A short update on the energies

Rejoice dear friends, for you have once again managed to donwload such a vast amount of beneficial energy through your joint efforts, and again we say a resounding thank you on behalf of All of Creation. We know that for some of you, yesterday’s event may have felt as a non-event, but believe us when we say that this was indeed a resounding success on all levels. It was not without its challenges for some of you, for as usual, the light never comes empty handed. In other words, the tasks that came embedded within these messengers of light was quite an armful, and for some, a rather taxing one also. Just know that you will all benefit from this huge influx of light, and so will the rest of this planet. Let us leave it at that for now, and instead give you all some much needed time to literally digest what has transpired between you and the other realms that still seem to remain very much hidden from you. But do not forget, you are all frequent visitors here even if you do not have any clear recollection of it, and as such, it was an excellent occasion to get to thank you all as you popped in for a short visit during your meditation. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.


447 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Maybe we were pulling on each other’s energy too hard trying to reach each other in 3D.??? There is one message here so far… and 2 more have come through my inbox, so maybe I have them all now.

    If you must hear about the cave first, sir, then fine! I will oblige you…as I always will, master. (kidding! I don’t do master/servant anymore…been there done that!!! Maybe just for fun on occasion we can…:) ) So the cave. Well, obviously genious! Obviously a message to any who read it! Wake up! He cries. But be forewarned, it might not be easy. What an absolutely perfect description of all we are going through. Do I pass, fessor? 🙂 Seriously. It was fascinating.

    As for taking this to the next level. I find the idea intriguing on many levels. However, I do not have skype. Is that free? And Stephan, that would mean taking a shower and brushing my hair every day! 🙂 Kidding again. I know you don’t care what I look like. And you know what? Neither do I!!!! What liberation. And yet I feel more beautiful than I ever have before even without a speck of make up, hair unstyled, just au naturale. Ahhhhh… contented sigh. But I can certainly e-mail you! Sure would be a lot easier than this.

    Thanks for the name link. I’ll look that up right now.

    Love to you!

  2. Dear Lori, found this link for You maybe it will help You http://www.pantheon.org/articles/l/lorelei.html
    I had the fortune of living nearby Denmark biggest library and they got some very old dictionary’s of the old greek, it was 72-or 74 giant volumes off that size You normally only find in fantasy films about Wizards Called “The Pauly”. So I just loved going there finding out stuff about the these crazy Greeks. In this I found and took copies of 5 entire pages relating to my name, the knowledge in these books was just amazing.
    Now if we pretend this all about books, we sure miss the mark I would say. Now about the twin soul thing, I know by now that our frequency’s are matching, now we can keep our communications on this level or we can pull it up a a bit, by using skype or the good old telephone to get a more fluent communication going. My email is stephan @ stengler . dk now if You resonate with this, send me a mail.
    And, Let me tell Ya I am afraid too, but the time is now, as they say, love You my friend

    1. I am not so sure how I feel about the Lorelei myth. Although I do love to sing. Ready to be lured to your death, sailor? Do you hear the story from here in the states about Lorena Bobbett, the woman who cut off her cheating husband’s penis and threw it out the car window while they were driving down the highway? I was the unfortunate recipient of thay nickname Lorena for a while during that time. Only because of the name similarity….nothing else, I assure you.

      So did you look up Laurel on this site you sent me to? I did. The meaning is similar to your name, which was my point to begin with. Maybe I did not make that clear.


      1. Well I actually heard that story, now deaths in myths are not always literally, death represents the death of the 3D personality/ego, the emptying of the cup, because only an empty jar can be filled. Now the Egyptian book of the dead, has another interpretation to it, something like; the book about coming into the light, as You know the cave story allready, You get the idea.
        So therefore cutting of the Penis of a man is fine if it’s done in the mythical world, in typical mythical scenario, they will cut off some more limb put theem in a pot and create from this a new being in alignment with it’s higher self.
        But cutting of a Penis in 3D that is not good, I am sorry to hear You had to be put through this comparison, I suggest just letting it go with love, and embrace the idea of the mythical death 🙂

        1. I didn’t mean to make it sound like the Lorena name actually bothered me. It was always said to me in jest, and I knew that. I laughed along at the joke. That is very interesting about mythical death. I had always thought is was meant literally. Now I see what you mean. That changes all mythology for me, as I probably missed a lot of the symbolism. I will have to reread some of the stories with new eyes. I just love gaining new understanding of things!

  3. Now, You tell Ripley thank you, I liked the song very much 🙂 Well my friend, feel free to do whatever You choose, regarding showing her. Goes without saying, that if she did I would be Honoured.
    Love&light to you both

      1. Hope you like that one, Tiger Man. It’s nearly 5:30 am here and I’m trying to hold on (after another sleepless night) until sunrise. That always makes me feel better.

        So I thought I’d turn a negative into a positive and use the time to practice my video posting skills.

        🙂 me

        1. I keep feeling like I am giving you one of those late night “booty calls” (only all talk and no funny business…) when I send you these messages. Hope you don’t feel used. 😉

          Though I guess it’s not late night for you, is it. You are in Finland, I think? Let’s see….it is 5:30 am here….calculate hmmmm say, 8 hour time difference, so 1:30 pm there. (Ok…I admit I had to look up the time difference, so sue me.) I am just amusing myself, as there is no one else around to do it.

          Have a joyful day!

          1. One day I will publish a cute little book entitled “Hanging On ‘Til Sunrise; One-sided Conversations With a German Friend in Finland.”

            Okay. I am just getting close to hysterical now (though laughing). I think I will stop before I embarrass myself further.

            1. Well Plato a did a whole series of these conversation-type of books, on of them titled Polis or the state, in the seventh book of this series he describes in metaphor what I think is going on here at the Pond it called the allegory of the Cave. Which nobody is embarrassed of reading, there more like in awe, so in 2000 Years time they’ll read the book at the future University’s about Anna Helen and her German/finnish friend, I’m only saying 😉
              Warning.. nerdy part incoming; is it not funny that they call it a polise-state, since “police” at the root means state, so it like hand me the napkin-paper-towel please. If You get my drift, if not, as always, let it slide my very dear friend

              1. This particular comment keeps appearing in my in box. There must be something in it I am supposed to see. I am somewhat familiar with Plato’s Cave allegory though I have never actually read it. Now that you mention it, I happened upon another reference to it just recently. Maybe I am supposed to go read it. Hmmmm….

                1. Just for kicks…. what is your full name? And/or is there some name that sort of floats there in your consciousness if you were to choose your own (other than the freyja part)?

                  1. Well my name full name is Stephan Stengler, now Stephan comes from stephanos and means crown or crown of flowers, it refers to the Star Constellation the Greek called Stephanos aka Corona Borealis aka Brisingamen (Freyja’s necklace) aka Ariadnes ring that refers to a myth where Ariadne fals in love with Dionysos, but is left by him, for this she is placed among the Stars. So I think this name of mine to be perfect, the surname belonging to past of course. If I had to choose it should just Stephan I guess.

                    1. I can see how you would want to keep that one! It is perfect for you! I assume you pronounce it with the “f” not the “v” sound at the ph. Like ste FAAN or STEF an?

                      Anyway, I was playing around with the idea Amy presented about twin souls. I had a conversation with Otmn (which actually happens to be in this very section in older comments, look for 3rd video from the bottom, but start with Otmn’s original comment just above it).

                      So. Big announcement. Are you sitting down?? The Anna Helen Foster name is a pen name I chose in honor of 3 of my grandparents. My given name is Lori, which is derived from Laurel, which is – yep! -garland of flowers (more to it than that probably, but that’s all I know).

                      Am I trying to read into this too much? Or is this a bit….I can’t even think of a word, because I am afraid to hope. There is a blue light blinking in the corner of my left eye as I write this.

                      Whatcha think?

                    2. Don’t you find it a little odd that the ONLY comment that has been thrown out into our conversations here is about twin souls??!!

