A history of Creation – part 4

This is another one of those message that perhaps will make many a head spin, but we do know that this will not be new knowledge to any of you. In fact this is what has been imprinted within you all from the very beginning not only for this life, but from eternity. For you all share the same blueprint as you all hail from the same ether, and as such, nothing is ”news” to any of you, nor will it be. But for special reasons, you have been programmed to disable the old memory banks you carry with you, and so, life as a human being began. But now, when you are stepping into your full powers again as true creators, you will be allowed to access it all once again. For what once was considered as a hindrance, will now once again be an asset, as you have managed to rewire yourselves sufficiently to access the higher vibrational spheres from where you once came. For this is all about vibration, of harmonics, of sound if you will, set up to play a certain tune that will harmonize with everything else that is. For All of Creation is nothing more than an enormous piece of music, all created by separate “notes”  put together to play out in dissonance and in consonance, it depends how you look at it. Or rather, listen. For what you SEE is really what you HEAR, in other words that you perceive, is vibration, but these vibrations can take many different shapes and forms, and they can be visual as well as aural. You see, everything is humming its own tune, it is shaking and dancing to its inner harmonics, and these are what make them visible, both to the eye and to other receptors of vibration.

For the sea of possibility can be likened to a sea of tranquility, as it needs to be stirred into action in order to BECOME something. As we said, it can be likened to lighting a match in a dark room in order to see the match, for it is there but it cannot be perceived, and as such it is the observer who puts it all into MOTION. And as soon as it is given momentum, it starts to BE, and then, it can be perceived as a vibration of a specific frequency. For mass is simply energy defined within a specific frequency, and you as the observer can perceive it because you are able to discern these frequencies. But, as we have touched upon in an earlier message, you are both the receiver but also the transmitter, as you are the creator, and you are the one observing creation. So you give life by sending out a vibration, and you make it come about by observing the effect it has on this sea of possibility that lies dormant if you will until it is touched by you or by anyone else sending out their vibration.

This can in some way be likened to those new three dimensional machines that humans have made now, whereby you send electronic signals into a device that in turn will turn these signals into a tangible, functional object in three dimensions. For creation works in the exact same way. Vibrational information is being projected into a cloud of energetic particles and these particles are then reassembled according to the modular information in these incoming vibrations, and so they form into a certain “shape” or form that these vibrational messages describe. We can give you another image for it, and that is the image of a drop of water being dropped into a container of liquid, and as the drop hits the surface, the membrane of this liquid, you will see how a new drop is formed and ejected up from this surface. It is not the same drop that hits it, rather a mirror image of it being produced by the volume of liquid that this first drop merges with. So it is with the act of creation. You send out a “droplet” of information, and when it connects with the surface of this sea of particles, a new ”droplet” will be formed and ejected from this sea of energetic soup. So what you put in, you get out, for this is not a random act, this is something that is at all times very specific.

It is not a luck of draw, where you sit and stare out into space waiting for whatever may be conjured up from your interactions with it all. No, this is all by design, and when you start to interact in a conscious way, you will literally see this for yourself. And this is also the reason why humanity has been bereft of this ability for such a long time. For in order to be allowed to create from this fountain of possibilities, you need to be in harmony with the pervading frequency that rules over it all, the God frequency if you will, the one that can allow, the one that is allowed to beget, and as such, you needed to come a very long way indeed before you were able to tap into this frequency. For that is what ascension is about, it is all about setting up the modular frequency that your BEing can carry, and as you all know, the lower the frequency, the less ability to interact with the higher ones. And rightly so, as nothing not sufficiently pure, that is, untainted by the lower forms of vibration, can and will be allowed to frequent the higher ones. They cannot interact with this ocean of creative energy, for they are very much in discord with it, and as such, they cannot constitute any threat if you will to this process at all. But you needed to be purged of these discordant vibrations in order to be able to receive and transmit this new sound of freedom. For as we have told you again and again, you have started to find your voice, and you are starting to use it to sing yourself and so much around you into BEing by the voice that you are able to emit from being able to literally tune into this god-field of frequency.

