The manuscript of survival – part 353

As the day of freedom approaches, much is getting into gear now. We hear you all draw a collective intake of breath at the mention of the concept ”day of freedom”, so let us just hasten to add that as usual, we do not give any details, nor will we give you any set date to focus on, but let us just say that this day is indeed fast approaching. And with it, so much is already getting into gear, as we just mentioned. You will see many examples of this on all sides, and even amongst the highest echelons of your governments, the sense that the tide has turned will in many ways become apparent now. Not neccessarily in outwardly noticeable actions, but more as a sense of impending change that will make many a heart flutter. And as you have already seen, the much prophesied armageddon in that hot spot you prefer to refer to as the Middle East has not come about either. Is it not interesting to see how they are all frantically scampering about trying to find a peaceful solution there?

The defusing of the situation in that current hotspot has nothing to do with chance, and everything to do with the massive injection of light that has been pouring into that area for quite some time now. And if some of you start to think that perhaps you had something to do with this process, the answer is simply a resounding YES. For you are all working oh so hard on behalf of All of creation in all sorts of ways, and so in addition to all of the personal issues you have been clearing out lately, you have been true multitaskers in every sense of the word. For what you bring to this world, is first and foremost the light, and massive amounts of it. For you are transponders of such a magnitude now, each and every one of you are like a vertitable fountain of light, whether you rest or work, sleep or walk about doing your everyday chores.

For you are all working non stop now, and as you do so, you are also literally having a hand in everything that is happening now. For this is indeed a magnificent teamwork, and as we all are giving all that we have to this process, so are indeed the likes of you. And what you bring to the table, is nothing short of breathtaking. For you are working so hard not only to complete any unsolved pieces in your own life, you are also heavy into the heavy stuff as is were. In other words, the light that you help to anchor and transmit into this beautiful planet of yours, is being sent where it is needed the most. So every time you look upon the current news, think that your light is almost certain to be a part of this story in one way or the other. For now, nothing is left to chance, and anything volatile that is being prodded into action by those less in favor of the light, is bound to attract a whole lot of extra light because of it. For whatever shies away from the light now, will only succeed in opening the valves even further, and as such, the more they struggle against it, the more they will become exposed to the rays of change being beamed in from up above as well as below. For your whole planet is sending out these beatific waves now, and no thing and no one can hide from them.

To you, it will be a marvel to behold, but for many others, it will feel as if they are being ripped asunder by all of this light coming at them from all directions. But remember, the light will never destroy, it only seeks to impart balance where none has been before, and as such, it will feel very on the heavy side for all of those still bent on swaying to the shadow side of everything. For they will feel the push the most, and for them, trying to dig their feet in will only serve to increase the pressure from the light. For this time, it will not take no as an answer, for no is no longer an option. You will all be pushed, and pushed hard, in the direction of the light. And for those already heading that way, you will certainly feel this as a mighty push in the back. A push that at times might seem to bring you too off balance, but never doubt, you will not fall and you will not fail. For you have already chosen, and you have chosen well, and as such, the only way from here is indeed up.

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  1. far out
    heavy, man
    I figured a hush would fall over the crowd
    i did’t think it would get this quiet
    high stuff
    it’s alright

  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Judy Garland. I sang and danced all the time. I even sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the school talent show. I was 6 years old. What a memory! Along the line that happy little girl became so so very lost. I have found her again. What a miracle. A pure golden miracle.

    1. Hello my dear,
      I’m also so happy for you, and so happy to be able to hear that beautiful singing voice that is your gift.
      I thought I’d meet you here, my most Beloved, here at the Pond in 5D where We Belong.
      I thought I’d send you a song to cheer you up. This song just came to me, one of a million love songs that keep presenting themselves all day long.
      It a not a song I would normally send to a girl, but obviously you are not just some girl, but my Most Beloved Counterpart. One who understands everything I am, as I am her and she is me, in Love.

      For you my dear:

      Did I tell you that I love you? I do love you.

