The manuscript of survival – part 361

By now, most of you have gotten used to being knocked about by these interrupting rounds of energetic upheavals, and hopefully, you have even gotten to understand the benevolent nature of this barrage. We know fully well that to many of you, the barrages themselves are nothing to be pleased about, as they seem to misbehave as soon as they connect with your body. But still, the unpleasantness they may cause will never outweigh all of the beneficial value these messengers of light come laden with, and as such, we gather that most of you have quietly acquiesced to these rounds by now.

For what they really do, apart from setting your body in a more or less constant state of upheaval, is to rewire your entire organism in such a way, none have seen the likes of this ever before. We know that you have already gotten quite a large number of messages containing the same information as this before, but let us elaborate somewhat on the subject. As we have talked about earlier, your physical body is nothing short of a miracle, and as such, the added benefits you are reaping now, will add to this magical being in so many ways. As you know well, not much of it will be apparent to the outside onlooker, but to you, it will all start to come together in a very new way now, and you will indeed start to enjoy the outcome from all of these intense labour pains. For yes, it has been painful for many of you, and the pains as usual mask the beneficial effects all of this moaning and groaning is being caused by. We have already asked you all to take a good look at yourself, and we gather you have already seen some of these effects for yourself.

That is, you might have gotten a glimpse, but even if that made an indelible mark on you, it was just a tiny little glimpse of the magnitude that this somewhat puny human body of yours now contain. For that fleshy container now harbours an endless list of what many will call  ”otherworldly traits”, and what do we mean by that? Well, let us just say that the limitations previously placed upon your being are no longer in place, and even if you will need some time to really start to explore these areas that has hitherto been deemed as unexplorable, or perhaps to be more precise, nonexistent, now the time has come to take those first tentative steps into those blank spaces on the maps as it were, and start to explore the new you. For you are truly new, in every way that you care to describe, and then some.

For these are not superificial adornments, these are indeed some extremely far reaching and far encompassing changes that will literally lift you up and beyond that small box marked with the caption ”homo sapiens”. Perhaps we should give you all a new name, for in many ways, you are a brand new species setting foot on this sacred ground, this planet so many call their Mother. And what would a more fitting name be? Well, let us suggest ”homo libertus”, the liberated one, the limitless one, the one that will step forth and take her whole world with her into the brand new future.

For remember, it is not only you who are becoming new, it is also that wondrous planet of yours, and as such, she is also flying under a new flag. She is no longer the tired Mother, she is in fact the victorious one, the one that has risen from her knees and started to regain so much of her old strength back, so let us just call her Victoria for now, and then, we shall see just what she will give as her new name herself. For what is in a name but a signal, a signature, a vibration of something that is indeed brand new, even if it is as old as the ages. For you have all come from the seed of the same loins, the ONE that gave birth to everything, and as such, you are but a small protrusion on a huge body of light, but whereas you used to be nothing more than dulled down grains of sand, now you are starting to glimmer with the same light as the stars in the firmament. And now, as you are invited to push forwards and step across the threshold and into all those rooms whose doors have now been opened for you, we can only say that your light will start to increase exponentially. For now, the barriers are indeed down, and we invite you all to venture forth boldly into brand new territory. For you have all more than earned the right to claim this territory as yours, and as such, we ask you not to hold back now, but step forth with your eyes wide open lest you should miss out on any of the adventure that lies ahead.

360 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 361

  1. Sister Rose!!!! He is out there longing for you too. You ARE together, as you said. Do you know, I was telling JJ today that I remember months ago having a meditation in which I became aware of my twin soul in consciousness. (I thought at the time he was not incarnated.) I posted my experience here.

    Guess who responded? YOU. You said something like “Wonderful! Keep us posted.”

    Luv ya!

  2. Sun of blue (252) ……Thank You so much for posting this….I truly “Love” it & indeed beams of Truth !….so many miracles within nature that humanity does not see, does not understand….it is the hand of creation, quite real & very visible right now, always has been for those that have eyes to see ! Thanks again for this post….it is a wonderful contribution that helps expand others to not only see nature, but feel & understand nature…the very essence of the miracle of creation happening right now !……Love, Bev~

  3. 252 out: I always love reading and hearing seeing videos of this process… it certainly speaks to what feels like is unfolding for us… in fact was talking about this kind of thing with my wife this morning…

    Thanks for reminding us all!

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  4. 252, I am always amazed when this kind of thing happens!!

    Ditto to B (DS, my sister)

    Lee out. 🙂

  5. Real funny, after med I lay down on the grass, I could see light particles like little fireflies, little specks of light everywhere. Plane were in the sky. There was this huge white trail from one of them, and another came down joining with it to create a giant “V” in the blue sky.
    I’m opening up.
    Love, JAYJAY

    This “Y” won’t leave me alone. I keep being drawn to it. It’s like a Trinity, a peace-sign.

    1. For You… Don’t mind the end of the video, it’s just the old being replaced by the new. We will become…One

      1. “Take me in, take me deeper now.” This part about the female transitioning at the end keeps coming up for me, as you know. I posted a City of Angels clip yesterday that involved this. The whole idea no longer frightens me. I know it is replacing the old with the…

        Neo Trinity. 🙂

        What that may look like, I do not know. As I have said, IAm always in your consciousness. Always have been and always will be. “ALL ways.”

        1. Although, we’ve already done all this. This is our last incarnation here. Maybe we get to keep each other this time!!! 🙂

            1. Well that is what I AM choosing and creating. No wonder you feel so protective of me. I keep having to leave you!

              Yes I know the feeling. But not wanting to and not being able to are very different things. 😦 We are learning that we are vibration only. So tWo gether in that eternally. The incarnate experiences are blessed gifts … and WE is ONE thing that is finally helping me want to be in a physical vessel. To well-come that and all its attending sensations.

              I do BE-li-EVE 🙂 that we have offered each other this joy “this time” around. WE deSERVE this. (all these words within words… worlds within worlds…)

              Live you. Loce you.

    2. Beautiful JayJay!

      I sat out in the sun and a little beetle and a spider came and sat on my hand. I checked in animal book what it means.
      Beetle: “You grow spiritually now because something new is coming to your life. You prepare for somethingr”

      Spider: “You are to take it easy right now. Be patient”

      Oh what a lovely day 🙂

      Love to you and your family,


      1. … love all these meanings of Nature’s creatures … so many messages everywhere all the time … Life speaking to life.

    3. YHWH OR YHVH ….. masculine “half” and feminine “half” ….. this sound was so sacred that only the rabbis were allowed to make it. I know it has many other meanings, though I haven’t come to them all yet. There is even a quantum one that I am working on that has to do with frequency, wavelength and “magnetic moment” (these letters are mathematical/physics symbols as well) that is partially to do with the tetrahedonal consciouness and how we project creative vibration into the “reality” of the physical plane.

      I open as you open. €

      1. Excellent question, my dear. We shall SEE. I venture to say that even if bunny did not survive that encounter she was transformed into something even better than she was before.

        1. I love all the activity in our pond!! There’s always comments popping up in my email.Reminds me that I’m not alone. Smooches to everyone!!

