Welcome to the fifth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 1

Dear friends!

Tomorrow is the start of another month, and it is also time for our fifth Gathering around the Pond. It is safe to say that August has been another eventful month on so many levels, but to me, as we exit it, it feels like something has shifted during this last week, and the energies although still intense, are ”lighter”. It will be very interesting to see what this new month has to offer us, both on a personal and a on global level. And tomorrow, at 21:00 Oslo time, we get another chance to connect, and to welcome in this new month and some new energies. Here is what the CCs have to say about this:

”For tomorrow is another important day dear ones, as you are once again invited to sit down and connect through that beautiful web of shining strands of light that have been laid down in this intricate pattern of light that you call the Pond. For this gathering space, this Pond, is very much a physical place as it is a digital one, if we may use such a word. For you have connected yourselves not only with the words you share here, but also through your heart strings. Yes, you have opened your spirits by opening your hearts, and like the spider, you have brought forth a gossamer thin, but ever so strong filament of light. And this single strand has in turn been connected by so many other strands, and they have been woven together into an invisible but oh so powerful web that will help to carry you all into eternity.

For what you have made here, has been made to last. This is not some flimsy construction that can be ripped apart by anything, not matter how powerful a gust of wind that may come your way, nor by any piercing slivers of negativity that may be hurled in your direction. For this gossamer thin structure belies its strength by the way it looks to the untrained eye. To them, this is a mere folly, but for us, we see it as a rock solid anchoring place for all these heavenly energies. For you are the ones that have managed to give these beauteous energies a foothold on this planet of yours, and now, you will once again give the heavenly light an opportunity to surge down and into not only you, but through you to this whole planet, and once again deliver some much needed light to this somewhat tumultuous process of rebalancing the sphere you inhabit.

Remember, this rebalancing process in itself involves many steps, and some of them have been accomplished already, but now, the time to refill anyone feeling bereft of energy has once again come. For you will all be filled up, far above the limit you have hitherto experienced, as this time, there ARE no limits as to just how much you will be able to reach up and receive. For remember, you are receiving not only on your own part, but also for this whole web of light and beyond. For this web of light not only encompasses each and every one gathered here, it also encompasses a whole host of beings not visible to the naked eye, but still here, doing exactly the same as you. Namely, working hard to enable the light to penetrate layer after layer of density on this planet. So once again we thank you all for the work you have already accomplished, and we will also thank you beforehand for what you are about to do. For without you, there would be many a tank running on empty now, but because of you, no one will be lacking for light in the time ahead. So stay connected, and know that what you do is deeply appreciated by us all, and as we have been given the task of representing the whole of Creation in this, it behooves us to once again extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of us all.”




I would also like to add my gratitude to each and every one of you for adding your shining, golden strand to this beautiful web of light we have created here! Tomorrow we will once again ”fire up the web” by opening ourselves up to these loving energies, and I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to connect even deeper with you all.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

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203 thoughts on “Welcome to the fifth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 1

    1. Thanks Anna Helen!

      Yes – now it is really time to fill up our bodies and souls with all the best ever.

      I love ALL of you around the Pond. I look forward to meet you soon.


    2. Playing this as the hour arrives to join with everyone. Anna Helen this brings tears to my eyes. This song has always touched my heart and today it feels especially touching.
      Amy if I spoke insensitively above I apologize. I have not been in the pond long enough to know the information about your husband and feel foolish for jumping in as I did. Caregivers are real heroes… unrecognized usually but heroes who grow weary with the burdens caring brings. May your time in the pond bring relief and comfort and direction in the areas you most need.

      1. Nancee, I am happy the song touched you. It felt just right for some reason. Glad you could get back online…missed you! 🙂 AH

        1. Ok. I know exactly why if felt right. I will just say it. One of the only “big dreams” I have allowed myself to have is to be able to just transport anywhere in the blink of an eye so I can experience all the wonders of this gorgeous planet!

    3. Beautiful song, thank you Anna Helen. I used to listen a lot to John Denver. So nice to hear it again!
      Love, JayJay

  1. Dear friends! The hour for the Gathering is approaching, and I can already feel the energies starting to “gather”. For me, this has been a day for connecting with my family and with Mother Nature, and now I will step back and start to prepare myself for the Gathering that starts a little less than two hours from now. I think this will be a very profound and intense session for us all, and I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for adding your light to this wonderful web we have created here. It is such a blessing to be able to reach out and feel the beautiful energy you have brought to this space and to this world, and soon, it will become even more of a blessing for us all as we open up to “refill our tanks” with these powerful and loving energies that are waiting to come down to join us here at the Pond.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  2. Greetings Pond members on this auspicious day!