  3. cheer up
    i wonder if this song is about me
    close enough
    we can not lose
    we cant
    stop being afraid
    let spirit be your guide
    lay your money down and throw the dice

    1. It picks me up that you care
      I am not lost
      I am awake
      On the contrary, it will never be over until you wake up.
      I will rattle cages, yank chains, blow in a birds face,
      the list goes on
      I will pull your toe until I wake ’em all up

      did you notice I’m feeling better today

  4. now you guys
    knock it off
    stop it
    i will not deal with the scroll down several times
    switch back to full screen
    at least when you are the only ones here.

  5. Hello again, I just wanted to share an update on my friends in Costa Rica. Thank you for continued prayers. He went to the hospital today and his “count” was 60… they have a mandatory hospitalization for anyone under 100. (I’m thinking a blood count but he didn’t expound.) They did let him go home but must go back in the a.m. Funds are a huge concern for them so I am asking ‘the universe’ that they have people book their rooms despite it being the ‘down season’! He is just grateful that he has lived 5 weeks in this condition. (He has 2 strains of dengue in his system.) I definitely am preparing to speak to “Mother Nature” about her mosquitoes there… and the mosquitoes themselves. I’m not sure whether I’ll be financing a medical insurance for myself. “She” is recovering from what ever hit her and hopes for a full recovery. As for the court thing they will find out more on Monday. They are hoping it is a matter of funds which they are scraping together. Of course I’d like to see it disappear as it all seems a little off… they were sued for everything their lawyer told them to do and the lawyer now says he doesn’t handle such cases. My, my… smells a little fishy?

    As for me I’m having a lovely visit with my son, his wife my two grandsons and feeling pretty calm despite the turmoil I’m heading to. I know your support is a part of that. I leave in less than a week… wow! I’m looking forward to being inspired on my blog. Anna Helen you have a lot to do with that!! Bless you! ~Nancee

  6. I am overflowing. Running with spirit. Please excuse my overabudant sharing today. The valve is open, and now I flow.

    1. Honey, BE you! In this Moment. There is no excuse that holds validity. None. You are Perfect and your enthusiasm is Who You Are NOW. Flow away, Baby! Flow away!

      LOVE! Only LOVE! Sister Pinkrose

    2. And in the sharing, I will share my Secret Wish. I wish upon a Star that I do meet my Twin Flame during this Life and soon. IF I have wrote this before, bear with me for I truly am having memory blips. Hehehehehehehe And I don’t even care nor am I concerned. It just IS. 😜 ✨ 👍 My head IS so high today I think it has become detached from this body. 🙀

      💋💋💋💋 and 💞💞💞💞, 🌷😇🌷

      1. You know I have had the same secret wish…though maybe not so secret! 🙂 Mine has come true, Amy. It has. For real and true. That doesn’t mean it is easy. But it does make every single monment of this journey beyond meaningful and worth every single second of pain felt along the way to the stars.

        1. I have just burst into tears, Anna Helen.

          To be Loved for me, to have someone to have Heart to Heart talks with, to be cherished for who I am, to feel total absolute love in the energy of the Other coming to me, to know I can rest easy for having finally a shoulder to rest my weary head upon………to be embraced tenderly, to have everything under the Sun in common and more, to have the Other understand what Love is versus control…… see myself in the Other’s eyes, to know the Ray of Light as the Sun bursts through the clouds, to be totally trusted and depended upon for who I am………to share my every Moment yet have the privacy I require during my quiet moments…….to laugh together, to cry together, to finish each other’s sentences……….to know the price of embracing Unconditional Love and have no regrets, to hug and to hold and to snuggle and to deeply Love Sacredly.

          This and more oh yes, I “see”, as I know there is One whose Heart beats in rhythm with mine. Whose flow is in Harmony, completely with mine. To accept all my quirks and all my talents and all my weaknesses and all my passions and to see those very qualities in the eyes of the Other half of me. To know One whose Strength equals mine. To know One whose Integrity equals mine. To know One whose capacity to Love and to Share equals mine. To know One who is equal in every way, fitting me as though custom made for me, for in Truth, we have come from the same Ray of Light.

          To know of One in this Life, is beyond any dream I could dream. To know Love to that extent, I could accomplish anything. And all.

