The manuscript of survival – part 358

As the waves subside somewhat it is time to take stock of the situation around you, and indeed within. For now, much has been shifted about, and it can be hard to discern where you are at the moment. So take it slow, and pick your way carefully forward, as you are bound to find things in the most unexpected of places. For now, nothing will seem the same ever again, as you have all been through a veritable maelstrom of energetic upheavals. And just like a boat being tossed about on open sea, nothing that is not securely fastened will be found in the same position as before you entered these high seas.

For now, you have been through a thorough cycle of cleansing and removing in so many ways, and as we told you earlier, it is time to stake stock of what you have got, and what you have not. What has been shifted, what has been turned upside down or inside out, and what has been remaining steadfast all through this storm? So sit back and do a careful inventory, lest you should miss out on any important details, not just in your own sphere, but also further afield as we have mentioned earlier. For amongst all of the flotsam and jetsam littering the surface, there will once again be some hidden gems, treasures that are of immeasurable importance to you all, but may go unnoticed amongst all of this debris.

You may find some surprises as well, as there might be parts of you still clinging tenaciously on that you would have thought would be a thing of the past by now. And why is that, you might ask. Well, perhaps that part of you has some inner meaning that you have not discovered yet? So again we say breathe, and sit back and take it all into account. It is so important that you all manage to get your breath back after all of this tumoil, and we want to make sure that you feel more on solid ground before we take you to that next step. And before you start to groan in exasperation or perhaps even exhaustion, remember that the next step may be of a very, very different kind than this intense cleansing that you have just been through. For now, the time to rebuild has come, and with it, some new challenges, but also a whole lot of rewards.


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  1. Hello everyone 🙂

    This is the first time I comment here and I hope you don’t mind… just wanted to share some feelings regarding one of All That Is’ expressions, also called “Pachamama”, that if it was for me to describe how I feel regarding It, it’d be with every and each one of the notes of this song perhaps I could also include the Cosmos, and beyond it, towards All That Is, but I suppose I’d need a longer tune for that… or just a warming loving silence.

    What I’m trying to say with this limited tool of words or language, is that… words are so small for so many tunes and feelings, that move and change all the time. There was a “time” I suppose that sound came first than words, and these last were just the roadmap or symbols for the abstractions… of feelings, and sounds, and colours and so on.

    And the feeling of Nature, surfing energy waves of infinite possibilities and realities, is what I feel when coming here, while reading Aisha, the CCs, the comments, the atmosphere. I don’t feel that my mind is forced into “this or that”, just like when how I feel in Nature, there’s a subtle freedom in that, that is not defined yet by anyone except us, we’re all creating our experiences after all… some physical, some not, some both, and the themes and plots and plays.

    Thank you all for the feelings of Nature you share here, feels like I’m in a Cosmic Forest. Sending feelings of hugs to everyone.

  2. Love your messages Sun 🙂

    Step by step – yes you will make it – I know 🙂

    I am so fascinated by your attention on what’s happening in you, all the time. This is said by a person who don´t have a clue what is going on at all – have never been able to do it. I live in the here and now and accept what’s happening and have complete confidence that everything will be for the best – because it is my belief and my experience 🙂

    Love and respect,


  3. Sun, I too have been experiencing this physical merging of right and left sides of the body, for several months now. I feel like I am becoming an upward spiral of energy. And trying to keep my consciouness in that central core. Thanks for sharing more of your journey. I always love hearing from you.

  4. Hi folks–yesterday I shared about being displaced by the Colorado floods, and my little community of Jamestown being all but destroyed. Yet again, Aisha’s message today is right on target! Just want to add that my Guides have been saying “All will be well.” (Hard to believe in the middle of so much destruction and suffering!) But a couple days ago they switched to saying “All will be better.” Wow. They never said that before. How cool is this?!


    You guys DO KNOW (I hope) that when I post these types of songs I am singing about awakening to mySelf, my spirit, my Oneness with Source. It is such a glorious thing to feel ALIVE for the first time. I just want to shout it out over the rooftops. I am Here. I am Home. IAM.

    And this magnificent reunion with my other half is an integral part of that. That treasure is not the “be all end all” but is the expression and the extension and the expansion of BEing ALL.


  6. Yes, 911 red flag, time to lay down..

    Everything is simultaneous. Past, present and future are a persistent illusion, Einstein said.

    Some say that time goes forward though consciousness goes backwards.

    We create in the past from the future point of view. From the apex of the pyramid, we build the fundations. The individual and internal all-seeing eye.

    There’s no required effort. Things unfold naturally.

    I am who I am now – and basically I am nothing, no-thing -, and I understand from the now moment why I did create all that strange 50 years story without undertanding in those times. I can’t understand the whole structure now, except if I enter the no-time zone : meditation, relaxation, dream state, or space between thoughts…

    There is no thought in the no-time zone, as thought is based on the past and the future which is an expectation based on the past as well. The thought process is always fragmented.

    As time is not linear, there can’t be any “past life”. There could be parallel lives though, but if so, we always change those “incarnations” from the now moment… (that’s what Moody said)

    There are infinite universes crossing your living room all the time. But if you see a dinosaur crossing your living room, don’t say to the neighbours.. 🙂

    The awakening unfolds naturally. I am going back to my bed.. 🙂

    Hugs Amy and happy ponderers -D-

    1. My God, Dominique, when you get out of your bed you say the most amazing things, of such depth and truth. Basically after living more then 5 decades, I am seeing from where you see, yet I seem to be a seesaw. Flowing in the now, transporting my spirit to the no-space, flowiing, and knowing I am one of the many One. Then a drama pops into my life, and I “crash” to 3D landscape, blindly attempting to get back to now. And realizing the entire time that what I am attempting to get out of, doesn’t even exist. (smile) My best days are when I find my no-thought place. Ah, I live for those moments.

