Welcome to the fifth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 1

Dear friends!

Tomorrow is the start of another month, and it is also time for our fifth Gathering around the Pond. It is safe to say that August has been another eventful month on so many levels, but to me, as we exit it, it feels like something has shifted during this last week, and the energies although still intense, are ”lighter”. It will be very interesting to see what this new month has to offer us, both on a personal and a on global level. And tomorrow, at 21:00 Oslo time, we get another chance to connect, and to welcome in this new month and some new energies. Here is what the CCs have to say about this:

”For tomorrow is another important day dear ones, as you are once again invited to sit down and connect through that beautiful web of shining strands of light that have been laid down in this intricate pattern of light that you call the Pond. For this gathering space, this Pond, is very much a physical place as it is a digital one, if we may use such a word. For you have connected yourselves not only with the words you share here, but also through your heart strings. Yes, you have opened your spirits by opening your hearts, and like the spider, you have brought forth a gossamer thin, but ever so strong filament of light. And this single strand has in turn been connected by so many other strands, and they have been woven together into an invisible but oh so powerful web that will help to carry you all into eternity.

For what you have made here, has been made to last. This is not some flimsy construction that can be ripped apart by anything, not matter how powerful a gust of wind that may come your way, nor by any piercing slivers of negativity that may be hurled in your direction. For this gossamer thin structure belies its strength by the way it looks to the untrained eye. To them, this is a mere folly, but for us, we see it as a rock solid anchoring place for all these heavenly energies. For you are the ones that have managed to give these beauteous energies a foothold on this planet of yours, and now, you will once again give the heavenly light an opportunity to surge down and into not only you, but through you to this whole planet, and once again deliver some much needed light to this somewhat tumultuous process of rebalancing the sphere you inhabit.

Remember, this rebalancing process in itself involves many steps, and some of them have been accomplished already, but now, the time to refill anyone feeling bereft of energy has once again come. For you will all be filled up, far above the limit you have hitherto experienced, as this time, there ARE no limits as to just how much you will be able to reach up and receive. For remember, you are receiving not only on your own part, but also for this whole web of light and beyond. For this web of light not only encompasses each and every one gathered here, it also encompasses a whole host of beings not visible to the naked eye, but still here, doing exactly the same as you. Namely, working hard to enable the light to penetrate layer after layer of density on this planet. So once again we thank you all for the work you have already accomplished, and we will also thank you beforehand for what you are about to do. For without you, there would be many a tank running on empty now, but because of you, no one will be lacking for light in the time ahead. So stay connected, and know that what you do is deeply appreciated by us all, and as we have been given the task of representing the whole of Creation in this, it behooves us to once again extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of us all.”




I would also like to add my gratitude to each and every one of you for adding your shining, golden strand to this beautiful web of light we have created here! Tomorrow we will once again ”fire up the web” by opening ourselves up to these loving energies, and I am very much looking forward to this opportunity to connect even deeper with you all.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

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New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

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203 thoughts on “Welcome to the fifth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 1

  1. I have been a reader for a while and not made so many commens here. Now I have found the courage to do so.

    I want to share my story, much of it is joyfully same/close to your sharings.
    I connected to the pond one hour before starting time, since time is irrelevant I figured it would be ok:)

    First hour of meditation was so much cleanup and letting go. It was a tough job keeping the breathing flowing freely. This lasted for an hour.

    Almost at the called out hour (my second hour) I was led to go to the Pond, the heavy cleansing was done. Phew. I sensed many of you who I meet and read from here and got a view of your loving energies/soul/spirit. It was a bliss.
    I saw the Pond in shining hues of blue, green, lilac, pink, yellow, orange, golden white.
    And same as for you JayJay I also saw three pointy sticks from my top right pointing towards bottom left in golden, platinum and crystalsparkling white, they where pointy at the edge but not meant to harm, I sensed they where a complement to all the other colors. I sensed some or someone was in fear and the shape of the sticks changed. These three spears where for courage. I can be wrong. Any other who saw this?

    Thank you Aisha, the CC:s, all of you and all of creation!
    Love Linneanna

    1. I am glad to see you here 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience. It is yours and it can never be wrong.