                  1. Battery on my Kindle is dyng, though. Will have to recharge and finish reading it later. Probably a good idea anyway, as it is a bit longer than I expected it to be. 🙂

                    1. We have a store here in Memphis that is called Plato’s Closet. It is a place where you turn in your “gently used” clothes for a store credit and others can buy them at reduced price. I was able to teach Ripley a bit about Plato and Socrates the last time we went there. That is was part of their philosophy to keep using something and not waste. There are lessons everywhere. 🙂

                  2. Ok this is too strange. Your original comment re:Plato came thru my in box AGAIN at exactly 2:22 am this morning…which is exactly the time you signed off yesterday. WTF!!! So I read Plato. What else was your message about? Finding an Anna Helen Foster book in a library someday. What in the blue blazes do I have to write about?!

                    Maybe this is it. Sometime, maybe fall of 2012… not sure…doesn’t matter… I had this little story come to mind called “Meet Mason Jar.” It started out with Mason being taken out of his packing box in someone’s kitchen. Clean, clear flawless. The good line at this point was to be “The light shone through him and he was ready to be filled.” Then we have all the purposes Mason serves in his lifetime, changjng as he gets older and a little more worn out. At some point, his lid no longer fits tightly enough. He gets a chip in his rim. It is no longer safe for him to contain food. So he gets sort of put back in the back of the cabinet for a while. Kind of relegated to seemingly less important function. So on and so forth. At some point, he is found, washed off, filled with clear crystal water and some lovely flowers, renewed purpose (you get the idea). So then when find Mason on the windowsill in the sunshine. “The light shone through him, and he was full.”

                    I am just not sure if I am capable of fleshing all that out.

                    1. My dear friend, I don’t know what is going with my message I posted and it did not show up at the buttom of this tread. About the reaccuring message maybe something to do with the security software on my browser blocking cookies, I turned that of. Now my friend what do You think about the story about the prisoners in the cave?

          2. Now, well due to the time difference my early mornings are Your late nights. Now I had to look up booty calls, in order to find out what You meant with funny business, well I will tell You I have had these sexual related dreams lately, so maybe the funny business is going at another frequency, if that’s the case I like getting used that way, if not I also enjoy sharing story’s and videos with You aswell at anytime my dear friend

      2. Thanks my dear friend for this video. I like it here down in the more quiet seemingly forgotten part of the Pond. The Video reminds me of my love story with the Valkyrie. The Valkyries are different aspect of Freyja related to her Warrior role in old Norse society. These Valkyrie’s protect their human counterparts. Once the connection is establisht the warrior has to pass certain tests, he then if he survives becomes an einheiri with is old Norse for he who fights alone. These tests were many a bit like the steps the CC’s talk about. Now I never really was afraid of death, it was life I feared. In order to make the connection, there had to be an element of unconditional love, this came in the form of a teacher to me, her teachings enabled me to get near the Valkyrie. Now what I lacked was not fear of death obviously, but discipline and unconditional love, this teacher of mine gave me both, now she was not Your standard School-teacher I might add. Our relationsship was keept a secret due to the incompatibility with 3D standards. In other words she had a real life to attend to and a family to consider, so to the outside world we were just good friends.
        Well just a little sharing from my past this video just made that become vividly alive, so thanks for that and love and light to You

        1. Oh Stephan!! How I wish I had such a teacher. I know the fear of life. I have never feared death, either. I feel like I am a one person team of the “blind leading the blind.”

          1. Weird great experience just happened. Just after posting that teacher comment, I glance at the clock. 5:55. I felt this rush of energy to my third eye. Extreme dizzinees though pleasant. Now electric shocks are zinging throughout my head and the light behind me keeps flickering off and on. And all the while I am thinking, “Yes, yes, I know. Every person I have ever met and every thing I have ever experienced has been a teacher.” Ok! I get it. I do. And it all continues to culminate into the one great lesson of unconditional love. But did I have to make it so gosh darn lonely for myself? I must have. I must have. Otherwise I would have always looked to others, not so deep within as I have. I don’t think I would have found this ME had I not planned it this way. And I would not have started reaching out at the right, Divine time, which is NOW. And yes I know all of you in the pond are my teachers. I must be learning more about the more important energetic connection, as opposed to a face to face in person, physical connection. Am I making sense or am I rambling. Doesn’t matter. It makes sense to me.

            1. Seems to me the goddess(dunno maybe it a good to You, often but not always they are of opposite sex especially in the field of sexual magic) just came by, the flickering of light is a sign to.

              1. I can NOT BELIEVE I am about to ask you this, but is that your way of saying that I just had an energetic orgasm? (Aisha is going to throw me out of the pond!!!!) If so, it was incredible AND it is still zinging around in there. 🙂

                I am laughing so hard I am about to fall out of my chair.

                1. Oh I just could not resist this !!! Thank you thank you. You always cheer me up so much??? Big fat smooch on that big ole smile!

                  1. I love this song, I always played it when feeling blue and in need to be held, and to answer Your question; it’s because You call out the beauty in me and in this field between us the goddess walks her mysterious ways, I feel Your energy-signature Your transPonderSignal, and it is beautifull
                    Smooch right back at You and some xoxoxo

                    1. If you mean like a brand new comment at the end of “short update” it is not showing up here. Could be because my Kindle battery is so low. Though that hasn’t happened before. Maybe you mean on Aisha’s new message? I’ll check there, charge for a minute and then I’ll try again.

                    2. Well honey, I am here looking at the end of that section amd all I see is a Yep! 🙂 then another, cuter smiley face. You must have said something horribly mean to me if I am not allowing myself to see it. Ha! 😉

                    3. well, give it a name, I dunno what going on my friend, I felt confusion then groundedness as Your message tickt in and my message is gone displaced in time and space, now I had this link for Ya on Your name http://www.pantheon.org/articles/l/lorelei.html . Now You be good little schoolgirl and tell me about the Caves, since there gonna no new assignments until that one is done.
                      The mystery school master aka Stephan aka Smiley 🙂

                2. Third Eye activation, flickering lights, dizziness and You know what it’s OK there no shame in this every true priest and priestess have gone through this, do You understand now why the female has always been looked upon as a sinner, it is because she has far greater powers than the pale preachers of piety to whom sex is a sin, and so do You my dear 😉 and nobody is gonna throw You of the Pond for this my friend breathe and enjoy the bliss.

                  1. I can understand that intellectually, yes. However, I have never felt powerful…and most certainly not in that way. For now I will trust you on that.

                    My kindle battery is about run down, and so is my own. But the sun is shining on my face. Maybe now I can rest.

                    Love you, dearest friend.

              1. You have been holding out on me, my friend. I read this lovely post on your blog and will return for more.

                After our conversation earlier, I caught a few mintues of the film “The New World.” It was just at the part of the story where John is meeting Pocahontas. All that intense nonverbal communication going on. The dance of two people learning each other that goes so far beyond spoken language. So beautiful and moving.

                  1. Seems to me you are employing yourself quite well, dearest.

                    I pay you with love and I am certain others, do too. Now whether that helps in a 3D supporting yourself kindnof way, I dunno. But what you are doing for me is beyond value. 😉

                    1. I’d say perhaps Twin Souls? Hmmmmm………Just sayin’. 🙂 Love you, Stephan!

                1. You did it again my friend, You lifted my energy up conveyd by Your words, thank You so much, just moved to tears, crazy huh dunno what happened there except it felt like Your energy-signature going though me, love You

  4. Wonderfull 🙂 well, the dubstep scene is fast evolving, so I guess Your daughter is well informed on the subject. I think maybe the reason it did not load was because I linked from a playlist on my Youtube-account, and wordpress cant read that type of embed-code.
    I hope Your sleeping patterns get better my dear friend, I think I’m gonna go take a nap now the time is 21:45 in Svendborg 🙂

    1. I told Ripley about you liking dubstep. She also likes chillstep and asked me to share her favorite one with you. Apparently, you now have yet another female fan. I dare not show her your picture, or she might use it as the background on her computer screen, so she can see that smile every day! Hmmmmm… maybe not such a bed idea after all. 😉

  5. 10-4 Ascending vehicle: We’ll try to reroute power to the secondary systems, and boast the frequency range of the satellite disc, please confirm read; over

    If that won’t work search “Chillstep Dubstep Mexico Mix Music Video”duration 23:29 on civilian darpa net

    Houston out

    1. Ahhh…. it’s working this time! I lost all connection to the web this morning right at 9:11 (my time), so I finally went and conked out after another “no sleep” night.

