A short update on the energies

Dear friends!

Yesterday ended with a massive injection of energy for me. As I have already commented under the previous post, I sat down last night, connected to the Pond and tuned into the Equinox energies. It was SO powerful. I ”saw” us all turning into these individual white flames that formed a blazing circle around the turquoise waters of the Pond. I heard the word ”fusing” as I felt a strong current of particles surging through this whole circle, and the image I got, was that we were something similar to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I collapsed into my bed after about 40 minutes of this, but the energies kept rushing through me for another two hours or so. This morning, I felt so full of energy, I had to go and literally dig in the dirt on my vegetable plot for several hours before I sat down to channel today’s message. I still feel full of energy and ready to DO things, so I really, really hope this is has come to stay 😉

Here is the message I was given today from the CCs:

”As many of you have already noticed, the huge influx of light coming your way during this last week has already had an impact on your system. This time, we do not refer to the somewhat uncomfortable outcome it has had on your physical body, rather what you can experience in the aftermath of all of this. For some, it will be almost like they have been given a new lease on life in all sorts of ways, as you will be filled with a seemingly never ending supply of energy that will help to fuel every endeavor you are about to embark upon. For others, it will be as if they finally feel everything settling down, and they will be better able to get a more detailed overview of things.

As you all know well, when you are in the middle of these huge outbursts of energetic emissions, it can be very hard to focus, and as such, you will feel as if lost amongst the incoming waves in such a way, it is as if you have lost your footing altogether. Not so, and now, we venture to guess that many of you feel like you have more than gotten your head above the waters. So take a look around, and see if you can detect some changes, not just in your up close and personal space, but also further afield. For now, you will be much better able to SEE what is truly going on, and in many ways, it can be like the shades have been taken off once and for all. For with this pause comes much clarity, and you will be able to use it to find your way amongst what many others may refer to as rubble, but to you, it will be like treading a path between so many obstacles that used to stand in your way, but do so no longer. So take a deep breath, and open your heart and your eyes fully, and start to take in everything that is lying ahead for you. We think you will all find something that will more than gladden you if you do.”

Much love from me, Aisha

236 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. well,if all the world’s a stage,then the ‘bad guys’ can be forgiven for playing their roles perhaps a little too well!
    i’m not under any of these illusions about a so-called light being or ‘lightworker’ illegally occupying the frickin’ chief executive position…
    nay,i been around long enough to discern a total and complete lack of integrity,indeed a complete lack of ethics…it’s like we got a clone,being remotely-controlled by some dark,dark ‘tea shirts’!
    and that’s all good’n’well…but we’d be fools to believe _anything_ coming
    from that ‘funky bunch’…feel the vibration(s) indeed!
    of course personally,the guy might be a great fashion designer,or maybe interior decorator…surely diplomacy is lost on such an obtuse world-view,as portrayed to the public so blatantly insultingly…
    good thing i don’t insult easily,or i’d be insulted all the time! y’know??
    i guess the idea of ‘justice’ is something we’ve yet to fully comprehend…
    well,we’re not talkin’ ’bout right or left…we’re talkin’ ’bout right and wrong…
    do you know the difference?

  2. You guys I thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support. Can never explain all the ways in which you help me. Much gratitude to you all. Every night lately I reach a point where I am just at that very edge. So many times I almost go right over. Divine …. everything … brings me to that point of resolution. Then always some crazy thing will happen that leaves me ROTFL, and finding release.

    Forgive me, but gotta share this… 🙂

    So we all have been having these “throne” sittings right? Yep. Perfect timing for me as hubs coming out of his room for the morning.

    “My god!!! What crawled up inside you and died?” I burst out laughing. But I see he is truly disgusted. Ok. So I say, “As if I have not smelled all of your bodily functions over the last 17 years….” he replies, “Hey, my shit don’t stink.” Now normally, I’d just grin and walk away. But look out.

    “You know, the sad thing here is, you really do believe that about yourself. Really. That just sums you up perfectly. Let me tell you something. You are blind to yourself, my friend. It is time for you to turn that judgemental glare of yours inside. Take a good long look at yourself. Wake up.”

    Oh the look on that face was priceless!!!!! Wish I had a camera. He was still picking his jaw up off the floor when I walked away.

    🙂 AH

    1. JayJay!

      What an appropriate song!!!

