned. I thought that was so awesome. He really is a catalyst like his Mayan thing said.

                      Your “I love you” expression (pic) has changed … GLOW.

                      Love SEES itSelf.

                    2. Little did Otmn know that water contained oil. Heehehehehehe And only ignited us more! LOL

                      What do you mean, my “I Love you” expression has changed. Me, glowing? Um, yes, I am! I honestly am on fire! From within! Giggling…….is is Powerful!

                      Love sees ALL. Did you see me holding my Max today in my pj’s. Giggle…..yep. I didn’t even care that I was still in pj’s. What was important was showing how Max choose LIFE by relaxing and letting me very gently pull out burrs in his fur. On his back exposing his tummy, something Max NEVER does! 🙂 That is what happens when you choose LIFE…….Miracles!

                      And then here is Mom just as she is. OMG! Too funny! And not even caring who sees me in my pj’s. At least they were green, appropriate for a Healing Touch…….Yes???? hmmm……..

                      OK. Back to what I was doing and bringing all who I touched with me in my Heart! How I DO Love all of you! So much! My Heart just exploded with those words!

                      Love, Amy

                    3. Recall sending me an email? With a picture? That expression. Goodness. You’re almost as bad as JJ!! CRS (cant remember shit).

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                    4. OH! That picture! LOL The one that I had bright green on. See? Now I remember! Hehehehehehe CRS……no that one applies to my husband! ROFLMAO! Me? Too much on the brain syndrome……hmmmm…..TMOBS oh oh….I have a BS in there. OH! OH! I AM Roaring! BS are my husband’s initials and uh uh do not but those on me as well…….hmmmmm……..FULL BUSY BRAIN=FBB. OK. I’ll do that one. FBB. ROFLMAO!

                      Dang! I got me the case of the giggles AGAIN! AH, you did it! You did! I caught the case of the giggles from you. Like measles, they are contagious! OH!

                      Stomach cramp!

            1. Amy!!!

              Well spoken :)))

              Yes Breeze – so it is. You have to realize that you are your own Master of your life. You also need love to live, and the hardest thing is to find love to yourself. Don´t look at yourself as a victim – for you are not! Leave your yoke, strides forward and realize that you are an amazing woman who had to take many knocks in life and you made it it. Realize how amazing you are and what reward awaits 🙂

              And why have you decided to suffer after surgery??? Come on Breeze… 😉

              I don´t think you could ever have a more loving support than all of us here around the Pond.

              All my love and support!


              1. Crazy example of “stuckitude” here. These comments I make from my kindle email. I could not figure out how to get them here to the pond at first.

                They had to be RELEASED from my outbox!!!!! hahahaha 😉

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                  1. …and applause for you Amy who broke the silence 🙂



                    …smoochs or smooches….? Never mind – you know what I mean ;)))

                    1. I bow to thee, Brigitta. Yes, Truth. The time most certainly is way overdo for the masks to come off, and lay our cards on the table. I have no-thing to be afraid of to hide. What you see in me is who I am. And darn “proud” of it, if I may say so. Many years have gone into finding ME! And staying there by not dipping back into victimhood!

                      Some days the “patterns of victimhood” do arise. Especially when one is tired or in a lot of pain. Even on those days it is possible to BE a Master.

                      And so it is!

                      Yes, it is said SMOOCHES! LOL

                      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

              2. (((HUGS))), Brigitta, and thank you. When I walk “tough Love” I am not too sure what the re-action is going to BE. My Heart just would not be still and so I wrote…..The Truth.

                Love, Amy

                1. Yes Amy – the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That´s what is valid for me too. That´s why I always say that you must put things on the table to be able to SEE it and FEEL it to be able to DO something to it. The denying time is over.

                  Hugs and love,


                  1. Denial is death. Simple. The more you “get” what I just wrote on my blog, the more free you shall be to step into YOUR shoes of Masterhood. Brigitta, YOU, already are there! 🙂 You, my friend, have just begun to tap into the bottomless wealth of Wisdom that is held within YOUR Heart. I SEE it. 🙂

                    Ahhhhhh… nice it has been to dip into the Pond. I have been quiet for I feel I am about to step on New Shores. Or perhaps I did, and I just have to adjust. My Voice has gotten louder and stronger, that is for sure. Whoa!!!!