      So this is Chillstep? Ok. I guess Ripley did not make up the different “intensity level” idea. The stuff I have heard her playing is a much more harsh (for lack of a better word) and thumping, pulsing sound. I guess that’s the difference between “chill” and “bro.” I have not watched this whole thing yet, but wow!! Is it gorgeous!!! The Eagle has landed.


  6. Smiley, I had to start a whole new comment thread here because the reply button was unreachable the way your last message is showing on my Kindle screen.

    Dubstep! Love it! My daughter discovered it this summer and turned me on to it. I have not heard it used in conjuction with “trance” though. I guess we are talking about the same thing. Allow me once again to laugh at myself as I attempt to describe a sound in words. Here goes. It is a sort of techno electronically enchanced deep bass – not a fast pounding bass but more of a sliding, pounding bass. Does that seem about right? You may also laugh aloud now if you wish! 😉 She tells me that there are different intensities of dubstep. The one she and I seem to like the best is called “bro step.” Of course, it is quite possible that she made that up and I am now foolishly repeating it (wouldn’t be the first time!).

    So Tango, huh? Wow. Well then. I shall find myself a ruffled skirt and practice holding a rose in my teeth. I am confident that I can get at least that part right!

    🙂 Me

    1. Chillstep’s the name if You want to get nerdy about it 🙂 I discovered Trance back in the winter of 2003 when I was on Ibiza doing shaman stuff with a friend, he told me that it was trance that had caused his spiritual awakening, I was first later (2010/11’ish) introduced to dubstep. Regarding Tango my dear friend, well just have to fake it till we make it 😉

      Here’s some chillstep for Ya:

      1. It seems that “Houston, we have a problem.” This is coming up saying “video does not exist.” Did you see that this is going on with Nayon’s postings too? Hmmmmmm…..there’s is definitely something afoot on the airwaves.

        Can you maybe shoot me the artist/name of song and I’ll look it up?

  7. My grandson (6) came downstairs scared because he kept seeing pink and some green in his bedroom last night. He describes it sort of like a light. I wasn’t sure what to say so told him they were good colours and pink relates to his heart. I shared they could be his angels (he’s never heard of angels before). After a few minutes he said, “I understand.” He got a big smile on his face and went back to bed. In the morning he couldn’t wait to share with his mom (my daughter).

    Does anyone understand what this was? I really wasn’t sure if I knew what I was talking about but it sure sounded like a good thing to me. Thanks.

    1. While I do not know what it means, it does feeling to me like something positive!

      A nice chance to tell him about angels huh? So glad you did not just tell him that it was nothing! 🙂

    2. I would have done the same as you did 🙂 I have talked about angels with my grandchildren this summer, and tought them how to call on them. I got that knowledge from a serious friend – I don´t know if it works – but I think grandchildren know and experience so much, more than the adults do, so they love to be confirmed, though they are a little shy to talk loud about it – at least to their parents 😉



      1. Thank you Anna Helen and Birgitta. I know there is a new message this morning but I wanted to see if anyone had responded about my grandson! Birgitta that is what I told him too, that adults usually have stopped seeing their angels but children see them so much easier. My daughter is much more open this summer than in the past and I was so glad that I had told her what happened when she got home. She was prepared for how excited he was to talk about it with her when he woke up! It’s like my daughter woke up this summer from a very long sleep! Ok now I will go read the new message the CCs sent! I love you both.

        1. Nancee, how awesome your Grandson saw these colors. Pink for Love and Green for healing. Please encourage him to keep seeing these things, for they are the NORM. Awesome!!!!

          Love, Amy

    3. Hi Nancee, pink and green are the colors of the heart chakra. Green is also the color of Archangel Raphael…he could have been seeing the colors of his own heart chakra or those of his guardian angels. Both my daughters can see chakra colors regularly, lucky girls I can only see the light and intuit the colors–most of the young ones incoming have upgraded operating systems and what we have to work at they simply can do–supporting him as you did is exactly the right thing to do what a lucky boy to have a granny who is so awake and alive! Hugs! Alex

  8. This is one my daughter turned me on to. I had never seen the video. A bit strange, but hey! Aren’t we all…

      1. You know, now that you mention it, that helps me see the symbolism. The folks playing the “game” and taking bets and all while the “puppets” fight it out below. Hmmmm. Interesting! 🙂

        1. Last thing for today …. (now you can not check) but this last comment of yours has been the 333. What else can you ask???
          The angels will accompany you on your sweet dreams …
          Hugs to you

          1. What a perfect note to “end” on! No kidding…not only is this a special number, but Emma, it is a verrry special personal number to ME! Yes, what else can I ask? Thanks so much for pointing this out!

    1. Oh how fabulous!!!!! Do you people truly realize that you are God speaking to me? Dominique, watching this finally made it sink in what all of you have been telling me today! Love, accept and honor myself EXACTLY AS I AM RIGHT NOW…. then…then the changes will take place. Yes, I have been trying to “fix” what I “perceive” as being “wrong” with me so that I then would perceive myself as being “worth loving.” Oh my oh my oh my. I have been going about it all backwards.

      Truly truly, words can not express my gratitude and love for all of you!!!

      Blessings blessings, and may all the help and support you have given me this day return to you a million times over!!!!!!!!

      Dominique…who is this wise teacher in the video?

      1. “Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience…” (Wiki).

        I read him a long time ago. Your messages reminded me of what he said. There’s nothing to do or to “fix”. The seed grows with no effort.

        All is well… in the garden 🙂

      2. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/11/27/be-grateful-for-what-you-have-celebrate-life/

        I put this her hoping you would find it, earlier today.

        Be Grateful For What You have – Celebrate Life

        Gratefulness is the lifeblood of soul consciousness and the only antidote for the self-inflicted poison of self-pity, resentment and unworthiness. Life is meant to be celebrated ~ and that is when we become grateful for what we already do have versus resentful for what we don’t have

  9. Anna Helen didn´t the cc´s said that we are represented in every corner of life for to do our transformational work? So, you stand with the last smokers , a drink in your hand and some potatoe chips on a balcony. Why not?
    I stopped after smoking 35 years. All was well, just my girlfriend picked up some weight. Passiv smoking, you know. Start smoking organic tobacco, this is more expensive, but you can get get away from it easier. Anyway, be like you are. If all is well, then all is well, even your style.
    keep breathing.

  10. With all of these languages flying around, it is a good time to ask about another (but good) thing that has been on my mind. Any words or names that sound like this uh-LEE ? I was “given” this in meditation a while ago and have been curious ever since. My first though was in French, ” a lit ” but it was a…hmmm…flatter sounding uh than ah.

    Anyway, I go back to reading all the offerings. As the old Saturday Night Live skit says, “I’m verklempt…discuss amongst yaselves.” 🙂

  11. Hello all my family !!! Just woke from my brief but (mildly) refreshing nap. I had said I was going to meditate with the Father but didn’t get much more than a nice light feeling…no partucular info…before falling asleep. I have to admit when I realized, upon wakening, that no info had been forthcoming, I thought, “Hmmmmph. Typical.” 🙂 But ok, apparently I needed the sleep more. Then I come to the site and feel like Amy this morning. Holy cats!!! I have read the text of them all and will now start looking at the videos and recommend resources.

    Just wanted to check in a say that…I see it now again…the Father may not have “talked” to me directly as I had wanted, but He is speaking directly through all of you. Who are Him to begin with, right? So thank you all again. No doubt there will be more thanks forthcoming after I look through all this wonderful stuff you have left here!

    Love you guys (in all languages) 🙂

  12. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/11/27/be-grateful-for-what-you-have-celebrate-life/

    feeling sad? try living from gratitude not fear.
    there is so much good in the world, think about that instead of the yuck
    The word nerds will like
    He is a native American dancer who has studied the most ancient origins of words

    sorry kids, but this format is becoming cumbersome. I don’t know what to do about it, but I keep getting more and more confused. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of comments. The more people who arrive, the harder it is.

    1. Same page, Otmn. I know I am missing comments too. I am just doing my best. Yes, I do chatter a lot even though I miss comments. Yes? LOL

    2. Do you (and Amy) use the “notify me of follow-up comments vie email” option when you post your first comment? If not, try it. Makes it much easier to keep up. I always go to my email first instead of directly to the site. Only problem is you do have to come directly here to access any link or video someone has posted. The system works really well though.