      I have been thinking of your situation this morning. What can I say? What can I do? We all see and hear what is happening between you and AH, the desperation, but no one has the whole picture, all the puzzle pieces in your lives. There are many people involved.

      How long has this “story” (hate that word anyway 😦 ) been going on? A month, couple of months? Not relevant anyway, but please let time do what it can about the whole situation. Why rush? If your love is forever I am sure it can stand a couple of months, or what is needed, further. As I don´t know about your family, your wife and children, it is hard to give some advice, anyway, I would suggest you and your wife, alternatively yourself, talk to a caring therapist about your situation. It always gives a lot of new insights, and explanations both to you and your wife which is elucidative in all ways, no matter how you decide to do.

      I know, I know I sound like a old crow in this matter, feel like a mum talking to a teenager who is in love. Maybe love between twin souls is different? Maybe I am wrapping open doors – I don´t know – but if I do, that´s the way I am 😉

      Anyway I love all of you, AH as well as your family, and all my love is with you all whatever decision you make.


      1. Dear Birgitta, it has not been weeks, not months. One week….We both knew from the beginning. This is not falling in love with someone. This is recognising the other half of you (me) in the other. We cannot help but to be pulled in to eachother. There is no stopping it. I know what I’m giving up. I love all.
        Love you Birgitta,
        Thanks for reaching out

    2. Breeze said something yesterday about really trusting Source after that original spearation from Him/Her/One. You asked me yesterday “What do you think the whole point of this separation game is? To learn Love?”

      The combination of the ideas of trust and love have been slamming against each other in me for days (ok…my whole existence but, you know….really here lately on this last leg of this tiny part of the journey…in sounding from 3D to 5).

      In my heart, where there is truth :), I KNOW that Source loves me unconditionally. That ascension is not only a gift but a right. In my head, I keep wavering. Source abandoned me (not). Its my “fault” that I separated from Source (choice, not fault). So these ascension movements and lessons so often seem like punishment. Like work. Like it is all something I must achieve. On my own all by myself. Otherwise I wont “deserve” it.

      Can we accept and allow the love of Source and others without trust? Which comes first? Trusting that the love is there? Or knowing and feeling the love, which then re-establishes that lost aspect of trust?

      I already know we 3D humans are not capable of unconditional love. Dont care what anyone says, I’ll never be convinced otherwise. Its just not part of this game, which is part of the point, as you said. So when does the “unconditional” quality arise? 5D? Higher? Maybe not fully until we actually do reach that pinnacle of the merging pyramid and become One with Source again.

      Everytime I’ve called out to God, I’ve been answered. Maybe not in the way I would have liked to have been, but in the way best suited for my highest good (big sigh……). So I know, I believe He does love me. But accept me? As I am?? That’s a bit tougher. Oh god…. just as I am writing this…tears streaming down face, I am hearing Him whisper to me…

      “I do. I do, beloved. It is you who does not love and accept yourself.”

        1. Yes, I believe. It’s all so very simple really. Just follow your heart. Put your mind at ease. Let your heart speak, and listen…
          I love thee,

  3. If any of you are interrested in what happened at the UN yesterday, it was history in the making. I offer my views of the events, as I see them within the divine plan. I do not pretend I have the right interpretations though, but my observations could be of some value.

    I love watching the UN debates. I kind of miss Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this year, replaced by the iranian premier Hassan Rouhani. There was this kind of iranian Woody Allen quality in him, the anti-G.I.-Joe figure, and yet, very bold.

    This year the tension was very different. For one, Israel was alone in snubbing the iranian president. It seems her old buddies are not willing to stick their neck out anymore, it felt like an old couple’s public quarrel, and I bet the ‘shame’ aspect of this gesture was not negligible. But this was not the only public divorce of the day.

    France, the only ally Obama was counting on with Syria, also announced her break-up in declaring that the only acceptable outcome in Syria is a political solution and not military, and Hollande kind of painted her old boy friend as a jerk for having blown off the effect of surprise and giving way too much time to Assad to reorganize.

    Nevertheless, Obama was successful in giving an award winning performance, and managed to be able to lie for the better part of 40 minutes with a straight face. But the amazing thing; if you watch this speech, pay attention at facial expressions of the delegates; priceless as they say. This year, the US has lost all its credibility, and all of its friends, and just like a frustrated junky in an intervention, he had turned weird.