      And the more I get accustomed to BEing in that place of no-thought, the more I just AM in that place. Why? Because that place is my natural way of BEing. 🙂

  7. I am the f*ing Bionic Woman. And I so happen to run with the Six Million Dollar Man who is also stronger than he knows at the moment.

    1. 🙂

      We understand the past from the current point of view.
      We understand the present from the future point of view.
      The future point of view can be found in the no-time zone.
      One of the meanings of the point of singularity… not so far…

      1. Nice, Dominique. LOVE what you said here. It is food for thought.

        Some material I have been studying is presenting the fact there is no time, no past, no future, just the ever unfolding present NOW Moment. The only way one can wrap a head around that, is by actually experiencing it (of course). Years now I have dismissed the clock as my “ruler” and now today, I can actually say, I am in the Now, and in the No-space around that Now point in order to create. Don’t know if my terminology is all correct, but that is from my understanding.

        My intuition has replaced time. On occasion I do glance at the clock on those days I am out of flow. I’ve gotten so expert at flowing in the now, that I tell myself before I fall asleep I shall awake at a certain time (there is no other way to do this, that I have figured out), and I wake up at that appointed time. No alarm clocks. God, how I abhor alarm clocks, always have. To wake up in a startled state is awful. What a horrible way to begin any day, with your heart jumping up in your throat.

        Or laying there all night long worrying about when that darn alarm clock is going to ring. Oh Lord! I am SO glad those days are over with! I will live in the NOW anytime over any clock. 🙂

        Again, what a pleasure chatting with you, Dominique. The good news is that the “death pall” that was hanging over me today is lifting. In one of my rare glances at clocks last night, I saw three 9:11’s. That is a signal from HS to me that what is coming is rough and tough and to hunker down, lay low, and stay calm. Just about every internal red flag was thrown when I saw THREE clocks with that exact time on them. Of course, when I saw this, I said, OH NO! I will not buy into this anymore! Tomorrow (which never comes) will be (again never happens) a peaceful day. I will NOT accept this as “law” that this is a warning.

        Needless to say, my backside saw the upside of a couch today. 🙂 For most of the day……….ha…….hmmmmm……

  8. I’m curious about protection here…it relates to something I listened to recently concerning the Akashic records. The premise was that because there are so many entities all around us all the time, when we have those moments of “AAAARRRGH!” and call out for “help”, we are actually opening ourselves up to whatever entities are close by, negatives and tricksters included, to move through us and manipulate us in various ways. To play with us. There was also talk of negative guides…that is, guides who are at a lower vibration who served us well at one time (previous lifetimes before we evolved to this point), who are still clinging to us instead of moving on to someone who is in alignment with their vibration/teachings…attachments, for lack of a better word. I know in my own experiences, I have felt like I’ve been invaded at times when I have called out. I don’t know how much of what was said is true, but since that time I have been wise about WHO I call on for help, naming a specific Being (like AA Michael for example) but usually I just call my own higher aspects for consolation or assistance when anxiety/depression hits, and that has served me far better than any general call-outs I have made in the past. I don’t like fear-mongering of any sort, and I do feel we at this Pond are protected by each other to a large degree, so I hope no one is frightened by these ideas, but I wanted to put this out there because the subject of protection and “reporting” rather than policing came up earlier in the comments, and I feel that until we are 100% certain there are no remaining negative guides hanging around and clinging, it is safer to call on our own higher aspects for assistance rather than any entities “out there”, regardless of how helpful they might appear to be.

    Here is a link to the video that spurred this comment, in case anyone wants to check it out!

    Love & Blessings to All,

    1. I agree 100% with Maggie. Call on ONLY your HS and YOUR Team. NO ONE ELSE. And put white Light around you. This storm too shall pass. We will get through this. I know!!!

      (((HUGS))) to all!!!!! Amy

      1. Maggie awesome words. Protectoon big issue for me.of course. Thanks for reaching out on this. And yeah… usually I just throw out a general HELP as I did not know how esle it. No f*ing wonder!!!! Makes sense. Thanks for guidance and education. Looking forwsrd to video once i can even focus. Luv 2 U all.

        1. AH, do yourself some good. Get off of here. Go take a sea salt bath. Sit in there with some music playing and a candle lit. Get some rocks from outside to fit in the palm of your hands and hold them until you get grounded. Calm. Centered. And get in some comfy pj’s, put some good food in your stomach and go to bed. That is all I have done this day, and believe me, even though I am reeling, I am grounded and I am calm.

          Loving you, AH. Pamper you. Treasure you. And KNOW this is NOT about you. Sleep well…….

          Love, Amy

    2. And yes it is all about perception as well. I just do NOT acknowledge anything negative for in doing so I play into something I will not deal with. I call upon only those angels I know, Masters I know, my HS and my Team. Lately it has been AA Michael and Me.

      And IF you are not getting slammed, count your blessings. We the sensitives out in this world are getting beat up. IF you believe we are creating this, that is again your choice. I am beginning to wonder if it is the chemtrails that are making us feel like this or if it truly is the negatives. I don’t know. All I do know, I am hunkering down until this is over.

      I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Hang in together. WE can do anything together. WE are ONE!


    Reclaiming Your Feminine Power
    by Michelle Royce

    It’s time! Time for all women of all ages to remember and reclaim the wisdom and magic of the lunar cycle and to accept the birthright of the Moon Goddess which we are given as a gift when we are born into this life as women.(Or maybe even when we aren’t born as women for some of us!) It’s a simple sounding idea to track one’s menstrual cycle, but over time we may discover that this pracice offers much more than just a physical reminder of what day we are due to bleed.

    It can become a pathway that leads to the fathomless depths of the feminine psyche, a place many of us have heard about in myth and legend, a place many of us feel calling us from within, a place that is connected to our dreams and desires, the wisdom and magic of ourselves, of the earth, the seasons and the divinty and spirit which is in everything.

