The manuscript of survival – part 359

You have come a long way dear ones, and already, you have put an indelible mark on this beautiful planet of yours. You have made a huge difference, and you will continue to do so, for you are not only the wayshowers, you are also the bringers of light in every aspect. We know that this will not be news to any of you, but it bears repeating, as you have mayhaps lost a little track of all of this in the midst of all of the personal challenges so many of you have been facing lately. For you are nothing short of Masters, as we have already told you, and what you help to bring in, is nothing short of miraculous. And already, the traces of light are starting to become more and more apparent on all sides. It is as if you have changed the tune completely, and even if that tune still is falling on many deaf ears, others are already picking it up and humming along to it. Can you not hear it? And can you not feel it in your very, somewhat weary, bones?

We know that to many, this will be of little consequence at the moment, for they might be staring at their own and seemingly unscalable personal wall in front of them, but please believe us when we say that you are all pushing forwards and upwards at all times now. For some, the walls have started to fall away, or may even be completely removed, while for others, the urge to slip back and let go seems to be a more tempting one than to keep scaling what looks like high cliff soaring up forever. You might be more than tired at times, but still, you have an untapped reservoar wtihin that is there at your disposal 24/7, and that will never let you down. Even when you feel you are letting yourself down. For you are not, and you will never be, for what you have done already, both on a personal level, but even more so on a collective one, is such a monumental effort, the traces of it will be clear for everyone to see long after you have left this physical incarnation. For you are pushing this change ever forward with every breath you take, and it is coming out of the shadows of doubt in so many ways now. Not only for you, but also for all of those who did not even know there existed such a thing as an alternate reality to the one they have been living and breathing seemingly forever. And it is you and only you who have made this new reality a reality, and you will continue to make it even more so in the time ahead.

So again we say take a deep breath, and take time to look around you, for you are no longer held back by the conventions of the old, and as such, you are free now to start to make you own personal mark on this new reality, the one that is bearing your name, and the one that has been created by your very sweat, blood and commitment. So again we thank you and ask you to be good to yourselves, as you need to see all that you have accomplished, and not focus on the things you seem to have missed so far. For if you do, it can make it that much more difficult for you to stand tall and garner strength from all of the successes you already have under your belt. To you, they might not seem to amount to much, but to us, it makes all the difference. Β For you have turned your world around already, and even if the momentum of this change has yet to be fully registered everywhere, it is unstoppable in every way. So again we say thank you on behalf of All of creation, and we commend you on a job well done. We know you will continue to impress us in so many ways, and we do hope you will be able to impress yourselves too by letting yourselves fully acknowledge the miracle you are taking part in.

146 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 359

  1. Wow Sun. With you on the body hear thing. Interesting observation on the 360!!! I remember looking forward to message 333 since it is very meaningful to me. πŸ™‚

    1. 365,25.. space / time / matter (external) = length + width + height + watch.. πŸ™‚
      360.. collective and universal consciousness..
      260.. individual consciousness, soul plan..

      1. “We know what you need & we know you know this too.” Well said πŸ˜‰

        On the top of the Pyramid, it is the reunion of the individual (and universal) feminine and masculine. Both work in unisson on the left and right sides – of the pyramid. I think the right side communicates through the nadis. 70 000 nadis, maybe an infinite number. There’s nothing to “do”. Just allow..

        1. Shock. Awe. Talk about unity consciousness !!!!!! Hummingbird HUGE for me. Don’t even know its meaning, but it played a profound part in my awakening. There is one who comes to see me every day for the last week. This morning it hovered right in front of my face for seceral moments. Showing me, you kmow?! Wow. Just wow. Can someone give me some more words please? Not enough.

  2. One last thing:

    The guides absolutely recommended staying together as a group. They are here for us but recognize the need for human companionship and support.
    Sometimes, shifts will be felt world-wide but on others, it may be one place in the world or another.

    They are very happy we have the “unity” for support, strength and help.

    Love, Susan

    1. This Unity Consciousness is seriously amazing. How awesome as we come together as One both in body and in mind! This is how we all shall change this world, that and our creations.

      Thank you, Susan! Some of what you wrote, I actually spoke about in my latest article, which I wrote last evening.

      For your reading pleasure, I left my link above.

      From my Heart to your Heart,
      Lady Pinkrose

      1. Read it!!! (As you already know :)) and it was much more than a pleasure, sister. Yeah, unity consciousness is something amazing. 333, my number is symbolic of this. Of mastery and the christed consciousness. Began receiving this number exactly 13 yrs ago (the 13th octave of AA Gabrielle of healing and ascension) AND I was born on the 13th of June. SO COOL!!!

  3. Part 2 – I decided to divide this and hope that these posts aren’t overly intrusive….

    *About the channels: The guides said that we (the human Light workers) are in different stages and of different capabilities. Some are just at the beginning and some are highly proficient. They have to go slowly.
    *About the “sugar coating” as I call it:
    – They don’t want to cause alarm or panic and until recently did not even admit publically that there was a cleaning operation.
    -They want to keep up the morale.
    -They needed to protect us in the past from (human) negatives.
    – There are still “ears” out there and they need to keep the details under wraps.
    *Yes – there is still some hacking out there. They thanked me for bringing this to their attention and will try to “monitor” it but they realize that stuff will still get through until all is clear. The guides said to “screen” or “sift” (as Aisha said today) information.
    *We are loved, valued and protected.
    *There is going to be hard work ahead of us. It is not going to be instant nirvana. We will understand and will be given instructions when the time comes.
    *They reconfirmed what Aisha’s CC’s said: That we can’t even imagine the wonders ahead of us. They HIGHLY recommended to put our focus NOW on things that we love – so again – it can be anything that distracts us from this “energetic soup.” Anything that brings pleasure is welcomed. It does NOT have to be spiritual!
    *About “jargon” – they said not to be concerned about this now. If one feels more comfortable using Sanskrit words – its fine.
    *About religion and beliefs – this is going to be a big kettle of fish in the future. Right now they advised believing in anything that is love based and which gives comfort.
    *About the physical symptoms – once again, they reconfirmed that this has nothing to do with any “human issues.” The headaches, anxiety and down are all due to the “RESIDUE” of the cleaning which is winding down.
    *The negatives are not dangerous but annoying. They cannot harm you. They are trying to monitor the hooliganism.

    So the bottom line is that things are improving. We are certainly not feeling the euphoria and bliss yet. There are going to be a few hard days in general we should be feeling a gradual improvement. As they said: “Things will get better and better.” They asked us NOT TO WORRY. Especially ME who always worries!!!! They asked us to GET OUT and divert our attention in the meanwhile. They hope to finish this and get on the way “within weeks or less.”


    Love, Susan

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