    The mighty exceptional US could not back down from policing the world because nobody else could do their job, it would create a ‘vacuum’. He still maintain that Assad is guilty of gasing his children beyond any doubt. He declared that Assad will not be permitted to stay in power, return to the situation pre-conflict is ‘unacceptable’. Then he ranted about the iranian ‘nuclear threat’, looking like a delusional freak. You could almost see the daggers in the eyes of the delegates. I bet some even had flashbacks of the 1940s.

    He also alluded to the fact that it was a bad thing to point out America’s hypocricies, it was weakening the support of the american people behind his wars. He reitrated that military force would be maintained and ready to strike.

    It was followed by Iran’s plea for common sense, exposing the warmongering rethoric from the west and their propaganda machine, countering their ‘intelligence’ about Syria, that terrorists supported by the US are responsible. Rouhani invited all countries to form a new alliance to bring a quick final blow to violence and terrorism. He denounced the US economic sanctions against Iran for no reasons. He demanded what crimes their nuclear scientists had commited to be the targets of assassination.

    Brazil’s presidente; Dilma Rousseff, blasted the US for its impertinance is spying over every other sovreing countries it wishes and vowed to protect her country and others from this kind of scum bags operations. This woman was a sight to see, a proud manifestation of divine feminin energy.

    Obama was trying very hard to convince everyone that Rouhani is too crazy to be trusted with a nuclear bomb, but I bet most delegates had another questin on their mind; do we have the luxury to trust Obama with the US arsenal? Maybe Rouhani’s invitation won’t fall on deaf ears.

    Definitly, the change of pace at the UN was apocalyptic, unveiling has been made. The more we go, the more we see resemblance with the story of Babylon the great and its demise. I am sure there is more to come over the next days and I look forward to the russian speech.

    1. blame Obama for everything
      blame America for all your problems.
      We the people of America do as we damn well please
      Controlling us is like herding cats!
      ask Amy, she’s tried it.
      We seldom agree with one another
      But if you want to do as you damn well please, then you have the obligation to let the other folks do whatever the hell they want!
      get over it
      As Will Rogers once said, which comes close to to explaining the American attitude.
      he said
      “Your right to swing your fist, ends where my nose begins”

      1. You have misunderstood my comments Otmn, I am not assigning blame to anyone here, and if you’ve read my comments before, you would know I consider Obama to be an avatar who perfectly plays his role in the divine plan. JayJay recognized this as well. As for Will Rogers, I am sure the iraki people would agree that the US army went well beyond this ‘attitude’.

        Namaste. (PS, I have no problem to blame anyone for)

        1. Whoa, Otmn, why the shot at me? I am who I am. I am not trying to control anyone. Holy Moly! Come on, Otmn, snap out of it.

          I honestly don’t know what to say. But this I do know, I am not about to have your words dampen my spirit today. It is a gorgeous day, cool and sunny, and Love is all around. As I encourage all here, step into Love and follow your Heart. If you see this as control, then you see through something you need to look at.

          Love and Hugs, Amy

          1. “Oh no mommy and daddy are fighting again. I must go make peace between them. They simply can’t FEEL each other right now, but I can feel them both.”

            Allow me to play this role. Amy, is it possible that Otmn was only saying that you have many cats. You observe their behavior and know it well. Therefore you simply know that cats can’t be herded. Not implying that you yourself attempt to do so.

            Now… next daddy will come in and say, “I don’t need you or anyone else to explain what I say. They’ll take it however they take it. That part is out my hands. Now be quiet and go to your room.”

            (I do admit Daddy had a a partially valid point here…)

    2. Thanks Nayon, I’m someone still has the nerve to watch the verbal fighting going on. So where does England stand in this. It has always been USA’s biggest ally?
      I’m so glad this is developing in this way. Let Light and Love prevail
      My guess is that Obama is sort of putting on a ‘play’ here to show the world what is going on in his administration. There are forces at work that he cannot deny, but by putting on a big public display, like G Bush did. He’s showing the world: see, this is the same thing going on again as back then in Irak. He’s actually inviting the others to stop him. To stop this nonsence of war.
      Great work, I’m so glad about these developments!!
      Love, JayJay

      1. I’m right with you JayJay. This is becoming a real caricature of the ultimate absurd. It reminds me of the celestine prophecies, that the absurd of the situation is in fact a wake up call for all nations. Like how far do we have to go for you people to recognize that there is something wrong here? Those men should represent the intellectual cream of the crop. Instead, they display the attitude of elementary school bullies. Thank you for your comment.