      Much love to you Linneanna,


  2. Hello Beloveds!

    I enjoyed so much to be with you all yesterday in the 5th Gathering Around the Pond. Thank You to All the lovely souls here and beyond! The energies were intense, and wonderful indeed. I felt that September 1 was especially significant (at least for me), even above and beyond the Gathering (the Gathering providing a glorious heart-felt power Bonus to mark a great occasion). I made some sort of barrier-melting transition of the heart on this day, feeling like a somewhat different fellow between August 31 and September 1. All part of the ever-increasing process, of course… maybe as a lead up to September 21 and beyond. Surely these are the most intense, powerful — dare I say thrilling? times so far — or so it seems to me. No turning back, but which, yes, could be said for some time now anyway.

    Since I haven’t communicated for a long time here, I also come bearing a wonderful gift for those who might care to taste of it. I’ve found this material to be of an intensely high-end nature for the aspiring soul — probably the most potent and transformative I’ve yet to encounter. Strong meat for the care and nourishment of our ever-increasing Divine Love Nature manifesting. But it’s always so much about timing, now isn’t it. And I suppose it’s just the timing which has been so perfect for me after stumbling upon it just 2 weeks ago. In any case, I offer it here with love for those who may feel likewise. (Please forgive if repeat info for you.) It’s Natalie Glasson’s Sacred School of Om Na.

    Love and Only Best Wishes to You All, dear Friends, I hope You are Well,
    ~Billy Bright

    1. Dear Billy my brother good to hear from You and about Your transformation and melting of the barrier round Your Heart, seems like powerfull healing going on in You and round the Pond on many levels.


    2. Hey Billy, good to hear from you, yeah! I’ve been thinking about you, wondering where you were.
      Peace to you, JJ

      1. Hello Dear JayJay man!
        Well, I just couldn’t spend the kind of time here in the comments section like I was doing. I found it kinda consumed so much of my time — and admittedly I seemed to have become so “hooked” on it, I guess, and felt it was too much for me. But I’ve been reading all of Aisha’s CC messages when they came out (Thank you Aisha!). Nice to hear from you.
        Love and Best Wishes,

        1. Yeah, I feel “hooked” on it too, but like the CC’s say: “stay connected with eachother”, and so I did. Couldn’t stay away anyway. It all paid off it seems. I sure wish for some calmer waters.
          Love to you my friend,

          1. Yes of course, JayJay. What could be wrong with being hooked on loving and sharing and connecting? Nothing. For sure. I just felt to change it up in my own case.
            Lots of love to you!

  3. It seems as if it’s standby today. It may also be necessary.

    For some reason I´d like to share this one:

    Anni Sennov:

    “When other people speak it is always up to you to decide whether their truth is also your truth or not. Just because you are friends or relatives you don’t have to agree on everything”



    1. “This is place where I bought into grace….” That is one deeply moving lyric there! I like when you speak thru music, JJ. Thanks for sharing this one….and I’m sure it goes without saying that the U2 one was extra special.

      Love ya 🙂

  4. What a wide range of experiences everyone. Thank you for sharing.

    Mine was very simple and beautiful I just felt very connected to ALL here and immersed in the loving energy. Many names came into my awareness from the exchanges we’d had when I had more time to comment here – thank you. The prevailing feeling though was gratitude that so many around the world were participating in this blessed sharing whilst I was immersed a lovely warm energy.

    I also received an unexpected but lovely personal message which is equally applicable to everyone. It was the start of the Superman theme tune. Of course, we’re all SuperPeople, SuperBeings of Light…

    Much love to all, Joyfully Philip 🙂

    1. JayJay, my main man. Just wanted to thank you again for yhis U2 song. I have come back and played it 4 or 5 times. 🙂 Me

  5. Hello my dear friends, I had the most peculiar gathering hence far, I reached out but found myself alone in the dark, a bit like the tree Birgitta describes in her vision, at first that frightened me a little. Then I realized were I was, in the lands of the dead, so it was a good thing that I was alone. I also realized that thought I was not with You all I felt the connection to the pond in my heart. Then I intended for all my knowledge and experience that could be helpfull to be transferred to the Pond, and in the moment I did this I realized that that was redundant, since it had already happened and that made me feel reel good about the situation. I also realized that my time in the land of the dead was over and I would have to cross the Styx and go back whence I came, since there was still work to do in the world of the living, a nice honest place this is though I will surely miss it until the next time.

