The manuscript of survival – part 362

As you have already noticed, the roller coaster is indeed picking up speed, and for many, it will feel like they are being tossed to and from on this unpredictable ride. It may seem very chaotic, but please believe us when we say that even if it might not seem like it to you, everything is under control.

For we see what you do not, and we know what you have yet to be made privy to, and as such, we will always be on hand to keep you updated on the proceedings. We know it can be more than frustrating to be fighting this feeling of being left out in the cold as it were, but again, you are not left out of anything by ill will. Rather, you are in the loop in everything you need to be in the loop about, and the rest is not only out of your control, it is simply under the management of those in charge of overseeing this whole operation.

As we have been telling you on numerous occasions, this operation is an extremely complex one, and it is not given to every participant to be in the know of everything that is going on at the same time. This is not a sign of distrust or even of dismissal, it is simply a security measure, put into place in order to make every single part of this huge plan run as smoothly as possible, without any unnecessary interruptions. You see, your part in this is indeed a vital one, and as such, you are being protected as much as possible from anything that might add any strain to your already challenging endeavour. So we want to take this opportunity to once again remind you that you are indeed protected in so many ways, and even if you at times like these might feel more fragile than solid, know that this is indeed not the case. You are becoming increasingly more able to withstand the strain of these vibrational increases that keep ocurring at a more and more rapid rate now, so please try to put your mind at ease even when your body clearly is not. For you are made of strong stuff, dear ones, and stronger it will become, even for those of you harbouring suspicions that you are being left out of it all. For remember, this is not a uniform process, where each and every one of you are being run through the exact same setup in order to advance you both physically and otherwise. No, this is a carefully tailored and very individual process that is taking into consideration every single aspect of every single one of you.

So know that even if you once again feel tossed betweeen some extreme highs and lows, you are showing a rapidly increasing curve on all the charts that detail your progress. We know this will, as usual, be of small consolation to some of you, but again we say we are here to support you every step on this magical journey, and when you feel the need to reach out to find a steadying hand, know that you are surrounded by a multitude of them on every side. Even on the days when you feel alone and bereft of everything that used to be you, you are still immersed in a glow of loving support not only emanating from this gathering of enlightened souls calling themselves the Pond, but also by us and so many like us. For you are the special ones, the magical ones, the ones that are making it all come about, and as such, you will never ever walk alone.


314 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 362

  1. I have been pondering what this frog is doing in my soup.
    “The breast stroke” my friend informs me!

  2. Elton John HOME… released September 2013

    It is 5:55 am as I post this. There are 303 comments as I post this.

    We are home again as I post this…..

  3. Rosealie Sorrels My Grandmother’s Garden

    “Rose” πŸ™‚ “Alie” πŸ˜‰ and all the flowers in the garden…

    1. Trying this even though its not.optimized for my tablet. Ok. Im already very familiar with this song (Up is a nice place to be by Rosealie). Heard it as a kid and looovvved it. Shared it with a man one time. He was apalled. “Are you talking about drugs or something???!!” So nice to have soul familiy who understands now.

      Love, me. πŸ™‚

  4. 333 indicates mastery and trinity. πŸ™‚ Yep. You ARE 5D my friend. Love how you use “rest bite” instead of respite. Makes much more sense, feels and tastes better.

    ALee out.

  5. Amy, there is no more place above to reply πŸ™‚

    People can co-create in the new world when they fully understand that living and “non-living” beings – this includes the mineral reign – have their own consciousness, and that the two-way communication is possible, permanent and instantaneous. When there is full understanding of that fact, there is no more value on “things” – because it is impossible -, no more exchange of money, no barter. No more “have” but “be”, for as long as there is a value on things, through money or barter, we are in the “have”, not the “be”.

    We don’t possess what we eat. What we eat possesses us. We eat through our 5 (and more) senses. People who possess the most are the most possessed by their possessions… and the “things” smile…

    1. Loving your thoughts. I am experiencing the instantaneous thoughts between human-human, human-cat, human-flower. Well I’ll BE! I just glanced over at a book on the table and it “immediately” knew my attention was on it, and in feeling form, I received a transmission of what this book means to me and/or what this book represents. Inclusive of who wrote it. The transmission had an underlying reverence to it.

      You are absolutely right. I’ve been so “taught” value that I am still doing this, even though I understand and do experience that there is naught but BEing. The value I see developing is the “emotion” that something evokes from within me. For example, I have this rose bush growing in such a gorgeous manner, one that I have never witnessed before, that feelings between the two of us are that of holiness, awe, wonder, admiration, love. I get swept away in the emotion transmission and all else fades away.

      These types of thing are happening more often and much more clearly. Another example, I knew from a conversation I had with someone, that that person was projecting her reality onto me, so I understood the real meaning behind the words. Intention. Motivation. IF people knew that this is possible, there would be no more deceit in this world.