      🙂 smooch you both

      1. Yes, I do, AH.

        You guys, I really poured myself out here today. I am wrapping things up, wishing all a good nite, and blowing kisses as well.

        You are Loved. You are Perfect. All is Well. And OH how I Love you! So much! And then more!

        Love and smooches, Amy

        1. May golden slumbers fill your eyes…smiles await you when you rise…

          I’m pretty wiped out, too. Maybe I will sleep tonight!


      2. no
        look I was 28 years old when Pong was new and exciting.
        I don’t have any youngsters to show me how it works.
        on the other hand
        oh well

        1. I hear you! I remember quite clearly when Atari first came out.

          And if it were not for my daughter, I would not know how to do anything. She finally got so frustrated with me about asking her to post videos on here for me that she said, “Aw, Mom! Why can’t you just do this on your Kindle?! (I don’t have my own computer.)” And I said, “It doesn’t work right on my Kindle! There is none of this cutting and pasting business on there.” She says, most disgustedly I might add, “Yes there is! YOU just don’t know how to do it!” Okay smarty pants…why did you never show me this before?

          So! As you volunteer pretend soulmate, please allow me to share this lovely gift.

          1) The first comment I post on any message from Aisha, I click both “notify…” buttons directly to the left of the “post comment button.”

          2) I give it a minute or so then go to my email inbox. There will be a message from wordpress asking me to “confirm follow.” I push that button, it takes me to another page which I completely ignore and just close out of. I am sure this 2nd page has some benefit, but I have yet to figure it out. 🙂

          3) From that moment on, every new comment (and reply to said comment) comes into my email in box. And it arrives in the order in which it was posted as opposed to all helter-skelterish in this comment section (which I now know to be called a “thread.”)

          4) You can even choose “reply” from a comment that comes through your email, and it will bring you right here, and have a reply box open and waiting for you, and attach that reply to the desired comment.

          Try it! I think you will like it. This has to be done each time Aisha makes a new post. Which may very well be the benefit of that 2nd wordpress page….you may be able to follow the comments of the entire blog instead of post to post. I dunno.

          🙂 🙂 🙂

          And I did see the vetrens today and the “word nerd” links…I just have not read them yet. Your info and Alex’s I have yet to delve into. But I shall do that now!

      1. Ok Smiley. I have tried every surname search engine I can find and keep hitting a brick wall. I am sure it is either because I am too tired, too impatient, or too technologically challenged. So put me out of my misery here. Does Mussenug just mean Moose or what? 🙂

          1. OMG! You have just given me one the greatest gifts of my lifetime in a conpletely unexpected way. I am laughing so hard right now.

            This is awful of me, but I just can’t help being delighted…

            I had always heard the name being pronounced “mooz ge nung.” When I wrote to you about it, I pulled out some papers that my dad (who is ALWAYS right, according to him) had typed up. When I saw the name, I thought, “Mooz E nung? I thought it was GE nung.” No wonder I couldn’t find antlything! He spelled it wrong! And it wasn’t just a typo either…it was that way all over his pages. Well bless his heart. Of course I will never point his out to him, as much as I might love to! 🙂

            So thanks for this! I appreciate you going to all that trouble. After I get my daughter to school, I will look at this site more closely and watch your professor’s video.

            1. It is I that thank You for putting love and light into my day, so I guess all these years at the University weren’t for nothing, aside from the dubious time spent at the University bar shooting pool 😉

          2. Another excellent source of help from you, my friend.

            I tried watching this 3 or 4 times yesterday and kept getting cut off right at approx 10 min. So either I needed to see that over and over or I wasn’t ready to hear the rest. Today I got the most brilliant idea of starting it at the point where it kept cutting me off. Success!!

            What and adorable and genuine person she is! A real pleasure to experience. She spoke of soul ethnicity. I am not aware of what mine is at this point. I must be saving that as my last surprise gift to myself. Do you know what yours is? I had to laugh when she spoke of her hair. I share that part, at least. That is one of the “playing at creating” things I have been doing. Mine is long, dark (with some grey now!) and very straight. I have always wanted/felt that it should be wavy. Like a great lioness mane. Perhaps I am feline?

            I am very comfortable with two aspects of my “trinity” development. The physical seems to be the last piece of making a peaceful balance. My first thought when hearing about ascension was, “Thank almighty God! I finally get to leave this body!” When I began to understand that this ascension cycle is a physical one, as well, that first thought was, “Dammit!!! I can not f-ing believe I agreed to this!” I do sometimes find my self in moments of gratitude and grace where the body is concerned. And this grow stronger all the time. Or should I say stronger “with further energetic devotion.” (That is one cool way of considering time!)

            Love to you, Smiley Man!
            Danke danke.
            🙂 Me

            1. Oh crap! Lionesses don’t have manes, do they??!! Well, I will accept Lion for this example as I am merging masculine and feminine anyway! HA!

            2. Well, my friend bitte sehr. Now You see why I like this girl here is because she explains everything in very lively yet intelligent, and yet again simplistic manner, and most important for me she is living proof of that energy of Joy and Bliss. Before I reed Aisha’s blog I did not know the first thing about ascention, because I used the language of the myths and of science to put together my world view. I have to admit I don’t know what soul ethnicity is, so I cant tell You, where in the video is it timevice?
              I’m a bit to the feline side too. My first power animal was the Tiger, this Tiger could transform into an young girl which was my Valkyrie. In the same manner I could transform into a Tiger, this of course happened in trance, but also sometime when I was jogging or dancing.
              Since my experience this night I have no clue to what I am, feel a bit like Optimus Prime at the moment, hiding in plain sight 🙂

              1. She speaks about it on and off during the video, not as a particular subject all at one time. Like when she says she is beginning to look more like an elf, and that she feels more elfin in the forest lately. She explains how our bodies are returning to our original “soul ethnicity” as we go through this transformation. Hope that makes sense.

                So tonight you can put on those tiger stripes, let down that hair, and dance the night away. Save one for me, ok? Because we will meet someday, I can promise you this! 🙂

                1. I’ll dance with You anyday my friend, our souls are dancing together allready. And I look forward to that promised day. My goddess look Elvish, so I guess my ancestry goes in that direction. If You look at the description of people enchanted by Elves and those abducted by UFO’s there sure are lot of similarities or should I say singularities 😉

                  1. Not sure if this is the kind of dancing you like….or if you mean ballroom (would love to be able to do that!), swing, salsa, country, disco, etc. but in any case, I must warn you that I have 2 (possibly 3!) left feet! And if it involves the man “leading” in any way, that is something I have never been able to let go and do (those old trust issues I guess…) But I know you won’t mind me bruising your toes a bit, right? You seem to be just that kind of guy! 🙂 Won’t we have fun…aren’t we having fun now !!! Forgive me, I seem to be turning into a terrible flirt! 😉 Don’t worry…I’m harmless.

                    1. AH! While you are stepping on Stephan’s toes, you might want to ask, Stephanie about the yoga, or Aisha, when she gets back. Aisha’s sis teaches yoga. There are several different types of yoga so in the meantime, you might want to do some research on the net to see which style appeals to you.

                      I’m no expert although I do know yoga. Now I am more into walking/biking/swimming, and soon back at the gym. I know this body is only a clump of cells, but it is shocking still to see what age does to a human body. Even with the exercising and all the motion I do DO, the aging process continues. The really cool thing, I’ve just begun to accept it, and know this body is not me, just my “casing”. Hehehehehehehe

                      Muah! I am very proud of you that you have decided to start yoga. Way to go, AH! Movement is LIFE! In order to have energy you have to make energy. In other words, the more you move, freely as in dancing, walking, running, biking, swimming, the more happy hormones you make, and the more energy you will have. Tough to start. But then it gets “addictive”. LOL

                      Good night. Sweet dreams. My treasure this day was a huge poisonous BEautiful spider I found in my lilac bushes today, and the “message” she gave to me. I also found her nest (odd, don’t spiders have a nest in SPRING???) where literally there must be up to one million spiders are housed, and beginning to crawl out. Jeepers! That “message” for another day! Now I lay me down to sleep!

