The manuscript of survival – part 357

We come again to give you all a huge pat on the back, and even if this will sound perhaps a bit condescending to some, take it for what it truly is, a sign of our utmost respect for the work you all carry out. For you are nothing short of Masters dear ones, as each and every one of you continue to raise to the occasion and keep bringing in round after round of transformational engery. This energy is doing wonders, not just for you, but for your whole world. And now, you will start to see the results from all of this even in the so-called mass media. For if you open your eyes and look around, you will indeed detect a change in the atmosphere on a global level. The rhetoric of hatred and fear is starting to fade away in some of the hotspots around your world, and instead, you will find the talk of reason passing over the lips of leaders hitherto more interested in spreading distrust and incite anger in their fellow men.

So yes, the tide has indeed turned, and many of these trickles of light will start to appear all over the place. And never forget, the reason they are appearing, is your willingness to let all of this light pass through your physical vehicle and into the very ground upon which you tread. It may sound improbable and naive to some, but it is indeed this very fact that has ensured that this planet of yours is going through a rebirthing process at the same time as you are. For you are intrinsically linked to her, your Mothership, if we may call her that, and through you, her closest allies, a grand flow of energetic uplifting has been surging for a very long time now. Too long, it may seem to some of you, as your physical vehicles at times have been carrying a more than heavy burden. But the mass you have managed to transmit so far is by no means a trifling one, for it has pushed the limits in every sense of the word, and it has managed to tip the scales squarely in favour of the light.

For this has been a process of rebalancing something that has been immensely off balance for eons, and as such, the road to achieved equilibrium has been a long and arduous one. And when we say equilibrium in this case, it is not a case of equal distribution of darkness and light. Rather, it is a predetermined ratio of the two vital components in Creation that has been set up as the ideal one a long time ago. This may sound confusing, but it is in fact a ratio that goes by the name of the golden ratio. Not to be cofused by that concept that you have going under the same name. No, when we say the golden ratio, it is used to describe the very essence of vibration that will sustain the perfect conditions on a planet dedicated to the light.

And now, your planet has been passing over the threshold once again and into the territory of this golden ratio. Again, as long as you inhabit a place where mass equals reality, it also means that things happen at a slower pace than on planets where things are less substantial. In other words, things happen more slowly here on this planet of yours, but now, even the most slovenly amongst your species will notice a change in the air. So stop not, for you are all very much in mid-stride now, but even so, take a pause and look around you, lest you should miss out on any of the subtler and not so subtle sings that this time, the light has come to stay, and you are once again entering the golden age, where the light will be favourable in every way, and where your endeavors will be more gratifying than ever before.

168 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 357

  1. Thank you Otmn. My friend, my brother. I am on my knees beside you.

    **** Please love yourselves enough to listen to this Shaman message, my pond family. It will free you. Free the TRUTH inside.****

  2. Equinox Gathering med for me:

    Entered usual pond vision. Always night there for me. Better to see the light? Beings all around…cant identify anyone, just nice energy. Start to greet everyone. Suddenly JJ’s face is overlaid on mine. Speaking through his lips, can feel the way he moves them as he talks. No idea what I/we said. Then out of body floating above milky white spiral of clouds reaching down to and thru earth. Open crown chakra to source and root to Gaia. Feel boom! of power. Blinding bright white light shoots thru my core amd prana tube. I hear very strong male voice command one word. CONNECT! Slam! Connection. All goes dark. I wake up from deep refreshing sleep about 6 hours later. Wow.