      Anyways, what an absolute delight it has been conversing with you. I am about to sign off of here and get myself ready for bed. I have had one of THE most happiest days of my life today, all because I woke up seeking a certain “current”, found it, and it stroked euphoria within me. No person involved. Just me and my cats. OH, to have every day like this, with singing and dancing and laughter, and silliness, good company, and a sense of freedom from whence I do not knew where it originates. But there you have it.

      So, good night, and again, you have brought great JOY and much thought into my life tonight, as you normally do.

      Love, Amy

      1. …And the conversation never ends in bed as the imaginal world recreates a whole scenario with all the daily perceptions.

        I liked your article “down the rabbit hole”, your experience of heightened feelings, and your blog as a whole. Hugs -D-

        1. Dom, you encouraged me in a way today I have no words for. Man! I thank you! I have another article brewing. I’ve been “pondering” on the content to make sure I have all messages in completion.

          I have a silly smile on my face. My window is cracked open as I and my cats listen to the downpour outside. OOH!! A huge flash of lightning and two seconds later BOOM! Feels and sounds like a SPRING rain to me. Did you see the flowers on my blog that are miracles? October where I live flowers should be dying. Mine are thriving! (((HUGS)))

          And now to slip out of bed to get a cup of brewed coffee. Yummy!!

  6. Pigeons are flying all around me and Home today so I felt impelled to pass this along to All at this Now moment. Feathers are flowing down from heaven as we speak! β„’ β„΄ Ξ½ β„― ‘Β― `β€’. ΖΈΜ΅Μ‘ΣœΜ΅Μ¨Μ„Ζ·ΒΈ. ✩☼☾, Crystal

    Pigeon teaches many lessons of home: love, security, fertility and family. He teaches us to remember home life for answers and the importance of family communication with a sense of togetherness. Pigeon shows how to bring peace, love and understanding to situations and teaches us the art of communication and cooperation. Is it time to call a family member or take a trip home? Are you listening to the hints of family members? Are you compassionate toward others? Perhaps it is a time for forgiveness? It is a time to express appreciation and gratitude of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and parents for family brings us unconditional sense of belonging.

    1. Combining this with Kiera’s conversation with 252…

      So close with my daughter lately due to big life changes. We were really close before, but wow!!! Plus this is FORCEing πŸ™‚ her dad to get closer to her too. Shining the light on our home situation has made him wake up and see how distant he is from her. So nice to see him just BEing with her instead of telling her how to live.

      Also better talks (there were none before!) With my parents who have offered their full support of my journey. Big surPRIZE there. Hidden gem the CC’s mentioned? Yes.

      Ripley despises going to school. She sees so many kids with so many different gifts all being pressed into one mold of “normal.” She says this is literally torture for her. I tell her, “My crystal child, possibly this is one thing you are here to change…” She is rising to that so beauty -fully.

      Thanks crystal, 252 OBO et al, and Kiera for inspiring shares.

      πŸ™‚ Love,

    2. Must thank you aGAIN. Today is my father’s birthday. The last two years I have forgotten him on both this day and fathers day. Ouch!!

      You made me remember this time!!!

      1. Ah ha! That was a cover? I keep doing that…. πŸ™‚ Guess I’m putting a different voice on things! Thanks so much, Dominique!

      2. Either that or the person who made this vid for youtube was confused and I went right along with it.

        Haha hehehe


      3. Wait!! I finally SEE and HEAR what you’re telling me. It was always Lisa all along…. I was searching for ORIGINal here, was lost and confused, then you took my hand and gently led me there to the TRUTH.

        On my knees in tears again….

    1. Thank you, Breeze. I really do have a question for anyone here. What happens to those people who cling to 3D absolutely refusing the new to be their “reality”? We are talking about a LOT of people, probably a good 75% if not more of the population. What happens? That has been my question for a long time.

      As I see this “limitless” reality come in, those who insist on holding on to old ways are having more and more of a difficult time. And then what? Just wondering what some of your thoughts are…….

      Love, Amy

      1. Divine Mother says transformation can happen in split second at the last minute if its in the soul plan. They’ll either fly with us then, or go HOME thru physical death or just… fade… a… way…

        Then they’ll decide what comes next for them and continue….

        I dunno. Just sayin.

        1. Where are we flying to? Has anyone wondered? Is this truly going to be a physical parting or will this be on an energetic level? How much wider must this rift be in order for worlds to part? Or are we to find like minded folks and make our own world on this planet? So many questions. Yet, all I seem to want to do is stay in the ever flowing NOW moment and create. AND soak up the energy of the animal kingdom all the while observing how easier communication is becoming between different species.

          Curious Minds here……….I Love a good mystery or puzzle and I LOVE to intuit or figure things out. Seems to me that SEAMS in both the etheric and the physical are tearing. Just look at what is happening in Washington!

          1. Like minded folks is my choice…. JJj and I have been discussing traveling around and meeting all you guys. Or maybe doing a “live” Gathering soul family re-union. Whatcha think/feel?

