The manuscript of survival – part 352

Let us begin this missive by thanking you all for the tenacity you have all shown these last few days. Much seems to be in turmoil now, and it can be very hard indeed to keep the balance in all of this heaving to and fro. For the energies are churning around now, and as they do so, much will come to the surface that has been hitherto hidden. Some of it may be seen as a nuisance, while other things will be seen for the true treasures they really are. Remember, you all carry within you a real treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and power, and now, much of this will be washed out much in the same way that grains of gold are washed out from a pan of sand.

So again we say, even if times are challenging in all sorts of ways, do not forget to look at yourself and see the deep well of knowledge, power and wisdom that you harbour within. Again, this may become more than obscured by all of the noise that is being emitted at the moment, both from your own physical body, but also from the world at large. So let us take this opportunity to once again remind you of the same old advice of remembering to connect with your own true core as often as you possibly can. For if you do, you will feel the true strength you carry within getting ever closer to the surface.

It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen. And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfullness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store. For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ”real you”. So again we say hang in there, and remember to check in with yourself frequently now, lest you forget who you are aiming to get to know intimately once again after this very, very long sojourn within the confines of being simply ”you” in a human form.

217 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 352

  1. I think it’s an appropriate time to say this;
    Anyone who believes that free will conflicts with the divine path we walk just needs to consider that their choices alone led them to this point. True enough, the temporal filtering and elimination of incorrect paths could be called forced reasoning but in the eyes of a timeless plan, the fact that you are here in this now means that you made that choice at some (of several) points already 🙂

  2. real life is complicated
    don’t unravel yourself trying to understand; we don’t get to know,
    not yet, that’s what we are trying to remember
    calm down
    you can’t gallop away in all directions at the same time.
    go touch the earth

  3. Ask Robert Monroe, free will n´existe pas. It simply does not exist, on or off planets it seems to be only a plan that rolls out. Handmade by the Creator itself. You cánt do anything.(Gurdjieff) Mayhaps patience is a worthwhile attitude than wanting or will or the childish equivalent of need. Who makes the gras green. Who makes you breathing in and out and in and out and ad infinitum? Don´tpush the waves, surf´em . And fuck the yanks for prohibiting natural healing plants.

      1. Michilyn, thanks for sharing this one. I had not seen this version…just beautiful. This is one of my new all-time favorite songs!! 🙂

        “…we belong together…”

        Love and joy to you all!

    1. You are MY friend, Michilyn. For those are my thoughts in a nutshell about yanks. Anyone who lives in pain deserves the right to choose what pain modality he/she desires. The laws here are crazy. And if you are caught, you will go to jail. No ands ifs or buts as to WHY you are using weed. Go to jail here too if caught feeding deer. An elderly woman actually went to jail because she got caught feeding deer. Oh, yeah, insanity.

      I’ve been INTENDING a L O N G time that all this insanity will come to an end, and weed will be legalized. As it should be.

      Anyway, I have many of Robert Monroe’s Music. I believe in this man for this music really, and I mean really works.

      Have a great day, Michilyn.

      (((HUGSS))), Amy

    1. Otmn, thank you. Wow did I ever need to hear this song. I just came out from a monsoon, tears from my Heart.

      And as for all of us, we all go through our phases of sobriety or not. Artists are especially known to indulge, for BEing a part of the group called the “sensitives”.

      Big (((HUGS))), thank YOU, and smooches,

      1. I didn’t get where I’m at by leaving anything out, I think I’ve tried everything. If I missed one, I apologize.
        hey kid, I’m a registered grower in the legal medicine program.
        But how do I get it to you?

        1. It’s not legal in NY State, Otmn. That’s the problem. And if you got caught mailing it to me, you would get your license yanked. They are crazy yanks here, my friend. NY is upside down, backwards. Push the pills that kill ya, but don’t allow anything natural to help ya. No way would I even take a chance getting you in trouble. I Love you for the offer. Bless you for the offer. Man, did you ever touch my heart.