      2. Yes ! that is how i see it Jay jay. re Obama…playing the role he is. When I first saw him yrs ago, I was seeing the spirit being he is. He is a leader imo. Many play the roles that are necessary for this whole thing to unfold and uncover all that has been hidden… and for all eyes to finally see without doubt what the truth is. thanks JayJay too for your insights and evaluations !!

  4. Timothy Leary was misunderstood, because of a slanderous campaign by the powers that were.
    now that the shift of spirit is really starting.
    perhaps people will get it.

    tune in
    turn on
    drop out
    had nothing to do with escapist drug use
    dig it

    ps: and we thought it was a long strange trip, a long time ago.

    1. I guess that’s the issue I am struggling with here. I am indeed abandoning society and my old life. It says here that it cannot be done alone. I feel that. I feel like I’m alone in this desicion I’m making, and I got nowhere to go. I’m leaving, but I feel isolated. Where to go, where to live? When I feel like this I automaticly turn to the Pond. It sure helps a lot, but we are a community spread scattered across the globe. I feel that I need a real save haven, but I don’t know where to find it. I know who to share it with. I guess it’s like the song “now that we found love, what are we gonna do with it?”
      Thanks Otmn for this most timely posting.
      Say hi to your frogs from me, I love the way they jump…

      1. (((HUGS))), AH…I know so many lightworkers who experience fairly dramatic ups and downs, myself included, and I don’t think we’re bi polar, we’re just extremely sensitive to these shifts and to all that is being transmuted, not just within ourselves, but for Gaia and all her children as well. I do a few things to lighten the energy when I feel it weighing on me, all of which are forms of grounding, but I find that putting my hands in dirt or water seems to transmute density very quickly. Fire works well, too…I light a candle, hold my hands over it, and allow the density/dross to go into the flame. Finally, breathwork…IMO this is the best way to calm down and feel grounded to Gaia. I hope this helps…and please know I’m sending you loving, healing energy along with everyone else here at the Pond who reached out today…I am warmly embracing all of you!
        Big Blue Hugs,

        1. Third time Ive tried to write thanks with explanation and it wont let me post. Words just arent good enough anymore I guess. Thanks for help. It worked. Had to do with romantic walk through the twilight…. love to you Maggie.

      2. Dear Anna Helen!

        Do you know what my own daughter told me – after ten years in this “branch”? It´s OK mum if you are bipolar – nothing to be ashamed for!!! I dropped my chin, stirred at her, couldn´t imagine what she said to me. This journey has been about joy and happiness, love and light, and low energies, even some deep depressions, all the time. But bipolar??? Not as I know about it.

        Yes – I could understand hers, and even my son´s, viewpoint, because in this society we love to put people and symptoms in small quadrant boxes to “understand” what is going on, how to relate to a person. But I must say I felt like receiving a blow below the belt. And I had to meet my anger about being “doomed without justice” by my children and that was a very good thing. I could transform the anger to love, and that was a victory for me 🙂

        But who cares? I am meeting a lot of situations/conflicts in order to transform anger to love, and I am so happy to be able to do so – bipolar or not 😉

        Love you sister/daughter Anna Helen,


        1. Anna Helen, Maggie, Birgitta – thank you all for putting into words what so many others have experienced! My heart goes out to all those still being diagnosed as bipolar or having other “problems” and put on medication or even committed, when the only thing “wrong” is that no one understands who and what they really are. I rejoice in the fact that now, so many are finally seeing this truth for themselves, and they can start to shine their light in full 🙂
          Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Oops!!!! That was supposed to be BEACH BOYS. Shows where my frequency really is. Love me some Whalberg. 😉

    1. The colors are SO magnificent. The air is SO clean and vibrant. I walked into the grocery store and felt as though I was tripping for the very air reflected the bright apple green that was everywhere! I stood there gaping! And then waiting for a prescription, my eyes were on a sign that said HEALTH AND BAUTY and I just sat there grinning. Oh yeah baby! That’s me! That’s me!!

      I feel so Light and magnificent! ME! My vision is so clear as well as the very air is so CLEAN. OMG. I just am not able to do this change justice! I feel Perfect. Just Perfect. I AM FREE from my cage of duality!