            1. Look at that. I made him into a trinity. Wise old J, adult prime J and little boy j. He’s done the same with me. πŸ™‚

          2. “I Love a good mystery or puzzle and I LOVE to intuit or figure things out.”

            Figure things out : 1,35 billion chinese on holiday this week, the golden week. It’s a lot ! (not of holiday but of people)

            1. Hmmmm……yellow/gold not working, hopefully have FUN, thereby increasing the JOY quotient exponentially. That ought to tip the Light scale even more…….one would think……..what say you, Dom? πŸ™‚

              Now even more curious. Why are you classifying this week as “Golden”? Is it pertaining to this past week or this coming week?

              1. Beijing and the great wall of China have been invaded by chinese tourists. The “National Day” Golden Week begins around October 1st. So it’s pertaining to the current week.
                (People should not work more than 1 or 2 days per month, IMO) πŸ˜‰

                1. Ah, now you see how far away I am from the world. Thank you for explaining. People should not work at all. What we all love to do we should be able to do and make a living at it. Imagine a world where all come together with their individual talents, use them, and get paid. All together in Harmony……..


                  1. Most jobs are useless. Probably +95%. The society would evolve much faster and harmoniously if people were free to use their talents, with no money and no pressure. No exchange system, no barter. 1 or 2 days – useful jobs – per month for the community, and the rest is free time to study, create, invent, share and contribute. And if a few people decide to do nothing, it is not a sin. They are good antenas too.

                    1. Dominique, that sounds like Heaven to me. Money IMO needs to be done with. I like to think the barter system could go back in place, what I need I’ll give you this for. Even exchange. Or living in communities where all contribute and all live as ONE, no one needing anything, not even barter being necessary. Dream on, dream on. What a happy, FUNCTIONAL world this would be. Doing nothing is good as well. All require quiet time to go within to communicate. That is the only way I live now. I avoid news, TV’s, the world in general, only going out when necessary. My dream is to live to see communities pop up with people who know how to work as a team, with titles, without status, all equal. And knowing what to do in order to thrive and live in abundance.

                      Yep. Dream on. πŸ™‚

                      Sent from my iPad

                  2. You just described in exquisitely perfect detail, how a 5th Dimensional society operates.
                    That was brilliant.

    2. Areeza … thanks for this …

      “The wealth within your being…” That IS what it’s ALL about.


  7. No longer homeward bound. We are now BOUND to HOME.
    …. always were we there and always will we BE …


    1. aahhh AHLee ! Bound to Home yes. This thought came: We are the first wavers…. so we are the way show-ers once again. arent we all about the same age group here too ? intersting. Guess I am in the front lines again…. a place i avoided until now. I have a great group with me – no worries. All Souls On Deck! onward!

  8. What we are feeling is the Joy of All That Is In our home-coming !! I dont know how I can sit here at my desk – I want to dance and sing – and cry with this Joy ! I see how we were Loved all along and how our intention for this Love to BE within and all around us brought it all to fruition ! Yes, timing had to be right, the portals had to open and Earth ‘unquarantined’ as I put it. It was such a long journey but it does not hurt anymore. It does not hurt anymore ! God/All That Is has nothing but Love and we are no longer apart from this so this is all we shall have. Amen… Amen… Amen

    1. Breeze, all I want to do this day is dance and sing too! SO! I am dancing as I am using my FloorMate and I am singing as well! I feel like I could jump so high as to touch the very sky. Which in actuality I could, for there is no space……all is an illusion. Yet, how do we break free of the constraints of this illusion we live in that “feels” so very real???? AH! (no pun intended, AH!):) ) I believe that is one thing we will be learning or re-membering.

      SO! I am right next to you dancing and singing! Yippeeeeee! MUAH!

      1. ooo… something was coming to me a bit ago about this… how to hold this Joy as we still gotta live the life in front of us. things come to me so fast and then the next thing, etc today….ok I got it ! it is like this: I got an image of the Whos in Whoville… they kept right on singing their xmas song when their entire xmas ‘atmosphere’ was stolen by the Grinch! Not their xmas spirit though right !? No one could take that from them and what happened? It changed the Grinch ! when he saw them ! so, we do this ! Keep on singin and dancin Amy ! We are changing the world. As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

        1. no wonder the Gershwin tune “They Cant Take That Away From Me” keeps going thru my head today ! That is Gershwin right ? not sure. have the fun ponder-ers. I also get now why they were so ecstatic in the Bible sometimes in their praises, etc. (i do think some of the bible writings are true.) I feel like praising everything today !

        2. Had to do it. Love this song. Sang it at the top of my voice when alone. Singer: FAITH released: 2000 (13yrs ago 13th octave)


  9. Sun OBO 252 – May I offer that you have been and are your own teacher and trainer. Maybe the OBO and 252 does point to you being the “Bridge” and it is showing u that u can now intigrate all of you into one beautiful shinning star being – the One you have always been ! Love 2 U, Areeza

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