          1. I am wanting to reply bit am sobbing too hard. My sister of heart. You speak my heart. YOU MUST WRITE. Your authorship is from above, from your highest eslf and speaks sooooooo eloquently. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

            1. For you, Anna Helen, I shall write. I have known my “authorship” is from above all my life. I am not told who, yet I know it is true.

              Love inspires me. To BE Loved, as I am here and more, I would not stop writing.

              I am dedicating my “space” to you, my Glorious Sister. You are such an Inspiration to me. I no longer hold any fear to go forth and write.

              I do so Love you. So much. I too am crying. That last post burst forth from me straight from my Heart. Blew me right away.

          2. And Amy, when you find this (notice when, not if), I tell you truly. The connection is so much deeper and far beyond even what you have expressed so beautifully here. I had no idea… no idea. I am on my knees. This you will find, Amy. This you will know. It is your right. Your very right as a sovereign being.

            1. I’m about to sob my way into short circuiting my keyboard. My Heart’s Cry has gone forth. And It has been heard. Oh dear God, I am lost for words right now………

              1. And you KNOW that call has been heard. And you KNOW it is being answered. Now I must rest. My other half is calling on my energy and I must meet him in it. Love to you sister.

                  1. Straaaange…came back to post this. Needed to detach from his energy for a moment and needed a distraction…. I played this song after I posted it. AS IT PLAYED, THE VIDEO BOX DANCED AROUND IN CIRCLES ON MY SCREEN. Ohhhh….kinda tired….but all is well.

    1. Possible. Probable. Definite. Perfection. All pieces fall into place, picture complete. We are a completion of our past…free now to give ourselves fully to the NOW.

      1. Hi, AH! How about just existing in the NOW, flowing and BEing who we are……..Light. Love. God. Perfection. I feel like I can touch the sky today! Even at the service I went to this morning, my Heart was filled with so much Love and Peace. Ahhhhhh……delightful.

        1. I am touching the sky with you, sister. Flying side by side. Wings unfurled and soaring on the wind.

          Love you, Amy 🙂

  7. Dear Ponders!

    I really love sitting here with my computer reading your messages again, feeling the love that pours out into me. Thank you all!!!

    I have a question to you. Every time I go visiting people, mostly my family members, for a couple of days, I am totally exhausted when coming home again. It has been so the last 24 hrs this time too, freezes, shakes, migraine headaches and body aches. This happens ALMOST every time.

    I thought we had a very nice time together, I was glad every one seemed to enjoy. I am spreading my love & light all the time in my way but now I wonder – what am I doing wrong? Haven´t I prepared enough before we meet, haven´t I asked the Universe enough to protect me from their energies? I mean – the higher energy would understand my appeal without
    repeating my prayers more than a couple of times 😉

    I always pray for us that everything will be for the best for all and then I walk away spreading my light. Am I too naive? Isn´t it that easy? I don´t know. What I know is that my presence paved the way for a nice get-togethers – that´s what I feel.

    Maybe I am unconsciously influenced by their energies. I have during the years, and now too, declared what/how I think, and they accept it but don´t share in depth.

    My question to you is: How can I protect myself from now on? I am really worn out of these aftermath.

    Love and respect,


    1. Dear Birgitta,
      Perhaps it is not necessarily you or your family, but the geopathic or geographic stress in those areas. Our Mother Earth has been having some rather challenging times also. Your energy channels may become overloaded when you cross or are near to certain of Earth’s energy grid lines.
      Love to you,
      Forest Joy

      1. Thank you for your answer Forest Joy! You know – a lot of my Joy is in the Forest 😉

        When visiting my home farm where I grew up I really was in a great gratitude and joy for every step I took, and for the water I healed, for the forest I joined again and for everyone I met.This time was not at all the first time I came back, i return about once a year.

        Maybe you are right. Many generations lived here and there have been lots of energies running through during times. My energies today are more sensitive than earlier – so maybe.

        Thank you! I appreciate your answer.