          1. I agree
            It would be more than my license
            it would be jail time
            you could drive on over to my place
            i am in a survivable location when tshf

            1. Excuse me for barging in here. Is thks a private party, or can I come too? Otmn, you have after all rubbed offon both of us. 🙂

                  1. Now why this stupid comment section is allowing me to reply to this particular comment but blocks me from others, I can only guess. Most likely because I burst out laughing when I read it, and therefore raised my vibration! 🙂

                    Love you, Michilyn! You keep me going sometimes, you crazy thing!
                    🙂 AH

            2. Driving/flying for extended time, I am not able to do. I know you have a titanium cage in your back, and that’s what surgeons say I need. I avoid those knives at all costs. Back surgeries do NOT work. Period. So I exercise and keep this body as strong and healthy as I can, and yep, take pills to make the pain bearable. I do my best with what I have been given.

              Ya would make a great jail buddy, Otmn. GRIN! We definitely don’t want that experience, though. Your frogs would miss you and my cats would miss me. LOL

              Smooches!!!! Pink lipstick on your head! Amy

  4. I especially think of you Amy, when I hear the words “Beautiful Child”…you are so loved…I too have a tough father who’s never been able to express his love or understanding of me….I know how wounding it can be. And my heart goes out to you with your struggles with your husband…

    Love, Stevie

  5. this is my first attempt at embedding a YouTube Video. It may or not work. But I wanted to add my musical voice to all the other shares today. This is a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately….helps me cry and cleanse….to all of the beautiful children within and around us.

    1. Stevie, how I Love you! I “see” you, my Sister, through the guises of illusion. Embrace JOY and just know know know that when you focus and BE Love, flow in that, all else will fall into place. It just happens.

      And as I write this to you, I am getting “hot” which is a sign to me, a big one, that you really require to hear these words. Take them to Heart, my Sister, for they are your Freedom.

      BIG (((HUGS))),

    2. Stevie, you have packed quite a wallop with your frst youtube embedment. Would you all please quit making me cry? Crying and cleansing is right, beatiful child Stevie. My heart joins you in this.
      🙂 AH

  6. This is the song I was listening to on my walk on Sept. 10th (the day my husband fell) when I had my arms uplifted to the Sun, praying. And I prayed, “May all the fear, terror, violence, pain, and anger assciated with 9/11 be forever blown away by these mighty winds this day!” (very windy day!) My music stopped, just as I finished my prayer, which was impossible. I had programmed my CD player so that the music played continuously and it was also on HOLD which means no matter what button was pushed, nothing would happen.

    I was stunned! Say what????

    I looked at my CD player. Sure enough it was off. I reprogrammed it, and that FIRST song that was playing (track 1) while I was playing, I listened very closely to the words.


    Listen to the words, especially the ones at the end. My PRAYER was heard by Heaven! AND that was the Purpose of my husband’s fall. We together broke up HUGE dross that day. And all that was blown away by the Winds!

    Loving this! Journey!

    1. OH, Otmn, I am laughing SO hard! Hehehehehehehe LOVE this song! The lyrics are hysterical! And these guys are too much!!!! OMG! Stoned a wee bit, hey? Too funny!

      1. Where do you guys find all the time to not only find these videos but to watch them? I am hit and miss with these videos. 🙂 But this one I just HAD to watch! Otmn, you are a trip! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. it is a little hard to explain, even to myself.
          hmm i guess
          I just remember things that I never knew before.
          sometimes a lyric to an old song comes to me so i just type that into the search engine and look down the list of results until I find one with a utube address.
          i dunno, just let it flow.
          I’ve been to several Dr.. Hook concerts. They are so funny
          and just a little bit stoned.
          I walked out on a Greatful Dead concert. They stunk!!!
          Either they took to many drugs, or perhaps not enough

          1. Thanks for the tip, Otmn! I’ll remember that!!

            You sound kinda down in the dumps today. So, here goes….