    When I discuss this issue with women in my workshops, they are often surprised to find that I begin at this point. I have heard many of them make comments something like, ‘Well I know I start to bleed around the seventh, that’s all I really need to know, what else is there?”

    To answer them I usually ask if they know that the cycle actually takes place over a full twenty-eight day period on average, although this can and does vary quite widely while still being ‘normal’ for that particular woman. “Of course,” they usually reply, “you learn that in biology!”

    Most of us have seen a drawing of the ovaries and the uterus at some time. Most of us have been told that once a month, usually after the first fourteen or so days of the cycle known as the pre-ovulatory phase during which time oestrogen has been building up in our bodies, an egg is released. This time is known as the ovulation phase, and can be experienced by some women as physical manifestations of pain or discomfort around the pelvic area, breast tenderness or swelling, cravings for certain foods, or even ‘spotting’.

    After the egg is released the hormones progesterone and oestrogen are both produced, allowing the uterus to create a thickened lining containing a place for the potential foetus (fertilised egg) to lodge and gain nourishment. If fertilisation doesn’t take place, the pre-menstrual phase commences in which hormone levels fall and the uterine lining begins to break down, eventually leaving the uterus by way of the vagina as menstrual ‘discharge.’ The symptoms of ‘Pre- Menstrual Syndrome’ are fairly well-known, and discussed elsewhere, so I’ll leave it at that.

    We all know this stuff, don’t we? We were taught in biology, or sex education, or health, or by whichever parent handled ‘the talk’. If we had older sisters or friends with older sisters, sometimes we were filled in on the mysteries and miseries of PMS, pads and tampons. If we were really lucky, we were made to feel that this monthly experience was something that was worthwhile and necessary, even if only so that we could become mothers at some far-distant (or maybe not so far distant!) time. If we weren’t, we were informed that it was a monthly misery, uncontrollable, fraught with difficulty, discomfort and a vague shamefulness that we had to ‘grin and bear’ in order to continue the species.

    But I don’t know many women who were told that each and every day of this physical cycle, emotional changes, energy changes, dream cycle changes and creativity changes were also taking place. I certainly wasn’t! Our society’s lack of understanding for and lack of recognition of this fact is what has probably given rise to the notions that women are somehow not able to function in ‘serious’ roles because they are unreliable and illogical.

    The only way women have been able to become acceptable in most male-dominated areas such as business for example, is to ignore cyclic changes or treat them as ‘illness’, and attempt to be more like men. This attitude is finally beginning to change, as humans realise that each gender brings its own strengths to any situation.

    But as women, remedying our own ignorance about our cycles, learning and understanding more about our own selves, what we are capable of and when, and giving this knowledge to our daughters right from the start of their menstrual journey can bring many changes to our lives for the better.

    And taking responsibility for gaining this knowledge moves us away from being perceived as poor suffering victims at the mercy of nature to women of knowledge and power, informed and able to take action regarding our lives including this ‘mysterious’ monthly transformation we undergo.We are reclaiming our birthright and fulfilling our destinies!

    From a physical viewpoint, knowledge about our cycle is important for many reasons, contra-ception and con-ception being two areas that immediately spring to mind. Did you know for example that it’s possible to become pregnant twice in each lunar cycle? If you know when your more fertile times (just after ovulation usually) are likely to occur you stand a better chance of becoming or not becoming pregnant, depending on which is your choice at this time!

    1. Hallelujah …. hallelujah …. (janis how do i put little musical notes in here)

      You guys know singing when you see it anyway. 😉

      Thanks Otmn…

  10. Susan thank you for helping us understand that much of this debris we are feeling is of the last pockets of dark, and not our own personal transmuting of our own issues. I thought I had gotten to the last layer of healing myself so many times but still couldn’t feel complete with it. And kept wondering what was i doing wrong or missing.
    Now I see I volunteered to help with the overall negativity as my guides confirmed it. It was not a choice to volunteer at a conscious level, but a higher self choice, as they said I would not have taken that assignment on, due to the amount of effort it took to work thru and process my own inner work the last few months. But somehow I guess some of us chose to take more blows and hits to move this collective bringing-of -the -light in so as to speed up the process. It is very relieving to finally understand where a lot of this is coming from, so we can choose to have a bit more control over it.

    1. My call for protection today seems to have helped. My command of “no more” was possibly on the feeble side. 🙂 More request than command. Stuff finding its way in “on technicality.” Ha ha… least im laughin

      1. Jeeeezzz!! No sooner did I speak…. 3D dominoes falling over to set big bomb off. C ya on the other side….

        1. Snap off light. Me gone. Simple detachment or numb? Dead again… refuse another void trip. Pyramid of light for shelter this time until storm passes. They always pass…

    1. Just BE knowing All is well. All the time. Dammit…. why does this feel so much like very very deep personal lessons being taught????

      Amy I need some of your ability to DEMAND proper treatment. Doormat wiped with the dog crap here. Why do I get so angry at self on top of all that? Sunny… is it really not our own failts? Susan… really just the negs? Sooooo does not feel like it. Get me outta this f-ing body. Retreat in progress. Bold move?? Or just running away?

      I can see now why he slapped me. Why he hissed stupid bitch. Can’t feel high self to tell lower self…. “LIES. ALL LIES.” Know it there. Cant get it.

      1. OH, Luv, yes, this is NOT about you. There is NOTHING to forgive for you are Divine in every way. YES. We make mistakes but so what??? So f’ing what??? Move on, learn from them, and know what is happening now is truly the negatives. Yes, it does feel personal. For months it felt SO personal as I lived with wrath and rage. Now I am reeling from extreme exhaustion and extreme pain and just want all this to stop.

        AH, if there is ONE thing you believe me saying, it is this. This is NOT about you. The withdrawal of the negatives are furious and they are pulling every dirty trick in the book. They KNOW your weaknesses. The nose of your plane is diving. PULL UP and stay up. Honey, just hang on to my hand. The past is gone totally gone but the tape inside your head is still running. And those who are screaming with rage know this, so they are deliberately triggering you.