    All is well it’s just a proces like Sun of Blue use to say when he shines his rays upon us…

    1. Hi, Smiley!! I sure appreciate you transferring your knowledge and experience to the pond! I could use some about now. As usual, seeing your happy face makes me feel better! 🙂 AH

      1. Well, my dear friend, You have by Your sharings put a lot of light and tears to my eyes and made me feel better, not because of what You been though but by the way You handled that, and become from that. You Shine AH You shine. So You see Your knowledge and experience has helped me to see things from another perspective. Love&Light&Smiles Stephan

        1. Dearest heart, I did not respond to you here earlier b/c I was so overcome that I literally couldn’t. Your words here have touched me so deeply. They really made me feel like everything has truly been worthwhile. That is not strong enough yo express the depth of my feeling, as there really are no adequate words…

          Love to you, Stephan. And I know you sent me your goddess…I could feel her.

          1. Love to You Anna Helen and thank You for this message I too have no adequate word. And yes I sent my goddess, or rather the goddess felt like I that she was needed, You see I don’t command her nor does she command me, we are just very close friends the goddess and I our fates are intertwined by love, thought about writing it in the message but felt no need since you would know/feel, and so You did, and that’s why I say You shine my dear friend…

    2. Thanks stephanfreyja! As I said to Sunshine – we all get different experiences that we need, but it is so useful to take note of them all.Thanks!



      1. Dear Birgitta, You are perfectly right about that thank You. Personally I would go so far as to say that every sharing from Pond-source is in a way my experience on a higher frequency level, since I am a part of the Pond-being 🙂 So Your Pond-vision helpt me in locating we’re I was since it was pretty dark and gloomy there…

  6. Hello everyone, its been awhile since I’ve wrote here, but I’ve read all the postings and attented all the gatherings although I havent sent any comments here. Lot of have been happening in my personal life and in other sense nothing has happened in my physical life 🙂 all seems to be happening inside of me..

    Thank you Aisha and CC for you important work here, I feel blessed to be part of this all although I seem invisible time to time 🙂 but here is my experience from last nights gathering… I just wanted to share it with you all 🙂

    I started with grounding myself, but soon noticed that I was watching my 3D self grounding me through my higher self eyes, I was simply watching and waiting my 3D self to finish its grounding to be able to go forward. Me, as I felt I was in my higher self position, felt very grounded already. This process took awhile.

    Then I wanted to take a peek how it looks like at the pond, but for my surprise the pond was totally empty from people and stand there in its own silence. For a second I got worried that maybe I dont feel you all anymore as I havent connect with you all through your daily postings, but then I saw these huge light strings from my heart that left on their way in many different directions. I followed those strings and they ended up all over the world into peoples homes and into the hearts of the person sitting and meditating. I remember especially one women who were preparing her living room floor for her meditation and she had this either huge shirt or some kind pf ponzo on that had many bright colour stripes as rainpow colours.

    Then I remembered the CCs words ” it bepends only how high you can reach” and I started to work my way up. As I already had this huge light tunnel inside of me connecting me to the ground from stargate. I decided to literally clime up to my stargate with the ladders that I had inside the tube. When I reached my stargate, I had a small peek and I was amazed by the view. I got all the way up and sat down on the edge of the tunnel. I had this huge cosmos around me with miljons of stars and I felt this huge silence, very comforting silence around me. I also saw a huge round star formation which was glittering with all different variations of green colour. There I sat on the edge of my stargate and enjoyed the silence and the magnificent views around me.