  5. My husband and I were evacuated by helicopter from our tiny Colorado mountain town, Jamestown, CO in the recent floods. Our town has been devestated by the loss of our entire infrastructure, 1/3 of our 125 homes, but worst, the death of a dear friend in his house collapse. Your channeling here talking about a new lease on life, pause, and finding your way through the rubble is most appropriate! Thanks! My Guides have been saying “All will be well.” And have added most recently, “All will be better.” Am feeling the energy yu mention. My card spread at the time of the Equinox was stunning! Please send Light to Colorado. We are in very bad shape here.

    1. Dear Nancy! Sending so much love and light to you and to your beloved home state! I am so glad you have come to this Pond, and I know you will find much love and support here.
      From my heart to yours – LOVE!

    2. Nancy, Tremendous love and hugs to you and healing light for the recreation of your beautiful little town. Having lived through devastation in Hurricane Sandy, the amount of love and support and co-creation that pours out of visits from Kali is mind blowing…You are held in our hearts! Alex

    3. Nancy, my Sister in Colorado, I send my Ray of Pink Light to you to help you see through this disaster. You have come to a Beautiful Place here at this Pond, one where you will find so much Love and Support. As much as you can, stay in the higher energies to get through this. God, you have my Heart!

      Sending you Much Love and BIG (((HUGS)))! Your Sister in New York, Amy

      1. My heart goes out to you Nancy. Hang in. I lost most of my house last Christmas when a huge tree fell on it. DId not kill us ! got hung up on wires. took down three poles. Rebuild has been slow but sure. I spoke to this tree as I knew it was going to fall one day. It ‘told me’ when I opened my eyes after touching it and being with it… that it was going to go but would get hung up on the wires and not harm us. I was told recently in a private channeled msg that I am a transformer here – I help creatures and plants of all types pass over or transform. the tree and i sure had a connection. I went to this channeler because yet another large branch fell two weeks ago smashing my camper and my boyfriends car. We get back up and get knocked down again… but we get back up! and we help others with what you have learned with the strength we have gained through it all. I lost my Dad last month and the month prior i had to put down my sweet , sweet cat (Tribby) — she ‘came with’ my house when i bought it 4 yrs ago. Loss is a very, very difficult thing to maneuver thru. Love always and forever will keep us asking and searching and that intention gets us where we want to be ! ! Love 2 U ! xxx ooo Areeza

        1. Oh, Breeze! I have had many “deaths” this summer and the pain from those losses I just am not able to think about. Yet, just as you say, we become stronger through those times of sorrow, and we learn how to reach out to another who is suffering. Thank you so much for reaching out to Nancy. GOD bless you both in the recovery and healing of your Hearts.

          All I do this day as with any day, I send out to the world in the form of Love. Nancy, Debra, you are getting extra doses from me.

          HUGE (((HUGS))) from a Heart that knows, Your sister, Amy

          1. Sister Amy — thanks so much. your Love touches me deeply and it is sooo soothing ! blessings. I needed that today. missing my cat so much – precious animal children they are. mine said “Hello” so clearly. so sweet, so special. I nursed her back to health 1.5 yrs before she died. Vet said she would’nt make it then. I kept with it -and we got to share so much more when she healed and thrived even. part Maine Coon. Anyway…. the hurts can run so deep and can be so overwhelming — helping others helps ourselves — and we remember that there is no death or separation for Love can not be separate from Love – ever. Remember what i said ealier: ‘Love everying into Love’ — everything — included with the good, the seemingly bad and seemingly ugly! when we can truly do that from ourselves, man we will see change alright !

            1. I am keeping my eyes on the Love side of the Coin even if the pain in my Heart still tears. I lost two boys to dis-ease and the decision to Walk Mercy (put them down) just about put me 6 feet under. I saw Kwan Yin twice as She encouraged me to be BRAVE and go through with it. God love you for understanding that our “4-footed angels” are our kids. The Love is the same.

              Oh, Honey, know know your “child” is in Wonder and JOY and IS with you right now! NOW. I have made majik by turning pain into Peace. The days I am “tempted” to go into pain, I manually steer my Heart back to Harmony.

              All my cats are “special” and most the Vet has told me “no hope”. Today they all are healthy and strong, yes with “problems” but living a quality life filled with Love and Lots of Hand Hugs from me. 🙂 I am the most cherished Mom in the world! BLESS you for what you do! There is one other here who “understands” the toll and the emotional consequences of walking the Path we do.