        I may sound like a raving lunatic right now and I do NOT care. I can barely see as I type this to you. I feel your desperation. Shout to the thoughts that will not stop and stand firm. Shout NO! NO! You are NOT real! And start saying I AM PEACE. I AM DIVINE IN ALL WAYS. I LOVE ME! And don’t stop.

        Yes, retreat and stay away from what is triggering you. Do not play into it. This is a true test of our courage and strength, and darn it, I KNOW you have both. I AM HERE WITH YOU. FEEL ME. I AM HERE, AH!

        Breathe deeply and COMMAND these thoughts to go. Get AA Michael in on the act and tell him to cut ALL chords from you to the core of these thoughts, or to those who are tampering with your thoughts. Do it, AH, even if you don’t understand this. And then surround yourself with WHITE LIGHT in an egg all around you.

        This is the last of the barrel, and the bottom is always where the sludge is. NO negatives are allowed on this earth and those who have been connected to them, are furious. There still may be pockets of resistance, and this is what we are all feeling.

        WE are going to get through this! WE are ONE!!!!

        Stop going into the past and stay in the NOW! Whatever you can do, get yourself calm. YOU are OK. Don’t play into the game that is being played, and that is all it is. You are LIGHT and you are LOVE and NOTHING else.

        I LOVE YOU, Anna Helen. Steady we are! Amy

        1. Ok ok ok breathe… i am hearing you and feeling you not seeing too well thru my own tears but here with you

          The whole.idea of it not being me is so new and liberating i can hardly grasp it…. cage door open why not fly away type thing … just now seeing openndoor… you get it ….just talking it out… love you all so much….

          Yes michael here… he i xalled on for protection earlier ….must have dropped his hand somewhere…

          Reached out. Other hands there….good more angels love you

    2. Amy !!! I totally missed the CA link here yesterday!!!! I drew it to my attention just now by “accident.” Hehehehe… oh perfect. Thank you for this…. much needed.


    1. For 7 solid years since the FEEL of this SOUND this VIBE touched me so deeply, my heart has been sending out its call. I did not even know the english translation of the lyrics until today. Sacred Divine Love.

      it’s from Josh Groban’s cd entitled AWAKE. They are all perfect.

      My soul sings to yours. Always has.

  11. i”m back. up from the depths… ahhh. Verty soon, i believe we wont feel a need to say OMG! or Whoa! or Wow! because they will be the norm. I was on my way back from courier run – a job i created for myself at the bank – 3 hrs of bliss, beautiful back roads. I am listening to the radio and the music all of a sudden becomes so ‘lucid’ so ‘fluid’. every cord of every song. then everything else all around is so ‘fluid’. I am so soothed and ‘fluid’. Its balanced to this time. not just energy in 3rd eye, etc. all over and everywhere. I glance over at a house being fixed up – men are tearing off one layer of wood and underneath is revealed the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. LOL. wonderful !! wonderful !! it was like old grafitti from long ago – on a country farm house. My movements from this time on have been very ‘fluid’. I liken it to the aliens – how they moved – in Close Encounters movie. Happy days folks… Happy days. my uterine area is very warm… and…. fluid 🙂

    1. ….uh that did not sound real good – a warm fluid uterus. sorry – ignore that all you men reading. its just a happier/healther uterus. ok enough about my uterus. Amy —- love that info about GAEA. It was the “I” that bugged me. The feminine power has returned – for woman and men – that Yin side that guides and heals. re our planet – I call her Mother Earth myself and I have always talked with her and Love to lay upon her for healing.

      1. that’s funny ‘Breeze’ !!…….& I Thank You for All the Love you are giving to Mother-Earth….it is extremely important, more than many truly understand right now…..Bless You & Keep your warm Compassion flowing !………..Love, Bev~

      2. Girl it sounded just right. Blood and water and fluid is Life. The very MATERial of creation. You spoke truth, dear one. I so often censor myself. I find that when I do so, I am missing out on some real gems.

    1. Grace… she is one powerful femme. 🙂 Talk about “free to be me” 🙂 awesome, lysiane

      Ne rien. Je t’aime aussi.


    So fascinating, this. I am more of a “what’s in a name? a rose by any other name would taste (smell?) as sweet” person. Since Gaia resonates with me in exactly the same way as Mother Earth or Mu, I had to look it up. So I am learning here about the power and frequency particular words carry. Particular SOUNDS carry. It’s all about energetic vibration.

    1. AH, in one of the books that I have read, I came across the knowledge that in our “earth history” man tampered with the name “GAIA”. Yep. Of the era when the Feminine was “worshipped” and women were looked upon as Wise, as Healers, and the form through which the “Feminine” manifested, man began to rebel and so took THE most primary name of this Earth and changed it from GAEA to GAIA. The “e” represents softness, an opening and an enclosure, as in the vagina and the womb. The “i” on the other hand is very masculine as in appendage or penis. Thus, man changed the entire meaning of the word and around that same time period men began to persecute women, seeing her as evil. The reign of the Divine Feminine died to the Patriarchy. All from fear of the power of women.

      I found this information fascinating. I don’t know if you have ever noticed, when I write the name of our Mother, I write GAEA.

      Love, Amy

      1. I did notice the different spelling, yes. for explaining it. Makes absolute sense, and I will now use Gaea. Totally feel the whole opening of the E. A cauldron of heat and energy. Quite nice at times and quite uncomfortable at others. Feelings I have never had in this body. It does very much feel like “natural power.”


      2. Thank you Lady Pinkrose for this fantastic info! It in fact probably explains some people’s uncomfortable feelings re: this name.

        And this also explains why the name Gaia never bothered me.
        In this lifetime one of my themes is the perfect balancing of Masculine & Feminine…the total integration of Yin/Yang in one soul.