This frequency is a very specific one, and it is the same frequency that can be detected whenever anyone is able to listen in on the vibration that pervades everything that IS. For everything sings to the same notes, but in addition, they have their own individual tune that they carry, the tune that makes them, or it, a specific separate object from everything else. But in order for it to exist at all, it must comply to that underlying frequency from whence it came, the sea of creative energy, the liquid that formed those separate objects in the first place. But again, what you will be doing now, is to send out your specified frequency into this malleable energetic ”liquid”, and you will do so with a very specific order in mind. For you will be sending out an order in the form of a vibrational information ”package”, and when this ”package” interacts with this liquid, it will produce a drop, or an object, something tangible that complies to these specific instructions that you have sent out. It may sound very complicated, and in some ways it is, but the process in itself is literally as easy as child’s play. For what you focus on, will be sent out from you in the form of a very defined vibration that in turn will be picked up as sensory input by this ocean of energetic particles, and the input will be transmitted right back as a mirror image, as a specific output.

Again, this is a simple explanation of the process, but the underlying mechanisms if you will are very complex indeed. For this is not a ”free for all”, an opportunity to create whatever you feel the need for at any given time. Remember, this is a COLLECTIVE process, one where each and every one of you have a designated part. For what you will create, is very much a part of a huge and complex Creation already designed, and as such, the blueprints have been drawn up, and you have all been thoroughly briefed on what part is on your ”to do list”. This may sound like you are not in control of anything at all, that is not the case, but what it does say, is that this is not something that has been or will be left to chance. You see, you came to BE here at this exact time in order to make this whole process come about, and as such, you are like small pieces in a huge machinery, all set to create a version of humanity and of this planet that can only be likened to what you have seen in your wildest dreams. And the reason you have seen it in your dreams, is because you have already SEEN it come true. For remember, time is also a malleable thing, and as such, this whole process has already taken place, but for you, it is only just beginning. We hope this will not take away the joy of it all, rather, that it will help you to understand that you cannot go wrong here, for you have already DONE this. But again, this process must take place at this exact time for YOU in order to make it come about for YOU, for you are the ones that will make it happen, and you are the ones who are in control of it all. For now, you have all been hooked up to this ”multi dimensional machine” that will create whatever it is that your consciousness will ask it to create. And remember, as you have already done this, you will not be able to order something to be created that is literally ”out of order”. For you cannot fail, and as such, we will simply ask you to revel in the thought that you will be creating your own dream, and now, that dream will finally become reality. Not only for you, but for everyone else hooked up to this magnificent grid of the NEW.

242 thoughts on “A history of Creation – part 4

  1. Your wish is my wish, sun_of_blue. I am so with you on this!
    …and to be with my TwinSoulLove…

    LOve and Light,

      1. Haha, guess I can’t hide anymore. My hiding days are over…
        Stepping into the Light.

        Love you Birgitta,

    1. That was my wish too a couple of days ago 🙂 I´m with you Sun – here we go – I have the vision in my heart. Can you see it?



            1. 🙂 luv u B. I am taking a hug from you without asking … I know you dont mind. I just power napped for about 20mins before going to get Rip from school. I had the most disturbing dream I’ve had in a very long while (and I’ve had some REAAAALLLYY bad ones). Trying to calm down and stop shaking. I have to drive a car and see my kid in about 5mins …. ok I hear you. I feel you. Just be. Just breathe. This too shall pass…

                1. Yeah. Your hug. JJ’s cat video. The songs on the radio. My daughter. A real live black cat who climbed up into my lap (yes, really!!! A few minutes ago!!). All divine. Not all the way back yet. But I know I AM always ok. Thank you, friend.

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  2. sun_of_blue ! 😉

    “Pure energy is nothing more than energy, it needs consciousness to be created.”……”SOMEONE needs to see or rather observe for Creation to BE, and that is the whole basis for Creation”

    Yes – I see :)))

    Love and respect!


  3. Last night as I was sitting at my kitchen table, my eyes were drawn out to my rose garden again and again. Feelings of such Love and Awe washed over me I just cannot describe. I grabbed my camera and began to take picture after picture, and in so doing, after I viewed the pictures, to my utter amazement I filmed a huge orange ORB. Not only that, but on two of the pictures, picture 2 and 4, a very bright white round object appeared in a place that there is nothing. The tree leaves that look like they are hanging over the garden itself, one, are NOT orange as they appear, and two, they are back of this garden, quite a distance, NOT hanging over this garden, as in the picture as they seem to be.