        1. You’re so very welcome, Birgitta. Perhaps when you return from your next trip there, the egg cleanse described by Crazy Wolf would be helpful.
          Forest Joy

            1. It’s in his blog shamanic readings WordPress. He is a Native American shaman and used to write here quite often. He explained this method here at aisha’s pond for removing negative energy. It is explained in full at his own blog. I am not good at embedding web addresses or I would do so. Just scroll down on his blog and you will find it. I have seen it used by other southwest American and Aztec healing women very successfully. I have even used it myself with an imaginary egg very successfully.
              God bless,
              Forest Joy

    2. Dear Birgitta, it is just a feeling I get from reading Your comment, maybe You are taking to much responsibility for others well being, instead of just being contained in Your essence, this may cause energy to leak to those and put a drain on Yours. I did this myself often times in the past…

      anyway I am sending You my love and light my friend

      1. Birgitta, I agree with Stephan. Totally. The only person you are responsible for is you. You have the Power to not allow anyone within your space. Just Intend it. And it happens. You can actually Love those around you without getting drained. It takes practice, yet it is doable.

        See yourself protected in your own Light and know nothing can break through that Light unless you allow it to happen. Know and have confidence completely in you, that you are God, and no one can deplete you. No one, Brigitta.

        It’s an attitude. It’s a Way of BEing. And with the “magical energies” that are now in existence, it is so easy to do.


        1. Thanks Amy!

          Maybe I am not so very disciplined about taking care of myself, though I thought I have learned – in some ways.

          When I was Reiki healer I was more concerned about saliva, chrystals and so on, but as a Reconnective Healer, I am not. I think my intention is my best protection and it mostly is, but maybe I am less accurate regarding my relatives.

          Thank you for answering me Amy!



      2. Thanks Stephan!

        I appreciate your answer. Maybe you are right though I have been so aware of not being involved in other peoples energies. Maybe it is not that easy when having to do with “near and dear love ones”. I really have to set my intention stronger next time, and be attentive to process all the time 😉



        1. Birgitta, Luv, I was like you. I actually began to hide in my house and this was a period of years. Anytime I interacted with people, especially family, I was completely drained. I felt the heavy energy and instead of allowing it to flow through me, it just hung there. I don’t know if it is the path I have been on, the gain of incredible Inner Strength I have achieved, or if it is the energy that is now Present. Or perhaps, it is a combination of all three. Now, I can actually have FUN with others who are a “heavy weight” because I no longer feel their heaviness. I have begun to connect to others like I used to as a child, innocently and trusting. Truth be told, I have gained a lot of Wisdom and Strength along the way, and my ability to “read” people has improved as well.

          I am in this amazing “current” and it seems I just set the intention, or I just flow going about as I am inwardly directed, and all just falls into place.

          Now, there are exceptions. I am still lauging about this. For my confidence in my ability to read people has just been turned upside down, as I claimed I knew something, when in fact, it was just the opposite. I made a choice. I did not let this event shake my confidence, but instead, I laughed uproarously. (is that a word? If not I just made it up 🙂 ). Hehehehehehehehe

          Just go for it, Brigitta. Forget the rules, forget the a, b, c’s of “something”. It’s as simple as now listning to your inner guidance and just winging it. It is FUN! For heaven’s sake, I actually had FUN at a memorial service breakfast. I had others laughing! Too cool!

          I Love you! Hey, Sis, I missed you! Come on back on board with us!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Pinkie

          1. Amy!

            You really are a lovely person 🙂

            I have never hidden for people – on the contrary- I always stood up and brought my workgroup opinions – and even my own. But I was always a sensitive person, and still am.

            I have too gained an incredible inner strength, I really live in the NOW and can see everything fall into place in an amazing way. I don´t have to care so much about things to happen – without actually having to set my focus to it. That´s why I am a little confused why my energy leaks out in the way it seems to do. Thought I was more aware about that.

            I have no rules Amy – I really don´t have, and I have the opinion that we should act in a natural way without a lot of weirdness. I think we are meant to have fun 🙂 I also love to open up to unknown people as I know we are all one 🙂 I am open-minded and can take things/people for what they are, and if I didn´t listen to my inner guides, I don´t know how to live.