    I am already sending love and connection to each and everyone of you! I will not able to meditate alone at 2 p.m. this afternoon, so I set the intention that this entire day, whenever I think about the Pond, all the love and energy that I emit/send be increased one thousand fold, for the highest good of all. As I envision it, a pink rose quartz light will surround all of us with the love of the Divine Mother. Let this day be a day of healing on the deepest levels for everyone’s highest good.



  3. Dear Amy,

    Of course I understand. As a homeopathic practitioner, I am the first one to recommend it. I always prefer natural medicine and healing but don’t totally discount allopathic medicine either – especially if it is short term or life-saving.

    Having no background on your husband, I only relayed the message given on the forum and was responded to by the team. My job isn’t an easy one. I am basically the messenger.

    With great love,


  4. I really thank all the advice I have been given minus one.

    Susan, my husband is under professional care and has been for many years. He has gotten off all allopathic meds except for two, and has chosen Homeopathy and Love as a means to heal. Allopathic meds only are a bandaid. They do not heal. Of course there are those meds, thyroid hormone, for example, that are of great use. So, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    It has been extremely challenging to be present every day to witness and to be subjected to what I am. It is no laughing matter. If I seem sensitive I am. I am watching someone I love go through changes, and am unable to explain what is happening to that person. Wear my shoes for a day, and you will understand.

    I’ll see you all at the Gathering.


    1. Dear Amy, I do apologize. I hope you know I was not intending to make light of your situation. I was just reminded of my father’s mother. She was a no-nonsense, tough lady who refused to sugar-coat anything. She dealt me many zingers over my lifetime.

      And while I hesitate to speak for anyone else, I will say that the way I interpreted the advice given was kinda like someone sighing and saying, “Men…let them play with their tools and they are fine.” The bit of language barrier (my opinion only) can sometimes make things sound maybe a bit more harsh and blunt than intended.

      1. OMG! When reading your words I realize that my “liking” to M ichilyns words could be misunderstood too.

        Amy! Hope you read this. Here we can talk about misunderstandings (I am good at it ;). The reason why I like the words was that it resonated to me as I grew up in a civilization where people didn´t talk about emotions and “soft feelings” at all. If you felt sorry and cried you were prompted to wipe the tears and be a good girl/boy, and men did what they were meant to do; building houses and work with agriculture sweat of their brows. The soft feelings and behaviours were not talked about. Just work and it will be fine. Today I know better than so.

        I’m really sorry if I hurt you. It was not meant that way.

        Lots of love and hugs,


        1. This is to to my Family. This journey with my husband has been a L O N G one, and today I am tired. There are some days I just wish to walk out the door, and go on a nice long vacation.

          I have seen my husband’s progress, and it has gone from being in bed, to today, building a pole barn with ascension symptoms on top of exhaustion.

          I am just very touchy today, for the exhaustion on my end, is showing through. I feel like I have been running a marathon since this building project begun, doing the things my husband normally does in this house, assisting him with the building of this barn, holding him up when he is ready to fall, getting ready to close up my extensive gardens for winter, and taking care of all the special cats that I do, as well as being here at the Pond. I haven’t had much time to breathe, and when I do find myself resting, I still must keep my hands going, for I seem to be having trouble being still. And so I knit and crochet.

          I hold no grudges. Yes, my feelings got hurt, and I will be truthful about that. I have been the sole human being keeping this man healthy and alive. Family has walked away for they have “problems of their own”. I really did turn here for advise. Sincere advice.

          I accept all of your words and I say I LOVE YOU, even you, Michy, who went a little too far this time, in my opinion. Again, when I am feeling exhausted, my “patience” wears thin.

          From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

  5. To answer your questions:

    A.H: September is the New Year (Rosh Hashanah) in the Jewish calendar. Because it goes by the lunar cycle, it can fall on a different date every year. The modern day or Christian calendar is Gregorian.