    Here is the link:


    If any of you have friends or know of ways for these pictures to be seen, please either tell your friends, or notify me how to get these pictures to people. This is the PROOF that things are really changing and we really are entering a new era. I AM creating majic on my property and with the aid of my camera I AM beginning to see it.

    Deepest Gratitude, Utter Astonishment, and with so much Love,

    1. One word with which to start. Stephan.

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    2. Rose!!! And my man SOL…

      just now I was standing at the edge of my garage looking out on a gentle pre-dawn rain. I took a deep nourishing breath and thought, “Ahhhh how nice this is. So cleansing.” As I expelled the breath, a white orb of light (like a tailed comet) shot across my yard a few feet above the grass.

      No camera, but AEEsome!!


      1. IAM teary eyed as I sit breathing the BEauty before my eyes, as I again gaze at my garden from my kitchen window, knowing that my Roses Love me so much, that they are flowering for me. I haven’t seen their colors in over 2 years……..and here they are blooming at a time of year that is not the “correct season” for roses to flower. Miracles. And my Heart is SO touched that it brings tears to these eyes of mine.

        I created this garden with just a shovel. I created it by DOIng it, allowing the garden to whisper to me how it wanted to be shaped. And now years later, this. IAM so honored! What my eyes see ……. no words……….

    1. welcome to the pond. Good girl. greetings to all from hot and sunny southern France,.michylin and the done deal.

    1. Oh dear god. I am shaking here. I looked up this song … another of “ours” that I have always sung to you. I simply wanted to hear it, as I am missing you so. And would you look at THIS.

      wow. Perfect. Amazing.

      I live you.

      1. Oh dear dear god. Just as I posted this, a big beautiful moth appeared. It fluttered against my left hand, then my left cheek, then landed on the back of my neck at my “Trinity connection” spot.

        thank you for that, my love

      1. Thank you Birgitta, always nice to hear from you too.
        Your words warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. 🙂

  4. I Need A Miracle
    A dear friend of mine who is deep in transition just shared this with me…

  5. More on Tomorrowland… JJ found this. Apparently its an annual event. Since …? This years was in Belgium. 90 thousand tickets sold out in 12 mins, the rest within an hour. Smaller festivals held in other places throughout the year. Interesting. And may I please point out: Avicii 😀

    I dunno. Just sayin.

  6. Hello dear brothers and sisters! I am in my element today. First had a huge download on how time works and also intention and manfestation that I have to flesh out and then will post it. Of course it fits right into all the lovely stuff aisha baby has been sharing, but the feeling of bubbly giggly joy is washing over me today.

    After reading this message I jumped up and said–I knew that creation was one GIANT lava lamp! For a long while i have been staring into the lava lamp that my children got me for christmas two years ago. it is one of my favorite presents and I adore watching a new sphere (HI PHILIP!) being born from the whole, ascending to the pinacle of its creation, bumping into others, changing shape and then finally reconnecting to the whole.

    Heat is indeed vibration and so the vibration rises and out of the nothingness of the clear liquid (potential–masculine aspect of god) the colored liquid at the bottom (creation-feminine aspect of god) births off the extensions of itself which then form into perfectly formed creative spheres suspended in the sea of potential! Each has a unique aspect and each moves and has its unique being. Some intersect and collide, some float up and down, others birth off small spheres as well.