                      Love and HUGS GALORE, Amy

                    2. Dear Anna Helen, this is just my kinda music, thank You, I have not heard this for a long time, I dance Tango and Trance/dubstep besides disco. Now Tango is very insistent on that the man leads, but it is pretty simple to learn the basics of it, were as for the more advanced dancers it becomes an artform, because it allows for a high level of improvisation. It can be very intense flirtvise depending on the chemistry between the dancers. So my friend I would love to risk my toes for You anyday, and You are putting light and fun into my life, so just let whatever flows flow, cause I have felt You in my heart and You are beautiful, and where’s the harm in that 🙂

                    3. Want to make sure you know that I did reply to you on this one. My electronic stuff didn’t want to cooperate at the time, so I had to do it like a completely new comment. It is the last one under this particular message from Aisha. Wasn’t sure whether or not you would find it! Hope you do. 🙂

    3. Thank you, Otmn. A much needed messsage! I loved the quote by James “the tiny invisible forces…” And the video clip! When I read those new words, I actually threw my hand over my heart and yelled out “Oh, my god….”

      Now I have the song “It s’wonderful, wonderful…” playing in my head.

      And the Robert Morningsky site looks chock full o’ good stuff. I will go back to that and investigate some more!

      Thank you, my friend. I AM grateful.


  13. The tears I have in my eyes for the Beauteous Bountiful Bright Lights that are gathered around this Pond. I am deeply moved. I am deeply grateful to be a part of this Family.

    All is Well. All is Perfect. All as it needs to be. And so it IS.

    With ALL my Love,

  14. http://ducielalaterre.org/
    Ann Hellen
    This site helped me a lot.
    Monique matthieu for me as Aisha in simplicity of heart …
    You need to use the Google translation is Like this, I can read all you French. I tried to send a comment with the English translation for you, but apparently it did not work.

    1. Merci, merci Lysiane. Je will check it out. Tu es tres kind. (My mind is a bit slow at the moment!)


          1. Please let me try…

            Hello little frechspeaker (?). Glad to know that I am not the only one who speaks (don’t know grenouille…I’ll look that up) here.

            Pardon mon interruption, mes amis Lysiane et Nayon.


          2. Coucou Nayon,

            Je parle la grenouille, mais je ne la mange pas…
            Je vous souhaite à tous une excellente journée de la terre au ciel…

            Merci à tous pour le partage du pire comme le meilleur, Famille Virtuelle…

    1. Dear dear friend…perfect songs as usual. Perhaps you are a musician on another timeline? This video is awesome. I had never seen it!

      Love to you as always, Mr. j
      🙂 AH

  15. I think it’s time for me to ask for help with something. I am shaking and crying at this moment. If you have read some of my comments before speaking of my past, you know that I obviously created some pretty messed up lessons for myself. My entire journey seems to have been about putting my 3D self in such a position that I am desperately wanting to be out of this physical form. Not only due to the things I’ve aleady divulged, but I mean the whole spectrum….addiction, reckless sex, self-mutilation, eating disorders. All of these things are ultimately about stuffing s**t (emotionally and physically). They are about attempting to CONTROL how you feel. Now I have made incredible incredible progress, but I am not there yet.

    I have come to understand that this is my most personal mission. To transmute all the self-hatred and lack of self-worth that ultimately leads to self-destruction. This is my soul desire, yet my 3D self seems to be stuck. For example, (and I am so embarrassed to admit this, so please be the kind and loving folk you are), I smoke. I do not drink water. I don’t give a flip what I eat…if I eat…most days I don’t. I am a diet soda junkie. And yes, from an intellectual and higher perspective I both want and need to change these thigs. At 3D, I can not seem to find the real desire necessary to actually do it. I want to fall in love with being alive again. Or maybe for the first time. Did I know that as a child? Can’t remember it.

    So help, please. Suggestions other than “just do it”…that doesn’t seem to be working at this point, though believe me I have used thay method before. I have this really weird sense that I am running out of time and must have this “done” by Sept. 21 or I will miss the boat.

    1. AH, your putting into words what you are struggling with is the first step to freedom. None of us here perfect, for IF we were, we would not be in body still. You are too hard on yourself, my Sister. The hell you are putting yourself through, by thinking you are going to “miss something” is pure torture. I “see” you, in all your Glory.

      Only you can make the decision to stop hurting you. It is a vicious cycle, one that has many layers to the onion. I live with one who is constantly hurting himself, and then complaining he feels like he is dying. Only when the Heart is ready to change, that is when the “ear” shall open, and the “eye” see.

      My suggestion is not look at yourself with “eyes of criticism” but those of Love. Love, AH, LOVE is the answer to everything. Start with something small, and change that to a healthy means of living. ONE, AH. And when you have changed the pattern of that ONE aspect, you will feel SO much better about yourself. And then move on to another………

      You are the Captain of your Ship. YOU are in charge. I know these are probably not words you truly want to hear, but until YOU make the decision to change, it is not going to happen. And the vicious cycle continues.

      IF anything happens the end of this month, IT happens. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t you think HS sees you for Who You Truly Are, and not the illusions you have created? I do. If I can see Perfection, then so can You. You are not going to miss out on anything!

      I Love you, AH. I really do. These changes will not happen over night, but over an expanse of time. With the acceleration of “time” you may just fly through your journey, and be changed before you know it. It IS possible!

      Focus on the ++++++ about YOU! And choose one aspect of you that you desire to change for the better. Feel it, think it, embrace it, and live as though that change has already happened. Trust that it IS. Trust that before you know it, this will manifest in your life.

      BIG Gentle LOVING Embraces, Amy

      1. I do not mind hearing those things at all. For I already do KNOW them, of course. I just can’t seem to allow this last piece into place. Start with one thing… yes, of course, I do understand… and please know that I am not directing this at you in any way, but at the moment, I laugh bitterly at that idea. Not because it isn’t true, but b/c dammit I have already processed so many “one things” in this repect. I know. I know. I am just needing to give voice to it and let it out b/c I am so f***ing tired of overcoming those one things. All the things I listed I have “loved” myself into overcoming (the addictions – and I mean way beyond cigs and sodas – and the rest of the list…all those). And yes I do know. I am just at a brick wall somehow having these last things filter down from Self into 3D. I understand the whole concept. But I’m just stuck. I try to figure out just what I am afraid of. Because I do know it’s fear based, too. You know, like asking myself, so what would happen if you gave up this last bit of control you are harboring and allowed the love in? I come up blank. And I know only I have the answer. I asked the Divine Mother to help me figure this out in meditation. I saw this archway beyond which was darkness and I knew Little Girl me was stuck in there, still experienckng something over and over that I can’t get to to help her. I have memories of other abusive experiences (that I mentioned before when talking to you about PTSD), but this one seems to be even deeper and darker than even those. So I guess I have answered my own question in a way by talking this out. I need to get in there and love her back into Me. Forgive me for rambling, but as you said talking about it is the first step. Maybe letting it speak just this much will help light up whatever is beyond that archway so I can make my way in there.

        Nancee, here is another chance for you to piggyback with Amy!!! Sorry to keep you working so hard.

        Love to everyone and thanks for being there.

        1. AH, please read what Nayon wrote. It brought tears to my eyes. God love all of you! And me! For there truly IS only Love and all the other stuff that happens to be in our lives, is just “junk” we either have collected, or we can use to ignite us into our Most Precious Selves.

          As I go about this day, I pray for those who are truly struggling. Nayon, what a Brave Light you are, coming forth in complete honesty to help Anna Helen. I bow to you. I honor you. I see your Greatness indeed.

          Love, Amy

          1. I did read it, and yes, I had the same reaction, though maybe that doesn’t show in my reply to him. So thank you for expressing it more thoroughly for me. I didn’t quite realize until a few minutes ago how much it is helping me to get these loving male perspectives. I guess deep inside I didn’t believe loving males really existed. (Maybe I was some great asshole male in my last life, and I am now trying the opposite side!! Ha ha!) Though my husband has tried, bless him, but I think my problems have been too much for him and he just backed away. But I admit I backed away from him too. So, JayJay, Otmn, Nayon and Stephan, y’all are all completely and undeniably, irrefutably awesome! 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS!