    But then my mind started to wonder and the rest of the time I desided to lay down and did some energy healing to me body with my hands. In my solar plexus the energies were so strong that they almost sucked my hands inside of my stomach 🙂 if that would have been possible 🙂

    But yes, energies were very strong and I was left wondering who was that person and her home that I visited following my light strings 🙂

    Love you all as always.. just have been behind the scene 🙂 We truly are connected 🙂

    1. So glad you wrote, Sunshine. It is 3:30 my time as I read your comment. Another in a very very very long row of sleepless nights for me, and I just had myself a big fat cry. So your comment here was a lovely thing to find. Thanks you for sharing! 🙂 AH

    2. Thank you Sunshine for sharing your experiences from the Gathering. Really wonderful 🙂 I think that everyone gets what is meant for each person, but I also would like to sit “on the edge of my stargate ” 🙂

      Much love,


    3. Dear Sunshine, It is nice to hear from you, and read all that great things that has happened during this gathering from you and everyone here at the pond.
      I have also been a reader for a while and not made so many commens here.

      I connected to the pond one hour before starting time, since time is irrelevant I figured it would be ok:) I cleaned my livingroom room floor from childrenstoys, lit a candle and sat down with a striped blanket in white, green, yellow, blue and little red dots. I sensed my guardian angels and other helpers. But I also sensed someone was visiting me from this world. Was it you Sunshine?

      Thank you Aisha, the CC:s, all of you here at the Pond and all of creation!
      Love Linneanna

      1. Ou my god, maybe it was you 🙂 I saw the woman moving something from the floor, like making room for the meditation and the atmosphere was very cosy with candle light and woman seemed very balanced and happy. I think I remember this visit better than others as the feeling in the living room was so comfortable. It was almost like I didnt wanna leave because there was some kind of peaceful atmosphere in a room 🙂 Quite amazing or what? 🙂

        Thank you all for other comments too 🙂

        1. You two ladies had an incredible connection. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is so very encouraging to know that things like this happen!!

          Just before I went down for my long sleep today, I was thinking that I would really love to hear from some more folks who are usually a bit more quiet. I come back to the site and there are names I have not yet seen here all over the place! So thank you all. I remember feeling so timid and uncertain about stepping out and sharing. It has taken a lot of courage and vulnerability at times, but the reward has been so very precious!

          We are all these blazing strong pillars of light. And again whether we sit in silent strength or shoot out sparks of words to others, we are each irreplaceable threads weaving this glorious web.

          1. Thank you Anna Helen for reaching out for people who read our messages but don´t say so much – or never do. I thought about that when I saw some, for me, new names before I got to sleep yesterday. Your presence is so precious here and, as Anna Helen says, me too remember how timid and uncertain I was first time I was about to leave a comment, as this is not my first language. And the love I got from Aisha when answering me 🙂 Uncertain to the language? Look at me – I make mistakes of not understanding what people say sometimes, or don´t understand the nuances, but I think most times I have corrected it (as far as I know 😉 Shoot out sparks of words to others (thanks for the expression AH)!!!

            See you 🙂

            Love and respect,


        2. Sunshine, This is amazing! it must have been you:) I got this clear and strong confirmation!
          So filled with curiosity and joy to have this experience with you! I live in sweden, did you travel far?

          1. Hi Linneanna, I didnt seem to travel too far as I live in Finland 🙂 But once again I got this strong confirmation that we are more connected than we even dare to think or even understand. And as such, we as collective conscious, we share all the feeling that one particular person in this web is feeling. Was it then sorrow, anger or total happiness. Maybe there is still so much struckle and pain and achings as we all feel each others cleaning process. And after more and more people start to feel more balanced, the feeling is spread to whole web too… just a thought, but very powerful one.

            Thank you again linneanna that I was so welcome to visit your home!! 🙂

    1. I have to tell a funny on myself… when I was a kid, I thought this line was, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy…”

      Thanks as usual Otmn

    2. I have a question for you, oh ye of frog wisdom. Well, I think these are toads. There is a huge population of them in my front yard. There is one really smart little guy who has staked out a perfect feeding spot in the crook of my birch tree which has a flood light shining up into it at night. I have been privileged to sit there and actually watch his tongue dart out and catch the bugs that are attracted to the light. I have never seen this in real life, only on film….way cool. Anyway, these toads keep coming up into my garage, about which I have no problem, but I am very concerned that they will get stuck and trapped in here. I have only been able to catch one or two and gently place them back out in the yard. How do these guys navigate? I mean, can they find their own way back out? Should I try harder to catch them or try to put up some kind of barrier or something? I just don’t want them to die if there is some way I can help it. Whatcha think?