            BIG PINK (((HUGS))) and……

            of course……


            I Love you, my Brother of Lyrics and Fun! Amy

              1. Same here, Otmn. My pain was ^^^^ today due to the stress of the two days I went through. (((HUGS))) I wish to God they would legalize pot. I hesitate to buy off the street cause you just don’t know what is in the bag. If you use M, smoke some for me. Thanks, Otmn!

    1. AH 🙂 Just listened to this today! I will be very relieved when this life is over, or at least this portion of the passage I have been on for a long time, is over. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  7. Buffy St. Marie
    I haven’t remembered her for a long time.
    Everyone with Shell Shock needs to stop thinking they are first in line
    and listen to
    Universal Soldier

    1. Thank You Otmn, I never really understood the American system of war until I ran with Chief Sonne Reyna, who is Vietnam vet who got himself wounded in hand to hand combat, he told me that it took him 8 Years to be healed with the help of the shamans of his tribe, he ended up being a ceremonial leader and Peace Chief doing service to his people, this man has a great heart.

    1. Otmn, so totally enjoyed this!!! I laughed so hard because everything was true. Today I do have some time to listen as I am cooking. Thank you for helping me chop up veges and laugh!!!!!!


  8. Ok, Otmn has rubbed off on me again (crap! no pun intened…that just happened naturally). I’ve become provocative. What have I started here? Somebody started something somewhere….

    Stephan … this is a doozie ..

    1. Yeah, it is Otmn. Provocative. Yep. He done did do it. Now he has “rubbed off” on both of us! ROFLMAO!!!!!OMG!!!!

      Oh you guys, are the best medicine! I have to cook dinner now……..yet I am laughing! Just thinking of that video makes me laugh out loud!! Oh! I just did a nose snort! OMG! OMG! Hehehehehehehehehehe

      1. Stephan, I studied Tantra, yet in doing so, I realized with my intuition, that the knowledge was not pure.

        The Art of Tantra is amazing, and when applied to daily life, seeing Life as a Dance or Act of Love and one merges with All, this can bring ecstasy to a degree, one is not able to describe. Of course, this takes practice and a continual Intention to Live in High Heart. Not easy to do when in a 3D environment. Easy to do when one is alone with Nature away from trains, planes and automiles and Silence abounds.

        Thought I would throw my 2 “sense” worth in. I did not read the article being discussed here, or video, whichever one it may be.

        Yes, Tantra is a doozie, and I consider very Sacred. It is a means to merge and become One with Source and to Create from that Place. 🙂

        1. Now my Lady I humbly suggest You take a look at the video I posted, here is a woman that lets herself expose to the 3D, and in my opinion does gracefully so, maintaining her energy of unconditional love.

      2. For when we sprout our angels wings… maybe we all will meet…
        Here’s hoping…
        Love from me to you 🙂 AH

        1. Oh, AH, lump in my throat for real. Honest. I am beginning to know what you are feeling. I “recognized” someone yesterday and I was floored. Just can’t get that person out of my head. 🙂 First for me. I recognized ME in this person. WOW!

          BIG (((HUGS)))

          1. Right there with you, sister. This has been SOME coupla days, let me tell you.

            And so it all begins…

            1. I was just saying to self…….Ame, ya gotta be careful what you pray for /Intend. I’ve been intending to BE with my Twin. This life. I’m saying no more. Seems like I say something here, it turns out to be some sort of “prayer” and things “happen”. Thumpity-thump.

              This New World……has begun…….it’s official. Anything is possible, my friend. Yet, here too, don’t focus on what you do not have, but go on living FEELING like you have what you “wish for” or “desire”. This is your way of showing the Universe you have no lack, and thus that very thing is automatically drawn to you. Lack will draw lack. Living for real FEELING and KNOWING you HAVE what you desire=just that. And so it happens. It just does. 🙂 Cool? Way cool!

              I’ve been living for a while with a powerful feeling all is good, and IF it is “planned” for this life to unfold, my Twin I shall know. 🙂 It will just happen. Thumpity-thump.

