Dear friends!

As you know, tonight at 21:00 Oslo time we are having our sixth Gathering around the Pond. The CCs wanted me to share this additional information about it with you, so here it is:

“As you have already noticed, these words do come accompanied by some rather intense energetic emissions, and rightly so, as we are already starting to get you ready for tonight’s connective event, through that mission you have given the name the Gatherings. These events are of major importance, not just to those individuals involved, but also this this whole plan, as we are utilizing them to impart a massive amount of energetic information whilst you are all connected to this whole grid of thoughts and projections. For this is indeed something of such a magnitude it can be very difficult to comprehend for a human mind, but when we see them from our point of view, they are truly trailblazing events in all sorts of ways. Because you have already managed to interconnect your own personal electromagnetic fields into a vast field of potential, you can now be used to interface this vibrational field even more with what is in existence beyond the field of humanity.

For now, this vast net of electromagnetic current that you have managed to anchor by imparting your own personal field into the equation, this field of possibilities is being connected in a very powerful way to that outer, primordial field of energetic Source that is beyond and above any so-called normal human being’s extent. And as such, what you have done, is to literally build a bridge between the two, as you have started to make a whole set of connective tissue if you will between these two dimensions. So you are the bridge builders, the ones that are utilizing your physical vehicle as the construction machines, the vehicles that transports and connects these numerous filaments of informational tissue to and fro, like busy bees, or rather weaving ants. Picking up a thread at one end and pulling it all the way to the other side, for there to connect and start to return back carrying another filament to this web, thereby weaving and setting it into place, making it all set to start to do is job in earnest, namely getting it ready to start to create.

For this is nothing but a vehicle for enabling you to tap into the vast and energized field of possibilites that awaits you on the other side. And by doing this, you can start to take your fist sip of this ocean, and using the sustenance you find there to begin a whole new process of creation, so you are starting to set into motion, to beget, to make from what many refer to as a void and call it into being. You are setting alight a flame in a dark room, you are conjuring up a future out of a seemingly empty space. For what you are doing, is to set alive a dormant source of becoming, an endless space of vast energetic possibilities, all waiting to be coalesced into something. Something tangible, something vibrant, something that is alive because it has been infused with your consciousness. This may sound very confusing, but this is actually what it is all about. So tonight as you sit down to connect, you are sitting down to start to step out into that ocean for the very first time, and you will be able to lift that water to your mouth and get the first tantalizing taste of it. For this sea, this endless source of life, will be able to set you free by allowing you to set into being by adding your consciousness to its potential. And so, you will make it all start to coalesce into what you have been waiting for seemingly forever, you are about to make dreams become reality, step by step, piece by piece, by wading confidently into this vast sea of energetic possibility with a wide open heart and a limitless perception of boundaries.”

(You can read more about the sixth Gathering here.)

I am looking forward to connect with you all later today!

Much love and joy from me, Aisha