            A small presentation of me 😉

            I have been on board all the time Amy. The fact that I was not always so active here does not mean that I’m not with you 😉 As I said – I follow my inner guides – and I always love you 😉

            Much love,


              1. Dear Amy!

                Thank you for the post of Karen Bishop. It couldn´t be clearer:

                “I cannot believe this is still going on….After all this time the same patterns still present themselves….These laments usually occur in areas that mean a lot to us. In areas where we have invested interests or focus most of our attentions, or where things mean the most”

                The whole post conform so clear with me. I really look forward to the next post.

                A big hug and a lot of love to you Amy for helping me to see what is happening. I hope this patterns will fade out now 😉

                Love and Respect,


            1. Hmmmm……..So, why are you experiencing what you are? You know, the first thing that came to mind was this……you are in the “elite group” that has elected to transmute the heavy to the light the closest to “home” which in my opinion, is the toughest. You are a transmitter of sorts and the energy that you call, from a place of Love, hears you. And in hearing you, you assist those you Love by changing their energy patterns just by BEing you.

              Have you noticed any changes in your family “for the better”? Have things seemed to have improved for them? Have circumstances changed?

              I am just throwing these things out there to you. I really don’t know. Honestly, things can be so confusing and why they happen, is mind boggling.

              Is there a pattern within yourself that perhaps you are not seeing but wants you to see it? For reasons only you know.

              I read Karen Bishop’s work and she explains a lot as to why what is happening. Maybe you can find answers reading her words.

              I hope I have been some help in some way. Something was proven to me just today that no matter how I “think” I know something, there is always room for a “curve ball”.

              BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

              1. Amy – you admirable and lovely person! I can´t stop crying.

                “…that has elected to transmute the heavy to the light the closest to “home” which in my opinion, is the toughest. You are a transmitter of sorts and the energy that you call, from a place of Love, hears you. And in hearing you, you assist those you Love by changing their energy patterns just by BEing you”

                YES, YES, YES!!!

                I have always been a transmuter. Always! In the 80´s II went down for the count trying to help my brother when he broke down.

                Yes – I have been experiencing a shift this time with my sister and brothers, though I can still see their anger that shines through when talking, and the need to assert themselves 😉 I worked a lot with their energies before I met them, and I felt we had a good time together – anyhow.

                If there is a pattern within me that I cannot see? As far as I know that pattern is that I want every person to be loved and respected for what they are, whatever their position in society, and I have learned to live and love this approach without depleting myself, at least until now.

                Karen Bishops post and your message convinced me what sun_of_blue use to say: Everything is OK – I am just in a process 🙂

                Thank you my lovely Angel 🙂


        2. Or my dear friend, set no intention at all, when I did sweat lodge ceremony’s I at first was so focused on the result, because I had a wrongplaced sense of responsibility I had an idea about the end result, then I noticed I tensed up in the process, then I just took things as they came, because it was up to People to go thru this process not I, so if they never got the thing built that was an valuable lesson to, now this may or may not apply to You, but it was along these lines my answer to You went.
          With love and light and respect

          1. My only intention when we meet is love & joy to all of us and that we´ll have a nice time together. I leave to the Universe to decide what is best for us. And we really had a good time – as far as I know 😉 Today I think I know nothing at all about it…

            1. Brigitta, here is what the compagneros said about freedom.

              “The true freedom fighters are yourselves, and you are indeed the bravest of the brave, because you came in knowing fully that you would be operating behind enemy lines as it were. So even if we can be of assistance in so many ways, you will be exposing yourselves to the fire from your opponents merely by the fact that you choose to open the door to your own freedom.”

              50 greek Eurocent for the one who first finds the number of the missive in the manuscript this was written.

              My next advice would be not to visit them anymore.
              like somebody said ” all is relative, except the relatives.

              “Just remember, we talk about that all-important job of standing tall and shining your light so that others may follow in your footsteps. We do not imply that you are chosen as the saviours for rest of the human race, or to put it more succinctly, you are not the ones that will have to make sure everyone else is saved. If they choose not to follow you to the light, that is their decision. If too many decide to stick to the darkness, the outcome for them will be grim indeed, but rest assured that those of you willing to let go of fear will reach your destination safely.”

              Go shopping instead, or organise a riot against the low wages.
              Makrame or tantric evaluation? Bang the drum in the post office.
              All is better than sugar cake and liquor and coffee and small talk.