              1. I hear you loud and clear. Yes, things seem to be moving more quickly and magically now in so many ways. 🙂

                1. What will worry add to your Life? Do not the sparrows in the fields have food to eat? How much more are you then a sparrow? All this and more shall be given unto you. Amen.

    1. Stephan, Sasha truly knows what she is speaking of. Thank you so much for posting this!

      Yes. Tantra is a Way of Life. I seemed to have used the “wrong word” by saying practicing it. One only improves as one gets to know who one is. The deeper that knowledge, the deeper the interaction with Life. From the Heart. From the Soul.

      Oh, this is what I have believed all my Life! This is the first time I have ever listened to another person speak with the words that are in my Heart. There really is hope for this world. And there really is hope that the “life” I see for me, shall BE.

      I have all my life had these different thoughts, Stephan. And when I studied Tantra, what I didn’t say, and will say now, is, I put the books away, and began to listen to my Heart. That is how I learned Tantra. Loving all, BEing of the One Heart. I knew that the knowledge in those pages was tainted. I refuse to live tainted. I maintain to live Pure.

      Oh, this is beautiful. I wish more people would “get this”.

      Living from the Heart, BEing YOU, learning ecstasy is truly possible in every day of your Life. Tantra is NOT all about sex. Yes, it has a part of it, but not JUST it, as the “books” say. Hurray for Sasha!!!!

      With all my Love,
      Lady Pinkrose

      1. I have a good friend from somewhere in the Himalayas, he roam around at Aarhus University, he is a very humble man, a very wise man, You tell him about a person who is generally considered the worst racist in Danish politics, and he return a gentle positive story about her, so I meet him one day I had just begun taking a lesson at the local Tantra Temple, after being introduced to thing by a massage. They had a student discount so I could barely could afford it then. The massage was scheduled for 1½ hours, now partly because of my shamanistic training I responded well to the massage and they tried to persuade me to join the temple, partly because I was in need of great healing, this massage extended to last over 5 hours, after 3 hours the temple leader joined and suggested some exercises, this healed me in such a deep way that it lead to my first relationship with a woman initiated in a sober condition, that was such an incredible gift the spring of 2008 is one I will never forget. No back to the wise guy, I meet him at the campus and we drank coffee together as we used to, and I told him about my experience at the temple, now this gentle man just looked at me as if I was insane, then he said there are 2 tops 4 people in Denmark that master tantra, I have never been shown that much respect .


    Forgive me for this one as it has nothing with anything (or does it?) other than it came on in the car as I jumped in to race madly to be on time to pick up my kid at school. I did not make it on time … but it was no big thing. So I guess I’m feeling like Amy last night, sort of above the fray.

    Or maybe I am just in a wacky kind of mood. Take your pick. Let the viewers decide.

    Fun for all…

    LMFAO (which is also the performer of this lovely tune!!!)

    1. Oh dear god!!! I had never actually seen that video. I am in a state of combined shock, admiration for the nerve of these guys, hilarity, and absolute inability to breathe I am lauging so hard.

      Approach with caution…

    2. OMG! I am laughing so hard I am choking!!!!!! LMAO!!! OMG! Anna Helen, you are totally el nutso and I LOVE IT!!!!! You are crazy, girl! And GOOD crazy!!!! OMG I have never seen anything so hilarious!!!!! I can’t breathe either! This is insane! These guys had BALLS! OMG! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah, they got balls alright. Lots of ’em. Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase “a few good men.” And I salute them.

        If only I had some mardi gras beads to play ring toss with. Bet I could just throw a handful out there and hit several on the head 😉 without even trying.

        OMG.. I am depleted.

        1. AH! You gotta stop! I can’t take any more! My stomach muscles aren’t used to laughing this hard!!! OMG!!!!! You are hilarious! You are SO funny! OMG! Tears! Shortness of breath. OMG! Holy Cats!!!!!!

          That’s it. No more! I have to go feed my cats……….

  10. I listened to some of them.

    Maybe the love triangle he was talking about. 1 + 1 = 3. You know…

    And / or the story of his imaginal world. That’s the way I write my own dreams and OBE’s. Keywords, numbers, short sentences understandable by the dreamer only.