  7. I just want to send Gratitude to the Pond and Ponders. Today was rough for me but I felt supported 100 percent. Actually the last couple of days…my heart has is opening at a crazy rate and I AM following and listening. Shes been working overtime. In the twilight between sleep and 3D awareness I feel the whispers of the Love of You all, I feel information being downloaded and I feel cleaning happening. Blessings and Love. Breath into your hearts

  8. I had a blissful experience that started last night with the most incredible lucid dream I ever had. I was with a group of like minded people and at some point I was flying at high speed over what I could qualify as 5th dimension city of lights in technicolor, with sounds of cavorting children seemingly following me with great ease. I was able to recapture some of that feeling during the gathering. I thought I was going to miss it because I am today with my daughter, but she asked me to go apple picking with a friend, and so I was free to go in deeply.

    Unfortunatly, in the 3D world surrounding me, today has been the most heavily chemtrailed day I can think of, I wish I had one of Aisha’s high pressure cleanser, I sure would use it on them. There seems to be a climax build up in the surrounding reality. I used to be a daily observer of earthquakes via USGS US gov. site, but they put every sysmographs off line for about 2 weeks now, with the exeption of a few chinese site which doesn’t report anything significant. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplots_gsn.php

    I sure hope the HR is still on track for a resolve by the end of summer. There is sure a lot of action happening from every corner of the scene, I wish the Higher Realm could be more voluble about it.

    1. Nayon, what a beautiful experience! Love to have those lucid dreams and have been having them every time I sleep here lately. Though I guess that’s what life really is, huh? And we are learning to paint that Vanilla Sky as we go.

      That is quite interesting about the seismographs being offline. Goes with Leslie’s visions of the Gathering. I, too, feel that we are right there at a threshold and just the slightest further nudge will send us over. To me, it feels almost like a gaping abyss…but not in a frightening way. In a very exciting way that is brimming with potential.

      🙂 AH

  9. You are here, Anna? I see no many people made it too – family, work,
    different time zones…I just send all out and finally can make a cup of coffee for myself. Good day to you.

  10. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the Gathering but I red all and it make mi
    feel nice and warm inside. Thank you for that. So to the next one –
    I will try hard to be with you. I wish you all happiness you can get.

  11. Thank you all for a truly POWERFUL experience! One of the images I got that made the deepest impression on me, was when I saw us all on horseback, like this huge army riding at full speed. We were holding something in our hands that looked like swords, but it was more like pressure washers, and we used them to literally spray away all the darkness we came across with jets of shining water. I can still feel the huge surge of energy that poured into me during all of this. I also saw the clear crystal from the bottom of the lake, but this time, it was huge and we presented it in a very formal ceremony in the presence of a “council” of some sort, much like the ones you saw Anna Helen. I also saw how the connections between us now are so much stronger than the thin filaments from earlier Gatherings, now they looked like these strong and sturdy spokes in a wheel. This Gathering really made me feel as rock solid as the CCs describes this web of light as from their perspective 🙂
    Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. So very nice Aisha 🙂 Yes – no 3D army could ever defeat our army with jets of shining water!!! We are invincible now. The negative must see themselves lost one of these days.

      Much Love and Strength to you Aisha!


  12. I just worked hard all the way through.
    I’ve got blisters on my fingers.

    An incredible amount of work was done.
    with only my one string I would not have been strong enough.
    It took the web to make it happen.
    I’m glad to see people rejoice when they find it.
    After a while it’s time to go to work.
    I won’t discuss the negatives that are now gone, they are gone period

    1. Hi Otmn,
      I feel I must apologize for commenting earlier about you being ahead of others. I was merely speaking up for those always feeling that they never do good enough, (including me) that’s all. It was by no means an attack on you.
      Love, JayJay

  13. My experience was not quite as detailed as Alex and B’s, but it was lovely nonetheless. Let’s see…for the first time, I actually invited communication with the CC’s (don’t know why I never thought of that before!) and so I had a sense of a silhouette of 4-5 beings standing peacefully up to the right sort of council like. For some reason, I thought of Mt. Rushmore.