              1. Michilin – you are brilliant!!! 🙂

                I really must say that for the most part, I do not really know, or am not quite sure, what you’re saying (depending on the linguistic confusion – but this time it was hit 😉 You are so right. Thank you!

                Love and respect,


      3. Stephan, Smiley, bright light mirror of mine. You have shown me a self I did not know was there. You have helped me REMEMBER me. You have assisted me in awakening and embracing the goddess within. I love you so much for this, Fessor. My Confessor. My eternal gratitide for all we have shared. You are in my heart forever, dearest friend. I wish you joy on your journey.

            1. Amy amy amy my dear sister and friend. Have you any idea what this means to me? Of course you do. I am trying to stay at the top.of this elevator on “5” while cleansing and clearing continues on “3”. Luv U.

          1. What I “see” brings tears to my eyes. I “see” a tender rosebud, growing, getting stronger, and is about ready to bloom. How incredibly powerful what is before me. The openness, the sharing, the reflecting, the merging…… absolutely incredible.

            This is what our New Life is based on. LOVE. ONE-ness. Embracing the other with full and absolute acceptance. What a Love Story. Which in of itself reflects what ALL of us our discovering.

            How precious is the Christ. How glorious the Power of Life. The Truth is, we have resurrected and we have Power over Death.

            This is taking the top of my head off. My Heart overfloweth………

    3. Brigitta, I have come back to read your original message.

      And this is what I see.

      You have yet to totally let go to allow the All, to allow the Energy, to work effortlessly around you.

      From where I see, there is something holding you back from transiting from the head to the Heart.

      And trusting.

      You are fighting yourself right now.

      There is an issue of control you have yet to let go of. I speak from experience…….this is a tough one to let go of.

      And I really highly recommend reading Karen Bishop’s latest article. It’s a lot about patterns. And her next article, she claims she will write about how this is good news.

      Don’t fret. BE free. Let go. And let God.

      I am being very frank with you, my Sister. You seem “stuck” so I am helping to push you free.

      And keep in mind, all my words are said in LOVE.

      From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

      1. Thanks Amy – thank you for your commitment to me. I really love you for that, and I also love you being frank to me. That´s my way to speak also, though it sometimes may be a little disruptive 😉

        Control – I donno – maybe you are right, you most often are 😉 I have let go so much that I don´t know what more to let go, and I really don´t have to control things or persons, I live in the NOW and everything affirms me.

        When my youngest child, Stefan 24, left me/us in 2005 on his beloved MC, after having had our last dinner together, I called the car driver (who was involved) the same evening after leaving Stefan at the emergency department, and told him not to feel guilty for the accident because it was meant to happen. I was so convinced in heart that his time was out here on earth, and that the car driver just happened to be the one who “was in the way”. When I met a medium one year later, she confirmed my feeling. We stood up for each other in earlier life, and he had come to support me during tough times in this life.

        Even this terrible pain I released “pretty soon” and could feel the joy and gratitude for what he gave me, and he is always with me – always will be my helper and guide. I surrendered myself to God and followed the grief to the bottom in order to liberate myself and since then there is hardly anything that can be worse – nothing!

        Love and Respect,


  8. Some great force has pushed me away from the old and into the glorious unknown. The rollercoaster ride has taken a new turn.

    1. Dear JayJay! I also sense a change today, like I have left everything behind and now I am standing at the trainstation with no baggage, ready to board the train. I feel calm and collected, no worries at all, and I know the train will arrive soon. No need to check the time, all is well and everything will be just as it is meant be. It is a very different energy from these last two weeks, and it feels SO wonderful 🙂
      Love, light and joy from me, Aisha

      1. I agree, Aisha. I just returned from a Memorial Service and usually being exposed to others’ sadness or just to a large group of people in general, would exhaust me. I felt as though I were completely protected and in my own bubble.

        In fact, I sat next to a politician. Hehehehehehehehe Me? Next to someone who I am not particularily fond of? I was very polite, listened, laughed. But!