    Not only are our own souls just like this off the whole of the Prime Creator, but we then CREATE (as fractals) lives and things in just the same way! As the drop creates the drop! Energy IN equals transformed energy OUT…

    more on this later because my download relates to it–but all hail the lava light! LOL and thanks so much for all this juicy stuff–I absolutely LOVE it and I love you all! 🙂 Alex

    1. Oh i love how spirit works! I went outside into the sunshine after writing this and all of a sudden I had a knowing that I had missed something! HOW does a lava light work friends? and I have chills all over as i write this….you simply TURN ON THE LIGHT!!!!! 🙂

      1. Ha!! Yes! Love love love how spirit is. Thanks as always for sharing yourSelf, Alex. Smooch Hug

      2. Alex what a cool posting. I so enjoy lava lights and how brilliant is that. All we need to do is turn on the light. I thrive on those kind of comments in life!
        Enjoyed all the posts today. I too was working in the gardens here Amy… more like a bit of a jungle with 15′ fronds overhead but I made a new path today. There I was swinging the pic axe to remove a small tree stump!! I can barely move now but can’t wait for the muscles that will hopefully magically appear after the pain wears off 🙂 Imagine too that I managed not to hit my shins… out in a sun dress and little 5 toed shoes. I should blog on that! I’m exhausted and content. Mama Earth was blessed by my sweat today dripping on her.
        It truly is like magic here how fast everything grows. If anywhere can teach me of simplicity and little effort this season in CR can do so! ~Nancee

        1. Nancee, I encourage you to write WRITE your experience working with a pick ax in a sundress and little 5 toes shoes. First of all, do you own jeans, teeshirt and sneakers? That, Sister, would be SO much better attire to actually wear, to attempt what you are doing. LOL Secondly, Mother IS beginning to touch you, speak to you, because it is all about SIMPLE. Just like Alex said, TURN ON THE LIGHT.

          I am smiling picturing you as you described swinging a pick ax in a dress. Oh, Nancee, you are too much! Really good and really funny stuff. You can turn your experiences into HUMOR. I can HEAR it in your words. LAUGH your way through your days. And Majic will happen!!! People need to LAUGH more and YOU can get them to laugh through your words…….way cool!

          Love, Amy

        2. Now back out I go to finish up hopefully 2 more gardens. My most fav time of day to photograph is fast arriving, so I have to get what I have intended done, so I can pick up my camera! FUN! And LOVE! And music in my gardens as I sway to the beat of the green, yellow and brown…….

          XXOO, Amy

        3. I also love being out in the garden. Yesterday I made it clear to the winter for real. As usual, I can not throw out annual flowers that are still blooming so I buried them deep down in one of the plant boxes. I hope each year that they can manage-30C but it usually does not go so well. But now the climate is getting warmer;)

          Glad to hear from you!

          Much love!


    1. Purr-fect! Oh, YES, IAM experiencing expansion as those aspects of my life that were “incomplete and required updating” are now doing just that. Oh yes! For the JOY of taking ONE breath……in Bra-HA-hm…….. out AM-ME………communing as ONE Spiral of Ever-LAST-ing LIFE…….E-ternal………

      Thank you, Breeze! This parallels purr-fectly this missive today.

      WE are ONE. YOU are ME in a different vessel. WE are Fam-I-ly. From WE to I (EYE).

      Smooches with compost stained fingers and sore back coming round to well-ness and Un-IT-y.

      Love, Amy

      1. ahhh to get ones hands in the dirt ! 🙂 Close to the Earth. I’m clocking out – Going home…yeay. see u later

          1. Thanks! And you’re right, I remember seeing yours for the first time!!! 😀 Kinda brings a whole new vibe to the persons shares.

            1. Haah haah. This was supposed to be a reply to Nancee about the gravatars… but may as well use it for double purpose…

              13-333-1111 pretty snazzy

              1. hehehehehehehe COOL, Baby! I still have ONE more number then you do……..hehehehehehehe…..I aint rubbin’ it in or nothn’. Just sayin’………giggling……..OMG! ROARING!!!!!!

                1. Giggling hysterically ….

                  My Lady, you are mistaken. There is an implied digit at the beginning (which only I am allowed to use since I am the void…)


                  Now I know that next you will put the implied symbol of ∞ at the end of yours. Ok.ok. you win!!!

                  1. Ha! Look at that progression of digit quantities …

                    1 2 3 4… (this is some secret thing between my parents that they always sign on each others cards, too!!! they’ve never revealed what it means to them)

                    Cool beans.