  6. Hello fellow ponders.

    Yesterday I was wondering about the changes we could expect. First, I had a night of nightmares, which is pretty rare in my case, fighting a posse of invisible goblins bent on scaring me, but the funny thing, I was not scared at all. I also tried, yesterday and today to re-make one of my songs and see how much change I can maybe see in this department. I’m far from being one of those protegies that have been playing around the last few days, but I think I made a significant step in the right direction. I can’t say if it has anything to do with the evolution we could expect but I will take it anyway. I have re-done all voices and some of the text, so here is the new one. I wrote this for the occupy movement. I hope you will like it.

    En Route!

    The 99% are not awakened…yet!
    We’ll show them the light
    They carry inside
    They will understand it was just a game
    We used our mind
    We wrote our storylines

    Now we can use
    Any amount of LOVE you wish to move
    So let’s be generous, YES!!
    En Route! Meep! Meep! People please.
    Meep! Meep! People please??

    Why do we have to convince the only one (the only one)
    We don’t want in our house
    We don’t want inb our movies.
    Why do we have to wait until he’s fine,
    about loosing his mind,
    about loosing his glory? (gloria)

    Now we can use
    Any amount of LOVE you wish to move
    So let’s be generous, YES!!
    En Route! Meep! Meep! People please.
    Meep! Meep! People please??

    Please stand up on your feet
    Don’t divide your inner stream
    You can just go on,
    realize your dreams
    About LOVE, pretty
    About LOVE, pretty fool
    About LOVE, pretty
    About LOVE, my pretty fool
    About LOVE Meep! Meep! People please?

    Hey! Don’t we have something called the Internet?
    So why can’t we unite, in light,
    And fix this life?
    We have to move beyond this web of DEBT!!!
    With LOVE
    In LOVE
    Meep! Meep! People please yes?



      WHOA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOVE IS THE CHANGE AND ALL THAT IT BRINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Yeah, yes! That’s IT! I just came back from a walk a few moments ago and I suppose I got intoxicated with the music, the air and the sights around me. That and I pushed through another cement barrier earlier so I feel so FREE! BIG sigh of relief……….:) 🙂 I prefer the Inner Worlds anyway any day! Thank you! (((HUGS))) 🙂

        1. Dang! Might be just the thought of eating McDon’s food………Where did you say I am????? LOL Or didn’t you?…..hhehehehehe

          Dear GOD it feels so good to PLAY to be FUNNY to LAUGH to just BEEEEE! Free like a kid! LOL

          1. I didn’t 🙂

            I don’t eat animal products, no wheat,.., but I wanted to know what kind of dreams I could experiment with pizzas and humburgers. Simple curiosity. I tried. The result is a great distortion in dreams (and in the belly…).

            1. Nightmares amongst the belly groans and farts. Fat high, sugar high? No thank you! Shudder! I like my dream state just the way it is now! Eating whole foods. Yep, even my coffee is whole bean. GRIN Until it is grounded by me. Yep. Whole. Love it! 🙂

                1. Seriously? Wow! There has been a ton of static, interference to the point I thought my brain was going to explode. That is why I have not been here much lately. It has been a really rough ride. That and the pressure inside of me to the point I cannot breathe. Lovely. On and off. But I did break through something as I laid on my bed sprawled exhausted this afternoon. I seemed to see an image from my left vision behind closed eyes, rapidly going to my right, my left side of my body jerking and then this huge whoosh and relief. Every muscle in my body was tense and in that moment it was like opening a damn door. In that moment all tension released. I passed out at that moment but woke myself up a few minutes later due to “duty calling”. Groaning, no no no. I forced myself up, and in so doing, all exhaustion gone, all pain gone, breathing back to normal, all pressure gone. Wow! I felt reborn!

                  In fact, on my walk, I found a dead snake (transformation) on the side of the road. I with great reverence, picked it up and put it in the grasses, putting a red leaf on top of it. Prayed to spirit. And then got drunk in the spirit the entire walk. Still am a bit. That is until I spoke to a neighbor just out of the hospital and out poured forth from his mouth a fall of anger. Whoa! Yikes. Still do have it together even though the “high” is gone.

                  Hoping I can still write what I had planned to. If not, oh well. That’s life. Se le vie! Is that right! N’est pa? Oui? 🙂

                  1. Oui 🙂

                    I haven’t seen shapes on the left and right sides for some time, but the door or the window opening, yes, always. Short OBE’s too, and many interesting dreams.

                    October 2 is 3-Serpent (Chicchan) and october 3 is 4-Transformation (Cimi).

                    1. Mayan. Nice. I have a book upstairs. I will have to take it out to read it tonight. Nature……She is always speaking to me, I just am learning more accurately what exactly She is saying. Nice about Oct. 3 (tomorrow) is 4-Transformation (Cimi). Time to read.

                      When I see these shapes, they seem to be a mirror of the same shape. And when this happens, I feel a “pop” inside or a “whoosh” and it seems as if my body becomes limp, fully relaxed, and I pass out and am out of body immediately following. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but when I do, they are doozies, and they come in either pairs or threes……two or three nights in a row.

                      And now to read. I am fizzling. My urge to write is fading. I’ll try though, cause it is super important what I found out today. At least it applies to me. It is a huge revelation how our thoughts are now manifesting instantly regarding “how we really feel about others”. Another “acid trip” for me today, as usual, with me “not happening”……yet it is.

            2. Dom, I will teach you a new English word IF you don’t already know it. Flatulence. Means gas, farts, intestinal disturbances leading to letting go and release in gas. LMAO! Fancy medical word I still remember. I just loved that word. It has such a unique distinction. Flat-u-lence. Heheheheee WINK!

              1. Same word in French : flatulence – methane production 🙂 The digestive process takes at least twice more time than usual. Now I understand why people are so… bizarre ! 🙂

    2. Tu es un chanteur extrodinaire! You rock, mon frere. I’ll have to step up the pace a bit on my walk to Canada now.

      Loved it Nayon! 🙂

  7. “3D is harder and harder to translate” Yes
    “we are bored to tears with 3D issues” Oooh yes
    “we want to go to sleep again” Yes, yes, yes 🙂

    1. Wow the Phoenix article was so helpful – frustration of confusion. It is helping me to carry on now, get going, and move thru the day. It restored my faith and hope. Thank you Birgitta

      1. Sunny!

        One of the most amazing and astonishing things that ever happened during my journey was the day I asked a astrologer / medium at a holistic health care center about my anxiety and depressions that I had for many years. She looked at me and asked if I had any deep fever illness in my childhood. Yes – I had a very serious fever illness at about 10 years old. That´s the reason for your anxiety she answered – but it can be cured with Aconitum + the strongest C-vitamin you can find at your health food store.

        I was totally dumbfounded but felt through my whole body that she was right. I did not know that anxiety could be due to physical causes (during my fever illness). For me, it had always been due to psychological causes. I totally dropped the chin and sat in the waiting room for a long while before I could trip me up.

        The meeting with the astrologer/medium was totally unexpected and not planned. It just “happened” to be so;) and during the preceding massage I had seen a big lock and a key which I obviously tested 😉

        You learn as long as you live as the saying goes 🙂

        Love to you all,


            1. Are you guys talking Homeopathy Aconitum Nap? Is it for fear and restlessness? Insomnia? If you didn’t take Homeopathy, what did you take? FYI……..Homeopathy is never toxic. So you are safe. 🙂

  8. Aisha and the pond,
    Quoted: “Well, let us just say that the limitations previously placed upon your being are no longer in place, and even if you will need some time to really start to explore these areas that has hitherto been deemed as explorable, or perhaps to be more precise, nonexistent, now the time has come to take those first tentative steps into those blank spaces on the maps as it were, and start to explore the new you.”