    About the deadline August: The guides said that their goal was to finish the major cleaning by the end of August and they did. They said they hope to get things clear by the “end of the summer.” They asked us not to go by man-made dates or “portals” or other such things.

    JJ: I have had many conversations with the medical teams about chemotherapy. Without going too deeply in this – our whole approach will change. We will no longer wage war on cancer. We will be able to prevent it and heal it. Future generations will not have to go through these kinds of treatments.

    Amy: The team said that about 8% of people who are under psychological care have what they term “organic illness.” The rest have problems which are caused by “situations.” (I take this to mean stress, unemployment, family issues, energetic illness etc.) They suggested professional treatment and not to try to do this on your own. They do not think this is related to anything “spiritual.”

    About medications in general: The medical teams generally prefer to stay away from allopathic medications, especially when they are given casually and on a long term basis. However, they are certainly aware that humans are fragile and need meds – especially when they are life saving. I asked them about OTC painkillers when I was in terrible physical pain during the clean-up and the answer was “YES.” They prefer energetic treatments and homeopathy but certainly support us if we need stronger help.

    About internal “cleaning”, implants etc: There are some humans who were implanted (by the Greys.) These are inactivated. They will be removed later by the medical teams. Humans cannot do it. What you feel is “external” energy – nothing is living inside of the body.

    *I would suggest Bach Crab Apple which is a very good cleansing remedy for those of you who feel the need. 4 drops under the tongue, 4x per day for a few days. Also, a body peeling with sea salt.


  6. Dear Friends,

    We were on a state of alert here over the weekend. We have been through this before in Israel so it is nothing new, yet this was not something I needed right now…. In any case, it seems like things are calm and the energy has settled a bit.

    Last night, I had a channel with the Sirians. The teams are still “up.”
    This is the reason you are not getting much news. Here and there, they told me – they “clean” or “clear” a line to assure it is not hacked, in order to give me an update. Most humans have a telepathic range of only a few kms so I assume they have to enhance the connection when they are further up than that

    It is true that the bulk of the massive cleaning is over. This is why we feel less heavy waves. You should feel less migraines, less nausea, less dizziness, less exhaustion. The human-Andromedans seem to be the first ones to feel the relief. The Lyran, Pleidien and Sirian-humans amongst us, a bit less. The Light is firmly “in command” now.

    The reptilians are still on the earth. They have been strictly warned to back off of us. They cannot enter your homes, enter your body or do any kind of physical or psychological “attacking.” They are not even allowed to talk to humans. You can still feel them (meaning their energy) and I dare to say that there are more of them then the Federation let on. This is the last group of negatives and they will leave. The others (many, many groups) have been booted out. in the 2 1/2 year operation. This is a stubborn lot and it took a lot for them to back down. Now, they Federation is making preparations for them to go packing. It hasn’t happened yet. This is the reason you still feel on edge. You WILL feel better when this is cleared. I told the guides that they simply HAVE to get this over with asap and they are aware of it. They are doing everything they can to finish this up but they are obliged to work according to the law. I would offer the example of squatters. They occupy land for many. many years and you have to act according to the law to evict them.

    The GFOL is well aware of our impatience and all the physical/emotional symptoms we are living with. They said that there is much going on behind the scenes. They said that all is well and proceeding…. The message was very clear, loving and comforting. They have to work on many fronts now – especially as the Middle East is so volatile. Their main concern is for our safety as well as theirs. They are taking NO chances with this mission. I asked them about our issues of trust. Even I am having moments when I simply have run out of trust and patience. They said to always trust what your heart says. They said we KNOW the truth.

    Another question I asked was about medical treatments. I know many of you are in the middle of both personal and family crisis. They said that the medical teams will aid us (and “more.”) This will happen when they get the green light to come back to ground level. I would assume that will be after the final clean-up.

    This meeting was with whom I call the “va’ad” (its sort of like the CC’s) – the senior staff members. Sometimes, if it is important, they will call me before I go to bed. They reminded me that even if I am not able to directly contact them for now or they are not on ground level, they are ALWAYS there with us. They are protecting us. They love us tremendously and have no interest in stringing us along. They MUST watch out for our interests and security – even if that means we have to be on “hold” a little longer. They insist they are finishing up a few matters and we should be on our way. “Soon” in human terms but they will not give a date and say NOT to listen to the stuff on the internet.