                    Love you, my Sister! Amy

                    1. Thanks Amy 🙂

                      Yes – true and strong and proud – and now even WISE??? YES – high five Amy!!! ;)))

                      This time I´ll honour your lovely, creating hands that set a wonderful garden with the most miraculous roses that can ever be seen around The Pond.

                      Love and respect,


          2. Check out blood moon I posted. Thanks to Bev H3O…. Reminder to you… oct. 19 … tomorrow…

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          3. Speaking words of death is only adding to your problems. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

            And if you are angry with me right now, that is OK. Use that anger and create from it. Create beauty and more beauty and soak that up!

            I really Love you. I am really pulling hard on your Pinkie toe to get you to stop talking words of death and speak LIFE! LIFE! And in so doing, you shall create LIFE!

            XXOO, Amy

              1. When I lost my best friend, and lost my Mom-in-Law and one of my babies, all within THREE months of one another, I was angry. OH I was angry. So I took a shovel and I made, for THREE years following beautiful gardens. Some of what I am showing you at Petals is part of that anger created into beauty. Powerful motivator!!! Only a shovel did I use, mind you which is HARD labor to dig the dirt, turn it over, chop it up, dig some more, and then fill that new garden with more dirt………oh, Baby, hard work! And the only way I did it, was because I was SO angry! And oh oh oh, today I behold, such beauty that it takes my breath away.

                So ALL I write and I mean all, that includes Petals, I have lived it, I AM IT. I just don’t write words for the sake of writing them. I have a lot of years experience behind my every word! 🙂

                HUGS!!!! My infinity Sis! LOL

      2. Dear Breeze,
        From the sound of it (are you the one having surgery?)….you are not yet ready to exit this reality.

        One obvious sign of this, is how your guides (hs) orchestrated the tree not hitting you. The other less obvious signs, I will describe to you below.

        But first, to preface, we are being given a rare chance in this lifetime to accelerate our development in these ‘End Times’. There are thousands of people on Earth right now who came at this time intending to achieve Mastery of this illusion-based reality.

        The ultimate goal, for everyone on this planet, is to reach the level of “Ascended Master”…..which will allow you to transition out of this reality for good, because you have finished learning all of its lessons. You will be done with it, and how you know you are done is that you will have become a non-participating observer, in that you no longer participate in the DRAMA. It no longer affects you.

        In striving for Ascended Mastery you will understand how everything in this reality works, and why it is happening.
        This complete understanding allows you to become neutral, and after awhile, you become *bored*….because you have mastered all the lessons & you are ready for unlimited creativity, you know that this reality no longer has anything more to offer you.

        It is at this point that Ascended Masters usually go into seclusion, so as not to be distracted by the Noisy Confusion of this reality, and to focus solely on raising their frequencies high enough to transition fully to the next dimensional level.

        However, in this current experiment, those who are working towards Mastery are not allowed the luxury of being able to seclude themselves. They are also under the heaviest load of being forced into the position of straddling 2 very different realities.
        (Perhaps part of this experiment has to do with seeing how long an individual can keep this up.)

        But back to you.
        You too have the opportunity to reach the level of Ascended Master before you transition out of this reality….but you are not there yet.
        You are still thoroughly immersed in the emotional drama.

        All pain that you experience, is caused first by Emotional Energy Blockages.
        If you have physically manifested a disease/sickness of some sort that requires surgery, you have literally done this to yourself.
        It began initially on your Emotional Level. It is a message to you, from your HS trying to get your attention, that you have created a blockage in the natural flow of your Energies.

        Second, the fact that you are waking at night, “balling”? If you mean, “bawling” as in crying, you still are participating in 3D drama and you have not yet processed these emotions fully.
        An Ascended Master, even one who has been all their lives the most sensitive Being on the planet, no longer feels the need to cry, over *anything*.
        All emotions have been fully investigated, understood, experienced, and both integrated and released.

        This also ties in with your feelings for your parents, who are wasting away / dying.
        Mastering this reality requires you to fully understand DEATH. You will eventually reach the point that you actually *celebrate* the impending Deaths (the ending contracts) of those around you.