    Can the CCs offer any suggestions in the forms that these new abilities or these “limitations” that have been lifted? It has been my experience that when these statements are made by the already enlightened ones, there is a level of misunderstanding that occurs that has to do with our own ability to clear the muck and mud of our own 3d experience in order to reach to these new levels of understanding and experience.

    MacMandeere, LightWarrior.

    1. For all of us LightWarriors,

      I’ve been experimenting with trying out these new abilities for the past few years, and have found these 3D “limitations” on us to be very steadfast. Unless it’s in your soul contract to have free-flow access to certain abilities….and of course each one of us is different, in what we are “allowed” to have access to as we rise in Frequency.

      Besides some rare OBE’s, in the past few years only my perception of this 3D hologram has expanded, ie. seeing the world around me vibrating & moving in undulating energy waves, seeing the sparkling Prana, smokey cloudlike Energies in the air, Orbs popping in and out, spinning circular stargate energies, my own stargate, the rare appearance of ET’s watching me and my Guides appearing as orbs or prisms or human faces in the in-between wake/sleep state.
      And as of last November 2012, after the 11.11.12 portal opening, I was able to see for the first time the separate Time Frames of our reality hologram.

      I could see how one parallel reality Time Frame was blending into the next, and how our brains merge the two, and create a “tweening” effect.
      Which is how we are creating the illusion of Time.

      But as far as having abilities we can consciously use restored to us, the first one that was mentioned in August, was “Bi-Location”.
      A number of sources claimed that some of us would be able to bi-locate now.
      Well, apparently some of us could, but so very few reported being able to consciously do it, it was ludicrous.
      Overall, this process has been slower than a geriatric slug on a salted snowed-in street.

      You can get a shitload more information by following this source:

      But in sifting through this source, you MUST leave your Ego reactions behind.
      When this source is saying that ” *I* transmitted these codes to humanity….” or “I alone did this and that….”
      ….know that it was ALL OF US working together on this, whether we remember doing it or not.

      When you are able to take all the EGO out of the equation, there is a treasure of in-depth information here, that you won’t find coming through the usual CCs because it is beyond their experience.

    2. For all of us LightWarriors,

      I’ve been experimenting with trying out these new abilities for the past few years, and have found these 3D “limitations” on us to be very steadfast. Unless it’s in your soul contract to have free-flow access to certain abilities….and of course each one of us is different, in what we are “allowed” to have access to as we rise in Frequency.

      Besides some rare OBE’s, in the past few years only my perception of this 3D hologram has expanded, ie. seeing the world around me vibrating & moving in undulating energy waves, seeing the sparkling Prana, smokey cloudlike Energies in the air, Orbs popping in and out, spinning circular stargate energies, my own stargate, the rare appearance of ET’s watching me and my Guides appearing as orbs or prisms or human faces in the in-between wake/sleep state.
      And as of last November 2012, after the 11.11.12 portal opening, I was able to see for the first time the separate Time Frames of our reality hologram.

      I could see how one parallel reality Time Frame was blending into the next, and how our brains merge the two, and create a “tweening” effect.
      Which is how we are creating the illusion of Time.

      But as far as having abilities we can consciously use restored to us, the first one that was mentioned in August, was “Bi-Location”.
      A number of sources claimed that some of us would be able to bi-locate now.
      Well, apparently some of us could, but so very few reported being able to consciously do it, it was ludicrous.
      Overall, this process has been slower than a geriatric slug on a salted snowed-in street.

      You can get a shitload more information by following this source:

      But in sifting through this source, you MUST leave your Ego reactions behind.
      When this source is saying that ” *I* transmitted these codes to humanity….” or “I alone did this and that….”
      ….know that it was ALL OF US working together on this, whether we remember doing it or not.

      When you are able to take all the Ego out of the equation, there is a treasure of in-depth information here, that you won’t find coming through the usual CCs because it is beyond their experience.

  9. 252 you are ever wise. Love hearing from you every time. Hope Mom-E tells us her new name. Wonder if it will be different to each of us kinda like Gaia, Gaea, Mother, Mu etc. Interesting thing you’ve posed here.

    I like the reverse, too. WE are sacred ground and SHE is brand new. Just sayin. Guess my new name is “A Lee.” Maybe I’ll do like Areeze and just go by “Lee” not sure what feels right yet. Tryin it on for size.

    Lee out. (Hmmm…. felt pretty good)

  10. Dear All,

    There is SO much happening now – a real frenzy of energy. Some of it is preparation. Some of it is the galactic garbage trucks. And there is a lot that I am not told about. This is what is causing the confusion. You are getting a lot of energies together. A real soup. Yesterday was clear and today I am in brain fog – not to mention on Neurofen all afternoon for headache.

    The teams are in and out and all over the place. As I have mentioned before, when there is an operation, they generally go off line. This is the reason you cannot access them. They are always there but sometimes they shut down the lines.

    I was warned yesterday that there would be some intense energies for a few days. Some last minute house-cleaning. I was also told that the negative feelings (down/anger etc) are last ditch “departing presents” from our soon to be ousted negatives. We are to ignore it and know it isn’t coming from us.

    As for “Ashtar,” unfortunately I have had confirmation by my teams many times that this was a ploy by those “not of the Federation.” This was just one of many alias used including religious figures and made up names from science fiction. This is the reason why the hacked messages are starting to dissipate as the situation comes under control.

    JayJay – I am SO frustrated. The medical teams are STILL not back on ground level and will not be till all is clear. However, I was told that you CAN send a message to your spiritual/angelic guides and they will do their best to send energetic healing/love until the teams return.

    If I could describe the situation this week it would be like a city getting a new airport. The building is complete and the gates are all open. There are some test runs going on and still some bugs to iron out before opening day. The seats still have the plastic wrappings. The new staff members are just starting their training and are trying to find their way around the massive building…. The sound systems are being tested. The authorities are still awaiting confirmation and security clearance to open formally for flights…..

    Love, Susan

    1. Susan, good to know we are not going crazy or doing something wrong. Do you know about how to deal with clinical depression during these last days. I’ve been on Welbutrin for years . When it seemed effective no longer, i switched to herbal St. John’s wort in July, but no relief. Is it best to just ride it out till the clearing is over, and avoid pharmaceutical meds? I will muscle test for my own personal guidance but I wanted to get your take on using or avoiding pharmaceutical products now that our brains are being re-wired.

      1. We must be “on the same ray,” Sunny. I have been diahnosed with every psyche ailment in the book. While I dont have your answer and of course the choice is a very personal one, please alow me to share.

        Have been on up to 18 medications at once. Slowly over the years got down tojust a few at the beginning of this year. At one point the dox switched me back to Wellbutrin. I had a terrible allergic reaction to it even though I had been fine.on it in the past. Something clicked and I knew my body was rejecting these chemicals. Now I am off all psyche meds!! Twas hell, but now feels like heaven. Mayb

        1. I’m glad you made it thru the big pharma medication withdrawals. If you are doing ok maybe you don’t need even herbal ones. I was so down yesterday I made an appointment with my doctor next week to see about getting on a different anti-depressant , but will muscle test to see if that is the best choice. Sometimes it’s best just to ride it out because a lot of this emotional stuff is ascension symptoms, and grief from letting the old go and making peace with it, and the dark negatives that are attacking us. I haven’t figured it out yet.