    Or the Western coastal event predicted by the web bot ?

    But he says that it is not about a disaster..

    Or… the release of his hip-hop album ? 🙂

  11. All is Well. All is Good. Just picked up my husband from the hospital and his memory has returned in full, except he still does not remember the fall.

    Thank you ALL for your Love and your Intent and your Prayers. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I saw a raving lunatic, today a sane man. I AM so grateful. And SO relieved.

      1. Amy!!! I direct your attention to the name of this song our friend Stephan posted…..

        Thanks, Smiley 🙂

          1. Well, fessor, you have brought yet another thing to my awareness. My daughter, who reads my energy so well, has a partial native american heritage. Her dad’s grandfather actually was a dog soldier. Explains things even futher to me!! 🙂

        1. Zap Mamma Bee Song! OH YEAH! OMG! I am so hard, AH, I cannot breathe!!!! I am releasing the stress of the last 30 hours! Bless your heart!!!

  12. I just read Aisha ‘s message again. Sometimes it takes more than once for it to really sink in. This one speaks to me as none other has in the past. The last couple of days has brought great change for me personally.

    “…other things will be seen for the true treasures they really are.”


    Love to all my pond family…my feet are lifting off the ground…finally…

    🙂 AH

  13. Codes for New Life Awakening
    By Shanta Gabriel on August 29, 2013 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel

    The Codes for New Life Awakening on Earth
    Dear Ones,

    All of life is experiencing Year One of New Life Awakening on Earth. Throughout these past weeks you have been activated by the new codes for this awakening within the Sacred Geometry emblazoned across the starry realms. This Sacred Geometry acts as a Divine Matrix permeating the energy fields within and around the Earth and is coded with the Blueprint of Divine Perfection. As you align with this blueprint through the Sacred Geometry within your Light-body field, you may feel the pieces click together within you like an etheric Rubik’s Cube.

    This Divine Matrix holds the shape of Tetrahedrons superimposed on each other to create the Merkaba, the Star Tetrahedron, the sacred geometry in which your Light-body ascends.This most amazing and beautiful shape actually rotates in perfect directions simultaneously creating Wholeness and Unity Consciousness as a field of being. These frequencies also activate the Torus regenerating field around your heart to unify the field of Divine Perfection within you. Multi-dimensionality has become your baseline.

    This movement into the higher dimensional realms act on the timelines from 2013 to 2015, which will tend to be tumultuous from one aspect but are also a tremendously creative time. There are many ways you can allow it to be more graceful. New Life Awakening is a moment to moment choice. The encoded light particles embedded in the waves of Light moving like a Tsunami of Change over your planet, hold the most Divine Frequencies and are activating the codes of Awakening that you hold within your DNA. Your being is responding in ways you have never experienced as these new levels of Light-encoded energies move though you.

    Your True Essence

    The sloughing of the old patterns has taken you to the very essence of who you are and now you may feel raw and vulnerable. Have no fear! When you feel emptiness because it is uncomfortable, the tendency is to want to fill the void space. Be very alert to what you fill this space with. The awakening codes are inviting you to see from a higher perspective, to lift your eyes and your awareness to higher understandings. You invite this new level to you with your thoughts and emotions. It takes only a gentle focus for you to come into Divine Understanding.

    Some days you must constantly monitor your thoughts, lest you sink into the abyss of negativity that floats on the ethers that surround you as mass consciousness. We call this the true discipline of Awakening: Be alert to the resonate frequency you hold within your being because now you totally KNOW that what vibrational frequency you hold within portends the outcome of your life experience. Once you have that clear awareness, you cannot go back to ordinary low resonance. If this idea seems stressful, consider the fact that if you let yourself sink into an irritable, low vibrational state, your nervous system will take the brunt of this experience and you will find yourself having to put even more effort into climbing back to Balance.