            I was lying down and had to get back up to share this, too. This last time I was in the hospital, we were working on some “looking inside ourselves” writing thing, and I turned to the person next to me and said, “This is hard, isn’t it?” They nodded their head. Then I heard this male voice directly and clearly say into my right ear, “It isn’t.” Simple as that. One of the most profound moments of my life and I had kind of let myself forget its power. I am getting the feeling that I should ask the Father for help in meditation…like right now. I will let you know what happens.

            love love love from me

            1. and of course Sun of Blue, too… even though we haven’t really spoken directly to these issues with each other…

            2. Dear Anna Helen thank You so much my friend for acknowledging my Awesomeness, just found this Lakota Healing song for You, the song is translated from Lakota to English on Youtube in the text 🙂

              1. Stephan, you are such a Bright Star and you don’t even know it. All I have to do is look at that tremendous smile and my heart gets all gooey. Like melted butter. (blush)

                Forgive me about not remembering your native land. Is it Finland? Denmark? I know I said Sweden and I was incorrect. I also know you wrote where you are from, yet for me to scroll down all the comments, just is nt feasible right now. I say, as I go out the door!

                Many Many Hugs! Amy having a “crunch day!” And still SMILING!

                1. My Lady I love You, and You make me smile even more, and my Heart radiate, I hold Your hand in mine for a while my friend.
                  I was born in Germany, but I lived most of my live in Denmark, Yet my allegiance goes to the Earth Mother
                  Hugs&smiles from Stephan*

                  1. My goodness, all here from Europe! How exciting for me in America to BE with others of Like Heart!

                    Oh, Stephan, I have tears in my eyes from what you wrote to me. Bless you! I mean it, Bless you. This Light is weary as she continues to “serve” her family. Yet you knew, you were guided to write that you are holding my hand, and it is this, that shall see me through until I can fall into bed this night.

                    Good night, Precious Stephan. I Love you. My Heart just touched yours.

                    HUGS, Amy

              2. Help me Father I want to live. You know me well that by sending me on that little chase these words would have even greater impact! 🙂 Glad I listened to the song here first, as it opened my heart even further. Would not mind having some peyote to go along with it! That is one thing I haven’t tried but have always been curious about.

                1. Dear AH I was actually looking for another song I thought of, but it was not on the tube any longer, then this popped up and presented itself. So I guess the goddess knew what You needed 🙂
                  Can’t tell You about Peyote since I never tried it, I guess the same goes for the peyote as for the tobacco, as goes for anything You eat or drink or otherwise ingest it has a spirit that has to be honoured in order to achieve positive results.

            3. Amy and Anna Helen, thank you for your kind words. This may sound funny, but I feel more like a lesbian trapped in a male body. From a wider perspective, I may have had more lives as a female than male and in this present incarnation, I’ve never felt part of the male crowd.

      1. Thanks Amy for the oracle report! Now I see why I have got those angry feelings about my brother yesterday and today. I have tried to figure out why he made me feel so angry. Now I know 🙂

        Hugs Amy,


        1. You are SO welcome! Just stay Centered and KNOW that these energies are playing havoc with all of us. It helps so much to understand the energy, what is occurring and why, so that we can step back, BREATHE, and just BE. I like Alex, read these reports every day, and lately they have been spot on.

          I sent this report to a friend, and I am ducking. I am the messenger. I pray she takes it well…….

          And I am getting very creative how to handle someone who is playing right into the hands of this energy. It’s all been GOOD!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        2. Birgitta, WE breathe together!!!!

          FYI…..giggle……..it is VERY windy here and every time this happens it is blowing dross away! Get ready for clear pure energy that is coming in!………..

      2. I will refrain from my usual response of “holy ****” as I have decided to stop using that phrase. 🙂 But it still is my response!! I will now start reading this daily. Every time you have led me there it has been so right.

        Thanks to you as well Alex for suggesting it…

        I continue now with more discoveries. What treasures you all have left here! Mon ami Amy…you rock!

    2. Fatigue , discouragement and spiritual laziness
      Right now, life is very difficult for many people , even those who make a spiritual journey there is often a great weariness that is sometimes accompanied by a little discouraged , a kind of spiritual laziness , so a sense of decline.

      How to fight against this condition we beating down a little bit?

      “Firstly , we would like to tell you that there is no regression itself. There are times when the researcher embarked on the path of Light rests, because it must be able to integrate all that is given, all the energy received by the planet , but it is not always easy to humans.

      What do they perceive their world now? They do not receive much light ! They see a lot more suffering and violence of Light.

      You are all part of the law of resonance , you’re all connected. So, as there is a lot of suffering, it affects all of you to greater or lesser significance.

      There is weariness , fatigue , and also some spiritual fatigue. When things do not go fast enough and you feel trampled when we say does not happen in a relatively short time , doubt assails you and you say you ‘re even able to meditate or forward on this path as you wish .

      At what point forward you really? We have already said that it is often in the most difficult times that the faster you go , because then you ask critical questions, and that through these questions will have answers that you can advance .

      We would like to tell you especially do not get discouraged ! You are in the final meters ! The work that each of you do is work light , work everyone is doing to its measurement and depending on what it is.

      Have confidence and a bit of patience! Must allow time to time, we must allow time for the energy to take place in you , and sometimes if you are tired , if you are tired , if you feel not to advance is that the energy you know, and you usually do not exist or exist less . These are others with which you are not yet familiar energies flooding that you are as human beings and beyond .

      Continue your way to the best possible! Your soul takes you , pushes you to another consciousness to another embodiment of yourself, and if you oppose a resistance to your progress there is suffering , there is sometimes somatization in your body.

      Many human beings on the planet Earth , waited immense changes to the end of 2012 , changes for some , do not occur .

      We’ll tell you – and you know very well – since the beginning of 2013 he spent a lot of things in you and around you . Fortunately, these are not things that are going to rock the world ! Luckily for you a time of adaptation is given to you ! Lucky for you that everything is not done with considerable speed, because you lose the physical, mental and emotional balance!

      In the infinite wisdom of the Source , all must take time to be realized. However, time is accelerating, and the time was that of yesterday is no longer that of today, you no longer have the same notion of time.

      Again , as for the answer about the twelfth hour , we say: do not rush too much, even at your own evolution ! Just try to realize that every day you approach your own realization . Even if today you feel not to move forward, backwards , this is only an impression , this is not reality!

      The reality is different , you must go to this reality! It must lead you to the new consciousness to the new concept that becomes your world and what you become in your world.

      Again , the law of resonance applies more and more power at all life on this world is to say that the law of resonance does not apply only for humans, it applies at various kingdoms .

      Why at the various kingdoms ? Because in terms of what comes to you , you influence the various kingdoms , and they react to them so that emanates from you , obviously in agreement with the consciousness of your Mother Earth. All fits together , and if it were not so the world could not exist .

      In this world and in the universe, everything is connected . It is the balance of the universe which is among others to the string theory.

      Have confidence in yourself ! We say , we shall repeat it again and again, have confidence in yourself ! Do not be too demanding ! Do not try to climb the stairs too fast because if you do redescendriez Were Here underinsured on the way in which you are ! ”

      You can replicate this text and give copies under the following conditions:
      it is not cut
      there is no change of content
      that you refer to our website http://ducielalaterre.org
      that you mention Monique Mathieu’s name

      1. An absolute pot of gold! This is the site you referred me to earlier, right? Is it “Gentle Earth”? How beautiful. I will continue to read more on that site, too. Thank you so much Lysiane. And thanks for going to the extra trouble of posting the whole thing here for all to read. 🙂

    3. Anna Helen, if I may… I have not read the account of our past experiences, but I can relate to some of what you say today. I believe we all came to this planet to ‘experience’ and learn from it, and this is the prize we take home with us. I also experienced addiction (cocaine), eating disorder and extreme low self esteem. My father is a psychopath and he was the biggest influence I had to fight.

      Maybe it would be a good thing for you to dig into the reason of why you feel out of time. Ascension is not conditional to your physical state but to your Love. In the Law of One serie, Ra says we have to be 51% Service To Others to qualify for a harvest, which shows that we can still be selfish 49% of the time. I also feel that time could run out by the end of september, but I apply this to the whole planet. If you believe that God Loves you, why would you argue with him that you are not lovable?