          1. Sunny, 98% of people who are on anti-depressants do not need to be. I do not know your case history, but listen to your heart, that knows and has all the answers within. Ups and downs are a normal part of life. Why do you think we refer to life as a rollercoaster ride???

            Sending you tons of LOVE! Love is truly the answer. To all. For LOVE is the only Energy that is real and that exists. All else is an illusion. Wrap your head around that.

  11. Dear friends!
    I just wanted to give you a short update from me. To sum it up, it feels like the floodgates have opened up again, and there is so much energy and information starting to pour in, I am struggling to keep up with it all. Much is happening, both on a personal level, but also collective one, and I know I am not the only one finding it hard to stay balanced at times like these. (And Birgitta, you are not the only one experiencing ”angry hour” either!) I have been guided to step back a bit from the Pond, but as always, I am still very much connected to you and to the energy here, and it is such a powerful experience every time I immerse myself in these vibrant waters 🙂 What an amazing amount of light that is gathered here! It keeps growing every day, and I thank each and every one of you for all the beautiful, powerful, entertaining and enlightening words that you share here!
    Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. I Love you, Aisha. Breathe. Take HOT showers. Get out in Nature. Eat dense foods. Happy foods. Stay MOVING. For the moment you stop, ya get slammed! These energies are moving at such an extreme velocity that our bodies just are not able to keep up. I believe we are currently in an adjustment period.

      Hang in there, and know I am there with you in spirit!

      Love and smooches,

        1. The way my stomach is feeling right now, I probably would not be holding those foods down. I don’t do pizza well, and I don’t do fried well. On my good days I can eat anything. Lucky you if you can eat like this. 🙂

        2. Have you seen that documentary Supersize Me where dude eats only McDonalds for a certain period of time and has his body chemistry and general health closely monitored while doing so? Very fascinating. Course it didnt stop me from eating it…my own body took care of that!


    2. Thank you Aisha for reaching out to us! I have thought about you lately and was almost going to reach out to hear if all is well. We seem to have ended up in the same wave now and the only thing I can do today is to sit in my chair and take advantage of the sun, ground myself, ask the nature clean and balance me. It feels as if the energies slow and heavy moves down from the solar plexus today.

      Thinking on you Aisha and send love and light to you. I am so glad you are here together with us.


      1. Dearest Birgitta, I am not sure if you received my message to you. I was struck down with the “anger” yesterday as well and today I do my best to stay high. I think I referred you to the Oracle Report for what is written makes sense as to WHY we are feeling angry..

        Busy day here. Must go. But I will be sending you LOVE LVOE LOVE. Amy

          1. AH, I barely have time to respond to those here who need a helping hand, much less watching links and videos. I have a very challenging life and lately it has been tough, really tough, to get here to post. My main purpose at the Pond is to Love and to support and to Heal, and even that, has been sparse. I really meant what I said about it is time to create by jumping into life. A computer takes up so much of people’s time, and thus so many opportunities to LIVE are lost. I don’t wish to miss out on the Golden Opportunities coming my way. So I AM living, and listening to ME, Source, and the Energy. I AM teaching ME.

            Sending you lots of Love this New and Exciting Day!

            Love, Amy

            1. I am so with you. I want to live my life but won´t miss your comments either – a difficult combination. To read and translate everyone’s comments takes a lot of time and energy from me and I hope that soon I will find time to visit your blog too Amy. The time at the computer is exceeded by a wide margin every day. But now I will anyway go for a long walk.



          2. Man!! There was a reason I was supposed to read this again … thanks Amy and B. Definition of rape : being used for another persons agenda and having no power to stop it. That flew right over my head first reading. Lord have mercy… always thought I should have been able to stop it. Each time it happened. Especially when it still happened as an adult. This is part and parcel of my self abuse over the years. How does a 3 yr old have any power over a grown man? Jesus. It really just hit me. On my knees again. So fanf*ckingtastic to finally KNOW and FEEL my own power. (Sorry, the F word always comes up with this stuff…)

            Thanks again to you too Philipp…

        1. Thanks Amy!

          Not so angry today but very fragile physically and emotionally. I´ll take your advice and move, at least physically, now. Just have to write a message so Sunny first.

          Love you Amy!


          1. I LOVE you, too, Brigitta. I find myself fragile as well today. I am speaking to an animal communicator tomorrow to help me bring closure to my decision of a bit more then 3 months ago, that is just not being closed. Yes, I know there is no death, BUT there is a BIG reason why I have been led to this woman.

            So, yeah, fragile.

            BIG (((HUGS)))

              1. Thank you, Birgitta. I look so forward to this conversation. This woman is the real deal. I would love to have her in my life as a friend, for in speaking to her yesterday she thinks and lives as I do, and she also does what I do as well. Nice!!!!

                Love, Amy

      1. Lots of soft golden pink rays in the Memphis sunrise I am experiencing at this moment. Purification and healing for us all.

        🙂 love to everyone

    3. So much love and gratitude to YOU, dear Aisha!! 😉 You must do what you need to do. The energies sure are zinging around and are very intense — real doozers. (Not sure that’s a word!) The love, appreciation and empathy for you from your Light-Pond is overflowing and infinite. Take good care of your precious self, XOX, Kat 🙂

  12. Totally getting why this artist’s name is Peter Gabriel. So many messages of love. I could go on and on with his music…

    1. Ah yes, I’ve been feeling like her on the bicycle, so free and flying. I’ve been meaning to post this scene, but was reluctant, because…well you know ….

      1. Dear JayJay, may I ask how is Vive’s situation now? I’ve just read that the main cause for all the cancers is lack of B17 in the patient’s body (B17 could be found in seeds of apricot). I think I’ve mentioned you the same,earlier…and grounding…also sunning-sun exposing at least 20 minutes a day…drinking solarised water (water exposed to the sun at least 1 hour, in a blue bottle)…getting a lot of antioxidants (as fresh juices of pommegranate, cranberries, or other berries would be the best)….alkaline food is also essential (no red meat, no sugar)…detoxifying the body (search for methods of Dr Hulda Clark).Much love, Sonja

        1. Dear Sonja,
          Vive has had 3 chemo’s. She’s in the hospital now recovering from the amputation. After that 30 days of radiation on her other leg. The chemo has worked well.
          At home we give her cannabis oil and special mushrooms, and zeolite and other things. We tried apricot seeds but she doesn’t like them.
          The main problem now is that she’s lost too much weight. She’s only 23 kg.
          I feel she will be alright.
          Love, JJ

                  1. JayJay, my Heart rejoiceth! Praise the All Knowing within Vive who has deemed it so she lives! Now to get some meat on her bones! That child needs to be fattened up! Yet for now liquids and “light” foods until her stomach screams “I AM HUNGRY!” And this too shall come to pass! There is a reason for every season! REJOICE! The Sun is shining again!