        As Susan has been informed by her CC’s……all Higher Dimensional beings celebrate the death of their loved ones. They can do this because they are fully aware of where their loved ones are going, and they do not experience the artificial “separation” from their loved ones that we do.
        Unlike us, the HD’s can still interact with their transitioned loved ones…and not just during the Dream State, as with us limited humans.
        Death is merely a graduation from one level of Being, to yet another, higher level of Being.

        An Ascended Master is fully aware of this. S/he looks with compassion on those who have chosen in their contracts to suffer while dying / transitioning (ascending)….but s/he is even more full of great Joy for what that Being is about to experience.
        Plus, the Master KNOWS why the loved ones have chosen to suffer while going through their experiences.
        So the compassion is there, but full understanding of the underlying situation is there, too. The Higher Intention behind it all becomes obvious to the Master.
        This is what Full Awareness is. What Enlightenment is.

        Until you are able to become a non-participating, compassionate, fully aware, energetically unblocked & “pain-free”, resistance-free, naturally flowing Neutral Observer of this reality, there is still a huge opportunity here for you to advance much further in your Soul development.
        If you choose to take it.

      3. Sorry for the bombardment. 🙂 My cup just overflows with love for you, Areeza. Stay with us, ok? I need ya!!

        😀 ALee

  12. Last night an angel sat right next to me. And we found this song together. I felt it was important then. Didnt listen to it until 11:11 iam just now.

    1. Anna, very nice.
      I woke last night with terrible tummy issues and was very ill. (2-3 AM)
      This morning I needed something to trigger some productive activity on my part, I had to get moving. (I didn’t really sleep at all last night).
      This did it. I wanted to dance and sway as saltwater rolled down my cheeks.
      Thank you so much for sharing this video with us today.
      Watched this in Arizona at 11:06 AM.

      Blessings to you, Terri

      1. Terri, your words lift me up!!! I knew I felt something at work here. I am so very glad this helped.

        Much love,

  13. Dear All,

    Sunny, I can really, really understand all the emotional turmoil you are going through. I have been there and KNOW that it is not YOU but energetic sickness. This is why the meds are not helping and are not going to help. Most of these meds work on serotonin. Because Lightworkers do not have a lack of serotonin, they aren’t effective. What does help is anything energetic to uplift the vibrational levels – walking, acupuncture, massage reiki, meditation, water – bathing, Jacuzzi, swimming….take a magnesium supplement.
    That said – there are days when the energy levels are so up and down that almost nothing helps. Pure neurological overload. A psychiatrist-friend told me many times, that the only thing to do during those hours is shut down the computer. Meaning, sleep, rest, watch nonsense on t.v., meditate or take a tranquilizer if it is really SOS.

    Important! There were indeed GFOL medical teams on ground level who worked with humans. Since last December, they were called “up” and back to ships where they are overseeing certain preparations. In some cases, they are able to do some long distance energetic treatments as a bandaid but cannot do diagnostic and proper treatment until all is clear and they come back “to work.” It is absolutely NOT true that humans can go aboard Federation craft. Not yet. Humans at one time were abducted and did go upon non-Federation craft. It is strictly forbidden and is a violation of universal law. I was told that when all is clear and presumably after the Event, there will be a gradual (physical) introduction and we will be invited on board! It is true that there is interaction already (some during sleep state and some during channeling) between Federation staff and Lightworkers. This is communication. The body doesn’t leave.

    Anna Helen, there is some confusion about whom our guides are.
    The ascension project is a combined effort of those of the Light. There are ascended masters – both ET and human. Some call these Light beings “angels.” They are in the 13th dimension and above. They have reached a certain level and do not usually reincarnate. They act as advisors and in some cases, healers. In addition, there is the Galactic Federation of Light – sort of like a UN or NATO of at least 54 planets of the Light. They are from the 6th dimension and up. There are also pure energies, observers and beings who are doing their internship on earth.

    The term “higher self” is really another name for the soul or the conscious being. In some ways, they are really our guides because they “know” us. We are them. Because we have been disconnected, it is hard to tap into that knowledge. Some people can do it through muscle testing/kinesiology and some through meditation. This will no longer be an issue once the lights come on.