              I thank you with ALL I AM. BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

              So much Love to you! Amy

              1. I still have my two black kitties. Ink Jet the big guy (clairvoyant seer he is). and Sasha the bitchy one.. yet,,, she is right there under the covers when she finds me weeping ! have a great day/night ! x o aaahh… heading home from work now. peace to all

                1. I still have 13. (indoors) Hehehehehehehe And 3 outdoors. And two ferals outdoors. A true menagerie. And a horse. And deer. Rabbits. Birds. White butterflies. Toads. Rabbits. (SMILE) And LOVING it!

                  1. I have four cats indoors now, and one feral outside. I lost Metatron this July to renal disease, and Blackie and Reunion in 2011 to heart and renal disease. The pain still is piercing and cuts like a knife. My cat Fulla is old and on meds for chronic pancreatitis, and Kuthumi is on thyroid meds even though he’s only about 13 years. I name some of them after the Ascended Masters. Trying to find Peace, still have not reached the blissful shores yet that some of you have, but today I felt more help and hope from the spirit guides. Sending love to you all who have felt such despair and tragedy of losing homes pets and whatever else seems to fall by the wayside.

        2. Not sure if I’m replying in the right place but my thanks to you all for your good wishes. I have been viscerally feeling the prayers and good energy being sent. I also lost a beloved dog last November after providing 2 weeks of Hospice care for her osteocarcinoma. So, so hard to lose our little ones. My heart goes out to you. What a time of flux we are in!! Extreme energy inputs, extreme weather events, extreme political machinations, losses. Sometimes I just get so weary. But like you all, somehow keep going on. Peace and love to you all.

    4. uggh. replied in wrong areas… sort of. My heart goes out to you Nancy. Hang in. I lost most of my house last Christmas when a huge tree fell on it. DId not kill us ! got hung up on wires. took down three poles. Rebuild has been slow but sure. I spoke to this tree as I knew it was going to fall one day. It ‘told me’ when I opened my eyes after touching it and being with it… that it was going to go but would get hung up on the wires and not harm us. I was told recently in a private channeled msg that I am a transformer here – I help creatures and plants of all types pass over or transform. the tree and i sure had a connection. I went to this channeler because yet another large branch fell two weeks ago smashing my camper and my boyfriends car. We get back up and get knocked down again… but we get back up! and we help others with what we have learned with the strength we have gained through it all. I lost my Dad last month and the month prior i had to put down my sweet , sweet cat (Tribby) — she ‘came with’ my house when i bought it 4 yrs ago. Loss is a very, very difficult thing to maneuver thru. Love always and forever will keep us asking and searching and that intention gets us where we want to be ! ! Love 2 U ! xxx ooo Areeza with added XXX OOO !

    5. Thanks Nancy, even in your troubled times you give a message of hope “all is well”. I told my youngest daughter the same thing last night and again this morning.
      Thank you, my Light is with you at all times.

  6. I tried to get the video to post here. This is to ALL of you who need to put words to what is in YOU!


    I Love you!

    1. Amy… loved this song and video!! “Be brave.” Be you. Be free. Such a great message. Very timely for me. Ego kickin up a little fuss here. 🙂

    2. Oh Amy, Thank you for this. “maybe the guy took the wrong pill”. Yeah right.
      Maybe I took the wrong pill. Being brave is what I need just now. I woke up from sleep this morning and I’m having totall issues about the choices I’m making, what am I doing here???
      What am I doing with my life? I’m throwing away a lot here. I have a wife who loves, me. 2 beautiful daughters who I love with ALL of my heart, I got a good job, nice house, you know, I got it all.
      Still I have always followed my heart, in whatever decision I have made in my life. I’m doing just that now, following my heart. I feel it is the biggest plunge I have made in my whole life. I feel like I’m destroying my old life for the choice my heart has made. Yeah…(sigh)
      Love, JayJay

      1. Jay, I woke up 2am my time and I see you. Just go slow, my brother. You are in a very vulnerable position emotionally and I have learned from experience, to pace myself when I am in a vulnerable spot. Ride this one slow and easy. There is so much involved. I am praying for you that you truly see clearly.

        I heard that song as I was driving yesterday and the words really stirred my Heart.. For most of my life I have been silent, and even in my 3D life still not saying as I speak here. So when I heard the words, they meant a lot to me.

        Now I try to go back to sleep. Tread lightly and carefully. See the bigger picture if you can.

        Love you, Amy

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