                    Love, Amy

                  2. Dear JayJay! A big hug from me to you and to Vive! And a whole lot of extra love to help to boost her body a little bit more!
                    Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. Thank you JayJay for your reply. I was just thinking (because apricot seeds are very important-that is the only source for B17), you could ground in a blender 6-7 seeds and add them to Vive’s food. I don’t think that she will notice because they don’t have any smell…Shetake mushrooms, kanabis oil (I have tried once and it smells far worse than apricot seed) are right things for Vive in this moment. But,taking zeolit now is very good solution. It helps in detoxication from the chemo. A friend of mine (she is a pharmacist) who is a representative sealer for Detoxamin=Zeolit told me that during the chemotherapy this mineral should be taken in bigger amounts than usually. For example if it is appropriate to take 1 tb spoon daily on empty stomach as a prevention, the amount should be 3-5 times increased while during the chemo period. Is not necessary to underline how important is for her everyday exposing to the sun (at least 20 min.) I also have a book for sun therapy (it could be fined on amazon) were is mentioned sunngazing for 2o secons at the first day and increasing the sungazing for 1 sec everyday, but only during the early sunrise). I truly believe that Vive will be ok soon and it is good for everyone who is around her to have such positive thoughts (I truly recommend Bruno Goening’s Love, Sonja

      2. Hi JJ, look what I found these days…I was searching something else, but this video attracted my attention. So, I decided to send you this link as soon as possible
        Also, you could find great benefit of checking all the video material that appear on youtube when you search for Greason therapy. Much love to you, to Vive and to all your family.
        Also much love to all dear ponders. Hugs to all. Sonja

    1. O.M.G. the lins she has “It’s gonna be alright…” has been singing thru my heart for a couple of weeks now. Have been searching out this song for everyone each time someone expresses pain. Didn’t know who sang that line or what song it came from. NOW IT CAME TO ME!! So unbelievably amazing, this!!!!!

  13. Hi Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Light,
    I am feeling this newness of myself rather strange. I cannot clinch to the old but cannot move forward. I am like in a in between state. I could channel Ashtar and others but right now, I am not able to receive any messages. It is like I am cut off from Spirit and everything around me. I perceive everything I do as if I would have a big diving bell around my head out of which I cannot escape. Due to my breathing, the glass windshield of my diving bell is constantly steaming up and I cannot clearly see what is going on around me. Is anybody out there feeling the same? Blessings, Philipp

    1. Yep. I spoke earlier of feeling alone in a white foggy cloud. I dont channel per se, but have felt very “cut off” from “spirit” in general.

      The one exception being when Vive was having rough time with her pain. Then I could sense and hear the Divine Mother quitte strongly and clearly. Beacause I really demanded her help. And it wasn’t directly for ME. So I wonder just how “newborn” I am. Lots of power in there… just learning to connect with it, I suppose… or re-learning to re-connect

      Also!! Just a few days ago I would have gone into a panic over this sense of disconnection. Thrown back into the deep seated (deep seeded?) moment of separation from Source. I now carry the absolute Knowing that it is only temporary … and in truth, that the separation was never TRUTH.

      Gah!! Feel babbling going on here… 🙂

      Love ya, brother

        1. Tears tears tears. On knees again!!!! Thank you Philip. Such a perfect message in this NOW moment. A must read for us all.


          1. Just noticed the second “p” in your name. Been seeling you short all this time, I guess. 😉 Love and hugs to Sue, too. You two must make quite the one.

            1. Just wondered if there was some confusion here between Philipp with two Ps at the end and me Philip (one P) Spheres Of Light man – I do have a wife called Sue but perhaps Philipp does too… you never know… anyway much to all. 🙂

              1. Ha! Please excuse my massive brain fart!! 😉

                And thank you for the kind and gentle way you drew my attention to it. Thanks again for the link. AWEsome.


                1. Ha, no worries, as they say in Oz though I’m english… 🙂

                  Sue, my wife, you referred to is a wonderful being and my twin flame… am I blessed or what…

                  More videos coming with some piccies of SOL in action in the next few days or so…

                  Philip 🙂 (one P – ha, ha, Spheres man) 🙂

                  1. Twin flame. Yes I know this sacred divine gift. So happy for you both… somehow I could feel that in the way you spoke of her and how you complement each other. 🙂 Which is why I spoke of you two as one.

                2. Ok!! GAH. That wasn’t your link here. Now I’m on the page. I was wondering why SOL Philip was channelling Ashtar! Back in flow now…

                  All is well. All the time. 🙂

    2. HOLD UP!!!! so are you “Ashtar Command via Philipp” that I read on the Golden Age of Gaia site??!! Cool!! Thanks for your messages! 🙂

      1. Hi Anna, yes. Normally, my messages are published with the title “Ashtar Speaks” or “Ashtar through Philipp”. But as I have said before no news from him since weeks. I think he gives me a break 🙂
        With very much love to you, Philipp

  14. Kat, Birgitta, Shannon, Nayon, I am feeling the struggle also with trying to release the old so the new energy and light can come in. Today I was working on being positive and staying in the Now when I got an email from my daughter judging me, criticizing me , saying I have blocks, etc. I responded back to her saying I didn’t appreciate her making those judgments when she didn’t really understand the situation. She responded with more criticism defending herself and not having accepted a word I had said in explanation. It all really set me back. It was hard to stay in the Now and in peace. And not take on all her judgments as my own. I’m hoping tomorrow I can do better.

    The other day in meditation my spirit guides gave me a computer, brand new and said it had no programs on it. They had cleaned out all the old programs of pain hurt negativity etc. And that now I could put my new programs in I wanted to create. Much like what happened to Amy when she lost her notebook articles. It’s a clean slate for us. So I have been trying to keep the slate full of happy creative thoughts and images , and then today got this huge hit of criticism from my daughter. Very hard energies.

    Jay Jay , sending love and support to Vive.

    Bev, I too weep for the animals affected by the cruelty of man, and have crystals programmed to send them comfort and strength 24-7.

    Amy, yes it is hard to stay in neutral when people around us are creating drama and trying to pull us down. I guess all we can do is keep trying.
    I’m pretty worn down and beat up today though

    1. Big hugs Sunny. I would suggest if you want some very good encouragment to go to You tube and find the True Divine Nature channel of Matt Kahn…I will give you one here that is amazing and really speaks to your issue with your daughter–because her judgement of YOU is only her own reflection back to herself…hugs!

    2. Sunny, I feel you. This dipping down into 3D and being “in” it but not “of” it is tough and can be excruciating. Aaarrrrgh. Think though of the absolute crowned, annointed rpyal BEings we are to be able to withstand it. I read once that we are recreating our bodies second upon second in transmogrification in order to stay in physical plane … I mean, really consider that!! WOW. We ARE purple mountains majesty.

      Love the wiping of the harddrive and upgrade to new OS metaphor going on here.

      To “wndows 2013 ∞ and beyond”

      1. Hope it goes without saying that I’m not being patriotic here…

        Beautiful Gaia, beautiful US.

      2. Anna Helen, yes I guess we must try to stay in the higher vibrations second by second. One day at a time or one moment at a time. Yes I felt violated also by my ex husband. More of an emotional rape but his constant trying to do harm and get revenge is so wearing on the soul. We will heal all of it and come out on top

        1. Yep. Please know that the emotional and verbal abuse is every bit as damaging as the physical … sometimes more so. His constant attack on you is … wow, such a burden, I know. Allow me to say (and I know that you already are aware of this) … only YOU can put a stop to it. It took me 45 years to put power behind the word NO.