                  2. LMAO Yeah, I win! I have the DOUBLE 0 in the beginning of my sequence….hence INFINITY…….OMG! AH! You are truly putting cramps in my stomach! Good ones, mind you, that are caused from laughter. Hehehehehehehe

                    007-555-1113 hehehehehehe

                    1. Yep. Those cramps are fabulous! Like you!!! 🙂

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  7. Just got this update: ‘Greetings Love Beings, It Feels Like the Sun is Now getting ready for the Magnetic reversal, in the last 24 hours we have had several minor flares and another M1 Class! We forsee see this possibly occurring the first week of November. All of these will be affecting everyone on the Planet and the Planet. There is no where it hide from this! Alot of Movement has been anticipated for this week, so we will see what unfolds! We have many Events In the 5d Room Today all Beginning at 10:00am Pacific Live with The Earth Allies” Live at this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

      1. i feel so good. so warm and loved. and I do see you Amy and its so comforting as i sit in my cubie here at work….to be in your Garden of Love 🙂 Today, just as I feel right now, it is all so worth it – what I went thru to get here. And this is just the very beginning… oh how will we look back at this early birthing stage in future days? I savor it. I drink it in. I have full confidence that how I interact with others in my circle will be just fine. I have always been thought ‘a weirdo’ to most of them anyways !! Including my boyfriend – lol – who thinks i have taken a cyber lover ! I am at the Pond so much evenings ! Well,,, I am In Love with all of U ! so …. life is……

          1. U R a Cult Classic ! I feel so good I dont want to call my Dr about test results. she will try the fear based stuff as it was a mess in there days ago. Keeping with my soft violet light – the way I feel now, I could heal anything. If the fibroid/cysts are there still, they are purple and pretty 🙂 and on their way out for new experiences.

            1. JJ told me the other day that the sunset/sunrise colors look like the healthy flesh of a “woman.” Hugs to you.

              Cult Classic!! I will use that one! Thanks 😀

    1. Yes… this is the day we have made… I Am rejoicing and BEing glad in all of it ! I was thinking of you Lady Amy on my run this morning. And I was wondering about more things ‘out of the norm’ you have been witnessing ! Love it ! I was sensing this myself along the roads I was on – with all of the beauty around me – thinking how Winter will be warmer (from that sentence to God’s ear! ) and the trees and plants will still ‘know what to do and how to behave’. Amen to these wonders upon us Lady Gardener in your Garden of Love. I see you tending to it with such Love and tenderness. U Tender-ess U !

      1. Breeze, I am recording, documenting on Petals Unfolding the MIRACLES I am seeing. Roses just do NOT flower as they are now. And I have proof. I also have a video recording of Robins singing, and I still have yet to figure out how to put that on my blog. Yes, Luv, things are definitely changing! Cool! I have been Intending WARM weather here during the winter months for years. And it IS now coming true!!! OH FOR THE JOY!!!!

        Love, Amy

        1. Editors note: upload your video to youtube then download it from there to your blog…

          Yeah. JJ probably knows a much simpler straightforward way. I’ll ask him for you!!


    2. “Astir” …. yes … this film has been on my consciousness for over a week now. Strange way to express what I mean, but there nonetheless.

      Something Wicked (wiccan, magic, old crone wisdom) This Way Comes …
      people evolving thru “dense” experiences …

      I dunno. This message wanting out for some reason…

      Feeling like Blue of Sun. Did I post this already? Multiple timelines, here…

      ???? whoami 😀

  8. blue_of_sun (!) 🙂

    You gave me a really good laugh 🙂 Thanks for that! I understand your point. It was not as exciting as long as we do about the same thing as before. Additionally, we are expected to know how we are doing it as well 😉

    But I hope you are still on the train because we all need a good laugh now and then.

    Take care of yourself!

    Much love,


    1. Yes!!! Perfect. AwesomUS!! Thanks for this. Have I told you how much I love your gravatar??


      1. my gravatar the universal eye of God: “In the Glimpse of Foreverness lives the eternal eye, faithfully watching as each moment unfolds”. Its easy to scroll to see responses with it there too! And my eye is always at The Pond! u can see some pics of me and pics i took in my profile too if u like. Love U soul sister Amy

          1. Hey no worries!! 🙂 We’re all the same!

            Funny. My “black hole” gravatar was an accident b/c I was trying to put my photo there and messed up. Now I’m glad I couldnt figure out how to fix it. I am the creation void and you are the eye of God. You see into me and we BEcome. Ha! I LOVE IT!!!