    To sum up: It has been exactly a week since we entered the new “mode.” We are making progress. We will feel somewhat better but not entirely because we are still feeling the negative energy fields and need to recover from the fall-out. They are on it. They are doing everything “humanly” (their joke) possible to hurry it up.

    With love, Susan

    1. “even if that means we have to be on “hold” a little longer”
      …. haha the song I posted by Kane is called “Hold on”
      Love, JayJay

        1. Thought the whole thing was pretty good stuff! This was new to me, so thanks! And JJ your soul sings thru the music..no words needed.

    1. JayJay! This is one of my all time favorites. Oh the 80’s. I had not yet seen it set to these beautiful images. I love the candle with the woman in the flame. A while back I had a vision that the central column in my body would at some point energize to the extent that it would whoosh into flame at my crown chakra. Am I only dreaming…or is that an eternal flame? I hope. I hope.

      Love to you, Mr. J 🙂

  7. Lady Pinkrose! Will you please send a command to make these mosquitoes leave me be? I remember you talking about that not long ago. I tried it myself, b/c they looovvve to feast on my O+ blood. It has beenn an interesting lesson for me to show me the difference between mere intention vs. intention backed with belief. I keep sitting here getting bit, wondering why I can’t make it stop. Finally I realized that deep in my heart, I am harboring the feeling “Well, the little critters have to eat something after all! ” 🙂

  8. I swear tonight I jump into a real pond with fishes, dog hairs and ducks.
    I crawl at nine o clock Central European time into the heavenly woven sprawl of everlasting eternity.

  9. Hi Anna Helen,
    do let me know how your daughter relates to that… Once in a while one of my many sons will actually be unsettlled enough to talk about “woo woo” things with me. ( Heaven forbid any of the others ever hear that it happened!) But the most interesting message which somehow always feels like it comes from Jesus, is the gentle reminder to stay out of fear.

    which of course involves sitting down with one’s self and figuring out the triggers of our fears. About ten years ago I kept seeing over and over how the “matrix” of our culture and society was determined at every turn to push a fear button. And most fears involve our minds comparing ourselves with others. Which for us here at the pond could be especially alarming, I’d think because I’m pretty sure most of us are a bit or more out of the mainstream!
    Anyway, just holding someones’ hand literally if possible, figuratively most often, and gently reminding to stay out of fear can help – even without analyzing.
    Maybe you and your husband and daughter will at least come visit Alaska?
    It has been a heavenly summer this year…..

    1. Jiila, I had gone to sleep for a bit and just read your message. No sooner had I finished than Ripley came out wanting to talk. Mind you, this is close to 2:30am my time. She said, “Can I talk to you for a minute? For some reason, when I talk it helps me feel less anxious and afraid.” Now if that is not a confirmation, I don’t know what is! The only thing is -not that I disagree with you in any way- it’s kinda difficult to explain to someone how not to feel something. I guess just gently repeating it, like you said, will help to at least get the “woo woo” working!

      I think I would have walked to Alaska this summer from here in Memphis if it meant getting out of this sticky, blazing hot, mosquito-ridden time we are having! Though that in itself is part of nature’s cycle, and so I will honor it from indoors with the air conditioning! 🙂

    1. Yep…although I think mine is not authentic…more of a novelty type thing. This may be a silly question, but does it make a difference? I would think it would. Haven’t read the artiicle yet…maybe it speaks to this.

  10. Hi Amy,
    Jiila in Alaska here. For several years now, when loved ones have come to me for comfort, I have very sloooowly said, “Well, the natural world all around us is changing and so many living beings are feeling stresses…we too are part of the same world, why wouldn’t we feel weird?” It is helpful if they have observed and can recall some incidences with birds, or trees, or dogs or anything. And then I say very slooowly, “The thing that has helped me the most is to stay out of fear.”
    Just saying we are all in this together and feeling the courage and comfort of a ” mom” type person helps sometimes. And if we can end on a note of laughter after much talking, that’s really the best.
    I have noticed you and I are “Mom” to many.. which I used to think was kind of funny that others perceived me as such, but I guess it’s always been true! What with a lifetime of stray people and animals, plants, birds, reptiles, insects etc. None have been turned away.
    I’m a slow typist, so haven’t written here but twice but always read all so hungrily!
    Much, much love and joyful anticipation of tomorrow from this week long (lifetime long?!) sleep walker.

    j ^^ ^^
    And PS My husband has just started telling me he must have a pole barn. Too funny

    1. Hi, Jiila! So glad you spoke up. That is an excellent idea of relating it to the natural world. Makes perfect sense. I will ease into that with my daughter and see what happens. Thanks, Mom! 🙂

      Anna Helen

      PS My husband has been talking about moving to Alaska! Too funny, too.