          And we ARE healing it. You are so right. So many young (and older, too) women out there who internalize all this. We are their wayshowers and they are ours. And I don’t so much want to come out on top (though I hear what you’re saying), I want to come out EVEN. Integrated and merged. Just saying that for me. 🙂 (like B said to just let it out … so helpful)


          1. Yes, I did say NO – by divorcing him. But he is still angry about it, wants revenge, and can’t move forward and find peace over it. Used to send him light and love and program crystals for him – now, just protect myself with etheric shields and crystals and help from the guides. Mostly now just occasional psychic attacks from him – no interaction as i have blocked his calls and texts. We will get through it and come out on top. Thanks so much.

            1. 🙂 im feeling like i am benefitting from yoyr story, cuz i only started REALLY saying NO a a while ago. Its kinda like when light shines on darkness/density. First there is shock then the struggle begins. I almost feel like i am being sent the message, “Girl, get ready. When you start saying no, they dont like it at all.” So I appreciate you showing the way. And Stevie too in a bit of a different way. (Take me HOME…) And all those who’ve gone before, male/female alike. Women oppress men too. That whole 3D human dynamic.

              Also. This whole anger and irritation in the air…. if I get asked one more time by this person “Who ARE you??!!!” I do not know what I will do. Breathe. BE. Release. It is his own stuff (though I feel responsible eek) and my own stuff clashing. Sorry folks just venting here.

              : AH

              1. AH, God love you! Lots of “revolutions” happening. I am now in a stage coming across people who look at me as though I do not exist, non-thing, unimportant. All this today while I am experiencing the rapid spin cycle inside a cement truck. I plan on talking about that and what I am discovering…..another OMG! on Petals Unfolding. Another post. I shall have my writer’s hat on with an owl perched on it!

                So many things rapidly unfolding that IF I had the real chance to sit, (which I wouldn’t anyway even if I had the opportunity) I would be writing and writing. SO much to take in. SO much being revealed to me. It is a Wowza!

                Hey, if I seemed “crabby” earlier, that was just lower me in the crushing whirling cycle in the cement truck. I since have been released from that lovely, and now am flowing in HS. GRIN!

                Smooches, and saying HOLY SH*T what a RIDE!!!!!, AM-ME (thank you JayJay!)

                1. I am now seeing “revolution” as “cyclical evolution” thanks to you! 🙂

                  Also I was in the middle of bitching and moaning telling you a story about hubs vs. my pet cat when my Kindle just shut right off! Message received. Quit talkin shit about the man, honor his assistance to you and move into

                  Darling Unity 😉

                  1. hehehehehehe ….. Darling Unity! I am LMAO to the point I am falling off my chair! Yep! And after the “story” I tell how I fell down the rabbit’s hole today, you will want to be very aware of “thoughts” yes even the written ones. Hehehehehehe This is getting rally freaky, baby! GRIN! Too funny!

                    March forth to Darling Unity! We come! Oh we come from high and low! Hey how! We come! To Darling Unity! One and ALL!

                    WINK! 🙂

                    1. Amy!

                      After all your outbursts here I think I have to find your blog to see if it mirrors your lovely character that we can see here. I hope it does 🙂



                2. Amy love!

                  “HOLY SH*T what a RIDE!!!!!, ” ha ha ha. Yes here I go again too. New day, sun rising behind the trees. Who said ascension was hard to take?

                  Love you and your language Amy 😉


                  P.S. Lovely day to pick some aronia in my ex-husband’s garden:) D.S.

              2. Anna Helen, yes if you have been a bit of a doormat for quite some time, and then begin to say NO, the other person has a tough time handling your new boundaries. They keep trying to push you back into the old and there is conflict, acting out, ugliness, etc. But that is their stuff just reacting to your new boundaries, so detach as best you can, and don’t take on the guilt they will try very hard to lay on you. It’s not easy but we women have to do this, and say NO MORE. Keep standing your ground , don’t be manipulated by guilt, and love yourself and your new strength. One day at a time.

                  1. Your advice is well taken. Today he demanded further explanation of why I am leaving. It all boiled down to me saying “I broke under the weight of this relationship.” As usual he turned it around to himself and said “Oh. So that means that now you get to break me.” I disengaged just like you said here. Just sort of tilted my head and laid out my hands, non responsive. He stormed away.

                    I thought, “Only something broken can be fixed. Only something lost can be found.” I do believe I am doing him a favor just as he did for me. Have gained so much from the dysfunction of this relationship.

                    In gratitude,
                    Anna Helen

                    1. So sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes, these dysfunctional men will turn whatever you say around on you, just as he did. It’s a no-win. Just speak your truth to him in a way that states how you feel without being critical of him because that will fuel the fire. If you know how to use the I-FEEL STATEMENTS method of communication (you can find info on it on google) that will help you to express your feelings to him in a non-condemning way. You did good to say the relationship was breaking you. Just know you are worth being free of any energy that is dragging you down, and you have a right to leave. Keep reaching out to people here and we will hold your hand thru it all

                    2. OH believe me, girls, even an expert dysfunctional controlling man will find a way to throw the “ball” back to you when you use the “I feel this…..”. Yep. AH, you truly have my understanding. The only way things will turn around is when you stand your ground and let that man know, under no circumstance do you now, or ever, deserve anything but the utmost respect and acceptance.

                      And then you walk and live in that knowing. Your Source of strength will be found within YOU and here, but for the most part, no source outside of yourself. This person is teaching you how to walk tall, walk strong and with dignity, and to learn happiness no matter the circumstances.

                      I bow deeply to that person in my life. Do I deliberately seek that person’s attention out? No. We have nothing in common, and our worlds are galaxies apart. Yet do I still honor this person? Yes. The only out for me with all I have on my shoulders is for someone to come into my life with both the means (financial) and the big heart as I do, accepting me fully for who I am and all I do.

                      In fact, Sisters, the following I write in faith. Yep, that F word which has nothing to do with the other F word, unless you fail in the faith department which in reality is only yourself condemning you and no-thing more, and the other F word comes flying out of the mouth. Hehehehehehehehe True? Yup!

                      Anywho……This is MY statement of Utmost Faith. Today. Today in attempting to hang a picture of my BeLoved Tigger back on the wall, my head hit the very big and very heavy crucifix that hangs on the wall at the head of my bed. (OUCH!) In so doing, the crucifix fell off the floor, again hitting my head on the way down and ended up on the rug under the bed. In looking to retrieve it, it was broken in two pieces.

                      This is the “message” I received while in the shower. The burden of carrying “my cross” regarding my life is no longer a reality. That cross has been broken and is no longer being carried.

                      Taking that one step further I am finally getting to my Statement of Faith. Someone who I truly Love and who truly Loves me, is in my life NOW and shall make his appearance known to me in this NOW MOMENT. This person will support me, and help me make the necessary changes needed in order for us to be physically together, and he shall fall in love with all I have in my life, and will be an extremely important addition to what I do in my life. I am speaking of the care of, not only of these cats but the wild animals and birds as well. And he is helping me to promote my products and to get this property legalized as being recognized as a sanctuary.

                      THIS is the message I received just this day. New Life. New Beginnings. The burden has been broken. I have been freed of carrying so much on my own. And my Love, the ONE who loves me as my Tigger Loved me, fully, with absolute trust and adoration, is here.