        Therefore I am perfectly happy with both the Feminine GAEA and the Masculine GAIA.

        I am content to connect with either one — I accept both equally.

    2. Thank You both Anna & Amy for this information ! As part of awakening we each must determine within ourselves what is truth, what sings a pure resonating vibration to our hearts, as you pointed out dear Amy, the word of Mother Earth has been distorted thru history to often suit other ruling human influences such as within cultures, religions & political terms….I’ve always felt distortion emanating from this word ‘Gaia’….so Thank You Amy for this explanation & makes perfect sense & matches what my heart tells me ! & dear Anna thanks for this link….although in an official publication, it does not always mean it is laden in Truth….we must discern the right & wrong ourselves….& also us All being unique it is perfectly o.k. to not always agree !….don’t you think ? ‘Terra’ also works for me, but it resonates more of the physical elements than an etheric spiritual one….& Amy ‘Gaea’ does sound much better !………..Love & Life to you both !….Bev~

      I’ve posted this before….this is what I believe….it may have interest for you !

      1. Quite so about things not necessarily being true simply b/c it is in printed form. Yeah, some of these things are so new to me. So I always turn here when “turning something over” (ha! Furrowing, planting, etc. 🙂 ) so that I will get feedback like you all are giving here. Thanks!

    3. Same here! I no longer focus on the energy signature of names, because that is all locked into the Belief System on this planet.
      The name can mean anything at all you want it to mean. If you are still playing in Duality, you can paste a Positive or Negative belief on it.

      Or if you are mastering the game of Duality, you can look at the name as being completely Neutral….having no meaning whatsoever. This allows your perspective to have no limits.

  13. Thank you! again, Susan, for the A-B-C Clarity… it REALLY helps. I look forward to your posts. You don’t mess around–laser-beam point. (And warm gratitude to All here as well.) Lin

  14. One last thing:

    When reading any channeled messages or receiving messages:

    1. Does it resonate (sit well with you?) How do you feel when you receive this message? Relieved? Angry? Happy? Does it lift your spirits?
    2. Check for consistencies or lack of. On a day when there is supposed to be a big flood of Light, you feel worse physically or emotionally?
    3. Promises of an event on a certain day or date. Federation does not use dates. They will say “weeks” or “shortly” or “soon.”
    4. Ask yourself “Does this make sense?” If everything is clear, how come people all over the world are reporting physical and emotional symptoms? How come there was a large terrorist attack in Kenya on the day where we were supposed to be flooded with Light?
    5. TRUST YOUR GUT. If you feel calm, serene and happy – it means that the guys of the Light are around. If you feel anxious, depressed or in pain, it means there is some negative residue out there. Pain usually means that something is being cleaned (or destroyed..)
    6. Is the message clear? If it isn’t or the messenger one minute says yes and another minute no – watch out. If there is hesitation in the message – watch out.
    7. Is the message too much like a sermon? Is it too long? Federation guides are very much to the point.


    1. Thanks once again Susan!

      I have always sought the simple, pure and natural, in accordance with nature and without a lot of frills, rituals and accessories. I always wanted to play down the spirituality in our lives, making it a natural part of my and others’ lives.

      I really appreciate your posts 🙂

      Love and respect,


    2. Susan, this is made easy for me. When reading a channeled message that does not resonate with me, either I am not able to understand it or I get this yucky feeling in my stomach. I immediately turn away. 🙂

      Thank you for ALL the information you bring here and to all of us. I really do Love you!

      HUGS, Amy

  15. WOW! So many comments!
    After a 12 (yes 12) hour uninterrupted sleep last night, I feel refreshed and back on board. So to answer your many questions:

    JayJay: The medical teams are not yet back to work. They are aboard craft and will return after the cleaning is completed. Right now, it is security and essential services. No teams are on “ground level.” They are back and forth. I asked and have been assured that the medical teams will assist us and our loved ones as soon as they get the green light.

    Debra: Many females are experiencing pain in the ovarian areas and uterus. There is a chakra in that area. It is considered a place both of birth and survival. Many have been having dreams about giving birth. When in doubt, you should always have an ultrasound to make sure all is well. I can tell you this has been quite common lately as well as pain in other chakras – vibrations in the heart area and solar plexis. BTW, the medical teams were completely able to dissolve uterine fibroids I had two years ago much to the surprise of my GYN who wanted to perform a hysterectomy…..

    Amy: I went through the period of questioning my sanity years ago. Today I am very sure of what I feel, see and hear. Luckily in Israel, it is pretty much in the open. I feel terrible for people who are in the middle of this energetic storm and don’t know what it is. Blaming themselves or others. Worst of all, the poor ones who are told that they are imagining it. With all due respect to our Pond Mother whom I adore, I feel that the CC’s are not always above board when it comes to dispensing information. I sometimes get frustrated and even angry when they sugar coat the situation. I don’t want to hear about boats being tossed in the ocean. I don’t want to be told that I will feel bliss when I know for damned sure that the clean up in most certainly NOT over. I have said this before and will say it again: You DON’T get anxious, depressed or pain from the Light. I think the CC’s somehow treat us like children and try to protect us and it backfires. So – as far as I know – we are in a “lull” presently. They are getting the hooligans to settle down. They told me they don’t want to commit to a date but they hope within “weeks” it will all be over. They need to get things “flowing” and “in order” shortly. The clean up is almost over.

    Anna Helen: It is not our job to be the security team. This is the job of the Federation. Too many times I have had to stand my ground with these negatives. You need not surrender to any energy nor need to fight it. You need to report it. Make a very clear telepathic phone call to your guides and tell them what’s going on. It is their job to police – not ours.