    2. Thanks jiila!

      II think that´s a nice way telling people what´s happening. To my experience the puzzle piece will come to place when time is and there is no point trying to speed up the process. People might think you are a little crazy, but I just live my life in peace, joy, love and light, and if I am asked – YES – I will always tell (but sometimes I do anyway 🙂

      Love and respect,


  11. Amy, you have already answered your own question by saying that all you can really do it set the example and be patient until his ears are well and truly open. Just comfort, not coddle, until he comes to you. Or at least that’s what I do. My hubs has also lately wondered aloud if he is dying. My daughter keeps saying “What is wrong with me?!” but is not in any way receptive to anything other than 3D ideas. I just have to step back and let them have their journey, and send them love and light.

    As to the PTSD, I too have experienced this most of my life from molestation that occurred in early childhood and later rapes in my late teens/early 20’s. This was a big factor in my suicide attempt. The constant anxiety, fear, hypervigilance, extreme tension held in my body, depression, oh god the flashbacks, terrible sensations triggered by things that seemed completely unrelated…I could go on. It is no way to live, lemme tell ya. While in the hospital, I met several vets with PTSD. I can not fathom the additional pain of not only what was done to them, but what they had to do.

    Anyway, I came under the care of a doc who had been specializing in PTSD treatment. He was using the blood pressure med, Prazosin. Can’t remember if it is an alpha or beta blocker, but it has to do with the release and absorption of adrenalin. I had great results with this and am no longer on it! For me it required soul searching and other stuff too, but the vets I have spoken with have all gotten at least some relief. For me it worked much better than the traditional Xanax or Valium (oh lord don’t evrer go there!) which simply seemed to block all the anxiety inside like a dam until it finally blew! It has been successful in treating Holocaust survivors and others, too. Maybe google it and see.

    Again, for real recovery the whole being must be treated (as you well know) but this med was a great help for me. It allowed me to cope as the feelings came up instead of going into fight/flight, freezing up and shutting down.

    Love to you and hubs! 🙂 Me

  12. meet spider woman

    Hopi legend tells that the current earth is the Fourth World to be inhabited by Tawa’s creations. The story essentially states that in each previous world, the people, though originally happy, became disobedient and lived contrary to Tawa’s plan; they engaged in sexual promiscuity, fought one another and would not live in harmony. Thus, the most obedient were led (usually by Spider Woman) to the next higher world, with physical changes occurring both in the people in the course of their journey, and in the environment of the next world. In some


  13. Dearest Amy, I tend to face others back with their comments. If he thinks he’s dying then can you discuss what fears that bring up for him? It will be the fears that he needs relief from, even if only to talk about them. Agree that it must feel scary for him to be this ill. Perhaps ask what you can do for him. I tend to avoid self pity in another and just carry on as cheery as possible in front of it. I learned years ago that pampering self pity (if he happens to hit that spot) just feeds it. If he thinks he is dying what would he like to prepare for just in case. You might frustrate him with such talk but it could build some spunk for him to face it with a different attitude. What fears does it raise in you? Reverting to Otmn’s post your hubby’s tail is hopefully shrinking and that’s the “old” way of you looking out for him. Try applying a couple new principals even if my ideas just help you create your own… two would be great especially if they go hand in hand (or in this case leg to leg so they balance each other). Slip him in there with us in the pond to float with us. We can help show him how to move without the tail. Much love, Nancee

    1. Nancee, kind of tricky to even delve into dying theme, keeping on the subject, due to he going deeper into self pity. So I firmly say he has had two doctors look at all bloodwork and he is fine. Then I hug him, tell him it’s going to be OK, I just know it, and urge him to go to bed. He’s exhausted, building a pole barn and the symptoms that he is having doesn’t help matters, only confusing them. He is a paranoid, disabled Vet, who worries over nothing, makes a mountain out of a molehill, and is wonderful at creating drama.