    Most Lightworkers are of Light planet ancestry. Some souls have been on earth for ions and others just this time. You will be able to access your DNA records shortly.


    About the pain: I am having identical symptoms off and on – headaches, jaw and cheekbone, down the spine. Less fatigue. Still up and down emotionally. Some really euphoric days and others – especially when I am in pain – when I have totally had it and wish I could quit! Which of course, I can’t!


    Updates: The guides are in and out. There have been days when I felt tremendous air-force like carriers above my head. Other days have been more quiet. Usually I get messages around 10 or 11 at night. They know that’s when I am the least distracted and am most settled. The teams seem very upbeat, very excited. They keep reassuring me that all is well. I was joking with them that this weekend is a fine time to get the party rolling in my opinion. As usual – they say “very soon.” They are pretty hush hush about the details.

    Again – please, please (!!!) use caution when reading channeled messages over the internet. Sometimes I surf to see what’s out there and while the number of hacked messages is declining, there is still a lot of nonsense out there. I do recommend Blossom Goodchild’s channels as they have been verified and have very good resonation.

    Love, Susan

    1. Oh Susan. I am laughing at myself right now. I just typed a page long reply to you in which I went thru each of your points here and shared my own truth on the matter. My power went off and it was lost. 🙂 So… short and sweet here… I have authority over my own journey. Mine is most definitely not the only way.

      Neither is yours.


    2. respite

      noun \ˈres-pət also ri-ˈspīt, British usually ˈres-ˌpīt\

      : a short period of time when you are able to stop doing something that is difficult or unpleasant or when something difficult or unpleasant stops or is delayed
      Full Definition of RESPITE
      : a period of temporary delay
      : an interval of rest or relief

      rest bite

      Rest bite

      A misnomer for physiologic rest position of the mandible.

      i don’t mean to complain but it bugs me.

      1. I always hear_you_blue.

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


      2. Wow! Words-of-blue 🙂

        I hear what you say. You are so right. We can choose how to use our words. Sometimes there are pure love all through, sometimes there are some irritation behind the love. I know you know 😉 I always felt your strength love, and wisdom in your words though I sometimes don´t catch all you say

      3. Wow! Words_of_sun :)))

        I wrote an long answer to you, but my computer didn´ t like it for some reason 😉 Think it reminded me to leave the computer and go out to the sun 😉

        So – I hear what you say and I agree. You know – your words always spoke to me with immense wisdom, strength and love (though you sometimes detract yourself 😉

        I see your fightings has given very good results 😉

        Much love and respect to you Sun!


        1. Ha! You’re right. JJ abhors violence of any kind. Please excuse us both. We were “playing” around and making fun of something happening in our personal lives. 😉

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Well this little monster represents 3D issues and keeps coming back as long as fear remains. At least that’s my interpretation of this movie. It shows the power of living in the moment, in the now. 😄

  14. I like the idea of a haven where everyone can stay for a while. Victoria without borders and fences. No fees or charging just for to be alive. And time to play without fear of being unwanted. Not being rejected for what you have created. Not being shot at the wall for just wanting freedom and a piece of the cake. We cannot fail, well good. If only the ageless fear of the other human libertus could vanish. How can they not be afraid of an adult behaving like an innocent child? Oh my suit gets dirty.
    Don´t play. Work.
    What are these new toys? How can the mind ever take holidays? Even the compagnions feed us with opinions every other day. While we have nothing better to do than to stare at our screens while they bombard us with light. Ah, the poleshift has been postponed, not enough participants.
    Let´s fool around and create a new game.

  15. Angelwings — I say prayers and send energy that you will get the help you want for your addiction.

    Breeze — I send prayers and relief to you regarding the tumors and pain, and energy to help with your surgery and worries.

    Kiera — so many of us feel unnatural here on earth in these physical bodies. It’s hard to understand earth life and why mankind does the things it does and why we would leave HOME to come here and undergo this ascension. But I think we can modify and re-write our soul contracts. Amy, Ladypinkrose, told her guides and divine helpers she was done with all the pain she had endured transmuting for the collective, and enough was enough. And it worked – She received relief.