    1. Dear Anna Helen! I experienced something similiar to what you did during my meditation. I also “saw” the Pond at night, dark and still. One by one, we gathered around it and sat down separate from each other. We were all lit up, like the brigthest of lights, and we were sitting in a circle around the Pond. I saw us sitting almost Bhudda-like, with out eyes closed, and our hands opened up, as if we were in prayer or meditation. The light inside of us got brighter and brighter, and soon, we were like white flames. The flames grew, and the individual people or flames merged into a circle of white and extremely bright flames making a circle around the Pond. From above, the Pond was a shimmering turquise “eye” surrounded by a white circle of flames. Suddenly, I felt as if particles of light started to circulate faster and faster through this whole circle, counter clockwise, and the image I got, was that we formed something similar to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the particle collider they are using to find the Higgs boson, or the “god particle” as they like to call it. I also got the word ”fusing”, and to me, it was all about us being ”fused together” like in a white hot furnace, both individually, but also as a collective. The whole experience was extremely intense, and when I emerged from it about 40 minutes later, I had to go straight to bed. That did not stop the energies, and they kept on pouring in at the same rate for at least two more hours before I finally slept. Today, I feel very strong and ”whole”, and I have a powerful urge to DO things 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Wow, great to read that some people did feel the energies indeed. For me it was a normal weekend as always. I did not feel anything which does not mean that the energies have sail round me ;o) Blessings to you all, Philipp

      2. OMG Aisha!!!

        What an amazing meditation :)))) I just love it and I have a strong feeling of fusing together with most people around me now, not only around the Pond.

        Thank you for sharing! I think it means a lot to all of us.

        Much love and respect for the wonderful light leader you are,


        1. Elvis my hometown buddy! He gave my dad a ride home from school one time. You can tell this was from the white jumpsuit and cape era! 🙂 great song , lovely images

        2. Nothing beats “The King”, right!? Elvis has indeed returned! The return of the King. The King rules, the heart rules, oh I love it!
          Thanks Birgitta!

    2. My love, I joined the Gathering too yesterday, later then the time appointend, but whatever. I have no real collection of what happened at the Pond. Yesterday is like a big blur to me, like I was trying to swim against rapids in a giant superfast flowing raging river. I had to do all kinds of things yesterday, work, talk to all loved ones around me, as I should have spend my time relaxing and enjoying the equanox. I was mistaken in thinking it was on the 21st… Anyway, I’m back on solid ground.

  3. Well live and learn, I always say. And do, most of the time. Can’t very well help it, can I. Thanks Otmn. Wow. You’re the best. Smooch.

  4. Oh this crazy bright LIGHT! B, cant get to your actual comment to reply directly. But I just THEN had sent JJ a video clip of man in stormy ocean. Then I popped in here and saw your comment. Whoa….

        1. Hehehehe guess it takes many hints before I truly get it. I dont have anymore toes left to be pulled….

    1. I didnt even listen before I posted that. Guess its for us all.. we and the Light will prevail … wayshowers united.

    2. Thanks AH for the song of Sting! I really love his songs.

      About medical care – you, me and Amy worked in medical care in different ways 🙂 I worked in the science field.


      P.S. Take care D.S.

      1. Im currently blocked from replying to individual comments…

        To all… thanks so much for sharing words energy and links!

        To B… in the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore. 🙂 xoxxo DS

        To Amy… You shine! I too feel drawn to address medical establishment (my career was in too). Things will change…are changing. Sound of Silence (the things you bring up in me, sister!) Senior english class. Teacher asks question. I am not paying attn as usual. My hand shoots up. He calls on me. The words of this song burst forth in recitation. Did not even really know this song at the time. Stunned silence. No wonder no boy from my school ever asked me out!! No I am not beating myself up or feeling sorry for myself… plenty of boys outside of school. 😉

        To Gathering pond… any interesting expperiences from equinox meditation. (Cant believe I had thought it was yesterday for some reason…) I had weird one. Will share later.

        Oh Amy again… I am not receiving notification of new posts on your blog. Thought it might be down? Checking out your latest right now.

        Love to everyone!

        1. Dear Anna Helen! I do not know why you are “blocked” from answering individual comments. Usually, if a comment fails to be posted, it is being stopped by the spam filter, but then I can find it and “unblock” it. I have not found any of your comments in the spam-filter, so I do not know what is going on. I will look into it and see if I can find some settings that I have missed out on. Hope it will sort itself out!
          Much love from me, Aisha

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