      I wish I could just sit him down, explain his body is changing, and just leave it at that for now. I’m not in the “wife” mode, while this is occurring, more like the “mom” role. So I hug, I listen, but I don’t play into the pity or drama, then suggest a movie or if in the evening for him to rest.

      He is improving. Up to this point, he has wanted to hear nothing from me. Now he is reaching out. So I tread very carefully. And this is why I have asked for advice.

      Thank you!

      1. I put boards from the edge of the pond into deeper water at the shallowest angle I can find. If gives them someplace to climb up and out whenever they get around to it. I see them hanging out in the shallowest water at the edge of the waterline on the board weeks before the legs burst through. growing takes time

        1. Hmmmmm………what kind of boards do I use? Since actions speak louder then words, I’ll up the TLC. Oh, yes, growing. I am so familiar with that concept. Knowing what I know, I will probably witness my husband zipping through compared to the long and laborious route I took.

          I’ll up the singing and the silliness too. Thank God for our cats, especially Rusty whose antics have my husband smiling instead of thinking he is dying.

          Thanks again, Otmn. See you tomorrow!

          FYI….Next year I am planting chives and building a frog paradise along getting frogs, in my rose garden. I’ve thrown the white flag. I give up this year. The aphids won. If I didn’t see what damage tiny I’m talking teeny tiny insects could do, I wouldn’t have believed it. Makes one wonder………why are aphids acting this way???……


          Hugs back, Amy

  14. Ponders, I come to you for advice and help. My husband has been waking up for I would say 6 months, but he has been doing everything to “fight the process”.

    Lately, due to “triggers” set before him in his life, he has been stating he feels so ill, and thinks he is dying.

    What do I say to him, other then comforting him and reassuring him he is not dying? The “lingo” here that I and others use, I do not use with him for he does not understand it.

    The moment I begin trying to help him for example saying, “When I get to the point I just am not able to go on, I surrender and just accept what is in my life and do my best each and every day”. Even something this simple, he starts getting nervous and claims I am talking psyche and for me to stop it.

    Really, HELP. I know not what to say or do. I believe he has come to the breakdown point (which he needs) and all I can do is rub his back, encourage him to eat and sleep right, and hug him.

    But as to explaining to him what is happening to him? What do I do?

    I thank you each in advance of your replies. I trust there are those here who will truly assist me in this.

    From my Heart to your Heart,

    1. my tadpoles act just like that when the legs start to break free.
      you see, the legs develop inside, when the time comes they burst through the surface, but then they don’t know what they are, so for a while they continue to rely on their tail. We can expect no less, the tail developed inside the egg.
      after a while they figure out how the legs work, the tail shrinks, and all is well, sorta
      then they go through it all over again with the front legs

      uh, I was going to keep going but spirit switched to a yellow light,
      I have to stop here.

      1. Otmn, thank you. Not quite sure how to proceed except like I told Nancee, very carefully. I believe it was you who advised clay, and yes, I have been giving him that. Just like spirit switched you to a yellow, I proceed with CAUTION.

        Thank you! I am on new terrain here! Slow and easy does it!!! Hopefully I will only have to witness “I think I am dying” once with him. At least I haven’t worsened matters by trying to talk to an unopened ear. I’ve learned that one. Feed the stomach, sleep to the weary, rub the back, and lots of hugs.

        And see the new man emerging.

    2. Hey, Pinky, I think your old man is right. You taälk psycho. He don´t need rubbing, but simply go wallmart or else and buy him a new german cordless srewdriver (blue ones by Bosch, not the green) and he will will love you like in the old days. He is a man at least and not an animal. We all need freedom or as the old saying goes: Labora ET ora. over michy

      1. Michilyn, please please never change! Not that you would. You remind me so much of my beloved grandmother whom I honor by using the name Anna. She was a real character like you and I loved her dearly. She taught me so much. Not only is your comment funny as usual, but it is great advice. I do not doubt that Pinky’s husband would be thrilled if she chooses to follow it!

        🙂 Anna Helen

      2. Ha. Ha. You struck a flat note there, Michy. My husband loves my backrubs which make him feel all tingly and loved and which decreases his stress. That is not treating him like an animal. Um, no.

        And thanks for the tips on the tools. Hubs has every tool under the sun known to man. He was in the tool and dye business.