                      I do not believe in coincidences and I do believe in what I do hear. Amen I say! Amen. I have always said, and I have lived to see this in proof, that when that NOW MOMENT arrives, what is deemed to unfold shall, just effortlessly and like magic. And so it is.

                      DANG! I sure am chatty after being so quiet for so long. GRIN! Lots of stuff has been crammed in since then and now. I actually went up another stair. After my NDE. Again. But these NDE my Heart keeps on beating. That is for my blog. Again, I shall write. Nancee, IF you read this, take the plunge and start writing. Some will be better then others, but who cares? This is yours and this IS your Sacred Space! Yipee!!! Do it, Nancee!!!

                      LOVE LOVE LOVE is in the air. That and mirrors. And blips in the dimensions. Hehehehehehehe Alice in Wonderland style.

                      MUAH! SMILES! ELFIN GRINS! SMOOCHES! AMOUR! Amazing AMOUR!

                      XXOO, Amy

                    3. Amy I’m so excited that your cross is broken and you no longer need to carry that burden. And for the new man coming who will love you and help you create the Animal Sanctuary!!!! Yes these dysfunctional,men will even twist around the I-statements. They’re mostly for us to help us speak our truth. I, too am hoping my burden of my ex husband will be lifted and he will leave me alone and stop psychically me and sending hate and employing revenge on me. Either move on with his life and make peace with the divorce, or choose the spiritual path and light, or die. Sounds harsh but I’m so tired of it all , it’s so wearing on the soul and spirit. Hope the animal communicator appointment went well. My cat will be ok , blood work all good. He just needs steroid shots monthly for chronic inflammation. Thyroid levels good. Love you.

                    4. Thanks Sunny. I’ll check out the “I Feel” info. I appreciate you. 🙂

              3. Dear Sister!

                I suffered for many years, mostly because of debt. Second time I met a psychologist, he asked if I was expecting that a miracle would happen? Then he hit holes on the bubble.

                All my love to you,


    3. BeLoved Sunny! Who makes the Sun shine when I read (say) your name!

      Keep pressing through. Keep insisting on finding that “current of energy” that supports Love, Peace, Harmony, JOY. No matter how often the fall to lower emotions occur (and yes sometimes there are reasons!) pull back up to float again in high. Navigating these ups and downs, especially for the “sensitive soul”, is quite the challenge.

      Immerse yourself in a book you love, or a craft you love, or just go for a long walk with your favorite songs playing on your CD/mp3 player, take a long bubble bath, watch a romantic or funny movie, cook a gourmet meal or bake a cake, start volunteering someplace that your Heart draws you to, get out your camera and discover treasure all around you, play with your babies (pets)…………the possibilities are endless.

      The times we get “hit” from someone close, especially that!, all we want to do is curl up and cry. At least I do. I must go manual drive, and PUSH THROUGH, and get myself involved in something I LOVE or GET PHYSICAL in a form I like. What I like is mine, and what you like, is yours. Those endorphins aren’t called “happy hormones” for nothing, you know! 🙂

      Sending you BIG (((HUGS))) and an I Love you as well!!!

      1. Amy thanks so much. Will keep on the course and stay in the flow. One of my cats not well. Going to vet in two hours. Maybe something good will come out of that

        1. Sunny, best of luck at the Vet. I go on Friday with one of mine. Keep in mind, Vets will not know what I am about to say. Our cats, right now, are needing extra water. I have seen amazing things for the better transpire after they are given water.

          I send to you and your 4-footed Angel (((HUGSS)))

          1. Thank you Amy. I have fresh water for them all the time. Feel sick to my stomach as I just lost a cat in July to renal disease. I will just surrender and accept and not resist whatever is to be. Grateful for your support.

            1. Oh, Sunny, I just wrote this on another post. I lost two boys on the Summer Solstice and I am speaking to an animal communicator tomorrow. The knife in my Heart is so sharp still. Yes, one of those boys I lost to renal failure. The other one a broken mind. I understand to the hilt what you are feeling. I support you all I can, even with tears. This event is just resolving itself.

              Loving you, Amy

              1. Thank you so much Amy. He does not appear ill in terms of external appearances, but he isn’t eating as normal, and I sense something is wrong. I surrender to what is and will be.

            2. Sunny, cats’ drive for water is minimal. I wrote on my blog how important right now it is to actually physically give them water with an oral syringe. My cats are learning now to ask me for water. And I am seeing huge differences. I also put water in with each of their meals. (moist food) That still is not enough for some. I have to be very careful because I still have renal babies.

              XXOO Amy

              1. I’m going to add water to his wet food right now and see if he eats better. I have tons of oral syringes and will force feed water too.

                He only licked a bit of it. Our pets are going thru ascension symptoms too. They have light bodies also.

            3. In other words, cats will not go to a water dish as often as is need right now. We see ourselves needing more water so I put two and two together and started giving my cats water. The one, Karma, had jerks. He no longer has those jerks all because he is now getting hydrated enough. I have more stories too. 🙂

    4. Dear Sunny!

      Congrats to the new computer 😉 Clean without old programs – great!

      Now it is time to transform your experiences with your daughter and to be able to do that all the feelings must be put on the table, so to speak. Yes I know what you are talking about – I have been there too. It takes some time to really understand what happened – doesn´t it? At least for me. If you have a near and very good friend – tell her/him about your feelings. I also wrote down my anger, sorrow,outbursts in my computer to really be able to get out EVERYTHING into written words so healing can start.

      I asked the energies and also Spheres of Light to transform my feelings into love and understanding, and it did. VICTORY!!! To lift your eyes to see the whole situation your daughter is in will be very helpful, as well as seeing that your daughter have genes from TWO parents – you are not the only one.

      Good luck Sunny! I am with you whenever you need.

      Love and respect,


      1. Birgitta, Yes I talked to my sister and two good friends who are lightworkers also, and they were a great support. I sent my daughter an email and put my feelings on the table. I will listen to the spheres of light now and seek a higher understanding. Thank you for helping me. Sunny

    5. Sunny!

      My answer to you was written in a hurry. I want you to know that these matters are not easy to handle especially as it is about one´s children. What I wrote may sound like a quick fix to you – but it really is not. I was just so eager to write down how I could handle it and if it could be of help to you – I would be glad. If not – just let it go.

      Much love,


      1. Hey I finally get to pull someone else’s pinkie toe! B… No need to second guess yourself the way you did. It came from the heart. Can’t speak for Sunny, but your words helped me as they always do.

        Love you. YOU love you, too. You are a treasure beyond measure.

        1. Thanks again AH!

          A walk in nature for a couple of hours picking treasures with my camera is the best way to get rebalanced. I sat on a stump and healed nature and Mother Earth. Used SOL to transform the heavy energies that I wore on and it helped 🙂

          Love you too,


          1. YES! Birgitta!!! Way to go!!!!! I still have that adventure ahead of me. I just came home from sitting hours in an office building. Now off I go to my next slot of the day!!!!

            Love, Amy

    6. Dear Sunny ~ I bet you TRULY deserve that name! I was born exceedingly “Cheerful” and “Happy” which drove my depressive family bazookey!! 🙂 For too long I mistook all their sorrows for my own and lost my true happy self for a while there. A dear life teacher once said to me, “If you’re not laughing every hour on the hour then you’re not truly Kat.”