    Keira: I got into Gaia Portal. To tell you the truth, I had a very hard time understanding it. I can’t say it resonated with me and I can’t say it didn’t resonate. What I can tell you is that there are certain “red flags” that should cause you to question:

    Gaia – I have NEVER heard my guides use this word with me in all the years I have dealt with them.
    Saint, Lady, Christ or Christed One and the like….any kind of religious jargon…..
    Portals – Again – they will sometimes use a word like “gate” but I have never heard them refer to any significance of this.
    Instructions or wild goose chases – do this; don’t do that; put an apple and candle for 3 days and it will bring you good luck; pass this on to friends; urgent message to lightworkers to do this on 3 days….
    Numbers (yes we all have codes and special numbers) but they are not revealed on channels.

    Do expect another wave or two of the galactic garbage removal. I do not think it is completely over but I DO think we are absolutely nearing the end and we ARE to expect some sort of event.

    With love and relief for a calm day,


    My guides are always warning me to stay away from most of the stuff channeled. Some of it is good, most of it is hacked. There has been a reduction over the past few months.

    Insomnia: This is due to a few factors:
    1. The teams prefer to do much of the cleaning at night in order to cause the least amount of disruption.
    2. It is easier them to clean and do what they need to do when it is dark.
    3. Some “work” – like upgrading our DNA is best done when we are sleeping.
    4. When there is too much galactic noise and work going on, we wake up from it. Try sleeping in an airport with the smells, sounds and vibrations.
    5. It is the crown chakra located at the very top of the head that acts like an antenna. It is picking up on everything going on. The third eye located in the middle of the forehead “sees” things and is responsible for intuition.

    1. thanks Susan… no time to read the whole thing right now.. but i saw your reply to me… very appreciated. haning in there. xo to you !

      1. Birgitta, I went to reply to you under your comment that spoke of how you feel about me. I went to hit reply and instead I hit delete and right now I do not have the time to go over the Pond……I respond here.

        I am touched, I am as Alex said, “without words”. I think it “time” to give myself a bit more credit for what I do, because in all seriousness I really didn’t realize how I touch others to the extent you wrote about. I just reach out with my Heart and I write, allowing my fingers freedom to just let the words flow forth.

        I honor you, Sister, and am very glad you have become an “active” participant in this Pond. You are valued beyond measure.

        And I really do LOVE you. BLESS you for BEing YOU! You have touched my Heart deeply this day!

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Tears in my eyes Amy! Thanks!

          Yes – remarkable things happen when you let your heart speak and feel you can talk without being judged for every word you say and the receiver have love glasses on 🙂



    2. Thanks as always Susan. Your words are finally hitting home with me and I am calling in protection. Now I will also send out the command of “No more.” Somebody somewhere keeps telling me this…… 🙂 finally I HEAR you all….

      I would like to say that for me, Ascension is such a beautiful tapestry of “religious” implications, angelic presence, galactic family influence… all culiminating in me coming to love and understand Life here in the physical natural plane of existence on Gaia.

      There’s a little bit of everything from everywhere that all fits perfectly into place… so amazing.

    3. Thank You dear Susan ! You truly are a wealth of information & I can honestly say your contribution to this site is most beneficial ! I’ve never commented on your messages before as I do appreciate your insight, but some of what you say simply creates difficulty for me…..but your mention of the word ‘Gaia’ brought my attention & the need to say that I agree completely ! I’ve always found it difficult to say this word, kinda like a swear word & totally does not resonate with me….whenever I speak of her it is always Mother-Earth or simply Mother or Mu….this feels correct & true in my heart……interesting……you indeed brought this up for me to address as I’ve never spoken about it before… Thank You dearest friend !….& I always agree about the dates thing…& I’m always told Ascension is a very delicate process, like the unfolding of a blooming flower….it will unfold as it is meant to be, it is the way, & no please-please-please….hurry-hurry-hurry from us will change it. Trust & Patience in the process is always key !
      Have a Light filled day dear Susan !……….LOve, Bev~

      1. Lovely Bev, it’s very likely you have had past lives in Lemuria when we were intimately connected with Mommy Earth….hence, “Mu”.

        Although strange for our human brains to grasp, these so-called past lives, from a multidimensional NON-linear perspective are still existing simultaneously alongside our current incarnation, and we are cross-connecting to them all the time.

        Well, you & Susan have me investigating where “Gaia” came from before Lovelock grabbed it from Golding in the 60’s and then the scientific community laid hands on it.
        Obviously well after Lemuria and Atlantis but before Greek mythology, it’s been traced back to India, supposedly.

        “Gaia is a compound of two elements: Ge meaning Land or Earth and Aia meaning Grandmother, often Gaia is referred to as the Mother of Earth.”

        So Gaia originally meant Grandmother Earth, and is the goddess who brought order out of chaos.
        In Roman mythology, Gaia was supplanted by “Tellus” or “Terra” (which is now making me think of the Agarthans of “Telos”).

        I haven’t yet been able to find a negative association with the word – although I’m very open to finding one – and personally it has never bothered me…my reaction is that it is a pretty feminine sound.

        1. Kiera thank you so.much sister. “Brought order out of chaos….” very very empowering in this particular moment. The timeline thing too. Always forget there is cross over energy there.

          This pond rocks!! Kickin ass and takin names. Giving and receiving as ONE. Love you all. So grateful you’re here.

    4. Susan, my Sister, I say this in Love and total respect for you. This Sacred Space is what Aisha has created in order for all of us to come together as Family. Without her, this Pond would not be.

      And in so saying, Aisha deserves the utmost respect and Love in return, not criticism. Keep in mind, Aisha is the “messenger” and a darn loyal and good one at that, and what she “hears” she “obediently” writes down, no matter what she hears.

      We all owe Aisha our deepest Gratitude. If you are truly not happy with what the CC’s say, could you please just keep it to yourself? I know the kind of person our Sister is, and she truly is doing her ultimate best at all times.

      I Love you, Susan. If my words hurt, they were not meant to.