            Its easy to scroll for me 2. 😉 I’ll try to see those pics! I have been told that if you “press on my gravatar” (hmmm…. sounds kinky) you can see the photo I tried to use. Its all blurry, though. Guess I wasnt ready to be SEEN when it was taken.

            LYLAS (remember that from high school yearbook signings? :D)

            1. when i tried a photo of myself, it was too large i think… it was a blur too…so came the eye. I put my pics in the other area in my profile no problem. …and baby, ill press on your gravatar anytime i feel like it. lol.

            2. I, too, thought it was the void and thought, “how present—and clever—is she!” (no accidents–wonderful)

              1. Oh too funny, Lin. 🙂 Guess my higher self was guiding me.

                Thanks for these words. I am so touched.

            3. Breeze, and AH, = Sis’s, reFLECTion of ME. I shine, IAM the mirror, and in so BEing, You SEE YOU and ALL. 🙂 And then I SEE you, and round and round we go, where we end up, no-BODY knows. GRIN! This is SO fun!!!!

              I MUST get out to my gardens. I would much rather play here today though. Any volunteers? Lots to do! Lots to experience. I’ll supply the cookies and milk. SMOOCHES!

            4. I never thought of pressing your gravatar to see your photo – but now I did. Wow – you look fantastic my dear Sister/daughter 🙂 In my mind, you had short hair;) Surprises all the time :)))

              Much love,


        1. Techno idiot say “How do I get to your profile?” I pressed your gravatar ( 😉 did u feel it?) and got lost. Lead me please.

  9. Anna Helen said: “Even the “missteps” lead us in the right direction.”……..thank you and bless you for reminding me, dear One. Love you, Jean

  10. FUNNY, honestly “poetic”… and endearing. We can always count on the mirror to greet us all with laughter–in the morn especially. Thank you, Sun, with giggles.

  11. Bonjour Aisha et tout le monde…
    Je peux dire que mes “cellules” vibrent réellement à la lecture de ces messages particuliers…
    Bon voyage à tous et toutes.
    Puisse la lumière éclairer nos ou notre chemin…


    1. Mon Dieu, Lysiane. One of my favorites! Was just thinking the other day about the scene where the 2 fairies are fighting over the colors of Auroras dresss. “BLUE!! PINK!!!” Merging of masculine/feminine!! …

      Merci ma soeur! Je t’aime. Smooch! 🙂

        1. I am so grateful that you put this link here!! Had to do Google Translate of course …

          Wonderful information!! Rings true true true. Thank you for this!!

          I feel I know you too. Of course we know each other!! 😉

  12. Luv U Sun!! Yeah it is funny. Thing is, we think we are making mistakes as we go along. Even the “missteps” lead us in the right direction.

    I see myself in your desription!! 🙂 Add deaf as a doornail and crotchety old mule. Saggy baggy …


    1. More…

      I know a doctor who serves by treating people with suicidal tendencies (among other things). He himself has attempted suicide several times. Many people are “put off” by this.

      I say, “Who better? He’s still here isn’t he? His own experience helps in this, not hinders.”

      I dunno. Just sayin. Makes sense to me…

    1. Allo Pierre! C’est la merde, non?! It’s “da bomb” as we say aux Etats Units. (Ha! I know I misspelled that somehow. Whatev.)


  13. Thank you and bless you Aisha and CC for a history of Creation that is bringing us together as One. Love, Jean

  14. tribute to the sweet SOUND of amazing grace…

    Have I already said that 333 is an activation code to return to our original blueprint …?! Life is …

    Thank you ALL. love to everyONE…

    Gratitude, Aisha and CC’s 🙂

  15. Hi Aisha,

    I have a question….. Does what was beenig told in the text just now, applies only to you light workers (the ones that are able to chanel) or does that applies also to the rest of us that arent so highly “evolved” but are let say somehow feeling the topic as something they craved for or at the least very interestnig and are foloving those messages for years but are still unable to chanel?

    thans for the info again,

    1. Marko… if you are here and you are it applies to you. It indeed applies to all of humanity … some are just more aware of it than others.