    A 2-5 minute timeout is possible wherever you are. You can place your hands on your heart and breathe, no matter what is happening. This will create a resonant field of balance within your being which is instantly calming so you can feel more free. Relaxing in Nature, even if it is next to your favorite plant or better, an old tree, will help you soothe your nervous system. When you can breathe Divine Love into your heart as you hold your hands there, that radiant frequency will fill your being very quickly and the Light frequencies will illuminate your mind. Your task now is to use these accelerated frequencies to transmute and transform your energy system into New Life Awakening.

    Your most Authentic Self is Awakening

    Each person is receiving dimensional coding that may be integrated or rejected, resisted or welcomed. The waves of accelerated frequencies have been so different from those previously experienced that a newly formed being is emerging from within your core ~ your most authentic self ~ fully connected from Heaven to Earth. This is the integrated human, the HomoLuminus. As you begin to ground these new frequencies, you may feel the raw edges of vulnerability in your nervous system. These feelings can be misinterpreted as the more chaotic energies continue to swirl through lives that have already been disrupted. Many people are feeling internal energy moving like electrical charges igniting their internal frequencies as the DNA shifts align your energy fields in new and powerful ways. This is because the vibrational codes are held within your electrical system.

    Learning to be a ground for these accelerated frequencies is not just an old story, the physical health of your body is dependent on your ability to literally connect with Sacred Earth. As an electrical outlet needs grounding in a dwelling so too does your physical being. Many diseases are caused by the inability to ground and recirculate energy. Take any opportunity to touch the earth with your feet and embrace the trees so you learn how it feels to be rooted into Sacred Earth.

    The Earth’s fields are opening in a new way allowing you access to the elemental and devic realms. The power of this gift is one that you will value more and more as energy continues to accelerate. The Earth embraces the new frequencies of energy and extracts the vitality and empowerments to feed this New Life Awakening. As you harmonize yourself with Sacred Earth you are nourishing your own energy fields, most especially your emotional body. The Universal Presence of Nature has the capacity to calibrate your energy frequencies so they resonate in a more harmonious way, which then allows you to receive nurturing and sustenance from the Sacred Earth.

    Using New Light Frequencies in Daily Life

    Refining the frequencies of Light that you are working with one of your tasks at this time. In many ways you have erased your personal history and are using this time to find new ways of expressing the depth of your connection to Source Energy in a creative way. Your connecting channels are also being shifted. Heightened awareness is being inspired from the Beings of Light working with the awakening process that is occurring now. Since your Higher Self is so attuned to your inner shifts as well as your Soul connection to Source energy, that is where much of the work is being done. If you are reading this, you have been dedicated to Unity Consciousness, Oneness within your being, from the beginning of your Soul’s birth. Unity within you is what is being brought forward now into your awareness. You are beginning a new phase of work in harmony with this inspired assistance.

    In this time of New Life Awakening there are moments of pure clarity, joy and connection. There are also moments of emptiness, dissatisfaction and inner upheaval. Allow it to be as it is and find respite from constant striving, for that is only another manifestation of ambition. Spiritual hunger can be a good thing, and at times is necessary on the path to Divine Union. However in this new time, you can open to new levels of consciousness only if you don’t fill up the space with your inner turmoil because you think your awakening or the manifestation of your goals is taking longer than you think it should.

    With your breath, find the Stillpoint of Peace within you and allow it to expand and fill the empty spaces of your being. Open new doors in your mind and heart and let yourself receive our love for it is truly here for you, and you are never alone. We have heard your prayers and you can receive now what we are calling the Stillpoint of Peace; a new time of teaching has begun.

    The Source of all life thrives within your being. You are eternally and powerfully loved. It is safe to open to your new life in a multidimensional world. As the veils part, the portals within you stand open, and the Archangels are there to receive you, as you walk through into New Life Awakening.

    And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel for
    Archangel Gabriel
    Copyright: August 29, 2013

        1. Me three!!! 🙂 Been all kinds of crazy today…both good and bad.

          Apparently I bought a ticket for this roller coaster, so I’ll just buckle in and enjoy the ride.

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