      That is my favorite and truest description of myself and I share it with you. What I learned is that those around me may be unhappy, but I have NOTHING to DO with THEIR drama. It must be hard to disconnect from your daughter but, bless her heart, she’s got HER stuff and you’ve got YOURS—and neither is each other’s. Sometimes we need to “step back” and send all our love through the ethers and that is more than enough!

      I hope you don’t mind my barging in with my 2 cents but I felt that your situation was very familiar to my own original human family in this life. I love them to pieces, but I understand now that their sorrows, frustrations, anger, etc. were never mine even if they blamed them on me. That understanding has brought me infinite peace and a warm heart.

      With blessings of light unceasing to you, dear Sunny 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Love to laugh… its “the best medicine” as Readers Digest taught me so well. Transformative. My mother told me that when I was a toddler my grandma said “She’s so happy and affectionate. Where did that come from?” For years I wondered “Where did it go?” Now I welcome the little me home. So very nice it is to have her back where she belongs.

        Luv ya Kat!! 🙂

        Peace to you.

        1. I SOOOOO hear that, Sunny!! Thrilled the sunshine is back in you. My mum used to say about me what your gramma said about you, “Why are you so HAPPY, Kat?!” but she’d hurl that question at me like an accusation. LOL! I loved my mum, now passed, but she had a rough road in this life. Anyway – YES – we are now our happy, cheerful, sunshine-y selves again. WHA HOO!!!!
          Have a GREAT day,
          Peace & Light to you 🙂 ☮ ♥ ☼

        2. oop! So sorry Anna. I responded to your Email thinking you were Sunny. But what I said is true for you! My eyes are not very good in the last weeks, along with all the other symptoms: Exhaustion, etc. Hugs, Kat

          1. Hey no prob. I have called Sue Sun, and Philipp Philip (even spelling them wrong now im sure…), thought Nayon was Nahon…. the list goes on.

            And I’d be honored to be Sunny. 🙂

      2. For Kat, thank you for sharing. My daughter is a lightworker too so I guess we will have to try to work through this, and if not possible, agree to disagree for a while. I have noticed lately a lot of conflicts among lightworkers, not only family members but with friendships. I wonder what is going on there. I think the key is accepting each other for who we are and seeing the good in each other, but i see so many lightworkers in our community – it seems people and friends are turning on each other and blaming each other. It is all about our own stuff, for sure. Bless you

        1. Lots of turbulence that is bringing “stuff” to the surface and of course, so many “project” their issues, not wishing to even look inside to “see”. I do believe you have stated something of great importance, another subject I have in mind to write about. Acceptance. Period. And also to stop “labeling” who is a lightworker and who is not. That is rather egotistic of us isn’t it, thinking we are “special”? And how do we know what the other’s soul “contract” is? Or Higher Purpose is? Someone has to hold the heavier energies.

          These are just some of my thoughts. I’ve stopped saying to myself I am a lightworker, therefore I am better then you. ACCEPTANCE. Period. No labels. I like that! 🙂 Bye bye duality, hello, Darling Unity! 🙂

          1. I don’t like labels either. Maybe we should say “humans immersed in 3d and content with that.” Then we don’t sound superior which we really aren’t. We just want more than 3d and don’t belong there

            1. I know, Sunny. I know. I am really trying though to teach myself how to work in Unity Consciousness. Sometimes when I am writing, I grapple regarding how to express something without talking about duality. Good and bad. Up and down. It is extremely challenging, so much so I bought myself a thesaurus to get a better handle on different terminology. When all you have known is 3D duality all of your life, to change zap! is not possible. It is like all things, a gradual change.

              Good for you for adding water to your cats’ dishes. Cat dish? I honestly can tell you without a doubt in my mind, water has made all the world of a difference. Cats are tricky. They can NOT be feeling right, and they will not show it. And then throw in the fact they have DNA that tells them drink only small amounts of water, even if they are thirsty…….what you are doing, Sunny, is reprogramming their DNA, and/or their etheric energy, and the way these animals communicate, news will be out in your neighborhood like no tomorrow. Message? Drink more water!!!! 🙂

              Another something I have in mind to write about…… much…….I am fascinated at how cats and animals communicate and I really believe we can learn a LOT from them on how to communicate on a Higher Plane. Or a more direct way, should I say?, then just words. It is called energy to energy communication.

              Now off I go and out for a walk. We are having amazingly warm weather here for October and I am grabbing it while it lasts.

              BIG (((HUGS))) my Sunshine Sister! Amy

              1. How much water per day do they need and what size syringe? My cat KUTHUMI had blood work done today. Vet thinks he has built up toxicity to his thyroid meds. Will know more tomorrow. But yes, all cats communicate to each other via an etheric web-like structure. My son’s partner is telepathic with his cats and they tell him all about a place called Cat World where the information “just flows amongst them.” Like what you said about the water information being spread throughout the cat community . They all know what each other are doing, who died, what’s going on in their lives with their owners, about illnesses, fights with other cats, being homeless, crossing over with a Greeter cat who leads them into the Rainbow Bridge, and about every facet of each others’ cat lives. I have learned so much over the years from Billy’s dialogue and conversations with his two cats. I can tell you all about it.

                1. OMG, Sunny I could talk to you all night about this. I am about ready to hit the pillow though, exhausted once again. We must figure out a way to talk. I am fascinated in how these cats communicate and have been putting pieces of the puzzle together by my self. OH OH OH I want to know MORE!

                  Water……depends on the weight of the cat. I put in about maybe 2-3 tablespoons of water in with the food (don’t drown the food) and 10cc to up to 30-40cc of water per day with the oral syringe. Again, it depends on the weight, the health, the AGE (older cats need more then younger cats) and the general appearance. Is the coat dull or glossy? Is the cat sleeping a lot, or seems lethargice, loss of interest in life, crabby or tense? Agitated? Hiding? Even with my cats that “seem” OK, I give water to. All are now sleeping deeper and better and a lot with “joint symptoms” are no longer having joint problems.

                  Use your intuition and TALK to your cat. Eye contact. ASK them. Some of mine are now coming to me when they need more water. I have them trained now that when they FEEL thirsty they come to me for water. I have 14 cats I take care of plus two more in the barn next door. It is time consuming. But. I feel it THAT important to do and I AM doing it out of LOVE for these guys.

                  Be gentle. Aim the water, a few cc’s at a time, in the side of the mouth back towards the throat. After a few trial and error, your cat and you will be more comfortable wiith this. Just make sure you don’t give the whole 10cc’s and aim right at the back of the throat. You will choke your cat. There should be videos on how to give a cat water orally. I would recommend watching those if you are nervous about doing this.

                  That’s it for me, Luv. I am heading for bed. But I really wish to talk to you about cat communication. AND water given to Kuthumi, will help him flush his liver and kidneys out. Water truly is LIFE.

                  Love, Amy

                  1. I will start to write down and make notes of all I remember about what Billy has told me about Cat World over the years, and what the cats say to each other and to humans. Thank you for the water procedure.

  15. Thank you Aisha, CC’s and pond angels (you appear that way often in my meditations, beautiful people with magnificent ever changing wings- sometimes birds) thank you for being here. Thank you for all your posts , especially the last few days. All are so meaningful and helpful. I seem to still be on a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows, but when I go low the pond often helps settle the anxiety and fears so that I can go back up again and gather back my center and peace. And when I don’t feel like sharing someone often says exactly what I’m feeling and I feel much less alone. What blessings 🙂

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