      1. Respectfully Amy, I wish to offer my support and understanding to Susan here. Her comment didn’t seem to me to be any critic aimed at Aisha, whom she refered to as one of the few reliable channels of our days. Her comment came across to me as a message for the CCs and I am sure they can take it. They surely know that their constant obscurantism and lack of information keeps us in a state of confusion and uncertainty, and I believe they sometimes deserve a bit of ranting to let them know how it really feels down here.

        I also see the CCs as teachers and us as students, and I share her hunger for more ‘meaty’ teachings from the higher realms. I agree with her that CCs messages are somewhat sugar coated, and probably formatted to this particular venue, and that is fine because a lot of people need this level of analysis, but it is also OK for some of us to wish and ask for something more. I believe it is a noble goal to aspire at creating an anvironment where everyone is welcome to share what’s on his/her mind and I believe we all become better souls when we can achieve this, at both ends, as a speaker and as a reader. No hard feelings?


        1. “Obscurantism” i love it

          I think they might be learning something from us as well.

          Love and light to all…

        2. In hindsight, Nayon, I believe I wrote from a place in me that is seeing a pattern continue. That pattern being the majority relying on sources outside of themselves for information, when the CC’s and other sources, have been very clear that we now have new connections that enable us to communicate ourselves.

          So why aren’t more of us going within, BEing quiet, and listening? Out of sheer habit of seeking information from “channeled” messages most of us continue to seek outside of ourselves. I think many of us are missing out on the opportunity to at least try to communicate ourselves. I know I have been. But, the noise or the chatter or the interference has been continuously in the way.

          And OK, even though Susan’s comments were directed towards the CC’s, don’t you possibly think that Aisha could have gotten her feelings hurt, because of the fact she continually brings forth missives and works so hard for all of us? Yes, you all saw the Tigress in me, and because I “feel” behind the words, or behind the scenes here at the Pond, I believe there was a very real possibility that our Aisha got hurt in the exchange of words.

          I am a Peacemaker. I walk the Higher Road. Yet I as you have the human experience at the same time. Makes for a decidedly confusing life sometimes.

          Love and Much Peace, Amy

          1. I am sure you know about the old saying; don’t shoot the messenger. I think most readers here feel that Aisha is simply delivering the message and is not the author per say. If Aisha felt hurt, it was out of a misunderstanding. Should we worry about people misunderstanding our comments? I don’t know. In my case, this happens quite frequently and if I’d worry about that, I would never write anything. Nobody can blame you for your wilingness to be a peacemaker, but maybe here is a case of ‘preemptive’ peacemaking. If Aisha ever wishes to make public her feelings about this, I am sure she knows how. I’m certain that most of us appreciate her contribution as it is or why else would we come here every day? It may be a candy shop to many, but as you say, there is more inside and around us for those who seek something else. I would hope that Aisha would not feel personnaly responsible for this. We Love her for what and who she is.

    5. Susan, as you know, once we reach a certain level the sugar-coated channelings that bombard us with metaphors and blissful words become not only frustrating but intolerable.
      There is one man who recently wrote that he could no longer read them because they just “pissed him right off”.

      Once you grow past the point of anger/frustration, then you simply lose all interest in reading them, period, as they no longer apply to you.

      This is why when I come across a very rare gem like you, I appreciate you to the hilt. Other than you and a very few others, I’ve found that once people progress past the need for sweet words only, the only other alternative has been….well….basically only Georgi Stankov.

      But even that is not ideal, because although Georgi gives you the refreshingly straight in-your-face information minus the pink goo, with him you still have to sift through his gigantic Ego, as well as the negative judgment issues he never lets go of, never clears from his system.

      With both the Sugary Channelers (tons), and the slightly Negative Channelers (rare)….what I have observed is that the information being channeled always depends on the Level of Awareness of the Channeler.
      A channeler cannot connect to and bring through information that is beyond their current level of experience.

      One of the best examples of this is Dolores Cannon. If you study her latest books / videos, you’ll hear her describe how “Source” Consciousness had to treat her with kid gloves as far as giving her information at various stages of her mental growth.

      Information such as how Parallel Realities operate, still befuddles her, and she assumes the rest of humanity has as hard a time with it as she does. But what took her years to be able to understand, (& she is still not comfortable with it)…. took me days.
      I want more. But I can’t get it from “human” channelers, who are all limited to various extents.

      I have had the most incredibly accurate information come from certain ET’s. Always. This has not failed over the years.

      This is what has me wondering about GaiaPortal – regardless of any negative definitions that may have been tacked onto portals or vortexes or stargates or torsion fields (they are all built with the same spinning Energy… Higher Self actually built a triangular stargate in my sleep state)….
      …..regardless of all that, this group’s messages have been strangely spot on for so many High Energy Workers as to make me wonder if they are actually off-world. I once joked that perhaps they were Extra-Terrestrial Leprechauns? 😉

      Bless you for the energy breakdown info that is actually going on at night.

      Now I finally know what those helpful buggers are doing energywise, to keep me so infernally awake.
      I was always wondering what they were saving as night-time work, and WHY. And why the hell couldn’t they spare us poor humans & do it during the day instead!
      Massive hug for that.

  16. Breeze cant find your last comment to reply. Love you…

    Holding your hand… hugging you… you’re NEVER alone.

    1. And one thing I learned about this moon energy…. lots of tugging and surging and pain and pleasure goin on in the female organs. An extreme awakening and purging. Stormy ocean.

    2. thanks Anna – I was just putting it out there how much discomfort and fear I have this morning. and how is sucks. lol. i am really worried about my physical situaton. the painful ovaries and now even more in middle between ovaries. i just dont get it. I thought i was doing so good. reduced a 9cm fibroid myself. the physical ailments bother me more than anything. thats when i hit fear mode. feel like ill die and miss the good stuff. aweful way to feel i know. talk about lack of trust and faith. I just worked to hard on that uterine area and only had a short time of relief and now this. just plain discouraged. sorry for being Debby downer. lol x o

      1. Sweetie we have all been there. Did you witness my death and rebirth over just a mere few hours yesterday???!!! Share. Share. Let it all out. Empty yourself and you will be replenished. You have been blowing long and hard for everyone else for so long now. Let others take up that strong wind and blow you to your shore. Your HOME. This gift of new life will not pass you by. I PROMISE YOU THAT. It is something you already own. Allow yourself to receive it.