        Oh yes. Isn’t there always a but with me? Hehehehehehehehe

        When the conversation came around to what I and my husband do with cats, he started to insinuate that we were not quite right in the head. Hmmmmm……Looking at him straight in the eye, I began to say, “St. Francis”……and as I began to talk he tried to talk over me to shut me up. Nope. My eyes never left his and I continued over his voice, “St. Francis when alive was called a lunatic and people actually threw stones at him because he loved the animals. After he was dead, the same people called him a Saint. What do you think about that?” LOL LOL LOL I actually had FUN putting this man on the spot, yet my eyes still holding his, spoke kindness and gentleness.

        He tried to say something, but couldn’t. GRIN

        I ended up saying, “See what I mean? I do what I do as a calling, and I am teaching Vets how to incorporate alternative methods of healing with traditional ways.” At that, I got his attention. “Oh.” His reply.


        Now, IF this conversation had happened months ago, and IF I was surrounded by all these grieving people, I would be so exhausted I wouldn’t be able to move. I am not though. I feel invigorated. GRIN

        AND, most importantly, I would not have had the courage or the gumption to stand up for what we do with our animals. I wouldn’t have said anything, just being quiet and allowing someone to poke fun at me. Uh Uh. Those days are OVER!!!! And you know what? Knowing he was “important” didn’t bother me at all. I just saw him as a part of God, for who he was, not what his “title” is. How glorious indeed! This Journey we are all on is wowing me! Just wowing me!!!

        Love to ALL at the Pond this wonderful and glorious day!!!! Amy

      2. Aisha, this is sooooo much how I feel right now, this very moment. I feel free, and I mean really free. Free of all past issues and free to follow my way as the true me. I will follow my hearts love to my hearts love.
        I have created some new issues, but I will overcome all obstacles (in my way….that’s yet another song, one of a great many that keep popping up in my head). I know this to be True. And I know I will be with my Divine Love soon (ha ha). The connection is already there, all I have to do is flow.
        I was with Divine Love already last night as I went there in my shape as a mighty giant falcon.
        All my love and thanks, I bow to you in gratitude for guiding me to this point where my new true life begins. This is Glory!

        1. Yes, Jay, this IS Glory!!!!! Fly HIGH, friend! I am right next to you!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        2. YES!!! Reach out and touch the sky, my brother, and know that it is YOU who have lifted yourself to this wondrous place of love, light and joy 🙂
          Love and light and glory! Aisha

    1. I Love you, Michilyn. You are all right. You’ll get through this. I am here at your side, holding your hand. Just breathe right now, that is all you have to do. My Heart beats as One with yours.


    2. Allowing our fragility to truly come forth and be healed, be “wholed” is that which transforms into strength.

      1. sorry for that outburst of fake tragedy,
        the sting is out and I just was capable to slip
        over the event horizon into the blue sun again.

        could it be anybody?

  9. Hello Aisha,

    Thank you for your posts. I have been popping in for a few months now. You have a wonderful place here in the pond. The light has been magnificent these last few weeks both in the physical and energetically. It has been pushing out the darkness. Nothing can hide any longer. Love and light to all of you!

  10. The sun rises beautiful and bright over my own little pond in Memphis.
    Wish you were here … ❤ xoxoxo hugs smooch and all that good stuff!

  11. I agree sunofblue, this was some night. I slept for about 3 hours waking up at 03:41
    I connected within and outside the Pond until about 7 am. I went to bed but could not sleep. Shudders kept going through my body. I know one source they came from, but it could be that another proces is happening inside me.

    1. JJ Trust in all that is. You are everything. You can make your every desire come to fruition. Take my hand. We’ll do it together. :)YMDAH

      1. MMBDAH, together as One. I’m holding hands with you, won’t, can’t and will not let go. Let’s do this…together.

        Now how do you make that smile appear here at the Pond?

        1. You don’t really need to know, because your own smile shines through. But just cuz I am at your command, : ) (but hugging up right next to each other with no space in between….doesn’t that sound nice?)


          1. You’re so cute! Cruel, because you still made me figure out this very difficult riddle you presented, but cute. 🙂

                    1. I happen to be looking at just such a place right at this moment. When can you arrive? I’ll be right here waiting for you.

                    2. So they tell me.

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


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