    I was connected to the glorious web (at times blue-white and times golden) which connected all over the planet. I sent the intention that every living being be able to gain access to the web, which contained light consciousness and love.

    I also asked that everyone’s I Am presence, Christ Consciousness, and soul essences come through their heart chakras to be expressed in our physical reality.

    Love to my soul family,
    Anna Helen

  14. Wow, I had a very strange experience at the Gathering.
    At first I saw rows of teeth around the Pond. It was actually quite scary and didn’t feel right at all. I thought of stopping the meditation, but I thought that somehow I would be safe. I felt however three stings at my heart area, as if things had pierced through.
    Then things got a bit mechanical, like abstract visions. All very strange.
    Then I felt all sort of stuff that didn’t belong there in my body (on the right side). I tried to pull them out. I pulled some trapdoors in my body so that they would fall out. Some of them indeed fell out, but I’m not sure what they were and not sure if they are all gone.
    Then I felt all sort of strange sensations in my body, most of them good. Some feelings were that I indeed was filling with something, it felt like crawling sensations, sort of strong tingling.
    Oh, I hope I’m alright. It was all so strange, nothing like I expected.
    Love, JayJay

    1. Sounds like you were really letting go of some stuff JJ. I have had those expereiences where it can be scary and a bit forceful…almost like my higher self is saying “Come on now, you’ve been holding onto this too tight for too long.” Also reminds me of what Sun of Blue talks about.

      I dunno. But I feel strongly that you are indeed alright.

      As the Stones sing “…you just might find, you get what ya need.”

      1. Yeah I have holding (again that word) on to certain stuff for too long. Don’t even know what that stuff is and why I keep holding on to it. It’s scary stuff though, maybe it is even fear itself.
        I gotta let go of that, let go of the fear.
        The problem is that I’m actually so strong, that my hold on the fear is also so very strong! Maybe I’ll try a little love That should work. A little trust maybe, could do the trick.
        Thank you Anna Helen, for making me see.
        Love, JJ

    2. Hi JayJay,

      During one of the meditations (I think it was in June) I also experienced a lot of very strong tingling sensations – it sort of went in a spiral from my feet to my head. It was a pleasant surprise but left me exhausted – I think I made a joke here about needing a cigarette afterwards 🙂 After this my acupuncturist said she felt a lot of “static” in my field which lasted a couple of weeks before it integrated. I asked if perhaps it was a new frequency settling in, and she agreed that’s what it felt like to her. I wonder if the same thing has happened to you? It’s really very fascinating!

      With love,

    3. Also, when I mentioned that things were getting mechanical, it was like this: Something invaded the Pond. It looked like huge solid beams of metal. They were about halfway over and in the Pond when time stopped. It actually stopped, and I noticed it was me that had stopped Time. The beams were frozen in Time and I sort of looked at the scene from different angles. Then the beams kind of faded away and the vision faded with it.

      I’m still shaken and scared of the visions I saw.

      I’m glad you guys have some good stuff to share,

      Love, JayJay

      1. Well, on the one hand being able to stop time is pretty spectacular… on the other hand, yes, I can tell you feel very disturbed about your experience and my heart goes out to you. When I have had those kind, I always call on Arch Angels Michael and Gabrielle to come help me rid myself of anything negative I may have picked up. Even if you don’t feel immediate relief it kinda helps to know you’ve called in some extra protection and are taking action. I dunno, Jj. Wish I had more to offer you. 🙂 AH

        1. Well it was the teeth I saw. I went to the Pond and at the shore was nobody exept these giant teeth. It was as if the Pond had turned into a giant sharks mouth with teeth. It was scary. I’m glad no one else had visions like this.
          Love, JayJay

  15. Today and tomorrow are busy days in our family as we transition into the new school year so I sent everyone out of the house on their merry earth errands and could feel pulled into the energy before I even consciously connected. for me today quality is much more important than quantity and so needing to balance I set the intention for a quick visit of great power.

    I was immediately drawn into a huge and deep embrace with a Being of light and the term Lady of the Lake came up into my mind. I felt as if I was being hugged by the very mother of us all with such sweet and tender love. I felt the tears from my eyes be wiped and the sorrow remaining in my heart be cleared away. The embrace seemed endless and filled with such deep love and peace that bliss was my only option at that point. I felt revived and enlivened and empowered.