        1. Anna, thanks for this great message… and so it is ! I must tell you that I was on the road doing my run (courier) and all of a sudden I was lifted up – floating on air – and i realized it was all you guys here holding me up !! I had this happen ‘before’ I read your msg ~! I did let go and it was so freeing. Let me share that I have found that the lows dont last nearly as long and I mean they seem real, real short now. Do what comes to u when u feel low. Today I yelled at the cysts and fibroids telling them to skiddadle! Leave me and go ‘back to the plenum from whence they came’ !! NOW ! that saying is from Christian Science and Health book for reference. I like it – sends the crap back out to be recycled in the Universe or whatever it needs to do. I have more to share later. have to get it in order in my brain. Love you all

      2. Debra, allow me to share with you how I handle the situation you are now in. And it does work.

        First you must overcome the fear. Not easy. By a long shot. Get into quiet mode, go within and command YOU to find shelter within a current or in between a current that resonates to Love. And keep your focus there. Then, keep saying something like, “I am totally well. I am free of all pain. No-thing is wrong, ALL is right.”

        It is our fear that increases the level of pain. I refuse to bend to pain, I refuse to feed my fear. I nip it in the bud when I feel fear (oh yes I do have the very same thoughts) and I insist my reality to be health.

        Then go throughout your day acting and thinking all is OK. Really be conscious of your thoughts. You will be amazed how many fear based thoughts you find. Throw them out immediately and replace them with thoughts of LOVE. My favorite is I AM OK. I CAN DO THIS.

        Susan just replied that MANY women are having these symptoms. DO NOT panic. Do NOT feed your fear.

        I AM here with you, embracing you with my Wings and my Heart. I am not able to make any decisions for you, yet I will say this, walk lightly, and do NOT make any major decisions until you are absolutely 100% sure.

        Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

      3. Hi breeze,
        Thank you for sharing . Been having my own female ‘issues’ as well. Would love for all to heal and I trust that it will. Besides sending love and light to the area and working my program of growth so to speak I don’t know what else should be done. I am going to try lady Pinkrose /Amy’s advice in sending love as I too fall into fear. Much love to you !

        1. Veronica, as I said, this is challenging. But don’t give up. Your thoughts will automatically fall into fear because to be honest, when you are in pain, hey, it just goes to follow that your thoughts will think “dis-ease”.

          I have managed to keep walking by practicing this method, even when doctors who look at the “evidence” called MRI’s shake their heads and don’t understand how I walk. I have THOUHT myself into walking. That and taking care of the body, eating good foods, taking herbs to cleanse my liver and kidneys, and I exercise. One must have movement in order to sustain LIFE. Why do you think so many retired people die within years of retirement, just to give you an example? They SIT. Do NO-thing. And they literally sit themselves to death.

          So even with the THOUGHT process, one must follow that up with large quantities of water, good food, fresh air and sunshine, and exercise. “GOD helps those who help themselves”. And so it is. 🙂

          Love, Amy

        2. Thanks Amy and Veronica ! see my comments above. It feels good to get a better foot hold on things for sure. I have had a life long tantrum about benig in a human body… so, i can be real stubborn about it. I am transcending it though – into that light body I love and have missed so much ! I wish to keep all my organs as I have grown more found of them they I thought. LOL. Never used the uterus for a child though i tried — I was told I would help birth others in a different way. makes sense. Keep with the Love and the Light and all is well. take care Veronica – you can do it ! we will do it !

          1. I won’t say wow or OMG b/c it really is becomkng the norm…. 🙂

            “A life long tantrum….” I am so there with you. Also BEginning to love and care for this physical vessel. Thanks for sharing that. I often get really stuck in shame over it. It’s simply part of my journey.

    1. Ha!!! Check out those awesome amazing silver boots in which he walked the earth learning and spreading Love…

  17. To all pond friends being here for each other. Love you soul family. Let’s take a chance on love, our dreams, ascension, and mostly our Selves!!

    1. Ha!!! Lookie there… video is 4:05 long… new foundation with creation (across/through void) to that amazing 5…


      1. OMG…. “Ollie ok in free…” we have all been playing a game of hide and seek and have the all clear to run home now !!

        JJ luv, steer clear of the barbed wire this time, ok? Now you can SEE where you are going. No more running blindly through the dark shrubbery. Besides, this time you’re not a little boy running all alone. Gotcha by the hand. 😉

    2. Thanks AH! I love ABBA.

      Here is nother song for you that I´m training for the singing tonight. I am thinking of you, want to say something to you, but don´t know what but take care of yourself, allow yourself to feel good. It´s been a hard days night you know.

      Love you my sister Anna Helen!


      1. B my AH B A sister… i am taking care of myself for the first time in my entire life. Because of all of you dear souls I now get up and run… this crawling, stumbling is over. You guys give my shaky unused legs strength.

        I LOVE THIS SONG. Joyful noise. Amazing sound of praise and grace! Oh my… that line, “do it like David did it…..” B god speaks so loudly to me thru your angelic presence.


      2. B I shared this song with my Mama Jo. Trying to explain to her what the pond is and all its angels. She loved it! Even said she went looking for more by this artist. Thanks again!

        1. Listening to this for about the 5th time, I am reminded of something… My given name is LORI. So often when I would say this to people, they would think I was saying Glory. Often this was said to me, “Oh, so you are GLORY.” usually followed by a big smile. I never corrected them. 🙂 The word is always being spoken.

          1. Yeah. Tired seems to be going around :). Yes. Glorious. Mama Jo is my friend you remind me of. Sorry for confusion.

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