    The straddling between the two worlds and leaving the old behind — Karen Bishop posted three energy alerts for the month of October talking about this very thing. They are worthwhile reading and explain what’s been happening.

    It seems we all have certain challenges in addition to going through these ascension symptoms that leave us bewildered and confused. I could have sworn my spirit guides said it was ok for me to see a doctor to get some meds to help me with the depression and anxiety that I have been fighting since July. Using herbal remedies didn’t help and I felt myself going downhill mentally and emotionally. I have had depression off and on for years and have taken Welbutrin in the past which always worked and helped so much. But it stopped working.. So the doctor gave me Effexor which helped the anxiety but made my depression worse. I could hardly get out of bed for five days. She stopped the Effexor and gave me Zoloft which has helped the depression but created intense anxiety. So tomorrow I think I will just tough it out without taking anything. It’s hard to trust myself anymore, as I felt the guides gave me the ok to try these meds, but they have created more problems so far.. Today I got the intuition to just surrender to the flow of what is happening to me and not resist the course of things. The guides did say the depression was serving a higher purpose when I asked them about seeing the doctor, but it seemed they gave me permission to try some meds that might provide some relief in the meantime. Now I find it hard to connect to them, thinking I am not getting accurate messages. But I will keep trying to find the higher meaning and lesson.

    To those of us experiencing physical issues –I have read in some channels that we can ask to be taken to the galactic ships at night during sleep to receive healing from the technology and the healing chambers they have there. Maybe we should try that. Set that intent before we go to sleep.

    1. Sunny… i so feel you. Again I know all about these meds. Have been on all the ones you mentioned and more. 🙂

      About guides… first of all, we dont need f*cking permission for anything. But I get what you’re saying here!! You wanted a green light in the sense of “yes that’s the right way to go.” So the question is… was it? In my experience, yeah. Like you they helped me “maintain” for a while. Then I utterly utterly broke. I needed this to happen so I could rise again. A new. Hope you dont have to go that far… I had to literally lose my Self in order to surrender. So was it the right thing for me with the meds? Yep. Just not in the way I expected. Had to go thru the shit to get to the shinola. Depression there for reason? Hell yeah. Forced me to question why… forced me to slow down and take a good long look inside. Shine the light within and all that…

      Secondly, the guides are really aspects (in one form or another) of our higher selves. When this really hit me, I started to trust my personal “gut instinct” more and more. The sense of “communication with a guide” became less strong. Felt more like “in” me than “talking to me.” Hope that makes sense.

      Healing “on ship”… yeah!! That does work! I experienced a great deal of this particularly earlier this year when finally coming off the really heavier psyche and pain meds. Very good vibes there. Loving beings all around. Lots of support. Visuals of “light technology” and feelings of PEACE and WELLNESS.

      Thank you so much for sharing. So much love to you.

    2. Sunny… thanks for your healing energy coming my way – really appreciated. I have asked for yrs now to go to the ships at night – I call it the healing chamber – that is what i have always called it. I find it hard to relax and ‘let go’ so i dont know if i go or not. prob when i finally fall asleep. I dont understand why I am dealing with what i am either. I feel there may be a higher purpose – and/or I feel we are getting our bodies more ready. Have to get things fixed that need fixing and can move up better perhaps. My healer friend said the fibroids were shrinking. so, he was incorrect too. hard to trust. maybe the remedy he suggested made them worse. i dont know. dont know if i should stop it now either. I love Karen Bishop 🙂 have followed here for yrs.. have not checked her site lately though. thanks!! for anxiety I take 1/2 of a 5 mg valium – not every day…. never take a whole one…just to take edge off…i also take Similisan Anxiety Relief pellets… bach flower rescue remedy too (they come in gummies now too but liquid seems to work best)… i have found best results with the pellets however. gl. Love 2 U, Areeza

  16. “The minute I heard my first love story,
    I started looking for you, not knowing
    how blind that was.

    Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
    They’re in each other all along.”
    ― Rumi

    1. Yes!!!!

      🙂 0-13-333-111

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


      1. Wish I could interpret these numbers as you can;) The other day showed the clock on my microwave 33:31! Impossible time – or? Moreover, the 10 minutes after the “right” time to have later corrected this. Wondering if I have to buy new glasses …. 😉


        1. Nope. Those rose colored ones are really working after all. 🙂

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. Crystal clear then. Glare resistant ….

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Ha! Just got off the phone with my JJ so I am already missing him I guess…. I left off the last “1” …. 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. You know, there are so many achingly beautiful things in the world.

      It must all be worth it somehow….

      😉 AH

  17. Two of my favourite artists that I have listened to last weeks. Sade is very special to me, she “came to me” in the very beginning of my ascension journey and “returned” at the end of it 😉

    The other one is Eva Cassidy – I have all her albums 🙂


    Much love to the world and to all of us around the Pond!


    1. Oh B, so beautiful. Thanks for this Eva song…. WOW!!!!

      Which is the Sade that moves you most? All to each mood, I know, but I usually have the ONE that touches me deepest…

  18. if you are like me and have learned and used manifestation techniques for years with not much success, this might offer some clues… what do you think? here’s the gist

    “Thus, no matter what expectation you project, if you are in a third dimensional state of consciousness you will only perceive the third dimensional expression of that expectation. However, your projection leaves an imprint on your etheric aura. Once this expectation is imprinted into your aura it is influenced by your personal history of desires, failures, successes, moralities and limitations.

    The Imprint

    This imprint then moves into up into frequency to interface between your aura and the fourth dimensional matrix. As your expectation moves from the etheric plane into your fourth dimensional astral plane the imprint of your expectation is affected by all of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives.

    This imprint is further altered as it moves into your fourth dimensional emotional body to be influenced by all the emotions of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives. This imprint then moves into your fourth dimensional mental body in which all the thoughts of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives influence the imprint.

    When the imprint of your original expectation resonates to the frequency of your upper fourth dimensional spiritual body it barely resembles your original desire. If you are in communication with your I Am Presence at the threshold to fifth dimension, you will be able to halt the imprint of this expected perception, as you will realize that your expectation has been invaded by the virus of your past.” ana

    1. Hi again ana!

      I suppose that you have had a job with yourself to release blockings, feelings about money, if you are worthy to have them, your possibly negative imprints from childhood about what money represents. I assume that you freed yourself from negative blockages and feelings you may have had regarding money and being allowed to have an abundance of money, that you from heart can feel that you are truly an amazing woman that hosts an abundance etc. Is it “ugly “and selfish to wish for money? I also assume that you are exempt you from other negative blockages that prevent / prevented you in life and that you practice positive affirmations. I have done that. Without much success as to collect an abundance of money ;)))

      So – what is it that prevents me from obtaining 1.5 million SEK before Christmas? Or what prevents you from getting what you want? Have you clarified what you want? From your heart? Have you created the energy?

      From A history of creation part 4:

      “For in order to be allowed to create from this fountain of possibilities, you need to be in harmony with the pervading frequency that rules over it all, the God frequency if you will, the one that can allow, the one that is allowed to beget, and as such, you needed to come a very long way indeed before you were able to tap into this frequency”

      ” For this is not a ”free for all”, an opportunity to create whatever you feel the need for at any given time. Remember, this is a COLLECTIVE process, one where each and every one of you have a designated part”

      Is it easy as kids play? I don´t know. Anyone?

      Much love,


      1. Girlfriend, I bypass the money altogether. I know its “needed” in 3D (or ours minds THINK it is…). But energetic value exchange can be on a whole different level. The abundance of ALL things bright and beautiful comes and then you realize you never really needed the money in the first place.

        I dunno. Just sayin.

        Luv ya

        PS just to be clear, I am in debt from all my family’s medical bills so deep there is no way out … i am several months behind on it all … could easily “lose everything” … it no longer matters cuz all that is just “stuff” to me … all my true needs and desires are BEing met in new ways each moment DS

        1. Yes Anna – I know and I understand it all. I have whatever I need in a very harmonic and lovely way, but anyway I would love to take the whole family with me on a very special event just because I love them so much ;)))


    2. Thank you, ana! I was telling JJ about Suzanne Lie yesterday! I had not seen this one yet.

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