    I then felt through my very being from the bottom of my feet to the tips of my wings imbued with the blessed peaceful waters of our pond. I was then led to fly up to the blessed golden crystalline grid we have formed, and like a gentle mist from my hands and wings out spread the droplets of water from our pond to surround the grid with more love and much blessed peace for all the multiverse. Some of this mist was directed at earth and some was directed out into the universe and was received by the very stars.

    Focus came into being on the trees on our planet and how they stand in service to this mist from the pond. The love and light and peace imbued the rain as it fell from these clouds of love we had created and landed on the blessed body of our mother Sophia-Gaia and soaked in, assisting in the healling. The roots of the guardians accepted this love and brought it up to the leaves to be transpired out into the atmosphere to be spread even further into areas that have no trees along with the blessed oxygen the trees produce.

    I felt that just like weather, the love and peace mist had been concentrated in certain areas, with an abundance in some places and not enough in others. I felt a host of angels, all our divine inner beings connecting with the grid and holding hands far above the planet and a multitude of other angelic and galactic beings joining in in sending love and light and peace to our moment of now. Beings on the planet accepted in the love through their in breath and more and more love and peace was accepted with each breath, but the mist needed to be spread out over the entire planet and not just in pockets of concern and so the mist was swirled over the entire grid and directed to areas where there was lack and there is lack no more! The grid and this mist of love and light and peace is now fully thick with the energy of all that IS–of this Pond and with hands held we share these blessings with all Beings. At first unconsciously, just as oxygen enters our bodies through autonomic breathing, the molecules of light and love enter and fortify the system and the being begins to awake. As they do, the consciously accept this love and light and integrate it into their beings as we have done for these many long years and lifetimes and moments of now…I accept this love. I accept this light. I integrate it into my being. I open my heart to peace. I open my heart to all of you in divine brother and sisterhood for the highest good of the multiverse!

    As I was completing my meditation, I was simply floating like treading water in the pond, with head above but my body was not moving at all and I was still afloat. I felt Aisha’s presence in the water and I gave HER a big hug just as our blessed mother had hugged me at the commencement. Those hugs, that love, that peace….so important!

    Love you all and thank you for sharing this gathering with all of the multiverse! Feeling wonderful and loving every now moment of this! Alex

    1. I forgot to add that for many a moment I could see with my third eye wave upon wave of deep purple peace energy and light sweeping over and over the earth and in the field of my inner vision. Wave upon wave caressing the shores of our pond and far beyond. It felt so amazing!

    2. I wanted everybody that is not heard to come to The Pond. I invited everyone with sorrow in their hearts and longing for relief to come, and many came, tried to reach all the world! That grid of love & light was above of us and there was a jet of flame at the top.

      After a while everybody danced, I think it was a kind or Irish dance where we held our arms around our shoulders and kicking legs. Elated mood – it hardly stopped 🙂 I saw shovels that dug and a dinosaur skeleton at the bottom of the Pond. I put it away through the bottom down to Mother Earth. There was a very lonely tree in the middle of the Pond, almost searching for help and I also saw a big mother who received hearts as gifts from us.

      Refilling of energies in batches, breathing, nausea sometimes.

      At the end when almost everyone had left I saw Aisha doing something and she wrote on a paper that she stuffed into a shell, and then I hugged Amy 🙂

      It was a lot of working during this Gathering – now it´s time to sleep.

      Love and respect,


      1. Hi Birgitta,

        This is really interesting…I had the same impression of us all linking arms and dancing with legs kicking as well! I am away with my family right now so really only had a few minutes to be still and join in (though my intention was there). Anyway, that is one of the very few clear visuals I got. I also saw a volcano getting ready to erupt, but we were not afraid. At one point I was deep in the water of the Pond, at another point saw multiple geysers shooting up out of the Pond. Saw a lot of pink and light blue colors. Not very cohesive, but that’s what I got!

        Love to all and much appreciation to Aisha!


        1. Lovely Leslie!

          The steps I saw were like this. Was it the same for you?

          I had many other pictures coming across too but so rapid that I can´t tell you about them.

          Nice :)))



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