      One of the things I noticed from my observations of the ‘rapture people’ is their belief in the necessity to ‘repent’. Sin and guilt are 3D constructs taylor fit for organized religion. God created this whole experience for us to engage in our own dramas, and there is no sins in the eyes of God. Heroin, tobacco, junk food are part of this construct and necessary to some experiences, he created them, he is them, God is everything. Your mood is consequent to your mind focus. Mind is like a camera you point to make your own movie, and the surrounding matrix is fighting to hijack our control of it. There is a good process in the Ho Oponopono which starts by acnowledging that you forgive yourself completly and Love yourself as God does, without arguing, this is a good start for loving life again, however hard it may be. I hope this can help you a little.

      1. Your sharing helps very much, Nahon. I truly do appreciate it. You are very wise like so many souls here. Which is why I came here to ask for help. The level of trust and allowance for vulnerability here is astounding and a true reflection of God.

        My gratitude to you.

    4. Dearest Anna, I agree with Amy 100%. The one thing at a time was my first thoughts… one hour at a time if necessary or one day. Gather strong recall memories of moth, grasshopper and frog… they are offering to help you with their energies. FEEL their message to you. When it is time to embrace feeding your physical body what is one healthy food/snack that you could ad to your day. IF money is a concern pick something cost efficient for you. (An apple? grapes? Carrots?) When you need a cigarette perhaps share that time with your new snack… some day you may only want the snack. I’m not sure why I typed in the last part but I will leave it.

      Meals were a weakness for me when I lived alone. I didn’t shop so had little available to eat. I started changing this by having breakfast (more like brunch) food in my home. ONE meal a day I focused on to start. Now I at least start my day off on more solid ground. (I try to add a glass of water to my morning start up but it’s still hit and miss.)
      I must go… my grand daughter’s first day at pre school and I get to go!
      Sending lots of love your way Anna Helen… thank you for being brave enough to be so vulnerable!

      1. Yes. You are both so right. I am allowing myself to get overwhelmed. I see that now. Ok. Ok. Calming down some now.

        Hope she has a blast at pre-school…and you too. You’ll probably enjoy it more than she does! 🙂

        Love, honor and gratitude to you, Nancee. I love the way you share. Nanceeshares will be awesome. You have my permission to use our conversations if you want to share the wisdom you have shared with me with others.

        1. I just remembered that you said your blog is going to be about your experiences in Costa Rica, so maybe it is more a lifestyle type thing than an inspirational one. Oh, you know what I mean…why do I feel the need to over explain??!! Aaack! I do already know why. 🙂 just disregard this whole remark… at least I am laughing now!

          1. Dear Anna now I’m chuckling. (Do you mind me calling you Anna or do you prefer Anna Helen?) IF I stick to ‘lifestyle’ type blogging it means I am stuck in fear mode most likely. I love to write ‘heart’ issues. (I had about six months of writing a column called Heart & Soul for a website in my province and another column under the name of “Jenni Fur” which was about animals.) I plan on breaking through ‘what my siblings/families’ think of me when I write from what I experience in life and differ from many of their Christian beliefs. Since I will have more access to the internet in C.R. than I would have had in Ecuador, I’ll stick to Facebook perhaps for ‘lifestyle’ posts and find the courage to share my heart more on “nanceeshares”.

            You have no idea how touched I am about your offer for me to share what I’ve written to you. Some times on here when I read of all the amazing visions/dreams and experiences many of the ponders put on here it is very intimidating. I have almost begged my guides to open those experiences to me. I still haven’t consciously astral travelled, I had two faery dreams but that was two years ago now and the occasional exciting meditation. I do have awesome interactions here and there with ‘nature’ in many wonderful simplistic ways and that always touches my heart.

            So did you find one special little thing to do for YOU today? 🙂

            I have to do my final pack tonight. I’ve been told that my beloved rings (all 3 with very special meaning) should remain here in Canada if I value my fingers. So I will do so and buy from local artisans when I get there. My amethyst, labradorite and mom’s diamond will be sadly missed. They are like friends to me but will misrepresent me if I keep them with me.

            Anna looking after ourselves is a wise skill to learn in life… but I have always felt that love is the most wonderful keeper of our bodies. May that love continue to nurture you while you adventure into the consciousness of doing it yourself.
            Much love, Nancee

            1. Dearest, you may call me whatever you like! I know the full thing is long to type!

              Your blog is going to be awesome! I know it! You have so much Truth to share.

              I can relate to the longing for more “mystical” experiences. There are phases when I feel so disconnected and I cry out “Where did you go? Please don’t leave me! I need you! ” (little girl crepping up again, for I know there is ALWAYS connection…)

              Sorry about your rings. I have a gorgeous and unique alexanderite (my birthstone) that is currently in Tampa, FL with my mother. I do miss it. But we do not want you to lose any fingers! 🙂

              Love to you,

            2. Oops! Left this out earlier. Yes I did do a little thing for myself. After reading your suggestions about the snacks (yes you did write that part for a reason), I went and drank a vanilla Ensure. This was the only food my body had gotten in say, something like 24 hr or more. (That’s the reason you wrote it!)

              🙂 AH

    5. Dear Anna Helen,
      You are such a sweet soul. Be gentle with yourself. You know what you want, but you can’t change all these things at once. When I read your comments, I hear the child in you, a beautiful child who wants to enjoy life. Be gentle with yourself, and love who you are, like we love you.

      LOVE, JayJay

      1. Wow. That one was extra powerful! I have never even heard that one. I shall take it with me as I go rest. (another all-nighter last night) I just realized that I always ask for help from the Mother but not the Father. Telling, huh? Now I shall go be gentle with myself.

        Sending so much love back to you… 🙂 Me

    6. Dear Anna Helen

      If the following resonates with You use it, if not just disregard it.
      The smoking of tobacco is a holy ceremony a holy fire, what intentions You put into the cigarette when smoking is by the fire transformed into smoke that is carried up in the air as a prayer to creator source.
      What I’m saying with this is if You cant stop smoking at least recognize the offering that the tobacco plant is doing and honour it with prayer.
      The Lakota use tobacco in this manner and so do many tribes around the world.
      So the first step is to transform the act of smoking from being bad and sinful even, to being a good thing that gives You the possibility to become even more aligned with source through prayer.

      When You have achieved this You are ready for step 2 .


      1. Yes. This also helps. And it goes well with what Alex says further down here. I keep hearing that if you bless the things you put into your body and intend that it be used to your highest good then all is well. Also, Amy mentioned earlier that she wished we could just all “feed” on Light. I know we are headed there, and I have been working on creating that for myself as well. 🙂

        1. I am not quite feeding on light only just yet, but I am reducing my sugar and caffeine intake, since I discovered that I recover much more easily from the downloads that way, it is as if my connection to the Pond gets more stable that way 🙂

    7. Hello darling
      Not much more to say than what I have said all these amazing people.
      I needed to mention me to let you know I’m with you, holding your hand, my support in this endless roller coaster. Come here, drink everything that offers this wonderful Pond, rest, love, rest, sleep, positive mind, one thing at a time. All is well, you know also all is well. What if we had no these obstacles to test how strong we are when we overcome them?
      I also smoke 😉 and I have also passed many of the things you’ve told, but as they say here: “mal de muchos consuelo de tontos” …. but often is needed. It’s frustrating to wait when you do not know what you are waiting for, right? Out expectations ….
      Have you read Conversation with God? I hope you like
      Mucccchhhh love your way honey
      From my most inner heart (I know is my invention..jajjaj, to me sounds good)

      1. Out expectations… yes. So right. Muchas gracias, Emma! No I have not read Conversations with God, but I most certainly will.

        Has anyone else noticed that your Gravatar and Michillin’s are the same? I had always thought that was an actual photo of Michillin! 🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. Michillin, I can’t tell whether or not you are joking here. But just in case you are not and to avoid any confusion…. Pic as in picture. Sorry if you already knew that and were just joking. It’s difficult sometimes to understand someone’s tone from reading a typed message.

              For future reference, does your name have a y in it? Well, I guess it does since you just typed it that way yourself.

              🙂 AH

          1. Sort of. Hers does appear to be an actual photo of a woman seated with her back to the camera. Yours doesn’t enlarge as well on my Kindle and stays a bit blurry. Is yours a painting or a photo of you? Intrresting, no? Is Muacc the sound of a big kiss?

            Muaaaaccc and hugs to you! And I do feel better thanks to all of you and the life giving water you put into the pond. It was definitely my turn to drink from it.