      As it says in the message everyone is playing their own unique role whether ‘wide awake’ or still ‘fast asleep’

      … channelling is but one of many skills that are central to this process. It’s one that people pay a of attention to but its not the only way…

      …in truth, your own truth, divining your own experience of this is central… this is part of the harmony and complexity beyond words that you, that everyone is part of … it cannot be any other way…

      …the CCs are seeking to make this abundantly clear to us ALL.

      Trust this helps.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Thank you Marko and Philip… for the question and the response. Marko I look forward to seeing what your part in the whole is to create. You may not channel but when you are ready may you realize that ‘creating’ may be ‘your way’ of channeling? There may not be a big difference between them!
        Philip you are always so encouraging with your words.

      2. Yes!!! Beloveds, everyONE is a lighworker. Even those who are “playing dark roles.” Even those who are seemingly “lost.”

        Anybody here … every word applies to YOU. You live it at your own pace, in your own way. Whatever is to the highest good of not only yourSelf, but of ALL THERE IS.

        so much love and light to us all,
        🙂 ALee

    2. As Philip says “… channelling is but one of many skills that are central to this process. It’s one that people pay a of attention to but its not the only way…”.

      All the people channel, usually through blocks of images. Most people are just not aware of it consciously. They think they don’t but they do 🙂

    3. Helllo Marko!

      I have never been able to channel like Aisha and others do – never. I don´t have much knowledge about higher dimensions, ETs, angels and such things. I want life to be clear, easy, honest, uncomplicated and fair, because I could never imagine that God would claim special skills to bring love to this world and its inhabitants. That is my sincere opinion.

      I am very pleased that you join us all in this Pond Marko!

      Love and respect,


      1. Dear Birgitta! Thank you for sharing this! It is so true, for we are all very special just the way we are. All that is required of us, is that we open our heart to the light 🙂
        Much love from me, Aisha

    4. Dear Marko, thank you for your question, and thank you Philip, Nancee, Anna Helen and Dominique for your answers! This is a collective effort, as the CCs say, and even if some of us have more “visible” roles at this stage, it does mean that these messages only applies to us. We are all here as creators, and we are all here to contribute our own unique part to this, just like you and I both are doing already. And even if you cannot get a clear idea about just what you “do” now, know that you are also a lightworker 24/7, as the CCs like to say. In other words, you contribute just as much as anyone else on this journey, and the very fact that you find that these energies resonate with something inside of yourself is a clear sign that you are already “tuned in and turned on” 🙂 So thank you so much for what you bring to this Pond, and to this world, my friend!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    5. Dear Marko, I have never channeled. Maybe my own High Self. But not like some here and Aisha do. I have always ‘known’ from earliest memory that I would be part of something big… huge! you do to so you Are !! Love 2 U, Areeza

  16. Beautiful and resonant once again for me Aisha…

    “…as you have managed to rewire yourselves sufficiently to access the higher vibrational spheres from where you once came.”

    (Spheres as in Spheres Of Light…)


    “For you cannot fail, and as such, we will simply ask you to revel in the thought that you will be creating your own dream, and now, that dream will finally become reality. Not only for you, but for everyone else hooked up to this magnificent grid of the NEW.”

    …also reminds me of a song from Miten and Deva Premal: Sing your own song:

    “Why hesitate when there’s nothing to fear near
    Why do we wait with the moment so near
    Be your own light
    Keep your heart strong
    Sing your own song”

    Your/Our song is beautiful, harmonious, resonant and joyful beyond your imagination dear ponders…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Yes, and it is a LOVEly feeling!

        (Just realised I made a slight typo extra ‘near’ at the end of the first sentence…)

        Joyfully, Philip :

        1. Gah!! Why do we still feel the need to correct our typos?! I of course do this, as well … when I catch them, that is. Each time, I think, “No one here (at least) cares!! They know what I meant.”

          I mean, I get it when we’re in professional mode. Like in your SOL communications, but here? I need to be lighter on myself about this stuff.


          1. I do see you were quoting here … but hey! It still works, maybe even better. Bet the writer wont mind your addition…

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