        As for freedom…….na, won’t even go there. Not worth it. Let me just say this, if I had not seen a need in this man, this man would not be alive today. Why don’t you chat with Otmn for a while to ask him what Vietnam did to men and women?

        Peace and out.

      1. Oh JayJay! This song brings tears to my eyes. I really haven´t known the words before – now I do. THANKS!

        Much love,


        PS. I though of you and Vive last night…DS

        1. I have no words today, just through music.
          Last chemo-day today.
          Love to you Birgitta.
          See you at the Gathering!

  15. All seems very hushed today…it is quiet even here on the site…I feel like I am in a fluffy incubation cloud…

    1. Same for me, Friend. I decided “no” about starting the closing of gardens today (I did start but stopped), for it was extremely hot. Instead I spent a quiet family day watching funny movies and knitting a cat afghan. Quiet it may be, yet within, “something” urges me to create. Ants in pants syndrome, must have something to do even while watching movies.


      Whenever I bring out my knitting needles again, that usually means colder weather. Nesting. Hmmmmm……..We’ll see……..

      (((HUGS))), Sister!!!! I’ll save you a spot so we can hold hands while floating watching the puffy clouds. (smile) I’ll have a PINK neon bathing cap on with blinking multi-colored tiny lights and sparkles. hehehehehehehehe Was thinking of bringing my nose plugs just in case anyone wanted to see some synchronized swimming stunts, but I voted neah, just want to float.

      MUAH, HA! PinkGlow

      1. Save a spot for me to float with you in the pond. I’ll be here tomorrow with no interruptions! Amy I have a beautiful pink rose in my bouquet that my daughter left for me (birthday one). Perhaps I’ll wear that behind my ear to match your cap! I love puffy clouds. Tuck those nose plugs in just in case. I happen to really enjoy synchronized swimming (watching not doing). We’ll hold formation for you. My birthday has been “low key” but very pleasant. I definitely am feeling more restful this week. It’s wonderful after the past whirlwind!

  16. Lara, you spoke for me: “I feel like I am sleep walking all the time in the past days. Oh boy.” (sigh)
    Love and thankfulness to us all for being us. Jean

  17. Until tomorrow, in the soul union.
    I am so emptied out, ready to be filled.
    LOVE to YOU ALL,

    1. Dear JayJay! Much love to you, and thank you for bringing your light to this Gathering 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you there!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. I’m a newcomer to “the annual gathering around the pond” and wonder just what this is. Will be all receive a “link” to a webcast to be done at the times listed on our time converter? or is this just a quiet meditation that we each do in our homes alone without any technological joining props, rather just the intention and knowledge that we are all holding certain prayers and thoughts aiding our upliftment……at this same time?

    1. Hi, George, and welcome!!! The Gathering is a time we here and anyone else who wishes, goes into a private meditation, intending to “link up” with the Love of those who come here. It’s like a Family Gathering of Like Souls who come to the POND to be together. It’s a time to BE with your Star Family.

      And yes, if you can do so, we do this meditation at the same time. BUT! Since there truly is no time, and if the set time is not convenient, any “time” with the intention of BEing with others at the Pond, will work out just fine too!!

      I hope I explained this OK. I will see you tomorrow!!!!

      BIG (((HUGS))) and Much Love to you, Amy

    2. Dear George, thank you for bringing your light to this Gathering! And thank you, Amy, for adding this helpful information!
      Much love from me, Aisha 🙂

  19. Thank you Aisha for a wonderful picture, that makes me take a deep breath everytime I see it. So beautiful!

    And thanks to CCs for that blessing message, bringing a lot of hope.

    I look forward to see you all tomorrow at The Pond.

    Love and respect,


    1. Much love and a big thank you for being a part of this, dear Birgitta! My sister took the picture, it is from a place we both love very much not far from where we live 🙂
      Love and light from me, IAsha

  20. I bow to you, Lady Aisha and the CC’s, for bringing forth this beautiful missive. I shall be awaiting eagerly the Gathering of this Pond. This heart of mine sorely requires the healing waters after much strenuous work this week.

  21. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s for this message, lighting up all our ever thrilled and excited hearts.
    It’s going to the most powerful pond session yet, I can sense it.
    With so much love.