    8. Anna, I am gonna share with you some thoughts I have on this that might not be in the same vein as what you are feeling, but to me and applied to my life they are the truth. I would first like to address the energies of today so you can stop this loop that you have dragged yourself into in this very day and begin setting intentions tomorrow.

      Today you need to go and read the Oracle report. http://oraclereport.com/ The energies of today are about drawing you into self sabotage and self hatred in order for you to lose your heart focus. Absolutely about making you think you suck so bad it is not worth going on. PLEASE read this energy report and just like with Aisha, its good to read it daily–As an energy reader there are only a few messages I go to daily and this is one of them along with the pond and lisa gawlas, but she is more about the developing energy field. I would also go and look up your black moon in her book–click on the books link at the top of her page and then on the black moon book–go to the end of this free download, look up your birthday, find your black moon or shadow self (which you are discussing in your expression of your actions) and then go to the front of the book and look up the information on your black moon–once you see what shadow you are carrying, you shine light on it and it assists tremendously in your feeling better about yourself and healing these deep wounds in your soul.

      Second, I want you to visit the video I am going to post at the bottom of the page by Matt Kahn who is amazing–this short video is THE TRUTH…none of what you discuss–none of it is wrong–none of it is bad–all of it is experience. You want to share experiences with me? Lady I have been down every single dark alley you can imagine and I know that none of it is wrong, none of it makes me bad, none of it makes me less than–it all makes me a divine sovereign creator being existing to experience lessons that I contracted BEFORE I incarnated along with my soul family and higher level guardians. All experience is valid my dear sister. All is accepted in the realm of heaven. This is the lesson that expanding our consciousness is all about.

      Third, Ascension, expansion, learning of the divinity of your soul and having sovereignty over your field comes from the heart. It absolutely is not affected by what you eat, what drugs you take, what wine you drink, how you sleep if you choose to not be afraid of these things. Our bodies are completely affected by the polarity WE place into things in our fields. If you want a really good discussion on this I suggest you read Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjai–who literally was so scared of food and life she died of cancer, only to come back and tell about it–Everything, and I mean everything in your life is entering your field in a neutral energy and then you give it its power. Period. You are responsible for that along with the major issues in your life–you chose, you did–it cannot be otherwise–not a single soul has EVER incarnated against their will–every single one chooses.

      Please give your sweet self a break–I can read your energy dearest and it is very loving and full of compassion for other beings but you MUST have compassion for yourself because literally you have done nothing wrong! We have all been both dark and light–all of us–no exception–and some have been both in one life! Open to the love you are–release all this self criticism and move forward~Big hugs! alex

      1. Huge Applause for Alex! Thank you so much for what you wrote here. I too posted the oracle report for AH to read, but I think she missed it. OH yes! Your every word is truth, and OH yes, how much I too can relate!

        Love and many hugs, Amy

        1. Hugs back Rosie, I think many of us are learning that the only judge jury and executioner is ourselves and that we are the ones holding us back in most cases. I learned long ago to forgive myself for “sins” that even God and Goddess did not consider sins….it is only a human construct…even the dark is loved deeply by source–and here is where our human minds cannot grasp–without the dark there cannot be any light–we are bringing the two diverse polarities together, closer and closer, but without one the other in this realm cannot exist–its all blessed!

          1. Alex, as an artist I know without the “shadow” no form would shape on the canvas. When I “got that” I realized ALL is LOVE, it is just how we “react” or are programmed to react.

            Embracing the “dark” can be challenging and that I would say, is what a lot of us are attempting to do. Some days are easier then others!!!!

            Great JOB not only helping AH but what you have done with your life. I like you, have gone down a many “dark” alley, yet today I can honestly say, one, without those experiences I wouldn’t be who I am today, and two, I know I Love myself. Now, that is a miracle!

            BIG (((HUGS))) Sister! Rosie

      2. Alex, at this moment I am strongly (and laughingly and lovingly) resisting the urge to call my self stupid. 🙂 I can not for the life of me figure out how to get to the black moon info on her site! For the time being, I might google it and see if I can find it that way.

        So! I read the oracle report and will be adding that to my daily routine. As I told Amy, it has always (of course!) been spot on when she has led me to it. So thank you for recommending it, too.

        I thank you so much for all you have said here. It is immensely helpful. And yes I can see what you are saying about my energy. I accept all/everything in others but have difficulty allowing that for myself.

        Now I am off to watch this video you posted then maybe see if I can learn about my shadow self.

        Love to you from me. 🙂

        1. Ah, victory! 6-13-68, black moon Taurus…read very brief info about that…makes sense! I suspect though that Lisa’s book probably provides more than the 2-3 line description I found.

      3. Oh, Alex … I am speechless. This man is so “on his mission.” What a PRESENCE. Though I could anticipate the subject matter based on your description, experiencing this video was a different matter entirely. It is all sinking in… dear dear beautiful woman thank you.

        *****attention my beloved family***** please, please love yourself and watch this……

      4. Much gratitude, Alex, for posting this video. What a beautiful man. And what a beautiful message.

        Bless you!!!

    9. My Dear Star Sister!

      I have read all awesome comments and haven´t so much to add, but this. Do you meet others with same problems that you have? People you can talk to and know they understand?

      I have participated in such groups at various times during my trip and it’s incredibly rewarding. The last group consisted of several who came from dysfunctional families and some had been raped since childhood. The woman who started the group had been raped by her father since she was a baby to adulthood and had been in therapy for 17 years to get back to herself. Her father was also a respected and trusted general practitioner so the proof was difficult!

      You know I love you so much my dear Sister, and I am with you all the time,


      1. Yes I have benefited from sharing with others who have had the same experiences. Though this has often been in “western medical psychology psychiatry” like situations. And though there is much much good there, it often lacks the spiritual aspect. I feel that now I am at the point of taking the culmination of all I learned and gained from this “western” approach and really really mixing it in with glorious, healing Spirit.

        Love you, Sister B!

        1. “My” groups have started on a voluntary basis by people with personal experience and it has been very stimulating. It has not been on medical basis in any way and thus completely voluntary. One group has been a little “spiritual” but usually they very careful to include that aspect – unfortunately. Shamanism has been important to me and I’ve got a good help there too.

          I think you have all the resources and knowledge you need. The piece of puzzle just need to fall into place 🙂 Hope you can get the support you need here around The Pond.

          Much love my Sister,


          P.S. Tried to find a very suggestive gospel for you called “Hold On” on YouTube – but failed 😦 D.S.

          1. Yes, this Pond is a crucial part. BTW (by the way) b/c definitely means because. I have no idea what SA is, though. Thanks for the thought on the song.

            Sleep well, sweet angel. 🙂 DS

  16. Holy Cats! You guys remind me of my laundry that multiplies as if by magic! What did you do while I was sleeping??? Mate like bunnies and now there are so many replies I not only have one eye open, but it is crossed! Hehehehehehehehe

    FYI……I too LOVE words and I LOVE playing around with them to speak in different ways. FUN ways. Unusual ways.

    And Michilyn, I swear to you, I was going to say German as your native language, but I darn it! changed my mind and said French. That, my friend is the alchemical spark from me to you, for my mother is German. Now I understand!


    OMG……..If I get to all the responses today, it will be a miracle. Class, just talk among yourselves. Hehehehehehehehe

    Day Schedule speaks “busy” to me. Yet, we’ll see how often I manage to be a rebel and slip in here. Ahhhhhhh……..another day to practice. Practice what exactly? Let me see……..Smiling………Keep a smile on my face today and laugh.

    I LOVE you ALL! What a great feeling it is to wake up, come here, and see all your beautiful colors. Between that and a BIG cup of coffee, what a way to start my day! Cool Beans!!!!


    1. Yes. AIMEE is such and appropriate name pour vous. Dear friend and loved one. That’s you. Avez-vous un bon temp au jour d’ui (I have forgotten how to spell that phrase for “today.”). Je t’aime ma soeur (sp?).

      Xoxoxoxox (((hugz))) smooch

      1. Je vous , Anna Helen aime, et vous porte dans mon cur ce jour!

        XXOO, Aimee PinkGlow (wink)

        PS When a child, when I heard, AMATA MARIA, I knew I was in BIG trouble……..my name in Latin……….


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