    1. Dear Leigh, thank you so much for adding your light to this Gathering! I agree, I think it will be a very powerful session for us all.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  22. Hi to Aisha and All. I’m new to Group for about 5 months–have read (and re-read some) hungrily all the back postings. Much gentle Love, Kindness and Hope are expressed in this space with my Joyful appreciation. THANK YOU sincerely, Aisha, All and the CCs from my Heart. So enjoy the pix, too! See you at the Pond. Exciting time to be Alive even though the focus work at times is a little challenging.
    Lin from Southern California

  23. Hi,

    I hope the gathering will help cleaning up the energies. I feel like I am not able to function anymore, at any level. Yet, I need to do so much (to finish up stuff and start new things – to move on with my life – yes, I have deadlines I need to meet ect.). Not a very exciting combination.

    I really want to have uplifting vibrant energy. I feel like I am sleep walking all the time in the past days. Oh boy.


    1. Lara,

      I don´t think The Pond is emptied yet, though it will be runneth over tomorrow. Take a dip like you did in that sacred lake in Estonia 😉

      Much love,


    2. Lara, Luv, it’s going to be OK. I myself just fell into my deepest wound yesterday, floundering so badly, squawking like a baby.

      I am taking what happened yesterday and saying, “Perhaps these wounds, or these “holes” in our lives, are there for a purpose? Perhaps they are still there to spur us on to make changes, to create Love when we have known not Love. Perhaps these are the “irritants” needed to polish that Perfect Pearl within us.”


    3. Dear Lara, I am sending you a big hug and some extra love from me! I hope to see you floating blissfully in the Pond during the Gathering tomorrow!
      Aisha 🙂

  24. You know just by sending a comment here echoes back really well. Just need to amplify it up and shizz starts to happen. Decoding is still kinda under the job. Must be the mushroomed brains of mine but fun still. Need to line the brains and balls here to get kundalini flowing. So close…

    1. “…amplify it up and shizz starts to happen…”

      I love that! So true. And your phrase about the echo as well.

  25. I would like to share a dream I had last night that felt eerily like practice…

    I was in what felt like a vast void that was not really dark, nor was it really light. I was somewhat in “form” though it was definitely not my 3D body…possibly my lightbody or energetic one. It was a familiar sensation, though one I could not quite pinpoint. The closest description I can come up with is a helium ballon freed into the sky. I began to freak out just a bit and suddenly I heard, “It’s alright…it’s okay…you’re here…we’re here! Just ground yourself. You know how to do that.” So I sent the intention to ground into Gaia and felt like a (yes it was golden!) strand or line begin to reach down out of me…. and that’s all I remember!


    1. Remember the what Spider showed me the other day? This is what your dream reminds me of. A strand was BEHIND you and you were floating. Just like this spider………Spider comes to tell us we are Eternal Creators of The Golden Web of Life………..

      1. Amy!

        I was thinking of you and what you said about spiders when I was watering the garden today and had a spider on the watering can. Cobweb always fascinated me and I have so many pictures of them. They may represent different types of organizations in the workplace too 😉



        1. I begin this day closing up my gardens for the winter. As usual, upon looking at the whole picture, I don’t know how I shall accomplish this. Yet, every year I do. I wonder too, if Spider will cross paths with me and if so, have any more of the “tale she spins” to share with me.

          I’ll be thinking upon this (Spider), and upon all that has transpired here at this Pond. In my opinion, we all need this Gathering for sustenance.

          I Love you, Birgitta!!!! Have a Golden Day!

          Love, Amy

    2. Anna Helen right before I went to bed last night (after midnight here in the west) I was looking up foot injuries to see what message I’d find about why I have injured both my feet/toes lately. The only thing I found was that I need to ground myself more. This is very helpful for me today and I will spend time doing so. What a comforting message!

  26. Thank you Aisha and CC’s! This really speaks to what we’ve been discussing the last couple of days. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sensing that more might “happen” at this Gathering than at some of the others.

    Isn’t Sept. 1 the…I don’t know the right word….the ancient’s first day of the new year or something?

    Can’t wait! Love to you all! 🙂 AH

    1. Oh my, Lysiane….thank you so much!! That is beautiful!
      In gratitude and love,
      Anna Helen

    2. Dear Lysiane! What an incredibly beautiful version of that song – thank you so much for sharing it! Make LOVE your goal 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

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